LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA

LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA
Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020
LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA
CAMPUS                                     HOLLYWOOD HILLS

                                                                                                                                                                                                             GRIFFITH PARK

                                                                               HOLLYWOOD                    01


                                                                                                                                                                                                    DOWNTOWN LA

                                                                         & HIGHLAND /

                                                                         DOLBYTHEATER                                                                                                               FRANKLIN

                                                                                                                            CA H U E
                                                                          CHINESE                                                                                                CAPITOL
                                                                          THEATER                                                                                                RECORDS

                                                                                                HOLLYWOOD BLVD.

                                                                                                    SUNSET BLVD.

                                                                               10                                                                                                                        1
                                      VE .                                          1                                     FRANKLIN AV E .
                                  IN A

                                                                                        FW                                                                                                                                         OO

                                                                                               Y.                                                                                                                                           FW

                                                                                                                          YU CCA ST.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Y UCCA ST.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ARGYLE AVE.
                                                                                                            WILCOX AVE.

                                                                                                                                                                                       IVAR AVE.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 VINE ST.
                                                                                                                                          N. CAHU E NG A B LVD.

                                                                                                                          HOLLYWOOD BLVD.

                         YUCCA ST.
                                                                                                            WILCOX AVE.

                                                                                                                                                                           COSMO ST.

                                                                                                                                                                                        IVAR AVE.
          NGA BLVD.

                                              IVAR AVE.

                                                                                    VINE ST.

                                                                                                                                                                   ARGYLE AVE.

                                                                                                                          SELMA AVE.

                      Yucca Tower* (inset left)                                 Ivar Building (inset left)                                                                   Cosmo Building (map right)
                      CLASSROOMS:               4th FLOOR:                      Information Technology
                      602T, 603T                Financial Aid                                                             SUNSET BLVD.
                                                                                Film Production                                                                              CLASSROOMS:
                      501T, 20, 21, 22, 23E     Student Accounts                Individual Voice Rooms                                                                       CLL1, CLL2, CLL3, CLL4
                      10, 11, 12E               Housing
                                                Student Life                                                                                                      Other Locations and
                      2nd FLOOR:
                                                Accessibility Services
                                                                            Residence Halls (inset left)
                      Reception                                                                                                                                   Points of Interest (map right)
                      Mail Room                 6th FLOOR:                      The Bungalows
                      Education Services        Student Advisors                                                                                                             Capitol Records Building
                      Student Employment        PIAZZA:                         Yucca Street Residence Hall
                      Parking                   AMDA Café                                                                                                                    Pantages Theatre
                      3rd FLOOR:                8W: Black Box                   Vine Street Residence Hall
                      Library                    Theatre                                                                                                                     Hollywood/Vine Metro Station
YWOOD BLVD.                                                                     Allview Residence Hall
                                                                                                                                                                             LAX Flyaway Shuttle
                      Vine Building (inset left)                                Franklin Residence Hall*
                      CLASSROOMS:               4th FLOOR:
                      V100 – V510               Athletic Performance        Residence Halls (map right)
                      Screening Room             Studio
                                                Counseling Services             Gilbert Residence Hall*
                      2nd FLOOR:
                                                First Response Office
                      The Artists’ Lab +
                       Dance Office
                      3rd FLOOR:
                      AMDA MRKT                                             *AMDA Shuttle stops
LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA
Welcome to AMDA                                      3

Placements                                           6
Required Supplies                                    8
Required Dance Attire                                8
Health Services                                    11

Getting to AMDA                                    12

Area Hotels                                        13
Frequently Asked Questions                         14
Academic Calendar                                  16
Contacts                                           17

                                      AMDA LOS ANGELES | 2020 ORIENTATION   1
LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA
LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA
We are eagerly awaiting your arrival on campus!

To ensure you receive all necessary information and
updates regarding Orientation — including specific
check-in dates and times — visit the Orientation webpage
at amda.edu/LAOrientation.

