LIGUE PAYS DE LOIRE

                     PORNICHET SELECT 6.50
                    April 18th to April 25th 2018


           Cercle Nautique la Baule le Pouliguen Pornichet
                              F. F. Voile
                            CLASSE MINI

                      SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

                       Pornichet Select 6.50
                     Start on 21th of April 2018
                               Rank 4

Indice 3

           1    RULES, REGISTRATION
           4    SIGNALS ASHORE
           5-   RACE PROGRAM
           6    RACE FLAG
           7    STARTING AREA
           8    THE COURSE
           9    MARKS
           11   STARTS
           12   MARKS CHECKING BOATS
           13   THE FINISH
           14   PENALTY SYSTEM
           17   RANKING
           18   SAFETY
           21   EVENT ADVERTISING
           23   SUPPORT BOATS
           27   PRIZES
           A1   APPENDIX 1 (instructions for operation of the beacons)
           A2   APPENDIX 2 (Starting Declaration)
           A3   APPENDIX 3 (COURSE)
           A4   APPENDIX 4 (illustrating for the course in bay of Pornichet)
           A5   APPENDIX 5 (Dangers in the bay)
           A6   APPENDIX 6 (Arrival Declaration)
           A7   APPENDIX 7 (procedure upon arrival)
           A8   APPENDIX 8 (Retirement)

Indice 3
1          RULES
1.1        The event will be governed by:
                - the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), except rules 51 and 54
                - the “class Mini” rules 2018
1.2        the national prescriptions that will apply for foreign competitors are stated below at the chapter “prescription” as far as
1.3        The FFVoile regulations
1.4        RRS apply within:
                     - 10 Nm in a straight line from the start
                     - 10 Nm in a straight line to the finishing line, except between 7pm and 5am UTC
           Between those two areas, COLREG will apply
1.5        The O.S.R; 3rd category
1.6        Federal Licence
           Each competitor must be in order with the national authority of his country of residence. French skippers have to
           possess a sailing licence valid until the term of the event, with a medical visa. Foreign sailors must produce a licence
           from their country or to be covered by an insurance equivalent to the FFVoile one (2 million euros) and a valid medical
           certificate less than one year old.
1.7        The official language is FRENCH. In case of translation French text will take precedence.
1.8         Racing rules of Sailing (2017 – 2020) modified by SI are : racing flags and RRS 32.2 (paragraph 8.5 and 8.6 of SI and
           appendix 2, shortening), individual recall RRS 29.1 (paragraph 11.5 and 11.7 of SI), time limit and ranking RRS 35, A4 and
           A5 (paragraph 15 of SI), Protest requirements RRs 61.1-b (paragraph 16.4 of SI) and RRS 61.1-a (paragraph 16.5 of SI),
           reopening a hearing RRS 66 (paragraph 16.6 of SI).

           The competitors, whose registration is accepted by the class mini, shall confirm their intention to race to the organizing
           authority. The skippers in charge of boats with publicity must produce a valid authorization delivered by their national
           sportive authority (advertising fee) if needed.
           Each competitor must be in order with the Class-Mini rules, and have to be able to provide the necessary documents
           (R11 of the Minis 2018 rules.
           At the moment they will confirm their participation to the race, the skippers must produce to the Organization a valid
           copy of the measurement certificate of the boat
1.9.1      Each boat must be fitted out with the equipment required by the maritime authorities, the 2018 Guide Mini (E-15
           article), the OSR for the 3 category, and must satisfy all checks before the start.
1.9.2      Each competitor who participates to the race keeps all responsibilities about risks and dangers. The responsibility for a
           boat’s decision to participate in the race or to continue racing is hers alone.
1.9.3      A satellite tracking beacon is provided by the organization, a deposit of 500 euros will be requested from all
           participants, in case of loss of the beacon or no return of the beacon, the deposit shall be used.
           An explanatory leaflet will be distributed during registration; operation of the beacon will be explained during the start
           briefing. (Appendix 1)
           The beacon will be fixed on the pushpit (left or right), moved away from the solar panels.

           The notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board placed in the Race Office (CNBPP village on the
           north pier).
           Jury secretary will be at the CNBPP race office (CNBPP village on the north pier).
           Jury room will be at the CNBPP room at the port of PORNICHET (Near harbor office).
           The notices will be posted on a website :

           Any change to these Sailing Instructions will be posted at least 4 h before the Class Flag, Sound Signal (preparatory
           Any change in the race schedule will be posted on the official notice board before 8 pm Friday 20 of April.

