NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council

NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
April 2020
NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
CEO’s Report                            survival of his aquarium             from Government have so
                                        fishery based business and           far been focused broadly to
                                        the team around him.                 reach as many Territorian’s
                                                                             as possible. NTSC has
                                        Right now, the seafood               been actively participating
                                        industry in NT is facing a           in agribusiness forums
                                        major market readjustment in         and providing advice
                                        demand. The full magnitude           to Government about
                                        of that is not known.                support measures and
                                        Cumulative impacts are               activities to benefit the NT
                                        the closure of exports and           seafood industry. We are
                                        slowing of domestic markets          continuing to work closely
There is no doubt the start             with associated price drops,         with Governments on the
of 2020 is a time we will all           disruption to supply chains          measures needed specifically
remember. Off the back of the           and significant and prolonged        for the seafood industry
ravaging 2019 bushfires that            uncertainty. This is the most        to both survive, adapt and
continued to burn into 2020,            challenging circumstance the         recover.
we were aware we would                  industry finds itself in living
each be making more mindful             memory.                              We understand supermarkets
decisions to help support                                                    and retail outlets have been a
local. Little did we know that          The need to pivot and                welcome and important lifeline
another devastating blow                make change to survive is            for seafood producers. Whilst
was just around the corner              something many members               the loss of the hospitality
in the form of coronavirus              have done. We have seen              markets has impacted heavily
(COVID-19).                             people quickly adapt to              on others. The health and
                                        develop new procedures and           resilience of the hospitality
For some in the seafood                 processes to ensure a new            and tourism industry links
industry, such as rock                  level of hygiene to stop the         directly back to the seafood
lobster fisheries, these                spread of COVID-19. Also             industry. We are engaged
impacts started in late                 the creation of new ways of          with discussions with these
January 2020 and the                    doing business, whether it’s         sectors to better understand
enormity of the disruption              a pre-phone, online order            how the Territory can best
for many businesses in                  or new delivery options.             position itself to adapt and
Australia began. Within the             However for some there has           recover from COVID-19.
Territory’s seafood industry            been no escape to reduce
the Aquarium Fishery was                hours and positions as they          Right now, more than ever,
one of the first and most               navigate a survival plan.            deciding where you shop
severely impacted due to the                                                 and what you buy can is
loss of essential air freight           Importantly the NT                   important. You will see on
services which ensure live              Government and Australian            page 14 of this newsletter the
ornamentals make their way              Government have also                 number of venues that have
to markets both overseas and            moved quickly to develop             continued to proudly support
within Australia.                       new legislation, regulations         and promote NT seafood
                                        and policy simultaneously.           industry products through
Sadly this meant our                    Communications channels              the sale of delicious local
Chairman, Mr Daniel                     have been streamlined                seafood. And on page 6 a
Kimberley, needed to step               and remain open between              story of generosity to share
down from this NTSC role                Ministers, heads of                  our delicious seafood to those