Orientation begins the week before classes start. All
Orientation activities have been carefully planned
to prepare you for your specific program of study at
AMDA and are mandatory unless otherwise noted.

Parent sessions only occur on check-in day. While
parents can schedule their return travel to occur at the
conclusion of your move-in day, they are welcome to stay
throughout the weekend to explore the LA area.

All incoming students will be assigned an AMDA
Orientation Leader who will be available throughout
Orientation to provide assistance and answer questions.

Students living on campus will receive a housing
email containing building assignments and roommate
information prior to their arrival at AMDA. A list of local
hotels is included in this guidebook in the event that you
arrive in Los Angeles prior to your check-in time.

                                            AMDA LOS ANGELES | 2020 ORIENTATION   3
LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA
LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA
The Yucca Vine Tower on AMDA campus

WHAT TO BRING                                    MORE INFORMATION
The college provides beds and dressers.
                                                          Please refer to the following sources
Outside furniture is not permitted. Microwaves
                                                          for more information regarding AMDA
and refrigerators are provided in either the
                                                          policies and student life. These documents
housing unit or communal kitchen (refer to
                                                          are all available for viewing and downloading
your housing assignment).
                                                          at amda.edu/student-downloads.

Remember that space is limited. It is best to
                                                 HOUSING LICENSE
pack lightly and acquire additional items as
                                                 Complete policies for those residing in AMDA
needed after your arrival.
                                                 housing, including those regarding guests,
We recommend bringing the following:
                                                 roommates, keys, security, maintenance
    Twin XL linens for your bed                  and conduct. Your housing license must be
                                                 submitted before you can obtain your room keys.
    Pillows      Towels       Toiletries
                                                 AMDA CATALOG
                                                 The Catalog is the primary source of information
    Extension cords and power strips             on academic life at AMDA: academic policies,
                                                 program information, course descriptions, financial
    Laundry basket and detergent
                                                 aid and student accounts.
    Cleaning supplies (AMDA provides
                                                 STUDENT HANDBOOK
    communal vacuums or brooms)
                                                 The essential guide for student life at AMDA,
    Basic kitchen items such as dishes, eating
                                                 the Handbook contains information on living in
    utensils, etc. (You may want to speak with
                                                 the city, transportation, AMDA departments and
    your roommates before purchasing these).
                                                 resources and the Code of Conduct.
    International Students only: Bring your
    passport and initial I-20 to the Welcome

                                                              AMDA LOS ANGELES | 2020 ORIENTATION         5
LOS ANGELES Welcome and Orientation Guide 2020 - AMDA
    Placement Demonstrations for all disciplines take place during Orientation and the first week of classes.
    These are private performances for a panel of faculty and administration. Placements allow us to form class
    sections intended to foster your success and may be used for performance selections throughout the term.
    The following descriptions stipulate how you should prepare and the proper attire for each demonstration.

