AS OF: JUNE 2018


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 Company               Product                                   AC Power              DC Power         Phases     Sockets | Plugs       Remarks                  Data Sheet | Information                 Exhibitor
 ABB Ltd.              High power charging system (DC)                    –            150/350 kW             –    CCS (500 A),          2 EVs: 150 kW each, 1                           Intersolar Europe | Booth B2.210
                                                                                                                   Chademo (200 A)       EV: 350 kW
 ads-tec GmbH/         HPC High Power Charger                    8.7 kW–28 kW          320 kW           3          CCS, type2            400-920 VDC                              ees Europe | Booth B1.230
 Porsche Engineering                                                                                                                                          Power2Drive | Booth C1.631
 Services GmbH
 Alfen B.V.            ICU Eve Mini                              3.7, 7.4, 11, 22 kW           –        1,3        type1, type2          16/32A                                    ees Europe | Booth C1.120
                       ICU Eve                                   3.7, 7.4, 11, 22 kW           –        1,3        type1, type2          16/32A           

 chargeIT              Plug & Play Charging Box Online           2x22 kW                       –        3          2x Typ2               wall or stand mounted,
 mobility GmbH                                                                                                                           RFID, smartphone
                       Plug & Play Charging Box Basic            2x22 kW                       –        3          2x Typ2               wall or stand mounted,
                                                                                                                                         RFID, smartphone
                       Charging Station                          2x22 kW                       –        3          2x Typ2               TAB compliant    

                       DC-Charging Station                                –            215 kW           3          CCS, Chademo, Typ2    4 Evs, max. 150 kW
                       Charging Box Home                         22 kW                         –        3          Typ2                              –    

                       E-Bike Charging Station                   2x3,7 kW                      –        1,3        Schuko                230V/16A, IP44   

                       E-Bus Charging Station                    41 kW                         –        3          Typ2                  up to 60A        

 ChargePoint, Inc.     Express 200/250/Plus                               –            50/62.5/500 kW         –    CCS-Combo1/2,                     –    
 Delta Electronics     EV AC charging station                    3.7 kW                        –        1          type2                 230 VAC, 16 A          Intersolar Europe | Booth B2.450
 (Netherlands) B.V.
                       Ultra Fast Charger                        65 kW                 150 kW           3          CCS (200 A),          optional with 1.000
                                                                                                                   Chademo (125 A),      VDC, up to 4 Evs
                                                                                                                   type2 (63 A), type2
                                                                                                                   (32 A)
 Designwerk GmbH       wall box WDC 22                           21 kW                 21 kW            3          CCS-Combo,            charging currents
                                                                                                                   Chademo               16/32 A, 230/400
                                                                                                                                         VAC, 280/450 VDC
 E3/DC GmbH            wall box                                  22 kW                         –        3          type2, Schuko         chraging currents                          ees Europe | Booth B1.240
                                                                                                                                         16/32A, 230/400
                                                                                                                                         Volt AC
 EBG Compleo GmbH      charging system FLEET (Basic, Advanced)   3.7, 11, 22 kW                –        1, 3       charging cable        up to 60 charging
                                                                                                                   (4m), type2 socket    points possible
 eeMobility GmbH       eeCharging wall box & charging station             –                    –               –             –           charge at the company                   Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.653
 Enercon GmbH          Fast charging system E-600                         –            50–350 kW        3          CCS-Combo2,           400 VAC, up to                           Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.751
                                                                                                                   Chademo               600 kW grid power

 Company               Product                                    AC Power           DC Power    Phases     Sockets | Plugs        Remarks                  Data Sheet | Information    Exhibitor
 EVBox                 wall box Elvi                              3.7, 7.4, 11,              –   3          type1, type2                     –                   Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.639
                                                                  22 kW
 Fastned B.V.          New generation of fast charging stations           –          350 KW      3          AC, CCS, Chademo                 –      

 Galaxy Energy         charging station Slim/Ideal, wall box:             –                  –          –   Schuko, type2                    –      
 GmbH                  Power
 Ingeteam Power        INGEREV GARAGE Basic                       3.7-22 kW                  –   1, 3       type1, type2           USB port for parameter         Intersolar Europe | Booth B3.240
 Technology, S.A.                                                                                                                  setting, RFID, RS485,
                                                                                                                                   Ethernet, IP54
                       INGEREV GARAGE (Wall or One)               7.4-22 kW                  –   1, 3       Schuko, type2          up to 32 A each phase,
                       INGEREV CITY Ground                        7.4-22 kW                  –   1, 3       type1, type2           up to 32 A each phase,
                                                                                                                                   RFID, IP55
                       INGEREV CITY Duo                           3.7-7.4, 11-22             –   1, 3       type2                  up to 32 A each phase,
                                                                  kW                                                               RFID, IP54, 2 EVs
                       INGEREV RAPID 50 (One, Duo, Trio)          43,5 kW (Trio)     50 kW       3          Chademo, CCS,          1-3 EVs, Ethernet,
                                                                                                            type2                  WLAN, 3G, 50-500
                                                                                                                                   VDC/125 A
 KEBA AG               wall box Keba P30 Basic Box                3.7, 11 or 22 kW           –   1, 3       type1, type2           RFID, mobile phone   Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.410

 Kreisel Electric      charging station SMART CHARGER             3.7-22 kW (each            –   3          type2 (optional with   dual RFID, QR code, 2   Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.510
 GmbH & Co. KG                                                    EV)                                         spiral cable 4m)     EVs, IP54, 400 VAC
 LappKabel U.I. Lapp   charging plug Design und Heavy Duty        7.4-22 kW                  –   3                   –             fast charging cable
 GmbH                  (BMW)                                                                                                       Helix 20/32 A
 MENNEKES              wall box Amtron                            3.7, 11 or 22 kW           –   3             type1, type2        with charging App
 GmbH & Co. KG
 NRGKick/              charging cable NRGkick                     22 kW                      –   3                   –             400 VAC, 6-32 A            Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.519
 Dinitech GmbH
 Plug'n Charge GmbH    e-wall box Basic                           3.7, 11, 22 kW             –   3          type2                  400 VAC, RFID, smart
                                                                                                                                   meter, RS485
                       e-charging station Premium                 3.7, 11, 22 kW             –   3          type2                  400 VAC, RFID, smart
                                                                                                                                   meter, RS485
                       e-parking system Premium                   3.7, 11, 22 kW             –   3          type2                  400 VAC, RFID, smart
                                                                                                                                   meter, RS485, 3 Evs
 Phoenix Contact       fast charger CCS plus                              –          350 kW          –      CCS, type1, type2      up to 1.000 VDC,     Intersolar Europe | Booth A2.440
 Deutschland GmbH                                                                                                                  500 A

