News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?

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News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
Electric Cooperative

  Is 100% carbon-free
  electricity possible?
                                                All-of-the-above energy strategy / 4-5
                                                          Winter energy-saving tips / 8
                                         PKM director earns Leadership Certificate / 12
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
CEO Report
                                      Mike Schmidt         industry average, which saves us money                     planning on phasing it in over the next few
                                      CEO                  on our workers compensation premium.                       years.
                                      PKM Electric Co-op   At this time, all our lineworkers have                         COVID-19 has caused much longer
                                                           completed the required coursework,                         lead times on sourcing materials and trucks.

   t’s mid-January and financial                           testing and experience to obtain the                       We pay attention to metal prices, such as
   performance for 2020 is coming into                     journeyman lineman designation.                            copper and aluminum, that are used in
   focus. Purchased energy from Minnkota                        Over the past two years we have been                  our conductors. For 2021 we have been
Power Cooperative, PKM’s wholesale                         testing a replacement metering system.                     told to plan for a price increase of 15-
power provider, is down 4.4% as compared                   Our existing system is PLC (power                          25% on those two metals. This of course
to 2019. The majority of this reduction is                 line carrier) technology. The system is                    affects our conductor costs, probably in the
weather related. The wet fall of 2019 created              becoming obsolete and faster systems                       neighborhood of 6-11% on underground
additional crop drying sales, and the recent               offering more information are available.                   cable, as there are more components to the
mild December reduced electric heating                     We have never been at the forefront of                     cable than just the metals. The current cost
sales. Every Minnkota cooperative lost sales               technology, as our conservative nature                     to retire a mile of single-phase overhead and
in 2020, the average being 3.5%.                           causes us to take a wait-and-see approach                  replace it with underground is just under
     Our margins continue to hold up. The                  on the latest and greatest. The new                        $30,000.
years of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 all                     metering technology has been out a                             This winter we continue with right-of-way
produced margins slightly over $1 million. It              number of years and has a track record for                 clearing, pole replacements and line patrol.
looks like for 2020 the margin will be in the              us to evaluate. We think it will be a good                 We continue to do our best to operate the
range of $870,000, which is down slightly but              improvement and investment, and we are                     cooperative in your best interest. Stay safe!
again, weather related. PKM remains in great
financial condition.
     PKM’s last rate adjustment was in 2015.
No rate increase is scheduled for 2021, so
stable rates continue. Currently Minnkota
is looking at a possible rate increase in
2022, but the amount and how it is to be
implemented has not yet been determined.
     PKM had another safe year. In the
industry this is called “no lost time.” Our
Minnesota-assigned workers compensation
rate continues to hold way under the

                                                                                                   January/February 2021 (Vol. 75, No. 1)
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                                                                               Office hours                                                  Officers and Directors
                                                                 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday          President........................................................ Mark Hatton
                                                                       218-745-4711 or 800-552-7366                  Vice President......................................... Michael Beaudry
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know you can use your toaster for                                 Electrical after-hours emergencies                 Secretary-Treasurer...................................... Wayne Malm
eight hours for just $1 of kilowatt                                            800-552-7366                          Directors....Paul Aakre, Steve Goodwin, Chris Mortenson,
                                                                        e-mail:                           Blake Owens, C.J. Peterson and Tom Woinarowicz
power? That’s about 320 slices of                                      website:
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                                                                           Friday, Feb. 26, 2021
spend more on gourmet mustard,
mayo and jam.                                                                    This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

    2   PKM News / January-February 2021
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
Stable warmth
 in unstable times
   Cooperative energy planners predict an average
        winter season of demand response

