International Course Calendar 2018 - More than education - Straumann

International Course Calendar 2018 - More than education - Straumann
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International Course
			Calendar 2018
		 More than education
International Course Calendar 2018 - More than education - Straumann

04	Sharpen your skills at every level of competence

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     Straumann® International Course Calendar 2018

18   Straumann Smart – Immerse to succeed              31	Master Course in Regenerative and
                                                             ­Plastic-Esthetic Periodontal Surgery
19	Master Course on the Bernese Concept
    for the Treatment of Periodontally                 32	Advance Implant Training Course
    Compromised Patients
                                                       33	Master Course in Esthetic Implant Dentistry
20	Master Course in Prevention and                    34	Master Course Edentulism:
    Management of Esthetic Implant Failures                A challenging condition
21	Full Digital: Same Day Immediate Loading           36	Plan for the long-term results in
22	Reconstructive periodontal plastic surgery             implant ­prosthetics
    in the esthetic zone                               37	Digital Dentistry Symposium:
23	Guided surgical implant dentistry:                     The Time is Now
    Possibilities and limitations                      38	From non-invasive procedures to fixed implant
24	Soft Tissue Management at Implants:                    reconstructions – The Geneva Concept
    The Single Tooth Gap                               39	From non-invasive procedures to fixed implant
25	Dental Implant Symposium:                              reconstructions – The Geneva Concept:
    Start your Journey                                     Advanced Module 1

                                                       40	From non-invasive procedures to fixed implant
26	Master course: Implant Treatment
                                                           reconstructions – The Geneva Concept:
    in the Esthetic Zone: from A to Z!
                                                           Advanced Module 2
27	Flexible treatment options for
                                                       41	Prosthetic considerations for the
    fixed full-arch restorations
                                                           CADCAM era and digital solutions
28	Master Course in GBR and
                                                       42	The elderly patient in daily private practice
    Sinus Floor E
                ­ levation Procedures
                                                       43   Manchester Dental Implant Course
29	Digital Dentistry Symposium:
    The Time is Now                                    44   The Campbell Academy Year Course

30	11th Icelandic Education Week                      45	Straumann Smart
International Course Calendar 2018 - More than education - Straumann

     ITI International Course Calendar 2018

47   ITI Online Academy – Lern, interact, grow   52   28th ITI Education Week Bern

48   ITI Education Week Boston                   54	ITI Education Week Toronto

49	2nd ITI Education Week London                56   ITI Foundation in Implant Dentistry

50	10th ITI Education Week Hong Kong

     botiss    International Course Calendar 2018

58	bone & tissue days – World Congress          61	Hands-on Human Cadaver Course

59   bone & tissue days Tel Aviv                 62	Two-day Human Cadaver Course

60   Steigmann & Zucchelli
Sharpen your skills at
  every level of competence

When it comes to training, the expectations of dental
professionals today are higher than ever before. Every
dental professional is unique and benefits from indi-
vidual training. Straumann stands for variety and
innovation. This means that we offer the perfect life-
long professional education in more than 70 countries
addressing the needs of dentists, dental technicians
and dental assistants throughout their career.

Continuous professional growth is one of the most
important topics for dental professionals. Our aim is to
provide a comprehensive, lifelong education and train-
ing program on surgical and restorative procedures
with the latest technologies available on all levels of
complexity. This means we offer educational programs
ranging from the fundamentals of dental implantology
to very complex procedures. This ensures that you are
equipped to grow professionally and personally at
every stage of your professional life.


Marco Gadola,
Chief Executive Officer

Ongoing professional education and lifelong learning starts with us. Straumann® is
renowned for its outstanding role in Education and provides state-of-the-art training
for dental professionals in more than 70 countries. Part of our commitment to our
customers and patients is to provide a comprehensive, ongoing education and
training program on surgical and restorative procedures with the latest technolo-
gies available and conducted by industry-leading experts from all around the world.

Within education and research, Straumann® works closely with the International
Team for Implantology (ITI), an independent, inter­national network of eminent
clinicians and researchers from leading clinics, research institutes and universities
around the world. The ITI is providing a growing global network for life-long
learning in implant dentistry through comprehensive quality education and inno-
vative research for the benefit of the patient.

Since Straumann® is a total solution provider for tooth replacement, we also
work closely with botiss biomaterials. The botiss academy offers international
­educational events in dental bone and tissue regeneration.

How to use this catalogue                                                                          sac level

This catalogue provides an overview of international courses and will be c­ ontinually
                                                                                                  language          EN
updated. The courses are sorted by date. A much broader offering is provided                                   language

locally, please visit the Straumann website or contact your
local sales representative.
                                                                                          education credits         40
sac level The SAC classification was developed by the International Team for
Implantology (ITI) and classifies cases into three categories: Straightforward (S),
Advanced (A) and Complex (C) (SAC). The SAC classification helps dentists to deter-
mine the degree of complexity and the potential risks for restorative and surgical                   theory

                                                                                         practical exercises
Straightforward Level
The surgical and prosthetic procedures appear uncomplicated, with a low risk of
complications. Cases have a predictable functional outcome where aesthetics are
not a factor.
                                                                                              live surgeries

Advanced Level
The surgical and prosthetic procedures pose a greater challenge with an increased
risk of complications and a moderate to high aesthetic risk.

Complex Level
The surgical and prosthetic procedures appear complicated with a high risk of
­complications and a high aesthetic risk.

education credits Indicates the number of continuing education points, hours
or credits you receive by attending the course. Please note that the p
                                                                     ­ rocedures
­differ by country. You can check the procedures with the local ­provider of the
course and your local authority.

lecture Theoretical sessions, consisting of presentations and might also include
case planning and discussion.

hands-on Practical exercises to support theory part

live surgeries Surgery live either directly at the chairside or transmitted via

terms & conditions
ѹѹ Course costs do not include travel, accommodation or other non-tuition
   related costs except stated otherwise.
ѹѹ Please be aware: VAT or applicable taxes are not included in all instances
   except stated otherwise.
ѹѹ Course dates can change

registration: You can register for any course using the contact details provided.

Our Speakers

A dr. william abbott                                         dr. stephen barter, bds msurgdent rcs
                 Private Practice,                                           Specialist Oral Surgeon, Perlan
                 Toronto, Canada                                            Specialist Centre, ­Eastbourne and
                                                                            ­Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Oral
                                                                             Clinical Research, Institute of Dentistry,
                                                                             QMUL, ­London, Eastbourne, UK

   dr. marcus abboud                                         dr. jill bashutski
                  University of Kentucky College of                         Clinical Assistant Professor Division
                  ­Dentistry as Full Professor and                           of Periodontics Department of
                 ­Associate Dean for Digital Dentistry,                      Periodontics and Oral Medicine
                   Lexington, KY, USA                                       ­University of ­Michigan School
                                                                             of ­Dentistry, Michigan, USA

   dr. samir abou-ayash                                      dr. ilan beitlitum
                 Department of Reconstructive Dentistry                    Department of P  ­ eriodontology,
                 and Gerodontology, University of Bern,                    Tel Aviv University School of
                 School of Dental Medicine,                                ­Dental ­Medicine,
                 Bern, Switzerland                                         Tel Aviv, Israel

   dr. majd al mardini                                       prof. urs c. belser
                 Department of Dentistry and Maxil­lo­                      Guest professor in the Department
                  facial Prosthetics Princess Margaret                      of Oral Surgery, University of Bern,
                 ­Hospital, Associate in Dentistry at the                   School of Dental Medicine,
                  University of Toronto, Private Practice,                  Bern, Switzerland
                  Hamilton, Ontario, Hamilton Canada

   dr. sofia aroca                                           prof. dr. nitzan bichacho
                 Department of Periodontology,                             Private Practice,
                 University of Bern, School of                             Tel Aviv, Israel
                 ­Dental Medicine,
                  Bern, Switzerland

   dr. maria b. asparuhova                                   mr. slawek bilko
                 Clinic for Oral Surgery and Stomatology,                  Dental Laboratory,
                 Dental Clinic, University of Bern,                        Toronto, Canada
                 Bern, Switzerland,

