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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne

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ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                          TERM 3 ISSUE 6                                  18.9.2018


                                    Also, in Term 3, the college finalised the Annual Ramadan Quran
                                    Competition and the winners were awarded their achievement
                                    during morning assembly earlier in the term. This was followed
                                    by Arabic Week then Hajj Week. The college was alight with the
                                    importance and significance of the Arabic Language and the
                                    pilgrimage of Hajj to the Muslim people and community.

                                    Another yearly event to occur this term is the Parent Information
                                    Session for students and parents of new enrolment in 2019. Two
  Assalamualaikum Warahmat-         separate sessions were held, one for students accepted into
  ullah Wabarakatuh                 Foundation for 2019 and the other for students accepted in Year
  Dear Parents and students,        1-11 for 2019. It was a compulsory session which covered the
                                    plans for 2019 and other important information including daily
  With one week left of this        school practices, policies and the curriculum.
  term, I look back and reflect
  on the amazing activities         The second parent/teacher interviews for the year has been
  and events we have held at        scheduled for Thursday, 20 September. On this day students will
  the college in Term 3.            be dismissed at 12.40pm and interviews will commence at
  This term we saw some great       1.40pm insha’Allah. Parent/teacher interviews are an essential
  achievements in the sport-        opportunity for parents to follow up on the progress of their
  ing department. One of            children and any improvements that need to be achieved for the
  which was when the                best interest of your children.
  college’s table tennis team       Friday, 21 September is Footy Day. A SMS was sent to all parents
  competed in the state com-        last week in regards to students dressing in their team colours and
  petition against schools that     it would be great for all students to participate in such an
  have competed in this sport       important event in the Victorian calendar.
  for many years.                   Finally, on behalf of all staff at ICOM, I wish all students, parents and
                                    the community a safe holiday and see you all next term insha’Allah.
  Despite the strong competi-
  tion, our boys made it all the
  way to the state finals and       Dr Abdul M. Kamareddine
  achieved the second posi-         College Principal
  tion across the whole state
  of Victoria. This was followed
  by our Year 5 & 6 boys also
  reaching the finals and
  placing second in the Bachar
  Houli Cup. Great effort to all
  our college teams and staff.

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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                                  TERM 3 ISSUE 6                                      18.9.2018

  Please ensure that students are given food or money for recess and lunch as it is a huge concern that students
  have been coming to school without any food.

  Students should not be dropped off to school before 8.20am unless they have morning classes. This is to
  ensure the safety of your child as teachers start their morning supervision at 8.20am.

  Parents are reminded that all school gates will be opened at 8.20am every morning and students should be at
  school for morning assembly at 8.35am. Gates 1 & 3 will close at 8.35am and only gate 4 will remain open for
  students to join the assembly. After morning assembly at 8.45am, gate 4 will be closed and the only entrance
  into the college will be near the Administration building. The gates will then be opened again at 3.30pm for
  afterschool collection.

  Parents must advise the college of any medical conditions their child may have, whether it is severe or just a
  mild condition.

  The uniform for Term 4 is back to the summer uniform. All students are expected to wear the summer uniform,
  this includes the school hat. During sunny days students should be sun smart, drink plenty of water and, use
  sunscreen. Parents are advised that there’s a NO HAT NO PLAY rule.

   Please ensure you inform the college or update your details on the Parent Portal if your contact details have

      19 September          20 September            21 September            21 September              08 October
      Term 3                Term 3 Parent/           Footy                  Last Day of              Term 4 starts
      Reports on            Teacher                  Day                    Term for                 for students
      Parent Portal         Interviews                                      students

      15-18 October         17 October              22 - 26 October        29 - 2 November           29 - 1 November

      Year 5 & 6            Last formal             STEM Week              Mid Term                  Year 4
      Swimming              Day for Year                                   Assessments               Swimming
      Begins                12                                             Week Year 7 - 10

      5- 9 November         6 November              12 - 15 November        19 - 22 November         23 November

                           Melbourne Cup                                    Year 1                  Foundation 2019
      Year 3                                        Year 2
                           Public holiday                                   Swimming                Orientation Day
      Swimming                                      Swimming
                                                                                                    Current Foundation
                           School closed                                                            Students day off

ENROLMENTS FOR 2019                                                    Parents who have submitted an expression of interest
Enrolments for 2019 have now closed. Unfortunately, due to the         form will be contacted if a place is available for their
number of students currently enrolled at the Islamic College of        child next year.
Melbourne and the number of new enrolments already received, the
college will no longer be accepting any further applications.          Enrolments for 2019 closed on Wednesday 13 June

  Term    3 Newsletter
       3 Newsletter                                                                                                PagePage
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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                                              TERM 3 ISSUE 6                                        18.9.2018

  The Annual Quran Competition
  The Annual Quran Competition held so much excitement and energy from Foundation to Year 12. Each
  year level had a designated Surah that students had to memorise. By the end of Term 2, all students were
  short listed, and they were ready for the final round. We couldn’t even continue testing as everyone was
  ready and the teachers went through the fine details within their classes.