in mid March to fight for the           Departments and NTSC.                in need.
                                        Support package approaches
    Newsletter of the Northern Territory Seafood Council
    Located on Fisherman’s Wharf, Frances Bay, Darwin
    GPO Box 618 Darwin NT 0801 | Telephone 08 8981 5194
    Facsimile 08 8981 5063 | Email
    ABN 85 918 271 276
NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
Within the NTSC we have               Quick Read
moved to remote working mode,
with the Board and Licensee           Board Communique                        Our Member Centre
Committee’s to continue to            The NTSC Board meets                    Members         can     manage
meet through the support of           quarterly and the February              their contact details, select
telephone / video conference.         communique can be read on               information interests and access
Anthony Ciconte has stepped           page 5.                                 member only information such
into the Chair (acting) role and                                              as draft submissions and
Board Members, Licensee               COVID-19 Stay Informed App              industry working papers. Please
Committee Chairs and/or               Download         the     official       take the time to log in and
members are providing weekly          government         “Coronavirus         have a look around.
updates to Donna and myself on        Australia” app in the Apple App
both the impacts and initiatives      Store or Google Play, or join           Prefer a hardcopy of the FISH
underway. We are very grateful        our WhatsApp channel on iOS             publication?
for your time and patience as         or Android.                             The Fisheries Research and
we navigate new systems and                                                   Development       Corporation
approvals that didn’t exist in        COVIDSafe App                           (FRDC) FISH magazine is
February.                             Download the “COVIDSafe”                available online via the app,
                                      app in the Apple App Store              in Apple App Store, and on
We recognise there has been an        or Google Play. The app is              Google Play or by visiting FISH
information overload as things        designed to help state and              Media-and-Publications.
have been so fluid for the last 6     territory health officials to quickly
weeks. Which is why we have           contact people who may have             Stakeholder survey now open
made space on our webpage             been exposed to COVID-19.               It is vital that we understands
specifically for COVID-19 with                                                how it is performing from a
relevant and key information for      Export information                      stakeholder perspective. Link
the industry. On pages 8 and 9        Keep across seafood export              can be found on page 4.
there is a summary of a range         related issues such as the
of support services and phone         China List and International            Facebook
numbers.                              Freight Assistance Mechanism            Find you’re not keeping up with
                                      (IFAM) by subscribing directly          the Territory seafood industry
Whilst social distancing and          to receive bulletins from the           news and issues? Daily stories,
isolation might be the tools to       Seafood Trade Advisory                  shares and likes can be viewed
tackle COVID-19. Now is not the       Group (STAG).                           by joining us on Facebook.
time to be alone. COVID-19 is
new, however financial support,       The year that was                       Modernising the Mud Crab
professional guidance and             Our 2019 annual report is now           Fishery
mental health support are not.        online and hard copies have             Understanding electronic data
Please do not hesitate to reach       been posted to members. Click           collection and reporting options
out to the NTSC and we will do        here to read the Year in Review         is important. Read more on
our best to either connect you        2019.                                   page 6.
to a service and/or importantly
listen.                               World Fisheries Congress                Why getting your logbook
                                      Postponed until September               return in on time is important
Katherine Winchester,                 2021                                    Importantly as of this year,
NT Seafood Council                    Abstracts    submitted    for           warning letters for late returns
Chief Executive Officer               WFC2020 remain valid for                are no longer sent. Read more
                                      next year’s congress. Further           on page 12.
                                      information is available at

