Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar

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Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar

Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
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Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
In this issue...

 8                                                                                             15                           16

     Spotlight                                                                             25
      Egyptian Prime Minister
 4    dedicates TCI Sanmar
      plant at Port Said
      4th India-Arab
      Partnership Conference                                                     24
 6    ‘Economy on a
      development trajectory’
                                                     Recognition                                      Sanmar in the NEWS
     Happenings                                        Sanmar bags sixteen State                        The Hindu Business
      Sanmar Foundries at                   16
 7    Valve World Conference
                                                       Government Safety Awards                         Line’s initiative
                                                                                                        A conclave of prominent
                                                        National Safety Council of
      Madhuram Narayanan
                                            17          India award for Chemplast
                                                        Mettur Plant II
                                                                                             22         Chennai citizens
                                                                                                         Vijay Sankar gives away
 8    A world of difference to
      the lives of exceptional
                                                        Chemplast Cuddalore
                                                                                                         Rotary Club Young
                                                                                                         Achiever award
                                                        receives FICCI award for
                                            18          water efficiency                                 Chemplast cricketer
 9    MNC’s 25th anniversary                            Ramkumar Shankar                     23          M Vijay does the star
                                                                                                         turn in Australia
                                                        elected President of AMAI
      Business leaders share their                      Sanmar publications win                      Beyond Sanmar
10    experience at The Sanmar              19          PRSI National Awards                           Proud moments for
      Group Annual Day
                                                     Sustainability Report
                                                                                             24        Sri Sankara Schools
      ‘Sanmartini 2014’ - inter-                       Chemplast Sanmar                               Iconic Institutions
15    business competitions of
      the Group
                                             20        releases Fifth
                                                       Sustainability Report                 26          The Theosophical Society

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Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
Egyptian Prime Minister dedicates
            TCI Sanmar plant at Port Said

            At the invitation of TCI Sanmar               of Planning and Administrative                the Chairman of TCI Sanmar,
            Chemicals S.A.E., Port Said, the              Reform, Adel Labib, Minister of Local         PS Jayaraman, Navdeep Suri,
            Prime Minister of Egypt, Eng.                 Development and Administrative                Ambassador of India to Egypt, and
            Ibrahim Mehlab, visited the                   Development, Mostafa Matloub,                 other company officials. At the
            TCI Sanmar plant facilities.                  Minister of Housing, Dr Laila                 instance of PS Jayaraman, the Prime
            He was accompanied by a                       Iskandar, Minister of Urban Renewal           Minister dedicated the TCI Sanmar
            high-power delegation of Cabinet              and Informal Settlements and the              Plant for the benefit of Egypt. The
            Ministers, Ashraf Salman, Minister            Governor of Port Said, Gen. Samah             Prime Minister and his delegation
            of Investment, Eng. Hany Dahy,                Qandil, on 28 October 2014.                   expressed their satisfaction and
            Minister of Transportation, Khaled                                                          appreciated the TCI Sanmar plant
            Hanafy, Minister of Supply,                   The Prime Minister and his                    facilities as well as efforts made by
            Dr Ashraf El Araby, Minister                  delegation were received by                   TCI Sanmar.

            Navdeep Suri, Ambassador of India to Egypt, Prime Minister of Egypt Eng. Ibrahim Mehlab with PS Jayaraman.

Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar

The Prime Minister and his              entire manufacturing facility to the   a new PVC plant with a capacity
delegation were taken on a tour         delegates.                             of 200,000 MT, and enhance the
of the plant consisting of facilities   The Sanmar Group has so far            Ethylene manufacturing capacity by
to manufacture Caustic Soda,            invested USD 1.15 billion in the       60,000 MT. The total investment
Ethylene-di-chloride, Vinyl Chloride    projects of TCI Sanmar, already        will then be USD 1.3 billion, the
Monomer, Poly Vinyl Chloride            completed as above. Additional         largest Indian investment in the
and Ethylene from Ethanol. The          investment of USD 150 million          chemical sector in Egypt.
company officials explained the         is planned in Phase 2, to set-up

Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
4th India-Arab Partnership Conference
            ‘Economy on a development trajectory’

            The Federation of Indian Chambers
            of Commerce and Industry, in
            association with Ministry of External
            Affairs of India, League of Arab
            States and Federation of Arab
            Businessmen organised the 4th
            India-Arab Partnership Conference
            during 26th and 27th November,
            2014 at New Delhi.
            The event aimed at extending a
            conducive and enabling platform
            to Indian and Arab Business
            communities thereby enhancing
            and exploring numerous business
            and investment opportunities in
                                                           Vijay Sankar and PS Jayaraman at the 4th India-Arab Partnership Conference.
            both regions.
            The important association of The               PS Jayaraman, Chairman, TCI                   thus far in Egypt, the current political
            Sanmar Group with the Arab world               Sanmar Chemicals, S.A.E.                      scenario in the country and how
            is its investment of USD 1.30 billion          highlighted the facets of this                it would contribute to business
            in the chemical sector in Egypt.               investment and Sanmar’s experience            environment.

