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                        Many people know that the University             They live in the heart of Melbourne – one        the globe, leading to personal development,
                        of Melbourne is ranked number one in             of the world’s most liveable cities – while      meaningful careers and profound
                        Australia, but you may not know why.             studying, volunteering, and creating lifelong    contributions to society.
                                                                         friendships with peers from all over Australia
                                                                                                                          That’s why some of the world’s most
                        We are one of the world’s finest universities.   and the world.
                                                                                                                          ambitious minds choose Melbourne.
                        Employers worldwide seek out our graduates.      The University of Melbourne offers learning
                        Our students succeed at the highest levels,      that stimulates, challenges and fulfils the
                        and in more than one domain.                     potential of excellent students from around


      #1 IN AUSTRALIA QW                                               #32 IN THE WORLD W                                  #7 IN THE WORLD FOR

              FLEXIBLE AND                                                         YOUR CITY                             WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS
            FOCUSED DEGREES                                              Consistently ranked as one of the            We’re woven into the fabric of Melbourne and
Select majors, electives and breadth subjects                          world’s most liveable cities, Melbourne        of Victoria. The University of Melbourne is an
  that focus on your chosen career from day                               is safe, fun and is a hub for tech,        integral part of the city, and our global outlook
 one. Or, take your time to explore a range of                                   the arts and sport.R                        reflects our multicultural home.
           subjects before deciding.

              YOUR TEACHERS                                                 YOUR NETWORKS                                         YOUR CAREER
     Learn from expert academics who are                            Melbourne draws high achievers from more               We’re ranked higher for graduate
changing the world one project at a time. Your                     countries than any other Australian university.    employability than some of the world’s top
 lecturers, tutors and mentors will inspire you                      We have over 140 nationalities represented        universities, including Oxford, Cambridge,
       and prepare you for your career.                                on campus, and our graduates join an           Berkeley and the University of Hong Kong.E
                                                                   international network of over 400,000 alumni.

                     SUPPORT                                                  SCHOLARSHIPS                                  ACCESS MELBOURNE
  Whatever you need, we’ll be with you every                              Melbourne has one of the most                    If you’re a domestic student whose
   step of the way. Connect with our services                       generous scholarship programs in Australia.       circumstances have affected your ATAR, our
  through Stop 1 – you can always come to us                                 Find one that suits you:                 equity program Access Melbourne can help.
                                                                                                                                                                         PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

             for support and advice.                           

Q Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020
W Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
E QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020
R Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual global liveability survey

                        Melbourne is one of the world’s most             YOUR LIVING COSTS                                 WEEKLY COST OF LIVING
                        multicultural cities and dynamic                 Melbourne offers many lifestyle options to fit    ESTIMATE
                        international business hubs, while still         many budgets, so take the time to consider        The information on page 6 outlines the
                        being quirky, fun and easy to navigate.          what suits you best. You might choose to live     estimated living costs in $AUD for a student at
                                                                         in the inner suburbs, and walk or cycle to uni.   the Parkville and Southbank campuses of the
                        The inner city is a cluster of exciting          Some students choose to save on rental costs      University of Melbourne, according to the type
                        communities connected by public transport        by living further out, in which case they need    of accommodation chosen. Tuition fees are
                        and bike paths, and the University of            to think about public transport costs or a car.   not included in the estimates.
                        Melbourne is at the heart of it all. Explore
                                                                         Substantial savings can be made by sharing        The average cost of living in Melbourne
                        our famous cobblestone lanes, go to a
                                                                         accommodation, shopping at Melbourne’s            each year is AUD$20,000 but this can vary
                        music festival, take in a world-class theatre
                                                                         famous markets, using our libraries and           depending on your lifestyle.
                        production, sample amazing cuisine or catch
                                                                         student-owned co-ops, and attending free
                        an AFL game – you can do it all (and more!) in                                                     There is a range of student accommodation
                                                                         events on campus.
                        Melbourne.                                                                                         options, including university-approved
                                                                                                                           residences, within walking distance of the
                        Regional Victoria is known for its iconic        CALCULATING YOUR COST
                                                                                                                           Parkville campus.
                        beaches, wineries, bushwalking and farm-to-      OF STUDY
                        table food, and is just a short train or bus                                                       Check out your options at:
                                                                         Your total cost may include:
                        ride away.                                                                               
                                                                         •   Tuition fees
                                                                         •   Flights
                                                                         •   Cost of living
                                                                         •   Visa application fees
                                                                         •   Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

                        Melbourne CBD


Live in the heart of Australia’s most             Residences include Little Hall - a learning          RESIDENTIAL COLLEGES
liveable city, connected to Australia’s           hub with dedicated academic programs;
                                                                                                       Be part of something bigger within an
No.1Q University.                                 Lisa Bellear House – located over the road
                                                                                                       immersive residential college community
                                                  from parklands and situated between our
                                                                                                       ranging in size from 70-400 students. With all
We have been expanding our range of               Parkville campus, the city centre and the
                                                                                                       meals provided, weekly academic tutorials,
accommodation options, making it easier than      vibrant student district of Brunswick; and
                                                                                                       and comprehensive support included,
ever to find your place at Melbourne. Select      UniLodge Lincoln House – modern dormitory-
                                                                                                       college living is a unique and transformative
from shared apartments, self-contained            style living with impeccably-designed shared
                                                                                                       experience. With 140 years of rich heritage,
studios, dormitory-style living, residential      facilities overlooking the city. No matter
                                                                                                       colleges blend historic architecture with
colleges, homestay and private rental options.    which residence you call home, our team of
                                                                                                       modern facilities.
                                                  professional staff will be ready to support you
                                                  in any circumstance and ease your transition         Share rich conversations in iconic dining
                                                  into university life. You’ll also be able to enjoy   halls, make close friends through clubs,
Enjoy your best university life and stay within   a year-round calendar of social, academic,           societies and intercollegiate competition
walking distance of our Parkville campus, in      wellbeing and sporting activities.                   and immerse yourself in a range of social,
university-approved accommodation.                                                                     cultural, sporting, musical and leadership
                                                  As an undergraduate, full-time student,
                                                                                                       programs. With dedicated residential tutors
                                                  you are eligible for an offer of guaranteed
                                                                                                       and professional staff living on site, college will
                                                  accommodation. Rest easy knowing you have
                                                                                                       support your learning with academic tutorials,
                                                  a place to call home at Melbourne.
                                                                                                       pastoral care, career mentors and vast alumni
                                                                                                       networks, encouraging you to perform at
                                                                                                       your best and develop real world skills. With
                                                                                                       $5-7 million in college scholarships awarded
                                                                                                       each year, more than one-third of students
                                                                                                       receive financial aid in addition to part-time
                                                                                                       employment opportunities.

                                                                                                       OTHER OPTIONS
                                                                                                       The University’s Student Housing service
                                                                                                       provides detailed information and support to
                                                                                                       assist students with finding alternate housing
                                                                                                       options, such as homestay, hostels or private

                                                                                                       Student Housing can provide advice on your
                                                                                                       rights and responsibilities as a tenant, refer
                                                                                                       you to financial support if needed and provide
                                                                                                       transportation information and tips on getting
                                                                                                       study ready.

