2015 - 2019
Towards Relevance, Responsiveness and Resilience
strategic plan 2015 - 2019
Conceptualising the Strategic Plan
The design concept in this booklet (on the cover and elsewhere) is made up of the two strands of DUT’s
DNA, namely Student-centredness and Engagement. These strands could also be described as the two
threads which make up the fabric of the University. Connecting these strands are four Strategic Focus Areas,
each of which has its own motif that is carried throughout.





These four Strategic Focus Areas encapsulate the core functions of teaching-learning and research, and are
interwoven with, or bridge, the quintessential strands of Student-centredness and Engagement. These are
further given effect by six drivers (which are defined later). The Strategic Plan is thus made up of two strands,
four Strategic Focus Areas, six drivers.

Towards relevance, responsiveness and resilience...

DUT heads into its ninth year as a
University. While the institution has a
                                              Secondly, they perform research and
                                              thereby contribute to the generation of        While the institution
rich history of more than one hundred         new knowledge. Some of this will be ‘blue-
years as a place of vocational and higher     sky’ research performed for the purpose of
                                              contributing to humanity’s understanding
                                                                                             has a rich history
education it is the fact that DUT is now
a University that makes this strategic
planning process a defining milestone.
                                              of the universe in all its manifestations.
                                              But universities also contribute to
                                                                                             of more than one
                                              knowledge production that is strategic
Universities everywhere in the world are
both intensely local and intensely global     and applied in nature, contributing to the     hundred years
and they are buffeted by conditions in        global competitiveness of South Africa’s
both contexts. These conditions are in        industry or that helps South Africa solve
                                              its reconstruction and sociopolitical
                                                                                             as a place of
a state of rapid change due partly to
the increasingly interwoven relationship
between research and knowledge
                                              challenges. Thirdly, universities contribute
                                              to the building of critical, participatory     vocational and
                                              citizens who are both national and global
systems, industrial innovation and
production, the cataclysmic upheavals
                                              in scope, who strengthen this still nascent
                                              democracy while ensuring they are also
                                                                                             higher education it
in the world’s financial systems, and
the political contexts within which the
institution resides. As South Africa heads
                                              effective as individuals in an increasingly
                                              globalised,       increasingly     connected   is the fact that DUT
                                              world. Engagement with society in all its
into a third decade of popular democracy,
there are also vast changes taking place
                                              manifestations is a key terrain for each       is now a University
                                              of these contributions. So universities
in global geopolitics which alters the way
in which societies (and hence universities
                                              are driven by the local context in which
                                              they find themselves and by the forces of
                                                                                             that makes this
within them) relate to each other. It is,
therefore, imperative for the continued
wellbeing and relevance of any higher
                                              Holding interesting, intimate conversations    strategic planning
                                              across the staff spectrum is at the heart of
education institution that there is ongoing
engagement on its strategic orientation
                                              any strategic planning process so that there
                                              are opportunities for building alignment
                                                                                             process a defining
and its external and internal alignments.
Universities are social institutions
                                              within the institution. These should extend
                                              to external audiences as well.                 milestone.
embedded in the contexts in which             So, the purposes of a higher education
they find themselves and as such they         institution can be stated as:
have multiple purposes. Of these three        u building ethical and engaged
are primary. Firstly, they perform high             citizens for a multilayered, complex
level teaching and learning and thereby             democracy, and contributing to
contribute to the development of a                  imagining and shaping a new nation;
flexible, deep labour market that matches     u broadening and deepening the
the needs of a complex economy.                     intellectual culture of our society;

