“The mission of Università IULM is first and foremost to put
students at the centre, which is an essential choice for an
academic institution whose primary objective is the training of
tomorrow’s women and men.
IULM students must be able to live in a stimulating environment
that involves them, in an academic, social and cultural
community capable of helping everyone to develop their
personal attitudes and aspirations.
This University’s aim is to train people who are ready to face the
challenges and opportunities that the world and markets offer,
professionals aware of themselves, of their value, of their role
as active citizens.
IULM is committed to training graduates who are capable of
critical thinking and strategic vision, educated and trained in a
sense of responsibility and reliability, who know how to actively
intervene in the current digital revolution, becoming central
characters above all in the new creative professions in the fields
of culture, media communication and economics.”

                                                      The Rector
                                             Prof. Gianni Canova
WELCOME TO IULM! INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE                                                                 International Mobility                                18
                                                                                                      Careers Service Office                                18
Università IULM is happy to welcome its students for a year in total safety. In order to ensure the   Library                                               18
implementation of anti-Covid safety regulations, we have identified procedures for entry, transit
                                                                                                      DiversaMENTE                                          19
through and exit from campus - duly indicated by appropriate signs - which we ask everyone to
respect. All anti-Covid regulations are published on IULM portal as well. In compliance with DL       Research Centres                                      21
111 of 06/08/2021, in order to access the university, you must have Covid19 Green Certification       International Language Centre                         21
(Green Pass). Read the Rector's Decree at this link: bit.ly/decreto-rettorale-greenpass               Institute of Higher Studies - SSML Carlo Bo           21
This guide was created to provide first-year students with an overview of the University's
services. The iulm.com portal and the social channels of the university are the main
tool through which students can stay informed about services, events, meetings and                    LIFE IN IULM                                          22
opportunities that IULM offers throughout the year.                                                   Student Representatives                               23
                                                                                                      Working at IULM: student collaborations (150 hours)   23

SUMMARY                                                                                               Radio IULM                                            23
                                                                                                      Centro Universitario Teatrale - CUT                   24

      ONLINE SERVICES                                                                                 IULM Sport - CUS                                      24
      Online Teaching                                                                                 At the Theatre with IULM                              24
      Lesson Timetable                                                                           9
      Online Registrar’s Office                                                                  9    CAMPUS                                                26
      Online Community                                                                           9    Restaurants & Cafés                                   27
      E-mail                                                                                    10    Accommodation                                         27
      Wireless IULM                                                                             10    IULM Open Space                                       27
      Microsoft Office 365 Education                                                            10    Bookshops: Libraccio and LUMI                         28
      Social Channels                                                                           12    IULM Print                                            28
      Course Programmes                                                                         12    IULM Store                                            28
      Study Plans                                                                               12    Car Park                                              28
      Meetings with Professors                                                                  12    Banca Popolare di Sondrio                             28
      Easy Planning App                                                                         13
      University Badge                                                                          13    ORGANISATION                                          30
                                                                                                      Representatives and Institutional Bodies              31
      RESOURCES AND SERVICES                                                                   14
      InfoPoint                                                                                15
      Registrar’s Office                                                                       15
                                                                                                      Campus Map                                            34

      Orientation, Tutoring and Counselling                                                    15     Appendix 1 - Italian language starter pack            36

      Financial Aid Opportunities                                                                     Appendix 2 - Living in Milan                          40
      Fees and Contributions                                                                   16
                                                                    For information on online lessons and tutorials for the use of Microsoft Teams,
                                                                    please refer to the "Online Teaching" section of the portal:
                                                                    For assistance with online teaching, please contact supportodidatticaonline@iulm.it.

                                                                    LESSON TIMETABLE
   ONLINE SERVICES                                                  The lesson and exam calendars of all courses of study can be found at the following
                                                                    link: aule.iulm.it/PortaleStudentiIulm. To access the in-person lessons you need
The university provides a series of online services to facilitate   to book your place in the classroom, through the IULM application Lezioni. Click
the search for information and communication between the
                                                                    here for the tutorial: bit.ly/iulm-lezioni-app
university and its students.

                                                                    ONLINE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE
                                                                    The online registrar’s office allows access to the services reserved for enrolled
                                                                    students. It can be accessed from the homepage of the iulm.com portal (located in
                                                                    the footer at the bottom of the page) using the credentials of the student account.
                                                                    Here students can view their career, upload their study plan, print certificates
                                                                    and self-certification forms, check the regularity of tuition payments, renew their
                                                                    enrolment, and register for exams.

                                                                    ONLINE COMMUNITY
                                                                    The Community is a collaborative platform where students can access teaching
                                                                    materials, exercises, in-depth content and intermediate test results. The
                                                                    Community can be accessed directly from the section “Access to services” of
                                                                    MyIULM by entering the credentials of the student account, or from the link
                                                                    community.iulm.it. Some sections of the Community require passwords that
                                                                    will be issued by the relevant professor, while other sections are open. All useful
                                                                    information for first-year students will be published in the section “Welcome to
                                                                    IULM - Spazio Matricole”.

