Module Guide 2018/19 - Learning Development - City, University of London

Module Guide 2018/19 - Learning Development - City, University of London
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Module Guide 2018/19

                       Learning Development
Module Guide 2018/19 - Learning Development - City, University of London
Part one
    EDM120                                          EDM118                                           EDM106                                            EDM116
    Learning, Teaching and Assessment               Student Support and Personal Tutoring            Curriculum Development and Evaluation             Technology Enabled Academic Practice
    15 M Level Credits                              15 M Level Credits                               15 M Level Credits                                30 M Level Credits

This module provides an introduction to            This module has been designed to develop         This module explores the theory and               Teaching and learning technologies are
teaching, learning and assessment in Higher        your understanding of key principles and         practice related to curriculum development        transforming education, placing new
Education. It provides an overview of key          issues in student support and to introduce the   and evaluation. Participants will examine         demands on educators and learners alike.
theories and methods to enable                     notion and practice of personal tutoring.        models and theories of curriculum,                The Technology Enabled Academic Practice
you to develop an evidenced-based and                                                               discuss stakeholder involvement, explore          (TEAP) is a 30 credit module designed
reflective approach to your teaching.              The module invites you to explore your own       embedding themes such as employability            to equip educators with the skills and
                                                   student support and/or personal tutoring         and study skills, outline plans for               understanding to use technology to support
The module will support you through critical       roles, consider how support for learning         developing, approving, amending and               distance, blended and face-to-face teaching.
considerations of the key stages of the teaching   works within an integrated model of              evaluating a programme or module and              It provides participants with the knowledge
process: from planning lessons and making          academic practice, and reflect upon your own     consider sustainability of the curriculum.        to become reflective practitioners and
the most of learning spaces, to choosing           supporting ethos and approach. A core feature    The assessment for the module is a verbal         effective users and evaluators of a wide range
activities, managing classroom behaviour,          of the module is our practical exploration       presentation using assessment criteria            of educational technologies.
assessing students’ learning and providing         of research and literature on these areas in     designed by you and your peers on the
feedback. The module is assessed through           the context of City, University of London and    module. In order to undertake this module         There are four assessments for this module.
a lesson plan or assessment plan with a            within broader domains.                          you need to be involved in a module or            Two of these are linked to the project
2,000 word supporting rationale and self-                                                           programme team where you can engage               proposal and project report. There is also
assessment. In addition, there is a requirement    You will work together in small, discipline-     in design and or review of curricula.             a social book marking activity and some
to undertake a peer-supported review of            related groups from the outset and produce a                                                       collaboration activities. This module is
education. This means that you need to have        group poster designed to inform your School                                                        designed for staff currently involved in
                                                                                                    EDM112                                            educating students, whether online or
arranged teaching to be undertaken                 or section about any aspect of student support
                                                                                                    Professional and Personal                         offline and who would like to develop their
during the same term as the module if you are      and/or personal tutoring. This, together with
                                                                                                    Development Planning                              expertise in blended learning. Previous
not already teaching.                              an individually written report, will form your
                                                                                                    15 M Level Credits                                students have included lecturers, learning
                                                   module assessment.
After successful completion of the module,                                                                                                            support professionals and trainers.
                                                                                                    This module explores the UK Professional
participants will be awarded the Introductory      Please note that to undertake this module, you   Standards Framework (UKPSF) 2011 for
Certificate in Academic Practice (and Associate    need to be in a student support or personal      Teaching in Higher Education and teaching
Fellowship of the HEA) or can continue with        tutoring role.                                   standards set by the Nursing and Midwifery
further modules to gain a higher qualification                                                      Council (2008). Participants will be
such as Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate                                                      encouraged to draw upon the other modules
Diploma or master’s degree. The modules in                                                          undertaken for the Postgraduate Certificate
the two Postgraduate Certificate routes of the                                                      in the module activities. Participation in peer
wthe programme has been approved by the                                                             review and planning for future practice is
Higher Education Academy and the Nursing                                                            required. There is a focus on the literature
and Midwifery Council.                                                                              related to the Scholarship of Teaching and
                                                                                                    Learning and Teaching Excellence. There
                                                                                                    are two assessments for this module, one
                                                                                                    focused on peer review and the other a self-
                                                                                                    assessment against the dimensions of the
                                                                                                    UKPSF and Descriptor 2. This module must
                                                                                                    be the last module taken in either of the
                                                                                                    Postgraduate Certificate routes and cannot be
2                                                                                                   taken as a stand alone module.                                                                     3
Module Guide 2018/19 - Learning Development - City, University of London
Part two
     EDM121                                            EDM119
     Developing Leadership and                         Research Supervision
     your Reflective Practice                          15 M Level Credits
     30 M Level Credits
    Increasingly work in the HE sector is             This module is aimed at new supervisors
    characterised by continuous change and            of PhD students or those who will be
    uncertainty with high expectations and            supervising PhD students in the future.
    decreasing resources. Consequently, it is         However, some of the theory can also
    vital for staff to develop leadership skills      be applied to master’s level dissertation
    and reflective practice that draws on self-       supervision. Supervision models will be
    awareness, leadership models and exploration      explored along with the supervision process
    of change. Leadership in an academic              and good practice in this. There will also be
    environment can be challenging where              discussion about key milestones, providing
    hierarchies are often flat and power dynamics     feedback for your student, career planning,
    unclear. Yet, staff are placed in positions       preparing for the viva and examining theses.
    requiring honed leadership skills. Leadership     The module provides a chance to share
    and being an agent of change are qualities        personal experience and good practice. The
    that apply to all roles and grades of work.       assessment is an essay on negotiated topic.