            A view of the 4th India-Arab Partnership Conference at New Delhi.

Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
  Sanmar Foundries at Valve World Conference
  Sanmar Foundries Ltd (SFL)                with more than 650 exhibitors from          served. Sanmar’s presence in the
  participated in the 9th Biennial          40 countries and about 10,000               exhibition generated noticeable
  Valve World Conference &                  visitors from all over the world            interest from the mid segment
  Exhibition at Dusseldorf, Germany         taking part.                                manufacturers having specific
  from 2-4 December 2014.                   In addition to the exhibition, many         requirements in special material
                                            technical papers on the challenges          grades. The visitors to Sanmar
  Valve World Expo is by far the
                                            faced by the valve industry were also       stall included those from Crane,
  largest congregation of valve
                                            presented in the conference. The event      Pentair, Bonnetti, L&T, IMI
  manufacturers, along with the
                                            was sponsored by Emerson, Pentair,          (Belgium), Kitz, Valvitalia among
  entire gamut of the supply chain
                                            Kitz and Velan, among others.               others.
  for valve companies. This event
  took place at the exhibition              SFL participated in the expo and            This exhibition presented the right
  grounds of Messe, covering                put up a stall for the first time.          opportunity for SFL to synergise
  17,700 Sq Mts and this year was           The stall had various posters               strategies for products as well as
  the biggest event in the history of       displaying the capabilities of the          regions. It was a stepping stone
  the expo. The numbers surpassed           foundry and the clientele, along            to enter the European market for
  the attendance at all earlier events,     with the industries that are presently      supply of valve castings.

Albert Kinnard and Meagan Mitrovich of Matrix Metals, USA, and Vinodh Gopinath and K Shankar from SFL, Valve World Expo, Germany.

Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
Madhuram Narayanan Centre

                 A world of difference to the lives of exceptional children
                 The Madhuram Narayanan Centre               The Chief Justice also said that                25 years of existence, the book is
                 for Exceptional Children celebrated         children deserved the best practices,           probably one of the better named.”
                 its 25th anniversary on 12 December         learning environment, materials and             The book covers the journey that
                 2014. A book entitled ‘A World              technology, coupled with the highest            the centre has gone through in its
                 of Difference’ was launched on              expectations, for success. “Children            quest to bring about a revolution
                 11 December 2014 at Hotel My                with special needs are like butterflies         in the field of care for exceptional
                 Fortune to mark the occasion.               with broken wings. They are as                  children. It includes all information
                 Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Chief           beautiful as the others, but they need          — from the conception of the
                 Justice of the Madras High Court,           help to spread their wings,” he said.           idea to the current centre and
                 was the chief guest at the book             “A World of Difference is what                  the thousands of children it has
                 launch. Speaking at the function,           the book is called. And speaking                ushered in through its doors.
                 the Chief Justice said, “Children           about the work and service that the             Describing children as flowers,
                 with special needs should be given          Madhuram Narayanan Centre for                   he said MNC’s programme,
                 the best educators have to offer.”          Exceptional Children has done in its            ‘Upanayan’, trained parents and

                 L to r: S Krishnan, N Kumar, Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Jaya Krishnaswamy, Ranjitha Ashok at the book release function.

Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
   professionals to deal with special           N Kumar said that the book captured   Its author, Ranjitha Ashok,
   needs of such children. “The fact            the history, essence and process      dedicated the book to MNC, and
   that over 70 per cent of these               when a child joined the NGO.          said the people working there were
   children are from economically-              N Sankar gave a donation of           real heroes. Jaya Krishnaswamy,
   and socially-backward sections of            Rs One crore on the occasion to the   Director MNC, proposed a vote
   the society adds to its importance.          MNC trust.                            of thanks.

MNC’s 25th anniversary
                                                                                      The Madhuram Narayanan Centre
                                                                                      for Exceptional Children celebrated
                                                                                      its 25th anniversary on 12 December
                                                                                      2014. Pratyush Kumar, President,
                                                                                      Boeing India, was the chief guest on
                                                                                      the occasion. The celebrations saw a
                                                                                      dance programme by mothers and a
                                                                                      video presentation of children who
                                                                                      were put in mainstream schooling.

Pratyush Kumar, President, Boeing India, inaugurating the function.