Northern Territory Seafood Council (NTSC)
Cover Photo: Inverell Bay @ Nhulunbuy, NT 2019 by Donna English

NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
Stakeholder Survey                        What lens                 are        you        looking
NOW OPEN                                  through?

The Seafood Council is conducting         2020 started with the Seafood Council Board focussed on
its second Stakeholder survey to          increasing understanding of Indigenous Australians and
seek feedback on NTSC value and           their cultures, with a specific focus on Aboriginal sea country
performance, which will aid in the        in the NT and land rights.
evaluation of our organisation against
the NTSC Strategic Plan 2018-2023.        Understanding the relationships between fisheries legislation,
                                          sacred sites, sea country and land rights is necessary for a
It is vital that we understands how       successful seafood industry.
it is performing from a stakeholder
perspective as well as learning from      We as an industry need to understand the aspirations
stakeholders what they believe to be      of the indigenous community in respect to ongoing
the key risks facing the NT seafood       long-term association with the industry and how this can be
industry.                                 accomplished for the benefit of all.

The 2020 survey has been emailed          This is an exciting project to start building understanding
to stakeholders and will remain open      and aid in building relationships that underpin the future of
until 5 June 2020. Click here to          the NT seafood industry.
complete the survey.
                                          To improve cross cultural awareness, the Board and
Thank you for your                        staff have completed two online modules, ‘Working with
input                                     Cultural Difference’ and ‘Aboriginal History’ and one of four
                                          yarning sessions. The first cross cultural yarning session
We conducted a NTSC Sustainability        was facilitated by Jason Elsegood from Cross Cultural
Strategy Survey for eight weeks           Consultants.
over February and March this year.
Importantly feedback from the Survey      The Northern Territory is an incredibly diverse cultural space;
will help us better understand from a     not only are there a multitude of international languages
range of stakeholder views the most       spoken but the NT is home to over 50 Aboriginal languages
important problems facing the industry.   made up of over 100 dialects.
This information will aid us to create
change and deliver a Sustainabity         As an industry that operates within and around Aboriginal
Strategy for the NT seafood industry.     communities, understanding the cultural context of the NT
                                          is doubly important for NTSC members.
Key areas in the survey included
data collection, innovation, bycatch,     By developing our cross cultural knowledge and skills
protected species interactions, climate   we improve our ability to create a strong, sustainable
change impacts, resource access and       development foundation for the growth of our industry in the
the challenges/benefits of operating in   NT.
the North Marine Park Network. Over
200 people from within the industry,      ‘Being cross culturally aware helps us to create spaces that
government, research, recreational        are reflective and inclusive of cultural difference and improves
fishers, environmental sector and         our ability to create positive engagement outcomes,’ said
general community provided their          Jason Elsegood, Cross Cultural Consultants.
                                          Resources are being developed for NTSC members.
This project titled Sustainability
Strategy: Building capability and         The project titled Cultural Education and Representation
resilience for the Northern Territory     received funding from the Australian Government.
seafood industry received grant funding
from the Australian Government.

NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
February 2020
The Board of Northern Territory Seafood Council       Build trust in our industry by
Incorporated met 12 February 2020 at Northern         our      members,           community          and
Territory Seafood Council offices, Fishermen’s        government
Wharf.                                                Consideration of whether Northern Territory
                                                      Seafood Identifying priority areas where funding
This communique has been provided as                  and resources are needed is another strategic
a summary for members of the key items                direction the Board has recognised we need to
discussed. We welcomed Cam Druitt, Mark               perform better. Licensee Committee’s will be
Webster and Michael O’Brien to the Board,             asked to identify their priority issues/areas by mid
who were nominated by the respective Coastal          2020, so that the Board can better identify how
Line, Trepang and Demersal Fishery licensee           we as an industry organisation develop prioritised
committee/associations.                               industry. Importantly the Board recognised the
                                                      need for NTSC to better communicate industry
                                                      needs into organisations that can aid in providing
Improve          structures           for      an     solutions such as researchers and other support
effective           Northern         Territory        programs.
Seafood Council
A key focus area of discussion was the revision of    Immediately following the Board meeting, Board
the existing NTSC constitution and the changes        and NTSC staff training was undertaken in cross
required to shift the NTSC from a “representative”    cultural awareness. The session was relatable
board appointment mindset to a smaller and            easy to understand, I personally learnt a lot and
appropriately skilled/experience based Board.         recognised the importance of this understanding
                                                      when interacting with not only Indigenous
With the overarching purpose of aiding the            Australians but with people from different cultural
development and improving awareness of both           backgrounds overseas. I am glad we have more
the wild harvest and aquaculture sectors getting      sessions in the future to help tie this learning
the structures and processes in place to aid          together into something practical we can use in
the Board’s focus at the industry wide level and      our future interactions.
organisation level is important. Equally important
for the NTSC is to ensure that fishery specific
groups such as our Licensee Committee’s have          The next Board meeting is scheduled for 27 May
the appropriate support from NTSC to guide            2020, which will be chaired by Anthony Ciconte
fishery level decisions, strategy and direction.      in my absence for this particular meeting.
                                                      Member’s suggestions for Board agenda items
It is important as an organisation we are clear       are encouraged to be forwarded to Northern
on where we are trying to get to and what kind        Territory Seafood Council Secretary, Mr Chris
of skills/experience is needed at the Board level     Calogeras via email to
so that the right proposed changes can be put
forward for the members consideration.                Daniel Kimberley
For the 2020/21 licensing year the Board
determined to request from the Minister for
Primary Industry and Resources no change to
the NTSC Levy amount.