                                                                                                       One of your options is Student Village
                                                                                                       Melbourne. Here you can enjoy your own
                                                                                                       furnished bedroom with ample workspace
                                                                                                       and access to village facilities designed
                                                                                                       specifically for students.

                                                                                                       Find out more:
                                                                                                                                                             PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

                                                                                                       Q Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020


                        2021 RESIDENTIAL FEES                                                AT A GLANCE
                        AND INCLUSIONSQ
                        The information in the table below outlines                                                  Food and eating out                                                  Public transport fares
                        the estimated living costs for a student                                                     $140 - $280/week                                                     $30 - $60 week
                        at the Parkville campus of the University
                        of Melbourne, according to the type of
                                                                                                                     Bills (electricity, gas,
                        accommodation chosen. Costs vary, within                                                                                                                          Phone and internet
                                                                                                                     water and internet)
                                                                                                                                                                                          $15 - $30/week
                        the range provided, depending on the                                                         $60 - $80/week
                        individual residence. Tuition fees are not
                        included in estimates.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Gym membership
                                                                                                                     Coffee on campus $3.50

                                                                                                                                                                                          Car (after purchase)
                                                                                                                     Bike $150 (Hire: $3/day)
                                                                                                                                                                                          $150 = $260/week

                         Accommodation          Distance      Meals        Weekly        Total         Basics:         24/7          24/7     Year–round          Year–round        Academic         Alumni,           Annual
                              type                from                   cost (based     weeks        utilities,     security    professional residential           calendar         support         career &           cost
                                                 Stop 1                   on single                   Internet,        staff      wellbeing       life              of inter–                       mentoring
                                                                         occupancy)                  furniture/                      staff     activities          residence                        programs
                                                                                                    furnishings                                                      events,
                                                                                                                                                                   and sport
                        Little Hall               450m          O        $425 – $570      26, 48          P             P              P               P            Sport E         Academic           Career         $23,660 –
                                                                                          or 52                                                                                    enrichment         skills and      $32,760 R
                                                                                                                                                                                   program E        employment
                                                                                                                                                                                                     program E
                        The Lofts at              300m          O        $385 – $520      26, 48          P             P              P               P            Sport E             O              Career         $21,580 –
                        Melbourne                                                         or 52                                                                                                       skills and      $30,160 R
                        Connect W                                                                                                                                                                   employment
                                                                                                                                                                                                     program E
                        Lisa Bellear             1.6km          O        $396 – $486      26, 48          P             P              P               P            Sport E             O              Career          $21,840 –
                        House                                                             or 52                                                                                                       skills and      $28,392 R
                                                                                                                                                                                                     program E
                        University                850m          O        $390 – $440      26,48           P             P              O               P                O               O                 O            $21,840 –
                        Apartments                                                        or 52                                                                                                                       $23,400 R
                        UniLodge                  430m          O        $308 – $366      26, 48          P             P              ✓               P            Sport E             O          Career skills E     $17,576 –
                        Lincoln House                                                     or 52                                                                                                                       $22,152 R
                        Residential              400m –         P        $684 – $936      35–39           P             P              P               P               P                 ✓                P           $26,675 –
                        colleges                 1.6km       All meals                                                            Staff living                                     Full weekly                        $32,763 T
                                                             included                                                               onsite                                          academic                          for a 35 or
                                                                                                                                                                                     tutorial                          39 week
                                                                                                                                                                                   program for                           stay
                                                                                                                                                                                   all subjects

                        Student Village           650m          O        $338 – $476      26, 48          P             P              P               P            Sport E             O          Career skills E    $19,136 –
                                                                                          or 52                                                                                                                       $27,872 R
                        Private and              Within         O        $340 – $440      Varies          O             O              O               O                O               O                 O            $9568 –
                        shared rental in         5.2km                                                Furniture/                                                                                                      $24,128 R
                        metropolitan                                                                 furnishings
                        Melbourne                                                                       varies
                        Homestay                 Varies       Varies     $225 – $460      Varies       Varies           O              O               O                O               O                 O           $13,260 –
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      $27,040 Y

                        Q The fees listed in the table are subject to change and indicative only, go to for updates on current fees and other costs involved.
                        W The Lofts at Melbourne Connect is scheduled to open in 2021 and will offer live-in opportunities for graduate students.

                        E Partially meets criteria.
                        R Total estimated annual living cost including rent, utilities, internet and public transport (excludes food, course fees and incidentals). On average, students should budget at least
                          $80-$150 per week ($4160-$7800 per year) for food and groceries if they do not have meals provided. See:
                        T Each college publishes their fee schedule on their websites. All inclusive fees for board, academic tutorials, wellbeing programs, and career mentoring start from $26,000 per year.
                          Over a third of our students have a scholarship that reduces this amount. Prospective students should seek further clarification from the college they are interested in.
                          For more details, see:
                        Y Total estimated annual living cost including rent, utilities, internet, public transport and a varied number of meals, depending on the option you choose. Some options are self-catered.
                          (excludes course fees, placement fee, other services and incidentals).


As a University of Melbourne graduate,             STUDYING OVERSEAS
you’ll be highly sought after. That’s              You could study at some of the world’s most
because our students can build their               prestigious institutions to gain an academic
experience and networks from day one.              and professional edge. Take French in Québec,
                                                   science in Estonia, business in Beijing or
There are many ways to incorporate practical       anthropology in Santiago. Go for as long as
experience into your studies at Melbourne.         a year on exchange to another renowned
You can intern at one of the world’s most          university, or pick up a subject we offer that is
influential organisations, gain international      taught overseas.
experience, start a business, volunteer with
organisations that inspire you, work part time
and gain valuable skills while you study, or all
of the above!
                                                   STUDENT LIFE AT MELBOURNE
Whether you have a dream career or want to
                                                   Students are at the heart of the University of
explore your options first, we will be there to
                                                   Melbourne community which is focused on
support you to achieve your very best.
                                                   creating a vibrant, diverse and welcoming
                                                   environment that provides excellent teaching
PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE                               and learning opportunities and rich University
Internships are a great way to get first-hand      experience, that leads to intellectual
industry experience and figure out if your         development and personal growth.
dream career is right for you. Our students
                                                   Through the new Student Life program,
intern in leading companies and institutions
                                                   you will be:
in Australia and abroad, paving the way to
fulfilling and exciting careers.                   •   Guided through your transition to
                                                       University with Faculty specific inductions,
YOUR LEADERSHIP AND                                    the Melbourne Commencement
NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES                               Ceremonies, Melbourne Peer Mentor
                                                       Program and First Year Discovery Subjects
Employers love to see leadership experience
                                                   •   Mentored throughout your degree by our
on your resume – and we love to help you get
                                                       network of advisers and mentors who can
it! Lead a student group, direct a play, mentor        provide personalised advice, including:
a younger student or help run one of over 200
                                                       -	Regular meetings with your peer
clubs and societies to make connections and
                                                          mentor and a small group of peers
build your networks.
                                                          from your discipline