strategic plan 2015 - 2019   I   2
A framework for the Strategic Plan
u producing the human resource and
  knowledge needs of a developing
                                               DUT to understand the complex changes
                                               taking place in the global economy, in         To remain a
  South Africa and its complex                 global geopolitics and in the local context,
  economy; and                                 and for it to understand whether in
                                               terms of its core activities (teaching-
                                                                                              viable, sustainable
u being bridges to the global community.
Operating within the South African
                                               learning and research) it is responding
                                               to these. The second is to understand
                                                                                              institution it is
higher education (HE) landscape,               what changes are taking place in the
DUT’s context is one of transformation,        higher education system in South Africa        critical to anticipate
reconstruction and development. The            (for example, new policies, new funding
University is informed by various national
policies, plans and strategies, including
                                               systems, new political contexts) and to
                                               assess its ability to respond to these. The
                                                                                              the opportunities,
the Higher Education Act (No. 101
of 1997); the National Development
                                               third requires a rigorous re-evaluation of
                                               business processes and support systems,        challenges and
Plan; recommendations of the National          and ensuring that outdated modes of
Planning Commission; the White Paper
for Post-School Education and Training
                                               operating are replaced with effective and
                                               efficient substitutes, particularly ways of
                                                                                              potential crises
in South Africa and the Department of
Higher Education and Training (DHET)
                                               delivering service to our stakeholders
                                               (internal and external).                       to the education
2014−2019 Enrolment Plan. The National
Plan for Higher Education (February
                                               There are different kinds of alignment.
                                               Broadly speaking we should all be pulling      environment.
2001) identifies a number of key               significantly in the same direction. There
strategic goals for the country’s higher       should be firm alignment between the
education system, including educating          strategic objectives of the University and
for economic and social development            its budgets. The research and teaching
through educational relevance, achieving       programmes of the University should
equity through improving student access        be aligned with the broad needs of
and success and sustaining and promoting       socioeconomic development.
                                               ‘Business as usual’ can no longer be the
As DUT moves towards realising its             accepted mode of operation. For this to
identity as a university of technology, it     happen, strategies have to be developed
is also confronted with the conditions         to activate and improve organisational
buffeting all universities operating within    systems, capabilities and capacities. The
the local and global higher education          fourth, and perhaps most important, is
context. To remain a viable, sustainable       whether DUT has the right professional
institution it is critical to anticipate the   capacity and ability to match the
opportunities, challenges and potential        challenges and opportunities that it faces.
crises to the education environment.           To operate in this rapidly changing
What are some of these? The first is for       environment, it will be critical for the

To operate in [a]                    University to be relevant, responsive and
                                                                                    University cannot be distanced from the
                                                                                    community and context within which it
                                     There is also deep concern that after eight    is situated if it wishes to be sustainable.
rapidly changing                     years of existence as a University, we are     The committed support of its external
                                                                                    partners (industry, government and the
                                     yet to consolidate a strongly defined, well-
environment it will                  considered and imaginative sustainability
                                     model that will take the institution safely
                                                                                    non-profit sector) are critically important
                                                                                    for the success of the University as it
                                                                                    endeavours to meet the need to produce
be critical for the                  into the future. There are a number of
                                     reasons why this is doubly difficult for       socially responsible graduates who are
                                     DUT – the fact that the majority of our        conscious of their role in contributing
University to be                     students are drawn from the lower Living
                                     Standards Measure (LSM) categories,
                                                                                    to the national development effort and
                                                                                    social transformation. DUT’s imperative

relevant, responsive                 the University’s lack of large reserves
                                     to draw upon, the poor state of our
                                                                                    is to understand its local context while
                                                                                    operating in a global environment. It
                                     infrastructure, the fact that subsidy levels   is critical to be relevant to the local
and resilient...                     per FTE are in decline, and the increasing     conditions and needs in which it functions.
                                                                                    To address these purposes, DUT has to
                                     costs of staff remuneration all contribute
we are yet to                        to the concerns about sustainability. This
                                     has been an important impetus for this
                                                                                    be student-centred and it has to be an
                                                                                    engaged institution. How can this be
consolidate a                        planning process.
                                     Approaches to differentiation (and hence       There are a set of embedded values
                                     improved competitiveness) must include         which will assist in achieving the DUT
strongly defined,                    elements which refer to DUT’s core
                                     areas of engagement: teaching-learning
                                                                                    purposes. The values identified by DUT
                                                                                    embrace and adhere to the universal
well-considered                      (the nature of the programmes it offers,
                                     the quality of delivery, the support it
                                                                                    values and principles of:
                                                                                    u academic freedom, collegiality and
                                     provides to students, online education,              ethical behaviour;
and imaginative                      work integrated learning), research            u institutional autonomy;
                                                                                    u good                          governance
                                     (areas of engagement, strategic nature of
sustainability                       research, relationships with industry), the
                                     quality of its service to students and other
                                                                                                        on       accountability,
                                                                                                           governance      and
model...                             beneficiaries of the University. DUT’s
                                     capacity to maintain its ability to compete
                                                                                    u relevance to society, both local and
                                     will also depend on its capacity and ability   u seeking new knowledge through
                                     to retain its outstanding staff.                     research;
                                     As a dynamic organisation, DUT is              u understanding students as developing
                                     closely entwined with its local context              human beings; and
                                     and is responsive to the needs of its          u seeing staff development as essential
                                     environment and community. The                       in the DUT purpose.

