Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016


Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

LEFT HANDED COMING SOON ????? 2 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 NEW SPECIFICATIONS NEWS Following the hugely successful introduction of the 690 grade III 12GA last year, we are delighted to announce that it will be available in 20g this autumn. As usual there will be a choice of 28” or 30” barrels with multi chokes as standard. The beautiful game scene engraving and high grade wood made the 690 III an instant success. Beretta 690 III in 20 bore Other new specification available in the 690 III 12g are a fixed choke model in both 28” and 30”. Ideal for traditionalists or those who simply do not want the hassle of removing and cleaning choke tubes. There can also be a slight weight saving at the muzzle end with fixed choke models.

690 III 12g Fixed Choke in 28/30” 690 III Deluxe Wood For those looking for premium grade wood quality without investing in a side plated model, we may have the answer for you this autumn. We have a limited quantity of 690 III specified with 687 EELL grade wood. There is an option of 12g Field and Sporting specification with 30” multi- choked barrels. Priced at £2,825 and £3,025 respectively these guns are good value for this grade of wood and are offered as a one off in very limited quantities for the autumn of 2015.

Hot on the heels of the first ever left handed Beretta Semi Auto launched last year, we will be receiving the A400 Xtreme in left hand towards the end of 2015. Left handed shooters clearly appreciate this configuration, conveniently directing any gasses and blow back away from their faces. Coming soon... Following the successful launch in 2014, we are pleased to once again offer 20 bore models in 32” M/C in a choice of Silver Pigeon D/L and 687EELL grades. These longer barrels add a little weight to the front end of the gun which alters the handling characteristics and is preferred by some shooters, particularly if they normally use a 12g. Quantities are limited so please contact your dealer early to avoid disappointment. 32” 20 bores New 486 28ga The Beretta 486 side by side has been a big success since it was launched at Chatsworth in 2013. The specification has gradually rolled out and will shortly include a 28g in addition to the 12g and 20g models already available. Initially it will be available with a straight hand stock and 28” multi-choke barrels.

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 3 2 New Specifications 3 Welcome 4 New Models 6 A400 Lite 8 Over and Unders 10 Side by Side 12 Premium Guns 16 Semi-Autos CONTENTS GMK Ltd Bear House, Concorde Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 5RL Tel: 01489 587500 Fax: 01489 579937 Email: The Beretta Game Catalogue is published by GMK Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be transmitted or reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written permission of the publishers. All prices stated are subject to VAT increases. Errors and admissions accepted. Welcome As you will see inside this catalogue there are plenty of new products on offer from Beretta. At one end of the spectrum there’s the ultra-modern A400 Lite with the new GunPod 2, at the other end there is the traditional 486 side by side, now in side plated EL specification. In-between we have a wide variety of new guns that reflect the modern trends in game shooting; 32” barrels, 28 gauges and deluxe wood. Beretta’s have always been popular for game shooting thanks to their reliability, good looks and excellent handling qualities, now there is more technology and more choice than ever. Enjoy the season.

KARL WAKTARE MANAGING DIRECTOR Welcome back Gordon We are delighted to announce that Gordon Swatton has re-joined the GMK workshop team after an absence of fifteen years. During that time he has worked for both Kennedy Gunmakers and William Evans at Bisley. It is excellent to have him here again as part of our highly regarded workshop team. He is obviously one of the most experienced gunsmiths in the UK and having been factory trained at Beretta he is a real asset to the Company.

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

4 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 NEW MODELS NEWS A touch of colour The hugely popular 486 will soon be available in Deluxe side-plated EL specification. The addition of scroll engraved side-plates will add a real touch of class to this elegant gun. As well as the traditional silver finish there will also be a colour finish available too. Prices for the 486 EL will start from £6,675 and will initially be available in 20ga only - 28/30” barrels and a choice of straight hand stock or pistol grip.

