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                                                  Legal Marijuana: What Now?
                                                         Employee Assistance
                                                        Programs are Crucial
                                                      Safety is more than PPE
                                                              Managing OH&S
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   6        President’s Message

                                                                                   320 Gardiner Park Court
Industry News                                                                      Regina, SK S4V 1R9
   8        Things You Should be Doing Today                                       P: 306-525-0171
   10       Advocacy Update: From Hurdles to Homestretches                         W:

   18       Sizzling Success at Summer Meeting
                                                                                   2018 SCA Board of Directors
                                                                                   Cory Richter, Chair
Features                                                                           Miles Dyck, Vice Chair
   26       Opportunities Abound with BuildWorks Canada                            Jason Duke, Past Chair
                                                                                   Ryan Leech
   27       The Importance of a Solid EAP Net                                      Matt Walker
   28       Think Construction: Preparing the Next Generation of Skilled Workers   Dean Cochrane
                                                                                   Chris Doka
   32       Save Dollars and Make Sense with SafetyTek                             Nick Walbaum
   34       Getting Ready for Legal Marijuana
                                                                                   Nick Friesen
                                                                                   Shaun Cripps
   36       The Impact of Pre-Access Testing for Cannabis                          Justin Hoyes

   40       Q&A on COR® and SECOR®
                                                                                   Mike Lawton

   42       SCA and MNP Partner to Support Construction Entrepreneurs              President & CEO – Mark Cooper

   43       Construction Safety 101: Site Safety Basics                            Director of Operations – Amanda Thick

   44       Upping the Ante: Recent OH&S Developments
                                                                                   Director of Advocacy and
                                                                                   Communications – John Lax
   45       Safety Benefits of Automation and Robotics                             Executive Coordinator – Megan Jane

   46       Mental Health and other Safety-Sensitive Issues                        Career Coach – shawn mccall

   48       Building a Safer Saskatchewan                                          Career Coach – Alieka Beckett

                                                                                   Administrative Assistant – nicholas mccafferty
   50       A New Way to Think About Safety

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4 SASKATCHEWAN CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION                                            PRINTED IN CANADA 06/2018
president’s MESSAGE
                                          Mark Cooper, President & CEO,
                                          Saskatchewan Construction Association

Safety is priority one in construction. It’s the primary                   emergencies because they have been given every possible
concern on any job site as the day gets started and through                tool, environmental condition and skill possible to manage
the entire shift. This is true out of necessity. Construction is           the crisis and get everyone home safely.
simply too complex and has too many moving parts that are
                                                                           In the issue, we address apps that make safety management
dangerous if not properly respected.
                                                                           easier and paper free (page 32), services that bring
At the same time, overall sector safety performance plays                  emotional and addictions counselling directly to employees
a significant role in our industry’s reputation and ability to             (page 27), and the way automation will help reduce risk in
attract and retain the best people. For individual companies,              the coming years (page 45).
safety plays a crucial role in employee morale, operating
                                                                           We explore site responsibilities (page 43) and look at
costs, and ability to bid on work – especially with certain
                                                                           WCB figures on workplace safety and fatalities (page 48).
employers of choice. More and more, safety is itself a
                                                                           Then Advantage Construction Savings Program Partner
competitive differentiator.
                                                                           Robertson Stromberg lends us advice on Occupational
As our industry gears up for the peak construction season,                 Health (page 44). And, as always, our expert partners
this issue of We Build focuses on safety.                                  provide updates and advice on a range of issues.

Too often when people think of safety, they think of hard                  Finally, we address the legalization of marijuana from the
hats and fall protection. But safety is far more than just                 health services (page 34) and legal (page 36) perspectives.
body armor and tie offs, or even in-class training and
                                                                           Our goal in publishing We Build is to inform and enlighten
clearly marked hazards.
                                                                           stakeholders about the industry, the economy and state
Instead, safety is about how we think and act before we                    of our province. Our intention is that our members and
get on the job site, while we’re there and after we leave.                 stakeholders are equipped with the best information to plan
Safety is about knowing that our teams and the teams                       their businesses and work in ways that keep our industry
we work with are okay now and will be okay tomorrow.                       and province prosperous.
Safety is about knowing our employees are prepared for

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   By the oldest and most trusted name in the industry

                                      New installations or retrofits with local
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For over 25 years, we have held quality, professionalism,                     Contact us today to learn more about
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many industry patents to our credit and over 11,000 door
                                                                              what we can do to help you begin
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The core of each PowerLift hinge is a         Hinge blades have a solid
1” diameter 100,000 psi rated stress          pass-through attachment
proof shaft running within our patented       with multiple weld points for
greaseless bushing. Our hinge bushings        maximum reinforcement.
consist of a high-grade steel and porous
bronze matrix which is impregnated with
a synthetic fluoropolymer (PTFE). PTFE
has one of the lowest friction coefficients
of any solid material without using any
form of lubricant.

                                                                                                                    All welded, solid steel hinge
                                                                                                                    and door assembly.

                                          member engagement
                                          Things you should
                                          be doing today
                                          By John Lax, Director, Advocacy and Communications,
                                          Saskatchewan Construction Association

One of the things I have learned in my time with the SCA is        Equally as important, share your own stories and
that our members are keenly interested in networking with          experiences. Let others learn from you. It’s a fantastic way
other members as potential clients, suppliers, mentors and         to build trust. And trust leads to strong relationships.
even competitors. But they don’t always know how to do so
                                                                   Another place to seek connections is through your trade
We all know that from tenders to materials to techniques,
                                                                   Finally, the SCA offers some networking opportunities as
construction is a business about knowledge. And strong
                                                                   well – from our recently completed Summer Meeting in Elk
relationships provide a unique form of access and
                                                                   Ridge to our Construction Entrepreneurs Roundtable (CER)
knowledge. For example, when business owners are looking
                                                                   sessions in Regina and Saskatoon, hosted in conjunction
for the best people to hire, work with, or even work for,
                                                                   with MNP.
the best possible resource is the experience, expertise and
honesty of industry peers.                                         Our CER sessions are unique in that they offer the
                                                                   opportunity to discuss key business issues with peers
At the same time, being connected to industry partners
                                                                   who have similar experiences. CER topics are selected
enables companies to better recognize opportunities –
                                                                   by attendees, the presentations are from subject matter
whether in developing partnerships, finding out about
                                                                   experts, and the conversations are driven by construction
invite-only tenders, or learning what suppliers and service
                                                                   company owners and leaders.
providers are best to work with.