B chris barrow                                               dr. dr. oliver blume
                 The Campbell Academy,                                      Private Practice,
                 Guest Speaker,                                             Munich, Germany
                 Manchester, UK

Our Speakers

dr. farhad boltchi                                        prof. daniel buser
              Private practice,                                          Chairman of the Clinic for Oral Surgery
              Texas, USA                                                 and Stomatology, Dental Clinic
                                                                         University of Bern,
                                                                         Bern, Switzerland

prof. michael bornstein                                   dr. ramona buser
              Department of Oral and Maxillofacial                       Department of Reconstructive Dentistry
              Radiology, Faculty of Dentistry,                           and Gerodontology, University of Bern,
              The University of Hong Kong,                               School of Dental Medicine,
              Hong Kong                                                  Bern, Switzerland

prof. dieter bosshardt                                    bernita bush
              Head of the Robert K. Schenk L­ aboratory                  Dental Hygiene Instructor,
              for Oral ­Histology at the Dental                          Bern, Switzerland
              Clinics at the University of Bern,
              Bern, Switzerland

prof. urs braegger                                        tracy butler
              Head of the Department of                                  CRHD, MFT, National Director of
               ­Reconstructive Dentistry and                             Hygiene Education, Straumann,
              ­Gerodontology, University of Bern,                        Andover, USA
              School of Dental Medicine,
               Bern, Switzerland

prof. jeffrey briney                                      ashley byrne
              Private practice,                                          Dental Technician,
              California, USA                                            Managing director of Byrnes Dental,
                                                                         Oxfordshire, UK

dr. allen burgoyne                                    C colin campbell
              Specialist for Implantology,                               The Campbell Clinic, Director,
              Esthetic Restorative Dentistry and                         The Campbell Academy, Director,
              ­Prosthodontics in private practice,                       Nottingham, UK
              Kitchener, Canada

colin burns                                               prof. joão caramés
              The Campbell Academy,                                      Implantology Institute,
              Implant Dentist,                                           Lisbon, Portugal
              Nottingham, UK

Our Speakers

sylvain carciofo                                        dr. luis cuadrado
             Dental Technician, Clinic for Fixed                        Private Practice,
             ­Prosthodontics and Biomaterials,                          Madrid, Spain
              Center for Dental and Medicine,
             University of Geneva, Switzerland,
             Geneva, Switzerland

dr. guy carmeli                                     D dr. michel dard
             Private Practice,                                          Institut Straumann AG,
             Tel Aviv, Israel                                           Basel, Switzerland

dr. robert p. carmichael                                dr. andré de souza, d.d.s.,
             Holland Bloorview Kids                                     Assistant Professor at Tufts University,
             Rehabilitation Hospital,                                   School of Dental Medicine,
             Toronto, CanadaIsra                                        Boston MA, USA

pd dr. vivianne chappuis                                dr. dina dedi
             Clinic for Oral Surgery and Stomatology,                   Prosthodontist Specialist, director of
             Dental Clinic, University of Bern,                         aesthetic dentistry postgraduate
             Bern, Switzerland                                          ­programmes at the UCL Eastman
                                                                         ­Dental ­Institute in London,
                                                                          London, UK

dr. dominiki chatzopoulou                               prof. nikolaos donos, dds, ms, fhea, phd
              Specialist Periodontist, Queen Mary                       Chair of Periodontology & Implant
              ­University of London, School of                          ­Dentistry, Institute of ­Dentistry, Barts
             ­Medicine and Dentistry,                                   & The ­London School of Medicine
               London, UK                                               & ­Dentistry, Queen Mary ­University
                                                                         of ­London, ­London, UK

dr. andré chen                                          prof. karl dula
             Implantology Institute,                                    Clinic for Oral Surgery and Stomatology,
             Lisbon, Portugal                                           Dental Clinic, University of Bern,
                                                                        Bern, Switzerland

dr. cristina cuadrado                               E prof. dr. sigrun eick
             Private Practice,                                          Oral Microbiology, University of Bern,
             Madrid, Spain                                              School of Dental Medicine,
                                                                        Bern, Switzerland

Our Speakers

   dr. todd engel                                              prof. helena francisco
                 Private practice,                                               Implantology Institute,
                 North Carolina, USA                                             Lisbon, Portugal

F dr. joseph fava                                              dr. marshall m. freilich
                Prosthodontist, Clinical professor and                       Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon,
                 Co-director of the Continuing Education                     Toronto, Canada
                 Implant Residency Program at the
                ­University of Toronto,
                Toronto, Canada

   vincent fehmer                                              dr. bernard friedland
                 Master Dental Technician, Clinic for                            Assistant Professor of Oral M
                                                                                                             ­ edicine,
                 Fixed Prosthodontics and B­ iomaterials,                         Infection, and Immunity and ­Clinical
                  Center for Dental and Medicine,                                Associate in Harvard School of
                 ­University of Geneva, Switzerland,                             ­Dental ­Medicine Clinic,
                 Geneva, Switzerland                                              Boston, MA, USA

   dr. mirela feraru                                           dr. peter fritz
                Private Practice,                                                Periodontist in private practice,
                Tel Aviv, Israel                                                 Fonthill, Canada

   thomas flemmig                                              dr. paul fugazzotto
                Dean, Kingboard Professor in Advanced                            Private practice,
                Dentistry, Clinical Professor in                                 Massachusetts, USA
                ­Periodontology, Faculty of Dentistry,
                The ­University of Hong Kong,
                 Hong Kong

   dr. norbert fock, md dmd                                 G dr. german gallucci
                Private Practice,                                                 Chair, Department of Restorative
                Vienna, Austria                                                   ­Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences and
                                                                                   Raymond J. and Elva Pomfret Nagle
                                                                                 ­Associate Professor, Harvard School of
                                                                                   Dental Medicine, Boston, MA, USA

   ass. prof. george fokas                                     dr. hamasat gheddaf, dam, dmd, dr. med. dent.
                Clinical Assistant Professor in Implant                          Assistant ­Professor at Tufts University,
                Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry,                                  School of Dental ­Medicine,
                The ­University of Hong Kong,                                    Boston MA, USA
                Hong Kong

Our Speakers

   dr. bernhard giesenhagen                               J dr. martin janda
                Private Practice,                                           Private practice,
                Kassel, Germany                                             Lund, Sweden

   dr. nikos gkranias                                        dr. simone janner
                Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary                       Department of Oral Surgery and
                Consultant in Periodontology Centre                         ­ tomatology, University of Bern,
                for Oral Clinical Dentistry Bart’s and                      School of Dental Medicine,
                The Royal London School of Medicine                         Bern, Switzerland
                and Dentistry, London, UK

   dr. arturo godoy                                          prof. lijian jin
                Culiacan, México                                            Modern Dental Laboratory P    ­ rofessor
                                                                             in Clinical Dental Science, Clinical
                                                                            ­Professor in Periodontology Faculty
                                                                             of Dentistry, The University of
                                                                             Hong Kong, Hong Kong

