Mountain View Child Care Centre - Parent Handbook - Blackmans Bay Childrens Services

Mountain View Child Care Centre - Parent Handbook - Blackmans Bay Childrens Services
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Mountain View Child Care Centre
                 Parent Handbook

                                                                                  Updated 24/10

          Blackmans Bay Childrens Services
                                                                           The Caring Partnership
                                        Mountain View Child Care Centre - Church Street, Kingston
                            (P) 6227 1410 (E) (W)
Mountain View Child Care Centre - Parent Handbook - Blackmans Bay Childrens Services
Blackmans Bay Childrens Services
Who are we?
Blackmans Bay Childrens Services Incorporated is a community organisation providing quality child care
services for children 6 weeks to 13 years of age. The organisation’s legal entity is a voluntary Board of
Directors who are elected on a 3 yearly basis. The Board of Directors determine the strategic direction
for the Service and engage a Chief Executive Officer to oversee the day to day management and

To find out more about our current Board go to

Head Office – Open from 8am until 5pm
1 Diamond Drive                                    Postal Address:
Blackmans Bay TAS 7052                             PO Box 64
Email:                       Blackmans Bay TAS 7052
Website:                       Ph: 6229 4914

Long Day Care (6 week olds to 5 year olds) – Open from 7.15am until 6.15pm

Ocean View Child Care Centre                       Mountain View Child Care Centre
177b Roslyn Ave, Blackmans Bay 7052                Church Street, Kingston 7050
Ph: (03) 6227 1194 Fax: (03) 6229 2260             Ph: (03) 6227 1410 Fax: (03) 6229 2260
Email:                   Email:

Outside School Hours Care – Open from 7.15am until 9am and 3pm until 6.15pm
Blackmans Bay Outside School Hours Care:           St Aloysius Outside School Hours Care:
Ph: (03) 6229 4199 Mobile: 0418 267 200            Ph: (03) 6227 1104 Mobile: 0400 294 914
Email:                      Email:

Illawarra Outside School Hours Care:               Kingston Outside School Hours Care:
Mobile: 0408 294 917                               Ph: (03) 6229 4199 Mobile: 0427 294 196
Email:                       Email:

New Town Outside School Hours Care:
Mobile: 0499 975 066

Vacation Care Programs:
For school aged children from 7.15am to 6.15pm; programs are located at our St Aloysius, Kingston,
Blackmans Bay and New Town sites.
Account Information


Notification is sent each month to advise that monthly statements are ready to download from Xplor.
Our preferred method of payment is auto-debit (Integrapay) which is set up within Xplor. Payments can
be made by cheque, cash or EFTPOS at Head office at 1 Diamond Drive, Blackmans Bay between 8am
and 5pm week days. Credit card payments can be taken by phone 6229 4914. Direct Deposit details are
on the last page of your account.

For further details head to our website

Overdue Accounts

Client accounts will be categorised as overdue after 30 days. Any accounts that are 30 days overdue will
incur a flat charge of $20.00.
Delinquent Accounts

Client accounts will be categorised as delinquent after 60 days. Interest will be charged on the overdue
amount. Delinquent accounts will be administered by the Tasmania Collection Service.

If you are having difficulties with payments due to family hardship, please talk to the CEO, Lynne Moran
who will consider (in consultation with the Board) each case in the spirit of the Blackmans Bay Childrens
Services Values Statement. Client services may be terminated due to non payment of delinquent

Cancelling Care

Cancelling Care from Service

On cancelling care permanently from the Service, the client is required to give 2 weeks notice or full fees
will be charged.

Withdrawal of Care

The service shall at all times have the right to withdraw the availability of care without notice.
Reasons for withdrawal of care could include:
•      Non payment of fees;
•      Physical or verbal abuse of staff or children by parent/guardian; and
•      Failure to comply with Service policies and procedures

Allowable Absences (as determined by the Federal Government)

Permanent bookings will be charged at all times. If your child is absent, 75% of the normal fee will be
charged. Child Care Subsidy is paid for up to 42 days absences for each child per financial year without
the need to provide documentation such as medical certificates. All absences after this will be charged
at full fees unless evidence such as a doctor’s certificate is provided. Parents must sign children in and
out on Xplor. Absences must be approved on the Xplor App. Please refer to our Enrolment and
Orientation Policy.

