Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction

Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction
                                         WINTER 2018                                      

Metricon and Satterley
join forces for a no reserve
charity home auction
Metricon and Satterley have partnered         This will be Satterley’s 40th charity home
with The Footy Show My Room Telethon          in Australia and its first in Victoria. Satterley
on Channel Nine to offer an incredible        founder and CEO Nigel Satterley AM said,
4-bedroom two-storey home in Satterley’s      “We’re incredibly excited to be able to
Botanical community, for a no reserve         provide land within one of our newest and
auction on Saturday 4 August 2018.            most in-demand communities.”
The auction will be held at Marnong Estate    “The lucky bidders of this premium quality house
winery, with proceeds going to children’s     and land package are not only helping improve
cancer charity, My Room. A no reserve         the lives of children with cancer, but they’ll also
auction is one in which a home can sell       be making a sound investment for their future in
for any price.                                this beautiful community,” said Nigel.
                                                                                                    WHAT IS MY ROOM?
The Metricon Merricks 37 home will be         You can visit the Metricon Merricks 37
                                                                                                    My Room is a volunteer organisation
built on a 508-square metre block in          display at 14 Whiteleaf Drive, Mickleham.
                                                                                                    dedicated to raising funds to achieve
Botanical, next to a planned park, and
                                              To find out more visit                                a 100 per cent cure rate for childhood
walking distance to the planned local
                                                           cancers. Over the past 25 years, My
shopping village.
                                                                                                    Room has raised more than $17 million
The Merricks 37 features four substantial                                                           for childhood cancer research, clinical
bedrooms, ample entertaining areas, a                                                               care, family support, and to improve the
private study, formal sitting room and huge                                                         quality of life for children with cancer.
upstairs leisure room.
Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction
Development Update
Since our last newsletter (and my last            We’re also close to completing the                 You can keep up-to-date on title details
development update), a lot has happened           Mickleham Road entry intersection works            and stage updates by visiting https://
at Botanical. There have been plenty of           into Botanical. You may have also noticed
highlights, but for me, the one that stands out   the new road which has been built next             information
is the commencement of civil construction,        to the Land Sales Office and will provide
which means you can start to see stages           access to your new home.
being built, which is really exciting.
                                                  As for the future, I’m looking forward to
To give you a little bit more detail,             titling our first stage. It will be great to
construction in Stages 1, 2, 3 (Display           see the excitement of purchasers settling
Village) and 3A has progressed, and the           their lots so they can start building their
installation of the internal underground          dream homes. I’m also keen to start the
services is nearing completion. The road          construction of our first local park in Stage
network is also starting to take shape.           4 as soon as possible to provide a great           Andrew Jones,
                                                  focal point for our residents and friends.         Senior Development Manager
Stages 4 and 5 have commenced
construction; sewer and drainage                  Looking forward to bringing you more
infrastructure are the first services being       updates in our next edition of the
installed. Stage 6 is set to commence in July.    newsletter.