H dr. adam hamilton, bdsc, dcd                               pd dr. tim joda
                 Prosthodontist and lecturer in                             Department of Reconstructive
                 ­restorative dentistry and biomaterial                     Dentistry and Gerodontology,
                 sciences, Harvard School of Dental                         University of Bern, School of
                ­Medicine, Boston MA, USA                                   Dental Medicine, Bern, Switzerland

   dr. khoi ha-ngoc                                       K dr. taimoor kamran
                Private practice,                                           King’s College, London,
                Québec, Canada                                              London, UK

   dr. ran herzberg                                          jan kielhorn
                Private Practice,                                           Private Practice,
                Tel Aviv, Israel                                            Öhringen, Germany

   dr. stephen ho                                            pd dr. dr. frank rudolf kloss
                Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon,                             Private Practice,
                Private practice,                                           Lienz, Austria
                Ontario, Canada

Our Speakers

   dr. yong-han koo                                           dr. sang jin lee
                  Private practice,                                         Assistant Professor of Restorative
                  Massachusetts, USA                                        ­Dentistry and Biomaterials Sciences,
                                                                             Harvard School of Dental Medicine,
                                                                             Boston MA, USA

   dr. konstantinos kountouras                                andrew legg
                 Department of Operative Dentistry                          The Campbell Academy, Director,
                 in the Aristotle University of                             Nottingham, UK
                 Thessaloniki, Greece,
                 Athens, Greece

   prof. ivo krejci                                           dr. robin d. listrom
                  Chairman of the Division of                               Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
                  Cariology and Endodontology,                              at Private Practice,
                  University of Geneva,                                     Toronto, Canada
                  Geneva, Switzerland

   ass. prof. chatchai kunavisarut                        M dr. nikos mardas
                  Assistant Professor in the Department                      Specialist in Periodontics, Senior Clinical
                  of Advanced General Dentistry, Faculty of                   Lecturer & Honorary Consultant,
                  Dentistry, Mahidol University, ­Thailand,                   Barts & The London School of
                  Deputy Dean of Graduate School,                           ­Medicine & ­Dentistry, Queen Mary
                  Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand                      ­University of London, London, UK

L dr. ernest lam                                              prof. duarte marques
                 University of Toronto,                                     Implantology Institute,
                 Faculty of ­Dentistry,                                     Lisbon, Portugal
                 Toronto, Canada

   dr. cobi landsberg                                         dr. will martin
                 Private Practice,                                          Clinical Professor in the Department
                 Tel Aviv, Israel                                           of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at
                                                                            the University of Florida's College
                                                                            of Dentistry, Florida, USA

   prof. niklaus p. lang                                      prof. yukka matinlinna
                  Professor of Implant Dentistry                             Professor in Dental Materials
                  University of Hong Kong, Professor                        ­Science Faculty of Dentistry,
                  Emeritus, ­University of Bern,                            The University of Hong Kong,
                  Bern, Switzerland                                          Hong Kong

Our Speakers

   ass. prof. nikos mattheos                                  ass. prof. edmond pow
                Clinical Associate Professor in Implant                     Clinical Associate Professor in
                Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry,                             ­Prosthodontics Faculty of Dentistry,
                The ­University of Hong Kong,                               The University of Hong Kong,
                Hong Kong                                                    Hong Kong

   anna mcdonagh                                              dr. stavros pelekanos
                The Campbell Academy,                                       Private Practice,
                Nottingham, UK                                              Athens, Greece

   gregor mcglashan                                           prof. bjarni e. pjetursson
                The Campbell Academy,                                       Chairman of the Department
                Nottingham, UK                                              of ­Reconstructive Dentistry,
                                                                            Faculty of Odontology,
                                                                            University of Iceland,
                                                                            Reykjavik, Iceland

   dr. gérald mettraux                                        neil poyser
                Private Practice,                                           The Campbell Academy, Consultant,
                Bern, Switzerland                                           Nottingham, UK

   dr. hassan moghadam                                    R dr. george raeber
                Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon,                             Institut Straumann AG,
                Ottawa, Canada                                              Basel, Switzerland

   prof. frauke müller                                        dr. david rallis
                Division of Gerodontology and                               Private practice,
                ­Removable Prosthodontics,                                  Nebraska, USA
                 University of Geneva,
                Geneva, Switzerland

P dr. mital patel                                             pd dr. christoph a. ramseier
                Consultant and Honorary Senior C  ­ linical                 Department of Periodontics,
                Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry at                        Dental Clinics, University of Bern,
                The Royal London Dental Hospital                            Bern, Switzerland
                and Queen Mary University of London,
                London, UK

Our Speakers

   dr. alfonso rao                                           beatrice sanchez
                 Dip Dent Chieti / Dip Implant Dentistry                    The Campbell Academy,
                 (Eastman), Master Clinician Program                        Dental Surgeon,
                 Implant Dentistry (GIDE),                                  Nottingham, UK
                 Master ­Endodontic (Italy),
                 Bristol, UK

   dr. benjamin retzkin                                      dr. andrea sánchez
                 Private Practice,                                          Digital Specialist,
                 Tel Aviv, Israel                                           Madrid, Spain

   prof. dr. dr. daniel rothamel                             prof. martin schimmel
                 Head of Department, Oral and Maxillofa­                    Department of Reconstructive Dentistry
                 cial Plastic Surgery, Johanniter Hospital                  and Gerodontology, University of Bern,
                 Bethesda Mönchengladbach and Associ­                       School of Dental Medicine,
                 ate Professor, Heinrich-Heine University                   Bern, Switzerland
                 Düsseldorf, Mönchengladbach, Germany

   dr. dominique rousson                                     prof. anton sculean
                 Instructor in Restorative Dentistry and                     Chairman of the Department of
                 Biomaterials Sciences, Part-time,                           ­Periodontology, School of Dental
                 ­Harvard School of Dental Medicine,                        ­Medicine, University of Bern,
                  Boston MA, USA                                              Bern, Switzerland

   dr. morley s. rubinoff                                    dr. beatrice siegrist
                 Prosthodontist, Private Practice,                          Department of P  ­ eriodontology,
                 Toronto, Canada                                            ­Univesity of Bern,
                                                                             Bern, Switzerland

S prof. irena sailer                                         dr. shakeel shahdad
                 Head of Division of Fixed Prosthodontics                  Consultant and Honorary Clinical S ­ enior
                 and Biomaterials, University of Geneva,                   Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry at
                 Geneva, Switzerland                                       The Royal London Dental Hospital,
                                                                           ­Private Practice in London,
                                                                            London, UK

   prof. giovanni e. salvi                                   dr. donald somerville
                 Department of Periodontics,                               Specialist in Prosthodontics
                 Dental Clinics, University of Bern,                       in ­private practice,
                 Bern, Switzerland                                         Toronto, Canada

Our Speakers

   dr. eszter somogyi-ganss                                      prof. maurizio tonetti
                 Prosthodontist University of Toronto,                        Clinical Professor of Periodontology,
                 Faculty of Dentistry,                                        Faculty of Dentistry,
                 Toronto, Canada                                              Hong Kong University,
                                                                              Hong Kong

   dr. martina stefanini                                         prof. leonardo trombelli
                 Private Practice,                                            School of Dentistry, Periodontology,
                 Bologna, Italy                                               ­University of Ferrara,
                                                                               Ferrara, Italy

   dr. marius steigmann, phd                                  U prof. cemal ucer
                 Private Practice,                                            Private Practice,
                 Neckargemünd, Germany                                        Manchester, UK

   dr. valérie suter                                             dr. istvan urban
                  Department of Oral Surgery and                              Private Practice,
                 ­Stomatology, University of Bern,                            Hungary, Budapest
                 School of Dental Medicine,
                  Bern, Switzerland

