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CURRENT                             JANUARY 2023 | VOL. 56. NO. 1

   Is the Key to Reflection, Inclusion, and Reconnection

             SPECIAL EDITION:
73rd Annual Meeting & Conference Highlights
In This Issue
     1             President’s Message
                   Stephanie L. Campbell
     2             Interim CEO’s Message
                   Dr. Larry W. Tyree
     3             Awards
     9             2022 College Certified Program

     10 Thank You
     11              AFC Foundation & AFC Silent Auction
     13 Annual Conference Testimonials
     14 AFC Foundation
     16 2023 Executive Officers
     17 2023 Commission Chairs
     18 2023 AFC Region Directors
     19 2023 AFC Committee Chairs
     20 2023 Chapter Officers
     23 Meet 2023 State President
        Greg Williams
     24 Meet Roger Williams
     25 Kudos
     27 Chapter News
     31 AFC New Members
     33 Calendar

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         CURRENT                              JANUARY 2023 | VOL. 56. NO. 1
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          73rd Annual Meeting & Conference Highlights

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CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
President’s Message

Leave Your Legacy as We Move
Here we are! We have closed 2022 with class, and humility. As I leave this AFC President position, it is with hope and
humbleness that I share with you that we have accomplished a lot and tackled several challenges throughout the
year, and it happened very quickly.

                             A year is only 52 weeks, 365 days,        must recognize the work of the State staff- Dr. Larry Tyree,
                             8760 hours, 525,600 minutes,              Eileen, Rita, and David. I will now serve as the Immediate Past
                             and 31,536,000 seconds. As                President and yes, you will have to hear from me for another
                             you can see, time waits on no             year. I thank every AFC member of this illustrious organization
                             one, and life is not a rehearsal.         because without your love and support I would not have been
                             It all equates to one love for the        as successful without you. I have had a lifetime opportunity
                             Association of Florida Colleges.          serving as the 2022 AFC President which most only dream
                             I am very proud of the impact             about. I truly appreciate and love this organization which will
                             we continue to make with our              have its own chapter in my book. I know that each of you will
members, and the strategies our college Presidents have                have the brightest future in AFC and you deserve the best
created to adapt to the changing environment of higher                 holidays as you leave your legacy as we move forward with
education.                                                             Great Expectations.

We heeded the call to servant leadership and provided                  For I Am,
services and funds to support the members during Hurricane             Stephanie L. Campbell
Ian as we all know and felt the devastation. I am very proud of        President
the Service Projects we sponsored during the year that met             Association of Florida Colleges
the needs of our communities. Thank you to each Chapter
and Commission for joining hands to make each dollar count
that was raised. We have added to the Certified College
Professional Programs, The Florida College Professional
Certificate Program, and the Next Level Leadership Program
which is the second certificate program for our members who
are learning to be leaders and persons of influence.

Our Family Reunion, back together again Annual Conference
and Meeting was the highlight of 2022. From the moment
we begin with the Executive Committee and Board meeting
on the Champagne Lady and Keynote presenters Mr. Willie
Spears and Dr. Tonjua Williams to kick-off our Conference to the
exhibitors and sponsors with the opening welcome networking
social so that we could Re-set, Re-Imagine and Re-Invigorate
our attendees was phenomenal. We had an evening filled with
memories of a lifetime from our Foundation’s Silent Auction and
Presidential Gala to our closing brunch. We have many success
stories to tell that will leave our legacy for others to follow. Our
membership continues to stand strong, and we will increase
with thousands more enrolling within our 28 institutions

In addition to my thanks and humble appreciation to the
2022 Executive Committee and Board of Directors, I also

                                                                                                           myafchome.org | January 2023 | 1
CEO’s Message

     Moving Forward with Great
                                    As we move into the new year, I want you to think about our 2023 theme – “Moving
                                    Forward with Great Expectations,” and the 2022 theme – “Legacy Is The Key to Reflection,
                                    Inclusion, and Reconnection.” I hope you see the correlation.

                                   Think about your contribution to     College System’s Council of Presidents (COP). Your job is to
                                   creating parts of the AFC Legacy.    find new energy and make a commitment to being a part of this
                                   Now, think about how you will        most worthwhile movement in 2023.
                                   expound on your part of the Legacy
                                   in 2023 as YOU — as WE — Move        I’m looking forward to inactive Chapters becoming active
                                   Forward with Great Expectations.     again. All of the enthusiasm you will create on your college
                                   Your part of moving forward is to    campuses will spill over into our Region activities. I’m also
     help build on everything that has been established before 2022.    looking forward to new growth in our Commissions and
                                                                        Committees. I have no doubt you will rise to the occasion
     Last month I shared with you that in the new year AFC will         and make AFC STRONGER and BETTER!
     start our search for the next CEO/Executive Director. We are
     Moving Forward with Great Expectations to bring you the next       I’m looking forward to Moving Forward with Great Expectations!
     effective leader. We have a goal to increase our membership.       Sincerely,
     We are Moving Forward with Great Expectations to onboard
     exciting members who are interested in becoming leaders            Dr. Larry W. Tyree
     in the AFC. And, we are Moving Forward with Great                  Interim Executive Director/CEO
     Expectations with a renewed relationship with the Florida          Association of Florida Colleges

2 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Annual Meeting

Dr. John Holdnak
                      Dr. John Holdnak served as the sixth            A native of Pensacola and a graduate of Pensacola Junior
                      President of Gulf Coast State College for       College, Florida State University, and the University of West
                      eight years before his retirement in June of    Florida, John Holdnak is a Lifetime AFC member and is involved
                      this year. During his presidency, Dr. Holdnak   with a host of vital community activities and organizations. Dr.
                      was responsible for providing leadership        Holdnak resides in Panama City with his wife, Terrie, and they
                      for academic programs and student               are the parents of two grown children and a grandchild.
                      support services. He led the charge for
community efforts in economic development activities working          Wattenbarger Award Criteria
alongside with Bay County Economic Development Authority              The criteria to be considered for this award include:
and assisting with bringing new business opportunities and              1. Demonstration of an exceptional commitment to one of
companies to Bay County. Under his presidency, the GCSC                    Florida’s colleges and/or the Florida College System.
Foundation grew from $31 million to over $38 million, secured           2. Be a student, faculty member, administrator, trustee,
final funding from the legislature for the STEM Center, and was            or alumni of one of Florida’s colleges or be a supporter
awarded funding from multiple Triumph grants to assist the                 of a college and/or champion for the Florida College
College in critical areas such as Nursing, UVS, and Emergency              System, or be a state legislator or member of the
Response. Under President Holdnak’s leadership, the College                executive branch of the state government.
also upgraded internal roadways and parking lots, relocated the
softball complex, added to the Veterans and Military Resource
Center, and created a healthcare clinic on campus with PanCare
                                                                        Past Wattenbarger Award Winners
of Florida, Inc.
                                                                        Year    Winner
Dr. Holdnak was instrumental in guiding the College through             2001    Dr. James L. Wattenbarger
the recovery of Hurricane Michael, a category 5 hurricane.              2002    Dr. Lawrence W. Tyree
More than 58 million dollars in damages were sustained at the           2003    Dr. Willis Holcombe, BrowCC
College campuses. In 2018 when the hurricane hit, Gulf Coast            2004    Dr. Robert Judson, PHCC
State College had accomplished an all-time 10 percent gain in           2005    Harry Albertson, SJRCC
enrollment. The college opened in 28 days after the storm to            2006    Bob McSpadden, GCC
prevent veterans from losing their federal benefits. President          2007    Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings
Holdnak was the driving force behind an exceptional team of             2008    Mr. Ron Fahs
Gulf Coast employees whom he rallied together, bringing in              2009    Dr. Carl Kuttler, SPC; Dr. Robert McLendon, SJRCC
resources to assist employees and students. If the hurricane            2010    Dr. Gwendolyn Stephenson, HCC
were not enough, he also skillfully guided the college through          2011    Dr. Chick Dassance, College of Central Florida
a multi-year pandemic.                                                  2012    T.K. Wetherell
                                                                        2013    Margo S. Odom, Lake-Sumter State College
Before becoming president of Gulf Coast, Dr. Holdnak served             2014    Dr. Norman Stephens Jr., South Florida State
in many capacities and a variety of positions at the College,                   College
playing a pivotal role in the progress and accomplishments              2015    Dr. Dennis Gallon, Palm Beach State College
of the institution. In 2008 he left Gulf Coast for six years to         2016    Senator Bill Montford
serve as the Vice Chancellor for Financial Policy and Executive         2017    Dr. Katherine Johnson, President-Emeritus
                                                                                (retired): Pasco-Hernando State College
Vice Chancellor of the Florida College System. It was in these
                                                                        2018    J. Davis Armstrong, President-Emeritus
roles that he provided statewide leadership and exercised
                                                                                Broward College
administrative and supervisory responsibility for finance,
                                                                        2019    Dr. E. Ann McGee, Seminole State College
budgeting, information systems, operations, retirement,
                                                                        2020    Dr. Edwin Massey (Indian River State College)
personnel administration, and facilities planning for the State
                                                                        2021    Mr. Willie “Bill” McCloud
of Florida’s College System.