                                                                    Image: Inverell Bay @ Nhulunbuy, NT 2019 by Donna English

NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
Modernising the Mud                           Bringing joy over Easter to
Crab fishery                                  those in need
During the development of the NT              Coastal Line Fishermen’s Association (CFLA) members
Mud Crab Harvest Strategy it was              were greeted with smiles that went from one ear to the
identified that language and workload         other, when they arrived at three Darwin organisations just
barriers are impacting on the quality         days before the Easter long week to delivering an 80kg
of data recorded and submitted.               donation of Black Jewfish fillets.

Through project titled Adoption of            ‘Professional fishers have worked together to donate round
new purpose designed data capture             400 serves of Black Jewfish to a part of the community that
tool to improve knowledge and                 needs support. Every single one of us have a sense of the
stewardship of the NT Mud Crab                ‘good feeling inside’ knowing the fish is helping out both the
Fishery, NTSC is working to get 10            organisations and the people they support,’ said Coastal
iPads in waterproof cases with the            Line Fishermen’s Association, Vice Chairman, Mr Jon Hay.
DeckHand App installed, distributed
amongst volunteer fishers within the          Mr Kevin Wrigley, Community and Fundraising Manager NT,
Mud Crab Fishery.                             The Salvation Army, said ‘We were so delighted to hear from
                                              the Fishery about their donation and it’s not often that local
Key trial areas include Maningrida,           seafood is on our menu.’
Mini Mini/Murgenella, Bynoe Harbour,
Wearyan River and the Roper River.            ‘Members of the CLFA had been exploring donation options
                                              in recent months with the view to bring some Easter joy to
The trial will test and better understand     the community,’ said Northern Territory Seafood Council,
any issues of cellular connectivity,          Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Katherine Winchester.
app user friendliness and durability of
iPads in exposed tropical conditions.

The Mud Crab Licensee Committee
also recently discussed the testing of
a CLS mud crab app which can be
used in conjunction with the Triton
CLS vessel monitoring system.

Satellite data through the VMS can
be used to transmit app data as an
electronic logbook.

Understanding      electronic    data
collection and reporting options is
important for efficient management
of the fishery as well as opening up
new opportunities and efficiencies for
business decisions.

This project received funding from
the Australian Government.

                                            Delivering fish for Easter – (from left) Sunrise Centre centre manager Lorraine Butler,
                                            Coastal Line Fishermen’s Association vice chairman Jon Hay, professional fishersman
                                            Shannon Johnston and Sunrise Centre chef Sue Hoddinott at the centre in Berrimah,

NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
Seafood labelling help locals                                    Big step for NT’s
identify and support local                                       Aquarium Fishery
                                                                 The Aquarium Fishery Management
In late 2019, the findings of NT Seafood Council’s fourth        Advisory Committee (AFMAC) held its
‘have your say on NT seafood’ survey report were released.       first meeting in Darwin on Wednesday
The overwhelming message from respondents was labelling          22 January 2020.
laws in the Northern Territory are a success and that
consumers have a preference to buy Northern Territory            The primary role of the AFMAC is to
seafood.                                                         develop a management framework
                                                                 that incorporates a contemporary
It was reported that 95% of Territorians would select NT         Harvest strategy, and the inaugural
labelled seafood over seafood from elsewhere in Australia.       meeting was an opportunity for
The survey also showed that 93.9% of people agree labelling      members to get to know one another,
on menus which clearly shows the identity of seafood origin      outline the role of the Committee
is a compelling driver in the purchasing decision.               and gain an understanding of the
                                                                 governance requirements for the
NTSC recognise right now is an exceptionally difficult time      Committee.
for the hospitality sector due to the COVID-19. And as we all
are keen to buy local and support locals it is more important    AFMAC members also learnt about
than ever to include the origin of seafood on the menu.          the consultation process for Fishery
                                                                 Management Advisory Committees
Interestingly, NT seafood consumers believe they are eating      in the NT, and consider the forward
more seafood and over 33% of the respondents are willing         agenda.
to pay a premium of more than 20% to plate up NT labelled
seafood.                                                         AFMAC provided advice and
                                                                 discussed the draft long term
Northern Territory continues to be the envy across Australia     management objectives for the
for our seafood labelling laws that came into place in 2008      fishery; the risk of a shrinking domestic
which require dining outlets to identify the origin of seafood   ornamental market; and concerns
if it is not Australian.                                         about collection of Western Clown
                                                                 Anemonefish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
Since then, many NT businesses have embraced clear               and of Giant Carpet anemone
labelling on the origin of seafood dishes and some venues        (Stichodactyla gigentea) within the
have expanded their menus to include local seafood options       Darwin region.
or only NT or Australian options. Download the full survey
report here.                                                     Establishment of the AFMAC is an
                                                                 important step in the development of
                                                                 a Harvest Strategy and Management
                                                                 Framework for the Aquarium fishery.
                                                                 The next meeting is scheduled for
                                                                 August 2020.

NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
border control                            Keeping across key issue and
                                          Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
In response to the COVID-19
outbreak, the Australian Government       Whilst the NTSC is continuing to provide members with
confirmed that Australia’s food           regular COVID-19 communication updates, useful links to
production and supply chain will not      up to date information are available at:
be affected by COVID-19 shutdowns,
deeming food production and supply           • NT Government’s Coronavirus website
as an essential service. As of 3     
April 2020, states and territories           • Australian Government
except New South Wales, Victoria
and the Australian Capital Territory      It is important to download current forms (i.e. exemption
have imposed strict border control        application forms) direct from the websites due to how fluid
restrictions.                             the situation is which can result in changes.

Agriculture and primary industries,
which include commercial fishing,
are considered essential services
and as such those working in these
businesses are classified as essential
travellers. Despite this classification
some jurisdictions, including the NT
require workers and/or employees
to apply for an application for
exemption from 14 days quarantine
when entering.

States and territories apply their
own restrictions and interpretations,
including management of movement
across    state    borders    which
can be found by visiting www.

Wellbeing and
Support Information

  • Lifeline (Mental health and
    wellbeing) - phone 13 11 14
                                          reminder   to  employers     on
  • Beyondblue (Mental health and         workplace safety during COVID-19
    wellbeing) - phone 1300 224 636
                                          Managing the risks in the workplace and business as
  • Headspace (Youth mental               exposure to COVID-19 is a potential hazard for workers
    health and wellbeing) - phone         and other people at workplaces.
    1800 650 890
                                          A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs)
                                          must have measures in place to protect worker health
                                          and safety and manage these risks. To learn more about
                                          employers and employee responsibilities visit Safework
                                          Australia or the Australian Government Department of

NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
Support for NT seafood Businesses

Program/Initiative                   Description
Independent Advice                   Access 4hrs of free independent advise to directly help business. Contact Business Enterprise Centre
                                     NT on 08 8923 6133 or Chamber of Commerce NT hotline on 08 8982 8188.

Rural Financial Services             Free confidential advice and professional support for businesses. Freecall 1800 836 211.
Business Growth Programs             A range of strategic and tailor made solutions to support your business. Contact a Small Business
                                     Champion to help identify the types of support your business can access via 08 8999 5479.
Start. Run. Grow                     Provision of strategic programs and activities.
Industry Buildskills Program         Funding to upskill or reskill existing workers.
Worker and Wellbeing Fund            If you have lost your job or your income has been reduced because of coronavirus (COVID-19) and you
                                     are not already receiving financial and/or wellbeing support, including Centrelink benefits.
Immediate Works Grant                Funds fully committed. Applications now closed. Repairs, renovations and upgrades to property and
$5 million                           facilities for not for profits/community organisations up to $100,000.

Business Improvement Grant           Funds fully committed to purchase goods and services to make permanent physical improvements to
$20 million                          a business (land and/or building) to help operations and customer experience.