    This module creates a space within which to
    reflect, network and discover in order to build
                                                       Enhancing Your Academic Practice
    on your role as a leader of change. Across
                                                       15 M Level Credits
    the contact days, you will take part in visits,
    reflection, presentation and discussion.
    While this module will have a theoretical         This module aims to help you identify one
    underpinning, the sessions and activities         aspect of your academic practice you would
    will be driven by your experiences. There are     like to change. During the module you
    three assessments for this module, which          will explore practice elsewhere and gather
    include blogs posts, a presentation, a written    evidence to support a change in practice
    philosophy and action plan. To undertake this     to enable you to identify and plan how you
    module you need to be a leader or potential       might implement such a change.
    leader within your area of practice.

4                                                                                                     5
EDM122                                       EDM109
    Digital Literacies and Open Practices        Researching Higher Education
    15 M Level Credits                           15 M Level Credits

The module provides you with a working           This module provides a practical and
knowledge of the current impact that digital     theoretically informed introduction to the
technologies have in higher education            design, conduct and evaluation of small-
specifically in relation to staff and student    scale, education-based research. It is
digital literacies and open practices. It        essential preparation for Year 3 of the MA
considers their impact on teaching and           and the dissertation module (EDM114), but
learning, research and administration            would also be valuable if you are planning
as well as providing an understanding of         on undertaking any education-based
their impact on the global and national          research in the future.
policy context.
                                                 Starting by identifying those aspects of
The module examines the evolution of digital     your education-based work that interest and
technologies and their impact in higher          intrigue you, you will develop a structured
education, investigates debates and evidence     proposal for a small-scale project which will
about the effects on teaching and learning,      form your module assessment and which you
examines the digital tools which are used        can (if you choose) take with you into Year 3
to support teaching, learning, research and      of the MAAP or back into your practice.
administration and the developments might
occur in the foreseeable future. It provides     Across the module’s three face-to-face
you with the opportunity to reflect critically   teaching days and during your own
on the issues raised by the increasing           independent study, you will explore a range
implementation of technology in higher           of relevant research approaches, methods
education both globally and within your own      and tools; discuss data collection and
context and to explore what open practice        analysis; and consider appropriate forms of
means in the context of your work.               research reporting and evaluation. You will
                                                 also reflect – independently and with peers
The aims of this module are to: evaluate         – on the ethical dimensions of researching
how technology creates both opportunities        higher education, draw on your professional
for innovation and challenges in learning        experiences and consider your own status as
and teaching practice and to consider            an insider-researcher.
how to integrate technologies into current
learning and teaching strategies in an           Please note from the start that this module
effective manner; analyse the use of digital     is about education-based research and the
resources appropriate to the content,            proposal that you will develop will need to be
audience and aims of your current courses;       grounded in academic practice, educational
develop transferrable skills, including your     development or higher education rather than
own digital literacies and how to better         exclusively in your ‘home’ discipline.
support students in this area develop an
understanding of open practices and reflect
on what it means in your own context as a
teacher and researchers.