Egyptian Prime Minister visits TCI Sanmar
Business leaders share their experience

         The Sanmar Group Annual Day this        “We are very proud that we are
         year was held on 13-14 November         an Indian company and every
         at Hotel Leela Palace, Chennai.         location of ours has the largest
         The customary annual dinner was         Indian flag flying” he said.
         held on 13 November followed by         He recalled the Kirloskar
         a series of business presentations      legacy which among other
         and sharing of knowledge and            things involved participation
         experiences by corporate leaders in     in a competition for the most
         the field.                              productive charkha Mahatma
         Sanjay Kirloskar, Chairman              Gandhi announced in 1934-
         and Managing Director, Kirloskar        35 with a prize of Rs.1 lakh.
         Brothers took us down memory            His grandfather designed the
         lane by sharing his ‘Experiences’ – a   most productive machine,
         truly remarkable story of Kirloskar     but Gandhiji felt that it
         Brothers since 1888. The MD of the      looked like a machine and
         company since 1985, he highlighted      did not give them the prize.                              Sanjay Kirloskar
         the history of Kirloskar in pumps       He also candidly recalled some
         and valves with all their factories     unhappy experiences to show ‘how   always right’, but narrated the story
         situated in villages.                   governments and bureaucrats are    with humour.

at The Sanmar Group Annual Day

  “Many iconic buildings around the      does the world look
  world have our pumps. The Flame        like tomorrow?”
  Towers in Baku, Sydney Opera           Some takeaways
  House and the Channel Tunnel in        from his informal
  the UK are a few locations where our   address.
  pumps are used worldwide.”
                                         Don’t think of a
  On “Kaniyur- An all women plant”       company by its size
  “The decision maker to buy the         or by what it does.
  pump is a woman. The person who        Think of how long
  is hurt the most if the pump does      it lives. Longevity is
  not work is a woman. Why not an all    a critical parameter.
  woman workforce? They performed        When you decide
  extremely well and empowered young     to take a decision
  ladies really delivered. They are      in a company, do it
  invaluable in their homes now. That    with people who are
  gives them a different status now.”    not present in mind.                                         R Mukundan

  R Mukundan, MD, Tata Chemicals,        Then only can we have a decision    of a decision is when you debate and
  walked the audience through “What      which can be long term. The depth   come to a point where you say how

employees of the future will, as if    a programme called Unnati
              they were sitting here, would take     which started exactly the way
              a decision.                            the ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’

              The future is increasingly at the      has started. We took brooms in
              intersection. It is not at the core.   our hands. We said, this place
              The future is being created when       is absolutely unacceptable
              two things come together. What         in terms of hygiene, work
              is the intersection of biology and     condition and we will make it
              chemistry? It is biochemistry.         the cleanest place in the world.
              The intersection of Physics and        And every one of the managers
              Chemistry is Nano Technology.          adopted a space in the plant to
              So we chose these two platforms        go everyday and make sure it
              and without knowing the future,        was clean.
              we had no idea of what products        Whatever process you do,
              will come out, we hired a few          innovation, acquisition, one of                                       V Sriram
              scientists and set up a lab. Out of    the management secrets for success
                                                                                              “Anarchy is the most common thing
              that came the Nano story.              is to listen, constantly listen. There   that you can experience when you
              Manthan was about big ideas. It        can be no stoppage of learning at any    come into the city but within that
              was about how to review cost, big      age or whatever position you have        anarchy there is a lot of individual
              issues like getting rid of 50% of      and karma yoga is always the most        trait and character in the city.”
              the workforce, changing the fuel       important – so ACT.”
                                                                                              Sriram had the audience in splits
              mix to get 70% savings. We also        V Sriram, historian, spoke on ‘The       with his rip-roaring tales on Chennai
              needed small ideas. We started         history and character of Madras’.        and its character.

                                                                Adit Jain, Independent Director, The Sanmar Group Corporate
                                                                Board and Chairman and Editorial Director of IMA India,
                                                                spoke on the economic and political outlook in India. He said
                                                                that the ‘centre of economic gravity has been shifting from
                                                                advanced economies to Asia’, by virtue of higher growth of a
                                                                larger base and favourable demographics.
                                                                By 2022, India and China will constitute over 50% of global
                                                                growth and about 20% of global trade. This will have an
                                                                impact on the strategies of global corporations in a way never
                                                                seen before.
                                                                He said that the “investment rate should rise to 35-36% of
                                                                GDP from 30-32%. Favourable policy can increase FDI by
                                                                1.5-2% of GDP. Faster implementation and approvals can
                                                                boost the domestic investment rate by 3-4% of GDP, and
                                                                better financial intermediation can increase the savings rate
                                                                by another 1-2 percentage points. These steps could take the
                                                                GDP growth to 7.5-8% on a sustained basis.”

