Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE

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Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE
KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE                                                    FALL 2022 / VOLUME 22 / NUMBER 2

                                               Dedicated to Providing
                                               Information and Support
                                               Related to the Causes,
                                               Symptoms, Diagnosis and
                                               Treatment of Myocarditis
                                               and Sudden Death

    F O U N D A T I O N


Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine
There has been so much             novel methods of disease
confusion on what is the true      prevention and treatment.
incidence of Myocarditis post      Vaccines that used a broad range
COVID-19 vaccination over the      of different technologies had
past few years. As you know,       been developed with an
research takes time.               unprecedented speed, were
Information needs to be            tested in large randomized
collected and evaluated before     clinical trials, and utilized broadly
the information can be             once Emergency Use
documented and shared.             Authorization had been granted
                                   to reduce the spread of the
Dr. Bettina Heidecker, one of
                                   infection with the goal of
our Myocarditis Foundation
                                   achieving immunity across the
Board members, conducted a
                                   entire population. As of recently,
study with 17 other myocarditis
                                   more than 10 billion doses have
researchers across Europe and
                                   been administered worldwide.
the United States on the
incidence of Myocarditis           One of the most discussed
following COVID-19 vaccine.        complications of the vaccines
This publication put into          affecting the heart is
perspective the incidence,         myocarditis and/or pericarditis.
presentation, diagnosis,           The goal of this current review
pathophysiology, therapy, and      article is to provide clinicians
outcomes. It is supported by       and scientists with an objective
the Heart Failure Association of   and comprehensive overview of
the European Society of            the data regarding the clinical
Cardiology (ESC) and the ESC       presentation, diagnosis,
Working Group on Myocardial        pathophysiology, and
and Pericardial Diseases. It was   management of myocarditis
recently published in the          following the most widely
European Journal of Heart          utilized COVID-19 Vaccines.
Failure 2022, and we will share                                            as Cardiac MRI is not              groups studied, the overall risks
                                   Rates of vaccine-associated             commonly performed even in         of COVID-19 related
some of the highlighted points
                                   myocarditis vary by age and sex         suspected cases, and not at all    hospitalizations and death are
with you below.
                                   with the highest rates in males         in asymptomatic and mildly         hugely greater than the risks
As we know, the rapid spread of    between 12 and 39 years. The            symptomatic patients. CMR is       from post-vaccine myocarditis.
coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19),       clinical course is generally mild       the best non-invasive diagnostic
which overwhelmed healthcare       with rare cases of left                                                    While they overall believe
                                                                           tool with endomyocardial
systems around the world within    ventricular dysfunction, heart                                             through the studies that
                                                                           biopsy being restricted to
weeks, required the rapid          failure and arrythmias. Mild                                               COVID-19 Vaccines are very
                                                                           severe cases with heart failure
development and introduction of    cases are likely underdiagnosed         and/or arrythmias. In all age                     (Continued on Pg 2)
Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE

Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine (continued)
safe, there is a low but            Overall, the risk/benefit ratio     However, there is a greater        Also, there is not a clear sense
consistent, tangible rate of        hugely remains in favor of          need to better understand the      of the long-term implications of
post-vaccination myocarditis        vaccination for most classes of     mechanisms if cardiac injury       post-vaccine myocarditis.
and/or pericarditis identified in   ages, especially in older adults.   from these vaccines. Why and
                                                                                                           Future work should focus on
several national and                                                    how precisely do COVID-19
                                    For the medical community, a                                           the mechanistic basis for
international level studies.                                            vaccines cause myocarditis and
                                    key red flag is in identifying                                         myocarditis and in identifying
Whilst there can be no room                                             myo/pericarditis, and how do
                                    affected individuals (i.e.,                                            those at an increased risk of
for complacency, fortunately,                                           they differ from COVID-19
                                    particularly young men)                                                adverse outcomes in need of
the majority are mild and not                                           infection related myocarditis?
                                    presenting with chest pain,                                            closer long-term monitoring.
associated with hospitalization
                                    palpitations, or shortness of       In those that have developed
or severe complications. This                                                                              Please go to the Blog section of
                                    breath within 7 days of the         myocarditis after the first dose
risk must be balanced against                                                                              our website, www.myocardit-
                                    second dose of an mRNA              of the vaccine, there needs to
the much greater risk of death,                                                                   to read the
                                    vaccine. Management is largely      be more evidence on when
pulmonary, vascular, and                                                                                   full article.
                                    supportive for most affected        they should receive a second
cardiac complications by the
                                    individuals unless there is         dose of the vaccine.
COVID-19 virus itself.
                                    evidence of heart failure or
                                    major arrhythmic episodes.