        ncertainty had been the name        pen during extreme cold. A planned               To prepare for demand response,
        of the game for much of 2020.       generator outage or extended lack of        make sure your system is working
        But as we slip into the first few   intermittent resources across the region    properly and that you have adequate
        weeks of the year, PKM Elec-        can push the program into action.           backup fuel before the coldest days
tric Cooperative feels certain about one    “When we see there’s no wind in North       arrive. If you are not a participant in
thing – your continued warmth and           Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and those           the program but are interested in how
comfort throughout the winter.              areas where there’s often a lot of wind,    to save money with an all-season air-
     The energy planners at Minnkota        that’s when we start to see high mar-       source heat pump, a cost-effective
Power Cooperative (power provider           kets, and that’s when you’ll see more       plenum heater or zero-maintenance
for PKM Electric) expect a standard         demand response.” Sailer said.              underfloor storage heat, call your
season for members with electric heat            Although Minnkota expects a typi-      energy experts at PKM Electric
on demand response. The voluntary           cal level of demand response this year,     Cooperative.
program allows the cooperative to tem-      COVID-19 may change when it acti-                The demand response program be-
porarily interrupt service to a member’s    vates. When more people are working         gan as a way to manage power during
off-peak loads, like electric heating and   and learning from home, times of peak       peak seasonal need without building
large-capacity water heaters, in            energy usage shift, which impacts the       additional generation resources – a
exchange for a lower electric rate.         availability of excess resources to cover   costly solution for only a few days a
For technologies like air-source heat       energy demand.                              year. But the electric heating tech-
pumps and plenum heaters, the system             “Instead of demand response from       nologies that have evolved within the
automatically switches to a backup fuel     7-9 a.m., it might be from 8-11 a.m.,”      program are helping our members en-
source such as propane, so there is no      Sailer said. “The load curve changes, so    hance their comfort and safety, things
break in comfort.                           it might change how we actually imple-      we could all use a little more of in 2020.
     Todd Sailer, Minnkota senior           ment our load management.”
manager of power supply and resource
planning, says he expects the level of
winter demand response to be compa-
rable to the past 4-5 years – less than
100 hours. Members should always
                                                   NOTICE TO OFF-PEAK MEMBERS
be prepared for up to 200-250 hours
                                                    The off-peak program is designed to reduce electric load during peak
of management, but have historically            demand times and pass energy savings on to participating members by
encountered much less. Last winter,             controlling electric home heating and water heating equipment.
Minnkota only logged 10 hours of
                                                       If during the heating season you experience a control event
interruption due to mild weather and
low wholesale energy prices.
                                                   that seems excessively long or have no hot water, please be sure to
     “The only things that are really              give us a call first to determine if further help is needed.
going to drive that up are a shift in the
energy market, which is typically going
                                                     To know if load is being controlled, visit our website at www.
to be weather related,” Sailer explained., click on “Member Services” from the homepage, then
“If you get a polar vortex or a wind            the link “Load Management” and scroll down to the “Current Status”
event where there’s simply no wind              link. When viewing the Last Switching Status graph, cells that are the
during high loads, that’s where that            color green indicating “on” means there is no load control activity, and
number suddenly goes from 70 to 250             red cells with “off ’ indicate load is being controlled.
hours really quick.”                                 If you have any questions, please call 1-800-552-7366 or 218-745-4711.
     Demand response doesn’t just hap-
                                                                                                         January-February 2021 / PKM News   3
                                                                                                         January-February 2021 / PKM News   3
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
A L L - O F -T H E - A B OV E
                                  All-of-the-above strategy
                                ensures the best energy value
            “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”             a diverse mix of coal, wind and hydro to meet
      It’s a familiar saying, and believe it or not, that        your 24/7 electricity needs. Future power supply
      age-old piece of wisdom is used by electric                decisions take into account numerous factors,
      cooperatives to make sure you receive a reliable,          including permitting; capital, operating and
      affordable and environmentally responsible                 maintenance costs; existing generation mix;
      supply of electricity. Each of the primary                 reliability and resiliency; and projected consumer
      generation resource options across the country             demand for electricity.
      has both advantages and disadvantages. This is                 Decisions to build or purchase from new
      why an all-of-the-above energy strategy is so              generation resources are carefully considered.
      crucial. If a utility ties itself to one resource, it is   Building any new generation resource at grid
      exposed to all the risks associated with that              scale can cost hundreds of millions of dollars and
      resource. By diversifying, utilities are able to take      require decades of investment and commitment.
      advantage of the pros and limit their exposure to          That makes it uneconomic to switch back and
      the cons.                                                  forth between power supply options over short
            Through its membership in Minnkota Power             periods of time.
      Cooperative, PKM Electric Cooperative uses

