Information for applicants - Position Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement - Fisher Leadership

Information for applicants - Position Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement - Fisher Leadership
for applicants

Pro Vice-Chancellor,
Indigenous Engagement
Information for applicants - Position Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement - Fisher Leadership
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2                                                                                                                                         Charles Sturt University
Information for applicants - Position Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement - Fisher Leadership
Message from the
                             Vice-Chancellor and President
                             Thank you for your interest in the role of Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement
                             at Charles Sturt University. We are a highly distinctive institution in both Australian and
                             global settings. At 30 years of age, we are a relatively young institution with roots in
                             regional Australia that has rapidly grown to service students and communities across
                             Australia and the world.
                             Charles Sturt University is different because it is focused on its regional communities
                             and it is genuinely distributed – there is no head office. Although it is a large institution in
                             Australian terms, each campus retains a strong sense of community. We are a university
                             with gumption and soul. In my view, this sense of personality and human connection is a
                             critical strategic advantage in a world that is increasingly globalised and homogeneous.
                             The Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement at Charles Sturt University has a
                             clear focus on taking an active leadership role in the continuing development and
                             implementation of Indigenous learning, research and engagement across the sector.
                             Our campuses are spread across New South Wales with study centres also located
                             in Queensland and Victoria – there is a lot of travel and the organisational geography
                             complicates the management challenge. However, this is a very special university with a
                             great ethos, doing great work and loved by its staff, students and alumni. Charles Sturt
                             University needs a seasoned, energetic yet grounded and passionate individual who can
                             help us achieve our strategy.
                             I hope you will consider this important and exciting role.

                             Professor Andrew Vann
                             Vice-Chancellor and President

Information for applicants - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement                                                         3
Information for applicants - Position Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement - Fisher Leadership
The university
Our values                                                    We achieved this through meeting criteria related
                                                              to leadership; learning and development; gender
Charles Sturt University is a university of the land and      remuneration gaps; flexible working and other initiatives
people of our regions. True to the character of regional      to support family responsibilities; employee consultation;
Australia we have gumption, we have soul and we               preventing sex-based harassment and discrimination; and
collaborate with others.                                      targets for improving gender equality.
We develop holistic, far-sighted people who help their        In 2018, the university released its Workplace Gender
communities grow and flourish.                                Equity Strategy 2018–2022 and we were also among
Acknowledging the culture and insight of Indigenous           the first Australian higher education institutions to be
Australians, Charles Sturt University’s ethos is described    awarded the Athena SWAN Bronze Institution Award.
by this phrase from the Wiradjuri, the traditional
custodians of the land of our original campuses.

Yindyamarra Winhanganha
This phrase means ‘the wisdom of respectfully knowing
how to live well in a world worth living in’.
Derived from our ethos, our values are to be insightful,
inclusive, impactful and inspiring. By living these values,
we want to make this a world worth living in.
These values are the principles and aspirations that
guide our decision-making and underpin our ways of
working. As a university we strive to understand people
and the world, to embrace our differences and recognise
the strength and value of working together, to make a
difference in society through the work we do and to lead
for a bright and sustainable future.

Accredited Employer of Choice
Charles Sturt University was awarded an Employer of
Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation from the
Commonwealth Workplace Gender Equality Agency
(WGEA) in February 2019.
The WGEA EOCGE citation is designed to encourage,                     Derived from our ethos, our
recognise and promote active commitment to achieving
gender equality in Australian workplaces.                              values are to be insightful,
The EOCGE program aims to recognise leading practice
in addition to the compliance standards with the
                                                                           inclusive, inspiring and
Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, and participation in
the program is voluntary.
                                                                          impatful. By living these
The citation is recognition of the hard work we have put                values, we want to create
in and the great things we do at Charles Sturt University
to promote gender equality, over and above that required                    a world worth living in.
by legislation.