      General Appearance for all                                Attire for Men: Men should wear long sleeve dress shirts,
      Placement Demonstrations                                  slacks and dress shoes. Ties and jackets are optional. Blue
                                                                jeans, sweat pants, T-shirts, flip-flops and sneakers are
      Clothing should be age-appropriate and
                                                                unacceptable attire for demonstrations and rehearsals.
      professional. Wear long hair up or pulled away
                                                                Attire for Women: Women should wear dress pants,
      from your face. Do not wear excessive body
      ornamentation. Remove all jewelry, including              skirts or dresses of at least knee length. You may wear
      nose or eyebrow rings and tongue studs (with the          long or short sleeve blouses. Character shoes should
      exception of wedding bands). Hair coloring of an          have a minimum two-inch heel, with a recommended
      extreme nature is inappropriate.                          single strap or a T-strap that buckles over the instep. Flat
                                                                shoes or traditional heels are an acceptable substitute.
    Monologue Demonstrations                                    Blue jeans, sweat pants, T-shirts, tank tops, hats,
    For students in the Acting BFA and AOS                      spaghetti straps, flip-flops, mules, open-toe or open-
    Acting Programs                                             heel shoes and sneakers are unacceptable attire for
    Within the orientation process, students will present a     demonstrations and rehearsals.
    brief monologue(s) for Acting Department supervisors
    and/or appointed faculty. We recommend that you             Voice Demonstrations
    present one of the same pieces from your AMDA               Music Theatre BFA and AOS Musical Theatre
    audition, shortened to one-minute. Please prepare an        Programs
    additional one-minute contrasting selection to have as      You may be required to present the same song (musical
    an alternate choice. Each monologue should be from a        theatre or classical) that you performed at your AMDA
    published play.                                             audition. Please bring your sheet music (shortened to
                                                                one-minute) in the correct key. AMDA will provide a
    Music Theatre BFA and AOS Musical Theatre                   professional accompanist.
    During your first week of Acting class, at the discretion   Attire for Men: Men should wear long sleeve dress
    of your acting teacher, you may be asked to perform         shirts, slacks and dress shoes. Ties and jackets are
    an Acting Demonstration. We recommend that you              optional. Blue jeans, sweat pants, T-shirts, flip-flops and
    present the same monologue from your AMDA audition,         sneakers are unacceptable attire for demonstrations
    shortened to one-minute. It is also best to prepare an      and rehearsals.
    additional one-minute contrasting selection to have as      Attire for Women: Women should wear dress pants,
    an alternate choice. Each monologue should be from a        skirts or dresses of at least knee length. You may wear
    published play.                                             long or short sleeve blouses. Character shoes should
                                                                have a minimum two-inch heel, with a recommended

                   Performing Arts BFA Students: Placement Demonstrations
                   Students enrolled in the Performing Arts BFA Program will perform the demonstrations for their
                   concentration: Acting, Music Theatre or Dance Theatre. Refer to those descriptions for details.

single strap or a T-strap that buckles over the instep. Flat   For students in the Music Theatre BFA Program
shoes or traditional heels are an acceptable substitute.       and AOS Musical Theatre Program
Blue jeans, sweat pants, T-shirts, tank tops, hats,            During Orientation, students will meet with members
spaghetti straps, flip-flops, mules, open-toe or open-         of the dance faculty for an overview of the dance
heel shoes and sneakers are unacceptable attire for            curriculum. Each first-scheduled dance class of the
demonstrations and rehearsals.                                 term is used to view and assess students to determine
                                                               the most effective placement. Students will be asked
Dance Demonstrations                                           to demonstrate dance vocabulary, progressions or
For students in the Dance Theatre BFA and                      combinations as deemed appropriate by the Dance
AOS Dance Theatre Programs                                     Department. No advance preparation or previous
Your first Dance Placement occurs during Orientation.          dance experience is necessary.
An instructor will demonstrate contrasting combinations
and progressions, for various disciplines, and ask you         Attire for All Dance Demonstrations: Body-conscious
to perform them in small groups. Based upon this               dancewear is preferred. Bring all appropriate dance
demonstration, students will be placed in appropriate          shoes (ballet slippers and jazz shoes).
levels for the term. Demonstrations may include
techniques in ballet, modern and jazz, however, it is          AMDA will finalize all dance class assignments by the
best to come prepared with any additional footwear             end of the first week of the term.
appropriate for Hip-Hop and other contemporary styles
that may be included.

                                                                               AMDA LOS ANGELES | 2020 ORIENTATION     7
REQUIRED                                                    REQUIRED
    You are required to have specific items
                                                                DANCE ATTIRE
    for your first day of classes, including
    textbooks, dancewear and basic classroom
    supplies. Please budget accordingly for
    these materials. Your instructor may request
    additional materials for specific classes
    throughout the term.

