Metal Toilet Partitions

Metal Toilet Partitions
Metal Toilet

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      SECTION 10160 | Metal Toilet Partitions
Metal Toilet Partitions
Metal Toilet Partitions
    Since 1975, Shanahan’s has been manufacturing one of the most durable toilet
    partition products available. Our products are designed with classic, clean lines
    and are built to last for many years.
    Unlike most other toilet partition product lines, which     This product is suitable for installation in virtually any type
    are made with two identical pans connected along the        of facility and is a very good choice for washrooms that
    edge using a separate spline, our partitions are designed   are subjected to high use.
    from two pans with interlocking sides that snap together
    during assembly. The corners of the panels and doors are    Our standard products are powder coated and we offer
    then welded and finished. This edge design creates a very   30 standard and eight premium colour choices, including
    strong door/panel/pilaster. Unlike many manufacturers of    textured finishes. With their sleek appearance, and long-
    toilet partitions who produce 1-1/4” thick pilasters and    lasting durability, Shanahan’s toilet partitions are the best
    1” thick doors and panels, Shanahan’s produces pilasters,   choice for your facility.
    doors and panels all to be 1-1/4” thick.

Metal Toilet Partitions
Overhead Braced
• The O.B. Model is recommended for its durability
  and economy.
• The overhead rail ensures a rigid and stable
• The model is most popular in schools, restaurants and
  public washrooms.
• The galvanneal floor channel provides a simple yet firm
  platform for the easily adjustable pilaster.

                       ANODIZED ALUMINUM
                       ANTI-GRIP HEADRAIL

                       #12 x 5/8"
                       PAN HEAD                                        4                              4
                                                                                          1                   1               1
                       SHEET METAL SCREW
                                                                   3              1               2                       2           12"

                       PILASTER WITH
                       HONEYCOMB CORE

                                                 46"                                                                                  58"
                       STAINLESS STEEL SHOE

                       FLOOR CHANNEL
                       ALLOWS ADJUSTMENT
                       OF PILASTER
                                                                            5                 5                   5               5   12"
                       #12 x 5/8"
                       PAN HEAD
                       SHEET METAL SCREW                    END ELEVATION                     FRONT ELEVATION

                       #12 x 1-1/2"
                                                        FOR OPTIMUM STRENGTH          1   PILASTER        4       HEADRAIL
                       PAN HEAD                        AND SAFETY, INSTALL WOOD
                       SHEET METAL SCREW                 BLOCKING IN HOLLOW           2   DOOR            5       SHOES
                       WITH EXPANSION ANCHOR               WALLS (DRYWALL).
                                                                                      3   PANEL

Metal Toilet Partitions
F.B. Floor Braced Model
    • Flush top gives a modern, uniform appearance.
    • Stability is achieved by anchoring the pilaster to the floor with threaded rods and
      expansion anchors.
    • Recommended in areas where overhead bracing is not desirable and where installation
      of ceiling hung compartments are not practical due to the height of the ceiling.
    • Ideal for office buildings.

                    WITH                                                                 3                          1                     1                 1
                                                                                                                              2                       2
                    HONEYCOMB               12Ga STEEL
                    CORE                    SUPPORT                                                     1
                    STAINLESS               WELDED TO
                    STEEL                   PILASTER
                    SHOE                                              46"                                                                                         58"

                    AND NUTS
                    ALLOW                                             18"
                                                                                                 4                      4                     4                 4 12"
                    OF PILASTER
                                                                                END ELEVATION                               FRONT ELEVATION

                                                                              FOR OPTIMUM STRENGTH              1   PILASTER              3   PANEL
                                                                             AND SAFETY, INSTALL WOOD
                    EXPANSION                                                  BLOCKING IN HOLLOW               2   DOOR                  4   SHOES
                    ANCHOR                                                       WALLS (DRYWALL).


    C.H. Ceiling Hung Model
    • The unobstructed floor area makes cleaning easier and maintenance simpler.
    • The pilasters are suspended from structural supports above the finished dropped ceiling
      with threaded rods.
    • Recommended in areas where ease of cleaning is important. Maximum recommended
      height is 8’0”. Not recommended where doors and panels are in the same plane
      (alcove compartments).
    • Typical installations are hospitals and office buildings.

