LANS FORD SCHOOL - July 10 - 12, 1970 - Digital Horizons

LANS FORD SCHOOL - July 10 - 12, 1970 - Digital Horizons

          NORTH DAKOTA
       BISMARCK. ND 58505

July 10 - ]) - 12, 1970

    644 .L351 L351 19

                      >1 s reunion

North Dakota State Library
  Bi-ma.-ch. !! D 53501      jyij . 5   ifp.

  BOOK OR AUTHOR              3 3105 00040 4390



                      North Daktta Stitt Librae
 f* v   • «
                l -     Bismarck. N. D. 58505

   JUUL ill
    • U P
     Welcome to the old hometown and to our first school reunion. It is my pleasure on behalf of the
Association to extend greetings and best wishes. We hope that your visit will recall many fond
memories of your school days and provide added ones for future reminiscing.
     This event was possible only through the efforts of the Committee and their assistants who spent
many hours compiling the listings of former students and teachers. We arc indebted to all, both here
and away, who provided the necessary information for this booklet. We hope that no one has been left
out of the listing but should there be errors or omissions, we beg your indulgence.
      1 have enjoyed working with all of these persons who have been most gracious in giving of their
time and help. "HAVE A GOOD TIME" - "RELAX" - "REMEMBER" - "RETURN"

                                                     Gert Helming, Chairman
                                                     L.H.S. Alumni Association

                                  (Written the last of January. 1970)

     1, Burl H. Hurdelbrink, Mayor, City of Lansford, do hereby declare Friday, Saturday and
Sunday, July 10, 11 and 12, 1970, as "Lansford School Reunion Days." 1 urge all citizens of this
community to join with local reunion committees in welcoming all former students and teachers of
Lansford Schools back for an enjoyable, reminiscent weekend,
      We as citizens of this community are proud of the fact that such a great number of former
students have expressed plans to return for this event and 1, Burl H. Hurdelbrink, express the desire
that everyone greet them warmly and sincerely as old friends.

                                                    Burl H. Hurdelbrink
                                                    Mayor, City of Lansford

       (Burl resigned as Mayor February 25, 1970 - Had been Mayor of Lansford since 1956.)
                   Elected as Mayor of Lansford on April 8th was "John O'Keefe."
      It is hereby declared that Friday, July 10th, Saturday, July 11th, and Sunday, July 12th, of the
year 1970 shall be designated as "Lansford School Reunion Days."
      All citizens of this community are asked to give every assistance to local committees and to give a
warm and sincere welcome to all returning former students and teachers. Let us greet them when they
arrive, treat them well while they are here, and wish them God speed when they leave, in such a way
that when they return to their homes they may look back on this weekend and say "We surely
enjoyed our visit to Lansford."
                                                    John O'Keeffe, Mayor
                                                    George Adams, Alderman
                                                    Ralph Helming, A Iderman
                                                    Curt Talley./lIderman
                                                    Leon Johnston, A Iderman

                                   CLASS REUNION
                              To my class reunion I did go
                                  And I'd not be saying, if it wasn't so
                              That time has told on that class of mine
                                  Life's stories were written in many a line.
                              They were fat and stiff, wrinkled and faded
                                  By glasses, canes and dentures aided.
                              A t that old gang I did squint and see!
                                  Everyone there had changed....      but me!

                                                     Mayme Arteman

                                                   -3 -
FRIDAY                                 Registration at the School - 2:00 - 5:00 P.M.
                            Country Club Open To All

SATURDAY              Breakfast at Country Club - 7:00 - 11:00 A.M. (50^ per person)
                                 Registration at the School - 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
                    Open House — Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star — 1:00 - 3:00 P.M.
                                               Everyone Welcome - Above Post Office
             Banquet — 6:00 P.M. sharp in School Gym — Program and Dance to follow

SUNDAY                                          Church at all Churches - 10:00 A.M.
                                                  Picnic - 1:00 P.M. - Country Club


                                  JULY 11, 1970

Master of Ceremonies                                              Mr. Henry Sausker

                                                            (Former Superintendent)

Welcome                                                           John Heath (1960)

Response                                                            J. Bernard Busse

                                                                    (Faculty- 1932)

Vocal Solo                                                    Art Baggenstoss (1932)

Greetings From Graduates

Vocal Solo                                           Marilyn Anderson Meyer (1950)

Alumni Chorus

Closing Remarks and Benediction                 The Reverend Duane A. Ewers (1953)
                                       - 4 •
                          OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES

Chairman                                                                               Cert Helming

Co-Chairman                                                                            Janice Talley

Co-Secretaries                                                       Lucille Torgusen, Helen Sidener

Treasurer                                                                               Duane Roen

Booklet Committee                                    Colleen Carlson, Margaret Undlin, Co-Chairmen
                        Gert Helming, Lucille Torgusen, Helen Sidener, Janice Talley, Margaret Thcis
                                 Dorothy O'Connell, Yvonne Adams, Louise Marum, Diana Helming

School History                                                                             Peg Tyler

Registration Committee                               Lucille Torgusen, Colleen Carlson, Co-Chairmen
                 Helen Sidener. Dora Mae Tarvestad, Janice Talley, Esther Leathers, Elaine Heidbreder
              Joanne Railing, Duane Roen, Kaye Talley, Peg Tyler, Marlene Johnston, Paulette Swartz
                                                                       Ray Theis, Clarence Roulledge

Memory Room                                                                  Myrtle Jevne, Chairman
                                                    Irene Jevne, Gladys Abernathey, Joann Savelkoul

Banquet                                                               Arnold Sagsvecn, Chairman
                              Lynn Helming, Elvera Hammer, Connie Helming, Oline Heath, Syl Theis

 Decoration                                                                Esther Leathers, Chairman

                                                 Millie Abernathey, Cheryl Helming, Gladys Gunning

 flowers                                                       Dora Mae Tarvestad. Frances Sagsveen

 Social Mixer                                                               Clara Schaefer, Chairman

                                                                   Gen Middendorf, Margie Johnston

 Program                                                              Deloris Triplett, Henry Sausker

 Dance                                                                      Ivor Johnston, Chairman
                                                                         Darold Henrtcks, Ray Theis
 Picnic                                               Curtis Talley, Marlene Johnston, Co Chairman
                    Donald Abernathey, Glen Carlson. Hob llcath. clarence Rout ledge, Margaret Theis
                                                     Yvonne Adams. Lois Heath. Phyllis Richardson
 Nominating Committee                                                      Toann Savelkoul, Chairman
                                                                             Rav Theis, Myrtle Jevne

                                                 - 5 -

                                      1903 - 1970

      The first school in Lansford was a small frame building erected in 1903 soon after
the town was started. Members of the first school board were a Mr. Davis, Mr. Deseth, Mr.
Chris Knudson and Elmer Railing, who was Secretary. In 1908 a four room brick building
was erected. In 1912 the third year of high school was added. Alice Sidener Fossen was
the first four year high school student to graduate in 1916. The original frame building
continued in use for the first four grades until 1927 when it was torn down. An addition
of extra class rooms and a gymnasium were added to the brick structure in 1928. This
building was razed in 1959 upon completion of the present modern structure. The 1960
class was the first to graduate from the new school with 12 graduates.

      Annexation of the following. School Districts occurred in 1957: all of Blaine School
District, all of Lockwood School District, and portion of Mt. Rose, Jefferson; and
Callahan School Districts. In 1959 a portion of Grassland School District was annexed,
and in 1961, a portion of Renville School District.

     No history of Lansford School would be complete without reference to its athletic
prowess. The "Cubs" basketball teams have won 11 Conference Titles and 11 District
Tournaments. They played in 12 Regional Tournaments and participated in the State
Tournament seven times. They have won the Mohall Holiday Tournament 10 times out of
17 years. The "Cubs" baseball teams won the District Title 14 times out of 15 years
entered and participated in the State Meets.

     The Music Department has frequently received superior ratings in the District and
State Music Festivals. Many years, every girl in high school was a member of the Girls'

      Today the enrollment of Lansford School totals 175 students. The faculty is
comprised of six grade teachers, seven high school instructors and three part-time
teachers. A large percentage of the Lansford High School graduates have furthered their
education at higher institutions of learning and have gone on to become very successful in
their chosen careers. This is a real tribute to the academic qualities of Lansford High
School. The school has served our community well, due to the efforts of the present and
past teaching staff, school board members, the parents and the taxpayers.

SIDENER, ALICE S. - 4225 Imperial Highway, Apt. K, Lynwood, California. Married Martin Fossen,
   deceased. She is now retired. Received B.S. degree in Elementary Education from N. M. C , Havre.
   Montana. Taught and served as County Superintendent of Schools at Wolf Point, Montana from
   1948 to 1968. Member of NRTA, Montana Retired Teachers Association, Delta Kappa Gamma
   Society, Order of Eastern Star and American Legion Auxiliary. She enjoys traveling. Taught in
   Lansford in 1920-21.