4   PKM News / January-February 2021
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
        DISPATCHABLE/BASELOAD                                                               INTERMITTENT
+                     LIGNITE COAL                                   –   +                              WIND                                  –
                                      Currently, almost impossible                                          Has intermittent production
Abundant, domestic fuel source                                                     No fuel cost
                                                to permit                                                    (produces about 45% of its
                                                                                                            potential on an annual basis)
                                      Can be difficult to ramp up
Can reliably run 24 hours per day                                               No air emissions
                                      and down to accommodate                                               Requires investment in backup
                                        renewable production                                                    generation resources
        Cost-competitive                                                     Cost-competitive with
       with other resources         Higher CO₂ intensity than natural           other resources            Turbines take a larger footprint
                                       gas, although CO₂ capture                                            to produce the same energy
                                        technology is advancing                                                  as other resources
                                                                                                             Wind farms can impact bird
+                     NATURAL GAS                                    –                                        and wildlife populations
                                                                                                           Cannot operate in extreme cold
    Lower CO₂ emission levels             Fuel costs have been                                                  or wind conditions
           than coal                       historically volatile
      Currently, natural gas          Pipeline infrastructure not
          is low-priced             adequate for projected demand        +                              SOLAR                                 –
          Can be run 24/7              Potentially more expensive                                            Has intermittent production
    or used during peak events      to install CO₂ capture technology              No fuel cost
                                                                                                            (produces about 15-18% of its
                                                                                                             potential on an annual basis)
        Flexible operation                                                      No air emissions
                                                                                                           Requires investment in backup
                                                                              Costs are higher than            generation resources

+                              HYDRO                                 –       other resources, but are
                                                                               trending downward
                                                                                                              Solar panels take a larger
                                                                                                            footprint to produce the same
                                     Currently, almost impossible                                             energy as other resources
           No fuel cost
                                               to permit                                                    Production affected by clouds,
                                                                                                               snow and extreme cold
 Low-cost energy to consumer        Affects fish and wildlife habitat                                               temperatures

         No air emissions           Alters the natural flow of rivers
                                                                         +           BATTERY TECHNOLOGY                                       –
                                        Virtually no resources
        Flexible operation                                                                                     Technology is in its infancy
                                           in development                       No air emissions
                                     (some dams being removed)                                                       at grid scale
                                                                                                             Costly to deploy and requires
                                                                         Can be dispatched when needed     investments in other generation
+                            NUCLEAR                                 –           Pairs well with
                                                                                                           resources to charge the batteries
                                         High capital cost and                renewable resources           Can only dispatch for 2-4 hours
         No air emissions
                                      increasingly expensive fuel                                            at a time when energy can be
                                                                                                                     needed for days
                                          Radioactive waste
Can reliably run 24 hours per day      must be properly disposed                                              Battery components require
                                          of and monitored                                                 significant amounts of rare earth
                                                                                                              elements, which are almost
                                      Nearly impossible to permit                                            exclusively produced by China
                                       Cannot ramp up and down
                                            to accommodate
                                         renewable production

                                                                                                                   January-February 2021 / PKM News   5
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
Is         100%
                             electricity possible?
                             Major technology breakthroughs needed
                             to reach ambitious climate goals