strategic plan 2015 - 2019   I   4
A framework for the Strategic Plan
If one tries to imagine the texture of the
fabric upon which the strategic plan of
                                                   with communities built on strong bonds
                                                   between the University and its social
                                                                                                    The notion of
the University is painted there are two
quintessential threads that constitute it:
                                                   This has strong resonance at DUT
the engagement of the institution with its
multiple contexts and student-centredness.
The University as an entity is a social
                                                   where the majority of its students derive
                                                   from the communities in which such
                                                                                                    is that DUT exists
institution. It plays a role in nation building,
in deepening and strengthening our
                                                   engagement will occur.                           to provide its
                                                   For engagement to be successful, the
democracy, in developing new knowledge,
in contributing to reconstruction and
                                                   University has to develop dynamic                students with the
                                                   interfaces between itself and these
economic development and in building a
broad-based intellectual culture.                  contexts in which it finds itself, safe places   kind of learning
                                                   where there can be honest, trusting,
The notion of student-centredness is
that DUT exists to provide its students            mutually beneficial engagements. These           environment that
with the kind of learning environment              dynamic interfaces are likely to be both
that helps them grow intellectually, socially      inside and outside the University. At            helps them grow
and emotionally. Student-centredness               the core of all engagements must be the
is predicated on the University’s
understanding of its students and what
                                                   core functions of the University - the           intellectually, socially
they bring with them to this place of
learning so that it designs its programmes,
                                                   generation of knowledge, its dissemination,
                                                   its application and continued use.               and emotionally.
its interaction and social interfaces, its
physical spaces and its technological
                                                   So this Strategic Plan articulates the
                                                   University’s vision and mission through
                                                                                                    Engagement has
capacities to impact maximally on
their growth as rounded, productive,
                                                   strategic objectives that underpin the
                                                   teaching-learning, research, engagement
                                                                                                    many dimensions
responsible human beings.
Engagement has many dimensions but is
                                                   and academic and administrative activities
                                                   of the University for the period 2015 –
                                                                                                    but is always
always predicated on the core functions
of the University – teaching-learning and
research. As a university of technology,
                                                   2019. It aligns all University endeavours to
                                                   the strategic focus outlined, and provides
                                                                                                    predicated on the
DUT must engage with local industry
so as to support the development of
                                                   a constancy of purpose, a common vision
                                                   and understanding of the University’s
                                                                                                    core functions of
the strategic parts of the economy. The
engagement of the institution with local
                                                   role in the complex society in which it is
                                                                                                    the university –
and national government is critical if DUT
is to contribute to improving the quality of       Professor Ahmed C Bawa, Vice-Chancellor          teaching-learning
life of people – through its research and          and Principal,
teaching. Vital to this role is engagement         November 2014                                    and research.
A preferred University for developing leadership in technology and
productive citizenship.

Mission statement
To excel through:
u a teaching and learning environment that values and
     supports the University community;
u promoting excellence in learning and teaching, technology
     transfer and applied research; and
u external engagement that promotes innovation and
     entrepreneurship through collaboration and partnership.

u academic freedom, collegiality and ethical behaviour;
u institutional autonomy;
u good governance based on accountability, co-operative governance
     and transparency;
u relevance to society, both local and global;
u seeking new knowledge through research;
u understanding our students as developing human beings; and
u seeing staff development as essential in the DUT purpose.

strategic plan 2015 - 2019   I   6
Vision, mission, values

DUT Purposes:
u improving the life chances and aspirations of our
   students and helping them to reach their maximum
u contributing to building:
   �   a safe society by addressing poverty reduction,
       food security, health security, water security, energy
       security, safety, building a culture of non−violence
       and peace;
   �   a learning society through broadening access in
       traditional and non-traditional forms, engaging with
       schools, TVETs and other educational institutions;
   �   a busy society by contributing to building
       entrepreneurship, working closely with government
       and established business and industry to broaden
       the economic base of our society; and
   �   a playing society by contributing to the creation of
       ladders of formal and informal sport, designing fun
       cities and green spaces.
The threads of student-centredness and engagement
draw these into the fabric of the institution, in the values.

