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Events Haddam - Haddam CT
S E RV I N G H A D DA M, H I G G A N U M & H A D DA M N EC K          VO LU M E 15 • Q UA RT E R 1 • 2022

                DELIVERING TOWN NEWS                           TO E V E RYO N E I N TOW N
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
Selectman’s Corner
I hope you enjoyed the fall and our mild        finalizing the selection of the Bridge Road
(at least so far) winter. It’s about 60° as I   sidewalk contractor. Expect construction to
write this. Holiday festivities have started.   begin on both projects next spring and be
Hopefully your Thanksgiving was enjoyable       completed in the fall.
and you had a chance to be at either the
Higganum Center or Tylerville Christmas         Commercial Projects - There are three
tree lightings. Here are some quick updates     commercial projects that will have signifi-
on what’s happened since my last article.       cant impact on the town. Two of them are
                                                multi-family housing in Tylerville. Blueway
Scovil Hoe – In early November Bill             Commons on Brookes Court has been ap-
Warner and I met with senior DEEP offi-         proved for 56 units. They broke ground for
cials and our environmental consultants at      first of three buildings in early December.
the site to start planning the environmental    The second apartment complex is a 42-unit
cleanup. It was a very positive and produc-     development planned for 105 Bridge Road.
tive meeting. All involved acknowledge          They are going through the permitting
most of what needs to be cleaned was            process now. The third project is the Hope
caused by the state. We’re working with the     Garden Wellness Center going into the                First Selectman Robert McGarry
Department of Economic and Community            office building at 7 Island Dock Road.
Development and Parker Benjamin (the            The developer has started the $3.5 million     this good for the environment but it also
developer) to finalize the paperwork for the    conversion of the building.                    can save us money by removing the material
$1.8 million brownfields grant.                                                                from the waste stream. Because the food
                                                Composting –Thanks to an effort led by         waste is treated in an anaerobic digester we
Bridge Road and Haddam Center Side-             Linda Talbot and the Sustainability Com-       can accept bones, meat scraps and some
walks – A contractor has been selected          mittee we now accept food waste for com-       other items you normally can’t compost
for the Haddam Center sidewalk. We’re           posting at the Transfer Station. Not only is   continued on page 4

 Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                                       3
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
events    TM Ventures, LLC
                                                                  Selectman's Corner.................................................................................................... 3
                                                                  Free Food Scrap Recovery Program
                                                                     a Successful Opening Weekend........................................................................ 5
    dba Essex Printing & Events Magazines                         News & Deadlines form the Assessor's Office.................................................. 6
       18 Industrial Park Road, P.O.Box 205
             Centerbrook, CT 06409                                Greetings form the Tax Office................................................................................ 8
         860-767-9087 Fax 860-767-0259                            Haddam-Killingworth Recreation Department.............................................10
                                   Vista Life Innovations Receives $10,000
                                                                     in Grant Funding from the AT&T Foundation ...........................................11
                 William E. McMinn                                Sharing Smiles and Creativity with Haddam..................................................12

              LAYOUT & AD DESIGN                                  34th Annual Celebrity Dinner & Memorabilia Auction...............................14
                  Lynne Hardt                                     Agricultural Day Returns!.......................................................................................14
           SALES REPRESENTATIVES                                  Brainerd Memorial Library-Add a Brick to Our Walkway............................15
             ESSEX • WESTBROOK                                    The Friends of Brainerd Memorial Library.......................................................17
             CLINTON • MADISON
            Ward Feirer 914-806-5500                              The Last Word... Dr. Todd Lanman-Repairing Lives
                                                                     from California to Connecticut and Around the Globe...............................18
                OLD SAYBROOK
            OLD LYME • EAST LYME
          Betty Martelle 860-333-7117
                            Selectmen’s Corner... continued from page 3
                                                               at home. Compostable bags and starter kits are available at the Town Office
         EAST HAMPTON • HADDAM                                 Building. If you don’t have a Transfer Station pass you can get a free, compost
      Contact Essex Printing 860-767-9087                      only pass at the Town Office Building also. More information is on the Recycling
                              Opportunities link on our website.
      Contact Essex Printing 860-767-9087                      COVID-19 – Unfortunately, the virus is still here and new cases have been
                              steadily climbing. It looks like we’re heading for a winter surge. Hospitalizations
                                                               are climbing also but fortunately the daily death rate isn’t. We have a total of 552
      Contact Essex Printing 860-767-9087
                                                               cases in town which is 100 more than when I wrote in August. The best protec-
                              tion for all of us is vaccination. Everyone 5 years and older can get one. Booster
                                                               shots have been approved for everyone 16 and older. See the CDC website at:
                 COVER PHOTO                         ,
               Photo by AC Proctor
                                                               for more information. Please be careful and get vaccinated if you can. Don’t for-
                                                               get about flu vaccinations; flu season has started. Nutmeg Pharmacy is offering                                    vaccinations, booster shots, testing and flu shots.

