Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education

Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education

Online Insights
Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education
What is Online Insights?

                          Online Insights is a virtual learning experience
                                                                             Key facts
                          offering exceptional opportunities for
                          academic enrichment to engaged students
                                                                                  20+ hours of tuition
                          around the world.                                  
                                                                                  per week
                                                                                  1:1 tutorials at beginning
                          Interactive online seminars are conducted by       
                                                                                  and end of each week
                          world-class academics from leading global
                          universities over the course of a one or two-          Maximum class size of 10
                          week exploration of your chosen subject.                Premium
                                                                                  e-learning platform
                          The programme will lead students through an
                          unparalleled educational experience.                   Pre-course welcome pack
                                                                                  End of course certificate
                           Participants will focus on advanced academic      
                                                                                  and detailed report
                          content and develop both the expertise and
                          enthusiasm to plan for an academic future          Available dates
                          with confidence.
                                                                                 Winter
                          Students receive a combination of subject-             Spring
                          based tuition, one-to-one tutorials and future         Summer
                          skills workshops, as well as social activities
                          with students from around the world.                    Please visit our website
                                                                                  to see exact dates

Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education
Sample timetable

           As participants will be joining from around the world, Online Insights
           has two ‘streams’ for students of all time zones.
           The times below are in UK time (UTC+1).

           Stream Stream
                                Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday      Thursday         Friday
              A      B
             09:00   14:00
                                 Course                        Tutor Office   Tutor Office
                              Introduction                        Hours          Hours
             09:30   14:30                     1:1 Tutorial                                  1:1 Tutorial

             10:00   15:00

             10:30   15:30
                                 Subject         Subject         Subject        Subject        Subject

             11:00   16:00
                                 Tuition         Tuition         Tuition        Tuition        Tuition

             11:30   16:30

             12:00   17:00                                        Break

             12:30   17:30
                               Workshop:       Workshop:        Workshop:                    Workshop:
             13:00   18:00       Essay         Interview        University                   Personal
                              Writing Skills     Skills        Applications                  Branding
             13:30   18:30                                                     Exams

             14:00   19:00      Activity:        Activity:       Activity:
                                                                                Guest         Activity:
                              Ice-Breaker        Virtual         Murder
                                                                               Speaker       Quiz Night
             14:30   19:30       Games         College Tour      Mystery

           Stream Stream
                                Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday      Thursday         Friday
              A      B
             09:00    14:00
                                 Course                        Tutor Office   Tutor Office
                                Overview                          Hours          Hours
             09:30    14:30                    1:1 Tutorial                                  1:1 Tutorial

             10:00    15:00

             10:30    15:30
                                 Subject         Subject         Subject        Subject        Subject

             11:00    16:00
                                 Tuition         Tuition         Tuition        Tuition        Tuition

             11:30    16:30

             12:00    17:00                                       Break

             12:30    17:30
                               Workshop:        Workshop:       Workshop:                    Workshop:
             13:00    18:00      Essay          Interview       University                   Personal
                              Writing Skills      Skills       Applications                  Branding
             13:30    18:30                                                    Exams

             14:00    19:00     Activity:        Activity:       Activity:
                                                                                Guest         Activity:
                                 Team          Virtual Field    Cambridge
                                                                               Speaker       Graduation
             14:30    19:30     Building           Trip        Student Q&A                                  3
Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education
Subjects Available
                                 The Online Insights course is available during winter, spring and summer
                                 school holidays. For exact dates, please visit

                                 Subjects can be studied for one or two weeks at a time, and it is possible
                                 to enrol for two subjects (one per week).

                          Architecture Ages 16-18                         Business Management Ages 13-15
                          Prepare, critically examine, and develop a      Budding entrepreneurs uncover key
                          personal portfolio, as well as pitch a mock     management theory and how this relates to
                          proposal for a real-world project.              building a successful enterprise.
                          • Roman and Greek classical architecture        • The marketing mix
                          • Reformation and counter-reformation           • Corporate leadership
                          • The Victorian idyll                           • The product life-cycle
                          • Modernism and post-modernism                  • Modern business organisations
                          • The Scandinavian approach                     • Social enterprises