MAKE A DIFFERENCE                                      -	An academic adviser, a member of
                                                          staff such as a lecturer or a professor,
Take your skills into the community, contribute
                                                          who will take an active interest in your
to a cause you are passionate about and make
                                                          progress, success and challenges
a difference! You can volunteer in Australia
                                                          throughout your degree
or overseas. In many cases your experience
can count towards your degree, and we                  -	Access to alumni and industry
offer awards and grants to help finance your              mentors to explore career and
volunteer work.                                           graduate study options

                                                   •   Recognised for responding to the needs
SKILL BUILDING                                         of the local and global community
                                                       through volunteering, service and social
The Global Leadership and Employability team
                                                       entrepreneurship as part of the Melbourne
provides programs and services to students
                                                       Plus program
free of charge, including screened job listings,
                                                   •   Able to enhance your studies with a
                                                                                                       PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

workshops, industry events and connections
                                                       capstone experience which brings
with alumni. You can even attend a free Career
                                                       together the skills and knowledge you
Bootcamp. In addition, many faculties offer            have developed during your degree.
seminars, practical training, networking
events and more to help you break into a
great career.


                        The University of Melbourne has been                 SPECIALIST CAMPUSES IN
                        a central part of the city of Melbourne              MELBOURNE AND REGIONAL
                        from its earliest days.                              VICTORIA
                                                                             The University is a key partner in industries
                        It’s hard to say where the central business          across Victoria. We collaborate with others         CRESWICK
                        district stops, and the University begins.           to solve rural health issues and ecological           CAMPUS
                        When you join Melbourne, you'll also be              challenges facing us today.                            124KM
                        joining a vibrant medical precinct, a world-                                                             WERRIBEE
                        famous artistic community, a thriving start-up       In the city’s west, the Werribee campus              CAMPUS
                        network, and urban and rural researchers who         boasts some of the world’s most advanced              30KM
                        will be feeding the world into the future.           veterinary facilities at the University’s Animal
                        Which Melbourne will be yours?
                                                                             Our Burnley campus is dedicated to
                        PARKVILLE                                            environmental and ornamental horticulture,
                                                                             with nine hectares of heritage-listed gardens.
                        Our Parkville campus is a city within a city – it
                        even has its own postcode. Spread across             In Creswick you’ll find Australia’s only
                        a mix of historic sandstone buildings and            dedicated forest ecosystem science campus,
                        state of the art facilities, you’ll find cafes,      focusing on conservation, forest industry and
                        12 libraries, gyms, specialty stores, a small        molecular biology research.                           BEND
                        supermarket and even a seasonal farmers’                                                                   10KM
                                                                             The Dookie campus has played a pivotal
                        market. The Parkville campus is situated
                                                                             role in the development of agriculture
                        within a renowned knowledge precinct,
                                                                             and agricultural teaching and learning in
                        which includes eight hospitals, many leading
                                                                             Australia since 1886. It remains a focal point
                        research institutes and a wide range of
                                                                             for key research, teaching and technology
                        knowledge-based industries.
                                                                             development, helping to shape the future of
                        With construction due for completion in              agriculture in Australia.
                        early 2022, the new Student Precinct will
                                                                             Our bold new engineering and design campus
                        be a place for students, staff and the wider
                                                                             at Fishermans Bend will bring research to life
                        community to engage, learn and grow. It
                                                                             at an industrial scale. The campus will be the
                        has been designed to facilitate student
                                                                             University’s new place for large experimental
                        connection, by enhancing the campus-based
                                                                             research, hands-on learning and industry co-
                        experience and fostering a sense of inclusion
                                                                             location. Large, interactive spaces, world class
                        to enable peers, colleagues and cohorts to
                                                                             facilities and a vibrant innovation environment
                        forge new relationships, collaborate and
                                                                             will transform the education experience
                                                                             and push the boundaries in research and
                        Our Southbank campus is situated in the city’s       The Shepparton Medical Centre campus
                        lively creative arts precinct – which itself is in   specialises in rural health and clinical
                        the centre of Australia's cultural capital. Here     education.
                        you’ll find the University’s acclaimed music,
                        visual and performing arts faculty. Southbank
                        campus is purpose-built for the creative
                        arts, and features sound and dance stages,
                        animation studios, cinemas and visual arts
                        studios. It sits alongside the National Gallery

                        of Victoria, Melbourne Theatre Company,
                        Melbourne Recital Centre, the Australian
                        Ballet, Chunky Move dance company, the
                        Arts Centre and the Australian Centre for
                        Contemporary Art.

                                  190KM            212KM

                   CENTRAL BUSINESS

                                                                BURNLEY CAMPUS

                                                                                 PROFILE BROCHURE 2022


                        AT MELBOURNE

                        The world’s most ambitious minds                   At Melbourne you’ll network with a diverse,      FIRST YEAR
                        choose the University of Melbourne, not            multi-cultural community of leading minds –
                                                                                                                            In first year, you'll be able to explore a range
                        just because we’re ranked number one.              your teachers and peers – who will enrich your
                                                                                                                            of subject areas that you're interested in.
                                                                           perspective and broaden your horizons.
                                                                                                                            You'll combine subjects within your discipline
                        Our degrees aren’t like most others you’ll         You’ll enter the workforce career-ready with     and outside of it too – giving you a breadth
                        find in Australia. They’re aligned with those      an undergraduate degree. Or you can go onto      of knowledge that sets you apart. By the
                        offered by many top universities worldwide.        specialised professional education at graduate   time you choose your major, you'll be well
                        You’ll start with one of our broad-based           level, or even undertake a research degree.      informed.
                        undergraduate degrees. You can then choose
                        to join the workforce or go onto specialised       A University of Melbourne degree will help you   SECOND AND THIRD YEARS
                        professional education at graduate level.          build the right skills and global networks to
                                                                                                                            In second year, you'll start to focus on the
                                                                           adapt to whatever lies ahead. A distinct and
                        Our unique curriculum, with its embedded                                                            study area which will become your major
                                                                           outstanding education experience will prepare
                        ‘breadth’ studies, empowers you to choose                                                           (if you haven't already), while still remaining
                                                                           you for success as leaders, change agents and
                        your direction and create a degree as unique                                                        flexible enough to explore. Outside of the
                                                                           global citizens. You’ll achieve all this while
                        as you are. This means your Melbourne                                                               classroom, second year is great for going on
                                                                           living in the heart of Melbourne – one of the
                        experience is yours to shape. In a world where                                                      exchange, leading clubs, building industry
                                                                           world’s most liveable cities.
                        careers and industries are evolving at lightning                                                    networks and getting into lots of fun activities.
                        speed, your independent and innovative             As a world-leading university, employers seek
                                                                                                                            By third year, you will achieve a level of
                        thinking will set you apart from the rest.         out our students. Our graduates represent our
                                                                                                                            specialisation and could take part in a third
                                                                           greatest contribution to the world.
                        Take the opportunity to study at our 200                                                            year ‘capstone’ experience, designed to
                        partner institutions around the world. Our                                                          consolidate your learning and really prepare
                        connections within government and the                                                               you for your career. Capstone subjects may
                        community as well corporate partnerships will                                                       involve work placements, project-based
                        bridge the gap between study and work with                                                          learning, a research project, or a coursework
                        industry-based learning.                                                                            subject outlining business best practice.