    Over three quarters of a million readers.                  Finally, some personnel changes at the Town Office Building. After eight years
            13 towns every quarter.
                                                               as our Town Clerk, Scott Brookes retired at the end of December. Thank you
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No part of this publication may be reproduced or
                                                               Scott for all you’ve done. You’ll be missed! I’m happy to welcome Bob Siegrist
transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic            as our new Town Clerk. If you’re in the building drop by and say “Hi” to Bob.
or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any
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4      Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                                                                   
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
Free Food Scrap Recovery
Program a Successful                                               Thinking of Selling
Opening Weekend                                                    or Buying in 2022?
                                                                  Call for Professional,
                                                                   Expert Real Estate
                                                                      The Dee Hasuly Team
                                                                        has over 18 years
                                                                          of Real Estate

Thank you to everyone that made the opening weekend a huge                                                   Dee Hasuly,
success! The Haddam Sustainability Committee has given away
about 50 starter kits, 10 rolls of compostable bags and over 96
gallons of compostable material has been collected.
                                                                            Keller Williams Legacy Partners
We could have not asked for a better start!
                                                                                Glastonbury, CT 06033
                                                                          860-214-1864 /
                                 This program is open and
                                 free to all Haddam residents.
                                 If you have private pick up, a
                                 special pass can be picked up
                                 at the Town Office Building.                                           WMRD
                                 We will be starting fund rais-
                                                                                                       105.3 - FM
                                 ing for this program to offset                                        1150 - AM
                                 the start up costs. Watch the                                         Middletown - Hartford

                                 paper, website and social me-
                                 dia for more information.

If you have any questions on the program please email or stop by the
Town Office Building. More information is available on the          97.3 - FM
town website at: under the recycling tab.                1420 - AM
                                                                  Old Saybrook - New London

                                                                                              We are
                                                                  The Best of the Valley & Shoreline!!
                                                                   News, Weather, Sports, Traffic, Music, Talk
                                                                     and Opinion, from around the Corner
                                                                           and around the World!!

                                                                         We’ve Got Personality!!!

 Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                             5
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
News & Deadlines from the Assessor’s Office
State of Connecticut Homeowner’s (Circuit Breaker) and the             IS CRUCIAL TO TAXPAYERS!!!
Town of Haddam Senior Abatement Program                                It is imperative that you report any change of mailing address to
The application period for these exemptions is February 1, 2022        the Assessor’s Office. The mailing address on the Assessor’s records
to May 15, 2022. Persons who file must be 65 years of age by           is what is used for all tax bills and other correspondence such as
December 31, 2021 or totally disabled. Please call the Assessor’s      assessment information, assessment appeals information, etc. Not
Office at: 860-345-8531 Ext 213 or 226 to make an appointment or       only is this information used by the tax collector it is also used by
to discuss your qualifications.                                        the land use office, building department, selectman’s office and
                                                                       other departments.
Additional Veteran’s Exemption
The application period for Additional Veteran’s exemptions is          We have come across many circumstances where the mailing
February 1, 2022 to October 1, 2022. Please call the Assessor’s        address on record has been incorrect. These incorrect addresses
Office at 860-345-8531 Ext 213 or 226 to make an appointment           may result in interest penalties and other charges imposed by the
or to discuss your qualifications.                                     Tax Collector’s Office due to the claim that no tax bill was received.
                                                                       Non-receipt of a tax bill does not negate your liability to pay the bill
Proof of income is required when filing for the above programs.        including any interest or penalties. Therefore, we are trying to spare
Income includes all taxable and non-taxable income as well as social   our residents any problems which may arise from an incorrect
security income.                                                       mailing address.

Exemption forms for the Totally Disabled and for the Blind are         Remember, if you move, your mail is only forwarded by the post
available in the Assessor’s Office.                                    office for 6 months. In some cases, because the tax bills aren’t gen-
                                                                       erated until the following July, your forwarding address has expired
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 860-    leaving the Tax Collector with no current address. According to
345-8531 Ext 213 or 226.                                               Connecticut General Statutes we are only obligated to send it to the

6    Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                               
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
latest known address. Unfortunately, an incorrect address does            form before being submitted to DMV – therefore the seller’s
not eliminate your liability to pay the bill, including all interest      obligation is to provide a copy of the signed registration form
and penalties.                                                            along with a copy of the plate receipt to the Assessor.
                                                                       b. A copy of the Transfer of Title - The seller must provide the
If you elect to receive your mail via a post office box, please note      assessor with a copy of the signed title and a copy of the plate
that we are unable to access that information through the post            receipt.
office or any other means, so PLEASE inform our office imme-           c. A copy of the new owner’s registration – A copy of the registration
diately of any change of that type.                                        from the new owner along with a copy of the plate receipt.
                                                                       d. Out of state registration – Proof of residency and a copy of
Another important point regarding mailing addresses is that if            registration showing the date the vehicle was registered outside
your taxes are paid by your mortgage company we may not have              the state of Connecticut along with a copy of the plate receipt.
your current mailing address because the bill is forwarded to          e. Stolen or Totaled vehicle – A statement from the insurance
them for the life of the mortgage. While this may not affect your         company indicating that the vehicle was stolen and NOT
tax bill during the mortgage period once the mortgage is paid             RECOVERED or totaled or a copy of the accident report. If the
off or refinanced we may not have your proper address, if we are          owner did not return the plates then he/she must file a lost or stolen
not notified of any change. In addition, it will affect any other         plate form with the DMV and provide us with a copy of the plate
correspondence directed to you.                                           receipt.
                                                                       f. Junked vehicle – A receipt from junkyard and a copy of the plate
If you are unsure if we have your current mailing address, you            receipt.
may call the Assessor’s Office to verify the address that we have      g. Trade-in vehicle – A copy of the purchase agreement identifying
on file.                                                                  the trade-in vehicle and a copy of the plate receipt.
                                                                       h. Donated vehicle - A statement from the organization showing the
Motor Vehicle Supplemental Tax bill were sent out in
December 2021 cover a period of time from October 2, 2020              continued on page 8
to September 30, 2021

Was it sold, totaled, moved out of state, junked or donated?
The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not notify
the Assessor’s Office of any motor vehicle changes or change
of address. We hope the following information will assist our
taxpayers in determining the course of action should the status
of your motor vehicle change. This will ensure that you receive
any credit that may be due. All documentation must be dated
and include the vehicle identification number (VIN).

