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ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook
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Undergraduate Viewbook
ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook
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CONTENTS                                               NUS which is ranked

01 Welcome to NUS Engineering
02 Why Engineering?
                                                                1      st
                                                                in Asia and
03 What Makes Us Different?
04 E-Scholars (Engineering Scholars
                                                             worldwide by
                                                        QS World University
06 Innovation & Design Programme (iDP)                      Rankings 2021
08 Real-Life Engineering
10 Revolutionising Healthcare in Rural
   Communities                                    Ranked
12 3D Printing Gives Wildlife a Second
14 Biomedical Engineering
                                             Worldwide in
                                          Engineering and
15 Chemical Engineering                  Technology by QS
16 Civil Engineering                      World University
                                            Rankings 2021
17 Computer Engineering
18 Electrical Engineering
19 Engineering Science Programme
20 Environmental Engineering
21 Industrial and Systems Engineering
22 Materials Science and Engineering
23 Mechanical Engineering
24 Curriculum for a Complex and
   Digitalised World
25 One Degree, Diverse Pathways
                                                                 1   st
                                                in graduate employability
                                                in Singapore according to
26 Same Discipline, Different
                                               QS Graduate Employability
                                                           Rankings 2020
28 Beyond Engineering
29 Admission Requirements
ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook

Partner Universities in
                                NUS Overseas

                                                                Only Engineering
40+ Countries for Student                                       school in the world
Exchange Experiences                                            with year-long
                                                                student exchange
                                                                opportunities in
                                                                Oxford or Cambridge

             WELCOME TO
                    NUS ENGINEERING
                                        At NUS Engineering, we are passionate not

                                        only about great technology, but also how
                                        to use that technology to make a difference.
                                        Share our passion as you get hands-on solving
                                        real engineering challenges, right from your
                                        first semester. Tailor your own educational
                                        journey through our diverse pathways, and
                                        a myriad of options and opportunities, both
                                        locally and abroad. Whichever engineering
                                        discipline you choose, you are well-prepared
                                        for the digitalised economy with exciting core
                                        modules emphasising design, systems and
                                        digital skills.

                                        If you have an interest in mathematics and
                                        science, come experience the thrill of impacting

       Undergraduate Students
                                        lives through technology, and discover why
                                        we are recognised in MIT’s top 10 list of
                                        engineering education leaders worldwide.

ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook


         Did you know engineering is the
         only career where you look at the
         world’s problems and work out
         practical ways to solve them? Modern
         challenges of urban living, ageing
         society and climate change require
         good technology that uses fewer
         materials and less energy. Engineers
         use the principles of mathematics
         and science to come up with useful
         products or ways of doing things to
         make our lives better.

ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook

                                              DIVERSE PATHWAYS
                                              Engineering skills and knowledge are
                                              highly versatile, opening up a myriad
   FUTURE-READY CURRICULA                     of opportunities in industry, research or
    Digitalisation is fast transforming the   enterprise. Customise the pathway that
    engineering practice – our common         best suits your strengths, interest and
    curriculum equips you with the right      aspirations.
     knowledge and skills to thrive in the
                          jobs of tomorrow.

                                              GLOBAL EXPOSURE
                                              NUS has the largest number of
                                              partnerships with global institutions,
         EXPERIENTIAL                         including year-long exchanges
                                              with both Oxford and Cambridge
            LEARNING                          Universities. NUS Overseas Colleges
   Hands-on exploration and                   (NOC) also offer unique working and
   experimentation from the                   studying experiences in some of the
  get-go – just like in the real              most dynamic and vibrant start-up
 world. Test out design ideas                 locations around the world.
in our makerspace and apply
   classroom learning during
     compulsory internships.


ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook

     Bringing out the best in you               SCHOLARSHIP
                                                • Full tuition fee coverage
     Embark on a unique and holistic              for Bachelor’s and Master’s
     educational experience in our premier        programmes
     scholarship programme – catered for a      • Two years free accommodation
     new generation of technology leaders.        at a University Town residential
     Beyond just technical proficiency, you
     will be nurtured into an inspired leader   • S$6,000 living allowance a year

     who can communicate effectively            • S$5,000 subsidy for one
     and understand the societal impact of        semester overseas student
     technology from a global perspective.
     Meet like-minded friends along the         • S$2,000 one-time computer
     way, spend a year abroad and then
                                                • Scholarship is bond-free
     culminate your experience with a
     Masters’ degree!

ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook


3 + 1 STRUCTURE                          CHOOSE YOUR MASTER’S COURSE
You have an accelerated pathway          You can select from a range of Master’s programmes (M.Sc.)
to complete any Bachelor of              in NUS. Gain deeper insights into your chosen engineering
Engineering degree in 3 years,           discipline, or broaden your knowledge in a complementary field
In your fourth year, you will            outside of engineering. While you need to seek admission to your
pursue a Master’s degree.                Master’s course of choice, your tuition fees are covered by your
                                         scholarship and you continue to enjoy an annual living allowance.


UNIVERSITY TOWN COLLEGE PROGRAMME                                        NUS OVERSEAS
Embrace diversity and multidisciplinary perspectives in                  COLLEGES
our unique residential programmes at University Town
                                                                         The coveted 6-month
(UTown). Your scholarship comes with an offer at our partner
                                                                         internship cum study stint at
– Residential College 4 (RC4) – or apply separately to other
                                                                         our prestigious NUS Overseas
UTown colleges. Wherever you stay, enjoy an unforgettable
                                                                         Colleges (NOC), experiencing the
journey of growth and self-discovery, living and learning in a
                                                                         dynamism of a start-up company
close-knit community of your peers and professors from all
                                                                         in some of the most exciting
over NUS.
                                                                         technology hubs around the
                                                                         world, is available to you.