FISHER, INEZ - 1502 E. Carson, Lot No. 50, Torrance, California. Taught first grade and piano for
   many years.
TODD, HAZEL - Mrs. Everett Miner, 425 - 3rd Ave. N. W., Minot, North Dakota.

ROEN, BEULAH         Married name Repp, c/o Mrs. Ida Finley, 6100 N. E. Hoyt, Portland, Oregon

VEDVIG, ANNA - 13 - 3rd Ave. S. W„ Apt. 304, Minot, North Dakota. Former high school teacher.
  Retired. B.A. degree, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Masters from Asbury Seminary,
  Wilmore, Kentucky. Special training University of North Dakota; Vennard College, Chicago,
  Illinois; North Dakota State University; Teachers College, Spearfish, South Dakota. Active in Civic
  Club, Hospital Auxiliary, Christian Woman's Business Organization. Enjoys reading, sewing,
  crocheting, knitting, listening to radio, stereo and television.

TAUL, GERTRUDE - Married Don Sanders, 1008 - 21st St. N.W., Minot, North Dakota. Husband is
  semi-retired farmer. Went to college for three months and taught school in Montana three years.
  Active in Homemakers Club, Dem. N.P.L., Women's Club, Century Club and Farmers Union.
  Special interest in antiques, especially dishes. Refinishing old pieces of furniture. Children are
  Montez, Don, Fannette, Jerald, Meredith, Eldon, Marilyn ami Larry. Thirty-three grandchildren
  and one great grandchild.

GILBERTSON, JOSIE - 4006 Walnut St., Oakland, California. Married Harvey Knudson. deceased.
   Attended Business College. Worked as bookkeeper. Member of Elmhurst Chapter No. 455 Order of
   Eastern Star, Oakland. Enjoys reading, sewing and traveling. One daughter, Cheryl.
HEATH, GLEN Deceased.
OLSON, HARRY          915 E. Elm St., Othello, Washington. Married Jeannette Siggins, Cody, Wyoming.
  Worked as steamfitter. Retired. Attended Concordia College 1921-22, University of North Dakota
   1922-24. Received degree 1924. Coach and history teacher six years. Hobbies are golf ami
   traveling. Parents of four boys - John, Frank, Oscar and James. Grandchildren     nine.
OLIVER, Vl.RRM           Mrs. Hollee, Box 16, Cedar Vale, Kansas. Retired from Sears, Roebuck Stoic.
   Hobbies: Refinishing and restoring antiques, knitting, gardening and fishing. One son Danvl and
   three grandchildren.

HOWARD. HELEN         Deceased.
LISCHKE, ELLA        Grenora, North Dakota. Married I . I' Quame, Deceased. Attended Minol State
   College and taught four years. Hobbies are knitting, crocheting and reading ' InMuii are Arlliui
   Yakimow, Imogene Yakimow, Barbara. Marylyn, Emily, Robert and Gordon Quarne. Thirteen
McELWAlN, MR!)         3330 Stockbridge Ave., i..s \ngcles. California. Married Nell Hanson, Lily,
   South Dakota. Received Masters Degree Stanford University of California. Retired Mathematii
   teacher. Real Estate salesman. Retired Lt. Colonel U. S. Air force. Active in York Rite, Masons
   and Shriners. One son Frank and two grandchildren.
McELWAIN, WARREN - 480 Royce St., Altadena, California. Married Inez Chase, Glasgow,
  Montana. Attended Minot State College. Taught school 10 years. Works part time as Security
  Guard. Served as Aircraft Inspector 18 years and Missile Inspector four years. Hobbies are music,
  choir, violin and musical saw. Parents of Joyce, Virginia and David. Grandchildren — 11,
NELSON, MILO - Deceased.
NYE, CHESTER - Deceased.

GILBERTSON, ORVILLE - 1512 Mitchell St., Oakland, California. Married Phyllis Vax, Oakland,
   California. Retired. Baker 1926-30. Attended Merritt Business School. Worked in department store
   for 23 years. Assistant Treasurer for Credit Union. Served in U. S. Air Force from 1942-45. Active
   as Assistant Sec. Lawn Bowling Club and volunteer in Credit Union Movement. Hobbie is Lawn
HEATH, EARL - 7025 N. Ivanhoe St., Portland, Oregon. Married Margaret Burke, deceased. Worked
   for railroad 24 years. Retired. Children James and Richard. Two grandsons.
JONES, ANGELINE - 9271 E. Ralph St., Rosemead, California. Husband is Robert Fulmer. Hobbies
   are flowers and plants. Bowls at 67 years. Parents of Michael and Kathryn. Have five grandchildren.
SKAGEN, ELMER - Lansford, North Dakota. Married Elizabeth Doman, Kramer, North Dakota.
   Owns and operates Skagen's Hardware and Variety Store. Active in Masonic Lodge, FUks, Eagles,
   Lutheran Church, Country Club and Senior Citizens Club. Hobbies are woodworking, tin work and
   gardening. Parents of one son Gary and grandparents of two.

AUS, LLOYD - Lansford, North Dakota. Married E'dna Jevne of Lansford. Occupation is farmer and
  electrical worker. Parents of one daughter Glenda and two grandchildren.
BAGGENSTOSS, ELSIE - Rt. 1, Glyndon, Minnesota. Married Jack Zimny, deceased. Worked at
  Northwest Bell Telephone Co. and farming. There are two sons, Robert and Joseph.
BRAUN, CECIL - 5840 Brookview Ave. S„ Minneapolis, Minnesota 55424.
FOSTER, DOROTHY           Married Mr. Dreisbaugh, deceased. Resides at 217 Turf Drive, Placentia,
  California, Parents of Dean, David and Phyllis. Grandchildren - eight. Occupation: Real Estate
  Salesman. School: Minot State College and Hammel Business College, Akron, Ohio. Member of
  Kappa Phi Sigma. Hobby: Astrology.
HOWARD, DOROTHY - 627 S.E. 2nd, Pendleton, Oregon. Married Ray Spangle. Attended college
  one year and worked as a bookkeeper. Parents of three children, Jerome and Donald Geister and
  Charles Spangle.
McELWAIN, LAUREL - 171 W. Figueroa Drive, Altadena, California 91001.
WOLF, GLADYS - Mrs. Erling Harstad, 2 - 6690 Oakmount Drive, Sun City, California 92381.

GRAVES, 10NE     Mrs. Melvin Coad, 902 S.W. 3rd, Minot, North Dakota. Husband retired. Two year
  graduate of Minot State Teachers College. Active in Eastern Star, Presbyterian Church and
  Federated Women's Club. Hobbies are reading, sewing and swimming. They are parents of Viola,
  Matthew and Lynn. They have nine grandchildren.
REYNOLDS, EILEEN - Mrs. Sherwin, 218 N. LaSena, West Covina, California 91790.

AUS, GUY - Lansford, North Dakota. Retired. Served four and a half years in Army during World
  War II.
BURKE, ALLAN R . R . I , Colfax, Iowa. Employed at Maytag Company. Married Edna Lahey, Rolla,
  North Dakota. Registered Nurse. Attended University of North Dakota two years, Minot State
  Teachers College for two years. Taught school three years. Hobby is farming. Parents of Thomas,
  Edmund and James. Grandchildren        10.
HELMING, CARLTON - 682 - 5 Southdale Road, Edina, Minnesota. Married Florence Thalin.
  Sandstone, Minnesota. Occupation is Treasurer, Assistant Secretary Controller of Federal Cartridge
  Corp., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Attended University of North Dakota, B.S.C. 1930. Activities are
  in financial Executive Institute, Minneapolis. Athletic Club and Paul Revere Lodge AF&AM.
LAHEY, NELLIE         835 Chestnut Ave., Apt. 4, Long Beach, California. Surveys for American
  Research Bureau.
UNDERWOOD, WILDA Mrs. Hovey, 2209 St. Charles, Jackson, Mississippi 39207.

                                                - 8 -
WILLENBRING, ALBIN     5633 Leumas Drive, Cincinnati. Ohio. Retired. Married Elvera Bergstrom,
  Minot, North Dakota. Attended Accounting School. Served in Army in England, France and
  Germany. Member of Minot Elks Lodge. Likes to travel. Have one daughter Lavonne. Three
WHITTEMAN, FRANK - 372 Franklin Ave., Redlands, California 92373.