Strategic objectives
Each Strategic Focus Area is expanded by a set of Strategic Objectives which provides a framework for action. Six strategic drivers with proposed activities
(projects) seek to realise the interconnectedness of Engagement, Student-centredness, Teaching-learning and Research between the Focus Areas. These
are university-wide activities; in addition to these, each division/department/unit will develop their own plans aligned to these Strategic Focus Areas and

SFA 1: Building sustainable student                                                                                  SFA 2: Building research and innovation
communities of living and learning                                                                                   for development
u    Provide enabling living and learning                                                                            u    Strengthen the culture of research and
     environments that promote student                                                                                    innovation.
     success and advance the intellectual,                                                                           u    Build research capacity around the
     social and emotional growth of our                                                                                   identified research focus areas.
     students.                                                                                                       u    Strengthen and expand a supportive
u    Cultivate a shared understanding of                                                                                  research administration and
     student-centredness that underpins                                                                                   environment.
     students’ attainment of the desired                                                                             u    Build national and international
     DUT graduate attributes.                                                                                             research collaborations.
u    Develop and strengthen ethical citizenship
     among students and their sense of critical social
     and political agency.
u    Deepen the University’s engagement locally and
     internationally as a way to build global citizens.
u    Provide innovative teaching, learning and
     assessment that accommodates the diverse needs
     of our students and enhances the quality of our                                                                 SFA 4: Building a sustainable
     graduates.                                                                                                      University
u    Deepen the innovative use of technology to improve                                                              u    Develop a sustainable growth
     the quality of learning and broaden access.                                                                          model which ensures rigorous
                                                                                                                          and aligned planning, resource
                                                                                                                          allocation, risk assessment and
                                                                                                                          quality assurance.
                                                                                                                     u    Create dynamic interfaces at
SFA 3: Building a learning organisation                                                                                   the local, national and global
                                                                                                                          level between the University,
u    Build an institutional culture of learning,                                                                          the community, NGOs, industry
     innovation and responsiveness.                                                                                       and government partners to
u    Foster among staff a culture of                                                                                      promote sustainability.
     systemic thinking, alignment, shared                                                                            u    Reduce wastage, optimise
     values, collegiality, accountability and                                                                             utilisation and build stewardship
     institutional citizenship.                                                                                           of all DUT resources and
u    Build a shared understanding of the                                                                                  facilities.
     University in its context.                                                                                      u    Use technology more effectively
u    Attract, retain and nurture talent,                                                                                  and innovatively to enhance
     recognise excellence and develop                                                                                     all aspects of the University’s
     the full potential of our staff.                                                                                     business.

strategic plan 2015 - 2019        I   8
Strategic drivers
Six strategic drivers cut across the four Strategic Focus Areas; these, together with proposed projects, form the high level institutional implementation of
the Strategic Plan.

                                                                                       Strategic Focus Areas

                                              1. Building                    2. Building                   3. Building a                 4. Building a
                                                 sustainable                    research and                  learning                      sustainable
                                                 student                        innovation for                organisation                  university
                                                 communities                    development
                                                 of living and
 A. Transforming institutional        a. Curriculum renewal as a     a. Culture of research and    a. Create programme of        a. What is meant by
 culture                                 transformational project       innovation                    learning for all staff        sustainable – financial,
                                                                                                                                    environment, social
 To engage in activities of           b. The second curriculum       b. Create dynamic             b. Build institutional
 imagination and action to               (co-curriculum) as a site      interfaces between            citizenship                b. Develop an institutional
 shape an institutional culture          of learning                    DUT and external                                            culture of reduced
                                                                        environment.               c. Build systemic thinking,      consumption and on
 embracing of all and the
                                      c. Strengthen student                                           action and alignment.         wastage
 richness of our many diversities
                                         activism                    c. Build research focus
 and differences.                                                                                  d. What is Student-
                                                                        areas                                                    c. DUT Foundation Project
                                      d. e-Learning                                                   centredness?
 To work deliberately to
 eradicate all forms of prejudice                                    d. Build research into                                      d. Broaden access through
                                      e. Develop the residences                                    e. Strengthen role of            the CCPE
 and intolerance. To work                                               the undergraduate
                                         as learning environments                                     student affairs &
 towards an anti-racism and                                             curriculum.
                                                                                                      services in the Academy    e. Create a third stream
 anti-sexism.                         f. Build a culture of                                                                         income culture
                                         nonviolence, tolerance                                    f. Hold an annual
 To strengthen DUT’s resolve to          and peace.                                                   DUT Transformation         f. Increase number of
 build an institutional culture of                                                                    Conference                    international students
 non−violence and caring.             g. Build an entrepreneurial
                                         spirit in our students.
 To embrace the talents,
 dedication and comments of           h. Internationalisation of
 the staff and to build capacity         the Curriculum
 To transform the culture of
 the institution to embrace the
 centrality of the intellectual,
 social and emotional
 development of its students as
 its core purpose.
 To imagine an institution
 that builds a culture of giving
 amongst its staff and students.