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 5 NEWS Following on from the launch of the competitively priced A300 Outlander series Beretta will introduce the new A350 Xtrema in the Autumn of this year. This gun will be based on the Outlander mechanically, but with the addition of a 3 ½” magnum steel proof chamber and a Kick-Off recoil reduction system fitted as standard. It will be offered in Black synthetic and Synthetic Camo Max 5 finish with 28” O/C.HP barrels as standard. New A350 Xtrema NEW MODELS SRP from £1,300

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

6 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 NEWS NEWS A400 LITE The new Beretta A400 Lite 12ga is the latest addition to the A400 series, providing cutting edge technology and high performance, in a truly light weight gun. This fast handling, semi auto features Kick-Off Plus® and Beretta’s ground breaking GunPod 2. Beretta have achieved a 3 Kg gun by shortening the new polymeric forend, reducing weight at the front of the shotgun, thus improving balance and speed of handling. The high tech, synthetic stock also contributes to the weight reduction, making this a very comfortable gun to carry. This ergonomic stock features S-grip, a new checkering which combines excellent grip with easy cleaning and high durability. Additionally, S-grip performs equally well with both gloved and bare hands.

The Kick-Off Plus® is a new system that gives you really impressive recoil reduction thanks to the high tech absorption cells. The super ergonomic Fixed-Face feature on the stock, ensures that your cheek remains still on the stock, increasing stability and giving you faster target acquisition for the second shot. As well as the standard 2 +1 model a high capacity FAC version is also available thanks to the cross tube design. Beretta’s GunPod 2 is an ingenious piece of technology that connects your gun, via bluetoooth to your smart phone and/or tablet or computer. Simply download the app and your GunPod records data about your shooting which can be viewed via the app. A GPS device lets you see where, precisely, you made the shot! You can also attach photos, share on social media and review your latest shooting session at home on your computer.

With and SRP of £1,275, the new A400 Lite, adds up to amazing value for money. Welcome to Beretta’s perfect blend of precision and technology. SRP £1,275

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 7 NEWS A400 LITE “GunPod 2 records data about your shooting which can be viewed via the smartphone app. A GPS device lets you see where, precisely, you made the shot! ” NEW 2015 Cross Magazine Tube -50% RECOIL

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

8 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 Over and Unders Silver Pigeon 1 Deluxe SRP from £2,075 The Silver Pigeon 1 is available with a deluxe game scene engraving and upgraded wood. As with the scroll version, no corners have been cut to bring you a 100% genuine Beretta, with a touch of class, at a fantastic price. Available in 12ga. or 20ga. in fixed choke and multi-choke. Silver Pigeon 1 SRP £1,600 The Silver Pigeon 1 is an outstanding Beretta at a price that seems unreal. The tried and tested Beretta 680 series action and chrome lined, cold hammer forged barrels, mean you cannot go wrong with this gun. Most Silver Pigeon 1s’ feature a 3" chamber with steel proofed multi-choke barrels. The Silver Pigeon 1 features a delicate scroll engraving and is available in 12ga. - 26", 28" and 30" barrels multi-choke plus 20ga., 28ga. and 410ga.

Beretta manufacture over and unders which are a class apart from other gun makers. The elegant shallow action is very easy to maintain because there is nowhere for debris to collect. Beretta steelium barrels are cold hammer forged and chrome lined and considered by many to be the best in the business. Most new Berettas have a universal 3" chamber and are proofed for steel shot. Many models are available in a choice of fixed or multi-chokes. 690 Field III SRP from £2,325 The 690 Field III is the latest in a series of ‘Game Scene’ Beretta boxlock over and unders that began with the 687. A smooth handling and elegant shotgun with Steelium barrels to guarantee excellent patterns and smooth recoil. The stock is manufactured from specially selected high grade walnut and is oil finished. The receiver is Nistan finished with exquisite, roll marked game scene engraving. New for 2105 will be the Deluxe version in 12ga 30” with EELL grade woodwork. Silver Pigeon Classic SRP from £2,975 The Silver Pigeon Classic is adorned with a game scene inside a vignette, surrounded by scroll engraving. The scenes feature woodcock and partridge on opposing sides with a portrait of a pheasant’s head on the trigger guard. The wood is upgraded beyond that of the deluxe model and is approaching EELL standard. Available in both 12 and 20ga, with either 28" or 30" barrels, fitted with multi-chokes.

