Medical devices and equipment industry in Poland - PARP

Medical devices and equipment industry in Poland - PARP
Medical devices
and equipment industry
      in Poland
Medical devices and equipment industry in Poland - PARP
Edited by Eryk Rutkowski
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Tadeusz Kościński
Undersecretary of State in the Ministry
of Entrepreneurship and Technology

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Entrepreneurs,
We have the pleasure to offer you       on foreign markets. Our support re-
a publication presenting the Polish     sults in the growing group of Polish
medical devices industry. You are       companies, which present their po-
welcome to get acquainted with co-      tential at trade shows all over the
operation proposals of Polish com-      world, and develop export activities.
panies present at ARAB HEALTH-
TRADE FAIR IN DUBAI 2019, and to        Due to the prestige of ARAB HEALTH
make contact with them.                 trade fair the Ministry of Entrepre-
                                        neurship and Technology decided
Polish medical devices industry is      to organise a large national stand
a priority economy sector, with vast    promoting the Polish medical de-
competitive and innovative poten-       vices and equipment industry at this
tial, as well as large export capaci-   year’s edition of the event. Please
ty. The Ministry of Entrepreneur-       feel invited to visit the Polish zone
ship and Technology promotes the        – the space to meet companies
development of this industry and
                                        and explore their offer for potential
provides support to small and me-
                                        business partners.
dium enterprises in their promo-
tion of product brands that have        We wish you many fruitful meetings
a chance to become recognisable         at ARAB HEALTH!

                                           Arab Health 2019              3
Małgorzata Oleszczuk
President of the Polish Agency for
Enterprise Development

The export of medical devices from      Increased international recognition
Poland, to developed and develop-       of Polish medical companies can,
ing markets is growing year by year.    among other factors, be attributed
Last year we broke another record,      to their effective promotion activ-
having exported equipment worth         ities, including attending the most
EUR 1.83 billion. This value exceeds    important industry fairs in the world.
the one from the year before by over
two thirds. Growing exports are no      Polish medical devices are well ap-
coincidences. Devices made in Po-       preciated in Germany, Denmark,
land have been gaining appreciation,    USA, United Kingdom, as well as in
largely resulting from consistent       China, Kazakhstan or Turkey. Some
product improvements, investments       domestic manufacturers already
in research and development as well     enjoy the status of global compa-
as industrial design. Polish manufac-   nies. The international character
turers of medical equipment have        of Polish manufacturers of medical
extensive experience in making high     equipment is further confirmed by
quality products and selling them at    the fact that on average 60% of their
affordable prices.                      sales are exports.

  4            Arab Health 2019                                           4
It is our goal to increase the num-     future editions of the fair, further
ber of such internationally recog-      strengthened our belief that the
nized companies. The government         decision to become involved in the
has been involved in the promotion      promotion of the Polish medical de-
of the Polish medical industry for      vices industry was not only correct,
several years. The Polish Agency for    but also necessary. The experience
Enterprise Development is one of        we gained when organizing the Po-
the entities carrying out promotion     lish stand at MEDICA 2017 resulted
activities on its behalf. Sub-meas-     in great success of the national pa-
ure 3.3.2 of the Smart Growth Pro-      vilion in 2018. Polish entrepreneurs
gramme makes us responsible for         attended approximately one thou-
organizing the national stands at the   sand business meetings held on
biggest medical fairs in the world      the Polish national stand. The total
– MEDICA 2018 and Arab Health           space of 240 square meters made
2019. The Polish Agency for Invest-
                                        it a comfortable meeting point and
ment and Trade is another such en-
                                        presentation area for Polish compa-
tity, tasked with implementing the
                                        nies and their partners.
Industry Promotion Programme for
the medical equipment sector.           In 2019 the Polish Agency for Enter-
In 2017 the Polish Agency for Enter-    prise Development for the first time
prise Development for the first time    will have a privilege to organize the
organized the national stand at the     Polish national stand at Arab Health
trade fair for the medical devices      – one of the biggest medical trade
industry – at MEDICA in Dusseldorf.     fairs in the world, and the most sig-
Our space for B2B meetings served       nificant one in the Middle East. We
as a venue where Polish entrepre-       are honoured that the Ministry of
neurs held a total of about hundred     Entrepreneurship and Technology
business meetings with foreign          entrusted this task to us and we are
partners. The high praise that our      certain that this initiative will con-
stand received from Polish entre-       tribute to the Polish companies es-
preneurs, as well as them stress-       tablishing many new business con-
ing that it must become a staple of     tacts.

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Table of contents
Growing innovation of Polish enterprises.................................................... 8
Two hundred years of history....................................................................... 9
Domestic market for medical devices and equipment............................... 11
Global growth factors in the medical devices
and equipment industry............................................................................. 13
What makes Polish medical devices and equipment worth buying?......... 14
Polish manufacturers of medical devices and equipment.......................... 15
Export of medical devices from Poland...................................................... 16
Structure of Polish exports in terms of medical devices
and equipment categories.......................................................................... 21
Polish exports to GCC states....................................................................... 24
Successful Polish companies on foreign markets....................................... 26
Polish participants at Arab Health 2019..................................................... 35

  6                 Arab Health 2019
Poland in numbers (2017)

22 in the world                                                       EUR 455 billion
ECONOMY RANKED                                                                  GDP
38 million                                  GDP              4.6%; second fastest
                                                                growing economy
POPULATION                                                              in the EU
                                                                            EU 28
Imports                                                                      2.4%
EUR 199 billion
                                                                      GDP GROWTH
EUR 200 billion                                                                 3.6%
TRADE                                                          UNEMPLOYMENT
                                                 USD 15 thousand
                                                 GDP PER CAPITA

                  Source: Central Statistical Office, Eurostat, IMF

                                               Arab Health 2019                   7
Growing innovation of Polish enterprises
Poland joined the European Union           Many Polish enterprises in the
in 2004. Many enterprises used the         sector have modern production sites
EU structural funds for research and       equipped with the highest quality
development, as well as to modernize       means of production and state of
and develop their factories. Apart         the art laboratory and research
from that, they were able to freely        equipment. According to the Central
compete on the Community market            Statistical Office (GUS), in 2008-15
– exports to the EU currently account      the expenditure of enterprises on
for 65% of all medical devices exports     modernisation and R&D increased
from Poland.                               more than threefold, from EUR 575
                                           million to EUR 2 billion. This allows
This allowed Polish entities to
                                           Polish manufacturers to present
further capitalize on the potential        customised and flexible offers to
of the domestic medical ecosystem          their international partners, as well
– medical universities, research           as highest quality products at attrac-
institutes subordinate to the Ministry
                                           tive prices.
of Health, educational units in the
design, manufacture and sale of            To compete on the Community market,
medical devices, as well as enterprises    Polish companies have adjusted to
that make them.                            the EU quality and safety regulations.

