Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity

Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity
Dulux – Colour of the Year 2018
The colour of creativity

Consumer PR for an existing product
Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity

The Dulux #CF18 campaign was the most                This campaign was successful in positioning paint
successful colour announcement campaign in the       as a lifestyle choice, driving the message that
company’s history, proving consumer colour choices   buying paint is influenced by the different lifestyle
are largely influenced by day-to-day lifestyle.      niches that resonate with consumers.

The three month campaign (13 September –             FleishmanHillard was tasked with announcing the
13 December 2017) was a socially-led integrated      Dulux 2018 Colour of the Year (COY), and the
approach across digital and social media,            new Colour Futures (CF) 2018 palette.
amplified by PR efforts.

Statement of Opportunity:

For 15 years, Dulux has been telling the story
of how global trends research translates into
paint colours for the home with the annual
announcement of the Dulux Colour of the Year.

Together with the supporting ColourFutures™
palettes, this has become a highlight on the
interior design calendar, launching the summer
season and providing designers with inspiration
for the year ahead.

As an existing campaign that is re-launched
every year, the opportunity existed to launch the
2018 Dulux Colour of the Year in South Africa in
a new and unexpected way – one that did not
mention paint at all, but rather focused on the
effect of colour.

      Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018                                                                    2
Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity


To ensure that the campaign was relevant for the
South African audience, we conducted an online
analysis of the colour related conversations
happening on social media in South Africa over
the last year.

Our research found that audiences who were
talking about colour online had strong affinities
to the following categories:

  -    Interior Decorating
  -    Cooking and Food
  -    Fashion and
  -    Technology

This insight formed the basis of our communications
approach. We leveraged off these affinities and
positioned Dulux ColourFutures 2018 as an essential
consideration in the South African household.

We also conducted a media audit with 10 key décor
and lifestyle titles to gauge potential interest in
the COY launch and found that most of Dulux’s
targeted media were not receiving frequent or
informative content from Dulux, nor did they
know who to contact for press content.

      Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018                 3
Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity

About the Colour of the Year:                          Approach:

• The 2018 Dulux Colour of the Year is                 • Create an interactive experience to give media
  “Pictured Rocks”.                                      personal contact with the Dulux brand.
• Pictured Rocks is a subtle and warm tone             • Partner with online influencers based on the
  of grown-up pink that draws from the tactile           four identified affinities to create experiences
  qualities of natural wood and leather,                 around colour that are not limited to paint or
  conveying comfort and ease in response to              interior décor, and that resonate on a personal
  consumers wanting to nestle down more and              level with the bloggers.
  create a “welcome home” in the midst of
  unpredictable times.

Objectives :

• Introduce Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 to
  media and consumers across traditional and
  digital channels.
• Position Dulux as a trend-setting lifestyle brand.
• Increase Dulux share of voice against their
  biggest competitor (Plascon) in earned editorial
  coverage by 20%.

      Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018                                                                       4
Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity

Your ColourFutures™ Quiz:

To drive excitement for the launch, we invited media to complete the Dulux ‘Your ColourFutures™’ quiz
online to determine their colour persona and which of the four ColourFutures palettes was best suited to
their home.

Media Launch:

• We hosted a high tea at the Westcliff Hotel in
  Johannesburg for 13 key media.
• The venue was specifically chosen for its décor
  aesthetic which included a natural wood table
  and copper cutlery to match the Pictured Rocks
• The event provided a relaxed and intimate
  environment for media to participate in
  conversations with the Dulux Colour Expert,
  Palesa Ramaisa.

Media Gifts:

• The media gifts were themed around the
  Food and Interior Decorating affinities.
• Along with necessary press materials, media
  were given macarons which were colour
  matched to the COY palette, and a blank
  canvas, paint brushes, and paint samples from
  the COY palette.

      Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018                                                                      5
Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity

Social media:

• The influencer campaign focused on bringing the     2. Fashion
  main audience affinities to the fore.               Fashion blogger Amy Scheepers (aka Fancypants)
• With the knowledge that online influencers have     drew inspiration for a stunning new look from the
  the power to affect the purchase decisions of       new colour of the year. She also shared her look
  others because of their (real or perceived)         and her inspiration on her social media platforms
  authority, knowledge and relationship with          and blog.
  consumers and brands, we identified four key
  bloggers whose niche content aligned to each        3. Interior Decorating
  one of the themes, and challenged them to           Lifestyle platform, The Pretty Blog, styled a room
  interpret their ColourFutures™ palette creatively   using the new colour palette. They also ran a
  through their niche.                                competition in which one of their followers could
                                                      win a mini home makeover using the new Dulux
1. Food                                               Colour of the Year.
Blogger Kate Williams of top South African food
blog TheKateTin.com baked a cake covered in icing     4. Technology
and sprinkles inspired by the colour of the year.     Technology influencers MensStuff and WomenStuff
She shared pictures across her various social         used the Dulux Visualizer App to digitally transform
platforms as well as the recipe and inspiration for   a room using the COY 2018 palette. They also
her cake design on her blog.                          encouraged their readers to do the same on their
                                                      online platforms.

      Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018                                                                      6
Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity
Online Coverage:

    Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018   7
Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity

Total Reach to Date:        1,300,000                Blogger Engagement Competition:       1,519
Blogger Campaign Reach:            163,818           Engagement Rate:    3,15% (                          )
                                                                                           Industry Average
                                                                                           is 0.5% – 0.99%

Results:                                             Media Feedback:

Social Media                                         “It was incredible, everything from the venue to
• Dulux trended on Twitter on the day of the         the menu. Quite informative as well – got some
  media launch.                                      valuable info and insights into the Dulux brand and
• Social media posts from the brand combined         how everything came to life for this year’s Colour
  with the blogger activation reached in excess      Future 2018.”
  of 1,300,000 users with the blogger campaign                                      Aqsa Qureshi - Caxton
  contributing to 163,818 of that.
• The blogger-hosted competition on the              “I loved the event. I enjoyed making contact with
  Pretty Blog garnered 1,519 engagements.            the Dulux folk so that I know my point of contact
                                                     next time I need info. I found it very informative and
Overall                                              very interesting to understand the process behind
• We achieved a 42% share of voice for Dulux         selecting colour trends.”
  in October (the month following the launch),                                   Lisa Witepski - Freelancer
  which was a 20% increase from August.
• Through our integrated approach, Dulux was         “Everything, from the setting, to the talk, to the gift
  able to tap into the insight around audience       bag, was lovely and well-considered. Meeting everyone
  affinities in relation to colour and reach         in a relaxed environment, and learning something
  new audiences.                                     new and interesting was a highlight.”
• By appealing to these affinities, we were able                     Guinevere Davies - SA HomeOwner
  to generate engaging content and the Dulux
  conversation took on a completely different
  form for the first time in campaign history.
• In addition to achieving significant coverage
  and social media metrics we are especially
  proud of creating conversations about the
  ColourFutures™ trends report in environments
  where they would not normally happen, such
  as lifestyle media like The Citizen, Rapport and
  The Witness newspapers, national radio station
  MetroFM, online radio station CliffCentral, as
  well as various food, fashion and tech blogs.

      Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018                                                                         8
Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity Dulux - Colour of the Year 2018 The colour of creativity
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