AUS, CLARA - Married Ralph Johnson, farmer, Carpio, North Dakota. Attended Minot State
   Teachers College in Minot. Teacher. Hobbies are ceramics, knitting and flowers.
GRAVES, BERYL         1722 - 2nd St. N.W., Grand Forks, North Dakota 58201. Married David Eikenes.
HANDELAND, CLARA - Lansford, North Dakota. Married Ervin Schaefer. He is the school
   custodian. Occupation is school lunch cook. Hobby is bowling.
HEATH, LESLIE        Lansford, North Dakota. Farmer. Married Olinc Ordahl, Edinburg, North Dakota.
   She is the school librarian. Attended Aakers Business College, Grand Forks. Member of Masonic
   Lodge, Lansford United Methodist Church, Sons of Norway. Children Nicholas, John, Brian, Merry
   Jean. Twin granddaughters.
HELMING, GRANT - 1621 Escalante St., Eugene, Oregon. Federal Meat Inspector. Married Lenore
   Bluhm, Lansford. Attended University of North Dakota at Grand Forks one year. Tec. Sgt. during
   World War II. Served 30 months. Active in Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Elks, Moose. Eagles and
   American Legion. Hobby is bowling. Two daughters Marlys and Cheryl.
HAROLDSON, RAMONA - Mrs. Winfield Smart.
McELWAIN, PEARL Mrs. Candle, 1 122 Umbrella St., Dinuba, California 93618.
PIPER, CLARENCE - 320 Bartlett St., Reno, Nevada. Wife, Louise, is in Traffic Department of
   Nevada Bell Telephone Co. Graduate of NDAC at largo. B.S. in Education and Math. Taught one
   year in Lansford. Works as Physicist and Spectrographs in Metallurgic Research Center. Parents of
   two daughters. Seven grandchildren.
TIMMS, CLARENCE - Lansford. Retired farmer. Disabled. Married Lela Oberholtzer. Housewife and
   my nurse. Attended Prairie Bible Institute in Canada; Wcssington Jr. College, South Dakota.
   Worked as mechanic nine years. Hobbies are rock hound, working with young children, Amway
   distributor. Member of Nazarene Church in Mohall. Children are Richard and Mary Kay.
UNDERWOOD, WILMA Mrs. Steinberg. 624 South Main, Minot, North Dakota 58701.

GREENUP, L1LA          Kent, Minnesota 56552. Husband, Avery May, farmer and welder. Attended
   MSC. Taught eight years; Forfar, Chatfield, Clay Center and Glenbum. Active as District Editor lor
   Lutheran Women's Missionary League. Hobbies are knitting and writing. One son, Robert.
MAY, AVERY - Kent, Minnesota 56553. Wife, Lila Greenup, Lansford. homemaker. farmer and
   welder. Attended Coyne Electrical School. Worked as Arc welder for 1. 11. Co., Chicago. Hobbies
   are working with iron and steel, making handy tools. One son, Robert.
PAULSON, ANNA         Unknown.
TIMMS, HAZEL        Mohall, North Dakota. Attended MSTC in Minot. Taught school. Presently serving
   as Treasurer of Renville County.
WILLENBRING, RAYMOND               1305 - 5th Ave. S., Virginia. Minnesota 55792. President of Bank.
   Married Margaret Ouaas, Maple Plain. Minnesota. Housewife, Graduate of International
   Accountants Society, Chicago, 111. Captain in Air Corps. Served four and a half years. Menibci ol
   Elks, Knights of Columbus and American Legion. Hobbies are fishing, jogging, boating and
   swimming. Children, Gerald and Mark.

BAGGENSTOSS, ETTA - Lansford. Husband Leon Johnston. Activities are Altar Societ) and Senior
   Citizens Organization. Hobbies are bowling and crafts. Children arc Richard. Delores. Jerome,
   Kathleen and Jill.
HELMING, RALPH           Lansford. Professional Grain Producer. Wife, Connie Schaefei Activities are
   Masons, Kem Temple, Minot Shrine Scottish Rite, 32 Degree Mason, I Iks. i ansford Country Club.
   Treasurer of Lansford Methodist Church and City Alderman. Special Interest, Farming, Parents of
   Vicki and Neil. Two grandchildren.
JACOBSEN, ODIN            3155 - 10th Ave., Yakima, Washington 98901. Married I aura Eggcrs.
   Snohomish, Washington. Salesman. Spent 40 years in retail business, managing, supervising, etc.
   Active in Washington District TV, Chairman Lutheran Layman's League. Enjoys all types of spoils.
   Parents of Gary, Keith and Kay.
LA11LY, KATIE         835 Chestnut Ave., Apt. 4. Long Beach. California 90813. Occupation: Military
   Pay Supervisor. Attended college three years. Taught school in North Dakota. Hobbies are knitting
   and reading.

                                               - 9 -
NESVIG, CLARA - 3610 Loma Vista Road, Ventura, California 93001. Husband, R. O. Trom. Life
   Insurance Agent. Attended Dakota Business College, Fargo. Worked as Secretary and Teller at First
   State Bank, Casselton, North Dakota. Secretary, County of Ventura Elections Division, Ventura,
   California. Activities: I-da-ka Club, Trinity Lutheran Church Women. Hobbies: Traveling, cooking,
   sewing. Parents of Stanley and John.
PIPER, FRED - Watford City, North Dakota. Wife, Lillian Greenup, Lansford. NDSU three quarters,
   U. of Minnesota two quarters. Member of Masonic Lodge, Eastern Star, American Radio Relay
   League. Amateur Radio WPKY, Civil Air Patrol. A.A.F. 1942-1946. Special interests: Amateur
   Radio, Aviation, Photography, Civil Defense and Bird watching. Parents of Paul, Barbara, Mary and
THEIS, MATHILDA - 459 Woodruff Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota 55113. Married to Jack Garmen,
   Elma, Iowa. Machine adjuster at Federal Cartridge. Occupation: Office Worker. Activities: Garden
   Clubs and Church Groups. Hobbies: Craft ideas and Mission Work.
TIMMS, FORD - Deceased.
WIRTH, LLOYD - Lansford. Farmer. Attended Minot Business College. Member of Eagles, Moose
   and Masons. Hobbies: Bowling and fishing.
AUS, MYRTLE - Mrs. Berg, 1822 Pacific Ave., Alameda, California 94501 c/o Mrs. Lee. Husband,
   Herbert O. Berg, deceased. Attended school at Valley City and MSTC. Former teacher and
   receptionist and manager of apartment house. Hobbies: reading, fishing and painting.
GREENUP, LILLIAN - Watford City. Husband, Fred R. Piper, Rural Mail Carrier. Attended MSC for
   two years. Elementary teacher in Lansford in 1933-37. Active in Order of Eastern Star and
   Homemakers. Hobbies: knitting and reading. Parents of Paul, Barbara, Mary and Jean.
KNUDSON, VIVIAN - Mrs. Thornton, 7567 Etiwanda Ave., Etiwanda, California 91739.
HUNTER, EDNA - 155 Laverne, Long Beach, California 90800. Mrs. Neal Janzen.
MAY, BRUCE - Mohall, North Dakota. Farmer.
TIMMS, BESSIE - Mohall, North Dakota. Husband, Ernest Rice, Mohall. Farmer. Attended MSC.
   Former teacher. Parents of Dennis and Ardell.
YOUNG, HARRIET - Mrs. Clapper, 111 Eliot Ave., West Newton, Massachusetts 02165. Attended
   MSC. Received Masters Degree, Boston U. Teaching in Brookline, Massachusetts. Hobby: Traveling.
   Children: Marilyn, Sharon and Susan. Three grandchildren.
BLUHM, LENORA - 1621 Escalante St., Eugene, Oregon 97401. Husband, Grant Helming, Lansford.
  Clerked in department stores. Active in American Legion Auxiliary and Emblem Club. Hobby:
  bowling. Parents of Marlys and Cheryl.
DOUGHERTY, EDWARD - 7120 - 18th Ave. S. W„ Seattle, Washington 98106. Married Twila
  Hallada, Grand Forks, North Dakota, a Dental Tech. Works as Air Brake Foreman, King Street
   Passenger Station. Activities: Knights of Columbus and served in the Army. Hobbies: gardening
  and shop. They are parents of James, Michael and Edward. One grandchild.
GEISTER, AGATHA - 241 Gardener Ave., Burlington, Wisconsin 53105. Husband, Edward J. Kelly,
  Rep. of Equitable Life Assurance of U. S. Attended MSTC one year and Marquette University.
  Dental Hygienist and housewife. Member of Burlington Federated Women's Club. Parents of:
  Kathleen, Richard, Mary, Susan, Judy and Mike, twins. Four grandchildren.
GUNNING, ARTHUR - Lansford, farmer. Married Anna Lodoen, Westhope, North Dakota. Member
  of Masonic Lodge. Enjoys bowling. Parents of Clark and Carol. One grandson.
HEATH, MELVIN - 7043 N, E. Sumner, Portland, Oregon 97218.
JOHNSTON, DOROTHY - Lansford. Husband: Charles Morris. Retired farmer. Enjoy the climate in
   Arizona in the winter months. One daughter, Sharon. Three granddaughters.
LANGLIE, ELEANOR - 922 East Rovey, Phoenix, Arizona 85000. Husband: Howard Wolf,
NESVIG, MAYNARD - Gaylord, Minnesota. I. H. Farm Equipment Dealer. Wife, Gertrude Murphy,
   Fargo, North Dakota. Received B.S. Degree NDS. Captain in Army four years. President Rotary
  Club, City Council member, Comm. Club President. Hobbies: Traveling, Comm. Activities and Boy
   Scouts. Parents of: John, Paul, Douglas, Monica, Thomas and Mary.
ROUTLEDGE, LUCILLE - Lansford. Husband, Bennie Torgusen, Watford City, North Dakota.
   Farmer. Housewife, gardener. Attended MSC. Member of Order of Eastern Star and Past Matron's
   Club. Parents of three daughters, Bonnie, Charlotte and Gail. Three grandchildren. Reunion
SATHER, ALICE - Mrs. Lane, 146 S. 136th, Seattle, Washington 98106. Accounting, Sears,
   Roebuck. Attended Minot Business College. Worked for Standard Oil seven and a half years.
   Boeing Aircraft seven and a half years. One son, Robert.