         Geopraphic structure                   Expenditure of Polish
          of medical devices                 enterprises on research and
           exports in 2017                   development (in EUR bilion)


                                                2008                 2015
      Source: Central Statistical Office      Source: Central Statistical Office

  8                Arab Health 2019
Adherence to high European stand-       This makes it easier for domestic man-
ards has translated into raising the    ufacturers to adhere to the standards
international prestige of Polish        approving devices for use on markets
medical devices, both within Europe     outside the EU, e.g. in countries such
and outside. Any Polish manufac-        as Russia or the United States where
turer wishing to sell its products to   more and more Polish companies
other EU countries has to obtain the    receive certification from the FDA (US
CE mark confirming its compliance       Food and Drug Administration).
with quality and safety requirements.

Two hundred years of history
The history of Polish medical equip-    a single image, thus making a huge
ment manufacture spans two              contribution to the development
hundred years, dating back to the       of world radiology. In the 1930s,
first half of the nineteenth century.   the first Polish-made X-ray tubes
The oldest documented example           for both diagnostic and therapeutic
of a Polish medical company is the      purposes were constructed – in
Warsaw-based FARUM, which still         1934 Rurix started the production.
conducts business today. Its roots      A well-equipped hospital cannot
date back to 1819. Currently the        function without optimally designed
company’s products include high-        hospital furniture. FAMED Żywiec
end ECG, X-ray, anaesthesiology         has been involved in its manufacture
equipment, as well as medical           since 1921. At present, the company
furniture and trolleys, which are       manufactures operating tables,
made both in the company’s own          hospital beds, gynaecological chairs
design studio and involving external    and transport trolleys. The company
designers. FARUM is one of the          has exported them to more than
largest domestic manufacturers and      80 countries, and its research and
suppliers of medical equipment.         development team is constantly
In 1911 Professor Bronisław Sabat       working to improve its solutions.
developed a method of X-ray exam-       For political reasons, in the post-war
ination that consisted of recording     years the Polish medical equipment
the outline of the examined organ in    rarely made its way to countries on
different phases of its movement on     the western side of the Iron Curtain,

                                           Arab Health 2019               9
making Polish manufacturers unable      equipment at all the cardiology
to gain a foothold with their custom-   centres in the country, enabling them
ers on a wider scale. However, medi-    to perform open heart surgeries.
cal devices were exported to the
                                        „Techpan”, the Experimental Depart-
other countries of the Eastern Bloc
                                        ment of the Institute of Fundamental
where they were widely recognized.
                                        Technological Research of the Polish
It was also at that time that key       Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, was
research institutes were established,   established in the 1970s along with
and they operate to this day – the      its branch in Puławy. That was where
Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics      USG-10, the first Polish ultrasound
and Biomedical Engineering of the       scanner designed for use in medical
Polish Academy of Sciences, and the     diagnostics, was produced in 1977.
Institute of Medical Technology and
                                        Over the next decade the Institute
Equipment in Zabrze. In medicine,
                                        designed and manufactured oph-
Polish technical concepts are very
                                        thalmological ultrasound scanners,
much on a par with western ones –
                                        cardiological real-time scanners,
1953 marks the creation of MPS-1,
                                        and the first Polish computerized
the first Polish lung heart prototype
                                        ultrasound scanner – this took place
developed by an interdisciplinary
                                        in the first half of the 1980s.
team of constructors, comprising
cardiologist Jan Moll and engineers     The Institute’s achievements did
Franciszek Płużka and Stanisław         not go to waste. In the 1990s the
Szymkowiak. Fifteen years later even    company Echo-Son was established
more technologically advanced lung      in its place, which has exported its
heart was developed at the Silesian     ultrasound scanners to more than
University of Technology – its third    50 countries, with exports now
and final version was completed         accounting for two thirds of the
in 1972, and became part of the         company’s revenue.

 10            Arab Health 2019
Domestic market for medical devices and equipment
Over the last twenty-five years            Aside from economic factors, the
economic growth per capita increased       development of the Polish market for
three times, and Poland has become         medical devices becomes more and
the 22nd economy in the world              more dependent on social factors. As
(according to IMF). Citizens have          in all the highly developed countries,
a greater disposable income year           the Polish society is ageing, and the
by year, which comes with growing          number of elderly people in need
expectations of the healthcare system      of healthcare is growing. Over the
and the standard of provided services.     next twenty-five years the 65+ group
This is reflected in the rising value      will grow by another three million
of the domestic market for medical         people, reaching 8.5 million.
devices, which in 2017 was estimated
at 2.5 billion EUR by the Medical
Industry Organization „Technomed”.              Value of the domestic
To compare, that figure was EUR 1.5           market for medical devices
billion only four years back.                       (in EUR bilion)
According to data provided by the
OECD, Poland currently allocates
4.7% of its GDP to healthcare (public
sector), i.e. approximately EUR                                      2,5
20 billion a year. There are about eight
hundred hospitals in the country,                 1,5
which offer nearly 220 thousand
                                                 2013                2017
beds to their patients. That makes for
nearly 6 beds per thousand people          Source: Medical Industry Organization
– it is one of the highest ratios in                  „Technomed”
Europe. Due to considerable demand
for medical services, increased            The importance of medical tourism
spending on public healthcare is           cannot be overlooked in the devel-
accompanied by the development of          opment of the domestic market for
the private healthcare sector – clinics    medical devices. Tourists who came
and multidisciplinary hospitals. In        to Poland for health-related reasons
2017 its value was estimated at EUR        spent here EUR 180 million in 2011
8 billion.                                 and EUR 345 million in 2015.