Your academic pursuits are supported by a select pool of NUS             STUDENT EXCHANGE
Engineering professors. You also have exclusive opportunities
to be mentored by our alumni and industry leaders.
                                                                         You also have the opportunity
                                                                         for a 1-semester exchange
                                                                         at our international partner
                                                                         universities, including many top
                                                                         institutions worldwide. Discover
DEDICATED MODULES                                                        independent living and learning
Want to make an impact and earn academic credits towards                 in a different environment,
your degree? Get a chance to do what matters to you in a                 enriched by the culture and
project you define, within or outside NUS. Furthermore, you              people you meet abroad.
have access to dedicated seminars and workshops, supporting
your holistic development as a person and future leader.

ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook


     & DESIGN
     (i DP)
     Solving real world problems
     with new technologies
                                                         iDP PROJECTS

           How does meeting friends from
           different disciplines and working on
           projects together to make a real world
           impact sound? Learn how to address                 BETTER HEALTHCARE
           today’s challenges through a curriculum            Work with healthcare and medical
           that takes you from design thinking                professionals to develop better
           to conceptualising and prototyping                 solutions and technologies for
           your solutions. Hone your problem                  hospitals and the community.
           solving and critical thinking skills, while
           developing your abilities in teamwork
           and communication.

           iDP is second major, which you can
           complete within your Bachelor’s degree.

                                                               Internet-of-things enabled wearables
                                                               for vital signs monitoring

ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook

                                          SMARTER LIVING
                                          Design smart devices
                                          and services to fulfill our
                   Formula SAE race car   aspirations for better lives,                                         VR-based training
                                                                                                                for basic cardiac
                                          work and play.                                                        life support

URBAN MOBILITY                                                                       IMMERSIVE REALITY
Design future mobility                                                               Develop novel applications of
solutions and novel vehicles to                                                      virtual reality or augmented
move people and goods more                                                           reality to serve unmet needs
efficiently and safely in an                                                         in healthcare, education and
increasingly crowded world.                   Autonomous robot for                   entertainment.
                                              floor evenness inspection

                                                                    INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
                                                                    Design complex engineering systems for special
                                                                    missions on land, water, air and outer space, such
                                                                    as nanosatellites, autonomous underwater and
                                              recycling             surface vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

                   SUSTAINABLE CITIES
                   Develop sustainability
                   solutions to improve liveability
                   in urban environments and to
                   manage limited resources of
                   water, energy and land.                            Bumblebee autonomous underwater vehicle

ENGINEERING at the National University of Singapore - Undergraduate Viewbook

                   Learning outside the classroom

     What does your idea of                 Why EPP is the perfect                    The future of EPP
     studying engineering look              introduction to engineering               While the hands-on teaching
                                            The real-life scenarios in EPP not        philosophies of EPP may not
     like? Lectures, tutorials, more        only teach you how to apply your          directly translate to every subject
     lectures and then... even more         knowledge and skills, but also help       in your curriculum, we are actively
     tutorials? What if we told             you relate the importance of what         implementing its key concepts – such
     you that instead of looking            you learn to actual engineering           as experiential learning – to enhance
                                            practice. EPP modules give you a          your learning experience with us.
     at masses of equations and             broad overview of your discipline,
     theories, you will be hands-           so you know what to expect in later       If you are intimidated by the concept
     on right from the get-go in            years, enabling you to make informed      of a “traditional” engineering
     our innovative Engineering             decisions on the choice of pathways,      education, come and be surprised
                                            technical electives or specialisations.   by our EPP modules – not only do
     Principles & Practice (EPP)                                                      you get to learn serious subjects in a
     modules?                               EPP teaches the “intangibles”             fun and light-hearted way, but you
                                            Through EPP, you also gain valuable       also realise the practical applications
                                            lessons that are not in the curriculum.   of everything you have studied in
     How EPP is changing engineering        To successfully complete the              the years before university, as well as
     education                              prescribed challenges, you will           everything you will learn in the years
     EPP modules introduce you to key       naturally discover the value of           ahead.
     concepts in your chosen engineering    teamwork and how to be resourceful.
     discipline, teaching you just enough   The studio sessions incorporate           Here are some EPP challenges you
     about each topic, before giving        several presentations to hone your        can expect in your freshmen year
     you the freedom to explore fun         communication and critical thinking       (on the next page)..
     challenges that you solve through      skills as you exchange ideas and
     teamwork, creative thinking and        analyse viewpoints. Because we pick          All engineering undergraduates
     experimental tinkering. These studio   only our best teachers for EPP, you          will read EPP modules in their
     sessions let you put into practice     can get up-close and personal to             freshmen year.
     immediately what you have just         passionate and dynamic mentors,
     learned, so you get a taste of what    who can provide you with guidance
     real engineers do.                     throughout your university years and
                                            even beyond.


                                      FRUIT WINE
                                     Chemical Engineering
                                     In what must be a dream come true for many young adults, you get
                                     to experiment with making your own wine by combining in a vessel
                                     your know-how on the subject of fermentation with $10 worth of fruit
                                     (anything but grapes), sitting back and waiting for the brew.

                                     Did you know
                                     • Not every fruit can be turned successfully into wine that is fragrant
                                       and sweet enough to warrant a taste – you have to know how to
                                       choose your ingredients and mix them in the correct proportions.
                                     • You cultivate a good brew by making regular measurements of
                                       alcohol and sugar percentages, as well as the number of aromatic

Mechanical Engineering
Put together your own intelligent, self-driving vehicle capable of finding
its way around a track without human intervention. A “grand prix” will
see your mini-car navigate sharp turns, work around roadblocks and
even make U-turns as it races against others towards its destination.

