Year 11 and 12
Senior Secondary Education


A message from
our State Manager
At SEDA Group (SEDA), we change students’
lives by developing real skills and preparing
them for a successful future.

The SEDA model places student           Our teachers work with each
interest at the forefront of their      student to develop their confidence
senior secondary education,             as learners. They are specifically
alongside a practical connection        recruited for their capacity to build
to industry and an individual           healthy and respectful relationships
approach to teaching and learning.      with students, helping them to
SEDA accesses leading industry          develop skills for life.
partnerships including Cricket
Australia, the Western Australian       SEDA delivers the Western Australian
Cricket Association, Perth Scorchers,   Certificate of Education (WACE)
Netball WA, West Coast Fever,           using an applied learning model
Basketball WA, Perth Glory, Football    where hands-on learning happens
West, Fremantle Dockers, and West       both inside and outside of the
Coast Eagles.                           classroom. Through this applied
                                        learning model, students have
The SEDA Group model has                a deeper connection to their
demonstrated success in engaging,       education, resulting in enhanced
educating, and empowering young         engagement levels. Students
people in Western Australia             also undertake work and industry
since 2013.                             placements and community project
                                        work to develop their work readiness
What makes for an engaging              and community awareness.
education? For us, the key component
is interest-based learning. Young       Our vision is that students benefit
people and their families choose        from being exposed to a range of
SEDA because we connect with            learning opportunities. Each student
their interests and then get students   is supported to develop a career plan
outside of the classroom to learn       that is specific to their aspirations
directly from industry.                 and goals. Whilst ensuring that it
                                        links directly to the learning activities
Our individual learning approach        they undertake and their chosen
incorporates a "one teacher, one        career pathway.
classroom" model. Allowing our
teachers to take on a true mentoring
approach, where they walk alongside
and support the individual journey of
our students as they complete their
secondary education.                    Rocky Collins
                                        State Manager

                                                                                    PROSPECTUS   3

           Why choose

4   SEDA
SEDA is a senior secondary educator
and provider of the Western Australian
Certificate of Education (WACE).
We aim to bring out the best in our
students by focussing on key elements
that define our unique approach.

             CONNECT TO                                INDIVIDUAL LEARNING
             INDUSTRY                                  APPROACH

SEDA students experience a unique         Our ‘one teacher’ to ‘one class’
education pathway because of              approach allows our teachers to
our relationships with several            take on a true mentoring role, where
of Australia’s leading sporting           they get the time to know you and
organisations. Students are involved      your individual aspirations. They take
in industry experiences they will not     the time to support you as you learn
find anywhere else. We develop            through your own experiences and
Areas of Study and curriculum             define your own journey.
with our industry partners so that
students develop the knowledge,
skills and attributes of current
industry professionals.

             LEARN OUTSIDE                             DEVELOP YOUR
             THE CLASSROOM                             CAREER PLAN

You will learn in real workplace and      We know from our connection
community settings and directly           to industry the key personal
from industry experts. You may get        qualities and transferable skills that
out of your comfort zone and make         employers are looking for. We place
mistakes, but this is where the real      as much importance on developing
learning takes place. Don’t worry,        these skills as academic progress.
we will support you all the way. We’ll    Through a tailored, individual
equip you with transferable skills that   approach known as MyPlan your
will help you climb the career ladder.    teacher will support you as you
                                          develop these skills to set you
                                          on a pathway to success.

                                                                     PROSPECTUS    5

    Sports Development Program (SDP)

    SEDA partners with the biggest sporting brands and           We are proud to partner with high profile industry
    organisations in Australia facilitating real life industry   organisations to offer the following programs:
    experiences and student opportunities, through elite
    club inductions, match day experiences, community            ›   Basketball WA Sports Development Program
    events, participation programs and work placement            ›   Cricket Australia Sports Development Program
    opportunities. This combined with our applied industry
    based learning approach allows students to acquire           ›   Fremantle Dockers Sports Development Program
    the skills needed to support future educational and
    employment pathways.                                         ›   West Coast Fever Sports Development Program

                                                                 ›   Perth Glory Sports Development Program

                                                                 ›   West Coast Eagles Sports Development Program

6   SEDA
Year 11                                                                  Fees
›   WACE Courses – General Level^                                        SEDA fees for Year 11 & 12 in 2020 are set out below:
    - Physical Education
    - English
    - Career and Enterprise
                                                                                              Year 11 & 12            Year 11 & 12
›   Authority Developed Workplace Learning                                                    Full Fee                Concession Fee