Vijay Sankar drew the macro economic         On a positive side Cabot
scenario and the tough global economic       Sanmar has completed
situation with slow GDP growth               10 years of incidence free

with tough financing conditions. But         operations and must be
‘there were signs of hope with the US        congratulated.”
economy recovery and global growth           Talking about being
and with new leadership in Egypt and         compliant, Vijay stressed
Mexico.’                                     that, “We have a very
Vijay also talked about the inter            strong reputation with
linkages in factors driving Sanmar’s         financial institutions
different industries – Chemicals,            and we have been able
Shipping, Engineering products and           to attract a lot of people
Foundry. He gave a snapshot of the           in the HR market place
Group’s performance and the challenges       and with the regulators
that lay ahead.                              as well. It is very very                                            Vijay Sankar
                                             important to be 100% compliant and
Stressing on the importance of Safety        that is what we believe in. And being      this but this is what I and Mr Sankar
as the utmost priority he said,              proactive on this is going to be the       strongly believe in. We believe that
“It is not just safety inside the plant.     key. It is imperative that all of us are   it is far easier to talk to somebody
It is also safety outside. What safety       completely compliant.”                     by picking up the phone rather than
behaviour you display outside the            He also had a dig at the prevailing        by sending emails. He may be in
factory, the same thing you carry into       email culture and exhorted, “I strongly    the room just next door…. What
the workplace as well. It is important       believe that email is a wrong way of       I would understand in a minute,
that all of you at the different locations   communicating except to deliver facts.     would take 100 minutes if it is sent
place safety at the top of your list.        There may be different approaches to       through email.”

   Sarada Jagan made a presentation on‘Sanmartini’                    B Natraj anchored a discussion on Management
   - a cocktail of explosive games and exhorted the                   Processes. It was a brainstorming session with exchange
   business managers to play a more active role in                    of thoughts on several key issues including Policies,
   such inter-business group competitions.                            Decision-making, Delegation, Implementation and
                                                                      Day-to-Day Processes at Sanmar.

It’s play time
         A variety of flowers in varied hues combined with crystal chandeliers and special effect lights created a festive ambience
         at the annual dinner at Hotel Leela Palace on 13 November this year. Games were organised for Sanmarites and

         their spouses who enjoyed every bit of it.

                        ‘Wheel of fortune’

         ‘Loop it in’                                                   ‘Getting there on time’

‘Sanmartini 2014’ - inter-business competitions of the

Sanmartini–Season 3 was truly               played at the various plant locations
explosive in its new avatar. There          of the Group. The events required
were four competitions in all,              quite a bit of preparation and it was
Talk it out (Debate of a different          truly a knowledge sharing exercise.
kind), Comm.Com (a mocktail on              The semifinals and final events were
communications), Convince Me                held at Chennai where the best of
(Presentation) and All Roads Lead to        the best contended. The Chennai
Rome (Variety entertainment), which         HO team Apollo lifted the trophy
were held in the months of October          this year, handsomely riding over
and November this year. There was           the nearest team Atlas by a clean
an overwhelming participation this          280 points.
year as the preliminary rounds were

G Sankarasubramanian and PR Somaskandan receiving the Sanmartini championship trophy
from Vijay Sankar.

Sanmar bags sixteen State Government Safety Awards

                   In all, sixteen State Government
                   safety awards for the years 2010,
                   2011 and 2012 were bagged by
                   Sanmar plants. These awards
                   were won for the lowest weighted
                   accident frequency rate and longest-
                   accident free period in man hours.
                   The awards were given away by
                   P Mohan, Minister for Rural
                   Industries and Labour, at a function
                   in Chennai on 26 November 2014.
                   M Veera Shanmuga Moni, Secretary
                   to Government, Employment and
                   Labour, Pala.Karuppaiah, MLA,
                   and C Gunasekara Babu Rao,
                                                          P Manoharan, Safety, Sanmar Corporate Divn., receiving the award from P Mohan, Minister
                   Director of Industrial Safety and      for Rural Industries and Labour, Government of Tamil Nadu.
                   Health, were present.
                   P Manoharan, President, Safety,        While Sanmar Speciality Chemicals,             highest reduction in accident
                   Sanmar Corporate Divn.,                Berigai, won the first prize for highest       rate and lowest weighted accident
                   S Mathivanan, Head of Plant III        reduction in accident rate for the year        frequency rate for the year 2012
                   and R Kumar, Head of Safety &          2012, Chemplast Cuddalore won                  as well.
                   Environment, Plant II, Chemplast,      the third prize for highest
                   Mettur, received the awards.           reduction in weighted
                                                          accident frequency rate in
                   Out of the 16 awards received,         2011.
                   Chemplast Mettur Plant II has won
                   six and Chemplast Mettur Plant III     The Engineering divisions of
                   won three and one by Chemplast         Sanmar, Sanmar Foundries,
                   Mettur Plant I for the years 2010,     Tyco Sanmar and Pacific
                   2011 and 2012.                         Valves, won awards for