 Through the institutional mailbox students will be able to access all the services
 offered by Google Apps and will have 25 GB available for the archiving of mail and
 documents. To access the mailbox, students need to connect to mail.studenti.
 iulm.it using the credentials of their student account.

 While on campus, students can connect to the Internet using the wireless
 connection of the Eduroam service adopted by Università IULM. IULM students
 will then be able to use the student account to access the Wi-Fi of all the facilities
 participating in the international roaming service of the Eduroam Federation.
 For information on how to access the service, please refer to the section
 ''MyIULM – Services for students'': bit.ly/iulm-services-for-students.

 Università IULM, in collaboration with Microsoft, has activated the Microsoft
 Office 365 Education service for students.
 This is an agreement that allows students to install for free the latest versions
 of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, and Publisher
 on up to 5 devices. For information on activating the service, consult the section
 ''MyIULM - Services for students”: bit.ly/iulm-services-for-students.

SOCIAL CHANNELS                                                                         EASY PLANNING APP
 The official social channels of the university are:                                     With Easy Planning, students can schedule a meeting with IULM offices and
                                                                                         services: students will be required to fill out a form and, necessary, they can
     Facebook: IULM Università
                                                                                         manage their appointment. Services can be accessed both online and in-person.
     Instagram: @iulm_university
     YouTube: IULM Università                                                              Easy Planning: bit.ly/Easy-planning.

     LinkedIn: IULM University
     Twitter: @uniiulm                                                                   UNIVERSITY BADGE
                                                                                         The badge is the University ID and is issued by Università IULM once the enrolment
 COURSE PROGRAMMES                                                                       procedure has been completed. The document is required to enter the university,
 In the MyIULM area of the portal, within the section related to their degree course,    access the services of the university, such as the library, and is required as ID to
 students can view the objectives and programmes of individual subjects,                 take the exams. The badge can be used as a personal debit card and students
 reference texts and further information on procedures, deadlines, notices and           could benefit from discounts and offers reserved to university students.
 news: bit.ly/myiulm-courses.                                                            All students are responsible for safely keeping their own badge.

                                                                                           E-mail: milano.tesoreria.iulm@popso.it
 For degree courses that offer optional teaching from the first academic year, the
 study plan can be filled in through the Online Services, in the section "Study Plan".
 More information about methods and deadlines can be found in the "MyIULM -
 Frequently Asked Questions" section of the university portal: bit.ly/iulm-faq.

 Methods, office hours and contact details are published on their personal page of
 the website, which can be consulted in the "IULM/University/Teachers and other
 academic staff" section of the university portal: bit.ly/iulm-teachers-staff.

12                                                                                                                                                                          13
                                                                 A service active from Monday to Friday to answer all questions.

                                                                 IULM 1 - 4th floor
                                                                   Toll-free number: 800 363 363 (Italy only); (+39) 02/891412818
                                                                   E-mail: infopoint@iulm.it

RESOURCES AND SERVICES                                           REGISTRAR’S OFFICE
                                                                 The Registrar’s Office provides a support service to students for all administrative
                                                                 requirements concerning their university careers: from application and
  To support students throughout their studies, the university
  provides spaces and services aimed at helping students gain    enrolment procedures, enrolment in the years after the first, up to the awarding
  maximum benefit from their daily university life.              of certifications and final degrees.

                                                                 IULM 1 – Ground floor
                                                                   E-mail: admission@iulm.it

                                                                 ORIENTATION, TUTORING AND COUNSELLING
                                                                 From information and orientation meetings, to seminars on stress management
                                                                 and study method; meetings focused on the writing of the final thesis, psychological
                                                                 counselling and peer tutoring services (the system of help and assistance to first-
                                                                 year students by senior students), the Orientation Service supports students step-
                                                                 by-step, following paths that can ensure the right support during all the moments
                                                                 in their university life. For information see the "Orientation and Enrolment"
                                                                 section of the university portal: bit.ly/iulm-orientation.

                                                                 IULM 1 - 4th floor
                                                                   Tutoring service: Tel. (+39) 02/891412333 - E-mail: tutor@iulm.it
                                                                   Unibuddy: students can contact tutors on Unibuddy too.
                                                                   Please visit: bit.ly/peer-to-peer-tutoring.

 Regional scholarships, university scholarships, reimbursement of tuition fees
 and university contributions for students without means of support, incentives for
 internships and research thesis abroad, access to university residences and catering
 services. All the initiatives promoted by the university in support of its students can be
 found in the "Orientation and Enrolments/Financial Benefits" section of the university
 portal: bit.ly/iulm-financial-benefit.

 IULM 1 - 4th floor
     Tel. (+39) 02/891412851 - E-mail: dirittoallostudio@iulm.it

 The University has adopted a system of payment of university fees and
 contributions focused on "contribution bands" applied to the household based on
 the ISEE indicator for university benefits.
 A flat rate applies to EU and non-EU international students as well as to students
 with Italian citizenship or dual citizenship whose family resides abroad with
 foreign-sourced income and assets. The regulations for university fees and
 contributions can be downloaded in the "Orientation and Enrolments/Fees"
 section of the university portal: bit.ly/iulm-fees.
 Through the online “Sportello Tasse - DSU” - accessible from the website -
 students can start the application procedure for university contribution bands by
 the end of October: bit.ly/Sportello-Tasse-IULM.