Indice 3
4.1        Signals made ashore will be hoisted on the mast in front the CNBPP race office at the port of PORNICHET.
4.2        The"AP"flag, supported by two sound signals, means "the race is postponed, competitors must stay ashore."
4.3        When the "AP"flag is brought down, supported by a sound signal, the competitor must immediately join the starting
           There will be a minimum of 1h30 between AP down and the first warning signal.

4     RACE schedule
5.1 Wednesday, April 18
     - From 9 am to 6 pm, the race office welcomes for registration, and check of safety equipment.
5.2 Thursday, April 19th
    - From 9 am to 6 pm, the race office welcomes for registration, and check of safety equipment.
    - 8 pm crew dinner.
5.3 Friday, April 20th
         - From 9 am to 6 pm, the race office welcomes for registration, and check of safety equipment.
         - 5:00 pm, general briefing: The attendance of the skippers is mandatory. Skippers will sign departure sheet (north pier)
         - 6.00 pm, competitors registered for the first or second time at the PORNICHET Select will be invited at a dedicated
         briefing (north pier)”
5.4 Saturday April 21th
         - 7.45 at 9 am breakfast for the skippers on the north pier”.
         - 9 am weather report
         - 12: 55 pm At Race Committee disposal for first warning signal.
         - 1 :00 pm Start
5.5 Wednesday, April 26th
     - Closure of the finishing line at 10:00 am
     - 12:00 am prize giving ceremony on the north pier
5.6 Tide tables

               Date         BM           PM       coef        BM       PM           coef     BM
             19 avril      1h42         7h20       96        13h59   19h36          92
             20 avril      2h25         8h02       87        14h44   20h19          81
             21 avril      3h12         8h52       75        15h34   21h11          68
             22 avril      4h08        10h02       61        16h34   22h33          56
             23 avril      5h14        12h23       52        17h45
             24 avril                  00h53       50        6h32    13h46           51    19h02
             25 avril                  02h11       54        7h50    14h48           60    20h15

6          RACE FLAG
           The Class flag is the flag of the “Class Mini”.

           The starting area is located in the bay in front of Pornichet harbour.

8          THE COURSE
8.1        The course is defined in the appendix 3. It explains the order in which the marks have to be rounded or passed and on
           which side they have to be left.
           Geodesy: WGS 1984
8.2        The start of the race will be a course built in Bay of PORNICHET as per appendix 4. Flag D means: a windward mark and
           an offset mark are laid.
8.3        The approximate heading of the first mark could be posted on the Committee boat before the warning signal.
8.4        An official time recording will be made at the buoy “Nouch South Sables d’Olonne. An official boat will be at the
           mooring in the north of the buoy "Nouch South" at a distance of approximately 100 meters.
           This official scoring will be considered as the final ranking if the Race Committee should stop the race after passing that

Indice 3
This scoring will be taken into account when the competitor, after leaving the buoy to starboard, crosses the line
           defined by the buoy and the official boat's mast, identified by the CNBPP flag and the Second Substitute flag.
           Competitors must report on VHF channel race when they are 5miles of the buoy “Nouch south.
           If the weather conditions happen to be too difficult to implement this system, competitors will note on their
           logbook the time of passing the imaginary line defined by the magnetic north and buoy "Nouch South." They will
           however be required to announce on VHF as well as the normal procedure, a VHF watch will be set up on shore.
8.5        Shortening Course at the Nouch south: The "S" flag hoisted on an official boat parked next to a mark, with two sound
           signals, means: "after rounding the mark, go to the points 13, 13bis, 17, 18 and 19 of the appendix 3. All other
           marks between that mark and the finishing line are cancelled. "
           This procedure will be back up by information on VHF channel racing. Competitors must acknowledge receipt of this
8.6        Refer to the appendix « official scoring at a mark » in cases of shortening course identified by the second substitute flag

9          MARKS
9.1        Starting, course and offset marks are :
           Start: committee boat with CNBPP pennant
           Offset mark, course in the bay: orange conical marks
           Gate: “Basse Lovre” to be left to starboard, and cylindric yellow mark to port
           Finish: cylindric yellow mark