    Required Classroom Supplies
    •   Notebooks
    •   Three-ring binder
    •   Highlighters (five colors)
    •   Small hand mirror
                                                                All students must have appropriate dance
        (for Voice Production and Speech classes)
                                                                attire. AMDA requires black attire for all
                                                                dance demonstrations throughout the
    Textbooks, Plays and Other Materials                        term. Students without appropriate dance
    You may need to purchase some textbooks prior to the
                                                                attire by the first day of classes will not
    begining of classes. Information will be emailed and is     be admitted to class and marked absent.
    available online at amda.edu/LAOrientation. In addition,
                                                                The chart on the next page lists items
    throughout the term, you may need to purchase play
                                                                and quantities required for each program
    scripts or sheet music. The AMDA Performing Arts
                                                                (Performing Arts BFA Program students
    Library has a wide selection of sheet music, scripts and
                                                                will need the supplies listed for their
    various additional class materials available for use. See
                                                                concentration). Teachers will announce in
    “Where to Buy” below for additional sources.
                                                                classes if they will permit you to wear other
    Costumes and Props                                          colors or clothing.
    For scene and theatre work, you will need to bring or
    purchase costume and prop materials. Materials will
    vary depending on the scene or song chosen. These are
    suggested standard costume guidelines:                                 Where to Buy
    Women: An elegant outfit such as a skirt and top or                    The following are some
    dress with high-heeled shoes.                                          suggestions for online sources
    Men: Sport coat or blazer, dress slacks and black hard-                for requisite supplies and other
    soled shoes (such as loafers or dress shoes).                          materials:
                                                                 Textbooks: amazon.com
                                                                 Plays, Scripts: amazon.com,
                                                                 dramabookshop.com, samuelfrench.com
                                                                 Dancewear: capezio.com,
                                                                 discountdance.com, dancewearsolutions.com,
                                                                 danskin.com, allaboutdance.com,
                                                                 justforkix.com, theeastwestcompany.com

                                                                         RECOMMENDED QUANTITIES FOR EACH PROGRAM

                                                                      Dance Theatre BFA   Music Theatre BFA   Acting BFA

                                                                      AOS Dance           AOS Musical         AOS Acting
                                                                      Theatre Program     Theatre Program     Program

∫   Black leotard                                                            4-5                  2                  1

    Black or tan/flesh tights to match heels (optional alternative:
    form-fitting leggings or jazz pants)
∫   Dance tights should be full length and worn inside shoe or
                                                                              2                   1                  1
    slipper; “convertible” is best for footed and footless use.

    Proper bra or supportive undergarment
∫   Multiple straps should not be visible when worn.
                                                                              3                   1                  1

∫   Circle character skirt (knee length, full cut)                            1                   1                  1

    Character shoes (black or tan, to match tights)
∫   T-strap or single strap character shoe with minimum 2 1/2 inch            1                   1                  1
    heel. Shoes need dance rubber and should be braced.

    Ballet slippers
∫   Slippers/tights must match (black to black, pink to pink)
                                                                              1                   1

∫   Jazz oxfords or sneakers (soft, black)                                    1                   1

    Tap shoes (black or tan)
∫   Minimum 2 1/2 inch heel.
                                                                              1                   1

    Pink tights
∫   Slippers/tights must match (black to black, pink to pink)
                                                                              2                   1

∫   Black footless tights                                                     3

∫   Black footless leggings                                                   3

    Dark-colored loose layers (for hip hop)
∫   Should fit over body-conscious dance wear.

    Loosely-fitted black long sleeve T-shirt (no visible logos or
∫   designs)

∫   Flesh-colored dance paws or footies                                       1

∫   Hip hop sneakers or boots                                                 1

∫   Black socks                                                               5

∫   Knee pads                                                                 1

∫   Foam roller (half length)                                                 1

∫   Resistance bands                                                          1

∫   Ball (lacrosse, tennis, etc.)                                             1

∫   Massage Stick (optional)                                                  1

∫   Thera Cane Massager (optional)                                            1

                                                                                    AMDA LOS ANGELES | 2020 ORIENTATION    9
                                                                            RECOMMENDED QUANTITIES FOR EACH PROGRAM