Strategic Focus Areas

                                                1. Building                     2. Building                       3. Building a                     4. Building a
                                                   sustainable                     research and                      learning                          sustainable
                                                   student                         innovation for                    organisation                      university
                                                   communities                     development
                                                   of living and
   B. Back to Basics                     a. Improve all learning and      a. Research admin process        a. Service culture and staff      a. Financial sustainability
                                             living facilities               improvement                      agency                            project
   Getting the University to work
   better; improving the quality of      b. Build simple, resilient,      b. Improve quality of            b. Regular workshops              b. Process improvement
   service; making sure the basics           connected student               service to researchers           on leadership                     - review, refine, improve
   are in place and functioning well.        systems to improve           c. Increase external                and management                    processes and systems
   Ensuring the fundamental order            student and staff               research funding                 development                    c. Student recruitment and
   of things                                 experience                                                    c. Institute a programme             enrolment management
                                                                          d. Increase the percentage
                                         c. Universal access                 of staff with Ms and Ds          of developing learning         d. IT Infrastructure plan
                                         d. Process improvement                                               histories
                                                                          e. Increase research                                               e. Understand cross-
                                             – review, refine, improve       output                        d. Develop an institutional          subsidisation and cost of
                                             processes and system                                             understanding of                  studies at DUT
                                                                          f. Increase postgraduate            Student-Centredness
                                         f. Improve student safety           student intake and                                              f. Strategy for maintenance
                                             and wellness                    graduation rates              e. Develop a deep
                                         g. Develop a strategy for                                            institutional
                                                                          g. Internationalise research        understanding of
                                             internal and external
                                             communication with           h. Improve internal                 Engagement
                                             students                        communication with
                                         h. Design first year

 C. The Knowledge Project               a. Create infrastructure         a. Create research              a. Investing in strategic          a. Strategic utilisation of
                                           to embark on large               focus area in Higher            capacity building to               business intelligence
 Creating the research capacity            institutional research           Education Management            engender/drive adaptive
 of the institution for strategic                                                                                                           b. Strategic integration
                                           projects                         Studies and attract             and responsive initiatives         of planning, resource
 development and policy                                                     postgraduate students
 formulation                            b. Understand who our                                            b. Develop a culture of               allocation, risk
                                           students are; the student     b. Publish findings of             vigorous and rigorous              assessment and quality
                                           experience                       institutional research          debate and discussion              assurance
                                        c. Develop a culture of             programme                    c. Build the quality and
                                           intellectual engagement                                          quantity of systemic
                                           and leadership among                                             thinking for DUT to be
                                           our students                                                     responsive, resilient, agile,
                                        d. Develop technology                                               flexible
                                           systems for continuous
                                           student feedback
                                        e. Develop analytics
                                           capacity to improve
                                           student success

strategic plan 2015 - 2019   I   10
Strategic drivers
                                                                                  Strategic Focus Areas

                                           1. Building                  2. Building                     3. Building a                4. Building a
                                              sustainable                  research and                    learning                     sustainable
                                              student                      innovation for                  organisation                 university
                                              communities                  development
                                              of living and
D. Networking the University       a. The student online        a. Collaboration platforms      a. Using technology          a. IT infrastructure for
                                      experience                                                   for improved                 third stream activities
Using technology in all its                                     b. Providing access to high        communication with           such as online learning
aspects to improve the quality     b. Use technology               performance computing           staff                        opportunities
of the University’s work. This        for improved                 and other technologies
includes broadening student           communication with                                        b. The staff online          b. Technology and
access, improving student             students                  c. Technology for better           experience                   applications to improve
success, improving quality of                                      administration of                                            service
staff and student experience,      c. e-Learning Policy and        research
improving the research                implementation
environment, business process
re-engineering, etc.

