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Limited will not be held liable for any costs and expenses incurred by any person
following any changes to the information outlined in this Event Information Book. Any
updates/amendments to this booklet will be posted on the Swimming Australia website
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1. EVENT DETAILS                                              -   Technical Officials (local officials will be appointed
   The 2021 Australian Open Water Swimming                        as a priority)
   Championships will showcase the country’s top and          -   Swimming Australia Staff and contractors
   emerging open water swimming talent on the road to             essential to event delivery and high-performance
   Tokyo.                                                         requirements
                                                              -   Guardian/s of athletes aged U18
    Dates:        29 – 31 January 2021                        -   Multi class athlete carers
    Venue:        Sydney International Regatta Centre
                                                              General spectators are advised not to attend. To
                  Old Castlereigh Road, Castlereigh
                                                              support this, the championships will be live
                  NSW 2749
    This event will be conducted under the Swimming           For those travelling, key considerations include:
    Australia Rules and By-Laws for the conduct of open       - Wiping of high touch surfaces when sharing
    water swimming events (available here). Please note           vehicles
    the By-Laws for the conduct of Australian Open Water      - Encouraging single rooms in hotels
    Swimming Events were updated in November 2020.            - Wearing face masks where social distancing isn’t
    Participants and spectators must also abide by                possible
    Swimming Australia’s Code of Conduct and Safe Sport
    Framework (available here).                               Taking these precautions where possible, ensures we
                                                              deliver a COVID safe event.
2. EVENT PERSONNEL                                            By nominating and attending, you agree:

    Amie Quirk - General Manager Events                       -   You have not travelled into a NSW-defined COVID-
    amie.quirk@swimming.org.au                                    19 hot spot in the last 14 days prior to the event
                                                              -   You have not travelled overseas in the last 14 days
    Hannah Sidebottom – Events Manager                            prior to the event
    hannah.sidebottom@swimming.org.au                         -   You are not experiencing COVID-19 or cold/flu
    Liz Avery – Entries, Records & Results Specialist
    liz.avery@swimming.org.au                                 If you become unwell, you must not attend this event.
                                                              On the first day of symptoms, it is important you get
    Wade Meaney – Event Coordinator                           tested for COVID-19 at your nearest testing location.
    wade.meaney@swimming.org.au                               You must also notify Swimming Australia.

    Sophie Harmer – Event Coordinator                         Swimming Australia will continue to provide updates
    sophie.harmer@swimming.org.au                             through swimming.org.au and social media channels
                                                              with relation to this event.
    Karen Macleod - Technical Manager
                                                           4. ENTRIES
                                                              Entries for the 2021 Australian Open Water Swimming
                                                              Championships open Wednesday 9 December. Entries
   Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is important
                                                              will close at 11.59pm AEDT Monday 11 January.
   all athletes and supporters carefully consider their
   travel to this event from both NSW and interstate.
                                                              Alternative qualification methods have been added
   Travel restrictions may change at any time.
                                                              for this event, should athletes not have a current
                                                              open water qualifying time. View the full qualification
    This event should only be attended on a needs basis
                                                              criteria here.
    and only those considered essential should travel,
                                                              CLICK HERE TO ENTER
    - Athletes
    - Coaches, team managers and support staff
         (limited where possible)
Please note Swimming Australia enforces a strict ‘no    8. WORLD JUNIOR TEAM SELECTION
   late entries’ policy.                                      Due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the
                                                              postponement of the 2020 World Junior Open Water
   If your club would like to enter relay only swimmers,      Championships, FINA has announced changes to the
   and for any entries enquiries please email Liz Avery       age groups eligible to compete at the 2021
   (liz.avery@swimming.org.au)                                Championships. Due to these changes, Swimming
                                                              Australia has amended its selection criteria for this
   Entry Fees (inclusive of GST)                              event. View the full announcement here.

     Bio Island 2.5km Event             $20.00
                                                               Athletes born in 2003 who wish to be selected for the
     Individual Events                  $35.00
                                                               World Junior Open Water team are required to
     Relay Only Swimmer                 $35.00
                                                               manually enter the 7.5km using the alternative entry
     Relay Events                       $70.00
                                                               method here.

