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Great indian institutes - Great Place To Study

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                                                                  Higher Education
                                                                    — Paul Dupuis

                                                                                                                      AND GREAT PLACE TO STUDY - SEPTEMBER 2018   3
Great indian institutes - Great Place To Study
    Greater entrepreneurship can help the youth achieve their fullest potential.
    - Arvina Purkayastha

                                                                                        education teaches these skills. It equips students to
                                                                                        seek out problem-solving opportunities, empathise with
                                                                                        others, think creatively, take risks, accept failure as part
                                                                                        of the growth process, and appreciate the correlation
                                                                                        between hard work and success.

                                                                                     More opportunities for creativity, innovation, and
                                                                                      collaboration in schools
                                       ARVINA PURKAYASTHA                             As testing and standards take over our education system,
                                       FOUNDER & CEO
                                                                                      opportunities for students to create, innovate, collaborate,
                                                                                      and demonstrate proficiency or mastery in real-life ways
                                                                                      become scarce. Entrepreneurship education not only
    Entrepreneurship has been regarded as a new science in                            encourages, but also requires students to be creative, to
    the promotion of economic development leading to rapid                            innovate, and to collaborate with others.
    development in entrepreneurship education. The growing
    number of students enrolled in entrepreneurship programs                         Importance of learning problem-solving skills
    creates unprecedented challenges for educators. College and                       Problem-solving has been all the rage in education
    university business schools are a primary source of knowledge                     for years. Traditionally, schools have taught problem-
    for aspiring business professionals. Many business schools have                   solving through pre-defined set ups, which are not
    embraced the rise in entrepreneurial activity and have responded                  suitable for practical use. In the real world, problems
    to this trend by expanding entrepreneurship courses that address                  get fixed with thorough identification. Students need to
    the emerging trends in start-up ventures. In light of this trend,                 learn how to identify problems and solve the right ones.
    there is much debate over whether schools can actually teach                      If a student identifies a problem incorrectly or solves
    individuals to be entrepreneurs through traditional theory-based                  the wrong problem, the solution to the problem has
    learning and other pedagogical practices. This debate is fuelled                  no value.
    by the disparate results in entrepreneurial studies.
                                                                                     More grit
    Greater entrepreneurship is the antidote to these remaining                       Students learn grit through entrepreneurship because
    economic headwinds and can help the youth achieve their                           the entrepreneurial process is demanding and uncertain.
    fullest potential. Colleges, fostering entrepreneurship should                    These experiences can be extremely beneficial for
    leverage their infrastructure and resources to engage students                    students to learn before they graduate and begin to face
    with local employers, entrepreneurs, and lenders.                                 real-life, people-in-need situations.

    Few Reasons for teaching Entrepreneurship                                        To make a difference
        Where the future is uncertain, students need skills                          This truth is self-evident. Entrepreneurs, by definition,
         that will allow them to make their own way                                   want to make a difference. In the business sense,
         We can’t predict the job market and economy our students                     entrepreneurs seek to solve problems, meet needs,
         will enter into, therefore cannot predict the competence                     and ease difficulties as a means of selling products or
         they will need to possess to thrive in it. We know without                   services. In the social sense, entrepreneurs use ideas
         a doubt that our students need skills that will allow                        and solutions to make a difference to human beings
         them to navigate uncertain waters. Entrepreneurship                          or on the environment. Either way, students trained

Great indian institutes - Great Place To Study

                                                                                  Students need skills that
                                                                                  will allow them to make
                                                                                        their own way
      in entrepreneurship education enter the
      world determined to creatively solve
      problems, meet needs, and make the world
      a better place.
                                                                                                                             Importance of
                                                                                                                           learning problem-
Cultivating entrepreneurial behaviour and                                                                                     solving skills
   Entrepreneurship Education has met with
   varying degrees of success suggesting that                More grit
   not only is there one single approach to
   achieving an entrepreneurial community
                                                                                          Few Reasons
   through but also there are other variables                                             for teaching
   at work about which little is known. One
   such variable is ‘culture’, perhaps the most
   difficult of all to influence and adapt. The
   custodians of community culture are its
   educators, those tasked with perpetuating the
   values of a community through the provision
   of education. To build an entrepreneurial
   community, it is necessary to fundamentally
   alter traditional strategies and teaching                                                                                      To make a
   methods in such a way that learning takes on                                                                                   difference
   new meaning, not only for students but also
   for other community stakeholders.
                                                                      More opportunities for
                                                                    creativity, innovation, and
   Values driven: Alignment to a common                              collaboration in schools
   vision and inclusive consultation at a strategic
   level are meaningless unless people behave
   collectively in accordance with a shared set of
   values. The success or failure of any adaptation
   hinges on how strongly people believe in the
   new initiative and how well they alter their            The successes that should encounter in Entrepreneurship Education
   behaviour to support it. Teachers should run            should be a result of three primary factors:
   focus groups evolved around storytelling
   frenzies of how an entrepreneurial approach                  Firstly, each school should have a clearly defined vision of
   to their teaching will make a difference.                     what Entrepreneurship Education should be and the results it
                                                                 should deliver.
   Leadership: Transformational initiatives in
   any organisation require strong, focused and                 Secondly, leadership should facilitate the inclusive formulation of a
   committed leadership, even more so when                       joint strategy that involves all community stakeholders.
   there is the potential for a fundamental shift
   in the culture of the organization. Schools                  Thirdly, an incremental implementation process should be used
   should plot further along the entrepreneurial                 that encourages participation from key community stakeholders,
   side of the spectrum, demonstrating a focus at                professional teaching staff and the students themselves.
   a strategic level.

                                                                                                        AND GREAT PLACE TO STUDY - SEPTEMBER 2018   5
Great indian institutes - Great Place To Study

    Building a conversational framework that promotes individuality and
    creativity in the classroom.

