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                           MASTER OF
 1989 - 2019

                           LAWS (LL.M.)

            SCHOOL OF LAW
            Celebrating over 50 Years of Leading Scholarship
            The University of California, Davis, School of Law is one of the world’s leading
            law schools. We are proud of our history of outstanding scholarship, teaching and
            real-world impact. Founded more than 50 years ago, the School of Law continues
            to welcome students from around the world into its diverse, intellectually
            rigorous and distinctly supportive community. Faculty, fellow students and our
            alumni form a lifelong professional and personal global network. Join us!

   Join our outstanding Academic Year LL.M. program for the professional
   and personal experience of a lifetime. Here are some of the qualities
   that make our LL.M. program one of the best in the country.
   ■   Classes taught by top scholars in their fields       ■   Membership in an international alumni network
   ■   LL.M. students fully integrated into J.D. classes    ■   Supportive, welcoming King Hall community
   ■   Academic program tailored to                         ■   Student organizations and
       each LL.M. student’s needs                               networking opportunities
   ■   Individual academic and personal                     ■   24-hour access to our state-of-the-art building
       advising throughout the program                      ■   One of the top U.S. research universities
   ■   One- and two-year options                            ■   Close to San Francisco, Napa, Silicon
   ■   August and January starts                                Valley, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite
   ■   Workshops on academic success, bar                   ■   Davis community known for safety,
       exam preparation and career guidance                     ease of getting around and schools

                                              “At UC Davis you will find a vibrant and diverse
                                               student community with more than 50 active
                                               student organizations, six law journals and an
                                               academic spirit where intellectual rigor combines
                                               with genuine warmth and friendship, as well as true
                                               community of purpose.”

                                               Kevin R. Johnson, Dean,
                                               UC Davis School of Law

scholarship, unusually
accessible and
supportive faculty,
                                                   Join our
and state-of-the-                                  International
art facilities provide                             LL.M. Community
an ideal learning
    The UC Davis School of Law LL.M. offers a superior
    educational experience for foreign lawyers, judges,
    prosecutors and other legal professionals. Classes are
    taught by outstanding faculty scholars, and students
    are integrated into J.D. classes. The program is
    designed around individual student needs. Thus, LL.M.
    students can pursue a general course of study or a
    specialization from an area within the UC Davis School
    of Law curriculum. Students may also take a pre-Bar
    study program. UC Davis offers August and January
    LL.M. start options in the following programs:

    Working with the program director, you may tailor the curriculum
    to either gain basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system or to focus
    on any area of legal scholarship supported by UC Davis School
    of Law’s world-class curricula. The general LL.M. is designed to
    meet each student’s needs. This degree may be used to prepare
    for a bar exam. We offer one and two year custom options

    Select an area of focus such as Business Law, Private and
    Public International Law, International Business and Dispute          UC Davis School of Law academic
    Resolution, Immigration Law, Criminal Law and Procedure,              year LL.M. students may apply
    Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Social Justice Law,           for transfer to the J.D. Program.
    Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Health Law and
    Bioethics, and many others from the broad curriculum.                 ■   LSAT scores are not required
                                                                          ■   Successful completion of the
    TWO-YEAR LL.M. PROGRAM OPTION                                             LL.M. program is required
    For some students, a longer period of study is vital to meeting
    educational and career goals. The two-year LL.M. provides an
    additional year to deepen knowledge of critical legal concepts.
    For more information, please contact the LL.M. Admissions
    Director at or +1 (530) 752-6081.

Connections that last a lifetime
At UC Davis School of Law, we support LL.M.
students through our summer law programs.
These programs will help you transition
to life in the United States, improve your
English and academic skills and give you
an overview of the U.S. legal system as you
prepare for an amazing year of LL.M. study.
July 1 0 – July 28, 2023
For more than 30 years, the Orientation in U.S.A.
Law program has served lawyers, judges, prosecutors
and defenders, notaries, law professors, pre-LL.M.
students and business professionals who wish to
gain a better understanding of the theories and
practices of the U.S. legal system. The program
combines classes, interactive activities (such as
moot court), field trips and social events.

June 26 – July 7, 2023

Since 1990, this intensive program has provided
an ideal introduction to and review of English and
legal analysis as used by legal professionals in the
United States. Interactive and supporting, English for
Legal Professionals provides excellent preparation
for legal professionals or law students who want         Check
to improve their legal English and legal analysis or     for information on our programs
who are preparing to enroll in an LL.M. program.

                                                         academic program

         “I am sure choosing UC Davis School of
          Law is one of the best decisions I have
          made in my life, and I believe that this
         year of LL.M. study will significantly
          influence my future career. UC Davis
          stands apart from other Law Schools
          because of its first-class professors,
          its friendly and interactive staff, and
          beautiful facilities with 24-hour access
         for students.”