5. PRE-MEET TRAINING                                       9. WETSUITS
                                                              Please see Swimming Australia’s By-Laws (available
   Thursday 28 January 2021                                   here) for the conduct of Australian Open Water
   Venue:      Competition Lake (event location)              Swimming events for details regarding the provision of
   Times:      8.00am – 10.00am & 2.00pm – 4.00pm             wetsuits.
   Set up:     Course will be set up for training
                                                           10. VENUE ACCESS, ACCREDITATION & TICKETING
                                                               Due to the current government restrictions relating to
6. RESULTS, SCORING & AWARDS                                   COVID-19, Swimming Australia is required to
   The following events will score points for the club         implement a number of safety measures.
   point score:
   - All open events                                           Swimming Australia asks that you carefully consider
   - 18 & 19 years 5km                                         your arrival time to the competition venue, and to not
   - 18 & 19 years 10km                                        arrive earlier than required due to COVID safety
                                                               requirements. It is also important that you depart the
   Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for       competition venue as soon as practical following your
   each age group in all Championship events
                                                               race, following medal ceremonies etc.
   Medal presentations will take place after the results
   have been confirmed for each event, and all                 VIEW ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIME GUIDES HERE
   competitors have completed the course.
                                                               All access to the event area is via Gate A. All vehicles
   Official results will be posted on the Swimming             must proceed to the island and park in the designated
   Australia website                                           free parking area. All participants and spectators must
7. RACE PROGRAM & BRIEFINGS                                    then enter via the event entry point and check in using
   CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EVENT PROGRAM                        the displayed QR code. A manual option will also be
                                                               available for those unable to use a mobile device.
   A compulsory online Team Leaders Briefing will be
                                                               A full accreditation system will be implemented at this
   held on Thursday 21 January, a Team Manager and/or
                                                               event to manage access control and COVID-19
   Coach from each competing club must attend this
                                                               requirements. Accreditation will be required to
                                                               manage access into the registration and briefing zone
                                                               and feeding pontoon.
   When:        Thursday 21 January, 7.00pm AEDT
   Where:       Online webinar – register below
                                                               All athletes will automatically receive an accreditation
                                                               pass for the event. Athletes will be required to hand
                                                               their accreditation pass to the Technical Official in the
                                                               role of Clerk of Course before they enter the water.
Athletes must collect their pass when they exit the         13. RACE FINISH
    water at the conclusion of the race or warm up.                 The cut-off time limit will commence countdown after
                                                                    the first athlete in each competition has finished. Cut-
    CLUB STAFF ARE REQUIRED TO APPLY HERE.                          off times shall be advised at the pre-race briefing.

    Applications close 11.59pm Monday 11 January 2021.              The referee has the authority to stop the race for
                                                                    safety reasons. The referee can also withdraw an
11. PREPARING FOR YOUR RACE ONSITE                                  athlete from the water if they believe that the
    Onsite registrations will operate differently to                swimmer will not complete the distance or will not
    previous years, due to COVID-19 requirements.                   finish within the prescribed cut-off time.

    Accreditation will be available for collection from the         If an athlete withdraws or fails to complete the
    event entry point on the island during pre-meet                 designated course for any reason, they must report in
    training periods and on competition days. You can also          person to the Medical Personnel for examination.
    collect your tattoos for application at home, or you            After release from the medical area, athletes must
    may collect your tattoos on the day of your race from           report in person to the Clerk of Course to have their
    the race registration point.                                    competitor number recorded. This process is
                                                                    mandatory - please do not leave the area without
    On your race day, you will still be required to register        reporting to the Clerk of Course.
    for your race. Technical Officials will check you in, and
    check that your tattoo application is correct. To           14. ESCORT CRAFT
    manage capacity at the venue, it is important that you          For all events, safety/security craft will be in
    attend only during the times relevant to your race.             attendance and individual escort craft are not
                                                                15. FEEDING – 7.5 & 10KM EVENTS
    All athletes are advised to:                                    A designated feeding area will be provided for the
    -      Ensure that all jewellery items have been                feeding of swimmers during the 7.5km and 10km
           completely removed.                                      events. This area will be the only place on the course
    -      Ensure that all acrylic nails have been                  where a swimmer may be fed.
           completely removed.
    -      Ensure that their fingernails and toenails have          Each athlete is allowed one (1) feeder, who will be
           been trimmed so that they do not extend                  required to check in with the athlete at the time of
           passed the tip of the finger/toe.                        registration. Once registered, the handler will be given
    -      Ensure that they present themselves to                   an event specific wrist band. Failure to display this
           registration in their race costumes.                     wrist band will result in the feeder being denied access
                                                                    to the feeding area.
    There will be a compulsory pre-race briefing for all            The feeding pole must be inspected when the athlete
    athletes prior to each wave start time. The briefing will       is attending registrations.
    take place in the main grandstand located in the event
    area. Briefing times are listed on the competition              All athletes are responsible for organising their own
    program.                                                        feeders. All feeders must complete the feeder
                                                                    indemnity form. The feeder indemnity form must be
    Coaches and feeders (for 10km and 7.5km events) are             returned by Monday 15 January 2021. Completed
    encouraged to join athletes at the briefings, as all            forms should be emailed to events@swimming.org.au
    instructions concerning the course, water conditions,
    and other relevant matters will be detailed by the              DOWNLOAD FORM HERE
    Chief Referee at this time.
16. MEDAL CEREMONIES                                          19. PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY
    Medal ceremonies will occur as soon as practical once         Photos and videos will be taken throughout the
    results have been finalised. Ceremonies will occur at         competition. If you have any concerns, please
    the team viewing lawned area, east of the grandstand.         approach a Swimming Australia staff member.