National Safety Council of India award for Chemplast
Mettur Plant II

Chemplast Sanmar Mettur               VB Sant, Director
Plant II PVC division won the         General, Arvind Joshi,
‘Prashansa Patra’ in recognition of   Vice Chairman and
its developing and implementing       Dr Komerawar, Award
effective Management Systems and      Committee Chairman
Procedures and achieving good         of National Safety
performance in OSH for 2011 and       Council of India, were
2012.                                 also present during the
Dr R Palaniappan, head SHE,           function.
Chemplast Mettur, received the
award from Narendra Singh Tomar,
Union Minister for Steel, Mines
and Labour & Employment, on 27
October 2014, at a function held in

Chemplast Cuddalore receives FICCI award for water

              Chemplast Sanmar Cuddalore has
              received the “Award for efficiency
              in water usage by the Petrochemical
              sector” instituted by FICCI. Executive
              Director of Chemplast, Ramkumar
              Shankar, received the award from
              Surjit Kumar Chaudhary, Secretary,
              Chemicals and Petrochemicals,
              Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers,
              Government of India, at a function
              organised on 9 October 2014 at

              Ramkumar Shankar elected President of AMAI
              The Alkali Manufacturers Association
              of India (AMAI), which represents
              the entire chlor-alkali industry of
              30 companies in the country, elected
              Ramkumar Shankar as its President
              for 2014-15 at its 37th annual

                                                       general meeting. Ramkumar Shankar, Executive Director
                                                       of Chemplast Sanmar Limited, is a Chartered Accountant
                                                       with around 27 years of experience, nearly 25 years of it with
                                                       The Sanmar Group.

Sanmar publications win PRSI National Awards

The Sanmar Group has won three National Awards from the Public Relations Society of India for Corporate
Communications under the following categories:

First Prize:                                    Second Prize:                                 First Prize:
Sustainable Development Report                  Prestige Publication category:                Newsletter (English) - Scribbles
category: Chemplast Sanmar’s                    Matrix 25 - Silver Jubilee Issue.             (Nov-Dec 2013 issue).
Sustainability Report 2012-13 “If
the World of Nature Could Speak”.

                                                                                             The awards were given away at
                                                                                             the 36th All India PR Conference
                                                                                             at Jaipur on 19 December 2014
                                                                                             by Rajasthan Assembly, Speaker
                                                                                             Kailash Meghwal. The function was
                                                                                             presided over by SK Chaturvedi,
                                                                                             Chairman, Joint Electricity
                                                                                             Regulatory Commission for the
                                                                                             state of Goa and Union Territories,
                                                                                             with Gulab Kothari, Chief Editor,
                                                                                             Rajasthan Patrika and Jagdish
                                                                                             Chandra Katil, Head, e TV, Jaipur
                                                                                             as the Guest of Honour. Ajit
Ramadevi Ravi, Corporate Communications, receiving the PRSI National awards for The Sanmar   Pathak, President, PRSI National
Group from Kailash Meghwal, Speaker, Rajasthan Assembly in Jaipur on 19 December 2014.       Chapter was present.

Chemplast Sanmar releases Fifth Sustainability Report
     Sustainability Report

                             The theme of this year’s Sustainability Report

                             is ‘Responsibility’ – in keeping with Sanmar’s
                             tradition of responsibility towards all its                                                                         Responsibility
                             stakeholders. Chemplast Sanmar’s Sustainability
                             Report has been awarded A+ by Global
                             Reporting Initiative (GRI) for the fourth
                             consecutive year. An excerpt from this report is
                             presented in these pages.

8                                                                                                                                          The Sanmar Group Annual Report     Chemplast Sanmar Sustainability Report
mar Group                                                            Printed on environment friendly paper


ast Sanmar
bility report


                             OUR                   Chemplast Sanmar works to meet the evolving                       improve the way we operate. Our ecological
                             APPROACH              demands of its stakeholders in a responsible                      commitment outlines how sustainability

                                     A         PRODUCT
                                                   way. This means operating safely, reducing                        underpins our operations, including how we
                                              our impact on the environment and sharing                              work with communities, our commitment
                                              benefits with the communities who are our                              to safe operations and how we manage
                                                   neighbours. We have global standards in place                     environmental impacts.
                                                   and continually learn from our experiences to

                              REDUCTION AT SOURCE                                                            REUSE      RECYCLE                        RECOVER

                             ENVIRONMENTAL The strategy and the corresponding action                                   By making all plants attain ‘Zero Liquid
                             COMMITMENT    plan reaffirm the Company’s commitment to                                   Discharge’ status which ensures that no
                                                   the cause of conservation: wise management                          effluents are released from plant operations
                                                   of our resources for the benefit of all. This is                    into the earth
                                                   how Chemplast Sanmar gets it done:
                                                                                                                       By extensively using desalinated water in
                                                      By not drawing ground water for industrial                       shore-based facilities
                             20                       applications
                  MATERIALS MANAGEMENT

