Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...

Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service – in Good Hands with NIEHOFF   2/2018

                        Visit us at wire China 2018
                        and wire India 2018
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
NIEHOFF Double Twist
D 632 with double benefit:
High energy efficiency
and intuitive control.

In our latest double twist bunching machine model we           meet the highest quality requirements while saving cop-
incorporated more than 60 years of NIEHOFF experi-             per at the same time! On top of that you profit from a
ence. Your double benefit: During the development of           trouble-free paying-off in the subsequent
the D 632 we focused on energy efficiency and user-            operation – even at high speed. Our solution is the
friendliness.                                                  NBAT system – our patented optoelectronic NIEHOFF
                                                               Bunching Automatic Traverse System. You get perfectly
You can save more energy with the new D 632 since we           filled spools for fast and easy downstream processing.
use the energy-class IE3 “premium efficiency” energy-
saving rotor drive combined with the NIEHOFF ECO-              NIEHOFF combines outstanding expertise along your en-
Bow. And our new NMI (NIEHOFF Machine Interface)               tire value chain with customer proximity and reliable ser-
enables a simplified and intuitive handling – machine          vice, for the entire lifecycle of your investment. It is just
operation made easy. More benefits: this machine al-           this combination that will make the difference, so you
lows stepless adjustment of the winding tension as well        can concentrate on what is most important to you: your
as its control along the entire spool filling. Thus, you can   decisive competitive advantage.

Expertise, Customer Driven, Service – in Good Hands with NIEHOFF
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
Editorial                                                                                                                       Contents                                                                    50-57

                                                                                                                                                          Do you know                 4-5
                                                                                                                                                          what your machine is doing?
Dear friends of NIEHOFF,
                                                                                                                                                          Profitably utilizing data
                                                                                                                                                          from the machine
                                         ward to the upcoming trade fairs in     type DSI 631 with backtwist pay-off
                                         both countries and the opportunity      type ARD 630 (page 12).
                                         to expand there our contacts and                                                       Technology partner for the                                                      6-7
                                         make new ones. One the companies        On page 4 you can read how the                 Chinese wire and cable industry
                                                                                                                                NIEHOFF at wire China 2018
                                         with whom we already have long          NIEHOFF digitizing concept and
                                         standing relations is the Jiangsu       the optimization of the Overall                Working on large projects                                                       8-9
                                                                                                                                China and its demand for wire and cables
                                         Shangshang Cable Group, one of          Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of
                                         the leading cable manufacturers in      ­NIEHOFF machines relate to each               Focus on cables and never stop                                              10-11
                                                                                                                                Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group, China
                                         China, which we introduce on page        other. Next to digitization which
                                                                                                                                High-tech equipment for the                                                 12-13
                                         10, and the Indian cable manufac-        is the future, the NIEHOFF Group
                                                                                                                                Indian wire and cable industry
                                         turer RR Kabel Ltd., whose Executive     is also developing big stranding              NIEHOFF at wire India 2018
                                         Director, Mr. Mahendra Kabra, talks      machinery (page 18).                          India’s economy is recovering                                               14-15
                                         in an interview about the market         As our machines have always been              India and its demand for wire and cables
                                         situation in India and about the fur-    regarded as of high quality, high             The level of automation will go up                                          16-17
                                         ther development of the cable pro-       performance and stable in value, it is        Interview with Mahendra Kabra,
                                         duction technology (page 16).            worthwhile to have these machines             Ram Ratna Group, India
                                                                                  after years of use overhauled by our          Big stranding machinery                                                     18-19
                                         At the wire China 2018 (booth            specialists and brought back to the           NIEHOFF is expanding its activities into
                                                                                                                                larger rotating equipment for stranding wires
                                         W1F63), we will show together with       state-of-the-art. One example is the
                                                                                                                                and cables with bigger cross sections.
                                         our Chinese subsidiary NIEHOFF           modernization of a rod breakdown
                                                                                                                                Machines with 60,000 hours of operation? 20-21
                                         Machinery Changzhou Co., Ltd.            machine type M 85 (page 20).                  No problem!
China and India continue to achieve      (NMC) a multiwire drawing machine                                                      Modernization of a rod breakdown
a relatively high economic growth        type MMH 101 + RM 161 as well as        We hope that you enjoy reading                 machine type M 85
in which projects supported by the       a high speed double twist bunch-        this issue of NIEHOFF Magazine.                Building control cabinets even                                              22-23
state and private consumption have       ing machine type D 631.5.A and a                                                       more efficiently
an important part. In both coun-         double spooler type SV 402 D, both                                                     The Leuterschach plant gets an expansion
tries, the expansion of both electric-   were built by NMC (page 6).                                                            News / Events                                                               24-25
ity supply and electromobility is of     At the wire India 2018 (hall 1, booth
great importance. It is obvious that     H 18), we will be demonstrating
the cable industry also benefits from    with our Indian subsidiary NIEHOFF
this development, and as partners of     of India (NoI) a 32 wire multiwire
the cable industry we are involved       drawing machine type MMH 121            Ralf Kappertz   Elena Graf   Bernd Lohmüller
in several activities. We look for-      and a data cable stranding machine      CEO             CFOSchwabach,CSO
                                                                                                               April 2015

                                                                                 Schwabach, August 2018
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Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
Do you know what your machine is doing?
Profitably utilizing data from the machine

                                        Digitization has assumed a perma-        Transparent presentation
                                        nent place in our lives. This applies    of the machinery performance
                                        both to the private and the pro-         A production must be running. But
                                        fessional environment were the           how fast, how powerful does the
                                        potentials are now being tapped          production run? The speed can
                                          with Industry 4.0. According to a      be read directly on the machine.
                                           Bitkom survey [1], 78 % of com-       But what about the current per-
                                             panies have established a digital   formance level of production? The
                                              strategy or in individual busi-    availability of data of the machine
                                               ness units or throughout the      condition means an overview of the
                                               company. A survey carried out     machine speed (= performance),
                                                in the wire and cable indus-     for example, independently of the
                                                try has revealed that 52 %       location. Information on the perfor-
                                                of NIEHOFF machine users         mance of the production, groups
                                                have already integrated their    of machines or individual machines
                                                machines into a data network     can now be read on the smart-
                                               and collect data. Digitization    phone in the hand or on the com-
                                              offers the basic prerequisite      puter screen at the workplace. Even
                                             for unlocking important poten-      if you are many kilometers away
                                            tials in order to produce effec-     from the production, the informa-
                                          tively and efficiently.                tion is available.
                                         What happens when the data of
                                        the machine is collected and you         Machine availability –
                                        face a huge mountain of data?            from unplanned to
                                        What are the starting points for         planned downtimes
                                        higher productivity, better product      In the wire and cable production
                                        quality and cost optimized produc-       there are downtimes that need to
                                        tion?                                    be calculated. These include set-up

