I am delighted that you are considering
               Chief Executive
               Principal and
               Satwant Deol

                                                      The Henley College for the next stage
                                                      of your educational journey. Coming to
                                                      college can be a big step. Here you will be
                                                      studying alongside other young people,
                                                      all at a crucial stage of their personal
                                                      growth. At The Henley College we offer             2 	
                                                                                                            The Henley College timeline
                                 a supportive atmosphere with excellent academic guidance
                                 and standards of pastoral care. Our students are provided
                                                                                                         3  Bright future, proud history
                                 with a structured transition from school to a more mature               4 	
                                                                                                            A bridge between school
                                 learning environment and we pride ourselves on the excellent               and your future
                                 preparation we provide for the world of higher education and            5  Where can college take you?
                                 employment. ■ Our motto ‘Come questioning, go seeking,                  6  10 reasons to study at Henley
                                 grow’ is a theme that runs throughout all that we do. We                8  Quality facilities
                                 aim to empower our learners to be independent, confident,               9  Leaders in learning
                                 questioning and innovative. We celebrate and encourage the
                                                                                                         1O The best way for you to learn
                                 enquiring mind and the enthusiasm to embrace challenge

                                                                    and rigour. ■ Our students           11 Choosing the right course

                                                                    are encouraged to develop            12 Our offer
                                                                    resilience and be ambitious.         13 Courses
                                                                    We c r e a t e a l e a r n i n g     14 Science and Mathematics
                                                                    environment that motivates           16 Computing and Engineering
                                                                    everyone to participate and          18 Business and Enterprise
                                                                    achieve his or her very best.
                                                                                                         20 Social Sciences
                                 ■ As leaders in learning, we believe it is essential to ensure
                                 our students are ready for the ever-changing world outside              22 Humanities
                                 of education. We know we are preparing students for future              24 Media
                                 careers that may not even exist now. As part of this, we are            26 Performing Arts
                                 working ever more closely with employers and universities               28 Art
                                 to create a range of opportunities for further development,             30 Languages
                                 including professional apprenticeship pathways which can go
                                                                                                         32 Sport
                                 up to degree level and beyond. We are also developing new
                                 ways of studying, working closely with the local community. ■           34 Enrichment
                                 Whether your intended route is purely academic, or you want             35 Elite Sport
                                 to consider a vocational pathway, you will find our teaching,           36 Foundation
                                 technical and professional staff are highly motivated and well-         37 Pathways
                                 qualified to support you towards success. ■ Please read this            38 Global outlook
                                 prospectus thoroughly, visit our website for details of the             39 Apprenticeships
                                 A Level, vocational and Apprenticeship programmes we offer,
                                                                                                         40 Student voice
                                 and come along to one of our Open Events to find out more.
                                                                                                         41 Experts in their field
                                 I look forward to seeing you at The Henley College.                     42 Getting to The Henley College
1609                             1778                            1976                           1987
  In parallel with the             The foundation of The           Following the cessation        The merger between King
  development of the free          United Charity School           of younger pupils being        James’s College (based at
  grammar school, the Dame         brought together the free       admitted from 1974, the        the current Rotherfield site)
  Elizabeth Periam’s Charity       grammar school and Dame         transition from Henley         and the South Oxfordshire
  School was founded,              Periam’s Charity School –       Grammar School to Sixth        Technical College (based at
  catering for 20 poor boys        operating as two distinct       Form College, known as         the Deanfield site) took
  of the town undertaking          centres of teaching and         King James’s College,          place, giving birth to The
  an apprenticeship.               instruction within              was completed.                 Henley College as we know
                                   the town.                                                      it today.

1604                             1873                            1959                           1994
  A free grammar school was        The School of Science           The Institute moved to new     The Henley College became
  founded, in accordance with      and Art and Technical           premises on Gravel Hill –      incorporated as an
  the wishes above by James I,     Instruction, known as           now known as Deanfield         independent body and out
  for the “education,              ‘The Institute’ was founded     Campus – and was renamed       of direct control of the
  institution and instruction      in the town of Henley           the South Oxfordshire          Local Authority by virtue
  of children and youth in         and was based in Hart           Technical College.             of the Further and Higher
  grammar and other                Street.                                                        Education Act 1992.
  good learning”.

1602                             1892                            1928                           2010
  Augustus Knapp left £200         The Henley Grammar              The Henley Grammar             The Henley College
  in his will with the express     School was formed,              School moved to                became the first college
  aim of founding a free           bringing together Dame          Rotherfield Court,             in the UK to be granted
  grammar for “the                 Elizabeth Periam’s School       as a County High School        a change in status from a
  instruction of youthful          and the free grammar            and widened its admissions     further education college
  people” within two years         school.                         to include girls.              to a designated sixth form
  of his death.                                                                                   college.
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K        2/ 3

Inspiring students for over 400 years, The Henley College continues to be                                       ARE YOU A FORMER STUDENT?
a vibrant and diverse place to study, empowering ambitious young people                                  If you were a student at The Henley College, King
to fulfill their academic potential and grow in confidence ready for their                               James’ College or Henley Grammar School, please
                                                                                                         get in touch with us. We always enjoy hearing about
future higher educational or professional journeys.                                                      your news and successes, which inspire and motivate
                                                                                                         our current students.
Equality and diversity are embedded into             their experiences and knowledge with our
                                                                                                         We have many famous alumni who include David Gill
the very fabric of the College and our highly        current learners.                                   (Former CEO of Manchester United FC), Professor
supportive and inclusive learning environment        Join us as we move forwards into a bright           Marcus du Sautoy (Mathematician), Sally Dexter
respects and celebrates every member of the          future, where we will continue to blend             (Actress) and Scott Moorhouse (Paralympian).
College community.                                   traditional academic excellence with                To join our Alumni Association please email us at
The Henley College has delivered over 30             a culture of growth, innovation and creativity.     alumni@henleycol.ac.uk, or share your memories
years of teaching and learning excellence,                                                               and photographs of your time at Henley on our
although our origins can be traced back to                                                               Facebook page: thehenleycollegealumni.
King James I Grammar School, founded in
1604. These foundations closely reflect the
academic and vocational traditions that still
remain at the forefront of today’s offering.
Situated in the heart of this historical town,
the College has strong links across the local
community and engages in a range of activities
and partnerships with businesses, charities
and other organisations. Our apprenticeship
offering is striving to meet employers' needs
across the three counties with many exciting
new opportunities for students choosing
this path.
On leaving Henley, our students gain excellent
results at university and succeed in a myriad of
professional fields. Our alumni are passionate
about their time at Henley and many retain
close links with the College, visiting us to share