                                                                         Dance Theatre BFA   Music Theatre BFA   Acting BFA

                                                                         AOS Dance           AOS Musical         AOS Acting
                                                                         Theatre Program     Theatre Program     Program

         Fitted tank tops or T-shirts (black or white with no visible
     ∫   logos or designs)
                                                                                 5                   2                  2

     ∫   Jazz pants or form-fitting pants (no sweatpants)                        3                   1                  1

         Dance belt
     ∫   Dance-specific supportive undergarment.
                                                                                4-5                  1                  1

     ∫   Black socks                                                             5                   1                  1

     ∫   Character shoes (black)                                                 1                   1                  1

         Black dance tights
     ∫   An elastic waistband is recommended.
                                                                                 3                   1

     ∫   Ballet slippers (black)                                                 1                   1

     ∫   Jazz oxfords or sneakers (black)                                        1                   1

         Tap shoes
     ∫   Must have dance rubber on soles.
                                                                                 1                   1

         Loosely-fitted black long sleeve T-shirt (no visible logos or
     ∫   designs)

         Dark-colored loose layers (for hip hop)
     ∫   Should fit over body-conscious dance wear.

     ∫   Flesh-colored dance paws or footies                                     1

     ∫   Hip hop sneakers or boots                                               1

     ∫   Knee pads                                                               1

     ∫   Foam roller (half length)                                               1

     ∫   Resistance bands                                                        1

     ∫   Ball (lacrosse, tennis, etc.)                                           1

     ∫   Massage Stick (optional)                                                1

     ∫   Thera Cane Massager (optional)                                          1

AMDA Campus, Vine Building
The AMDA Center for Health and Performance (ACHP) aims to foster a community of performing artists who are
optimally prepared, both physically and mentally, for a successful, healthy, and sustainable career. The ACHP
includes athletic performance, mental health, and vocal health services.

          ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE                                             COUNSELING SERVICES
          STUDIO                                                           Vine Building 4th floor Rooms
          Vine Building Room 401                                           V4G & V4F
The Athletic Performance team provides injury                AMDA offers Mental Health Counseling to help meet the
consultation, injury prevention, and performance             emotional and psychological needs of our students. Our
enhancement services. Our mission is to empower              goal is to create a campus environment that facilitates
students to become active participants in their              the health and well-being of all of our students and
wellbeing and support a vibrant, healthy and engaged         advances our academic and performance mission. Our
campus community.                                            counselors can also provide referrals to community
                                                             resources as needed. Appointments are required.
Services include:
    •   Injury consultation                                  Services include:
    •   Individualized exercise programs for                     • Short-term psychotherapy
        performance optimization                                 • Crisis Intervention
    •   Education regarding injury prevention and self-          • Consultation and referral services
        care strategies                                      Contact: LACounseling@amda.edu
    •   Physician referral guidance
HOURS OF OPERATION: Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm
Contact: LAHealth@amda.edu

          VOCAL HEALTH                                                     THE FIRST RESPONSE
          RESOURCE CENTER                                                  OFFICE
AMDA’s Vocal Health Resource Center provides                 The First Response office serves AMDA students by
students with information and guidelines on the care         immediately responding to all medical emergencies,
and use of the professional performance voice.               administering First Aid, and performing basic life-
Services include:                                            saving techniques such as CPR and AED Defibrillation.
    • Voice assessments for vocal rest                       Additionally, the office provides support for students
    • Vocal health/vocal hygiene current best practices      who have questions about injuries & illnesses, are
    • Vocal wellness resources and information               seeking guidance for medical treatment options, and
    • Exercises to restore, strengthen and maintain a        those requesting assistance in coordinating temporary
        healthy voice                                        special circumstances for medical issues & conditions
    • Referrals to laryngologist/physician voice             with AMDA administration and their policies.
        specialists                                          HOURS OF OPERATION: Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5pm
Contact: VocalHealth@amda.edu                                Duty Cell Phone: (323) 480-1077
                                                             First Response Office Phone: (323) 603-5953