                          Creative Writing Ages 13-15 & 16-18             Economics Ages 16-18
                          With an emphasis on putting theory into         A comprehensive look at the challenging
                          practice, students will showcase their          worlds of micro and macroeconomics
                          improved skills by writing of a novella.        explored in a typical Economics degree.
                          • Character creation and development            • Macroeconomics & microeconomics
                          • The use of voice and person                   • Trade economics
                          • Types of plot                                 • Game theory
                          • Dialogue                                      • Political economics
                          • Editing                                       • Economics and statistics

                          Engineering Ages 13-15 & 16-18                  International Relations Ages 13-15

                          Be exposed to the different applications of     Recognise the roles, rights and
                          engineering through case studies which will     responsibilities of key actors in world
                          be analysed in-depth throughout.                politics and international affairs.
                          • Fluid mechanics                               • World systems
                          • Thermodynamics                                • Foreign policy
                          • World-changing projects                       • International conflicts
                          • Energy storage                                • Actors and interests
                          • Technology and future engineering             • Trade and development
Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education
Subjects Available

Law Ages 13-15 & 16-18                           Mathematics Ages 16-18
Uncover a variety of legal fields and develop    Explore what an undergraduate degree in
the skills required to succeed as a legitimate   mathematics could look like and the range
professional.                                    of opportunities it provides.
• Constitutional law                             • Probability and combinatorics
• Criminal law                                   • Matrix calculus
• Contract law                                   • Number theory
• Human rights                                   • Vector spaces
• International law                              • Modern geometry

Medicine Ages 13-15 & 16-18                      Philosophy Ages 16-18
Investigate complex biological concepts and      Form considered opinions and viewpoints
real-world case studies whilst furthering        by exploring and analysing topics and
academic understanding of the field.             ideas from leading philosophers.
• Immunology and infectious diseases             • Morality
• Genetics and gene editing                      • Liberty and equality
• Neuroscience                                   • Unconsciousness
• Anatomy and physiology                         • Socrates and Plato
• Pharmacology and treatments                    • Enlightenment

Psychology Ages 16-18
                                                    Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Discover key concepts and develop a strong
understanding of a variety of aspects that         Immerse also offers personalised 1:1 tuition in
                                                       a wide range of academic subjects.
explain human behaviour.
• Nature versus nurture                                     Match with a tutor on the
                                                      Oxbridge Online Research Programme.
• Contemporary psychology
• Ethics                                                 For more information, please visit:
• Psychopathology
• Social influence
Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education
Programme highlights

U N I V E R S I T Y- L EV E L T U I T I O N            O N E -TO - O N E T U TO R I A LS
Each syllabus is designed to reflect the               At the beginning and end of each week,
standard of learning required at an                    students have a personal one-to-one
undergraduate level of university.                     supervision with their subject tutor, to review
                                                       their performance in the course and discuss
Classes are delivered by enthusiastic and
                                                       the progress of the student’s personal
passionate tutors who are experts in their
academic field, and are experienced at
teaching undergraduates at Oxford and                  Students also have direct access to tutors
Cambridge University.                                  during “office hours”, each week.

All virtual classes are delivered via Zoom’s education platform - which offers students a wide range
of teaching functionality including video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, breakout rooms, text
chat, polls, quizzes and other custom apps.

Students will be able to instantly connect with their teacher, as well as other students based
around the world, and receive university-level tuition from the comfort of their own home.

Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education
Programme highlights

PERSONAL PROJECTS                                 SOCIAL ACTIVITIES
In each subject, students will submit a           Students can connect with like-minded
personal project, assessed by their tutor, that   individuals from around the world, and are
is developed over throughout the course,          encouraged to socialise and make friends
both in class and during private study time.      through daily activities and games after
                                                  classes finish.
The type of project varies by subject, with
some requiring a written piece of work, and       These sessions are led by current Oxbridge
others an academic presentation on a topic        undergraduate students.
or issue.