T dr. ali tahmaseb                                            V dr. tomaso cristian vercellotti
                 Private Practice,                                            Periodontist,
                 Amsterdam, Netherlands                                       Genova, Italy

   dr. nikos tatarakis                                           verónica vidal
                 Specialist for Periodontics in Private                       Laboratory Specialist,
                 Practice, Clinical Research Fellow at                        Madrid, Spain
                  ­Centre for Oral Clinical Research of the
                   Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary
                 ­University of London, London, UK

   dr. theodor thiele,,                              asst. prof. surakit visuttiwattanakorn
                 Private Practice,                                            Department of Oral and Maxillofacial
                 Berlin, Germany                                              Surgery, Faculty of Dentistry,
                                                                              Mahidol University,
                                                                              Bangkok, Thailand

Our Speakers

  dr. robert c. vogel                                      prof. daniel wismeijer
                Private practice,                                        Private practice,
                Florida, USA                                             Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  prof. thomas von arx                                     pd dr. julia wittneben
                Department of Oral Surgery, University                   Division of Fixed Prosthodontics,
                of Bern, School of Dental Medicine,                      University of Bern, School of
                Bern, Switzerland                                        Dental Medicine,
                                                                         Bern, Switzerland

  per vult von steyern                                     alexander wunsche
                Faculty of Odontology, Malmö,                            Dental Technician, Zahntechnique
                Department of Materials science                          ­Dental Lab,
                and Technology,                                          Miami, USA
                Malmö, Sweden

W dr. beat wallkamm                                      Z patrick zimmermann
                Private Practice,                                        Dental Technician, Zahnmanufaktur
                Langenthal, Switzerland                                  Zimmermann & Mäder AG,
                                                                         Bern, Switzerland

  dr. hans-peter weber                                     prof. dr. giovanni zucchelli, dds phd
                Professor and Chair of the                               Professor of Periodontology at
                Department of Prosthodontics,                            the University of Bologna,
                Tufts School of ­Dental Medicine,                        Bologna, Italy
                Boston, MA, USA

International Course
   Calendar 2018
Straumann® Smart
Immerse to succeed.

       CLASSROOM                                  ONLINE                               MENTORING
        TRAINING                                 TRAINING
 An onsite curriculum combining           An unique online education               One-to-one supervision by
 clinical education and practical          platform allowing dentists           experienced implantologists to
 product training tailored to the       to update their knowledge 24/7.           build confidence and provide
        needs of starters.                                                               peace of mind.

   SIMPLE PRODUCT                             LAB                                   PRACTICE AND
      PORTFOLIO                           COMMUNICATION                          PATIENT MARKETING
    Helps reduce complexity               Guidelines on when and                  Training and demonstration
  by initially introducing only a        what to communicate to the           materials for patient consultation as
 limited number of key products.             dental technician.                well as tools for online and offline
                                                                                       practice marketing.

       Do you want to register for or learn more about Smart? Please contact local Straumann subsidiaries.
Master Course on the Bernese Concept
for the Treatment of Periodontally                                                                                        level

Compromised Patients                                                                                                          EN

course overview The aim of this course is to provide general den-           bern, switzerland
tists and specialists with an evidence based concept on the treatment
                                                                            location―School of Dental Medicine,
of periodontally compromised patient. Starting with an overview on                                                            25
                                                                            André Schroeder Auditorium,                  credits
the anatomy, microbiology, etiology and pathogenesis, the course
                                                                            Freiburgstrasse 7, 3010 Bern,
encompasses the most important aspects in diagnosis, treatment
planning, nonsurgical and surgical therapy, use of systemic and local
antibiotics, lasers and photodynamic therapy in the overall frame of a
                                                                            date―January 24–26, 2018
comprehensive treatment concept. The various phases of periodontal                                                       lecture
therapy (i.e. systemic, hygienic, corrective and maintenance) includ-
                                                                            duration―3 days
ing implant therapy in periodontally compromised dentition and their
                                                                            host―Center for Continuing
longterm maintenance will be demonstrated on complex clinical cases.
                                                                            Dental Education
Hands-on workshops and live surgeries will help to acquire in-depth
knowledge about the novel methods in nonsurgical and surgical
­periodontal therapy including the use of various types of ultrasonics,
­air-flow, perio-flow, lasers, photodynamic therapy, incision techniques,   fee―CHF 3200                                  live
flap designs and suturing techniques aiming to treat the defects            CHF 1800 for post-doc students
caused by periodontal and peri-implant infections.                          (Fee includes course materials,
                                                                            PDF handouts of all presentations,
course topics include                                                       coffee breaks, dinner.)
ѹѹ Anatomy of periodontal and peri-implant tissues                          target group―GP, Specialists
ѹѹ Biology of periodontal and peri-implant wound healing                    speakers―Prof. Dr. Anton S
                                                                                                     ­ culean,
ѹѹ Etiology, prevalence, microbiology and pathogenesis of ­periodontal      Prof. Dr. Sofia Aroca, Prof. Dr. ­Dieter
   and peri-implant diseases                                                D. ­Bosshardt, Prof. Dr. Sigrun Eick,
ѹѹ Periodontitis and systemic diseases                                      Prof. Dr. Giovanni E. Salvi, PD Dr.
ѹѹ Treatment planning / Case presentations                                  ­Christoph A. Ramseier, Dr. Gérald
ѹѹ Nonsurgical periodontal therapy / old and new concepts                   ­Mettraux, Dr. ­Beatrice Siegrist,
ѹѹ Use of systemic and local antibiotics in the treament of p
                                                            ­ eriodontal    ­Bernita Bush, ­Dental Hygienist (RDH BS)
   and peri-implant infections
ѹѹ Lasers and photodynamic therapy in the treatment of periodontal          registration and information―
   and peri-implant infections                                              Center for Continuing Dental Education
ѹѹ Diagnosis and treatment of endo-perio lesions                            Mr. Ueli Nacht
ѹѹ Chemical plaque control /novel strategies for biofilm management         Phone: +41 (0) 313 12 43 12
ѹѹ Flap designs and suturing techniques for resective or reconstructive     Fax: +41 (0) 313 12 43 14
   periodontal surgery                                            
ѹѹ Crown lengthening in anterior and posterior areas              
ѹѹ Management of furcations
ѹѹ Implants in periodontally compromised patient
ѹѹ Diagnosis and treatment of peri-implant diseases
ѹѹ Risk assessment and maintenance
Live surgeries demonstrating various surgical techniques for anterior
and posterior areas including treatment of peri-implantitis will illus-
trate the techniques presented in the theoretical part and in hands-on

Master Course in Prevention and
Management of Esthetic Implant Failures                                                                               level