4                                                                                                          Charles Sturt University
Charles Sturt University is
                                                                                           #1 for graduate employment*
                                                                                              Get qualified and get the job.
                                                                                         More Charles Sturt grads get jobs faster
                                                                                         than grads from any other university in
                                                                                                   *The Good Universities Guide 2019/20

About Charles Sturt University                                                             Charles Sturt University grads
                                                                                         enjoy some of the highest salaries
Established as a multicampus institution in 1989,                                                  in Australia*
Charles Sturt University is today the largest university                                 Get your dream job and get paid well for it!
in Australia located outside a major capital city.                                        Charles Sturt grads can earn more than
                                                                                                      $67,100 a year.
Currently enrolling around 46,000 students from every                                         *Median full-time salaries three years after graduating.
state and territory and from more than 120 countries                                                QILT Graduate Outcomes Survey 2019.

around the world, Charles Sturt University has an
annual turnover of A$611 million and assets valued at
A$1.61 billion.
Our campuses are located in Albury-Wodonga,
Bathurst, Canberra, Dubbo, Goulburn, Orange,                                                   Leaders in excellence in
Parramatta, Port Macquarie and Wagga Wagga. We                                                  learning and teaching
also have Charles Sturt University Study Centres                                             Charles Sturt is a Global Teaching
in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne catering to                                                 Excellence Award 2018 finalist.
international students, a specialist centre in Manly, and
a Regional University Study Centre in Wangaratta in
Victoria. The broad geographic spread of our campuses                         Indigenous staff support
allows us to serve the distinct needs of diverse
                                                                              Charles Sturt’s Indigenous Australian Employment
communities from northern New South Wales to central
                                                                              Strategy has targets for all Indigenous Australian staff
Victoria and beyond. The university employs over 2000
                                                                              set at 3 per cent by 2022 and a target of 2 per cent for
permanent staff.
                                                                              Indigenous Australian academic staff.
Critical to the success of Charles Sturt University has
                                                                              We have an Indigenous Australian staff network, with
been the balanced strategic development of all our
                                                                              monthly meetings across campus locations and a
campuses through multi-nodal delivery.
                                                                              bi-annual Nguluway conference.
Charles Sturt University has eschewed the traditional
                                                                              We provide Indigenous Cultural Competency training
hub and spoke model of multi-campus universities,
                                                                              for all our staff.
promoting the role of multi-nodal delivery to enable
us to offer common curriculums on multiple campuses,                          There are also opportunities for our staff and students
and aggregate student demand across multiple                                  to engagein cultural immersion, currently lead by the
geographic regions. This model has allowed us to                              Bathurst Wiradyuri Elders Group.
deliver a broader range of courses with a high level
                                                                              Support is available for Indigenous Australian staff to
of quality at each of our campuses, and to grow our
                                                                              undertake further professional development, and for
geographic reach over many years.
                                                                              academic staff to further develop leadership skills.
Charles Sturt University has three faculties: Arts and
                                                                              Indigenous student support
                                                                              Indigenous Student Centres are located at our
                                                                              Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Port
                                                                              Macquarie and Wagga Wagga campuses. We also
With more than 30 years of                                                    support our online students with a dedicated online
                                                                              Student Liaison Officer (Indigenous).
experience leading and innovating
online education in Australia,                                                We offer pathways for school and mature age students
                                                                              through the Indigenous Access Program, held on
Charles Sturt offers the most                                                 different campus locations, three or four times a year.
comprehensive range of programs                                               Online students are supported by the Away From
of any university.                                                            Base Program. This provides them with assistance so
                                                                              they can attend residential schools to support the
                                                                              completion of their studies.