4    NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
In the middle of the future–
NIEHOFF Digital Assistent+ 4.0                                                 already applicable today as well as     The future
                                                                               those that will come in the future      With the digital possibilities given
                                                                               will characterize the future.           us by Industry 4.0, we will get to
                                                                                                                       know the machines from a very
times, changes of emulsion, replace-   plan its orders as well as the opera-   The higher the quality level,           precious side. The future of our
ment of wear parts etc. Negative,      tional departments to make appro-       the lower the costs                     machines is based on the ability to
however, are the machine stops,        priate preparations to procure spare    For the production, 100 % ­quality      produce high quality products at
which occur surprisingly. These have   parts in advance, for example. In       means a difficult area of tension       the highest possible machine speed.
a variety of causes and usually come   drastic cases, serious damage can       between the fulfillment of quality      The machines and services will pro-
at the worst time. In 1949, Captain    be avoided by early intervention,       requirements and the economical         vide valuable information to mini-
Edward Murphy formulated one of        and therefore time and money can        handling of resources (for example      mize unplanned downtimes. This
the most popular „laws“ – „Mur-        be saved. The knowledge about           copper use) and therefore costs.        goal will be measurable and vis-
phy‘s Law“. Its original version is:   the condition of the machine will       Here, the machines will provide         ible in the OEE (Overall Equipment
„If there‘s more than one possible     work only if the corresponding          important assistance in the future.     Effectiveness – OEE = availability
outcome of a job or task, and one      information is available. This infor-   Process monitoring with integrated      factor × performance factor × qual-
of those outcomes will result in a     mation is made available on the         quality measurement will detect         ity factor).
disaster or an undesirable conse-      machine by appropriate sensors. In      defects sooner and avoid unneces-
quence, then somebody will do it       the future, wire drawing machines       sary waste. Future sensors for Indus-
that way.“ Now, new data-process-      and wire processing machines will       try 4.0 will be able to monitor the
ing tools are increasingly standing-   be equipped with more and more          colors directly in the cable spooler.
up to Murphy‘s Law. By analyzing       sensors. Some of the sensors are        Even a diameter check downstream
the machine data, it is possible to    already shipped with the machine.       from the stranding machine and
evaluate and forecast the condi-       Thanks to the modular system,           before spooling will significantly
tion of the machine. This includes     many sensor systems can also be         ensure process reliability and save       [1] Digitalisierung kommt voran, aber nur
extraordinary maintenance mea-         retrofitted. Thus, a particle sen-      material. This will bring the user a          langsam. Markenartikel. Das Magazin für
                                                                                                                             Markenführung, 7. Juni 2018 (in German)
sures which will become more and       sor in the MMH multiwire drawing        step closer to his goal of producing          (
more predictable in the future. The    machine will provide information        close to tolerances and detecting             cache/unternehmen-marken/
planning ability of downtimes helps    about wear in the gearbox. A mul-       product defects early to minimize             sierung-kommt-voran-aber-
both the production department to      titude of such sensors, which are       waste.                                        nur-langsam/)

                                                                                                                       NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02                          5
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
Technology partner for the Chinese
wire and cable industry
NIEHOFF at wire China 2018, Shanghai, 26 – 29 September 2018

Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF and NIEHOFF Machinery Changzhou Co., Ltd. (NMC), NIEHOFF’s Chinese subsidiary, will display
at the wire China 2018 trade fair, booth W1F63, an MMH 101 + RM 161 type multiwire drawing line from Germany, a high
speed double twist bunching machine type D 631.5.A and an SV 402 D NPS double spooler, both built by NMC.

 Technical data D 631.5.A                                        Technical data MMH 101 + RM 161                       Technical data SV 402 D
max. production speed                        300 m/min          max. production speed         31.5 m/s                max. production speed                     1,500 m/min
Production range                                                max. inlet diameter           20 x 2.00 mm, Cu hard   Production range
lay length, infinitely variable              6 – 100 mm         finished wire diameter        20 x 0.16 – 0.40 mm     Cu and Cu-Alloy insulated wire cross-section 0.13 mm² … 6.00 mm²
max. number of twists, infinitely variable   6,500 twists/min   drawing capstan diameter      80 mm                   Cable outer diameter                      1.0 mm … 5.0 mm
Strand cross section                         0.09 – 6.00 mm²    haul-off capstan diameter     80 mm                   Spool sizes                               (NPS multiway system)
Spool dimensions                                                                                                      flange diameter                           400 mm
max. spool flange diameter                   630 mm                                                                   winding width                             400 / 250 / 150 / 100 mm
spool width                                  475 mm

6             NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
The exhibits                          license, is equipped with sensor        duced rod breakdown and multiwire       specialized for manu-
The multiwire drawing machine         technology corresponding to the         as well as super fine wire drawing      facturing double twist
MMH 101 combined with an RM           future requirements of Industry 4.0     technology to many wire and cable       bunching machines, anneal-
161 type continuous resistance        capability and enabling measure-        factories in China. Since 1976, when    ers, spoolers and coilers under
annealer is designed to draw simul-   ment of the preset lay length, motor    NIEHOFF received its first order from   NIEHOFF licence for the Chinese
taneously 20 copper wires and best    and drive data, speed, and meter        a Chinese customer, the number of       market. Furthermore, NMC has a
suited for the production of multi­   lengths.                                Chinese customers and the order         spare parts warehouse and is also
wire bundles for the automotive                                               volume coming from China have           responsible for the after-sales ser-
and electronic wire industry.         A special feature is the perfect ten-   grown continually. Today, a large       vice. NMC is headed by Mr. Yuejun,
The MMH range of multiwire draw-      sion control for the winding of the     portion of the NIEHOFF orders come      the General Manager of NIEHOFF
ing machines are designed for         strand from beginning to the end        from customers in China. One of         Machinery Changzhou Co. Ltd.
copper, aluminium and alloy wires     of spool. The results are the consis-   the pillars on which this success in
and based on a modular principle.     tently high quality of the product      the marketplace is built was the        Process know-how and service
Therefore, these machines can be      and the saving of energy.               ­NIEHOFF Service Center in Shang-       Via NMC all Chinese NIEHOFF cus-
customized to the specific tasks                                               hai. In 1994 NIEHOFF established       tomers benefit from the high-qual-
                   of customers.      The SV 402 D type double spooler,        with the support of the renowned       ity service which NIEHOFF enjoys a
                   The wires drawn    part of the NPS cable handling sys-      Shanghai Electric Cable Research       high level of recognition worldwide
                   on MMH type        tem, for a long time tried and tested    Institute (SECRI) the NIEHOFF Ser-     for. NMC’s service technicians are all
                                      in practice, is designed to oper-        vice Center in Shanghai. Six years     Chinese native speakers and contin-
                                      ate in-line with extrusion lines. The    later it became the NIEHOFF Shang-     ually trained by NIEHOFF at its head-
                                      machine is capable of accommo-           hai Representative Office. With the    quarters in Schwabach, Germany.
                                      dating all NPS 400 multiway spools       foundation of NIEHOFF Machinery        Consequently, they have a profound
                                      with a traverse width of 100 to 400      Changzhou (NMC) Co., Ltd. in 2011,     process know-how and are able to
                                      mm. Spool change is carried out          a subsidiary of the NIEHOFF Group      train the Chinese users of NIEHOFF
                                      automatically. By means of sensor        with an own factory in China, the      machinery to use it as efficiently as
                                      technology according to Industry 4.0     representative office changed to       possible. Another characteristic of
machines exceed the most demand-      and with the NIEHOFF Digital Assis-      the Shanghai Sales Branch of NMC,      NMC is that every Chinese customer
ing specifications and processing     tant+ 4.0 in the future, machine,        headed then and now by Mr. Jacky       has his personal contact at NMC to
requirements and can be processed     production and process data can be       Chen.                                  discuss all technical matters.
to multiwire bundles with outstand-   recorded. Thus continuous process
ing characteristics.                  monitoring and machine condition        Manufacturing exclusively
                                                                                                                        NIEHOFF Machinery Changzhou
Up to now, around 1,500 MMH           analysis are possible.                  for China
                                                                                                                        Co., Ltd.
lines are in operation world-wide.                                            NMC is based in the Wujin Eco-            Shanghai Sales Branch – Mr. Chen
                                      NIEHOFF in China                        nomic Development Zone in Chang-          Room 2302, Hong Kong Plaza,
The D 631.5.A single-bow double       For nearly 50 years NIEHOFF has         zhou, approximately 200 km west           283 Huai Hai Zhong Road
                                                                                                                        Shanghai 200021, P.R. China,
twist bunching machine combined       been active in China now. Assisted      of Shanghai. The 3,600 m² plant is        Tel. +86 21 61202800
with an ARH 630 tangential pay-off,   by experienced Chinese engineers,       equipped with modern manufactur-          Fax +86 21 63906192
both built by NMC under NIEHOFF       NIEHOFF has successfully intro-         ing and testing facilities. NMC has       E-mail:

                                                                                                                      NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02               7
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
Working on large projects
China and its demand for wire and cables

Since the 1990s, China has been impressing the world with its extraordinary economic                                            Energy technology
                                                                                                                                A prerequisite for the realization of
development. Now, the country, which has a population of almost 1.4 billion, generates                                          all industrial and infrastructure pro­
around 16 % of the global economic output, is the world’s largest exporter and the                                              jects as well as for the satisfaction
                                                                                                                                of the needs and wishes of the end
second-largest economy behind the USA [1].                                                                                      consumers is a good and reliable
                                                                                                                                energy supply. The oil company BP
                                                                                                                                expects China’s energy demand to
       Growth                                  remains to be seen, however, how       the largest carbon dioxide emitter        grow by 1.5 % per year until 2040.
       In 2017, China achieved an annual       the current trade policy of the US     in the world, lowering energy emis-       Energy from renewable sources,
       economic growth of 6.9 %. For this      government will affect China – as      sions from transportation is a core       nuclear energy, and hydro electric
       year 6.7 % are expected [2]. The        well as other states [2].              part of China’s war against pollu-        energy will account for over 80 % of
       main driver of this development is                                             tion. According to the latest Elec-       the increase in China’s energy con-
       a strong domestic consumption.          Mobility and the automobile            tric Vehicle Index (EVI) of consulting    sumption through 2040 [8].
       Moreover, the Chinese government        market                                 firm McKinsey, more than 600,000
       is supporting the country’s economy     In China, the largest automobile       electric cars, almost every second
       by investments in the extension of      market in the world, there are sold    electric car sold worldwide, were          8,000
       the infrastructure and the building-    about 25 % of all motor vehicles       registered in China in 2017. China         7,000
                                                                                                                                                  +6%       +3%
                                                                                                                                                                  +4%     +4%

       up of promising industrial sectors.     produced worldwide. In 2017, there     is also well ahead in the produc-          6,000

       China is working on large projects to   were slightly more than 24 million     tion of electric cars, with a 41 %         5,000
       consolidate its market position and     cars sold, 2.6 % more than in the      world market share and leads in the        4,000
       to become a global leader in certain    previous year [3]. As only about 150   manufacturing of the all-important         3,000
       promising industries. Under the slo-    out of every 1,000 inhabitants own     battery packs that power electric          2,000
       gan “Made in China 2025” Chinese        a car [4], the automobile industry     cars [6]. The Chinese government           1,000
       companies are supposed to increase      and its suppliers, such as the wire    also promotes automated driving               0
                                                                                                                                         2013    2014      2015   2016    2017         2018
       their market shares in sectors such     and cable industry, is offered a       and networking of motor vehicles
                                                                                                                                            LV Energy               Cu. Power
       as electromobility, automation and      great sales potential. Electromobil-   with the infrastructure. In this way it               Al. Power               Ext. Cu. Telecom
       digitization, while the expansion and   ity has particular weight: China has   is intended to increase traffic safety,               Int. Telecom/Data       Winding Wire

       globalization programme “One belt,      emerged at the forefront of the new    make traffic more fluent and reduce        Fig. 1. Development of China’s cable production
       one road” is going to take shape. It    energy vehicles (NEV) market [5]. As   traffic jams [7].                          volume in ‘000 tonnes conductor [10]

8      NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
The Chinese wire and                             the ­Chinese cable industry is con-                   In 2017, a total of 18.3 million           [1] List of Countries by Projected
                                                                                                                                                      GDP. Source: International
cable market                                     solidating and entering the higher-                   tonnes (MT) of cables were con-                Monetary Fund World Economic
Wires and cables are indispens-                  end markets in connection with the                    sumed worldwide, of which 6.4                  Outlook. April 2018.
                                                                                                                                                  [2] Stefanie Schmitt: China zeigt sich un­-
able for the transmission of electric            “Made in China 2025” initiative.                      million tonnes (34 %) were used                beeindruckt von weltweiten Unsicher-
power and electronic data. Corre-                                                                      in China (Fig. 2). As a result, China          heiten. Wirtschaftsausblick – VR China
                                                                                                                                                      (May 2018). Beijing (GTAI), June 2018.
sponding to its market size, China               Production and Consumption                            consumed significantly more cables             (
is the world’s largest wire and cable            China had a huge share in the                         than any other region (Fig. 3). Con-           Maerkte/Wirtschaftsklima/wirtschaftsaus
producing country with about                     global cable market in 2017, both                     sumption grew by 4.1 % from 2016               blick,t=wirtschaftsausblick--vr-china-mai-
8,000 manufacturers [9].                         in production and consumption [10                     to 2017 and is expected to increase        [3] Bart Demandt: China car sales analysis
However, this market is highly frag-             and 11].                                              by 3.6 % from 2017 to 2018.                    2017. January 2018.
mented: As could be seen at the                  The Chinese cable manufactur-                                                                        analysis-2017-brands/)
recent Wire & Cable Conference                   ers produced a total of 7.2 million                   NIEHOFF and the Chinese                    [4] List of countries by vehicles per capita.
of the market research company                   tonnes (conductor tonnes), 4 %                        cable industry                             [5] Deborah Lehr: Driving Down a New Road:
CRU in June 2018, the ten largest                more than in 2016 (Fig. 1). For the                   Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF and                    New Energy Vehicles in China’s Green
Chinese cable manufacturers pro-                 year 2018, CRU expects an increase                    ­NIEHOFF Machinery Changzhou                   Transition. The Diplomat, February 9,
duce only 25 % of the total Chinese              of 3 % compared to 2017 to 7.4 mil-                    (NMC) Co., Ltd., its Chinese subsid-          (
cable production, while in Europe                lion t. 86 % of the volume produced                    iary, are highly appreciated technol-         driving-down-a-new-road-new-energy-
the five leading cable manufactur-               in 2017 were further processed                         ogy partners of Chinese wire and          [6] Christoph Hammerschmidt: Electromobili-
ers account for more than 65 %                   domestically, while 14 % (1.0 million                  cable manufacturers and have sup-             ty: China expands lead. in: eeNews
                                                                                                                                                      Automotive, March 2018.
of the European cable production.                t) were exported [10]. This makes                      ported them with modern machin-               (
At the conference, CRU analyst                   China the world’s largest cable                        ery, a comprehensive service and              news/electromobility-china-expands-lead)
Hadrien Guillotin pointed out that               exporter.                                              vast experience.                          [7] Wuxi to build world’s first city-level
                                                                                                                                                      vehicle-road coordination platform.
                                                                                                                                                      China Daily, May 4, 2018.
        ASEAN   Rest of the world                                                                                                                     tent_36142848.htm)
                      17%                        14                                                                                               [8] A Snapshot of BP’s World Energy Outlook
         5%                         N. America
India                                                        Non-China                                                                                2018. March 5, 2018.
                                       12%       12
 7%                                                          China                                                                                    (
                                                 10                                                                                                   analysis/snapshot-bp-world-energy-
                                                  8                                                                                               [9] Philip Radbourne: Will The World Catch A
                            W. Europe
                                                                                                                                                      Cold, As China Growth Slows In 2016? in:
                                                                                                                                                      Wire & Cable Technology International,
                                                  4                                                                                                   January/February 2016, page 22.
                                                                                                                                                  [10] Hadrien Guillotin, CRU Group: Overview
                                                  2                                                                                                     of the Global Insulated Wire & Cable
                                    E. Europe                                                                                                           Markets.Contribution at the the CRU
34%                                               0
                      NE Asia          5%                                                                                                               Wire and Cable Conference, Copen­