                                               - 10 •
STROM, STANLEY - Highland, Wisconsin 53543. Retail Lumber Business. Wife, Helene Hennessey,
  Highland, Wisconsin. Farmed at Lansford until 1933. Worked on farm at Mauston, Wisconsin until
   1935. CCC Camps until March 1940. Spent three years in service - in Army Air Force. Bought
  Lumber Business in 1957. Member of American Legion, V.F.W., Knights of Columbus and Lions
  Club. Special interests: traveling and sports. Parents of: Susan, Jane, Tom, Nancy, Judy and Mary.
WALSTAD, LOIS - 628 Yellowstone Ave., Billings, Montana 59102. Husband, Chester Sorenson,
  Custodian. Works as clerk. Children: Janice, Daryl and Lynn Ann. Four grandchildren.
W1RTH, LUCILE - Lansford and 1204 - 3rd St., Marysville, Washington 98270. Graduated MSC. Has
  taught in Washington 14 years. Spent six years in WAC's. Hobbies: reading, cooking and playing

ATKINS, RALPH - Deceased.
BAGGENSTOSS, ARTHUR - 3214 Windsor Ave., Los Angeles, California 90039. Occupation:
     Banker. Served as M. P. in U. S. Army from 1942-46. Hobbies: Music, piano and voice.
BAGGENSTOSS, GERTRUDE - Lansford. Married Milton Helming, deceased. Retired. Active in
     Senior Citizens' Club, Altar Society and Lo Cal Club. Hobbies: bowling, gardening, traveling and
     sewing. Children: Elaine, Roberta, Dennis, Gail and Mark. Grandchildren - 15. Reunion Worker.
DAVISON, GEORGE - Mohall, or 6907 Pallazza St., Coral Gables, Florida 33 146.
DOUGHERTY, ANNA - 4324 S.W. Cloverdale, Seattle, Washington 98116. Husband: James Butler,
     Seattle, Washington. Attended Averswalds Business College in Seattle. Assistant Postmaster in
     Lansford, Postal Clerk in Seattle, transferred to Vet. Administration - worked as Secretary to
    Comptroller until retiring in October, 1969.
GARDNER, HELEN - 546 - 37th, Milwaukee, Oregon 97222. Husband: Elmer Berg, Salesman for
    North Coast Seed Co. Housewife, mother and grandmother. Active in Milwaukee Lutheran Church.
    Children: Don, Gene, Joyce, Mark and Bruce. Nine grandchildren. One is an adopted Korean girl.
GEESLIN, IMOGENE - 28756 Wee Burn Nay, Sun City, California 92381. Married name Conner.
GEISTER, ELLEN - 86 Amherst Road, Pleasant Ridge, Michigan 48069. Husband: Allan Nagro,
     Optometrist. Housewife. Attended St. Joseph's Hospital, Minot. Post Graduate, Women's Hospital,
     Michigan. Children: Ann and Louis. Three grandchildren.
HETTINGER, MILDRED - Glenburn, North Dakota. Husband: Earl Palmer. Children: Darrel,
    Marlene and Marlin, twins - Rodney and Ronald, twins. Eleven grandchildren.
 LAHEY, IRENE - 2258 St. Croix, St. Paul, Minnesota 55113. Husband: George Swanson, retired.
     Three years nurses training. Night Supervisor, R.N. Children: Harold, Gerald, Richard, Kenneth,
    Kathleen and Arlene. Grandchildren - 15.
LEE, EDRIS - Deceased.
MAY, GRANT - Mohall, North Dakota.
MILEY, ALICE - 301 B East 51st, Long Beach, California 90805. Husband: Dan R. Fennell,
     Watchmaker, precision work, North American Rockwell. MSTC one year. Nurses training three
    years, Minot. Registered Nurse in Doctor's Office. Hobbies: golfing and camping. Children:
    Michael, deceased and Nadine. Two grandchildren.
PAULSON, THELMA - 140 N. Bell, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin 54935. Husband: Maurice Hoffos,
    Official Agent Soo Line Railroad. Active in Order of Eastern Star and Wisconsin Garden Club
    Federation. Hobbies: sewing, crocheting, gardening and reading. Children: Patricia, Cheryl, Melanie
    and Jill. Seven grandchildren.
POTTER, WILBUR - Deceased.
THEIS, ESTHER         Rush City, Minnesota 55069. Husband: Ralph Schroebel, deceased. Occupation:
    farming, clerk in bakery. Active in Royal Neighbors, Treasurer of PTA and Senior Citizens, Girl
    Scouts, Altar and Rosary Society. Special Interests: enjoy people and love the outdoors. Children:
    Steven, George, Mary, Theresa, Kathy, Judy, Ann, Jerry and Anthony. Two grandchildren.
THEIS, LORETTA - 105 West Central, Minot. Husband: Casper Hanson, deceased. Attended MSC
    and Minot Business College. Works as Sales Clerk. Active in U. S. Army Mothers, St. Leo's
    Confraternity and B.P.W. Hobbies: sewing and social work. Children: Rueben, Kathryn and
    Patricia. Six grandchildren.
TIMMS, WALTER H. - 603 E Washington, Macomb, Illinois 61455. Veterinarian. Wife: Margclla
    Williams, Llagle Grove, Iowa, housewife. Attended NDS two years. Iowa State U. four years. DVM.
    Activities: Masons, Elks, American Legion, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Vet. Corps Army, four
    years. Hobbies: fishing, golf, bridge and hunting. Children: Patricia, Linda and Max.
WILLENBRING, CLARENCE                 1526 Hemlock St., Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034. Sales Manager.
    Wife: Bernice Johnson, Minot, housewife. Attended College two years. Member of Knights of
    Columbus and Elks. Three years in Army. Hobbies: golf, bowling, Fraternal. Children: Janis Jo.
/.I.FILER, LEANDER          101 14 Woodley Ave., Speulvcda, California 91343.

                                                - 11 -
ANDERSON, BETH - 4402 N. 47th Dr., Phoenix, Arizona 85031. Husband: Earl Adams. Foreman
   Steel Mfg. Co. Occupation: R.N. Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix. Training at Trinity Hospital,
   Minot. Member of Eastern Star, State Nurses Association and Brooks Memorial Methodist Church,
   tlobbies: Grandchildren and Rose Culture, Lansford people. Children: David, Cheryl, Diane, Susan
   and Layne. Three grandchildren.
KNIGHT, JOHN - Deceased.
KNIGHT, MARGARET - 1828 S. W. 4th St., Minot, North Dakota. Received B.S. Degree MSC.
   Graduate work UND. Teaching in Minot.
NESVIG, EVELYN - 1024 - 4th St., Bismarck, North Dakota. Secretary Bismarck Public Schools.
   Husband: Glen Jahnke, deceased. Attended Dakota Business College, Fargo. Stenographer for
   William Guy, Chaffee Estate, Amenia, North Dakota. Sherwin Williams Store, Ventura, California,
   City of Bismarck and Bismarck Public Schools. Hobbies: golfing and bowling. Children: Larry and
PIPER, FRANK - 2460 Valley Ave., Baker, Oregon 97814. Wife, Virginia Villager, Los Angeles,
   California. Secretary. Attended ND School of Forestry, U. of Idaho, finished in 1939. Worked in
   Idaho for ASCS, later at SCS. USNR World War II, Masons and Toastmasters. Hobbies:
   photography, Chukker hunting and TV sports. Children: Penny and Patricia.
NOVA, PURSELL - 566 Olney Ave., Astoria, Oregon 97103. Husband, Leslie Anderson.
SLENES, BETTY - 1201 Kelley Road, Chehalis, Washington 98532. Secretary. Husband, Ernest
   Bailey, Building Contractor. Attended Business College. Children: Yvonne and Virginia.