                                                                                                         myafchome.org | January 2023 | 3
Annual Meeting

        2022 AFC President Legacy Award
               Dr. Walter L. Smith                     2022 AFC President’s Living Legend Award - (left) Reginald Tyrone Webb, Polk State College

                     2022 AFC Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award                                   2022 Professor of the Year Award
            (right) Marsha E. Kiner, AFC Immediate Past Executive Director/CEO                         (left) Mario Mutis, Santa Fe College

     President’s Awards                    Leadership Service                    Outstanding Leadership                Faculty Commission
     2022 AFC President                    Awards                                and Dedicated Service                 Awards
     Legacy Award                                                                as Vice-President of
                                           Outstanding Service to                                                      2022 Professor of the
     Dr. Walter L. Smith                                                         Commissions
                                           the Association of Florida                                                  Year Award
                                                                                 Matt Wetzel
                                           Colleges as 2022                      Florida State College at              Mario Mutis
     2022 AFC President’s
                                           AFC President                         Jacksonville                          Santa Fe College
     Living Legend Award
     Reginald Tyrone Webb                  Stephanie L. Campbell
                                           Polk State College                                                          2022 Distinguished
     Polk State College                                                          Board Member                          Professor
                                                                                 of the Year                           Laura McDermot
     2022 AFC Presidential                 Outstanding Service                   Dr. Gina Doeble                       Broward College
     Lifetime Achievement                  to the Association of                 Florida SouthWestern State
                                           Florida Colleges as Vice              College                               Laura Dickinson
     Award                                                                                                             Seminole State College of
     Marsha E. Kiner                       President of Regions and                                                    Florida
     AFC Immediate Past                    Chapters
     Executive Director/CEO                Melonie Miner
                                           Pensacola State College

4 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Annual Meeting

                                                                                       Marsha Kiner (left),
                                                                                    Honorary Life Membership
                       Chapter of the Year - College of Central Florida

                     Commission of the Year - Technology Commission

2022 Commission                             Platinum Chapters                          Wanda Curtis (left),
                                            College of Central Florida              Honorary Life Membership
LRC Exemplary Practice Award                Pasco-Hernando State College
Winners                                     Pensacola State College
Miami Dade College Padron Campus            Santa Fe College
Seminole State College
                                            Gold Chapters
Technology Commission                       Eastern Florida State Collee
                                            Florida State College at Jacksonville
Exemplary Practice
                                            Miami-Dade College
Kevin Moreau
                                            Northwest Florida State College
Program Grant Manager
                                            Palm Beach State College
Palm Beach State College
                                            Seminole State College
Boca Raton campus
Presentation Title: PBSC                    Silver Chapters
tresPATHS Grant                             Daytona State College
Commission of the Year                      Indian River State College
Technology                                  South Florida State College
                                                                                       Ray Coulter (left),
Chapter of the Year                         Region of the Year                      Honorary Life Membership
College of Central Florida                  Region III

                                                                                        myafchome.org | January 2023 | 5
Annual Meeting
            Honorary Life Membership Awards                                  Distinguished Service Awards
        Outstanding Support of the Association of Florida            In Recognition of Extraordinary Service, Commitment,
            Colleges and the Florida College System                   and Dedication to the Association of Florida Colleges
                    Terry Comeau          Marsha Kiner                      Samantha Apostolou          Monica Franklin
            Northwest Florida State       2020-2022 AFC Executive          Pasco-Hernando State         Florida State College at
                           College        Director/ CEO                                College          Jacksonville

                      Ray Coulter         Dr. Rao Musunuru                        Terry Comeau          Arlene Gonzalez
                                          Pasco-Hernando State            Northwest Florida State       Seminole State College
         Palm Beach State College                                                        College
                                          College                                                       Matt Wetzel
                    Wanda Curtiss                                                     Jane Fisher       Florida State College at
               Miami Dade College                                                                       Jacksonville
                                                                        Palm Beach State College

                           Distinguished Service Award                                Distinguished Service Award
                      Jane Fisher - Palm Beach State College                 Matt Wetzel - Florida State College at Jacksonville

