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Lord Bethell                         Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Health and Social Care
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Lord Stewart of Dirleton             Advocate-General for Scotland
Lord True                            Minister of State, Cabinet Office
Baroness Vere of Norbiton            Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Transport
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Lord Wolfson of Tredegar             Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Justice
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Written Statements                                    16 March 2021                                                 Page 1

                                                                  they need to hold their Commissioner to account at the
          Written Statements                                      ballot box.
                 Tuesday, 16 March 2021                           • In line with the Government’s manifesto position in
                                                                  favour of First Past the Post, which provides for strong
                                                                  and clear local accountability, and reflects that
   Police and Crime Commissioner Review:                          transferable voting systems were rejected by the British
             Concluding Part One                                  people in the 2011 nationwide referendum, the Home
                                                                  Office will work with the Cabinet Office and the
                                                                  Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local
   Lord Greenhalgh: My rt hon Friend the Secretary of             Government to change the voting system for all
State for the Home Department (Priti Patel) has today             Combined Authority Mayors, the Mayor of London and
made the following Written Ministerial Statement:                 PCCs to First Past the Post. This change will require
   I am pleased to set out to the House findings from the         primary legislation, which we will bring forward when
first part of our two-part Review into the role of Police         Parliamentary time allows.
and Crime Commissioners (PCCs).                                   We concluded there are clear steps we can take to
   The     Government’s      manifesto      committed      to   sharpen local accountability and ensure the framework
strengthening the accountability of PCCs and expanding          guiding the relationship with Chief Constables is
their role. The public want to see a reduction in crime and     clarified:
PCCs are elected to deliver on the people’s priorities.           • The Home Office will work with the College of
Eight years on from their introduction, it is the right time      Policing, Association of Police and Crime
to step back and consider how we can better ensure that           Commissioners and National Police Chiefs’ Council to
the public can hold PCCs to account for the performance           build on the Accountability Guidance already in place,
of their force.                                                   including in relation to the performance management of
   In delivering the recommendations from Part One of the         Chief Constables, to help to promote and embed a
Review, we will make it easier for the public to make an          positive relationship between Chief Constables and
informed decision about the record of their PCC at the            PCCs.
ballot box by strengthening accountability and improving          • The Home Office will consult on potential changes to
transparency. The recommendations set out below apply             the Policing Protocol Order 2011 to provide a ‘brighter-
to PCCs and mayors with PCC functions.                            line’ on the boundaries of operational independence and
   Part One of our internal Review began in late July and         reflect changes in the relationship between the parties to
collated views and evidence from stakeholders across              the Protocol which have taken place over time. The
policing, fire and local government as well as voluntary          Protocol sets out how the policing governance
and community organisations. Through polling and focus            relationships should work, including that of the Home
groups the Review also took account of public views and           Secretary, and clarifies the roles and responsibilities of
opinions. We focussed on changes required to sharpen the          PCCs, Chief Constables and Police and Crime Panels.
model which, where possible, can be delivered ahead of            • The Home Office will also legislate to amend Section
the 2021 PCC elections.                                           38 of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act
   On policing, the Home Office will bring forward a              2011, to make the Chief Constable dismissal process
range of measures which will: strengthen PCC                      more rigorous and transparent, by requiring a PCC to
accountability; improve their transparency to the public;         give the Chief Constable written notice (including
clarify the relationship between PCCs and Chief                   grounds), as the first stage of the dismissal process;
Constables; bring more consistency to the PCC role; raise         allowing for the Chief to provide HMCIC a response to
professional standards; and improve the checks and                those grounds; and introducing some form of time limit
balances currently in place.                                      or review interval on a Chief Constable’s suspension
   The Review concluded there was more to be done to              from office. The Home Office will also work with the
explain the role of PCCs and make their record on crime           College of Policing, NPCC and APCC to develop a
more transparent to the voting public, thus enhancing             framework for the use of independent mediation in
their accountability. To help achieve this:                       appropriate circumstances.
   • The Home Office will amend the Specified                     • We will also seek to address the HMICFRS
   Information Order to require PCCs to provide a                 recommendations included in its ‘Leading Lights’
   narrative on their force’s performance against the             (September 2019) report, looking into the role of the
   Government’s crime measures, and Her Majesty’s                 College of Policing in the senior recruitment process.
   Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue               We will work with stakeholders to address the issues
   Services (HMICFRS) force performance reports. The              raised through this review in relation to fixed term
   Specified Information Order currently places a duty on         appointments.
   PCCs to publish certain information within specified           • To improve scrutiny, the Home Office will work with
   timeframes, to ensure the public have the information          the Local Government Association (LGA) to develop a
Page 2                                               16 March 2021                                   Written Statements

