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Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place

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Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
Welcome                                           Index

    Bunjil Place is the first facility of its kind;
    one that brings together creativity, arts,        3.    MIFF Summer Residency
    entertainment and community in a way                    Connecting Worlds with Words
    that is unparalleled in Australia.
    As the City of Casey’s treasured                  4.    One foot on the ground, one foot in
    entertainment precinct, we bring together               the water
    an unprecedented mix of facilities
    including an outdoor public plaza and
    screen, theatre, multipurpose studio,             5.    BLACK COCKATOO
    function centre, library and gallery all                Ensemble Theatre
    in one place. We’re excited to offer our                Emergent 2021: Graduate Showcase
    Education brochure which showcases our
    selected program for 2022.
                                                      6.    The 13-Storey Treehouse
    You can also visit our website to explore               CDP Theatre Producers
    and keep up to date with the wide range
    of Performing and Visual Arts programs                  SLAP. BANG. KISS.
    we have on offer.                                       MTC Education

    We provide a creative space for the
    community, especially students and
                                                      7.    David Sequeira
    teachers, and create opportunities to                   Guess How Much I Love You
    connect, explore and foster lifelong                    CDP Kids
    learning through tailored tours,
    workshops, shows and exhibitions.
                                                      8.    Casey Cornucopia
                                                            Bompas and Parr
    We proudly acknowledge the traditional
                                                            Edward the Emu
    owners, Casey’s Aboriginal communities
                                                            Monkey Baa Theatre
    and their rich culture and pay respect to
    their Elders past, present and emerging.
    We acknowledge Aboriginal people as               9.    Jane Eyre
    Australia’s first people and the traditional            shake & stir theatre co
    owners and custodians of the land on
    which we work and live.

                                                      10.   Encounter the Orchestra
                                                            Melbourne Chamber Orchestra
                                                            Rosie Deacon

                                                      11.   VCE STUDIO ART SEMINARS
                                                            Unit 3 & 4 Studio Art
                                                            Youth Arts Collective: Arts Agitators

                                                      12.   Getting Here

                                                      13.   Accessibility
                                                            How to Book Tickets to an Event

2   Information is correct at the time of printing
Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
MIFF Summer                                  Connecting
Residency                                    Worlds with Words

The Melbourne International Film Festival    In a disconnected world, spoken word has
partners with Bunjil Place to bring you a    the power to reach out, touch hearts and
lavish outdoor cinematic experience over     give purpose.
one weekend in February. Specially hand-
                                             Connecting Worlds with Words is a new
picked by the MIFF programming team,
                                             grassroots-led spoken word event and
the MIFF Summer Residency will present
                                             collaboration between three major urban
a fabulous international feature and short
                                             public spaces: Fed Square, Melbourne,
film program for young and old!
                                             Bunjil Place, Casey and Aotea Square,
Thursday 3 February – Sunday 6 February      Auckland.
Location: Plaza
                                             Through embracing new technologies,
Time: 5:30 pm
                                             the three-venue live virtual-physical
Cost: $7.00 Ticket price includes one item
                                             hybrid event will activate public urban
from the MIFF Candy Bar.
                                             spaces and celebrate the power of spoken
Age: All
                                             word and story to connect communities
Duration: 3 hours
                                             across time and space.
                                             This first-of-its-kind event is presented
                                             by Fed Square, Bunjil Place and Auckland
                                             Live in partnership with spoken word
                                             collectives Melbourne Spoken Word,
                                             Littlefoot and Co and Action Education.
                                             Saturday 19 February
                                             Location: Plaza
                                             Time: 5:00 pm
                                             Cost: FREE
                                             Age: Upper Secondary (Years 9-12, ages 14+)
                                             Duration: 60 minutes

Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
One foot on the                               One foot on the ground, one foot in the
                                                  water is a La Trobe Art Institute exhibition
    ground, one foot                              toured by NETS Victoria. Curated by
                                                  Travis Curtin.
    in the water                                  The exhibition has been assisted by
                                                  the Australian Government through the
    At a time when many are experiencing          Australia Council for the Arts, its arts
    complex feelings about the frailty of life    funding and advisory body, as well as
    and future uncertainty, this exhibition       receiving development assistance from
    explores the subject of mortality and the     NETS Victoria’s Exhibition Development
    inseparable link between life and death.      Fund, supported by the Victorian
                                                  Government through Creative Victoria.
    The exhibition presents paintings,
    sculptures, installations and sound works,    Saturday 19 February – Sunday 24 April
    that challenge us to reckon with death and    Location: Gallery
    dying as an inherent part of life, invoking   Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (closed Mondays)
    experiences of loss, impermanence,            Cost: FREE
    transience, remembrance, memorialisation      Age: Secondary
    and varied expressions of grief.              Education resource kit available

    Exhibition Partners                           Exhibition Supporter

                                                  Image: Mabel Juli, Garnkiny Ngarranggarni 2020
                                                  natural earth pigments and charcoal on linen
                                                  120 × 180 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Warmun Art
                                                  Centre, Western Australia
4                                                 Photographer: Ian Hill
Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
Ensemble Theatre
                 2021: Graduate

Inspired by the true story of legendary                  Emergent 2021: Graduate
First Nations cricketer Johnny Mullagh                   Showcase celebrates the creative
and Australia’s first ever international                 achievements and outstanding talent
sporting team, this is not just about                    of VCE and VET art, design and media
cricket. This is a story of strength,                    students within the City of Casey. Now
resistance, hope and possibility.                        entering its fifth year, the exhibition
                                                         investigates themes and ideas concerning
Content Warning: Aboriginal and Torres
                                                         young artists and offers a platform to
Strait Islander audiences are advised that
                                                         showcase their art, design, photography
this show contains depictions of people
                                                         and film.
who have died.
                                                         Saturday 2 April – Sunday 17 April
Saturday 19 March
                                                         Location: Studio
Location: Theatre
                                                         Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (closed
Time: 8:00 pm
Cost: $22.00
                                                         Cost: FREE
Age: Upper Secondary (Years 9-12, ages 14+)
                                                         Age: Secondary
Duration: 90 minutes, no interval
Education resource kit available

Presenting Partners                                      Presenting Partner

Supporting Partners

Australian Council for the Arts: This project has been
assisted by the Australian Government through the        Image: Installation view, Emergent 2020: VCE Graduate
Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and     Showcase, Bunjil Place Studio, 2021.
advisory body                                            Photo: Christian Capurro                                5
Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
The 13-Storey                                 SLAP. BANG. KISS.
    Treehouse                                     MTC Education

    CDP Theatre Producers

    Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton’s best-         SLAP. A video of 16-year-old Immi hitting
    selling book comes to life on stage for       a security officer goes viral.
    children 6 to 12. Today’s the day Andy and
                                                  BANG. Sofia’s impassioned speech for
    Terry are going to bring their stories to
                                                  the victims of a school shooting makes
    life in their first EVER play – except they
                                                  international news.
    forgot to write it! Where will they find
    flying cats, a mermaid, a sea monster, an     KISS. People rally around Darby and Daniel
    invasion of monkeys, and a giant gorilla?     as the boys lock lips in an attempt to set
    Here is your chance to see the first show     the world record for the longest kiss.
    in the award-winning ‘Treehouse’ series
    with the return of the one and only, super-   Included on the VCE Drama Playlist, this play
    famous, ultra-brilliant, runaway success,     from multi-award-winning playwright Dan
    The 13-Storey Treehouse. We take you          Giovannoni (Merciless Gods). SLAP. BANG.
    right back to where it all began.             KISS. tracks three young people whose
                                                  stories kickstart a series of events none of
    Monday 4 April                                them could have anticipated.
    Location: Theatre
    Time: 10:30 am                                Tuesday 3 May
    Cost: $16.00                                  Location: Studio
    Age: Primary                                  Time: 10:30 am & 1:30 pm
    Duration: 60 minutes, no interval             Cost: $20.00
    Education resource kit available              Age: Upper Secondary (Years 9-12, ages 14+)
                                                  Duration: 70 minutes, no interval
                                                  Post show Q&A with the actors and
                                                  workshops available