           The following areas designated as obstructions: see Dangers in bay:
           - (Appendix 5).
           - other zones according to amendments

11         STARTS
11.1       The starting line will be defined on starboard by the mast of the Race Committee boat on the right, with an orange flag,
           and by the mast of the other boat, with an orange flag on the left.
11.2       Start signal:
           Warning signal: Class Flag = Class Mini.
11.3       The starting procedure: RRS 26 applies.
           Signal                 Flag and sound signal                                     Minutes before the
                                                                                            start signal
            Warning                Class Flag, Sound Signal                                   5
            Preparatory            “P” or “I” or “Z”, Sound signal                            4
            One minute             Preparatory flag lowered with one long sound signal 1
            Start                  Class Flag lowered with one sound signal                   0
11.4       To alert boats that a race will start shortly, an orange flag will be displayed on the RC boat with a sound
           signal at least 5 mn prior to the warning signal.
11.5       The starting line will remain opened for 30 minutes after the starting signal.
11.6       Individual recall
           • In case of individual recall, the X flag will remain displayed for 30 minutes after the starting signal (this changes RRS
               29.1) or until the boats concerned have complied with RRS 30.1.
           • Any boat being recalled under RRS 29 will be penalized without a hearing of 1 hour.( For ZFP, refer to SI 11.7), (in
               case of individual recall not corrected, refer to SI 11.8).
           2 minutes after the starting signal, the race committee may inform the boats concerned by VHF on race
           channel, and send, if possible, a fast boat flying the 'X' flag close to the boat which did not repair. The lack of action by
           the race committee will not be ground for request of redress (modifies RRS 60.1(b))
11.7       Boats scored ZFP will be penalized without a hearing of 10% of their racing time
11.8       A recalled boat that did not repair will be scored OCS. The penalty, after a hearing, will be between 4h
           minimum and DSQ.
11.9       In case of any technical and/or exceptional reasons a boat cannot start within the time prescribed above, she might be
           authorised by the race committee to re-start, only if the following conditions are respected :
           - warning immediately the race committee about the technical problem

Indice 3
- precising the delay that will be necessary to fix the problem.
           The race committee could then give her permission to start, indicating her at what time she will be allowed to start.
           If necessary a new starting line and first mark to round can be given.

           Official mark boats could be placed near each mark.
           Each competitor must do his self-checking time at his rounding of each mark. He must deliver them to the race office at
           the end of the race. (appendix 6)
12.1       Semaphore report
           Each competitor must remain in dual watch on channel 16 and race channel, a competitor may be contacted by the
           semaphore if it malfunctions or tag for abnormal traces.
13         FINISH
13.1       Each skipper has to call the race committee on the VHF race channel at least 5 NM before crossing the finishing line and
           again when crossing the line. At night, the skippers must light their sail number while they cross the finishing line with a
           strong flashlight (refer to appendix 7).
13.2       The finishing line is located between the mast with an orange flag on the committee boat with an orange flare up light
           to be left to starboard and the race side of the finishing mark (Cylindrical yellow buoy) to be left to port.
           The position of the finishing line is N 47° 15’ 450; O 02° 21’ 700 in the middle of the Bay of Pornichet.

           The abbreviation DPI (for Discretionary Penalty Imposed) will be used.
14.1       Breaking a rule of part 2 of RRS, when they apply according to SI 1.4:
           *recognized fault before hearing by the Jury: penalty = from 30 minutes to DSQ
           *recognized fault during hearing by the Jury: penalty = from 2 hours to DSQ
           *non-recognized fault: penalty = from 4 hours to DSQ
           Minimum penalty is +3 positions.
14.2.1     When the rules of the chapter 2 of the RRS does not apply, and are replaced by chapter B section II of COLREGS, RRS 44
           does not applied.
14.2.2     When the RSS 44.1 applies, the penalty of 2 turns will be replaced by a penalty of 1 turn.
14.2.3     A boat breaking RRS 14 could be penalized, after a hearing, from 4 hours to DSQ
14.3       Breaking other rules than part 2 of the RRS:
           RRS 31: penalty minimum of 1 hour after a hearing, if no penalty taken.
           RRS 44.1-b: a boat responsible for a collision with serious damage or injury to any involved boat can be penalized from
           4 hours to DSQ.(This changes RRS 44.1b)
           If the damaged boat has to retire, the guilty boat must retire or will be DSQ.
           Other rules: the penalty will be DPI.