 Company                Product                                   AC Power          DC Power       Phases     Sockets | Plugs       Remarks                   Data Sheet | Information      Exhibitor
 Siemens AG             wall box VersiCharge                      4.6, 7.2, 22 kW         –        1,3        type1, type2          DC-FI integrated, IP56,              Intersolar Europe | Booth B2.110
                                                                                                                                    RFID reader
 SolarEdge              Solar inverter with integrated wall box   7.6, 9.6 kW             –        3                   –            32 A/40 A, with solar           Intersolar Europe | Booth B3.110
 Technologies GmbH                                                                                                                  inverter HD wave
 sonnen GmbH            sonnenCharger                             22 kW                   –        1,3        type2                 with sonnenCommunity          ees Europe | Booth B1.310
                                                                                                                                    or SonnenFlat only
 SSL Energie GmbH       Pay-Charge                                3.7-22 kW               –        3          type2                 16/32 A, IP54     

                        SP-Charge                                 7.4 kW,                 –        1,3        type2 (three          10-32 A, IP54     
                                                                  11-22 kW                                    phases), type1
                                                                                                              (single phase)
 Stäubli Electrical     Quick Charging Solution QCC                        –              –               –            –            charging connector for            Intersolar Europe | Booth A2.540
 Connectors GmbH                                                                                                                    electrically-powered
 (Multi-Contact)                                                                                                                    utility vehicles
 Tesla Motors           Supercharger                              145 kW                  –              –    own standard          480 VDC                         ees Europe | Booth B1.140
 Netherlands BV
 ubitricity Gesell-   Smart Cable, Simple Socket                  4.6 kW                  –        1          type1, type2          integrated, calibrated         Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.620
 schaft für verteilte                                                                                                               meter with SIM card
 Energiesysteme mbH
 Wallbe GmbH            Pro charger                               3.7-22 kW               –        1, 3       type2 or Schuko       230 VAC (16 A), 400
                                                                                                              socket, optional:     VAC (32 A)
                                                                                                              type1/type2 cable
 Wall Box               Copper                                    7.4, 22 kW              –        1, 3       type2 socket, opti-   230 VAC, 400 VAC, 
 Chargers S.L.                                                                                                onal: type1/type2     max. 32 A
 Webasto Thermo &       wall box PURE                             3.7, 11, 22 kW          –        1,3        type2                 16/32A, 4,5 m cable   Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.610
 Comfort SE
 Xcharge                Momentum C6EU                                      –              –        3          CCS-Combo2,           400 VAC           
 Europe GmbH                                                                                                  Chademo
 ZAPF GmbH              wall box Zapf charger                     3.7, 11 kW        up to 240 kW   1, 3       type2, Schuko                    –      

 Company                Partner | Product                                             AC Power        Phases   Sockets |      Remarks                  Data Sheet | Information                           Exhibitor
 BayWa r.e. renewable   MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG, KEBA AG, ABL                   –           –            –                –                   Intersolar Europe | Booth A3.180
 energy GmbH            SURSUM Bayerische Elektrozubehör GmbH & Co. KG,
                        ubitricity Gesellschaft für verteilte Energiesysteme mbH
 BMW Group              BMWi Wallbox Pro                                              max. 7,4 kW     3        type2          220-240 VAC      

 EWE AG                 wall box Contracting Business                                 22 kW           3        Schuko                   –      

 GP Joule GmbH          alfen B.V., Kreisel Electric GmbH & Co KG, KEBA AG                    –           –            –                –                                       ees Europe | Booth B1.340
 Greenpeace             Wallbe charger Pro, Pro Plus, Master M3                       11–22 kW        3        type1, type2   charging key or App
 Energy eG
 IBC Solar AG           EVBox B.V.                                                            –           –            –                –         Intersolar Europe | Booth A3.680
 innogy SE              charging station eStation smart                               22 kW (je EV)   3        type2          2 EV, smart phone App,                                  Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.517
                        wall box eBox                                                 11 kW           3        type2                    –      

                        wall box eBox smart                                           22 kW           3        type2          smart phone App, 
 Parkstrom GmbH         ABB Ltd., Alfen B.V., Delta Electronics (Netherlands) B.V.,           –           –            –                –                                  Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.635
                        MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG, KEBA AG,
                        Siemens AG, Wall Box Chargers S.L.
 The Mobility           KEBA AG                                                               –           –            –                –           Power2Drive Europe | Booth C1.619
 House GmbH

➔ ABB LTD.                                                    HIGH POWER CHARGER: PROVIDES 150 TO 350 KW

                                                              Ideally suited for use at highway rest stops and petrol stations,   after installation, delivering a cost-effective and future-proof     chargers to back offices, payment platforms or smart grids
                                                              Terra HP’s ultra-high current has the capacity to charge            solution for expandable charge points that can grow as the           systems. More importantly, remote diagnostics, repair and
                                                              both 400 V and 800 V cars at full power. The 375 A output           EV base grows. To further improve performance, Terra HP              over-the-air software updates, minimize downtime and keep
                                                              single power cabinet can charge a 400 V car at full 150 kW          delivers the highest uptime due to redundancy on power               running costs low. Terra HP delivers a number of additional
                                                              continuously. The addition of Dynamic DC power sharing              and communication, and individually cooled charging cables.          benefits for consumers, including an intuitive, easy to use
                                                              technology, allows a two-power cabinet charging system              Having proven its paces in numerous commercial electric bus          touchscreen display and multiple payment options. ABB has

                                     Photo: ABB Ltd.
                                                              to charge a couple of EVs simultaneously, with up to 350            field installations, the power cabinet is also extremely reliable.   provided charging solutions as part of its drive to promote
                                                              kW and 500 A, while dynamically optimizing the available            For charging operators, Terra HP provides the additional             sustainable mobility since 2010 and has sold more than
                                                              grid connection and the power delivery to the two vehicles.         benefit of ABB Ability™ Connected Services, which deliver            6,000 cloud connected DC fast-chargers around the world for
                                                              Additional power cabinets and charge posts can be added             enhanced functionality, including the ability to easily connect      passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

                                                              STORAXE POWER BOOSTER: HIGH-PERFORMANCE CHARGING STATION FOR EV‘S

                                                              The storage company Ads-Tec has the StoraXe energy                  Tec paid special attention to permanently maintaining a              which is also equipped with a three-phase inverter with
                                                              storage system Power Booster to design the urgently                 high power output. The system is scalable and suitable               an output of 20 kilowatts, has 18.6 kilowatt hours of
                                                              needed charging infrastructure in a smart way. Their                for industrial, commercial and high-performance off-                 capacity. Like their predecessor SRS 2025, both systems
                                                              smallest unit is the SRS 0009 storage system with a                 grid systems. There are also two new product versions of             are AC-connected with an integrated inverter, a control
                                        Photo: ads-tec GmbH

                                                              nominal capacity of 8.7 kilowatt hours. The system                  the larger StoraXe system series: The SRS 2028 storage               system as well as a security and energy management
                                                              is designed for SMA‘s Sunny Island inverters. It is                 system is equipped with a three-phase inverter with an               system.
                                                              controlled by a proprietary energy management system                output of 20 kilowatts and has a capacity of 28 kilowatt
                                                              or SMA‘s Sunny Home. During the design phase, Ads-                  hours. The nominal capacity of the SRS 2019 system,          