      he year 2050 may seem far away,            near the Young Station site. If the project       Electric grid transformation
      but for electric utilities it feels like   moves forward, a substantial amount of                 As more non-dispatchable, intermit-
      tomorrow.                                  the energy provided to you through PKM            tent energy comes onto the grid, power
     Many political leaders, large corpora-      Electric Cooperative would be carbon-free.        system operators will be challenged to
tions and environmental groups are calling           As the energy transition continues, it is     meet real-time operational demands. The
for the electricity sector to be 100% carbon-    vitally important that electric utilities         nation’s electric grid will undoubtedly
free by midcentury or sooner. While this         remain part of the conversation and that          need to be expanded and upgraded to
goal is virtually impossible to meet in 2021,    decisions are based on technological ca-          ensure 24/7 stability. This will require a tre-
can we reach it in the coming decades            pabilities, reliability and affordability. Here   mendous amount of investment, planning
without sacrificing electric reliability or      are five things to consider during discus-        and coordination across multiple states.
affordability? One thing is certain: It will     sions on a carbon-free energy future.             A recent study by the CapX2050 group an-
take every ounce of innovation the world                                                           ticipates the investment level to be in the
                                                 Need for carbon capture technology
has to offer.                                                                                      billions in the Upper Midwest alone.
                                                      To maintain the reliability and stability
     The complexity and difficulty in achiev-
ing a carbon-free electric grid cannot be
                                                 of the electric grid, dispatchable resources,     Role of beneficial electrification
                                                 like coal and natural gas, will need to con-           As the electric grid continues to see
understated. No single technology, power
                                                 tinue operation for the foreseeable future.       lower emissions levels, electrifying ev-
source or approach will be sufficient on its
                                                 That means that carbon capture tech-              erything – from transportation to heating
own. It will take an all-of-the-above strate-
                                                 nology will need to be rapidly developed          and water heating – provides long-term
gy and many technological breakthroughs
                                                 and deployed across the country and the           economic and environmental benefits.
occurring rapidly in the coming years.
                                                 world. In fact, the United Nations’ Inter-        Known as “beneficial electrification,” this
     PKM Electric Cooperative has made
                                                 governmental Panel on Climate Change              concept highlights the opportunities to
great strides toward reducing the carbon
                                                 (IPCC) – the gold standard in international       reduce emissions through increased use of
footprint of its generation portfolio. About
                                                 climate change modeling – has determined          electricity to power devices that would
42% of the generation capacity provided is
                                                 that without carbon capture technology, it        otherwise burn fuels like gasoline, diesel,
already derived from carbon-free resources,
                                                 is virtually impossible to meet ambitious         fuel oil or propane. This will be an essential
and methods to decarbonize even further
                                                 climate goals.                                    strategy in decarbonizing other sectors.
are being pursued by Minnkota Power
Cooperative, our wholesale power provider.       Limitations of renewables and batteries           Addressing other sectors
     Minnkota is thoroughly evaluating               While wind and solar resources provide            Reaching climate goals requires a
Project Tundra – an effort to install carbon     zero-emissions energy, they are also lim-         global strategy that extends well beyond
capture technology at the coal-based Mil-        ited by the fact that they cannot operate         electricity generation. According to the
ton R. Young Station near Bismarck, N.D.         on a frequent-enough basis to stabilize           U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
This power plant has reliably delivered          the grid by themselves. Backup resources          (EPA), the electricity sector only
electricity to PKM Electric members for          are still needed for when the wind doesn’t        contributes about 25% of all global
decades and is well-positioned for               blow and the sun doesn’t shine. While             greenhouse-gas emissions. If the goal is to
technology advancements. The Project             many are optimistic about the future of           reach net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions,
Tundra facility is designed to have a 90% CO2    battery technology, it is still in its infancy    significant reductions must also be found
capture rate – which is the equivalent of        at grid scale. Large battery banks can cur-       from agriculture (24%), manufacturing
permanently taking 800,000 gasoline-fueled       rently only dispatch energy into the grid for     (21%), transportation (14%), buildings
cars off the road. The CO2 would be safely       a few hours at a time, when multiple days         (6%) and other miscellaneous sources
stored more than one mile underground            of backup power can be needed.                    (10%).

 6   PKM News / January-February 2021
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
Suffering from
                                                                          snow blower
                                                                        GO ELECTRIC!

      e all enjoy the vision of a blanket of white after a winter
      storm – but clearing your driveway and sidewalks can be
      downright aggravating. Whatever angers you most about                    Electric snow tool
snow removal, an electric snow blower is likely just the fix for
your frustration.                                                                     types
   o you find yourself waiting
                                       IT’S TOO BULKY!                                Corded
                                           lightweight electric blower or
  to clear your driveway in the           snow shovel is a perfect tool for
                                                                                                      • B est for large
  morning because you’re scared           clearing the narrow corners of                                areas
  to wake the neighbors? Since            your deck and even the delicate                             • P ack the most
  electric snow blowers don’t have        heights of your roof. Try that
  rumbling machinery, your a.m.           with your standard gas-powered
  chore won’t upset the family            machine.
  next door.