This is never more true than when a business is new,
under new ownership or evolving scope or market. These                                 Our next sessions are
transition points in any business’ lifecycle present specific
risks and opportunities. Are you prepared to deal with
                                                                                           July 10, 2018
                                                                                        7:00 to 9:00 a.m.
Perhaps more importantly, do you know how to develop the                               Marijuana Legalization
kind of relationships that will strengthen your business?
Where do you start and what do you do?
                                                                                         August 14, 2018
The best place to start is with your local construction                                  7:00 to 9:00 a.m.
association. They will offer networking events, training,                         Employee Engagement & Retention
and a community you can participate in.
                                                                               At only $30, including a breakfast,
Once you’re there, talk. Ask questions. Find out what others                          it’s time well spent.
do and how long they’ve been doing it. Learn the history of
                                                                                      Learn more on page 42.
local peers and companies. Ask for advice. When you hear
a story, always listen for the lessons it provides that you can
apply to your own business.

Need help
                             your safety
                             Go to

                             the new
Try our online safety tool   Pillars App!

                             Safety Pillars

                                                      We Build – summer 2018 – safety 9

                                           Advocacy Update
                                           From Hurdles to
                                           By John Lax, Director, Advocacy and Communications,
                                           Saskatchewan Construction Association

Advocacy work is about change. It is               Our work                                   will be heavily based on Ontario Bill 142
typically detailed and slow – relying                                                         which is the result of extensive analysis
                                                   The SCA represents the interests of its
on research, consultation, revisions,                                                         of prompt payment legislation around
                                                   members and the construction sector
then further consultation and                                                                 the world, led by Ontario lawyers Bruce
                                                   through partnerships, relationships
revision. The overwhelming majority                                                           Reynolds and Sharon Vogel.
                                                   and collaboration. Our business is
of advocacy initiatives are also
                                                   connecting people and securing a           Prompt Payment Saskatchewan (PPS)
binary; a law is passed/repealed or
                                                   positive business environment in           and the SCA have worked to ensure
not, a tariff is in place or not; a policy
                                                   Saskatchewan. In pursuit of this goal      broad public consultation. We have also
exists or it doesn’t. If this sounds dull,
                                                   we work with members, industry             met with the provincial government
that’s because for the most part it is.
                                                   associations, investors, governments       and the opposition to explain the
The hard work of policy development,
                                                   and government agencies to foster open     issue and need for prompt payment
like governing, is tedious.
                                                   dialogue and a broad understanding of      legislation.
However, advocacy work is made                     the complex construction industry by
                                                                                              While the rationale for prompt payment
worthwhile by the monumental                       all stakeholders.
                                                                                              is straightforward on business fairness
achievements that lay at the end
                                                   To meet these objectives, the SCA          grounds, there is still some opposition to
of the research, consultations and
                                                   is active in direct advocacy, civic        prompt payment. This was bound to be
revisions. The moment when a
                                                   engagement, data management,               the case – if there weren’t individuals
policy or law is amended, created
                                                   industry committees, and partnerships      behaving poorly, regulation wouldn’t be
or repealed give meaning to the
                                                   with various stakeholders within and       required in the first place.
countless hours of effort put in
                                                   adjacent to the industry. Our areas of
beforehand. Ernest Hemmingway                                                                 In this regard, members of the
                                                   focus are determined by the business
best described this dynamic as                                                                industry can help ensure the final
                                                   and political environment at any given
things happening “gradually then                                                              push for prompt payment is successful
                                                   time. Our policy direction is set by our
suddenly.”                                                                                    by reaching out to your local MLA,
                                                   Board of Directors and tested through
                                                                                              regardless of party, by phone, email or
While only a fool counts his                       the Advisory Council – Saskatchewan’s
                                                                                              letter. Spend five minutes telling them
chickens before they’re hatched, we                only pan-industry committee with
                                                                                              why you support prompt payment
do seem to be moving quickly toward                representation from every corner of the
                                                                                              legislation and let them know the
several of the “suddenly” moments                  non-residential construction sector.
                                                                                              impact delayed payments have on your
in longstanding advocacy initiatives
and concerns: prompt payment                       Prompt payment                             business. Make it clear that you expect
                                                                                              them to support prompt payment
legislation; marijuana legalization; a             The provincial government has
possible realignment of international              confirmed they will move forward
trade agreements and alliances. I will             with Prompt Payment legislation in the     Once legislation is passed, the advocacy
briefly explore each in the following              Fall 2018 sitting of the Saskatchewan      work will shift to carefully monitoring
paragraphs.                                        Legislature. Saskatchewan legislation      the development of the regulatory
Our team thinks outside the box to deliver
solutions that will work for you. Our trucks
are smaller which make them ideally
suited for work in residential areas.
Discover the benefits of utilizing our
vacuum trucks for your next assignment:
Increased safety: our service prevents
damage to underground infrastructure.
Precise excavation: our equipment
reduces the amount of excavating
Year-round operation: our fleet can help
you excavate through frozen ground,
regardless of the season.
Excavation in hard-to-reach areas: our
crews specialize in working in residential
communities and confined spaces.
From municipal fibre optic work to
special projects in the oil field, our fleet is
standing by ready to take on any job.

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                                                             International Inc.
                                                                  Civil, Geotechnical, &
                                                           Environmental Consulting Engineers
                                                                Complete Cradle-to-Grave design, surveying, testing,
                                                                  onsite supervision and contract administration
                                                                           of Civil Engineering Projects.
                                                                     CCIL Certified Aggregate and Asphalt Testing
                                                                          in our Central and Portable Labs
                                                                              Environmental Monitoring
                                                                    Alternative road construction methods including
                                                                        Fiber Reinforced Asphalt for thin overlays
                                                                      We work within your budget and time-frame.
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                                                                                                            We Build – summer 2018 – safety 11
Industrynews          Advocacy Update
framework and ensuring industry             partners and experts on what you need        •   Edibles and concentrates will not
awareness and training.                     to do as an employer to prepare legal            be legalized until July 1, 2019. This
                                            marijuana. See page 34 for Wellpoint             means that for roughly the first
Marijuana legalization                      Health’s advice and page 36 for a legal          year, legalized marijuana will be
While the federal government has            perspective from Miller Thomson.                 limited to smoking-based variants

been vague about a specific legalization                                                     of the drug;
                                            The Government of Saskatchewan has
                                                                                         •   The rules for smoking marijuana
date, observers in the public and private   introduced legislation outlining rules for
                                                                                             in public spaces will match the
sector expect marijuana to become legal     legal marijuana, including:
                                                                                             rules for smoking tobacco in
before the fall of 2018.
                                            •    Users must be at least 19 years old         public spaces;
In this issue of We Build, we focus on           to possess or consume cannabis,         •   The province has taken a zero-
safety and provide perspectives from             matched to the legal drinking age;          tolerance approach for operation
                                                                                             of motor vehicles – which will also
                                                                                             apply to machinery operation;