                    STRUCTURAL                                                                   4                      4                     4
                    (BY OTHERS)
                                                                                         3                                   2                    2

                    CEILING                                                                                                                                   RECOMMENDS
                    THREADED                                                                                                                                    MAXIMUM
                    ROD                                                                                                                                          HEIGHT
                    AND NUTS                                           46"                                                                                58"      OF
                    ALLOW                                                                                                                                          8' 0"
                    OF PILASTER

                    STEEL                 12Ga STEEL
                    SHOE                  SUPPORT                      18"
                                          BRACKET                                                                   1                 1           1
                    PILASTER              WELDED TO
                    WITH                  PILASTER
                    HONEYCOMB                                                    END ELEVATION                          FRONT ELEVATION
                                                                              FOR OPTIMUM STRENGTH          1   PILASTER          3   PANEL
                                                                             AND SAFETY, INSTALL WOOD
      SECTION THROUGH PILASTER      FRONT ELEVATION/DETAIL                                                  2   DOOR              4   SHOE
                                                                               BLOCKING IN HOLLOW
                                                                                 WALLS (DRYWALL).

Metal Toilet Partitions
Floor and
Ceiling Braced
                                                               STANDARD FEATURES

                                                              Doors, Panels and Pilasters
Models                                                        All steel is 20Ga galvanneal to avoid corrosion.
• Where optimum support is required and abuse can             All doors, panels and pilasters are fabricated to an overall
  be expected, the F.C. Model is recommended.                 thickness of 1-1/4”.
• The pilasters are attached to the floor and ceiling using
  galvanneal steel channels, which are identical
  to the type used for the O.B. Model.

                                                              Self-locking Edges
                                                              Doors, panels and pilasters are all fabricated as pans
                                                              with formed interlocking edges that snap together when
                                                              assembled. This provides a very strong, double-thickness
                                                              perimeter on the doors and panels. All corners are then
                                                              welded and finished.

                                                              For uniform flatness, a 1-1/4” cell size
                                                              paper honeycomb core is bonded
                                                              to the steel faces using a specially
                                                              designed adhesive.
                                                              An optional plywood composite solid core is available.

                                                              Anti-grip Headrail
                                                              The clear anodized aluminum headrail
                                  #12 x 1-1/2" PAN HEAD
                                  SHEET METAL SCREW           fits over the pilaster and is secured to
                                  INTO BLOCKING
                                                              the wall with support brackets.
                                  SHOE, CHANNEL AND
                                  FASTENERS AS PER
                                  FLOOR CONNECTION
                                  PILASTER WITH
                                  HONEYCOMB CORE
                                                              Chrome-plated zinc die castings (Zamac) are standard on
                                  STAINLESS STEEL SHOE
                                                              all models. See page 10 for all stock hardware.

                                  FLOOR CHANNEL
                                  ALLOWS ADJUSTMENT
                                  OF PILASTER

                                  #12 x 5/8" PAN HEAD
                                  SHEET METAL SCREW

                                  #12 x 1-1/2" PAN HEAD
                                  SHEET METAL SCREW
                                  WITH EXPANSION ANCHOR


Metal Toilet Partitions
Powder Coated Finish
    All steel surfaces are cleaned and degreased in an
    automatic wash process and then iron phosphatised for      Standard
    positive paint adhesion. Doors, panels and pilasters are
    then powder coated in any of our 38 standard colours
    (custom colours available).
                                                                            100 Pure White
                                                                            970 Dawn
                                                                            200 Cadet Gray
                                                                            270 Sunset
                                                                            821 Plantation
                                                                            101 White
                                                                            260 Offsprey
                                                                            584 Steel Grey
                                                                            820 Delph
                                                                            301 Grey
                                                                            385 London Fog
                                                                            389 Fieldstone
                                                                            871 Kindling Wood
                                                                            202 Surf White
                                                                            706 Beige
                                                                            720 Sand
                                                                            310 Stone
                                                                            403 Yellow
                                                                            504 Red
                                                                            560 Burgundy
                                                                            600 Green
                                                                            800 Ultra Marine
                                                                            315 Nesika Bay
                                                                            325 Hemlock
                                                                            415 Northern Star
                                                                            807 Blue
                                                                            390 Coffee
                                                                            410 Teakwood
                                                                            220 Slate
                                                                            908 Black