                                       I CAN’T START THE THING!                      Cordless
                                          I f you’ve never been a fan of
   he scent of exhaust can linger
  T                                                                                                   • H ighly mobile
                                           unpredictable pull-cord ignition,
  on your coat, scarf and gloves for
                                           an electric snow blower offers a                           • G reat for small
  longer than you’d like, especially
  if you have somewhere to be
                                           super simple push button start                               driveways &
  right after snow blowing. Electric       that everyone in the family can                              sidewalks
  snow blowers don’t emit exhaust          use – and it works every time.
  or fumes, which is good for you
  and good for the environment.
                                           Check out your local hardware
                                       store to see all of the latest corded          Shovel
THE GAS IS A PAIN TO STORE!            and battery-powered options.
                                       Models become more powerful                                    • S implest and
   ou not only have to worry
  about where and how to store         every year, with some able to throw                              most lightweight
                                       snow more than 35 feet or at 500
  your gas-powered snow blower’s
                                       pounds per minute!
                                                                                                      • H andy for decks
  fuel and oil, but you also have
  to worry about what is sitting
                                                                                                        and roofs
  unused in the tank. With electric,                                                                * Images courtesy of Lowe’s
  you simply need an outlet to
  plug in or charge up.
                                                                                   January-February 2021 / PKM News   7
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
Winter energy-saving tips
            eep the cold out and the warm in       consult a professional if the job is               Put a timer on your block engine
            this winter with the following en-     complicated or the home is tightened           heater – If you have cars, trucks or
            ergy and money-saving tips from        so much that mechanical ventilation            tractors plugged in, a timer can help
     PKM Electric Cooperative.                     may be needed. There are professional          you save energy.
           Seal air leaks – Air leaks are among    services that offer a complete energy              Change lights to LED – Save up to
     the greatest source of energy loss in         audit with blower door and thermal             80% on lighting by going to LED over
     a home. According to the Depart-              camera imaging for a fee.                      incandescent. Just look on the box to
     ment of Energy, caulking, sealing and              Furnace filter – Replace your             ensure the lumen output is equal to
     weatherstripping where appropriate            furnace filter as necessary or recom-          the ones you are replacing.
     can save 10-20% on heating and                mended. There’s a reason this is one               Many more tips are available at
     cooling.                                      of the most common tips mentioned.   
          Look for air leaks in walls, ceilings,   A dirty filter causes a furnace to work
     windows, doors, lighting and plumbing         harder.
     fixtures, switches and electrical outlets.
     One way to check for this is to hold a
     lit incense stick on a windy day next to        Estimating energy usage and cost
     the items mentioned above and other                  When it comes to energy use, every home is unique. Home
     places where air may leak. If the smoke         construction, the number of appliances, how they are used and
     stream travels horizontally, you have           the length of time they are used all factor into your monthly
                                                     electric statement. If you want to get a better handle on where
     located an air leak.
                                                     your energy dollars are going, use the following information to
          After finding the leaks, consider
                                                     begin estimating how much electricity your appliances use.
     the following:
     • Weatherstrip doors and windows.               Step 1– Since the wattage of an appliance or electrical equipment determines the
     • Caulk and seal air leaks where                electrical usage per hour, the first step is to determine the wattage. The wattage of
        plumbing, ducting or electrical wir-         an appliance is found on the serial plate. It is possible that electrical equipment may
        ing comes through walls.                     be expressed in volts and amperes rather than watts. If so, multiply volts and
                                                     amperes together to determine the wattage.
     • Install foam gaskets behind outlet
        and switch plates on exterior walls.                            Example: 120 volts x 12.1 amps = 1,452 watts
     • Use foam sealant on larger gaps
                                                     Step 2 – Use the formula to estimate usage and cost. The formula is (watts x hours
        around window trims, baseboards              of operation)/1,000 watts = kilowatt-hours. To find the cost, multiply the kWh by
        and other places.                            the rate. Keep in mind that you are billed in kWh, and 1,000 watts equals 1 kilowatt.
     • Check to ensure the fireplace                     Example: A light uses 100 watts and is left on 15 hours. How many kWh are
        damper is closed and fits properly           used and what does it cost you?
        when not in use.                                              kWh use = (100 watts x 15 hrs)/1,000 watts = 1.5 kWh
          Item to note: When adding                                          Your cost = 1.5 kWh x $.121 = $.1815
     insulation or air sealing, be sure to

8   4    January 2021       SPARKS
    PKM News / January-February 2021
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
Five things you’ll LOVE
              about an off-peak water heater
If you’re looking for that warm-and-fuzzy feeling during the month
of love, look no further – your perfect Valentine’s Day match is a
large-capacity water heater on off-peak. Electric water heaters offer
the consistency and comfort of a soulmate at a price that won’t
break your heart.

Bargain off-peak rate: When you set up your electric water heater on
the off-peak program (heating the water during lower-demand times of day), you
can cut that electricity rate in half – and the savings add up fast.

Lower purchase price: Electric water heaters are simpler with fewer parts,
so the equipment is often less expensive than other water heater technologies.

Easy setup: Every home is already wired with electricity, so you don’t have to worry about the
expensive and complicated piping and venting setup that comes with fuels like propane.

More efficient: Electric water heaters are more efficient, because they don’t lose any heat
in a venting process like gas water heaters do – all the energy goes directly to heating water.

Safe and clean: An electric water heater allows you to use the safe and clean power of
electricity. Gas heater lines need to be inspected regularly to avoid gas leaks.

   The cherry on top of these benefits is that you can get HUGE REBATES for
  installing a new electric water heater on off-peak. Contact the energy pros at
           PKM Electric Cooperative at 218-745-4711 to find out how.

              Electric Water Heater Rebates
                             Must be on off-peak
            100 gallon or greater          Bonus rebates:
             $500 rebate                    Add $250
                                            if converting from
            56-99 gallon                   natural gas or
             $400 rebate                    propane.