Did you know
Designing and making an autonomous car develops your
multidisciplinary abilities – you combine your knowledge of
mechanical and electrical/electronics engineering to assemble
your vehicle from motors, batteries, circuit boards and sensors,
then practice your coding skills to program its intelligent
navigational capabilities.

                                              ROBO PET
                                              Electrical Engineering
                                              Design an adorable robot critter to follow you around like a
                                              real pet, minus smelly messes. Send robo pet into a dancing
                                              frenzy when you clap your hands – see it twisting, twirling and
                                              pirouetting with delight!

                                              Did you know
                                              The robo pet has less in common with a dog or cat than with
                                              an autonomous vehicle. But smart engineering tweaks using
                                              different sensors and unique coded instructions enable robo
                                              pet to behave differently from its automobile-inspired cousin.


                                       IN RURAL COMMUNITIES
                                       One Drone at a Time

     How engineering expertise is           could not deliver samples to test      founders and their young team are
     delivering medical supplies to         centres or get the care needed         also constantly working to develop
                                            from hospitals. Drug stock-outs are    better and more efficient drones,
     marginalised communities               also common.                           as well as improve the software
                                                                                   intelligence that flies drones to
     At the headquarters of Yonah           Identifying challenging terrain and    their destinations.
     – a young social enterprise, the       inadequate infrastructure as factors
     team of past and present NUS           inhibiting these communities from      Next on the Horizon
     Engineering students is in deep        accessing basic healthcare, Yonah      Yonah’s drones are carrying out
     discussion. They are surrounded        set out to turn around the situation   groundbreaking, life-saving work.
     by a collection of 3D printers, CNC    with its fleet of unmanned aircraft    However, Yonah’s long-term
     machines and workstations, and an      (drones) that transport vaccines       survival depends on its ability to
     unfinished prototype of their latest   and medical supplies from              attract passionate and talented
     drone, which has the capability to     hospitals to communities-in-need.      undergraduates who can take
     deliver a 3kg payload over a 100km                                            Yonah further and to where it
     radius.                                Grounds Covered to Date                aspires to be – empower basic
                                            Humbly referring to themselves         healthcare access in rural and
     Where It All Started                   as “DHL for rural hospitals”, Tian     remote areas.
     Yonah was founded in 2016 by two       Chang and Zhi Min measure
     NUS Engineering alumni – Ong           Yonah’s progress in areas where
     Tian Chang (Engineering ’14) and       Yonah drones are deployed with
     Sim Zhi Min (Engineering ’17). The     statistics – reduction in measles
     pair saw how despite available         outbreaks, lower infant mortality
     healthcare services in rural areas,    rates, less stock-outs at outposts,
     patients and healthcare providers      and increased vaccinations and
     are unable to reach one another        hospital service offerings to
     during disease outbreaks. Patients     communities. Additionally, the

                                                                                                 Follow Yonah’s journey


TEAM YONAH’S                                                                                                          Co- founder Tian Chang
UNDERGRADUATES SHARE                                                                                                  (third from left) and
EXPERIENCES                                                                                                           team are constantly
                                                                                                                      exchanging ideas to
After visiting Yonah’s office/                                                                                        improve the development
workshop and learning about its                                                                                       of their drone.
social mission and the challenges
involved, undergraduates Lau Yan
Han and Tee Zhen Lee (Engineering
’20) decided to join Yonah. They              “I joined Yonah in my first year at                 “It’s fascinating to see theories
were intrigued by the opportunity             NUS Engineering. Because I needed                   learnt in lectures applied in
to work on drones, save lives, and            to do a lot of 3D modelling work                    practical situations. For instance,
get real-life engineering lessons.            with the team, I studied in advance                 when I first heard technical terms
                                              of my lectures to improve my                        like ‘static margin’ and ‘chord
                                              expertise in this area. By my second                length’ in lessons, they made an
                                              year, I was ahead of my peers in this               impression but didn’t quite stick.
                                              module. It’s exciting to see how                    But their true importance comes
                                              closely our real-life experiences and               to light when I had to use them in
                                              studies are intertwined.”                           hands-on situations at Yonah.”
                                              – Lau Yan Han                                       – Tee Zhen Lee

 The team from Yonah comprises: (from left)
 Lau Yan Han, Tee Zhen Lee, Ding Lingke,
 Tan Sian Hern Ivan-Darien, Ong Tian Chang,
 Sim Zhi Min. Absent: Seah Shao Xuan

 Yan Han (standing) and Zhen Lee checking       The Yonah team getting their drone ready for a flight test at an overseas testing site.
 the drone before its flight test.

                                                                                                 Did you know
    HOW NUS ENGINEERING’S CUSTOMISABLE                                                           You can earn credits towards your
    CURRICULUM HELPS YONAH TO ATTRACT TALENT                                                     design project or final-year-project
    Crediting the University’s flexible approach for enabling                                    on projects such as those at Yonah.
    keen students to join Yonah, Tian Chang shares, “With                                        You can also work on drones in our
    the opportunity to tailor up to a quarter of modules,                                        Mechanical Engineering Aeronautical
    undergraduates can choose modules and projects they are                                      Specialisation, our Innovation &
    passionate about – including working at Yonah. I’m grateful how                              Design Programme, or our Electrical
    this has provided a consistent and valuable talent pool for us.”                             Engineering programme.