An interactive 3-day course with Live Surgeries                                                                           EN

course overview In the past several years, esthetic implant f­ ailures   bern, switzerland
have significantly increased. Most of these failures are caused by
                                                                         location―School of Dental Medicine,
inproper treatment quality of involved clinicians. The most important                                                     25
                                                                         André Schroeder Auditorium,                  credits
causes for esthetic failures are malpositioned implants, the utiliza-
                                                                         Freiburgstrasse 7, 3010 Bern,
tion of oversized implants, the wrong number of implants, surgical
protocols which overstress the healing potential of the t­ issues, or
cemented implant restorations, which cause peri-implant infections
                                                                         date―February 28–March 02, 2018
due to excess of cement.                                                                                             lecture
                                                                         duration―3 days
This 3-day CE course will first present the treatment concepts how
                                                                         host―Center for Continuing
to deal with esthetic disaster cases, how to remove osseointegrated
                                                                         Dental Education
implants, how to correct missing keratinized mucosa, and how to                                                        live
retreat these patients with implant therapy. On the third day, the
Bernese surgical and prosthetic concepts will be demonstrated
how to prevent esthetic implant complications. Besides more than
15 ­lectures, 5 to 6 live surgeries will be presented to document        fee―CHF 3200
­important steps of therapy.                                             CHF 1800 for post-doc students
                                                                         (Fee includes course materials,
course topics include                                                    PDF handouts of all presentations,
ѹѹ Welcome, objectives of the course and introduction into the topic     coffee breaks, dinner.)
ѹѹ What is an esthetic implant restoration?                              target group―Dentists
ѹѹ Causes of esthetic implant failures                                   speakers―Prof. Daniel Buser,
ѹѹ Biology of bone healing in membrane-protected defects                 Prof. Urs C. Belser, Prof. Anton Sculean,
                                                                         Prof. Dieter Bosshardt, Prof. Thomas
ѹѹ How to remove failed implants in the esthetic zone, surgical
   treatment options in esthetic implant failures                        von Arx, Dr. Vivianne Chappuis

ѹѹ Soft tissue grafting techniques in cases of failed implants
                                                                         registration and information―
ѹѹ Well documented surgical protocols for implant ­placement
                                                                         Center for Continuing Dental Education
   in a correct 3D position, combined with simultaneous
   ­Contour ­Augmentation using GBR                                      Mr. Ueli Nacht
                                                                         Phone: +41 (0) 313 12 43 12
ѹѹ Well documented prosthetic protocols for implant restorations
   in the esthetic zone                                                  Fax: +41 (0) 313 12 43 14
ѹѹ Post-extraction bone and soft tissue alterations
ѹѹ Surgical and prosthetic procedures for single tooth replacement
   with implant supported crowns
ѹѹ Surgical and prosthetic procedures in extended edentulous
   spaces with multiple missing teeth
ѹѹ The power of pink ceramics

Full Digital: Same Day Immediate Loading                                                                                       EN
A Straumann® Pro Arch Course

course overview Treating fully edentulous patients has always been           madrid, spain
challenging yet modern dental implant solutions, such as S
                                                         ­ traumann®
                                                                             location―i2 Implantología
Pro Arch, provide clinicians with a simplified and reliable way to address
                                                                             ­Learning Center,
the challenge.                                                                                                           hands-on
                                                                             Calle Nuñez de Balboa 88
Straumann® Pro Arch is focused on treatment of fully edentulous              28006 Madrid, Spain
patients using fixed restorations and immediate loading protocols. The
solution has been designed to address patient specific needs, including      date―March 01–02, 2018
their expectations, different clinical and anatomical situations, as well    May 10–11, 2018
as their financial resources.                                                September 27–28, 2018
                                                                             time―09:00–19:00h (day 1)
course topics include                                                        09:00–14:00h (day 2)
1. How to select and diagnose a fully edentulous patient                    duration―2 days
     under the Pro Arch concept
2. Surgical technique                                                        fee―EUR 1500
3. Pro Arch same day immediate loading solutions                             target group―The course is ­offered
4.	The use of the TRIOS intraoral scanner in Pro Arch cases,                to dentists, ­maxillofacial ­surgeons and
    ­temporary and definitive prostheses
                                                                             both are more than w
                                                                                                ­ elcome to invite
5.	The Pro Arch prosthetic treatment:
                                                                             their ­dental ­technicians. Upon request,
    same day PMMA full arch design and production
                                                                             a ­special ­parallel program focused
6. All the adds-on while on treatment
                                                                             on ­dental technicians can be offered.
7. Communication with the lab on a full digital workflow
                                                                             ­During the program in March, Arturo
This course will cover:                                                      Godoy DT will hold a parallel program
1.	The preoperative phase: looking for the best esthetics                  for ­dental ­technicians.
      and ­function full digital and conventional                            speakers―Dr. Luis Cuadrado,
2.	The surgery with special focus on the full digital approach              Dr. Arturo Godoy, Dr. Cristina Cuadrado,
     ­starting with the intraoral scanner                                    Dr. Andrea Sánchez, Verónica Vidal
3.	The immediate full digital arch, same day, rehabilitation.
      Design, production and installation                                    registration and information―
4. The final full arch full digital bridge                         
5.	The technology: TRIOS intraoral scanner, software,
                                                                             Phone +34 915 62 44 64 or contact
   CAD software, milling, printing
                                                                             your Straumann ­Representative

course objectives The purpose of the course is to share with parti­
cipants deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience in treat-
ment of fully edentulous patients using Straumann® Pro Arch surgical
and prosthetic protocols.
The extensive usage of full digital workflow and same day immediate
loading performed under strict conditions and intensively practiced
at the i2 Clinic creates a new implant dentistry focused on individual
patients and their needs.
During the course, participants will learn step-by-step indications,
patient selection, advanced diagnosis, and surgical and prosthetic
treatment with a complete digital workflow. The proprietary treat-
ment protocol designed at i2 Clinic that takes advantage of the full
digital workflow, including the intraoral scanner, will be used in live
surgeries and taught to the participants.                                                                                 21
Reconstructive periodontal plastic surgery
in the esthetic zone                                                                                                  level


course overview The main indication for surgical root coverage            bologna, italy
­procedures result from the high esthetic demand of patients, exposing
                                                                          location―Studio odontoiatrico,
a large portion of the root surface when smiling or function. The goal
                                                                          Prof. Giovanni ­Zucchelli,
is to achieve complete coverage up to the cemento-enamel junction.                                                   lecture
                                                                          Viale XII Giugno 26,
                                                                          40124 Bologna, Italy
The coronally advanced flap is used to treat single and multiple reces-
sion defects affecting adjacent teeth. This surgical technique demon-
                                                                          date―March 26–27, 2018
strates achievement of complete root coverage in most of the patients                                               hands-on
                                                                          June 04–05, 2018
irrespective to the number of recessions treated in each intervention.
                                                                          November 05–06, 2018
                                                                          time―08:30–18:30h (day 1)
course topics include
                                                                          08:45–16:00h (day 2)
                                                                          duration―2 days                             live
Esthetic mucogingival surgery
ѹѹ Prognosis of root coverage
                                                                          fee―EUR 1220
ѹѹ Predetermination of root coverage
                                                                          (The registration fee includes:
ѹѹ The flap moved coronally                                               ­attendance to all scientific sessions,
ѹѹ Bilaminar techniques                                                   congress kit, attendance certificate,
ѹѹ Connective tissue graft removal                                        ­coffee-break, lunch, dinner)
ѹѹ Connective tissue graft substitute (mucoderm®)                         target group―Surgeons
ѹѹ Wound healing in mucogingival surgery                                  speaker―Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli
ѹѹ Straumann® Emdogain® in mucogingival surgery
ѹѹ Surgical treatment of multiple recessions in patients                  registration and information―
   with esthetic demands                                                  FC EVENTI SRL
                                                                          Phone: +39 (0) 51 23 68 95
Treatment of gingival recessions around implants
ѹѹ Increase of keratinized tissue before and during implant
ѹѹ Increase of soft tissue thickness during implant installation