                                                                              a mere receiver but one that propels the action of learning,
                                                                              forward. Technology is an intrinsic part of curriculum
                                                                              execution at REVA and infused in every facet of the learning
                                                                              encounter. Lectures are captured and shared with students so
                                                                              they can study it at leisure and watch them through Moodle
                                                                              using the ERP portal. These lectures are also available in the
                                                                              library for students who need additional support in learning.
                                                                              CF heavily stresses on interaction and its affixed versions. To
                                                                              explicate; narrative media form at the first stage of learning
                                                                              involves one-sided learning employing media like print, TV,
                                         DR. P SHYAMA RAJU                    videos etc. for introduction. This stage is for apprehension.
                                         REVA UNIVERSITY
                                                                              Using Interactive media, the learner responds to the model
                                                                              of dialogue presented but in a restricted manner. The teacher
    There is no single consolidated approach that answers all                 indulges students with web resources, search engines and
    questions and controls outcome in learning processes. There               multiple-choice tests. Through communicative and adaptive
    is a dire need for heterogeneous learning models that blend               media, the interaction of the student with the source material
    virtual and real learning environments. Our higher education              augments. Knowledge can be adapted from preceding stages
    system was straight-jacketed in a pedantic suit suffocating               via seminars, online conferences, simulations and laboratory
    the supposedly fluid teaching. Many modern approaches                     work and more modern formats like blogs and social media
    to teaching and learning have attempted to rescue existing                forums. The learner is involved in discussing, exploring and
    systems and give them a new lease of life. Diana Laurillard’s             finally practicing. The entire process of learning comes to
    ‘Conversational Framework’, an interactive learning model,                fruition in the productive stage, where action is realized and
    a tribute to Socratic ideas in a sense, propounds a logical               further knowledge reproduction is considered. Webpages,
    solution to learning as an interlocution through diverse media,           blog posts and any other medium that enable the learner
    combining traditional and digital.                                        to convey the learnt, deliberate the learning, fine-tune
                                                                              their originally formulated idea with the now established
    Conversational Framework (CF) presents learning as an                     knowledge culture, and ponder over the inference of the
    interaction between the teacher and the learner and involves an           experience. Faculty at REVA are encouraged to use blogs as
    exchange of dialogue, with the nature of discourse transforming           a medium to communicate ideas to the student community.
    in the process of acquiring knowledge. CF aims to induce                  They use diverse pedagogiey that would make learning more
    learning by using different forms of communication and related            digital and appropriate to all learners.
    mental activities; narrative, interactive, communicative,
    adaptive and productive and their corresponding manifestation             An embedded system of knowledge procurement, where the
    in media. The conversational elements demonstrated in                     learner plays the key role with independent exploration and
    practice are discussion, adaptation, interaction, reflection. At          scaffolded guidelines, enables unmitigated flow of creativity.
    REVA University, we are sensitive to the learning needs of the            The process promotes individuality and indulgence with
    changing generation and the pedagogy has been accordingly                 knowledge societies across the world. Evolving technologies
    updated. Every lesson imparted is laced with an interactive               and lithe learning cultures that permeate the inclusion of new
    flavor. Moodle based assignments are a must that students                 thoughts in and out of classrooms means that the academic
    attempt. Flipped classroom is another pedagogical tool used,              trials at Universities lie in espousing technology, media,
    so that classrooms are more engaging to students. Students are            exploratory practices and rendering them with a touch of
    constantly exposed to simulated sessions where they interact              preexisting pedagogical understanding of learning. Digital
    with the subject matter directly. The process of learning is also         learning is the way forward for higher education in India.
    a process of self-discovery at REVA.                                      REVA has gone digital. The faculty uses web links, YouTube,
                                                                              e-resources to ensure that technology has a major role to play
    University education, to remain relevant, is doing away with              in teaching-learning, engagement with the current generation
    esoteric practices. A student in a learning encounter is not              to amplify challenges.

Great indian institutes - Great Place To Study
                     HIGHER EDUCATION”
    “The sublime vision and dedication of the founder of Alliance University saw the emergence of a
  trusted Institute of Excellence in Higher Education. With a legacy of more than two decades, Alliance
 was established with the purpose of grooming professionally trained business graduates. The institute
  widened its vision further encompassing law, engineering, and other vital academic disciplines. Soon
  the brand Alliance grew into a reputed private university in 2010. The University is recognized by the
                             University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi.”
                                             Dr. Anubha Singh, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Alliance University

                                      l l i a n c e
                                      University with                                               ACHIEVEMENTS
                                      its vibrant and
                                      picturesque                Alliance University is the first institute in South India to have received
                          campus in Bengaluru—                                            private university status
                          the fastest growing city in
                          India—offers more than 20          The School of Business of Alliance University is the first B-School in India to
                          undergraduate and post-            have received accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for
                          graduate majors to students                             Business Education (IACBE), USA
from diverse backgrounds. Alliance Education,
defined by excellence in the areas of Business                Alliance University has won accolades from bodies such as ASSOCHAM and
Administration; Engineering; Legal Studies and guid-            ABP News for being the most innovative institution in Building Industry
ed by the core values of the University, has shaped the                               Academia Interface in 2018
lives of over 20,000 very successful alumni.
                                                                     For its world-class facilities, Alliance University was awarded the
Alliance University provides a dynamic,                                 Educational Institution with the Best Infrastructure by the
challenging, and ethical environment where
                                                                                     World Education Congress in 2018
students and faculty can interact, collaborate and
partner with a global community. The University                 India Today in its 2018 survey ranked Alliance University as the 7th Best
offers baccalaureate concentrations, postgraduate
                                                                                     Private University in the Country
and doctoral degrees and professional certificate
programmes in multi-disciplinary areas of study.                The MBA Programme from the School of Business of Alliance University
Robust industry interactions, international
                                                                  is ranked No. 18 for its MBA full-time programme in Central Asia by
collaborations, outreach activities for social
responsibility, career counseling, customized                                      Eduniversal Masters Ranking 2017
research-based curriculum, dedicated faculty, and
                                                                            The Economic Times named Alliance University as the
advanced technology and infrastructure are the
bywords of Alliance education.                                                        Best Education Brand in 2017

Placement Record
The industry liaison team of Alliance University
                                                          Academics                                               Impact
                                                          At Alliance, the classrooms play an integral part       The institute was awarded as one of the most
networks with industry professionals across
                                                          in the University’s academic mission by being           innovative universities by various bodies for its
multiple sectors. The team is dedicated to advising
                                                          vibrant learning centres. The faculty follows a         industry-academic interface. A network of over 350
students on career options and providing them
                                                          collaborative approach to academics with a course-      companies has helped achieve 100% placements
with industry internship and final placement
                                                          driven immersion experience complemented by             through its campus recruitments.
                                                          live project-based course learning and industry-
                                                          blended course activities. The course is emphasized
                                                                   with industry leaders presenting live           ALUMNI SPEAK
                                                                   assignments with the support of cutting-       “Being part of Alliance has been
                                                                   edge technology platforms.                     the most enriching experiences and
                                                                                                                  one of the best decisions of my life.
                                                                   Campus Life                                    My days at Alliance as a student
                                                                   Set amidst a sprawling ‘green campus’, the     developed my people skills and
                                                                   state-of-the-art infrastructure of Alliance    helped me amass knowledge while
                                                                   University caters not only to the academic     gaining critical and analytical thinking approach. Interaction
                                                                   but to the holistic needs of today’s           with qualified faculties and diverse group of peers developed
                                                                   millennial. Alliance University has a well-    my personality and team-building skills which today helps
                                                                   equipped library with quality research         me greatly at an organisational level. The University not just
                                                                   resources, a lively activity center with       focuses on subject matter expertise but also prepares one to
                                                                   facilities for health, exercise and cultural   propel in corporate career. I can vouch beyond doubt that such
                                                                   activities, multi-cuisine restaurants with     exposure has added immense value to my life.”
                                                                   a variety of food services, and ample
                                                                   facilities for sports and games.                                                    - Ashwin Kunder,
                                                                                                                        Class of 2007, Local Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