           The boats failing to finish before Wednesday 25th of April 2018, 10 am, will be scored DNF. This modified RRS 35 A4 and

16.1       Protests forms are available at the desk of the race office (PC Course of Pornichet). Protests, request for redress or
           reopening shall be delivered there within the appropriate time limit.
16.2       Protest time limit is 2 hours after arrival of the boat.
           In case of arrival between 9PM and 7AM local time, the limit time is postponed to 9AM.
           After 9 AM Wednesday 25 of April 2018, no more protest shall be accepted.
16.3       Notices will be posted between 9am to 7pm, 1 hour after the finish of the last boat involved in the incident, to inform
           competitors of hearings in which they are parties or named as witnesses. Hearings will be held in the protest room
           located at CNBPP race office (near the office harbour), beginning at the time posted on the official board.
16.4       For the purpose of RRS 61.1(b), the boat numbers to be protested by the Race Committee, the Technical Committee or
           the Jury will be posted on the official board within the time limit (SI 16.2)
16.5       Breaches of following instructions will not be ground for a protest by a boat (this changes RRS 60.1(a)
                 Start: waiting boat
                 Safety rules (except rule for use of the « bowsprit»

Indice 3
Support boats
                Trash disposal
                Haul out restriction
                Diving equipment and plastic pools
                Radio communication
16.6       Amendment to RRS 66:
           No request for redress will be accepted later than 2 hours after the notification of the claim.

17         RANKING
           Ranking as per true time
           Two different rankings will be made: PROTO and SERIE.

18         SAFETY
18.1       A mandatory check out during the skippers briefing on April 20 will be set. (1 hour penalty for absent skippers)
18.2       Starting declaration to be given to the Race management Saturday 21th April (Appendix 2) (Penalty 1 hour)
18.3       A check-out by VHF will be held before the starting procedure.
18.4       Arriving declaration (Appendix 6) has to be given to the Race management, at the end of the north pier.
18.5       Each boat must have on board the safety equipment required by current regulations (OSR Category 3
           and Division 240)(Class Mini rules C level race). Each boat must have fixed VHF 25watts in perfect working order, on
           permanent watch on the race channel and channel 16.
18.6       Sealing’s: the life-raft will be sealed as well as the safety container
18.7       Skippers have to fill in the safety checks forms.
18.8       Measurement checks and safety equipment checks may be done at any time without notice by the Technical
           Committee either on its own initiative or at the request of the organizing authority or the Jury. A boat which does not
           comply will be penalized after hearing.
18.9       Logbook and charts: after finishing, at sign in, each competitor must be able to provide to the organization his log and
           maps used for navigation.
           The logbook should have at least twice a day the following data:
           - heading
           - loch
           - Weather observations
           - position
           - Radio contacts with any other competitor, contacts and semaphores self-checking
           - The list of maps required is specified in the Notice of Race.
           A breach to this SI can be ground for a protest from the RC and/or the Jury (DPI from 2 hours to DSQ)
18.10      Retirement: Any competitor who retires or stops in a harbor must report by VHF race Channel, when he is still sailing.
           Offshore, racers must call on chanel VHF 10 semaphore de Beg Melen (secteur Groix) ou St Julien (secteur
           Belle Ile – Loire) ou Saint Sauveur (secteur Yeu – Les Sables d’Olonne) to mean retirement (Nom, N° Reason
           destination port).
           As soon as possible after coming ashore, it is mandatory to phone the race director + 33 (0)6 11 60 82 22 or at the
           race office at +33 (0) 6 12 42 27 67. A boat which does not comply with this instruction might be penalized after a
           hearing. Appendix 8 must be completed

           As per class mini rule 16

20.1       A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the class rules and sailing instructions. On the
           water, a boat can be instructed by a race committee measurer or equipment inspector to proceed immediately to a
           designated area for inspection.

           Representatives of the « class mini » may check that the life-raft is able to be launched through the aft hatch.

           Competitors shall display event advertising supplied by the organizing authority, according to the following instructions:

Indice 3
CNBPP pennant in the backstay.

                    Towing boats and boats of the organisation will wear a « CNBPP » pennant.