Hands-on exercises
Live surgeries
Case Discussions

Guided surgical implant dentistry:
Possibilities and limitations                                                                                             level


course overview Computer-guided surgery has been a subject of                hong kong, sar, china
interest to clinicians and in dental implant research for many years.
                                                                             location―Prince Phillip Dental Hospital,
Different levels of evidence have been presented showing different                                                      6.5 (tbc)
                                                                             Hong Kong                                    credits
levels of accuracy for dental implants inserted using guided surgical
                                                                             date―April 29, 2018
                                                                             duration―1 day
Different protocols have been presented in the literature, which vary
                                                                             host―Faculty of Dentistry,
in aspects such as different guide production, support and surgical                                                      lecture
                                                                             The University of Hong Kong
protocols. The purpose of this course is to clarify the different concepts
in guided surgery and their respective advantages, disadvantages and,
more importantly, their limitations. The ongoing evolution and trends
regarding these techniques will also be described and discussed.             fee― HK$ 1,500
                                                                             HK$ 2,000 (after March 31, 2018)
course topics include                                                        HK$ 1000 (for students)
ѹѹ Basic principles of 3D imaging in dental medicine including               target group―GP, Specialists
   cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)                                      speakers―Ali Tahmaseb,
ѹѹ Principles of guided surgical implant dentistry                           Nikos Mattheos, Michael Bornstein

ѹѹ Computer-guided and Operator-guided implant Surgery.
                                                                             registration and information―
   Seeing beyond the hype.
                                                                             Ms. Cathie Chui
ѹѹ Case discussions                                                          Faculty of Dentistry, 6/F,
                                                                             The Prince Philip Dental Hospital
                                                                             34 Hospital Road, Sai Ying Pun,
                                                                             Hong Kong

Soft Tissue Management at Implants:
The Single Tooth Gap                                                                                                     level


course overview The aim of the course is the identification of the          hong kong, sar, china
most effective and efficient surgical approaches for periimplant soft
                                                                            location―Prince Phillip Dental Hospital,
tissue management, prevent complication and understand and control
                                                                            Hong Kong
the clinical and surgical variables in single tooth implant placement.                                                  lecture

                                                                            date―May 4–5, 2018
course topics include
                                                                            time―09:00–18:00h (day 1)
Day 1                                                                       09:00–17:00h (day 2)
ѹѹ Indications and clinical rationale for optimal management                duration―2 days                            hands-on
   of soft tissues at implant sites                                         host―Faculty of Dentistry,
ѹѹ Keratinized mucosa: clinical relevance at implant sites                  The University of Hong Kong
ѹѹ Flap design and soft tissue management at tissue level
   and bone level implants                                                                                               live
ѹѹ Connective tissue grafts for increase in soft tissue thickness
                                                                            fee― USD 1,500
ѹѹ Presentation and live microsurgery of two clinical cases
                                                                            max. number of participants―24
Day 2                                                                       speaker―Professor Maurizio S. Tonetti
ѹѹ Hands on course on anatomical surgical model with
   micro-surgical instruments                                               registration and information―
ѹѹ Socket preservation: soft and hard tissue                                Straumann Training & Education (T&E)
ѹѹ Bone regeneration with bone-level submerged implant                      Contact person: Odeta Shkembi
ѹѹ Soft tissue management and papilla preservation at                       Email:
   trans-mucosal implant
ѹѹ Healing of the extraction socket, immediate and delayed                  social activity: 4 May 2018,
   implant placement: soft tissue management                                Straumann dinner
ѹѹ Approaches to preserve soft tissue volumes and alveolar
   crest profile
ѹѹ Methods to preserve and enhance keratinized mucosa
ѹѹ Management of complications and how to stabilize
   long term outcomes
ѹѹ Decision making strategy to manage soft tissues

course objectives The objective is also to assist the participants in
clarifying the merits and limits of the different proposals by founding
the decision-making process on scientific evidence. The theoretical
base will be supported by slide and video presentations, while clinical
cases will be treated with live surgery captured through an operating
microscope in order to allow participants to capture every detail of the

Over the two days, the course will discuss the theoretical basis for soft
tissue management, will illustrate it with live surgery, will have the
participants perform the exact procedures on high tech simulators and
then discuss a clinical strategy to implement the new skills in practice.

Dental Implant Symposium:
Start your Journey                                                                                                     level


course overview This 1.5 day Symposium is designed to introduce           montreal, qc, canada
the dental team to the world of implant dentistry, and the innovations
                                                                          location―Le Centre Sheraton
that are rapidly changing how implant dentistry is practiced today.                                                    12.5
                                                                          ­Montreal Hotel                              credits
Learn from the titans of the industry about the future of Implant den-
                                                                          1201 Boulevard René-Lévesque West
tistry, and how to incorporate implant dentistry into your practice
                                                                          Montreal, QC H3B 2L7
efficiently. Take this opportunity to be on the leading edge of implant
dentistry with Straumann.
                                                                          date―May 11–12, 2018
                                                                          duration―1.5 days
There's something for everyone at this event, from pre-treatment
­planning to placement and final restoration. This is an event you do
                                                                          fee―USD 495
not want to miss!
                                                                          target group―GP, ­Periodontist,
                                                                          ­Prosthodontist, OMS, Lab
course topics include
                                                                          max. number of participants―1000
ѹѹ Research & Development
                                                                          speakers―Dr. Jill Bashutski,
ѹѹ The economics of restoring dental implants
                                                                          Prof. Urs ­Belser, Tracy Butler CRDH MFT,
ѹѹ Full Arch Treatment                                                    Dr. Michel Dard, Dr. Paul Fugazzotto,
ѹѹ Guided Surgery                                                         Dr. ­Stephen Ho, Dr. Khoi Ha-Ngoc,
ѹѹ Digital workflow applications                                          Dr. ­Hassan Moghadam, Dr. George
ѹѹ Patient Case Acceptance                                                ­Raeber, Dr. David Rallis, Dr. Robert
ѹѹ Innovations in digital and implant dentistry                           C. Vogel , Dr. German Gallucci
ѹѹ Cost effective restorations
ѹѹ A Hygiene approach to success                                          registration and information―
                                                                          Learn more:
course objectives
ѹѹ Understand a crown-down approach to dental implant treatment
   planning, placement and final delivery
ѹѹ Incorporate digital workflow into daily implant practice
ѹѹ Understand the unique motivations of edentulous, partially
   ­edentulous and fully dentate immediate load patients for
   improved case acceptance

Master course: Implant Treatment
in the Esthetic Zone: from A to Z!                                                                               level

Improving surgical and prosthodontic skills for lasting success                                                      EN

course overview Anterior maxilla is one of the most challenging         bangkok, thailand
sites for implant placement, as the local anatomy is most frequently
                                                                        location―Bangkok Hospital,
compromised. At the same time, the esthetic demands are quite high.
                                                                        Bangkok, Thailand
After careful patient selection and treatment planning, the operator                                            lecture
will need to master several bone augmentation surgical techniques, as
                                                                        date―May 17–19, 2018
well as surgical and prosthetic manipulation of the soft tissues.
                                                                        duration―3 days
The program is designed for dentists of intermediate level of expe-
                                                                        host―Bangkok Hospital
rience to develop their confidence in the management of complex                                                hands-on
implant treatments in the esthetic zone. The course will focus on
evidence-based decision-making and treatment planning of complex
cases, while at the same time discussing step-by-step the required      fee―USD 890
techniques and procedures, which will be then applied in handson        max. number of participants―32
exercises and will be shown during the live stream surgery.             speakers―Prof. Nikos Mattheos,
                                                                        Prof. Chatchai Kunavisarut
course topics include
Introduction, Treatment Planning and Surgical Techniques:               registration and information―
ѹѹ Minimally invasive implant surgery: philosophy, biology              Straumann Training & Education (T&E)
   and technology                                                       Contact person: Odeta Shkembi
ѹѹ Anterior maxilla, anatomic, esthetic and functional limitations      Email:
ѹѹ Managing the compromised bone: diagnosis and
   treatment planning
ѹѹ Ridge preservation
ѹѹ Immediate implants
ѹѹ Guided bone regeneration with simultaneous implant placement
ѹѹ Technology: implant surface, design and diameter
Hands-on exercises (on plastic model):
ѹѹ Introduction to Microsurgical Flap design and suturing
ѹѹ Immediate implant placement