                                                                                                                    AND GREAT PLACE TO STUDY - SEPTEMBER 2018                7
Great indian institutes - Great Place To Study
‘Ensuring an education
                               for life’
 “The School of Biotechnology has been a trailblazer in the Biotechnology arena since its inception in 2004, with
 established UG, PG and PhD programmes in Biotechnology, Microbiology and Bioinformatics. The School is also
        recognized as a TIFAC Centre of Relevance and Excellence (CORE) in Biomedical Technology under
                                      the DST Mission REACH programme.”
                                        Bipin Nair, Ph.D, Dean, Biotechnology, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

           mrita University                                                                              Campus Life
           is a world-class,                                                                             Located close to the international headquarters
           research-intensive                                    ACHIEVEMENTS                            of the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, the 90-acre
           university     with                            MoU with Wipro Technologies                    campus provides a learning environment that
national and international                              for developing low cost diabetes                 harmoniously blends science and spirituality. Over
repute as an educational                                           solutions                             90% of the students reside in hostels on campus.
institution providing higher                                                                             All Schools and Research Centres on campus
education in an ambience                                     Aegis Graham Bell Award                     are committed to generating, disseminating and
rooted in rich Indian culture and heritage steeped                                                       preserving knowledge. They seek to develop in
in spiritual values. Sri Mata Amritanandamayi            MoU with Oxford University, UK                  each member of the campus, the ability and passion
Devi, Amma, one of the foremost humanitarian                                                             to work wisely, creatively and effectively for the
leaders in the world today, is the Founder and           MoU with ID Genomics, Seattle,                  betterment of humanity. Numerous seminars,
Chancellor of the University. In Amma’s view, the                     USA                                discussions and debates help enhance the quest for
main purpose of education should be to impart a                                                          knowledge. Although located in a remote village
culture of the heart and based on spiritual values      MoU with UCSD-Tata Institute for                 blessed with panoramic backwater expanses and
thereby providing not just education for a living but         Genetics & Society                         tiny glistening brooks on one side and the mighty
education for life.                                                                                      sea on the other side, all modern amenities which
                                                         Amrita School of Biotech/Amrita                 go to make campus life memorable, are provided.
Placement Record                                         Univ. featured on UNAI web site                 There is a well-stocked library, cafeterias and sports
Just a few examples of their placement successes                                                         facilities. A culture of enthusiastically celebrating
include positions bagged in the Indian Institutes        Selected for the “Re-invent The                 festivals and other events makes life on campus
of Technology (IITs), Indian Institute of Science         Toilet“ Grand Challenge India                  stimulating.
(IISc), National Centre for Biological Sciences         Award from the Bill and Melinda
(NCBS), Centre for Cellular and Molecular               Gates Foundation USA along with                  Impact
Biology (CCMB), University of California network,          DBT-BIRAC, Government of                      Amrita Live-in-Labs® is a multidisciplinary
Cellworks, Biocon, BioGenex, Astra Zeneca, Lupin           India for novel approach to
                                                                                                         experiential learning programme that facilitates
and Reliance Life Sciences, Max Planck Institute               Sanitation solutions.
                                                                                                         the research, development, and deployment of
(Germany) amongst many others. Their highly                                                              sustainable solutions for current challenges faced
                                                        ASBT students consistently qualify
motivated faculty members are dedicated to                                                               by rural communities in India. The programme is
                                                          for National and International
training students to aim for the best in science and                                                     designed to engage participants in a mutual learning
                                                        Research fellowships (CSIR, UGC,
in life. Amrita School of Biotechnology (ASBT) has                                                       and sharing experience by breaking classroom
                                                                   ICMR, DBT)
consistently been a destination of choice for leading                                                    barriers to implement theoretical knowledge to
firms who offer internships.                             MoU with Agilent Technologies                   address real-world problems.
                                                        Germany to set up State of the Art
Academics                                                  Mass Spectrometry Facility
ASBT is the National Coordinator for the
MHRD supported design and development of                                                                   ALUMNI SPEAK
Biotechnology Virtual Labs in collaboration with
                                                                                                         “My time at Amrita school
                                                                     IITB and IITD. Amrita Virtual       of Biotechnology has been
                                                                     Biotechnology Laboratory is         an endearing journey.
                                                                     a new kind of experimental          It will always be special
                                                                     science that is being established   to me because it is the
                                                                     as a virtual simulation-based       only one place where my
                                                                     laboratory. In partnership with     education for prosperity
                                                                     the Government of India’s Sakshat   married my education
                                                                                                         for life. We had the best mentors who took efforts
                                                                     initiative of the Ministry of
                                                                                                         in answering the vast number of doubts we had
                                                                     Human Resource Development,         — both inside and outside the classroom. Their
                                                                     these Amrita Virtual Labs focus     friendly attitude and the time invested in discussing
                                                                     on helping students retain the      science has encouraged me to be more inquisitive
                                                                     real feel of a laboratory, while    and passionate in whatever I learn. ASBT is the
                                                                     conducting the experiment from      reason I really enjoy science and research as much
                                                                     an internet-enabled computer        as I do today.”
                                                                     terminal, much in the same way                                       Sreeram Udayan,
                                                                     as is done, in a real lab.             [PhD scholar, University College, Cork, Ireland]

Great indian institutes - Great Place To Study
“Blending c ompassion and
                    scientific education”
 “It is AMMA’s prayer that we develop the expansive-mindedness to embrace both scientific knowledge and
   spiritual wisdom. We can no longer afford to see these two streams of knowledge as flowing in opposite
 directions. In truth, they complement one another. If we merge these streams, we will find that we are able
   to create a mighty river—a river whose waters can remove suffering and spread life to all of humanity.”
                 Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Chancellor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