                                                                                                                            See pages 12–13 for a full list of majors –
                                                                                                                            we have over 100 available.

WHAT IS ‘BREADTH’?                                 CONCURRENT DIPLOMAS                                YOUR NEXT STEP:
A breadth subject is one taken from outside        Want to be an economics reporter with first-       GRADUATE STUDY
your core studies or major. Most University        class programming skills or a side gig playing     When you’re informed and ready, you can
of Melbourne undergraduates take breadth           the cello? Concurrent diplomas allow you to        choose from hundreds of graduate study
subjects.                                          study an extra qualification alongside your        options. You’ll get the full benefit of the
                                                   degree. This can enhance your employability        graduate school experience by studying
Breadth will allow you to tailor your course
                                                   and enable you to develop detailed knowledge       intensively, in small classes led by experts,
to fit your individual passions and career
                                                   in an area outside your main area of study.        and alongside others who share your deep
ambitions. You might, for example, study
                                                                                                      interests and desire to succeed. Work towards
science but take breadth in Mandarin Chinese       We offer four concurrent diplomas:
                                                                                                      a professional qualification (for example
– a great choice for a scientist looking to work
                                                   •   Diploma in Computing                           through the Juris Doctor), or join our world-
internationally and help solve global issues.
                                                   •   Diploma in Languages                           changing researchers with a research higher
You can also use breadth to explore something
                                                                                                      degree. Your higher level graduate degree will
you’ve always been curious about, whether it       •   Diploma in Mathematical Sciences
                                                                                                      be internationally recognised, and instantly
looks related to your major or not.                •   Diploma in Music
                                                                                                      distinguishes you from those who study
Some students find that taking a breadth           High-achieving students may be able to             a traditional Australian single or double
subject ignites a passion they’d never known       complete their degree and concurrent               undergraduate degree.
about. Others might use breadth to improve         diploma within the three years of their
their career prospects by complementing their      degree, but studying a concurrent diploma
major with a language, communication skills,       typically will add six months or a year to your
or business know-how. ‘Breadth tracks’ (groups     undergraduate full-time studies.
of subjects taken throughout your degree) may
even qualify you for graduate study in a field
that’s very different to your major.


      (BACHELORS) DEGREE                                        SPECIALISED GRADUATE                           Enter the workforce career-ready with a
                                                                                                                 Melbourne undergraduate degree
                3 years duration                                      PROGRAM
                                                                         1+ years’ duration
  Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design,
                                                                     (depending on the program)
        Fine Arts, Music or Science
                                                                       Professional masters
                                                             Accredited world-leading qualifications to
        DEPTH 75%              BREADTH 25%                   help you enter a wide range of professions
   Major and core subjects     Subjects outside
   (over 100 areas of study)    core discipline                                   OR                                    YOUR CAREER
                                                                     Research specialisation                     Build on your career experience and
                                                             In-depth study to build your research career       industry knowledge with specialised
          Agriculture or Oral Health                                                                                  graduate study later in life

                                                                                                                                                         PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

                        AND MAJORS

                        A major, minor or a specialisation refers to a concentration of subjects that equips
                        you with specialised knowledge in your chosen field of study.

                        BACHELOR OF AGRICULTURE
                        •   Agricultural Economics                 •   Plant and Soil Science                  •    Production Animal Science

                        BACHELOR OF ARTS
                        •   Ancient World Studies                  •   European Studies*                       •    Korean Studies*
                        •   Anthropology                           •   French Studies                          •    Law and Justice*
                        •   Arabic Studies                         •   Gender Studies                          •    Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
                        •   Art History                            •   Geography                               •    Media and Communications
                        •   Asian Studies                          •   German Studies                          •    Medieval and Early Modern Studies*
                        •   Chinese Societies*                     •   Hebrew and Jewish Studies               •    Philosophy
                        •   Chinese Studies                        •   History                                 •    Politics and International Studies
                        •   Classics                               •   History and Philosophy of Science       •    Psychology
                        •   Creative Writing                       •   Indigenous Studies                      •    Russian Studies
                        •   Criminology                            •   Indonesian Studies                      •    Screen and Cultural Studies
                        •   Development Studies*                   •   Islamic Studies                         •    Sociology
                        •   Economics                              •   Italian Studies                         •    Spanish and Latin American Studies
                        •   English and Theatre Studies            •   Japanese Societies*                     * Study area available as a minor only.

                        •   English Language Studies*              •   Japanese Studies
                        •   Environmental Studies*                 •   Knowledge and Learning*

                        BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICINE
                        •   Biochemistry and Molecular Biology     •   Human Nutrition                         •    Neuroscience
                        •   Bioengineering Systems                 •   Human Structure and Function            •    Pathology
                        •   Biotechnology                          •   Immunology                              •    Pharmacology
                        •   Cell and Developmental Biology         •   Infection and Immunity                  •    Physiology
                        •   Genetics                               •   Microbiology                            •    Psychology

                        BACHELOR OF COMMERCE
                        •   Accounting                             •   Economics                               •    Management
                        •   Actuarial Studies                      •   Finance                                 •    Marketing

•    Architecture                                                 •     Digital Technologies                                         •     Performance Design
•    Civil Systems                                                •     Graphic Design                                               •     Property
•    Computing                                                    •     Landscape Architecture                                       •     Spatial Systems
•    Construction                                                 •     Mechanical Systems                                           •     Urban Planning

•    Acting                                                       •     Film and Television                                          •     Screenwriting
•    Animation                                                    •     Music Theatre                                                •     Theatre
•    Dance                                                        •     Production                                                   •     Visual Art

•    Composition                                                  •     Jazz & Improvisation                                         •     Music Studies
•    Interactive Composition                                      •     Musicology and Ethnomusicology                               •     Performance

•    Dental science                                               •     Social Science and Preventative Dentistry
•    Clinical Dentistry                                           •     Vocationa Clinical Practice

•    Agricultural Science                                         •     Ecosystem Science                                            •     Mathematics and Statistics
•    Animal Health and Disease                                    •     Electrical Systems                                           •     Mechanical Systems
•    Animal Science and Management                                •     Environmental Engineering Systems                            •     Mechatronics Systems
•    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                           •     Environmental Science                                        •     Microbiology
•    Bioengineering Systems                                       •     Food Science                                                 •     Neuroscience
•    Biotechnology                                                •     Genetics                                                     •     Pathology
•    Cell and Developmental Biology                               •     Geography                                                    •     Pharmacology
•    Chemical Systems                                             •     Geology                                                      •     Physics
•    Chemistry                                                    •     Human Nutrition                                              •     Physiology
•    Civil Systems                                                •     Human Structure and Function                                 •     Plant Science
•    Climate and Weather                                          •     Immunology                                                   •     Psychology
•    Computing and Software Systems                               •     Infection and immunity                                       •     Spatial Systems
•    Data Science                                                 •     Marine Biology                                               •     Veterinary BioSciences
•    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology                             •     Mathematical Physics                                         •     Zoology
                                                                                                                                                                        PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

Q The structure of this course is under review for 2022, pending Academic Board approval. Please refer to for the latest information.