    Information for applicants - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement                                                                              5
What we do
    Today, more than 70 per cent of our professional             Through our network of campuses, and in close
    programs are delivered in areas of identified national       association with industry, the professions and
    and regional labour market skills shortages. We              government, Charles Sturt University continues its
    are routinely ranked significantly above national            commitment to maintaining a course and research
    and international benchmarks by our graduates for            profile to meet the needs and aspirations of our
    performance in work-integrated learning, with almost         rural and remote communities, and contribute to the
    50 per cent of our students required to undertake            enrichment of rural and remote Australia.
    fieldwork as part of their studies and a further 25 per
                                                                 We are committed to expanding higher education
    cent offered the option.
                                                                 opportunities for rural, remote and Indigenous students.
    We engage in strategic, applied research that focuses        We’re achieving this by providing enhanced local study
    on significant issues. Our key drivers are quality and       options in a comprehensive range of professional
    excellence with an emphasis on the creation of new           fields. We also support the growth and development
    knowledge for the advancement of fields of study and         of regional labour markets, and conduct research that
    enhancement of society in general.                           addresses fundamental issues raised by industry and
                                                                 communities in our regions. The full-time employment
    We seek to make an impact on a regional, national and
                                                                 rate for Charles Sturt University graduates eclipses
    global level by contributing to the economic, social and
                                                                 the national university average, and we will continue
    environmental sustainability and well-being of these
                                                                 to strive to provide opportunities for rural, regional
                                                                 and Indigenous students that would not otherwise be
    Charles Sturt University is embracing significant            available.
    opportunities to realise new learning, research and
                                                                 Our Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health)
    community engagement synergies. We are achieving
                                                                 is an example of this in action. This unique course
    this through ethical practice, professional and
                                                                 is a restricted entry program, open to students of
    government collaborations, industry involvement and a
                                                                 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent who
    commitment to continual improvement.
                                                                 want to develop key skills to improve health and
    We are also a national and international leader in           wellbeing outcomes. Designed in collaboration with a
    the development of collaborative pathways between            community-based Aboriginal Mental Health Steering
    vocational and higher education.                             Committee and the Greater Southern Area Health
                                                                 Service, this course has been specifically designed
    About one-third of Charles Sturt University students
                                                                 for Indigenous mental health practitioners to meet the
    enrol on the basis of a vocational qualification. This
                                                                 needs of the mental health workforce with a specific
    strategy has been essential to expanding opportunity
                                                                 focus on contemporary health issues facing Aboriginal
    for students, particularly those in locations distant from
                                                                 and Torres Strait Islander people.
    a university campus.
                                                                 We believe our success in attracting local and
    Charles Sturt University has nurtured a particular
                                                                 international students strengthens the programs we
    commitment to the development of the professions and
                                                                 are able to offer our regional communities. Charles
    workplace skills in Australia through work-integrated
                                                                 Sturt University’s regional location enables us to make
    learning. We deliver one of the most comprehensive
                                                                 a distinctive national and international contribution
    offerings of professional programs in the country,
                                                                 to research in fields such as communication, creative
    focusing particularly on areas of critical labour force
                                                                 industries, education, humanities, Indigenous Australian
    need in Australia’s regions.
                                                                 studies, Islamic studies, library and information studies,
                                                                 social work and human services, and theology, as well
                                                                 as support national priorities by sustaining and growing
                                                                 critical regional labour markets.

6                                                                                                           Charles Sturt University
We provide the knowledge,
skills, attitudes, habits and
professional networks
for a meaningful life and
successful career.

                                                                          Our strategy
School of Indigenous Australian Studies                                   Charles Sturt University Strategy 2022
Our School of Indigenous Australian Studies was                           Our strategy is focused on three core components.
established in October 2014. It operated as the Centre
                                                                          Our communities: strong, vibrant regional communities
for Indigenous Studies from 2007. The Head of School
                                                                          with intellectual capital, social capital and infrastructure.
is Associate Professor Jay Phillips, a Wakka Wakka
Gooreng Gooreng woman and educator from southeast                         Our students: accessible and flexible admission
Queensland. Originally educated as a primary school                       pathways to a wide range of degrees that can be
teacher, Associate Professor Phillips has been                            studied on or off campus in full-time or part-time
teaching, researching, and advocating for Indigenous                      modes. A sense of belonging and engagement
students and communities in universities for more than                    with support for progress in learning, professional
20 years.                                                                 placements and success. The knowledge, skills,
                                                                          attitudes, habits and professional networks for a
The School of Indigenous Australian Studies is located
                                                                          meaningful life and successful career.
on our Dubbo campus with academics from the
school also working at our Bathurst and Wagga Wagga                       Our internal capability: build organisational
campuses. The school has responsibility for teaching                      capability to fulfil the university’s strategic objectives
compulsory Indigenous Australian studies foundation                       while ensuring a deep understanding of the way
subjects in over 25 courses across the university’s                       the university operates from the bottom to the
three faculties. Each year, between 1500 and 2000                         top. Embedding collaboration with others as a
Charles Sturt students are taught on campus and                           core capability across the university while being a
online by the school.                                                     consistently market-oriented organisation.
The Head of the School of Indigenous Australian                           Indigenous Education Strategy
Studies chairs the Indigenous Board of Studies
                                                                          The mission of Charles Sturt University’s Indigenous
that governs the approval of Indigenous Australian
                                                                          Education Strategy is to align our Indigenous education
subjects and content. The school’s academic staff
                                                                          policies and activities with national Indigenous
have a diverse range of interests that demonstrate the
                                                                          education policies, recommendations and guidelines.
transdisciplinary significance of Indigenous Australian
                                                                          Doing this provides Charles Sturt University with a
studies and research.
                                                                          framework and guidelines for the development of
Our subject development and teaching are framed and                       a systematic and coordinated whole-of-institution
underpinned by the principles of Indigenist Standpoint                    approach to the implementation of the university’s
Pedagogy (ISP). This approach to teaching is inherently                   vision and key objectives for Indigenous education.
political, reformative, relational, and is grounded by
reflexive and reflective practices of staff and students.
The school hosts the Graduate Certificate in Wiradjuri
Language, Culture, and Heritage which is co-ordinated
by a senior Wiradjuri educator and researcher. The
intellectual, cultural, spiritual and language leadership
of Dr Uncle Stan Grant Snr continues to govern and
protect the integrity of the program.