                                                                                                                                            Sustainability Report
                                          The Sanmar Group

4                                         Annual report

                                          Chemplast Sanmar
 nmar Group
l report                                  Sustainability report

plast Sanmar
 ability report


                      The primary responsibility of Chemplast is
                      to pick up, transport, process, and dispose
                                                                             technology; use of vehicles customised with
                                                                             provisions required to transport chemicals

             COMMITMENT AND
                      of all waste in a safe and environmentally             and hazardous material (rubber lining test
                      responsible manner. Careful consideration              certificate validity, emission certificate,
                      is given to disposal and processing, with              HAZCHEM panel and spark arrestor in case

                      the highest priority given to environmental            of the transportation of flammable materials,
                      stewardship.                                           installation of a sturdy rectangular protection
                                                                             frame with base support, maintaining safe
                      Chemplast Sanmar is engaged in the
                                                                             distance between the frame and the valve);
                      cautious management of materials
                                                                             working with vehicle drivers possessing the
                      (including transportation safety) through the
                                                                             experience of having transported hazardous
                      appointment of transporters complying with
                                                                             chemicals and endorsement in the licence;
                      the Company’s demanding requirements of
                                                                             training for truck crews in emergency
                      environment, safety and transport emergencies;
                                                                             procedures related to hazardous material
                      safe movement of Vinyl Chloride through a
                                                                             transportation; training for drivers in safe
                      pipeline from the ship at the marine terminal
                                                                             road navigation and emergency management;
                      facility to the atmospheric storage facility
                                                                             providing a detailed material safety data sheet
                      by adopting a world-class ‘pipe-in-pipe-out’

                                                                     Address: 9, Cathedral Road, Chennai 600 086, Tamil Nadu, India.



The Hindu Business Line’s initiative
Sanmar in the NEWS

                     A conclave of prominent Chennai citizens
                     Business Line’s initiative is aimed
                     at bringing together the cream of
                     Chennai’s business circuit, arts and
                     cultural ambassadors for a morning
                     of coffee and conversations. Vijay
                     Sankar was present with other
                     industrialists at the second edition
                     of Breakfast with Business Line on
                     24 August 2014 at Sheraton Park
                     Hotel and Towers.
                     Rahul Mammen, Whole-time Director, MRF
                       Ltd, catches up with Vijay Sankar, Deputy
                             Chairman, The Sanmar Group, and
                     MA Alagappan, Former Executive Chairman,
                     Murugappa Group, at the powerpacked event.

                     Vijay Sankar gives away Rotary Club Young Achiever award
                     Vijay Sankar was the chief guest              by the Rotary Club of Madras           u-14 title in 2013, the KTC u-14
                     and gave away the ‘Young Achiever’            East on 12 November 2014. The          title for two years and a gold medal
                     award to up and coming tennis                 14-year-old, a student of Bala Vidya   at the Violet u-19 championship.
                     player Ashraya Mahesh at a function           Mandir, won the CBSE National