 IULM 1 – 4th floor
     Tel. (+39) 02/891412851 / 2816 / 2635 - E-mail: fascia.contributiva@iulm.it

INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY                                                                     and borrow - by appointment and in accordance with the procedures indicated
                                                                                            on digger.iulm.it - material for research, study or leisure, in compliance with
 The Study Abroad Office is responsible for promoting and managing international
                                                                                            all recent regulations in terms of safety. The "Carlo Bo" Library is located on
 mobility programmes for study purposes. Students can get the calls for
                                                                                            several floors of IULM 1:
 applications for mobility within Europe (Erasmus) and outside Europe - funded
                                                                                            •     Ground floor: Reading rooms , PCs with internet connection;
 with scholarships or as a paid programme - visiting the office.
                                                                                            •     First floor: Reading rooms, open shelf consultation room;
 For further information, please consult the Community and the "International"
                                                                                            •     Second floor: Distribution desk, interlibrary loans, offices, reading rooms,
 section of the university portal: bit.ly/iulm-international-mobility.
                                                                                                  PCs with internet connection;
 IULM 1 - 4th floor                                                                         •     Third floor: Multimedia room, video library, bibliographical assistance
     Tel. (+39) 02/891412396 - E-mail: erasmus@iulm.it; studyabroad@iulm.it                       service - thesis editing.
                                                                                            For further information please consult the Community and the "Life in IULM/
 CAREERS SERVICE OFFICE                                                                     Library" section of the university portal: bit.ly/iulm-library.
 The Careers Service Office promotes internships and career development experiences         Online catalogue: digger.iulm.it.
 for students and graduates. Through Career Days, Job Seminars, Job Days, focus
                                                                                            IULM 1 – Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor
 groups and CV checks, IULM offers concrete tools and instruments to successfully
                                                                                                Tel. (+39) 02/891412216 - E-mail: biblioteca@iulm.it
 enter the job market, such as business coaching, simulation of job interviews, as well
 as activities aimed at the development of soft skills. Additionally, the Office promotes
 the meeting between students and professionals.
                                                                                            The service promotes acceptance, inclusion, support and equal opportunities
 For further information, please see the “Life in IULM/Careers Service” section of the
                                                                                            for students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) through
 university portal: bit.ly/Career-Service-IULM.
                                                                                            specific support and mentoring services. For information please see the section
 IULM 1 - 4th floor                                                                         "Orientation and Enrolment/Service/ Service and support/Diversity and disability"
     Tel. Internship: (+39) 02/891412340 - E-mail: stage@iulm.it                            of the university portal: bit.ly/DiversaMente-IULM.
     Tel. Placement: (+39) 02/891412583 - E-mail: placement@iulm.it
                                                                                            IULM 1 - 4th floor
 For international requests, please contact: internship@iulm.it
                                                                                                Tel. (+39) 02/891412200 - E-mail: diversamente@iulm.it
     Facebook: IULMforJob; #IULMforJob
                                                                                            Euresis, centre for diagnosis, intervention and research into SLD.
                                                                                            Students with Specific Learning Disorders can access the services offered by the
                                                                                            centre at reduced rates.
 Over 240,000 volumes, more than 1,300 periodicals and about 56,000 films,
                                                                                                Tel. (+39) 02/891412221 - E-mail: euresis@iulm.it
 documentaries and language courses. In the library, students can consult

18                                                                                                                                                                           19
Today IULM is one of the most active research and training centres in the fields of
communication, tourism and languages. A constantly developing workshop that
is always producing new resources not only for the university but also for civil
society, institutions, and businesses.
Some of the university’s research centres are: the Neuromarketing Research
Centre "Behavior and Brain Lab", the Euresis Centre for diagnosis, intervention,
research on Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), the Centre for Strategic
Communication – CECOMS and the Centre for Research on Marketing and Sales
Communication for International Markets - CIMASC.

The International Language Centre coordinates the foreign language classes.
Through the centre’s services, students can receive information about
timetables and lessons, present language certifications in order to be exempted
from courses and meet the language coordinators.

IULM 4 – 2nd floor
  Tel. (+39) 02/891412441 - E-mail: ilc@iulm.it

SSML Carlo Bo is in charge of the organisation of             profession-oriented
language workshops for the students of the degree course in Interpreting and

  Via Simone Martini, 23 – 20143, Milano
  Tel. (+39) 02/81808555 - E-mail: sede.mi@ssmlcarlobo.it

                                                                    Students also participate in academic life through the activities of their
                                                                    representatives, who are elected every two years.
                                                                    The list of representatives can be found in the "Life in IULM/Student Bodies"
                                                                    section of the university portal: bit.ly/Rappresentanza-studentesca-IULM.