        Smart. Choice.
                                                                                         •   Police will be able to test drivers
                                                                                             using roadside drug screening
                                                                                             devices, which test saliva for
                                                                                             THC. Having 2-5 nanograms of
                                                                                             THC in the blood will result in an
                                                                                             immediate license suspension and
                                                                                             a 30-day vehicle seizure under the
                                                                                             Traffic Safety Act. Stiffer penalties
                                                                                             will apply to inexperienced drivers;
                                                                                         •   Any driver who merely fails a
                                                                                             standard field sobriety test (SFST)
                                                                                             will have their license and car
                   Geogrids & Geotextiles                 Stormwater Chambers                seized for three days. They will
                                                                                             also acquire four SGI demerits
                                                                                             on their record and be required
                                                                                             to take a driving while impaired
                                                                                         •   There are other rules governing
                                                                                             how much marijuana individuals
                                                                                             can grow or possess and what
                                                                                             penalties apply;
                                                                                         •   Public education campaigns
                                                                                             have already started and will be
                                                                                         •   On June 1, 2018, the province
                                                                                             awarded 51 commercial
                                                                                             licenses for marijuana sales in
  Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Concrete             Hydromulch & Soil Amendments                 Saskatchewan.

                                                                                         Advantage Construction Savings
      Roads & Rail
                                                                                         Program partner Wellpoint Health
      MSE Walls & Slopes                                                                 will do free drug and alcohol policy
      Water Management                                         306.491.4907              reviews for SCA members. This process
      Erosion & Sediment Control                                      is a critical first step in protecting your
                                                                                         employees and business.


You are investing in the
success and future
of Saskatchewan’s
construction industry.

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                   The SCA provides collaborative and trusted leadership to sustain a prosperous
                   construction industry and a better quality of life for the people of Saskatchewan.
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Industrynews          Advocacy Update

Trade                                            bankruptcies in the US. At the time,        follows through are those wherein
                                                 Canada and Mexico were exempt based         he openly dislikes the aggrieved
Trade has taken a front seat in
                                                 on NAFTA provisions and penalties.          constituency or calculates there is no
advocacy work based on the instability
                                                 This rationale is unlikely to be a factor   sustainable backlash that can cost him
of key international trade agreements
                                                 this time.                                  politically. It remains to be seen how he
and the unpredictable nature of the
                                                                                             judges international trading partners
Trump administration.                            However, it is important to remember
                                                                                             – even if he is willing to espouse hot
                                                 how the 2002 tariffs ended: Bush
On May 30, 2018, US President Donald                                                         rhetoric on Twitter and pick fights with
                                                 repealed them well before their
Trump announced the US would                                                                 erstwhile allies.
                                                 intended 2005 expiry date after
unilaterally move forward with tariffs
                                                 they resulted in an estimated cost of       Finally, while the Republican houses of
of 25 per cent steel and 10 per cent on          202,000 American jobs, a significant        congress have been unwilling to rein
aluminum. Canada, the largest foreign            negative impact on GDP, and a ruling        the president in, several major players
supplier of steel to the US, and several         against the US at the World Trade           in industry and political advocacy
US allies had previously been exempted           Organization.                               in the US are engaged in the fight to
from potential tariffs.                                                                      repeal and prevent tariffs – from the
                                                 There are concerns that the tariffs
The move is expected to cost the                                                             technology and automotive sectors to
                                                 could be the first shot in a global trade
Canadian economy $3.9 billion in 2018                                                        the politically active Koch Industries
                                                 war that would threaten growth in all
and will interrupt global supply chains,                                                     and the US Chamber of Commerce.
                                                 developed countries. Canada, the EU
raising consumer prices and business
costs across the global economy.
                                                 and China have imposed retaliatory
                                                 tariffs using different strategies –
                                                                                             Recently the provincial government
                                                 Canada going dollar-for-dollar on
Certain types of steel are only                                                              wound down, the provincial
                                                 equivalent industries, the EU targeting
manufactured in specific countries or                                                        job search site. The government
                                                 symbols of American industry and
regions – a result of stable long-term                                                       closed the site as it was ineligible for
                                                 corporate board rooms, and China by
trade encouraging efficiency through                                                         federal funding based on security and
                                                 targeting high profile American goods
specialization. Nonetheless, this is not                                                     functionality requirements. However,
                                                 that show up in monthly reporting.
the first time the US has attempted                                                          while the federal-level replacement
tariffs of this kind. In March 2002,             President Trump has a long history of       – the National Job Bank – may have
President George W. Bush imposed                 brinksmanship followed by backing           better security, data and back-end
temporary tariffs in response to steel           down. The only policies on which he         options, it lacked the intuitive interface
                                                                                             and usability of SaskJobs.
   Largest factory on the Prairies, now direct to you!                                       Employers were generally not fond


                                                                                             of the sign-up requirements and
                                                                                             users missed the simple and effective
                                                                                             job category search options. As the
                                                                                             problems quickly became apparent,
   BEAUTIFUL AND QUICK TO INSTALL SUNROOMS, SCREEN ROOMS, PATIO COVERS                       the provincial government reopened
    AND LOUVERED PATIO COVERS THAT WILL EXTEND YOUR SUMMER MONTHS!                           SaskJobs on an interim basis.
   • Lowest prices in Western Canada – NO MIDDLE MAN
                                                                                             The province does not want to maintain
   • We are now unmatched in service, quality and price
                                                                                             both SaskJobs and the National Job
   • Use your deck earlier in the spring and later in
     the fall – extend your deck use for 3 seasons                                           Bank as that increases cost (the province
   • Cash and carry or local installer available                                             is obligated to pay for the National Jobs
                                                                                             Bank). But given the quick and strong

   306.764.5470                                                                              reaction of provincial employers and job
                                                                                             seekers, SaskJobs may be here to stay.
                                                                                             In any case, it’s available for use for the
                                                                                             next several months.

                                                                                      TO YOUR
                                                                               NEW REVENUE STREAM
                                                                           AN ATTRACTIVE GREEN UPGRADE

                                                                        We handle everything and give you
                                                                            a percentage of the sale.

                                                                     Your customer saves money, goes green
                                                                      and increases the value of their home.

