How to study in Trinity -

How to study in Trinity -
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      Student Learning Development
                                                            A guide for
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How to study in Trinity -
weLcOme                       cOnTenTS

                                  Settling in                                                               3
                                  Where am I in this big picture?                                           3
                                  How can I prepare myself?                                                 4
                                  How can I strengthen my English?                                          4
                                  Learning on my own                                                        5

                     BeInG An     Who are my lecturers? (also known as teachers or professors)
                                  Becoming a critical thinker

                InTeRnATIOnAL     Reading with a purpose
                                  Academic reading and writing
                                  Plagiarism and referencing

                STuDenT TAkeS     Participating in group work: tutorials, labs, presentations and thesis

              cOuRAGe AnD yOu     Trinity grading system
                                  Where do I go for help?
                                     Pre arrival information

                       HAve IT.      Orientation information
                                     Student Learning Development
                                     Tutorial Service
                                     Global Officers                                                        14
                                     Students’ Union Education Officer                                      14
                                     Student2Student (S2S)                                                 15
                                     English for Academic Purposes                                         15
                                     TCD Library                                                           15
                                     Information Systems Services                                          15
                                     Maths Help Room                                                       15
                                     Programming Centre                                                    15
                                     Academic Registry                                                     15
                                     Academic Practice and eLearning                                       16
                                     Disability Service                                                    16
                                  Sources                                                                  16
                                  Further reading                                                          16

1                                                                                                               2
How to study in Trinity -
HOw TO STuDy In TRInITy                                                                                     pRepARe yOuRSeLf
                                                        However, being in Trinity means that you are                                                                      you can do that by:
                                                        expected to make your own decisions about
                                                        why, what, when, how and where you learn.                                                                         ● Attending relevant sessions and lunchtime
                                                        Except for your assignment deadlines and                                                                              talks during Orientation week;
                                                        exams, you will very rarely be told what to do                                                                    ●   Asking your Tutor/Erasmus coordinator or
                                                        and when, so keeping yourself motivated is                                                                            Teaching Assistant (TA) what are considered
                                                        going to be the key.                                                                                                  good study practices and what are the
    SeTTLInG In                                                                                                                                                               assessment methods used in your
                                                        Starting your studies in Trinity is not only about                                                                    department;
                                                        learning, it’s also about learning how to learn.                                                                  ●   Reading the departmental guidelines and
                                                                                                                                                                              course handbooks and exploring the
                                                        you could prepare by asking yourself some                                                                             relevant websites of your School;
                                                        of these questions:                                                                                               ●   Discussing with your peers, S2S mentor or
    Coming to study in Trinity will be one of the