            55 gallon or less              FREE 50- or 85-
                                             gallon Marathon water                                                                 9
             $200 rebate                     heater for new construction.
                                                                                              January-February 2021
                                                                                                January-February 2021/ /PKM
News - Is 100% carbon-free electricity possible?
Board meeting highlights                                                                  November and December
A regular meeting of the board was held                             that have been recommended by the USDA to be updated              A regular meeting of the board was held
Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020.                                             on the Redleg Revolving Loan. They discussed the changes          Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020.
       Mark Hatton, president who presided, asked for               that were updated after it was tabled last month. The board              Mark Hatton, president who presided, asked for
roll call. Upon calling the roll, the president reported that       approved the Redleg Revolving Loan plan presented with            roll call. Upon calling the roll, the president reported that
all directors were present with the exception of Director           the recommended changes from USDA.                                all directors were present with the exception of Director
Goodwin. Directors Aakre, Woinarowicz, Mortenson, Owens                   The CEO mentioned CFC’s Integrity Fund was                  Peterson. Directors Aakre, Goodwin, Mortenson, Owens
and Peterson participated via phone conference.                     once again soliciting contributions. The CEO refreshed            and Woinarowicz participated via phone conference.
       Director Woinarowicz provided highlights from                the directors to their previous sizable contribution with                Director Woinarowicz provided an update to
Minnkota Power Cooperative business activities. He shared           previous litigation and asked the board as to their desire for    the directors regarding business at Minnkota Power
how Minnkota does its policy review. He praised Minnkota’s          contributions in 2020. The board instructed management to         Cooperative. Director Aakre shared recent Square Butte
process and how the attorney briefs each policy, making the         donate to the CFC Integrity Fund in the amount of $500.           Cooperative news with the directors. No major outages
directors have an idea of what the policy is about. The next              The manager reminded the board of NRECA’s                   are scheduled for the 2021 year. They approved the 2021
Minnkota meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 17.                International Program, which leverages contributions for          budget. The meeting and committee reports presented to
       Director Aakre gave the board an update. Square              electrifying third-world countries with federal development       and discussed by the board at this meeting were received.
Butte has not had a meeting since the last time he gave his         funds. The board authorized management to contribute                     Line superintendent Joe Marcotte presented the
report in October. The next Square Butte meeting will be on         $500 to the NRECA International Program.                          monthly safety and operations report, indicating no
Dec. 10, 2020.                                                            The president reminded the directors that the 2021          accidents and no lost time. He shared with the board
       Line superintendent Joe Marcotte presented the               ACRE and REPAC contributions are now being accepted.              that Matt Bjorgo finished his books, hours and test and is
monthly safety and operations report, indicating no                 Please submit to the administrative assistant for processing.     now a journeyman. He also expressed to the board that
accidents and no lost time. Marcotte also shared praise for
the linemen for doing a great job this fall getting things done
and that the weather helped tremendously.                                 Apply now for a PKM Scholarship
       The manager of member services shared recent
activities within his department. Chapman was here testing
some of our top users, most of them 3-phase services.
       The CFO opened her report with an office update
to the directors, highlighting that we had picked up with
cross-training again in the office. She informed the directors
that disconnect letters will be sent for the remainder of the
year, however no late fees are being charged through the
end of the year.
       The CFO continued with the presentation of the                                                                                     Deadline:
Operating and Financial report for the cooperative,
referencing her written report outlining details.                                                                                       April 15, 2021
       The CEO referenced his written report outlining
recent meetings. Upon presentation of the reports from
the management staff and CEO, questions and comments
from the board concerning their reports were addressed.
The monthly reports of the CEO and management staff of
the cooperative presented at the meeting to the board were
       The 2021 operating budget preliminary review was
presented and will be finalized at the December meeting
for discussion and approval as the November reported
financials will aid in accuracy for budget projections.
       The 2021 capital budget preliminary review was
presented and will be finalized at the December meeting
for discussion and approval. Staff held several meetings to
discuss capital needs going forward.
       The CEO tabled the 4-year work plan for 2021-2024,
after discussion of the operating and capital budget. It will
be addressed and will be discussed the next meeting.
       The CFO presented the directors with a few changes