  good governance training package for Police and Crime           • Consulting on whether to mandate the transfer of fire
  Panels.                                                         and rescue functions to the Police, Fire and Crime
  • Part Two of the Review will also allow us to consider         Commissioner model across England where boundaries
  the role of the Independent Office of Police Complaints         are coterminous, unless there is an option to transfer
  (IOPC) with respect to their handling of complaints             fire governance directly to an elected Mayor.
  made about the conduct of PCCs and their deputies.              • Consulting on how to address coterminosity
  The Review concluded more should be done to ensure              challenges, including in the South West.
that all PCCs adopt best practice and, given our later            • Legislating to create operational independence for
recommendations on fire, there is now a need to improve           Chief Fire Officers and to clearly separate and delineate
the resilience of the Office of the PCC:                          strategic and operational planning for fire and rescue.
  • We recommend that the APCC works with the                     • Considering options to clarify the legal entities within
  College of Policing to build on the policing Knowledge          the PFCC model.
  Hub to develop a ‘what works’ compendium for PCCs.              With regard to mayoral devolution, this Review has
  • The Home Office and APCC will jointly develop a            cemented our view that the join up of public safety
  comprehensive set of non-statutory guidance on the           functions under a combined authority mayor has the
  core elements of the PCC role. In conjunction, the           potential to offer wider levers to prevent crime. We will
  APCC should deliver a formal programme of induction          take steps to remove barriers to more mayors taking on
  for new and returning PCCs post-elections in May             these functions and will work with MHCLG to develop
  2021.                                                        the forthcoming Devolution and Local Recovery White
                                                               Paper with that longer-term trajectory in mind.
  • To enhance resilience and capacity of PCCs, given our
  intention to expand the role into fire, the Home Office         Part Two of the Review will begin after the 2021
  will bring forward legislation to mandate that each PCC      elections and will allow us to consider further ways to
  must appoint a Deputy (of the same political party           strengthen and expand efforts to help cut crime. It will
  where the PCC represents a political party). In the          focus on longer-term reforms and the potential for wider
  interim, we will issue guidance to PCCs’ offices             efficiencies to be made, with a view to implementation
  requesting that a formal succession plan is put into         ahead of the 2024 elections. Terms of reference for Part
  place to deal with vacancy and incapacitation, involving     Two of the Review will be published in this House at the
  the Police and Crime Panel in those discussions as           appropriate time.
  necessary. This will not apply to mayors with PCC               I would like to put on record my thanks to our Advisory
  functions, where legislation already mandates that a         Group which supported the first part of this Review,
  Deputy Mayor must be in place.                               comprising senior external stakeholders with expertise in
                                                               the policing and fire sectors.
   • To ensure PCCs have the levers they need to tackle
   crime, in Part Two of the Review, the Home Office will
   consult on giving a General Power of Competence (as           Ring-fenced Public Health Grant to Local
   afforded to Local Authorities) to all PCCs, to                          Authorities: 2021-22
   potentially help PCCs with the role they play in the
   wider crime and criminal justice landscape, and will
   consider partnership arrangements more fully.                  Lord Bethell: My Hon. friend the Parliamentary Under
                                                               Secretary of State (Minister for Prevention, Public Health
   On fire, the Government is clear that further reform of     and Primary Care) (Jo Churchill), has made the following
fire and rescue is required in order to respond to the         statement:
recommendations from Phase 1 of the Grenfell Tower
Inquiry, the Kerslake Review and to build on the findings         Today I am publishing the public health allocations to
from Sir Thomas Winsor’s State of Fire and Rescue              local authorities in England for 2021-22.
Report. Our reform agenda will focus on three key areas:          Funding for local government’s health responsibilities
people; professionalism; and governance. Taken together,       is an essential complement to our plans to invest strongly
improvements in these areas will help deliver higher           in both the NHS and social care, and an important
standards and greater consistency across fire and rescue       element of our commitment to focus on prevention of ill
services.                                                      health.
   The Review kick-started our work on fire service               Through the public health grant and the pilot of 100%
governance and the findings signalled strong support for a     retained business rate funding for local authorities in
directly elected individual taking on fire functions to help   Greater Manchester, we are spending £3.324 billion on
simplify and strengthen the governance of fire and rescue      local authority public health in 2021-22. This includes
services across England. The Home Office will be               baselining of local government funding for pre-exposure
launching a consultative White Paper on fire reform later      prophylaxis for HIV.
this year. The White Paper will be used to set out our            The 2021-22 grant will continue to be subject to
reform agenda in further detail and explore the Review         conditions, including a ring-fence requiring local
proposals on fire governance which include:                    authorities to use the grant exclusively for public health
Written Statements                                   16 March 2021                                                         Page 3

activity. This may include public health challenges arising      Full details of the public health grants to local
directly or indirectly from Covid-19.                          authorities can be found on and are attached. This
  In addition to this baseline funding for public health, we   information will be communicated to local authorities in a
have already announced £80m for local government               Local Authority Circular.
funding of drug treatment as part of a wider crime             The Statement includes the following attached material:
package announced in January 2021, and over £70 million
                                                                    DHSC Allocations Circular 2021-22 [DHSC allocations circular
for weight management services through the NHS and                  2021-22 (002).pdf]
local government.
  Further, we are providing in total around £10 billion of     The material can be viewed online at:
support for local government in responding to COVID-19.
Page 4                                              16 March 2021                                       Written Answers