                       8%                                                                                                                               hagen/Denmark, June 2018.
                                                                                                                                                  [11] Richard Mack, CRU Group: Where
                                                                                                                                                        are the fast lanes? Contribution at
Fig. 2. Worldwide consumption of insulated       Fig. 3. Regional consumption of wires & cables in MT (in 2017: 18.3 MT total)                          the the CRU Wire and Cable
wires and metallic cables in 2017 [10]                                                                                                                  Conference, Copenhagen/
                                                                                                                                                        Denmark, June 2018.

                                                                                                                                                NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02                             9
Expertise, Customer Driven, Service - in Good Hands with NIEHOFF - Visit us at wire China 2018 and wire India 2018 2/2018 - Niehoff Endex North ...
Focus on cables and never stop
Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group, China

One of the many industrial companies which are based in the Yangtze Delta
region is the Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group, one of the biggest power
cable manufacturers in China.

                                                                                                                         of China, which implemented ERP
                                                                                                                         (Enterprise Resource Planning) and
                                                                                                                         OA (Open Access) IT systems.

                                                                                                                         Production range and
                                                                                                                         ­application areas
                                                                                                                          The “Shangshang Brand” of wire &
                                                                                                                          cables includes power cables, mine
                                                                                                                          cables, cables for computers and
                                                                                                                          other electronic systems and fire
                                                                                                                          retardant cables for electrical wir-
                                                                                                                          ings. The products have passed the
                                                                                                                          certification of certification bodies
                                                                                  Mr. Ding Shanhua, chairman of the       such as UL, CE, TÜV and VDE and
                                                                                  Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group          GOST.
                                                                                                                          The main part of the production
        More than 50 years of               turers is used to manufacture power   integrated manufacturing system         is destined for the domestic mar-
        ­experience                         cables designed for 220 V to 500 kV   (CIMS) which will be the first cen-     ket. Shangshang products are also
         Shangshang was established in      and enables an annual production      tralized CIMS control center for        exported to more than 80 countries
         1967 and has now more than 4,000   capacity of more than RMB 25 bil-     ultra-high voltage cables being used    and regions.
         employees. The company buildings   lion Yuan (about 3.6 billion USD).    in the cable industry in the world      Shangshang cables cover applica-
         cover an area of 620,000 m². The   In order to keep pace with globally   according to a company spokesman.       tion areas such as energy genera-
         equipment from leading European    leading wire and cable companies,     Shangshang is also the first com-       tion from fossil, nuclear and renew-
         and American machinery manufac-    Shangshang installed a computer       pany in the wire and cable industry     able sources, power transmission

10      NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
and distribution through rural and        shang promotes also the develop-          ing four characteristics
                                          urban power grids, shipbuilding and       ment of a new generation of special       which include the whole
                                          offshore technology, coal mining,         cables for nuclear power plants.          process, the whole staff, all
                                          building and construction engineer-       The company participates in the           time and big project tracking.
                                          ing, petrochemical and metallurgical      development and the revision of           Shangshang even provides 24-hour
                                          plants. Also the Beijing Capital Inter-   more than 30 national and industrial      customer service response.
                                          national Airport, the Beijing-Shang-      standards, is involved in projects of
                                          hai Express Railway and the Beijing       China’s High-Tech Development Plan        Awards
The manufacturing halls are equipped
                                          Subway are equipped with Shang-           and owns more than 200 national           Shangshang won all significant hon-
with state-of-the-art NIEHOFF machinery
                                          shang cables.                             patents, of which over 30 reach an        our and qualification awards in the
                                                                                    international advanced level.             Chinese industry. The products have
                                          Research and development                                                            been awarded with titles such as
                                          Shangshang develops constantly            Management principles and                 “Jiangsu Main Famous Brand Pro­
                                          new materials and products with           ­customer service                         ducts” and “China Top Brand”.
                                          high-technology characteristics.           Over the years, Shangshang has
                                          With regard to these activities,           been implementing the strategic          NIEHOFF and Shangshang
                                          Shangshang maintains research              objective of “Quality Precision, Pro-    Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF with
                                          cooperations with the Shanghai Jiao        fessional Expertise, Product Special-    its Chinese subsidiary NIEHOFF
                                          Tong University, the Xi’an Jiaotong        ization, Market Internationalization”    Machinery Changzhou (NMC) and
                                          University, the Harbin University of       established by Mr. Ding Shanhua,         the Jiangsu Shangshang Cable
                                          Science and Technology and the Bei-        the chairman of the group. He has        Group cultivate a mutually stimu-
                                          jing Institute of Nuclear Engineer-        been devoting himself to produc-         lating partnership. The NIEHOFF
                                          ing and strategic partnerships with        ing cables throughout his life in line   Group is delighted applying its
                                          internationally renowned companies         with the motto “Focus on cables          knowledge, experience and cus-
                                          such as Dow, Dupont and Lanxess.           and never stop” and was awarded          tomer service to assist Shangshang
                                                                                     in China as one of the “Top 10 Eco-      continuing its move towards one of
                                          Cable technology and ­innovation           nomic Personages of Year 2015”.          the global leading manufacturers of
                                          projects                                   Under his leadership, Shangshang         the cable industry.
                                          For Shangshang the progress of Chi-        topped the list of the first “Most
                                          na’s cable technology is led by the        Competitive Enterprises in China’s
                                          development of new special cables          Cable Industry” and became China’s
                                          such as reeling cables for port            first enterprise whose scale was           Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group
                                          machinery, flexible fire-proof cables,     among the top ten cable enterprises        No.68 Shangshang Road, Liyang City,
                                          torsion resistant cables for wind          of the world.                              Jiangsu Povince
                                          energy plants, photovoltaic cables,        The service promise “Honesty &             213300 China
                                                                                                                                Tel. +86 519 87308866
                                          shore connection cables, special           Quality” means that excellent qual-        Web:
                                          cables for rail traffic and cables for     ity and service meet customer              E-mail:
                                          new energy vehicles (NEVs). Shang-         demands comprehensively form-    

                                                                                                                              NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02                  11
High-tech equipment
for the Indian wire and cable industry
NIEHOFF at wire India 2018, Mumbai, 27 – 29 November 2018