›   SIS20115 Certificate II in Sport and Recreation*                                                                  Concession card
                                                                                                                      holders are entitled
                                                                             Development      $4,000*
                                                                                                                      to the secondary
Year 12                                                                      Program*
                                                                                                                      assistance scheme.
›   WACE Courses – General Level^
    - Physical Education                                                 *The above is the proposed full fee for 2020.
    - English                                                            This may change for 2021.
    - Career and Enterprise

›   Authority Developed Workplace Learning                               What do the fees include:

›   School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship                          ›    WACE Course

›   SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport and Recreation*+                   ›    Full Uniform

                                                                         ›    Industry Specific Coaching and Officiating Courses
* In 2020, SEDA delivers and assesses, provides individual
support services and manages the admissions process for these
                                                                         ›    Use of a Notebook Computer (contains all
VET qualifications on behalf of Northern Metropolitan TAFE                    coursework, no books required for purchase)
(RTO Provider: 52786). For Bunbury classes, students are enrolled
with SEDA Group. These qualifications are recognised under the           Additional fees apply for other services. Please refer to SEDA’s
Australian Qualification Framework and lead to issuance of AQF           Fees and Charges Policy available on our website.
Certification by Northern Metropolitan TAFE and SEDA Group.
Providers are subject to change for 2021.

^ In 2020, SEDA Group delivers WACE on behalf of Lynwood Senior
High School & Manea Senior College. Providers are subject to
change for 2021.

+ SEDA Group is approved to deliver publicly funded training under
the Jobs and Skills WA Program. Individuals who are eligible under
the Jobs and Skills WA Program and enrol into the SIS30115
Certificate III in Sport and Recreation as an School-based Trainee
with SEDA Group; the WA state government will contribute to
the cost of training services and individuals will not be charged
a tuition fee. Eligibility is subject to sighting relevant evidence by
a SEDA Group representative prior to enrolment and that there
is availability in SEDA Group’s Contracted Programs of Study.

                                                                                                                                 PROSPECTUS   7

    Our programs are based on hands-on
    experiences and because of this, our classrooms
    are not like those in most secondary schools.

    Working with our industry partners,
    we have classrooms at sport,
    recreation and community centres.                                                     1      5
    This enables students to learn by
    being immersed in their chosen
    industry and applying what they learn
    in real situations and environments.                                                         13
    Class locations are fully equipped with
    all the infrastructure required for a                                                3       6 8
    classroom setting, allowing students                                         11 12       4
    to complete theory-based learning as
    well as selected practical activities.
    Classroom venues:
     1   Warwick Stadium
     2   Lakeside Recreation Centre
     3   Wembley Athletic Club
     4   Matthews Netball Centre
     5   Whitford Hockey Club
     6   East Perth Football Club
     7   South Fremantle Football Club
     8   Subiaco Football Club
     9   Cockburn Aquatic and Recreation Centre
    10   WACA Ground
    11   UWA Tennis Club
    12   UWA Hockey Club
    13   Perth Soccer Club

    Regional                                      14 15

    14   South West Phoenix Soccer Club
    15   South West Sports Centre                         *Information accurate as of April 2020
                                                          go to seda.wa.edu.au/learning/venues
                                                          for up to date venue information.

8   SEDA

The Rotary Residential College works in partnership
with the SEDA Program to offer an accommodation
option in Perth. Accommodation is available to any
Western Australian country high school students who
are relocating to Perth to attend the SEDA program.

The College is in the suburb of East      The boarding amenities include:     The day to day running of the
Victoria Park, conveniently located                                           College is purposely designed to
close to shops, public transport, city,   ›	
                                            Students have their own private   meet the student’s needs and we
sporting clubs, public library and          room with ensuite bathrooms.      believe the students benefit from
Curtin University.                        ›	
                                            Recreation Room which has         the community atmosphere.

The College provides a safe, caring         a huge TV, pool tables,           The College has experienced and
and nurturing environment for               table tennis tables etc           passionate staff which are always
your child to grow and is dedicated       ›	
                                            Dining Room                       organising many excursions and
to working together with parents/                                             activities for the students to keep
caregivers to provide a nurturing         ›	
                                            Computer/Multi Study Room         them occupied. Management
home away from home where                                                     also live on the premises full time
students from regional Western            ›   Upper School Recreation Room    providing care and support.
Australia mature into responsible         ›   Music Room
adults in an environment
conducive to nurturing confidence         ›   Gym
and competence.
                                          ›   Wi-Fi

                                          ›   Laundry

                                                                                                        PROSPECTUS   9

     The SEDA
     Students will have access to a team of experienced
     teachers and support staff for sport, literacy,
     wellbeing, and career guidance. They are experts
     in their field, helping students to develop their
     individual passions and achieve outstanding success.