         Ping, China,
         LL.M. Program graduate
Beth Greenwood
                 Associate Dean, International Programs
                 UC Davis School of Law

Engaging legal

    Experience Davis

    The UC Davis School of Law is housed in King              UC DAVIS – LIFE IN A COLLEGE TOWN
    Hall, located within University of California, Davis,     Davis, California is renowned for being one of
    the largest campus in the UC system. The 39,629           America’s true college towns. Davis is also known for
    students who attend UC Davis pursue a full range of       its 160 kilometers of bicycle paths. The community
    undergraduate, graduate and professional studies. The     is prized for its safety and family-friendliness, and
    UC Davis University Library, ranked among the top         housing can be found close to campus for singles
    research libraries in North America, contains more        and for families. The centralized, walkable Davis
    than four million volumes. Students often remark          downtown offers world cuisine, delightful shops
    that the campus’ famous open space contributes            and inspiring entertainment and social activities.
    to a relaxed environment that supports study. Our         Our Mediterranean climate makes outdoor activities
    campus is located just 15 minutes from Sacramento,        a year-round delight, and our location—about an
    California’s capital and a center for legal culture.      hour from San Francisco, and two hours from Lake
                                                              Tahoe—provides many options for recreation.
    King Hall itself is a cutting-edge facility recently
    expanded to provide 24-hour student access to a           UC DAVIS INTERNATIONAL CENTER
    beautiful, functionally advanced learning space
                                                              UC Davis is committed to extending its recognition
    that gives students the full benefit of the latest
                                                              as a leading international university. To achieve
    technologies. King Hall contains an appellate
                                                              this vision, the campus opened a new international
    courtroom, a moot courtroom, a large computer
                                                              facility in Fall 2016 to establish a centralized,
    lab, study carrels, a study lounge, and a student
                                                              welcoming environment for international students
    social lounge, among many other amenities.
                                                              and scholars, as well as students interested in studying
    The Mabie Law Library is the heart of study and           abroad. The center provides a beautiful, prominent
    legal research for the King Hall community.               hub for international students to create the best
    Students access print and online resources                possible educational and cultural experience.
    including books, journals, databases, Westlaw and
    Lexis. Mabie Library’s helpful staff include several      LL.M. COMMITMENT TO A
                                                              DIVERSE STUDENT BODY
    attorneys, and students have unlimited access.
                                                              The Academic Year LL.M. program includes a diverse
    UC Davis School of Law boasts a number of centers         student body from most continents. Cultural diversity
    of study. Students are encouraged to share and            is the key to the program’s success because it creates
    connect academically and personally through               a worldwide community of legal professionals
    participation in more than 50 student organizations.      (J.D. and LL.M. students) who subsequently infuse
    School of Law degree students may access a wide           their legal systems with the knowledge obtained
    variety of campus services. In addition to those          at UC Davis about common law and international
    listed above, these include academic advising and         legal systems. The Academic Year LL.M. attracts
    registration services, healthcare, behavioral health      legal professional participants from many different
    and counseling services, disability services, diversity   countries and legal systems. Students eventually
    resources, and many more. For complete information        represent clients who are culturally diverse and
    about services available to degree students, please       engaged in international legal endeavors.
                                                              For more information, visit law.ucdavis.
The Mabie Law
Library houses more
than 375,000 print    UC DAVIS
volumes and volume
equivalents, and      QUICK FACTS
provides access to
a wealth of online    RANKED
                                          on The National Jurist
                                          Magazine's list of Most
                                          Diverse Law Schools

                                          in the nation for
                                          sustainability (GreenMetric
                                          World University Ranking)

                                          in the nation for diversity and
                                          internationalization (QS World
                                          University Rankings: USA)

                                          best public university in the
                                          nation (Wall Street Journal/
                                          Times Higher Education)

                                  Ranked in the top tier of US News and
                                  World Report's 2022 Best Law Schools

                      The only University of California campus with

                       6 SCHOOLSPROFESSIONAL

                        Education, Law, Management, Medicine,
                           Nursing and Veterinary Medicine
FACULTY                                                 Faculty biographies are available online at

    UC Davis School of Law is proud of its distinguished and diverse faculty, drawn from among
    the finest scholars in the United States. UC Davis School of Law has among the highest
    proportion of American Law Institute (ALI) members on its faculty of any law school in the
    United States, and their membership in this prestigious law reform organization is only one
    indicator of the UC Davis Law faculty’s involvement in cutting-edge legal research and the
    most pressing legal and social issues of our times. UC Davis Law faculty have published
    thousands of leading books and articles by the most influential presses and law reviews in the
    world. The work of our faculty members is cited regularly in leading legal and interdisciplinary
    scholarship. Not surprisingly, members of the faculty frequently testify before Congress and
    other legislative bodies and are quoted frequently by the national media. Moreover, UC
    Davis School of Law was ranked 5th in the nation for faculty diversity by Princeton Review.