At the wire India 2018 trade fair, hall 1, booth H 18, NIEHOFF and NIEHOFF        Co-exhibitors                           fore be built ideally adapted to the
of India (NoI), its Indian subsidiary, will display a 32 wire multiwire drawing   NIEHOFF partner companies August        specific tasks of customers. About
machine type MMH 121 and a pairing machine for data cables type DSI 631           Strecker, Germany (wire weld-           1,500 MMH lines are in operation
with backtwist pay-off type ARD 630 D. Furthermore, there will be on dis-         ing machines), Zeller + Gmelin,         world-wide. The wires drawn on
play a range of wear and tear parts, spare parts and services of the „NIEHOFF     Germany (drawing lubricants), H.        them exceed the most demand-
Original+“ label.                                                                 Folke Sandelin AB (HFSAB), Swe-         ing specifications and process-
                                                                                      den (horizontal lead extrusion      ing requirements as far as physical
                                                                                      and cable stripping, repair and     properties are concerned, and can
                                                                                      recovery equipment), Johann         be processed to multiwire bundles
                                                                                      Leimbach, Germany (machines         with outstanding characteristics.
                                                                                      for the cable industry) and Plas-
                                                                                      mait, Austria (heat and surface     The DSI 631 type double-twist pair-
                                                                                      treatment machines) will also be    ing machine combined with a back-
                                                                                      in attendance at the NIEHOFF        twist pay-off type ARD 630 D has
                                                                                      booth to introduce visitors to      been designed for the stranding of
                                                                                      their products and services.        insulated conductors into pairs and
                                                                                                                          quads and the stranding of four
                                                                                       The exhibits                       conductor pairs into LAN cables.
                                                                                       The multiwire drawing machine      The machine is able to manufacture
                                                                                       MMH 121 built by NoI under         reliably LAN cables of all categories
                                                                                  ­NIEHOFF licence is designed to         – even of future generations – as
 Technical data MMH 121 + RM 201
                                                                                   draw simultaneously 32 wires in        well as pairs with tape shielding,
max. production speed       35 m/s
                                                                                   one level. The machine is best         bus cables and other telecommuni-
max. inlet diameter         32 x 2.05 mm                                           suited for the production of elec-     cations cables.
copper hard
                                                                                   tronic wires as well as for building   The DSI stranding machines system
finished wire diameter      0.20 – 1.05 mm
                                                                                   wires.                                 can be customized for customer-
drawing capstan diameter    100 mm
                                                                                   MMH machines are based on a            specific products. Compared with
haul-off capstan diameter   100 mm                                                 modular principle and can there-       other machines and process tech-

12          NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
nologies, the possible combinations      NIEHOFF in India                       ever, has also delivered machines                    In order to be familiar with
of the DSI system generate signifi-      NIEHOFF started its business activi-   to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Paki-                      the ­latest technology and to
cant financial advantages for the        ties in India more than 30 years ago   stan, Sudan, Jordan, Mali, Kenya,                    meet the high NIEHOFF quality
manufacture of certain products or       in 1986 in collaboration with the      Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa                      standards, the management of NoI,
a certain production performance.        Indian firm ASACO. In 1997, both       and other countries.                                 led by its Managing Director Daniel
                                         companies founded the common                                                                Thomas and his team cultivate a
NIEHOFF customer service                 joint venture company NIEHOFF of       Service, knowledge and quality                       close cooperation with the parent
Visitors at the booth will also have     India (NoI). When NIEHOFF acquired     NoI is also responsible for the com-                 company in Schwabach where also
the opportunity to obtain informa-       all NoI shares in 2003, NoI became     plete after-sales service including                  NoI’s s­ ervice engineers regularly
tion about NIEHOFF’s comprehen-          a 100 % subsidiary of the NIEHOFF      technical assistance and the reliable                train.
sive technical assistance and after      Group.                                 and fast supply of NIEHOFF custom-
sales service offering the reliable      Since 2007, NoI has been operat-       ers with NIEHOFF Original+ parts.
and economic supply of OEM parts         ing a modern equipped factory
of the “NIEHOFF Original com-            near Hyderabad. Today, the
ponents“ trade mark. The visitors        factory has a total produc-
will also learn how they can use         tion area of 11,000 m² and
­NIEHOFF’s new digitization con-         700 m² office space. The
 cept. In the implementation of con-     production area includes a
 cepts on the “Industry 4.0” topic,      state-of-the-art production
 NIEHOFF will set completely new         line equipped with modern
 standards.                              machinery, a paint shop, an
 Process monitoring and machine          assembly area, a testing area
 condition analysis are possible at      and a warehouse.
 any time because the most var-          NoI builds rod breakdown
 ied manufacturing data of modern        and multiwire drawing
 ­NIEHOFF systems can be collected       machines, annealers, spool-
  and analyzed. Thus, all details        ers, bunching machines and
  related to production technology       pay-offs under ­NIEHOFF
  are transparent and within the field   license, to the requirements of
  of the user’s vision resulting in a    the Indian market. NoI has rap-         Technical data DSI 631
  further increase of effectiveness of   idly become the market leader in
                                                                                max. production speed             300 m/min                     Niehoff of India Private Limited
  NIEHOFF systems, a more efficient      India for rod breakdown, multiwire
                                                                                lay length, infinitely variable   6 – 180 mm                    Plot Nr: 186-194
  maintenance and shorter down-          drawing machines and bunching                                                                          Industrial Park, Phase - III
                                                                                max. number of twists,            5,600 twists/min
  times. NIEHOFF optionally offers       machines.                                                                                              Pashamylaram, Patancheru
                                                                                infinitely variable
  for its machines additional sensor                                                                                                            Medak District 502 307.
                                                                                Spool dimensions                                                Teleganga
  packages, which are tailored to the    India and other markets
                                                                                max. spool flange diameter        630 mm                        India
  application.                           NoI machines are mainly destined                                                                       Tel. +91 8455 - 304040
                                         for the Indian market. NoI, how-       spool width                       475 mm

                                                                                                                                              NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02               13
India’s economy is recovering
India and its demand for wire and cables

India, with its almost 1.4 billion inhabitants, has a great market                   ers, two wheelers and quadricycles       of solar power. The total capacity of
                                                                                     – in the financial year (FY) 2017/18     the solar power plants is expected to
potential and is now on the road to recovery after reforms [1].                      (from April 1, 2017 to March 31,         increase from the current 22 GW to
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects the gross domes-                       2018) which means a growth of            100 GW by 2022, which will involve
                                                                                     more than 14 % compared with             investment of USD 100 billion. For
tic product (GDP) to rise by 7.4% in the current fiscal year                         the FY 2016/17 [3]. By 2020, India       the expansion of transmission and
2018/19 (April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019).                                           is expected to be the third larg-        distribution (T & D) infrastructure
                                                                                     est automotive market by volume          „Green Energy Corridors“, network
       Growth                                 important customer markets for the     in the world. The government aims        operators and financial institutions
       India has risen from the 130th place   cable industry are the automobile,     at incentivizing the use of elecric      plan to invest more than USD 5.5
       (out of 190 places) to the 100th       the energy, the telecommunications,    vehicles across all vehicle segments     ­billion by 2020 [1].
       place in 2017 in the global World      the infrastructure and the railways    and wants to meet the target of           Fig. 1 shows how, in which way
       Bank ranking “Ease of Doing Busi-      sectors.                               electrifying 40% of the car fleet and     according to the findings of the
       ness”. The Indian government wants                                            all the public vehicle fleet by 2030      Association of Indian Electrical and
       that rural dwellers in particular,     The automobile sector                  [4 and 5].                                Electronic Manufacturers (IEEMA)
       more than 60% of the total popu-       According to the government initia-                                              the length of power transmission
       lation, should benefit from statal     tive “Make in India”, India is cur-    Energy and telecommunication              lines will be extended by 2022, the
       incentives and increase their con-     rently the fourth largest automo-      India is one of the biggest consum-       end of the 13th Five Year Plan (2017-
       sumption [1]. As electric power and    bile producer in the world (behind     ers of electric energy after the USA     2022) [6].
       electronic data play a central role    China, the USA and Japan) and the      and China. India’s electricity genera-   The telecommunications market in
       in virtually all sectors of society,   largest manufacturer of two-wheel-     tion grew by 4% in 2017/18 and is        India is the third largest in the world
       there is a great demand for cables.    ers, three-wheelers and tractors.      expected to continue rising as the       and also the fastest growing. This
       At the Wire & Cable Conference         The Society of Indian Automobile       government seeks to fill supply gaps.    growth is being witnessed in the
       organized by the research company      Manufacturers (SIAM) reports that      Of great importance is electricity       wireless and telephony sectors. Fur-
       CRU in June 2018, it was reported      the Indian industry produced a total   from renewable energy sources such       thermore, in the Internet sector, the
       that around 1.3 million t of cables    of more than 29 million vehicles       as wind and solar power. In 2017/18,     government is making endeavours to
       were consumed in India in 2017, 7%     – including passenger vehicles,        more than 12 GW of new capac-            provide the rural regions with broad-
       of the global volume [2]. The most     commercial vehicles, three wheel-      ity was installed, including 9.4 GW      band connections [7].