6 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Annual Meeting

Region Awards                   Unsung Hero Award               Unsung Hero Award               Santa Fe College
                                Sarah Blanc                     Primrose Humphries              Bronze
Region I                        Santa Fe College                Broward College                 Santa Fe College
Northwest Florida State
                                                                Dr. Elizabeth Zeiss
College                         Region III                      Indian River State College
                                Unsung Heroes Awards                                            Brochure / Handbook
Unsung Hero Award
                                                                Roger Williams                  Gold
Terry Comeau                    Ryan Browne
                                                                Miami Dade College              Eastern Florida State College
                                Eatern Florida State College
Special Unsung Hero                                             Daniel Alvarez                  Silver
                                Gabi Booth
                                                                Palm Beach State College        Eastern Florida State College
Award                           Daytona State College
April Leake                                                                                     Bronze
                                Cara Bennett
                                College of Central Florida      Communications                  Daytona State College
Lifesaver Award                                                 and Marketing                   Bronze
                                Michele Wallace
Robert Slavens
                                Seminole State College
                                                                Awards                          College of Central Florida
Tallahassee Community                                           Annual Report — College
College                                                         Gold
                                Region Lifesaver Award                                          Digital Advertising
                                                                Tallahassee Community           Campaign
Life Saver Award                Janelis Rodriguez               College
                                Eastern Florida State College                                   Gold
Gregory Williams                                                Silver                          Palm Beach State College
                                                                Chipola College                 Silver
Unsung Hero Award               CCP Scholarship
                                Recipient                       Bronze                          Miami Dade College
Jessie Clayton
                                Alicia Harrison                 Polk State College              Bronze
Pensacola State College
                                College of Central Florida                                      Miami Dade College
Lifesaver Award                 Social Media Mania Contest      Article in a College-           Bronze
John Woods                      College of Central Florida      Produced Publication            Miami Dade College
                                Eastern Florida State College   Gold
Unsung Hero Award                                               Northwest Florida State
                                Region IV                       College                         Digital Publication or
Tammy Henderson
                                Unsung Heroes Awards                                            Website
Chipola College                                                 Silver                          Gold
                                John Flynn                      Miami Dade College              Daytona State College
Lifesaver Award                 Polk State College
                                                                Bronze                          Silver
Paige White                     Mildred Diaz Santiago           South Florida State College     Miami Dade College
                                Pasco-Hernando State
Unsung Hero Award               College
                                                                Article/Story Pitch
Dennis Everett                                                                                  Santa Fe College
                                Lena Phelps                     Resulting in Publication
                                South Florida State College     Gold
Region II                                                                                       Direct Mail Campaign
                                                                Eastern Florida State College
Chapter Lifesaver Awards                                                                        Gold
                                Region V                        Silver
Bryan Stewart                                                                                   College of Central Florida
Florida State College at        Chapter Lifesaver Awards        Florida SouthWestern State
Jacksonville                    Dr. Angel Rodriguez             College                         Silver
                                Broward College                                                 Tallahassee Community
Amanda Brown                                                    Bronze                          College
St. Johns River State College   Dr. Mia Tignor                  Florida SouthWestern State
                                Indian River State College      College                         Bronze
Steve Grosteffon                                                                                Miami Dade College
Santa Fe College                Mark A. Ross
                                Miami Dade College              Best in Show                    Bronze
                                                                Palm Beach State College        College of Central Florida
Region Lifesaver Award          Dr. Dalila Rodriguez
Bryan Stewart                   Palm Beach State College
                                                                Best Photography in a           Exemplary Practice
Region II Director-Elect
                                                                                                Tallahassee Community
Florida State College at        Region Lifesaver Award          Published
Jacksonville                    Dianne Valdivia                 Gold
                                Miami Dade College              Daytona State College
                                Region V Director-Elect         Silver

                                                                                                  myafchome.org | January 2023 | 7
Annual Meeting

     Indoor/Outdoor                       Bronze                          Silver                      Video/ Digital Promotion
     Campaign                             Miami Dade College              Seminole State College of   60 Seconds or less (more
     Gold                                                                 Florida
                                                                                                      than 10,000 FTE)
     Miami Dade College                   Print Advertisement             Bronze                      Gold
     Silver                               Gold                            Santa Fe College            Broward College
     Florida SouthWestern State           Polk State College
     College                              Silver                          Special Advertising         Palm Beach State College
     Bronze                               Palm Beach State College        Gold
                                                                          Santa Fe College            Bronze
     Palm Beach State College             Bronze                                                      Palm Beach State College
                                          St. Johns River State College   Silver
     Bronze                                                               Palm Beach State College
                                                                                                      Video/ Digital Promotion
     Miami Dade College                   Redesign                        Bronze                      60 Seconds or more (less
                                          Gold                            Miami Dade College
                                                                                                      than 10,000 FTE)
     Magazine                             Daytona State College
     Gold                                 Silver                          Table Top and               Polk State College
     College of Central Florida           Daytona State College           Retractable Displays        Silver
     Gold                                 Bronze                          Gold                        Chipola College
     Eastern Florida State College        College of Central Florida      Miami Dade College
     Silver                                                               Silver                      College of Central Florida
     Santa Fe College                     Single Sheet Flyer              Broward College
     Silver                               Gold                            Bronze                      Video/ Digital Promotion
     Daytona State College                South Florida State College     Palm Beach State College    60 Seconds or More
                                          Gold                                                        (more than 10,000 FTE)
     College of Central Florida           South Florida State College     Table Top and               Gold
                                                                                                      Palm Beach State College
     Bronze                               Gold                            Retractable Displays
                                          Hillsborough Community          Gold                        Silver
     Miami Dade College                                                                               Florida SouthWestern State
                                          College                         Polk State College
     Newsletter                           Silver                          Video/ Digital Promotion
                                          College of Central Florida                                  Bronze
     Gold                                                                 60 Seconds or Less
                                                                                                      Florida SouthWestern State
     Appleton Museum of Art               Silver                          (less than 10,000 FTE)
                                          Daytona State College           Gold
                                                                          Santa Fe College
     Appleton Museum of Art               Bronze                                                      Viewbook/Recruitment
                                          St. Johns River State College   Silver
     Bronze                                                                                           Piece
                                                                          Chipola College
     Miami Dade College                   Bronze                                                      Gold
                                          Miami Dade College              Silver                      College of Central Florida
                                                                          Santa Fe College
     Poster                                                                                           Silver
     Gold                                 Social Media                    Bronze                      Hillsborough Community
     Miami Dade College                   Gold                            Tallahassee Community       College
                                          Hillsborough Community          College
     Silver                               College                                                     Bronze
     College of Central Florida                                                                       St. Johns River State College

8 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Annual Meeting

   Congratulations to the 2022 College
      Certified Program Graduates
                   Next Level Leadership Program Recipients

                    Cary Cox                   Dani Rowan Hawke                    Alonda Jones
         Pasco-Hernando State College,         LEARNING COMMONS              Formerly, Pensacola State
          North Campus in Brooksville     Tallahassee Community College              College

    Sandy Martin                    Breanna Perry                 Joan Roberts                    Gloria Williams
    MANAGER                 E-LEARNING & INSTRUCTIONAL      Palm Beach State College      AND ADJUNCT PROFESSOR
Tallahassee Community               TECHNOLOGY                                              Tallahassee Community
        College                 Pasco-Hernando State                                                College

         Florida College Professional Certificate Recipients

                Shannon Oliver                 Dr. Mark McKinney                    Matt Wetzel
             Florida State College at     Pasco-Hernando State College –     Florida State College at
                   Jacksonville                   East Campus                      Jacksonville

                                                                                          myafchome.org | January 2023 | 9
Annual Meeting

     Special Thank Yous                                               National Anthem
        • Dr. Tonjua Williams, St. Petersburg College President,       • Ms. Jennifer Carinhas, Gulf Coast State College
          Chair of the Council of Presidents and Opening Plenary
          Session Keynote Speaker                                     Certified College Professional Program
        • Mr. Willie Spears, Jr., The Willie Spears Experience,        • Ms. Charlene Latimer, Certified College Program
          Opening General Session Keynote Speaker                        Committee Chair
                                                                       • Mr. Brian Hilliard, Next Level Leadership Program Facilitator
        • Dr. Cheryl Flax-Hyman, Gulf Coast State College
                                                                      AFC Conference DJ
     Conference Coordinators                                       • Mr. Ernest Todd, East West Connection
        Dr. Larry W. Tyree, AFC
        Ms. Eileen Johnson, AFC                                   AFC Conference Photographers
        Ms. Rita Miller, AFC                                       • Mr. Mike Fender, Mike Fender Photography
        Mr. David Schrenk, AFC                                     • Mr. Jessie Clayton, Tallahassee Community College, AFC
        Ms. Christine Capozzi-Adkins, Impact Conference Planning,
        Inc.                                                      Special Thank You to our 2022 Hotel Partners
      • Ms. Stephanie L. Campbell, Polk State College              • Caribe Royale
      • Mr. Gregory Williams, Tallahassee Community College        • Clearwater Marine Aquarium
      • Ms. Carol Quinn, Pensacola State College, Retired          • Crowne Plaza Orlando Downtown
                                                                   • Drury Hotel Orlando
     Conference Lighting and Video                                 • Drury Hotel Orlando
      • Mr. David Schrenk, AFC                                     • Hammock Beach Resort
      • Mr. Matthew White, Chipola College                         • Hilton Daytona Beach
                                                                   • Hutchinson Island Marriott Resort
     Conference Service Project                                    • Sheraton Sand Key Resort
      • Ms. Obi Kalu, Pensacola State College                      • The Barrymoore Hotel Tampa Riverwalk
      • Ms. Rita Miller, AFC

     Conference Program
        • Ms. Lynne Takacs, LAT Creative Graphic Designer
        • Ms. Rita Miller, AFC Content Manager

10 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Annual Meeting

AFC Foundation & AFC Silent Auction
                                                  AFC Foundation Silent Auction
                                                  The AFC Foundation would like to thank those who bid on items in our
                                                  2022 Silent Auction. Your generosity helps to keep the mission of the AFC
                                                  Foundation alive.