     Our teachers, while being                   They act as mentors, supporting          MySEDA
     experienced educators, also have            both learning and wellbeing
     a broad range of professional               throughout the program. If concerns      MySEDA is the Learning
     skills and excellent theoretical            become more significant, each            Management System (LMS) that
     and practical grounding. They have          teacher will collaborate with the        students, parents, teachers and
     industry experience, which will             Program Coordinator and/or               staff use as their central hub for
     vary from teacher to teacher.               Student Connect staff to provide         communication, teaching and
                                                 the best care possible.                  learning. MySEDA supports parents
     All staff are invested in unlocking                                                  and guardians to stay connected
     each student’s potential as they            Student Connect provides                 with real-time access to student
     guide them on a pathway to success.         professional wellbeing assistance in     assessment, grades, reports,
     Our teachers develop a professional         collaboration with the teaching team     industry experiences and important
     relationship with their students,           and parents/carers. We find open         notifications. It is available online
     giving them the skills and guidance         and regular communication makes a        and as a smartphone app.
     required to realise their full potential.   difference to a student’s experience
                                                 while they are at school. We
     Our staff also work in close                encourage regular contact between
     collaboration with industry experts         SEDA staff, students and parents/
     from our partner organisations,             carers; and where appropriate,
     delivering hands-on learning and
                                                 external support providers. This is
     creating meaningful workplace
                                                 critical to ensure each student’s
     connections.                                individual needs are met.

                                                 Our aim is to develop each student’s
     Student Connect                             capacity to access support services
     At SEDA, we understand the                  in their local area that are age
     significance of wellbeing for student       appropriate and best placed to assist.
     achievement. The "one teacher,
                                                 Student Connect also promotes
     one classroom" model we use allows
                                                 student wellbeing by developing
     our teachers to develop positive
                                                 awareness, raising activities relevant
     relationships with each student and
                                                 to the needs of our students.
     support their individual journeys.

10   SEDA
MyPLAN is a digital portfolio that
supports students to track their
individual goals, achievements,
experiences, and growth during their
time at SEDA. Underpinning MyPLAN
are the Transferable Work Skills and
Personal Habits, which have been
identified as important attributes,
attitudes, and mindsets to develop
in order to succeed at SEDA and
beyond. Development of the MyPLAN
portfolio, and the Transferable
Work Skills and Personal Habits, is
supported with timetabled MyPLAN
sessions in class and regular MyPLAN
meetings between teachers, parents,
and students.

The five core skills we believe are
essential for student development are:

›   Problem Solving
›   Personal Organisation
›   Self-Awareness
›   Communication
›   Teamwork

                            PROSPECTUS   11

     Student Learning
     The SEDA program is planned and developed
     with industry experts, and deliberately connects
     the learning experiences of our students to
     the type of activities and projects that might
     be undertaken if working in a sport and
     recreation environment.

     The SEDA program takes the               You get to hone your skills in a          Game On
     traditional WACE and VET                 real-world environment in a junior
     curriculum and contextualizes            development capacity. You will also       Participate in the SEDA Game On
     it to create maximum student             have the opportunity to develop           season and develop your skills and
     engagement.                              your planning and collaboration           broaden your knowledge about
                                              skills and learn how to communicate       the game you love. In this area of
                                              proficiently with both large and          study, students put their skill and
     Becoming the Coach                       small groups.                             conditioning into match practice,
     Great coaches are hard to find.                                                    as well as gain a broader
     In this area of study, students                                                    understanding of what it takes
     are introduced to the roles and
                                              The Athlete                               to run a sporting competition.
     responsibilities of an entry level       In The Athlete, students will gain        Participate in Game On, show
     coach. Students explore and              an understanding of what it takes to      off your skills and explore other
     compare good and poor coaching           perfect skills. Students will learn how   aspects of the game such as sports
     practices and are given the              to perform a skill analysis and design    psychology, officiating, fixtures
     opportunity to apply these skills        and implement a development               and resulting.
     with real life participants. Coaching    program. Students will explore and
     practices are reviewed, and student      apply skill improvement tools and
     skills refined so that they are ready    feedback mechanisms and compare
     to conduct participation clinics         skill abilities of varying levels of
     representing their sporting partner.     athletes.