14     NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
Infrastructure                                            investment in metro railways for        ment is expected to witness the                [1] HeenaNazir: IndiensWirtschaft
                                                                                                                                                                                          soll wieder stärker wachsen.
                                    One of the primary focus areas of                         urban mass transportation. Rural        fastest growth owing to surging                     Wirtschaftsausblick – Indien (Mai 2018).
                                    the country’s infrastructure devel-                       electrification with the govern-        acceptance of XLPE cables in the                    Mumbai (GTAI), May 2018.
                                    opment plan is railways, with over                        ment’s goal to provide electricity      power sector due to their higher                    Trade/Maerkte/Wirtschaftsklima/wirtscha
                                    USD 120 billlion over the period of                       to every home by 2020 is another        heat resistance and ability to trans-               ftsausblick,t=wirtschaftsausblick--indien-
                                    2015-2020. In addition, the gov-                          major factor which is expected to       mit high voltage power, and increas-           [2] Hadrien Guillotin, CRU Group: Overview
                                    ernment has ear-marked USD 7.5                            propel the growth of the electric       ing laying of power transmission                    of the Global Insulated Wire & Cable Mar-
                                    billion to develop 100 smart cities                       wire and cable market [8].              lines across the nation. Mr. Karan                  kets.Contribution at the the CRU Wire and
                                                                                                                                                                                          Cable Conference, Copenhagen/Denmark,
                                    across the country. These are urban                                                               Chechi, Research Director at Tech-                  June 2018
                                    areas which use digital technology                        The Indian wire                         Sci Research, summarizes: “Growing             [3] Performance of Auto Industry during
                                                                                                                                                                                          2017-18. SIAM Society of Indian Automo-
                                    in order to become more efficient                         and cable market                        investment by the government in                     bile Manufacturers
                                    and use resources more sustainably.                       According to the market research        the electrification of villages across              (
                                    Highway projects worth USD 93 bil-                        and management consulting com-          the nation and increasing demand               [4] Make in India – Automobiles.
                                    lion with total investment of USD                         pany TechSci Research, the insu-        for uninterrupted power supply from                 (
                                    45 billion over next three years have                     lated wire and cable market in India    Tier-II and Tier-III cities is driving the          mobiles/)
                                                                                                                                                                                     [5] SIAM’s perspective on India’s automotive
                                    also been announced. Accelerated                          is forecast to grow at a CAGR of        insulated wire and cable market in                  policies. in: The Economist Intelligence
                                    urbanization and growing concern                          10.3% during 2018 – 2023. The           India. Moreover, a growing number                   Unit.February 26th, 2018.
                                    over pollution have increased the                         XLPE insulated wire and cable seg-      of electronic devices per household                 ticle/126470596/siams-perspective-on-
                                                                                                                                      and rising demand for power from                    indias-automotive-policies/2018-02-26)
                                                                                                                                                                                     [6] Industry Update: Status – Indian Electrical
                                                                                                                                      transportation sector is likely to aid              Industry. April bis März 2017-18. Indian
                                                                                                                                      the market over the course of the                   Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’
                                               Total length at the end of the                                                         next five years”. [9].                              Association (IEEMA)
                                               12th Five Year Plan (2017)                                                                                                                 (
                                               Expected total length until the                                               191268
                                               end of the 13th Five Year Plan
                                                                                                                                      NIEHOFF and the Indian wire                    [7] Market facts for wire India 2018. Key Facts.
                                               (2017 – 2022)                                   157787               163268            and cable industry                                  md_ww2/custom/pub/content,oid,27649/
Length in km (ckm – conductor km)

                                                                                                                                      Maschinenfabrik NIEHOFF and                         lang,2/ticket,g_u_e_s_t/~/Market_facts.
                                                                                                                                      NIEHOFF of India (NoI), its Indian             [8] Amit Shanbaug: Govt initiatives to boost
                                                                                                                                      subsidiary, have supported Indian                   cable industry in India. in: The Times of
                                                                                                                                                                                          India. September 2, 2017.
                                                                                                                                      wire and cable manufacturers with                   (
                                                                                                                                      modern manufacturing equipment,                     business/india-business/govt-initiatives-to-
                                                                                                                                      a reliable and quickly acting service               boost-cable-industry-in-india/articleshow-
                                                                     31240                                                                                                                print/60332457.cms)
                                                                                                                                      and vast experience. So Indian wire            [9] India Insulated Wire and Cable Market.
                                                                                                                                      and cable manufacturers are best                    Forecast & Opportunities, 2013 – 2023.
                                                                                                                                                                                          TechSci Research, May 2018.
                                             HVDC*                      765 kV                      400 kV             220 kV
                                                                                                                                      equipped to meet the challenges                     (
                                                                             Cable types (voltage level)
                                                                                                                                      of the country’s further economic                   report/india-insulated-wire-and-cable-
                                    *(high-voltage direct-current transmission)                                                       development.

   Fig. 1. Expansion of the Indian high and very high voltage transmission network [6]

                                                                                                                                                                                   NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02                            15
The level of automation will go up
Interview with Mahendra Kabra, Ram Ratna Group, India