                                                                                                                                                                              the Students’ Union Class Representatives;
    most exciting experiences of your life. Think of
                                                        ● What do I expect to get out of my studies in             HOw cAn I pRepARe mySeLf?                              ●   Making an appointment with your Global
    it like a journey, with ups and downs,
                                                            Trinity, besides my qualification?                                                                                Officer.
    adjustments and new discoveries, answers and                                                                   When you start your studies in Trinity you enter
                                                        ●   What do I find easy when it comes to
    sometimes more questions. It may feel                                                                          not only the overall culture of the institution,
    overwhelming, and that is to be expected, as it                                                                but also the culture of the discipline(s) in which
                                                        ●   What do I find difficult?                                                                                      HOw cAn I STRenGTHen
    takes time and energy to establish a new                                                                       you will study. On the one hand, there are
                                                        ●   What are my academic strengths?
    lifestyle as a student.
                                                        ●   What are my academic weaknesses?                       certain study skills that are required to be           my enGLISH?
                                                        ●   What has worked for me in the past?                    developed by all Trinity students (critical            For many of Trinity’s international students,
                                                        ●   How did I overcome similar situations?                 thinking, writing, reading) and you will find          English is a second language. That can be
    wHeRe Am I In THIS BIG pIcTuRe?                                                                                that doing so will help you perform                    frustrating sometimes, especially if you feel it
                                                                                                                   successfully in the course of your studies. On         takes longer to find your words and express
    You may have had very different academic and
                                                                                                                   the other hand, academic disciplines might             your opinions. You might feel that you are more
    social experiences to those you will encounter
                                                        It is also helpful to think of your personality,           differ in their cultures and you may find that          aware of how you speak and you don’t want to
    here in Ireland. You left your friends and family
                                                        values and goals. Do you prefer to study by                there can be more than one appropriate                 make mistakes when you discuss with your
    back home and probably feel out of your
                                                        yourself or with others? What do you value in              methodology or language required.                      classmates or professors. This feeling is totally
    comfort zone.
                                                        relation to your studies in Trinity?                                                                              normal and almost everybody experiences it.
    BeInG An InTeRnATIOnAL STuDenT                                                                                 fInDInG OuT ABOuT THe cuLTuRe AnD
    TAkeS cOuRAGe AnD yOu HAve IT.                      GeTTInG TO knOw yOuR AcADemIc                        eDucATIOnAL expecTATIOnS Of BOTH TRInITy                     Moreover, at the beginning it might be a bit
                                                        SeLf IS THe fIRST STep TOwARDS                       AnD yOuR DIScIpLIne IS AnOTHeR ImpORTAnT                     difficult to understand unfamiliar accents and
    Academically, you are entering a whole new          AcADemIc SucceSS.                                                                                                 you will feel that you are making extra effort in
                                                                                                                       STep In yOuR AcADemIc jOuRney.
    world. Previously you may have been used to                                                                                                                           staying focused during your lectures. This is
    remembering and reproducing information                                                                                                                               also something many students experience.
    correctly in your exams, without having to                                                                                                                            With foreign languages, just like with other
    write essays or give presentations. For some,                                                                                                                         things, practice makes perfect.
    questioning the views of a teacher or lecturer
    was not encouraged. For others, learning
    whatever and whenever you wanted and being
    able to enrol in modules of your own choice
    was normal.