                                                                    IULM 1 - 5th floor

            LIVING IULM                                               Tel. (+39) 02/891412456 - E-mail: rappresentanza.studentesca@iulm.it

                                                                    WORKING AT IULM: STUDENT COLLABORATIONS
Participating in the life of the university means being actively
                                                                    (150 HOURS)
interested in the course of studies undertaken and moving
from a passive perspective to one in which the students perceive    The university offers interested students the opportunity to collaborate with its
themselves as an integral part of their study path. University      offices. It is a way to enrich the curriculum with an experience that does not exceed
doesn’t only mean being in the lecture hall but also experiencing
                                                                    150 hours per academic year.
each opportunity it offers.
                                                                    The 150 hours call for application is published every March in the section “Life in
                                                                    IULM/Curricular and extra-curricular activities/Collaborate with the University" on
                                                                    the IULM portal: bit.ly/150ore-IULM .

                                                                    RADIO IULM
                                                                    The Università IULM web radio started off as a teaching/experimental workshop
                                                                    of new cross-media format. Every year, the editorial staff is renewed thanks to
                                                                    the inclusion of new students who are passionate about the radio and want to
                                                                    collaborate in a creative experience in addition to their academic commitments.
                                                                    Students can apply by accessing the "Radio IULM/Candidature" section of the
                                                                    radio site www.radioiulm.it.

                                                                    The official social channels of Radio IULM:

                                                                      Facebook: Radio IULM
                                                                      Instagram: radioiulm
                                                                      YouTube: Radio IULM

 The Centro Universitario Teatrale-IULM (CUT) intends to be a place of renewed
 social interaction and exchange between students. It is a space for theatre
 practice as an educational, relational and cultural offering.
 Through workshops, master classes and seminars on acting, directing and
 dramaturgy, the CUT intends to focus on the development of the individual of the
 individual, of the community and of group work, aiming at the development of
 verbal and non-verbal soft skills useful for educational development. Through the
 CUT there is the opportunity to take part in the many activities offered by Milan's
 theatres, attend shows at reduced prices, participate in rehearsal sessions and
 meetings with artists.

 The university and CUS Milano (Centro Universitario Sportivo di Milano) support
 and encourage the participation of their students in sports activities, both
 amateur and competitive, and support them in taking part in the Milan Male and
 Female Championships.
 For information see the section "Life in IULM/Curricular and extra-curricular
 activities/IULM Sport" of the university portal: bit.ly/Sport-in-IULM.

     E-mail: cus.iulm@cusmilano.it
     Facebook: IULM Sport
     Instagram: iulm_sport

 In the section "Life in IULM/Living in Milan/Conventions for IULM students" of
 the university portal, students can discover the offers of theatres affiliated with
 the university. At this link you can consult all the conventions dedicated to IULM
 students: bit.ly/Convenzioni-IULM.

                                                                     A A range of services designed to offer students practical, quality and affordable

                                                                     catering. Through the APP "Ti Ristoriamo" you can book your own Evolved Packed

                                                                     Lunch at Bar Centrale IULM 1 from 12 to 14. For information on costs and menus,

                                                                     please consult the section "Vivere in IULM/Campus/Ristorazione " section of the

                                                                     university website: bit.ly/Restaurant-Cafè-IULM.

                                                                       FOODIE Canteen: IULM 3, Ground Floor          Caffè Letterario: Residence IULM
                                                                       Bar YUM!: IULM 1, Ground Floor                IULM Food Academy: IULM 6
The University Campus is a modern, technologically advanced
complex with structures, spaces and facilities designed to promote
teaching, research and study but also to provide socialisation
opportunities for students and teachers.                             Choosing the University to study at, means - for many students - choosing where
                                                                     to live too. Università IULM hosts within its campus the Residence Santander and
                                                                     the Cascina Moncucco, where study and free time can perfectly merge. The call for
                                                                     applications for bed allocation can be consulted in the section "Life in IULM/ Campus/
                                                                     University Residence" of the university portal: bit.ly/Diritto-allo-studio-IULM.

                                                                       Residence Universitario Santander: Via Santander, 5 - Milano
                                                                       Tel. (+39) 02/8180061 - E-mail: residence@iulm.it
                                                                       Cascina Moncucco: via Moncucco, 31 - Milano
                                                                       Tel. (+39) 02/891414100 - E-mail: residenza.moncucco@iulm.it

                                                                     IULM OPEN SPACE
                                                                     Harmony and colour, lines and lights, spaces and windows, simplicity and
                                                                     elegance are the aspects of this monumental complex that gives great prestige to
                                                                     the university. During the year, IULM 6 opens its door to the city as a meeting point
                                                                     for the area. With the auditorium and a large exhibition hall - prestigious venues
                                                                     for concerts, congresses, cultural and artistic events - IULM is strengthening its
                                                                     position as a multi-purpose cultural centre for the city of Milan.

 Books, booklets, manuals, as well as stationery, events and cultural activities.
 There are two bookshops available at IULM. Libraccio is located in IULM Building
 1, on the ground floor: 80 square metres of space with a wide range of new and
 used books and university texts. Libreria Lumi, on the other hand, is located in
 the portico outside IULM Building 1.

 Photocopying, usb file printing, scanning, CD burning, thesis printing and binding.