    KEVIN R. JOHNSON                                  KARRIGAN BORK                                   CHRISTOPHER S.                                JOHN HUNT
    Dean and Mabie-Apallas                            Acting Professor of Law                         ELMENDORF                                     Professor of Law
    Professor of Public Interest                      Ph.D. University of California, Davis           Martin Luther King, Jr.                       A.B., Harvard University
    Law and Chicana/o Studies                                                                         Professor of Law
                                                      J.D., Stanford Law School                                                                     J.D., Yale Law School
    J.D., Harvard Law School                                                                          J.D., Yale Law School
                                                      B.A., B.S., University of Kansas                                                              M.F.E., University of
    Immigration Law and Policy, Refugee Law,                                                          Election Law, Administrative Law,
                                                      Property, Environmental Law, Natural                                                          California at Berkeley
    Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Critical                                                           Statutory Interpretation, Constitutional
    Race Theory, Critical Latina/o                    Resources, Administrative Law, Takings,         Law, Natural Resources Law                    Financial Regulation, Mortgages, Securitization,
    Theory, Complex Litigation                        Public Trust Doctrine, Trout and Salmon,                                                      Contracts, Bankruptcy, Contracts, Mortgages
                                                      Science and Law, Field Courses, Water Law
                                                                                                      STACY-ANN ELVY
    AFRA AFSHARIPOUR                                                                                  Professor of Law                              LISA IKEMOTO
    Senior Associate Dean for Academic                ANDREA CANN                                                                                   Martin Luther King Jr.
                                                      CHANDRASEKHER                                   J.D. Harvard Law School                       Professor of Law
    Affairs and Professor of Law
                                                      Professor of Law                                B.S. Cornell University
    J.D., Columbia University Law School                                                                                                            LL.M., Columbia University Law School
                                                      J.D., Stanford Law School                       Commercial Law, Privacy Law,
    Comparative Corporate Law,                                                                                                                      J.D., University of California, Davis
                                                      Ph.D., Economics, University                    Consumer Law, Technology Law,
    Corporate Governance, Mergers and                                                                 Human Rights, Civil Procedure                 Bioethics, Health Disparities, Science
    Acquisitions, Transactional Law                   of California, Berkeley                                                                       and Technology Studies
                                                      M.A., Statistics, University
                                                                                                      ERIC FISH
    BETH GREENWOOD                                    of California, Berkeley                         Acting Professor of Law                       IRENE ORITSEWEYINMI JOE
    Associate Dean for International                  Law and Economics, Criminal Law                                                               Acting Professor of Law
    Programs, Director of LL.M.                                                                       J.D., Yale
                                                      and Procedure, Labor Law, Law and                                                             J.D., Stanford Law School
    Program and Lecturer in Law                       Society, Police and Policing                    Ph.D., Law, Yale
                                                                                                                                                    B.A., University of Texas at Austin
    J.D., UC Davis School of Law                                                                      Criminal Law and Procedure,
    LL.M. Director, Legal Research
                                                      GABRIEL “JACK” CHIN                             Constitutional Law, Sentencing,               Criminal Law and Procedure, Juries,
                                                                                                      Immigration Law And Policy, Ethics            Professional Responsibility, Trial
    and Writing, U.S. Legal System                    Edward L. Barrett Jr. Chair of                                                                Advocacy and Practice, Legal Ethics,
                                                      Law, Martin Luther King, Jr.                                                                  Voir Dire (Jury Selection)
                                                      Professor of Law, and Director                  KATHERINE FLOREY
    RAQUEL E. ALDANA                                  of Clinical Legal Education                     Martin Luther King Jr.
                                                                                                      Professor of Law                              ELIZABETH E. JOH
    Martin Luther King Jr.                            LL.M., Yale Law School                                                                        Martin Luther King Jr.
    Professor of Law                                                                                  J.D., University of California, Berkeley      Professor of Law
                                                      J.D., University of Michigan Law School
    J.D., Harvard Law School                                                                          M.F.A., Warren Wilson College
                                                      Criminal Law And Procedure,                                                                   J.D., New York University
    Immigration Law And Policy, Latinos               Immigration Law And Policy, Civil Rights,       Federal Jurisdiction, Federal Courts,
                                                                                                                                                    Ph.D., Law and Society,
    And The Law, International Human                  Asian Americans And The Law                     Civil Procedure, Legal Ethics, American
    Rights, Sustainable Development in Latin                                                          Indian Law, Legal History
                                                                                                                                                    New York University
    America, Central American Studies                                                                                                               Criminal Law and Procedure, Constitutional
                                                      HOLLY S. COOPER                                                                               Law, Policing, Surveillance
                                                      Lecturer                                        RICHARD M. FRANK
    KELLY BEHRE                                                                                       Professor of Environmental
    Lecturer                                          J.D., University of California, Davis           Practice and Director, California             THOMAS W. JOO
                                                      Immigration Law and Policy, Detained            Environmental Law and Policy Center           Martin Luther King Jr.
    J.D., Washington and Lee
                                                      Immigrants Rights, Refugee Law,                                                               Professor of Law
    University School of Law                                                                          J.D., University of California, Davis
                                                      International Human Rights, Prisoners                                                         J.D., Harvard Law School
    Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence,      Rights (See Also Civil Rights)                  Constitutional Law, Energy Law,
    Sexual Assault, Family Law, Public Interest Law                                                   Environmental Law, Land Use Planning          Corporate Governance, Antitrust, Contracts,
                                                                                                      (See Also Constitutional Law),                White Collar Crime, Critical Race Theory
                                                      WILLIAM S. DODGE                                Natural Resources, Water Law
    ASHUTOSH BHAGWAT                                  John D. Ayer Chair in Business
    Boochever and Bird Endowed                        Law and Martin Luther King
                                                                                                                                                    COURTNEY G. JOSLIN
    Chair for the Study and Teaching of               Jr. Professor of Law                            DAVID HORTON                                  Martin Luther King Jr.
    Freedom and Equality and Martin                                                                   Professor of Law                              Professor of Law
    Law King Jr. Professor of Law                     J.D., Yale Law School 1991
                                                                                                      J.D., University of California, Los Angeles   J.D., Harvard Law School
                                                      International Law, International Business
    J.D., University of Chicago Law School                                                            Contracts, Federal Arbitration Law,           Family Law, Sexual Orientation, Gender
                                                      Transactions, International Litigation &
    Administrative Law, Antitrust, Constitutional                                                     Trusts, Wills, Estate Planning                Identity and the Law, Employment
                                                      Arbitration, Foreign Relations Law, Contracts
    Law, Energy Law, Law And Economics,                                                                                                             Discrimination, Constitutional Law
    Regulated Industries, Supreme Court,
    Telecommunications Laws