                        3D PRINTING
                           GIVES WILDLIFE
                  A SECOND CHANCE
               How a revolutionary engineering technology is saving wildlife

     You may know 3D printers                out to Keio-NUS CUTE Center            naturally. The NUS team also
     as cool hobby kits used                 and the NUS Centre for Additive        created a pre-surgical guide
                                             Manufacturing (AM.NUS).                to enable precise surgical cuts
     for making cute toys and                                                       and increase the probability of
     fun figurines. But for one              A Tailored Solution                    the 3D printed casque being
     hornbill in Jurong Bird Park,           Although Keio-NUS CUTE Center          a perfect fit for their winged
     this technology is life-saving.         had experience creating 3D             patient.
                                             printed prosthetic limbs and
                                             implants for hospital patients, 3D     A Year After the Successful
     The 22-year-old avian patient, Jary,    printing a replacement hornbill        Surgery
     was about to lose his casque (i.e.      casque proved to be unexpectedly       Today, Jary is healthy and
     beak) to cancer when researchers        challenging. Multiple factors          in great spirits. X-rays have
     at NUS helped to save it with a 3D      had to be considered along with        detected no recurrence of
     printed prosthetic casque, a first in   intensive research on hornbills.       cancer and vets have found new,
     Singapore.                                                                     healthy tissue growth. The great
                                             First, the team had to decide on       hornbill has also been naturally
     An SOS from Jurong Bird Park            the material to use. The hornbill’s    colouring his 3D prosthesis
     In July 2018, Jary’s keepers            casque is a part of its face and       with the yellow pigment from
     discovered an eight-centimetre-         mouth – so the chosen material         his preening gland – a sign of
     wide gash on his casque.                would have to be light, durable        his body acceptance of the
     Examinations revealed that cancer       and non-toxic. In addition, the NUS    prosthetic casque. His originally
     was the cause. To save Jary’s life,     team had to study the hornbill’s       white 3D printed casque is now
     veterinary surgeons had to remove       unique calls, then design and          a magnificent yellow.
     a significant portion of his casque.    engineer their prosthetic casque
     However, without a casque, the          such that the hornbill can continue    Since then, Wildlife Reserves
     ailing hornbill had little chance       making these sounds. Eventually,       Singapore has been working
     of survival. A replacement was          the team decided on a lightweight      with the NUS team on projects
     required – urgently. That was           material that was porous enough        that improve lives of our avian
     when Jurong Bird Park reached           for the hornbill’s calls to resonate   friends.


                                                          Jary perching prettily in his
                                                          aviary at Jurong Bird Park’s
                                                          Hornbills and Toucans exhibit.

                                                             Dr Hsu Li Chieh using a drill guide to affix the
                                                             3D-printed casque onto the Hornbill.
                                                             Photo credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Photo credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

 Excited about what lies ahead in the areas of
 engineering, design and 3D printing, Eason Chew,
 one of the CUTE Center’s researchers believes that
 the true value of 3D printing is in advancing
 medical applications.
                                                                               Did you know
 “Currently, 3D printing is used to create implants and                        You will learn about engineering
 prosthetics outside the human body. But when you                              design and get a chance to
 consider the potential of mixing and matching 3D                              prototype your creations using
 printing styles and materials, there’s an incredible                          3D printing in our maker space
 amount of opportunity to create super effective,                              module for all NUS Engineering
 customised treatments. I believe that someday we                              undergraduates.
 could see 3D printed hearts, liver and other precisely
 customised solutions that are impossible with mass                            See how Jary is faring now:
 manufacturing – opening up new possibilities to
 help both humans and animals. It’s an exciting future
 – as designers, engineers and clinicians work to co-
 create innovative solutions to today’s problems.”



     Biomedical engineers help people
     to live safer and healthier lives by     Future Career Options:
     designing and developing medical         With fast-growing adoption of
     devices, techniques, instrumentation     technology in medical practice                        EsoGlove, the
     and software used in healthcare,         and healthcare, you may be                            world’s lightest
     from advanced prosthetics to new         designing new medical devices,    NUS Biomedical      exoskeleton
     drug delivery methods. Biomedical        developing new diagnostic tools   Engineering is      device for hand
     engineers combine knowledge              and medical equipment, or even    using Artificial    rehabilitation,
     and skills from several disciplines to   establishing safety standards     Intelligence        arose from a
                                              for medical devices and testing   (AI) to tailor      student project
     analyse and solve complex problems
                                              product safety. Find career       optimal drug        by alumnus,
     in medicine and healthcare from the
                                              opportunities in:                 combinations        Hong Kai Yap,
     engineering, biological and medical                                        and dosages         who went on to
     perspectives.                            • Healthcare (secondary and
                                                                                for individuals,    co-found Rocesco
                                                tertiary care hospitals)
                                                                                improving           Technologies,
     You will study a wide range              • Medical technology              clinical outcomes   which offers
     of subjects, such as chemistry,          • Biotechnology                   and patient         wearable robotic
     physiology, materials, mechanics,        • Pharmaceuticals                 satisfaction        solutions for
     electronics and imaging, as well                                                               rehabilitation and
     as learn how to apply these in                                                                 assistive functions
     biomedical instruments, orthopaedic
     implants, prosthetic devices and
     robotics in healthcare. Get hands-
     on in design and research-based
     projects, and understand issues
     of professional ethics in legal and
     regulatory affairs. You may even
     choose to specialise in Robotics.

     NUS Biomedical Engineering
     4 Engineering Drive 3
     Block E4, #04-08
     Singapore 117583
     Tel: +65 6516 3553



Chemical engineers design processes
and equipment for the large-scale
chemical conversion of raw materials
into useful products in a safe,
sustainable and economical way.
Chemical engineers manufacture
chemicals, fuels, plastics, electronics,
pharmaceuticals, food and beverages,
even consumer goods, such as
detergents, toiletries and textiles.
Chemical engineers today also
use their knowledge of chemistry,
physics, biology and math to invent
new technologies for cleaning-up
the environment and pioneer new
developments in recycling, clean
energy, medicine and biotechnology.