                                              Arab Health 2019               11
Polish healthcare system in numbers (2017)

                                                          EUR 8 billion
                                                          in the private sector
      EUR 20 billion      PUBLIC                PRIVATE
                          SECTOR                SECTOR
in the public sector,
 equal to 4.7% GDP

                                    HOSPITALS              800 hospitals,
                                                           220 thousand beds,
                                                           i.e. 6 beds
                                                           per 1,000 patients

                             Source: OECD, PWC

     Market for medical devices and equipment in Poland (2017)

      Source: Polish Investment and Trade Agency, National Bank of Poland

12              Arab Health 2019
Global growth factors in the medical devices
and equipment industry
According to the „Medical Device         diabetes and cancer. In China and
Market Report: Trends, Forecast and      India alone the number of diabetics
Competitive Analysis”, the global        is currently estimated at 114 and
medical device market is expected        69 million respectively. Worldwide,
to reach nearly USD 410 billion by       over the next two decades their
2023, growing at a CAGR of 4.5% y/y      number will increase by another
from 2018 to 2023.                       227 million – growing to 622 million
The „World Industry Outlook, Health-     from the current 415. Every three
care and Pharmaceuticals 2017”           seconds someone in the world is
report published by the Economist        afflicted by dementia.
Intelligence Unit shows that between     The difficulties faced by the health
2016 and 2021 the average life           institutions in most countries are
expectancy will increase from 73 to      related to ageing infrastructure and
74.1 years, which will result in 656     medical equipment, which must
million people being in the 65+ group,   be replaced by modern devices.
and that translates to 11.5% of the      In Europe and the United States
global population.                       hospital managers are trying to
In Europe, seniors will soon make        figure out how to incorporate digital
up one fifth of the total population,    technologies into their services in
and almost one third in Japan. The       order to reduce their cost, increase
ageing society and growing global        accessibility and improve patient
population, which the UN projects        care. While in developed countries
to increase by another billion over      medical infrastructure is in need
the next decade (in 2030 it will         of modernisation, it has to be built
reach 8.6 billion people, to go as       entirely from scratch in developing
high as 9.9 billion in 2050), are not    countries.
the only challenges the healthcare       The Asia-Pacific region, where access
system faces.                            to modern medical care is insufficient
Factors such as lack of exercise, poor   for the majority of patients, is home
diet and obesity contribute to the       to more than half of the global
increased incidence of heart disease,    population. According to the research

                                            Arab Health 2019               13
conducted by McKinsey, supply              and over 20 times lower than the ex-
already struggles to meet demand.          penditure in the United States. Des-
It should be kept in mind, however,        pite that it keeps growing spurred
that despite its great potential, it is    largely by the growing revenue.
a rather difficult market, and above
                                           Nevertheless, the APEC countries,
all a very diverse one – for reasons
                                           similar to other markets; Africa, Russia
of political, cultural and legal nature,
                                           or Latin America are searching for
the level of economic development,
                                           high quality medical services at lower
or the type and incidence frequency
                                           prices. This is a global trend, as even
of diseases in different countries.
                                           developed countries are searching
Per-patient expenditure in this region     for ways to reduce healthcare costs
is not high. It amounts to USD 376 on      without compromising on its quality.
average, which is over 10 times lower      Polish manufacturers of medical
than the average for EU countries,         equipment meet these expectations.

What makes Polish medical devices and equipment
worth buying?
– high production quality,                 ratio, high durability, as well as low
– low failure rate,                        operating, service and spare part
– low operating, service and spare         costs make Polish products highly
   part costs,                             competitive, although they may still
– high durability,                         lack the renown developed by the
                                           established Western companies over
– flexibility in customer relations
                                           decades. However, that image is
   and order processing,
                                           changing as Polish companies have
– compatibility with equipment             become more visible and frequently
   made by other manufacturers,            exhibit at international industry
– very favourable quality-to-price         events, such as the MEDICA in
   ratio.                                  Düsseldorf or Arab Health in Dubai.
A huge advantage of Polish med-            The fact that Polish products are
ical devices and equipment is              becoming more popular among
their very high production quality         foreign customers is best proven by
combined with a very low failure           the systematically growing value of
rate. A favourable quality-to-price        their exports.

 14             Arab Health 2019
A strong suit of the Polish medical equipment industry is the very well
  educated engineering staff and design of the devices, which is in no way
  inferior to that of West European manufacturers. Polish enterprises are
  more and more successful at convincing foreign contractors that they
  make equipment of highest quality but priced more attractively than
  that of their Western competitors. These are companies with great
  potential, without fear of entering new markets.
   – Tadeusz Olszewski, CEO of Alvo Medical.

Polish manufacturers of medical devices and equipment
The industry of medical devices and      The main categories of medical
equipment in Poland comprises ap-        devices offered by Polish companies
proximately three hundred entities.      are:
These include large companies with
                                         – rehabilitation and orthopaedic
more than fifty years of experience in
                                           equipment, incl. prostheses,
production, companies established
at the turn of the 1980s and ‘90s,       – medical and veterinary instru-
and smaller enterprises established        ments,
during the last decade, including        – hospital furniture,
many promising start-ups. The prev-      – equipment for operating theatres
alent group are enterprises with           and intensive care units,
a considerable potential for growth,     – diagnostic devices (ultrasound
hiring over 49 people and generating       scanners, X-ray equipment),
relatively high revenue. According to
data of the National Bank of Poland,     – disposable equipment,
over 60% of these companies’ rev-        – telemedicine devices and ser-
enues come from exports.                   vices.

                                           Arab Health 2019             15
Export of medical devices from Poland
The value of medical devices exports       much. This is almost a hundredfold
from Poland amounted to EUR 1.83           increase over the last twenty-five
billion, and was nearly 75% higher         years – in 1992 those exports were
than in the previous year when Po-         estimated at less than USD 20 million.
lish manufacturers exported equip-         The increase is mostly attributed
ment worth slightly over EUR 1             to the group including orthopaedic
billion. Never in history have we          equipment, prostheses and hearing
exported medical devices worth this        aids.

                Export of medical devices and equipment
                        from Poland (EUR milion)

                         Source: Central Statistical Office

The share of medical devices and           In less than a decade it increased by
equipment exports in total Polish          more than half a percentage point,
exports is also systematically growing.    from 0.34 to 0.89.

 16             Arab Health 2019
The share of Polish medical devices and equipment
                   exports in Poland’s total exports

                        Source: Central Statistical Office

Growing sales to both developed and       40 million. It can be a good direction
developing countries                      for Polish exports. In 2016, the Chinese
The trend of the growing demand for       National Health and Family Planning
Polish medical devices is visible both    Commission (now called the National
among the current main recipients,        Health Commission) announced the
i.e. countries such as Germany,           „Healthy China 2030” programme,
Denmark, the United States, the           the first long-term strategic plan
United Kingdom, France, as well as        for healthcare development. It is
recipients from outside the top five,     estimated that over the next several
especially those with a high potential    years China will spend 16 trillion
for creating modern healthcare            Yuan on investments related to the
systems.                                  programme (ca. USD 2.5 trillion).
For example, the exports of Polish        A sizable part of this amount will be
medical equipment to China in-            allocated to furnishing hospitals and
creased almost four times as com-         purchasing medical equipment. By
pared to the average of the last          2020 China intends to add another
decade, and totalled slightly over EUR    89 thousand hospital beds.