2022 Family Meeting at National Harbor, Maryland
                                                                        meeting. They were so touched      more corporate sponsorships in
                                                                        by the family stories and what     the future. Not only can they
                                                                        the Foundation was doing to        help us carry out our mission
                                                                        help them navigate through         but for them to also learn more
                                                                        their concerns related to          about the Myocarditis
                                                                        myocarditis. They decided to       Foundation and what we do to
                                                                        stay for the whole meeting and     help those who are affected by
                                                                        participate in the break-out       the disease.
                                                                        round table discussions both
                                                                                                           We look forward to our next
                                                                        for the survivors and the
                                                                                                           in-person Family Meeting,
                                                                        families who lost loved ones.
                                                                                                           which is being planned for early
                                                                        We had much more interest          October 2023 near the
Our Family Meeting was              similar situations. They had no     from the medical community,        Huntington Convention Center
successfully held on Friday         idea how much that having this      which I attribute to the recent    of Cleveland, Ohio.
September 30th & Saturday           opportunity to participate and      outpouring of interest in
                                                                                                           The tentative dates are: Friday
October 1st, despite the havoc      speak with other families,          myocarditis, post pandemic. Dr.
                                                                                                           October 6th & Saturday
that Hurricane Ian caused to        specialists, and researchers        Cooper shared that all the
                                                                                                           October 7th, 2023.
our Agenda.                         would mean to them when they        corporate sponsor
                                    signed up to attend.                representatives who attended       Come see and hear from our
While a few of our participants,
                                                                        and participated, later            other families, specialists and
as well as a few of our             Not only were the families
                                                                        approached him at the HFSA to      researchers, and plan to see the
speakers, had to back out of        impacted positively, the
                                                                        relate their positive feedback     Rock & Roll Hall of Fame while
attending due to emergencies        specialists and researchers were
                                                                        on the meeting. We are looking     you are there!
at home due to the storm, we        as well. Only two of our
                                                                        forward to planning for even
had a very successful meeting.      speakers had knowledge of
Other specialists stepped in to     how our meetings are planned
help us out which we sincerely      out around our patients and
thank them for.                     families as well. They too, were
                                    so grateful for the knowledge
There were only two families
                                    given them about our family
who were previous attendees.
                                    and patient stories, and how
Most of our attendees had never
                                    we support them. Our
attended the Foundation’s
                                    corporate sponsors, who were
in-person meetings before and
                                    initially planning on only
expressed their thanks for
                                    participating on Friday and for
bringing them together with
                                    a short time on Saturday, asked
others who are dealing with
                                    if they could stay for the entire

Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE

The 15th Annual Myocarditis Foundation Golf Outing was a Huge Success!
                                                                          personal experience with a Giant       standing ovation for his work
                                                                          Cell Myocarditis (GCM) patient         at the Foundation and the 15
                                                                          when he was in his medical             years of the Golf Outing’s
                                                                          residency that became the focus of     success. It has become the
                                                                          his professional energy thereafter.    largest fundraiser for the MF
                                                                          His work in GCM research led to        and looked forward to by so
                                                                          treatments that have made              many repeat participants.
                                                                          dramatic improvements in the lives
                                                                                                                 The John Philips’ Foundation
                                                                          of GCM patients. From GCM
                                                                                                                 attendees spoke about their
                                                                          usually being diagnosed on
                                                                                                                 friend, John Mello, for whom
                                                                          autopsy, it now has an overall
                                                                                                                 their foundation was formed
                                                                          survival rate of 90% at 1 year after
                                                                                                                 for and who died a few years
                                                                                                                 ago of Viral Myocarditis. They
                                                                          Candace Moose, Co-Founder              spoke about how the
                                                                          of the Myocarditis Foundation,         Myocarditis Foundation was
                                                                          spoke about how Joseph                 able to help and support them
                                                                          Rumore came to join the                in the early days of dealing with
                                                                          Myocarditis Foundation soon            their loss. They now work on
                                                                          after its inception and all that       helping raise awareness and
                                                                          he has done to help move the           research dollars to prevent
                                                                          MF forward over the past 16            others from suffering the
Monday July 15th was the 15th       Public Accountants, the Linn          years that he has been a part of       effects of myocarditis.
Annual Myocarditis Foundation       Family, RT Specialty Group, Peter     it. The entire room gave him a
Golf Outing at Arcola Country       Christou / First Trust, Home Well
Club in Paramus, NJ. We had         Cares, Jordan Wright, Quality
120 golfers, many of whom           Auto, Cardiol Therapeutics, Inc.,
were returning supporters of        Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, NJM
the Foundation. 30 additional       Insurance Group, Albergo Law
supporters joined us for the        Group, Liberty Contracting, B&M
dinner, raffle / silent auction     Market, Whalen & Ives, John
portion of the evening.             Philip Foundation, James &
                                    Candace Moose, Joseph &
We could not have accomplished
                                    Genevieve Rumore, Michael A.
the success of our fundraiser, a
                                    Linn, Mike Petruccelli, Sr., Jack
day of golf and fun, without the
                                    Conover, and Donald Onorato.
support our sponsors,
participants, and volunteers.       Dr. Leslie Cooper was to be our
                                    Guest Speaker, but unfortunately
The sponsors of the event
                                    was unable to attend. Instead he
                                    sent his speech which was shared
Town Title, Morgan Stanley The      by Genevieve Rumore, the
Trilogy Group, MSPC Certified       Executive Director. He spoke of his


Congratulations To Dr. Delisa Fairweather, PhD. And Dr. Katelyn Bruno, PhD.
On Their Distinguished HFSA Fellowship Designations
Fellowship is one of the most       Dr. Fairweather, PhD., is
distinguished designations the      Director of Translational
Heart Failure Society of America    Research in the Dept. of
(HFSA) can offer its members. It    Cardiovascular Medicine at
is a tremendous recognition of      Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville,
professional achievement and        Florida. She has worked with
contributions to the society. The   the Myocarditis Foundation for
designation is based on             many years and is on our
outstanding credentials,            Medical Advisory Board. She
achievements, and contributions     has recently received a RO1
to heart failure medicine.                           (Continued on Pg 4

Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE

The King of Hearts Fundraiser, in Celebration of a Life Well Lived!
Sunday October 16, 2022 was
the 3rd King of Hearts
Fundraiser in memory of Lee
Andrew Hirsch, which was held
at Nicotra’s Ballroom in the
Staten Island Hilton, NYC, to
benefit the Myocarditis
Foundation. There were 133
attendees who participated in
the festivities. So many
generous donations were made
from 114 donors to enable the
104 amazing gift baskets for
the raffle tables! It took a
village of family and friends to
put this all together, with
Giustina Schiano as the
Featured Guest Speakers
• Dr. Leslie Cooper, MD, the
  Foundation’s Chief Medical
  Director, and Co-Founder,        The Myocarditis Foundation
  who is the Chair of the          presented an award to
  Cardiovascular Medicine          Giustina Schiano for all her
  Dept, at Mayo Clinic, Florida.   efforts in raising awareness
                                   for Myocarditis and the
• Dr. Danette Flint, MD,
                                   funding needed for Dr. Flint’s
  Cardiologist and Myocarditis
                                   fellowship grant. The funding
  Researcher at
                                   enabled Dr. Flint to have
                                   dedicated research time
  Medical Center, who was
                                   during her critical care
  awarded the Myocarditis
                                   fellowship and early faculty
  Foundation’s Fellowship
                                   career to pursue research on a
  Grant in 2019, in memory of                                        domino effect, promoting             don’t wait two years for the
                                   larger scale, using a database
  Lee Andrew Hirsch.                                                 ongoing research beyond its          next one, we want to see you
                                   of more than 40,000 patients.
                                                                     initial scope.                       again next year!
• Candace Moose,                   She will be submitting a
  Co-Founder of the                manuscript for publication this   Some comments from the               The Foundation thanks
  Myocarditis Foundation, a        month on her research. The        attendees were: It was a             Giustina Schiano for all her
  Giant Cell Myocarditis           funding provided by the           first-class affair; they were        efforts to make this such a
  Survivor and Heart               Myocarditis Foundation in         impressed that the Myocarditis       successful event!
  Transplant Recipient.            honor of Lee Andrew Hirsch        Foundation was present and
                                   has had and will have a           engaged in the event; Please