    Furthermore, many students coming to Trinity
    are used to constant guidance and academic
    directions from their teachers, both inside and
3   outside the classroom.

                                                                                                                                                             Student Learning Development
How to study in Trinity -

    you can exercise your english language abilities                                                                                                                BecOmInG A cRITIcAL THInkeR
    through formal and informal methods by:
                                                                                                                                                                    Trinity, like many other universities, is constantly
    ● Attending an English for Academic Purposes                                                                                                                    engaged in questioning current ideas and
        (EAP) course for strengthening your                                                                                                                         theories and in creating and discovering new
        academic English;                                                                                                                                           knowledge. Academic staff, through their work,
    ●   Finding out if there is any specific academic                                                                                                               are always making breakthroughs in knowledge
        language to be used in the assignments for                                                                                                                  and innovation.
        your course;
    ●   Keeping a vocabulary notebook with all the                                                                                                                  Students are expected to:
        new words you are learning;                     Some other time management strategies are:
    ●   Setting up a proofreading system with your                                                                                                                  ● question what they hear and read
        classmates or friends and regularly             ● Prioritizing your workload;                                                                               ● think critically about the evidence of
        proofreading each other’s essays;               ● Planning;                                                                                                   particular theories or points of view
    ●   Meeting with the Students’ Union Education      ● Breaking tasks into small, manageable             wHO ARe my LecTuReRS?                                   ● develop their own ideas and arguments.
        Officer and finding out what other support is        pieces;                                         There are some significant differences in the
        available;                                      ● Being specific;                                                                                           you are expected to move from the question
                                                                                                            responsibilities of lecturers, also known as
    ●   Interacting as much as you can in English       ● Action builds momentum – do something,                                                                    “what?” to questions such as:
                                                                                                            professors, in Trinity. In some academic cultures,
        with Irish students as well as other                anything;                                       the lecturer is considered an expert whose job is
        international students;                         ● Using all your time – even travel time can be                                                             ●   “why?”
                                                                                                            to transfer particular knowledge to the student,
    ●   Joining societies that are active in areas          used to review or quiz yourself;                                                                        ●   “how?”
                                                                                                            providing them with the correct perspective or
        related to your studies.                        ● Making a commitment – create a deadline if                                                                ●   “how important?”
                                                            one doesn’t exist or you need an earlier one,                                                           ●   “how valid?”
                                                            hang a planner on your wall or use an                                                                   ●   “what if?”
                                                                                                            In Trinity, however, the lecturer is considered a
                                                            agenda.                                                                                                 ●   “what might happen if?”
    LeARnInG On my Own                                                                                      more advanced colleague in the field who gives
                                                                                                            academic advice and encourages students to
    Trinity students are expected to become             you can find more ways of giving your                                                                       This will help you understand, criticize and
                                                                                                            engage with the learning material and seek the
    responsible for their study behaviour. You will     studies priority by:                                                                                        evaluate what you learn and integrate that with
                                                                                                            answers. Lecturers generally keep set “office
    have to manage your workload and your time,                                                                                                                     your previous knowledge and ideas.
                                                                                                            hours” when you can make an appointment to
    while keeping yourself motivated. You are           ● Attending Student Learning Development            meet and speak with them. Furthermore, there
    given a lot of deadlines to reach and, in order         (SLD) workshops on organisation and time        will also be Teaching Assistants (TAs) that you
    to get there, you need to put a lot of work to          management;                                     can talk to.
    get your assignments done. When you have            ●   Making an individual appointment with SLD;
    many courses/modules, this might become             ●   Organizing a study group with your peers to     The relationship between Trinity academic staff
    overwhelming unless you manage your time                discuss assignments and lectures;               and students is a formal one, yet academic staff
    properly.                                           ●   Meeting with your Class Rep or the Students’    remain accessible to students. This might look
                                                            Union Education Officer;                         difficult to achieve when it comes to large
    It is also helpful to evaluate your current study   ●   Finding out tips and hints from students in     classes where you find yourself in a lecture hall
    habits and make an analysis of the study                the years ahead.                                together with 200 other students. However,
    methods you are used to, see what works well
                                                                                                            respecting the office hours, you are encouraged to:
    for you and how you can maximize the positive       Your life as a student is not only about
    outcomes.                                           studying. Planning your time means reaching a       ● Ask questions;
                                                        balance between your academic work and              ● Seek advice;
    SeT LeARnInG GOALS AnD ASk                          activities necessary for your wellbeing – social
    yOuRSeLf wHAT yOu wAnT TO AcHIeve                                                                       ● Discuss ideas;
                                                        activities, sport, being part of societies, doing   ● Ask for feedback on your assignments and
    DuRInG yOuR STuDIeS In TRInITy.                     volunteer work etc. These are equally                 progress;
                                                        important parts of being a student and it might     ● Share any concerns you have, as soon as
5                                                       be important for you not to miss out on them.         they arise, with your Tutor.                                                                                 6