                                              Arab Health 2019               17
Modernising and developing hospit-
                                            Value of medical equipment
als is also an important matter for
India. As stated by Deloitte, India’s           exports from Poland
expenditure for furnishing medical            to China (in EUR milion)
care facilities may be as high as two
hundred billion dollars by 2024. It is
one of the countries where sales of
Polish medical equipment remain
largely unnoticed, despite the fact
that the sales potential is huge –
India is the second most densely
populated country after China, and
their economy has very good pro-
spects for growth – with low
unemployment and GDP growing at              Source: Central Statistical Office
the annual rate of ca. 7%.
African countries are still barely vis-   offered by Polish companies fits
ible among importers of Polish            perfectly with the expectations of
medical devices. However, experts         the countries in the region.
point to countries such as Nigeria,
Egypt or Algeria as examples of           Increase in exports to key partners
prospective customers, with some          The largest target market in terms
Polish medical companies having           of the value of medical equipment
already established their presence on     exports is Germany where Polish
their markets. Two key issues related     manufacturers sold products worth
to the African continent, which           EUR 389 million last year, i.e. over
make it a potentially attractive          20% of the industry’s total exports.
market for Polish medical devices,        Exports to Germany were nearly
are demography (the average birth         EUR 156 million higher than the
rate in Africa is 4.7), and the need to   average for 2008-2017.
modernise and expand the medical
infrastructure. There are 190 million     Among our main partners, Denmark
people currently living in Nigeria        exhibits even greater dynamics of
alone, which is nearly one third of the   imports from Poland. Our exports
European Union’s entire population.       there amounted to more than three
High quality at a reasonable price        times the average from the last

 18             Arab Health 2019
decade. Exports to the United States      for over 65% (EUR 1.205 billion) of
and the UK grew at a similar rate.        the industry’s total exports value
Overall, the five main importers of       (EUR 1.836 billion).
Polish medical equipment account

        Major recipients of medical devices from Poland in 2017

                                         21%                Germany
                                                            United States of America
                                                            United Kingdom
 2%                                                         France
 2%                                                         Canada
                                               20%          Ukraine
   3%                                                       Russian Federation
               5%               15%

                       Source: Central Statistical Office

 We are witnessing a global expansion of many Polish manufacturers
 of medical equipment. Examples include Balton, HTL-Strefa, TZMO or
 Consultronix, which have already conquered many foreign markets and
 can definitely be called global entities. Some Polish companies have also
 been opening branches abroad (e.g. Antar which has built a network of
 subsidiaries in Germany, Czechia, Slovakia or Belarus), taking over their
 competitors, even bigger ones. Look at Medort which took over the
 German wheelchair manufacturer MEYRA.
 We offer products more and more technologically advanced, and we are
 better perceived in international markets. Progress is clearly visible. We

                                             Arab Health 2019                   19
still benefit from the relatively low labour cost, which allows us to ensure
a good quality-to-price ratio. Polish producers can boast well-educated
staff that is brimming with excellent ideas. Nevertheless, we have much to
do in terms of innovation – the system of cooperation between industry
and science is not yet fully developed as compared to Western countries.
From the perspective of the entire industry we can see a strong
expansion of Polish companies in the field of orthopaedic equipment
(e.g. orthotics, wheelchairs, orthopaedic cushions) and absorptive
agents (so-called individual supplies) – and it is not only about finding
distributors, but also opening branches, building factories abroad, or
taking over competition. This type of activity is most likely to ensure
long-term and strong development abroad. Polish companies are
present on developed and developing markets alike. The former have
a high entry barrier, often requiring long-term investments counted
in millions or tens of millions PLN, while the often present relatively
unstable political and legal environment, however expanding there is
much more cost-effective.
– Witold Włodarczyk, CEO of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for
Medical Devices „POLMED”

     Exports of medical devices from Poland to selected countries
           – the average from years 2008–2017 compared
                    to 2017 alone (in EUR milion)

                      Source: Central Statistical Office

20            Arab Health 2019
Structure of Polish exports in terms of medical devices
and equipment categories
As far as the share of individual groups    amount to over EUR 1.7 billion in
of medical devices in the exports           the total value of Polish exports.
structure is concerned, two categor-        Considering the value of the latter cat-
ies stand out: medical and veterinary       egory of exports as compared to the
instruments as well as the orthopaedic      previous year, a threefold increase
equipment and apparatus, prostheses         has taken place.
and hearing aids – together they

      Export of medical and veterinary instruments (EUR million)

                          Source: Central Statistical Office

The major recipients for medical and        neighbour receives nearly one third
veterinary instruments from Poland          of these exports (EUR 267,9 million).
are Germany, the United States, Den-        In 2017 the global value of imports for
mark, China, the United Kingdom,            medical and veterinary instruments
Russia and Ukraine. Our Western             was EUR 102 billion.

                                                Arab Health 2019               21
Export of orthopaedic equipment, prostheses
                     and hearing aid (EUR million)

                       Source: Central Statistical Office

Polish orthopaedic equipment, pros-       Other categories with smaller
theses and hearing aids are most          volumes in the exports structure are
popular in Denmark and the United         mechanotherapy equipment and
States – these countries purchased        massage apparatus, X-ray apparatus
products worth EUR 303 and 163            as well as gas masks and respirators.
million respectively. The other major     The exports for the latter have been
group of recipients includes the          continuously growing since 2008,
United Kingdom, Canada, France,           and broke another record last year –
the Netherlands, Norway, Spain,           the milestone of EUR 27 million.
Italy, Switzerland and Sweden.
                                          The only category of exports, which
The growth rate of sales for these
                                          experienced a year-to-year decline in
devices mainly results from the
                                          sales, is the mechanotherapy equip-
growing demand on the markets of
                                          ment and massage apparatus. The
Denmark and the United States.
                                          largest recipients for these devices
                                          are Germany, Ukraine, Russia, the
                                          Czech Republic, Italy and Austria.