                                                              guidance. Under the Local Air Quality Management
            Written Answers                                   Framework local authorities are expected to produce and
                                                              publish annual air quality status reports which are to be
                Tuesday, 16 March 2021
                                                              submitted annually to Defra. Defra assesses these annual
                                                              status reports and expects local authorities to take any
                  Abortion: Drugs                             comments or requirements made by Defra into account.
                Asked by Baroness Stroud                        Local authorities are primarily responsible to their local
                                                              electorates and will have their own complaints processes.
    To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the           Citizens with concerns or complaints about the way in
  Written Answers by the Minister of State at the             which a local authority undertakes local air quality
  Department of Health and Social Care on 16 February         statutory duties are therefore advised to raise the issue
  (151601 and 150684), what consideration the Human           with the local authority. Ultimately a local authority
  Tissue Authority gave to the ethics of the home use of      failing to fulfil statutory duties could be taken to court by
  abortion pills, approved in March 2020; and what            interested parties. If a local authority fails to discharge its
  assessment that Authority has made of the impact of at      statutory air quality duties set out in the Environment Act
  home abortions on (a) sewage and (b) non-recyclable         1995 the Secretary of State of the Department for the
  waste systems. [HL13844]                                    Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has the power to
  Lord Bethell: It is not within the Human Tissue             direct a local authority to take such steps as may be
Authority’s remit to consider the ethics of the home use of   specified in the directions.
abortion pills or to make any assessment of the impact on
sewage and non-recyclable waste systems.                                        Asylum: Detainees
                                                                        Asked by Baroness Lister of Burtersett
                   Airlines: Fares
                                                                  To ask Her Majesty's Government why they are
             Asked by Baroness Randerson                        ending pilot schemes for community-based alternatives
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they             to detention for female asylum seekers. [HL13819]
  have to amend the rules on how airlines hold customer          Baroness Williams of Trafford: As part of the
  payments so that payments cannot be accessed by the         Department’s immigration detention reform programme,
  airlines until the flight takes place. [HL13838]            we are conducting a series of two pilots exploring
  Baroness Vere of Norbiton: The Government is                alternatives to detention. In line with international best
keeping under review the scope and timing of any future       practice, each pilot will run for two years before a final
reforms in this policy area. The COVID-19 pandemic has        evaluation.
highlighted a number of challenges, and we will work             The first of these pilots, Action Access, has provided
with the regulator and industry to learn lessons and make     women who would otherwise be detained with a
changes that are pragmatic and deliverable.                   programme of support in the community. This pilot
                                                              concludes on 31 March 2021 after operating for two
                     Air Pollution                            years. The second pilot, the Refugee and Migrant
                                                              Advisory Service, is supporting both men and women and
          Asked by Baroness Wolf of Dulwich                   is running until June 2022.
    To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the              We are working with the United Nations High
  Written Answer by Baroness Vere of Norbiton on 20           Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on these pilots and
  November 2020 (HL10409), what organisation is               they have appointed the National Centre for Social
  responsible for dealing with complaints resulting from      Research (NatCen) to independently evaluate this work.
  the annual air quality report produced by local             These evaluations will be published, with the evaluation
  authorities in England. [HL14022]                           report of the Action Access pilot scheduled for early
                                                              Summer 2021. We will use the evaluations of these pilots
          Asked by Baroness Wolf of Dulwich                   to inform our future approach to case-management
    To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the           focused alternatives to detention.
  Written Answer by Baroness Vere of Norbiton on 20
  November 2020 (HL10411), whether they will now                                       Aviation
  answer the question put, namely what steps citizens can
  take to ensure that local authorities are reviewing air                   Asked by Baroness Randerson
  quality. [HL14023]                                              To ask Her Majesty's Government, what steps they
  Baroness Vere of Norbiton: Local authorities have a           are taking following the 2019 consultation on the future
statutory duty to review and assess air quality in their        of aviation. [HL13836]
areas. Local authorities will determine what monitoring is      Baroness Vere of Norbiton: The 2019 consultation on
necessary and decide where monitoring takes place with        the Future of Aviation took place before the outbreak of
regard to statutory Local Air Quality Management              the COVID-19 pandemic.
Written Answers                                        16 March 2021                                                  Page 5

  In response to the impact presented by the COVID-19            sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in the UK. SAF supply is
pandemic, the Government is developing a new forward             currently rewarded under the Renewable Transport Fuel
looking strategic framework which will focus on the              Obligation (RTFO), and £20m has been made available to
recovery of the aviation sector. It will explore the return      support the development of SAF and HGV fuel projects
to growth of the aviation sector, which will include             under the Future Fuels for Flight and Freight
consideration of workforce and skills, regional                  Competition.
connectivity, noise, innovation and regulation, and                In addition, as set out in the Prime Minister’s Ten-Point
consumer issues. We will also consider climate change            Plan speech to Build Back Greener, the Government has
and decarbonisation. We aim to publish this framework            announced measures designed to support SAF further;
later this year.                                                 these include £15m for a new SAF industry competition,
                                                                 £3m to set up a SAF clearing house and a commitment to
               Aviation: Coronavirus                             consult on a SAF blending mandate.
              Asked by Baroness Randerson                          Work has already begun to explore how a mandate may
                                                                 work in practice and it is expected that a consultation will
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they              be published later this year. In addition, we are continuing
  have to undertake a review of aviation policy following        to analyse the need for further demand-side measures and
  the COVID-19 pandemic; and if any such review will             business models that address price risk.
  include taxation of aviation. [HL13835]
   Baroness Vere of Norbiton: As announced on 22                               Bahrain: Human Rights
February 2021, as part of the roadmap for the phased
                                                                                  Asked by Baroness Stern
lifting of restrictions in England, the Secretary of State for
Transport will now lead a successor to the Global Travel             To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to reports
Taskforce to develop a framework that can facilitate               that children in Bahrain have been arrested and had
greater international travel when the time is right, while         confessions coerced from them, what assessment they
still managing the risk from imported cases and variants.          have made of the government of Bahrain's compliance
   In addition, the Government is developing a strategic           with international (1) human rights law, and (2)
framework on the recovery of the aviation sector, in               standards in the treatment of detained children.
response to the impact presented by the COVID-19                   [HL13881]
pandemic.                                                          Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: We are following recent
   The Government has recently confirmed that the                juvenile detention cases in Bahrain, which are pending
consultation on aviation tax reform, announced at Budget         legal proceedings, and will continue to monitor them and
2020, will be published in Spring 2021.                          raise them if/when appropriate. We understand they are
                                                                 being supervised by social work specialists. We continue
              Asked by Baroness Randerson
                                                                 to encourage the Government of Bahrain to follow due
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they              process in all cases and to meet its international and
  have to provide the Civil Aviation Authority with              domestic human rights commitments, including in the
  increased powers, including the ability to issue fines, to     case of juveniles.
  tackle problems faced by consumers in obtaining                  We believe the recent ratification of the Correctional
  refunds on booked flights following travel restrictions        Justice Act is a positive step. We note that this law will be
  imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [HL13837]                enforced 6 months after its ratification on 18 February
  Baroness Vere of Norbiton: Government is                       2021. We understand that Article 87 will permit a Judicial
considering the Civil Aviation Authority’s enforcement           Committee to hear cases and potentially replace penalties
powers to strengthen consumer protections. The                   that were decided before the law was enforced. We will
Competition and Markets Authority are reviewing                  monitor the implementation of this new law, in light of
airlines’ handling of refunds to consumers during the            international human rights standards.
                                                                                  Bicycles: Disability
            Aviation: Renewable Fuels                                            Asked by Baroness Barker