Payroll Tax Relief                   Abolish payroll tax for six months for eligible smaller and medium-sized businesses, and defer it for six
                                     months for large businesses (NT Treasury payroll-tax-relief).
Electricity, Water & Sewage          Electricity, Water & Sewage Power, water and sewerage bills by 50 per cent for eligible businesses for
                                     six months (for regulated utility tariffs). Support effective for 6 months.
Territory Jobs Hub                   Online portal that will help Territory workers find a new job quickly. The portal will also help businesses
                                     that need workers to connect with those looking for work, this includes casual and contract work. Read
                                     more on the Territory Jobs Hub.
JobKeeper Payment                    Available to eligible employers, businesses including companies, partnerships, trusts and sole traders,
                                     not-for-profits and charities. $1,500 per fortnight (before tax) per employee for up to 6 months.
JobSeeker Payment                    Available for people between 22yrs old and age pension age and looking for work. It also for when
                                     you’re sick or injured and can’t do your usual work. You need to meet some rules.
Boosting Cash Flow for Employers     Tax relief, you will get an initial cash boost which is 100% of the PAYG withheld. A second cash boost
                                     will be given either monthly (25% or the initial boost) or quarterly (50% or the initial boost). Automatic
                                     payment by the ATO will be made after you lodge your activity statement.
Working from home                    Tax return: claim 80 cents per hour and other expenses due to working from home.
Assistance to pay wages of           Wage subsidy up to $21K and 50% of the apprentice’s or trainee’s wage paid during 9 months from 1
apprentices or trainees              Jan to 30 Sep.
Increasing the instant asset write   Under normal circumstances, individual assets less than $30,000 are eligible for the instant asset write
off                                  off. The Government has lifted this threshold to $150,000 for assets that are either installed or ready
                                     for first use by 30 June 2020.
Casual employees                     Casual employees may be eligible for income support.
Support the flow of credit           The government will provide a guarantee of 50% to small and medium enterprises lenders for new
                                     unsecured loans to be used for working capital.
Early access to superannuation       Access up to $10,000 of their superannuation before 1 July 2020. They will also be able to access up
                                     to a further $10,000 from 1 July 2020 for approximately three months.
Tax Support                          The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is providing relief for some tax obligations for businesses affected by
                                     the outbreak, on a case-by-case basis. Contact the ATO’s Emergency Support Infoline for businesses
                                     on 1800 806 218 for more information or to request this help.
Workplace Obligations and            Help and advice for employers and employees with entitlements during this time. Fair Work Australia
Entitlements                         (

Further details on these support packages can be found via the following websites:

NT Government
Australian Government
Australian Tax Office

NEWS April 2020 - Northern Territory Seafood Council
Your views are                            Fishery Profile to aid Oil, Gas
important –                               and Seismic Research
Workforce Strategy
                                          Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)
The National Agriculture Labour           for a three-year national seismic research coordination role.
Advisory Committee is preparing
a Workforce strategy that will            Mannie Shea has been appointed as the principal investigator
be presented to the Australian            for this project, which the position will provide ongoing
Government.                               support to protect commercial fishermen’s access rights
                                          and will identify areas of seismic and commercial fishing
The National Agricultural Workforce       environment gaps with the aim for these research gaps to
Strategy is seeking your assistance       be addressed.
in helping shape the strategy and
develop a sustainable and skilled         Mannie will also be involved with environment plan
agricultural workforce for the future.    submissions and best practice information for environment
The aim is to attract, retain and
upskill the domestic workforce. As        The commercial fishing sector is by far the largest group of
well as identify where access to a        potentially affected stakeholders for all offshore activities and
migrant workforce will be necessary       in many instances, commercial fishers (and the commercial
to meet industry needs.                   fishing resource) are the only potentially affected parties.

The strategy will recommend               Here in the NT we have seen multiple environment plan (EP)
potential actions to address the future   consultation requests from oil, gas and seismic proponents
workforce needs of the agriculture,       operating in or planning to operate in either territory or
fisheries and forestry industries; and    commonwealth waters.
closely allied service and supply
chain industry sectors.                   Many EP consultation requests bear little or no relevance
                                          to commercial fishing activities, with many fishers receiving
These actions will target school          unnecessary and complex information of little or no relevance.
education, vocational education and       When an activity does have relevance the proponents have
training, and higher education.           not adequately addresses the potential issues, the project
                                          will sees each state and territory managed fishery have a
A discussion paper is out for comment     ‘Fishery Profile’ to aid oil, gas and seismic operators when
by either completing the online           and where they need to consult.
survey or via a written submission.
All feedback must be summited by          Mannie has commenced working on NT commercial fishery
5pm (AEST)1 June 2020.                    profiles on behalf of the NT Seafood Council, which will
                                          see each fishery profile (totalling 12 fisheries) have its own
Learn more about the discussion           detailed summary that will be used in conjunction with the
paper by downloading a PDF of the         Oil and Gas Engagement Commercial Fishing Consultation
National Agricultural Workforce           Guidance Framework.
Strategy Discussion Paper.
                                          Fishery profiles have been developed for each NT Fishery.
                                          Please email or phone Mannie directly
                                          on 0452 070 037 to arrange a copy or provide feedback to
                                          help finalise these documents.