23.         SUPPORT BOATS
23.1        Support boat must stay outside the racing areas from the preparatory signal until all boats have finished or retired, or
            the RC signalled a postponement, a general recall ou cancelled the race.
23.2        Support boats must register to the Race management and will be identified with a white pennant.
23.3        Application of the “coach charter”.

           Boats shall not be hauled out during the regatta, except with and according to the terms of prior written permission of
            the race committee.

            Their use will be submitted to local regulations (harbour area, etc.).

           A boat shall not speak or receive communications which could not be heard by all the competitors. To use and to have
           on board cellular phones is forbidden all along the race.
           The race V.H.F. channel is: 8
           The clearance channel is: 77
           Calls to Semaphore channel is: 16 (A clearance channel will be proposed by the person on duty)
           The competitors are requested to be on watch on channel 12 in the “les Sables d’Olonne” area (Harbour channel).
           Bad working order of the VHF or lack of communication will not be grounded for request for redress. (DP)

27.        PRIZES
           Prizes will be given during prize giving ceremony.

             The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone. Consequently,
            accepting to participate in a race or to continue racing, the competitor disclaims the organizing authority of any liability
            for damage (material and/or personal injury).

                                               COMPOSITION OF ARBITRATION TEAM
                       President of the Race Committee                    Alex CORDIER
                       President of the Measurement Committee             Philippe BLOUIN
                       Measurement committee                              Maurice Viaud
                       Chairman of the Jury                               Loïc DURAND RAUCHER

                                                         DIRECTION DE COURSE
                       Race Director                                                 Hervè GAUTIER

Indice 3

Prescriptions of the Fédération Française de Voile Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020

(*) FFVoile Prescription to RRS 64.3 (Decisions on protests concerning class rules):
The jury may ask the parties to the protest, prior to checking procedures, a deposit covering the cost of checking
arising from a protest concerning class rules.

(*) FFVoile Prescription to RRS 67 (Damages):
Any question about or request of damages arising from an incident involving a boat bound by the Racing Rules of
Sailing or International Regulation to Prevent Collision at Sea depends on the appropriate courts and cannot be dealt
by the jury.

(*) FFVoile Prescription to RRS 70. 5 (Appeals and requests to a national authority):
The denial of the right of appeal is subject to the written authorization of the Fédération Française de Voile, received
before publishing the notice of race. This authorization shall be posted on the official notice board during the event.

(*) FFVoile Prescription to RRS 78.1 (Compliance with class rules; certificates):
The boat’s owner or other person in charge shall, under his sole responsibility, make sure moreover that his boat
complies with the equipment and security rules required by the laws, by-laws and regulations of the Administration.

(*) FFVoile Prescription to RRS 86.3 (Changes to the racing rules):
An organizing authority wishing to change a rule listed in RRS 86.1(a) in order to develop or test new rules shall first
submit the changes to the FFVoile, in order to obtain its written approval and shall report the results to FFVoile after
the event. Such authorization shall be mentioned in the notice of race and in the sailing instructions and shall be
posted on the official notice board during the event.

(*) FFVoile Prescription to RRS 88 (National prescriptions):
Prescriptions of the FFVoile shall neither be changed nor deleted in the notice of race and sailing instructions, except
for events for which an international jury has been appointed.
In such case, the prescriptions marked with an asterisk (*) shall neither be changed nor deleted in the notice of race
and sailing instructions. (The official translation of the prescriptions, downloadable on the FFVoile website
www.ffvoile.fr , shall be the only translation used to comply with RRS 90.2(b)).

(*) FFVoile Prescription to RRS 91(b) (Protest committee):
The appointment of an international jury meeting the requirements of Appendix N is subject to prior written approval of
the Fédération Française de Voile. Such authorization shall be posted on the official notice board during the event.

Indice 3
                                Balises de positionnement
                                Pornichet Select 6.50 2018
1) Des balises de positionnement Yellow Brick seront installées sur les bateaux.

   2)     Ces balises seront installées dans le but de :
   -Augmenter la sécurité de la course en permettant à la direction de course de connaître la
   position des concurrents.
   - Améliorer la communication de la course et des concurrents en offrant une publication de
   classement et cartographie.

   3)       Installation de la balise :
   - La balise devra être fixée au balcon arrière (Extérieur panneaux solaires).