➔ ALFEN B.V.                                                  ICU EVE MINI: CHARGE WITH 3,7, 74, 11 OR 22 KW

                                                              The Eve Mini offers smart technology in a very small                performance ratio. Just like the Eve, the ICU Eve Mini               stations of Alfen SIM-Lock-free. This means that you have
                                                              modern case. The Eve Mini comes with integrated GPRS                with power outlet has a color LCD screen that clearly                the free choice of an optional loading subscription and
                                                              / Ethernet connectivity. The socket version also has a              displays instructions for the user. The display also gives           service provider. Even if you want to change the provider,
                                                              color display. Like the other Alfen charging stations, the          you the option to display your own company logo or                   this is no problem with the ICU Eve Mini and you do not
                                                              Eve Mini was completely designed in Europe and made                 even advertising. The ICU Eve Mini can flexibly adjust the           have to replace your charging station.
                                                              here, using only A-quality components. The ICU Eve Mini             charge capacity by connecting it to the smart meter. This
                                                              has many smart features for charging power and smart                means that you always load with maximum capacity. If z.
                                                              charging. Like all of Alfen‘s charging stations, the ICU            For example, if no other devices are used, the smart meter
                                 Photo: Alfen B.V.

                                                              Eve Mini is made entirely from A-grade parts entirely               forwards this information to the ICU Eve Mini, which can
                                                              in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the Eve Mini has a                then charge at full capacity. In short, the car will charge
                                                              very attractive price and offers an unsurpassed price-              faster. The ICU Eve Mini is just like all other charging     

➔ ALFEN B.V.                                                                 ICU EVE: ROBUST CHARGING STATION WITH TWO SOCKETS

                                                                             The ICU Eve is a sturdy, high-tech charging station            ICU Eve a durable choice. A unique feature of the ICU         without overloading the installation. With the ICU Eve
                                                                             with two sockets and a large screen on the front. The          Eve is that the charging station comes standard with an       you decide for safety and reliability. The charging station
                                                                             fiberglass housing ensures that the charging station is        LCD display. On this you can u. a. read how much power        has been tested with all the leading makes and tested by
                                                                             protected against vandalism. The ICU Eve comes with            was charged, but the display can also be personalized         independent bodies. As a result, the ICU Eve has the Z.E.
                                                                             many features and is easy to use and install. The charging     with its own logo. For businesses, this is a perfect way      Ready received and is both CE and Dekra tested.
                                                                             station is available with different charging capacities. The   to add a personal touch to the charging station. Thanks
                                                                             ICU Eve has a modern and elegant design that fits well         to the intelligent electronics in the ICU Eve, the charging
                                                                             in any environment. The charging station is made of a          station itself can match the maximum charging capacity
                       Photo: Alfen B.V.

                                                                             special composite reinforced with glass fiber. This means      to the installation. This means that the charging station
                                                                             that the housing is very stable, does not discolor and is      can be connected in a cost-effective manner, but that the
                                                                             optimally resistant to water and dust. This makes the          cars that support it can nevertheless be charged quickly


                                                                             The Delta AC Charger is a small and light solution in the      power output of 3.7 kilowatts bases on 230 VAC and              R obust NEMA 4X ingress protection
                                                                             EV charger market and offers a delay timer for off-peak        maximum current up to 16 A. The sockets are of Type 2.           and IK8 vandal-proof casing
                                           Photo: Delta Electronics B.V.

                                                                             charging. It is available from Delta Electronics in several                                                                     Cost-saving delay timer for off-peak charging for EV
                                                                             advanced features: delay timer, RFID card reader,              Main features at a glance:                                       SAE J1772 standard compliance
                                                                             and the wired and wireless network communication                RFID card reader for user authentication
                                                                             capability. The Delta AC Charger is a solution for              W ired/wireless network capability
                                                                             both residential and commercial applications. The AC             for back office integration                         


                                                                             Delta Electronics has launched a high-performance              significantly reduces the charging time. To optimise the      stations have already been installed in Norway and
                                                                             charging station for electric vehicles. The system             cost of the infrastructure required to charge all future      other European countries. Delta Electronics also offers
                                                                             can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously. It is           electric vehicles with larger batteries and a higher          its own wall-mounted boxes, for example the Quick EV
                                             Photo: Delta Electronics B.V.

                                                                             compatible with CCS (200 ampere), Chademo (125                 charging capacity of up to 150 kW DC, the ultra-fast          Charger with 25 kW DC charging capacity.
                                                                             amps) as well as Type 2 (63 amps) and Type 2 (32               charger is equipped with a dynamic power sharing
                                                                             amps). This makes it suitable for practically all electric     function to avoid over-investments in infrastructure.
                                                                             vehicles. The charging station delivers a power output         Prototyping and industrial production of the ultra-fast
                                                                             of up to 150 kilowatts DC and up to 65 kW AC and               charger was successfully completed. The first charging

➔ E3/DC GMBH                                                          E3/DC WALLBOX: COMMUNICATES WITH THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE AND HOME STORAGE SYSTEM

                                                                      The wall box from E3/DC enables the home energy             almost solely self-produced solar power. The wallbox is
                                                                      storage unit even more. The additional module is the        currently used to charge most type 2 capable electric

                                                  Photo: E3/DC GmbH
                                                                      power source generated by your solar production,            vehicles and many plug-in hybrid vehicles. The device
                                                                      free directly in to your e-vehicle. The charger from E3/    weights only 11 kilograms in total.
                                                                      DC measures the charge power and knows the house
                                                                      consumption, so an exact prioritization is possible. It
                                                                      also communicates with the electric vehicle and reduces
                                                                      the charging current so that the vehicle battery takes up

                         Photo: eeMobility GmbH

                                                                      The company eeMobility provides you with a simple           journeys with an app and the public charging stations        Dynamic load management,
                                                                      charging solution for charging electric vehicles at         in the intercharge network.                                  Settlement of legal issues:
                                                                      your company location. Fleet vehicles, employees                                                                          electricity tax, notification obligations,
                                                                      with private vehicles and customers can load easily.        The offer of eeMobility:                                      Optional: 100% green electricity delivery,
                                                                      The company cares project management, installation,           Procurement, installation and                               Optional: payment by tariff, combination
                                                                      maintenance and billing of amounts due. All this is            commissioning of the charging station,                       with customer cards/voucher system,
                                                                      offered at fixed monthly rates. In this way, you can           Technical Operation & Maintenance,                           Optional: connection to the public electricity grid.
                                                                      ensure CO2-neutral mobility for your employees and             Access medium (card, app) for authorizing the user,
                                                                      customers, who by the way are also mobile on longer            Billing,                                         