Information for applicants - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement                                                                   7
Historical timeline
    Charles Sturt University has been built on a tradition of excellence in teaching and
    research spanning more than 100 years, with the first enrolment of students at the
    Bathurst Experiment Farm in 1897. Formed progressively through the merger of regional
    institutions in south-western and western New South Wales, Charles Sturt University
    was formally incorporated on 19 July 1989, under the Charles Sturt University Act 1989.

    1989                             1991                             1993                          1997
    Charles Sturt University         Charles Sturt University         Land purchased at             Charles Sturt University
    established by Act of            Coat of Arms unveiled.           Thurgoona to expand           named University of
    Parliament, merging the          The Cedars historic              Albury-Wodonga campus.        the Year, for success in
    former Mitchell College          property purchased in                                          educating first-in-family
    of Advanced Education            Albury and refurbished as        Transfer of the Robinson      university students.
    and the Riverina-Murray          Albury-Wodonga campus            Education Centre site in
    Institute of Higher              administrative centre.           Broken Hill to                HSC Online launched.
    Education. Interim Board                                          Charles Sturt University by
    of Governors meets for the                                        the University of New South   New offices and library
    first time and announces                                          Wales.                        opened at Manly.
    appointment of the
    inaugural Chancellor, David
    Asimus AO.
                                                                                                    Establishment of former
                                                                                                    Goulburn College of
                                                                                                    Advanced Education
                                                                                                    precinct as a university
                                                                                                    campus with the signing of
                                                                      1996                          contract with New South
                                                                                                    Wales Police Service to
                                     1992                             Charles Sturt University      provide policing education.
                                                                      signs with Study Group
                                     The Charles Sturt
                                                                      Australia, initially          Establishment of a new
                                     University chancellery, the
                                                                      establishing Charles Sturt    campus in Canberra,
                                     Grange, opens at Bathurst
                                                                      University Study Centres      Australian Capital Territory,
                                                                      in Melbourne and Sydney,      to house the
    1990                             Agreement signed to
                                                                      and more recently
                                                                      in Brisbane.
                                                                                                    Charles Sturt University
                                                                                                    Australian Centre for
    Former Riverina-Murray           partner in Australian
                                     Graduate School of Police                                      Christianity and Culture
    Institute of Higher
                                     Management, based at                                           in partnership with the
    Education principal,
                                     Manly, Sydney.                                                 Diocese of Canberra and
    Professor Cliff Blake AO,
    appointed as inaugural
    Vice-Chancellor.                 Charles Sturt University-
                                     TAFE centre opens in                                           2001
                                                                                                    Vice-Chancellor Cliff
                                                                                                    Blake AO retires and the
                                                                                                    university’s second Vice-
                                                                                                    Chancellor, Professor
                                                                                                    Ian Goulter AM, is