                                                             Sales office brings a fresh new
                                                             dimension to Botanical
                                                             Botanical just continues to bloom, and one of the latest developments is the
                                                             introduction of a brand new sales office at 2090 Mickleham Road.
                                                             It’s open from Monday until Sunday and on most of those days you can speak
                                                             with our Sales Professional, Stevie Chau (who features on the cover of this
                                                             newsletter). Stevie says the office has made a significant difference to the site.
                                                             “For me, I enjoy working in a calm and peaceful environment. But, more
                                                             importantly, the people who come into the office now get a better sense of what
                                                             the land is like and where exactly it is within Mickleham.”
                                                             She says the office has been decorated to reflect the theme of the project. It’s
                                                             a small but important detail at such an early stage of the community, where
                                                             potential buyers are guided in great part by their own imaginations and the
                                                             inspiration provided by people like Stevie.
                                                             The new office opening hours are:
                                                             Monday: 1pm - 5pm
                                                             Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 5pm
                                                             Come in and grab a brochure. You’re welcome to stay for a coffee!
Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction
Building a new home versus
      buying established
      Hear why Botanical Stage 1 purchasers
      Sarah and Luke chose to build
      When we spoke with Sarah and Luke in late 2017 they told us about their joy after
      securing a block in the very first land release at Botanical. A lot of time has passed
      since then, but they’re still excited about their first property purchase.
      They chose a four-bedroom Henley floorplan and they’re now in the process
      of choosing colours, tiles, flooring and a few additional details to really make it
      feel like theirs.
      “If we were living in it for two years, we would go completely standard – no
      features. However, Luke and I see ourselves living there for a good 12 to 14
      years. Hopefully our kids can reach their teens [in this home]. So we’ll go ahead
      with some extras,” Sarah explains.
      Luke says as they go about considering options for the interior, light, openness
      and taking advantage of space will be foremost in their minds.
      “We want a bright and spacious theme for our interior that is easy to keep
      clean,” he says.
      “The added door height we’ve opted for will give the illusion of more space and
      we really want to make the most of storage spaces, especially in our wardrobe
      and laundry areas.”
      As for their decision to purchase land off the plan, they’ve both seen numerous
      advantages compared with buying an established home.
      “Luke and I were considering established homes [originally],” Sarah says. “But
      looking through homes every weekend can be heartbreaking.”
      When they opted for land, they also opted for the certainty that comes from
      a fixed sale price. They found another advantage, as well: they could use the
      time before the land was built on and titled to save money towards the deposit,
      essentially lowering their mortgage before it even existed.
      But that’s not too far away now. Sarah and Luke will start building their home when
      Stage 1 at Botanical titles, which is currently planned for late 2018 or early 2019.
      “I’m looking forward to having a brand new home; something that we can call
      ours,” Sarah says.
      “It’s amazing to know that we’re in the property market now – I know that’s                Stage 1 purchasers Luke and Sarah
      hard for many Victorians. I feel like we’ve got our future set up.”

                                                                              Dinner for two competition
                                                                              Tasia and Gracia Segar, who won My Kitchen Rules in 2016, and became
                                                                              Botanical Ambassadors when the community launched at the start of this
                                                                              year, are about to open their first restaurant.
                                                                              It’s called Makan (which means “eat” in Indonesian) and it’s located in
                                                                              the centre of Melbourne - at 360 Collins Street. It’s a modern Balinese
                                                                              restaurant that will concentrate on the authentic, traditional and bold
                                                                              flavours of Indonesia.
                                                                              The restaurant officially opens this month and we’d like to send one lucky
                                                                              couple from Botanical to Makan on us. To win a $200 restaurant voucher,
                                                                              including a signature dessert created and served by the sisters - stay tuned
                                                                              for a special offer sent to your email with instructions on how to enter.
Tasia and Gracia Seger
Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction
Meet Stevie Chau
 Botanical’s Sales Professional
 You can tell a lot about a person by their        “I’ve always wanted a job helping people.
 professional history. Some have a straight        You don’t often think of a sales job as one
 and steady path in a single industry and          where you help people, but when your
 set of abilities. Others are less definite;       clients are looking to get into a home for
 they chop and change between jobs and             the first time or looking to build their dream
 skills. And there are a rare few who make         home, the right advice is invaluable.”
 significant career changes but remain
                                                   Stevie says that in her current role there’s
 able to do what they’re truly good at –
                                                   naturally a lot of information to impart
 one of those is Stevie Chau.
                                                   and for some clients the process can
 Stevie is the Sales Professional at               be quite overwhelming, especially first
 Botanical and, although she’s been in             home buyers. She enjoys the task of
 property for more than ten years, she             reassuring people to help get their head
 began her career in a totally different           around complex details and making them
 professional sphere.                              feel comfortable during what can be a
                                                   stressful time.
 “I wanted to be a nurse, coming out of
 school,” Stevie says.                             She also enjoys Melbourne’s outer
                                                   northern suburbs, especially Mickleham,          “I love the vision for the
 And that’s exactly what she did, working
 at the Monash Medical Centre.
                                                   having previously sold land in Greenvale,        community. As the name says,
                                                   Doreen and Mernda.
                                                                                                    our focus is on open spaces
 She was a nurse for a few years before
 realising it wasn’t quite the vocation for her.
                                                   “Botanical is very competitively priced.         and reserves. There’ll be a lot
                                                   We’re in a better location at a better price
 After that, Stevie says she “fell into” land
                                                   compared with other developments in
                                                                                                    of money spent on beautiful
 sales. But, Stevie admits she saw a clear
                                                   the area, so clients are seeing the value in     community spaces that will
 connection between the two professions.
                                                   buying here. ”                                   reflect this vision.”

Artist’s impression
Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction Metricon and Satterley join forces for a no reserve charity home auction
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