                                                                         More information: 306-807-0347

                                                                           Your local, trusted
                                                                          green energy partner.

                               Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies                                        #mysiit

                                                                                                             Supported by:
                                     Since 1998, SIIT has provided employment
                                  development supports and opportunities to over
                                 16,000 individuals and linked them with employers.

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                                                                                                   We Build – summer 2018 – safety 15
Industrynews          Advocacy Update
The province is a victim of its own          Pipelines                                  procurement issues to the public
success in this story – only a few                                                      sector.
                                             Canada’s ongoing pipeline frustrations
provinces ever developed provincial job                                                 The future direction of Priority
                                             present a threat to sustained oil sector
boards and SaskJobs’ success has made it                                                Saskatchewan and provincial
                                             recovery in both material delivery
a vital service. If the National Jobs Bank                                              procurement has not been announced
                                             and capital investment attractiveness.
were competing against a poorer product,                                                yet. However, the number of
                                             After nearly a decade of failed
it would have likely seen better uptake.
                                             summits, ongoing disputes and              provincial public procurement issues
                                                                                        reported has dropped dramatically
Carbon pricing                               uncertainty, the federal government
                                             bought out the Kinder Morgan Trans         in the past few months. The drop is
The provincial government has                                                           substantial enough that it cannot be
                                             Mountain pipeline on May 28, 2018.
released feedback from consultation                                                     attributed to lower overall levels of
                                             The government has declared the
on its climate strategy conducted                                                       work.
                                             pipeline vital to the national economy
with industry in February 2018. The
                                             and vowed to complete the project.         At the same time, Priority
province has also initiated a de facto
                                             However, actual plans are unclear.         Saskatchewan is beta testing module
legal challenge on constitutional
                                             The government is already facing           2 of their Best Value training
grounds by asking the Saskatchewan
                                             pressure to include Aboriginal             for civil servants – related to
Court of Appeal for a reference on the
                                             consultation as a key part of the          vendor performance and contract
issue. Provincial resistance has cost the
                                             process moving forward. Any further        management.
province $62 million in climate funding
                                             rounds of review or consultation will      The SCA works to flow tender related
to date, but the provincial government
                                             add months or years to the timetable.      issues and concerns to Priority
says it is confident that Saskatchewan
                                                                                        Saskatchewan effectively.
will be able to secure some or all that      Procurement
funding eventually.                                                                     If you or someone you know are
                                             The SCA maintains close
                                                                                        concerned that a public tender does
The federal government was set to            relationships with SaskBuilds,
                                                                                        not meet the standards of Priority
implement carbon pricing on September        Priority Saskatchewan, Crowns,
                                                                                        Saskatchewan’s Procurement Manual
1, 2018, if the province had not done so     ministries and government-industry
                                                                                        or is unreasonable in some way, please
itself. However, with the question before    collaborations like the Saskatchewan
                                                                                        contact the SCA right away.
the courts, it’s possible an injunction      Construction Panel (SCP) to
may push that date back.                     provide advice and perspective on          Improper tenders can be addressed
                                                                                        and corrected, but only before they
                                                                                        have closed. Once a tender has closed
                                                                                        and any corrective action will only
                                                                                        apply to future tenders.

                                                                                        The Priority Saskatchewan
                                                                                        procurement manual is available
                                                                                        online at:

                                                                                        These are some of the key portfolios
                                                                                        the SCA is addressing today. There are
                                                                                        others and new priorities will come
                                                                                        into view between now and our next
                                                                                        issue. In the meantime, anyone with
                                                                                        questions is encouraged to contact
                                                                                        John Lax at the SCA at 306-531-2418

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                                                       Regina, SK S4R 2H6
                          306-525-5805                                        Fax: 306-569-9202
                          Toll Free: 1-888-665-6805            

                                                                              We Build – summer 2018 – safety 17

Sizzling Success at Summer Meeting
By Melanie Franner, DEL Staff Writer

                                           The weather may have
                                           not co-operated during
                                           this year’s Saskatchewan
                                           Construction Association’s
                                           Annual Summer Meeting
                                           but the participants
                                           certainly made up for it
                                           in warmth, cheer and

                                           Hole in one
                                           Following on the heels of a tough
                                           economic year, the industry belied
                                           tradition by turning out in full force.
                                           More than 200 people attended the
                                           event, of which more than 30 per
                                           cent were first-timers – a record high.
                                           “Aside from the valuable educational
                                           sessions in the beautiful setting of Elk
                                           Ridge it’s a fantastic opportunity for
                                           likeminded construction professionals
                                           to relax, network and understand each
                                           other’s businesses” notes Simon Pollard,
                                           Saskatchewan Branch Manager for
                                           Almita Piling Inc.

                                           “This is an amazing outcome,” says SCA
                                           President Mark Cooper. “It was great to
                                           see so many new faces. Many of these
                                           new people will be the future leaders
                                           of our industry. To say that we are
                                           pleased with this level of support is an

                                           “Support” may be one way to describe
                                           the commitment of attendees, who
                                           dutifully donned their waterproofs to
                                           play a round of golf. And to network
                                           with their peers.

Industrynews          Summer Meeting

                                                                              Working it
                                                                              The three-day Summer Meeting,
                                                                              held at Elk Ridge Resort from May
                                                                              31st to June 2nd, kicked off with a
                                                                              few important industry meetings
                                                                              that included the Prince Albert
                                                                              Construction Association and the
                                                                              General Contractors Association of
                                                                              Saskatchewan. SCA’s Past Board Chairs
                                                                              also convened to discuss current
                                                                              challenges faced by the Association.

                                                                              On the lighter side of things was the
                                                                              First Timers’ Huddle, which proved
                                                                              especially valuable for all the “newbies”
                                                                              that attended this year’s event. “Being a
                                                                              first-time attendee, we learned that this
                                                                              is a great networking opportunity,” says
                                                                              Scott Morris, Area Manager for South
                                                                              Sask. Propane in Regina for Federated
                                                                              Co-Operatives Ltd. “And we were able
                                                                              to spend some time with various other
                                                                              companies who are SCA members in a
                                                                              relaxed setting.”

                                           KELLY PANTELUK CONSTRUCTION LTD.