AFC Service Project
THE AFC Service Project Committee would like to thank those who
donated to the Panama City Rescue Mission (PCRM) which operates two
facilities: one for men and one for women and children. The AFC Service
Project was a joint effort with the Xi Omicron Omega Chapter of Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Seasonal Wraps Project to assist the children
staying at the Bethel Village Women and Children’s shelter. The goal at
PCRM is to provide services that assist homeless and indigent people in
our community to move from a life of suffering to flourishing.

    From Left to Right: Ms. Patrice Henderson; Xi Omicron Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Ms. Obi
    Kalu; AFC Service Project Coordinator, and Mr. Stephen Fett President/CEO of the Panama City Rescue Mission

                                                                                                 myafchome.org | January 2023 | 11
Annual Meeting

12 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Annual Meeting

Annual Conference Testimonials
“I attended the Annual Conference as a member of the Executive Committee as well as to represent the PSC Chapter.
Reconnecting with “family” was what I enjoyed most. I gained a better understanding of Medicare at the “Transition into
Medicare” session. A basic understanding of Medicare is invaluable for my position in Human Resources.” – Melonie Miner

“The Annual Conference themed the “Family                   “I attended the conference because it energizes and inspires me. I’m
Reunion” was amazing and energizing as we                   already working on implementing what I learned about Common
continue to move forward. It was great to see so            Reads and recruitment that serves the Spanish-Speaking community
many faces I haven’t seen in person for a couple            from two amazing EDI sessions. Among my many favorite moments:
of years and to meet and network with so many               co-presenting on Transfer-Pathways and being surprised with an award
new people. “I attended the conference for                  at the Region I meeting.” – April Leake
the many different professional development
opportunities along with representing FSCJ and
the AFC Executive Committee.” One of the many                                                     “I attended the Annual
takeaways from the conference was during the                                                      Conference because it is a
Plenary Session with speaker Dr. Tonjua Williams.                                                 great way to learn valuable
She stated during her speech that “the hardest                                                    information from other
thing to change is your mind.” This stuck with me                                                 colleagues across the state.
because sometimes it’s really hard to change,                                                     I was able to network and
but change is necessary to move advance the                                                       create friendships that will last
mission and vision.” – Matt Wetzel                                                                a lifetime. I also attended to
                                                                                                  represent the EDI Commission
                                                                                                  as Chair. I enjoyed every
“This year was a wonderful conference as we returned in person. I felt the energy live and        opportunity given to me from
direct from each attendee, the energy was infectious, and it was so good to feel that again.      the beginning to the end.
The different tracks of professional development were also second to none. I enjoyed the          The theme “Family Reunion”
specific student services professional development. The new Faculty Symposium Series (FSS)        was perfect because AFC has
is a hot ticket item I am most looking forward to. What a great Conference!!!” – Mark A. Ross     always meant “Family” to me.
                                                                                                  Even though our branches are
                                                                                                  stretched across the state, we
“Attending the recent AFC Annual Conference was                   “I attended the Annual          are rooted in one common
an amazing event. It allowed me the opportunity to                Conference and Meeting          mission. My favorite moments,
gain great insight into the significance of AFC and               to be part of the in-person     I can’t just pick one – the
how it looks to support the success of the community              experience. I enjoyed the       yacht, keynote speakers,
college system. This conference also, helped me to                professional development        socials, breakout sessions,
connect and network with other community colleges                 opportunities and               gala, awards, door prizes,
throughout the state of Florida, which provides a greater         reuniting with colleagues.      brunch, etc. The list goes on
reach based on strengthening academic relationships               My favorite moment was          and on. I have learned you are
as well as developing collaboration opportunities for             Region II winning Region        never alone. There is always
potential academic grant proposals and offerings.                 of the Year! I learned there    someone in your corner
It was definitely worth the participation, and I also             is more to being a Region       cheering you on and sharing
learned a great deal during our informative breakout              Director than I originally      how they did it, and how you
sessions! Looking forward to the next upcoming annual             thought.” – Bryan Stewart       can too. The information shared
conference in 2023.” – Dr. Germany Dixon                                                          is priceless.” – Patricia McGee

                                                                                                     myafchome.org | January 2023 | 13

                                               AFC Foundation
                                                                      Mr. Andre’ Hawkins
                                                                  FOUNDATION CHAIR
                                                                Indian River State College

                                                      Dr. Charles Mojock        Dr. Debbie Douma
                                                                      RETIRED   DEAN OF GRANTS AND FEDERAL PROGRAMS
                                                Lake Sumter State College       Pensacola State College

                                                           Mr. Matt White       Dr. Milton O. Jones
                                      DIRECTOR OF DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS           EMERITUS MEMBER
                                                           Chipola College      Retired, Pasco-Hernando State College

                                                        Mr. Cleve Warren        Dr. Tunjarnika Coleman-Ferrell
                                       FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR            VICE-PRESIDENT OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS
                                       Florida State College at Jacksonville    Palm Beach State College

                                                         Ms. Kelly Warren       Dr. Robert Flores
                                                      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR        RETIRED
                             Florida College System Activities Association      South Florida State College

                                                         Ms. Carol Quinn        Mr. Gregory Williams
                                                                      RETIRED   STAFF ASSISTANT II
                                                   Pensacola State College      Tallahassee Community College

                                                                 Stephanie L. Campbell
                                                       Upward Bound Program, Polk State College

     The Association of Florida Colleges (AFC) Foundation, Inc. is a 501c(3) charitable corporation formed on June
     4, 1991. The AFC Foundation provides charitable and educational financial support to the Association of Florida
     Colleges, its members, and institutions.

     Over the past four years, the AFC foundation has given out close to $17,000 in hurricane relief funds to our AFC members who
     suffered damage from hurricanes. It has provided $22,000 in professional development scholarships to our members over the
     past 8 years. In 2017, the AFC Foundation purchased the building which houses the AFC State office in Tallahassee.

     In recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Foundation, please support the Foundation’s efforts to continue to provide
     assistance to the AFC and its members. You still have time to donate to the AFC Foundation’s 30 for 30 Campaign. The
     Foundation will roll out a new campaign in the spring.

14 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Association of Florida Colleges
                          Certified College Professional Program

                               Apply Today

            FCPC Program
           The AFC Certified College Professional Program (CCP) Provides
            opportunities to develop and increase leadership skills while
                    learning about the Florida College System.

                             THE TIME IS NOW!