ABERNATHEY, LETA - Resides at 628 E Lexington, Independence, Missouri 64050. Married to
  Delbert Tovey, Custodian. Parents of Reta - 33, Allen - 30 and Cheryl - 24. Grandchildren - 1 1 .
  Occupation: works in High School Cafeteria. Hobbies: bowling, square dancing and material
AUS, BURTON - Resides at Box 62, Finlayson, Minnesota 55737. Occupation: Welder Set Up -
  Peerless Welders, St. Paul, Minnesota. Children are Roxanne, Kelvin and Alvin (twins).
BAGGENSTOSS, ELMER - Resides at 107 West Forest Ave., Arcadia, California 91006. Married to
  Isabelle Roberts, Maxbass. Occupation: Manufacturer Metal Products. Organizations: American
  Society of Tool Engineers, Southern California Traffic Association. Hobbies: Photography and
BANKS, GEORGE - Resides at 415 East Micheltorena St., Santa Barbara, California 93101. Married
  to Mary Lou Piper. Parents of Janice, Toni, Geoffrey, and four grandchildren. Occupation:
  Wholesale Delicatessen, active in Loyal Order of Moose. Hobbies: Golf.
BERG, MAYNARD - Resides at 6735 S.W. 14th St., Portland, Oregon 97218.
CUNNINGHAM, CARL - Resides at Lansford. Married to Elma Smith, Minot. Parents of: Lee - 26,
  Earl - 24, Glen - 22, Marie - 19, Neta - 18, Geneva - 15 and Jerry 13. Three grandchildren.
  Occupation: Farmer. Clubs: Knights of Columbus and Elks.
DAVIS, ANCEL - Deceased.
DAVISON, GERALD - Resides at 1500 Corina Dr. S.E., Salem, Oregon 97302. Married to Irma
  Rufenacht, Mohall. Parents of: Doris [dell. Occupation: Realtor, has been Manager of Red Owl in
  New Rockford and Bismarck. Store owner in Cooperstown and Automobile dealer, Cooperstown.
  Activities: Masonic Lodge, American Legion and U. S. Navy three years. Hobbies: many.
DAVISON, LOUISE - Resides at 4511 Daniels, Vancouver, Washington 98663. Married to Carl
  Schneiderman. Parents of: Carl - 26. One grandchild. Occupation: SP & S Fed. Credit Union Office
  Manager. School: Minot State College one year, teacher two years.
GARDNER, GERALD - Resides at Star Route - Box 228, Prospect, Oregon 97536. Married to Hazel
  Richardson. Parents of: David - 29, Craig - 26 and Terry - 25. One grandchild. Occupation: teacher
  since 1957. School: A.B. from Cascade College, B.D. from Western Evangelical Seminary, M.A.
  from Southern Oregon College. Has spent three years with Army as Chaplain. Hobbies: hiking,
  camping and gardening.
GUNNING, LESLIE - Resides in Lansford. Les is a farmer and has two children, Tom and Susan and
   three grandchildren.
MELTING, RUSSEL Resides at 1 I 1 Willimar Road. Albert Lea, Minnesota 56007.
MUELLER, GILBERT           Resides at Rt. 4, Box 922, Paulsbo, Washington 9X370. Married to Mary
  Crisman, Glenburn. Parents of: Jeannelle Bruil - 31 and Joyce Crebs - 27. live grandchildren.
  Occupation: Outside Service Lineman for Puget Power Co., was in grain elevator six years m
  Minnesota. Clubs: Elks Lodge. Hobbies: Golf.
OBERHOLTZER, NORI NI           Resides al Mohall, North Dakota. Married to Grant May.

                                               - 12 -
PAULSON, WALLACE - Resides at 1360 - 7th St. N.W., Apt. 4, New Brighton, Minnesota 55112.
   Married to Vivian Bierman, Gardena, North Dakota. Parents of: Jacqueline - 30. Three
   grandchildren. Occupation: Supervisor Car Data Bureau Soo Line R.R., has been a Soo Line Agent
   and Operator, spent one semester North Dakota School of Forestry. Active in the Odd Fellows,
   Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star. Hobbies: fishing.
SAGSVEEN, ARNOLD              Resides at Lansford. Married to Frances Quick. Parents of: John - 27,
   Murray - 23, Nancy (Nelson) - 21, Scott - 20, Debarah - 18 and Marcia - 15. Two grandchildren.
   Occupation: farmer, partner in Sagsvecn and Lee Implement (John Deere). School: Bottineau
   forestry and Minot State. Activities: Army pilot during World War II, member of Lutheran
   Church, Masonic Lodge and Elks. Hobby: bowling.
SCHAEFER, WILLIAM - Resides at 125 Erie, Marblehead, Ohio 43440. Married to Melba
    Ransbottom, Toledo, Ohio. Parents of: Louis, James and Barbara. Two grandchildren. Occupation:
   Primary Crusher Operator. Activities: Army World War II, V.F.W., American Legion and
   Congregational Church. Hobby: fishing.
SIDENER, R. T. - Deceased.
SPIELVOGEL, HAZEL Mrs. lors, Salinas, California.
THEIS, SYLVESTER - Resides in Lansford, married to Pat Harren, Alexander, North Dakota,
   teacher. Parents of: James - 26. Sylvia - 24, Paul - 22 and Thomas - 19. Two grandchildren.
   Occupation: construction.
VEIKLEY, MYRTLE            Resides at Mohall. Married to Byron Wright, Renville Co. Road Overseer.
   Parents of: Maurice - 26, Linda - 21 and Debbie - 15. Occupation: housewife.
VENDSEL, RAYMOND G.             Resides at 121 - 18th St. S.E., Minot, North Dakota. Married to Esther
   Bryans, Carpio, North Dakota. Parents of: Bryan and Judy. lour grandchildren. Occupation:
   retired, Ray was a farmer. State Senator for Renville Co., State Democrat Party Chairman and was
   with the federal Interior Department. Activities: Masonic Lodge, Elks Lodge, spent three and a
   half years in the U. S. Army as Captain in World War IE
YOUNG. WILBUR          Resides at 19 Angelina Drive, Framingham Centre, Massachusetts 01901.
WALL. GEORGIA           Resides at 4226 - 14th St., Rock Island, Illinois 61201. Married to Sanfern
   Larson. Vice-President and Claim Manager for Betuminoss Casulty Insurance Company. Parents of:
   Diane - 28, Linda and Tom - 23 (twins), Gary - 19. (Tom - killed in Vict Nam.) Six grandchildren.
   School: Minot State and Business college. Activities: Kings Daughters Circle and first Lutheran
   Church. Hobbies: bridge, golf and gardening.

BAGGENSTOSS, HELEN               Resides in Lansford, married to R.T. Sidener, deceased. Parent of:
   Steven - 25, Jacqueline (Limke) - 26, Michael - 22, Marcia - 20, Paula - 18 and Susan - 15. Three
   grandchildren. Occupation: Postal Clerk. School: Minot Business College, was Secretary for
   Clifford's office, Mohall. Hobbies: Music and textile painting. Reunion Worker.
BANKS, BOYD          Resides at 6612 Babcock, N. Hollywood, California. Married to Lorraine Tofoya,
    Los Angeles. California. French Weaver. Parents of: Steven. Occupation: Rush Typewriter Sales
   and Service. Activities: Army World War II, 7th Division. Hobby: golf.
DAVIS, GERALDINE            Resides at 3334 E. Southern Ave. Lot 39, Phoenix, Arizona 85015. Now
    Mrs. C. L. Lundstcn.
DIXON. DOROTHY            Resides at 621 - 11th St. N.E., Minot, North Dakota. Married to Lyle Walker,
   Burlington Northern Railway.
ESPESETH, MYRTLE            Resides in Lansford. Married to Arthur Jevne. farmer. Parents of: Richard -
   31, Dennis - 29 and Ginger and Ronald - 25 (twins). Six grandchildren. Occupation: housewife.
   School: Minot State. Activities: Order of Eastern Star and L.C.W. Hobbies: gardening and flov
GILDAY, DONALD             Resides at R.R. 1. English Heights, Drees Drive, Yankton, South Dakota
   57078. Married to Eleanor King. Minot. Parents of: Coral Anne - 31, Dianne - 27. Three
   grandchildren. Occupation: Public Accountant. School: U. of North Dakota and Correspondence
   courses. Credit Manager and Office Manager Nash Finch Company. Activities: lUks and Knights of
   Columbus. Hobbies: fishing, sailboats and walking.
GREENUP, ESTHER MAE. - Resides at 820 N. Laurence, Tacoma. Washington 98406. Married to
   Matt S. 1 lanigan.
HANDI LAND. HELEN           Resides al Lansford. Married to fed Helming, farmer.
HANDELAND, MELVIN               Resides at Bowhclls. North Dakota. Married to June Huddleston,
   Silverton, Oregon. Parents of: Christine - 16. Occupation: farmer, spent time in the U. S. Marines.
   Activities: Moose Club and American Legion.
HEATH, ROBERT          Resides al Lansford. Married to Lois Richardson. Parents of: Barbara (Hcdberg)
   - 30, Myron - 28. Occupation: School Bus Driver. Hobby: bowling.
KOCHEL, ERMA            Resides at Durado Apt 4, Kalispell, Montana 59901. Married to Brayton
   Buckingham. Parents of: Stacy, one grandchild.