     Konrad Dengler from the edito-          equipment from all over the world.      The consistency of demand gets          ing the need and availability of the
     rial staff of the NIEHOFF Maga-         We take pride in stating that we        tricky. This poses the biggest chal-    technology at a global level helps us
     zine contacted Mr. Mahendra             have state-of-the-art manufactur-       lenge for any manufacturer. RR          to monitor the development of the
     Kabra and received information          ing, both at Silvassa and Baroda, our   Kabel is fortunate to have built a      market. Inputs from our team mem-
     on current issues concerning the        manufacturing sites.                    reputation for quality and service.     bers are very vital. We remain in
     wire and cable industry.                Our value system puts “Customer         The rapport built with customers        touch with the markets constantly.
                                             First”. Customer needs and expecta-     is based on trust and integrity. Our    Our team attends exhibitions, semi-
     NIEHOFF Magazine: Mr. Kabra,            tions are met in the most effective     presence with full-fledged offices      nars, meetings at the national and
     the Ram Ratna Group with the            manner to achieve customer delight.     and warehouses across the country       international level regularly.
     brand RR Kabel was founded in           Even the unmet needs receive our        ensure quick product delivery. We
     1998 and has become one of the          best attention. Many of the new         focus on reaching the rural areas       NIEHOFF Magazine: Do you expect
     leading manufacturers of enamelled      products have been developed by         which constitute 40 % of the mar-       that there will be modified or even
     wires and electric cables in India.     carefully monitoring the customer       ket share. These are presently served   new wire and cable manufacturing
     Would you like to tell us something     needs. We follow the best practices     by unbranded and unsafe products.       processes in the coming years?
     about the cause of this extraordi-      for quality management, environ-        Our challenge is to reach to these      Mahendra Kabra: Constant
     nary success?                           ment management, safety & health        markets as well.                        improvements in the process are
     Mahendra Kabra: When RR Kabel           management and energy manage-                                                   vital in the wire and cable indus-
     Ltd. was founded our vision was         ment. We take pride in stating that     NIEHOFF Magazine: How do you            try. Earlier we had machines with a
     very clear: We wanted to be a for-      we have 29 product certifications       do monitor the development of           speed of 200 m/min. Today, this has
     midable player in the wire and cable    and 4 management system certifica-      these and other markets and the         gone up to 800 to 1200 m/min. We
     industry. The four most important       tions at a single location.             further technical develolpment?         will be seeing smart factories in the
     ingredients for a product to suc-                                               Mahendra Kabra: Necessity is the        future. The level of automation will
     ceed are its innovativeness, safety,    NIEHOFF Magazine: Which main            mother of invention. We have to         go up. There will be a considerable
     user friendliness and aesthetics. One   challenges are cable manufacturers      understand what the customer or         rise in productivity, accuracy and
     more of these characteristics is nec-   like RR Kabel facing and in which       the market needs are. Technology is     cost effectiveness.
     essary: At RR Kabel we are deter-       way does RR Kabel cope with these       changing very fast. We have an R&D
     mined to give the best quality prod-    challenges?                             team which is working on develop-       NIEHOFF Magazine: Where do you
     uct backed with superior technology     Mahendra Kabra: The cable               ing insulation materials. This means    see the greatest growth opportuni-
     and safety. Our manufacturing set-      industry, like any other industry, is   that we provide the right product       ties for cable manufacturers?
     up has the best of the machines and     affected by the economic changes.       for a given application. Understand-    Mahendra Kabra: India has a huge

16   NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
growth potential in copper con-          digitization. MES and OEE are in          NIEHOFF Magazine: What do you              About RR Kabel
sumption for the next 20-25 years        place. We will keep pace with the         expect from wire India 2018 trade          RR Kabel has now more than 1,000
as the government increases focus        developments that take place in           fair?                                      employees and achieves revenues of
on smart cities, rapid urbanization      smart manufacturing.                      Mahendra Kabra: India is lack-             more than 225 Mio. USD. In 2017, RR
and investments in infrastructure.                                                 ing in three areas: capital equip-         Kabel was ranked by Fortune India at
India is expected to be the 6th larg-    NIEHOFF Magazine: Which are the           ment, tooling and raw materials. We        place 73 among the Top 500 medium
est copper market by 2020 with           most significant criteria of a good       expect that there will be a greater        sized companies in India. The com-
major consumption sectors being          cooperation with machine suppliers        participation by players in these          pany belongs to the Ram Ratna Group
– electrical, transport and telecom-     like NIEHOFF and NIEHOFF of India?        three areas. Presently, our require-       and has set up three manufacturing
munications. It is a strategic sec-      Mahendra Kabra: NIEHOFF has               ments are met by importing these.          facilities which are ISO 9001:2015,
tor where copper demands is. Total       been the most renowned, reliable          Participation by Indian manufacturer       14001:2015, 18001:2007 and
global consumption for copper            and respected manufacturer in the         will help in localization of supplies.     50001:2011 certified. The production
is 26.7 million metric tons out of       field of wire drawing and bunch-                                                     range comprises copper and aluminium
which India contributes 4 % of this      ing which is the backbone of cable        NIEHOFF Magazine: Mr. Kabra,               wires and cables such as building wires,
as of 2014. As India moves from          industry. We are proud to say that        thank you very much for taking the         control, data, switchboard and instru-
developing country to a developed        the first negotiated machine at RR        time to talk to us. You have given us      mentation cables, automotive cables,
country, there are going to be great     Kabel was from NIEHOFF, Schwa-            and our readers plenty of valuable         power cables, solar cables, fire resis-
opportunities for the wire and cable     bach, Germany. Today, we have             information. We wish you andRR             tance cables and application based
manufacturers.                           their machines at all our manufac-        Kabel continued success for the            cables as well as winding wires and
                                         turing sites, i.e. Silvassa and Baroda.   future.                                    enamelled wires. About 30% of the
NIEHOFF Magazine: What role do           To us NIEHOFF machines are with                                                      products are exported globally to more
Manufacturing Execution Systems          most advanced technology. The                                                        than 70 countries.
(MES), the Overall Equipment             company has a track record for
Effectiveness (OEE) and the digitiza-    superior quality and superior service.
tion (Industry 4.0) play in the Indian
wire and cable industry and particu-     NIEHOFF Magazine: Thank you
larly at RR Kabel?                       very much for your praise about
Mahendra Kabra: These areas              which the world-wide NIEHOFF
are going to be the differentiators      team might be very delighted. Can
of a smart manufacturer from the         you still tell us something about
rest. OEE has been very important        future projects of RR Kabel?
from the viewpoint of cost optimi-       Mahendra Kabra: The cable indus-
zation. Smart factory where artifi-      try has four major segments to              RR Kabel Ltd.                            Mahendra Kabra, 61, is a mechanical
                                                                                     Ram Ratna House, Oasis Complex, P. B.
cial intelligence, augmented reality,    cater: building, automobile, indus-                                                  engineer. Since 1992 he has been a
                                                                                     Marg, Worli, Mumbai – 400 013, India.
IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things),    trial automobile and communica-             Tel.: +91 – 22 – 2494 9009 / 2492 4144   Director of Ram Ratna Wires Ltd. Now
machine learning will drive every        tion. Predominantly, our focus is on        Fax: +91 – 22 – 2491 2586                he is Joint Managing Director at Ram
aspect of manufacturing. RR Kabel        building wires. However, we will            E-mail:              Ratna Wires Ltd. and Executive
has taken concrete steps towards         move to the other segments as well.                                                  Director at RR Kabel Ltd.

                                                                                                                                NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02               17
Big stranding machinery
NIEHOFF is expanding its activities into larger rotating equipment
for stranding wires and cables with bigger cross sections.

