Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it - Anne Arundel County Public Schools

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Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it - Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Ferndale Early Education Center
                                105 Packard Avenue
                               Glen Burnie, MD 21061
                                                                       April 2022
                          Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it.
Dear Ferndale Families,

        Spring has sprung and so have our students! We have seen so much growth recently in so many
areas. It is an exciting time of year. Ms. Spice continues to visit and provide musical integration during
learning. We have several more visits for Pre-Kindergarten students in May. Our AWESOME reading team
and teachers are planning fun events for students on April 7 th for Book Party Day, including some fun

        We are also looking forward to our ECI and Pre-K classes being able to go on a field trip to Clark’s
Elioak Farm next month. ECI is scheduled to go May 4th and Pre-K will be going on May 11th. Family
members who would like to chaperone must complete a background check. Once approved, classroom
teachers will let you know if you have been selected to attend.

Step 1: Commercial Background Check: https://www.aacps.org/chaperone
All chaperones and volunteers without one-on-one unsupervised or unrestricted access to students must
complete the online request for a commercial background check. These background checks are at no cost
to the applicant and are valid for 2 years. All applications should be submitted electronically at least 3
weeks prior to the intended school event. To begin Commercial Background Check:

Step 2: View Sexual Harassment/Child Abuse Training Video: https://www.aacps.org/Page/2460
Everyone who applies to be a Chaperone for AACPS, upon approval, must view the Sexual Harassment/Child
Abuse Training Video prior to the volunteer/chaperone having access to students. Failure to do so will result
in a disapproval status for access until such time the video is viewed.

Step 3: E-mail the completed Volunteer Video Verification form to our Reading teacher Sue Slade-
sslade@aacps.org or return to the school office. Call the office if you need a copy sent home with your

Future dates of importance:
*April 5th- Kindergarten registration begins (if 5 years old by September 1, 2022)
*May 3rd- Pre-K application begins (must be 4 years old by September 1, 2022)
This year REGISTRATION will be completed online at https://www.aacps.org/enrollment.

Please note once you begin the online registration portal you will be unable to save your progress and
return to it later. To expedite the enrollment of your student the following documents should be uploaded
at the time of registration:
    ➢ Student Birth certificate
    ➢ Parent/Guardian proof of identity
    ➢ Required residency documents (list below)
    ➢ Physical Packet to be completed by your student’s doctor which includes: 1. Record of Physical Exam
        2. Immunization Record 3. Lead Certificate
Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it - Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it.


 If you own a residence, the following is required: (online copies are accepted for all below) Deed or mortgage
 document (dated within the previous 60 calendar days) and one of the following:

     ➢   Utility bill or work order issued by utility company
     ➢   Cable bill or work order issued by cable company
     ➢   Bank statement
     ➢   Pay stub
     ➢   W-2 form
     ➢   Form 1099 issued the previous year
     ➢   Valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
     ➢   Government issued documentation such as:
             • Social Security check
             • Domestic relations/child support check
             • Department of Social Services Food Stamp or Medical Assistance letter
             • Unemployment award
 If you lease or have a rental agreement (dates within previous 60 calendar days) and one of the above proofs
 of residency.

 If you do not own or lease a residence, the following is required:

     ➢ A notarized Tenant Residence Verification form.
     ➢ Copy of the homeowner’s deed or mortgage dated within the previous 60 days (if you live with an
       individual or family who owns a home) or
     ➢ Copy of the leaseholder’s rental agreement dated within the previous 60 days (if you live with an
       individual or family who leases a home or apartment.)
     ➢ Utility or cable bill from the homeowner or leaseholder dated within the previous 60 days.
     ➢ Two documents (from the list above) in your name and matching the address on the Tenant
       Residence Verification form. If you have resided at the address for 30 days or more, you are expected
       to provide the document at the time of enrollment.
 If you need assistance with registration, please call the school at 410-590-4790.