              Asked by Baroness Randerson                            To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they
                                                                   have to subsidise non-standard cycles for disabled
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they                people in line with existing subsidies for accessible
  have to undertake a consultation on mechanisms to                motor vehicles. [HL13951]
  support (1) the development, and (2) the uptake, of
  sustainable aviation fuels; and when they plan to launch         Baroness Vere of Norbiton: It is essential that as wide
  any such consultation. [HL13992]                               a range of people as possible, have the opportunity to take
                                                                 up cycling, in all its forms. The Government is aware that
  Baroness Vere of Norbiton: The Government is                   the costs of non-standard cycles can be a barrier for many
committed to supporting the development and uptake of            disabled people. In July 2020 the Prime Minister launched
Page 6                                              16 March 2021                                     Written Answers

ambitious plans to boost cycling and walking in England,      homes which have occurred since the start of the
including a commitment to increasing access to e-cycles       vaccination programme to inform our understanding of
(including adapted e-cycles) by setting up a new national     the impact of vaccination in social care settings. Studying
e-cycle support programme, to help those who are older,       the relationship between numbers or percentage of staff or
have to travel longer distances or are less able to take up   residents vaccinated and deaths from COVID-19 will be
pedal cycling. Adapted and non-standard cycles can            challenging as the number of deaths are falling as a result
already be hired through the Cycle to Work scheme,            of falling COVID-19 infections in the general population.
which means that disabled people in employment are able
to access them at a significant discount. The Department
will keep under review the case for further support for                 Care Homes: Mortality Rates
adapted and non-standard bicycles.
                                                                    Asked by Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle

    Care Homes and Hospitals: DNACPR                              To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment
                Decisions                                       they have made of the difference in mortality rates for
                                                                residents of care homes which are owned (1) by private
                  Asked by Lord Patten                          equity, (2) privately, and (3) on a not for profit basis.
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment
  they have made of whether there has been any                  Lord Bethell: We do not hold information on the
  inappropriate use of do not attempt resuscitation orders    ownership status of care homes therefore no such
  in (1) hospitals, and (2) care homes, during the COVID-     assessment has been made.
  19 pandemic. [HL13831]
  Lord Bethell: In October 2020, the Department asked          Children’s Social Care Independent Review
the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to review how Do
Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR)                      Asked by Lord Watson of Invergowrie
decisions were used throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
                                                                  To ask Her Majesty's Government what criteria were
and whether they had been inappropriately applied.
                                                                used to select the Experts by Experience Group for the
Interim findings were published on 3 December 2020,
                                                                independent review of children’s social care; who
with a final report due shortly. The review will take a
                                                                assessed the applications; and who comprised the
national view of how these decisions were made across all
                                                                interview panel for those shortlisted for interview.
health and care settings and will inform national learning
and good practice development.
                                                                Baroness Berridge: Following an open expression of
            Care Homes: Coronavirus                           interest process the review has now established an Experts
                                                              by Experience Board.
          Asked by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath
                                                                The Review received 1,011 applications to join the
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what estimate they        board, and the panel assessed every application and has
  have made of the percentage of the Infection Control        appointed a small number of individuals that met the
  Fund allocated to local authorities that has been used by   criteria detailed in the Expression of Interest application:
  residential care homes to ensure that staff who are           1. Have lived experienced of the children’s social care
  isolating in line with COVID-19 guidance experience         system, whether current or previous, through:
  no loss of income. [HL12651]
                                                                • interaction with a social worker as a child
  Lord Bethell: The Department is still assuring the            • personal experience in care
information that local authorities have provided on the
                                                                • the family of a child who has interacted with a social
final expenditure against the initial fund, which ran from
May to September 2020. However, on 27 July, we
published data that shows that 18.7% of the funding spent       • the family of a child who has been placed in care
by 23 July was allocated to paying staff to self-isolate        2. Are comfortable contributing respectfully alongside
following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, totalling over       people who may have had very different experiences to
£47 million.                                                  their own.
           Asked by Lord Field of Birkenhead                    3. Have the ability to communicate views about
                                                              children’s social care clearly and concisely, and also the
    To ask Her Majesty's Government whether they have         views of others with experience of children’s social care.
  identified any correlation between the number of deaths
                                                                The Experts by Experience Board was appointed by
  of care home residents and the number of care home (1)
                                                              Josh MacAlister, chair of the independent review. Josh
  staff, and (2) residents, who decide not to receive a
                                                              asked Shazia Hussain (head of the review team) and
  COVID-19 vaccination. [HL13259]
                                                              Jenny Molloy (care leaver and author) to assist him
  Lord Bethell: No such correlation has been identified.      reviewing all applications that were received, and Duncan
Public Health England is investigating outbreaks in care      Dunlop (former CEO of Who Cares? Scotland and
Written Answers                                      16 March 2021                                                 Page 7