➔ ENERCON GMBH                                                        E-CHARGER 600: ELECTRIC VEHICLE FAST CHARGING STATION

                                                                      The large-scale installation of a high-performance quick    (e.g. HPC 250) with charging capacities of up to 350        the other hand, supporting the efficient operation of
                                                                      charging infrastructure is an essential prerequisite for    KW (DC) and has many grid-friendly characteristics that     charging columns for e-mobility and development of
                                                                      a successful start to e-mobility. Charging e-vehicle        are also features of ENERCON wind energy converters.        new business areas within the context of ENERCON’s
                                                                      batteries in just a few minutes plays a decisive role in    These include the highly dynamic provision of reactive      system concept in which ENERCON provides solutions
                                                                      improving the operating radius and thus the acceptance      power to maintain grid stability. ENERCON pursues two       for more added value in relation to its core product,
   Photo: Enercon GmbH

                                                                      of environmentally-friendly e-vehicles. ENERCON is          objectives with the rapid charging solution: on the one     wind energy converters, as a systems supplier for
                                                                      developing an innovative rapid charging solution for        hand, creation of a further sales channel for wind energy   renewable energy.
                                                                      e-vehicles based on its inverter technology. It meets the   in another sector as a contribution to the changes that
                                                                      upcoming standards known as High Power Charging 2           the transportation sector will have to undergo and on

➔ EVBOX                                            WALL BOX ELVI: A HOME ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGER

                                                   The Netherlands-based producer EV-Box presents Elvi,          connected to a fresh and new cloud-based platform              can easily click on the charger and attach the charging
                                                   a solution for electric vehicles drivers to charge at home.   built by EV-Box and has all the smart charging                 cable. The Elvi is available with 3.7, 7.4, 11 and 22 kW.
                                                   Elvi has an upgradeable power output technology. It           technology already featured within the EV-Box product          The cable match Type 1 and Type 2.
                                                   allows the station owner to increase power output up          line, such as dynamic load balancing. Elvi is built up
                                                   to 22 kilowatts. Of cause the EV driver’s home must           from three different components: the wall dock, the

                                    Photo: EVBox
                                                   meet the required electrical connection criteria. The         charging station and the charging cable. The wall dock
                                                   charging solution is ready for interoperable charging         can be pre-installed by electricians prior to the arrival of
                                                   cards (roaming) and other charging networks. It is            the charging station module, after which the EV driver 


                                                   This wall-mounted charging box is a practical, simple         the daily charging task cleaner and more convenient,           power output so that more power is then available
                                                   and functional way to charge the electric vehicle. It is      as users don’t have to bother about getting out                for the rest of the installation. The rated power and
                                                   specifically intended for installation on private property,   their vehicle power cord and storing it after use. The         limited power options are both user-configurable,
                                                   such as private, community or company garages.                INGEREV GARAGE Basic is available in either a single or        within the permissible technical limits. The station’s
                                                   Its robust and durable design, with a steel body and          three phase version, with power outputs ranging from           USB connection can be used to change the parameter
                                                   aluminium front, means that this charging station can         3.7 to 22 kW. It is available in two different models,         settings, access the charging logs, and update firmware,
                                                   also be installed outdoors. The INGEREV GARAGE                based on the socket required to recharge the vehicle.          with the possibility of adding upgrades and updates
                                                   Basic has been designed according to the international        One is equipped with a Type 1 socket, whilst the other         throughout the service life of the charging station.
                                Photo: Ingeteam

                                                   standard IEC 61851, offering the possibility of charging      has a Type 2 socket, according to the definition of
                                                   vehicles in mode 3 of this standard. The station is           standard IEC 62196-2. Users are offered the possibility
                                                   equipped with a vehicle connection cable, making              of charging either at the rated power or at a limited  

                                                   PRIVATE PARKING LOTS AND HOUSING BLOCKS

                                                   The INGEREV GARAGE charging station models are                indoors or outdoors. Available in either a single-phase        failure, guaranteeing successful completion of the
                                                   equipped with a power outlet Type 2 that is compliant         or three-phase version, with a maximum current of up to        charging process. Each wallbox is enabled for remote
                                                   with the IEC 62196-2 standard, permitting vehicle             32 Amps per phase, with a maximum power output of 22           communication with a control centre, offering the
                                                   recharging in mode 3 of the IEC 61851 international           kW. This makes the charging process as much as 6 times         possibility of monitoring demand and setting charging
                                                   standard, for a guaranteed safe charging process.             quicker than through a domestic socket. The charging           rates, either through Ingeteam‘s propietary software or
                                                   Furthermore, the wallboxes can be fitted with an              stations are equipped with a cable retention system            integration in third party control centres.
                                Photo: Ingeteam

                                                   additional power outlet for charging in modes 1 and 2.        (only for Mode 3) to prevent removal by unauthorised
                                                   The product line range are all supplied with the same         users. In the event of a power cut, the charging stations
                                                   enclosure design, intended to be wall-mounted either          automatically return to their status prior to the power


                                                                  Its vandalproof and weatherproof rating means that          an additional power outlet for charging in modes 1 and       charging stations have a mínimum run time of one hour,
                                                                  it is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. The     2. It is available in either a single-phase or three-phase   guaranteeing cable retention during this time, until new
                                                                  INGEREV CITY Ground charging station models are             version, with a maximum power output of 22 kW. This          user identification. Each system is enabled for remote
                                                                  equipped with a power outlet that is compliant with the     makes the charging process as much as 6 times quicker        communication with a control centre, offering the
                                                                  IEC 62196-2 international standard, permitting vehicle      tan through a domestic socket. The INGEREV CITY              possibility of monitoring demand and setting charging

                                                Photo: Ingeteam
                                                                  recharging in mode 3 of the IEC 61851 international         Ground charging stations are equipped with a cable           rates, either though Ingeteam‘s proprietary software or
                                                                  standard, for a guaranteed safe charging process.           retention and locking system to prevent removal by           integration in third party control centres.
                                                                  Furthermore, all the models in the range are fitted with    unauthorised users. In the event of a power failure, the


                                                                  This product line features an attractive design that        be charged at the same time from the same charging           CITY Duo charging stations are equipped with a robust
                                                                  blends easily with the street furniture, whilst its         station, it is possible to minimise the installation costs   cable retention and locking system to prevent removal
                                                                  vandal-proof and weatherproof rating means that it          and the aesthetic impact of these infrastructures in         by unauthorised users. In the event of a power failure,
                                                                  is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. They       public spaces. The CITY Duo range of charging stations       the CITY Duo charging stations are fitted with a battery
                                                                  have been designed to comply with the guidelines            are available in single and three phase models and with      that provides them with a minimum run time of one
                              Photo: Ingeteam

                                                                  of the IEC 61851 international standard, offering the       power outputs ranging from 7.4 to 22 kW, making it           hour, guaranteeing cable retention during this time.
                                                                  possibility of charging two vehicles in modes 1, 2 and      possible to fully charge an electric vehicle in 1 to 6
                                                                  3 of this standard. Given the fact that two vehicles can    hours, depending on the vehicle model. The INGEREV   