Advanced Surgical Techniques and Decision Making
ѹѹ Managing the compromised soft tissues:
   manipulation and augmentation
ѹѹ Two-stage augmentation approaches
Hands-on exercises (on pig jaws):
ѹѹ Implant placement with GBR
ѹѹ Piezoelectric surgery demonstration and try
ѹѹ Summing up, discussion, assignments

Prosthetic reconstruction in Anterior Maxilla
ѹѹ Prosthetic Management in Esthetic Zone, complicated cases
ѹѹ Immediate loading protocol
ѹѹ Utilizing digital technology in Implant practice (CADCAM)
Hands-on exercise:
a) Immediate Loading – using the surgical model
b) Temporary crown – using the prosthetic models

Flexible treatment options for
fixed full-arch restorations                                                                                       level


course overview Straumann® Pro Arch full arch rehabilitations were         lisbon, portugal
designed to enable personalized treatment of edentulous patients,
                                                                           location―Instituto de Implantologia,
­taking into account each individual’s expectations, clinical situation,
                                                                           Lisbon, Portugal
and financial capabilities.                                                                                       lecture

                                                                           date―May 24–25, 2018
Patient-specific treatment protocols are based on the vast experience
                                                                           duration―1.5 days
and anatomic classification developed by Prof. João Caramês, who
                                                                           host―Prof. João Caramês
host the meeting.                                                                                                   live

                                                                           fee―EUR 1500
course topics include
                                                                           target group―Dentists,
ѹѹ Patient selection
                                                                           Lab Technicians
ѹѹ Digital implant planning
                                                                           max. number of participants―12
ѹѹ Drilling protocol                                                       speakers―Prof. João Caramês,
ѹѹ Managing situation with limited bone availability                       Prof. Helena Francisco, Prof. Duarte
ѹѹ Managing unfavorable situation                                          Marques, Dr. André Chen
ѹѹ Immediate rehabilitation and soft tissue management
ѹѹ Success factors and survival                                            registration and information―
ѹѹ Case follow-up                                                          Please contact your local Straumann
ѹѹ Live surgeries                                                          ­representative.

course objectives The learning objective of the course is to provide
theoretical training and practical experience to successfully manage
immediate loading treatment according to the Straumann® Pro Arch
surgical and restorative protocol. The program will include discus-
sions about modern technologies, surgical and prosthetic techniques,
and clinical evidence in the field of immediate full arch restorations.
The team of experts from the Implantology Institute will lead the
­conversations and will answer the questions. The course will take place
for one and a half days (minimum 12 hours lectures).

Master Course in GBR and Sinus Floor
Elevation Procedures                                                                                                      level


course overview In the past 20 years, implant therapy has rapidly           bern, switzerland
expanded in private practice documented by a large number of implant
                                                                            location―School of Dental Medicine,
patients every year. This positive development is due to various factors,                                                     25
                                                                            André Schroeder Auditorium,                  credits
among them a significant progress with bone augmentation proce-
                                                                            Freiburgstrasse 7, 3010 Bern,
dures. In our department, roughly 60% of implants are placed in con-
junction with a bone augmentation procedure today, using either a
simultaneous or a staged approach. The two main surgical techniques
                                                                            date―June 20–22, 2018
for bone augmentation are the GBR technique using bone fillers and                                                       lecture
                                                                            duration―3 days
barrier membranes, and the sinus floor elevation (SFE) procedure using
                                                                            host―Center for Continuing
either the lateral window technique or the transalveolar Osteotome
                                                                            Dental Education
technique. Both augmentation procedures are routinely used in our
department for more than 20 years to overcome local bone deficiences.                                                   hands-on
Both techniques provide excellent regenerative outcomes with high
predictability as documented by numerous clinical studies. This inter-
active 3 day CE course has been established for experienced implant         fee―CHF 3200
surgeons. The speakers will present the biological basis for current        CHF 1800 (for post-doc students)              live
­surgical procedures in various lectures, and the criteria for the selec-   Fee includes course materials,
tion of appropriate biomaterials. State-of-the-art information will also    PDF handouts of all presentations,
be provided on Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) for the 3D              coffee breaks, a dinner.
­preoperative analysis of implants patients with anatomic borderline        target group―Dentists
situations. The different surgical techniques will not only be presented    speakers―Prof. Daniel Buser,
and discussed in various lectures, but also demonstrated with live          Dr. Istvan Urban, Prof. Dieter Bosshardt,
­surgeries. In addition, two hands-on workshops are offered.                Prof. Karl Dula, Dr. Vivianne Chappuis,
                                                                            Prof. Thomas von Arx
course topics include
ѹѹ Welcome and current trends in implant surgery                            registration and information―
ѹѹ Oral anatomy and implant dentistry                                       Center for Continuing Dental Education
ѹѹ Bone healing in membrane-protected defects:                              Mr. Ueli Nacht
   Barrier membranes and bone fillers                                       Phone: +41 (0) 313 12 43 12
ѹѹ Cone Beam Computed Tomography for preoperative analysis                  Fax: +41 (0) 313 12 43 14
   in implant patients                                            
ѹѹ Implant placement with simultaneous GBR:                       
   Treatment concepts in post-extraction sites
ѹѹ Treatment options for sinus floor elevation procedures
ѹѹ Intraoral bone harvesting for GBR and sinus floor elevation (SFE)
ѹѹ SFE with the lateral window technique
ѹѹ SFE with the Osteotome technique
ѹѹ GBR procedures in the mandible
ѹѹ Horizontal and vertical ridge augmentation with GBR
ѹѹ GBR procedures in complex cases
ѹѹ 5-6 Live surgeries with GBR and SFE procedures
ѹѹ 2 hands-on workshops practicing the GBR and SFE technique

Digital Dentistry Symposium: The Time is Now
How to Implement the Digital Workflow into your Practice


course overview The way dentistry is practiced today is rapidly              washington, dc, usa
changing due to the digital dentistry workflow. Navigating these
                                                                             location―Marriott Marquis
changes can feel complex, and it really doesn't have to be. Digital den-                                                   10.5
                                                                             Washington, DC                                credits
tistry has undergone a tremendous evolution over the last few years,
                                                                             901 Massachusetts Ave NW
and has emerged as a simple and efficient option for the dental prac-
                                                                             Washington, District of Columbia, 20001
tice and lab.