CARLTON F.W. LARSON                          ROBERT D. MULLANEY                              LETICIA SAUCEDO                                 AARON TANG
Martin Luther King Jr.                       Lecturer                                        Martin Luther King Jr.                          Professor of Law
Professor of Law                             J.D., University of California, Davis           Professor of Law                                J.D., Stanford Law School
J.D., Yale Law School                        B.A., Comparative Literature,                   J.D., Harvard Law School                        B.A., Political Science, Yale University
Constitutional Law, Legal History,           Columbia College                                Immigration Law and Policy, Employment          Constitutional Law, Education Law,
Federal Courts, Federal Indian Law,                                                          Discrimination Law, Clinical Legal Education,   Federal Courts, First Amendment (See
                                             Aoki Water Justice Clinic
Criminal Law, Supreme Court                                                                  Critical Race Theory, Employment Law            Also Constitutional Law), Labor Law,
                                                                                                                                             Supreme Court, Appellate Advocacy
                                             MENESH PATEL
AMELIA MIAZAD                                Acting Professor of Law
                                                                                             DARIEN SHANSKE
Acting Professor of Law                                                                      Professor of Law                                DENNIS J. VENTRY, JR.
                                             J.D., Stanford Law School
J.D., University of California, Berkeley                                                     J.D., Stanford Law School                       Professor of Law
                                             Ph.D. Economics, University
Corporate Law                                                                                Ph.D., Rhetoric, University                     J.D., New York University
                                             of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                                                             of California, Berkeley                         Ph.D., Economic & Legal History,
MARY ZIEGLER                                 B.S. Economics, University of Iowa
                                                                                             M.A., Philosophy, McGill University             University of California, Santa Barbara
Martin Luther King Jr.                       B.A. Mathematics, University of Iowa
                                                                                             Local Government Law,                           Taxation, Tax Practice, Tax Filing and
Professor of Law                             Corporate Law, Antitrust, Securities            Taxation, Jurisprudence                         Administration, Tax Policy, Legal and
J.D., Harvard School of Law                  Regulation, Capital Markets                                                                     Professional Ethics, Whistleblower Statutes
B.A., Harvard College                                                                        DONNA SHESTOWSKY                                and Programs, Public Records Acts,