6                                                                                                 7
Part three                                     Professional
    EDM114                                     Higher Education Academy
    Educational Research
    Project and Publication                    Successful completion of parts of this
    60 M Level Credits                         programme enable participants to gain either
                                               associate fellowship or fellowship of the
This is a 60 credit M-level module which       Higher Education Academy. Please note that
enables participants to undertake a genuine    eligibility for either associate fellowship or
piece of higher education research with        fellowship will depend on your role and the
the guidance of a supervisor. Participants     scope of this role in relation to teaching and
may select any focus for their research, as    supporting learning.
long as it is based in the broad domains of
educational development or higher education    For further information speak to members of
studies. You will work under the guidance of   the programme team.
an individual supervisor.
                                                Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
Applicants who undertake this module
normally have undertaken the Year 2 module,    For participants wishing to gain recognition
Researching Higher Education, although         with the NMC there are additional
if the applicant has undertaken a related      requirements as well as successful completion
module through another programme, this         of one of the Postgraduate Certificate routes.
may suffice. Participants are offered          Please speak to Professor Pam Parker for
some choice in the format that they use to     further information.
submit their project to suit your own needs
and interests.

8                                                                                               9
Pathways                                                                                         Part one

                                                                                                These are the routes you can take:
                                                                                                Completion of EDM120 leads to the Introductory Certificate in Academic practice.
The diagrams show the different pathways        All PhD students undertaking teaching are
that participants can choose in order to        required to undertake the Learning, Teaching    Completion of 60 year one module credits (must include: EDM120 & EDM112)
gain their award.                               and Assessment module, unless they have         leads to the Postgraduate certificate in Academic Practice.
                                                an existing appropriate qualification. If a
                                                                                                                      EDM118                     EDM106                      EDM 112                     Award:
There are several exit points, starting with    PhD student wishes to undertake any further
                                                                                                                      Student                    Curriculum                  Professional                Postgraduate
the Introductory Certificate in Academic        modules this must be discussed with                                   Support and                Development                 and Personal                Certificate in
Practice, awarded to participants who exit      and approved by their PhD supervisor                                  Personal                   and Evaluation              Development                 Academic
the programme having completed                  including the timing around these but also                            Tutoring                   15 M Level                  Planing                     Practice
the Learning, Teaching and Assessment           ensuring you are involved in appropriate                              15 M Level                 Credits                     15 M Level
module (EDM120).                                activities to meet the module requirements as                         Credits                                                Credits
                                                outlined above.
 Participants who also complete Professional
 and Personal Development Planning              Staff however will be given priority on          EDM120               EDM116                                                 EDM 112                    Award:
 (EDM112) and a further 30 credits worth of     modules. Places on some modules will only        Learning             Technology Enabled Academic                            Professional               Postgraduate
 Part 1 optional modules will be awarded        be provisional until one month prior to the      Teaching and         Practice                                               and Personal               Certificate in
                                                                                                 Assessment           30 M Level Credits                                     Development                Academic Prac-
 a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic         module running.                                                                                                              Planing                    tice (Technology
                                                                                                 15 M Level
 Practice. This award can include Technology                                                     Credits                                                                     15 M Level                 Enabled)
 Enabled depending on the pathway chosen.                                                                                                                                    Credits

 Participants who also complete an additional
 60 credits worth of Part 2 optional modules                                                                          Award:
 will receive a Postgraduate Diploma in                                                                               Introductory
 Academic Practice. This award can include                                                                            Certificate in
 Technology Enabled depending on the                                                                                  Academic
 pathway chosen.
                                                                                                                      Associate Fel-
                                                                                                                      low (AFHEA)*
 Participants who go on to complete
 Educational Research Project and                                                                                   *eligibility to gain HEA fellowship is dependent upon role please seek advice from the programme director
 Publication (EDM114) will receive an MA in
 Academic Practice.

10                                                                                                                                                                                                                              11
Part two                                                                                         Part three

     On completion of Part 1 you can continue to complete the Postgraduate Diploma                    For this module there are 4 different assessment options:
     by taking a further 60 credits from the following modules:

                                                                                                       Award:                       EDM114
                                                                                                       MA Academic Practice         Educational Research Project and
                                                EDM121                                                                              Publication Module
                                              Developing                                                                            60 M Level Credits
                                          Leadership and Your
                                           Reflective Practice
                        EDM118             30 M Level Credits           EDM116
                  Student Support and                              Technology Enabled
                    Personal Tutoring                               Academic Practice
                   15 M Level Credits                               30 M Level Credits                 1. Produce a           2. Submit an abstract to a          3. Produce a          4. Produce a
                                                                                                       15,000 word            conference and develop the          research report       research report
                                                                                                       critical review of     conference presentation,            of 10,000 words       of 15,000 words
                                                                                                       the literature in      followed by preparing               detailing your        detailing all
                                                                                                       your chosen topic      an article of the conference        small-scale study     aspects of your
                                                                                                                              presentation for publication        supported by the      small scale study
             EDM106                                                                                                           in either the conference            digital or teaching
                                             Award:                                EDM122                                     proceedings or a peer               and learning
            Curriculum                     Postgraduate                      Digital Literacies and                           reviewed journal                    artefact you have
         Development and                                                                                                                                          produced
            Evaluation                      Diploma in                          Open Practices
                                         Academic Practice                    15 M Level Credits
         15 M Level Credits