                                                - n •
MAY, LYNN - Resides at Mohall. Married to Betty Born of Hilton, New York. Parents of Nancy,
     Barbara, Mary Ellen, Carol, K a t h y , Patricia and Priscilla. One grandchild.
MILEY, LOUISE - Resides at 3217 Wyoming Drive, Spenard, Alaska 9 9 5 0 3 . Married to Rev. Ralph
    Weeks, United Presbyterian Pastor, Director of Arctic Parish. Parents of: Caroline (Prosser).
    Isabella and Joan. Occupation: Auditor, Internal Revenue Service, School Graduate, Jamestown
    College. Teacher at Sitka, Noorvik and Seward, Alaska. Activities: Pastor's wife and P.T.A.
    Hobbies: reading, hunting, fishing and travel.
MUELLER, D O R O T H Y             Resides at 1117 - 8th St. N.W., Minot, North Dakota 5 8 7 0 1 . Married to
    Berton J o h n s o n , Musician and City E m p l o y e e . Parents of: Elayne (Wald) - 3 1 , Delores ( H e i n z e ) -
    30, Richard - 27, Kenneth - 24 and Karen (Bishop) - 22. Grandchildren - 17. Occupation:
    Bartender. Activities: Eagles Lodge, Knights of Columbus Club, Moose Lodge Auxiliary.
PATRICK, ESTHER - Resides at 3336 Brunner Drive, Sacramento, California 9 5 8 2 6 . Married to
    Daniel Schasz.
PIPER, MARY LOUISE - Resides at 415 East Micheltorena St., Santa Barbara, California 9 3 1 0 1 .
    Married to George Banks. Parents of: Janice (Dolge), Toni and Geoffrey. Four grandchildren.
    Occupation: Bookkeeper and general flunky for George. Activities: Past President of S.B. High
    School Wilson Elementary, P.T.A. and Grad. Regent of Women of the Moose. Hobbies: George,
    our kids and grandchildren.
R O U T L E D G E , C L A R E N C E - Resides at Lansford. Married to Beatrice Nomeland, Plaza, North
    Dakota. Parents of: Monte - 24, Clyde - 2 1 , Margaret - 18, Harley - 17 and Eugene - 15.
    Occupation: farming.
R O U T L E D G E , KENNETH - Resides at 11 Dellway, Minot, North Dakota. Married to Alice Knutson,
    Norma, North Dakota, Real Estate Saleslady. Occupation: farmer. Real Estate Salesman.
    Activities: Military Police 1942 and 1943, Moose Lodge and Eagles Club.
S C H A E F E R , NEVADA           Resides at 1862 Superior St., Toledo, Ohio 4 3 6 1 1 . Married to Clarence
    Black, Woodworker. Parents of: Bryan - 18. Occupation: Secretary at Owens, Illinois. Inc. Glass
    container Division for 25 years. Activities: Waves two years, Onized Club and Altar Guild.
SATHER, A L F R E D N. - Resides at 3521 - 116 N.E., Marysville, Washington 9 8 2 7 0 . Married to
    Gertrude Healy, Fort Peck. Montana, Engineer Release Unit - Boeing. Parents of: Arone - 28 and
    Gerald - 26. Occupation: Maintenance                Everett C o m m u n i t y College. School and Occupation:
    Armour Creamery four years. Brush and Spray Painting 15 years and Barber College - Barber 15
    years. Hobbies: travel, weekend trips. Have been to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, California, Oregon and
SAVELKOUL, CLARENCE                   Deceased.
WALL, H A R O L D           Resides at 1246 Greenly Way (P. O. Box 7125) S t o c k t o n , California 9 5 2 0 7 .
    Married to Majorie L a n d o n , Ryder, North Dakota. Parents of: Michael - 19 and Wendy - 10.
    Occupation: District Sales Manager - Retail Sales. School: Minot State. U. of North Dakota,
    Sacramento State. Service: C o m m . Officer, U. S. Navy, World War II, South Pacific. Hobbies:
    hunting and boating. Activities: Civic, Social Services, Church and Scouts.
ZIETZ, VERNON              Deceased.

A R M S T R O N G , EUGENE     Eugene lives at Sherwood and is a farmer. He attended Diesel Engineering
    School and served in the LI. S. Army. He is a member of the American Legion and the Moose-
BULGER, DOROTHY - Married to John N. Stafford, they live at 15407 N.E. Ilalsey, Portland,
1)1 RR, LILLIAN        Deceased.
DI.RR, WILMA - Wilma and her husband, Rudolph Bclcourt, live at 1509 - 8th Ave. S., Grand Forks,
    North Dakota.
DIXON, BERNICE          (Mrs. Bernice Helseth). Bernice lives at 5 2 0 - 4 t h Ave. N., Great falls, Montana.
    She attended Beauty Operator School and now works as a licensed practical nurse. Children are
    Mabel, Clara and Carol. Three grandchildren.
DUMONT, MAXINE            Married to John H o h m a n n , they live at 826 Boat Haven Drive, Port Angeles,
ESPESETH, ALICE - Alice and her husband. Gene Blanchard, live at 61 I North Grand View,
    Yakima, Washington. Her hobbies are camping, sewing and bowling. Their children are David. Jerry
    and Bruce. They have three grandchildren.
H A R A L D S O N , EDWARD     Lives at Lansford.
H A R R I S . GENEVA      Geneva and her husband. I red llerold. live at 221 - 17th Ave. N.W., Great
    falls. Montana.
H U N T E R . JF SSI1   Married to J o h n Kricr. they live at 403 Whitaker Drive f a r Views, Missoula.

                                                         - 14 •
KOCHEL, HARRIET - (Mrs. Harriet Allsup). Harriet lives at 206 N. 2nd, Sandpoint, Idaho and works
   as a waitress. Her hobby is sewing.
MARTINESON, DOUGLAS - Unmarried, Doug lives at Lansford, and is a farmer. He served in the
   U. S. Army and is a member of the Elks Lodge and the Masons. His hobbies include hunting and
RICHARDSON, LOIS - Lois is married to Bob Heath and they live at Lansford where Bob is a bus
   driver. Her hobby is bowling. Their children are Myron and Barbara, and they have two
THEIS, IRENE - Irene and her husband, Frank Brockey, live at 439 - 15th St. S.E., Minot. Irene is
   manager of Sears Cafeteria and their children are Frank, Jr. and Irene.
UNDERWOOD, CECIL - Married to Marian Spangler of Williston, they live at 6650 San Miguel,
   Parmount, California. He is an aircraft sheet metal worker, and attended Bottineau School of
   Forestry and North Dakota State University. Cecil's hobby is flying and building own airplanes.
   Their children are James, Meredith, Everett and Robert and they have five grandchildren.
UNDERWOOD, VICTOR - Resides at Bombcy Marina, Niland, California, (Star Route - Box 614).
   Victor works at Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. His hobbies include boating, fishing, radio repair
   and transmitting. Children are John, Ramona, Roger, Shirley and Deloris.
WALL, AGNES - (Miss Jean M. Wall). Agnes lives at 421 Maroga St., San Francisco, California. She
   attended University of Washington; Hastings College of Law; University of California at San
   Francisco. She is a member of the American Bar Association; National Association of Women
   Lawyers; Queen's Bench; Lawyers Club of San Francisco; California State Bar Association. Hobbies
   are swimming and water skiing.
ZEITLER, MARIE - Married to Myron Powers, they live at 5153 San Simion Drive, Santa Barbara,
  California. Myron is a meat cutter and their children are Cathy and Penny. Marie's hobbies are
  outdoors and water skiing.
ZEITZ, ELEANOR - (Eleanor Swor) - lives at 323 N. 10th St., Salina, Kansas.