Torts, Constitutional Law,Reproductive
                                             AMAGDA PÉREZ                                    Martin Luther King Jr. Professor                Tax Expenditure Analysis, Distributive
                                             Lecturer                                        of Law and Director of Lawyering                Justice, Family Taxation, and U.S.
Rights and Justice, Gender, Sexuality and
                                                                                             Skills Education Program                        Economic, Tax, Legal, Gender History
Law, Legal History, Employment Law           J.D., University of California, Davis
                                             Immigration Law, Civil Rights Law               J.D., Stanford Law School
                                                                                                                                             CARTER C. WHITE
PETER LEE                                                                                    Ph.D., Psychology, Stanford University          Lecturer
Martin Luther King Jr.                       LISA R. PRUITT                                  Alternative Dispute Resolution,
Professor of Law                             Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of                                                             J.D., University of Texas School of Law
                                                                                             Juries, Negotiation Strategy and
J.D., Yale Law School                        Law                                             Change of Venue Surveys                         Civil Rights, Employment Discrimination Law,
                                                                                                                                             Pretrial Skills (see also Civil Procedure)
Patent Law, Intellectual Property,           J.D., University of Arkansas
Technology transfer, Property,               Ph.D., Laws, University of London               BRIAN SOUCEK
Science and Technology Studies                                                               Professor of Law and
                                             Law and Rural Livelihoods, Critical Race
                                                                                             Chancellor's Fellow
                                             Theory, Feminist Jurisprudence, Legal
ALBERT C. LIN                                Profession, Critical Whiteness Studies, Torts   J.D., Yale Law School
Martin Luther King Jr.
                                                                                             Ph.D., Philosophy, Columbia University
Professor of Law
                                             ALIX ROGERS                                     Antidiscrimination Law, Constitutional
J.D., University of California, Berkeley     Acting Professor of Law                         Law, Civil Procedure, Immigration Law and
M.P.P., Harvard University                   J.D., Yale Law School                           Policy, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity
Environmental Law, Natural                                                                   and the Law, Law and Cultural Studies
                                             M.Phil History and Philosophy of
Resources Law, Evidence
                                             Science, Cambridge University
                                                                                             CLAY TANAKA
                                             B.A. Health & Societies, and Philosophy,        Legal Research and
                                             University of Pennsylvania                      Writing Instructor
Legal Research and
Writing Instructor                           Bioethics, Property, Trusts, Wills, And         J.D., UC Hastings College of the Law
                                             Estate Planning, Health Law, Science and
J.D., UC Davis School of Law                 Law, Law And Society, Legal History             Legal Research and Writing,
Aoki Water Justice Clinic                                                                    Criminal Law and Procedure

                                             SHAYAK SARKAR
JOHANN MORRI                                 Professor of Law
Associate Director of International
                                             Ph.D. Economics, Harvard University
Programs and Lecturer in Law
                                             J.D., Yale Law School
LL.M., UC Davis School of Law
                                             M.S. Oxford University, Rhodes Scholar
M.D., Human Rights Law,
University of Paris Nanterre                 Employment Discrimination Law,
                                             Financial Regulation, Immigration Law
M.D., Public Law Litigation, University      and Policy, Law and Economics
of Paris I-Panthéon Sorbonne
B.A. Government Studies/
Political Science, Institute of
Political Science of Paris
Legal Methods, Legal Writing and Legal
Reasoning, Comparative Law, Administrative
Law, International Legal Education

                                                                                                 FOLLOW   UC DAVIS I NTE RNATIONAL L AW PROG R AM S
                                                                                                             ON YOU R FAVORITE SOCIAL CHAN N E L S
     TUITION                                     For additional financial information                CANCELLATIONS,
     For the 2022 – 2023 academic year,          and opportunities, please contact                   WITHDRAWALS, PLANNED
     tuition for the Master of Laws              us at                              EDUCATIONAL LEAVE
     (LL.M.) program was U.S. $58,154.*                                                              PROGRAM (PELP) AND
                                                 INITIAL EXPENSES                                    REFUND POLICIES