You will learn about chemical
processes involving thermodynamics,
chemical reactions, mass and energy
balances, fluid dynamics, separation       Future Career Options:
processes and biological phenomena,        You can find employment in a
as well as process design and control      broad range of roles in almost
– all these will be put into practice in                                                      Chemical
                                           any sector where products are
a capstone design project to ensure                                                           engineering is
                                           manufactured on a commercial
                                                                                              distinct from
you consolidate your skills and            scale, such as:                  NUS Chemical
                                                                                              chemistry with
knowledge.                                 • Biotechnology                  Engineering
                                                                                              its emphasis
                                                                            has been ranked
                                           • Chemical                                         on practical
                                                                                              applications for
                                           • Energy                         among the
                                                                                              the commercial
                                           • Environmental health and       world’s top 10
                                                                                              production of
                                             safety                         in Quacquarelli
                                                                                              products and its
NUS Chemical and                                                            Symonds (QS)
                                           • Petrochemical                                    related processes.
Biomolecular Engineering                                                    University
4 Engineering Drive 4                      • Pharmaceuticals                Rankings by
Block E5, #02-09                           • Semiconductor                  Subject
Singapore 117585
Tel: +65 6601 1588



     Civil engineers plan, design and create
     the world around us: underground               Future Career Options:
     superhighways that connect us, utilities       Civil engineers are instrumental in
                                                                                                    Explore how Building
     that power us, iconic skyscrapers that         shaping the development of urban
                                                                                                    Information Modelling
     define our skyline, smart infrastructures      Singapore. Our curriculum prepares you
                                                                                                    (BIM) can digitally create a
     that sustain us, and a coastal landscape       with the prerequisite skills to transfer
                                                                                                    virtual twin of buildings and
     that protects us from climate change. Civil    your knowhow to other exciting
                                                                                                    facilities before they have
     engineers are vital to maintaining and         fields. You will find many employment
                                                                                                    even been built, to help
     improving our modern standard of living        opportunities in areas such as:
                                                                                                    design, plan and construct
     in environmentally sustainable ways. We        • Sustainable Infrastructure                    and manage complex
     BUILD THE FUTURE & SHAPE THE                     Financial Analyst                             infrastructure projects.
     WORLD.                                         • Climate Change Risk and Hazard
     You will be grounded in fields such as         • Urban Policy and Transport
     sustainable materials and structural design,     Planner
     climate change, and geotechnics. You will                                                      NUS Civil Engineering is
                                                    • Public Sector Engineer                        ranked 2nd in the world
     also understand concepts in sustainable
                                                    • Engineering Design Consultants                and top in Asia in the
     infrastructure systems and its construction
                                                    • Project Manager in the Built                  Quacquarelli Symonds
     management, smart transportation and
                                                      Environment                                   (QS) University Rankings
     urban policy. You may further delve into                                                       by Subject 2021
     the digital technologies revolutionising       • ConTech Entrepreneur
     civil engineering by specialising in
     Digital Urban Infrastructure, or hone
     your management skills with a Minor
     in Infrastructure Management and
     Finance. The programme will prepare
     you to be a Professional Engineer
     when you have gained sufficient work
     experience after graduation.

     NUS Civil and Environmental
     1 Engineering Drive 2
     Block E1A, #07-03
     Singapore 117576
     Tel: +65 6516 4270



Computer engineers link
sophisticated hardware to
software, bringing intelligence
to devices from the ubiquitous
mobile phone to autonomous
vehicles on land, in the
air and sea, even in space.
Computer engineers focus on
solving real-world problems
by designing hardware and
software interfaces to connect
the physical and virtual, creating
solutions that are bigger than
the sum of their parts.

You will study the fundamentals
of hardware and software
design, and learn how to apply
this knowledge, with a focus
on problem-solving in one of         Future Career Options:
several industrial areas, which      With your unique training in
you select according to your         both hardware and software,         Computer engineers are often
interest. You may also choose        you will be highly sought-after     responsible for developing and
to specialise in the Internet        in the digitalised economy, with    prototyping of hardware and
of Things (IoT) or Robotics;         the flexibility of many different   software simultaneously, while
Data Engineering as a minor          career options in information       computer scientists focus mostly on
is a further option.                 technology (IT) and related         the software, and the ability to work
                                     sectors, including:                 in different programming languages
                                                                         and operating systems
                                     • Artificial intelligence
                                     • Augmented reality (AR)/
                                       virtual reality (VR)
                                     • Data analytics
NUS Electrical and Computer          • Internet of Things
Engineering                          • Robotics
4 Engineering Drive 3
Block E4, #05-42
Singapore 117583
Tel: +65 6516 2109



     Electrical engineers design, build and
     maintain components, devices and              Future Career Options:
     systems that use electricity, from the        Your knowledge and skills as
     smallest microchips in smart devices          an electrical engineering are   NUS Electrical Engineering is
     to power grids that span the nation.          needed in all industries that   ranked among the world’s
     Electrical engineers even work on             depend on electrical power,     top 5 in the Quacquarelli
     satellite technologies and wireless           opening up a wide range         Symonds (QS) World University
     networks on planes we now take for            of roles in diverse sectors,    Rankings by Subject 2021.
     granted.                                      such as
                                                   • Aerospace and Aviation
     You will study the physics and                • Electronics and
     mathematics of electricity, electronics         Semiconductors
     and electromagnetism, and learn how           • Information Technology        Professor Low Kay Soon
     these apply to systems that process             (IT)                          discussing with students
     information and transmit energy. You                                          on the next generation of
                                                   • Manufacturing
     have the flexibility to further concentrate                                   satellite built by NUS for
                                                   • Power and energy              launch in 2023 (image below).
     on modules in areas such as Wireless
     Communication Systems, Computational          • Telecommunications
     Intelligence, Microelectronic Devices and     • Transportation
     Technologies, Control and Intelligent
     Systems, Integrated Circuits and Systems,
     or Power and Energy. Specialisations
     in the Internet of Things (IoT) or
     Robotics prepare you for new roles in
     the digitalised economy, or take up the
     minor in Data Engineering to learn
     how to manage and use the large data
     sets generated by industry.