                                                                                      Home Heating Oil
DO ANYTHING. As long as you transfer the plate you will                        ♦ Central Heating & Heating Oil
receive credit for the old vehicle when you are billed for the
new vehicle on the Supplement List.
                                                                                   ♦ Residential & Commercial
                                                                                          Duct Systems
OR PRORATE A VEHICLE:                                                                ♦ Service & Installations
1. PLATE RECEIPT from DMV indicating that the registration
   a. A copy of the Bill of Sale - The bill of sale is now on the
   bottom of the vehicle owner’s registration form and transfer
   information must be recorded on the back of the registration                                      CT Lic. # S1-395107
                                                                                                     CT Lic. # SM1-1954
                                                                                                     CT Lic. # SM1-1980

 Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                                             7
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
Assessor... continued from page 7
                                          vehicle identification number (VIN) and a copy of the plate receipt.

                                        If you move you must, report your change of address to the DMV. You must be
                                        sure that the tax town code is changed. This will ensure that your vehicles will
                                        be included on the new tax town’s tax list. It is important that when you change
                                        your address with the DMV that you change BOTH your driver’s license AND
                                        your motor vehicle registration.

                                        If you receive a tax bill for a vehicle you no longer have in your possession do not
                                        ignore it.

                                        PLEASE CALL OUR OFFICE WITH ANY QUESTIONS.
                                        If you have any question we can be reached by phone at: 860-345-8531 ext. 226
                                        & 213; via email at: or or you
                                        may stop by the office.

                                        We hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season,

                                        Tammy Anderson CCMAI,

                                        Tracy Thompson,
                                        Assessment Technician

                                        Greetings from the Tax Office
                                        The January installment for Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle
                                        Supplemental bills are due by February 1, 2022.

     Fox                                The second installment for Real Estate, Personal Property and the full Motor
                                        Vehicle Supplemental bills are due by Tuesday February 2, 2022. Postmarked

    Ledge                               dates from the Post Office are accepted. You can use the pre-addressed envelope
                                        that came in the July bills. Payments can still be sent to the Town of Haddam,

    Farm                                30 Field Park Drive, Haddam CT 06438.

                                        And as always, if you want to come in, I love seeing residents. I am in the office:
         Riding Lessons                 Monday -Tuesday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm, Thursday 8:30 am - 6:00 pm and Friday
                                        8:30 am - 12:00 pm. Payments can also be dropped off in the lock box outside the
     Beginner - Grand Prix              Town Office Building to the right of the front door. Please make checks payable
    Dressage & Balanced Seat            to The Town of Haddam.

       Join us for                      I do not mail out bills for the second installment for Real Estate or Personal
      Winter Riding                     Property. If you need a copy of your bill, visit and search under Pay
      in Our Indoor                     Taxes Online. You can print a copy of your original bill, pay a bill or see when a
                                        payment was made. You can always call, email or stop in for a copy.
      Heated Arena
        29-A Daniels Road               If you bought a house, paid off your mortgage, or changed escrow companies
            (off Rt. 151)               after July, please confirm with them on who is going to be paying the January
      East Haddam, CT 06423             installment.
             Credit card payments can be made in the office or online. I do not take payments
                                        over the phone. A service fee of 2.95% for payments made with a credit or debit
    860.873.8108                        card will be applied to all card transactions. An electronic funds transfer can be

8    Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                 
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
  set up online from a checking account for a flat fee of $1.50.
  Please put the bill number on the memo line, it makes it
  easier for me to find with online checks from your bank.

  If you are paying online, you will receive an email confirma-
  tion that your payment was made. If you do not receive one,         AUTO BODY
  or you’re not sure if your payment went through, please
  give your bank or the Tax Office a call before you try again.
  Online payments have to be manually processed in the
  office and will not reflect on our website for a few days.
                                                                        Serving Our Community
  Any payments postmarked after February 1, 2022, will start
  to accrue interest at a rate of 1.5% a month from the origi-                 Since 1956
  nal due date of January 1, 2022. To help keep interest down,
  partial payments can be made at any time.

  If you would like to have a receipt mailed to you, please                860-873-9044
  include a self-address stamped envelope and include a
  phone number and mail the payment to the Tax Office at                      2 Matthews Drive
  30 Field Park Drive, Haddam CT 06438.
                                                                             East Haddam 06423

             The Tax Collector’s office                      
              is open to the public:
        Monday-Tuesday		        8:30 am - 4:00 pm
        Thursday			             8:30 am - 6:00 pm
                                                                                                 WHAT IS 2-1-1?
        Friday				              8:30 am - 12.00 pm
                                                                                                  It is Connecticut’s free and
        Wednesday’s			          by appointment only                                               confidential information
                                                                                                  and referral service. By calling
                                                                     2-1-1, a toll-free number throughout CT, callers can reach
  Kristin Battistoni - 860-345-8531 X 207 or via email at:           knowledgeable, multilingual staff and get information,                                             referrals or seek help in a crisis. 2-1-1 operates 24 hours-
                                                                     a-day, every day of the year. TDD access is available.
  Kristin Battistoni, CCMC,
                                                                     Visit the website for more information at:
  Haddam Tax Collector

                                    Celebrating 20 Years in Chester!