Congratulations To Dr. Delisa Fairweather, PhD. And Dr. Katelyn Bruno, PhD. (continued)
Grant from the National            “standard of care”. Her RO1       Physiology and Aging and             The Myocarditis Foundation
Institute of Health to further     grant research is on Sex          Center for Regenerative              would like to congratulate and
her research. Funding for this     Differences in Mitochondria.      Medicine at the University of        thank them both for all that
type of grant is extremely                                           Florida. She too has worked          they have done to further the
                                   Dr. Katelyn Bruno, PhD., is an
competitive, and only 10% of                                         with the Myocarditis                 science of Myocarditis.
                                   Assistant Professor of
the grant requests are funded.                                       Foundation in various capacities
                                   Cardiovascular Medicine in the
Often an RO1 grant is behind                                         for several years and is currently
                                   Division of Cardiovascular
many “best practices” and                                            the Secretary to the Medical
                                   Medicine (Department of
interventions considered                                             Advisory Board.
                                   Medicine), Department of

Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE

A Big Sister’s Gift to the Myocarditis Foundation
Little Brother:
Mark Ryan Summers was a
17-year-old high school senior
set to graduate that year, Class
of 2012. He was into
everything tech and was
amazing with a computer. He
loved playing card games with
his friends and was the best
son and brother his family
could ask for.
Mark wasn’t feeling well for a
few days, so on Tuesday
February 7th his mom took him
to the ER because he was
complaining of some chest pain
along with just feeling sick.
They did an EKG, and were told
that everything was good. The
ER sent him home with the
advice of taking some cold
meds and Tums.
On Sunday February 12th,
2012 Mark passed away
peacefully in his sleep. While     and young adults, then maybe      further to see the real cause of   in 2012. Adam and Jodi
his family believes that           things would be different today   Mark’s chest pain…                 decided that for their wedding,
everything happens for a           and Mark would have been                                             they would ask guests not to
reason, had those doctors at                                         On the other hand, maybe the
                                   physically at their wedding.                                         bring cards filled with money or
their local hospital been more                                       damage to his heart was
                                                                                                        to bring gifts. They felt that
aware of Myocarditis in children   If only those doctors had done    already too much. They will
                                                                                                        everyone’s presence on that day
                                   a Troponin Level or looked        never know…
                                                                                                        was truly a gift in and of itself.
                                                                     This is why the Summers’ family
                                                                                                        However, if their guests felt the
                                                                     feel the work of the Myocarditis
                                                                                                        absolute need to gift them with
                                                                     Foundation is so important.
                                                                                                        something, they asked them to
                                                                     Awareness is key!
                                                                                                        please donate to the
                                                                     They enjoy talking about Mark      Myocarditis Foundation in
                                                                     any chance they get… it keeps      memory of Mark.
                                                                     his memory alive in all of them.
                                                                                                        The Myocarditis Foundation
                                                                     It also keeps the awareness of
                                                                                                        received over $3,000 in
                                                                     Myocarditis going!
                                                                                                        memory of Mark!
                                                                     Big Sister:
                                                                                                        Jodi and Adam are extremely
                                                                     Jodi, Mark’s older sister, was     thankful to everyone that
                                                                     planning her wedding to an         donated and very proud to do
                                                                     amazing man named Adam.            their part in raising support
                                                                     Although Adam had only met         for the Myocarditis
                                                                     Mark a few times, he knew          Foundation so that they can
                                                                     how important he was to their      continue to do all that they do
                                                                     family. Adam talks about him       for patients and families
                                                                     to others to spread the            affected by Myocarditis.
                                                                     awareness as well.
                                                                                                        Congratulations and many
                                                                     Mark’s mother, Susan Summers       thanks to the new Mr. & Mrs.
                                                                     and his sister Jodi have been      Adam Pattisall.
                                                                     huge supporters of the
                                                                     Foundation since finding it
                                                                     when Mark passed away back

Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE

Myocarditis Study

The Myocarditis Study on Anxiety    myocarditis. We truly need to        This research study is being        much for your time and
and Depression, in conjunction      show how impactful this disease      done at the Mayo Clinic and         completing the study.
with the Mayo Clinic, continues     is all around.                       has zero effect on your clinical
                                                                                                             Daniel G. Smith
to enroll participants. At our                                           care or any caregiver’s future
                                    PLEASE consider participating in                                         Associate Clinical Research
recent Family Meeting, in                                                health care at Mayo Clinic.
                                    this very important study. Even as                                       Coordinator
National Harbor, Maryland, we                                            With that said, if you can think
                                    a caregiver of a current or
heard from many of our                                                   of any Caregiver, parent,           Department of Psychiatry &
                                    previous myocarditis patient. This
participants that not only do the                                        spouse, friend, sibling that        Psychology
                                    vital information will be used for
patients, but the caregivers as                                          might be interested please give
                                    Worldwide help of Myocarditis                                   or
well, have been suffering from                                           them Daniel Smith’s contact
                                    Patients and Caregivers.                                                 507-255-0760.
the stress of dealing with                                               information. Thank you so


Myocarditis Foundation Welcomes New Member To Their Board Of Directors
                                                                         Jaime Giani has been following      Please join us in welcoming
                                                                         the Myocarditis Foundation for      Jaime to our Myocarditis
                                                                         a few years since the loss of her   Foundation Family and Board of
                                                                         5-year-old daughter, Millie         Directors. We know that her
                                                                         Rose, to Viral Myocarditis and      breath of experience and
                                                                         Sepsis in 2019. She was             understanding of legal matters
                                                                         devastated as any parent would      will provide additional
                                                                         be and decided that she             leadership in moving our
                                                                         wanted to raise awareness for       mission forward!
                                                                         myocarditis and support the
                                                                         mission of the Myocarditis
                                                                         Foundation in memory and
                                                                         honor of Millie Rose.

                                                                         Jaime is an attorney and federal
                                                                         court administrator in Arkansas.
                                                                         She is married to Patricio and
                                                                         has two other children, Nora
                                                                         and Gio.
Jamie Giani , Director

                                    Millie Rose

Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE
  F O U N D A T I O N

Dear Friend of the Myocarditis Foundation,
This past year we have had a flood of visitors to our website looking for information on myocarditis as well as a large
increase in emails and phone calls into the office for information that they can’t obtain anywhere else.
We pride ourselves not as a “donation” based website, but as the most current, relevant information and help site. We do
not ask for donations as others so often do such as…”If you liked what you have learned, please consider making a
donation to ….”.
The Myocarditis Foundation website is packed with information, and we would hope that people would understand that the
only way we can continue to provide help this way to those that reach out for it is through donations.
We don’t have any other form of revenue other than a few corporate grants that we solicit for various specific events, and
those are not guaranteed.
If we had even a dollar from everyone that visits our website, we would be so much more secure in ensuring that we could
continue to do what we do, for the thousands that need us.
Perhaps this has happened to you recently or in the past?
When people are lucky enough to be given the diagnosis of myocarditis and discharged home, they always comment that
they do not receive much information at all, just to “take it easy”.
Then they go to the computer and type in myocarditis. They find us at the Myocarditis Foundation, our website, email, and
phone number. They so frequently tell us that they have learned more from us and our website than they have from the
doctor or the hospital.
Sadly, the state of our economy after the COVID Pandemic has hurt our donation numbers and the dollar amounts of them
as well. We are asking this year, if you could spare even a small amount as a donation on a monthly recurring basis, not only
would it help keep our mission going but it would help those thousands of people who seek out the information and help
that they so desperately need about myocarditis while they are going through it.

                                      Please remember these statistics:
                  Myocarditis is the 3rd leading cause of Sudden Death
                     in Children & Young Adults and accounts for
                         45% of Heart Transplants in the U.S.
             We’ve lost too many to this dreaded disease…please help us stop this.
                                            Please be there for us,
                                             for those that suffer,
                              and for the families of those that have succumbed.
     To continue our commitment to battling myocarditis, & bringing a 24/7 service response, we need your help.
                             Myocarditis Foundation is recognized as a Platinum level charity.
               I hope you will consider making-a-donation today to support our ongoing efforts.
                                                     THANK YOU!