                                                                                                                                                     Student Learning Development
How to study in Trinity -

                                                       you can improve your critical thinking skills by:   for reading and note-making strategies, you            AcADemIc ReADInG AnD wRITInG
                                                       ● Discussing with your Tutor/Lecturer/Erasmus                                                              Your assignments will involve writing: essays,
                                                         coordinator/Teaching Assistant how you can        ● Ask your Lecturer/Teaching Assistant to              lab reports, projects. At the end of your studies
                                                         develop critical arguments in the context of          indicate which parts of the recommended            you’ll have to write a dissertation if you are an
                                                         your discipline;                                      materials are more relevant and why, in            undergraduate student or a thesis if you are a
                                                       ● Attending a Student Learning Development              order to prioritize your readings;                 postgraduate student. These written
                                                         (SLD) workshop on critical thinking;              ●   Organize a study group to discuss various          assignments might be different than the ones
                                                       ● Making an individual appointment with SLD             readings with your fellow peers;                   you were used to doing in your home
                                                         to discuss any specific concerns;                 ●   Ask students in the years ahead for hints and      university, or might be something that you’ve
                                                       ● Organize or take part in a peer study group,          tips on how to prioritize readings in your         never done before.
                                                         this way you can discuss theories, and also           courses;
                                                         make some friends along the way.                  ●   Note which books/materials are most                To develop or improve your writing style
                                                                                                               regularly mentioned in other books as being        you can:
                                                                                                           ●   Skim very fast through recommended                 ● Ask for examples of good and bad writing
                                                       ReADInG wITH A puRpOSe                                                                                         from your lecturers;
                                                                                                               books, decide which might be most
                                                       Some of the information you will get during             beneficial for you;                                ●   Ask your lecturer what the writing
                                                       your studies will come from your lectures, but      ●   Attend a Student Learning Development                  requirements are in your department;
                                                       the greater part of it will come from what you          (SLD) workshop on reading and note-                ●   Find out if there is any specific academic
    Therefore,                                         read on your own. Reading as a student is               making;                                                language to be used in the written
                                                       different than reading for leisure, and              ●   Make an individual appointment with SLD;               assignments of your course;
    yOu ARe encOuRAGeD TO BecOme nOT                   understanding this helps you adapt your habits      ●   Attend a Trinity Library information course        ●   Enrol yourself in the Academic Skills for
                                                       and maximize your readings. Firstly, determine          to find out how you can make the most of               Successful Learning Blackboard Module to
    OnLy An InDepenDenT LeARneR, BuT
                                                       your purpose. This will help you to focus your          using the library and all its resources.               access more information and resources
    ALSO An InDepenDenT THInkeR.
                                                       attention and to select a suitable strategy.                                                                   on Essay Writing and Scientific Writing. You
                                                                                                                                                                      can find the instructions here
    Critical thinking means different things in
                                                       As a critical reader, it is important to question                                                    
    different disciplines. If you are studying in an
                                                       what you read and evaluate the quality of the                                                              ●   Attend one of the Student Learning
    education discipline, for example, you will be
                                                       sources. It helps if you monitor your                                                                          Development (SLD) workshops on academic
    thinking critically when you apply theory to a
                                                       understanding, re-read difficult questions and                                                                  writing or writing for sciences;
    practical situation. You then reflect on what
                                                       review what you learned. Taking notes is                                                                   ●   Make an individual appointment with SLD to
    happened as a result of your application of that
                                                       important considering that most of your exams                                                                  discuss your writing assignments;
    particular theory in that situation.
                                                       will take place at the end of the academic year                                                            ●   Attend an English for Academic Purposes
                                                       and going back to your notes then will be more                                                                 (EAP) course for strengthening your
    In a discipline which has a less obvious
                                                       efficient than reading entire text books all over                                                               academic English;
    practical application, for example some
                                                       again.                                                                                                     ●   Make an appointment with the Information
    humanities areas of study, you will be thinking
                                                                                                                                                                      Systems Services to get free support for the
    critically when you compare and contrast
                                                                                                                                                                      technical side of writing – how to use
    theories with each other, or when you try to
                                                                                                                                                                      Microsoft Word and other useful programmes;
    work out gaps or flaws in those theories. Your
                                                                                                                                                                  ●   Set up a writing group with your peers to
    lecturers expect that even first year students
                                                                                                                                                                      discuss and review each other’s
    can do more than just describe a theory or
    concept in assignments. In addition to
    describing, lecturers also expect students to
    analyse and evaluate or judge a concept, or
    apply a concept or theory to a practical
7                                                                                                                                                                                                                     8