                                                                                                    Official opening of Dubbo

8                                                                                                    Charles Sturt University
2002                                2008                                   2012                            2017
Chancellor Dr David                 Indigenous Education                   Opening of Port                 Vice-Chancellor Professor
Asimus AO retires and               Strategy launched.                     Macquarie campus.               Andrew Vann signs another
the university’s second                                                                                    five-year contract through
Chancellor, Lawrie Willett          Charles Sturt University                                               to 2021.
AO, is appointed.                   Green environmental office
                                    established.                                                           2018
                                                                                                           Charles Sturt University
                                                                                                           announces Joint Program
                                                                                                           in Medicine to be delivered
                                                                                                           in partnership with Western
                                                                                                           Sydney University
                                                                           2014                            from 2021.
                                                                           Chancellor Lawrie Willett
                                                                           AO retires and Dr Michele
                                                                           Allan is appointed as the
                                    2009                                   university’s third Chancellor
                                    First intake of dental                 and first female in the role.
2005                                science students.
Establishment of new
campus in Ontario, Canada.          2011
                                    University rebranding,
Transfer of Orange campus           including replacement of                                               2019
by the University of                crest with new logo, a motif                                           The university celebrates
Sydney (formerly Orange             of sturt desert pea.                                                   its 30 year anniversary and
Agricultural College) to                                                                                   officially launches the new
Charles Sturt University.           Vice-Chancellor Ian Goulter                                            Charles Sturt University
                                    retires and Professor                  2015                            brand.
First intake of veterinary          Andrew Vann is appointed               Opening of a Regional
science students.                   as the university’s third              University Study Centre
                                    Vice-Chancellor.                       in Wangaratta in northern

                                                                           Move to three faculties:
                                                                           Faculty of Arts and
                                                                           Education; Faculty of
                                                                           Business, Justice and
                                                                           Behavioural Sciences; and
                                                                           Faculty of Science.

 Information for applicants - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement                                                                 9
Position information
  Pro Vice-Chancellor,                                           Key working relationships
                                                                 The Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement works
  Indigenous Engagement                                          closely with:
  Reporting relationships                                        •   Members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Team
                                                                 •   Director, Indigenous Student Success
  This position reports to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  (Research and Engagement) and supervises the                   •   Head of School, School of Indigenous Australian
  following positions:                                               Studies
                                                                 •   Directors, External Engagement
  •    Chair of Indigenous Research                              •   Indigenous Employment Coordinator
  •    Senior Research Fellow                                    •   Indigenous Board of Studies
  •    Research Project Manager
                                                                 •     Indigenous Education Steering Committee.
  •    Administration Assistant.

  Organisational structure
                                                 Deputy Vice-Chancellor
                                               (Research and Engagement)

                                                                              Strategic Adviser                         Manager,
 Pro Vice-Chancellor                               Pro Vice-Chancellor                            Chief Strategy
                         Pro Vice-Chancellor                                                                        Research Integrity,
                                                                            Regional Engagement      Officer
Community and Global                                   Indigenous                                                      Ethics and
                       Research and Innovation                                and Government
   Engagement                                         Engagement                                     AgriPark          Compliance

                             Chief of Indigenous
                                                                     Senior Research Fellow
                             Research (vacant)

                          Research Project Manager                   Administration Assistant

 10                                                                                                         Charles Sturt University
Position overview                                                         •   Establish a cross-cultural forum designed to
                                                                              encourage Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff
The Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement is                             and students to come together, to:
responsible for providing advice and taking an active
leadership role in the continuing development and                             -   develop reflective, collaborative practices
implementation of Indigenous learning, research and                               conducive to creating innovative ideas
engagement across the university, monitoring strategic                        -   create effective cross-cultural relationships as
direction and reporting on its continuing effectiveness                           a critical tool in building stronger futures for all
in relation to all aspects of Indigenous higher education                         students and staff
and leading the Office of Indigenous Engagement.
                                                                              -   engage in collaborations designed to identify
The Office of Indigenous Engagement has a keen                                    engagement, research and educational
focus on building critical Indigenous research through                            activities and outcomes that have significant
promoting increased engagement in both academic                                   implications for improving future lives of all
and external community-based research projects,                                   people living in regional/remote NSW.
project management and reporting designed to raise
the profile and valuing of Indigenous research.                           •   Monitor research and education delivery that
                                                                              is aligned to the Charles Sturt University values
                                                                              – insightful, inclusive, impactful, inspiring – and
Principal responsibilities                                                    designed to reflect the Charles Sturt University
Strategic leadership                                                          ethos of Yindyamarra Winhanganha – ‘the wisdom
                                                                              of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world
•   Provide leadership and strategic direction on all                         worth living in’, to ensure the learning needs of
    issues relating to Indigenous engagement and                              all Charles Sturt University students, including all
    research across the university.                                           Indigenous Australian students, are fulfilled.
•   Contribute significantly to major decision-                           •   Lead ongoing implementation and maintain
    making processes of the university by proactive                           monitoring, reporting and review of Charles Sturt
    engagement in committees, strategic planning,                             University Indigenous Education Strategy and
    projects, and working parties, and provision of                           Sub-Plan to ensure overall effectiveness.
    discussion papers, policy documents and expert
                                                                          Leadership and coordination of portfolio
    advice as required.
                                                                          •   Strengthen Indigenous leadership throughout
•   Actively engage with Indigenous staff and provide
                                                                              Charles Sturt University by adapting an active
    feedback to university leadership on matters of
                                                                              leadership role in the development and delivery of
                                                                              mutually beneficial Indigenous engagement, quality
•   Maintain a high level of understanding of national                        Indigenous education programs and innovative
    and global contexts for Indigenous higher                                 Indigenous Research; and by fostering and
    education development. This includes Universities                         encouraging university-wide communication and
    Australia Indigenous Strategy 2017-2020 and                               collaboration on Indigenous issues.
    strong knowledge of the Indigenous capabilities of
                                                                          •   Provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor and senior
    Charles Sturt University.
                                                                              leadership on Indigenous issues relevant to the
•   Contribute to social policy debate as related to                          university.
    Indigenous affairs, and preparing commentary and
                                                                          •   Establish a framework of structures, processes
    submissions on behalf of the university on matters
                                                                              and relationships to ensure effective engagement
    of significant and national importance.
                                                                              and incorporate Indigenous perspectives into all
                                                                              aspects of university life.