  The FCPC program consists of four online CORE Courses:
The FCPC program consists of four online CORE Courses: Leadership, Legislative Process and
   Leadership, Legislative-Process and Advocacy, The Florida College
Advocacy, the Florida College System, and Building Community and Customer Service. For more
   System, email
information, and Building       Community
                   Rita Miller at              and Customer
                                  rmiller@myafchome.org            Service.
                                                        or click here .     For more
 information, email Rita Miller at rmiller@myafchome.org or

                                   2023 Executive Officers

                            PRESIDENT                                 PRESIDENT-ELECT                 VP FOR REGIONS AND CHAPTERS
                        Gregory Williams                               Matt Wetzel                              Mark Ross
                 Tallahassee Community College             Florida State College Jacksonville,              Miami Dade College
                          Staff Assistant II                          Kent Campus                     Director, Testing and Assessment
                        444 Appleyard Dr                  Campus Dual Enrollment Coordinator                 300 N.E. 2nd Ave
                      Tallahassee, FL 32304                   3939 Roosevelt Blvd B102G                       Miami, FL 33132
                        PH: 850-201-8361                         Jacksonville FL, 32205
                  Gregory.Williams@tcc.fl.edu                      PH: 904-381-3707                          PH: 305-237-4233
                                                                 matt.wetzel@fscj.edu                        mross1@mdc.edu

                CHAPTERS                           Sharon Walker                        Steven Crudup               Stephanie L. Campbell
       Roger G. Williams, MPA             Tallahassee Community College             Hillsborough Community             Polk State College
           Miami Dade College                     444 Appleyard Dr                           College            Director, Upward Bound Program
             (North Campus)               Staff Assistant I, Office of Student   Assistant Dean, Post Secondary        999 Avenue H, NE
       Academic and Career Advisor                       Affairs                  Adult Vocational & Workforce   Winter Haven, FL 33881-4299
                                                Tallahassee, FL 32304                       Programs                   PH: 863-292-3707
           11380 NW 27th Ave
                                                                                      5610 E Columbus Dr             StCampbell@polk.edu
          Miami, FL 33167-3495                    PH: 850-201-8490                       Tampa, FL 33619
            PH: 305-237-1546                     walkers@tcc.fl.edu                     PH: 813.253.7861
            rwillia1@mdc.edu                                                           scrudup@hccfl.edu

16 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges

     2023 Commission Chairs
 ADMINISTRATION                                                        FACULTY
 Christina Will, Ph.D                                                  Eddie Williams, Ed.D
 St. Johns River State College                                         Pasco-Hernando State College - North Campus
 Dean of Learning Resources                                            Program Director/Associate Professor
 5001 St. Johns Ave                                                    Social & Human Services
 Palatka FL, 32177                                                     11415 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Brooksville, FL 34601
 PH: 386-312-4152                                                      PH: 352-340-4865 Office
 christinawill@sjrstate.edu                                            williad@phsc.edu

 CAMPUS SAFETY                                                         HEALTHCARE EDUCATION
 Germany J. Dixon, Ed.D, MBA, MSHM                                     Harry H. Holdorf, Ph.D, MPA
 Palm Beach State College                                              Eastern Florida State College,Melbourne Campus
                                                                       Program Manager, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
 Associate Dean of Academic Affairs                                    Programs
 801 Palm Beach State College Dr                                       3865 N. Wickham Rd, Bldg 15 Rm 119B
 Boca Raton, FL 33431                                                  Melbourne Fl 32935
 PH: 561-862-4379                                                      PH: 321-433-7130
 dixong@palmbeachstate.edu                                             Holdorfh@easternflorida.edu

                                                                       LEARNING RESOURCES
 Melonie Miner                                                         Ms. Kayla Kuni
 Pensacola State College                                               Ms. Kayla Kuni
 Manager, Employment Services                                          Pasco-Hernando State College, Spring Hill Campus
 1000 College Boulevard                                                Associate Director of Libraries
 Pensacola, Florida 3250                                               450 Beverly Court, Spring Hill, FL 34606
 PH: 850-484-1726                                                      PH: 352-340-4829
 mminer@pensacolastate.edu                                             kunik@phsc.edu

 COMMUNICATIONS & MARKETING                                            STUDENT DEVELOPMENT
 Rachel Cote                                                           Sheila Fabius, Ph.D
 College of Central Florida - Ocala Campus                             Broward College, Central Campus
 Manager of Web Communications &                                       Senior Director of Student Onboarding and
 New Media Marketing & PR                                              Enrollment Communications
 Ewers Century Center, Room 102                                        3501 Davie Rd, Davie, FL 33314
 3001 S.W. College Rd., Ocala, FL 34474                                PH: 954-201-3517
 PH: 352-854-2322, ext. 1373

 EQUITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION (EDI)                                   TECHNOLOGY
 Patricia McGee, M.S.                                                  Jamie Beck
 Pasco-Hernando State College                                          Pensacola State College
 Senior Human Resources Specialist                                     Systems Support Analyst
 10230 Ridge Rd                                                        1000 College Blvd
 New Port Richey, FL 34654                                             Pensacola, Florida 32504
 PH: 727-816-3169                                                      PH: 850-484-1513
 mcgeep@phsc.edu                                                       jbeck@pensacolastate.edu

 FACILITIES                                                            WORKFORCE, ADULT & CONTINUING EDUCATION
 Ray Coulter                                                           (WACE)
 Palm Beach State College                                              Catherine Leimer, Ed.D
 Facilities Manager- Boca Raton Campus                                 Seminole State College of Florida Assistant Director
 801 Palm Beach State College Dr                                       of Baccalaureate & Career Program Advising
 Boca Raton, FL 33431                                                  100 Weldon Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773
 PH: 561-868-4161                                                      PH: 407-708-2610
 coulterr@palmbeachstate.edu                                           leimerc@seminolestate.edu

*Institutional Effectiveness, Planning & Professional Development (IEPPD) Chair Position is Vacant.

                                                                                        myafchome.org | January 2023 | 17

                           2023 AFC Region Directors
                                    REGION ONE		                               REGION ONE (FLORIDA PANHANDLE)
                                    April Leake, M.Ed			                       Chipola College
                                    Northwest Florida State College            Gulf Coast State College
                                    Adjunct Faculty and 2UWF Coordinator       Northwest Florida State College
                                    100 College Blvd			                        Pensacola State College
                                    Niceville, FL 32578			                     Tallahassee Community College
                                    PH: 850-729-4903

                                    REGION TWO			                              REGION TWO (NORTH FLORIDA)
                                    Bryan D. Stewart                           Florida State College at Jacksonville
                                    Florida State College at Jacksonville      Florida Gateway College
                                    Administration Support Manager             North Florida College
                                    501 W. State St., Suite 404                St. Johns River State College
                                    Jacksonville, FL 32202                     Santa Fe College
                                    PH: 904-633-5966

                                    REGION THREE 		                            REGION THREE (CENTRAL FLORIDA)
                                    Ms. Rory Wells                             College of Central Florida
                                    College of Central Florida                 Daytona State College
                                    Manager, Instructional Services - Citrus   Eastern Florida State College
                                    Citrus C-4, Room 201F                      Lake-Sumter State College
                                    3800 S. Lecanto Highway                    Seminole State College of Florida
                                    Lecanto, FL 34461                          Valencia College
                                    PH: 352-746-6721, ext. 6117

                                    REGION FOUR                                REGION FOUR (SOUTH CENTRAL FLORIDA)
                                    John Fynn, MBA                             Florida SouthWestern State College
                                    Polk State College                         Hillsborough Community College
                                    LSAMP STEM Program Manager                 Pasco- Hernando State College
                                    999 Avenue H, N.E                          Polk State College
                                    Winter Haven, FL 33881                     St. Petersburg College
                                    PH: 863-669-2895                           South Florida State College
                                    JFynn@polk.edu                             State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