ADAMS, FAYE - Married to Jim McWhirter, they live at Bent, New Mexico.
CHAMBERS, HELEN - Helen is married to Charlie Medler and they live at 14302 S.E. Main,
   Portland, Oregon. She is active as a PTA board member and Little League board member. They
    have four children - Nancy, Roger, Monte and Scott and one grandchild.
HANDELAND, HAZEL - Now Mrs. Ralph Pendley, they live at 815 Woodmore Circle, Chattanooga,
   Tennessee. Ralph works at Chattanooga Container Corp., and Hazel is a tax consultant with H & R
   Block. She attended MSTC. Two boys, Dale and Steven.
KELLEY, WELDON - Deceased.
KEPLER, OSCAR M. - Address is R.R. 2, Box 226, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
KNAACK, RAYMOND - Married to Margaret Schaefer of Lansford, they live at 5032 W. Campbell,
   Phoenix, Arizona. He is assistant supervisor of Arizona Standardization Service, also works as truck
   driver, meter reader and federal fruit and vegetable inspector. He is a member of Moose Lodge and
   enjoys football and basketball. They have four children - Wanda, Faith, Kathy and Bill.
MIDDAUGH, JEANETTE - Husband William Hughes (deceased). Jeanctte lives at Roosevelt,
   Washington and works as Avon Representative, also substitute post office clerk. She attended
   MSTC and is active as a Sunday School teacher, president of Women's Club and secretary of
   Klichitat Fire District. Children are Virginia Barnes, Mrs. Douglas Davidson and Crest.
MILEY, DON - Don is married to June Bolmeier of Erie, North Dakota who works as Junior High
   School Librarian. Don is a U.S.A.F. Civil Service worker and lives at South Crafton Ave., Redlands,
   California. He has a B.A. from Jamestown College and M.E. from Willamette University, Salem,
   Oregon. He served in the Air Force and is a Lt. Col. in Air Force Reserve. Belongs to Masons. Don's
   hobbies are hunting and fishing. Children are Nadine and Keith.
ROUTLEDGE, LELAND Married to Margie Johnson of Lansford, they live at Hanson Trailer Court,
   Williston, where he works in the oil fields. He attended Insurance Adjusting School and his hobby
   is hunting. Children are Leroy, Robert, LaVonne, Ralph and Marlene. They have six
ROUTLEDGE, MERVIN               Married to Gertrude Evans, Edinburg, Texas, they live at 2531 E,
   Commonwealth, Fullerton, California. He is district manager of State Beauty Supply Co., and
   attended Minot Business College. He also served in the Navy. Children are Virginia, Merva and Roy,
   and they have five grandchildren. Deceased March 1 1, 1970.
RICHARDSON, EUGENE             Eugene is married to Doris Thomas of Westhope and they reside at 5111
   Dana Way, Sacramento, California. He is a plumber and his wife is secretary of Campfire Girls,
   Inc. They have two children, Jeanne and Sherry and two grandchildren.
RICHARDSON, HAZEL - Hazel is married to Gerald Gardner, who is a teacher. Their address is Box
   228, Star Route, Prospect, Oregon. Her hobbies are sewing, knitting and gardening. The children
  are David, Craig and Terry. They have one grandchild.

                                                - 15 -
SCHOEN1G, HENRY - Wife is Ella Beth Clark of Valley City, an insurance agency secretary. Their
  address is Route 1, Valley City, North Dakota. He works as a truck driver and farmer, and his
  hobby is son's apiary. Children are Brenda, Darrell and Steven.

ANDERSON, EDITH MAE - Married to Charles Pickens, they live at Annandale, Minnesota.
BRADLEY, SELMA - Sally is married to Joe Linnertz, a farmer and they live at Foxholm, North
   Dakota. Her hobby is ceramics.
HANDELAND, NORMA - Norma and her husband, Arol Anderson, live at Dunseith, North Dakota
   where Arol farms. Norma works at San Haven. Their children are Gerald, Glenda, Lorenzo and
LAMPSON, CLAIR Address is 7054 Tampa Ave., Reseda, California 91335.
PATALAS, GLADYS - Gladys is married to E:arl Coleman and they live at 6814 S. Huson, Tacoma,
   Washington. Earl is a retired Civil Service employee. Gladys attended MSTC, worked as a postal
   employee, in medical buildings and packing company. She belongs to Retired Civil Service Club.
   Her hobbies include cards, coins, sewing, fishing, hunting, pictures and gardening.
PIPER, JOHN - Married to Beatrice Robold of Lansford, a school secretary, they live at 18653
   Petunia St., Azusa, California. John works as office manager and cost accountant. He attended
   Bottineau School of Forestry. Children are Russell, Fred M. and Kathryn. They have three
ROUTLEDGE, ROSALIE - Married to Warren Marvle, they live at Monroe, Utah, where Warren is
   postmaster. She attended Minot Business College and worked as a bookkeeper at Vancouver and
   commercial representative at Mountain States Telephone Co., Richfield, Utah. Children are
   Lynnette and David.
ROUTLEDGE, RUBY - Ruby's husband is Lester Rhoades of Glenburn, where they live. He is a
   farmer. She worked at Hampton Roads, Port of limbarkation, Newport News, Va., and at Benicia
   Arsenal, Benicia, Calif. Hobbies include geneology and antiques. Children are Lawrence, Nelson,
   Avis and Debra.
SCHAEFER, CONNIE - Connie and her husband, Ralph Helming, live at Lansford where Ralph is a
   professional grain producer. She is active in W.S.C.S., Eastern Star, Lansford Methodist Church and
   the church board. Her hobby is oil painting. Children are Vicki and Neil. They have two
TOSSETT, NORENE - (Mrs. Norene Gunning). Norene is desk clerk at Ramada Inn at Minot and lives
   at 813 West Central Ave., Minot. Her hobby is golf. She has two children, Tom and Susan and
   three grandchildren.
UNDERWOOD, KENNETH - Address is 10537 Karmount Ave., Sougate, California.
ZEITZ, BERNEICE - Married to Chester Brysetsn and they live at 1248 S.E. 116th St., Seattle,
DERR, DONALD - Donald is married to Elda Larson of Bottineau and they live at 601 - 9th Ave.
  N.E., Minot, North Dakota. He attended Business College and is now an Internal Revenue Officer.
  He served three years in the Air Force, and belongs to the American Legion, Moose Lodge, and
  Eagles Lodge. Hobbies are hunting and fishing. Four children - Bonnie, Terry, Donna and Ross.
ELM, LAWRENCE - Married to Beverly Strilcov of Max, they now live at 405 - 22nd St. N.W., Minot.
  He is operator of Minot Heating and Sheet Metal. He attended Wahpeton School of Science and
   served three years in the Navy. Is a member of Eagles Club and Disabled American Veterans and
  enjoys hunting and traveling. Their family includes Patricia, Terry, Richard, Kathy, Sharon,
   Barbara, Carleen, Shelly, Michael and Ronald.
ELM, MARGARET - Married to Wcndelin Mosser, they reside at 1833 S.W. 10th St., Minot. She
  works as housekeeper at the Lutheran Home in Minot. Children are Donald, Theresa, David,
  Albert, Edward, William, Johnny, Robert, Bernadette and Carolyn.
HANDELAND, liLVIRA - Married to Grant Anderson, they live at Glenburn. Children are Ronald,
  Barbara and Sally Jo.
HANSON, GEORGIA - Now Mrs. Bill Smith, they live at Maxbass. Georgia attended MSTC and has
  workeil as a teacher. Her hobbies are gardening and social work. Children arc Cindy, Roberta, Bari
  and Carson.
KNIGHT, FRANK         Frank lives at Lansford, where he is a farmer. He served in the U. S. Army and is
  Commander of the Local American Legion Post. His special interests are bowling, hunting and
KOI HEIR. BERTHA          Unknown.
ROBOLD, ADELINE          (Beatrice) Husband is John Piper and they live at 18653 Petunia St., A/usa,
  California. She works as a school secretary and John is an office manager and cost accountant.
  They have three children, Russell, 1 red and Kathryn and three grandchildren.
                                                - 16 •
SCHAEFER, MARGARET - Now Mrs. Ray Knaack, they live at 5032 W. Campbell Ave., Glendale,
   Arizona. Ray is Assistant Supervisor for State Standardization Service. Her hobbies include
   bowling, sewing, traveling, driving a car. Their children are Wanda, Faith, Kathy and Bill and they
   have one grandchild.
SCHOENIG, HELEN - Married to Harold Gravseth, they live at Souris, North Dakota, where Harold
   farms. Helen attended the School of Nursing at St. Andrews, Bottineau. She belongs to Boundary
   Homemakers and was county Homemaker President 1967-69. Children are Lyle and Wanda.
UNDERWOOD, VIVIAN - Now Mrs. Art O'Connell, of Glenburn, where they farm. Children are
   Suellen, Dan, Ken, Kathy, Coki, Patsy, Joan, Jan and Jim. Three grandchildren.
ZIETZ, DORIS - Deceased.