Swapping of Days

If space permits, you can book an extra day for your child for that week. However, we do not swap one
booked day for another casual day.

Search Fee

A search fee of $10 will apply if your child/ren does not attend, and staff have not been notified, as
there is a lengthy procedure we need to follow.

Closing Time

There is a surcharge of $10 for each child not collected from the Service by 6:15 pm. A further $10will
be charged for every 5 minutes thereafter. CCB is not payable on the surcharge.

Other Fees

If at any time the Service needs to provide children with nappies or lunch, a charge of $1.50 per nappy
and $2.50 per lunch will be made.
Child Care Package Information
Child Care Subsidy (CCS)
The government recently introduced a new Child Care Subsidy (CCS) which is paid directly to the service to reduce
your gap payment. For you to receive this subsidy (if entitled), you will need to complete the tasks under the CCS
heading below as soon as possible.

Please note that full fees will be applied on commencement of care until the subsidy has been approved. Back
payment is very limited, meaning you will be liable to pay full fees if the steps aren’t completed in time.

Accessing Child Care Subsidy (CCS):
    Provide primary parent and child Customer Reference Number (CRN) and correct DOB’s
    Register for the new child care subsidy, here is a link detailing what you need to do.
    Agree to your Complying Written Arrangement in Xplor (see details below).
    Complete all steps in myGov as instructed by Centrelink.

Attendance Records

You are required to sign your child in and out each time they attend the Centre. This is a legal
requirement. You must also mark your child as absent using Xplor, if they cannot attend the booking.

Early Years Learning Framework
Blackmans Bay Childrens Services will provide an educational program based on the approved Early
Years Learning Framework. The program will meet the developmental needs, interests and experiences
of each child attending the service.

Educators will:

       Draw on their professional and in depth knowledge of each child to choose appropriate teaching
        strategies that will engage children in active learning

       Continually reflect on children’s experiences, thinking and learning and document their
        observations and assessment using a variety of methods

       Will work in partnership with children, families and other professionals

       Plan effectively for children’s learning and wellbeing

       Communicate with families about children’s development and well being

       Evaluate children’s progress towards achieving intended outcomes

       Reflect on Educators own professional practice and relationships with children and families and
        use this knowledge to improve the effectiveness of the program and teaching strategies.

       Provide individual programs that:

           Are responsive to children’s lives, interest and learning styles.
   Promote each child’s social, cultural, physical, emotional, intellectual, language and creative
           Meet individual children’s play and relaxation needs.

Educational programs will be balanced and varied and be flexible enough to allow for spontaneous

At Blackmans Bay Childrens Services we implemented a dedicated child care management software
called Xplor to improve communications and processes. Xplor is a tool to support families and
Educators communicate the needs and growth of each individual child. It makes you feel like you’re
interacting directly with your child, even though it feels like you are on the other side of the world.

Xplor allows parents to quickly and easily manage logistics and scheduling, whether that’s
communicating with their child’s Educator or reporting an absence. It also provides important resources,
like weekly calendars, photos, videos and important health information.

You can check your statement any time, allowing greater financial management. No more chasing
invoices, no more worry; an easy way to manage your investment.

Xplor allows you to schedule extra days, holidays and more. Your childcare centre will be notified
instantly of your change and you will know they have read it, giving you greater control.

1. Prior to commencement at any of our services, to ensure a smooth start, we ask that you please do
   the following;

1. Find the “Xplor” app (free) in your app store on your smart phone (available for Android and Apple

2. Click “install” to download.

3. Once downloaded you will need to input your account email address and password as per Xplor
   email. This email will come directly from Xplor once your child/ren have been activated in Xplor. It
   is suggested the password should be changed to something the parent will remember, making sure
   to include a capital letter, number and a symbol.

4. Set up Parent sign in on Xplor Hub using email and password as an alternative to signing in and out
   on your mobile phone. There is a monitor in the foyer of the service. Please ask Educators for
   assistance if you experience difficulty with registering.

What does the app allow me to do?

      Sign your child/ren in and out of the facility. Signing in and out electronically is mandatory due
       to changes in government regulations during 2018.

      Request additional bookings, should the need arise.

      Notification of any absences.

      View your accounts at any time.