 IULM 3 – Ground Floor
     Tel. (+39) 02/891412300 - E-mail: iulmprint@rsprintime.it

 Stationery, clothing, accessories and leisure items branded with the IULM logo.

     IULM 1 – Ground Floor
     Tel. (+39) 02/891412596 - E-mail: iulm.store@iulm.it

 Students can use the underground car park of the IULM 1 building. Monthly
 parking permits are issued by Banca Popolare di Sondrio, IULM branch.

     Parcheggi SpA: Tel. (+39) 0547/610027 - E-mail: controllo@parcheggispa.it

 The on-campus branch of Banca Popolare di Sondrio is located in the portico of
 the IULM 1 building.

     Tel. (+39) 02/8188 861 - E-mail: milano.tesoreria.iulm@popso.it - www.popso.it

RECTOR                                            CHAIRMAN OF THE
                                                                  Prof. Gianni Canova                               BOARD OF GOVERNORS
                                                                                                                    Prof. Giovanni Puglisi

                                                                                                                    GENERAL DIRECTOR
                                                                                                                    Dott.ssa Raffaella Quadri

                                                                  ACADEMIC SENATE

        ORGANISATION                                               Rector
                                                                   Prof. Gianni Canova
                                                                                                    Faculty of Communication
                                                                                                    Prof. Luca Barbarito
                                                                   Vice Rector                      Faculty of Interpreting and Translation
                                                                   Prof. Angelo Miglietta           Prof. Paolo Proietti
Representatives and institutional bodies of the university: the
                                                                                                    Faculty of Arts and Tourism
reference point for all students.                                                                   Prof. Vincenzo Trione

                                                                  VICE RECTORS
                                                                   Vice Rector
                                                                   Prof. Angelo Miglietta
                                                                   Pro-Rector for Quality           Pro-Rector for Research
                                                                   Prof. Guido Formigoni            Prof.ssa Giovanna Rocca
                                                                   Pro-Rector for Education         Pro-Rector for Innovation and Artificial Intelligence
                                                                   Prof.ssa Valentina Garavaglia    Prof. Guido Di Fraia

                                                                  RECTOR'S DELEGATES

                                                                   Delegate for the "Ideas Laboratory"
                                                                   Prof. Mauro Ceruti
                                                                   Delegate for the Optimisation of the Relations
                                                                   between Teaching and the Business World
                                                                   Prof.ssa Daniela Corsaro
                                                                   Delegate for Inclusion and Disability
                                                                   Prof. Massimo De Giuseppe
                                                                   Delegate for European Projects and International Networks
                                                                   Prof. Pierluigi Sacco
                                                                   Delegate for Relations with Graduates and with the ALIULM Association
                                                                   Prof. Fabio Vittorini

Delegate for the Library                                                                  FACULTY OF COMMUNICATION
     Prof.ssa Luisella Farinotti
                                                                                               Contacts for Bachelor’s degree courses
     Delegate for Internationalisation
                                                                                                  Communication, Media and Advertising
     Dott. Francesco Galli
                                                                                                  Prof.ssa Daniela Cardini
     Delegate for Equal Opportunities                                                             Corporate Communication and Public Relations
     Prof.ssa Vanessa Gemmo                                                                       Prof.ssa Alessandra Mazzei
     Delegate for Sport
     Dott.ssa Grazia Murtarelli                                                                Contacts for Master’s degree courses
                                                                                                  Artificial Intelligence for Business and Society
     Delegate for Sustainability and Social Responsibility
                                                                                                  Prof. Guido Di Fraia
     Prof.ssa Stefania Romenti
                                                                                                  Marketing, Consumption and Communication
     Delegate to Simplification and De-bureaucratisation                                          Prof. Massimiliano Bruni
     Dott.ssa Antonella Sau
                                                                                                  Strategic Communication
     Delegate to the Third Mission                                                                Prof.ssa Stefania Romenti
     Prof.ssa Emma Zavarrone                                                                      Television, Cinema and New Media
                                                                                                  Prof. Fabio Vittorini

                                                                           FACULTY OF INTERPRETING AND TRANSLATION
     Faculty of Communication
     Prof. Luca Barbarito                                                  Contacts for Bachelor’s degree courses
     Faculty of Interpreting and Translation                                 Interpreting and Communication
     Prof. Paolo Proietti                                                    Prof.ssa Laura Brignoli

     Faculty of Arts and Tourism                                           Contacts for Master’s degree courses
     Prof. Vincenzo Trione
                                                                             Specialised Translation and Conference Interpreting
                                                                             Prof.ssa Giuliana Elena Garzone

                                                                                          FACULTY OF ARTS AND TOURISM
     The department is the structure that coordinates the scientific and
     research work of the teachers.                                                       Contacts for Bachelor’s degree courses
                                                                                             Tourism, Management and Culture
     The «Carlo A. Ricciardi» Department of Business, Law, Economics and                     Prof. Marco Maggioli
     Consumer Behaviour
     Director Prof. Luca Pellegrini                                                          Arts, Media, Cultural Events
     IULM 7, Via P. Filargo 38                                                               Prof.ssa Simona Moretti
                                                                                             Fashion and Creative Industries
     The «Giampaolo Fabris» Department of Communication,                                     Prof. Mauro Ferraresi
     Arts and Media Studies
     Director Prof. Paolo Giovannetti
                                                                                          Contacts for Master’s degree courses
     IULM 4, Via Carlo Bo 4
                                                                                             Hospitality and Tourism Management
     Department of Humanities                                                                Prof.ssa Manuela De Carlo
     Director Prof.ssa Giovanna Rocca                                                        Art, Valorisation and Market
     IULM 4, Via Carlo Bo 4
                                                                                             Prof. Renato Boccali