     NUS Electrical and Computer
     4 Engineering Drive 3
     Block E4, #05-42
     Singapore 117583
     Tel: +65 6516 2109



Engineer-scientists apply their broad
foundations in mathematics and
the basic sciences in an integrated
approach to solve multidisciplinary
problems that overlap the boundaries
of traditional engineering disciplines.
Engineer-scientists use their broad-
based interdisciplinary training
and mindset to create innovative
technologies that can address today’s
increasingly complex issues.

You will be grounded in mathematics
and core subjects in physics, before
selecting one of three specialisations;
namely, Computational
Engineering Science, Energy
Science and Technology,
and Engineering Science in
Medicine. You will have the skills and
                                          Future Career Options:
knowledge to transition directly into
                                          With your strong fundamentals
research roles after graduation, where
                                          in mathematics and physics, you
you will help develop advanced                                               Many NUS Engineering Science
                                          are well-placed to pursue an
technological solutions.                                                     undergraduates go on summer
                                          advanced research degree, or fit
                                                                             research internships at some
                                          into research and development
                                                                             top partner universities around
                                          positions in a wide range of
                                                                             the world who are part of the
                                          industries, such as:
                                                                             International Engineering Science
                                          • Healthcare                       Consortium (IESC)
                                          • Defence
                                          • Electronics
NUS Engineering
                                          • Energy
9 Engineering Drive 1
Block EA, 05-34                           • Telecommunications
Singapore 117575
Tel: +65 6516 5408



     Environmental Engineering draws      You will study environmental
     from the science of biology,         science and processes and how to
     chemistry, ecology and hydrology     manage, protect and restore soil,
     to devise sustainable solutions to   water and air environment, applying
     improve our quality of life, while   these fundamentals to design and
     maintaining a clean and healthy      research projects. You may also
     environment.                         pursue a second major in Civil
                                          Engineering, which gives you the
     NUS Environmental Engineering        required training to be eligible for
     main domains include:                licensing as a Professional Engineer
     • Air pollution monitoring and       in Civil Engineering. To complement
       control                            your learning experiences, you
                                          may consider taking other majors
     • Water quality monitoring and
                                          or minors such as Economics,
                                          Public Health, Data Engineering
     • Circular economy and resource      or Management, or specialisations
       management                         such as Digitalisation in Urban
     • Water reclamation and reuse        Infrastructure offered by department.
     • Public health, safety and
       environment                                                                “NUS Environmental
                                             Future Career Options:               Engineering curriculum will
     • Renewable energy                                                           equip its students with the
                                             Your knowledge and skills will
     • Sustainable development               be needed to find sustainable        knowledge and skillsets to be
                                             environmental solutions in many      able to work in the sustainability
                                             industries, and our graduates are    and renewable energy related
                                             in the roles of:                     industries and organisations, as
                                                                                  well as help contribute towards
                                             • Environmental Consultant           Singapore’s sustainability efforts.
                                             • Environmental Health and           They will also be eligible to be
                                               Safety Director                    conferred Chartered Engineers
                                             • Environmental Project              by the Institution of Engineers,
                                               Manager                            Singapore which will further
                                                                                  enhance their professional
                                             • Public Sector Engineer/            standing and credibility in the
     NUS Civil & Environmental                 Policy Maker                       engineering community.”
     Engineering                             • Researcher
     1 Engineering Drive 2                   • ESG/ Risk Analyst                  Mr Dalson Chung, Director (Industry
     Block E1A, #07-03                                                            Development and Promotion Division)/
     Singapore 117576                        • Technopreneur                      Managing Director (CleanEnviro
     Tel: +65 6516 4270                      • and Many More                      Summit Singapore), Joint Operations
     E-mail:                                                   and Technology Group, NEA



Industrial and Systems engineers
improve systems and processes so             Future Career Options:
that they run more safely, efficiently       Your training in holistic
and profitably. We use extensive             problem-solving for
mathematical tools for modelling and         productivity and quality    In the 2020 Graduate
computational methods for analysis,          improvement makes you       Employment Survey by MOE,
evaluation and optimisation. Industrial      valuable in industries as   ISE graduates reported 93%
and systems engineers today also             diverse as:                 full-time employment and a
rely on the tools of data science and                                    median gross salary of $4,380,
                                             • Business and finance
artificial intelligence to understand                                    making it 1 of only 12 degree
                                             • Government planning       programmes to exceed the
complex systems and test solutions.            and policy                75th percentile for full-time
Combined with a business mindset             • Healthcare                employment (86.9%) and
and management skills, industrial and                                    median gross salary ($4,000).
                                             • Logistics and
systems engineers help organisations
devise and implement new ways to do
                                             • Manufacturing
things better.