    Presenting Partner                            Presenting Partner

Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
David Sequeira                                Guess How Much
                                              I Love You
                                              CDP Kids

“I use repetition of form, colour and         A play by Richard Tulloch adapted
 process to signal the rhythmic patterns      from the books by Sam McBratney and
 of both change and continuity. I think       Anita Jeram “I love you right up to the
 about my work as a convergence of East       moon – AND BACK.” Join the enchanting
 and West, the spiritual and the aesthetic,   adventure of Little and Big Nutbrown Hare
 the ancient and the contemporary.”           as they discover the magic and colour
– David Sequeira                              of the seasons, in a dazzling new stage
                                              adaptation of Sam McBratney’s beloved
Bunjil Place Gallery is thrilled to be
                                              children’s book Guess How Much I Love
working with Melbourne-based artist
                                              You. This playful story of love and nature
David Sequeira on an upcoming exhibition
                                              unfolds on stage in a show that’s fun for
project. Working across media, David
                                              the whole family, with beautiful puppetry,
Sequeira explores issues around high
                                              music and laughter for children aged 3
and low art, personal and shared
                                              years and up.
histories, banality and profundity, the
reverberations of colonisation and the        Wednesday 11 May
persisting impact of incomplete histories.    Location: Theatre
                                              Time: 10:00 am & 12:00 pm
Saturday 7 May – Sunday 21 August
                                              Cost: $16.00
Location: Gallery
                                              Age: Kindergarten and Lower Primary
Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (closed
                                              Duration: 60 minutes
                                              Education resource kit available
Cost: FREE
Age: All
Education resource kit available

                                              Presenting Partner

Image: Studio Photograph: Stephen McCallum                                                 7
Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
Casey Cornucopia                                    Edward the Emu
    Bompas and Parr                                     Monkey Baa Theatre

    World-famous multi-sensory design                   The award-winning Monkey Baa team
    leaders, Bompas and Parr, will create their         brings to the stage a new imagining of
    first Australian sensory installation at Bunjil     the classic Australian books by Sheena
    Place for the Casey Winter Arts Festival            Knowles and Rod Clement. Edward and
    2022. A landmark event, Casey Cornucopia            Edwina both wonder if there is more
    will feature produce locally grown in the           to life than being an emu, but after
    Casey-Cardinia region and demonstrated              adventures beyond the enclosure they
    like never before. Walk through the world’s         discover that being themselves is enough!
    first edible outdoor weather mist, see giant
                                                        Tuesday 9 August
    fruit and vegetable sculptures and discover
                                                        Location: Theatre
    the incredible history and foodways of
                                                        Time: 10:00 am
    Melbourne’s South-East.
                                                        Cost: $16.00
    An education resource pack and program              Age: Kindergarten and Lower Primary
    featuring exclusive digital content and a           Duration: 50 minutes, no interval
    look at sustainability issues in food and
    agriculture will be launched Term 2, 2022.
    Watch this space for more details and
    check the Bunjil Place website to discover
    how you and your students can be a part
    of this once-in-a-lifetime event.
    Find out more about previous
    Bompas and Parr works at
    Friday 24 June – Sunday 17 July
    Location: Plaza                                     Presenting Partner
    Cost: FREE
    Ages: All
    Learning areas: Science, Technologies,
    Health & Physical Education, Visual Arts
    Education Resources to be launched
    Term 2
    Image: Bompas and Parr’s ‘The Fruit Chemist’ with
8   Maestro Dobel and Orly Anan 2019
Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
Jane Eyre                                     THEM
shake & stir theatre co