      Receive posts and pictures, to keep in touch with what your little ones are up to throughout the
   Important information - sleep times, meal times, observation, sunscreen application.

You can find further information in the Xplor Parent Welcome Handbook. If you did not receive one
then please contact the Administration team.

If you still have questions regarding Xplor, please do not hesitate to contact our Administration team on
6229 4914 or .

Our Services

We have a core group of educators that provide care for your child. These educators come from diverse
backgrounds with different qualifications and skill sets, providing a comprehensive approach to
providing high quality care. Please refer to staff profiles located within the service for further

Meal Times

Please provide a named lunch box and drink bottle for your child. We can heat food in our microwave if
required. All perishable foods are to be named and placed in the fridge. Alternatively please place a
reusable ice brick in the lunchbox.

A nutritious morning tea of fruit, toast and water is provided daily for all children. We also provide
afternoon tea consisting of water, fruit, and a changing menu including biscuits, cheese, sandwiches, or
something from a shared cooking experience.

We encourage children to maintain a well balance diet to foster healthy eating habits. During meal
times staff demonstrate healthy eating practices and appropriate manners. Occasionally we have a
“special lunch day”. You will be notified before the day of the meal and cost.

We encourage children to have water only in their drink bottles.


Please inform the Educators if your child requires medication during their time in care. Educators will
give you a Medication Consent Form, which you will need to fill in, in order for Educators to administer
the medication.

Educators can only administer medication if it is prescribed by a medical practitioner, in its original
container and labelled with child’s name, dosage and date. Medication must not be left in children’s
bags, or anywhere accessible to children. Medication that is to stay chilled is to be placed in fridge in the
kitchen. All other medication is placed in a safe locked area. (Please talk to your director for more

Parents are responsible for collecting their child’s medication at the end of the day. Please refer to our
Medication Policy for any further information.


Blackmans Bay Childrens Services is an “Allergy Aware” Centre. Care is taken at all times to minimise
the risk posed to children with allergic reactions and medical conditions. If your child has allergies or
intolerances, please discuss this with us. An action plan is required to be filled out by a doctor in the
case of allergies/medical conditions. Medication for an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis is to be provided
to the service at all times the child is present.

Nuts and nut products such as peanut butter and Nutella are not permitted within the Service due to
a number of children with allergies to nuts. Even if not provided in their own lunchbox this can at times
still lead to an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis. Please could you remember the safety of all children
when packing lunch.

Sun Smart Centre

As part of our Sun Safe Policy endorsed by the Cancer Council, it is a requirement that during mid-
September to mid-April children wear sunscreen and hats. We ask that you bring a named broad-
brimmed or legionnaires hat each day. The centre provides sunscreen (if your child is allergic to our
sunscreen you will need to provide your own). Please apply sunscreen to your child at the beginning
of each day. Sun-safe clothing is essential, please refer to our Sun Protection Policy.

Coats, warm hats and gum boots

Children are encouraged to wear beanies, coats and gumboots during the colder months and each child
will need to bring their own from home. Slippers can be worn inside.

Hygiene Procedures

We follow the current Commonwealth Department of Human Services and Health Guidelines. We have
an Infection Control Policy, which is located in the policy folder and is also on display in the change area.

Bush Camp

For many of us our fondest childhood memories involve exploration and adventures in the outdoor

Bush Camp supports children to connect with the land and recognises the place the bush has in Australia
folklore as well as developing a respect and understanding of the Australian bush.

It also provides the children with endless opportunities to explore, investigate and engage in the natural
environment and to learn, develop skills and an understanding of the outdoor environment.

Bush camp is an opportunity to get a hands-on experience of the natural world. Wilson & Mitchell room
children (21/2 – 5 years old) attend bush camp on alternative weeks.


We have students from varying schools and organisations through our centre. All students and
volunteers are required to hold a current Working with Vulnerable Children Card and are supervised at
all times.

What does my child need to bring?

   A manageable backpack
   Lunch in a named container
   Named Drink Bottle
   Spare change of clothes, including socks & undies
   Nappies
   Appropriate clothing for corresponding weather, including gumboots and slippers in winter
Please name all your child’s belongings and clothing

Please remember we are available any time should you have concerns, issues or questions. Information
about the Centres policies, staffing and management information is readily available and can also be
found at
Buchan Room
About our Room
The Buchan room caters for children from 6 weeks to 18 months. Our room is warm, inviting and
inclusive. Educators within the room are trained, dedicated and focused on forming relationships with
children and families, as well as, ensuring that children’s needs and development are being catered for.
We have an inviting outdoor environment that leads out and can be directly seen from our spacious
main room.