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 9 MODEL/DESCRIPTION BARREL LENGTH CHOKES (NO. OF CHOKES) APPROX. WEIGHT KG. LEFT HAND SRP (INC. VAT) 26" 28" 30" 32” FIELD Silver Pigeon I 12ga ✔ M/C (5) 3.4 ✔ £1,600 Silver Pigeon I 20ga ✔ M/C (5) 2.8 ✔ £1,600 Silver Pigeon I 28ga ✔ ✔ M/C (5) 2.8 ✔ £1,600 Silver Pigeon I .410 ✔ M/C (5) 2.95 ✔ £1,600 Silver Pigeon I Deluxe G/S 12/20 ga ✔ ✔ M/C (5) as above ✔ £2,250 Silver Pigeon I Deluxe G/S 12/20 ga ✔ ✔ F/C as above ✔ £2,075 Silver Pigeon I Deluxe G/S 20ga ✔ M/C (5) 2.85 ✔ £2,575 690 III 12ga ✔ O/C.HP. F (5) 3.35 ✔ £2,500 690 III 12ga ✔ ✔ F/C 3.35 ✔ £2,325 690 III 20ga ✔ ✔ O/C.HP. F (5) 2.8 ✔ £2,500 690 III Deluxe 12ga ✔ O/C.HP. F (5) 3.35 ✔ £2,825 Ultralight Classic 12ga ✔ M/C (5) 3.4 ✔ £2,075 Ultralight Gold 12ga ✔ ✔ M/C (5) 2.8 ✔ £2,175 Ultralight Classic 12ga ✔ F/C 2.8 ✔ £1,900 Ultralight Gold 12ga ✔ ✔ F/C 2.8 ✔ £2,025 Ultralight Classic SRP from £1,900 Fully-featured 12 gauge shotguns, weighing in at less than a typical 20 gauge, make the Beretta Ultralight series an exciting alternative for game and rough shooters alike. At 2.8 kg (6lbs), they have become the worldwide leader in lightweight over and unders. The Ultralight’s receiver is machined from a single block of light, yet remarkably strong, aircraft-quality aluminium alloy, specially heat-treated to deliver the strength and durability of steel, but with 65% less weight. A special Titanium insert in the breech face provides these models with the strength to withstand the punishment of years of use in the field. The Ultralight Classic has a semi-gloss finished stock and features a contemporary gamescene engraving.

Ultralight Gold SRP from £2,025 This addition to the Ultralight series boasts a beautiful new receiver shape, a selected walnut stock and contemporary gamescene engraving with gold inlay. This model also features a new anti-corrosion treatment. Over and Unders

Beretta Game Gun Catalogue 2015/2016

10 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 486 Parallelo 20ga SRP £3,875 As with all 20ga Berettas, the action, monoblock and barrels are scaled down to ensure all parts are in proportion. The result is a 20 bore that handles beautifully and maintains all the elegant lines of the 12ga. 486 Parallelo 28ga SRP £3,875 Many Shooters enjoy the challlenge of a 28ga so this to scale version of the 486 is set to be a winner. 486 Parallelo SRP £3,875 Built with a beautifully proportioned round body receiver, the 486 is a modern classic in the making. The exclusive Beretta Triblock system allows for a seamless barrel profile thanks to the modified demi block design. The single trigger gives fast, crisp pulls due to the new V spring mechanism. Available in 12 or 20ga in pistol grip or more traditional straight hand stock. We offer 30” barrels in addition to the standard 28”.