                                      I look forward to addressing your concerns in the following areas of law...
                                      REAL ESTATE: Refinance • Purchase • Sale • Reverse Mortgage
                                      SMALL BUSINESS: Formation • Consulting • Purchase • Sale • Corporation • LLC
                                      WILLS & PROBATE: Probate Administration • Living Wills • Estate Planning • SERVING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1992 •

Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                                    9
Events Haddam - Haddam CT
Haddam-Killingworth Recreation Department
     HK Recreation Department: 345-8334 |

     January / February Programs                                          January / March Sessions
     The Haddam-Killingworth Recreation Department is offer-          •   2nd Grade Basketball
     ing many fun and exciting programs. The flyer is posted on:          Saturdays, 10:30 am, starting January 15 for 6 weeks                                                       at KES
                                                                      •   Winter Wonderland Engineering with Legos
     Online registration is available at:       Wednesday at BES; Thursdays at KES, beginning
     recdeskportal/.                                                      January 12 for 5 weeks, 3:30 pm
                                                                      •   Gymnastics
     A VARIETY OF YOUTH PROGRAMS                                          Wednesdays at KES; Tuesdays at BES 3:30 pm, beginning
     WILL BE OFFERED SUCH AS:                                             January 12
     • Soccer Skills Clinic, Ages 3-5                                                                     • Painting Step By Step II
       Fridays, 3:45 pm, starting January 14                                                                Mondays at KES,
     • Horseback Riding, Ages 8 and up                                                                      beginning January 10th
       Thursdays beginning January 13; 5:30 or 6:30 pm or                                                   or Mondays at BES
       Mondays beginning February 7 at Whitney Ridge Stables                                                beginning March 7;
     • Kids Pottery                                                                                         3:30 pm
       Thursdays at 4:15 pm; beginning January 6 at the HK HS                                             • When I’m in Charge
     • Karate Kids                                                                                          Wednesday, January 19
       Mondays at BES; Wednesdays at KES; 3:30 pm, starting                                                 at 5:30 pm at the HK HS
       January 10 for 6 weeks                                                                               Lower Media Center
     • Creative Art                                                   •   Zumba© Kids
       Tuesdays & Fridays at BES; Tuesdays at KES; 3:30 pm,               Thursdays at BES beginning January 13 or Wedensdays

10     Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                          
at KES beginning March 2 at 3:30 pm                                5:30 pm at the HK HS Lower Media Center
  • Wizard’s School of Magic
    Wednesdays at KES January 19; February 23 at BES;                ADULT PROGRAMS INCLUDE:
    3:30 pm                                                          Fitness Yoga (Zoom), Pottery, Indoor Pickleball, Aqua
  • The Art of Science                                               Aerobics, Horseback Riding and Adult / Child / Infant CPR.
    Thursdays at BES beginning January 20 for 5 weeks or
    Fridays at KES beginning January 21; 3:30 pm                     For more information about any of our programs, please visit
  • Babysitting Course                                               us at:
    Mondays & Wednesdays, beginning February 23 at

   Vista Life Innovations Receives $10,000 in Grant Funding
   from the AT&T Foundation
   The AT&T Foundation recently award-         safety training for the neurodiverse       Foundation funding will enable Vista to
   ed a $10,000 grant to support internet      individuals that Vista serves on topics    continue to promote safer online practic-
   safety training at Vista Life Innovations   such as navigating the internet safely,    es for our students and members while
   (Vista), a nationally approved post-sec-    managing social media, and protecting      also carrying out our mission to provide
   ondary training program dedicated to        personal information.                      services and resources to assist individu-
   the personal success of individuals with                                               als with disabilities achieve personal suc-
   disabilities who reside along the Con-      Helen Bosch, CEO of Vista, states, "We     cess. State Representative Vin Candelora
   necticut shoreline.                         are appreciative of State Representa-      describes, "The team at Vista does great
                                               tive Vin Candelora's nomination for        work that truly makes a difference in the
   The award will underwrite a series of       this great opportunity. The AT&T                                continued on page 12

Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                                       11
Vista… continued from page 11

                                 & SON, INC.
              Serving the CT River Valley
                  Heating Oil Dealer #252
                   P-203832 / S-303213

       “Delivering for Our
     Customers Since 1924”
               • WATER SYSTEMS                                   Rep. Vin Candelora, Helen Bosch, Vista CEO and
             Pumps, Tanks, Heaters, Filters                         Kelly Wade Bettuchi, AT&T Reg. Director..