                                                                                        T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE     @HE N LE YCOL       T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
The Henley College, with its two campuses, is often described as being
like a mini university. Life here is certainly very different from school
but we still ensure you have the support you need to be healthy, feel                                                        EMILY
safe and achieve.                                                                                                            PRESIDENT OF THE
                                                                                                                             HENLEY COLLEGE
                                                                                                                             STUDENTS’ UNION
At college you will take greater responsibility    If you require specialist help at any stage,
for your learning and benefit from a more          the College employs skilled staff who can       “My name is Emily and I am the Students' Union
                                                                                                   President at The Henley College.
mature approach, whilst continuing to enjoy        assist with study support, careers and higher
a high level of guidance and support. We firmly    education advice, guidance on wellbeing and     The Students’ Union works closely with the staff to
                                                                                                   create a safe, supportive and productive environment
believe that students will achieve their best      health, counselling and welfare.                for all students. We organise events for students
results in a more open, but purposeful teaching    Our aim is to help you achieve your very        throughout the year and have designated committee
and learning environment.                          best and grow into a successful, happy and      members who focus on all aspects of the College.
There are many opportunities to become a           confident individual equipped with all the      Within my role, I represent the student body at
                                                                                                   governor meetings and present student views to staff.
greater part of the student voice by joining the   tools needed for your next step.                We have weekly Students’ Union meetings in which we
Students’ Union Executive, Student Leadership                                                      discuss any events that we are planning and any new
Group or by becoming a Tutor Group                                                                 ideas that people may have.
Representative or Subject Ambassador.                                                              In their first year, students have the opportunity to
                                                                                                   be involved in Student Leadership and then in their
                                                                                                   second year become part of the Union. This is a
                                                                                                   brilliant way to make your own mark on the College
                                                                                                   and to meet new people in a safe and supportive
                                                                                                   I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Henley, and I
                                                                                                   love the independent style of study that it offers, it has
                                                                                                   given me the chance to grow as an individual and I will
                                                                                                   forever be thankful to all of the members of staff who
                                                                                                   have helped along the way!”
                                                                                                   Emily came to The Henley College from Langtree School.
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K             4/ 5

                                                                                                                               STUDENT PROFILE

                                                                                                    Freya, from Henley, achieved A* A B in Geography,
Each year around 70% of our students continue on to higher education.                               Philosophy and Environmental Science A Levels.
Our students recently achieved excellent results, with many going on to                             "I'm so pleased to have got into a great university.
                                                                                                    I have worked hard with the help of my teachers and
study at highly ranked universities.                                                                am really looking forward to pursuing my interests
                                                                                                    in the future, particularly the environment, climate
Some students prefer to enter employment         with employers including British Airways,          change and human geography. I've really enjoyed
straightaway when they leave College.            Formula 1, KPMG, Cisco, Channel 5, the Civil       my time at The Henley College."
Destinations range from full-time roles          Service, Citroen, Mars UK, Microsoft, the          Freya came to The Henley College from Sir William Borlase’s
                                                                                                    Grammar School and will be going to the University of
spanning a wide range of industries to places    NHS, National Grid, 02, Rolls Royce, Simpson       Cambridge to study BSc (Hons) Geography.
on in-demand training schemes with leading       Associates, the police force and Volvo.
organisations. After College our students have
gone on to secure roles or apprenticeships

  ABERYSTWYTH               CITY LONDON            KINGS COLLEGE            QUEEN MARY                                         STUDENT PROFILE
  ASTON                     COVENTRY               LONDON                   LONDON
  BRISTOL                   DE MONTFORT            KINGSTON                 READING                 Public Service student Kyle Bruwer achieved D*D*D*
  BRIGHTON                  DURHAM                 LANCASTER                ROEHAMPTON              in his Level 3 Extended Diploma.
  BANGOR                    EAST ANGLIA            LEEDS                    ROYAL HOLLOWAY
                                                   LEICESTER                SHEFFIELD
                                                                                                    "I found it challenging at times, but very rewarding.
  BATH                      EAST LONDON                                                             I decided to join The Henley College primarily due to
  BATH SPA                  EDINBURGH              LIVERPOOL                SKIDMORE COLLEGE
                                                                            (USA)                   the Rugby programme, however the variety of courses
  BIRMINGHAM                ESSEX                  LSE
                                                                            SOUTHAMPTON             and the professional but relaxed environment was also
  BIRMINGHAM CITY           EXETER                 MANCHESTER
                                                                            SURREY                  important when deciding. The best part of my time
  BOURNEMOUTH               FALMOUTH               MANCHESTER
                                                   METROPOLITAN             SUSSEX                  at the college was receiving my final grade!
  BRIGHTON                  GLAMORGAN
                                                   MICHIGAN (USA)           UNIVERSITY FOR          College has prepared me for the big wide world, not
  BRUNEL                    GLASGOW                                         THE CREATIVE
                                                   MIDDLESEX                                        everything is spoon fed to you, which will help me with
  BUCKS NEW                 GLOUCESTER                                      ARTS (UCA)
                                                   NEWCASTLE                                        my next steps in University."
  CAMBRIDGE                 GOLDSMITHS                                      UCL
                                                   NOTTINGHAM                                       Kyle came to The Henley College from The Embrook School
  CANTERBURY                LONDON                                          SWANSEA                 and is now heading to Reading University to study BA
  CHRISTCHURCH                                     LONDON
                            HERTFORDSHIRE          METROPOLITAN             SWANSEA                 (Hons) Law.
  CARDIFF                   HULL                                            METROPOLITAN
  CARDIFF                   IMPERIAL COLLEGE                                WARWICK
  METROPOLITAN                                     OXFORD BROOKES
                            LONDON                                          WEST OF ENGLAND
  CHESTER                                          PLYMOUTH
                            KEELE                                           WINCHESTER
  CHICHESTER                                       PORTSMOUTH
                            KENT                                            YORK
                                                   PRINCETON (USA)

                                                                                   T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE       @HE N LE YCOL          T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE

[1]          A BRIDGE TO
             YOUR FUTURE
                The Henley College offers you the
                chance to experience and benefit
                                                     [3]           SUCCESS
                                                                    The Henley College has an
                                                                    excellent track record of exam
                                                                    results, with a 97% overall A Level
                                                                                                          [5]           ENVIRONMENT
                                                                                                                        AND SAFETY
                                                                                                                        The College is located in the heart
                                                                                                                        of Henley-on-Thames, a small,
                                                     pass rate for 2019, with 21 subjects gaining a
from a more mature learning environment,                                                                  friendly town with a strong community spirit
                                                     100% pass rate. We have students going on to
whilst still being fully supported in all areas of                                                        and very low crime rate. Safety on campus is
                                                     Russell Group Universities including a record
College life. You will feel respected as a young                                                          taken very seriously with all staff and students
                                                     breaking number to Oxford and Cambridge
adult, develop independent learning skills and                                                            issued with lanyards and photographic ID.
                                                     in 2019. We also have students going to
have access to expert guidance ahead of your                                                              There is CCTV along with dedicated security,
                                                     Michigan, Princeton and Skidmore
move to either university or the workplace.                                                               premises and health and safety staff. The
                                                     Universities in the USA.

                                                                                                          College has a Designated Safeguarding Lead

             COURSE CHOICE                                         STUDENT SUPPORT
                                                                                                          ensuring all staff and students can work and
                                                                                                          study in a safe and secure environment.