NIEHOFF has been active in designing and building rotating machines for the cable industry since the 1960s.                         equipped with an energy-class IE3
­Typical machines resulting from this continuous development are the renowned double twist stranding machines                       energy saving rotor drive and an
 of the D and DSI series. In order to enable NIEHOFF customers the production of energy cables with even larger                     adjustable fan drive in the sound
 dimensions, NIEHOFF started in 2017 the development of three further D series machines for spool sizes up to                       proof cabin.
 2000 m as well as rigid stranders. The design of these machines is carried out through a collaboration between the                 A smooth conductor treatment is
 engineers of NST (NIEHOFF Stranding Technology S.L.) and the engineers at NIEHOFF’s headquarters in ­Schwabach                     ensured by the fact that all pulleys
 (NSC). The specialists of both teams have extensive experience in the design of rotating machines for the cable                    and capstans have big diameters. The
 production.                                                                                                                        automatic traverse is equipped with
                                                                                                                                    a flange detection system allowing
                                                                                             machine which has been designed is     spools to be perfectly wound. Even
                                                                                             the D 1252 model which will be built   at high speeds, spooled wires can
                                                                                             in 2018 and is a consistent further    be payed-off tangle-free and with
                                                                                             development of the D 1251. The D       no damage. Several sensors moni-
                                                                                             1602, the next larger model, will be   tor the quality of the production
                                                                    Double twist             intended for conductors with a 19      process. Due to the design, there is
                                                                    stranding machine
                                                                    of the D series (left)   wire design, and the D 2002 for all    a straight conductor path from the
                                                                    and design of a          designs beyond (Fig. 1). In parallel   second twist pulley to the haul-off
                                                                    rigid stranding line     to this development, the peripheral    capstan enhancing the quality of the
                                                                    for 61 wires             machinery is going to be developed.    wires which can be compacted via
                                                                    (right at the top)
                                                                                                                                    a motorized closing/compacting die
                                                                                             Characteristics of all D type          with die lubrication.
         New D type double twist                The new double twist strand-                 machines                               For all range of machines the work-
         stranders                              ing machines of the D series with            Like all machines of the D series,     ing height is 1300 mm. Also the
         Until recently, the D series of dou-   the designations D 1252, D 1602              the new D type machines feature        new D type machines are operated
         ble twist bunching and stranding       and D 2002 are mainly foreseen               the contactless transmission of        using a network-compatible Human
         machines comprised seven differ-       for the manufacture of conduc-               machine data within the machine        Machine Interface (HMI) color
         ently sized models built in right-     tors for energy cables with 6 mm²            and the service proven energy-         touchscreen monitor called NMI
         hand or left-hand version.             to 500 mm² cross sections. The first         saving single bow design and are       (NIEHOFF Machine Interface).

18       NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
Al wires, diameter                                           1.5-5.0 mm
Cu wires, diameter                                           1.2-4.5 mm
Stranded conductor, max cross section                        1200 mm2
Max cable diameter                                           45 mm
Lay length                                                   60-900 mm
Prespiralled lay length                                      1000-2500 mm                        NIEHOFF rigid stranders (NRS)              The most demanded configuration
Max line speed                                               75 m/min
                                                                                                 While stranding in unilay construc-        on the market is the rigid strander
Fig. 2. Technical data of rigid strander for 61 wires                                            tion can be realized in most cases         for 61 wires (Fig. 2) followed at big
                                                                                                 by a double twist strander, other          distance by the 37 wires configura-
                                                                                                 concentric constructions, which            tion.
Semi rigid conductor (Class 2)               D 1252           D 1602           D 2002            normally involve more wires, require       Each cage rotates on its axis inde-
Wire diam. (Al & Cu)         mm              1.0-3.2          1.5-4.8          1.5-4.8           machines such as rigid strand-             pendently from the other cages in
                                           Cu        AI     Cu        AI     Cu        AI        ers. These machines are used               speed and direction. The bobbins
Stranded/compressed          mm2          6-95    6-120   16-150 16-150    16-400 16-500         for the manufacture of concen-             are hold by pintles allowing the pay-
Round compacted              mm2          6-70    6-120   16-150 16-150    16-300 16-400         tric cable constructions such as           ing-off rotation. The bobbin sizes
Sector shaped                mm2          6-70     6-95   16-120 16-150    16-150 16-150         1+6+12+18+24+… allowing cross              are normally 630 mm. A big pulling
Hard Cu & Al alloy (Class 2)                                                                     lay formations. The machines con-          capstan is in charge of pulling the
Stranded (7 wires)           mm2             6-54.6           6-54.6                –            sist of several cages which contain a      stranded conductors, a take up is
Sector shaped                mm2          6-70    6-95    16-120 16-150    16-150       16-150   certain number of radially disposed        winding the conductor.
Flexible conductor (Class 5 & 6)                                                                 bobbins (6, 12, 18, 24 …).
Cu & Al wires/bundles        mm2              6-120           6-240               6-400          The maximum number of wires                Applications
Laying up insulated conductors                                                                   determines the configuration of the        Rigid stranders can be used for
Min conductor                mm2                 4             10                   –            line. For example:                         the manufacture of a wide range
(the sum of all of them)                                                                                                                    of cables such as round stranded,
Max individual conductor                                                                         3 Cages (6+12+18) for up to 37 wires,      round compacted, round with trap-
   Class 5 & 6               mm2                35             35                   –
   Class 2                   mm2                25             25                   –
                                                                                                 4 Cages (6+12+18+24) for up to 61 wires,   ezoidal wires, round with Z shaped
   Class 1                   mm2                 6              6                   –            5 Cages (6+12+18+24+30) for up to          wires, straight sector shaped, prespi-
Max No of conductors         LV                  7              7                   –            91 wires,                                  ralled or ACSR conductors. The
                             Signal             19             19                   –            6 Cages (6+12+18+24+30+36) for up to       machines can be used also for lay-
Max cable diameter           mm                 25             30                   –            127 wires.
                                                                                                                                            ing up control cables and applying a
Fig. 1. Products which can be manufactured with the new double twist stranders.                                                             screening with Cu or Al wires.

                                                                                                                                                     NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02          19
Machines with 60,000 hours of operation?
No problem!
Modernization of a rod breakdown machine type M 85

The experts agree: machines from NIEHOFF are of high quality, high perfor-           a minimum. In order to keep the
mance and stable value. That is why it is worth modernising these machines           machine downtime and the stay of
by NIEHOFF specialists after many years of operation and update them to              the ­NIEHOFF specialists as short as
the state-of-the-art technology. Our example here is a M 85 rod breakdown            possible, employees of the user of
machine, which was put into operation in 1992 and completely overhauled              the machine took up some tasks.
in 2017 after around 60,000 hours of operation. Since then, the machine has          They switched off the machine at
been operating as reliably as a new machine.                                         the scheduled time, removed the
                                                                                     old control cabinets, set up the new
                                                                                     control cabinets and connected
        Procedure                             to the location of the machine. At     them with the machine according to
        In all modernization projects, a      the same time, the NIEHOFF branch      the NIEHOFF wiring diagram (Figs.
        NIEHOFF specialist first discusses    in Leuterschach created the new        3  to 5).
        the upgrading measures at the         wiring diagram and equipped the        In the second renovation phase, a
        machine’s location, their scope       new control cabinets.                  NIEHOFF electrician installed the      Fig. 1. The old control panel
        and the timeframe with the user of                                           new AC motors and the new control
        the machine. In our example case,     Time-saving work on site               panel (Figs. 1 and 2), checked the
        it was also planned to equip the      As required by the user of this        entire wiring and put the machine,
        machine with new AC motors and        machine, the overhaul of the           now completely overhauled, into
        a completely new electrical system.   mechanical and the electrical parts    operation again. Since then, the
        This included new control cabinets,   of the machine had to be carried out   machine has been working on
        equipped with a Siemens S7 control-   separately. Two NIEHOFF mechan-        schedule as before the moderniza-
        ler, and a new control panel.         ics disassembled the machine,          tion measure.
                                              cleaned its components, replaced
        Spare parts in OEM quality            the worn components by new ones,       Experience and original
        NIEHOFF in Schwabach provided the     rebuilt the machine and put it into    ­documents
        required spare parts such as bear-    operation again. With special tools,    NIEHOFF service specialists know
        ings, seals, cables in OEM quality    working time and thus the machine       the philosophy behind the machines
        and the new motors and sent them      downtime could be reduced to            and have extremely wide experi-       Fig. 2. The new control panel

20      NIEHOFF Magazine 18/02
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