   - Position : à l’arrière du bateau dégagée des panneaux ….
   - Fixation : par élastique et sratch
Annexe 2
                    Déclaration de départ Pornichet Select 6.50
                                   21 avril 2018

Je soussigné(e) :

Certifie avoir la responsabilité du Yacht :

N° de voile :

Dans la course Pornichet Select 6.50.

Je m'engage à respecter les Règles et les Instructions de course.

Je certifie avoir effectué le contrôle sécurité et que mon bateau est en conformité avec les
règles de la classe Mini.

J’atteste sur l’honneur ne pas utiliser et ne pas avoir de téléphone portable à bord.

Fait à Pornichet le 21 avril 2018

                                                                                        Indice 0
                       PARCOURS DE 300 MILLES PORNICHET SELECT 6.50 2018

Marques de parcours
 0    Départ                                               IC article 11
 1    Parcours en Baie                                       Annexe 3
 2    Bouée "PORT DE PORNICHET"                              à laisser à                 bâbord
 3        Mât « La Vielle »                                  à laisser à                 tribord
 4    Bouée de chenal « BASSE MARTINEAU»                     à laisser à                 tribord
 5    Bouée de chenal "PENCHATEAU"                           à laisser à                tribord
      Bouée de chenal "GUERANDAISES"                         à laisser à                 bâbord
 6    Porte entre "Basse Lovre" à laisser à tribord et une bouée cylindrique jaune à laisser à bâbord
 7    "BONEN du FOUR"                                        à laisser à                 bâbord
 8    " LES BIRVIDEAUX"                            à contourner en la laissant à         bâbord
 9    BELLE ILE et ses dangers                             à laisser à                 bâbord (1)
      Les marques suivantes font partie intégrante de Belle Ile
 a    -     Cardinale Nord (Nord Poulains)
 b    -     Cardinale Ouest (Les Poulains)
 c    -     Cardinale EST (Les Galéres)
 10   L'lLE D’YEU et ses dangers                            à laisser à                bâbord (1)
      Les marques suivantes font partie intégrante de l’ile d’Yeu
 a    -     Cardinale Est (Les Corbeaux)
 b    -     Cardinale Ouest (Les Chiens Perrins)
 11   BOUEE "La Petite Barge"                                à laisser à                 Bâbord
 12   BOUEE "Le Nouch Sud" (Les Sables)            à contourner en la laissant à       tribord (2)
 13   BOUEE "La Petite Barge"                                à laisser à                 Tribord
 14   L'ILE D’YEU et ses dangers                            à laisser à                tribord (1)
      Les marques suivantes font partie intégrante de l’ile d’Yeu
 a    -     Cardinale Est (Les Corbeaux)
  b   -     Cardinale Ouest (Les Chiens Perrins)
 15   ILE DE GROIX et ses dangers                à contourner en la laissant à         tribord (1)
      Les marques suivantes font partie intégrante de Groix
 a    -     Cardinale Nord (Basse Mélite)
 b    -     Cardinale Est (Edouard de Cougy)
 16   "GOUE VAS DU FOUR"                                     à laisser à                 Bâbord
 17   "PENCHATEAU"                                           à laisser à                 Bâbord
      "GUERANDAISES"                                         à laisser à                 Tribord
 18   Bouée "PORT DE PORNICHET"                              à laisser à                 Tribord
 19   Arrivée milieu de baie du Pouliguen ,position du bateau comité: N 47°15.450’ ; O 02°21.700’

(1) Les marques indiquées font partie intégrante de l’île concernée et doivent être passée suivant leur définition.