              The Henley College offers a
                                                                     The College prides itself on
              competitively broad range of
              subjects including almost 60
                                                                     offering its students extensive                    DIVERSITY
                                                                     support in all areas of College
A Levels and vocational courses, some of                                                                                We actively promote equality,
                                                     life. You will have a tutor who will monitor
which are not available through local school                                                                            diversity and inclusion in all areas
                                                     your progress, help you to set appropriate
sixth forms. We also offer industry focused                                                                             of College life, providing a highly
                                                     targets, track attendance and communicate
vocational courses, apprenticeships and                                                                   inclusive learning environment for all staff and
                                                     with parents. They will also provide guidance
traineeships.                                                                                             students.
                                                     and support with university or employment
                                                     applications. The College also has a dedicated
                                                     Student Services team offering help with
                                                     careers and higher education, transport,
                                                     finance and learning support. Trained
                                                     counsellors and a qualified nurse are available
                                                     to those who may be finding life particularly
                                                     challenging and require additional support.
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K       6/ 7

[7]           ENRICHMENT
             In addition to your programme
             of study, you will have the
             opportunity to choose from a
wide range of enrichment activities to enhance
and balance your studies. These include an
extensive and diverse range of sports, drama
and other pastimes.

                 We have a dedicated, professional
                 and highly skilled teaching body
                 who strive to give every student
                                                      [9]          PARENT/GUARDIAN
                                                                   INVOLVEMENT AND
                                                                                                         [10]              REPUTATION
                                                                                                                             You will be joining a College
                                                                                                                             with a history spanning over
                                                                                                                             400 years that has provided a
a rich learning experience and help them to           The College involves and communicates with          high quality education to thousands of young
fulfil their potential. With a wide range of          parents/guardians at every stage of their son’s     men and women. Students leave Henley with
industry experts in their field bringing learning     or daughter’s studies at Henley. Attendance,        excellent results, having grown as individuals
to life, it really helps students to maximise their   progress, achievement and wellbeing are             and ready to take the next step into higher
employability skills and success in the future.       closely monitored and shared. Parents have          education or the workplace.
                                                      access to an online portal and get regular
                                                      updates to ensure they can best support their
                                                      child’s learning.

                                                                                         T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE    @HE N LE YCOL      T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
QUALITY                                                                                //CAPITAL INVESTMENT

                                                                                       As a forward thinking College, coupled with
                                                                                       substantial investment from the Oxfordshire
                                                                                       Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) we have
                                                                                       now opened:
                                                                                       Digital Skills & Enterprise Hub – existing facilities
                                                                                       at our Deanfield campus have been converted
At The Henley College we are proud of the wide range of excellent                      to accommodate a digital skills café, including
facilities available to students across the many subject areas we offer,               the careers service, pop-up enterprise space
                                                                                       and larger digital skills teaching spaces
supporting and enhancing the learning experience.                                      that have been created.

•	Digital Skills and           •   Mac Suite                   •	Theatre and
   Enterprise Suite             •   Science Labs                   Performance space
•	Digital and Creative         •   Language Lab                • Sports Hall
   Arts Hub                     •   Engineering Hub             •	Sports fields and
• Creative Media Studios        •   Photography darkroom           tennis courts
• Green Screen for CGI          •   Dance Studio                •	Library and
•	Broadcasting and             •   Film Theatre                   Learning Centres
   editing suite                •   Recording studios           • Canteens

As well as dedicated and        within the town. The College    •   Kenton Theatre
specially equipped learning     has links with:                 •   Town Council
spaces on each campus,          •   Leander Club                •   Tesco
students can benefit from our   •   Henley Hawks Rugby Club     •   Waitrose
                                                                                       Digital & Creative Arts Hub – art buildings at
position at the heart of the    •   River and Rowing Museum     •   Henley Standard
                                                                                       our Rotherfield Campus have been modernised
local community giving them     •   Old Fire Station Gallery    •   Henley Herald      to complement the addition of a Mac suite,
access to many additional       •   Regal Picturehouse Cinema   •   Christ Church      a sculpture garden and digital arts facilities, and
facilities and opportunities                                                           improved inter-connectivity between them.
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K         8/ 9


At The Henley College we are very proud of our students and staff
and celebrate the excellent results they achieve. Academic excellence
underpins all of our teaching programmes and we provide a learning
environment that supports our students to reach their potential,                                                        TRACEY PAGE
including opportunities for virtual learning, first class specialist                                                    SENIOR TUTOR
facilities and spaces where learning can flourish.                                              "I lead and manage a team of Professional Tutors
                                                                                                and act as a Professional Tutor to support the
As leaders in learning, we recognise the       students’ formal and informal learning.          pastoral, social and academic development of a
importance of developing well-rounded          Our extensive range of A Level and               group of students. I also monitor and track the
                                                                                                individual progress of the students in my group and
individuals who are ready to face the          vocational subjects combine with a varied        ensure that they have the support to enable them
challenges of their next steps towards         mix of enrichment options including sport,       to maximise their potential. I encourage them to
future prosperity in roles that may not even   the Arts and community projects which            be independent and resilient but at the same time
exist now. Our motto, ‘Come questioning,       create exciting opportunities for our            understand that each of the students has their
                                                                                                own specific needs. I enjoy helping the students to
go seeking, grow’ is the theme that runs       students to get involved and develop skills      succeed and become confident, independent young
through everything we do. We believe it is     and interests that will help them secure         adults ready for the next stage of their lives."
vital for our students to be encouraged to     their future.
think creatively and become independent,       We are immensely proud of the wealth of          //TUTORIAL SYSTEM
confident, questioning and innovative          skills, experience and dedication we possess     The College has introduced a new system
learners. We provide a wide range of           in the people who work at The Henley             of tutorials to benefit every student. These
opportunities both inside and outside          College. Across all teaching and operational     structured sessions in both small and large groups
the classroom to nurture these important       areas, highly-qualified and committed staff      are designed to help students prepare for the
life skills.                                                                                    challenges ahead. This may range from support
                                               offer an extensive range of knowledge and        to navigate UCAS to community projects that
We are ambitious for our students and          expertise, both academic and industry-           will help them build their CVs. The tutors also
ourselves and, as part of this, we are         based, which blend to give our students          work with our students to tackle issues as they
always looking for ways to improve our         the very best learning experience.               arise and encourage them to discuss and debate
                                                                                                the challenges that face them. This could be
offer and align what we do with the future     Our aim is to help you achieve your very         anything from applying for part-time work through
needs of the local, national and global        best and grow into a successful happy and        to handling finances and dealing with difficult
economy. We have close relationships with      confident individual equipped with all the       situations.
universities, employers, industry and the      tools needed for your next step.
wider community who all contribute to our