We have no fixed routine in the Buchan Room as we believe that infants all have individual routines and
needs. This is determined through conversations with families and being able to recognize children’s
cues. The Educators in the room will enter your child’s daily routine needs into your XPLOR account. This
will include: nappy changes, sleep times and meal times. We will also verbally communicate how your
child’s day has been at pick-up.

Orientation Process
To ensure your child has a smooth transition into care an orientation process will be put together. This
will consist of a minimum of three settling visits, starting from 30mins and increasing each visit to a
maximum of 2 hours. These will be continued until your child feels comfortable within their new

We recommend that settling visits begin up to a month prior to the commencement of care. Times for
visits are between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm.

In the Buchan Room each child will have a portfolio. The portfolios will contain aspects of your child’s
journey in the room, including: observations, newsletters, photos and art work. These are located at the
entrance of the room under the resource desk.

Your child’s observations will also be placed on the observation wall for families to view. Observations
will be placed on the wall whenever there is a new one, with the previous one being placed in their

What to Pack
Here is a list of things to pack when in care. Please remember to label your child’s belongings. We do
have markers in the room to do so on arrival if needed.

      Spare Clothing
      Nappies
      Food and bottles (please ensure formula bottles are premixed as we are unable to make up
    Any comforts (soft toys, dummies, sleeping bags, wraps)
The centre provides wipes, bibs, spoons, bowls, sipper cups, face cloths, bed linen, zinc cream and

Breast Feeding
If you wish to continue breast feeding when your child starts care, please talk to the Educators in the
room about your options. Alternatively we can store breast milk at the service as we have access to both
a fridge and freezer (please clearly label).
Butler Room
About our Room

We welcome your family to our Room. The Butler Room caters for children around the ages of 18
months – 2 ½ years. An indoor/outdoor environment is provided where Educators create a physical and
social learning environment and are responsive to all children’s strengths, abilities and interests.

In conjunction with the Early Years Learning Framework we believe children learn through play as it
provides opportunities for children to discover, create, imagine and interact. Play can expand children’s
thinking and enhance their desire to know and to learn. Educators actively promote children’s learning
through challenging experiences, interactions, using open ended questioning, problem solving and role
modelling. Educators build on children’s interests and use scaffolding and intentional teaching to
promote further learning.

This leads to the ongoing programming cycle that includes planning, documenting and evaluating
children’s learning. This is done in a fun, vibrant and friendly environment.

Families are an important part of this process and we encourage you to share children’s experiences,
adventures and interests they have at home. Even a trip to the supermarket can spark a learning
journey for a child. All of these learning moments contribute to your child’s learning journey.


Children in our room are beginning to develop a sense of identity and belonging. They are starting to
learn about who they are and their place in their world. They are beginning to develop secure
attachments to educators and their peers leading to the development of positive and trusting
relationships. Children are becoming more aware of routines and transitions, developing strategies to
cope with separation, playing with and alongside their friends, becoming socially responsible and
learning to communicate their thoughts, feelings and needs. At times this can be challenging for
children as they are all unique and develop at different times. Educators support positive behaviour by
using redirection of behaviour, role modelling, provide a challenging environment with many different
learning areas based on children’s interests.

Daily Messages

All staff value talking with you at the beginning and end of the day and will pass onto you any relevant
information. If your child has any specific needs for the day, is staying longer than usual, or will be
picked up by someone else. – even if other family members is picking them up when usually it is Mum,
please inform us as any extra information is a great help to us. Xplor will support greater
communication throughout the day.


The room is equipped with one sleep room with cots. Mattresses will also be made available for sleep in
the quiet area of the playroom. Individual blankets and sheets for the children are provided by the
centre. As young children have different sleep patterns, please talk to staff about your child’s sleep
pattern e.g. one or two sleeps or restricted sleep time.
Wilson Room
A little bit about our room

The Wilson Room caters for children of the ages 2 ½ - 3 ½ years of age. The children in this room are
offered experiences which are stimulating, challenging and based around their interests, needs and

Our room consists of a large, open plan area which is divided into play and eating areas when required.
We involve ourselves with the local community with visits to the library, music sessions, and walks
around the neighbourhood including the bushland behind the school and to the local shops. We also go
on a number of excursions to other venues using hired buses with seatbelts.