     The Community                            The Power of Sport
     Development Officer                      Sport is the universal language.
                                              Take the time to explore how sport
     You will have the opportunity            can influence and shape the culture
     to develop the skills necessary for      within a community. Learn and
     turning your passion for coaching        experience how sport can break
     into a successful career. In addition,   down all sorts of barriers and bring
     you have the opportunity to network      people together. In this area of
     with SEDA’s sporting partners and        study, students will connect with
     leaders in the industry to learn         sporting partners and industry
     coaching principles and develop          strategies to help build better
     coaching sessions.                       communities.

12   SEDA
Sample student timetable
Students attend SEDA five days a week, completing a timetable that will
look similar to the one shown below. The timetable below is subject to
change. Up to three days a week, students complete the classroom-based
component of their qualifications. The other two days of the week focus
on practical, and industry-based learning activities.

             Monday        Tuesday      Wednesday Thursday     Friday

             The Power                Community The Power      The
Session 1                  Developing
             of Sport                 Projects  of Sport       Workplace

                           The        The
             The                                 The           The
Session 2                  Developing Developing
             Athlete                             Athlete       Workplace
                           Coach      Coach

             The                   Private           The        The
Session 3               Developing
             Apprentice            Study             Apprentice Workplace

*Example 2020 Sports Development Program Timetable

                                                                 PROSPECTUS   13

            Develop your skills
            for an exciting career
            SEDA students develop transferrable
            skills, which lead to a variety of exciting
            career options. Graduates find themselves
            studying and working in a broad range
            of industries including:

            ›   Human Movement               ›   Event Management                    ›   Administration

            ›   Sport and Recreation         ›   Community Development               ›   Business

            ›   Sport and Exercise Science   ›   Fan Development                     ›   Trade Apprenticeships

            ›   Sport Coaching               ›   Health and Physical Education       ›   International Relations

            ›   Sport Management             ›   Police Force                        ›   Journalism

            ›   Healthcare/Paramedics        ›   Psychology                          ›   Defence Force

            ›   Occupational Therapy         ›   Youth Work

            SEDA career pathways

                                             2018 Year 12 Graduates
                                                 30% University
                                                 11% Apprenticeship
                                                 13% Employed Full Time
                                                 16% Unknown
                                                 14% SEDA Diploma*
                                                 12% TAFE
                                                 4%		 Seeking
                                             *SEDA Group (RTO Provider 22502)
                                             SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development

14   SEDA
“The pathways and networking
opportunities that SEDA
provided me during my
time gave me the skills and
knowledge to be able to start
my journey in the AFL industry
with the Fremantle Dockers.”

Cale Provan
Digital Media & Marketing Assistant,
Fremantle Dockers Football Club

                                       PROSPECTUS   15

     Pathways to

     Students who successfully complete their studies
     at SEDA have a range of further education
     pathways available to them.

     Each of our University partners have   Sports Industry Program
     seen firsthand the strength, both
     in student academics and personal      The Dual Diploma program
     skills, of our young people enabling   comprises the SIS50319 Diploma
     them access into the University via    of Sport, and the BSB50215
     the entry programs on offer.           Diploma of Business.

     Alternatively, SEDA students           By undertaking the Sports
     can continue their studies in the      Industry Program you will have the
     SEDA environment through the           opportunity to study a curriculum
     Diploma Program.                       matched to your interests, complete
                                            a practical placement, run projects
                                            interstate or abroad, and undertake
     In partnership with                    a customised sport-specific high-
                                            performance program designed
                                            for you.

                                            The pathway opportunities*
                                            available to Diploma graduates
                                            include courses with partner
                                            The VET Student Loan program is available
                                            for these qualifications with SEDA Group.
                                            A VET Student Loan will not be approved
                                            for students who do not meet eligibility
                                            requirements. In 2021, the maximum          More information
                                            tuition fees are: SIS50319 Diploma of       seda.wa.edu.au/pathways
                                            Sport - $10,172.80 & BSB50215 Diploma
                                            of Business - $5,808.00. A VET Student      * subject to meeting eligibility
                                            Loan gives rise to a VETSL debt             requirements. Pathways information
                                            that continues to be debt due to the        relates to the 2020 Sports Industry
                                            Commonwealth until it is repaid.            Program, accurate as at June, 2020.