Witness one of the most iconic pieces of      Based on the real-life stories of people
English literature retold in a faithful yet   displaced by conflict, THEM follows one
fiercely original new stage adaptation        young family as they face the decision
from the nationally renowned shake & stir     whether to flee their war-torn city.
theatre co (Animal Farm, Dracula).
                                              With unexpected tenderness, laughter,
Following a childhood spent suffering at      and song, THEM takes audiences into
the hands of her cruel aunt, Jane finds       extraordinary circumstances to reveal our
employment at Thornfield Hall – the           shared humanity in the ordinary moments
impressive yet mysterious home of             that shape our lives.
Edward Rochester. As Jane and Rochester
                                              Friday 26 August
become inexplicably drawn to each other,
                                              Location: Studio
the dark secrets locked within the walls of
                                              Time: 10:30 am
Thornfield start to unravel forcing Jane on
                                              Cost: $16.00
a heart-wrenching journey toward truth
                                              Age: Upper Secondary (Years 9-12, ages 14+)
and freedom.
                                              Duration: 80 minutes, no interval
Saturday 20 August                            Post show Q&A and teachers resource kit
Location: Theatre                             available
Time: 7:30 pm
Cost: $22.00
Age: Upper Secondary (Years 9-12, ages 14+)
                                              Presenting Partners
Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes
(including interval)

Presenting Partner                            Supporting Partners

Education Program 2022 - Bunjil Place
Encounter                                  Rosie Deacon
     the Orchestra
     Melbourne Chamber Orchestra

     Encounter the Orchestra is a narrated      Bunjil Place Gallery is excited to be
     Melbourne Chamber Orchestra                developing a new exhibition project with
     performance for upper primary              Sydney-based artist Rosie Deacon. We look
     (Years 3-6) students. Music education      forward to sharing more on this project as
     specialist Nicholas Bochner leads these    it starts to take shape. Here’s a little bit of
     performances for Melbourne Chamber         information on Rosie and her work.
                                                Rosie Deacon was born in Nyngan, Central
     Tuesday 6 September                        West Slopes and Plains, and growing up
     Location: Theatre                          in regional communities such as Bathurst
     Time: 10:00 am and 12:00 pm                and Wagga Wagga, the artist was
     Cost: FREE via an Expression of Interest   influenced to create a strong community
     Age: Primary (Years 3-6)                   engaged craft practice. Deacon uses
     Duration: 60 minutes                       easily accessible materials and what
                                                may be described as ‘everyday junk’ to
                                                create pieces that blur the lines between
                                                contemporary art, craft and jewellery
                                                Saturday 5 November 2022 – Sunday 26
                                                February 2023
                                                Location: Gallery
                                                Time: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
                                                (closed Mondays)
                                                Cost: FREE
                                                Age: All

     Presenting Partner

                                                Image: Rosie Deacon, Fashion Forest Seduction, 2019,
10                                              Wollongong Art Gallery. Photo: Document Photography
VCE STUDIO ART                                 Youth Arts
SEMINARS                                       Collective: Arts
Unit 3 & 4 Studio Art

Tailored specifically to address Studio Art,   Arts Agitators is Bunjil Place’s youth arts
Unit 4 Art Industry Context, VCE students      collective. Arts Agitators is an ongoing,
can learn from Bunjil Place Gallery            co-designed youth empowerment
Curator and Registrar as they discuss all      program, designed to make Bunjil
the elements involved in developing and        Place a truly welcoming and inclusive
installing an exhibition. The discussion       environment for young people. Each
will focus on the exhibition at Bunjil Place   fortnightly meeting is focused on
Gallery at the time of booking. Available      supporting the members to develop,
in-person and online. Please contact Bunjil    plan and deliver events. The program
Place to arrange a booking.                    is also designed to support the career
                                               development of emerging artists, with
Location: Gallery or online
                                               opportunities to learn from experts in
Cost: FREE
                                               their fields, see visiting art events, take
Age: VCE
                                               part in workshops, and present/perform
Duration: 60 minutes
                                               their art. The direction and outcomes of
                                               this program is controlled by the group
                                               itself, and we welcome all young Casey
                                               artists to join.
                                               February – December
                                               Location: Bunjil Place Library Meeting
                                               Time: Weekly meetings, + other
                                               ad-hoc events
                                               Cost: FREE
                                               Age: Senior Secondary & Tertiary
                                               Duration: 2 hour meetings, + other ad-hoc

                                               Image: Home/Land: Project Another Country workshop
                                               with Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, 2019.             11
Getting Here

     Whether you’re driving, riding or catching public transport,
     you can find us by following these tips:

            Catch the Pakenham Line to Narre Warren station and we’re just 1.3 km
            towards Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Centre.