                                                                              AMDA LOS ANGELES | 2020 ORIENTATION      11
     Airport Transportation:                                                          The Hollywood and Vine Metro
     Los Angeles International (LAX) and                                              Station is just blocks from AMDA
     Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR)
     Taxis: Only pick up a cab at designated cab stands.
     Do NOT accept a ride from a driver who solicits you
     outside of a cab stand. Please speak with your AMDA
     Admissions Advisor to discuss approximate costs for
     cab fare from the airport.

     Private shuttle service: Many private companies offer
     transportation between airport terminals and local
     accommodations. You can contact Super Shuttle at 800-
     258-3826, PrimeTime Shuttle at 800-733-8267 or find
     other providers online.

     LAX FlyAway Shuttle: The LAX FlyAway offers hourly
     nonstop shuttle service between LAX and Hollywood
     (as well as other destinations). The dropoff and pickup
     location is mere blocks from the AMDA campus. No
     reservations are required and one-way fare is $8. You
     may purchase tickets online in advance. For more
     information, visit laxflyaway.org.

     Getting Around the Los Angeles Area
     Taxis: Taxis do not offer curbside pickup in Los Angeles    HOLLYWOOD WALK-IN CLINIC
     (except at the airports and certain train stations).        6430 SELMA AVE., HOLLYWOOD, CA 90028
     Numbers for licensed cab companies can be found on
     the City of LA Taxi Services site: taxicabsla.org.          The Hollywood Walk-In Clinic is located two blocks
                                                                 south of AMDA campus. The Hollywood Walk-
                                                                 In Clinic treats minor-to-moderate medical and
     Car services: App-based private car services such as Lyft
                                                                 urgent care needs; no appointment is necessary.
     and Über are readily available in the area, offering both
                                                                 Their staff comprises board-certified emergency
     ridesharing and “black car” options. Please be aware
                                                                 physicians as well as ER and urgent care-trained
     that fares fluctuate based on usage and time of day. For    practitioners. Hollywood Walk-In Clinic fees are
     more information, see lyft.com or uber.com.                 upfront and fixed. Refer to their website to verify
                                                                 accepted insurance plans.
     Metro bus and rail: A Metro Red Line subway station
     is located at Hollywood and Vine, one block south           HOURS OF OPERATION:
     of campus. The subway connects to downtown LA,              Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 8:00pm
     Universal City, Pasadena and many other popular             Sat: 9:00am – 4:00pm
     destinations as well as connecting to regional bus          Sun: 9:00am – 3:00pm
     systems and Amtrak. For further information and to plan     323-848-4522
     routes, visit metro.net.                                    Contact: info@hollywoodclinic.net

                                                                        The view of Hollywood from AMDA campus

The following is a list of some hotels near AMDA. We encourage you to make reservations as soon as
possible. You may also visit websites that list hotel availability and room rates, such as: hotels.com,
expedia.com and travelocity.com.

HOLLYWOOD HILLS HOTEL                 7000 Hollywood Blvd.                   HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME
6141 Franklin Ave.                    Hollywood, CA 90028                    1921 N. Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028                 323-856-1970                           Hollywood, CA 90068
323-464-5181                                                                 323-850-8151
                                      W HOLLYWOOD
HILTON – UNIVERSAL CITY               6250 Hollywood Blvd.                   ANDAZ – WEST HOLLYWOOD
555 Universal Hollywood Dr.           Hollywood CA 90028                     8401 Sunset Blvd.
Universal City, CA 91608              323-798-1300                           West Hollywood, CA 90069
818-506-2500                          Mention AMDA when booking              323-656-1234
                                      for free WiFi.
LOEWS HOLLYWOOD HOTEL                                                        KIMPTON EVERLY HOTEL
1755 N. Highland Ave.                 TILT HOTEL UNIVERSAL /                 1800 Argyle Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028                   HOLLYWOOD                              Los Angeles, Ca 90028
323-856-1200                          3241 Cahuenga Blvd.                    1-800-546-7866
                                      Los Angeles, CA 90068                  Enter Rate Code: NBR for 20%
SHERATON – UNIVERSAL CITY             323-845-1600                           discount.
333 Universal Hollywood Dr.
Universal City, CA 91608

  You may also want to consider short-term rentals such as private rooms, studios or even entire
  apartments. You can find rentals on airbnb.com, vrbo.com and 9flats.com.