                                                                  The INGEREV RAPID 50 multi-standard charging station        Ethernet, 3G and Wi-Fi to facilitate its integration into
                                                                  is compatible with all CHAdeMO, CCS and Mode 3 Type         all types of remote control centers, payment platforms
                                                                  2 AC electric vehicles currently on the market, making it   or charging networks by using different OCPP versions
                                                                  the ideal on-road charging solution. Depending on the       (customised and standard). The 7 inch TFT Color Touch
                                                                  charging standard required, three models are available      screen improves the user interface and also offers an
            Photo: Ingeteam

                                                                  (Trio, Duo & One). Additionally, the INGEREV RAPID          advertising option. The equipment has been designed
                                                                  50 Trio offers the possibility of simultaneous AC and       with ease of use and maintenance simplicity in mind.
                                                                  DC charging. The product range features advanced            The steel enclosure guarantees perfect resistance
                                                                  local and remote communications capabilities through        against extreme ambient conditions.


                                          Transparent and straightforward: The innogy eStation              T wo charging points, maximum                                   a llocation and metrologically
                                          functions in accordance with legal metrology. Only                 output per charging point 22 kW AC,                              sound billing of charging processes,
                                          what is consumed is billed. And here is how it works:              charge two vehicles simultaneously,                             billing possible by contract or by direct payment,
                                          employees of a company identify themselves at the                   integration into Innogy’s IT backend via mobile,                preconfigured for ISO 15118 – plug & charge & smart grid,
 Photo: innogy, Daimler

                                          eStation smart via an app or RFID card. This means that              monitoring of charging processes and the equipment state,       s afe from vandalism thanks to sturdy design,
                                          the billing is transferred directly to your management           access control via smart phone app or RFID card reader,              integrated junction box and ramming protection,
                                          system. Here, for example, you can then automatically                 charge management for individualised                             possible customisation using adhesive films.
                                          calculate the monetary benefit for the employee.                       allocation of the energy,                         

➔ INNOGY SE                               EBOX: WALL BOX FOR PRIVATE CUSTOMERS
                          Photo: innogy

                                          In electric mobility, rate of charge can be more               reliably. The plug connection is locked automatically,    
                                          important than driving speed. The innogy eBox has an           and the status of charge is displayed at all times. The
                                          output of 11 KW. This allows the electric car to recharge      wall box can be safely operated in three key positions
                                          its batteries while it is parked in the parking space or       (On, Off, Complete charging process). The eBox is
                                          garage. The wall box is intuitive in operation and is          also suitable for businesses, landlords and hotels. The
                                          compatible with all vehicle types, fully electric or plug-     design saves space, and wall mounting is carried out
                                          in hybrids (AC charging mode 3). In combination with           by a specialist. Integration into the existing electrical
                                          the appropriate charging cable, it charges safely and          installation of the building is possible without difficulty.

                          Photo: innogy

                                          Fast and compact: innogy’s eBox smart allows                      Fast charging at 22 kW,                                         c an be located in charging station and
                                          private customers and the customers of companies,                t ime to charge approx. 60 minutes – at maximum output,           navigation systems as well as the app,
                                          municipalities and utilities to charge up a vehicle in just        space-saving and compact design,                                load management can be activated,
                                          60 minutes. The system only bills the actual consumption.           easy wall-mounted installation,                                  compatible for vehicle fleets and in
                                          The eBox smart recognises the user via an app or a RFID             ability to set business hours and                                buildings without dedicated parking spaces.
                                          chip. This means that the billing is transferred directly to         time limits on the charging process,
                                          the company’s internal accounting system. Here are the               activation is possible via app, hotline, chip card (RFID),
                                          most important functions at a glance:                                 smart charging cable, voucher or direct payment,   

➔ KEBA AG                                                                 WALL BOX KEBA P30 BASIC BOX: CHARGING UP TO NINE TIMES FASTER THAN USING A STANDARD SOCKET

                                                                          According to the company the wall box Keba P30 basic          system (11 and 22 kilowatts) for Type 1 and Type 2
                                                                          box can be charged up to nine times faster than using a       connections. Smatrics is also an installation partner for
                                                                          standard socket. The charging cable is pre-fitted to the      all of Austria. Everything from installation to connection

                                   Photo: KEBA AG
                                                                          station if the user prefers it. In addition, Keba P30 basic   complies with the Austrian standard of ÖNORM 61851.
                                                                          box guarantees safe charging without overloading
                                                                          home’s circuit which can happen with normal sockets.
                                                                          The charging power offers 3.7, 11 and 22 kilowatts. It
                                                                          is available as one-phase (3.7 kilowatts) or three-phase

➔ KREISEL ELECTRIC GMBH & CO. KG                                          SMART CHARGER: TWO CHARGING POINTS WITH UP TO 22 KW

                                                                          The new SMART CHARGER from Kreisel Electric from              and outdoor installation (protection class IP54). It is
                                                                          Austria offers two power outlets between 3.7 and 22           controlled by RFID and a web interface as well as RJ45
                                   Photo: Kreisel Electric/Martin Pröll

                                                                          kW (three-phase: 400 VAC). It comes with a Type 2             (Ethernet) and RS485 (Modbus) interfaces. Perfect
                                                                          socket or an optional four meter long spiral cable.           design and simple operation are the distinguishing
                                                                          Higher charging outputs at a lower connected load             features of the Kreisel charging station. The CHARGER
                                                                          are possible through dynamic load management                  can also be operated by smartphone via dual RFID
                                                                          and thus save costs on mains connection and during            or QR code, making it suitable for both private and
                                                                          operation. The charging station is designed for indoor        public applications.

➔ NRGKICK/DINITECH GMBH                                                   NRGKICK: CHARGE THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE WITH UP TO 22 KILOWATTS
                                   Photo: Dinitech GmbH

                                                                          According to the company you can charge the electric          compared to one phase charging devices. The charging
                                                                          vehicle even at 32 ampere power sockets with a                cable allows to adjust the charging current flexibly with
                                                                          power of up to 22 kilowatts. A typical 22 kilowatt-           the push of a button. Five different current values can
                                                                          hours BEV battery can be fully charged in one hour.           be selected and even more if NRGkick is controlled by
                                                                          The utilization of all three phases of the standard 400       a smartphone. In this way you can always utilize the
                                                                          volts power grid is essential for reasonable AC charging      maximum capability of a given socket and vice versa
                                                                          times. NRGkick provides three phase capability and            you can limit the charging power to a desired value.
                                                                          can shorten the charging time by a factor of three            This product is manufactured in Austria.