                                                                               T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE     @HE N LE YCOL         T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
You may already know the area of study you wish to pursue, but we can                                    //INDUSTRY PLACEMENTS
help you find the course that meets your individual learning needs and                                   Industry placements are a valuable opportunity
will allow you to flourish. At The Henley College we offer a wide range                                  to put your learning into practice and develop
                                                                                                         technical skills relevant to your vocational course.
of A Level and vocational programmes as well as apprenticeships across                                   They will enable you to finish your programme of
many different subjects.                                                                                 study with the skills, knowledge and expertise that
                                                                                                         employers are seeking.
At school, you will have developed a good                                                                At Henley, we have relationships with a broad
idea of the kind of learning that suits you best.                                                        range of employers and we’ll help you in finding the
Some students thrive in a highly academic                                                                right placement. We then visit our students in the
environment with an emphasis on theory and                                                               workplace to support and monitor their progress.
largely exam-based assessment; others do                                                                 When looking for a placement, the main thing is to
much better in a more practical environment                                                              keep an open mind. You might have your heart set
where the learning is more closely linked to                                                             on working for a particular company, but it’s equally
industry and assessment is based more on                                                                 important to land the right role that will offer the
project work.                                                                                            best experience.
                                                                                                         We have a dedicated Industry Placements Officer
If you are expecting to do well in your GCSE
                                                                                                         who is available to give advice and guidance to
examinations and know that you want to                                                                   students following this route.
progress to degree level study at 18, then
A Levels may suit you.
If you prefer to learn through practical project
                                                                                                         		 GET THE DETAILS
work, you may want to consider a vocational                                                              Find out more about all of your study options
                                                    research on a topic of your choice. It develops      at The Henley College, please visit
qualification at Level 3. A full Extended
                                                    a range of transferable skills including planning,   www.henleycol.ac.uk
Diploma, taken over two years, is the equivalent
                                                    analysis and evaluation.
of 3 A Levels. These qualifications can provide
an alternative route to university.                 If you feel ready to enter the world of work
                                                    and would like to earn whilst you learn, then
Alongside either A Level or vocational
                                                    an apprenticeship route is worth considering.
programmes, you can choose to undertake
the Extended Project, a distinctive and highly
regarded qualification involving detailed
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K         10 / 11


//A LEVELS                                                   //VOCATIONAL COURSES                                         //APPRENTICESHIPS
A Levels are academic two year courses with                  Vocational courses generally involve fewer,                  Apprenticeships cover Levels 2-7 (GCSE
a high level of theoretical content. They are                if any, exams, however there may be an                       to postgraduate degree standard) and are
usually assessed by examinations at the end                  element of external assessment. They focus                   achieved alongside full-time employment.
of the course – either written, or possibly                  on coursework, and give a balance of practical               They are usually portfolio-based and are
a supervised practical exam, for example in                  work and theory. Level 1 and Level 2 courses                 very practical in nature. Typically students
Art. A Levels have a renowned international                  take one year and you can usually progress                   study one day in college (this could involve
reputation and are still the primary route for               from these on to the next level. At Level 3                  computer-based virtual learning) gaining
most traditional university applicants.                      they are equivalent to AS and A Levels and                   relevant technical and functional skills, while
                                                             prepare you for a range of options. Many of                  the remainder of the learning is acquired
                                                             our vocational students go on to prestigious                 through work.
                                                             universities, while others enter the world of
                                                             work and then do further study for degree
                                                             or higher level apprenticeships.
                           STUDENT PROFILE

Elias achieved A*A*A*A in Maths, Economics, Physics                                                                                                   KATIE
and Further Maths A Levels                                                                                                                            STUDENT PROFILE
"I was pretty nervous before my results and didn’t                                                                        "Since starting my apprenticeship in October 2015,
expect all A grades and above. It’s been an amazing                                    ALEXANDRA                          I could not have imagined all of the personal and
experience and I’d like to thank members of staff                                      STUDENT PROFILE                    professional growth that I have experienced.
including my Economics teacher Paul Morse, Physics                                                                        I have turned my weaknesses into strengths
teacher Kevin Jones and Sarah Price who is just              BTEC Level 3 Engineering student Alexandra is winner         which subsequently has enabled my confidence
generally such a nice person and helped me an awful          of 'Young Female Engineer of the Future 2019' at the         to shine through.
lot when I first came to The Henley College. Also,           Oxfordshire High Sheriff Engineering Awards.
                                                                                                                          I am very grateful for everyone’s support and I would
a massive thanks to Dr Joanna Atkinson, who advised          Engineering teacher, Adam Kirkwood, who nominated            like to say a huge thank you to my employers and The
me on UCAS and Oxbridge."                                    Alexandra said: "Alexandra joined us in September 2017       Henley College for giving me this opportunity, as well
Elias came to The Henley College from St Birinus School in   with an evident passion for engineering. She enrolled        as my family and friends who have been so supportive.
Didcot. He has gained a place at the University of Oxford    on the BTEC Engineering Extended Diploma at the
to read Economics and Management.                                                                                         I believe the awards are a true reflection of how great
                                                             College and, in addition, enrolled on Maths A Level. This    my apprenticeship has been and for anybody thinking
                                                             meant she had effectively enrolled for the equivalent        about jumping onto the scheme I would say do it!"
                                                             of 4 A Levels. Alex has a degree apprenticeship to look
                                                                                                                          Katie is a former Oxfordshire Apprentice of the Year after
                                                             forward to with Rolls Royce, she was one of just 34          joining Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU) at
                                                             successful candidates from 32,000 applications."             the University of Oxford as an Apprentice Clinical Trial
                                                             Alexandra came to The Henley College from                    Support Officer.
                                                             Pangbourne College.

                                                                                                         T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE       @HE N LE YCOL           T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
We are proud to offer a broad and diverse choice of subjects at Henley
and there are many courses available that do not require you to have
previously studied the subject.
These include Business, Psychology and                 We hope you enjoy reading more about the
Economics. The College also has a range of             different subject areas on offer at The Henley
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and             College in the coming pages. You will be able
Mathematics) options available including               to discover what they may offer you in terms
Forensic Science, and Criminal Investigation,          of learning experience, qualification and future
Applied Science, Further Mathematics and               opportunities. For full details of all our courses,
Computer Science. With almost 60 high-                 information about life at The Henley College,         //THE EXTENDED PROJECT
achieving A Level and vocational courses,              and to apply online, please visit our website:
                                                                                                             The Extended Project is a distinctive and highly
apprenticeships and traineeships to choose             www.henleycol.ac.uk
                                                                                                             regarded qualification, designed to develop a range
from, you will be able to find a study path to                                                               of transferable skills such as planning, research,
suit your own strengths and interests.                                                                       analysis and evaluation.
                                                                                                             Your chosen topic may well reflect an area of

HOW TO APPLY                                                                                                 personal interest, a subject you would like to
                                                                                                             research and learn more about, or the course
To apply for any of our courses please visit our                                                             you plan to apply for at university.
website where you will be able to complete an                                                                For those wishing to continue on to higher
online application form. You will also be able to                                                            education, the Extended Project will provide
access further information on all of our courses,                                                            a strong platform to support future learning.
detailed entry requirements and fees and costs.                                                              It also offers the opportunity to differentiate
                                                                                                             yourself from other students and to demonstrate
Please note: No tuition fees are payable if you                                                              motivation for the degree course you have chosen
are aged between 16 and 18 at the start of your                                                              to apply for.
course and are a UK/EU national, been ordinarily
                                                                                                             Leading universities are highly appreciative of
resident in the EEA for the past three years, have                                                           the Extended Project and encourage students to
recently settled status, hold a full British Citizen                                                         take it, with some of them even lowering entry
passport, or have the right of abode in the UK.                                                              requirements for those predicted A/A* in their
Further details online.                                                                                      Extended Project.
Our Admissions Team can be contacted at
                                                                                                             		 GET THE DETAILS
                                                                                                             To find out more about all of your study
                                                                                                             options at The Henley College, please visit
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K    12 / 13