                        EDM123                                         EDM119
                     Enhancing Your                                    Research
                    Academic Practice                                 Supervision
                    15 M Level Credits                             15 M Level Credits
                                           Researching Higher
                                            15 M Level Credits

12                                                                                                                                                                                                          13
Module timetable
     Part one                                                                               Part two                                     Part three

     EDM120                                     EDM112                                      EDM121                                       EDM114
     Learning, Teaching and Assessment          Professional and Personal                   Developing Leadership and                    Educational Research Project
     (September 2018 iteration)                 Development Planning                        Your Reflective Practice                     and Publication Module
     Wednesday 5th September 2018 10am – 4pm    Wednesday 10th April 2019      10am – 4pm   Wednesday 27th February 2019   10am – 4pm    Wednesday 17th October 2019        10am – 4pm
     Thursday 6 September 2018
                                   10am – 4pm   Thursday 16 May 2019
                                                                               10am – 1pm   Wednesday 27 March 2019
                                                                                                                           10am – 4pm
     Wednesday 10 October 2018
                                   10am – 4pm   Thursday 20 June 2019
                                                                               10am – 2pm   Wednesday 24 April 2019
                                                                                                                           10am – 4pm   *Please note all dates are provisional and
                                                                                                                                          may be subject to alteration. Please see
     Thursday 11th October 2018    10am – 4pm                                               Tuesday 21st May 2019          10am – 4pm
                                                EDM118                                                                                    for any updates to the timetable.
                                                                                            Thursday 27th June 2019        10am – 4pm
                                                Student Support and Personal Tutoring
                                                                                            Wednesday 10th July 2019       10am – 4pm
     Learning, Teaching and Assessment          Wednesday 9th January 2019     10am – 4pm
     (October 2018 iteration)
                                                Thursday 17th January 2019     10am – 4pm
     Wednesday 31st October 2018   10am – 4pm                                               EDM122
                                                Wednesday 13th February 2019   10am – 4pm   Digital Literacies and Open Practice
     Thursday 1st November 2018    10am – 4pm
                                                Thursday 28th February 2019    10am – 4pm   Wednesday 18th October 2018    10am – 4pm
     Wednesday 28 November 2018 10am – 4pm
                                                                                            Wednesday 14th November 2018 10am – 4pm
     Thursday 29th November 2018   10am – 4pm   EDM106
                                                                                            Wednesday 12th December 2018 10am – 4pm
                                                Curriculum Development and Evaluation
     EDM120                                     Wednesday 20th March 2019      10am – 4pm
     Learning, Teaching and Assessment                                                      EDM119
     (January 2019 iteration)                   Thursday 21st March 2019       10am – 4pm   Research Supervision

     Wednesday 30th January 2019   10am – 4pm   Thursday 9th May 2019          10am – 4pm   Wednesday 21st November 2018 10am – 4pm

     Thursday 31st January 2019    10am – 4pm   Wednesday 5 June 2019
                                                                               10am – 4pm   Thursday 13th December 2018    10am – 4pm

     Wednesday 6th March 2019      10am – 4pm                                               Wednesday 16 January 2018
                                                                                                                           10am – 4pm
     Thursday 7th March 2019       10am – 4pm   Technology Enabled
                                                Academic Practice (TEAP)                    EDM109
                                                                                            Researching Higher Education
     EDM120                                     Thursday 10th January 2019     10am – 4pm
     Learning, Teaching and Assessment                                                      Wednesday 22nd May 2019        10am – 4pm
     (February 2019 iteration)                  Thursday 14 February 2019
                                                                               10am – 4pm
                                                                                            Wednesday 12 June 2019
                                                                                                                           10am – 4pm
     Wednesday 6 February 2019
                                   10am – 4pm   Wednesday 8th May 2019         10am – 4pm
                                                                                            Wednesday 26 June 2019
                                                                                                                           10am – 4pm
     Thursday 7 February 2019
                                   10am – 4pm
     Wednesday 6 March 2019
                                   10am – 4pm
     Thursday 7th March 2019       10am – 4pm

14                                                                                                                                                                                       15
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