DEAN, MARVIN - Deceased.
ESPESETH, IRENE - Now Mrs. Fred Jevne, they reside at Lansford.
ESPESETH, LOUISE - Married to Morris McLean of Lansford, they now live at 113 - 23rd Ave. N.,
   Fargo. Louise attended MSTC for two years. They are the parents of Stephen, Mark, James and
McLEAN, MORRIS - Married to Louise Espeseth, Morris works for the A.S.C.S., Department of
   Agriculture at Fargo. He earned a B.S. Degree at M.S.T.C., and served in the U.S. Army, medical
   corp. He is a member of the Masonic Lodge and American Legion.
JOHNSON, HAZEL - (Hazel McNea) Hazel attended Minot College of Business and now works as
   secretary to the Registrar, at NDSU Bottineau branch. She is a member of First Lutheran Church
   and the National Handicraft Hobby Club. She enjoys sewing, reading, further study. Children are
   Sheila and Terry. She has three grandchildren.
RICHARDSON, RAYMOND - Raymond is married to Velma Flower of Minot, who works as a bank
   teller. Their address is W 3311 Rockwell, Spokane, Washington. He attended MSTC and served five
   years Apprenticeship in Plumbing and Heating Industry. Now works as steamfitter. He served in
   the U. S. Navy and is a member of the Moose Lodge and B.O.F. Lodge. His hobby is dancing. They
   have a daughter, Sandra and two grandchildren.
ROBOLD, ROGER - Roger is married to Mary Ohlrich and works as a stock clerk in Airesearch. He
   was formerly manager of Great Plains Supply Co. Pete served in the U. S. Navy and is a member of
   the American Legion. He and Mary live at 2183 Sepulveda, Apt. A., Torrance, California. They are
   parents of four boys, Richard, James, Monte and Steven.
SATHER, BEVERLY - Beverly lives at 505 Valley St., Minot, North Dakota. She attended Business
   College and works as a dental assistant. She belongs to the Dental Assistants Association, and her
   hobby is coin collecting.
SMETANA, CLARA - Clara is married to John O'Keeffe and they reside at Lansford, where he is a
   mail carrier. They are parents of Patricia, and have one grandchild.

BAGGENSTOSS, DONALD - Lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
CHAMBERS, WILBUR - Resides at Rt. 1, Box 186A, Port Orchard, Washington. Married to Gwen
   Hughes. Wilbur works at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Attended Diving School, Nuclear Power
   School, Radiological Control School, served in Navy, Submarine Branch. Hobbies are fishing,
   hunting, bowling, boating. Children are Julie and Brock.
HEATH, EILEEN - Married to Gordon Jensen, who is a supermarket produce manager. They live at
   5434 N.E. Thompson, Portland, Oregon. Eileen is a day nursery school owner and manager. She
   attended MSTC and is a former school teacher and cashier. Children are Jerry and David.
HELMING, KENNETH - Address is 2932 S. Shore Drive, Mishawaka, Indiana.
MARTINESON, MARGARET - (Mrs. Margaret Bruce) - Margaret attended MSTC and has three
   years nurses training. She now lives at Lansford and has one son, Sam.
OSS, SOPHIA - (Sophia Adams) Deceased.
ROEN, GERALDINE - Married to Allen Anderson, they live at Glenburn, where they farm. She
   attended MSTC and taught for three years. Activities include Homemaker's Club and Church Altar
   Guild. Her hobbies are music and scrapbooks. They have three children, Cheryl, Robert and Susan.
TARVESTAD, HAROLD - Harold is married to Dora Mae Adams and farms at Lansford. He served in
   the U. S. Navy and belongs to the Elks Lodge, American Legion, V.F.W., and Masonic Lodge. His
   hobbies are hunting, fishing and bowling. They have five children - Leslie, Hal, Trent, Dara Jill and
   Joan and one grandchild.
ZIETZ, LILLIAN - Lillian is married to Selmer Erickson and they live at 2207 E. 4th St., Spokane,
   Washington. She attended Business School and worked as a dental assistant, also sales clerk and
   cashier. She enjoys her church affiliations. Parents of Sherry and Michael, they have one

                                                 - 17 -
BAKER, EDWARD - Eddie lives at Apt. 6, 7353 S. Comstock, Whittier, California and has three
  children: Ronald, Diane and Bobby. He works as a shipping department manager. He is a member
  of the Moose Lodge and Field Artillery, and his hobbies are hunting and fishing.
BLOWERS, GRACE - Grace is married to Darrell Stead. Their address is Rt. 6, Box 268, Port
  Orchard, Washington.
BLOWERS, LELA - Now married to Bob Gates of Loraine, North Dakota. Lela attended Minot
  Business College. Bob is a farmer and they have five children - Joan, Michael, Glenn, Donna and
  Penny and three grandchildren.
DAVIS, LORETTA - Loretta is married to Robert Forbes of Newburg, where they live. They have
  three children: Sherry, Danny and Kellen and two grandchildren. She operates a cafe and her
  husband is a petroleum worker. She is a member of the Night Riders Saddle Club and the North
  Dakota Horse Show Association. Her hobbies include horses, hand painting and gardening.
ELM, CATHERINE - Married to Donald Zeretzke, they live at Deering, North Dakota. Children are
  Larry, Susan, James and Dan. She has worked as a telephone operator and at general office work.
  Her hobbies are reading and sewing.
GUNNING, HAROLD - Harold is married to Gladys Carlson of Mohall. They have two children, Craig
  and Janet. Harold is a farmer and served in the U. S. Navy. He belongs to the Elks, Masons, Shrine
  and American Legion. His hobbies include bowling.
HEIMBUSH, WILLIAM, JR. - Address is 4685 Field Street, Arvada, Colorado.
JOHNSON, MYRTLE - Myrtle is married to Orris Moen of Upham, North Dakota. Children arc-
   Sharon, Arlyn and Loren. Her husband is a farmer. Myrtle has worked as a librarian, lathe operator
  and office work. Her hobbies are community affairs, gardening, knitting and sewing.
KNUDSON, CHARLOTTE - Address is 18037 Martha St., Encino, California.
LAMPSON, ORVILLE - Orville is married to Dorothy Harder of Munich, North Dakota. He is a Soo
   Line Railway Agent and also has an insurance agency. Children are Patricia and Wesley. He is a
   member of the Alsen Curling Club.
McMANUS, JANE - Unknown.
MORRIS, ROBERT - Bob is a graduate of Minot State College and has a Master Degree from North
   Dakota State University. He served in the U. S. Army and now teaches at Hebron, North Dakota.
OHLRICH, CONNIE - Connie lives at 428 - 5th Ave. S.W., Grand Rapids, Minnesota. She is married
   to Earl W. Ramstad, who works as an appraiser for the State of Minnesota. She attended St. John's
   School of Nursing at Fargo and at present works as secretary at First National Bank of Grand
   Rapids. Connie belongs to the Business and Professional Women's Club, and they have one son,
RICHARDSON, JOHN - John's wife is Phyllis Fields, and they live in Lansford where he is the
   Standard Oil Bulk Agent. They are parents of Paula, Rourke, Kent, Ryan, Wade, Rhonda, Angela
   and Kory and have three grandchildren. John attended State School of Science and served in the
   U. S. Marine Corp. He is a member of the American Legion and Moose Lodge. Hobbies are hunting
   and fishing.
SMETANA, ELLEN - Deceased.
THEIS, RAY - Ray is married to Margaret Guidinger of Mohall and they have two children, Eric and
   Peggy. He attended the State School of Science for two years. Ray owns and operates the Grano
   Elevator and farms. He is chairman of the Lansford Park Board and is active in promoting amateur
   basketball and baseball. He belongs to the Elks Lodge and is a member of the Renville-Bottineau
   Hospital Board. They live in Lansford.

DERR, CAROL - Carol is married to Vernon Asheim and they live at Mohall. Vernon is a farmer and
  they have two children, John and Donna. She belongs to the Eastern Star, American Legion
  Auxiliary, Lutheran Aid, and the Farm Bureau. Her hobbies are painting and sewing.
HANDELAND, ERMA - Married to Vern Vlach, they live at 21W 751 Glen Park Road, Glen Ellyn,
  Illinois. They have four children, Verne, Jeffrey, Diane and Gregory.
HANDELAND, GLADYS - Husband is Norman Abernathey. They live at Lansford.
KNIGHT, MILDRED - Millie and her husband, Jim Edwards, live at 611 - 18th Ave. S.W., Minot,
  North Dakota. Jim is an electrician at MAFB. She attended Minot Business College and is a
  member of the American Legion Auxiliary. They have two children, KimbcrLee and James.
PATTERSON, ELAINE - Elaine and her husband, Charles Heidbreder, a building contractor, live at
  Stanley, North Dakota. Their children are Trudy, Bonnie, Jay, Todd and Ward. She belongs to the
  American Legion Auxiliary and her hobbies are sewing, knitting, cooking and reading.
ROEN, DUANE - Duane's wife is the former Nora Brendsel of Maxbass. They live at Lansford, where
   Duane farms. Their children are Wayne and DeeAnne. He is a member of the Elks Lodge, Moose
   Lodge and Masonic Lodge. Reunion worker.

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