  Four students were short listed from every class. Many participated, however, not everyone qualified for
  the finals. As we told the students, they are all winners, however, we’ve got to choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd!
  The winners were announced during Week 4 of Term 3 and are pictured here.
  Mr. Mohammad Ali Hijazi
  Qur'an Department Coordinator

Ordinal        1st            2nd            3rd           1st           2nd           3rd          1st           2nd           3rd
Name          Ali Quarless   Amira Kaddour Ali Abdalhamid Arisha Nafsana Amina Naaman Ayra Monjur   Taseen Alam Dimou El Zoobi Hasina Kulan
Year Level    Foundation C   Foundation C   Foundation C Year 1B        Year 1B       Year 1D       Year 2C      Year 2A       Year 2C
Ordinal      1st             2nd            3rd           1st            2nd           3rd           1st          2nd           3rd
Name         Maliha Tasneem Aysha Hussein Diaa El Hawli   Mahmoud       Salem Jaber   Niaz M.       Ameerah      Hamzah Musa   Arham Mir
                                                          El-Haouli                   Faheemuddin   Faheem
Year Level Year 3D           Year 3C        Year 3C       Year 4B       Year 4C       Year 4A       Year 5B      Year 5B       Year 5C
Ordinal      1st             2nd            3rd           1st          2nd            3rd
Name         Zainab Ahsan    Aqsa Fatima    Afifa Khan    Abdullah     Baker          Ayesha
                                                          Baloch       Abdalhamid     Lee Black
Year Level Year 6C           Year 6C        Year 6C       Year 9C      Year 11A       Year 4B

 Term 3 Newsletter
   Term 3 Newsletter                                                                                                       Page 2 Page 3
ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                               TERM 3 ISSUE 6                                                                   18.9.2018

End Of Semester One Awards
Another notion for acknowledgement was the End of Semester One Awards. The Quran Department
designed imitated gold star medals with the school logo at the front and the engraved details of the name,
class and the reason at the back. Three students were chosen from every class, i.e one student from every
stream (QAP, Mainstream & iQra’) was selected.

Mr. Mohammad Ali Hijazi
Qur'aan Department Coordinator
                                                            NOTE: The below images were incorrect marked as the Quran competition winners.
                                                            However these asre from the semester one awards.

                                         Hajj Week
Week 5 of Term 3 (13 to 17 of August) was Hajj Week at ICOM. This was another exciting week in the ICOM Calendar.
The Islamic Studies Department had planned a number of activities this year to celebrate Hajj and Eid-ul-Adha.

Hajj and its values were incorporated in teaching across the curriculum. There were short talks and Nasheed at
morning assembly and after Dhuhr prayers delivered by students. Daily quizzes were conducted throughout the
Sheikh Ajwad Hasham
Islamic Studies Coordinator

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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                                 TERM 3 ISSUE 6                                  18.9.2018

Primary Activities
On August 10, the Year 3's enjoyed a day at Scienceworks. The day was filled with great learning experiences, stimulat-
ing student interest in our science unit, Night and Day.

Students enjoyed the Planetarium Show ‘Tilt’ and eagerly watched as Annie and Max and their robot friend flew into
space to discover how the seasons change. They developed understandings of how the seasons are caused by the tilt
of the Earth and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.
The Planetarium show was concluded with a ‘What’s in the sky tonight’ presentation. Students were fascinated to find
out that planets such as Mars can be seen in the night sky.
The Year 3 students participated in the Earth, Moon, and Sun Program. Interactive demonstrations helped students
explore how the Earth’s rotation on its axis causes changes in night and day.

A highlight of the day was 'Super Future You', a Kinect-based interactive, that allowed students to add 3D body
enhancements such as rocket boots, wings, retractable hair and cybernetic brain implants to a real-time video stream
of themselves.

We thank our amazing parent volunteers and ICOM's lovely staff for their generous assistance.

Ms. Sabiha Sahin

Student comments:
Zara and Yasmin 3A: ‘Our favourite part was exploring the Sound Room’
Yassien 3A: ‘ I liked that I could turn into a robotic human’

Arabic week is an opportunity to promote the learning of the Arabic language and celebrate
students achievements within the school community. Students throughout the school participated
in many fun and engaging activities.
Mrs. Halima Mussa
Specialist Arabic teacher –Grade 5 & 6

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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                           TERM 3 ISSUE 6                             18.9.2018

  Foundation 100 Days of School
  On Tuesday 14 August, the Foundation students celebrated the 100th day of school! We were all very
  excited to wear our 100 day t-shirts that we designed at home.