32                                                                                                                                                   33
Campus map   IULM 1
              Via Carlo Bo, 1
              Lecture rooms from 111 to 158
              Aula Mike Bongiorno
              Aula Magna                      IULM 2
              Aula Seminari                   Via Carlo Bo, 8
              Banca Popolare di Sondrio       Lecture rooms 211 to 214
              Bar YUM!                        Aula Meucci
              Library                         Department of Humanities
              CUS                             IT labs 2.1 and 2.2
              Management                      Radio IULM
              IULM Store
              InfoPoint                       IULM 3
              IULM Communication School       Via P. Filargo, 20
              Libraccio bookshop              Aula Marconi
              Lumi bookshop                   HelpDesk
              Rector’s Offices                IULM Print
              Registrar’s Office              FOODIE Canteen
              Careers Service Office          Administrative Offices
              Communication Office
              DiversaMente Office
              Mobility Office
              Orientation, Tutoring and       IULM 4
              Counselling Office              Via Carlo Bo, 4
                                              Lecture rooms 401 and 402
              IULM OPEN SPACE                 Lecture rooms 411 to 415
              Via Carlo Bo, 7                 Department of Communication,
                                              Arts and Media
                                              Research Division
              IULM Food Academy
                                              Room 410
              Contemporary Exhibition Hall
              Room 146
              School of Journalism            IULM 5
              Scuola Politecnica di Design    Via Santander, 7
              The Bridge
                                              Lecture rooms from 501 to 541
              Lecture room 612
                                              Editing room
                                              Behavior and Brain Lab
              CASCINA MONCUCCO                Audio-Video direction
              Via Moncucco, 31                Teatro di Posa

                                              IULM 7
              RESIDENCE                       Via P. Filargo, 38
              Via Santander, 5
                                              Department of Business, Law,
              Caffè Letterario                Economics and Consumer Behaviour

34                                                                            35

                                                                  Hello                   Buongiorno / Ciao (inf.)

                                                                  Goodbye                 Arrivederci / Ciao (inf.)

             APPENDIX 1                                           Yes/No                  Si / No

                                                                                          Mi scusi (pol.)

                                                                  Excuse me
                                                                                          Scusami (inf.)

                                                                                          Mi dispiace
                                                                  Please                  Per favore

Dear International Student, welcome to IULM! Benvenuto!           Thank you               Grazie

Here you can find some common and useful Italian words and        You're welcome          Prego
expressions you may use in your daily life in Milan, as well
as a few terms you might find useful during your first year at                            Come sta? (pol.)
                                                                  How are you?
Università IULM.                                                                          Come stai? (inf.)
                                                                  Fine, thanks            Bene, grazie

                                                                  What's ypur name?       Come ti chiami?

                                                                  My name is...           Mi chiamo...
                                                                                          Parla inglese? (pol.)
                                                                  Do you speak English?
                                                                                          Parli inglese? (inf.)
                                                                  I don't understand      Non capisco

                                                                  Help!                   Aiuto!


                                                                  Academic calendar       Calendario accademico

                                                                  Academic year           Anno accademico

                                                                  Admission test          Test d’ammissione

Application                          Domanda di iscrizione              Registrar’s office         Segreteria studenti

                                                                             Research                   Ricerca
     Assessment test                      Test di valutazione
                                                                             Scholarships               Borse di studio
     Financial Benefits                   Agevolazioni economiche
     Disabilities and Specific Learning                                      Semester                   Semestre
                                          Ufficio diversaMENTE
     Disorders Office
                                                                             Services                   Servizi
     Enrolment                            Immatricolazione
                                                                             Student’s record book      Libretto universitario
     Entry requirements                   Requisiti d’accesso
                                                                             Student societies          Associazioni studentesche
     Exam session                         Appello d’esame
                                                                             Study abroad office        Ufficio mobilità
     Exam timetable                       Calendario esami
                                                                             Study abroad programmes    Programmi di studio all’estero
     Financial aid and tax office         Ufficio diritto allo studio
                                                                             Study plan                 Piano di studi
     International students               Studenti internazionali
                                                                             Support services           Servizi di supporto
     Internship                           Stage - Tirocinio
                                                                             Teaching programmes        Programmi dei corsi
     Laboratories / Workshops             Laboratori                         Undergraduate programmes
                                                                                                        Laurea triennale
                                                                             Bachelor's Degree
     Language teaching                    Laboratorio didattico
     laboratory/workshop                  lingue straniere                   University                 Università - Ateneo
     Lecture timetable                    Calendario lezioni
                                                                             University canteen         Mensa universitaria
     Library                              Biblioteca
                                                                             University credits         Crediti formativi universitari (CFU)
     One-year Master’s Degree             Master di primo livello
                                          Attività opzionale
     Optional course
                                          Attività a scelta dello studente
     Orientation, tutoring and            Ufficio orientamento,
     counseling office                    tutorato e counseling
     PhD                                  Dottorato di ricerca
     Postgraduate programmes
                                          Laurea magistrale
     Two-year Master’s Degree