                        ENTRY PATHWAYS

                          DIPLOMA IN GENERAL                            BACHELOR OF ARTS (EXTENDED)                       DIPLOMA IN GENERAL STUDIES
                          STUDIES (DIGS)                                The Bachelor of Arts (Extended) is a four-year    (EXTENDED)
                                                                        degree for Australian Indigenous students         The new DiGS Extended course is designed to
                          For domestic students the Diploma in
                                                                        which provides a pathway to careers that          provide a pathway into University of Melbourne
                          General Studies (DiGS) is a great way
                                                                        build on a strong Arts background. It is for      degrees for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
                          to take a step forward in your career
                                                                        motivated and aspiring Indigenous students        Australians as both school leavers and mature-
                          by building your skills and developing
                                                                        who have not obtained the results for direct      age students, particularly in the Northeast
                          your focus for further study. DiGS gives
                                                                        entry into the Bachelor of Arts, and aims to      Victoria and Goulburn Valley regions.
                          you the opportunity to explore a range
                          of study areas and can be used as your        build a strong foundation for success among a
                                                                                                                          The core curriculum has been designed in
                          pathway into University of Melbourne          range of disciplines.
                                                                                                                          consultation with elders, community members
                          undergraduate degrees in arts,                      and other experts to incorporate Indigenous
                          agriculture, biomedicine,commerce,            undergraduate/bachelor-of-arts-                   perspectives and apply scientific theories and
                          design and science. Build the skills to       extended/                                         concepts to a range of real-life situations.
                          succeed at university while living in a
                          close-knit and supportive community at        BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (EXTENDED)                    You can explore the relationship between
                          our Dookie campus near Shepparton.                                                              land and culture, the science that allows
                                                                        The Bachelor of Science (Extended) is a
                                                                                                                          plants and animals to grow and flourish,
                                                                        degree for talented Aboriginal and Torres
                                                                                       environmental management and business and
                                                                        Strait Islander Australians who may not
                                                                        meet the regular Bachelor of Science entry
                        SPECIALISED DEGREES FOR                         requirements. This four-year course is your
                                                                                                                          GET ACCESS TO SUPPORT AND
                        INDIGENOUS STUDENTS                             first step towards a dream career in science or   MENTORING
                                                                        technology.                                       The Murrup Barak, Melbourne Institute for
                        If you aspire to study at Melbourne but feel
                        unsure about meeting the entry requirements,    It can take you into a hospital, down a mine,     Indigenous Development provides support
                        the Bachelor of Arts (Extended), the Bachelor   behind the controls of a particle accelerator,    to all Indigenous Australian students wishing
                        of Science (Extended) or the Diploma in         out onto a coral reef…or into hundreds of         to apply for or enrolled at the University of
                        General Studies (Extended) could be for         other careers and fields. The choice is yours.    Melbourne. With a dedicated team of student
                        you. These programs have been developed                                                           support professionals, the Institute offers
                                                                              information, advice and support on a wide
                        specifically for Indigenous Australians and
                                                                        undergraduate/bachelor-of-science-                range of academic, cultural and personal
                        you'll receive tailored academic support and
                                                                        extended/                                         matters to help make your transition to
                                                                                                                          University studies easier.


                                                                                                                          BE CONSIDERED FOR
                                                                                                                          You may be eligible for an Access Melbourne
                                                                                                                          scholarship to help with the costs of study and
                                                                                                                          living in Melbourne. You could be guaranteed
                                                                                                                          entry to select undergraduate degrees, plus be
                                                                                                                          automatically considered for scholarships.



We offer more than 1200 scholarships for new and current students.

Our scholarships program is one of the most         MELBOURNE CHANCELLOR’S                             HUMANITARIAN ACCESS SCHOLARSHIP
comprehensive and generous in Australia.            SCHOLARSHIP                                        Offering full fee remission and $15 000 in
                                                    The Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship             living allowances to talented students, the
We encourage you to challenge yourself
                                                    is awarded to undergraduate students in            Humanitarian Access Scholarship is for those
and try out different ways of thinking. Our
                                                    recognition of their outstanding academic          who have applied for asylum in Australia.
scholarships are just one way in which we
                                                    achievement during their Australian Year 12 or
inspire you to follow your curiosity and study                                                         ELITE ATHLETE PROGRAM
                                                    International Baccalaureate (IB).
what you love, because that’s how you thrive.
                                                                                                       If you excel in sport, our Elite Athlete Program
                                                    This is one of the University’s most prestigious
We’re all different; we come from different                                                            offers generous scholarships to help you
                                                    awards for school leavers and is awarded
places with different passions and ambitions.                                                          pursue your sporting dreams as well as your
                                                    for academic merit. It requires an ATAR of at
That’s why we offer a huge variety of                                                                  academic aspirations.
                                                    least 99.90 (90.00 for Indigenous Australian
scholarships from those awarded on
                                                    students), or 99.85 with an audition score of      RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS
academic merit and some taking additional
                                                    A+ for those intending to study Music.              More than one third of college students
factors into account; others to help with your
expenses in Melbourne and some to help                                                                 receive financial assistance, with a
                                                    As a Chancellor’s Scholar, you will enjoy
you travel the globe. There are scholarships                                                           combined $7.5M in college scholarships
                                                    generous fee exemptions and be guaranteed a
that support your whole course or help you                                                             and bursaries available. A scholarship
                                                    place in the graduate program of your choice
explore a specific interest. Wherever you are                                                          may reduce the fees by between
                                                    at Melbourne. Domestic students also receive
and whatever your passion, with a Melbourne                                                            $100-$500 per week. A further $1.6M
                                                    a living allowance for up to three years.
scholarship you can turn ambition into                                                                 is for students who are employed
achievement.                                        In addition, you will receive a Melbourne          part time by their college.
                                                    Global Scholars Award to help you on your
In addition to our scholarships, we offer                                                    
                                                    way to studying overseas as an exchange or
many prizes, grants and bursaries that can                                                             scholarships
                                                    study abroad student.
help you get the most out of your time at
                                                    Eligible students who have applied for             FACULTY SCHOLARSHIPS
university. Most of these are awarded to
                                                    admission to the University through VTAC are       Our faculties offer hundreds of specific
continuing students at different points in their
                                                    automatically considered for a Melbourne           awards that can help you through your
studies, so it’s quite likely that you’ll pick up
                                                    Chancellor’s Scholarship, so you don’t need to     undergraduate studies. For a full list and
a scholarship, bursary, prize or travel grant
                                                    make a separate application.                       how to apply, check faculty websites and
during your time here.
Grants are available to underwtake                  For full details about eligibility, applicable
volunteering or leadership activities. Excel in     graduate courses and the fantastic benefits        MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL
                                                    on offer, visit:                                   UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP
your studies and you could pick up a coveted
                                                                                                       For high-achieving international students, fee
prize for academic achievement. Bursaries                   remissions worth up to $56,000 are available
are available for a variety of needs and can
                                                                                                       through the Melbourne International
ease the financial pressures of uni so you can      NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP
                                                                                                       Undergraduate Scholarship.
focus on your studies.                              The National Merit Scholarship takes the
                                                    stress out of relocating from Australian states
                                                    and territories outside Victoria with an $8000
HANSEN SCHOLARSHIP                                  allowance paid in the first semester of your
The Hansen Scholarship program supports             studies.
20 exceptional students from all around
                                                    MELBOURNE PRINCIPALS’ SCHOLARSHIP
Australia with a unique financial and personal
                                                    This scholarship awards $5000 to Victorian
support program including cash benefits,
                                                    Year 12 or International Baccalaureate
mentoring and accommodation, as well as
                                                    students, in recognition of their academic
                                                                                                                                                          PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