ACADEMIC SKILLS WORKSHOPS                         P E R S O N A L I S E D E VA L U AT I O N
Each day, students take part in a 90 minute       Participants receive a detailed report after
workshop designed to develop key skills           the end of the course, which is completed
critical for future success.                      after students present their personal project
                                                  and complete their one-to-one reviews with
Workshop topics include essay writing skills,
                                                  their tutor.
personal branding, university applications,
interviews and subject-specific entrance          Students will also receive a certificate of
exams.                                            completion from Immerse Education at their
                                                  virtual graduation ceremony.
Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education

                             “                                                            ”
                                 My tutor gave me the confidence I needed to advance my
                                 understanding of the subject.
                                 — REENA, PARTICIPANT

Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education
How to enrol
HOW TO ENROL                                           PA R T I C I PAT I O N C R I T E R I A
Once the enrolment form is completed, then a           Students who are either fluent or near-
member of staff will be in touch to coordinate the     fluent in English (at least B2 level).
start of the programme.
                                                       Students aged 13-15 or 16-18 years old.
Please visit for
more information, or to enrol online.                  Available to commit to undertake the
                                                       full number of hours required by the
Contact our team at          programme.
with any questions.

         Times & fees
W H AT ’ S I N C L U D E D ?                           AVA I L A B L E T I M E S

       1 Week Fee: £1,395                              With the teaching faculty based in the
       2 Week Fee: £2,295
                                                       UK, the virtual programmel has two
                                                       ‘streams’ available for students of all
 20+ hours of academic contact time per week.         time zones.
       Inclusive of:                                   The times below are in UK time
   •   5 x 2-hour subject-based classes                (UTC+1).
   •   5 x 1.5-hour academic skills workshops
   •   2 x 0.5-hour one-to-one sessions with tutor                 Stream A Stream B
   •   1 x 1-hour course overview                         Start     09:00       14:00
   •   1 x 1-hour guest lectures
   •   2 x 1-hour optional “drop-in” sessions during      Finish    14:00       19:00
       office hours
                                                       For more information, please speak to
 Maximum of 10 students per programme                 a member of the Immerse Education
 Daily social activities with students from around    team (
the world

 Pre-course learning materials and welcome pack

 Certificate of attendance and detailed report

 Access to digital materials after completion

Online Insights 2021 - Immerse Education
Accreditations and Awards

                          Q U E E N ’ S AWA R D                  BAC
                          The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is    Immerse Education is accredited by the
                          the UK’s most prestigious business     leading mark of educational quality for the

                          award.                                 sector.

                          In 2018, Immerse Education was         For over 25 years the British Accreditation
                          awarded the Queen’s Award for          Council (BAC) has been responsible for setting
                          Enterprise. To be recognised by Her    educational quality standards within the
                          Majesty is a huge honour and a         independent further and higher education
                          testament to the unique, educational   sector. The BAC requires a rigorous on-site
                          experiences we provide to students     inspection that covers all aspects of the student
                          across the world.                      experience including teaching, learning, health
                                                                 and safety and welfare.
R O S PA                                        B R I T I S H YO U T H T R AV E L
Immerse Education is a proud member of          AWA R D S
ROSPA                                           Immerse Education was fortunate enough
Accidents don’t have to happen and Immerse      to be recognised as a finalist in the Best
Education is passionate about ensuring that     Educational Product category,. Through
our participants have a rewarding, enjoyable    delivering immersive, challenging academic
and safe experience on our programmes.          programmes designed for ambitious youth
                                                from around the world, Immerse Education
The Royal Society for the Prevention of
                                                has emerged as a leader in the field.
Accidents (RoSPA) has been working
tirelessly to change both legislation and       The British Youth Travel Awards are the
attitudes surrounding accidents and has been    sector’s opportunity to reward high achievers,
instrumental in shaping our society for the     gain recognition, and raise the profile
better.                                         of the work and individual successes of
                                                organisations engaged in youth, student and
                                                educational travel to, from and within the UK.

COBIS                                           GEMS SCHOOL
Immerse Education is one of over 250            PA R T N E R S H I P
member organisations represented by             GEMS has selected Immerse Education to
COBIS. COBIS exists to support and              help their students gain experience of what
represent its members with the British          it’s like to study at university level, with
government, educational bodies, the             award-winning academic programmes held in
corporate sector and Ministries of Education    inspiring locations across the UK, including the
worldwide.                                      University of Cambridge.
Its members commit to its Code of Ethical       If you’re a student at a GEMS school, visit your
Practice to ensure best practice and that the   UniConnect platform to find out more.
needs of students are served to the fullest
possible extent.

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