                             n        2003,     world    three years.                                                                 the same likewise for medicine
                             humanitarian                CIR     strives     to                                                       and other faculties. In all
                             leader and spiritual        achieve      excellent                                                       campuses, there are specialized
                             teacher Sri Mata            placement           of           Ranked 8th among 700                        facilities for sports and games
                        Amritanandamayi Devi             students each year. A         universities in the National                   like an Olympic standard
                        (AMMA) set up Amrita             proven track record        Institutional Ranking Framework                   swimming pool, synthetic
                        Vishwa Vidyapeetham.             of consistent high-       (NIRF) 2018 of the Government of                   tennis court and state-of-
                        AMMA is known as the             quality placements          India. Only private university in                the art gymnasium that are
‘Hugging Saint’ worldwide and has embraced               year-on-year is one                    the top 10                            available for the benefit of
more than 35 million people. AMMA’s concepts             of the reasons for                                                           students.
of education, stress on research and commitment          many bright students           Re-accredited by National
to instilling universal values have come together        opting for admission         Assessment and Accreditation                    Impact
to shape Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham into an              to Amrita.                   Council (NAAC) with ‘A’ grade                   In early 2013, AMMA,
institution where the latest advancements and                                       Ranked as the Greenest campus                     proposed a programme, ‘Live
discoveries combine with compassion and service-         Academics                     in India in the category of                    in Labs @ AMRITA’ in which
mindedness. What makes AMMA’s vision of                  Amrita works on a            ‘Engineering Institutions” in                   Amrita students and faculty,
education through Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham             choice-based credit        Swachhta Rankings 2017 of the                     in conjunction with students
unique is that is all encompassing. AMRITA               system               with        Government of India                         and faculty from international
strives to provide ‘Education for Life’ in addition to   electives in cutting-                                                        universities   could     spend
‘Education for Living’. This is their uniqueness. This   edge areas. There              Ranked as top private university              two weeks to six months in
is realized in all dimensions of the university, be it   are          curricular         in India in the world university             villages in India in order to
academics, research or student life.                     innovations           like      rankings such as Times Higher                understand current challenges
                                                         open           electives,     Education (THE) and Quacquarelli               and, subsequently, develop
Placement Record                                         project-based                             Symonds (QS)                       sustainable solutions. This
Amrita prepares students for a successful                courses,       industry                                                      immersive          experiential
professional career in a systematic and structured       electives, live-in-labs          Over R250+ crore of research                programme not only advances
manner. To this end, the Directorate of Corporate        experiential learning        funding with the support of major               international     collaboration
and Industry Relations (CIR) wing of Amrita              programme,                      national laboratories, industry              and participatory learning but
understands the students’ career aspirations and,        semester          abroad       leaders and agencies like TIFAC,              also promotes an environment
thanks to continuous interactions with the industry,     programme,            etc.       DST, ICMR, ISRO, DRDO, DBT,                 of synergy between science,
understands their expectations from the academy.         There       is      good         DIT, DRDO, Microsoft, Hewlett               engineering     and     human
It accordingly designs and executes career-oriented      industry orientation          Packard, Media Lab Asia, Infosys,              values. Twenty-two villages
skill development programmes, engages industry           and     a       lifeskills         MDS Pharma, Biocon, etc.                  across India have been visited.
professionals to train and guide the students, etc.      programme for
These courses are executed over a period of two to       i m p r o v i n g
                                                                                  employability.               ALUMNI SPEAK

                                                                              Campus Life                        “I am currently pursuing
                                                                              Excellent infrastructure, well-    my Master’s degree at
                                                                              equipped libraries,                the Department of Electrical
                                                                              learning centres and state-of-     Engineering at Stanford
                                                                              the-art teaching and research      University. I had joined
                                                                              laboratories in all campuses,      the Master’s degree
                                                                              departments and centres            programme from Fall 2018. It gives me a sense of
                                                                              of excellence, characterize        ultimate satisfaction to now be a part of the most
                                                                              the institute. If you take         prestigious educational organization and an even
                                                                              engineering alone, there are       larger sense of pride in carrying the part of Amrita
                                                                              250+ advanced laboratories.        Vishwa Vidyapeetham engrained within me. I am
                                                                              The sophisticated equipment        indebted to the Institution and all the faculty for
                                                                              available in these labs include    their unconditional support, guidance and blessings
                                                                              sub-sonic      wind      tunnel,   without which I would not have succeeded.”
                                                                              Kamov-35 Helicopter and                                               - Hitha Revalla
                                                                              MIG-23 fighter aircraft. It is                              Alumnus: Batch 2013- 2017
                                                                                                                         Electronics and Communication Department

                                                                                                                  AND GREAT PLACE TO STUDY - SEPTEMBER 2018             9
Great indian institutes - Great Place To Study
    “Education is an act of social transformation and our goal is focused on curating professionals who are
   responsible, committed, and confident in their desired field. In order to achieve this, we have developed
   an innovative curricular framework, which is on par with some of the best universities across the world.
   We are prepared to enhance efforts to the best possible extent for the betterment of academic scenario
            in North East India. We feel proud that we have found such an excellent University in
                              Arunachal Pradesh, which can shape modern India. ”
                                    Acharya Dhanwant Singh, Founder, Apex Professional University