 22            Arab Health 2019
Export of massage apparatus and mechanotherapy
                      equipment (EUR million)

                                                               35          34

                                    19              22
    16                     14               16
           10      11

   2008   2009    2010    2011    2012    2013     2014       2015   2016 2017
                         Source: Central Statistical Office

In recent years Ukraine has been a key      Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Germany, USA,
customer for Polish X-ray apparatus.        Russia, Japan, the Netherlands and
Ranking behind the leader are France,       Algeria respectively.

                 Export of x-ray apparatus (EUR million)

                         Source: Central Statistical Office

                                                 Arab Health 2019                23
Respirators and gas masks make for         the barely noticeable million EUR all
a category of devices with the lowest      the way to 27 million. These products
value in the structure of Polish medical   are most popular in Russia which
equipment exports. However, over           receives over 20% of their exports,
the last decade it has consistently        Germany, Panama, the United States,
experienced strong growth – from           Kazakhstan and Singapore.

            Export of respirators and gas masks (EUR million)

                         Source: Central Statistical Office

Polish exports to GCC states
The exports of Polish medical de-          amounted to nearly 90% of all the
vices to the Gulf Cooperation              exports. United Arab Emirates and
Council countries (Bahrain, Kuwait,        Saudi Arabia are the major recipi-
Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and              ents of Polish products among the
United Arab Emirates) amounted             GCC states.
to EUR 7.9 million in 2017. Medical
and veterinary instruments are the         Although the value of medical equip-
most popular category of medical           ment exported to the Gulf region is
equipment exported from Poland             relatively low as compared to the
to GCC – in terms of value they            overall exports of the Polish med-

 24             Arab Health 2019
ical equipment, it grows at a faster     the Polish companies, especially
pace. In a five-year scope (2012-        those offering medical and veter-
2017) the growth rate of exports to      inary instruments of high quality.
the GCC countries is higher than the     With healthcare expenditure in the
rate for overall exports, and even       GCC states projected to reach US$
higher as compared to exports to         104.6 billion by 2022, which will
non-EU countries – 138.5, 131.8 and      result in new 31,000 hospital beds
115% respectively.                       and employment of 10,000 new
                                         physicians, the region seems to be
The growing demand shows that
                                         a very promising market for medical
there is space for competition from

           Value and structure of Polish medical equipment
                exported to the GCC countries in 2017

                       Source: Central Statistical Office

                                             Arab Health 2019           25
Growth rate of exports to GCC countries as compared
      to overall exports growth rate of Polish medical equipment
                     (average from 2012-2017, %)

                         Source: Central Statistical Office

Successful Polish companies on foreign markets
Scissors and design                        instruments is still considered the
Companies, such as the man-                company’s trademark. It started by
ufacturer of the medical scissors          producing medical scissors for the
Renomed, are mainly focused on             Scandinavian companies, later ex-
foreign market sales. Its exports ac-      panding its offer to include veterinary
count for 90% of sales, and its good       and cosmetic scissors.
reputation abroad is owed mainly to        The Renomed scissors are bent rather
the high quality of the products, their    than forged, which makes the whole
ergonomics and outstanding design.         production process more sustainable
Design has been a key issue for the        and less environmentally costly. Artis-
enterprise founders from the very          anal precision of the experienced
beginning. Their first scissors were       employees guarantees the highest
designed by Donata Rucińska in             product quality. Some of them
1981, and the unique shape of these        have been with the company from

 26             Arab Health 2019
the very beginning. Renomed has            stents, catheters for coronary and
patents and trademarks – design of         peripheral angioplasty, or introduc-
the instruments made by the Ruciński       tors and balloons for counter pulsa-
family’s company was appreciated           tion, with state of the art technolo-
not only in national competitions,         gies and raw materials used for their
such as Dobry Wzór (Good Design) or        production. Recently a large contract
Must Have Łódź Design Festival, but        was signed with Crown Agents in
also in international ones, receiving      Ukraine.
the IF Gold Award and the German           The company conducts pre-clinical
Design Award.                              research in many research centres
                                           in Poland and abroad, including the
Working with doctors to develop
                                           Silesian Centre for Heart Disease,
the product
                                           the Polish-American Heart Clinic,
For nearly fourty years, the cardi-        the Spanish Hospital Costa del Sol in
ac surgeons in 90 countries around         Marbella, and the Brazilian Instituto
the world have benefitted from the         Dante Pazzanese de cardiologia.
support of Balton, a company spe-          It is also involved in international
cializing in the manufacture of cor-       projects, working with doctors to
onary and peripheral stents. Thanks        implement the innovative products.
to clinical experience and invest-
ments in research and development          Global giant
Balton boasts an impressive offering       The company HTL-Strefa became
of highly innovative products dedi-        famous in 2009 when Andrzej Czar-
cated to various medical specializa-       necki, the owner, who increased the
tions. The company cooperates with         value of his company several times
many medical centres around the            within a few years, sold it for nearly
world, including the United States,        900 million dollars. In the mid ‘90s
the United Kingdom, Japan, France,         at the MEDICA fair Czarnecki was
Brazil and Russia. It also offers a very   approached by a representative of
wide range of products for cardiol-        a large American company, who
ogy and invasive radiology. These          showed the Polish businessman
are mainly bifurcation stents, BMS         a rather clunky prototype of a safety
stents, DES stents, renal and cervical     lancet and asked whether it was

                                              Arab Health 2019               27
possible to make something more            theatres, hybrid rooms or intensive
elegant. One of the company                care units. The company has training
employees came up with the idea            and customer experience centres in
of a sunken lancet with two wings          Europe, Africa, the Middle East and
which break after being thrown out         Southeast Asia. They allow surgical
of the casing, making re-use and,          teams to see how the operating
consequently, infection by blood,          theatre and patient data are managed
impossible.                                in a fully integrated video-over-IP
                                           environment before it is even built.
Patenting the invention and auto-
mating its production made it pos-         The beginnings of international ex-
sible for the company to introduce         pansion were not easy for the Śmi-
high operating margins, even as high       giel-based company. They have been
as 50%. HTL’s safety lancets boldly        attending international medical fairs
competed on the American market            since 1998. During the initial years
with products made in Japan, Sweden        the company failed to acquire any
and the UK, securing a leading             foreign customers, but they made
position for the Polish company.           consistent appearances at such
                                           events as MEDICA in Düsseldorf or
Today HTL is the world’s largest man-
                                           Arab Health in Dubai.
ufacturer of safety lancets, personal
lancets and needles for insulin in-        The consistency paid off, as the fairs
jections – the company has a 50% share     in the medical industry are often
in the global safety lancet market. HTL-   attended by the same companies
Strefa focuses on strategic production     and the same people. – We were
for international medical companies,       finally getting noticed – explains
and at selling their products in           Tadeusz Olszewski, the CEO of Alvo.
cooperation with local distributors.       Their first foreign customer was
                                           a distributor of medical equipment
How I met my first foreign customer
                                           in Cairo. Contact was made during
Companies operating on a global            the 5th edition of the region’s medical
scale also include Alvo Medical from       fair. – This is what building brand
Śmigiel, which provides innovative         awareness looks like. The customer
solutions and products for operating       knew that we had attended the fair