                                                                         AMDA LOS ANGELES | 2020 ORIENTATION     13
        Are Orientation events required?                          with your course of study at AMDA. Students planning
     Yes. These events have been carefully planned to orient      to work at AMDA or elsewhere must bring proof
     our new students to AMDA and their new homes here            of employment eligibility. Examples of documents
     in Los Angeles. Additionally, some students will be          commonly used to establish employment eligibility
     completing required demonstration/placement activities       are: Social Security card, passport, state-issued
     which will determine their first-term class schedule. All    Photo ID and US birth certificate. Check full list at
     international students, whether new or transferring from     uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-9.pdf. While in
     AMDA New York, are required to attend. If you have any       school, international students are permitted to work on
     conflicts, call the Admissions Office.                       campus only. For additional information, contact the
                                                                  international student advisor.
        Where is AMDA Los Angeles located?
     AMDA’s campus is located in the heart of Hollywood              Does AMDA offer on-campus employment?
     below the famed Hollywood Hills at 6305 Yucca Street         AMDA participates in the Federal Work Study
     (one block north of the intersection of Hollywood            Program and has a school-funded Student
     Boulevard and Vine Street). The official entrance — at       Employment program. Students can apply for campus
     the historic art deco Yucca Vine Tower — is on Yucca         employment prior to their arrival on campus online:
     Street, just west of Vine. Nearby landmarks include          www.amda.edu/studentemployment. Positions will be
     the Dolby Theatre (home of the Academy Awards),              posted through the first week of classes. Please note
     the Pantages Theatre, Capitol Records, the Hollywood         that completion of an online application does not
     Bowl, Griffith Park and Observatory, Paramount Studios,      guarantee an interview or on-campus employment. It is
     Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, NBC and          best to anticipate using these funds for living expenses
     the Hollywood Walk of Fame. LA’s famous beaches are a        rather than tuition or housing costs. Additional
     short drive away.                                            information will be provided during Orientation and is
                                                                  available in the AMDA Catalog.
        When will I receive my class schedule?
     Students can view their class schedules via their online        When will I need to renew my Financial Packaging?
     student portal. Placement Demonstrations (described          Your financial award covers your first year (i.e., your first
     in this booklet) will affect class schedules, which may be   two terms) at AMDA. We will send you a new financial
     revised as a result. Students should review their class      award for next year near the end of your second term.
     schedules up to the Sunday prior to the start of the term    The Financial Aid Department will provide additional
     to view their most current schedule.                         information. Please check your email regularly!

        Can I work while attending AMDA?                             How do I enroll in AMDA’s student health
     While possible, we recommend that students not               insurance? Is enrollment mandatory? Can I opt out?
     work during their first term. Students need time to          It is mandatory that all students enrolled at AMDA must
     acclimate to their new environment and focus on              have health insurance. To guarantee that all students
     AMDA’s rigorous program. Domestic students who               have health insurance, AMDA has automatically
     work while in school can generally work up to 20             enrolled all students in the student health insurance
     hours per week for an employer who offers a flexible         plan. If you have your own health insurance you have
     schedule. Remember that work hours cannot interfere          the opportunity to waive out of the student health