                                   pex Professional     and sharpens the skill of                                                         holistic          development.
                                   University           students with exposure                   ACHIEVEMENTS                             APU       provides     amazing
                                   (APU)           is   to various parameters                                                             opportunities to students for
                                   known for its        related to different work          Recognised by Higher                           trying things they never had
                       academic excellence and          situations.                       Education Review for Its                        the chance to do. They get
                       commitment to faith,                                              contribution in the area of                      complete support in order
                       where wisdom is pursued,         Academics                          Holistic Development                           to ensure that each event is
                       vocation is discerned,           APU is amongst the first                                                          of a high standard and all
                       and service is fostered.         to have acknowledged           Awarded with a Certificate of                      objectives are met. Activities
The university aims to discover, preserve, and          the       transformation         Excellence in the year 2017                      include      anything     from
disseminate ancient Indian knowledge, to educate        and is leading the                   by The CEO Magazine                          extracurricular,      academic
the next generation of global citizens and to           revolution in teaching                                                            activities to talent shows and
develop human potential to its fullest extent so that   methodology. It is                                                                Zalwa—cultural fests.
it fosters innovation, enterprise and enthusiasm        inarguably one of the                 Rated as the fastest
for excellence. The education framework grooms          first to adopt Bloom’s           growing University in 2017             Impact
leaders who are not only professionals but also         Taxonomy method of                  and Hon’ble Chancellor              The University was recognised
good human beings with values. APU provides             teaching, which has               received this award from              for its efforts in Institutional
the finest teaching minds, whose guidance is            gained       tremendous         the Honorable Minister Shri             Social Responsibility by eLets
reinforced with decades of teaching experience,         popularity across the            Santhosh Kumar Gangawar,               Technomedia Pvt. Ltd. and
international exposure and understanding. It is the     globe but remains a                  Government of India,               this award was handed over
only university in the world that teaches life skills   relatively unexplored                        New Delhi                  by Manpreet Singh Manna,
on the basis of Six Indian Schools of Thought—          territory in the Indian                                                 Director, AICTE, Ministry of
Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimamsa              education        scenario.                                              HRD, Government of India
                                                                                         Winner of World Education
and Vedanta.                                            Bloom’s        Taxonomy                                                 at New Delhi. ASSOCHAM
                                                        model is honoured                     Award 2012 HIGHER                 rated the University as the
Placement Record                                        after           Benjamin        EDUCATION as Best Training              best progressive University for
Apex Professional University is nurturing students      Bloom, who invented                           Provider                  the Year 2018. It also ranked
to be job creators, not jobseekers. Mere learning       the         methodology,                                                among the top ten Universities
from books, lectures and study material do not          which classifies the                Winner of eINDIA 2011               in the progressive India
comprise holistic learning. Practical, hands-on         learning objectives and            BEST DIGITAL LEARNING                Conclave, 2018 by Corporate
learning and live experience is essential for better    segregates it according              INITIATIVE of the year             Council for Leadership and
understanding of work processes and business            to its complexity and                                                   awareness in Agra, July 2018.
functions. The University has been clearly              specificity. The model
advocating the student fraternity to visit corporate    adopts the objective of Remember, Understand,
houses, museums, industries, etc to bridge the gap      Apply, Analyse, Evaluate and Create to deliver
between theoretical training and practical learning.    the most holistic learning experience. Apart from
                                                                                                              ALUMNI SPEAK
Such visits improve interpersonal skills and            Bloom’s Taxonomy, the University firmly believes
communication techniques, broadens the outlook          in the traditional Gurukul method of teaching. “If something that you always
                                                                              Therefore, the adoption of desire for and you finally get
                                                                              Bloom’s Taxonomy integrated it, no one can express the
                                                                              with the Gurukul concept enormous feeling of happiness
                                                                              is a testament that Apex is you feel deep inside. With
                                                                              treading the path of enhancing more and more enthusiasm
                                                                              academic education in India.   you carry forward the hard
                                                                                                                   work, because you have been rewarded with the most
                                                                             Campus Life                           beautiful gift of your life. I am proud to call myself a
                                                                             Covering 18.09 acres, APU is          CSIR NET holder and my highest honour of thanks
                                                                             located at the eastern foothills      goes to my University, Apex Professional University,
                                                                             of the divine Himalayas,              Pasighat and my Physics HOD, Dean, Dr. Rhituraj
                                                                             Pasighat, that is spiritually         Saikia who have provided me with every essential that
                                                                             vibrant, naturally serene and         I needed to achieve my dream.”
                                                                             peaceful. Its holy ambience is                                                 - Bomge Tasar
                                                                             in itself a filip for the learner’s

“Nurturing talents
                                   towards suc cess”
 “It is heartening to witness the remarkable achievements of AIT over the past few years. Starting with being
     declared as the Best Professional College (Urban) in 2017, AIT has showcased its excellence in all fields
   viz. academics, sports, cultural activities and social work. It has provided excellent campus placements to
    its students and has been effectively nurturing the future generations of engineers, in professional and
                                                  personal terms.”
                                                 Lt Gen DR Soni, PVSM, VSM, ADC Patron-in-Chief

                                   he Army Institute                                                          BAJA, JohnDeere TechnoChamp, Barclays
                                   of Technology,                     ACHIEVEMENTS                            Innovation, 3DPLM Aakruti and NSE Hackathon
                                   Pune,     is   an                                                          are our success stories in recent past. Summer,
                                   engineering                Ranked 88th by the National                     winter internships and sponsored projects are
                        college catering to the             Institutional Ranking Framework                   always on top of our list. These are the keys to
                        educational      needs     of      (NIRF) devised by Ministry of HRD                  practical knowledge. Around 70% of AIT projects
                        Army wards. AIT is a fully                                                            are sponsored. Our well-experienced faculty gives
                        residential      engineering          Accredited by NAAC – Grade A                    valuable guidance to every project group.
college with a full Wi-Fi campus; which along
with a well-developed MOODLE-based LMS and                       All four undergraduate                       Campus Life
campus ERP, encourages students towards online                                                                Extracurricular and co-curricular activities are
self-learning. AIT has excellent infrastructure in           programmes accredited by NBA                     organized all year round to keep the students
terms of a well-stocked library, fully equipped labs,                                                         involved, engaged in productive pursuits, which
one of the best workshops in the region, a CAE             Ranked in top 30 institutes across                 are neither mundane nor enforced upon. The
lab and fabrication shop for a great “hands-on”            India in all prestigious surveys like              campus has excellent facilities for entertainment,
experiential learning environment.                           India Today, Outlook India, The                  sports and recreation. The AIT has a well-stocked
                                                                   Week and Dataquest                         library and a state-of-the-art reading hall that
The college also encourages and promotes                                                                      can accommodate 150 students at a time. Sports
project-based learning through mini projects                                                                  are an especially popular pastime at AIT and the
                                                              Excellent Placement Award by
and participation in technical competitions and                                                               campus boasts a basketball court, a cricket field, a
hackathons across the country.                                      Dataquest in 2015                         tennis court, a volleyball court, a football (soccer)
                                                                                                              field, a badminton court (a sport, which of course,
Placement Record                                          Best Professional College Award by                  originated in Pune), fitness studio, a croquet lawn
The institute prides itself on its wide network of               Pune University 2017                         and two squash courts.
alumni relations that sees its placement season net
an average salary of `6 LPA. The highest salary that       Considered in top 10 institutes of                 Impact
was offered was `39.00 LPA. Five students joined                     West India                               The beautiful campus, serene ambience and
Microsoft.                                                                                                    architectural       splendour,      state-of-the-art
                                                            Ranked among top 10% colleges                     infrastructure, all provide vital ingredients for a
Academics                                                                                                     delectable academic environment for development
Dassault Systèmes has established a Product                   of India in the employability                   of total quality engineers. AIT alumni are to
Innovation Centre at AIT. Every day, students are          assessment conducted by Aspiring                   be found not just in traditional engineering or
exposed to new challenges in areas like robotics,                         Minds                               Information Technology concerns, but also in the
3D printing and embedded systems. SAE India,                                                                  world’s leading educational institutions, financial
                                                                                                              and professional service firms, creative agencies
                                                                                                              and entrepreneurial efforts.