full-fee remission for Australian temporary
                                                    achievement and contribution to their school
protection visa holders.
                                                    or wider community.

                        AT MELBOURNE

                        Graduate study is an investment in your                     Graduate Degree Packages are available to                   If you are not eligible for a Graduate Degree
                        future. Choose Melbourne, and join the                      school leavers who complete an Australian                   Package, don’t worry – you may choose a
                        best and brightest students to pursue                       Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate                  graduate degree upon completion of your
                                                                                    Diploma in Australia, and to Australian citizens            undergraduate studies. Entry is subject to
                        your passion and develop your career.
                                                                                    outside Australia who are completing the                    meeting the entry requirements of your
                                                                                    same qualifications.                                        preferred graduate degree.
                        You'll study alongside the most talented
                        students in an environment focused on                       Applicants must enrol in their preferred                    For 2022 entry selection criteria details, and
                        research impact and relevance. You’ll be part               Graduate Degree Package immediately after                   more information on pathways to graduate
                        of a university that is committed to changing               Year 12, unless granted a deferral by the                   study, visit:
                        lives by contributing to the policy, debate and             University. Prerequisites for your chosen
                        skills required for a better global society.                                                                  
                                                                                    undergraduate degree must be met prior to
                                                                                    enrolment and there may also be prerequisites
                        We offer more than 400 higher level graduate                                                                            graduate-degree-pathways
                                                                                    to remain eligible for graduate study.
                        courses across a broad range of disciplines,
                        among them professional entry programs
                                                                                                                                                                                GUARANTEED ATAR/
                        including the Juris Doctor (law), the Master of              CAREER                      GRADUATE DEGREE PACKAGE                                        NOTIONAL ATAR FOR
                        Teaching, the Master of Engineering and the                                                                                                             2022 ENTRY
                        Master of Architecture.                                      Architect                   Bachelor of Design                 Master of Architecture             98.00+*
                                                                                     Construction                                                   Master of Construction
                        Our graduate study areas include:                            Manager
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Design

                        •    Architecture, building, planning and design             Data Scientist              Bachelor of Science                Master of Data Science                 95.00
                        •    Arts, humanities and social sciences                                                Bachelor of Biomedicine            Doctor of Dental
                                                                                     Dentist                                                                                           99.85+*
                        •    Business and economics                                                              Bachelor of Science                Surgery

                        •    Education                                                                           Bachelor of Biomedicine
                        •    Engineering and information technology                                              Bachelor of Commerce
                                                                                     Engineer                                                       Master of Engineering                  95.00
                        •    Environment                                                                         Bachelor of Design
                        •    Health
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Science
                        •    Law
                                                                                     Landscape                                                      Master of Landscape
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Design                                                    96.00+*
                        •    Music, and visual and performing arts                   Architect                                                      Architecture
                        •    Science                                                                             Bachelor of Agriculture
                        •    Veterinary and agricultural sciences.                                               Bachelor of Arts

                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Biomedicine
                        Whether you’re choosing your first                           Lawyer                                                         Juris Doctor                       99.80+*
                        career, changing direction or gaining that                                               Bachelor of Commerce
                        competitive edge, our world-class research                                               Bachelor of Design
                        and coursework graduate programs offer
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Science
                        a professionally relevant education. Our
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Biomedicine            Doctor of
                        graduates develop strong connections with                    Physiotherapist                                                                                   98.00+*
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Science                Physiotherapy
                        community and industry that open the door to
                        an outstanding future.                                       Property                    Bachelor of Design                 Master of Property                 96.00+*

                                                                      Bachelor of Biomedicine
                                                                                     Optometrist                                                    Doctor of Optometry                99.00+*
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Science
                        GRADUATE DEGREE PACKAGES                                                                 Bachelor of Arts

                        If you are graduating high school and                        Teacher                     Bachelor of Design                 Master of Teaching                 95.00+*
                        confident about the study pathway you want                                               Bachelor of Science
                        to follow, our Graduate Degree Packages
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Arts                   Master of Urban
                        bundle your undergraduate degree offer with                  Urban planner                                                                                     96.00+*
                                                                                                                 Bachelor of Design                 Planning

                        a graduate degree offer. This provides you
                        with the security of knowing a graduate place                                                                               Doctor of Veterinary
                                                                                     Veterinarian                Bachelor of Science                                                   98.50+*
                        is waiting for you, upon completion of your
                        Melbourne bachelors degree.

                        *O ther selection criteria required check


Who says you can’t change the                  MASTERS BY RESEARCH                              SCHOLARSHIPS
world? We expect nothing less.                 Masters by research degrees differ from the      AND FEES
                                               MPhil in that they may have a coursework
                                                                                                DOMESTIC STUDENTS
Our reputation as Australia’s leading          component, along with a shorter thesis of
                                                                                                Most domestic graduate research students
comprehensive research-intensive university    about 30 000 words.
                                                                                                are funded by the Australian Government
enables us to attract and cultivate the most
                                               DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY                             Research Training Program Fee Offset
promising researchers from around the world.
                                               Graduating with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)     Scholarship (RTP), meaning you are
We collaborate with industry partners, other   marks your admission to the community of         exempt from paying tuition fees. Additional
institutions, research organisations, the      scholars in your discipline and requires the     scholarships can provide annual living
community, and government and not-for-         completion of a thesis of 80,000-100,000         allowances, relocation grants and paid
profit organisations to achieve research       words on a specialised topic.                    maternity, parental and sick leave.
outcomes with global impact. We remain at
                                               You will work under the guidance of at least     INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS
the forefront of innovation in Australia.
                                               two supervisors, who will provide advice and     More than 400 scholarships are available to
Melbourne is a place where world-class         support throughout your research degree.         international graduate researchers. Many
researchers choose to work, and, as a                                                           cover tuition fees, as well as a living allowance
graduate research student, you’ll be           For help in finding supervisors, see:            and paid maternity, parental and sick leave.
supervised by leading experts in your field.