Seafood Industry Safety                                       Pipeline
Initiative                                                    Decommissioning

The Fisheries Research & Development Corporation              The Bayu-Undan Gas Export Pipeline
(FRDC) Seafood Industry Safety Initiative (SISI) committee    is forecast to reach the end of
members come together to continue discussions on a way        economic production around 2021-22
forward to achieve positive changes in the safety space.      and a large section of the pipeline will
                                                              not be required by ConocoPhillips for
They started 2020 with their first visit to Darwin as a       use after that time and is planned to
committee.                                                    be decommissioned.

With regards to safety compliance and uptake of industry      Legislation passed in 2019 from
developed tools and resources to assist the Australian        ratification of the Maritime Boundaries
Seafood Industry SISI wish to achieve the following           Treaty between the Australian
objectives:                                                   and Timor-Leste governments,
                                                              requires the section of pipeline to
    • Moving towards zero fatalities and reduction in         be decommissioned in Timor-Leste
      workplace safety incidences;                            Offshore Waters to be removed
    • Continuous cultural improvements in the use of          to the satisfaction of Australia’s
      workplace safety management systems; and                National Offshore Petroleum Safety
    • Increase in uptake of industry workplace safety and     and Environmental Management
      training programs and education tools.                  Authority (NOPSEMA), prior to
                                                              surrender of title. The first stage of
FRDC has taken the lead in developing a national strategy     the environmental approval process
to address efforts and resources lacking in the workplace     - Bayu-Undan Pipeline Production
health and safety space of the Australian seafood industry.   Cessation Environment Plan (EP)
                                                              occurred in September 2019.
The seafood industry safety initiative developed as a
cross stakeholder partnership to address gaps and/or          The second stage – of the 345km
inefficiencies in the workplace health and safety space of    section to be decommissioned in
the Australian seafood industry.                              Australian Waters, 222km is located
                                                              within the Oceanic Shoals Marine
Learn more by visiting Workforce Health and Safety in         Park, which is an authorised activity
Fisheries and Aquaculture.                                    under Class Approval provisions
                                                              within the North Marine Parks Network
                                                              Management Plan. Download a PDF
                                                              of the Bayu-Undan Gas Export
                                                              Pipeline Production Cessation.

Why getting your logbooks in on time is important

All professional fishers must keep logbooks reporting their location, harvest (target species,
by-product, bycatch), discards, and interactions with Threatened, Endangered and Protected Species
(TEPS) on a monthly basis. Some fisheries have even tighter controls, such as the Aquarium fishery,
which operators are required to submit their log returns every five days if they are harvesting species
under catch limits.

Logbook data is used for day to day management, Harvest Strategy triggers, stock assessments and
overarching reports.

For example, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES)
use fisheries data to produce sustainability reports every three years. Just as the government relies
on data from the industry to paint an accurate picture of the fisheries, the industry relies on the
government’s fisheries management experts to determine the sustainability of fish stocks.

NT Fisheries aims to undertake stock assessments every five to seven years in addition to conducting
annual reviews to ensure commercial harvest is at a sustainable level.

Given the importance of having information submitted in a timely manner, NT Fisheries have been
encouraging operators to stay on top of their reporting. Importantly as of this year, warning letters
for late returns are no longer sent and instead NT Fisheries have the ability to issue a Fisheries
Infringement Notices (FIN) of $628 fine + $40 victims levy for late returns.