Sanmar in the NEWS
Chemplast cricketer M Vijay does the star turn in Australia
During his innings of 144 in the         In the torrid Brisbane heat, Vijay         for Tamil Nadu earned him a Test
recent Brisbane Test match against       was still running hard, and rotating       call-up in 2008-09 as replacement
Australia, Jolly Rovers opening          the strike to protect his just-arrived     for Gautam Gambhir. Vijay’s Test
batsman M Vijay did not show any         batting partner. He was dismissed          opportunities remained limited
emotion on reaching his hundred          for 144, more by fatigue than the          as long as the Sehwag-Gambhir
until his batting partner Ajinkya        bowling, he had dominated the day,         flourished, but he never gave up,
Rahane informed him he had got           hitting 22 of 34 Indian boundaries.        using the IPL to parade his skills and
to the landmark. Vijay confessed he      Vitally, he had left alone 65 deliveries   class before a huge viewership.
did not keep track of the exact score,   that morning, a habit he had perfected     When he was recalled to the Indian
and it probably helped him relax.        on the English tour earlier in the year.   team, he failed as a Test opener, in
He had been out in the 90s three         This ability is the hallmark of a great    the West Indies in 2011.
times since the start of the South       opening batsman, and Vijay seems
Africa tour last year. In the previous   to be heading for greatness in no          When Vijay was finally given another
Test at Adelaide, he had made 99         uncertain terms.                           full Test series, against Australia in
in the second innings following his                                                 2012-13, Vijay scored back-to-back
                                         “M Vijay brings, along with his bat,       150s, impressing with his improved
half-century in the first.               pads and gloves, an invisible switch to    back-foot play and the ability to
                                                     the crease,” said sports       buckle down and play time. By now,
                                                     writer Siddharth Monga         he had seven 150-plus scores out of
                                                     in the website ESPN            13 first-class hundreds. He was then
                                                     Cricinfo. “When that           recalled for the 2013 Champions
                                                     switch is flicked on, given    Trophy in England though he did
                                                     certain conditions, he         not make the playing eleven in the
                                                     can be one of the more         tournament.
                                                     pleasing sights in present-
                                                     day cricket; when it is        Murali Vijay has for many years been
                                                     not, he can scratch and        the Mr Reliable of Jolly Rovers, and
                                                     struggle on the flattest of    is now being talked about in the
                                                     pitches. He prefers to play    same words as an India opener. His
                                                     off the front foot, which      match temperament is excellent,
                                                     can bring his downfall,        but with his wide range of attacking
                                                     but it also produces some      shots, he is also a joy to watch. He is
                                                     sensational hits down the      a loyal team man, as clearly proved
                                                     ground, including the          by his longevity with Sanmar and
                                                     trademark pick-up shot         Jolly Rovers in the midst of several
                                                     over wide long-on.”            players discovered and nurtured by
                                                                                    the group leaving for other pastures.
                                                      In his first few seasons of   One of the best performers in a
                                                      first-class cricket, Vijay    strong batting line-up of stars, he
                                                      made some big scores.         seems to be poised for a leap to the
                                                      His involvement in a 462-     next higher level of batsmanship at
                                                      run opening partnership       the world level of cricket.
                                                      with Abhinav Mukund

Proud moments for
Beyond Sanmar

                Sri Sankara Vidyashramam, Tiruvanmiyur
                The Karuna club of Sri Sankara Vidyashramam organised
                a Rally on 29 November 2014 to promote values of the
                Karuna Club. Prof P Gopalakrishnan, Vice President,
                Karuna International, motivated the students. Placards
                on human values including peace, non violence, ahimsa
                were raised by the students. Pamphlets were distributed
                and slogans raised.

                     A team of two students from Std. XI
                     participated in the ‘Quiz on Japan’ for
                     Chennai city school children. N Swetha and
                     N Srinidhi emerged winners in the finals held
                     on 25 October 2014. The team won a Rolling
                     Trophy and a cash award.

                                                                     N Swetha      N Srinidhi

Sri Sankara Schools

                                                                                                                             Beyond Sanmar
   Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School, Adyar

     Sri Sankara Senior Secondary
     School beat Nellai Nadar School
     in the final of the North Chennai
     Cricket Academy under-14 cricket
     tournament. Nitin N Shenoy
     was declared the best bowler and
     R Keshav the best batsman of the
     tournament as well as the Man of
     the Match.

                                                                                In the Bala Janagraha contest, a
                                                                                civic festival, students of Std.VIII,
                                                                                Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School,
                                                                                received the 1st Prize.

   Sri Sankara Senior Secondary School
                                            Dhanya Mahalakshmi M of Std.
   received the International School
                                            XII presented a project on the
   Award for the third time since 2006.
                                            medicinal value of the piper beetle
   This is in recognition of ‘outstanding
                                            in the National CBSE Science
   development of international
                                            exhibition. She was then selected for
   learning’ in the curriculum.
                                            presentation under IRIS (Initiative
   Aditya Raghavan of Std. XI secured       for Research and Innovation in
   the first place in the under-17          Science) and has won a medal and
   category in the Sunil Verma Memorial     a cash award from the Gujarat
   Open Squash Championship under           government. She is one of the
   the auspices of Squash Racquets          probables to represent India in the
   Federation of India.                     Intel – ISEF to be held in May 2015.