Information for applicants - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement                                                                  11
Stakeholder engagement and management                        Key position accountabilities
•    Provide high level advocacy for the university.         A Pro Vice-Chancellor is accountable for:
•    Build supportive relationships with Indigenous          •   managing change by anticipating and responding
     communities from the lands on which Charles                 to developments within the external and internal
     Sturt University campuses are located. This will be         environment that may impact on the university
     a critical first step in breaking down barriers and
     opening up quality community communications             •   leading and guiding the setting of the university’s
     that encourage and enhance cross-cultural                   mission, values, priorities and objectives
     community engagement.                                   •   leading and guiding the development of policies
•    Build links with the broader community, industry            and strategies that contribute to the achievement
     and professions both nationally and internationally,        of the university’s mission, values, priorities and
     to improve research engagement and higher                   objectives
     education opportunities for Indigenous Australians.     •   aligning organisational activities with the university’s
•    Work collaboratively with the faculties and divisions       mission, values, priorities and objectives through
     to implement key actions from the university’s              consultative planning and the management of
     Indigenous sub-plans.                                       performance

People management                                            •   leading and promoting the development of a strong,
                                                                 responsive and accountable market/client focus
•    Ensure effective people management and
     mentoring of direct reports.                            •   fostering university links into regional and
                                                                 international business, industrial and research
•    Within a changing environment, motivate staff               communities
     to deliver innovative, effective and efficient
     practices that will define Charles Sturt University     •   providing leadership and support for the
     as a national leader and significant international          development of staff, including the recognition of
     player in Indigenous research, engagement and               emerging talent
     education.                                              •   participating in the Employee Development and
Other                                                            Review Scheme

•    Other duties appropriate to the classification          •   assisting in ensuring equity, and occupational health
     as required.                                                and safety within the university
                                                             •   leading in accordance with the university leadership
                                                                 expectations and capabilities of the Charles Sturt
                                                                 University Capability Framework

12                                                                                                         Charles Sturt University
Information for applicants - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement   13
Strategic capabilities
                               Service focused: strive to meet needs and exceed expectations of our students,
                               communities and colleagues (performance focus, quality outcomes, student welfare, equity
                               and conduct).

          Get results          Business savvy: continually look to add commercial value in our roles, processes and ways
                               of working.

                               Innovative: with creativity at our core, be open to new ideas and seek to find better ways.

                               Live our values: uphold the university values daily in our own behaviours and interactions
                               with others.

                               Take action: weigh up risks and make prompt decisions, backing ourselves and each other
         Take ownership        (delivery of strategies and projects).

                               Adapt to change: explore the reasons for change, and be willing to accept new ideas and

                               Network: bring people together and build relationships that deliver desired benefits and

          Collaborate          Listen closely: dig deep to understand others, using self-insight to build team spirit and
          with others          recognise efforts.

                               Influence: create compelling arguments to persuade others and promote ideas that add
                               strategic value.

     Physical capabilities
     You may be required to:
     •     work in other environments beyond the faculty such as other campuses, as well as possible car and
           air travel. You will be working with a diverse range of staff, students and community members
     •     on occasion, drive a university vehicle distances up to 500km per day within the terms of the
           university’s Driver Safety Policy and Guidelines available at

14                                                                                                             Charles Sturt University
Applicants are expected to address the selection
criteria when applying for this position.