  During the day, the Foundation students participated in many 100 day activities such as making arts and
  crafts gumball machines and a portrait of when I am 100 years old, I will…

  After recess, we had a parade in the gym. Every class was excited to model their newly designed 100 day

  We all had loads and loads of fun!

  Foundation Teachers
  Mrs Culjak, Ms El Haouli, Ms Safiya and Mrs Osman

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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                                    TERM 3 ISSUE 6                             18.9.2018

                          ICOM Library News
                                     Read . Learn . Connect

 Scholastic Book Fair
 The Scholastic Book Fair that was held at the ICOM Library in August was a success. Thank you so much
 to all students, parents and staff that contributed and assisted throughout the book fair. A special
 thanks to our library volunteers for helping us in the library during the fair and Aiman Mustapha 9C for
 dressing up as the book character “Geronimo Stilton”. InshaAllah the ICOM Library will be getting 196
 new English books from the sales commission and we hope the students are excited to see new titles
 coming to our shelves in Term 4 2018.

  This term, the icom library hosted 3 displays of the
  projects submitted by our primary and secondary
  The displays have sparked a lot of curiousity and we can see students
  already discussing their ideas for their projects next year. Good to know
  that our library is a place that inspires!

  The Hajj Display                   The Year 3 Solar System Display             The Secondary Science Display

  A reminder to students, Term 3 is ending soon and before you go for the holidays, don’t forget to
  return any overdue library books to avoid any fines. Have a safe holiday!
  Mrs Haifa Atatreh (Primary) & Mrs Zetty Latip (Secondary)
  ICOM Library Team

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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                                 TERM 3 ISSUE 6                        31.7.2018


     T  erm 3 has been a rich term with primary
     students from all year level enjoying art
     activities relating to Islamic Culture.

     Students at ICOM have participated in Hajj
     activities giving them the opportunity to
     practice, experience the joy, and the love of
     Islamic values and appreciation for Allah

     The creative artwork was demonstrated
     during Eid Al-Adha with students making
     cards for mum, dad and families.

     The colourful upcoming season of spring will
     allow students to learn about the four seasons.
     Students will be making creative pot plants
     using the Paper Mache and painting as a

     Primary Art Teacher
     Ms. Lamia Al-asaly

                      Kids Studying

                           Would you like to leave some feedback about this newsletter?
                           If so please let us know by emailing: z.hassan@icom.vic.edu.au

       Islamic College of Melbourne                           admin@icom.vic.edu.au         03 8742 1739
       83 Wootten Road , TARNEIT VIC 3029                                                   03 8742 1959

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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                      TERM 3 ISSUE 6                          18.9.2018


  This year ICOM hosted our first Careers Expo. This gave exceptional institutions the opportunity to
  showcase what they had on offer for our students. The day was met with enthusiasm as the students
  participated in lecture style and group events. The students also mingled with the representatives,
  which enabled them to ask questions about pathways and experiences.

  The Year 10 students had a special 'Meet the Professionals' program, which also proved to be a
  successful opportunity for the students to learn from various professions and the pathways available
  to them. Overall the day was incredibly successful I would like to thank Ms Maha and Mr Haroun
  who helped organised the event and to our institutional representatives who made this day possi-
  Ms Maylaa Ajaj


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ICOM INSIDER - Islamic College of Melbourne
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                               TERM 3 ISSUE 6                                       18.9.2018

                       NEWS FROM THE COLLEGE NURSE

HAY FEVER SEASON IS HERE                                       VOMITING AND DIARRHOEA
Now that spring is upon us if you notice sneezing,
itchy eyes, red swollen eyes, runny nose and some-
times an increase in asthma symptoms in your child
they may be suffering from hay fever.
If your child suffers from hay fever please make sure
you give them daily a non- drowsy antihistamine
like Zyrtec (Cetirizine). This will help control their
symptoms, some children who have severe hay
fever need a nasal spray and eye drops as well to
help control the symptoms.
If they need to use their blue inhaler (Salbutamol) /
reliever more often their asthma may not be
controlled during the hay fever season and a visit to
the GP may be needed.
Please see the below RCH link for more information.
                                                               Gastroenteritis or ‘gastro’ is common in children and
                                                               can be mild or serious , last one day or last 10 days.
                                                               Is can be very infectious and be passed to school
                                                               friends, teachers, siblings and family members very
                                                               The college has seen an increase in children who are
                                                               attending school who have vomited or had diar-
                                                               rhoea within the previous 24hrs.
                                                               It is important to remember that any child who has
                                                               these symptoms must not attend school until
                                                               they’ve had 24 hours of no symptoms and are clear.
                                                               Please see the below RCH link for more information.
All students that attend sick bay will have an entry recorded into their notes. Parents are only
informed of these visits if they are either a serious injury including the face or repeated visits e.g.:
inhaler use for asthmatics.
If a child is too unwell to be at school then the college nurse will call parents.