Our graduate schools offer research programs   Research training is a core activity of the
in most major disciplines.                     University. Our comprehensive support and
                                               award-winning professional development
MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY                           programs will help you become a more
The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) is an         effective researcher. We offer access to
internationally recognised masters degree      dedicated research centres, advanced
by research and requires the completion of a   research facilities, generous scholarships and
thesis of 30,000-40,000 words.                 established student support networks.


                                                                                                                                                    PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

                        PROFESSIONAL CAREERS

                        Combining undergraduate and graduate study at the University of Melbourne is a pathway to limitless opportunity. Here
                        are just some of the doors it can open across our broad range of study areas. For entry requirements and more information
                        about pathways and where they can take you, visit

                         UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE BY STUDY AREA                                GRADUATE DEGREE                              YOUR CAREER

                         Agricultural science

                         Any undergraduate degree                             3 years      Master of Agricultural Sciences    2 years   Agricultural scientist

                         Architecture (Master of Architecture is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

                         Bachelor of Design (major in Architecture) OR
                         Any degree with an Architecture Design Studio        3 years      Master of Architecture             2 years   Architect
                         subject and an Architecture History subject
                         (requires 3 years for Master of Architecture)

                         Data science (Master of Data Science is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

                         Any undergraduate degree with a major in
                         data science, computing and software                 3 years      Master of Data Science             2 years   Data scientist
                         systems or mathematics and statistics

                         Dentistry (Doctor of Dental Surgery is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

                         Bachelor of Biomedicine or Science
                         Bachelor of Arts, subject to completing              3 years      Doctor of Dental Surgery           4 years   Dentist
                         prerequisite subjects, and course plan approval
                         by home faculty

                         Engineering (Master of Engineering is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

                         Bachelor of Biomedicine, Design or Science with
                         an engineering major
                         Students in any other undergraduate degree           3 years      Master of Engineering              2 years   Engineer
                         are eligible to progress into the 3-year Master of
                         Engineering, subject to completing prerequisite


                                                                                                                                        Environmental policy
                         Any undergraduate degree                             3 years      Master of Environment              2 years

                         Film and television

                                                                                           Master of Film and Television
                         Any undergraduate degree                             3 years                                         2 years   Film or television director
                                                                                           (Documentary or Narrative)

                         Financial analysis

                         Bachelor of Commerce                                 3 years      Master of Finance                            Financial analyst
                                                                                                                              2 years

                         Information technology

                         Bachelor of Design or Science with an IT major
                         eg Bachelor of Science with major in Computing       3 years      Master of Engineering (Software)   2 years   Software engineer
                         and Software Systems

UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE BY STUDY AREA                                                    GRADUATE DEGREE                                                            YOUR CAREER

  International relations

                                                                                                                                                                   International relations
  Any undergraduate degree                                     3 years                  Master of International Relations                  2 years


  Any undergraduate degree                                     3 years                  Master of Journalism                               2 years                 Journalist

  Law (Juris Doctor is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

  Any undergraduate degree                                     3 years                  Juris Doctor                                       3 years                 Lawyer


  Any undergraduate degree
  Students complete a one-year internship                      3 years                  Doctor of Medicine                                 4 years                 Doctor
  following the Doctor of Medicine in order to
  obtain full registration as a doctor


  Any undergraduate degree                                     3 years                  Master of Nursing Science                          2 years                 Nurse

  Optometry (Doctor of Optometry is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

  Undergraduate degree with
                                                               3 years                  Doctor of Optometry                                4 years                 Optometrist
  prerequisite subjects

  Physiotherapy (Doctor of Physiotherapy is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

  Undergraduate degree with
                                                               3 years                  Doctor of Physiotherapy                            3 years                 Physiotherapist
  prerequisite subjects


  Bachelor of Arts,
                                                       honours or                                                                                                  Clinical psychologist
  Biomedicine or
  Science with an               3 years                                        1 year               Master of Psychology                   2 years                 OR
  accredited major in                                                                                                                                              Clinical neuropsychologist
                                                       (Advanced) in


                                                       Graduate                2 years                                                     3 years
                                                                                                    Doctor of Philosophy
  Any undergraduate                                    degree
                                3 years                                                             OR                                                             Researcher
  degree                                               OR                                                                                  1.5–
                                                                               1 year               Master of Philosophy
                                                       Honours                                                                             2 years

  Teaching (Master of Teaching – Early Childhood, Primary, Early Childhood and Primary, or Secondary – is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

  Any undergraduate degree                                                              Master of Teaching
  (with TCAT assessment)                                                                (Early Childhood, Primary,
                                                               3 years                                                                     2 years                 Teacher
                                                                                        Early Childhood and Primary,
  Part-time and accelerated options available                                           or Secondary)

  Veterinary medicine (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is available as a Graduate Degree Package)

  Bachelor of Agriculture, Biomedicine or Science
  with at least one semester of study in both
                                                                                                                                                                                                        PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

  general/cellular biology and biochemistry                    3 years                  Doctor of Veterinary Medicine                      3–4 years               Vet
  3 year option is now via Veterinary BioSciences
  major (not Animal Health and Disease)Q

Q The Veterinary Bioscience major is only available to students who have received a provisional/conditional course offer to commence the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine following successful
  completion of the Bachelor of Science. For BSc students intending to apply for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine via the Veterinary Bioscience major it is a requirement that students have
  previously completed VCE Physics Units 3/4 or equivalent, or a 12.5 point Level 1 Physics subject. Students must complete four breadth subjects over the first two years of the Bachelor of Science
  degree. Students may complete one or two breadth subjects at first year level and two or three breadth subjects at second year level.