                          • INDUSTRIAL LAND DEVELOPMENT
                             • WATER CONTROL WORKS
                           T: 306-634-2166 F: 306-634-7822 W:




                     • Fleet pricing available               • Head light polishing
                     • Stone chip chip and crack repair up to 16”
                     • Tempered door glass and back glass

                     RESIDENTIAL GLASS
                     •   Fibreglass entrance doors           • Custom mirrors
                     •   Tempered railing glass              • Pattern cabinet glass
                     •   Custom shower glass and install     • Window screen repair
                     •   Thermal pane sealed units / replacement glass
                     •   Lifetime warranty PVC windows

                     HEAVY MACHINERY & IMPLEMENTS
                     • Laminated safety glass custom cut and installed
                     • Tempered glass installed

                              133 - 15th Street East, Prince Albert, SK
                    306-922-6979      Toll free   1-800-205-8813
                                    OPEN MONDAY - FRIDAY 8 am – 5 pm

                                                                    We Build – summer 2018 – safety 21
Industrynews          Summer Meeting
Also on Wednesday’s itinerary was the ever-popular                of rocker wigs,
Mashed Potato Sundae Bar (need we say more!), along               platform shoes and
with the evening’s acoustical entertainment by Canadian           bandanas. The event
Country recording artist (and winner of the 2016                  also showcased
Saskatchewan Country Music Association award) Roland              this year’s Silent
Corrigal.                                                         Auction, which
                                                                  was jam packed
Thursday morning began in a similar fashion with
                                                                  with donations
several industry sessions. They included an update
                                                                  from very nerous
from the Canadian Construction Association and a
                                                                  industry members
discussion with University of Saskatchewan Professor
                                                                  and partners.
Ken Coates on the economic benefits of engaging an
indigenous workforce. The morning wrapped up with the             As with years’ past, all the funds raised through the
ever-popular lawyer from Saskatoon, Misty Alexandre               Silent Auction are used to support the Saskatchewan
(a Partner in the Advantage Construction Savings                  Youth Apprenticeship Scholarship Fund for high school
Program), who shared her insight into the latest trends in        students working towards a career in the skilled trades.
construction law.
                                                                  To date, this event alone has raised a total of $100,000.
Thursday afternoon offered an outdoor scramble
                                                                  “We are extremely gratified for the generosity and
tournament (attended by over 130 golfers) and a beer-
                                                                  support of our members and partners in helping to donate
pairing session for those compelled to know more.
                                                                  to the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship Scholarship
The day ended with a rip-roaring ROCKSTAR-themed                  Fund,” says Cooper. “It’s a true testament to their ongoing
reception that gave rise to a very interesting assortment         dedication and commitment to this industry.”
 CSBP14 HalfPgAdvantageSteelAd1.3_Layout 1 14-05-14 10:20 AM Page 1

                SAND BLASTING
                 & PAINTING

                                                         Specializing in Industrial Coatings and Linings
                                                         We’re ready to meet any of your protective coating and lining needs.
                                                         We can work on your site or in our facilities, with large shops
                                                         (60,000 sq ft), 40 acres of yard space, and cranes and forklifts on site.
                                            Western      • Protective Coatings                  • Shotcrete
                                                         • Protective
                                                         •             Coatings
                                                            Plant Maintenance                   • •Spray
                                                                                                    Spray Polyurethane
                                                                                                           Polyurethane Foam Insulation
                                            Canada       • Plant                                  •Foam   Insulation
                                                                                                    Fire Proof Coatings
                                                         •  ShopMaintenance
                                                                   and Field Service
                                            since 1968   • Shop  and   Field Service            • •Fire
                                                                                                    NACEProof  Coatings
                                                                                                           Certified Inspectors on Staff
                                                         • Tank Lining
                                                         • Tank  Lining
                                                         • Environmental Containment            • •NACE   Certified
                                                                                                    Industrial Standard Quality Program
                                                                                                   Inspectors on Staff
                                                         • Environmental
                                                         •                  Containment
                                                            Industrial Fiberglass                 • IS Networld & COR
               Saskatoon, Saskatchewan                                                          • Industrial Standard
                                                         • Industrial
                                                         •  ConcreteFiberglass
                                                                                                   Quality Program
     306.931.2820                • Concrete
                                                                         Steel                  • IS Networld & COR
                                    • Structural
                                                           Abrasion Steel
                                                         • Abrasion
                                                                        and Tile
                                                            Lining Systems
                                                                      and Tile Lining Systems
                                                         • Shotcrete


Toe-tapping fun
    Helping you put
The last day of the conference began with a few more

   the pieces in place.
educational sessions, namely one on the economic outlook
for the province, an update from BuildWorks, and a
lively panel discussion involving industry experts on the
impending Prompt Payment legislation.

The three-day conferenced wound up that evening with
DJ Maxwell Music.

“This year’s SCA summer meeting was the best one I
haveRegINa: Murray Sawatzky, Q.C.
    been to yet,”                      306.565.5141
                  concludes Aaron Yohnke, PCL District
     SaSKaTooN: Chris Boychuk, Q.C.                                   306.665.5456
Manager, Saskatoon. “Strong networking opportunities,
good educational sessions and tons of laughs! We look
forward to attending (and sponsoring) again next year.”

MDG_Construction_Ad.indd 1                                                                                                                                                             5/28/14 2:21 PM

                       Aberdeen Specialty
                       Concrete Services
                             CONCRETE SOLUTIONS

      Specializing in Foundations, Slabs,
         Demolition and Excavation
                   Office: 306-374-1272
                        Fax: 306-374-1327
      710-3936 Brodsky Avenue, Saskatoon, SK S7P 0C9

  BIG ROCK TRUCKING LTD.                                                                                                DEWATERING
                BOX 418
         PUNNICHY, SK | S0A 3C0
           PH: 306-835-2427
                                                                                                                        RENTAL SERVICES
  • SCREENED GRAVEL AND SAND                                  CRUSHED ROCK
  • TOP SOIL AND MANURE                                        AND GRAVEL
  • LOADER WORK, ETC...                                       CRUSHER DUST

      DOUG SCHLOSSER                                    LORNE SCHLOSSER
      Cell: 306-835-7500                                    Cell: 306-536-7005

                                                                                                                        FLYGT Pumps
                                                         DEL Communications Inc. and you,
                                                                                                                        Diesel Generators
                                                        THE KEY TO SUCCESS.
                                                                                                                        Piping & Accessories
                                   We offer outstanding personal service and quality in the areas of:
                                                                                                                        Bay 10, 3111 Millar Ave., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 6N3
                                                        CREATIVE DESIGN | ADVERTISING SALES
                                                                                                               1.800.588.7867 (PUMP)

                                                    Suite 300, 6 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3L 0G5
                                                             Toll Free:1.866.831.4744 | Toll Free Fax: 1.866.711.5282

                                                                                                                                                                         We Build – summer 2018 – safety 23

                                       CORY RICHTER                       MILES DYCK                  JASON DUKE
                                           Chair                          Vice Chair                   Past Chair

                   Matt Walker                                                                                       Chris Doka

                    Ryan Leech                        Nicholas Walbaum                  Mike Lawton                  Nick Friesen

                                      Dean Cochrane                      SHAUN CRIPPS                 JUSTIN HOYES

Building a
 Cansel is your #1 choice in
 lasers, locating equipment
 & field supplies.