The school will try not to send children home unless it is really necessary.
Please make sure your contact details / mobile numbers are up to date.
Ms. Lois Foster
College Nurse

             Islamic College of Melbourne                    admin@icom.vic.edu.au                      03 8742 1739
             83 Wootten Road , TARNEIT VIC 3029                                                         03 8742 1959

   Term 3 Newsletter                                                                                               Page 10
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                                TERM 3 ISSUE 6                                       18.9.2018

                                       HAIRSTYLES AND HIJAB

HAIRSTYLES                                                     HIJAB
All male students need to ensure that they have a             10. Girls in Year 5 onwards are to have their hair covered (hijab).
respectable haircut. Hair style is a matter that requires     a. The hijab is compulsory for all female students in
good taste and a judgment as to what is in the best           Year 5 onwards.
interest of the school overall. The College leadership
team has the final say as to the appropriateness of a         b. The hijab and inner cap must be plain white and of
hairstyle.                                                    a georgette or cotton material. The hijab represents
Parents are asked to assist by ensuring that their            our Islamic faith and therefore should be kept neat
children's hairstyle conforms to the following:               and tidy.
1. Hair should be neatly cut, combed and maintained.
                                                              c. The college prefers students to wear a square hijab,
2. Boy’s hairstyle must be cut above the shirt collar at      folded into a triangle and pinned under the chin. The
the back. Hair must be shape cut around the ears and          two ends are to be secured so there are no loose ends
the fringe must not reach the eyebrows.                       hanging which could be a safety issue if it were to be
                                                              caught on something.
3. Boy’s hair must not be excessively layered. The
contrast between the shorter layer around the lower           d. The hijab must not be loose around the neck and
part and the longer upper part must be kept to a              no hair is to be seen.
difference of only one length and blended progres-
sively without a sudden change of hair length. For            e. The college does not allow shawl type hijabs,
example, a very short lower and a much longer                 rectangular in shape, to be worn as students tend to
and/or thicker top part are not acceptable.                   allow the ends to hang, once again causing safety
4. Undercut styles are not acceptable, nor are tracks                        EXAMPLES OF INAPPROPRIATE HAIRSTYLES
or lines.

5. Dramatic layered effect of levels is not permitted.

6. Hair should not be overly styled by the use of hair
products e.g. hair gel.
7. No hair colouring is allowed

8. If a student’s hairstyle is deemed inappropriate,
parents will be notified, a letter will be sent home and
their hair must be rectified in accordance with the
college policy before the student is allowed to return
to school.

9. Girls are to keep their hair neatly combed and tied
up if their hair is long.

            Islamic College of Melbourne                    admin@icom.vic.edu.au                       03 8742 1739
            83 Wootten Road , TARNEIT VIC 3029                                                          03 8742 1959

  Term 3 Newsletter                                                                                               Page 11
ISLAMIC COLLEGE OF MELBOURNE                            TERM 3 ISSUE 6                                     18.9.2018

                       STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS

                                                        CADETS                             SOLO FLIGHT
                                                        Left to right (pic 1) : Ibrahim    Farhad Ahmadi, Year 9
                                                        Ahmed, (pic 2) : Huzaifa Qidwai,   ICOM student, made his
                                                        Farhad Ahmadi, Saad Shaikh &       first solo today at YBSS, in
                                                        Ammar Qidwai are cadets in the     a Piper Tomahawk, two
                                                        Navy and Army, working             days after his 15th
                                                        towards a future in the armed      birthday. Young Farhad
                                                        services.                          Ahmadi, hopes to be an
                                                                                           Emirates pilot and was
                                                                                           featured by Channel 7
                                                                                           News Melbourne

Ahmed Haddara, 7D           TABLE TENNIS WINNERS
has worked hard and
                            Students from Islamic College of Melbourne came 2nd in the state in table tennis. They
graduated to black
                            worked hard , did really well and are pictured here holding the flags and medals from the
belt in Karate.
                            competition. Table tennis winners: Ahmed Hassan, Ammar Qidwai, Dib Hassan & Moham-
                            mad Hassan

   Term 3 Newsletter                                                                                          Page 12
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