E. Greening the University         a. Second curriculum         a. Encourage student/staff      a. Build a greening          a. Develop stewardship of
                                                                   research and innovation         community of practice        all University resources
Building a shared environmental      Strengthen student            projects on greening
consciousness and actively           activism                      DUT                          b. Create an Environment     b. Develop an e-Waste
addressing how we use energy                                                                       Committee as a               Policy
and water resources, improving     b. First curriculum          b. Bring innovation to             subcommittee of the
consumption patterns.                Build advocacy, changing      address the greening of         UPRC
                                     attitudes towards             the campus, especially
                                     DUT and external              in those areas in which
                                     environment                   there is strong research
                                                                   capacity at DUT
                                   c. DUT should lead by

F. Internationalising the          a. Internationalisation      a. Internationalise DUT’s       a. Develop a strategic,      a. Recruit international
University                            at home and of the           academic enterprise             systemic approach            students
                                      curriculum                   including research              to comprehensive
The incorporation/engendering                                      and capacity building           internationalisation
of international dimensions into   b. Increase the number of       programmes, compete
the activities and functioning        international students       for international funding    b. Create a culture of
of the University so as to            at DUT                                                       Internationalisation at
help to build global citizens;                                  b. Build a regular flow of         DUT
Embedding comprehensive            c. Increase international       faculty in both directions
internationalisation across the       mobility of students                                      c. Improve, optimise staff
university so as to benefit the                                                                    mobility
University and all its staff and

This is obviously of key importance and        u Per faculty/support divisions in the
The University                        necessitates an integrated approach and          context of approved plans;
must measure its                      the attention of managers across the
                                      University. Attention will be given to the     u Visits by the Vice-Chancellor to
performance over the                  principle tasks of strategy implementation,      faculties and divisions to create the
                                                                                       conditions for the Plan to become a
life of this Strategic                                                                 living one, to guide our development
                                      u    Building University capacity       for      as a University over the next five
Plan. To do so, it                        successful strategy execution;               years.

must have evidence                    u    Exercising appropriate strategic          Monitoring takes place in different ways:

against which to                          leadership at all University levels;
                                                                                     u Continuous monitoring via quarterly
judge its performance                 u Continuously shaping corporate
                                        culture to fit the strategy;
                                                                                       Senior Executive Team meetings, and
                                                                                       reporting to Council as required;
against the strategic                                                                u Formal measurement and evaluation
                                      u Aligning administrative support
objectives set out in                   systems (policies, procedures, systems         of the performance of departments
                                        and controls) in support of the two            and divisions (particularly with regard
the plan. Performance                   strands of Student-centredness and             to faculties) by way of approved

measures and                            Engagement, and the four Strategic
                                        Focus Areas;
                                                                                       targets and indicators;

indicators will be                    u Building   a     strategy-supportive
                                                                                     u Evaluation of the extent to which
                                                                                       service departments succeed in
identified by the                       budgeting process.                             providing the necessary enabling
                                                                                       services to meet the strategic
various constituencies,               Implementation takes place at different          direction of the University.
                                      University levels:
which will be used                                                                   Finally, reporting on the performance of

to manage and                         u Institutionally by the Principal and
                                        his management team in relation to
                                                                                     the University in executing its strategy
                                                                                     occurs annually, to Council, and as
track organisational                    the implementation of overarching
                                        institutional strategies, as identified by
                                                                                     per legislated requirements, to the
                                                                                     Department of Higher Education and
performance.                            the six drivers;                             Training.

strategic plan 2015 - 2019   I   12
Implementation and monitoring

Strategic Plan: Cascading, coherence, integration across the University

                    2 DNA strands

            4 Strategic Focus Areas
               Strategic Objectives

                          6 Drivers

        Faculty and Divisional Plans
               Departmental Plans

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