Daily Messages

All educators value talking to you at the beginning and end of the day and will pass onto you
information about your child’s fun, exciting, adventurous day in the Wilson Room. If your child has any
specific needs for the day, is staying longer than usual, or will be picked up by someone else , please
inform us as any extra information via phone, email or Xplor.

Behaviour Guidance

All children are unique and we believe this is the key to understanding, acknowledging and acting on
children’s behaviour. We commit to supporting and caring for children and their families based on their
individual needs.

Expectations of children are realistic and achievable; we aspire for children to demonstrate socially
acceptable behaviour, having respect for themselves and all others.

We recognise there are reasons for the way in which a child behaves and endeavour to establish these
in conjunction with supporting the child and their family.


Most children in our room still sleep during the day. We provide them with a pillow to sleep on. All
children are encouraged to have a rest during the day to recharge their batteries. Children who do not
sleep are encouraged to rest quietly looking at books or quiet experiences.
Mitchell Room
About the Mitchell Room

The Mitchell Room caters for children aged 3 ½ -5 years.

The environment is set out for children to explore and self-select a variety of activities and experiences
throughout the day. Activities and experiences reflect the children’s interests as well as providing open
ended opportunities and resources to encourage your child’s imagination, creativity and problem
solving skills through play. Our environment incorporates many natural, found and recycled objects
supporting our sustainable philosophy and provides the children with endless play ideas.

Our environment encourages children to learn through their play as well as develop independence, self-
confidence and interactions with others. The environment provides the children with choices and the
opportunity to revisit experiences and build on skills that they are developing.

The daily room routine is flexible providing opportunities for both indoor and outdoor play and
exploration. We also have times where we come together as a group to sing, read stories, discuss, listen
to and learn from one another. We also understand the benefit and need to balance the busy parts of
the day with quieter relaxed times of the day. We have a rest period after lunch where children have the
opportunity to lay down to rest or participate in quiet activities that encourage children to calm their
bodies and mind before moving on to the next part of the day.

Many children in this age group also attend Kindergarten at school. Children who attend kindergarten at
Kingston Primary School are taken to and from Kinder by an educator on the days that they attend care.

We endeavour to promote strong links with the local community including the local schools through
excursions, visits and walks within the local community. Excursions beyond the local community are also
planned throughout the year and reflect the children’s interests and learnings.

Parent Involvement

We encourage our families to be involved in our program and routines in the Mitchell room.

We have a family weekend, interest and wonderings book placed next to the signing book at the front of
the Mitchell room. This is a notebook for our families to write in to tell us what is happening in your
family’s lives, what your child is interested in or wants to learn more about. It helps us as educators plan
experiences and activities for the children and can also spark conversations with the children about their
lives in the community.

We also have a message board on the wall above the sign in area for any information we need to share
with you. Messages will also be provided via Xplor.

We also encourage our families to come in and share their skills and knowledge with the children. It may
be cooking with the children, sharing special festivals your family celebrates or doing some gardening
with the children. We also may need help on excursions and outings.
Our Documentation

Educators maintain observations and documentation on each child throughout their journey in the
Mitchell Room. Each child has a learning journal that will contain a collection of photos, learning stories,
art work and event stories that your child has been involved with over their time in the Mitchell Room.
The learning journals are situated in the room and can be accessed throughout your journey within the
Mitchell Room. This journal will be given to your family when your child finishes at the centre.

We also endeavour to make children’s learning visible and often create displays with information about
activities and learning moments the children interact with and experience. These displays provide
pictures, drawings and photos of these experiences so that children can revisit these with their family.

When your child begins in the Mitchell Room educators will ask your family to fill in a room
questionnaire within the first few weeks. This brief questionnaire asks general questions about your
child and your family. It provides educators with valuable information to help your child transition into
the Mitchell Room and help educators to gain an understanding of your child’s interests as well as what
you would like to see during your child’s journey with us.
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