                                                               Premium Textured
                                                                            1430 Textured White
                                                                            1015 Desert Stone
                                                                            1059 Bengal Silver Metallic
                                                                            1001 Rust
                                                                            1050 Antique Bronze
                                                                            1820 Antique Silver
                                                                            1002 Pewter
    • Anti-graffiti coatings are available.
                                                                            1250 Midnight Black
    • Custom colours are available subject to
      minimum quantities.
    • Colours shown are for demonstration purposes.
      Contact Shanahan’s for our Colour Selector.

Metal Toilet Partitions
Maximum Privacy Series
Shanahan’s manufactures additional height doors and panels (64” and 72”) to
maximize user privacy. For complete privacy, a series of special components are
available, which when installed eliminate any visible spaces between doors and
pilasters, as well as pilasters and panels.

                                             • Hinge Filler: aluminum (suitable for powder coating
                                               or can be polished for stainless steel applications).
                                             • Door Stop: aluminum (suitable for powder coating
                                               or can be polished for stainless steel applications).
                                             • “F” Channel: galvanneal steel or stainless steel.
                                             • “U” Channel: galvanneal steel or stainless steel.

                                                                                 1. CONTINUOUS DOOR STOP
                                                         4                       2. CONTINUOUS HINGE FILLER
                                         8                                       3. CONTINUOUS “U” CHANNEL
                                                                                 4. CONTINUOUS “T” CHANNEL
                                                                                 5. CONTINUOUS “F” CHANNEL
                                                                                 6. DOOR
                                                                                 7. PILASTER
                                                                     1           8. PANEL     2          5

                                                   7                      6                    7

                                                  FULL PRIVACY SERIES COMPONENTS

                                             Continuous Doorstop               Continuous Hinge Filler

Metal Toilet Partitions
    All of Shanahan’s toilet compartments
    are available in type 304 stainless steel
    finish. Stainless steel is of premium
    quality construction, which offers
    exceptional longevity with unsurpassed
    corrosion resistance.

    Maintenance is greatly reduced as
    no parts require painting. And the
    gleaming appearance will suit most of
    today’s decors.

     stainless steel finish options

    #4 Finish                                   Leathergrain #2 B Finish 60-Lth           Rigidized #4 Finish 5-WL

     applications                                                     models available

     Ideal for installations where the highest degree of              • O.B. Overhead Braced         • C.H. Ceiling Hung
     cleanliness and corrosion resistance is of prime
     importance, including the following areas:                       • F.B. Floor Braced            • Maximum Privacy

     • Dairy and Beverage areas      • Leisure Centres
                                                                      STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE
     • Distilleries                  • Meat Packing Plants
     • Food Processing               • Military Bases                 Hardware is available in stainless steel, surface
                                                                      mounted only.
     • Hospital/Laboratory           • Public Showers
     • Hotels                        • Sports Arenas
                                                                      Splash panels
     • Ice and Roller Rinks          • Swimming Pools
                                                                      Type 304-4 brushed stainless steel for additional
                                                                      protection adjacent to urinals.

Vision and Urinal Screens
Model “WH”                                                        18" or 24"

Wall Hung
• Chrome wall and “wing” brackets
• Screen 18” or 24” wide x 42” high                   42"                         30"


                                                             1- 3/4"

Model “FB”
                                                             SQUARE POST

                                                                  PANEL WIDTH
                                                                    TO SUIT

Floor Braced
• 70” high anodized aluminum post
• Chrome flange and brackets                           58"
• Custom panel width (standard height is 58”)   70"


Model “FC”                                                            1-3/4"

Floor to                                                           PANEL WIDTH
                                                                     TO SUIT

Ceiling Post                                     10' 0"
                                                MAX. HT.
• 120” high anodized aluminum post
• Chrome flange and brackets
• Custom panel width (standard height is 58”)

  INSTALL WOOD BLOCKING IN HOLLOW                           12"
           WALLS (DRYWALL).