    PKM Electric Cooperative Political Leaders
     Federal Legislators                     Senator Amy Klobuchar                     202-225-2165                            Senator Mark Johnson               651-296-9635
                                             425 Dirksen Senate Building               Fax: 202-225-1593                       95 University Avenue W.  
     President Joe Biden
                                             Washington, D.C. 20510                                                            Minnesota Senate Building,
     The White House
                                                     State of Minnesota                      Room 3111                          Representative Deb Kiel
     1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
     Washington, D.C. 20500
                                             202-224-3244                              Legislators                             St. Paul, MN 55155                 255 State Office Building
                                             1-888-224-9043 (Minnesota office)                                                 651-296-5782                       St. Paul, MN 55155                      Fax: 202-228-2186                         Governor Tim Walz
     202-456-1111                                                                      Capitol Building, Room 130                                                 800-339-9041
                                             Congresswoman Michelle                                                  
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     Senator Tina Smith                      Fischbach                                 Luther King Jr. Blvd.
     720 Hart Senate Office Building         1237 Longworth House Office Building      St. Paul, MN 55155                      Representative John Burkel
     Washington, DC 20510                    Washington, D.C. 20515                    800-657-3717                            309 State Office Building
     Phone: 202-224-5641                                         St. Paul, MN 55155

  10    PKM News / January-February 2021
it does not happen very often that all your linemen are          Randy Vetter of MEI Engineering, Inc., presented the                        directors. The board approved the 2021 Operating
journeymen.                                                      4-year work plan to the board. He began the work plan                       Budget.
      The manager of member services shared recent               presentation describing the methodology and the various                           The 2021 Capital Requirements Budget was
activities within his department. Larry Zimmerman was here       studies employed to complete the work plan. He reviewed                     presented to the directors for consideration. Staff
from Fault Finders and fixed a few members’ floor heat.          each line item in the work plan and answered questions                      held several meetings to discuss capital needs going
      The CFO opened her report with an office update to         from the board on the work plan itself. The board approved                  forward and added the information asked of the board in
the directors, highlighting what she submitted in her written    the work plan, retained MEI Engineering, Inc., to complete                  November. The board approved the 2021 Capital Budget.
report. She informed the directors that disconnect letters       a 4-year construction work plan covering 2021-2024 and                            With the approaching NRECA Annual and Regional
will be sent for December, with late fees starting in January.   accepted the 4-year work plan.                                              Meeting and NRTC Annual Meeting, voting delegates
The CFO continued with the presentation of the Operating               Randy Vetter continued with the benefits of replacing                 needed to be selected. Directors selected Blake Owens
and Financial report for the cooperative.                        overhead line to single-phase underground line. He                          as the official voting delegate and Mike Beaudry to serve
      The CEO referenced his written report outlining            answered any questions from the board.                                      as an alternate for both NRECA and NRTC, and these
recent meetings. Upon presentation of the reports from                 Randy Vetter continued with Jeff Rustad to share                      selections were approved.
the management staff and CEO, questions and comments             information on the RF metering. The board approved the                            An engagement letter confirming the auditing
from the board concerning their reports were addressed.          upgrading to RF meters to be added to the current 4-year                    services provided to PKM for the year ended Dec.
The monthly reports of the CEO and management staff of           work plan and to be added to the 2021 Capital Budget.                       31, 2020, by Brady Martz was presented. The board
the cooperative presented at the meeting to the board were             The 2021 Operating Budget was presented to the                        understood and accepted the terms outlined in the
received.                                                        directors for consideration with the changes recommended                    Brady Martz engagement letter by signing the required
      At this time in the meeting the cooperative’s engineer,    from last meeting. Staff held several preparation meetings                  document. The CEO concluded the meeting with
                                                                 and shared their methods of recommendation with the                         miscellaneous information.