independent panel member) also assisted with conducting          Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: As Minister Adams said
interviews.                                                    in the House of Commons on 4 February, the BBC report
  The application criteria and information regarding the       of 3 February includes deeply distressing testimony of the
assessment process for the Experts by Experience Group         rape, torture and dehumanisation of Uyghur women in
is also publicly available on the independent review of        Xinjiang detention centres. It is a further, compelling
children’s social care’s website, located here:                addition to the growing body of evidence of the gross          human rights violations being perpetrated against Uyghur
content/uploads/2021/02/EoE-2.pdf.                             Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang. The
                                                               Government has raised the specific allegations in the BBC
         Asked by Lord Watson of Invergowrie                   report with the Chinese Embassy in London. The
    To ask Her Majesty's Government when they expect           Government has also raised China's decision to ban BBC
  to reply to the joint letters of 5 and 18 February sent by   World News in mainland China - an unacceptable
  Article 39 to the Secretary of State for Education           curtailing of media freedom - directly with the Chinese
  concerning the independent review of children’s social       authorities.
  care. [HL13852]                                                We continue to play a leading role in holding China to
                                                               account for human rights violations, working closely with
  Baroness Berridge: I can confirm that a response has
                                                               international partners, including at the UN. On 22
been sent to the letters dated 5 and 18 February from
                                                               February, during his high level statement to the Human
Article 39.
                                                               Rights Council, the Foreign Secretary underlined the need
                                                               for urgent and unfettered access to Xinjiang for the UN
Children’s Social Care Independent Review:                     High Commissioner for Human Rights or another
           Public Appointments                                 independent fact-finding expert.
         Asked by Lord Watson of Invergowrie
    To ask Her Majesty's Government how many days                Coronavirus Large Business Interruption
  per week the Chair of the independent review of                             Loan Scheme
  children’s social care has been contracted to work; and
                                                                                 Asked by Lord Myners
  what is his remuneration. [HL13849]
                                                                    To ask Her Majesty's Government what is the (1)
  Baroness Berridge: In line with the department’s usual
                                                                 value, and (2) number, of Coronavirus Large Business
contracting process to secure value for money, the fees          Interruption Loans made through Greensill Capital or
paid to the Chair of the independent review of children’s        its subsidiaries and associates; what is the (a) value,
social care, Josh MacAlister, were benchmarked against
                                                                 and (b) number, which were at annual interest rates of
the fees the department has paid to previous independent
                                                                 14.9 per cent or higher; and what the reasons are for
reviewers, children’s services commissioners, and
                                                                 Greensill having now been withdrawn from the list of
external contractors with a similar level of skills and
                                                                 government approved lenders. [HL13829]
experience. The Chair’s fees and number of days per
week are matters subject to standard commercial                   Lord Callanan: Greensill Capital were approved by
confidentiality considerations, in line with usual             the British Business Bank (the Bank) in June last year to
contracting practice.                                          provide finance through the Coronavirus Large Business
  The Chair’s contract has been published as part of the       Interruption Loan Scheme (CLBILS). All accredited
department’s regular transparency returns on the               lenders are subject to audit by the Bank to ensure their
government’s online contracts register, available here:        compliance with scheme rules. If serious non-compliance       is identified, the Bank is entitled to take remedial action.
63-20b0-42f2-ba00-                                             Such action might include termination of the Guarantee
55c11a5dd9b3?origin=SearchResults&p=1.                         Agreement or withdrawal of the Guarantee. It would not
                                                               be appropriate to comment on individual cases given
                                                               commercial sensitivities.
                   China: Uighurs
                                                                  We are unable to provide of a breakdown of CLBILS
            Asked by Lord Alton of Liverpool                   data by lender as this is commercially sensitive.
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what
  representations they have made to the government of
  China about (1) the BBC report on the treatment                        Coronavirus: Disease Control
  of Uighur women in Xianjiang who said they had                         Asked by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth
  been subject to sexual violence in re-education camps,
  published on 2 February, and (2) its decision to ban             To ask Her Majesty's Government what steps they are
  BBC World News broadcasts; and what plans they have            taking to enforce coronavirus restrictions relating to
  to raise these issues as a breach of Article 19 of the         indoor social gatherings in premises other than (1)
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the UN                private dwellings, or (2) education establishments.
  Human Rights Council. [HL13781]                                [HL13794]
Page 8                                               16 March 2021                                     Written Answers

  Baroness Williams of Trafford: Illegal indoor social                          Asked by Lord Beecham
gatherings are unsafe and the police will continue to take
                                                                   To ask Her Majesty's Government what measures
the approach they have throughout the pandemic, which is
                                                                 they are taking to encourage nurses who have not been
to engage, explain, encourage and enforce against
                                                                 vaccinated against COVID-19 to receive such
breaches where appropriate.
                                                                 vaccinations; and when they estimate all nurses will be
  The Government fully supports the police in taking             vaccinated. [HL13153]
swift action against egregious breaches and fixed penalty
                                                                 Lord Bethell: Nurses will continue to be offered the
notices can be issued ranging from £200 to £6,400 to
                                                               vaccine beyond mid-February, which includes invitations
those gathering illegally in indoor premises contrary to
                                                               for the second dose. Information on vaccinating staff has
existing regulations.
                                                               been shared across the healthcare system briefing
                                                               employers to ensure their staff are offered, and book
              Coronavirus: Screening                           appointments for, the vaccine.
                                                                 While it is the responsibility of individual employers to
                   Asked by Earl Attlee                        arrange for their staff to be vaccinated, the National
    To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the            Health Service (NHS) has now also opened the National
  Written Answer by Lord Bethell on 10 December                Booking Service to ensure that it is as easy as possible for
  (HL10847), whether they will now answer the question         nurses and other frontline health and social care workers,
  put, namely, whether the operational false positive rate     particularly those working outside the NHS, to access the
  for polymerase chain reaction COVID-19 tests is              vaccine. Staff using this service will be asked when
  regularly determined by inserting samples into the           booking to self-certify that they are eligible and will be
  system that cannot be positive; and what is the false        told to take proof of their employment to their
  positive rate for such samples. [HL11386]                    appointment at a vaccination centre or pharmacy-led site.
                                                                 Local NHS employers are using tried and tested
  Lord Bethell: Information regarding the assessment of
                                                               methods to encourage take-up within their organisations,
false positives was not held in the format requested due to
                                                               based on the annual flu campaign This includes the
the challenges in estimating clinical sensitivity. This is
                                                               provision of specific staff campaign materials; extensive
part due to a lack of a generally accepted reference
                                                               engagement by senior nursing figures, such as Ruth May,
standard to compare reverse transcription polymerase
                                                               Chief Nursing Officer for England who regularly
chain reaction results. Currently samples are not placed
                                                               endorses and appeals for nurses to book vaccine
into the system to test operational sensitivity. The
                                                               appointments on behalf of the profession; and targeted
Department has undertaken substantial work with Porton
                                                               engagement with nurses from black, Asian and minority
Down and the Milton Keynes Lighthouse Laboratory to
                                                               ethnic backgrounds designed to address queries as well as
conduct temperature and long-term stability experiments
                                                               encouraging new international nurses to book
on sample collection kits to ensure swabs meet an
                                                               appointments too. There is also ongoing information
appropriate standard for testing.
                                                               shared on social media for healthcare workers with staff
                                                               and high profile health professionals sharing their vaccine
            Coronavirus: Vaccination                           stories.