                                                                                                                                                     Student Learning Development
How to study in Trinity -

    pLAGIARISm AnD RefeRencInG                                                                                Separate to that are the requirements of labs in
                                                                                                              science or clinical courses, where reports are
    Acknowledging your sources is a very                                                                      expected to be submitted individually and
    important aspect of Trinity academic culture                                                              weekly. In addition, some courses require you
    and integrity. As a strong emphasis is put on                                                             to complete specific work in advance of the lab
    everyone to develop their own opinions and                                                                (e.g. pre-practical questions) so that you can
    ideas, it is important to distinguish between                                                             maximise the benefits of attending each
    those and the ideas and opinions coming from                                                              session. The pre-practical questions are
    authors, lecturers or peers. Failing to do so will                                                        designed to develop your own background
    result in being accused of plagiarism. This is                                                            knowledge of the area and cannot be
    the use of any information or exact words from                                                            plagiarised. Many courses require you to              In order to get comfortable with
    a book, journal or internet site without
                                                         pARTIcIpATInG In GROup wORk                          submit laboratory work on-line, e.g. via              participating in tutorials you can:
    referencing and without using quotation marks                                                             Blackboard, which specifically checks for
    when necessary.                                      The aim of tutorials is to approach a certain        plagiarism before submission is accepted.             ● Ask your Lecturer/Teaching Assistant what
                                                         topic in greater detail and encourage                                                                          are their expectations from students during
    you can find out more about how to avoid             discussion on different ideas and points of view      In second year, team work is usually restricted           tutorials;
    plagiarism through referencing by:                   as well as clarify any misunderstandings from        to poster presentations or verbal PowerPoint          ●   Practice listening to your peers to see how
                                                         various readings. Depending on your course,          presentations. In the third year of your degree,          they interact with each other during
    ● Consulting the course handbook on what is          you might be involved in tutorials with only 10-     this may change to individual presentations               tutorials;
        the preferred referencing style in your          20 students, or in larger ones, with 60 or more.     where you are also checked for competency             ●   Prepare some questions or a comment on
        department;                                                                                           and background knowledge.                                 something you found interesting before the
    ●   Attending one of the Student Learning            Tutorials vary depending on your area of study                                                                 class so you can demonstrate that you
        Development (SLD) workshops on                   and are linked to modules: some might involve        In final year, Science students undertake a               understand the material;
        plagiarism;                                      interaction and you will be required to              research project, which is usually linked to the      ●   Make an appointment with Student Learning
    ●   Attending one of the Trinity Library courses     participate and lead discussions, while others       work of a research group. You are expected to             Development (SLD) to identify how you can
        on Endnote, a programme that                     might be less interactive. Furthermore, some of      work as a team member, but also receive                   improve your listening and communication
        automatically organizes references for you;      them will be led by teaching assistants, while       individual supervision from older members of              skills;
    ●   Using the Ready Steady Write resource of         others will involve the lecturers themselves. In     the group. You will be encouraged to ask              ●   Attend an English for Academic Purposes
        Academic Practice and eLearning. For online      most courses you will be assessed based on           questions, and to attend group meetings, both             (EAP) course to practice your academic
        tutorials see                                    your participation in tutorials, so it’s important   of which help you to prepare a final year report          English and gain more comfort in speaking.                to try to contribute to discussions.                 or thesis. This work must also be your own so it
    ●   Attending an English for Academic Purposes                                                            is very important that you understand both
        (EAP) course to gain confidence with             Individual courses have specific requirements        your project and the background to it. Don’t be
                                                         for tutorials and these will be explained during
        expressing your opinions in English.                                                                  afraid to ask for help!
                                                         your course. For example, science students                                                                 Most exams in Trinity take place at the end of
    If your lecturer requires it, you will have to       often have to attempt problem-solving work in                                                              the academic year, in the course of four weeks
    submit your assignment through Turnitin, a           advance of a tutorial, language students may                                                               in April/May. Some exams, depending on the
    programme that detects plagiarism. See               have to prepare a translation, English or history                                                          School, take place in January.                 students may have to discuss a topic etc. The
    plagiarism/#what_is_Turnitin If this is the          format of the tutorial will then focus on                                                                  Before exams you will have 3 weeks of revision,
    case, you might be able to use this programme        answering problems of a similar nature so that                                                             when you will have the chance to revise your
    to check your assignment for plagiarism before       you can further develop your knowledge of the                                                              study material and prepare for exams. This
    the final submission. Double check this with         area while practising your problem-solving                                                                 might seem odd if you are used to being
    your lecturer.                                       techniques. The problems will often be similar                                                             continuously assessed after each module or
                                                         to the questions that are asked in the end of                                                              have exams at the end of each semester.
                                                         year exams, therefore it is beneficial for every                                                           Furthermore, this is one of the reasons why
                                                         student to attend and participate in all tutorials                                                         staying motivated until the end of the year is so
9                                                        scheduled for a course.                                                                                    important.                                          10