 With gratitude,

 Denise Faidley, Principal

Ferndale Early Education Center offers an early learning environment to create a strong academic, social, and emotional
foundation. Through partnerships with students, families, and the community. Ferndale Early Education Center empowers
students to be successful individuals in today’s diverse society.
Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it - Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Mind and Body
      Dinky says, “Save the date!”                              Pre-Kindergarten
   We invite all students and staff to                      On-Line Application begins
             participate in                                   Tuesday, May 3, 2022
    April’s School Spirit Day!
             Mark your calendar

       Thursday, April 28th

          “Career Day”                                  To register for Pre-Kindergarten your child
  Join us in celebration by wearing your                must turn 4 years old by September 1, 2022
               favorite outfit!
                                                              Please go to aacps.org and look for

                                                        Students going to kindergarten must enroll
                                                        at their homeschool within the area you live
                                                                 registration is April 5, 2022

                                      Save the Date

                         Saturday, May 21, 2022, at 6:35pm
Students read 4 books at school in March to earn 2 FREE Tickets to a BOWIE BAYSOX GAME.

The game is Saturday, May 21 at 6:35pm. This is a Fireworks Night and Boots & Baseball Themed
Night! Tickets will be delivered to the school and then distributed in your child’s folder. We hope you
and your child will be able to attend.
Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it - Anne Arundel County Public Schools
        SCHOOL CLOSED                                        2 HR EARLY DISMISSAL
                                               Thursday, April 7th         End of 3rd
Monday 11th – Monday 18th
                                               Friday, April 8th           marking period
Easter/Spring Break
                                               No Afternoon ECI

                                FERNDALE EARLY EDUCATION CENTER
                                PARKING ON PACKARD
                                The purpose of this note is to communicate the Importance of Safety
                                as it relates to parking and traffic on Packard Avenue. Our first
                                concern is always the safety of
                                students, staff, bus drivers, visitors, and parents.
Therefore, please see the following parking and traffic reminders:

•   Packard Avenue is a one-way street, with traffic moving down the hill away from the school.
    Always make a right turn when coming out of the parking lot.

•   When the parking lot is full, please park along the right side of Packard Avenue (The left side is
    for our neighbors). Please be aware that at the bottom of Packard Ave. there is no parking on the
    right or left side of the street (where the curb winds back out). Please do not double park, park in
    front of someone's driveway, or along the yellow painted curbs.

•   It is of utmost importance that Packard Avenue remain open. Buses and cars must always be able
    to travel down the street.

                                                           Important Visitor Information
                                                       For the safety and security of our students and staff,
                                                       we ask that all Visitors show a photo ID and check- in
                                                       with the main office.

                                                       We also ask that all visitors call or reach out to the
                                                       teacher or the main office when picking up your
                                                       student for early dismissal.

                                                       We appreciate your cooperation and understanding
                                                       with these procedures.
Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it - Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Career Dress Up Day
    On Thursday, April 28th Ferndale will celebrate Career Day!
Classes will listen to presentations about different jobs in our
community. Students are welcome to dress as their favorite career!

                                             Dates to Remember

                                          April 1st- Student of the
                                          month lunch
         April is a special month,
                                          5th- Family Literacy Bingo
       A month of new beginnings:
                                          Night @5pm
   Flowers bloom and green grass grows,
         Causing joyous feelings.         5th- Kindergarten
                                          Registration opens

                                          7th & 8th- 2-hour Early
                                          Dismissal, no PM ECI

                                          7th- Book Party Day!
        Ladybugs and butterflies
                                          11th-18th- Spring/Easter
            Flying all around:            break, School is closed
      Birds gathering for their nest,
                                          19th- Students return
       Dry grass from the ground.
                                          21st- Vision & Hearing

                                          28th- Last day to purchase

        April is the time for rain,       28th- Career Day (dress for
                                          your future career)
          Helping flowers grow:
     April showers bring May flowers,     29th- Field trip money due
        A phrase that many know.
            By: Brittany Matthews
Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it - Anne Arundel County Public Schools
News from the Health Room
April is an important month in the medical community! We use this month to bring attention to several important health
topics, including Autism, Youth Violence Prevention, and Immunization Awareness. With the end of the year approaching,
here is some important information about vaccines, AACPS immunization requirements, and local resources:

   •   Vaccines fight dangerous diseases! Before vaccines, almost every American child and adult contracted serious
       diseases in their lifetime, like Measles, Polio, Whooping Cough, Tetanus and Rubella. Thousands of people died
       yearly from these diseases and even more had serious life-long complications after the illness.
   •   Vaccines save lives! Since the invention of vaccines, the rates of these diseases have decreased drastically!
       Thanks to vaccines Smallpox has been eliminated from the World and Polio is almost entirely gone, too. Countless
       children and adults now will never experience these deadly and dangerous diseases.
   •   AACPS requires certain vaccines to attend school! Students are required to show their immunization records to
       school officials during registration and meet the criteria before attending classes. Religious or medical objections
       documented on the AACPS form are accepted and excuse the vaccine requirements.
   •   Without proper documentation of vaccines, administration is able to deny entry into school until documentation
       is provided per AACPS policy.
   •   The Glen Burnie Health center provides free and low-cost vaccines to students that are uninsured, under-insured
       or on Medical Assistance. They can be reached at (410) 222-6633.
   •   Many urgent care centers and walk-in centers offer affordable vaccine options. KinderMender is a great local
       resource to receive immunizations. They can be reached at (443) 492-4000.

Keep a lookout for important vaccine information found in the Kindergarten registration packets. Please contact the
health room or office with any questions or concerns about immunization requirements. Let’s keep our school as healthy
as possible!

~Ferndale EEC Health Room

                                               Cafeteria News
                                          Happy Spring!
Such a welcome relief after the really cold winter. So here as we "Step into Spring" we
are featuring a few items that is grown in the garden.
      >Baby Carrots,    >Broccoli >Celery,      >Grape Tomatoes

Our salad bar is also packed with yummy fruits
     >Bagged sliced apples,   >Clementine Oranges                       >Applesauce,             >Bananas

We are stepping up to ensure your child get their steps into a good start to the day
with breakfast and healthy lunches...and remember it is all free.

So, if your child has not had the chance to get a lunch, have them try it one day! They
will enjoy it.


Nancy Tyler, Cafeteria Manager
Geri Shepard, Cafeteria Assistant
Ferndale believes in me. I believe it. I achieve it - Anne Arundel County Public Schools
Counselor’s Corner                             Counselor’s Message
                                                                   Happy Spring!

                                                   Our counseling lesson this month was on Erin’s
                                                   Law. Erin’s Law lessons are mandatory lessons in
                                                   Anne Arundel County that focus on sexual abuse.

                                                   During our lesson we concentrated on:
Every month a student is chosen by each
classroom teacher as the “Student of the              •   Identifying safety rules for home, school,
Month.” This is a student who acts as a role              and the community.
model for other students, always displaying           •   Identifying how safe and unsafe touches
positive school behavior.                                 make us feel.
                                                      •   Defining trusted adults and listing
Congratulations to the following students
who were “Students of the Month” for the
                                                      •   The Protect Yourself Rules.
month of:
                                                   Please continue these important conversations at
              March 2022                           home with your child. If you have any questions
                                                   do not hesitate to contact me at 410-590-4790 or
                                                   email at jmbillings@aacps.org.
Landyn B.          Mrs. Bullard’s-ECI Class
                                                   In April, I will focus on Community
Donavin C.         Mrs. Escobedo’s-ECI Class
                                                   Helpers/Careers. Look forward to a Virtual
Danielle A.        Mrs. Christopher’s Class        Career Day on Thursday, April 28th.

                                                   Thank you!
Sydney G.          Mrs. Cronin’s Class
                                                   Mrs. Billings
Uriel L.           Ms. Darcey’s Class              School Counselor

Anthony K.         Ms. Runion’s Class

Joshua C.          Ms. Davis’ Class

Frederick A.       Mrs. Murphy’s Class

Please remind your child that any student can be
  the “Student of the Month.” Please encourage
 them to work towards positive school behavior
                    every day!
Order Today!
 Ferndale Early Ed. Center Yearbook
           PRICE: $5.00

Please fill out the form below and return to the
school with payment of:
Cash or Check (make check payable to Ferndale Early Ed. Center)

Please return to Ms. Phillips (school office)

Student’s Name:         _____________________________
Teacher’s Name:          _____________________________
Total of Yearbook(s):   _______________
Total Amount:           _______________
Cash or Check #         _______________
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