 28             Arab Health 2019
every year, that we were developing      medical gases and other equipment.
and every once in a while we showed
                                         The system can be seen at work
something new. And in the end it was
                                         in Alvo’s simulated operating
him that wanted to work with us –
                                         theatres located in Europe, Africa,
Olszewski says. In Egypt the company
                                         Asia and the Middle East. – They
has already equipped 250 operating
                                         are so well equipped that if we
                                         disinfected them, we could use them
Another of Alvo’s key customers,         for operations – explains President
a distributor from Saudi Arabia, had     Olszewski. They have just completed
been visiting the Polish company’s       showrooms in Hanoi and Shanghai.
stand at the prestigious Arab Health     Other showroom locations are in
fair for four years – remarks were       Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Mumbai,
exchanged, comments made, but            Dubai, Riyadh, Cape Town, and two
he never committed to a purchase         in Germany, with also Denmark and
order. – Finally, he came to look at     Sweden each having one. In their
our stand one more time and said:        customer experience centre in Śmigel
„I see that you’ve improved some         they conduct trainings for operating
things I mentioned before. I think       theatre managers and architects.
we should do business together„ –        There they engage in technical
says the CEO of Alvo. For Olszewski’s    dialogues with hospital managers
company, Saudi Arabia is the second      or private investors who can see
largest market in terms of sales.        and test various solutions. – The
The company is already well known        best marketing is one that doesn’t
there, and their operating theatres      look like marketing. Clinicians no
are often visited by the Minister of     longer want to listen about products,
Health himself.                          they prefer to know what clinical
The company continuously expands         values they bring, and how to use
its competences – since 2009 it          them effectively – explains Tadeusz
has been selling the Alvo Integra        Olszewski.
IT system for managing operating
                                         Get ahead of the standards
theatres. It can be used to control
operating tables and lamps, gen-         Another example of a company valued
eral lighting, air-conditioning, video   abroad is Echo-Son which specializes
feed and cameras, doors and blinds,      in the production of high quality

                                            Arab Health 2019              29
ultrasound scanners – devices of        that we managed to meet their re-
this brand can be found throughout      quirements and expectations. This
hospitals in 53 countries. The com-     collaboration has been ongoing for
pany was established in 1993 to         five years now. In addition to the
replace the „Techpan” Experimental      aforementioned bladder scanner
Department of the Institute of          the company’s portfolio includes
Fundamental Technological Research      other export hits, such as the PIROP
of the Polish Academy of Sciences,      ophthalmic scanner and ALBIT ultra-
which had already had several years     sound scanner.
of experience in designing and man-
ufacturing technologically advanced     Algorithms that „see” more
ultrasound scanners – this depart-
                                        Worldwide, the spending on ineffi-
ment was the first in Poland to
                                        cient healthcare – bad diagnoses,
produce ultrasound scanners for
                                        inadequate treatment, and unnec-
medical purposes in 1974.
                                        essary administrative procedures –
Exports currently account for two       amounts to billions of dollars a year.
thirds of the company’s revenue,        According to the Institute of Med-
and its ultrasound and diagnostic       icine, in the United States alone, of
scanners are most popular in the        the USD 3.3 trillion annually allo-
Norway, Sweden and the Nether-          cated to the healthcare system, 765
lands. EchoSon operates only in the     billion is spent on services that are
B2B model with local dealers – it       completely unnecessary and bring
is a very scattered network and no      no benefit to the patients.
distributor is of strategic impor-
tance to the company. One such          This is an opportunity for Polish man-
distributor is the international con-   ufacturers of medical equipment.
cern Abbot, a demanding partner         Medicalgorithmics is one Polish com-
who offers Echo-Son’s PINIT bladder     pany that meets the diagnostic needs
scanners on the Norwegian mar-          of healthcare systems perfectly. It
ket. To quote Zbigniew Woźniak,         is the first Polish company from the
Vice-President of the Puławy based      telemedicine industry which man-
company’s Management Board:             aged to commercialize a product in
– We consider it our great success      the United States.

 30            Arab Health 2019
Founded in 2005 by Marek Dziu-          simply can’t compare to ours when
biński and Marcin Szumowski, the        it comes to extracting information
company is currently estimated to       from the data – stresses Dziubiński.
be worth three hundred million          Early detection of arrhythmia is
PLN and hires about five hundred        a huge saving for the healthcare
employees around the world. Its         budget as it shortens the period of
services are available in the United    costly hospitalization or completely
States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil,         eliminates the risk of it being neces-
Poland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden,         sary.
Norway, the Czech Republic, Italy,
India, Australia and New Zealand.       Recently Medicalgorithmics has
                                        been involved in a study on the
Medicalgorithmics provides servi-       minimum monitoring time needed
ces of remote cardiology diagnostics    to detect atrial fibrillation. The re-
with the use of its PocketECG sys-      sults were announced at the Heart
tem. It is the most technologically     Rhythm Society 2018 Scientific Ses-
advanced device for diagnosing          sions conference in Boston, USA.
cardiac arrhythmia in the world. –
The patient wears it 24 hours a day,    The study was carried out on a sample
even up to a few weeks, and the         of 16 thousand patients. Pocket ECG
system constantly analyses the data     was 6 times more effective than a 24-
and detects possible disorders – says   hour Holter and 36% more effective
Marek Dziubiński, President of Med-     than an offline patch (chest patch
icalgorithmics. Special algorithms      with integrated electrodes that’s be-
make this mobile device highly          coming increasingly popular, mostly
efficient at detecting arrhythmia.      in the USA) in patients with atrial fi-
They are able to identify many more     brillation below 1%.
signs of abnormalities in the heart     Recently, the company has exten-
rhythm than the simple algorithms       ded its cooperation with the Scand-
of the competition (mainly com-         inavian Vingmed Group by signing
panies operating in the United          further agreements for the distri-
States) because it is where the         bution of PocketECG in Norway and
market for this type of solutions is    Sweden. They oblige the partner to
most developed. – Their algorithms      purchase and activate a minimum