                                                              CCS plus enables very fast charging system for electric            kilometres, with charging times that are well under 30            CCS charging system has been made in close collaboration
                                                              vehicles, which in the future will enable charging times of just   minutes. In order to achieve this, the CCS charging system        and coordination with the international Automotive Industry
                                                              3 to 5 minutes for 100 kilometres. The fast charging system        has been expanded by an innovative cooling system that is         and international DC charging station manufacturers. This

                                     Photo: Phoenix Contact
                                                              is based on the established European and North American            integrated into the charging station. An intelligent controller   ensures compatibility with the established CCS charging
                                                              CCS charging standard (Combined Charging System). The              in the cooling system ensures that cooling is only switched       standard, as well as the guarantee for all valid safety
                                                              CCS charging system is already enabling significantly shorter      on when it is required. Thanks to this system, electric           standards. The charging system thereby paves the way for
                                                              charging times in comparison to conventional AC charging.          vehicles worldwide can be charged safely and extremely            everyday, easy fast charging of electric vehicles.
                                                              However, everyday mobility requires ranges of up to 600            quickly with higher charging currents. The addition to the

➔ SIEMENS AG                                                  VERSICHARGE: CHARGING FOR EV AND PHEV

                                                              The Siemens VersiCharge VC30GRYHW electric                         inside the electric supply equipment industry as one of           times faster. You can now enjoy a fast, safe, reliable
                                                              vehicle charging station (EVSE) charges all SAE J1772-             the early pioneers of EV charging station technology.             and convenient charge in just a few hours while you
                                                              compliant vehicles including both electric vehicle (EV)            This home charging station safely and reliably delivers           sleep, enjoy a meal, or spend time with your family.
                                                              models like the Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 as well as                  7.2 kW of AC power to the vehicle’s on-board charger              The Siemens VersiCharge VC30GRYHW can be used
                                     Photo: Siemens AG

                                                              plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models like the Chevy Volt                   and features a weather-resistant NEMA 3R enclosure                in the convenience of the home garage, workplace,
                                                              and Ford Fusion Energi. The Siemens VersiCharge                    for both indoor and outdoor installation applications.            condominium, apartment or retail parking structure.
                                                              VC30GRYHW charging station was birthed from                        Siemens VersiCharge is a UL Approved EV charging
                                                              Siemens’ global presence and championship pedigree                 station that can charge your electric vehicle up to seven 


                                                              The company SolarEdge has unveiled an inverter-                    solution will offer considerable cost savings on both             up to six times faster than standard Level 1 charging. If
                                                              integrated electric vehicle (EV) charger in summer                 hardware and labor by eliminating the need for an                 PV is not available, the inverter-integrated EV charger
                                                              2017. By supplementing grid power with PV power,                   additional conduit, wiring, and breaker installation. The         will use grid power to charge at 7.6 kW (32 A) Level 2
                                                              SolarEdge’s Level 2 EV charger offers charging up to               solution will also eliminate the need for an additional           charging, which is up to five times faster than standard
                                     Photo: SolarEdge

                                                              six times faster than a standard Level 1 charger with              dedicated circuit breaker, which saves space and a                Level 1 charging.
                                                              its innovative solar boost mode. SolarEdge’s HD-Wave               potential main distribution panel upgrade. Based on
                                                              inverter, once integrated with an EV charger, will not             patent-pending technology, the EV charger is embedded
                                                              only provide the existing management and monitoring                into SolarEdge’s HD-Wave inverter and leverages its
                                                              of solar production, but will also enable EV charging              solar boost mode. This mode utilizes both grid and PV
                                                              from a single inverter and dashboard. The combined                 to charge at 9.6 kW (40 A) Level 2 charging, which is     

➔ SONNEN GMBH                                                                     SONNENCHARGER: UP TO 15,000 KILOMETRES OF FREE DRIVING PER YEAR

                                                                                  The sonnenCharger makes clean electricity available for      are also given a user-friendly app. The sonnenCharger       driving, which corresponds to a distance of 15,000 to
                                                                                  electric cars at all times. Simultaneously, the vehicles     networks the vehicles with the sonnenCommunity. For         17,000 kilometres. The sonnenCharger can be ordered
                                                                                  can be interconnected into a large virtual battery to        example, if there is not enough self-produced solar         immediately and will be available from the 2nd quarter
                                                                                  make the power grid more flexible. The smart charging        power to charge the vehicle, the excess electricity         of 2018. Almost all current vehicle models with up
                                                                                  box can charge electric cars with self-produced solar        of other members of the community is used. As a             to 22 kW can be charged via the Type 2 socket. For
                                                                                  power from the roof or a solar battery. Different modes      member of the sonnenCommunity, owners of electric           new members of the sonnenCommunity who have
  Photo: sonnen GmbH

                                                                                  are possible, so that the user can decide whether he         vehicles can also take part in the sonnenFlat. This         the sonnenFlat 8000, the charger is available at no
                                                                                  wants to charge his car as quickly as possible or with       gives the household up to 8,000 kilowatt hours (kWh)        extra cost, which makes transitioning to clean and
                                                                                  the maximum share of his own solar power. In order to        of free electricity per year. Assuming a household          independent mobility even more inexpensive.
                                                                                  control or adapt the charging process at any time, users     consumption of 5,000 kWh, this leaves 3,000 kWh for 

                                      Photo: Stäubli Electrical Connectors GmbH

                                                                                  Stäubli Electrical Connectors (formerly Multi-Contact)       mechanical guidance compensates for inaccuracies of         battery packs, battery monitoring systems as well
                                                                                  puts the QCC automatic quick-charging solution for           the vehicle. All live parts are protected against contact   as charging and testing stations. The wide variety of
                                                                                  electrically-powered utility vehicles at the center of its   with persons, there are no exposed live parts such as:      modules for signals, data, power, fluid and pneumatics
                                                                                  range of electromobility offerings. The system flexibly      As overhead lines or busbars that could be touched.         allows almost countless combinations of application-
                                                                                  adapts to the requirements of the specific application       Another highlight is the modular connector system           specific configured electrical and hybrid connectors.
                                                                                  and enables customer-specific integration into buses,        CombiTac. It ensures a high number of mating cycles and
                                                                                  trucks and driverless transport systems. The patented        a reliable connection and is suitable for rack-mountable

➔ TESLA MOTORS NETHERLANDS BV                                                     SUPERCHARGER: CHARGING IN 40 MINUTES

                                                                                  The Tesla Supercharger are powerful DC charging              of 145 kW. The system is not compatible with other
 Photo: Tesla Motors Netherlands BV

                                                                                  stations of the car manufacturer Tesla Motors. At the        DC systems (CCS: approx. 50 KW) and Chademo (up to
                                                                                  stations, the batteries of a Tesla can be recharged to       100 kW). Each AC-DC converter can charge two cars
                                                                                  80% within 40 minutes. Each Supercharger uses two            simultaneously via the two charging stations.
                                                                                  charging posts (marked A and B). He uses a DC-DC
                                                                                  converter to convert three-phase current into DC power.
                                                                                  The charge takes place with 480 VDC and a peak power 