                                    REGION FIVE                                REGION FIVE (SOUTH FLORIDA)
                                    Dianne Valdivia, M.S.                      Broward College
                                    Miami Dade College Hialeah Campus          The College of the Florida Keys
                                    Director of Campus Administration		        Indian River State College
                                    1780 W 49th St                             Miami Dade College
                                    Hialeah, FL 33012                          Palm Beach State College
                                    PH: 305-237-8746

18 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges

  2023 AFC Committee Chairs
AWARDS COMMITTEE              MEMBERSHIP                          RETIREES COMMITTEE
                              DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE               Sandra Barrett, CCP
Rita Brown
Tallahassee Community         Wanda Curtis                        Palm Beach State College,
College                       Miami Dade College –                Retired
Circulation Services          Medical Campus                      barrettpbsc@gmail.com
Supervisor                    Assistant to the Director of
444 Appleyard Dr              Campus Administration
Tallahassee, FL 32304         950 NW 20th Street
                              Room 1355-5                         COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS
PH: 850-201-6178
                              Miami, Florida 33137                Dr. Tonjua Williams
                              PH: 305-237-4397                    President
                              Wcurtiss@mdc.edu                    St. Petersburg College
                                                                  PO Box 13489
Bill Mullowney                NOMINATING                          St. Petersburg, FL 33733-
Valencia College              Stephanie L. Campbell               3489
Vice President for Policy &   Polk State College                  PH: 727-341-3241
General Counsel               Director, Upward Bound              williams.tonjua@
190 S Orange Avenue           Program                             spcollege.edu
Orlando, FL 32801             999 Avenue H, NE
PH: 407-582-3411              Winter Haven, FL 33881-             COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS
bmullowney@                   4299                                APPOINTEE
valenciacollege.edu           PH: 863-292-3707                    Dr. Thomas LoBasso
                              StCampbell@polk.edu                 President
FINANCE AND HUMAN                                                 Daytona State College
RESOURCES                                                         PO Box 2811
                              PLANNING AND
Gina Doeble, Ph.D             DEVELOPMENT                         Daytona Beach, FL 32120-
Florida SouthWestern          Obi Kalu                            2811
State College                 Pensacola State College             PH: 386-506-4408
Vice President of             Student Services Specialist         Thomas.LoBasso@
Operations/CFO                                                    DaytonaState.edu
                              5555 Hwy 98 West--Bldg.
8099 College Parkway          #3600
Ft. Myers, FL 33919           Pensacola, FL 32507                 COUNCIL OF PRESIDENTS
PH: 239-489-9029                                                  APPOINTEE
                              PH: 850-484-2357
gdoeble@fsw.edu               okalu@pensacolastate.edu
                                                                  Dr. Georgia Lorenz
CERTIFIED COLLEGE                                                 Seminole State College
PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM                                              100 Weldon Blvd.
                              POLICY AND ADVOCACY
Sandy Martin, CCP, NLLP       (THROUGH JUNE 30)                   Sanford, FL 32773-6199
Tallahassee Community         Dr. Timothy Beard                   PH: 407-708-2010
College                       President                           lorenzg@seminolestate.edu
Human Resources               Pasco-Hernando State
Manager                       College
444 Appleyard Dr              10230 Ridge Road
Tallahassee, FL 32304         New Port Richey, FL 34654
PH: 850-201-8021              PH: 727-816-3400
sandy.martin@tcc.fl.edu       beardt@phsc.edu

COMMITTEE                     COMMITTEE
Matthew White                 April Leake, M.Ed
Chipola College               Northwest Florida State
Director of Distributed       College
Systems                       Adjunct Faculty and 2UWF
3094 Indian Circle            Coordinator
Marianna, FL 32446            100 College Blvd
PH: 850-718-2329              Niceville, FL 32578
whitem@chipola.edu            PH: 850-729-4903
                                                             myafchome.org | January 2023 | 19

                                    2023 Chapter Officers
     BROWARD                                          Treasurer: Mercedes Clement                     LAKE-SUMTER STATE COLLEGE
     Chapter Officers were unavailable at the         Membership Chair: Vacant                        Chapter Officers were unavailable at the
     publication date, check AFC Website for          Social Media/Publications Chair: Chris          publication date, check AFC Website for
     the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.          Thomes                                          the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.

     CHIPOLA COLLEGE                                  EASTERN FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE                   MIAMI DADE
     Chapter President: Ashley Harvey (2023)          Janelis Rodriguez: President                    Chapter President: Mr. Mark Ross
     Vice President: Vacant                           The complete Chapter Officers list was          Chapter Secretary: Mr. Roger Williams
     Treasurer: Paige White                           unavailable at the publication date, check      Chapter Membership Chair: Dr. Sara
     Secretary: Pat Barfield                          AFC Website for the updated 2023                Alegria
     Membership Chair: Rachel West and                Chapter Officers list.                          Immediate Past President: Mr. Mark L.
     Allyson Howell                                                                                   Johnson
     Social/Luncheons: Jennifer White and             FLORIDA GATEWAY COLLEGE                         Hialeah Campus
     Kristie Mosley                                   Chapter Officers were unavailable at the        Campus VP: Dora Mejia Montoya
     Professional Development: Terolyn Lay and        publication date, check AFC Website for         Secretary: Mr. Raydel Jimenez
     Stephanie Ward                                   the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.         Membership Chair: Vacant
     Fundraising: Leigh Whittington and Sarieta                                                       Treasurer: Ms. Valeria Zayon
     Bryant                                           FLORIDA SOUTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE              Homestead Campus
     Publications/Social Media/Website:               President-Elect: Dr. Camille Drake-Brassfield   Campus VP: Ms. Xania Lawrence
     Jennifer White and Morgan Morris                 Membership Chair: Dr. Jackie Beard              Secretary: Mr. Todd Lee
     Scholarship: Matt White & Kurt McInnis           Treasurer: Peter Van Leeuwen                    Membership Chair: Ms. Gladys Wills
     Concessions: Evelyn Ward and Lillie Hamil        Secretary: Linda Johnsen - linda.johnsen@       Treasurer: Dr. Clairem Diaz
     Community Service: MacKenzie Johnson             fsw.edu                                         Faculty Liaison: Mr. Ryan Adams Barton
     and Stephanie Ward
                                                                                                      Padrón Campus
     Audit: Sheila Mercer and Shanda O’Bryan          FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE AT JACKSONVILLE           Vice President: Ms. Zelda Rivas
     Past President: Rachel West (2022)               President: Shannon Oliver                       Secretary: Ms. Martha Rivas
                                                      Vice-President/President-Elect: David           Membership Chair & Treasurer: Vacant
     COLLEGE OF CENTRAL FLORIDA                       Houston
                                                                                                      Kendall Campus
     President – Alicia Harrison                      Immediate Past President: Bryan Stewart
                                                                                                      Vice President: Mr. Marcos Nuñez
     President-Elect - Vacant                         Secretary: Kerri Burns
                                                                                                      Secretary: Ms. Ania Canales Toledo
     VP – Vacant                                      Treasurer: Denise Giarrusso
                                                                                                      Membership Chair: Vacant
     Secretary – Cara Bennett                         Membership Chair: Monica Franklin
                                                                                                      Treasurer: Ms. Lourdes Martinez
     Treasurer – Cara Bennett                         Fundraising Chair: Karen Acevedo
                                                                                                      Medical Campus
     Activities – Amy Osborne                         Historian: Matt Wetzel
                                                                                                      Vice President: Dr. Ron Winston
     Historian – Amanda Camp                          Publications Representative: Mary
                                                                                                      Secretary: Ms. Shantonise Butler
     Fundraising – Cynthia Moody                      Dumbleton
                                                                                                      Membership Chair: Ms. Wanda Curtiss
     Membership – Norma Walcott                       Professional Development Chair: Michelle
                                                      Goolsby                                         Treasurer: Ms. Kenia Gonzalez
     Citrus Rep – Rory Wells
                                                      Service Projects Coordinator: Ashlie            Faculty Liaison: Mr. David Gonzalez
     Levy Rep – Krystle Skelly
                                                      Empleo                                          North Campus
     Publicity – Erina Gross
                                                                                                      Vice President: Mr. Roger Williams
     Legislative Rep - Mary Ann Begley
                                                      GULF COAST STATE COLLEGE                        Secretary: Ms. Liliana Ramirez
     Satellite Campus rep - Lynn Johnson
                                                      Chapter Officers were unavailable at the        Membership Chair: Ms. Oxile Accius
     Immediate Past President – Marjorie McGee
                                                      publication date, check AFC Website for         Treasurer: Ms. Elsa Tanis
     Active Assisting Members
                                                      the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.         West Campus
     Abe Mathew - Activities
                                                                                                      Vice President: Ms. Mayte Castro Pino
                                                      HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE                  Secretary: Mr. Pedro Santos
     THE COLLEGE OF THE FLORIDA KEYS                  Chapter Officers were unavailable at the        Membership Chair: Ms. Marilyn Del Orbe
     Chapter Officers were unavailable at the         publication date, check AFC Website for
     publication date, check AFC Website for                                                          Treasurer: Dr. Christy Calderon
                                                      the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.         Faculty Liaison: Dr. Trinidad Argüelles
     the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.
                                                                                                      Wolfson Campus
                                                      INDIAN RIVER STATE COLLEGE                      Vice President: Ms. Tracey Bowen
     DAYTONA STATE COLLEGE                            Chapter Officers were unavailable at the
     President: Gabi Booth                                                                            Secretary: Professor Elizabeth Ramsay
                                                      publication date, check AFC Website for
     Vice-President/President-Elect: Erika            the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.         Membership Chair: Ms. Jackie Peron
     Blanken                                                                                          Treasurer: Vacant
     Secretary: Vacant