The Theosophical Society
Iconic Institutions

                            New feature
                            ‘Matrix’ has been publishing
                            profiles of great personalities
                            from South India’s past in an
                            unbroken series titled ‘Legends
                            from the South,’ which began
                            in December 2000. While
                            ‘Legends’ will continue to
                            appear in ‘Matrix’, we are happy
                            to launch yet another series
                            which will appear every other
                            quarter. The Theosophical
                            Society, Adyar, Chennai, will be
                            the first of what we hope will
                            be numerous iconic institutions       Theosophy, according to the                they bestow but as a duty they
                            in this part of the world, to be      founders of the Theosophical               perform, and they seek to remove
                            presented in these pages.             Society, is the wisdom underlying          ignorance, not punish it. They see
                                                                  all religions when they are stripped       every religion as an expression of
                                                                  of accretions and superstitions. “It       the Divine Wisdom and prefer its
                           The Theosophical Society has
                                                                  offers a philosophy which renders          study to its condemnation, and its
                           been one of the important
                                                                  life intelligible and demonstrates that    practice to proselytism. Peace is their
                           landmarks of Chennai, ever since
                                                                  justice and love guide the cosmos. Its     watchword, as Truth is their aim.”
                           its international headquarters
                                                                  teachings aid the unfoldment of the        The Society became famous, or
                           were located at Adyar, on the
                                                                  latent spiritual nature in the human
                           banks of the river of that name.                                                  notorious, for the occult practices
                                                                  being, without dependence.”
                           That was back in 1882, when it                                                    initiated by Madame HP Blavatsky,
                           was considered one of the most         According to a Resolution passed           who came over with Col. Olcott to
                           beautiful places anywhere, as Mary     by the General Council of The              establish the Madras wing. One of
                           Lutyens said in her biography of       Theosophical Society in 1924, the TS       the consequences of the belief in
                           J Krishnamurti, an original thinker    “is composed of students, belonging        reincarnation and clairvoyance this
                           discovered and nurtured by             to any religion in the world or to none,   engendered was the identification
                           Mrs Annie Besant, one of the           who are united by their approval of        of J Krishnamurti, one of two little
                           TS’s early presidents. It was often    the Society’s Objects, by their wish       sons of Telugu speaking parents,
                           referred to simply as Adyar.           to remove religious antagonisms and        by Annie Besant as the future
                                                                  to draw together people of goodwill        messiah destined to lead a world
                           The Theosophical Society, variously
                                                                  whatsoever their religious opinions,       order. Krishnamurti and his brother
                           also known as the Society or TS,
                                                                  and by their desire to study religious     Nityananda were nurtured with
                           was founded in New York on 17
                                                                  truths and to share the results of their   great love and close care by Besant
                           November 1875. It first came to
                                                                  studies with others.”                      and her associates like the occultist
                           Chennai soon afterwards when
                           Col. HS Olcott and Madame HP           “They extend tolerance to all, even        CW Leadbeater, and Krishnamurti
                           Blavatsky came to establish it here.   to the intolerant, not as a privilege      was groomed to be the World

Teacher, until one day he disbanded     Adyar Library, the Besant Montessori        outside India. The annual

                                                                                                                             Iconic Institutions
the whole movement.                     School, which was founded with              convention is still an important
Annie Besant made her home in           the help and active leadership of           part of Chennai’s cultural and
Benares in 1895, and there started      Maria Montessori, pioneer of the            philosophical calendar.
her renowned religious, educational     eponymous world-renowned child-             The TS is now headed by
and social services to India. She       friendly schooling system for young         Tim Boyd, an American who
opened the Central Hindu College        children, the Besant Theosophical           has succeeded the late Radha
there in 1898. At her request George    Publishing House and several other          Burnier, after winning an
S Arundale accepted the post of         initiatives flourished under the TS’s       election. Situated in a prime
Professor of History at the College.    banner.                                     property in the heart of Chennai,
He latter became Headmaster of the      Rukmini Devi Arundale met the               the TS is a green oasis which has
Collegiate School, and afterwards       famous ballerina Anna Pavlova during        survived many attempts to grab
Principal of the College itself until   her travels abroad, and inspired by the     it. It is a remnant of Chennai’s
1913. From 1895 to 1906 was a           great dancer, learnt the ancient Indian     splendid past.
period of vigorous and steady growth    art of Bharatanatyam during her late
for the Society. HSO and AB both        thirties. She made her debut under          International presidents of
travelled and lectured far and wide     the guidance of traditional dance
                                                                                    the Society:
in many countries. Miss Lilian Edger    masters under the banyan tree inside
was assisting the work in India.        the Society, one of the largest in India.   Colonel Henry Steel Olcott,
C Jinarajadasa started his career as    She went on to revive Bharatanatyam         President-Founder, 1875-1907
an international lecturer in 1904,      which had been neglected as a result        Dr Annie Besant, 1907-1933
in America.                             of an act to ban ‘nautch’ by devadasis,
                                        women dedicated to God at temples.          Dr George S Arundale,
Dr GS Arundale’s (president from                                                    1934-1945
1934 to 1945) marriage to Rukmini       The international school she founded
Devi, the young daughter of             in 1936, Kalakshetra, is today world        Mr C Jinarajadasa, 1946-1953
theosophist Nilakanta Sastri, came in   famous.                                     Mr N Sri Ram, 1953-1973
for some criticism, but they turned     In 1898 the Society began to hold           Mr John Coats, 1973-1979
out to be an ideal couple who did       an Annual Convention alternately in
                                                                                    Mrs Radha Burnier, 1980-2013
yeoman service for the Society. The     Adyar and Benares, and also decided
Besant Theosophical School, the         to hold periodic World Conventions          Mr Tim Boyd, 2014-

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