16   SEDA
“SEDA pushed me to strive for
excellence and to take every
opportunity; I believe that is the
reason I am where I am today.”

Stephanie Poole
Bachelor of Secondary Health
and Physical Education
Primary School Education Assistant

                                     PROSPECTUS   17

     SEDA partners
     with MADALAH
     SEDA Group partners with MADALAH Limited
     (MADALAH) to deliver the WA component of the
     National Indigenous Education and Leadership Program.

18   SEDA
MADALAH is a not-for-profit          ›	
                                       Skills to gain meaningful             We encourage applications from students
organisation that offers secondary     employment                            across all regions of WA, boarding facilities
and tertiary scholarships to young                                           are available to regional students. For
                                       1 on 1 support from the SEDA          more information regarding the SEDA WA
Indigenous students.
                                       Indigenous Liaison Officer and        Indigenous Scholarship Program and the
Together, SEDA and MADALAH             other Wellbeing staff                 Leadership Program in 2021 please email
                                                                             reeshaq@sedagroup.com.au or visit:
can offer Indigenous students:
                                     A key aspect of the program is          seda.wa.edu.au/indigenous-programs.
  A scholarship covering the         to develop the next generation          Disclaimer: SEDA reserves the right to
  school/enrolment fee               of young Indigenous leaders and         determine the number of scholarships that
                                     role models and create a strong         may be awarded each year and the value
  Strengthening of their             connection to the community. While      of the scholarship. Failure to participate in
  cultural identity                  identifying tailored pathways for our   organised Indigenous activities may result
                                     students into higher education and/     in the scholarship being revoked.
  Regular Indigenous Leadership
  Program activities                 or employment, we aim to mentor
                                     and support our Alumni to increase
›   MADALAH Mentoring sessions       their chance of success.

  Pathways and connections
  to higher education

                                     “Reesha is a SEDA Alumni and since
                                     graduating has been employed by SEDA
                                     as the Baldja Mob Leader, Indigenous Liaison
                                     Officer. In her role, Reesha will be developing
                                     the Indigenous Leaders within the SEDA
                                     program and will grow the opportunities
                                     for Indigenous students.”

                                     Reesha Quaresimin
                                     Indigenous Liaison Officer, SEDA Baldja Mob Leader

                                                                                                             PROSPECTUS      19

            The SEDA

20   SEDA
Peak Experiences                      Student Experiences
    ›   Sporting Partner Inductions       ›   Represent SEDA in School Sports
                                              Western Australia competition
    ›   Game day and opportunities
        to engage in the Industry         ›   SEDA Cup

                                          ›   Graduation

                                          ›   Swimming, Athletic and
                                              Cross-Country Carnivals

    Student Leadership                    Industry Leaders
    Programs                              SEDA Industry Leaders enhance
    ›	Year 11 Student                    each student’s overall educational
       Leadership Program                 experience as they deliver sessions
                                          that reflect their experiences in the
    ›	Year 12 Student                    sport industry. This allows students
       Leadership Program                 to learn from industry experts to
                                          further develop industry specific
    ›	Baldja Mob – Indigenous            skills, while gaining valuable insights
       Leadership Programs                about the attitudes and behaviors
                                          that have made our Industry
                                          Leaders so successful.

Wellbeing and
›       International Women’s Day

›       Men’s Health Day

›       RUOK day

›       NAIDOC Celebrations

    * Events are subject to change from
    year to year

                                                                      PROSPECTUS    21

            Enrolment Process
                    Apply online
             1      Complete an online application form at seda.wa.edu.au/apply.
                    The form will only take a few minutes to complete.

                    Attend an Information Session
             2      Information sessions are a great way to learn more
                    about SEDA and hear from our State Manager.

                    Book an interview
             3      Once you have applied our Admissions Team will contact
                    you to book an interview with our teaching staff.

                    If accepted

                    Complete enrolment form
             4      To secure a place which has been offered, families must
                    complete an enrolment form which will be sent via email.

                    Attend uniform fitting
             5      Our uniform supplier will be in touch with you to
                    organise a uniform fitting at a suitable time.

                    Experience Orientation Day
             6      We hold an Orientation Day where students meet their
                    teacher and peers at their new classroom venue.

             7      Start at SEDA

22   SEDA
Scan this QR code
to apply with SEDA.
1/9 Malland Street
Myaree, WA, 6154
E: info@seda.wa.edu.au
P: 1300 777 332

RTO Provider: 22503
Information accurate as at June 2020.

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