                                                                                                               ALUMNI SPEAK

                                                                                                              “AIT gave me a needed
                                                                                                              head start in terms of
                                                                                                              confidence,       guidance,
                                                                                                              mindset, learning and
                                                                                                              mentorship.      Competing
                                                                                                              and collaborating with
                                                                                                              the best of self-disciplined
                                                                                                              army children gave me the best recipe to build my
                                                                                                              own success company within years from my college
                                                                                                              placement. Given a choice, I will relive and redo my
                                                                                                              AIT moments plus learning again exactly the same
                                                                                                                                                   - Vikram Sareen,
                                                                                                                                 Chief Architect, CEO And Founder,
                                                                                                                                    Blue Bricks Group of Companies

                                                                                                                  AND GREAT PLACE TO STUDY - SEPTEMBER 2018   11
                      TRAINING AND RESEARCH’
   “The placement record of the institution has been remarkable and most students chart their careers
   well before their graduation. All the graduates from its portals either occupy prestigious positions in
           multinational companies or join institutions of higher learning in India and abroad.”
             Dr. Sahol Hamid Bin Abu Bakar, V-C, B. S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science and Technology,
                                                        Chennai, Tamil Nadu

                                 he institute aspires     biggest challenge is capturing the students’ attention,
                                 to be a leader           and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays
                                 in       education,      with them long after they have left the classroom.
                                 training        and      For this to happen, our classroom experience was
                                                                                                                            QS World Top Universities
                       research in engineering,           redefined and innovative ideas that make teaching
                       science, technology and            methods more effective were implemented which                      Ranking - Awarded 4 out
                       management, and play               are as follows:                                                           of 5 stars
                       a vital role in the socio-          Real-World Learning: Infusing real-world
                       economic progress of the              experiences into instructions that will make                Accredited “A” grade by NAAC
country. Crescent is the 4th varsity to be awarded           teaching moments fresh, easy to understand,                     on the very first cycle
with a QS 4-Star rating, and the only University             easy to learn and will spark interest
in India to have 16 + 04 (20) programmes                   Work on live projects: Triggers self-reflection               Among Top-100 Universities
NBA accredited under Tier-1 of the prestigious               and encourages students to redefine
Washington Accord. It is also the first and only                                                                           in India, as per 2017 NIRF
                                                           Constant updates in academics matching with
University in India to have a foreign national as                                                                                    ranking
                                                             the current trends of education
vice-chancellor, with more than 100 full-time
                                                           Case study-based curriculum
foreign associates for academic upliftment. Its                                                                            First & Only University in
website is                         State-of-the-art lab facilities
                                                                                                                        India to have Foreign National
                                                           Language labs to develop personality attributes
                                                                                                                               as Vice-Chancellor
Placement Record                                           Collaborative Research involving Industries and
The primary function of the placement office                 International Academic Institutions
is three-fold, the first and foremost is creating                                                                         Only university in India to
awareness about the placement process through a           Campus Life                                                    have 16+04 (20) programmes
series of awareness programmes. The next task is          Crescent is a student-friendly campus. Every aspect               NBA accredited under
to train them to face the forthcoming placement           of the education at Crescent is dedicated to students’           Tier-1 of the prestigious
seasons through a set of placement training               empowerment and well-being. State-of-the-art                       “Washington Accord”
through experts in the sector. The last but the           convention centre, more than 130 classrooms, more
most important function is to streamline them as          than 90 laboratories, 14 department seminar halls,
per the convenience of students and recruiters.           10 department libraries, central computing facility,            MoU with Foreign University
The placement process begins with pre-placement           well-developed indoor and outdoor sports facilities,               in Exchange for sharing
talks by companies, usually scheduled in the month        well-equipped fitness centre, student amenities                   of expertise on academic
of August and the placement process commences             centre, separate hostels for men and women, 100%                resources and best practices
from the month of September. An elaborate                 power backup to meet load shedding, green campus
slotting criteria is used to slot the companies for the   initiatives and high surveillance monitored campus
placement process.                                        are the highlights.

Academics                                                 Impact                                                     ALUMNI SPEAK
Crescent’s teaching pedagogy is the finest attribute      In real-time industrial situations and during this
                                                                                                                    “ If I were to sum up my
across other higher education institutions. The           pursuit, character traits of students are shaped and
                                                                                                                    experience at BSA Crescent
                                                          fine-tuned to enable them to initiate, compete, lead
                                                                                                                    Institute of Science and
                                                                            and share and become a good
                                                                                                                    Technology, it would be
                                                                            human being. The placement
                                                                                                                    challenges coupled with
                                                                            record of the institution has been
                                                                                                                    learning. The quality of
                                                                            remarkable and most students
                                                                                                                    education, the modules
                                                                            chart their careers well before
                                                                                                                    and the curriculum are premium standard, on par
                                                                            their graduation. All the graduates
                                                                                                                    with the leading Higher Education Institutions (HEI)
                                                                            either occupy prestigious positions
                                                                                                                    in the country taught by competent industry leaders
                                                                            in MNCs or join institutions of
                                                                                                                    and professionals. The focus on strategy and leadership
                                                                            higher learning abroad. Some
                                                                                                                    gives Crescent its exclusive touch and flavour. With
                                                                            graduates turn entrepreneurs
                                                                                                                    over 34 years of academic excellence, Crescent gives
                                                                            with the guidance of the
                                                                                                                    ample exposure for students to varied and distinctive
                                                                            Entrepreneurship Development
                                                                                                                    thought processes different from that of the Indian
                                                                            Cell and the Industry-Institute
                                                                                                                    educational methodologies.”
                                                                            Partnership Cell.
                                                                                                                                                           - Mahesh Kiran

‘Seeking to transform
                   higher education’
“The emphasis on active learning, simulation and industry exposure at BMU ensures that a student possesses
  real and relevant employable skills. A graduate from BMU strongly imbibes ethical and socially responsible
  practices — through the various training and learning modules. At BMU, we prepare students not just for a
                    career, but we show them how to thrive and grow in a complex world!”
                            Mr. Sunil K Munjal, Chancellor, BML Munjal University (BMU)