Architecture | Construction | Engineering | Geospatial | Natural Resources | Utilities
Easier to use, easier to buy. Shop our new online store.                                                   | 1.888.222.6735

                                                                                         306-782-5592   657 BROADWAY STREET WEST                              EMERGENCY
                                                                                                         YORKTON, SASKATCHEWAN
                                                                   HOUR                                     FAX: (306) 782-5593

             From schools, to large-scale retail                    FAMILY RUN, COMMUNITY MINDED, TRUSTED SINCE 1983
                                                                R.H. ELECTRIC is a family run company with a highly experienced staff specializing in all sectors of the electrical
             renovations, to agricultural facilities, our            and data/com industry, offering new construction and maintenance solutions for projects of any size.
             team has experience with just about any type
             or size of project in the construction industry.       RESIDENTIAL . COMMERCIAL
                                                                                                                               . INDUSTRIAL . RURAL
             Coupled with our steadfast attention to detail                         SERVICE CHANGES UNDERGROUND TRENCHING
                                                                                                 .           .
             and our amazing team, our ability to remain                              SIGN REPAIR FIRE ALARM MAINTENANCE
                                                                                              .            .
                                                                              HOME AUTOMATION RENOVATIONS DATA / COM . FIBRE OPTICS
             dynamic and flexible has allowed us to
             perform quality work on all projects.
                                                                                                                                                           WCB 2015
   555 McDonald St. Regina, SK S4N 4X1                                                                                                               “Saskatchewan Safe
                                                                                                                                                     Employer of the Year”
(306) 721-6866

                                                                                                                                             We Build – summer 2018 – safety 25

Opportunities Abound with
BuildWorks Canada
By Curtis Griffith, Director, Business Development, BuildWorks Canada

                                                                                         Our comprehensive public directory
                                                                                         will be the largest database of
                                                                                         qualified providers available in the
                                                                                         industry, viewed by tens of thousands
                                                                                         of industry professionals looking to
                                                                                         connect and find quality partners. If
                                                                                         you haven’t updated your company
                                                                                         profile with up-to-date information,
                                                                                         slide this to the top of your to do list.

                                                                                         The upgraded user Interface and user
                                                                                         Experience provides a new modern
                                                                                         look and feel, with more intuitive
                                                                                         workflows and process. Integration
                                                                                         of our On-Demand Invitation to Bid
                                                                                         service and our public directory
                                                                                         will create ease of communication
                                                                                         between contractors and greater
                                                                                         opportunity for your company to
                                                                                         find work. We have also added a new
All great things must come to an end.        collaborate and network, and become         self-service advertising tool, creating
This is a reality of our world, and with     a source of industry knowledge              flexible price points and the ability
technology advancing at the rate it is,      and information from trusted local          for you to advertise your company
we are often just getting comfortable        sources across Western Canada. A            to a local market, entire province, or
with a brand before we must say              partnership between local associations      the entire platform. This is industry
goodbye. The Construction Association                                                    specific targeted advertising re-
                                             in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and
Network of Saskatchewan provides                                                         defined.
                                             Alberta, BuildWorks Canada is
access to the work and opportunities
                                             removing barriers to opportunities          BuildWorks Canada will create the
you need to grow your business, and
                                             and promoting a more collaborative          greatest project exposure available to
this new change builds on that focus.
                                             construction industry.                      construction owners across Western
Unlike many other brand transitions,
                                                                                         Canada, and unparalleled access
our change comes from a position of          BuildWorks Canada will be the               to more work and opportunity for
growth, and with an eye to the future        construction industry’s premiere            contractors and service providers.
of our service offering to the industry.     business development and                    These two key values will continue
In its place, CANet will re-invent itself    procurement platform. Serving the           to drive us in growing our service
as a bigger, stronger, modern version        industry across Canada, BuildWorks          to the construction industry in
of its past self. BuildWorks Canada          combines national visibility with local     Saskatchewan, and across Canada.
will provide greater access to work and      experience to connect owners and
                                                                                         I look forward to helping your
opportunities, create greater abilities to   general contractors to skilled providers.   organization achieve its goals.


                               The Importance of
                               a Solid EAP Net
  By Karen Low, Executive Director, Merit Contractors Association of Saskatchewan

  Construction is tough work. Not only    can occur. Without the support of a       Aside from the obvious benefits to the
  is it physically demanding, but it      good Employee Assistance Program          employees, the spin-off benefits to the
  can be mentally exhausting. Do you      (EAP), an employer may well be lost in    employer are also substantial. Instead
  know how to address that type of        how to address personal issues with       of using valuable time trying to find
  fatigue with your employees? MERIT      employees.                                help for an employee, attempting
  Contractors can help!                                                             to become a personal counsellor, or
                                          The MERIT EAP program, which
                                                                                    just ignoring the problem, a MERIT
  One common thing our members            is an important standard piece of
                                                                                    employer can simply refer the
  have told me over the years is that     our benefit plans for office and field    individual to the EAP program.
  they love the freedom, flexibility,     employees, provides confidential 24-7
                                          counselling for a wide range of issues    You may hear there’s no security in
  and independence that comes from
                                          such as of a substance abuse, financial   open-shop workplaces; that simply
  being an open-shop workplace, but
                                                                                    isn’t true. Whether it’s health and
  sometimes they worry that they are      stress, or even weight loss – all at no
                                                                                    dental plans, disability benefits, tuition
  on their own without a “net”.           cost to the employee. With the rise in
                                                                                    refunds, or training, MERIT helps
                                          mental health issues affecting safety
                                                                                    keep you covered, so you can keep
                                          and productivity on job sites, our EAP
You may hear there’s no security in       program has dedicated resources to
                                                                                    working with confidence.

open-shop workplaces; that simply         address Canada’s number one mental        For more information,
 isn’t true. Whether it’s health and      health concern: depression.               visit

  dental plans, disability benefits,
 tuition refunds, or training, MERIT
       helps keep you covered.                                                                                 Fred Roy
                                                                                                      (306) 961-0707