Typical Cross-Section and Detail

                                                                                     USE WALL ANCHORS                                            #12 x 2" PAN HEAD
                                                                                     IN CONCRETE OR                                           SHEET METAL SCREW
                                                                                     MASONRY WALLS                                                        (TYPICAL)
                                                                                                                                                   #12 x 5/8" PAN HEAD
                                                                                                                           PANEL                  SHEET METAL SCREW

                                                                                                TS-120                              ALL DOORS, PANELS AND
                                                                                                COMBINATION                        PILASTERS ARE 1-1/4" THICK
                                      18"               TS-100
                                                        "F" BRACKET
                                                                                                     CONCEALED             TS-200
                                                                                                     LATCH                 "U" BRACKET
              BACKING HEIGHTS                                                                        ASSEMBLY
                                                  PILASTER            DOOR

           AND SAFETY, INSTALL WOOD                                                     LATCH BOLT
             BLOCKING IN HOLLOW                                             TS-140 AND TS-150                           PILASTER                                                1"
                                                  1" SPACE                                                    TS-130
               WALLS (DRYWALL).                                             HINGE BRACKETS
                                                  MAXIMUM                                                     STRIKE AND KEEPER

     Typical Toilet Compartment Layouts

                    32"                                                     32"                                                         32"
                    to                                                      to                                                          to
                    36"                                                     36"                                                         36"
                                                  57"                                                              57"                                                          57"
                                                  to                                                               to                                                           to
                                                  60"                                                              60"                                                          60"

                          IN CORNER                                          BETWEEN WALLS                                               FREE STANDING

                             60"                                                      60"
                              to                                                       to                                           BARRIER-FREE COMPARTMENTS
                             120"               32"                                   120"                         32"
                                              MINIMUM                                                            MINIMUM          CHECK YOUR LOCAL REGULATIONS FOR MINIMUM
                                                                                                                                    REQUIREMENTS FOR TOILET COMPARTMENTS
                                                                                                                                              FOR THE DISABLED.

                    ALCOVE - OPEN END                           ALCOVE - BETWEEN WALLS

     Shower and Dressing Compartments

                                                                                                      36"                   36"                    36"                    36"

                              36"           36"

     82"      58"                                                     46"

                                                                                                      CURTAIN              BENCH
                                                                                                      (OPTIONAL)           (OPTIONAL)


                                                    CONCRETE CURB
                              END ELEVATION         (OPTIONAL – BY OTHERS)
                                                                                                                                    PLAN VIEW

    • Vinyl or duck shower curtains • Chrome shower rods • Concealed curtain track • Cedar or maple • 64”/72” high panels

Metal Toilet Partitions

Specifications                                                                                                Hardware
Powder Coated Toilet Partitions_____                                                    PANEL AND PILASTER BRACKETS

All sheet metal to be galvanneal steel to ASTM #A653 ZF 120 (A40).
                                                                                       1-1/4” PANEL & PILASTER TO WALL BRACKET                         1-1/4” PANEL TO PILASTER BRACKET   ALCOVE L BRACKET

                                                                                       TS-100                                                          TS-200                             TS-140-1

DOORS AND PANELS                                                                        PILASTER HARDWARE

To be 1-1/4” (32 mm) thick. Constructed of two sheets galvanneal steel,
minimum 20Ga. The sheets are to be cemented under pressure to a honeycomb
core. The sheets are to be formed and finished with continuous self-locking edges      CEILING HUNG PILASTER ANCHOR KIT                                FLOOR BRACED PILASTER              STAINLESS STEEL SHOES
with the corners mitred, welded and ground smooth. Height of doors and panels          TCH-700
                                                                                                                                                       ANCHOR KIT
                                                                                                                                                       TFB-450                            TS-XX
to be 57-1/2” (1461 mm) high.                                                           CONCEALED DOOR HARDWARE