                                           Arab Health 2019               31
of 600 devices within two years and      sounds characteristic of pneumonia.
to increase orders in the following      Sound is recorded through a high-
years by at least 20%. They have         end electronic stethoscope, which
also partnered with Canadian             was developed with acoustics sci-
m-Health Solutions, which pledged        entists from the Adam Mickiewicz
to purchase and activate a thousand      University in Poznań, while the
PocketECG devices in the first year of   design of the device is the work of
cooperation. – So far, our system has    the Mind Sailors design studio. If
helped diagnose several hundred          everything goes according to plan,
thousand patients in the US,             by the beginning of 2019 the device
registering over 200 million hours of    and algorithms will be certified and
heart rate. I am certain that it will    approved for use.
also continue to gain acceptance in      Breast cancer is a global scale health
the medical community and among          issue affecting women in every age
patients in Canada – predicts Pres-      group. It can be diagnosed faster with
ident Dziubiński.                        the help of Braster, a mobile device
                                         that allows women to examine their
Promising start-ups                      breasts at home. Braster measures
The development of information and       the temperature distribution in the
communication technologies makes         breasts and records areas of elev-
their medical applications increas-      ated temperature (resulting from
                                         increased metabolism and a dense
ingly popular. Poland already has
                                         network of capillaries), which may
many interesting start-ups, which
                                         be indicative of malignant changes.
have a chance to scale regionally
                                         The effectiveness of the device
or even globally. One of them is         was confirmed in clinical trials con-
StethoMe from Poznań, which uses         ducted in Poland on two thousand
artificial intelligence algorithms to    women. All it takes is to put Braster
diagnose pneumonia in children –         on the breast, perform the exam-
this disease is the number one killer    ination and use the dedicated mo-
among children under five years of       bile application to send it to the
age. These algorithms „hear” much        telemedicine centre where it will
more than a doctor’s ear, which          be analysed, with results coming
is able to register only 25% of the      within two days.

 32             Arab Health 2019
Pregnant women, on the other hand,         pay for the device already in the
are supported by Pregnabit, one of         second or third year of its use. The
the few mobile KTG devices in the          device is already being used in the
world that allow examining the fetus       Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital
at home. This proprietary device           Research Institute in Łódź, among
performs measurements using four           other places.
sensors: an FHR probe to determine         Information technologies allow for
the heart rate of the fetus, the TOCO      conducting more operations remote-
probe to measure the level of uterine      ly. One such solution is medVC –
contractions, the fetus motion             an interactive platform for remote
marker and a band to measure the           medical cooperation, which enables
mother’s heart rate. Measurement           real-time audio-video communica-
based on algorithms from four dif-         tion between operating theatres,
ferent sources distinguishes between       conference rooms and doctors’ of-
the fetal heartbeat and the mother’s       fices. It enables simultaneous trans-
heartbeat – it is sent to a monitoring     mission of multiple high resolution
centre for analysis. If the results are    video streams from operating cam-
correct, the patient will be informed      eras, endoscopes, microscopes and
by text message, and if they raise         medical imaging devices. Doctors
suspicions, the appropriate proced-        can pause the image stream, mark
ures will be applied – repeating the       any part of it and save the frame to
examination or calling an ambulance.       the medical repository. Among oth-
UnitDoseOne is a Polish start-up at-       ers, the platform is compatible with
tempting to solve the problem of           the da Vinci operating robot. Med-
medicine distribution, both in hospitals   VC is used by doctors in Poland, the
and pharmacies. This robotic device        Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France,
for storing and dispensing medicines       Spain and Luxembourg.
minimizes the risk of confusing them       Several rehabilitation robots of
and the dosages attributed to specific     the Prodromus start-up in Cracow
patients. Moreover, it gives the           have already been helping people
hospital maximum control and allows        with walk dysfunction stand on
for optimal management of medicine         their own feet. Prodrobots, i.e.
orders. The savings that it generates      automated walking trainers, are

                                              Arab Health 2019              33
unique for several reasons. Firstly,   limbs of the exercising on the
unlike other devices of this type,     Prodrobot is allowed to be up to 16
they are devoid of treadmills and at   centimetres, which is not possible
the same time allow for adjustable     with other rehabilitation solutions.
relief of joints and recreation of     The device is also lightweight and
movement patterns in six joints.       compact.
The difference in the length of

 34            Arab Health 2019
Polish participants at Arab Health 2019
Polish participants at Arab Health 2019

         Name of company                                  Name of company
         Alreh Medical Sp. z o.o.                         ALVO Sp.z o.o. Sp.k.

         Contact details                                  Contact details
         Filtrowa Street 81/27                            Południowa Street 21a
         02-032 Warszawa                                  64-030 Śmigiel                           
         Tel.: +48 607 840 600                            Tel.: +48 512 553 372

         Contact person                                   Contact person
         Magdalena Miszczyk-Mose                          Alina Kubiak
         e-mail: magdalena.miszczyk.mose                  e-mail:

 Company description                               Company description
Alreh Medical designs and manufactures           ALVO Medical provides innovative
rehabilitation equipment. We specialize          solutions and products for operating
in physical and cognitive rehabilitation         theatres, hybrid ORs, ICU/NICU units,
devices for elderly (activLife brand) and        surgical preparation rooms and other
in rehabilitation equipment for paraplagic       hospital areas. We have been installing
users (iStander , Activ+, Activ Drive brands).   ORs and manufacturing medical
All our products offer unique solutions:         equipment for hospitals for over 25 years:
                                                 modular walls and ceilings, operating
► Regular physical and mental activity           tables, surgical scrub sinks, OR doors,
  with activLife slows down an impact            medical trolleys, patient transfer systems
  of neurodegenerative diseases                  and furniture. The ALVO Integra solution
  (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease)             for complete integration of devices and
► Cardiac rehabilitation with activLife          medical image management enhances
  won Best Papier Award at Asian Cardiac         workflow efficiency and improves patient
  Rehabilitation Conference in November          care in the OR.
► ActivLife engages elderly in Fall
  prevention & Frailty prevention at
  nursing homes
► Our standers for paraplegic users offer
  not only parapodium walking system
  but also patented lift support from
  wheelchair allowing for every day
  exercising at home.
► Trade Centre Arena/# SA.H08                    ► Sheikh Saeed Hall 3/# S3.D50

36                 Arab Health 2019
Polish participants at Arab Health 2019

         Name of company                                Name of company
         American Heart of Poland S.A.                  ANTAR Sp. J.