 NT Fisheries Wildstock Fisheries Managers contact list
 Will Bowman      Program Leader                                      08 8999 2181
                                                                      0427 450 144

 Blake Taylor     Senior Wildstock    Coastal Line Fishery            08 8999 2119
                  Fishery Manager
 Lianos           Wildstock Fishery   Mud Crab Fishery                08 8999 2284   lianos.
 Triantafillos    Manager             Barramundi Fishery

 Rebecca          Wildstock Fishery   Demersal Fishery                08 8999 2302
 Oliver           Manager             Timor Reef Fishery
 Brian Boyle      Wildstock Fishery   Aquarium Fishery                08 8999 2181
 Belinda Norris   Wildstock Fishery   Spanish Mackerel Fishery        08 9992127
                  Manager             Offshore Net and Line Fishery

Roll-out of Electronic                                           Native Title officer
logbooks continues
                                                                 The Seafood Council has taken a
The roll-out of Electronic logbooks (E-log) in NT’s fisheries    proactive approach and recently
continues under the guidance of Wildstock Fisheries              received grant funding from the
Manager Dr Lianos (Li) Triantafillos.                            Commonwealth Government to
                                                                 employ a Native Title Officer to work
Li understands the challenges of implementing systems            on preparing the Seafood Council
changes for commercial fishers, from his days as an ex           and its members prepare for future
professional squid fisherman in South Australia before he        Native Title claims.
embarked on a research career studying squid.
                                                                 It has been almost 20 years since
His cephalopod obsession led him across the world, where         the Seafood Council was actively
he studied and worked in areas such as the Falkland              involved in native title.
Islands and the South Atlantic for several years. And
eventually brought him to Darwin, where he is managing           It is time to dust off the files, get
Fisheries as well as rolling out the E-Log program.              familiar with any changes and
                                                                 improve our understanding to ensure
‘I really enjoy going down to the Duck Pond and have been        the NT seafood industry is ready to
really impressed with how Territory commercial fishers           engage and effectively respond to
are embracing the new E-log system,’ said Dr Lianos              Native Title applications.
                                                                 Native title claims are made by
NT Fisheries are available to assist with E-log installations,   Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
upgrades and any issues encountered for the remainder of         groups to the Federal Court of
2020, so don’t miss out on getting your system set up with       Australia. The National Native Title
assistance.                                                      Tribunal also plays a role in the
                                                                 native title process.
All it takes is a quick call to Li on 08 8999 2284 or 0451 255
110 or email or visit the NT      As it has been many years between
commercial fishing logbooks.                                     Native Title claims affecting the sea,
                                                                 and we are aware that future claims,
                                                                 such as the Groote Eylandt claim that
                                                                 was flagged in late 2018, will likely be
                                                                 lodged in the near future.

                                                                 In the coming months through the
                                                                 Native Title Officer role, NTSC will
                                                                 seek to achieve a range of outcomes

                                                                    • Improved ability to engage NTSC
                                                                      members with interests in Native
                                                                      Title matters; and
                                                                    • Improved understanding about
                                                                      the Native Title process.

                                                                 For more information regarding
                                                                 native title please contact the NTSC

Locals supporting locals

   Now is the time to band together as a Territory. Businesses in Darwin and surrounding regions have
   continued their support for the NT seafood industry. Many are providing Territorians the opportunity
         to continue to enjoy their favourite seafood dishes by ordering online for delivery and/or
                                             take-away services.

            Support NT Caught venues where you will see NT seafood on the menu include:

                                              Beachfront Hotel
                                        Frying Nemo Fish & Chippery
                                           La Beach Fish & Chips
                                             Saffrron Restaurant
                                       Snapper Rocks Bar & Kitchen
                                          The Fannie Bay Cool Spot
                                      The Foreshore Restaurant & Café
                                               The Roma Bar

                         For more venues and retail outlets visit Where to buy?

                                         coming events
              Event                           Date              Time                  Venue
NT Demersal Fishermen’s Association        7 May 2020           0900              Teleconference
       NTSC Board Meeting                  27 May 2020        0900-1100         Video Conferencing

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