           • FUEL OILS, PLUMBING                    lives of so many people, and I'm happy to have played a small
                AND HEATING                         role in helping the organization secure this grant award that will
        High Efficiency Boilers, Solar Hot Water    only bolster its impact on people who depend on them."
     Service and Repairs, Remodeling, Renovations
                                                    Vista is excited to collaborate with AT&T and their commitment
                860-873-8454                        to providing public safety with the communication tools that
                        people need. This grant funding will enable Vista to provide
                                                    a safe and supportive environment for Vista's students and
                                                    members—individuals with disabilities. "Vista Life Innovations
                                                    is helping students to safely and effectively harness the power of
                                                    technology. At AT&T, we are proud to support that important
                                                    mission and help provide Connecticut students with an equi-
                                                    table opportunity to learn, thrive, and achieve their goals. Now
                                                    more than ever, it is critical to ensure organizations like Vista
                                                    Life Innovations have the resources they need to continue mak-
                                                    ing a real difference in the lives of local students and families,"
                                                    said John Emra, President of AT&T New England.

                                                    Vista Life Innovations is a 501©3 nonprofit organization with
                                                    campuses in Madison and Westbrook. Vista's mission is to provide
                                                    services and resources to assist individuals with disabilities achieve
                                                    personal success. For more information about Vista, please visit

                                                    Sharing Smiles and
                                                    Creativity with Haddam
                                                    At the Community Foundation of Middlesex County (CFMC),
                                                    one of our favorite things is sharing the many ways our non-
                                                    profit organizations find creative and fun ways to support their
                                                    community. Case in point: the staff and volunteers at Brainerd
                                                    Memorial Library (BML) are some of the most amazing people
                                                    we know, and everything they do is about enriching their favor-
                                                    ite community, Haddam.

12     Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                        
Thanks to a CFMC partnership with the Peach Pit Founda-
tion, BML received a surprise $1,000 grant at the end of 2020
given in honor of the CFMC Leadership Circle. The grant had
                                                                     WEST MAIN ST.
only one stipulation: have some fun throughout the year! The
creative minds at BML used the funds to purchase a Cricut, a
                                                                     SERVICES, INC.
multi-functional cutting machine that helped transform existing
supplies into monthly take-home craft kits. The Library’s one
                                                                   Quality Service & Repair for
restriction on these kits – when you make one for yourself, make   all your Automotive Needs
one for someone in the community, too! BML patrons have
                                                                        Family Business since 1946
made crochet projects, greeting cards, and cookies, with more
fun project coming in 2022.

Once again, the Peach Pit Foundation has partnered with CFMC
for another round of “surprise grants” to our libraries. In rec-
ognition of CFMC's 25th Anniversary, each library will receive
a $2,500 grant with only one request – share some "Kindness."
BML’s director, Tom Piezzo explained kindness is always on their
minds and the Library team has many exciting ideas that they
can’t wait to put to work. A “Round of Applause” for our friends
at Brainerd Memorial Library. We look forward to the many            860-526-4004
ways they help make life brighter for everyone in Haddam ... one   100 West Main Street, Chester
act of kindness at a time. You can find out more about the “Good
People Doing Great Things in Middlesex County” by visiting us
online at:

           Dr. Leroy Holdmeyer
     92 Saybrook Road, Higganum, CT 06441
                 fax 860.345.2557

 Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                       13
34th Annual Celebrity Dinner & Memorabilia Auction
“WIN” Dinner to Support
 CT Cancer Patients

The 34th Annual Celebrity Dinner & Memorabilia Auction
is right around the corner!
The dinner will be held on Friday, February 4th at Mohegan
Sun and will feature silent & live auctions, and...

 Hall of Famer Johnny Bench - "Baseball's Greatest Catcher,"
 former NY Yankee All-Stars - 1st baseman Chris Chambliss,
 2nd baseman Willie Randolph
 3rd baseman Graig Nettles!
 with Master of Ceremonies Bobby Valentine!

based on CCF's new signature "WIN" Bracelet.                           of cancer; diagnosis, treatment, financial hardship and striving
In partnership with Elyse Ryan Jewelry, the CT Cancer Founda-          to reach home plate for a “WIN”!
tion has designed the “WIN” bracelet to support our mission to
provide economic assistance and compassionate financial aid to         We hope to see you on February 4th at Mohegan Sun! Sponsor-
CT cancer patients. Its winning design highlighting the connec-        ships & tickets are still available. For more information, please
tion to CCF’s baseball history is reflective of rounding the bases     visit us at: or call 860-388-0788.

                                                     Agricultural Day Returns!
                                                     AT BRAINERD MEMORIAL LIBRARY
                                                     SATURDAY, JUNE 4TH, FROM 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
                                                                                                      WE ARE LOOKING FOR
                                                                                                      SPONSORS. PLEASE HELP MAKE
       Automatic Fuel Delivery                                                                        THIS EVENT A SUCCESS!
      Price Protection Programs
         AC Service & Installation                                                                    Tell us how you’d like to be involved.
           Pool Heater Service                                                                        You’re welcome to provide crafts,
              & Installation                                                                          displays, snacks, plants, livestock,
         24/7 Emergency Service                                                                       farm equipment, program sup-
         Furnace/Boiler Service &                                                                     plies…
         Kohler Generator Service
              & Installation                         “Tractor Mac” children’s author, Billy Steers,   If you are interested in: sponsoring
              Gas Fireplaces                         above, is scheduled to appear with his tractor   the program, providing other types
              Water Heaters                          and present a program.                           of support or participating, please
              Service Plans                                                                           call the library at: 860-345-2204 and
            Customer Loyalty                         CALLING ALL LOCAL BUSINESSES,                    ask for Marissa or Robbie. Or email
           & Referral Programs                       ORGANIZATIONS, GARDENERS,                        us at:
                                                     FARMERS, & CRAFTERS!
                                                     BML is planning a family event with animals;     Thank you to all organizations and
                                                     presentations and displays; book and plant       participants who have made our
       Your local and family owned                   sales; crafts and garden related activities!     last 3 “Ag” Days a fun time for our
          and operated source.                                                                        patrons, community, and staff!