Myocarditis Following COVID Vaccine - KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE
KNOWLEDGE NURTURES HOPE                                                                                                                                                 FALL 2022

Board of Directors 2022
JOSEPH RUMORE                                                                               BETTINA HEIDECKER, MD
Chairman of the Board                                                                       Research Medical Director
Viral Myocarditis Survivor and Heart Transplant recipient, former                           Head of the Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies Division at the Charite, Germany
Managing Director of a national insurance company                                           Myocarditis Researcher and previous MF Fellowship Grant Recipient
MICHAEL A LINN                                                                              JOEL ARANSON
President / CEO                                                                             Director
Medical Device Executive                                                                    Founder and Chairman of National Sporting Good Corporation and Father of
                                                                                            a Giant Cell Myocarditis Victim
Vice-President / COO                                                                        GIUSTINA SCHIANO
Former Vice-President for Enrollment Management, Student Affairs and                        Director, Family Ambassador
Chief Compliance Officer for Felician University                                            Mother of a Viral Myocarditis Victim
LOUIS ROMANO, JR.                                                                           STEPHANIE KENNAN
Treasurer / CFO                                                                             Secretary
Owner of Homewell Cares                                                                     Senior Vice-President of Federal Affairs at McGuire Woods Consulting
                                                                                            Daughter of a Viral Myocarditis Victim
Director and Founder                                                                        GARY KUBERA
Giant Cell Myocarditis Survivor and Heart Transplant recipient                              Director
                                                                                            Gary Kubera a chemical industry executive and now an industry investment
LESLIE COOPER, MD                                                                           advisor, consultant and an executive coach.
Chief Medical Director, Founder
Chair of the Cardiovascular Department of Medicine at Mayo Clinic,                          JAMIE GIANI
Jacksonville, Florida.                                                                      Director
                                                                                            Mother of a Viral Myocarditis Victim
Pediatric Medical Director
Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, Pediatric Cardiologist Heart Failure
and Transplant Cardiology, Texas Children’s Hospital

                          Executive Director                                                       Operations & Public Relations Manager
                          GENEVIEVE RUMORE, RN, BSN                                                                         MELISSA GRAHAM
                                   Kingwood, Texas                                                                            Kingwood, Texas

Medical Advisory Board
AKIRA MATSUMORI, MD                                                                         WILSON TANG, MD
President, International Society of Cardiomyopathies, Myocarditis and Heart                 Professor of Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine;
Failure; Visiting Director, Clinical Research Center, National Hospital                     Practicing heart failure and transplant cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic,
Organization, Kyoto Medical Center, Japan                                                   specializing in cardiomyopathies and myocarditis.
Professor Emeritus, UBC Centre for Heart Lung Innovation Founding CEO,                      Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele
PROOF Centre of Excellence Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada                              University in Milano, Italy; Clinical cardiologist who subspecializes in heart failure
                                                                                            and myocarditis at the DeGasparis Cardio Center and Transplant Center at
DENNIS M. MCNAMARA, MD, MS                                                                  the Niguarda Hospital in Milano, Italy.
Professor of Medicine Director, Center for Heart Failure Research University of
Pittsburgh Medical Center                                                                   JUSTIN GODOWN, MD
                                                                                            Medical Director of Pediatric Cardiomyopathy and Cardio-Oncology; Assistant
DELISA FAIRWEATHER, PHD                                                                     Professor & Practicing Pediatric Cardiologist at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s
Professor, Director of Translational Research, Department of Cardiovascular                 Hospital at Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN
Medicine Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida

                                                   Secretary to our Medical Advisory Board
                                                                         KATELYN BRUNO, PHD, FHFSA
                                                             Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
                Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Dept. of Physiology & Aging, Center for Regenerative Medicine. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

         Mailing Address: 800 Rockmead Drive, Suite 155. Kingwood, Texas 77339
                               Telephone: (281) 713-2962
                                                     Find us online:                                                                              
myocarditisfndn                                               Platinum             MyocarditisFoundation              myocarditis-foundation
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