                                                                                                                       At BMU, the academic
        HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                                     structure has been designed
                                                                                                                       to break boundaries between
                                                                                                                       different disciplines, bridge
                                                                                                                       the gap between theory and
                                                                                                                       practice and synchronize
    Mentored by Imperial
                                                                                                                       the classroom with the
      College London                                                                                                   workplace. BMU’s academic
                                                                                                                       mentor is Imperial College
                                                                                                                       London.      The      learning
 Management programmes                                                                                                 experience at BMU has been
 in association with KPMG                                                                                              further augmented through

                                                                                                 collaborations with the Robert H. Smith School
                                                   ML        Munjal                              of Business, Singapore Management University,
                                                   University                                    University of Maryland, Carleton University, Kent
   Surface Engineering and                         (BMU) has been                                State University and University of California,
  Flexible Micro-Electronics                       founded by the                                Berkeley. Centres of Excellence and state-of-the-art
   Laboratories on Campus              promoters of the Hero                                     labs have been set up on BMU campus by Siemens,
                                       Group, with the mission                                   Shell, Intel, IBM, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft , Axis
                                       to establish a world-class                                Bank and KPMG. BMU’s Research Partners are
   Incubation Centre & an              university in India. Named                                Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, CSIR, CEERI-India, Hero
 Executive Education Centre            after the Hero Group’s Co-                                MotoCorp and more.
                                       founder and Chairman, Dr. Brijmohan Lall Munjal,
                                       the aspiration has always been to groom future            Campus Life
                                       leaders for India and, more broadly, for Asia.            The 50-acre fully residential and eco-friendly BMU
 Super Computer — a High-              BMU is engaged in creating, preserving and                campus has all the facilities and resources to ensure
  Performing Computer on               imparting knowledge to a diverse community of             that students have a comfortable and enjoyable
          Campus                       students. The university “aspires to nurture ethical      stay. The campus seamlessly integrates academic
                                       leaders who are skilled, knowledgeable, and have the      spaces and recreational hangouts and fosters the
                                       life skills required for leading their organizations to   spirit of community-living and learning. Besides
                                       success. The university seeks the advancement and         indoor sporting facilities, the campus has tennis,
  Bloomberg Terminal, a
                                       dissemination of practically oriented knowledge           volleyball, basketball, and badminton courts; a
computer software system               benchmarked with the best global standards.”              gym and a cricket-cum-football field. Qualified
 provided by the financial             BMU currently offers BTech, B.Sc. Economics,              and experienced sports instructors are at hand to
data vendor Bloomberg L.P.             BBA, MBA, Ph.D., and Executive Programmes.                oversee the sports programmes.

                                       Placement Record
     Business Analytics                BMU students spend up to 45% of the contact                ALUMNI SPEAK
                                       hours learning outside the classroom through labs,
   Laboratory on campus
                                       projects, research assignments and Practice school        “I was really excited to be
                                       (supervised internships). In the span of under 5          a part of BMU Summer
                                       years, BMU has established well-reputed relations         School at Imperial College
  BMU also runs company-               with some of the best names in the industry,              London as I was curious to
    specific programmes,               including Siemens, Dell, Mother Dairy, Yes Bank,          explore the culture abroad
   tailored exclusively for            Axis Bank, KPMG, Hero FinCorp, Amazon, Airtel             and the international
  companies, like Women-               and many more. The inter-disciplinary curriculum          education system. The sessions were interactive,
                                       at BMU ensures that all students graduate                 and the faculty truly brought out the best in me. It
 in-Leadership programme,
                                       prepared not only for their careers but also for          was an enriching experience and I am really glad
  Executive MBA, and more              life. The Corporate Engagement team ensures that          to have taken this opportunity of visiting Imperial
                                       all students stepping into their careers are well         College London, as these are memories that will
                                       equipped to handle not just their work but also the       stay close to my heart.”
                                       industry environment, through a series of training                                        - Aishwarya Bhatia,
                                       sessions and interactions.                                            Senior Executive - Big Brands Indiamart

                                                                                                 AND GREAT PLACE TO STUDY - SEPTEMBER 2018       13

 Let us decode the role of higher education in bridging the skill gap in India Inc.

                                                                               The third is to hold pride of place on the global higher
                                                                                education map. This calls for healthy mobility of students and
                                                                                faculty, and collaborations with reputed global institutions
                                                                                for quality transnational education. It demands world-class
                                                                                teaching and research, and a framework for standards of
                                                                                delivery of quality higher education.

                                                                                  Despite the high profile ‘Skill India’ initiatives, the skilled
                                                                                  Indian workforce stands at a mere 2.5 per cent – as compared
                                                                                  to 60-70 per cent in developed countries. Industry, academia
                                       PAUL DUPUIS                                and lawmakers need to work in close unison in order to
                                       MD & CEO                                   realise a nimble education-employability convergence.
                                       RANDSTAD INDIA
                                                                                  Singapore’s vision of launching Manpower 21 as early as
                                                                                  1998 (post the Asian crisis in 1997) is a good example of
                                                                                  how business, universities and the government co-created an
 What is India’s potential for higher education? It is in the 760                 environment of knowledge-based employability.
 universities and close to 38,500 colleges—two-thirds of which are
 privately managed, and more than half of which are in rural areas.           Co-creating        world-class      higher    education      with
 It is also in the rising adult literacy levels and an ambitious target       technology
 of 30 per cent GER (gross enrolment ratio) in the higher education           Technology can be an effective and efficient partner to higher
 system by 2020.                                                              education in its quest to release well-prepared talent into the
                                                                              workforce. Clearly, there is an opportunity to build on the
 And now, meet India’s realities of higher education. Only six per
                                                                              growing success of online ‘flipped’ classrooms, MOOCs
 cent of India’s citizens graduate from a college. Of these, most
                                                                              (Massive Open Online Courses), SPOCs (Small Private Online
 campus graduates lack higher-order thinking skills, and not many
                                                                              Courses), and micro editions of learning to enable students to
 possess skill sets in emerging technologies. And job opportunities
                                                                              own their learning experience.
 for the existing curriculum are dwindling. So, how can education
 bridge the gap in this growing and increasingly dynamic
                                                                              Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data technology
 economy? How can higher education improve the supply of
                                                                              can leverage behavioural insights to develop customised learning
 skilled workforce for India Inc. —for now and the future?
                                                                              and workplace skills through effective inter-connectedness.
                                                                              Engaging more learners to provide them access to diverse
 A three-pronged integrated responsibility of support
                                                                              and relevant higher education would eliminate knowledge
 For higher education to become relevant, to foster employability
 and play an effective augmenting force to India Inc., educational
 institutions must seamlessly address three critical areas:
                                                                              A staggering 40 million students will be part of the higher
  The first is to be relevant—both in job skills and quality                 education system, if India meets her GER target of 30 per cent by
   of thinking. This will help position India as a global hub                 2020. To play a pivotal role in reimagining the supply of skilled
   for talent, and create a deep culture of research, innovation              workforce to India Inc., we must look at a radical overhaul that
   and entrepreneurship to drive high economic growth and                     will make learning relevant, rather than degrees for the sake of
   competitiveness in international markets.                                  degrees as the motivator. This will create right-fit candidates,
                                                                              innovative and agile, who can seamlessly move from role to
  The second is to achieve high rates of enrolment through                   role, staying ahead of the knowledge and skill curve required to
   easier and more equitable access to quality education. Quality             take India to the day after tomorrow.
   of education must be closely linked to new-age curricula,
   skilled and qualified faculty to bridge the academia-industry
   leap, and strong focus on plug-and-play capabilities to make
   an impact.