A LEVELS                 APPLIED
                                                                          ENGLISH LITERATURE
                                                                          ENGLISH LITERATURE
ANCIENT HISTORY          EXTENDED                                         AND LANGUAGE
                         CERTIFICATE              CLASSICAL                                           HISTORY                    PSYCHOLOGY
APPLIED                  (LEVEL 3)                CIVILISATION            ENVIRONMENTAL               LAW                        RELIGIOUS
CRIMINOLOGY:                                      COMPUTER SCIENCE        SCIENCE                                                STUDIES
EXTENDED                 ART: FINE ART/                                                               MATHEMATICS
                         GRAPHIC                  DANCE                   FILM STUDIES                                           SOCIOLOGY
CERTIFICATE                                                                                           MEDIA STUDIES
(LEVEL 3)                COMMUNICATION/           DRAMA AND               FRENCH                                                 SPANISH
                         ART AND DESIGN                                                               PHILOSOPHY
                                                  THEATRE STUDIES         FURTHER
                         ART: TEXTILES                                    MATHEMATICS                 PHOTOGRAPHY
*Extended certificates                            ECONOMICS
may be studied           BIOLOGY                                          GEOLOGY                     PHYSICAL
alongside A Levels.                               ENGLISH LANGUAGE                                    EDUCATION

LEVEL 3                  CREATIVE MEDIA           HEALTH AND              TRAVEL AND                  INFORMATION
APPLIED SCIENCE:         PRODUCTION AND           SOCIAL CARE:            TOURISM:                    AND CREATIVE
Y1 NATIONAL              TECHNOLOGY IN            EXTENDED DIPLOMA        EXTENDED                    TECHNOLOGY:
FOUNDATION               FILM, TV AND RADIO       INFORMATION             CERTIFICATE                 EXTENDED
DIPLOMA, Y2:             PRODUCTION:              TECHNOLOGY:             TRAVEL AND                  CERTIFICATE
ART AND DESIGN:          EXTENDED DIPLOMA         EXTENDED DIPLOMA        LEVEL 2                     DIPLOMA
BUSINESS:                AND CRIMINAL             SOCIAL STUDIES:         DIPLOMA                     FOUNDATION:
EXTENDED DIPLOMA         INVESTIGATION:           EXTENDED DIPLOMA                                    LEVEL 1
                         Y1 NATIONAL                                      ENGINEERING:
CREATIVE MEDIA           FOUNDATION               SPORT AND               DIPLOMA                     PATHWAYS
IN BROADCAST             EXTENDED DIPLOMA                                 EXTENDED
JOURNALISM:                                                               CERTIFICATE

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                            COURSE                             REQUIREMENTS
                                              AS / A Level                       Grade 4 in GCSE English Language and Maths, plus 2
Please note: Additional entry requirements                                       Grade 5s and 4 Grade 4s from the remaining best 6 subjects.
may be applicable for specific courses.
                                              Level 3 Extended Diploma           Grade 4 in GCSE English Language and Maths,
Please see our website for full details:                                         plus 3 Grade 4s from the remaining subjects.
www.henleycol.ac.uk                           Level 2 Diploma                    At least 3 Grade 3s.
                                              Pathways Programme                 You will be invited to attend a consultation.
                                              Apprenticeships and Traineeships   You will be invited to attend an interview.
                                              Foundation Programme               You will be invited to attend an interview.

                                                                                 T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE       @HE N LE YCOL       T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
14 / 15

                                                                                                                                      HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K

You’ll have heard a lot about STEM subjects, including that they are the                                       		 DID YOU KNOW...
gateway to well-paid jobs in related professions and industry. If you have                                     ● In 2019, there was a 100% pass rate for Maths.
a flair for problem-solving, a hunger for facts and an eye for detail, then                                    ● Science. research, engineering and technology
you may wish to consider this study route.                                                                        jobs are expected to grow at double
                                                                                                                  the rate of other occupations creating
                                                                                                                  142,000 jobs between now and 2023.
STEM specialists (science, technology,               game design or app development, with these
engineering and maths) are in huge demand            future opportunities ever increasing.
in the UK, and STEM qualifications are sought        Scientific subjects are crucial for students who          		 QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
after in the high skill, high wage economy.          want to become doctors, dentists, or vets,                ● Biology > A Level
If you are interested in this area of study          as well as for a broad range of professional              ● Chemistry > A Level
you can look forward to a rewarding career           scientific roles in industry and government.
in the future.                                                                                                 ● Environmental Science > A Level
                                                     The Henley College’s Science teachers are                 ● Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation
If you haven’t decided what degree you want          keen to develop your exploratory skills. By the              Year 1 > National Foundation Diploma
to do, then taking qualifications in Maths and       time you arrive at university, you will have good            Year 2 > National Extended Diploma
Science will keep lots of options open.              research skills as well as an ability to plan, carry      ● Applied Science
If you have plans to study a STEM subject at         out and report on the findings of your own                   Year 1 > National Foundation Diploma
university, then Maths A Level may be helpful.       experiments.                                                 Year 2 > National Extended Diploma
Maths is also an essential foundation for                                                                      ● Geology > A Level
exciting careers in new technology, such as
                                                                                                               ● Mathematics > A Level
                                                                                                               ● Further Mathematics > A Level
                                                                                                               ● Physics > A Level
                          Sam achieved an A grade    how high my grades           and responsibility to be
                          in Biology, Chemisty and   are. I have applied to do    in charge of my own          ● Health and Social Care
                          Computer Science           a BSC in Biochemistry        work, plus I have made         > Extended Diploma Level 3
                          A Levels in 2019.          at University of Bristol,    lots of friends!"              > Extended Certificate Level 2
                          "I’ve been supported so    but I am now able to         Sam came to The Henley
                          well by Student Services   go straight on to the        College from Cox Green
                          whilst at The Henley       Masters programme.           School in Maidenhead
                                                                                  and will be going onto the
                                                                                                               		 GET THE DETAILS
                          College. They really       My teachers have all
                                                                                  University of Bristol to     For full course details and how to apply,
SAM                       helped me during my        been really supportive       study a BSc (Hons)
STUDENT PROFILE                                      and engaging, I have         in Biochemistry.             please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk
                          exams and although I
                          was not confident, I am    been treated like an adult
                          pleasantly surprised at    and given the freedom