486 Parallelo Pistol Grip SRP £3,875 The 486 Parallelo variant with pistol grip and beavertail forend. Side by Side 486 EL (Silver) 20ga SRP £6,675 The 486EL 20ga is a new deluxe version of the standard 486 to be launched in the Autumn. Featuring a sideplate receiver with exquisite fine scroll engraving the gun will be offered in both 28 and 30” with either a traditional straight-hand stock/splinter forend or a semi-pistol grip stock with beavertail forend. As with the standard 486 20ga series a single selective trigger and multichokes will be standard specification along with a 3” magnum steel chamber for extra versatility in the field. NEW 486 EL (Colour) 20ga SRP £6,800 The 486EL Colour will be available in the same specification as the standard 486EL. However this particular version has a rich colour finish which has been chemically applied to give the appearance of English style ‘case hardened’ steel - whilst maintaining all the integrity and strength of the standard silver finished receiver.


GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 11 NEWS ? ? 687EELL Gamescene SRP from £6,125 With a luxurious game scene engraving, the 687EELL is the closest thing to owning a handmade gun at this price level. Exquisitely hand finished by Beretta’s master engravers, each gun has an element of individuality. The 687EELL comes with a detailed woodcock and pheasant game scene. A scroll engraved version is also available. 687EELL Scroll SRP from £6,125 Benelli Over and Unders MODEL/DESCRIPTION BARREL LENGTH CHOKES (NO. OF CHOKES) APPROX. WEIGHT KG.

LEFT HAND SRP (INC. VAT) 26" 28" 30" 32” FIELD 486 Parallelo 12ga ½ 3.25 ✔ £3,875 486 Parallelo 12ga ✔ M/C. HP (5) 3.25 ✔ £3,875 486 Parallelo 20ga ✔ ✔ M/C. HP (5) 2.85 ✔ £3,875 486 Parallelo 28ga ✔ M/C (5) 2.8 ✔ £3,875 486 EL (SIlver) 20ga ✔ ✔ M/C (5) 2.9 ✔ £6,675 486 EL (Colour) 20ga ✔ ✔ M/C (5) 2.9 ✔ £6,800 687 EELL Sideplate (14 * 12ga ✔ ✔ F/C 3.4 ✔ £6,125 687 EELL Sideplate (14 * 12ga ✔ ✔ M/C (5) 3.4 ✔ £6,300 687 EELL Sideplate 20ga ✔ M/C 2.85 ✔ £6,625 687 EELL Sideplate G/S - Long Stock (15 ¾") 12ga ✔ M/C (5) 3.45 ✔ £6,925 687 EELL Sideplate G/S - Long Stock (15 ¾") 12ga ✔ F/C 3.45 ✔ £6,750 687 EELL Factory Pair (each) M/C (5) ✔ £7,400 687 EELL Factory Pair (each) F/C ✔ £7,200 687 EELL Factory Pair Long Stock [Max 16"] (each) F/C ✔ £7,925 687 EELL Factory Pair Long Stock [Max 16"] (each) M/C (5) ✔ £8,100 * F/C Available in 12g and 20g ** M/C Available in 12g, 20g, 28g and .410

12 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 Premium Guns 687EELL Classic Scroll SRP from £6,850 A beautifully scroll engraved version also with Price of Wales stock. 687EELL Classic SRP from £6,850 Following the highly successful revamp of the 687EELL Classic, with a new Prince of Wales stock, the Classic will be further embellished with a new game scene engraving for 2015. Each gun will have many hours of hand engraving lavished upon it to ensure it is a gun of outstanding beauty. The 12ga will feature a pheasant game scene on one side and mallard on the other. Whilst the small gauges will have a partridge scene and a woodcock scene. Barrels come in 28” or 30” fixed choke or Multichoke in both 12ga and 20ga. Beretta Premium grade guns are made separately from the rest of the range in a special facility within the factory. The artwork of the Master engravers adorn the action and any other visible metal components. Skilled gun makers build the action and carefully fit the barrels to ensure they open and close like the movement of a fine clock. Premium walnut is carefully selected, hand checkered and protected with the finest oils to achieve a finish worthy of the grade.

GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 13 Premium Guns Jubilee Scroll SRP from £14,750 Optional scroll engraving in 12 and 20ga. Jubilee Series The Jubilee series embodies almost 500 years of tradition. The perfect balance, elegant lines and rich engravings reveal the time and attention Beretta has lavished upon these extraordinary shotguns. The sideplates are attached without lock screws creating a greater surface area for the Master Engravers to express their artistry in full. The stock and forend are of the highest quality walnut with fine, precise, hand checkering. The barrels are constructed using laser technology, fusing the tubes to the monobloc, creating a perfect and flawless profile. The Jubilee is available in, 12, 20, 28 or 410 gauge, as single guns, or in pairs to special order. A 28/.410 gauge combo model is also available (SRP £16,150).

Jubilee Gamescene SRP from £14,750 The Beretta Jubilee is a premium gun with customisation options. What makes this model so special is that the side plates and bottom plates can be customised from a selection of beautiful game scenes. The receivers are specifically proportioned for 12, 20 and 28 gauges and are available with either a pistol grip, semi pistol grip or straight-hand stock. For the full range of engraving options please visit our website. * Special order, selection must be made at time of order – sideplates and bottom are not interchangeable.

14 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 Premium Guns SO10 SRP £62,350 There is a choice of five (grade two) standard engravings on the SO10. SO10EELL SRP from £72,550 There is the choice of six, (grade three) standard engravings on the SO10 EELL. There is also a choice of four custom engravings, which are grade four and upwards, at an additional cost. A variety of sophisticated scenes and styles can be created to suit personal tastes and requirements, from floral motifs, to traditional game scenes, exotic subjects, fine English scrolls, mythological scenes and gold-inlaid animals. A straight hand stock is optional.

SO10 Series Seventy years after the first modern Beretta over and under (the S1 was launched in 1933), a new true sidelock shotgun was born. The SO10 was a ten year project which was eventually launched in 2005. It replaced the SO9 as the pinnacle of the famous Beretta series. The SO10 Series has no pins or screws on the surface of the receiver, thus providing a blank canvas for the master engraver. The locking system of the Beretta SO10 over and under features a rear longitudinal bolt operating in a central position. This not only makes the opening of the barrels smooth and noiseless, but it also minimises stress when opening. Needless to say, the stock and forend on SO10 and SO10 EELL are made from high quality walnut, which has been selected for its grain quality, colour and strength. SO6EELL SRP from £38,250 The SO6 EELL is embellished with the finest hand engraving, signed by the artist. Standard engraving options include a scroll engraving, a gamescene engraving or a gold inlaid gamescene engraving. As an optional extra, the SO6 EELL can be ordered with even more intricate engraving styles. The stock and forend on the SO6 EELL are made of the finest walnut briar, selected for its colour tones and strength. The stock to receiver fit is completed with the utmost care. Customers can specify the final dimensions and delivery is approximately 14 months on guns which are made to special order.

GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 15 NEWS ? ? Premium Guns Delivery time for guns built to special order is approximately 9 - 18 months Beretta Sidelock Premium Guns are supplied with a travelling case & accessories. Premium models are available with left-handed stocks to special order. NOTE: Weights are approximate dependent on wood density and barrel length. MODEL BARREL LENGTH CHOKES LEFT HAND SRP (INC. VAT) 28" 30" 32" PREMIUM GUNS 687 EELL Classic 12 + 20ga ✔ ✔ M/C (5) £7,000 687 EELL Classic ✔ ✔ F/C (5) £6,850 Jubilee 12g + 20g ✔ ✔ F/C ✔ £14,750 Jubilee 12g + 20g ✔ ✔ M/C (5) ✔ £14,850 Jubilee 28g ✔ ✔ M/C (5) ✔ £14,850 SO6EELL 12g ✔ F/C ✔ £38,250 SO10 12g ✔ ✔ F/C ✔ £62,350 SO10 20g ✔ ✔ F/C ✔ £62,350 SO10EELL 12g ✔ ✔ F/C ✔ £72.550 SO10EELL 20g ✔ ✔ F/C ✔ £72,550 SO10EELL 28g ✔ ✔ O/C (5) ✔ £72,550 BERETTA PREMIUM DEALERS Avalon Guns Somerset 01458 447 505 Beretta Gallery London 020 7408 4411 Bywell Shooting Ground Northumberland 01670 787 827 Chris Potter Country Sports Kent 01892 522 208 Derek Lee Gunsmiths Ltd Lincolnshire 01526 354 505 Harrods London, 020 7730 1234 ext. 2092 Ian Coley Sporting Gloucestershire 01242 870391 Sportarm Ltd Dorset 01305 268 001 The Sportsman Gun Centre Devon 01392 354 854 The Sportsman Gun Centre Gwent 01633 250 025 West Midlands Shooting Ground 01939 200 644

Beretta have a long history in the manufacture of semi-automatics and have been at the forefront of the development of the gas operating system. The advantage of this system is that the shotguns are very smooth to shoot and can handle a huge variety of loads faultlessly. There are two platforms to choose from, the simpler and lower priced A300 series and the state of the art A400. A300 Outlander Synthetic SRP £960 A tough, all weather synthetic stock as an alternative to the traditional wooden model. A300 Outlander Wood SRP £960 The A300 Outlander is the best value semi-automatic available at under £1,000. This attractively styled semi-auto is made using genuine Beretta parts throughout and is manufactured in Italy. This gun is a great all rounder with superior steel proofed multi choke barrels included at no extra cost. Available in 12g only in 26”, 28” or 30” barrel length.

16 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 Semi-Automatics 1301 Comp SRP £1,110 The Beretta 1301 semi-auto is designed primarily as a tough, durable, practical competition semi-auto. However thanks to its compact size, large capacity magazine and Optimabore HP interchangeable choke system it is also ideal for other uses, particularly vermin control. Combining the technology of Beretta’s best hunting shotguns with the requirements of the most demanding practical shooters, it cycles faster than the competition, handles like a dream and has oversized controls for super-easy operation. The model 1301 is only available in large capacity F.A.C specification.

A300 Series

A350 Xtrema SRP £1,300 Black This gun is based on the Outlander mechanically, but with the addition of a 3½” magnum steel proof chamber and with a Kick-Off recoil reduction system fitted as standard. It will be offered in Black synthetic and Synthetic Camo Max 5 finish with 28” O/C.HP barrels as standard. GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 17 Semi-Automatics A400 Lite including GunPod 2 SRP from £1,275 New for 2015 the Model A400 Lite is yet another exciting addition to the A400 series of semi-autos. Featuring the new GunPod 2 device as standard (a built-in Bluetooth-compliant electronic unit that transmits information via a smartphone app) the Lite is offered in Black Synthetic 12ga 26” and 28” O/C.HP with a 3” chamber. Thanks to the versatile cross-tube magazine design the Lite can be offered in both standard crimped (2+1) shotgun spec. or unrestricted (4+1) capacity and as the name suggests, the Lite weighs in at only 3kg.

NEW NEW NEW 2015 SRP £1,350 Camo Autumn 2015 Autumn 2015 A400 Series A400 Unico 3½” SRP from £1,640 The A400 Unico provides maximum ballistic performance, thanks to the fastest and most versatile operating system in the world. The new Kick-Off3® system introduces a third hydraulic damper to further mitigate recoil and reduce mechanical stress. Furthermore, the barrel is Optima-Bore® and made using “Steelium”, a unique grade of steel exclusive to Beretta that ensures exceptional strength to weight ratio.