‘A personal and individualised
        educational environment’
  “The vision of CMC is to impart high quality medical education and research, and offer holistic health care
   services to the nation, primarily to unreached communities. Majority of our medical graduates after the
  completion of the training go and serve in rural Christian mission hospitals. CMC Ludhiana has pioneered
         the area of research and has started many new medical and surgical facilities in north India.”
                                Dr. Jeyaraj D Pandian, Principal, Christian Medical College, Ludhiana

                                     hristian         Dr Edith Mary Brown                                                             Campus Life
                                     Medical          was a pioneer in medical           ACHIEVEMENTS                     CMC is a great place to
                                     C ol l e ge      education, training Indian                                          study because it offers a
                                     (CMC) and        women in modern medicine.        The first study on family
                                                                                                                          multicultural environment
                          Hospital Ludhiana was       As a young lady, Dr Brown planning was done here in 1951            with the highest standards
                          founded by Dr Edith         broke through the male-                                             of education for patient care.
                          Mary Brown in the           dominated      bastion    of  The first department of Social
                                                                                                                          The best medical teachers
                          year 1894 and will be       medicine, becoming herself    and Preventive Medicine in the        using the best techniques
                          completing 125 years of     the first female medical       developing world was in CMC          and methods in medical
   Dr William Bhatti,
                          service to the nation and   graduate from Edinburg,                  Ludhiana.                  education ensure the college
                          to the people overseas      Scotland in 1891. She came                                          produces doctors who are
                          said     Dr      William    to India in 1891 and died in CMC is where the first ventilator      professionally      competent,
                          Bhatti, Director. CMC       1956 in Kashmir.                  in India was installed            socially      relevant    and
                          Ludhiana with the                                                                               spiritually alive. The health
                          motto “My work is for       Placement Record                  It’s the place for the first open of the country is dependent
                          a King” continue to         Every year, nearly 80% of           heart surgery in north India    on doctors with these
                          touch lives of millions     our graduates join various                                          characteristics.
                          of people who come          Christian mission hospitals            The first cadaveric renal    The right mix of academics
                          for health care and         in rural areas. Their clinical     transplant in north India was    and co-curricular activities
                          medical education. In       skills are further honed                      done here             help in overall development
Dr. Jeyaraj D Pandian,
                          1800s, there were more      and this further helps them                                         of personality and produces
                          hospitals for animals       in choosing their career            Thrombolysis in stroke was      leaders in health care. The
at that time than there were for women. Women         options. The various non          done for the first time in India college provides the students
had sub-optimal healthcare when the prevailing        clinical skills — such as                                           with ample amount of clinical
                                                                                              here at CMC Ludhiana
customs and culture did not allow women to be         material management, time                                           material. The libraries are
treated by male doctors and almost all the Indian     management, etc which            Conducted the world’s first face stocked with one of the oldest
doctors were men.                                     they learnt through various                                         and the best collections for
                                                                                            and scalp re-implantation
                                                      co-curricular activities help                                       medical education.
There were dozens of women doctors from               them manage whatever
Europe and America, who when they heard               situation arises, within the
the plight of Indian women, sacrificed the            available resources.                                  Impact
comforts of the West to serve Indian women. To                                                              Education at CMC is a benchmark for the country
address the biggest challenge in providing health     Academics                                             as the teachers are exposed to the latest techniques
care for Indian women, which was the lack of          CMC Ludhiana is different from others as              in Health Professional Education. CMC is one of
women doctors, a decision was made to start a         it prepares its graduates for service in rural        six FAIMER Regional Institutes around the world
medical school exclusively for Indian women. In       India. The institution is based on the Christian      and one of three in India. Further, CMC is also one
1894, the North Indian School of Medicine for         philosophy of providing the highest quality of care   of the 20 MCI nodal centres for Medical Education
women admitted the first batch of four Indian         at the most economical rates with compassion          and one of the 5 centres for the Advanced Course In
women, becoming the oldest medical school for         and care. Every patient is a valuable creation        Medical Education.
women in Asia.                                        of God and hence treatment is provided
                                                      based on the quantum of need and not on the
                                                                                                             ALUMNI SPEAK
                                                                   ability to pay.
                                                                                                            “At first sight, 22 years ago, the
                                                                    The college has a small batch of        institution shone resplendent with
                                                                    students (75) where every teacher       its heritage of more than a hundred
                                                                    knows every student. There is a         years. The atmosphere at Christian
                                                                    more personal and individualised        Medical College and Hospital was
                                                                                                            ripe with an almost mystical sense
                                                                    educational environment. The
                                                                                                            of belonging, welcoming its hesitant
                                                                    college further has a unique
                                                                                                            new entrant into the world of premier medical education. The
                                                                    student nurture programme known         legacy of Dame Edith Brown would live on through me and
                                                                    as the Foster Family Programme.         the multitude of brilliant young men and women who were
                                                                    In this programme, 1-2 students         destined to be sculpted into multifaceted works of art, prepared
                                                                    from each batch are allotted to a       to serve the people of our country and the world at large.”
                                                                    faculty family on campus, who act
                                                                    as parents.                                                         - Dr. Vinay Samuel Gaikwad,
                                                                                                                                                  MBBS batch of 1996

                                                                                                                AND GREAT PLACE TO STUDY - SEPTEMBER 2018             15
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