38                                                                                                                                             39
                        FORM FOR NON-EU STUDENTS
                        (“PERMESSO DI SOGGIORNO”)
                        We will assist you in filling out the application form of the so-called Kit within

                        8 working days from your arrival (please bear in mind that in case you have to
                        quarantine, the 8 days will start after the end of your isolation period). We will
                        check all relevant documents that must be included - photocopies of all the

USEFUL INFORMATION      pages of your passport, documents from the Italian Embassy/Consulate, health
                        insurance policy, proof of adequate financial resources, acceptance letter, etc.).

ABOUT LIVING IN MILAN   Once you have completed the application form, you must take the envelope to
                        the Post Office. On that day you will receive a receipt with specific details (date,
                        time and place) about your appointment with the Immigration Office located in Via
                        Montebello, 26 (Milan).

                        Information: you can track the status of your residence permit application at the
                        following site: questure.poliziadistato.it/stranieri.

                        OFFICE FOR EU STUDENTS ONLY (“UFFICIO
                        ANAGRAFE DEL COMUNE DI MILANO”)
                        If you are a EU citizen or come from European Free Trade Association countries
                        (EFTA) (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland), you do not need any
                        visa to enter Italy. You can use a valid national ID card or passport.

                        If you are going to stay in Italy for over 3 months, you should register at the
                        Ufficio Anagrafe (Registry Office) of your municipality of residence to enlist for
                        Temporary Residence (“Dimora Temporanea”).

Main Municipality Office - via Larga 12 (in the heart of Milan near Piazza del           How to apply for it in Italy
 Duomo) You must take Ticket C on your arrival and wait for your turn – Desk: Area        You can apply for it at the Italian Revenue Agency (“Agenzia delle Entrate”)
 Servizi al Cittadino – Ufficio Stranieri o Sportello                                     by submitting a request.

 •   Municipality office 2 - via Padova, 118
 •   Municipality office 3 - via Sansovino 9                                              Citizens from non-EU Countries must submit at least one of the following

 •   Municipality office 4 - viale Ungheria 29                                            documents:

 •   Municipality venue 5 - viale Tibaldi, 41                                             •   a currently-valid passport with visa (if required);

 •   Municipality venue 6 - viale Legioni Romane, 54                                      •   a valid residence permit or residence permit receipt

 For further information:
                                                                                          Citizens of the European Union may apply for it at any office of the Italian Revenue
                                                                                          Agency showing a valid ID card or passport along with the application form.

 Documents you must provide for your registration:                                        Agenzia delle entrate - Main office in Milan

 •   passport (or identity card valid for foreign travel, issued by the European          Via della Moscova 2 (yellow line, Turati underground stop)

     country of origin);                                                                  Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm;

 •   European Health Insurance Card, or S1 form, or proof of health coverage;             Tuesday, Thursday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (Ticket available from 8:00 am)

 •   self-declaration of economic coverage, type of asset (e.g. personal assets)
                                                                                          Other offices:
     and where it might be checked (e.g. bank name);
                                                                                          •   Via dei Missaglia, 97 palazzo A4
 •   university enrolment certificate.
                                                                                          •   Via Abetone, 10
 •   The temporary residence will be valid for a year and does not affect your
                                                                                          •   Via Ugo Bassi, 4/A
     residency in the country of origin
                                                                                          •   Via Leonardo Bistolfi, 5
                                                                                          •   Piazzale Carlo Stuparich, 2
                                                                                          Information source:
 The “Codice fiscale” is an alphanumeric code of 16 characters issued for free
 by the “Agenzia delle Entrate” (Revenue Agency) to identify Italian citizens and
 foreign residents.
 How to apply for it abroad
 You can apply for it to the Italian consular authorities in your country of residence.

42                                                                                                                                                                           43
HEALTH INSURANCE POLICY                                                                 Private medical visits are available, among others, at these structures:

 Healthcare is available to all citizens and residents through a mixed public/           Centro Medico Santagostino, via Temperanza 6 - 20127 Milano

 private system.                                                                           +39 02 89701701 - Email: informazioni@cmsantagostino.it

 Foreign students have various options for health insurance:                               Information source: bit.ly/Santagostino-home

 •   take out a private health insurance policy in their home country;                   SARS-CoV-2 Test locations with Synlab: bit.ly/Syblab-locator
 •   take out a health policy with an insurance company in Italy                         Synlab center closest to Università IULM: bit.ly/Synlab-contacts
     Among the health insurance providers:
     W.A.I - Welcome Association Italy (waitaly.net/en) and AON Student
                                                                                         ENROLMENT WITH THE ITALIAN NATIONAL
     Insurance (aonstudentinsurance.com/students/en).
                                                                                         HEALTH SERVICE (SSN)
 •   enrol with the Italian National Health Service (SSN); this can be done using
                                                                                         NON-EU Nationals
     the receipt for a residence permit application for non-EU students.
                                                                                         You can voluntarily enrol in the SSN and benefit from its services, by paying a

 THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (SSN)                                                       (relatively inexpensive) fee, or "contribution". Enrolment in SSN entitles you to
                                                                                         have a general practitioner and benefit from public healthcare services (on the
 The Italian National Health Service (SSN, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) is available
                                                                                         Italian territory only). The voluntary registration (registrazione volontaria) validity
 to all residents with largely free health care, including general practitioner's
                                                                                         period always starts on 1/1 and expires on 31/12 of the current solar year, no
 visits and emergency care. It provides pharmaceutical drugs, specialist visits,
                                                                                         matter when you enrol.
 medical diagnostics for free or with a relatively small contribution to expenses,
                                                                                         Voluntary Enrolment application form in English (pdf):
 the so-called ticket.
 In Italy, and particularly in the Milan area, the public health system provides high-
                                                                                         How to enrol:
 quality services to all, no matter their economic resources. Even if you already
 have private health insurance, it is advisable to apply for public health care
                                                                                         EU Nationals

 If you are in an emergency, have severe symptoms and need an ambulance, call            As an EU citizen, you are covered for emergencies for 90 days by your national

 112.                                                                                    health system by showing your European Health Insurance Card.

 If you are not in an emergency but need medical assistance and/or you have
                                                                                         You can obtain free Italian health care coverage upon arrival in Milan bringing the
 Covid-19 related symptoms and need to undergo observation, call 116117
                                                                                         S1 form issued and completed by your hometown’s relevant authority, together
 (assistance continuity/tourist assistance number) overnight and during weekends.
                                                                                         with the Certificate of Temporary Residence/Certificate of Residence, to transfer

44                                                                                                                                                                             45
your original health insurance to the Italian health service for the period of your        MOBILE PHONE CONTRACT
 stay (make sure you give notification when you leave). In this way, you will be
                                                                                            Italy has four main mobile phone networks (Tim, Vodafone, WindTre, Iliad), all
 assigned with a general practitioner in Milan and enjoy full access to all the
                                                                                            offering both contracts and pay-as-you-go cards (“ricarica”). Pay-as-you-go cards
 public health services, free of charge.
                                                                                            may be a good short-term solution upon arrival in Italy since you will usually be
 In case you don’t have an S1 form with you, you can still obtain health insurance in       asked to provide an Italian bank account number to get a contract.
 Italy, including the Italian National Health Service (“Servizio Sanitario Nazionale”,
 or “SSN”). The SSN covers choice of general practitioner, admission to public              ITALIAN BANK ACCOUNT
 or certified private hospitals and emergency care (only in Italy and not in other
                                                                                            It is not a mandatory requirement but should you need to open a bank account,
 countries). SSN costs € 149.77 per calendar year. Other private providers can
                                                                                            you can manage scholarship funds or money sent from your home country.
 offer supplemental coverage.*
                                                                                            Special terms and conditions for students are offered by Intesa San Paolo and

 *Prices as of July 2021 might be subject to change.                                        Unicredit bank.

 For further information: bit.ly/yesmilano-healthinsurance                                  Go to a branch of these or any other bank with the following documentation:
                                                                                            •   a photocopy of your Italian tax code;

 ATM CARD FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT                                                              •   a photocopy of your passport;
                                                                                            •   a photocopy of the receipt of your residence permit application;
 You can get a discounted price as a student for your ATM Card at ATM Point
                                                                                            •   proof of enrolment in your Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree.
 counters at the following metro stations: Duomo, Cadorna, Stazione Centrale,
 Loreto and Romolo. You will be given a receipt when you submit your form and a             Alternatively, you can open your bank account at the bank Banca Popolare di
 date when you should go back and pick up your pass (2-3 weeks).                            Sondrio located in IULM campus. Your student card will be activated for payments.

 Documents you need to take when you apply for your travel card:                            For further information:
 •   your Italian Tax Code;
                                                                                            bit.ly/intesasanpaolo-under35 or bit.ly/unicredit-geniusteen
 •   your passport or another ID document;
 •   a passport-sized photo with your full name on the back;                                Should you have any further questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact

 •   proof of enrolment at university (usually payment receipt or enrolment certificate).   us at admission@iulm.it or via WhatsApp at (+39) 348/1409742.

 Costs:                                                                                     Wishing you the very best for a wonderful and successful stay and experience at

 Up to 27 years old: €10 (travelcard) plus €22 per month                                    our university!

 Over 27 years old: €10 (travelcard) plus €35 per month

 Information source: bit.ly/yesmilano-public-transport

46                                                                                                                                                                           47

YOUR NOTES   ..................................................................................



Toll-free number 800 363 363 (Italy only); Tel. (+39) 02/891412818
       E-mail: infopoint@iulm.it; admission@iulm.it - iulm.it​

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                 Instagram: iulm_university
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