14     Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                          
Brainerd Memorial Library                                                                          You will be contacted to verify spelling and
Add a Brick to Our Walkway                                                                         to confirm the order.

The new walkway at the Brainerd                     18 characters in each line                     Engraved bricks will be installed in groups
Memorial Library offers the opportunity           • 12×12 $500: 8 lines of text with               throughout the year, weather permitting.
for you to be a part of the future. Purchas-        15 characters in each line                     Thank you for your donation and participa-
ing a customized brick is a wonderful way                                                          tion in the BML Book a Brick project!
to pay tribute to or memorialize a friend or      HOW TO ORDER YOUR BRICK
loved one, share a message, or give as a gift.    Visit our website at: https://brainerdlibrary.
The brick will be visible to all as they enter and click the link on the home-
our beautiful, historic building.                 page to access the Book-a-Brick page. Here
                                                  you can open a PDF in the brick links, print
We offer 3 sizes of bricks, but there is a lim-   the form, and mail it with your check to
ited supply so Book a Brick soon!                 the library. Or complete the order forms
• 4×8		 $100: 3 lines of text with                online using a direct link to the brick seller
   18 characters in each line                     and PayPal. [Note: there is a 3% PayPal fee
• 8×8		 $250: 6 lines of text with                charged to the library.]

                                                       Tired of
                                                   long lead times
                                                     on furniture!
                                                  We build custom
                                                      right here
                                                    in Deep River.
                                                  Bring your ideas,
                                                        we can
                                                  make it happen!

      500 Main Street Ste. 6 • Deep River, 06417

 Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                                            15
The Friends of Brainerd Memorial Library
WHO WE ARE                                                                                  2022 VOLUNTEER & MEMBERSHIP
Started in 1984, the Brainerd Memorial                                                      OPPORTUNITIES
Library Friends support and promote                                                         • Join by sending in the 2022 brochure
the mission, programs, collections, and                                                       available at the library or on the website
services of the library. We are a committee                                                   in March.
of the library board and a member of the                                                    • Volunteer to help in the Book Nook.
Friends of CT Libraries. We take great joy                                                  • Attend planning meetings.
in the work we do and we’d love you to                                                      • Help at book sales, plant sales, or other
join us.                                                                                      projects and events at the library.
                                                                                            • Promote the library at community
2021 PROJECTS & SERVICES                                                                      events, like the Haddam Neck Fair.
• We raised over $8000 through book,
  plant, merchandise, and online sales                                                      2022 FRIENDS’ INITIATIVES
  and our annual Membership Drive.                                                          • Contribute toward Children’s
• Managed onsite bookstore, The Book                                                          Department materials.
  Nook                                                                                      • Support library programs and events
• Participated in Haddam Farmer's Market                                                      for all ages.
  and Haddam Neck Fair                                                                      • Continue successful fundraising,
• Partnered with BML Children's               • Provided free book bundles for children       services, and activities.
  Department, Haddam Garden Club,               and truffles for bookstore purchases        • Partner with the Children’s Department
  UCONN Extension, & local vendors for        • Provided books to the Little Free             to organize the 2022 Return of
  Summer & Fall Fest Events                     Libraries                                     “Agricultural Day.”
• Purchased a bench for the downstairs        • Provided community service                  • Sponsor infant gift bags.
  lobby                                         opportunities                               • Sponsor the development of a new

                                                                               ONE of a KIND
                         Looking for a                                        ANTIQUES
                     Few Good People!                                                     ~ SINCE 1975 ~
                       Earn Supplemental Income
                                                                                 A wide array of original
                   Be Part of the Outstanding Sales                              period antiques and art
                      Team at Events Magazines                                   from all over the world;
                      • Part-Time                                                  also, fine handmade
                        Commission-Based Sales                                     artisanal furniture.
                      • Flexible Schedule                                             Visit online at
                        in Designated Locations                          or in
                      • Leads Ready to Work                                      person by appointment.
                      • Training and Ongoing                                              860-526-9736
                        Support Provided                                                  info@
                        If interested, contact                         
                 Essex Printing/Events Magazines at:                               323 Boston Post Road
                                                    Old Saybrook, CT

16    Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                        
“Bringing the Outside In” project.

New Initiative Descriptions
The Friends are partnering with the
Children’s department to help sponsor                                                                         The Friends partnered with
                                                                                                              BML Children's Department,
and organize the event. The Friends have                                                                      Haddam Garden Club, UCONN
participated in the three “Ag” Days held                                                                      Extension, & local vendors for
                                                                                                              Summer & Fall Fest Events.
from 2016 -2018. This year the Friends
are more involved with the planning and          has a new addition, the Friends will send   department’s patrons to build or paint the
development of the event. We are assisting       a welcome postcard telling them a gift is   items for installation around the library
in procuring sponsors, participants, and         available to pick up at the library.        property. The birdhouses and feeders can
volunteers as well as set up. The Friends                                                    be hung in view of the library windows or
portion of the event will include a: book,       Gift bags will include: A board book,       attached to the windows. Binoculars and
plant, and bake sale.                            bib with embroidered graphic and slogan,    CT birding materials will be available for
                                                 and bookmark describing the children’s      patrons to birdwatch. This would allow
                         2 BOOKS                 programs.                                   teen volunteers another opportunity to be
                         FOR BABIES:                                                         involved in a fun project; working on and
                         “I’m a Brainerd         3 BIRDHOUSES & FEEDERS:                     maintaining the birdhouses & feeders.
                         Baby!”                  This project reflects the concept of
                         The Friends             “Bringing the outside in.”                  This initiative fits in with the library’s
                         are sponsoring          The Friends are sponsoring the develop-     setting as well as the community’s inter-
                         infant gift bags.       ment of a birdhouse and feeder program      ests and promotes the awareness of the
                         When a family           that would enlist the Youth Services        surrounding natural world.