(2) Nouch Sud
         -     Un pointage officiel sera fait à la bouée Nouch Sud des Sables. Un bateau officiel sera mouillé
dans le Nord de la bouée « Nouch Sud » à une distance d’environ 100 mètres. Ce pointage officiel pourra être
pris en compte comme ordre d’arrivée si le Comité de Course devait arrêter la course après le passage à
cette marque. Le pointage sera pris en compte au moment où le concurrent, après avoir laissé la bouée à tribord
franchira la ligne définie par la bouée et le mât du bateau officiel. (Suivant « annexe Pointage Officiel à une
Marque »). Les concurrents devront s’annoncer par VHF sur le canal de course quand ils seront à 5 milles de la
bouée Nouch Sud. Si les conditions météorologiques s’avèrent trop difficiles pour mettre en place ce dispositif,
les concurrents noteront sur leur livre de bord l’heure de franchissement de la ligne imaginaire définie par le
nord magnétique et la bouée « Nouch Sud ». Il sera cependant tenu de s’annoncer en VHF de même que pour la
procédure normale, une veille VHF sera mise en place à terre.
         -       Réduction de Parcours : Le Pavillon « S » envoyé sur le bateau officiel stationné à côté de la
marque Nouch Sud, accompagné de signaux sonores, signifie : « Après avoir contourné cette marque, rejoignez
la ligne d’arrivée en respectant les marques du « Parcours réduit Nouch-Sud » détaillé ci-dessous.
Toutes les autres marques de parcours sont supprimées ».
Cette procédure sera accompagnée d’une information VHF sur le canal de course. Les concurrents devront
accuser réception de cette communication.

Parcours Réduit Nouch-Sud

        Parcours réduit : Annonce VHF et Pavillon S
         En cas de réduction de parcours signalé au passage de la bouée Le Nouch Sud les concurrents
            devront rejoindre la ligne d'arrivée définie à l'article 13.2 des instructions de course et en
        respectant les marques détaillées ci dessous. (Signal de réduction : pavillon S suivant paragraphe
                             8.6 des IC, ceci modifie Signaux de course et RCV32.2)

  13  BOUEE La Petite Barge                                             à laisser à          Tribord
      Chaussée des bœufs et les bouées cardinales
      suivantes :
      Cardinale Sud « Le Bavard »                                       à laisser à          Tribord
      Cardinale Ouest « Réaumur »
       PENCHATEAU"                                                      à laisser à          Bâbord
       "GUERANDAISES"                                                   à laisser à          Tribord
  18   "Bouée PORT DE PORNICHET"                                        à laisser à          Tribord
  19        Arrivée milieu de baie du Pouliguen, position du bateau comité: N 47.15,450 ; O 2.21,700

Contacts ABANDON

Directeur de Course : 06 11 60 82 22
PCC : 06 12 42 27 67
ANNEXE N°3                (SUITE)

                 Points GPS de marques de parcours. (A titre indicatif)

Référence horizontale des positions : WGS 1984. Certains points de passage prévus dans les désignations de
marques sont des îles ou des phares. Les skippers devront alors faire preuve de prudence dans leur navigation
pour parer les dangers

            Désignation et identification des marques            Latitude Nord
            Ligne de départ (en baie)

            Bouée latérale tribord "PORT de PORNICHET"               47.15,2          2.23,5

            Mât "La Vieille"                                       47.15,832         2.24,427

            Bouée de chenal "BASSE MARTINEAU"                       47.15,5           2.24,3

            Bouée latérale bâbord "PENCHATEAU"                       47.15,3          2.24,3

            Bouée latérale tribord "GUERANDAISES"                    47.15,0          2.24,3

            Cardinale Sud "BASSE LOVRE"                             47.15,86          2.29,58

            Cardinale Nord "BONEN du FOUR"                           47.18,5          2.39,3

            Phare-Danger Isolé "LES BIRVIDEAUX"                      47.29,2          3.17,4

            Cardinale Sud "LA PETITE BARGE"                          46.28,9          1.50,6

            Cardinale Sud "LE NOUCH SUD"                             46.28,6          1.47,4

            Cardinale Sud "GOUE VAS du FOUR"                         47.14,9          2.38,2

            Cardinale sud "LE BAVARD"                               46.56,8           2.23,4

            Cardinale Ouest "REAUMUR"                               46.57,5           2.24,2

            Ligne d'Arrivée                                        47°15.450'       02°21.700'

                      Pornichet Select 6.50 2018
                         PARCOURS EN BAIE

Suivant IC PARCOURS article 8.3 :

Pas de Pavillon D sur le bateau comité, sortie directe de la baie par la
passe des Guérandaises :

   •   La ligne de départ sera entre le mât arborant un pavillon orange sur le bateau du comité de
       course à l’extrémité tribord et le mât arborant un pavillon orange sur le bateau viseur, à
       l’extrémité bâbord.
   •   Sortie de baie par la passe des Guérandaises.
   •   Parcours suivant Annexe 3.