     OTHER FEES                                  Every student is expected to have                   The planned Educational Leave
                                                 sufficient funds to cover initial expenses.         Program (PELP) allows any continuing
     For the 2023 – 2024 academic year,
                                                 You will need the amount of your tuition            registered student to temporarily
     the university estimates that a student
                                                 and fees (in cash or in the form of a               suspend academic work at UC Davis.
     should budget a minimum of $1,900* per
                                                 valid letter of sponsorship guaranteeing            Law students who wish to withdraw
     month for living expenses (food, rent,
                                                 payment of fees) plus an initial down               from school or apply for PELP must
     other expenses). Law school students
                                                 payment for housing (landlords often ask            obtain official approval from the dean.
     should also anticipate annual expenses
                                                 for the first and last months’ rent plus
     of approximately $2,228* for books and
                                                 a security deposit), food and personal              Fees are refunded according to UC Davis
     supplies. These figures do not include
                                                 expenses. Tuition and fee payments                  campus-wide refund policies for students
     transportation costs. Davis has a good
                                                 may not be deferred. It is suggested                who paid fees and cancel, withdraw or
     local bus system and is a very bicycle-
                                                 you bring a minimum of $25,000* for                 PELP with official approval from the
     friendly town. If you plan to buy or
                                                 immediate expenses. This will cover                 dean before the end of any semester.
     bring a car, you should also budget
                                                 your fall semester’s tuition and fees plus          Refunds are based upon the date you
     for expenses such as car insurance,
                                                 various initial expenses. This money                discontinue enrollment; you may receive
     gas, parking and maintenance.
                                                 should either be wired from your home               a full or partial refund of your fees.
     Students who plan to bring family           bank to a bank in Davis or brought in the           Contact the LL.M. Admissions Office at
     members with them to Davis should           form of travelers checks (with at least    for more information
     budget an additional $500* per month in     $500 in smaller denominations) rather               about refund and cancellation policies
     living expenses for a spouse and $250*      than in the form of a bank draft. Davis
     per month for each dependent child.         banks will hold your bank draft for up              HOUSING
     Health insurance for all family members     to two weeks to verify that there are
     is essential and can cost several hundred   funds to support the draft before money             OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING
     dollars a month. Please note that child     will actually be released for your use.             Most students enrolled at UC Davis
     care can be expensive. In addition to                                                           live outside of university housing. For
     the amount listed above, full-time child                                                        general information about costs and
                                                 MEDICAL CARE COVERAGE
     care may cost $800 – $1,400* per month                                                          accommodations in the community,
                                                 All students are required to purchase               contact the LL.M. Admissions Officer.
     or more. In planning their budgets,
                                                 graduate student health insurance at the time
     students need to take into account
                                                 tuition fees are paid. UC Davis automatically       *Fees are subject to the control
     their own spending patterns and the
                                                 enrolls all registered students in appropriate      of the UC Regents and California Legislature
     possibility of unforeseen expenses.
                                                 health insurance plans. The premium for             and may change without notice. Note:
     International students admitted to the      2022 – 2023 was $5,472* for the academic year.      Tuition and fees are posted on the Office of
     university will be required to pay the      A waiver of this requirement may be granted         Budget & Institutional Analysis website at
     international student administrative        to those students who meet the University 
     fee of $159* and document financial         requirements and can provide proof of
                                                 comparable coverage. Please note that student       Estimated expenses are subject
     support sufficient to meet academic
                                                 health insurance coverage does not begin until      to change and may vary.
     fees and expenses in order to obtain the
     appropriate visa. Sponsored students        the first day of class. In addition, some medical
     (that is, those students not funded by      services are not covered by this insurance and
     private individuals) are required to        must be paid for by the student, including the
     provide a letter from their sponsoring      cost of eye glasses or contact lenses and dental
     agency or government, detailing the terms   care. You must also purchase health insurance
     of the scholarship award as verification    for your family members. We can provide
     that sufficient funding is available.       information about coverage options. The LL.M.
                                                 Admissions Officer can answer your questions
                                                 about insurance coverage and the waiver.