                                                                            F R E E i n - h o m e Ev a l u a t i o n
           447 Spencer Plains Road, Westbrook
                                                                  100% Financing On All Equipment!
   • Home Heating Oil                                             With today’s energy efficient equipment you can greatly reduce
                                                                  your heating and cooling expenses.
   • Propane
   • Heating & Cooling                                            Mutual Security Credit Union will provide flexible and convenient
                                                                  financing options for Heating and Cooling Equipment.
   • Equipment & Installations
   • 24 Hour Service                                                                                                10
                                                                  • No down payment           0%
                                                                                           TO MEET
                                       HOD 130 HCO 1120
                                                                  • Low Rates               YOUR
                                                                  • Loans up to $25,000
                                                                  • Maximum term 72 months
                                                                  Rebates up to $300 on Oil Fired Boilers,
                                                                  Furnaces and Roth Oil Storage Tanks

  PRO       PANE
   Bristol 860.589.4328

 Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                                                                        17
           last word…
Dr. Todd Lanman – Repairing Lives from California
to Connecticut and Around the Globe                                                                  by Sigrid Kun

When you think of Beverly Hills, you may think glitz and glamour…fabulous                  to become a spinal neurosurgeon,” notes Lanman about being able
homes, fancy cars, Rodeo Drive. But there’s life-changing work going on. And               to say ‘we can do this’ when other surgeons have said no. “I watch
that’s not just for movie stars, sports heroes, or top executives. Beverly Hills-based     months and even years of anxiety release from a patient when they
neurosurgeon/spine specialist, Dr. Todd Lanman, is making a difference for                 realize there is a solution for their constant pain, and they can once
countless individuals from all walks of life - coast to coast and around the globe.        again lead a fully functional and active lifestyle.”

MOTION IS LIFE                                                                                                  PAIN FUELS PASSION
Motion is everything. And the spine is                                                                          Defining moments fueled Lanman’s drive. “I was
at the root of it all. Spinal issues can be                                                                     standing in the driveway of our home when a
limiting, debilitating. Over the last 30                                                                        neighbor ran up to my mother and cried, “JFK
years, Dr. Lanman has been a leader                                                                             has been shot!” The small-town Indiana boy
in spinal care advances. That includes                                                                          tried to grasp the situation as he watched the
(among other things) single and multi-                                                                          live news coverage. “What’s a neurosurgeon?”
level artificial disc replacements, serving                                                                     he asked. His mother explained how neuro-
as the principal investigator for clinical                                                                      surgeons were trying to save the President’s life.
trials for new devices, as well as pioneering                                                                   “It was at that moment that I told my mother I
Restorative Motion Surgery – a novel                                                              Dr. Todd      wanted to become one. I wanted to heal people,”
procedure he first performed in 2016 that                                                         pictured      Lanman says.
removes a patient’s prior fusion(s) and                                                         above and
replaces it with one or more artificial discs                                                     on right,      When Lanman was 9, his father was diagnosed
to restore the patient to full or near full                                                                      with acute myeloblastic leukemia and died
motion in the cervical spine.                                                                surgery with        within three months. That further solidified
                                                                                                colleague.       Lanman’s resolve to alleviate the pain that
At 64, he is an avid surfer, skier, biker,                                                                       illness can bring to people. Lanman himself
boater, with numerous blackbelts in martial arts. He understands the importance            has undergone four cervical and four lumbar spine surgeries. “I’m a
of an active lifestyle no matter one’s age. There are about 480,000 fusions                doctor that takes his own medicine,” he says. “I understand firsthand
performed in the U.S. annually. Dr. Lanman believes more than half of these                what it’s like to have limited movement in your neck and back, and
motion restricting surgeries should not have occurred. “For decades, spinal fusion         to suffer from excruciating pain. My patients are grateful because
was the go-to procedure, in a similar way to how one would have their hip fused            they feel I understand their concerns. They know I can relate to
when they had a degenerative hip,” Lanman explains. “Nowadays, if a doctor                 exactly what they are going through and that gives them comfort.”
said they wanted to fuse your hip, you would think they were crazy.” That’s where
artificial discs come in. “The overwhelming clinical evidence over the last few            WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD?
years has shown me the same need for finding solutions for those suffering from            Dr. Lanman has launched the largest disc replacement center in the
degenerative discs. . . . I’ve heard stories from countless patients about how they        U.S. (in Florida and Southern California) and soon to come in the
feel they were given a second chance at life after being implanted with these discs.”      mid U.S. to allow easier access for East Coast and European clients.
                                                                                           He created the Lanman Foundation to provide advanced research
IT’S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE                                                                      regarding motion preservation and spinal surgery. The foundation
Taking extra time with patients is important to Dr. Lanman. “We were taught                also offers motion preserving surgeries to veterans who have injured
years ago to spend a lot of time getting to know the patient," he notes. "I’ll spend       their necks or backs while on duty. He is adamant about conducting
at least an hour with a new patient, get to know them, and their lifestyle, what           multi-level artificial disc replacement studies. He advocates a new,
their work activities are, and their sports activities, and get a feel for their goals.”   holistic approach to research/spine health, including nutrition,
His patients are testaments to the magic that can result.                                  hormone management, and stem cell issues. And he sees a
                                                                                           brighter future – less fusions, more motion-preserving artificial
Often, he isn’t sure why the plates and screws were put into someone’s neck. But           discs, advanced surgical therapies, and newer, more cost-effective
he is determined to fix it. The lady from Texas? Numerous cervical fusions didn’t          technologies.
allow her to look down to golf. He was able to restore motion. What about the
25-year-old wrestler from New England? Dr. Lanman reversed a fusion that                   “My hope is that we continue to follow the mission of preserving
allowed the young man to compete – and win – again. And yes, there are grateful            spinal function in adults at every age and restore motion to those
patients from Connecticut. The common thread? To them all, Dr. Lanman is a                 afflicted by disorders of the spine and joints,” underscores Lanman.
true lifesaver.                                                                            “We seek to gather, evaluate, apply, and share information to advance
                                                                                           the cumulative knowledge of these disorders and help improve
“It’s incredibly reaffirming to me and a great reminder of why I originally wanted         patient’s outcomes and their lives.”