         Contact details                                Contact details
         Sanatoryjna Street 1                           Zawiślańska Street 43
         43-450 Ustroń                                  03-068 Warszawa,        
         Tel.: +48 32 758 65 14                         Tel.: +48 22 518 36 00

         Contact person                                 Contact person
         Bartosz Jurkowski                              Andrzej Tarnkowski
         e-mail:              e-mail:

  Company description                           Company description
American Heart of Poland Group                 Antar – in the market since 1998 – offers
comprises 30 medical centers and               high quality products manufactured in our
Ustron Health Resort. We are the               facility in Poland:
largest European network with such             a) orthopaedic pillows, bedsore pillows,
a complex offer for patients suffering from        haemorrhoids pillows, travel pillows,
cardiovascular diseases: from prophylaxis          lumbar pillows;
and diagnostics, through highly innovative     b) ultra light, breathable and comfortable
cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular           TLSO braces, LSO braces, lumbar
surgery procedures, to individually tailored       supports, lumbar orthoses;
rehabilitation.                                c) ultra light ankle supports – air and foam
The Center for Cardiovascular Research         d ultra light, breathable shoulder braces,
and Development (CCRD) at AHP focuses              Desault braces, arm slings;
on preclinical studies, clinical trials and    e) ultra light aluminium walkers;
research grants.                               f) bathroom grab bars;
We are looking for cooperationin the           g) orthopaedic insoles;
field of telemedicine and in translational     i) ultra light, breathable abdominal belts.
studies (medical devices): study design,       Our BLUE LINE combines a high quality of
preclinical trials, First-in-Man and large     European made products with reasonable
scale clinical trials, peer-review journal     prices (as compared to non-European
publications, conference presentations,        suppliers). For the BLUE LINE products
key opinion leaders’ support.                  we can offer very short delivery time, and
                                               small MOQ.
                                               We have branch offices in five countries
                                               – Poland, Germany, Czech Rep., Slovakia,
                                               ► Za'abeel Hall 1/# Z1.C39

                                               Arab Health 2019                       37
Polish participants at Arab Health 2019

         Name of company                                Name of company
         AssisTech Sp. z o.o.                           ASTAR.physiotechnology

         Contact details                                Contact details
         Trzy Lipy Street 3                             Świt Street 33
         80-172 Gdańsk                                  43-382 Bielsko-Biała              
         Tel.: +48 537 446 406                          Tel.: +48 695 504 080

         Contact person                                 Contact person
         Bartosz Kunka                                  Maciej Nalewajski
         e-mail:             e-mail:

 Company description                            Company description
We make a difference to the lives of          Trust is a value developed throughout
people suffering from the consequences of     the years while building good mutual
brain damages and generally neurological      relationships. ASTAR works on it since
disorders. We restore their dignity. Thanks   1995, constantly broadening its experience
to our work they can express their needs      in designing the highest quality medical
and communicate with others.                  equipment.
The flagship solution which we offer to       The domain of ASTAR is the manufacture
patients and their families is the C-Eye®     of devices for electrotherapy,
system. It is the only certified medical      laser therapy, ultrasound therapy,
product on an international scale that        magnetotherapy, light therapy, vacuum
uses eye tracking technology to assess        therapy and shockwave therapy.
the patient’s state of consciousness and      All our products meet the requirements
support neurological rehabilitation.          of Medical Directive and hold CE mark.
We are looking for:                           The quality is also confirmed by ISO13485
► local distributors of medical equipment     and ISO9001 certificates, licensed by TÜV
  – Arab countries (mainly GCC);              Rheinland Product Safety.
► medical centres: hospitals,                 Year by year ASTAR company continues to
  rehabilitation clinics and long-term        extend its distribution activities to further
  care centresthat would be interested in     export markets.Our efforts are focused on
  running the clinical trials.                searching companies with a strong market
                                              position, which will effectively introduce
                                              ASTAR brand in the local market.

► Za'abeel Hall 1/# Z1.C33                    ► Hall 3/# H3.A33

38                Arab Health 2019
Polish participants at Arab Health 2019

        Name of company                              Name of company
        BALTON Sp. z o.o.                            BHH Mikromed Sp z o.o.

        Contact details                              Contact details
        Nowy Swiat Street 7/14                       Katowicka Street 11
        00-496 Warszawa                              42-530 Dąbrowa Górnicza                      
        Tel.: +48 22 597 44 00                       Tel.: +48 32 262 52 85

        Contact person                               Contact person
        Hubert Manikowski                            Ewa Rachwał
        e-mail:             e-mail:

  Company description                        Company description
Balton is a prominent manufacturer of       BHH Mikromed Sp. z o.o. manufacturer
innovative disposable medical equipment     of implants and instruments for
for anaesthesia, dialysis, surgery,         orthopaedics, traumatology and veterinary
gynaecology, urology, cardiology and        medicine:
radiology. Having 40 years of experience,   ► Locking screws and plates
company specializes in manufacturing
                                            ► Trochanteric nails
cardiovascular and endovascular devices,
among which coronary and peripheral         ► Screws, plates, nails, wires and
stents and balloons, as well as self-          instruments
expanding stents.                           ► Cannulated screws and instruments
                                            ► Dynamical Hip Systems (DHS/DCS)
At Balton, we use the state-of-the-art
technology and finest raw materials         ► Elastic intramedullary nails for children
during production. Balton cooperates with   ► Plates for funnel chest reconstruction
numerous universities and medical centres   ► Veterinary line (TTA, TPO, TPLO, IL nails
in Poland and other countries, such as         etc.)
the USA, France, England, Japan, Brazil     Apart from our standard products we can
and Russia. Thanks to those partnerships,   offer also contract manufacturing and OEM.
we always introduce new products based
on our very own patents. Balton is highly   We are looking for:
appreciative of countless distinctions,     ► distributors
awards and certificates it has been         ► companies interested in contract
awarded.                                      manufacturing and OEM.
Our unique products are exported to more
than 90 countries around the globe.
► # C.C75                                   ► Hall 2/# H2.H33

                                            Arab Health 2019                       39
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