A summer performance on AMDA LA’s outdoor stage

insurance plan (SHIP). If you plan to waive AMDA’s            Can I send my belongings to AMDA prior to arrival?
student health insurance, it is advised that you confirm   Students who will be living in AMDA student housing
the availability of in-network providers close to campus   may mail some of their belongings to Los Angeles in
to ensure access to medical care. If you do not waive      advance. Space is limited and it is important that you
out before the waiver period closes you will be enrolled   pack lightly. This applies to the things you bring with
and charged for the student health insurance. For          you on move-in day and anything you wish to send in
more information please visit the Relation website at      advance. Due to our limited space, we ask that students
http://4studenthealth.relationinsurance.com.               limit their packages that are sent to AMDA to 3. Items
                                                           should arrive no sooner than one week prior to move-in.
   Can I have guests if I am living in AMDA housing?       AMDA may return packages without legal names. Please
For security purposes, the only guests that students       label boxes or other mail as follows:
are allowed to have in AMDA housing units are                                     [Your Full Name]
immediate family members. Overnight guests                                       6305 Yucca Street
are not permitted. Please complete a Family                                   Los Angeles, CA 90028
Visitor Pass request form, available online at
https://www.amda.edu/student-life/student-affairs.            Can I bring my car?
                                                           Yes. If you intend to bring a car to AMDA, please complete
   Can I have cable, telephone or high-speed internet      the parking registration form available online at amda.edu
service in AMDA student housing?                           under the Student Life page to make your payment.
Students living in on-campus housing can have              Parking availability is on a first come, first served basis.
cable television and phone services installed. WiFi
is available at all facilities. You will receive login        I am an International Student, are there special
information during Orientation. You can install cable      requirements?
television in your housing unit by calling the local       Yes. Please bring your passport, visa, and Form I-20 to
cable television provider. Details will be available       the mandatory dinner for international students during
at housing move-in. Internet workstations with             Orientation Week. If you have not yet submitted your
Internet access are also available in the Tower and        FINAL official transcripts, you must submit them to the
Vine buildings and some housing facilities. See your       International Student Advisor no later than Week 3 to
Housing License for more information.                      avoid visa termination.

                                                                             AMDA LOS ANGELES | 2020 ORIENTATION          15
SPRING 2020 - SUMMER 2020

                SPRING 2020
               Thursday, Feb 13 – Sunday, Feb. 16    Orientation
               Monday, Feb. 17                       Classes Begin
               Monday, May 25                        Memorial Day: No Classes
               Friday, May 29                        Classes End
               Saturday, May 30                      Graduation

                SUMMER 2020
               Thursday, June 25 – Sunday, June 28   Orientation
               Monday, June 29                       Classes Begin
               Friday, July 3                        Independence Day Observed:
                                                     No Classes
               Monday, Sept. 7                       Labor Day: No Classes
               Friday, Oct. 9                        Classes End
               Saturday, Oct. 10                     Graduation

                FALL 2020
               Tuesday, Oct 13 – Sunday Oct 18       Orientation
               Monday, Oct. 19                       Classes Begin
               Thursday, Nov. 26 – Friday, Nov. 27   Thanksgiving Break: No Classes
               Monday, Dec. 21 – Friday, Jan. 1      Winter Break: No Classes
               Monday, Jan. 4                        Classes Resume
               Friday, Feb. 12                       Classes End
               Saturday, Feb. 13                     Graduation

admissionsteam@amda.edu, 800-367-7908

When mailing or contacting the Los Angeles Admissions Office,
please use the information provided below:
6305 Yucca St.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

LAfinaid@amda.edu, 323-603-5960

LAstudentaffairs@amda.edu, 323-603-5960

LAhousing@amda.edu, 323-603-5960

LAHealth@amda.edu, 323-603-5991

LAcounseling@amda.edu, 323-603-5986

LAparking@amda.edu, 323-603-5908

Mvillareal@amda.edu, 323-603-5935

LAStudentSuccess@amda.edu, 323-460-3094

LAAccessibility@amda.edu, 323-603-5984
6305 Yucca Street
Los Angeles, CA 90028

800.367.7908   ///   amda.edu




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