20 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges

NORTH FLORIDA COLLEGE                       Spring Hill Campus Representative:             ST. PETERSBURG COLLEGE
Chapter Officers were unavailable at the    Ronteryl Black                                 Chapter Officers were unavailable at the
publication date, check AFC Website for     West Campus Representative: Sylvia Keilty      publication date, check AFC Website for
the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.     West Campus Representative: Maya               the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.
NORTHWEST FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE             Membership Chair: Pat McGee                    SANTA FE COLLEGE
President: April Leake                                                                     President: Steve Grosteffon
President-Elect: Vacant                     PENSACOLA STATE COLLEGE                        President-Elect: Sarah Blanc
Secretary: Stephanie Patty                  President: Mel Miner                           Past President: Tom Mason
Treasurer: Robert Slavens                   President-Elect: John Woods                    Membership Co-Chair: Vacant
Membership Chair: Tony Chavez               Vice President of Membership: Jamie Beck       Membership Co-Chair: Betsy Nunu
Historian: Michaela Quinn                   Vice President of Membership–Elect: Obi Kalu   Legislative Representative: Vacant
Past President: Tony Chavez                 Secretary: Marcy Matthews-Bethea               Marketing Chair: Gina Scinto
Social Chair: Brenda Robinson               Secretary-Elect: John Vitale                   Secretary: Marie Young-Trabbic
Social Media Chair: Kiara Celestine         Treasurer: Michael Payne                       Treasurer: Olga Asimbaya
Service Chair: June Gibson                  Treasurer-Elect: Michelle Maddrey              Parliamentarian: Vacant
Scholarship Chair: Kristen Last             Legislative Rep: Ingrid Davis                  Co-Historian: Shellie Banfield
Faculty Liaison: Jean Mitchell              Legislative Rep-Elect: Tanya Brashers          Co-Historian: Andrea Mender
Professional Development: Melanie Jackson   Publications Rep: Yari Deliz Treto             Social Chair: Tracy Moorman
ByLaws Committee Chair: Melanie Jackson     Publications Rep-Elect: Vacant                 Faculty Representative: Michelle Freas
Parliamentarian: Patrice Williams-Shuford   Immediate Past President: Jessica Johnson
Publications Chair: Terry Comeau                                                           SOUTH FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE
                                            POLK STATE COLLEGE                             President - Dr. Brent Ferns
PALM BEACH STATE COLLEGE                    President - Shagon Collins                     President-Elect - N/A
President: Daniel Alvarez                   Vice President - Natasha Mohamed               Treasurer - Lisa Johnson Decarie
President-Elect: Jose Ortiz                 Secretary- Arlalia Oldham - Wesley             Secretary - Anastasia Fuchser
Past President: Dalila Rodriguez            Membership Chair - Vivian Newton               Legislative Chair - Jamie Bateman
Vice President Lake Worth Campus:           Treasurer - Shavonda Harris                    Membership Chair - Lena Phelps
Margarita Rodriguez                         Publications - Blessen Jacob                   Ways and Means Chair - Sari Crews
Vice President Belle Glade Campus:          At-Large Member - Joyce Bentley                Publications Representative - Melissa
Halimeh Shatara                                                                            Kuehnle
                                            Immediate Past State President – Stephanie
Vice President Loxahatchee Campus:          L. Campbell                                    Professional Development Chair - Mlisa
Raymond Coulter                                                                            Manning
Vice President Boca Raton Campus:
Germany Dixon                               ST. JOHNS RIVER STATE COLLEGE
                                            Chapter President: Amanda Brown                TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE
Vice President Palm Beach Gardens                                                          Dani Rowan Hawke: President
Campus: Vacant                              Vice President/President-Elect: Vacant
                                            Treasurer: Terry Thomas
                                                                                           Nick Vick: President-Elect
                                            Secretary: Heather Jones
PASCO-HERNANDO STATE COLLEGE                                                               Randey Burnette: Past President
President: Mark McKinney                    Member Chair: Dr. Melanie Brown
                                                                                           Moseline Augustin: Secretary
President-Elect: Cary Cox                   Service Project Chair: Bailey Akin/Lillian
                                            Schmitt                                        Sheri Thomas: Treasurer
Secretary: Mildred Diaz Santiago                                                           Jessie Clayton: Membership Chair
                                            Publications Chair: Laura Fezie
Treasurer: Markishia Clarke
                                            Orange Park Campus Rep: Andrew
East Campus Representative: Alicia                                                         VALENCIA COLLEGE
VanDusen                                                                                   Chapter Officers were unavailable at the
                                            Palatka Campus Reps: Michelle Gibson &
North Campus Representative: Matthew                                                       publication date, check AFC Website for
                                            Royce Bass
Impemba                                                                                    the updated 2023 Chapter Officers list.
                                            St. Augustine Rep: Vacant
Porter Campus Representative: Leonor
Nemeth                                      Legislative Liaison: Jack Hall

                                                                                                        myafchome.org | January 2023 | 21
22 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Board Member Spotlight

Did You Know
Our 2023 AFC
            Coached YMCA, AAU &          Loves to cook & bake
             High School Basketball
                                         Attended St. Johns River Community
        Serves on several mentoring      College on a basketball scholarship
 groups in Gadsden & Leon Counties
                                         Loves to volunteer
            Works at a funeral home      (Toys for Tots, Relay for Life, Havana
                                         Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Scholarship
                   Is a Notary Public    Committee, WT Moore Elementary
                                         SAC & PTA, and Lincoln High SAC)
             Owns three businesses
                                         Served on the Chapter, Commission,
       Is the youngest of six children   and Executive levels of the AFC

                                                             myafchome.org | January 2023 | 23
Board Member Spotlight

     Meet Roger Williams
                                           How long have you been a member of the Association of Florida Colleges?
                                           10 years

                                           Why did you join the Association of Florida Colleges?
                                           I joined AFC because I believe in the power of many to make a difference and to bring change
                                           because nothing in our society ever gets done by only one person. It takes an army of people
                                           to make things happen, and AFC is such an organization.