ON-CAMPUS HOUSING                            THREE WAYS TO APPLY                        If you have chosen to use the optional
Housing within the on-campus                                                            LSAC Credential Assembly Service, please
                                             ■   Through the online LSAC
apartments and married student                                                          put your identifier number on
                                                 Assembly Service.
housing is available. If you wish to                                                    your application. Your application will
live on campus, you may request
                                             ■   Through our Law School website—        be reviewed after it is certified complete
further information about costs and    , click on          by the LL.M. Admissions Officer.
accommodations from the Admissions               Apply Now. Fill out the online
Officer. It is very important to file your       application, and then send your        VISA INFORMATION
application by the specified dates in            supporting documentation
order to ensure a place for yourself             by email or postal mail.               The F-1 student visa classification is for
(and your family) on campus. Campus          ■   By mail, by completing the form on     full-time academic study in the United
housing may not be available during              pages 13 and 14 and mailing it to:     States. Thus, admitted LL.M. students
summer months. Please visit housing.                                                    must apply for the F-1 visa. Under special
                                                 LL.M. Admissions                       circumstances, international students for more information.
                                                 International Programs                 may be admitted as J-1 sponsored
                                                 School of Law                          students. If you are unsure as to which
CAMPUS SMOKING POLICY                            University of California, Davis        visa type is appropriate for you, please
For a healthier community and cleaner            400 Mrak Hall Drive                    contact our office at
environment, UC Davis became smoke-
                                                 Davis, CA 95616-5201 U.S.A.
and tobacco-free effective January 2,                                                   The I-20 is the certificate of eligibility for
2014. Smoking is not allowed in campus                                                  the F-1 visa and is used to apply for the F-1
buildings, including dormitories,            LL.M. APPLICATION CHECKLIST
                                                                                        visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate. After
or on campus property, including             This checklist will help you prepare       being admitted to our LL.M. program,
parking lots and rental units.               your application to our Academic           you will receive detailed information
                                             Year LL.M. program. A complete             about the visa application process.
                                             application must include:
FOR ADMISSION                                                                           Please find detailed information about the
                                             ■   An application form.                   visa process at
International applicants must present
satisfactory evidence of completion of       ■   One official set of Academic
                                                                                        If you have any questions regarding
legal academic training at an accredited         Records (Transcripts) issued in the
                                                                                        the visa process, please contact
educational institution. Domestic                original language and accompanied
                                                                                        the LL.M. Admissions Director at
applicants must have completed                   by a certified English translation.
at least seven years of residential              Academic records should show
study at accredited colleges and law             graded coursework, dates of
schools and must hold a professional             enrollment and award of degree(s)      NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY
degree from a law school approved            ■   Two Letters of Recommendation          The University of California, in accordance
                                                                                        with applicable Federal and State law and
by the American Bar Association.                 (preferably these letters will come    University policy, does not discriminate
                                                 from the applicant’s law professors)   on the basis of race, color, national origin,
APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION                    ■   Official score for either TOEFL        religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy
                                                                                        (including pregnancy, childbirth and
The recommended deadline to                      or IELTS. A minimum of 88 on the
                                                                                        medical conditions related to pregnancy or
apply for fall semester (August)                 Internet-based TOEFL or 570 on the     childbirth), physical or mental disability,
start is March 1, and we accept and              paper-based test is required. TOEFL    age, medical condition (cancer-related or
review applications continuously                 score reports should be sent to        genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital
                                                 Institution Code 4778. A minimum       status, citizenship, sexual orientation or
until the academic semester begins.
                                                                                        service in the uniformed services (includes
                                                 of 6.5 IELTS is also acceptable.
                                                                                        membership, application for membership,
The recommended deadline to                  ■   Personal Statement – Your              performance of service, application for service
apply for spring semester (January)                                                     or obligation for service in the uniformed
                                                 personal statement should include
start is November 1, and we accept                                                      services) status as a Vietnam-era veteran
                                                 personal, academic and professional
and review applications continuously                                                    or special disabled veteran. The University
                                                 background and your reasons for        also prohibits sexual harassment, including
until the academic semester begins.
                                                 seeking an advanced degree             sexual assault. This nondiscrimination policy
                                                                                        covers admission, access and treatment
Applications will be reviewed after          ■   Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
                                                                                        in University programs and activities.
they are complete. If you have any               – Please list your educational
questions regarding the application              and professional background, in
or application process, please contact           addition to any scholarships, awards
the LL.M. Admissions Director at                 or honors you have received.

UC Davis Master of Laws (LL.M)
We accept and review applications continuously                        THERE ARE THREE WAYS TO APPLY:
until each academic semester begins. The
recommended deadline to apply for fall semester                       1.     Through the online LSAC Assembly Service.
(August) start is March 1, and the recommended                        2.     Through our Law School website—, click on Apply Now. Fill out the
deadline to apply for spring semester (January)                              online application, and then send your supporting documentation by email or postal mail.
start is November 1.
                                                                      3.     By mail, by completing the following two-page form and mailing it
If you have any questions regarding the application
                                                                             to the LL.M. Admissions Officer (address at end of form).
or application process, please contact the LL.M.
Admissions Office at Consult                         IN ADDITION TO THE APPLICATION FORM, BE SURE TO:
the enclosed material for further information about
these application requirements. No application                        A.     Have the authorities of your college(s) and of all of the graduate or professional schools
will be considered until all required items are                              you have attended send directly to the admissions officer: ONE (1) set of official academic
received by the LL.M. Admissions Officer. It                                 records printed in your home country language and ONE (1) set printed in English and
is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure                             certified. Ask your college(s), graduate or professional schools to include a statement of
that all documents are submitted before the                                  your rank in class. If photocopied documents are provided, they must be notarized.
applicable deadline. Applicants are encouraged to                     B.     Send TWO (2) letters of recommendation.
submit completed applications by the suggested
                                                                      C.     All LL.M. applicants whose primary language is not English are required to take the
deadline in order to allow time for an exchange of
                                                                             Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Be sure to have the Educational
correspondence should the Admissions Committee
                                                                             Testing Service send an Official Score Report to the LL.M. Admissions Officer
need clarification of some aspect of your
                                                                             (institution code number 4778). An IELTS score is also acceptable.
application. All materials submitted will become
the property of the University of California, Davis.                  D.     Include a Personal Statement and a résumé or C.V.