    Athletes will be provided with two timing                     First aid and emergency medical services for this event
    transponders and two velcro bands when they register          will be provided by Aquatic Rescue Management. Two
    for their event. Athletes are required to wear a velcro       qualified paramedics will be onsite during the event.
    band with a timing transponder around each wrist at
    all times during the race.                                    PLEASE NOTE: There is limited shade protection
                                                                  provided at the venue and Swimming Australia advises
    Athletes are required to hand their timing transponder        all spectators to bring their own portable shade
    to the Clerk of Course at the conclusion of the race.         options (marquees, beach umbrellas etc.) to protect
    Failure to return the timing transponder will incur a         themselves from the sun. There will be a designated
    fee.                                                          area assigned to set up portable shade options. Please
                                                                  do not set up in any areas outside of this space. All
18. BIO ISLAND 2.5KM SWIM                                         shade structures are set up at your own risk.
    The 2021 Bio Island 2.5km Exhibition Swim will take
    place on Saturday 30 January. This is a development       21. ANTI-DOPING
    opportunity offered to members of Swimming                    Sport Integrity Australia has been notified of the event
    Australia aged between 12 – 14 years as at 31                 and may conduct random testing.
    December 2021.                                                To be adequately informed on testing procedures,
                                                                  please read the guidelines here.
    All entries must be completed online using the                Swimming Australia strongly encourages all athletes,
    championship entry link (provided above).                     coaches and support personnel to maintain ample
                                                                  knowledge about your rights and responsibilities in
     Time          Activity
                                                                  relation to testing. Sport Integrity Australia provides
     9.30am        Registration
                                                                  education tools – click here to access
     10.45am       Extended Briefing – introduction to
                   Open Water Swimming and how to
                   approach the 2.5km event.                  22. SITE PLAN & COURSE INFORMATION
     11.15am       2.5km OWS event start                          The competition will be conducted in the main lake in
     Following     Presentation of Bio Island pack to all         on a 1.25km course, with the start/finish area located
     swim          participants                                   on the north east side, closest to the event staging
                                                                  area. The course will be rectangular with buoys to
    This is not a championship event, so neither points nor
                                                                  guide athletes.
    medals will be awarded.

    Each athlete will be required to complete and submit          Appendix B – Site Map
    a consent form before close of entries for this event.        Appendix C – Course Map
    This form will be available for download from the
    Swimming Australia website shortly.
Appendix A – Preparing Age Athletes for Open Water Swimming

  In preparation for the Australian Open Water Swimming Championships, we suggest that coaches, athletes and parents
  consider several issues in order to safely prepare for a successful meet.

  These may include:

  •   What will the water temperature be?
  •   What are the expected weather conditions?
  •   What are the arrangements for feeding an athlete during the race? Are there pontoons, will I be able to wade out,
      are there specific feeding areas or will there be nothing at all?
  •   What does the course look like?
  •   What are the water conditions, is it flat, is it rough, and is it tidal?

  •   Wool fat (lanolin) (Its application helps to reduce the loss of body heat in cold water)
  •   Vaseline helps with several things from reducing costume rub to providing an insulating or protective layer on the
  •   Sunscreen
  •   Latex gloves. For the application of the above substances.
  •   Old towels or rags for removing the above substance on completion of the race,
  •   Sufficient hydration (Pre-race, during race, and post-race)
  •   Sufficient food and or Carbo Shots (Pre-race, during race, and post-race)
  •   Warm clothes, including closed shoes, beanie and spare towels or a blanket.
  •   Esky, feed sticks, cups and or bottles.

  •   Have your athletes trialled different eating strategies and or products at training prior to racing. There are many
      brands of Carbo shots and sports drinks on the market, however tastes and consistency vary. Find out what works
      for your swimmer.
  •   If you are expecting to compete in cold water, then attempt to have your athletes do some training or
      acclimatisation work in cold water during their preparation.
  •   Spend some time with your athletes practicing how to feed. This can include taking a drink or Carbo Shot.
      Remember this is a skill, and if done well can save a lot of time and ensure a swimmer’s ability to continue.
  •   If you have the space and/or time, practice turning around a buoy. Simulate the angles and directions you will be
  •   When and where possible, encourage your athletes to participate in Club or State open water swimming events or
      even weekend surf races. Don’t be afraid to expose younger athletes to open water swimming, as there are many
      shorter races also available.

  These are just a few of the things you need to consider when preparing athletes for open water events.
Appendix B – Site Map

Appendix C – Course Map
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