                                                                                                                                                       Student Learning Development
How to study in Trinity -

     Exams in Trinity are managed by the                        finding yourself in the same exam hall with                                                               To get a better understanding of this you can:
     examinations and assessments section of the                hundreds of other students might seem a bit
                                                                                                                     RememBeR, exAmIneRS
     Academic Registry. They take place in various              daunting at the beginning, but you can                                                                    ● Consult your course handbook for more
     venues, both on and off campus. The                         prepare yourself for that experience by:
                                                                                                                     wAnT yOu TO pASS                                       information about guidelines and
     examination method depends on your course.                                                                                                                             expectations;
     In some cases you will have multiple choice                ● Reading the Student Guidelines and other                                                                ● Ask your Course Coordinator or Tutor about
     questions, while in others you will have to                    information on venues and timetables on                                                                 the departmental requirements;
     answer essay based questions.                                  the Exams and Assessments webpage of the                                                              ● During office hours, ask for feedback from
     The full exam timetable is only available                      Academic Registry:                                                                                      your lecturer to see how you can improve;
     towards the mid-end of Hilary Term and links                                                                             ● Make an appointment with Student Learning
     to further details are at the end of this guide.               Some exam venues are off campus, so it is                                                                Development (SLD) to identify concrete
                                                                    important to check in advance.                                                                          strategies for improving your skills.
     If you are a student with a disability, you will           ●   Consulting past papers on the same
     need to register and also contact the Disability               webpage in order to see what were the                                                                 These are just a few tips to get you going, you’ll
     Service. They will guide you through arranging                 topics up for assessment in previous years                                                            discover many more on your own. Academic
     a Learning Educational Needs Summary (LENS)                    and to test yourself to improve your                                                                  skills develop over time and it takes a while
     and exam supports. For information see                         performance;                                                                                          until you figure out what works for you. Allow             ●   Reading your course handbooks and                                                                     yourself time to get accustomed to Trinity’s
                                                                    learning outcomes;                                                                                    academic culture and, whenever in doubt, ask
                                                                ●   Attending the Student Learning                                                                        for help!
                                                                    Development (SLD) workshop on exam               Getting 70% for an assignment means excellent
                                                                    skills;                                          performance. The student must have showed
                                                                ●   Enrolling yourself in the Academic Skills for    comprehensive understanding of the
                                                                    Successful Learning Blackboard module to         topic/subject matter and an excellent ability to
                                                                    find out more tips for preparing for and         structure arguments in a critical manner,
                                                                    performing well on your exams. You can find      fluently and creatively.
                                                                    the instructions here;
                                                                ●   Participating in an Exam Simulation              It is possible to get 100% in a maths exam, but
                                                                    organized by SLD during Revision week.           it’s very rare to get that grade or even more
                                                                                                                     than 70% in an essay. Note that getting 70% on
                                                                Remember, examiners want you to pASS, to             an assignment means that your academic
                                                                give you marks. The exam is an opportunity for       performance and results are excellent.
                                                                you to show that you have engaged with the
                                                                course material, come to understand it and you       II.1. means the student had a very good
                                                                are able to demonstrate that in a written exam.      performance on the subject, while II.2 stands
                                                                                                                     for a good performance. The difference
                                                                                                                     between the two categories might come from
     TRInITy GRADInG SySTem                                                                                          various aspects, depending on the type of
                                                                                                                     assignment and the requirements of your
     Trinity’s grading system is captured in the table below.                                                        course. However, higher marks are linked to
                                                                                                                     the demonstration of critical thinking,
     Degree classification                              Grade                percentage range                        structure of argument and originality.
                                                                                                                     Each department has different guidelines and
     First class Honours                                I                    70-100%                                 expectations when it comes to the grades
     Second class Honours, first division               II.1                 60-69%                                  awarded.
     Second class Honours, second division              II.2.                50-59%
     Third class Honours                                III                  40-49%
11   Fail                                               F1                   30-39%
                                                        F2                   Below 29%