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     Haddam  Events • •Quarter
           Magazines   Quarter11• •2022
6 Tips to Lower Your Energy Bill This Winter Season
The cold weather is here and while some New Englanders             3. CHECK YOUR FIREPLACE DAMPER: Leaving your fireplace
pride themselves on going as long as they can without turning      damper open is the number one way cold air can sneak into
on the heat, it’s finally time to adjust the thermostat.           your home without you realizing it. When the damper is open,
                                                                   warm air in your home can escape through the chimney, mak-
This winter, as the global demand for natural gas soars,           ing the room colder than it needs to be.
heating prices are on the rise. But as a smart consumer, you
can mitigate these costs by ensuring that your home is as          4. LIGHT THE WAY WITH LEDS: However you decide to
energy-efficient as possible.                                      decorate this year, make sure to use ENERGY STAR® certified
                                                                                                    LEDs for all lighting needs.
Take a look at the below list                                                                       LED lights use far less energy
of energy efficiency tips to                                                                        than traditional bulbs—a
implement in your home                                                                              string of 100 lights consumes
this winter:                                                                                        about 8 watts, which is a frac-
                                                                                                    tion of what a traditional light
1. PREVENT DRAFTS:                                                                                  bulb string requires. Plus, LED
To keep cold air out, you                                                                           bulbs last far longer, so you
should properly protect                                                                             won’t be up on the roof trying
your home against the ele-                                                                          to replace bulbs every season.
ments. Windows, vents, and                                                                          To make these fun holiday
door frames can allow heat-                                                                         lights even more efficient,
ed air to escape. Check that                                                                        utilize light timers to make
they are properly sealed to                                                                         sure they’re only on when
prevent drafts and leaks.                                                                           they need to shine.
Also, locking your windows will make them tighter and draft
resistant, as will closing storm windows. You can purchase or      5. CATCH SOME RAYS: Did you know you can use the sun to
make door and window draft stoppers that will seal any leaks.      your advantage, even in the winter? By opening your curtains
                                                                   and blinds during the day, you can help heat a room with
If you don’t properly weatherize your home, your heating           sunlight. Utilizing the natural power of the sun to keep your
system will work harder than it has to, wasting energy and         home warm can take strain off your HVAC system and lower
making it harder to stay comfortable due to drafts or hot and      your energy bill.
cold spots.
                                                                   6. REPLACE YOUR FURNACE FILTER: When your HVAC
Let the professionals handle air sealing for you. Learn more       system’s filter is clogged, it reduces airflow, which puts strain
about how Home Energy Solutions/a Home Energy Assess-              on your heating and cooling system. To maintain good airflow,
ment can help.                                                     check your filter once a month to make sure it’s not too dirty.
                                                                   If it’s been a while since you replaced your filter, you should
2. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HOME HEATING: Program-                     consider adding a pack of new filters to your wish list this
mable and smart thermostats can be set to pre-determined           season.
temperatures during specific times of the day. The advantage
of using these types of thermostats is that they allow you to      No matter how cold this winter gets, if you take the time to in-
customize your heating schedule, so while you’re away from         corporate a tip or two, you can feel confident that your home
home or sleeping, you can adjust your settings accordingly to      will be both energy-efficient and comfortable this season.
save money and energy. Rebates of up to $100 may be avail-
able for the purchase of a new qualifying smart thermostat.

(CT) Shop the Eversource Savings Center https://www.pow- to receive an instant discount on
popular models.

(MA) Shop our online marketplace https://www.powered to receive an instant discount on popular
                                                       PAID FOR BY EVERSOURCE

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                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                         PERMIT NO. 155
                                                                         DEEP RIVER, CT

                                        RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER

20   Haddam Events • Quarter 1 • 2022                
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