                                                                                                                                                              ■ Male       ■ Female

Legal Family Name                                     First Name                                          Middle Name

Have you ever registered on the Davis campus as a graduate student?                          ■ No        ■ Yes    Which term _________________ Year ____________
Which UC Davis Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program are you applying for?                         ■ One-Year Program           ■ Two-Year Program
What is your preferred semester of admission?                  ■ Fall Admission        ■ Spring Admission

Area(s) of Legal Specialization

Birthdate (month/date/year)		                                                                        Birthplace (city, state or country)

Languages in which you are able to do legal research                                                 Of what country are you a citizen?*
*UC Davis is required by federal law to report your United States Social Security Number (SSN) and other pertinent information to the Internal Revenue Service pursuant to the reporting
 requirements imposed by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. UC Davis also will use the SSN you provide to verify your identity. SSN disclosure is mandatory if you are a resident of the
 United States. This notification is provided to you as required by the Federal Privacy Act of 1974.

If you have, or expect to have, sufficient funds for your study at the School of Law, please indicate the source(s) of these funds: _______________



What visa type do you expect to hold when the semester begins?                         ■ F-1     ■ J-1     ■ immigrant/permanent             ■ other resident

PREFERRED MAILING ADDRESS                       ■ HOME          ■ WORK



City, State or Province, Postal Code and Country

Telephone Number		                                                                                   Fax Number

Email Address
WORK OR TEMPORARY ADDRESS (Address good until __________________________ )

Position/Job Title		                                                                               Name of Business, Firm or University


City, State or Province, Postal Code and Country

Telephone Number		                                                                                 Fax Number

Email Address

Have you taken or will you take the required TOEFL/IELTS exam?                    ■ No*      ■ Yes, provide details:

Exam Date                                           Registration Number                                                                           TOEFL Score
*For applicants who wish to have the TOEFL/IELTS waived, a request letter stating the reason why the applicant should receive a waiver must accompany application.

List in chronological order all institutions of college, graduate or professional level attended since high school. Submit information on a
supplementary sheet if necessary.
Name and location                                                  Major field                  Dates attended              Degree conferred                 Date or expected
of school                                                           of study                     month/year                   or expected                    date of conferral

Have you ever attended any law school?                ■ No      ■ Yes
Did you leave the law school under less than good standing?                    ■ No      ■ Yes

■ I have sent my transcript(s) to LSAC. My LSAC number is              #L      _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

List the names and academic or professional affiliation of the two people who will be writing a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

Reference #1 Name		                                                                               Academic or Professional Affiliation

Reference #2 Name		                                                                               Academic or Professional Affiliation

Submit your Personal Statement and Résumé or C.V. on supplementary sheets. Your Personal Statement should include personal, academic and
professional background and your reasons for seeking an advanced degree.

■ Print Advertisement (publication): _______________________________________________________________________________
■ Bar Association         ■ Brochure       ■ Friend or Colleague         ■ Professor      ■ Current UC Davis LL.M. Student            ■ Law School        ■ University Poster
■ Internet Search (i.e., Google, Yahoo!, Euroseek): ___________________                          ■ Social (i.e. WeChat, Facebook, Linkedin): ___________________
■ UC Davis Website           ■ UC Davis School of Law Webinar             ■ Other: ___________________

I hereby certify that all information I submit in this application for admission, and in support of this application, is complete and true to the best of
my knowledge and belief.

Signature			                                                                                                                                       Date
                                              SEND APPLICATION TO

                                             LL.M. Admissions, International Programs, School of Law, University of California, Davis
                                             400 Mrak Hall Drive • Davis, CA 95616-5201, U.S.A • Phone: +1 (530) 752-6081 • Email:
LL.M. Admissions
                                                        International Programs
                                                        School of Law
                                                        University of California, Davis
                                                        400 Mrak Hall Drive
                                                        Davis, CA 95616-5201
  1.长按图中二维码                                             U.S.A.
                                                        Tel: +1 (530) 752-6081
                                                        Fax: +1 (530) 752-4704
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