➔ UBITRICITY GMBH                                                                      SMARTCABLE AND SIMPLESOCKETS: CHARGE AND BILL WITH THE MOBILE ELECTRICITY METER

                                                                                       The Berlin-based company ubitricity has developed a solution       down to the kWh to the conditions of the mobile electricity     or even integrated into urban furniture, such as street lights.
                                                                                       to enable EV charging and transaction-based billing of the         contract. Lean system sockets suffice as charging spots: the    This way, a suitable charging spot is available for every
                                                                                       charged electricity. Drivers bring along their own intelligent     SimpleSockets. As communication and billing technology is       situation. This solution is especially practical for situations in
                                                                                       charging cable with integrated mobile electricity meter to         integrated into the charging cable, the SimpleSockets entail    which the charged electricity has to be billed and allocated

                                                              Photo: ubitricity GmbH
                                                                                       the charging spot: the SmartCable. The users close a mobile        next to no running costs – this makes it possible to roll out   precisely or the consumption of the EV has to be monitored
                                                                                       electricity contract for their cable, for which they themselves    charging infrastructure practically everywhere to a very        in detail, for instance if EVs are used in corporate fleets or
                                                                                       can choose the provider. This contract makes it possible to bill   reasonable cost. The SimpleSockets are available in different   when charging in apartment buildings.
                                                                                       all charging transactions processed at ubitricity charge points    installation variants – as a stand-alone pole, wall-mounted

➔ WEBASTO THERMO & COMFORT SE                                                          WALLBOX PURE: CHARGING WITH 11 KW OR 22 KW

                                                                                       Webasto‘s PURE wall box offers adjustable charging                 Upon request, the customer is supported in the pre-             controlled via app. For 2019, the company is looking
                                                                                       power from 3.7 kW to 22 kW, as well as 4.5 meters of               planning. The wall box PURE is characterized by high            forward to the mobile charging station GO (charging
                                                                                       dropped cable. It allows up to ten times faster charging           quality workmanship – Made in Germany. From autumn              cable) and the high-performance charging station LIFE.
                         Photo: Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE

                                                                                       than the Schuko socket (max 10 A). The operation is                2018, the new wall box NEXT will be launched. It is
                                                                                       simple and practical. Thanks to its own integrated                 ideal for networked operation and intelligent charging
                                                                                       fuse, it offers the highest level of electrical safety.            management is integrated. The wall box NEXT can be       


 Company                  Product                                 Remarks                                           Data Sheet | Information      Exhibitor

 Almaden Europe GmbH      Solar carport: Charge Mobil                                   –                        Intersolar Europe | Booth A1.509

                          Charge mobil: PV car trailer                                  –                   

 ClickCon GmbH & Co. KG   Solar carport with charging station                           –                                   Power2Drive Europe | Booth C2.150

 Galaxy Energy            Solar carport system                                          –                   

 Schindler Clean Energy   Solar carports                          from 1 kW up to 250 kW                    

 Schletter GmbH           Modular carport system Park@Sol         commercial car fleets, from 1 parking          Intersolar Europe | Booth A3.140

 Solarwatt GmbH           SOLARWATT CARPORT SYSTEM                                      –                               ees Europe | Booth B1.110

 T-Werk GmbH              Solar carport system                    from 1 EV                                 


 Company                  Product                                 Remarks                                           Data Sheet | Information      Exhibitor

 Deutsche Energie­        Cloud 2.0 & Cloud to Go                 EU-wide usage of solar power for charging            ees Europe | Booth B1.410
 versorgung GmbH/senec
 Solarwatt GmbH           Smart e-Mobility app                    Energy manager integrates e-mobility                  ees Europe | Booth B1.110

 sonnen GmbH              sonnenCharger App                       allows control and adjustment of the charging          ees Europe | Booth B1.310
                                                                  process and linking-up with the sonnenCommunity
 SunnyDriver GbR          planning tool for EV‘s                  residential and commercial users          

 Valentin Software GmbH   planning software PV*SOL premium 2017   residential and commercial users             Intersolar Europe | Booth B3.659

 Vela Solaris AG          Polysun 10.1                            residential and commercial users                   Intersolar Europe | Booth B3.550


                                                        Almaden, headquartered in Munich, Germany, offers a         inverter optimised for outdoor use. Micro-inverters are      2,250 watts. The panels are fitted with weatherproof
                                                        wide range of solar carports. All components can now        also available as an option. A charging box can also         rubber seals on either side.
                                                        be shipped via normal delivery channels, as the longest     be fitted to the columns of the carport. Two types of

                           Photo: Almaden Europe GmbH
                                                        component is only slightly over three meters in length.     panels are available: Firstly, transparent M40 panels
                                                        The carport is suitable for self-assembly and consists of   with an output of 170 watts and a transparency of 40
                                                        3 millimetres aluminium profiles. The frame is powder       percent. The output of a system with nine panels will
                                                        coated and has a lifetime of 30 years. According to the     then be 1,530 watts. Alternatively, there are slightly
                                                        manufacturer, the solar panels and other parts are just     transparent P60 panels with a transparency of around
                                                        as durable. The shelter is supplied as standard with an     ten percent and a system output for nine panels of   


                                                        The charge mobile of the Munich-based Almaden               available with numerous applications. Four secured           manager and the battery management, the batteries
                                                        Europe heralds a new age of mobility. A car trailer is      plug sockets can be used as e-bike und e-car charging        can be reloaded with any source on less sunny days. It
                           Photo: Almaden Europe GmbH

                                                        equipped with three premium glass-glass modules with        stations, mobile power for camping sites, emergency          attended a test run of nearly 4,000 kilometres through
                                                        approximately one kilowatt efficiency. They can be          supply or site’s power. The trailer has 100 kilometres       nine European countries.
                                                        folded up and geared towards the sun. The generated         per hour official approval and homologation for
                                                        power is fed into four high-capacity batteries with 10.4    road service and can be moved to different required
                                                        kilowatt-hours capacity. Due to the corresponding           positions by nearly every vehicle. A “perpetual motion
                                                        inverter there is a powerful off-grid solar energy source   machine” of solar energy. Through the power source   


                                                        The Freiburg-based company Clickcon combines its            Ultra Fast Charger by Delta Energy Systems is installed
 Photo: ClickCon, Honda

                                                        Click Park system with a rapid charger. This perfectly      in the carport. This is a rapid charger with 150 kilowatts
                                                        coordinated system is simply called „Charge“. Click-Park    DC output for up to four electric vehicles.
                                                        is a flexible and freely extendable solar carport system
                                                        that can be set up without the need for supports. The


                                              Weather protection and power supply: The park@sol               a customized solution for almost any carport project. The     bigger carport plants, micro-foundation is an unrivalled
                                              system is a logical modification of the Schletter FS ground     foundations of the carports are always arranged in such       alternative. It saves money and allows the construction of
                                              mounting systems. Schletter has a long-term experience in       a way that people can easily enter and leave their electric   carport plants with almost no groundwork required. Thus,
                                              the field of fastening technology. The firm’s carport systems   cars. For small carports and carports at remote places,       the parking lot can be used almost without restrictions.