                        UNDERGRADUATE COURSES                               The course fees in the table at the back            TUITION FEES
                                                                            of this brochure show an estimate of the            Coursework degrees: Your fees for graduate
                        DOMESTIC STUDENTS
                                                                            typical tuition fees a student commencing           study will depend on your course and the type
                        Domestic students applying for an                   Semester 1, 2022 in each undergraduate              of enrolment or place you’re offered. Many
                        undergraduate course must submit an                 degree will pay based on the 2022 student           courses offer Commonwealth Supported
                        application through the Victorian Tertiary          contribution amounts. Detailed fee                  Places (CSP) as well as Australian fee places.
                        Admissions Centre (VTAC). Domestic                  information, including the fee policy covering
                        students studying overseas must also                your enrolment, will be provided when you are       Research degrees: Most domestic graduate
                        apply through VTAC.                                 offered a place at the University of Melbourne.     research students are supported by the
                                                                                                                                Australian Government Research Training
                                                       This information is also available online at:       Program (RTP). Under the RTP, domestic
                        INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                                                                                  students are exempt from tuition fees for the
                        International students studying the VCE, an                                                             normal duration of the course. This exemption
                                                                                                                                is valid for up to four years for students
                        Australian Year 12 or IB in Australia must apply    GRADUATE COURSES                                    enrolled in a doctoral program and up to two
                        through VTAC. All other international students,
                        including those undertaking foundation
                                                                            HOW TO APPLY                                        years for a research masters degree.
                        studies in Australia, must apply directly to        Coursework degrees: Most courses accept
                        the University or through one of our official       online applications made directly to the
                        overseas representatives.                           University. Applications for Fine Arts and Music,   CHECK WEBSITE FOR DETAILS
                                                                            Education, Business, Medicine and Law may
                                                                                                                                Some courses have early closing dates and
                                 also require completion of specific application
                                                                                                                                not all courses are available in Semester 2.
                                                                            forms and/or have additional requirements.
                                                                                                                                For specific closing dates, and to confirm any
                        TUITION FEES                                                                                            special requirements, please check course
                                                                            Timely applications for the standard offer
                        DOMESTIC STUDENTS                                   rounds of most degrees are as follows:              listings at
                        All domestic undergraduate students are
                                                                            Semester 1 entry: 30 November                       Research degrees: Each graduate school has
                        enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported
                                                                            (to commence in February the following year)        a different way of managing the application
                        Place (CSP), subsidised by the Australian
                                                                                                                                process. Once you have identified the course
                        Government. Payment of the student                  Semester 2 entry: 31 May                            that interests you, follow the application
                        contribution amount can be deferred through         (to commence in July)                               processes outlined at
                        HECS-HELP for eligible students.

                        INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                                ACCESS MELBOURNE                                  HOW TO APPLY
                        Tuition fees are charged for each year that you       Access Melbourne is the University of             Lodge a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS)
                        are enrolled. You will pay tuition fees according     Melbourne’s undergraduate special                 application via VTAC at for one
                        to your specific enrolment in any given               entry and equity scheme for domestic              or more of the following Access Melbourne
                        semester. Detailed fee information, including         students. If you’re eligible under any of the     categories:
                        the fee policy covering your enrolment, will be       program’s categories, you may receive a
                        provided when you are offered a place at the                                                            •   Disadvantaged financial background
                                                                              place in one of our undergraduate degrees
                        University.                                           with a reduced ATAR, subject to course            •   Resident of a rural or isolated area
                                                                              prerequisites. We also have scholarships          •   Difficult circumstances
                                                                              and grants that can ease the financial load,      •   Disability or medical condition
                                                                              and a housing program to get you securely         •   Recognition as an Indigenous Australian
                                                                              settled close to campus.                          •   Graduate of an under-represented school
                                                                                                                                •   Non-English speaking background
                                                                              ACCESS MELBOURNE
                                                                                                                                •   Mature-age consideration (non-school
                                                                              EXPANSION                                             leaver entry pathway).
                                                                              The University is excited to announce
                                                                              an expansion of our Access Melbourne              GET A GUARANTEED PLACE
                                                                              program and admissions criteria in 2022.

                                                                                                                                If you’re from a rural or isolated area, have
                                                                              This program extension builds on the
                                                                                                                                a disadvantaged financial background or
                                                                              university’s commitment to building a
                                                                                                                                are an Indigenous Australian, you could be
                                                                              vibrant, diverse and inclusive community
                                                                                                                                eligible for a guaranteed place.
                                                                              and increasing opportunities for capable
                                                                              students from all backgrounds.                    Learn more:


Gain a head start now with a taste of university before you finish high school. To find out
about these opportunities and more, subscribe at:

EVENTS ON CAMPUS                                    KWONG LEE DOW YOUNG                                 VCE SUMMER SCHOOL
There are plenty of things going on all year        SCHOLARS PROGRAM                                    The VCE Summer School (VCESS) is a two-
at the University of Melbourne, from future         If you’re a Year 10 student studying in Victoria,   week tutoring program that takes place in
student events to free public lectures and          apply for the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars          January and aims to help high school students
farmers’ markets. Most are free, and you are        Program and you could have an exciting uni          who have experienced disadvantage gain a
welcome to come along. If you want to see the       experience that will push you to achieve your       head start on their final years of education. It’s
campus, we have self-guided campus tours.           best. Applications are open from August to          run by students for students, with a focus on
                                                    October each year.                                  creating a healthy study-life balance, helping
EVENTS IN AUSTRALIA AND                                                                                 to correct the disadvantage in the Victorian
                                                    BENEFITS INCLUDE:
AROUND THE WORLD                                                                                        education system and providing tutoring
                                                    • A guaranteed place at Melbourne in                on a wider range of subjects than any other
Our staff and students are always on the move,          Arts, Biomedicine,Q Commerce, Design            academic service provider.
and our alumni work in almost every country             or Science degrees, subject to meeting
across the globe. Wherever you are there is             course prerequisites, if you achieve an
sure to be an event happening near you. When            ATAR notional ATAR of 95.00+                    summerschool
you sign up to hear more from us, we’ll make        •   Exclusive events and activities to expand
sure you are the first to hear about events near        your academic and personal horizons             YOUNG LEADERS PROGRAM
your home, as well as online events that you        •   If you go on to study at Melbourne, you         For students aged 14 to 17, this program is
can join from anywhere.                                 could be awarded a Melbourne Global
                                                                                                        an exciting week of lectures, workshops and
                                                        Scholars Award to study at one of more
                                                                                                        experiencing student life in Melbourne. Hosted
MELBOURNE EXTENSION                                     than 200 partner institutions in over 45
                                                                                                        at both Trinity College and the University of
PROGRAM                                                 countries on exchange, or anywhere in the
                                                        world on study abroad                           Melbourne, it gives you the chance to meet
Are you a high-achieving Year 11 student in                                                             like-minded young leaders from Australia and
                                                    •   $2500 allowance to help with the costs of
Victoria? You can study a university subject                                                            across the globe.
                                                        moving to Melbourne from a rural area.
alongside your final year of high school. It's
free to join.                                                               This life-changing program is designed to
                                                                                                        inspire you and increase your confidence and
You'll not only experience uni life and make                                                            leadership skills while broadening your global
new connections and friends, you could              ASPIRING SCHOLARS
                                                                                                        outlook. You can choose an academic steam
receive valuable contribution to your ATAR          For interstate and NZ Year 12 students,             that suits you best, with the opportunity to
aggregate (depending on your results) and           Aspiring Scholars is a community-focused            join the program for one or two weeks in July
earn credit towards your Melbourne degree.          program that brings together ambitious              and December each year.
This could mean that you finish your degree         students interested in studying at Melbourne.
faster or have a lighter study load in your first                                             
year. Applications are open late September to
December each year.
                                                                                                                                                             PROFILE BROCHURE 2022

Q A quota applies to Biomedicine

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