You will be taught a broad range of
subjects including linear algebra,
probability theory, statistics, operations
research, computer simulation, as well
as economics and an understanding of
human-centred design. You may choose
a minor in Data Engineering and
learn how to manage and harness large
data in decision-making.

NUS Industrial Systems
Engineering and Management
1 Engineering Drive 2
Block E1A, #06-25
Singapore 117576
Tel: +65 6516 4100


     MATERIALS SCIENCE                                                      

     Materials scientists and engineers
     improve what things are made of and      Future Career Options:                    Professor Konstantin “Koysta”
     how they are made. They go beyond        Materials span across all engineering     Novoselov – winner of the
     selecting the best material for an       disciplines and applications,             Nobel Prize in Physics (2010)
     application, focusing on developing      and thanks to developments                for his breakthrough in graphene
     custom materials with specific           in nanotechnology, healthcare             – is the first Nobel Laureate to
                                              technology and sustainable energy,        join a Singapore university
     properties tailored for specific uses.
     Materials scientists and engineers       you can find employment in a wide
     also create entirely new substances      range of industries that design and
                                              manufacture advanced products,
     that have never existed, opening the
                                              such as:
     door to brand new applications and
     revolutionary technologies.              • Aerospace                               Assistant Professor Benjamin Tee
                                                                                        has created electronic “skin”
                                              • Biomedical
     You will build a foundation in                                                     that mimics the human
                                              • Consumer goods                          sensory system, bringing hope
     solid-state physics and chemistry,
                                              • Defence                                 of restoring the sense of touch to
     and combine that with practical                                                    patients with prosthetic limbs
                                              • Electronics
     aspects of materials design and
     manufacture. You will study the          • Energy
     structure and properties of different    • Pharmaceuticals
     types of materials at the atomic and
     molecular level, and understand how
     to manipulate these to create exciting
     new materials for everything from
     energy storage to artificial organs.
     You may choose to specialise
     in Polymeric and Biomedical
     Materials, or Nanostructured

     NUS Materials Science
     and Engineering
     9 Engineering Drive 1
     Block EA, #03-09
     Singapore 117575
     Tel: +65 6516 4672



Mechanical Engineering is one of the
broadest and most versatile of the
engineering disciplines, and involves
the design, manufacture or operation
of any product or system that moves
and uses or produces energy. It is
at the centre of almost all technical
advancements, from healthcare
to transportation, mobile phones
to biomedical devices, aircrafts to
power plants.

You build upon your knowledge of
science and mathematics to learn
about solid and fluid mechanics,
thermodynamics, heat transfer,
control, instrumentation, materials,
product design and manufacturing
processes. Solve real-world problems
in areas such as renewable energy,
future transportation and healthcare
through design projects with our          Future Career Options:
industry partners. You can also opt for   The versatility of your skills
a specialisation in Aeronautical          and knowledge are highly            3D printing technology
Engineering, Energy and                   sought after in both traditional    is revolutionsing healthcare
Sustainability, Offshore Oil and          industries and emerging fields,     in humans and animals by
Gas, or Robotics.                         such as:                            producing custom fitted
                                          • Aerospace                         prosthetics and implants
                                                                              quickly and economically
                                          • Biomedical
                                          • Defence
                                          • Energy
                                          • Manufacturing
                                          • Marine
NUS Mechanical Engineering
9 Engineering Drive 1                     • Transportation
Block EA, #07-08
Singapore 117575
Tel: +65 6516 2212


     FOR A COMPLEX &                                                         Be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow

                                                                             - our common curriculum ensures
                                                                             you have the future-ready skills to
                                                                             thrive in careers that may not yet exist.

                                      GAIN INTERDISCIPLINARY FOUNDATIONS

                                          Common Curriculum (15 modules)

           Design                 Maker             Systems             Artificial
          Thinking                Space             Thinking          Intelligence


         Sustainable           Communities &         Creating          Project
           Futures              Engagement          Narratives       Management

          Singapore              Cultures &         Critique &              Digital                  Data
           Studies              Connections         Expression             Literacy                Literacy

     You can also embark on:

                           STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME                                 NUS OVERSEAS COLLEGES


A quarter of your degree will come from unrestricted                                        BUILD YOUR
                                                                                           OWN DEGREE
electives. You can specialise, cross over to a minor or
second major, or read interesting electives. Construct
your own degree to build the world we need.


   Major (15 modules)             Unrestricted Electives (10 modules)
                                                    For Example:
   • Core Modules
   • Technical
     Electives                                  2nd Major in
                                            Innovation & Design                                 Technopreneur
   • Internship

                                            Specialisation in
                                         Energy & Sustainability
                                             Applicable to: Mechanical Engineering              Sustainability
                                                   +                                             Consultant
                                     Minor in Project Management

                                               Specialisation in
                                              Internet of Things
                                        Applicable to: Electrical & Computer Engineering        Smart Device
                                                   +                                             Developer
                                       Specialisation in Robotics
                                              Applicable to: Electrical, Computer,
                                             Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering

                                          Minor in Economics +                                  Management
                                          Minor in Management                                    Consultant



                  Many NUS Engineering programmes offer second
                  majors, minors, and specialisations. Second
                  majors and minors enable you to explore a
                  different area that complements your Engineering
                  discipline, while a specialisation allows you to
                  focus on a particular area within your chosen
                  discipline. You may apply for a second major,
                  minor, or specialisation at the point of admission
                  or after your first few semesters in NUS.

                                             SYSTEMS ENGINEERING
                                             Available as a second major or minor to
                                             all NUS students, Systems Engineering
                                             develops students with an analytical
                                             mindset and techniques to tackle trade-
                                             offs. You will learn how to optimize the
                                             performance of systems within relevant
                                             constraints to meet the requirements of
                                             integrated global systems.