                                                                             date―Pre-symposium: June 21, 2018
This Symposium is designed with the dental team in mind, and covers                                                       lecture
                                                                             Symposium: June 22–23, 2018
how to efficiently and simply incorporate the full gamut of the digital
                                                                             duration―1.5 days
workflow into your practice. Whether you are just getting started with
digital dentistry, or using it on a daily basis in your practice, there is
                                                                             fee―USD 495
something for everyone. Topics include pretreatment planning, guided
                                                                             target group―GP, Periodontists, OMS,
surgery, final restoration design, delivery, and practice management
                                                                             Prosthodontists, Lab
information for making the digital dentistry workflow simple, efficient,
                                                                             max. number of participants―800
and profitable for your practice. The time is now to understand how to
                                                                             speakers―Dr. Marcus Abboud,
implement digital dentistry into your practice.
                                                                             Dr. Oliver Blume, Dr. Jeffrey R. Briney,
                                                                             Dr. Farhad E. Boltchi, Dr. Todd B. ­Engel,
course topics include
                                                                             Dr. Adam Hamilton, Dr. German Gallucci,
ѹѹ Pretreatment planning
                                                                             Dr. Yong-Han Koo, Dr. David Rallis,
ѹѹ Guided surgery
                                                                             ­Dr. Robert C. Vogel, Ashley Byrne,
ѹѹ Final restoration design                                                  ­Nancy Giordano, Corey Pearlman,
ѹѹ Delivery, and practice management                                         Alexander Wunsche
ѹѹ Information for making the digital dentistry workflow simple,
   ­efficient, and profitable for your practice                              registration and information―
                                                                             Learn more:
course objectives                                                  
ѹѹ Learn how to incorporate the digital dentistry workflow                   symposium/US.php
   into daily implant practice
ѹѹ Understand the efficiencies of the digital dentistry workflow
ѹѹ Understand how to adapt to the rapidly changing dental market
   to meet patient needs
ѹѹ Understand the importance of team communication within
   your practice and amongst your peers

11th Icelandic Education Week


course overview A Master Course in Modern Evidence Based Im                reykjavic, iceland
plant Dentistry focusing on both surgical and prosthetic aspects. This
                                                                           location―VallHöll Center,
one-week course, taking place in Reykjavik and its beautiful surround-                                                44
                                                                           Háaleitisbraut 1, 105 Reykjavík           credits
ings on the volcanic island, Iceland, addresses the experienced general
practitioner, the specialist and the post-graduate student during their
                                                                           date― June 23–30, 2018
                                                                           duration―8 days
                                                                           host―Reykjavik Implant Center
The concept of modern comprehensive treatment planning, based                                                        lecture
                                                                           & The University of Iceland
on the evidence obtained in dental research in the last decades, will
be presented. Case presentations, group work and discussions will
be ­carried throughout the course in order to train the participants in
­setting up comprehensive treatment plans, using dental implants.                                                   hands-on

                                                                           fee― EUR 2650
Besides the theoretical part, several live surgeries will be performed.
                                                                           target group―Dentists
Modern periodontal regenerative procedures and modern plastic peri­
                                                                           max. number of participants―40
o­dontal surgery, utilizing the latest developments in microsurgical                                                  live
                                                                           speakers―Dr. Bjarni E. Pjetursson,
techniques and materials will be addressed. Moreover, live implant
                                                                           Prof. Niklaus P. Lang
surgeries with and without guided bone augmentations (GBR) in the
esthetic zone and implant surgery in the posterior maxilla in conjunc-
                                                                           registration and information―
tion with sinus floor elevation will be performed. The participants will
have the possibilities to practice these techniques in several hands-on
                                                                           Ingibjörg Hjálmfríðardóttir
exercises. Prosthetic rehabilitation of partially and totally edentulous
patients with dental implants and how optimal esthetic results can
be achieved in post extraction sites utilizing new materials will be
                                                                           social activities―Lectures are
                                                                           ­combined with sightseeing in Iceland
                                                                           including visits to the Blue Lagoon,
course topics include
                                                                           ­Gullfoss, Geysir, Thingvellir and the
ѹѹ Biological background, initial therapy & treatment planning
                                                                           south coast of Iceland
ѹѹ Surgical protocols, periodontal surgery, GTR
ѹѹ Implant surgery in the esthetic zone, guided bone regeneration
ѹѹ Implant surgery – sinus floor elevation
ѹѹ Prosthetics aspects
ѹѹ Soft tissue management, peri-implantitis & maintenance
ѹѹ Evidence based treatment planning

Master Course in Regenerative and
­Plastic-Esthetic Periodontal Surgery                                                                                   level

Treatment of Peri-Implant Infections & Soft Tissue Defects at Implants                                                      EN

course overview This course addresses general dentists and                 bern, switzerland
­specialists who intend to learn more about the use of regenerative
                                                                           location―School of Dental Medicine,
and plastic esthetic procedures in Periodontology. Furthermore, the                                                         25
                                                                           André Schroeder Auditorium,                 credits
course will also provide a concept for the treatment of peri-implant
                                                                           Freiburgstrasse 7, 3010 Bern,
infections and treatment of soft tissue defects at implants. A c­ oncept
based on comprehensive biological research of the last decades is
presented. Case presentations and discussions as well as practical
                                                                           date―June 27–29, 2018
exercises and live surgeries help to acquire in-depth ­knowledge                                                       lecture
about the use of various surgical techniques aiming to ­regenerate the
                                                                           duration―3 days
lost periodontal structures and/or to achieve predictable c­ overage of
                                                                           host―Center for Continuing
single and multiple gingival recessions. The biological background
                                                                           Dental Education
for the application of biologic active factors, different types of                                                    hands-on
­grafting materials, guided tissue regeneration or various combina-
tions thereof will be presented and discussed. Innovative surgical
­techniques such as the Modified Coronally Advanced Tunnel (MCAT)
and the L­ aterally Moved Double Tunnel (LMDT) with adjunctive             fee―CHF 3200                                 live
connective tissue grafts, biologically active factors and soft tissue      CHF 1800 (for post-doc students)
replacement grafts aiming at achieving predictable recession cover-        Fee includes course materials,
age and increase in soft tissue thickness will be presented.               PDF handouts of all presentations,
                                                                           coffee breaks, a dinner.
course topics include                                                      target group―Dentists, Periodontists
ѹѹ Periodontal wound healing and regeneration                              speakers―Prof. Dieter Bosshardt,
ѹѹ Rationale for regenerative periodontal therapy                          Prof. Giovanni E. Salvi, Dr. Christoph
ѹѹ Classification of periodontal lesions and choice                        A. Ramseier, Prof. Sofia Aroca, Dr. Beat
   of the ­optimal treatment approach                                      Wallkamm, Dr. Maria B. Asparuhova
ѹѹ Critical evaluation of biomaterials used in regenerative
   ­periodontal surgery                                                    registration and information―
ѹѹ Surgical crown lengthening in the esthetic area                         Center for Continuing Dental Education
ѹѹ Classification of recession defects and the choice                      Mr. Ueli Nacht
   of the ­optimal treatment approach
                                                                           Phone: +41 (0) 313 12 43 12
ѹѹ The Modified Coronally Advanced Tunnel (MCAT) and the
                                                                           Fax: +41 (0) 313 12 43 14
   ­Laterally Moved Double Tunnel (LMDT) for the treatment
    of ­single and multiple gingival recessions
ѹѹ Treatment of soft tissue defects at implants                  

ѹѹ Treatment of peri-implant infections
ѹѹ Treatment planning and case presentations
ѹѹ Step-by-step presentation of various surgical procedures
ѹѹ Management of complications following regenerative
   and ­plastic-esthetic periodontal surgery
ѹѹ Presentation of long-term results following regenerative
   and ­plastic-esthetic periodontal surgery
ѹѹ Hands-on workshops on pig jaws for regenerative therapy
   for intrabony, furcation and recession defects
ѹѹ Live surgeries demonstrating predictable techniques
   for ­periodontal regeneration and coverage of single
   and ­multiplemaxillary and mandibular recessions

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