A. Must identify as an Indigenous Australian with a
demonstrated understanding of Indigenous cultures
and societies, and an ability to communicate sensitively
                                                                             How to apply
and effectively with Indigenous people, including the
requirement for genuine consultation and negotiation.
                                                                             Please email and
B. An established scholar, with PhD or equivalent                            quote the reference code “CSUpvi1119”.
qualification in a relevant discipline, and recognised as                    Your application should include:
an authority in that field of expertise.
                                                                             •   a covering letter outlining your statement of
C. Demonstrated strategic leadership, including                                  interest and claim for the role against the key
extensive knowledge of Indigenous sustainability,                                selection criteria, and
engagement, research and education issues, in a
university context.                                                          •   a complete and current curriculum vitae (CV).
                                                                             Please address your cover letter and CV to Andrew
D. Proven ability to develop and manage effective                            Norton or Sharyn Gowans at Fisher Leadership,
liaison with internal and external stakeholders, including                   the executive search firm assisting Charles Sturt
professional and regional (Indigenous) communities,                          University in this appointment.
relevant industry and public sector organisations, and
the ability to build partnerships and alliances promoting                    Make sure that you receive an email
the university, its graduates and research.                                  acknowledgement confirming receipt of your
E. Ability to promote consultative planning and decision
making, to develop a sense of unity, cooperation                             For a confidential discussion about the role,
and common purpose among staff, and to support                               please contact Andrew Norton or Sharyn Gowans
organisational and cultural change as needed.                                on 1300 347 437.

F. Ability to effectively manage and develop the
finances, resources and infrastructure of the Office of
Indigenous Engagement.

How to apply

   Information for applicants - Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous Engagement                                                         15
                                                             Study Centre

 New South Wales
                                                     Port Macquarie         The position of Pro Vice-Chancellor, Indigenous
                                                                            Engagement is based at one of our regional New South
                                Orange                                      Wales campuses in Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange or Wagga
                                Bathurst                                    Wagga.
              Goulburn                                                      Our campuses are in some of Australia’s fastest growing
              NSW Police Academy              Study Centre
                                              Manly                         regional cities and offer a unique work/life experience
                      Wagga Wagga             Parramatta                    with access to the best of city living and the benefits of
                                                                            a regional lifestyle. Each city offers great local healthcare
                                                                            services, wonderful recreational facilities and quality
                                                                            education networks.
                Albury-Wodonga                                              For more information visit

           Regional University Study Centre
       Melbourne                                                            A vibrant regional city located just a few short hours west
       Study Centre                                                         of Sydney, Bathurst is one of the regional New South
                                                                            Wales’ most beautiful cities.
                                                                            With a population of just over 41,000, a strong, prosperous
                                                                            economy, a friendly multicultural community and a vibrant
                                                                            cultural life, Bathurst is an ideal location.


                                                                                                                                            The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Provider Number for Charles Sturt University is 00005F. © Charles Sturt University, 2019. F6247.
                                                                            The real heart of New South Wales, Dubbo is a dynamic,
                                                                            regional centre that offers the dual benefits of relaxation
                                                                            and space with the amenities of a major city.
                                                                            With a population of nearly 39,000, you can enjoy
                                                                            a quality lifestyle with affordable housing, career
                                                                            opportunities, high-quality health, educational and
                                                                            professional services.

                                                                            A major centre with a true provincial feel, Orange offers a
                                                                            remarkable array of sights, scenes and tastes to delight.
                                                                            Only 3.5 hours from Sydney, it boasts beautiful parks,
                                                                            historic streetscapes, award winning wineries, hatted
                                                                            restaurants and a population of just over 40,000 people.

                                                                            Wagga Wagga
                                                                            Situated in the Riverina, Wagga (as the locals call it) is
                                                                            the largest regional city in New South Wales. Vibrant,
                                                                            cosmopolitan and welcoming, Wagga offers great natural
                                                                            beauty, period architecture, shopping, career opportunities
                                                                            and affordable housing.
                                                                            Wagga offers excellent opportunities in many areas
                                                                            including defence, health, engineering, and construction.
                                                                            It’s a thriving and growing community with a population of
                                                                            more than 62,000 people.

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