                                                                                             T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE      @HE N LE YCOL         T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
If you enjoy logic, problem-solving, taking things apart and rebuilding                                     		 DID YOU KNOW...
them – either physically or virtually – then our STEM courses in Computer                                   ● Research shows that passing a STEM subject at
Science, IT and Engineering are a great foundation for a rewarding career.                                     A Level could give you a salary advantage of 15%.
                                                                                                            ● According to research by Engineering UK, there
If you’re interested in programming, databases       careers to students who prefer to learn                   is an annual shortfall of up to 59,000 engineering
or web development then you may wish to              through hands-on experience.                              graduates and technicians to fill core engineering
consider studying Computing or IT. Equally, if                                                                 roles.
                                                     With this in mind, our L2 and L3 Engineering
you are keen on computers but haven’t had            Diplomas are broad-based and give a solid
a chance to programme before, our courses            grounding in all types of engineering. Our             		 QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
start with the basics and will raise your            students have gone on to highly sought-                ● Computer Science > A Level
competency to a high standard.                       after apprenticeships in large companies and
                                                                                                            ● Engineering > Extended Diploma Level 3
You’ll combine theory and practice on fast-          university courses to qualify in mechanical,
moving and challenging courses. Whatever             automotive, aeronautical, civil and electrical         ● Engineering > Level 2 Diploma
your level of prior experience, you’ll find a        engineering.                                           ●	Information and Creative Technology
range of activities to stretch, challenge and                                                                  > Extended Certificate Level 2
                                                     With the future of engineering expanding
innovate. Our computing students really enjoy                                                               ● Information Technology
                                                     to include software engineering, robotics, AI
their studies and, to push them further, A Level                                                               > Extended Diploma Level 3
                                                     (artificial intelligence), gaming, cybersecurity
students are encouraged to supplement the            and VR (virtual reality) the future demand for
programme with the Extended Project.                 engineers is expanding rapidly which makes it          		 GET THE DETAILS
Engineering is increasingly seen as a desirable      a very attractive career route.                        For full course details and how to apply,
study and career option and is now a highly                                                                 please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk
skilled profession for people with a scientific
Opportunities for skilled engineers are broader,                                "I created KnowitallNinja   of jobs. In fact, one of     text content and
more plentiful and better-paid than ever                                        for my students to help     my students last year has    an achievement
before. If you have a scientific brain and like to                              them revise and prepare     started his cybersecurity    leaderboard – all of
                                                                                for BTEC Level 2 and 3      apprenticeship. The          which help to encourage
apply it to practical situations, our engineering
                                                                                Information Technology.     growth of gamification in    motivation and measure
courses are for you.                                                            The ‘Cyber Security Unit’   education is exponential.    progress."
Apprenticeship degrees, combining practical                                     has been hugely popular     Students can see the         ICT teacher Dan, is an
                                                                                as it’s not only quite      difference between the       official writer for Pearson
paid industry-based work and study, are gaining                                                                                          and created the website
                                                     DAN RICHARDSON             niche and technical,        grade potential and
popularity and have opened up engineering            TEACHER PROFILE            there’s also a massive      have access to videos,       knowitallninja.com
                                                                                demand in the growth        quizzes, presentations,
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K   16 / 17

18 / 19

                                                                                                                                    HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K

Would you like to learn more about how businesses manage their                                                		 DID YOU KNOW...
resources efficiently and satisfy customers, suppliers, shareholders                                          In 2019, 60% of Travel and Tourism students
and employees?                                                                                                achieved a triple D*, the equivalent in UCAS
                                                                                                              points of 3 x A* grades at A Level.
You don’t need to have studied Business             the study of the tourism industry with an
previously, and if you are new to the subject       introduction to the world of business. You will           		 QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
you may be surprised how much you’ve already        cover topics such as finance and marketing and
                                                                                                              ● Business > A Level
picked up through your everyday interactions        discover how businesses are organised.
– from ordering pizza over a phone app, or                                                                    ● Business > Extended Diploma Level 3
                                                    A large number of our students go on to study
searching for a bank account that gives the         Business degrees at university and progress               ●	Business > Level 2
best interest rates.                                into jobs in the retail, finance, charity and             ● Economics > A Level
A vital ingredient in a market economy, you’ll      manufacturing sectors. They have roles as                 ● Travel and Tourism > Extended Diploma Level 3
find Business a dynamic subject where theory        diverse as project management, data analysis,             ● Travel and Tourism > Extended Certificate
can be applied to a wide range of organisations     digital marketing and team leadership.                    ● Apprenticeship opportunities in Business
with which we are all familiar.                     The teachers delivering Business are
You’ll dig deep into business theory and use        experienced subject specialists who have all
case studies to develop your understanding          worked in the industry and bring their vital life
                                                                                                              		 GET THE DETAILS
of how method is put into practice by small,        experience to our students.                               For full course details and how to apply,
medium and large organisations.                                                                               please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk

As well as A Level Business and Economics, we
offer career focused Diplomas and Certificates
in Business, Travel and Tourism, combining

                         "The Henley College        could be difficult           The Henley College has       Hannah studied a Level
                         was very different to      to catch up.                 helped me to be more         3 Extended Diploma in
                                                                                                              Business and has been
                         my previous school,        The Business Studies         confident in speaking        accepted by the Sytner
                         however it was my          course being offered         and dealing with people      Group on an apprenticeship
                         stepping stone to being    was my main reason for       from all walks of life       scheme with BMW
                         more confident and self-   coming to Henley as          and has given me the         and Mini.
                         sufficient. It showed me   I knew I did not wish        opportunity to mature in     She came to The Henley
                         that you had to be self-   to pursue A Levels but       a subject area that I will   College from the Royal
HANNAH                   motivated to achieve                                    continue in my career."      Masonic School.
                                                    I wanted to continue
STUDENT PROFILE          the desired results as     with business studies
                         once you fell behind it    after studying it at GCSE.