    Electrical Inspectors
                Marshall and
               Kittson Counties
                                                                                    Unclaimed capital credits list
                                                                        This is a listing of former members who have unclaimed capital credit checks. If you know their current mailing
                   Ronald Ditsch                                        address, please contact us at, or by calling toll-free 800-552-7366 or 218-745-4711.
                   218-779-6758                                         Bowen, Oren K., Lancaster, Minn.           Gowan Jr., James, Mesa, Ariz.                Sundby, Shelly, Queen Creek, Ariz.
                                                                        Dufault, Michael, Argyle, Minn.            Hoper, Myrtle, Sikeston, Mo.                 Sunde, Larry, Minnetonka, Minn.
                   Polk County                                          Johnson, Randy G., Bloomington, Minn.
                                                                        Knutson, Winton, Grand Forks, N.D.
                                                                                                                   Knoff, Roger, Fargo, N.D.
                                                                                                                   Kozel, Lee, Grand Forks, N.D.
                                                                                                                                                                Swanson, Rodney, Kennedy, Minn.
                                                                                                                                                                Swenson, Craig, Perham, Minn.
                   George Stage                                         Amundson, Morris, Reynolds, N.D.           Kulas, Irene, Underwood, Minn.               Terra International Inc., Grand Forks, N.D.
                                                                        Bacon, Don, Oslo, Minn.                    Lizakowski, Chris, East Grand Forks, Minn.   Thureen, Gordon W., Minneapolis, Minn.
                   218-284-1083                                         Barber, Dorothy G., Redwood Falls, Minn.   Martinez, Andy, Mission, Tex.                Ulmaer, James, Osage, Minn.
                                                                        Bottinelli, Jennifer, Grand Forks, N.D.    McWalter, Mark S., East Grand Forks, Minn.   Urbaniak, James J., Grand Forks, N.D.
                                                                        Cadena, Monica, East Grand Forks, Minn.    Merdink, Allan, Exton, Pa.                   Visness, Kenneth, Drayton, N.D.
                                                                        Cline, David, Warren, Minn.                Miller, Danelle, Hallock, Minn.              Walukievicz, Stephen, East Grand Forks, Minn.

  Trading Post
                                                                        Donner, Steve, Fargo, N.D.                 Nelson, Laurine, Farmville, Va.              Weiland, Philip, Euclid, Minn.
                                                                        Everson, Eric, Little Falls, Minn.         Rick, Leslie, Alvarado, Minn.                Whalen, Mark, East Grand Forks, Minn.
                                                                        Fink, Ronald, Arizona City, Ariz.          Rodriquez, Jacobo, Stephen, Minn.            Willson, David S., East Grand Forks, Minn.
                                                                        First Realty                               Sevigny, Genevieve, Forest River, N.D.       Woinarowicz Jr., James, Alvarado, Minn.
                                                                        Gallaway, Charles, Lancaster, Minn.        Sjostrand, Florence, Hallock, Minn.          Wolf, Barbara J., East Grand Forks, Minn.
                                                                        Gilmen, Tinnes, Bemidji, Minn.             Sorgaard, David, Crookston, Minn.
Small wooded acres, up to 40 acres or old farmstead
with trees. Ph. (218) 745-0007.
Ads for PKM members only. Limit your ads to two
items. No commercial ads. Submit ads by the 18th of
Jan., March, May, July, Sept. and Nov.
                                                                     Problems paying
                                                                     your electric bill?
                                                                     Energy assistance
                                                                     may be available!                                                          Northwest Community Action
                                                                                                                                                           PO Box 67
                                                                                                                                                    Badger, MN 56714-0067
                                                                     If you are receiving a low income or
                                                                                                                                                 (218) 528-3258 or 800-568-5329
                                                                     suffering from a temporary financial                                      
                                                                     shortfall, these agencies may be able                                              Tri-Valley Opportunity
                                                                     to assist you with your electric bill. We                                               Council, Inc.
                                                                     urge you to contact them immediately                                                   1407 Erskine Street
                                                                                                                                                         Crookston, MN 56716
                                                                     to avoid disconnection if you feel you                                                  (218) 281-9080
                                                                     are eligible for aid.                                                              Toll Free (866) 264-3729

                                                                                                                                                                   January-February 2021 / PKM News             11
PKM Electric Co-op director earns Board Leadership Certificate
                  Mark Hatton from PKM Electric Cooperative recently earned the Board Leadership Certificate (BLC)
             from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).
                  An ever-changing business environment has imposed new demands on electric cooperative
             directors, requiring increased knowledge of changes in the electric utility business, new governance
             skills and a solid knowledge of the cooperative principles and business model. PKM Electric Cooperative
             has a commitment to work through Minnesota Rural Electric Association (MREA) and NRECA to sharpen
             this knowledge for the benefit of their electric cooperative consumer-owners.
                  The BLC recognizes individuals who continue their professional development after becoming a
             Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD). Directors who have attained the BLC have completed 10
             credits in advanced, issues-oriented coursework.
                  Congratulations to Mark for his achievement and commitment to PKM Electric Cooperative and the

                                                    Small electric cooperatives have big goals these days.
                                                    Our biggest goal is reliability.

                                                    Renewable resources are part of our diverse energy
                                                    strategy. But when it’s this cold, we need 24/7 coal power
                                                    to keep our grid strong. And as a leader in carbon capture
                                                    research, our resilience is becoming even more responsible.

                                                    Reliable. Affordable. Cleaner than ever.

                                                    We’re all in on all-of-the-above energy.
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