               Asked by Baroness Sheehan                                   Coronavirus: Air Pollution
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment                  Asked by Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle
  they have made of the factors which they consider will
  most limit the roll out of the Oxford/Astrazeneca                To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment
  vaccine at scale; and what such factors they have              they have made of the case for standardising
  identified. [HL11775]                                          professional high-efficiency particulate air purifiers
                                                                 used in healthcare and education settings. [HL13863]
  Lord Bethell: We have invested over £300 million
towards manufacturing and deploying successful vaccines              Asked by Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle
in the United Kingdom, including ensuring we have                  To ask Her Majesty's Government whether they have
adequate provision, transportation, personal protective          considered the deployment of professional high-
equipment, and logistical expertise to do so.                    efficiency particulate air purifiers as part of their
  All vaccines will present different logistical                 response to the COVID-19 pandemic; and if not, why
requirements, but the National Health Service has planned        not. [HL13864]
for all eventualities, including securing additional fridges     Lord Bethell: The infection prevention control
to support the deployment of the Oxford/AstraZeneca            principles within current National Health Service
vaccine.                                                       guidance are applicable to all healthcare settings. The key
Written Answers                                     16 March 2021                                                 Page 9

principle of ventilation is to dilute COVID-19 through air    to consider, in particular, his remarks about current
changes and both air extraction and fresh air supply can      students at the University of Bristol. It is important to
be used to achieve this.                                      distinguish between lawful, if deeply offensive, views on
                                                              the one hand, and unacceptable acts of abuse,
                     David Miller                             intimidation, and violence on the other.
                                                                 Regardless of whether or not it is found that Professor
            Asked by Lord Austin of Dudley
                                                              Miller’s conduct constitutes lawful free speech, the
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment           government considers that the University of Bristol could
  they have made of the statements by Professor David         do more to make its condemnation of that conduct clear to
  Miller about Jewish students; and what discussions they     current and future students and to show its commitment to
  have had with (1) the University of Bristol, and (2) the    creating a welcoming environment for Jewish students.
  police, about the steps being taken to ensure the safety    The government considers Professor Miller’s views to be
  of such students. [HL13646]                                 ill-founded and wholly reprehensible, and wholeheartedly
                                                              rejects them.
   Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay: The government
abhors antisemitism in all its forms and has for several
years pushed for greater action from higher education                             Dogs: Imports
providers in addressing it. This has included encouraging
                                                                             Asked by Baroness Fookes
them to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance
Alliance definition of antisemitism, in order to have             To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they
universal clarity of what constitutes antisemitic               have to ban the import of dogs with cropped ears.
behaviour.                                                      [HL13802]
   The government expects universities and other higher          Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park: The end of the
education providers to comply with their legal duties on      transition period has opened up new opportunities for
discrimination and harassment, as well as their legal         managing our own pet travel and commercial importation
duties to protect free speech. Universities must balance      rules. We are actively listening to the concerns of
the exercise of their legal duties, including on a case-by-   stakeholders and the Government is considering options
case basis.                                                   regarding the importation and commercial movements of
   We expect higher education providers to be at the          dogs with cropped ears into Great Britain in line with
forefront of tackling antisemitism, making sure that          World Trade Organization rules.
higher education is a genuinely fulfilling and welcoming         Importers of animals must adhere to welfare standards
experience for everyone.                                      as set out in Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 on the
   All higher education providers should discharge their      protection of animals during transport and in domestic
responsibilities fully and have robust policies and           legislation, The Welfare of Animals (Transport)
procedures in place to comply with the law, to investigate    (England) Order 2006 (WATEO). This legislation aims to
and swiftly address hate crime, including any antisemitic     protect the health and welfare of animals during
incidents that are reported. We expect higher education       transportation and applies to dogs that are suffering injury
providers to have robust policies and procedures in place     as a result of non-exempted mutilations including cropped
to address staff disciplinary issues.                         ears.
   All higher education providers have procedures for
handling student complaints and, if students are unhappy                              Exercise
with their experience, they should use the processes in
place to complain formally to their provider outlining                  Asked by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth
their concerns. Where a student complaint cannot be               To ask Her Majesty's Government what steps they are
resolved through the institution’s complaint processes, a       taking to encourage (1) cycling, (2) walking, and (3)
student at a provider in England and Wales can ask for his      other forms of exercise. [HL13792]
or her complaint to be reviewed by an independent body,
the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher            Lord Bethell: The Government has launched ambitious
Education. Students also can and should inform the police     plans to boost cycling and walking, with the aim that half
if they believe the law has been broken.                      of all journeys in towns and cities are cycled or walked by
                                                              2030. There are various programmes to encourage people
   With regards to the case of Professor David Miller,
                                                              to walk more, including the Walk to School initiative and
universities     are    independent     and    autonomous
                                                              Bikeability training available to all school children. Last
organisations which are responsible for the management
                                                              year, the Government launched the Better Health
of their own affairs and for meeting their duties under the
                                                              campaign to encourage a healthier lifestyle, including a
law. Accordingly, the government has not intervened
                                                              free walking app designed to encourage adults to go for a
directly in this case. It is the responsibility of the
                                                              brisk 10-minute walk.
University of Bristol to determine whether or not
Professor Miller’s remarks constitute lawful free speech.       Nearly £4.5 million is being invested in social
In doing so, the government’s view is that they may wish      prescribing which allows general practitioners to refer
Page 10                                             16 March 2021                                    Written Answers

patients to various activities including working on           considering dispensing any lawfully valid prescription.
allotments and dancing classes.                               This includes puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.
                                                                The Department has agreed with the Care Quality
            Export Health Certificates                        Commission (CQC) to investigate changes to regulations
                                                              that would allow the CQC to take enforcement action
                Asked by Baroness Jolly
                                                              against online healthcare providers.
    To ask Her Majesty's Government, what plans they
  have to ensure that there are enough vets in place to                  Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  create and sign off Export Health Certificates, ahead of
  the implementation of a new import regime. [HL13809]                    Asked by Baroness Worthington