To be manufactured using the same materials and fabrication as outlined in             CONCEALED INDICATOR LATCH ASSEMBLY                              STRIKE AND KEEPER

doors and panels. Height of pilasters to be 81” (2057 mm). A 16Ga galvanneal           TS-110                                                          TS-130

steel floor channel is to be fastened to the floor with expansion anchors. The
pilaster is to be positioned over the floor channel and fastened with sheet metal
screws to the channel. 4” (102 mm) high shoes to be manufactured of type 304
#4 finish stainless steel to ASTM #A240 minimum 20Ga with continuous self-             LOWER HINGE ASSEMBLY                                            UPPER HINGE ASSEMBLY

locking edges (fasteners are not required).                                            TS-140
                                                                                        SURFACE DOOR HARDWARE

To be manufactured using the same materials and fabrication as outlined in             SURFACE LATCH                       SURFACE STRIKE AND BUMPER
                                                                                                                           EMERGENCY ACCESS
                                                                                                                                                       FLIP LATCH                         SURFACE MOUNTED HINGES

doors and panels. Height of pilasters to be 70” (1778 mm). The top of the              TS-300                              TS-401                      TS-400-4                           TS-234 (LH) and
                                                                                                                                                                                          TS-235 (RH)
pilaster is to be formed the same as the sides. The bottom of the pilaster is           DOOR HARDWARE ACCESSORIES

to be reinforced with minimum 11Ga carrying channel secured to the floor with
concrete expansion anchors. Stainless steel shoes same as for O.B. pilasters.
                                                                                       COAT HOOK AND BUMPER                                            DOOR PULL

PILASTERS — CEILING HUNG (C.H.)                                                        TS-120
                                                                                        HEADRAIL AND HEADRAIL BRACKETS

To be manufactured using the same materials and fabrication as outlined in doors
and panels. Maximum height for pilasters to be 120” (3048 mm). The bottom of
the pilaster is to be formed the same as the sides. The top of the pilaster is to be
reinforced with minimum 11Ga carrying channel and prepared for ceiling connection.     ALUMINUM ANTI-GRIP HEADRAIL

                                                                                                                           HEADRAIL END CAP

                                                                                                                                                       HEADRAIL BRACKETS

                                                                                                                                                                                          HEADRAIL CONNECTOR

Stainless steel shoes same as for the O.B. pilaster.                                    SHOWER AND CHANGE STALL HARDWARE

HEADRAILS                                                                              CONCEALED TRACK AND HOOK            SHOWER ROD FLANGE           SHOWER CURTAIN HOOK                TRIANGULAR SUPPORT FOR
                                                                                                                                                                                          WOOD SEAT
To be clear anodized alloy and temper 6063T5, anti-grip design. The outer              TS-210                              TS-302                      TS-203                             TS-201-1

flanges are to fit over the facing of the pilaster. The headrail is to be supported     SCREEN HARDWARE

at the wall with aluminum painted Zamak support brackets.

                                                                                       POST FLANGE                         POST CAP                    WING BRACKET
HARDWARE                                                                               TS-169                              TS-190                      TS-2500

All door hardware, panel and pilaster brackets to be chrome-plated zinc die              All standard door, panel and pilaster hardware are chrome-plated zinc die
castings (Zamac).                                                                        castings (Zamac). Brackets, concealed door hardware, shoes and headrail
                                                                                         are manufactured to fit Shanahan’s 1-1/4” square edge. Replacement and
Door hinge housings to be recessed into door for extra strength and flush                special parts are available upon request.
appearance. 3/8” (9.5 mm) cold-rolled steel threaded barrel pin to secure top
hinge to door (plastic is not acceptable). Gravity door hinges to be adjustable for
any position.                                                                          Stainless steel hardware
Concealed door latch shall be vandal-proof and accessible from the
exterior in emergencies. The slide latch with knob is suitable for persons with        Hardware is available in stainless steel, surface mounted only.
disabilities (easy to grasp with one hand and does not require tight grasping/
pinching, or twisting of the wrist). The door swing is to be interchangeable by
reversing the door latch.
Combination doorstop and keeper to have slotted hole for latch
bolt. A continuous black rubber bumper is to be integral with the doorstop.
Combination coat hook and bumper to be supplied for each door.
Fitted with black rubber bumper.

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