                           AERONAUTICAL                                            10011010111011100
       This specialisation is open to Mechanical                                   1101000101010001
            Engineering students. You will learn      DIGITALISATION IN            10101111000110110
         advanced concepts of flight, structures,
       propulsion and control, applying these in      URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE
     our extensive testing facilities. Get a chance   This specialisation prepares Civil and
    to work on the analysis, design, construction     Environmental Engineering students
        and control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles       for the digital transformation of our built
    (UAV), Wing-in-Ground Effect crafts (WIG) or      environment. Learn how virtual systems,
         flapping-wing Micro Air Vehicles (MAV).      data analytics, robotics and other digital
                                                      technologies can enhance safety and improve
                                                      urban planning, design and construction.

         INTERNET OF THINGS                                  Biomedical, Computer, Electrical and
    In this specialisation, Computer and                     Mechanical Engineering students in this
   Electrical Engineering students will                      multidisciplinary specialisation will learn
learn how sensors and devices work and                       the mechanics of robotic movement and
 communicate across wireless networks.                       how they can be controlled, as well as the
      Understand both the hardware and                       “intelligence” behind a robot’s perception
    software that are revolutionising not                    and interaction with their surroundings
     only our industries, but also virtually                 and even humans.
            every aspect of modern living.

                  DATA ENGINEERING
                  In this minor available to all Engineering students,          NUS Engineering
                  you will learn to handle and manage the enormous              also offers the
                  volume of data generated by modern technologies,              INNOVATION &
                  in order to glean practical insights. You will learn          DESIGN PROGRAMME
                  how to collect, curate, analyse and visualise useful          (IDP) at the point of
                  data, as well as storing and keeping them safe.               admission. Find out
                                                                                more on Pages 6-7.


     BEYOND                                                          Double Degree Programmes
                                                                     Double your advantage. Popular pairings include:

                                                                     • Engineering* & Business Administration
                                                                     • Engineering* & Economics
                                                                     * All engineering programmes except Engineering Science

      Many exciting opportunities
      are available to you at NUS
      Engineering. Whether you are
      looking to stretch your ability or
      expand your horizons, why not                   Double Majors
      tailor your educational experience              Learn more so you can do more.
      with a double degree, a second                  Complementary double majors include:
      major or a minor?                               • Innovation & Design (iDP)
                                                      • Management
                                                      • Systems Engineering
                                                      • Data Analytics
                                                      • Mathematics
                                                      • Statistics

        Broaden your knowledge and career
        opportunities with useful minors, such as:
        • Entrepreneurship                                              Engineering and Medicine Track
        • Financial Mathematics                                         Offered together with the Duke-NUS Medical
                                                                        School, your engineering background
        • Information Security
                                                                        nurtures you into a clinician who can harness
        • Infrastructure Management and Finance                         technological innovations for patient care.
        • Management
        • Public Health
        • Statistics
                                                                                        For more information on
                                                                                        Duke-NUS Medical School, please

                  For more information on Beyond Engineering, please visit


 BEng Programme                                     ‘A’ Level                            IB Diploma                           NUS High School Diploma

                                                    •   H2 Mathematics and               •   HL Mathematics and               Good Major CAP in:
 •   Chemical Engineering                           •   H2 Physics* and                  •   HL Physics** and                 • Mathematics and
 •   Environmental Engineering                      •   H2 Chemistry                     •   HL Chemistry                     • Physics*** and
                                                                                                                              • Chemistry
 •   Biomedical Engineering#
 •   Civil Engineering
                                                    •   H2 Mathematics and               •   HL Mathematics and               Good Major CAP in:
 •   Electrical Engineering
                                                    •   H2 Physics* or                   •   HL Physics** or                  • Mathematics and
 •   Industrial & Systems Engineering
                                                        H2 Chemistry                         HL Chemistry                     • Physics*** or
 •   Materials Science & Engineering
 •   Mechanical Engineering
                                                    •   H2 Mathematics and               •   HL Mathematics and               Good Major CAP in:
                                                    •   H2 Physics* or                   •   HL Physics** or                  • Mathematics and
 •   Computer Engineering
                                                        H2 Chemistry or                      HL Chemistry or                  • Physics*** or
                                                        H2 Computing                         HL Computer Science                Chemistry
                                                                                                                              Good Major CAP in:
                                                    •   H2 Mathematics and               •   HL Mathematics and
 •   Engineering Science                                                                                                      • Mathematics and
                                                    •   H2 Physics                       •   HL Physics
                                                                                                                              • Physics
 Double Degree~ in:
 • Engineering & Business
                                                    Minimum prevailing admission criteria of both courses.
 • Engineering & Economics
 Double majors & minors                             Minimum prevailing admission criteria of the Engineering course
 Special Programmes+:
 • E-Scholars                                       Will be considered for the Programme if admitted to an Engineering course.
 • Engineering & Medicine Track

* Students without H1 or H2 Physics need to have an ‘O’ Level pass in Physics or its equivalent and would be required to take Physics bridging modules
** Students without HL Physics would be required to take Physics bridging modules
*** Students without Major subject in Physics need to have an ‘O’ Level pass in Physics or its equivalent and would be required to take Physics bridging modules
    Students without H2/HL/Major Chemistry would be required to take Chemistry bridging module (CM1417) in the first year
    Double degree programmes are open to all Engineering programmes except Engineering Science
    Selection test and/or interviews required

If you are a Polytechnic graduate, you should have a relevant and accredited diploma for the courses you wish to pursue.
Please visit for
more details.

If you have international qualifications, you may apply using equivalent high school results.

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