            Catch local bus routes 695, 697, 828, 834, 835, 838, 841, 842, 894 and
            895 to Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Centre depot and we’re
            just 600 metres away

            Melway: Map 110 Ref D4.
            Drive on the Monash, Princes Highway or South Gippsland Freeway and you’ll
            be at our doorstep in no time. You can enter Patrick Northeast Drive via Magid
            Drive or Overland Drive. Parking is free and includes accessible options.

Bunjil Place is an inclusive venue providing
a range of accessible services including:
•   Lift access                               •   Accessible parking spaces
                                                  and drop off points
•   Wheelchair and easy access seating
    options in the Theatre and Studio         •   A dedicated Viewing Room in the
•   Hearing Loop in the Theatre
                                              •   Assistance animals welcome
•   Companion Card acknowledgement
                                              •   Access Keys for Bunjil Place, Gallery,
•   Accessible toilets with fully
                                                  Plaza, Studio, Theatre and Library
    accessible adult change room
    complete with hoist

Did you know we program accessible performances and have access keys available?
Keep an eye out for the following symbols on our website, e-newsletter,
Facebook and Instagram posts.

Live Theatre Open Captioning. Suitable        Auslan Interpreted Performance. Suitable
for patrons who are deaf/hard of hearing.     for patrons who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Audio Described Performance.                  Relaxed Performance. Suitable for patrons
Suitable for patrons with low vision.         with autism spectrum conditions, sensory,
                                              communication or learning disabilities.

For further access information visit

HOW TO BOOK TICKETS TO AN EVENT               Please note: A Service Fee of $3.00 applies
                                              to bookings made online or by phone. Ticket
                                              delivery Fees may also apply.
Phone:   9709 9700
Email:         Children 2 years and under do not require
                                              a ticket if seated on the lap of their carer.
Or visit the Box Office
Monday – Saturday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm           If you’d like to know more or need
2 Patrick Northeast Drive, Narre Warren.      assistance with your booking, please
                                              call us at 9709 9700 or email us at
Applicable concessions may vary for each
event, please check at the time of booking.
                                              We’re here to help.

Bunjil Place provides teachers with one complimentary
teacher ticket per 10 students to education performances.                                     13
Consider Bunjil Place
for your next event

                                            Function Centre
                                            • Partition room
                                            • Portable stage
                                            • Dance floor
                                            • 4 projectors and screens
                                            • Lectern, microphone;
                                              lapel and roving
                                            • Meetings rooms
•   Staff Conference • Student Retreat
•   Offsite Leadership Meetings             •   800-seat
•   Valedictory Dinner                      •   Full fly tower
                                            •   Orchestra pit
•   Graduation • Awards Ceremony            •   Data projector
•   Debutante Ball • School Production      •   Large stage
                                            •   Backstage space
•   Concert • Film                          •   Ticketing
Phone: 9709 9700
                                            • Black Box
Email:   • 200 retractable seat
Website:                 • Ticketing
                                                     HI, I’M TDS I
                                                     H I, I’M
 JOININNNOOWW, ,                                             SL O  H
   JO       HIP
                                                      TTHHE S H
                                                           E   LOT
    IS FRE

                       , DARI,
              HALESESE, DARI,
     IN SIN
                  ISHH     ABBIC
             , TU
           H INDI WITH          E

      AND HIN            D
                     D E
                 G AD
           BE EIN          D
                                                U     O
                     DD  E
             B G KALY  .
                 W       .
                                           O Y
                                    GGOO TTO YOOU R L                    SSTTOOR   BO
                                                                                RYYB OX

                                      Y  CA R D  IN  IA                       IBR
                                                                            LLIB RA RY
                                                                                   AR Y
                             CCAASSEEY             IND
                               LLIIBBRRAAR Y T
                                             TOO F
                                         OOUUTT M ORE

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