Pavillon D sur le bateau comité, bouée de dégagement :

   •   La position du bateau comité dans la baie sera déterminée suivant la direction du
   •   La ligne de départ sera entre le mât arborant un pavillon orange sur le bateau du comité de
       course à l’extrémité tribord et le mât arborant un pavillon orange sur le bateau viseur, à
       l’extrémité bâbord.
   •   L'envoi du pavillon "D" sur le bateau Comité signifie qu'il existe une bouée de
       dégagement et une bouée de Dogleg. Le pavillon VERT hissé signifie que la bouée
       de dégagement et la bouée de Dogleg sont à laisser à TRIBORD. Ceci modifie
       Signaux de course. L’absence de pavillon VERT signifie que la bouée de
       dégagement et la bouée de Dogleg sont à laisser à BABORD. (Ceci modifie Signaux
       de course.

   indice 0
ANNEXE N°5   - Dangers en baie du Pouliguen - Pornichet Select 6.50   indice 0
Annexe 6
            Déclaration d’arrivée Pornichet Select 6.50 2018
                      (à présenter dans les deux heures suivant l’arrivée, pour
                     une arrivée entre 21h et 7h, ce délais est repoussé à 9h00)

Je soussigné :

Certifie avoir eu la responsabilité du Yacht :

N° de voile :

dans la course Pornichet Select 6.50 dont le départ a été donné le :

à                h             mn

et avoir respecté les Règles et les Instructions de course.

Date et Heure de franchissement de la ligne d’arrivée :

Bateau me précédent :

Bateau me suivant :

Observations :

Fait à Pornichet le:

Indice 0
Point de passage
  Annexe 6
  Point de passage       Bateau        Bateau suivant   Heure    Contact VHF
Bonen du Four
(cardinale Nord)

Plateau des
Birvideaux (phare –
danger isolé)
Sud Ouest de la
Pointe du Talut

Ouest de la pointe du

Bouée Le nouch sud
                                                                               X X
Ouest de la pointe du

Sud de Belle Ile

Nord de la Pointe de
Beg Melen

Goué Vas du Four
(cardinale Sud)

Communication avec sémaphore sur canal 16, et canal de dégagement.
X X Appel bateau comité pointeur canal de course

  Indice 0
Annexe 7
                                 Procédure de retour des 6.50
                                  Pornichet Select 6.50 2018

Avant le passage de la ligne :

                 Le Skipper du 6.50 prévient le comité de course de son arrivée par VHF.

                 Le comité de course sur l’eau s’assure que le PC terre a reçu l’information.

                 Le PC terre désigne un bateau remorqueur pour le 6.50 à prendre en charge.

Après le passage de la ligne :

                 Le bateau remorqueur désigné rejoint le 6.50 après le passage de la ligne.

                 Le bateau remorqueur désigné se tient aux ordres du skipper et n’intervient qu’à sa

                 Le skipper du 6.50 donne son aussière au remorqueur.

                 Le bateau remorqueur confirme au PC terre la prise en charge du 6.50.

En cas d’arrivée groupée :

                  Après avoir franchi la ligne, les bateaux en attente de remorquage, évoluent GV
                 haute pour rester manœuvrant entre la ligne d’arrivée et l’entrée du port.

                 Le Skipper du 6.50 confirme sa position au point d’attente au PC terre en attente du
                 bateau remorqueur.

Dans le port :

                 Le bateau remorqueur informe le PC terre de l’amarrage du 6.50 au ponton.

                 Le PC terre pointe et accuse réception de l’amarrage du 6.50.

 Indice 0
                                 Déclaration d’abandon
                               PORNICHET SELECT 6.50 2018
A remettre directement au secrétariat de la course ou à transmettre par fax dès que possible dans le
cas d’une escale dans un autre port.

                    Directeur de course : + 33 611608222 /PCC 06 12 42 27 67
                                      Mail : contact@cnbpp.fr

Je soussigné ______________________________________________________

Skipper du voilier___________________________________________________

N° voile___________________________________________________________

Je déclare avoir abandonné :

Le_________________2018, à ______heures_______minutes et _______secondes.
(heures légales françaises)

Ma position GPS était alors (préciser si possible)___________________________

Pour les raisons suivantes :





Date_____________heure______________Le _________________________

                                                                  Signature :

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