18 | GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 18 A400 Xtreme Black SRP £1,940 Xtreme innovation, Xtreme performance. This, synthetic stocked semi auto features all of Beretta’s technology in one gun. The new Kick Off Mega® means that only the hand moves backward while the stock remains still to the cheek, there is no other recoil reduction system to touch it. Other features include Blink to cycle a huge variety of loads fast and Stellium barrels with Optima-Bore HP® chokes. Available in black, Camo Max 5 and Optifade.

Left hand version available Autumn 2015 Semi-Automatics A400 Action SRP from £1,495 Versatile and light, the A400 Action. With a unique brown/bronze receiver this model is a stunning and tinnovative addition to the A400 range. The Action is also the first Beretta semi-auto to be available with a left-hand receiver. Left hand version available A400 Light SRP from £1,515 The A400 Xplor Light is chambered for 3” cartridges, which means that the action is slightly shorter than the Unico model with a corresponding reduction in weight. Featuring a silver action finish, as opposed to the dark green of the ‘Unico’, the ‘Light’ model is available in 26” and 28” barrel lengths with or without the Kick-Off® system fitted.

GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 19 A400 Xtreme Camo Max 5 SRP £2,100 A400 Xtreme 28” Optifade SRP £2,100 MODEL/DESCRIPTION BARREL LENGTH LEFT HAND CHOKES (NO. OF CHOKES) APPROX. WEIGHT KG. SRP (INC. VAT) 24” 26" 28" 30" FIELD SEMI-AUTOMATICS 12GA. A300 Outlander Wood ✔ M/C (I) 3.25 £960 A300 Outlander Synthetic ✔ M/C (I) 3.25 £960 A350 Xtrema Black ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.3 £1,300 A350 Xtrema Camo Max 5 ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.3 £1,350 1301 Comp F.A.C spec only ✔ O/C.HP. F (1) 3.2 £1,110 A400 Lite GunPod 2 Kick-Off ✔ ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.1 £1,275 A400 Xtreme 3.5" Black K/O.M + left hand ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.45 £1,940 A400 Xtreme 3.5" Max.5 K/O.M ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.45 £2,100 A400 Xtreme 3.5" Optifade K/O.M ✔ ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.45 £2,100 A400 Action X/G 3" + Left Hand ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.15 £1,495 A400 Action X/G 3” Kick-Off + Left Hand ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.25 £1,595 A400 Light 3 ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 2.9 £1,515 A400 Light 3" Kick-Off ✔ ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 2.95 £1,595 A400 Unico X/G 3 ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.15 £1,640 A400 Unico Kick-Off ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 3.15 £1,740 FIELD SEMI-AUTOMATICS 20GA.

A400 Action X/G 3" No Pod ✔ ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 2.75 £1,495 A400 Action X/G 3" No Pod Kick-Off ✔ ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 2.75 £1,595 FIELD SEMI-AUTOMATICS 28GA A400 Action X/G 3” No Pod ✔ ✔ O/C.HP. F (3) 2.75 £1,495 GMK BERETTA GAME CATALOGUE 2015 | 19 Semi-Automatics

GMK Ltd Bear House, Concorde Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO15 5RL Tel: 01489 587500 • 486 EL Silver SRP £6,675 486 EL Colour SRP £6,800 687EELL Classic SRP from £6,850 Jubilee SRP from £14,750 SO6 EELL SRP from £38,250 SO10 SRP from £62,350 SO10 EELL SRP from £72,550 Silver Pigeon 1 SRP £1,600 Ultralight Classic SRP from £1,900 Ultralight Gold SRP from £2,025 690 III SRP from £2,325 Silver Pigeon Classic SRP £2,975 486 SRP from £3,875 687EELL SRP from £6,125 Over & Under, Side by side - Gun Glossary

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