                                                                                           T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE        @HE N LE YCOL       T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
If you’re fascinated by people and what makes them tick, if you like to help                                      		 DID YOU KNOW...
solve problems and understand what causes them, and are interested in                                             In 2019, 49% Sociology students achieved
learning people skills you can apply in many different ways, then studying                                        a high grade (A* to B).
social sciences could be perfect for you.
                                                                                                                  		 QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
Social sciences are not only what you study to        are in high demand as you will also have                    ●	Applied Criminology > Extended
become a social worker or a teacher, the range        transferable skills in problem solving, planning               Certificate Level 3
of careers you can pursue is much broader.            and communicating complex technical
                                                                                                                  ●	Applied Psychology > Extended
Social sciences cover subjects as diverse as          solutions to others.                                           Certificate Level 3
childcare, politics, psychology and sociology         If you have a keen interest in the wider society            ● Politics > A Level
– all subjects that impact on the wider world,        in which you live, a curiosity about the social
                                                                                                                  ● Psychology > A Level
looking at society and the relationships among        and cultural forces that make us the people we
                                                                                                                  ● Public Service > Diploma Level 2
individuals within it.                                are, and an enthusiasm for venturing beneath
                                                      the surface of current affairs, then this area of           ● Public Service > Extended Diploma Level 3
As a Henley social science student, you will
learn the analytical and comprehension skills         study may suit you very well.                               ●	Sociology > A Level
that are important throughout many industries                                                                     ● Apprenticeship opportunities in Childcare
and organisations. Social science qualifications
                                                                                                                  		 GET THE DETAILS
                          Cara McCaffrey, from        During my GCSEs I was         University of Surrey          For full course details and how to apply,
                          Maidenhead achieved a       interested in psychology      and Birmingham City           please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk
                          Triple Distinction in her   and nursing, and starting     University. After receiving
                          Extended Diploma in         a BTEC in a similar field     offers from them all,
                          Health & Social Care.       allowed my interest to        I chose the University of
                          "After getting cold feet    grow and my academic          Birmingham as my firm
                          with the A Levels I had     side to grow immensely.       choice and Surrey as
                          chosen at my local sixth    After finishing my first      my insurance."
CARA                      form, I applied to The      year with a Distinction,      Cara came to The Henley
STUDENT PROFILE           Henley College at the       I had my eyes set on          College from Newlands
                                                                                    Girls School and will be
                          beginning of September      university and an end         going on to the University
                          2017. I studied Health      goal of becoming a            of Birmingham to study
                          and Social Care             nurse. I applied to Cardiff   Nursing.
                          Extended Diploma Level      University, Southampton
                          3 and instantly felt like   University, University
                          the course was for me.      of Birmingham,
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K   20 / 21

22 / 23

                                                                                                                                          HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K

If you are curious about the world around you and how humans have                                                   		 DID YOU KNOW...
made their mark on it, you may find yourself drawn to Humanities.                                                   ● In 2019, 67% of A Level Geography students
Although the associated subjects are diverse and reflect the differing                                                 achieved a high grade (A* to B).
interests of our students, they actually have a lot in common. They all                                             ● 60% of the UK’s industry leaders have
                                                                                                                       a Humanities degree.
look at various aspects of our world and people’s roles within it.
As well as being fascinating and rewarding to            The information technology sector,                         		 QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
study, Humanities subjects are a fantastic way           accountancy, the sciences and management                   ● Ancient History > A Level
to prepare yourself for university and beyond,           consultancies are all enthusiastic about people            ● Classical Civilisation > A Level
as you will learn transferable skills and acquire        who have studied Humanities because they
                                                                                                                    ● Geography > A Level
a knowledge and outlook on the world that will           know how to think coherently and excel
help you in any chosen career path.                      in verbal and writing skills tests and logical             ● History > A Level
                                                         reasoning.                                                 ● Law > A Level
Humanities will teach you to think clearly and
rigorously and you will gain the ability to write        If you are particularly interested in Philosophy,          ● Philosophy > A Level
lucidly and present ideas rationally. These              Henley is one of the only colleges in the                  ● Religious Studies > A Level
skills are essential in professions such as law,         Thames Valley to offer a formal Philosophy
advertising, politics and journalism.                    qualification, with many of our students                   		 GET THE DETAILS
                                                         coming from a distance to study here.
                                                                                                                    For full course details and how to apply,
                                                                                                                    please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk

                           Natalie Haynes, classicist,   the Classics, and who has    these days and these
                           writer and broadcaster        just published her new       subjects are often the
                           has shown her support         novel, A Thousand Ships,     first to go."
                           for The Henley College        said: "When the college      Natalie Haynes visited The
                           by becoming patron            asked me if I would stand    Henley College in July 2019
                           of their Classics and         up for their Classics, and   and gave an enthralling
                           Ancient History               become their patron,         and entertaining talk about
                                                                                      the Trojan War focusing
                           department.                   I was delighted. I think     on Homer’s epic poem
NATALIE HAYNES             Natalie, who makes            it is great that Henley, a   The Iliad, intercut with
PATRON                     regular appearances           state-funded sixth form      references to a myriad
                                                         college, offers A Levels     of other classical texts,
                           on TV and Radio 4, in                                      peppered with modern
                           particular on her own         in both Classics and
                                                                                      cultural comparisons.
                           comedy show, Natalie          Ancient History. It’s not
                           Haynes Stands Up for          easy in the state-sector

                                                                                                 T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE       @HE N LE YCOL         T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
Media permeates every area of our lives, from the content we consume                                        		 DID YOU KNOW...
and create on our mobile phones, through to television, cinema and the                                      ● In 2019, 49% Creative Media students achieved
visual images that surround us.                                                                                a Distinction, the highest possible grade.
                                                                                                            ● In Photography A Level over 30% of students
It is also a major employer in the UK, with a        TV and is interested in its production, loves             achieved A*- A grade. 70% of students achieved
myriad of jobs in everything from TV, video          the style and technical skill of cinema and               A*- B.
and film production, through to journalism           photography or who wants to tell stories with
and visual marketing. The media business             words and pictures, this could be where your           		 QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
contributes billions of pounds to the UK             future lies.
economy and that amount grows every year.                                                                   ● Creative Media Production and
                                                     Your ambition may be to join the UK’s world               Technology in Broadcast Journalism
It is a young industry, hungry for new talent        leading visual effects industry developing next           > Extended Diploma
and keen to harness the digital skills and           generation CGI, or you may want to make the
creativity of the kind of students who opt                                                                  ● Creative Media Production and
                                                     kind of ground breaking documentaries that                Technology in TV, Radio and
for this area of study.                              change the way people think. You could find               Film Production
We are looking for students who are creative,        your path in front of, or behind, a camera –              > Extended Diploma
talented, passionate, hard-working and               in conventional film, TV or photography or             ● Film Studies > A Level
ambitious and who can really benefit from            making waves on the internet. Media is at the
                                                                                                            ● Media Studies > A Level
working alongside industry professionals to          very forefront of new technology, creativity
                                                                                                            ● Photography > A Level
develop their skills and build their future. If      and innovation; it is a constantly evolving
you are the kind of person who watches the           world and a very exciting one.
                                                                                                            		 GET THE DETAILS
                          "I chose The Henley        and you can tailor it to    about what I had been      For full course details and how to apply,
                          College because I          whatever you want to        doing during the day       please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk
                          wanted a change from       do whether it is editing,   and I would find myself
                          school and so I could      filming, specialising in    researching more in
                          be independent with        sound and so much           my own time. I’ve never
                          my studies. I wanted to    more. There was never       been as motivated and
                          study Creative Media       a day that I wouldn’t       inspired to succeed.
                          Production because my      want to go into college     I am now going to be
GRACE                     strengths and passions     because every lesson        studying Film Production
EXTENDED DIPLOMA          at school were in Drama,   was so engaging and         at the University of
IN CREATIVE MEDIA         English and Computer       there would always          Gloucestershire."
                          Science.                   be something to look        Grace came to The Henley
                          The Creative Media         forward to. I would go      College from Wycombe
                                                     home feeling inspired       High School.
                          course is so unique
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K   24 / 25

Dancing, singing or performing your way to an A Level or Level 3 Diploma                                        DID YOU KNOW...
needn’t be an unfulfilled dream if you join us at Henley – it could be the                               In 2019, 80% of A Level Dance students achieved a
gateway to a rewarding career in the performing arts.                                                    high grade (A* to B)