                                                                                                                                                             Student Learning Development
How to study in Trinity -

     wHeRe DO I GO fOR HeLp?
                                                         Student 2 Student (S2S)                          Academic practice and eLearning
     pre Arrival Information                             7-9 South Leinster Street, 3rd floor                             
                                                         E:                        Disability Service
     Orientation Information                                                                              The Disability Service aims to develop clear                              english for Academic purposes                    and effective support systems at all stages in
                                                         EAP provides English Language Learning           the student journey from college entrance to
     Student Learning Development                        Support for prospective and accepted students    graduation to employment.
     SLD offers advice, resources, individual             of Trinity College who are not native-speakers   Room 2054, Arts Building
     consultations, workshops and much more to           of English.                            
     help you improve your academic potential and        Room 4091, Arts Building
     reach your potential. We have significant                          Sources
     experience with International students.             E:                               Marshall, Lorain, Rowland, Frances (1996),
                                                         T: +353 (0)1 896 1127                            A Guide to Learning Independently,
     7-9 South Leinster Street, 3rd floor                                                                 Open University Press                             Trinity Library                                  Academic Skills Unit, University of Melbourne,
     E:                                               Australia “Studying in Australia. 10 Tips for
     T: +353 (0)1 896 1407                                                                                International Students”
     Blackboard: Academic Skills for Successful          Information Systems Services                     Trinity Grading System
     Learning (instructions for enrolment on our         Áras an Phiarsaigh, ground floor       
     website)                                                              abroad/to-trinity/erasmus/Apply/Grading.php
                                                         E:                               National University of Ireland:
     Tutorial Service                                    T: +353 (0)1 896 2000                            Grade Descriptors
     The Tutorial Service is unique, confidential and                                           
     available to all undergraduate students             maths Help Room                                  ents/nui_grade_descriptors.pdf
     offering student support in all aspects of           The Help Room offers free assistance to
     College life.                                       students who are having difficulty with           further reading or who is my tutor?         Mathematics, Statistics or related courses.      Bailey, S. (2006) Academic Writing: A Handbook                          for International Students, 2nd ed. Abingdon:
                                                         Maths Seminar Room 2.6                           Routledge.
     Global Officers                                      18 Westland Row, 2nd floor                       Brandt, C. (2009) Read, Research and Write:
     Global Officers are available to link in with non-   Mon-Fri, 1-2pm                                   Academic Skills for ESL Students in Higher
     EU students. The following schools have Global                                                       Education, London: Sage.
     Officers: English; Chemistry; Computer Science       programming centre                               McMillan, K., Weyers, J. (2012) Study Skills for
     and Statistics; Engineering; Languages,             The Programming Centre provides                  International Students, 1st ed. Prentice Hall
     Literatures and Cultural Studies; Mathematics;      programming help for undergraduate               Lowes, R. (2004) The International Student’s
     Natural Sciences; Nursing and Midwifery;            Computer Science and Engineering students.       Guide: Studying in English at University.
     Physics; Psychology; Social Work and Social                         London: Sage.
     Policy; Social Sciences and Philosophy                                                               The World of Trinity. International Students                  Academic Registry                                Blog
     Students’ union education Officer                       This brochure was created by Irina Dimitriade of Student Learning
     House 6, Trinity College Dublin campus              timetables                                       Development, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin and
                                                         Exams and Assessments                            supported by the Global Relations Office. It is based on the ’10 Tips                                                                                        for International Students’ document of the Academic Skills Unit,
     E:                                    University of Melbourne, Australia.

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How to study in Trinity - How to study in Trinity -
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