                      Photo: Schletter GmbH
                                              are designed in such a manner that the area of already          the manufacturing of cast-in-place concrete foundations       Apart from that, micro-foundations are a visually attractive
                                              existing parking spaces is used in the most efficient way and   is usually done by a local construction company. Schletter    foundation system with a high level of structural safety on
                                              as much roof area as possible for solar power generation        will provide a complete foundation drawing including the      almost any ground.
                                              is created at the same time. Due to Schletter it can provide    data about the required reinforcements. Especially with


                                              For future owners of a BMW i3 or a BMW i8, the                  environmentally friendly way but can also cover much          with two parking bays provides about 4,500 kilowatt
                                              SOLARWATT CARPORT SYSTEM provides a solution                    of the electricity consumed by the home. The Dresden-         hours per year. This corresponds approximately to the
                                              using innovative glass-glass panels for charging                based company offers a total of 30 years of warranty on       demand of a four-person household. If the electricity
                                              the vehicle‘s batteries and supplying the household             their solar system made of glass-glass panels. The wall       generated were to be used for the electric vehicle alone,
                                              with solar power. The contact is made through                   box allows simply charging on your own parking space,         this would be sufficient to drive 32,000 kilometres in a
                      Photo: Solarwatt GmbH

                                              several channels, e.g. BMW customers can purchase               acting as the charging station for your car. At the same      BMW i3. At a lower mileage of 15,000 kilometres, there
                                              SOLARWATT products directly when they buy their                 time, the customer can also connect the solar system          would be enough left over to provide 20 percent of the
                                              vehicles or separately over the Internet. A solar               to the domestic grid and supply the household with            household’s demand.
                                              carport is not only able to recharge the EV in an               solar power. For example, a 36-square-metre carport   

➔ SENEC                                                       CLOUD TO GO: ALL-ROUND SUPPLY FROM THE CLOUD

                                                              With Cloud 2.0 and Cloud to Go, the storage systems             shared with other people as part of the tariff Family and     the upcoming market launch of their Smart Meter.
                                                              provider Senec gives its customers access to solar power        Friends. 100 percent self-sufficiency means that solar        Customers should therefore not have to pay extra for

                                   Graphic: senec
                                                              from their own roof at charging stations all over Europe        power, which is, for example, produced on a roof in           electricity meters and installation.
                                                              – at home as well as on the go. Customers of Senec              Lower Saxony or Brandenburg, can now be obtained
                                                              can charge up their electric car with own electricity at        free of charge while on holiday at a charging station,
                                                              more than 45,000 charging stations. The service can be          say, in Italy. Also, Senec is already taking into account


                                                              The new energy manager smart e-Mobility app lets                charging protocol that is compatible with all common  
                                   Graphic: Solarwatt GmbH

                                                              the customer choose whether to charge their electric            charging stations. The basis for this is the OCPP (Open
                                                              vehicle in a cost-, time-, solar-power- or CO2-optimized        Charge Point Protocol) technology, which is establishing
                                                              manner. In addition, the app from Solarwatt ensures             itself as the standard for charging electric vehicles. This
                                                              that the e-vehicle is fully loaded exactly when it is           means that purchasing an e-vehicle and integrating the
                                                              needed. This saves the owner time and planning                  charging station into an existing solar power system
                                                              effort. The e-Mobility feature is based on an open type         can be realised without any problems.

 Graphic: Valentin Software GmbH
                                                              The design software PV*Sol was updated to cope                  integrated additional, flexible electricity tariff models.    select their electric car from the database. They then
                                                              with the challenges of e-mobility. The new version of           The new software enables the calculation of the P90           enter their daily mileage, and PV*Sol calculates how
                                                              the PV*Sol premium now makes it possible to take                value as well. The P90 states that there is a 90 percent      much PV energy can be used to charge the car. The
                                                              electric cars into consideration when calculating solar         probability that the simulated average annual energy          software also calculates the cost per 100 kilometers,
                                                              generators and self-consumption of the yielded solar            yield will be exceeded and is a particularly important        with and without the use of photovoltaics.
                                                              energy. In the new version Valentin Software has also           factor for investors. In the new version the user can 


                                                              The Polysun release 10.0 from Swiss software maker Vela         and bikes on the streets have led to increasing discussions   on for e-mobility give rise to attractive new possibilities
                                   Graphic: Vela Solaris AG

                                                              Solaris enables users to integrate combinations of e-mobility   about e-mobility in the renewable energy sector, which        to optimize one’s own consumption of electric power. This
                                                              with photovoltaics or co-generation units. It also allows for   increasingly factors e-mobility factored into its planning.   also leads to an increased profitability of the entire system.
                                                              predictions on the economic viability of such concepts.         The possibility to store excess solar power produced by       Polysun 10.0 now can simulate these advantages of the
                                                              Ever rising numbers of new electronically powered cars          photovoltaic systems around midday and to use it later        integration of e-mobility.
AS OF: JUNE 2018


                   PRESENTED BY                                                               PRESENTED BY                                                                     CONTACT

                   POWER2DRIVE EUROPE                                                         INTERSOLAR EUROPE                                                                Solar Promotion GmbH
                                                                                                                                                                               P.O. Box 100 170
                   Power2Drive Europe is the international exhibition for charging            Intersolar Europe in Munich is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar      75101 Pforzheim, Germany
                   infrastructure and e-mobility and takes place in Munich, Germany,          industry and its partners. It takes place annually at the Messe München          Tel.: +49 7231 58598-0
                   together with Intersolar Europe, ees Europe and EM-Power from              exhibition center in Munich, Germany, and focuses on the areas of                Fax: +49 7231 58598-28
                   June 20–22, 2018. This new industry meeting point for the energy           photovoltaics, energy storage and renewable heating, as well as smart  
                   transition in the transportation sector provides the ideal platform for    renewable energy. The accompanying Intersolar Europe Conference           
                   manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and startup companies to present    consolidates certain topics of the exhibition. With events spanning four
                   their developments and latest business models. Power2Drive Europe is       continents, Intersolar is the leading exhibition series for the solar industry   FWTM
                   dedicated to cutting-edge topics related to infrastructure solutions and   and its partners worldwide. It brings together people and companies              Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und
                   traction batteries for electric vehicles, creating a link between energy   from around the world with the aim of increasing the share of solar              Messe GmbH & Co. KG
                   and transportation which will benefit all industry players. Its focus is   power in our energy supply.                                                      Europaplatz 1
                   on solutions and technologies for the environmentally friendly mobility                                                                                     79108 Freiburg i. Br., Germany
                   of the future.                                                                                                                                              Tel.: +49 761 3881-3700
                                                                                                                                                                               Fax: +49 761 3881-3770
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