Our performing arts teachers all have previous         Of course, talent alone will not build your              QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
experience, as professional dancers, musicians         future career. At Henley you will learn team
and actors, and they are all committed to              building skills, improve your communication       ● Dance > A Level
bringing out the best in new young talent.             and learn excellent time management –             ● Drama and Theatre Studies > A Level
Your particular strengths will be identified and       all crucial to making you employable in           ● Performing Arts > Extended Diploma Level 3
nurtured and you will become well-rounded              a notoriously tough industry.
and see clear development in your chosen               You will be inspired, but also instilled with a          GET THE DETAILS
field. Immersing yourself in your subject              high level of discipline and commitment. Our
                                                                                                         For full course details and how to apply,
through workshops with leading professionals,          students are amazed at what they can achieve
                                                                                                         please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk
individual and group lessons and by taking             with the right tools and the right setting.
part in a multitude of college productions and         Graduates in performing arts from Henley
showcase performances, you will be helped              are creative and confident and have an
and encouraged to take your skills to the              appreciation and understanding of culture.
next level.                                            Many go on to further study at leading drama
                                                       schools, conservatoires and universities.

                          "I came to The Henley        be released on late
                          College wanting to be        September and we're
                          a screen actor. I was        going to university
                          surrounded by many           together. I want to focus
                          talented people in           on becoming a talented
                          different arts, my music     musician, wherever my
                          developed alongside          music takes me."
                          my acting, as well as        Oscar came to The Henley
ÓSCAR                     my passion for playing       College from Burnham Park
STUDENT PROFILE           guitar and song writing.     Academy. He completed a
                          I've made some good          Performing Arts Extended
                                                       Diploma and will be going
                          friends that I'm currently   on to study at the Academy
                          collaborating with on        of Contemporary Music.
                          an album which will
HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K   26 / 27

28 / 29

                                                                                                                                       HEN L EYCOL.AC.U K

Our art, textiles and design courses are the perfect foundation for                                           		 DID YOU KNOW...
a broad range of future opportunities, with many students progressing                                         In 2019, 78% of Textiles students gained
to prestigious and highly sought-after universities and art colleges.                                         a high grade (A* to B).
If you have a passion for exploring new art mediums and developing your
artistic skills and individual style then Henley will encourage your creativity                               		 QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
and expression, while instilling a positive work ethic to see you through                                     ● Art (Fine Art / Graphic Communication /
                                                                                                                 Art and Design) > A Level
A Levels, diplomas and beyond.
                                                                                                              ● Art Textiles > A Level
At Henley, you’ll be taught by experienced            are in great demand with some of the biggest            ● Art and Design > Extended Diploma
teachers who take an imaginative and                  professional opportunities available here in
adventurous approach to developing your               the Thames Valley. Students can progress                		 GET THE DETAILS
skills. Our art and textiles departments are          to fashion design, fine art, graphics, fashion
vibrant, fulfilling and highly productive places      marketing, costume design, textiles and textile         For full course details and how to apply,
                                                                                                              please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk
to learn. The facilities have been newly              design. Many continue to study Art Foundation
refurbished and modernised with a sculpture           and we have a good record of students being
garden and digital arts facilities, complemented      offered places at Central Saint Martins. Our
by the recent addition of a new MAC suite. This       students have also gone on to work in many
has created a bespoke digital and creative arts       diverse and exciting areas including teaching,
hub for our students to progress their skills.        architecture, interior design, accessory design,
There are many possible career paths for              costume interpretation and commercial art.
those with an Art qualification. Creative skills

                           "I have a lot of good      often learn something       degree in Costume           Sam studied A Levels in
                           memories of the            entirely new. Some skills   Interpretation. I am now    Geology, Textiles, History
                                                                                                              and Geography at The
                           fantastic tutors I had     I have expanded and         working as a freelancer     Henley College.
                           whilst at Henley, which    with others it was a        with a company that
                           really made it a great     chance to do something      makes costumes for
                           experience for me, also    completely different        various theatre, film and
                           the workshops and          - like screen painting      TV shows like Doctor
                           trips organised for our    or batik. I have since      Who and Joseph and
SAM                        Textiles class. I always   graduated from UAL          the Technicoloured
STUDENT ALUMNI             looked forward to our      Wimbledon with a First      Dreamcoat."
PROFILE                    lessons where we would     Class Honours

                                                                                            T HE HE N LE YCOLLEGE        @HE N LE YCOL         T HEHENLEYCO LLEGE
Immersing yourself in the richness of language, culture and                                                         		 DID YOU KNOW...
communication, you may not even be aware you’re actually developing                                                 German has had a 100% pass rate since 2003.
key skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing.                                                             The Henley College will be one of the few sixth
                                                                                                                    forms offering A Level German and students
These skills can take you a long way.                In A Level English Literature, you’ll search                   coming here can study any combination of the
                                                                                                                    three MFL subjects on offer.
Communication is at the heart of modern life,        beyond the characters and plot of books and
and to understand the nuances of language            think critically about how the author made
is a key that can unlock doors in life, business,    their choices, as well as the social context of                		 QUALIFICATIONS OFFERED
travel or on any career path.                        the work. Studying Shakespeare can be as                       ● English Language > A Level
Our students enjoy challenging reading and           much about Tudor politics and lifestyles as it is
                                                                                                                    ●	English Language and Literature > A Level
like to discuss and debate ideas expressed           about the Bard himself.
                                                                                                                    ●	English Literature > A Level
in language, whether written or spoken. Our          Students of French, German or Spanish will be
teachers are passionate about what they teach        taught by native speakers and have the chance                  ● French > A Level
and want you to enjoy your experience here           to travel and may participate in exchanges.                    ● German > A Level
and to succeed.                                      The foreign language skills you gain will be in                ● Spanish > A Level
A Level courses in English Language are              demand by future employers, as well as equip
nothing like GCSEs. You will actively engage         you for future study of the subjects                           		 GET THE DETAILS
with everyday language and understand how            at university level.
                                                                                                                    For full course details and how to apply,
it works. You’ll find out why people speak           A recently published study showed that
                                                                                                                    please visit www.henleycol.ac.uk
differently, how men and women use language,         employees who use a foreign language in their
and how to use language to be a great                work earn on average eight per cent more than
communicator.                                        their colleagues.

                           Holly studied A Level     At times I felt like I really   Holly came to The Henley
                           French, Psychology and    wasn’t getting anywhere         College from Gillotts School
                                                                                     and will be going onto
                           the Extended Project.     but with hard work and          study BA (Hons) French
                           "If The Henley College    support you can achieve         at Leeds University.
                           hadn’t believed in me     more than what you
                           and offered me the        might think. I think it’s
                           space and support that    important that you don’t
                           they have, I wouldn’t     lose faith in yourself,
HOLLY                      have done so well, so I   keep trying and you
STUDENT PROFILE            am very grateful.         never know what you
                                                     might achieve."
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