           “The AFC has                    What position do you currently serve in the Association of Florida Colleges?
    positively impacted                    On the chapter level, I serve as one of its vice presidents, as well as secretary; on the state
      me by sharpening                     level, I serve as the Membership Development Committee Chair and I will be the 2023 Vice
    my leadership skills                   President-Elect for Regions and Chapters.
    and exposing me to
     the inner workings                    Have you served in other positions?
      of organizational                    Yes, previously, I served as membership chair for my chapter-campus
         leadership and
       structure and the                   How has the Association of Florida Colleges been Impactful to you?
     politics and culture                  The AFC has positively impacted me by sharpening my leadership skills and exposing me to
   that invariably come                    the inner workings of organizational leadership and structure and the politics and culture that
               with that.”                 invariably come with that.

                                                                                        Save the Date!
                                                                                          AFC Leadership
                                                                                         St. John’s River State College
                                                                                             St. Augustine Campus

                                                                                              January 26-27, 2023

24 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges


Palm Beach State’s new Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
Aims to Empower Faculty
(LAKE WORTH, Fla. – Dec. 2, 2022) Palm Beach State College recently celebrated the opening of the permanent
home for its Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence at the Lake Worth campus that will serve as a hub for
innovation, further elevate classroom instruction for students and position the College as a leader in educator
development and professional learning.

Staff, faculty, students, trustees and guests packed the more         “This would not have happened without both,” Yohe said.
than 7,500-square-foot facility Nov. 30 for the ribbon-cutting        “This initiative truly involved a community that understands the
ceremony. Housed on the second floor of the Technology                need for instructional excellence.”
Center building, the CTLE features high-tech equipment, an
active learning studio, collaboration spaces, as well as offices      PBSC President Ava L. Parker, J.D., said the CTLE is a
and conference rooms with glass doors and walls. It also              commitment to the faculty and staff. “We want to be an
houses staff supporting PBSC Online. It replaces the former           institution that supports our faculty and staff and finds ways to
Professional Teaching and Learning Center, which was tucked           ensure that they can be the best that they can possibly be at their
in a small workroom inside the campus library.                        craft. I’m pleased to work at an institution that is not focused so
                                                                      much on research but is focused on building master instructors
Roger Yohe, Ph.D., vice president of innovation and strategy,         and teachers and really focused on teaching and learning.”
led the initiative to construct a robust, forward-thinking site for
the CTLE, and worked alongside faculty and various College            She added that with the strengthened focus on technology
departments, including Facilities and IT, to see the project          through the CTLE, PBSC can be an example for others to
come to fruition. He said it is a result of “community and            follow. “We will be the envy of the great 28,” she said,
partnership.”                                                         referring to the institutions that comprise the Florida College

                                                                                                          myafchome.org | January 2023 | 25
     System, “because not many institutions have a center like this       The initiative includes four components, including the creation
     that is so supportive of faculty and staff. We can be the leader     of the CTLE to improve the capacity of faculty to address the
     and set the pace for everyone else with our use of technology.” needs of Hispanic and low-income students. The components
                                                                          of the Pathways to Success initiative are in line with the College’s
     Parker also applauded staff and faculty for their drive and work     strategic plan goal to achieve equitable graduation rates for
     on the project. “We have faculty who are curious and who are         all students. The $3 million Title V grant, awarded under the
     committed to working together for the success of our students, U.S. Department of Education’s -Developing Hispanic Serving
     and it’s that curiosity that’s going to make this space so special.” Institutions Program, provides $600,000 a year for five years.

     With PBSC approaching its 90th anniversary in 2023, Carolyn          To qualify for the Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions
     Williams, chair of the PBSC Board of Trustees, said the Center       Program, PBSC’s enrollment had to reach at least 25%
     for Teaching and Learning Excellence continues the legacy            Hispanic in the year prior to applying for the designation.
     of the College, which has worked to ensure that students are         Although the Hispanic population has grown through the
     successful and served well. “This is going to be an absolutely       years, PBSC reached the required threshold in 2013. Today,
     marvelous place for innovation and learning,” Williams said.         the Hispanic student population, the largest at the College, is
     “The best way to continuously improve teaching and learning is       now 33% of the student population.
     by supporting our faculty in the discovery of new and interesting
     ways to engage students during their educational journey.”           “Everything we create here scaffolds into every single student
                                                                          we encounter,” said Joshua Kanies, Ed.D., director of the CTLE
     The project was funded with a portion of a Title V grant PBSC        said after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “Even though we are
     received from the U.S. Department of Education in 2020 for its       addressing the needs of the grant that we received from the
     Pathways to Success Initiative. English professor Matt Klauza,       federal government, our goal is to take that and spread it out
     Ph.D., developed the grant proposal with PBSC’s Grants office.       across all our campuses and all of our students.”

26 | CURRENT | A Publication of the Association of Florida Colleges
Chapter News

Chapter News

The Florida State College at Jacksonville Chapter attended the    Service Award. Monica Franklin, not in attendance, received a
73rd Annual Meeting and Conference held at the Bluegreen          Distinguished Service Award at the Conference.
Resort in Panama City Beach. While our numbers were small,        One of our newer members, Dr. Wanda Ford, VP of Finance &
our presence was mighty as three of our attendees accepted        Administration, was also in attendance. She arrived Thursday
appointments as officers at the State, Region and Chapter         afternoon and attended the Presidential Gala and Celebration.
levels for 2023. Matt Wetzel, formerly VP for Commissions,        In her words “It was such an honor to attend the Gala and
will be transitioning to President-Elect of the Association;      celebrate the accomplishments of our honorees Shannon
Bryan Stewart is moving from FSCJ Chapter President to            Oliver and Matt Wetzel. Their recent achievements and
Region II Director; and Shannon Oliver will be taking the         willingness to serve as leaders within the AFC are appreciated
reigns as FSCJ Chapter President. Each is excited about           and commendable. I also applaud the AFC for such an
their new positions, the responsibilities they carry, and the     informative, well attended, synergetic event.”
possibilities they bring to the Association.
                                                                  The fifth of our FSCJ attendees was Jeniah Jones, faculty and
As far as individual accomplishments go, Matt and Shannon         long-time AFC member. Overall, it was a fantastic conference
fall in that category as well. Each just finished their Florida   and all in attendance were excited to be back together again.
College Professional Certificate (FCPC) program and were          The energy and enthusiasm were palpable and we are so
honored at the awards ceremony held at the Presidential           looking forward to next year’s conference in Orlando!
Gala on Thursday evening. As well, Matt was honored with a
Distinguished Service Award and an Association Leadership

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