  Lord Gardiner of Kimble: It is the responsibility of            To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they
the exporting country to ensure they create and sign off        have to review regulations regarding fluorinated gas
Export Health Certificates that confirm the consignment         ahead of COP26. [HL13854]
meets our high animal and public health requirements.           Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park: The UK has a
GB health certificates required for imports from the EU       legal requirement to review the Fluorinated Gas (F gas)
and the rest of the world have all been made available        Regulation and publish a comprehensive report of this
online, simplifying the EU approach to embedding them         review by no later than 31 December 2022. Defra is now
in legislation.                                               beginning internal work on the review and intends to
  Defra has provided £14 million in funding to Port           engage with stakeholders on this work later this year. The
Health Authorities to support the recruitment of staff,       review will include an assessment of opportunities for
including Official Veterinarians, that are needed to carry    faster and further action on phasing down F gases, beyond
out SPS checks when these goods arrive. This will             our already world leading measures, to help meet the
include checks to ensure the goods have been certified        Government’s net zero 2050 target.
  Financial Services: UK Relations with EU                                     Asked by Lord Myners
                Asked by Lord Beecham                             To ask Her Majesty's Government whether (1) they,
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment             (2) the Financial Conduct Authority, or (3) the
  they have made of the report by EY EY Financial               Prudential Regulation Authority, have taken any action
  Services Brexit Tracker, published on 2 March; and            in respect of the decision by Credit Suisse Asset
  what assessment they have made of the impact of the           Management to suspend dealing in supply chain finance
  UK’s departure from the EU on (1) the transfer of             funds managed by Greensill Capital because of
  assets from the UK to the EU, and (2) the UK economy.         uncertainties with respect to accurate valuation.
  [HL13857]                                                     [HL13826]

  Lord Agnew of Oulton: In November, the Chancellor                            Asked by Lord Myners
set out his vision for a new chapter for the UK’s FS sector       To ask Her Majesty's Government which financial
to the House of Commons.                                        regulator has primary responsibility for supervising
  The UK’s FS sector will remain global, open and               Greensill Capital and its affiliates. [HL13827]
competitive, while being underpinned by high quality,
                                                                               Asked by Lord Myners
agile and responsive regulation, and safe and stable
markets. It will pioneer financial technology to benefit          To ask Her Majesty's Government what steps (1)
consumers and businesses, use innovation and finance to         they, or (2) any regulators, have taken to check whether
tackle climate change and move to a net-zero future.            the insurance security offered to investors by Greensill
                                                                Capital was reflected in the policies secured from
          Gender Recognition: Children                          insurers; and whether any such policies were written by
                                                                related parties. [HL13871]
                  Asked by Lord Lucas
                                                                               Asked by Lord Myners
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they
                                                                  To ask Her Majesty's Government whether they (1)
  have to discourage the sale of (1) puberty blockers, and
                                                                are investigating, or (2) plan to investigate, matters
  (2) cross-sex hormones, over the internet to children
                                                                related to a fund managed by GAM investing in
  who do not have (a) a prescription, or (b) parental
                                                                securities packaged by Greensill Capital. [HL13872]
  permission. [HL13759]
                                                                               Asked by Lord Myners
  Lord Bethell: We would expect all registered
pharmacies and pharmacists to meet the regulatory                 To ask Her Majesty's Government whether (1) they,
standards set by the General Pharmaceutical Council or          or (2) any regulators, are investigating the impact
the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland when             on banks and asset managers of the suspension of
Written Answers                                      16 March 2021                                                         Page 11

  dealing in funds managed by Greensill Capital, and in          of UK citizens are outstanding; and what is the target
  particular the effect on banks of (a) risk concentration       response time for such applications. [HL13813]
  limits, and (b) capital requirements. [HL13873]
                                                                 Baroness Williams of Trafford: The normal service
   Lord Agnew of Oulton: Greensill is an international         standard for applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain
group of firms, including an Australian holding company        applications is six months.
and a German bank. There are two UK entities – Greensill         The Home Office publishes transparency data on the
Capital UK and Greensill Capital Securities Limited.           number of outstanding applications for Indefinite Leave
   Greensill Capital UK is not authorised by the UK            to Remain under the spouse/partner route, the Home
financial authorities. It is registered under Anti-Money       Office also publish transparency data on the performance
Laundering regulations, which means that the Financial         against service standards for Indefinite Leave to Remain
Conduct Authority (FCA) supervises it for compliance           applications under the spouse/partner route. This can be
with anti-money laundering rules, but not for wider            found in our transparency data:
conduct issues.                                        
   Greensill Capital Securities Limited is not authorised or   and-citizenship-data-february-2021
supervised by the FCA but was an Appointed                     The Answer includes the following attached material:
Representative of a regulated firm (Mirabella Advisers).
An Appointed Representative is a firm or person who                 Visa and Citizenship Data - February 2021
carries out regulated activities under the supervision of a         [UKVI_VC_Transparency_Q4_2020_Published.xlsx]
firm directly authorised by the FCA (known as a principal
                                                               The material can be viewed online at:
firm). A principal firm is responsible for ensuring that its
Appointed      Representative      complies     with     the   answers-statements/written-question/Lords/2021-03-02/HL13813
requirements, rules and regulations of the FCA.
   HM Treasury has been working closely with the FCA                                    Iraq: Asylum
and PRA to monitor developments and assess the
                                                                            Asked by The Marquess of Lothian
implications for the financial sector, and with other
government departments to understand any impacts that              To ask Her Majesty's Government what assessment
these developments may have on linked UK-based                   they have made of the request of sanctuary in the UK
companies and the services they provide.                         from the eight Iraqi interpreters employed by TBW
                                                                 Global to interpret for UK forces at Camp Taji; and
                  Asked by Lord Myners
                                                                 what steps they are taking to support those interpreters.
    To ask Her Majesty's Government on how many                  [HL13920]
  occasions over the last six months ministers and civil
                                                                  Baroness Goldie: The Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  servants in (1) the Cabinet Office, (2) HM Treasury,
                                                               takes all claims of intimidation or threats to locally
  and (3) the Department for Business, Energy and
                                                               recruited workers (LRWs) very seriously and as such has
  Industrial Strategy, hosted meetings with (a) Lex
                                                               responded to these allegations, directly engaging with the
  Greensill, or (b) representatives of Greensill Capital;
                                                               interpreters in question. MOD has set contracting
  and whether David Cameron was present at any of
                                                               standards which require that people must be as safe and
  the meetings. [HL13828]
                                                               secure as reasonably possible when working in our
   Lord Agnew of Oulton: Senior officials and ministers        support. We continue to hold our contractors to these high
routinely meet with a range of private sector stakeholders.    standards.
There are robust transparency processes in place to ensure        As part of the MOD's own investigation a specialist
appropriate scrutiny of such meetings. Transparency            investigator interviewed all eight of the LRWs. Individual
releases are currently publicly available for meetings up      risk assessments were completed, and bespoke security
to and including September 2020, which is in line with         advice was given pertaining to their situation. Further
normal reporting timelines on disclosures. These are           work will now be undertaken to decide if subsequent
published on a quarterly basis, with the most recent           interventions are required, however it is unlikely that the
release published in February 2021. Mr Roxburgh’s              situation would warrant relocation to the UK. The
transparency release from July-September 2020 will be          contractor has also offered advice and support.
published shortly, but there are no meetings with either
Lex Greensill or representatives of Greensill Capital to
report in this release.
                                                                         Israeli Settlements: Palestinians
                                                                                 Asked by Baroness Sheehan
          Immigration: Married People                              To ask Her Majesty's Government what
          Asked by Lord Jones of Cheltenham                      representations they have made to the government of
                                                                 Israel about reports of attacks on Palestinian shepherds
    To ask Her Majesty's Government how many                     on their grazing land by armed Israeli settlers.
  applications for indefinite leave to remain from spouses       [HL13842]
Page 12                                              16 March 2021                                    Written Answers

  Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: Whilst we have not                        Myanmar: Politics and Government
made representations on these reports, we condemn any
incidence of violence by settlers against Palestinians                          Asked by Baroness Cox
shepherds. We welcome the efforts of the Israeli                   To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they
authorities to address settler violence, and urge them to        have to encourage the UN Secretary-General to lead a
thoroughly investigate every instance and bring those            high level delegation to Myanmar to exert political and
responsible to justice. We also continue to stress the           diplomatic pressure on the military to (1) desist from
importance of the Israeli security forces providing              further use of force in response to protests, (2) step
appropriate protection to the Palestinian civilian               down, and (3) seek a political solution that recognises
population.                                                      the legitimate will of the people of that country as
                                                                 expressed in the elections in November 2020.
          Jerusalem: Religious Buildings
                                                                 Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: The UK values the close
               Asked by Baroness Sheehan                       cooperation with ASEAN partners on this. ASEAN has an
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what                       important role to play. We welcome the statement from
  representations they have made to the government of          the informal ASEAN meeting on 2 March which stressed
  Israel about reports of attacks on Christian and Muslim      ASEAN's commitment to seeking a resolution in line with
  buildings in East Jerusalem; and what steps will they        their principles on the rule of law, good governance, and
  take to ensure that religious buildings are protected        the principles of democracy and constitutional
  from such attacks. [HL13841]                                 government as set out in the ASEAN charter. I formally
                                                               met the Secretary General of ASEAN and discussed the
  Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: The holy sites of                   UK's extreme concern regarding the military coup in
Jerusalem hold particular significance for many groups         Myanmar and the detention of civil society and members
around the globe, especially the three Abrahamic faiths of     of the elected government.
Christianity, Islam and Judaism. We condemn all forms of
violence, including against places of worship, and raise
                                                                  National Institute for Health Protection:
this with the relevant authorities when necessary. In our
meetings with the Israeli authorities we regularly raise the               Public Appointments
need to respect the status quo of the holy sites in the West                   Asked by Lord Beecham
Bank, including East Jerusalem.
                                                                   To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the
                                                                 Written Answer by Lord Bethell on 18 November
  Myanmar: Association of Southeast Asian                        (HL7591), when the recruitment process for a
                Nations                                          permanent Chair of the National Institute of Health
                                                                 Protection began; and when it will conclude. [HL10467]
                 Asked by Baroness Cox
                                                                 Lord Bethell: The Cabinet Office launched the
    To ask Her Majesty's Government what plans they            advertisement for the permanent Chair of the National
  have to encourage the Association of South-East Asian        Institute of Heath Protection on 2 March which closes on
  Nations to increase efforts to address the crisis in         9 March. Further stages of the recruitment process are
  Myanmar including (1) withholding recognition of the         pending the outcome of the advertisement.
  military junta, and (2) suspending Myanmar from its
  membership of the organisation until a legitimate,               North Korea: Politics and Government
  elected, civilian-led government is restored. [HL13800]
                                                                           Asked by Lord Alton of Liverpool
  Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: The UK values the close
cooperation with ASEAN partners on this. ASEAN has an              To ask Her Majesty's Government what are their
important role to play. We welcome the statement from            priorities in relation to North Korea. [HL13724]
the informal ASEAN meeting on 2 March which stressed             Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon: Working to support our
ASEAN's commitment to seeking a resolution in line with        allies and partners, the UK is committed to securing a
their principles on the rule of law, good governance, and      peaceful settlement on the Korean Peninsula, and to
the principles of democracy and constitutional                 achieving the complete, verifiable, irreversible
government as set out in the ASEAN charter. I formally         dismantlement of North Korea's illegal nuclear and
met the Secretary General of ASEAN and discussed the           weapons programmes. We are committed to upholding
UK's extreme concern regarding the military coup in            the rules-based international system and securing an end
Myanmar and the detention of civil society and members         to all other illegal activities by the regime. Underlining
of the elected government.                                     the UK's position as a force for good, we stand up for the
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