  At MERIT, we see it as our job to
                                                                                                             Joe Cook
  provide that “net” for our members,
  and we do so in many ways. For
                                                                                                      (306) 930-7908
  example, our premium benefit plan
  covers employees for a wide range
                                                                                                              Box 337
  of services from health and dental to
                                                                                                      Christopher Lake
  disability and out-of-country travel.
                                                Steel Screw Piles                                             S0J 0N0
  Being safe on the job is a number
  one concern for all employers. We
                                            Solid Foundation Systems                   
  all know that when your head isn’t
  in the game, work performance              
  suffers, and possibly deadly mistakes

                                                                                                       We Build – summer 2018 – safety 27
Think Construction:
                                       Preparing the Next
                                       Generation of Skilled Workers
By Megan Jane, Executive Coordinator, Saskatchewan Construction Association

Think Construction is a hands-on experience for youth
considering a career in the construction trades to work
and meet with industry professionals and try their hand
at working in a construction setting. During the second
annual Saskatchewan Construction Week (April 11-17, 2018),
I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the fourth annual
Think Construction Regina event, organized by the Regina
District Industry Education Council (RDIEC).

RDIEC is a non-profit corporation with a goal of forming
partnerships between industry and the education sector, to
create career opportunities for youth as they transition into
the workforce. One of the programs is Think Construction

Think Construction Regina has taken place during the              expecting to be given a hard hat and some steel-toed boots
annual Saskatchewan Construction Week for the last                that morning! She was “more expecting [to] just [be] walking
two years. Not only that, but similar Think Construction          around and seeing how others [do it].”
/ Career Spotlight events have popped up around
                                                                  Think Construction not only gives students like Amelia the
Saskatchewan to offer the same valuable experiences to
                                                                  chance to build something for herself and work with some
youth in Saskatoon, Moose Jaw (who hosted the first ever
                                                                  power tools, but also the opportunity to talk to foremen,
Think Construction Event), Regina, and – new to this year –
                                                                  journeypersons, and professionals in the trade about their
Prince Albert!
                                                                  perspective, something Brett feels is valuable, as “we’re not
“This is an opportunity for our kids to try a trade…and meet      able to give that in a classroom setting.”
some people in the industry and get their side of what it’s all
about.” Brett Kannenberg, a teacher at Scott Collegiate high      One of the many stations at Think Construction is the
school in Regina, points out that Think Construction gives        drywall and finishing station, where Lindsey Giilck,
students a “no-pressure chance to try something” they may         a painter with the Ministry of Central Services, gave
otherwise never have had the opportunity to even consider.        her perspective on the importance of events like Think
Amelia Shepherd, one of the students, noted that she wasn’t       Construction.

                                           “Our youth need to be exposed to the
                                           trades. Without planting a seed, nothing
                                           will grow.”

                                           When asked what events like Think
                                           Construction mean for the next
                                           generation of skilled workers, Lindsey
                                           points out that events like this are very
                                           important, and that Saskatchewan
                                           is behind the times. It will be key to
                                           see more of these opportunities made
                                           available to students if we are to fill
                                           the boots of the thousands of baby-
                                           boomers set to retire in the next ten
                                           years. Support for the industry education
                                           councils like RDIEC will be instrumental
                                           in ensuring the next generation of skilled
                                           workers are prepared for the work that
                                           lies ahead.

                                           “Career Spotlight events provide essential
                                           information to students” says Gord
                                           Heidel, Executive Director of RDIEC.
                                           “[It enables] them to make informed
                                           decisions as they prepare to transition
                                           from high school.”

                                           Partnerships with local businesses,
                                           industry associations, safety associations,
                                           and education sectors are important
                                           to the success of these events. Gord
                                           thanks all who participated. “This day
                                           is only possible through the generous
                                           support of companies like Graham,
                                           All-Rite Mechanical, Alliance Energy
                                           and Brxton; associations like Regina
                                           Construction Association, Saskatchewan
                                           Construction Association, Saskatchewan
                                           Construction Safety Association, and
                                           Women in Trades and Technology
                                           (WITT); education partners like Sask.
                                           Apprenticeship, Regina District Industry
                                           Education Council (RDIEC), Regina
                                           Trades and Skills Centre (RTSC), and
                                           Sask. Polytechnic.”

                                           If you’re interested in learning
                                           more, contact Gord Heidel at
                                           (306)-523-3310, or Erwin Klempner at

Pro-Western Mechanical specializes in construction of multifamily complexes, commercial
   and institutional contracting of complete mechanical systems across western Canada.
   Dedicated to providing project owners and general contractors with an experienced
   mechanical subcontractor while prioritizing project schedules, exceeding expectations and
   quality workmanship in every facet of our work.
   We work with our clients to source and install plumbing, heating, ventilation, air
   conditioning, refrigeration and gas fitting solutions for new construction and renovations.
   We maintain an accelerated, high efficient workflow and construction schedule, resulting
   in well-organized projects. These qualities assist in projects progressing smoothly with the
   many sub-trades involved during the project cycle.

   Main Office (Saskatoon)                                                                                        Alberta Office (Edmonton)
   3703-10 Mitchelmore Avenue | Saskatoon, SK | S7P 0C5                                                           611-69th Avenue NW | Edmonton, AB| T6P 0C2
   P. 306.979.9500 | F. 306.979.5990 | E.                                                   P. 780.478.8002 | F. 780.449.5656 | E.


                                                                                                                   Inspiring Sustainable Thinking
                                                                                                                   Committed to integrating sustainable solutions
                                                                                                                   into our project work and our corporate culture,
                                                                                                                   ISL Engineering and Land Services delivers
                                                                                                                   planning and design solutions for transportation,
                                                                                                                   water and land projects.
                                                                                                                   ISL is dedicated to working with all levels of
                                                                                                                   government and the private sector to address the
Exceptional Service. Professional Approach.                                                                        challenges that come with growth in urban and
Structural design and drafting   Structural evaluations and analysis   Engineering services during construction    rural communities.                       (306) 343-8737                    1809 Lorne Avenue, Saskatoon                                            Connect with us:

                                                                                                                                                             We Build – summer 2018 – safety 31
Saving dollars and making sense:
         Certainty in SafetyTek
         By Melanie Franner, DEL Staff Writer
         We all know how advanced technology, like Business                      Proof positive
         Information Modelling (BIM), is changing the way we build.
                                                                                 Implementing SafetyTek Software’s automated platform can
         But technology isn’t limited to the building process.
                                                                                 have a significant impact on efficiencies, compliance, and the
         SafetyTek Software Ltd. has proven that in spades. Its                  bottom line. Quiring cites one example of an early adopter of
         leading-edge software platform is based on more than 35                 the technology.
         years of construction experience. It’s designed to ensure
         that onsite workers are engaged in an efficient way of                  “We did a case study on one of our clients,” he says. “We found

         meeting OHS compliance daily.                                           that after one year of usage, this client had reduced their
                                                                                 number of incidents by 85 per cent. This had a direct impact
         “Our platform automatically enforces a company’s safety                 on their insurance premiums, saving them six figures. That’s
         program by tracking user activity in real time, creating                money that went straight to their profit line.”
         accountability throughout your workforce,” explains
         Ryan Quiring, President and CEO of                                                         Looking ahead
         SafetyTek Software. “At the same
                                                                                                            Of course, leading-edge technology
         time, management at every level
                                                                                                                doesn’t remain leading-edge for
         can have a clear and concise
                                                                                                                  very long. SafetyTek Software
         real-time view of all safety-
                                                                                                                    has 11 developers on staff
         related documents at the
                                                                                                                     focused solely on how to
         touch of a button.”
                                                                                                                     make the platform better yet.
         Quiring and Craig Fraser,
         COO, co-founded the                                                                                         The company is currently

         company in 2014. They                                                                                       testing an artificial
         spent a year developing                                                                                    intelligence (AI) component
         the platform and went live                                                                               that can take over repetitive
         on March 2015.                                                                                        tasks or recognize basic patterns
                                                                                                            and act accordingly. It anticipates an
         Today, SafetyTek Software services
                                                                                                      official launch of this feature in September
         more than 3,000 users daily.
                                                                                            of this year.
                                         “We’re a mid-priced, universal
                                                                                 “We want to make this system even more accountable,” says
                                         platform focused on the construction
                                         industry,” says Quiring, who adds
                                         that the software can be used by        And with a dedicated commitment to doing just that,
                                         any size and type of company in         SafetyTek Software is sure to meet with growing acceptance
                                         any sector. “We found that the          in – and out – of the construction industry, and across North
                                         construction industry was in a          America.
                                         unique position because they have
                                         an office, but all of their projects    “We have big ambitions,” says Quiring. “We want to take over

                                         take place on remote, moving sites.     the world.”

                                         That makes their workplace safety       To learn more about SafetyTek, visit or contact Ryan Quiring at
Ryan Quiring, President and
                                         programs especially hard to enforce.”
CEO of SafetyTek Software.

 Architectural Solutions Dealer
  Saskatoon             Regina
306.934.6959                            306.757.6767

                         Demountable Walls
                         Glass Fronts
                         Raised Floor
                         Sound Masking

                                 We Build – summer 2018 – safety 33

                                       Getting Ready for
                                       Legal Marijuana
By Bekk McDonald, Drug and Alcohol Program Specialist, Wellpoint Health

Medical marijuana. Pot legalization.             While we wait for scientific leaders to   The most important piece of
Cannabis in the workplace. These                 develop a device that can successfully    information that needs to be
phrases have grown in popularity over            measure impairment from cannabis          communicated to all company personnel
the past year and will continue to be a          use (although an oral fluid test          is that there is no room for impairment
                                                 opposed to say, a urine test, can         in a safety-sensitive workplace. It must
hot topic as the Government of Canada
                                                 detect usage in a 24-hour period). In     be clear in your policy that employees
enacts its new cannabis legislation.
                                                 the meantime, there are no specific       are responsible to communicate with
While much of the rhetoric has been              directives you can include in your        their supervisor if there is a possibility
rooted in the fear of impending legal                                                      of impairment, which includes alcohol
                                                 policy to avoid the uncertainty. That
chaos, it is also built on a lack of                                                       and illicit drugs, as well as prescription
                                                 said, more than ever, now is the time
                                                                                           and over-the-counter medication.
understanding between employees and              to ensure your drug and alcohol policy
employers as to what their rights are            addresses key points to protect all       The second aspect that must be
and how they can be exercised.                   parties.                                  addressed is the process following the

    (306) 842-5854                   Range Road 2150 on Highway 39                 Weyburn, SK

disclosure of potential impairment-          Wellpoint Health offers the following benefits to SCA members:
causing substances. Employees                •   A free review of your corporate drug and alcohol policy;
must feel it is safe to come forward         •   Preferred, volume-based discounts on drug- and alcohol-testing services, and
                                                 25 per cent off:
when required, which is supported                 • The development or updating of your customized corporate drug and alcohol
by ensuring they understand the                   policies;
process and what will happen in that              • Company-specific, half-day, or online supervisor and employee awareness training
                                                  courses focused substance abuse;
situation. This can include temporary
                                                  • Mental health first-aid courses; and
modified work, an independent medical             • Medical retainers for post-injury services and fit-for-work assessments.
evaluation, or short-term disability.
Additionally, the consequences of not
                                            Organizations like Wellpoint Health        development or review of your policy
disclosing must be clearly defined.
                                            have amassed extensive experience          can also be a useful tool in ensuring the
In keeping with the theme of full           supporting teams through policy            inclusion of appropriate language and
transparency, it’s imperative that the      review and by delivering training to       structure.
process of drug and alcohol testing is      help identify substance abuse in the       Good policy and engagement is about
addressed in its entirety. This should
                                            workplace and how to effectively handle    protecting your business and your
outline when testing may occur, which
                                            such situations. Outside input in the      people.
substances are being tested for and
the related outcomes should there be a
positive test.

These items are all equally important to
your company policy; however, the key
is properly incorporating the policy into
your workforce.

Once your senior leadership team
reviews and supports your updated
policy, the following steps must be
completed to effectively communicate                          knowledge, experience, solutions
expectations to your staff:
1. Pick a “go live” date to make the
    policy effective.
2. Review the policy with employees
    before it is effective. Give
    opportunity for questions and
    discussion; it is paramount that your
    policies are not only articulated,
                                                                                                 INDUSTRY LEADERS
    but also understood by those they
                                                                                                 FOR OVER 45 YEARS
3. Have all employees sign an
                                                                                                 Fireproofing, Firestopping,
                                                                                                  Spray Foam, Asbestos &
    acknowledgment of understanding.
                                                                                                 Mould Removal, Demolition
    New hires should do this at the time
    of the hire, before they begin their
    assigned work.                                 8804 - 53rd Avenue
4. Make sure to revisit your policy                Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5G2
    annually. Your policies must                   Toll Free 1-888-894-6704
    accurately reflect your company                Phone 780-448-1660
    requirements and the climate you’re            Fax 780-448-0102
    operating in.                        
Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

                                                                                                          We Build – summer 2018 – safety 35
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