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beer bible
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              pa l e a le
Pale ales are lighter in colour due to the use of
light malts. Expect a distinctive hoppy taste
and crisp bitterness typically offset by floral or
fruity notes as well as a natural caramel
             try our
           Ekim After Battle
               Pale Ale
                                                                i nd i a pal e al e
           m: 7.00 v: 7.50                               IPAs are renowned for a bold hop flavour
                                                         dominating the palate. Floral, citrus and light
                                                         caramel notes are also common as well as
                                                         sugar, caramel and toffee flavours to help
                                                         create a smoother hop hit and ruby brown
                                                                      try our
           wh e at b eer                                              Six Strings
                                                                     Dark Red IPA
Wheat beers are a refreshing and crisp style of
beer made from malted wheat and barley.                             m: 7.70 v: 8.20
Expect distinctive flavours and aromas from
spices like coriander and orange peel, to notes
such as banana and vanilla.

             try our
          Murray’s Whale Ale

           m: 7.00 v: 7.50

beer bible
                                 choose a brew

                                                                       p i ls ne r
                                                        Pilsners are simple brew allowing natural hop
                                                        flavours, water and barley to dominate.
                                                        Pilsners are often highly carbonated
                                                        characterised by a crisp, clear and bitter finish
                                                        with a medium-to-full body.

                                                                     try our
                  l ag er                                          Murray’s Rudeboy
Lagers are usually stored or conditioned                               Pilsner
before they reach full potential to be bottled or                  m: 7.30 v: 7.80
kegged. This ensures a smooth and clean
tasting brew with a sharp and crisp finish with
mild hoppiness and easy drinkability.

             try our
          Byron Bay Brewery
            The Hazy One
           m: 7.00 v: 7.50                              Dark beers use a mixture of dark malts and
                                                        sometimes burnt barley to create a thick,
                                                        full-bodied beer with rich flavours of choclate,
                                                        toffee and coffee typically dominated by a
                                                        strong taste of charcoal and burnt barley.

                                                                      try our
                                                                     Balmain Bock

                                                                    m: 6.30 v: 6.80

craft tap beers
                      Tap beers are subject to frequent change - see bar for current beers on tap*
                                           *Prices are to the value of a standard schooner

                                                m v                                                                  m v
james squire 150 lashes                       7.40      7.90            iron jack full strength                      7.10   7.60
pale ale - australia - abv 4.2%                                         lager- australia - abv 4.2%
When James Squire was                                                   Lion has released your
discovered stealing                                                     favourite mid-strength beer,
ingredients to make the                                                 now in a full strength
colony’s first batch of                                                 version. Iron Jack Full
beer, the judge ordered                                                 Strength is 4.2% ABV and
150 lashes… plus two                                                    features pale malts balanced
barrels of ale. This                                                    with the aroma from a light
thirst-quenching                                                        dose of Saaz hops, giving it
Australian pale ale has proved a hit                                    a super crisp finish. Iron Jack Full
with customers around the country                                       Strength is also preservative free and has
since its launch in 2011. Similar to                                    30% less carbs than regular full strength
Coopers Pale Ale (although less                                         beers.
yeasty), this clean-finishing craft beer
may be cloudy in appearance, but
there’s nothing cloudy about the taste.
                                                                        furphy refreshing ale                        6.80   7.30
                                                                        ale - victoria - abv 4.4%
iron jack                                      5.50     6.00
                                                                        Furphy is a new, refreshing
lager - australia - abv 3.5%                                            ale that is Geelong born and
Iron Jack mid-strength is                                               brewed from 100% Victorian
a 3.5% lager brewed with                                                ingredients. The first sip is
our hot, rugged climate in                                              clean and crisp, with a
mind. Give it a whiff and                                               subtle balance of fruit and
you’ll pick up a little bit                                             malt to keep it interesting.
of hop aroma – give it a                                                The finish is smooth and
gulp and you’ll see the                                                 pleasantly refreshing. Given the brewery
bitterness has been kept                                                used to be an old mill, it’s no surprise
low so you get maximum refreshment,                                     Furphy is an easy-drinking ale that’s
to crush your thirst. To top it off Iron                                perfect for a session of yarn spinning.
Jack is preservative free and has 30%
less carbs than regular full and mid
strength beers.

m v                                                         m v
ekim after battle pale ale                    7.00   7.50       young henrys newtowner                    6.20   6.70
pale ale - mt kuringgai - abv 5.4%                              pale ale - newtown - abv 4.8%
Ekim After Battle Pale Ale is                                   This pale ale comes from
a medium-bodied, intensely                                      the Newtown locals
hoppy, american style pale                                      known for their gutsy
ale. The ale is a deep golden                                   full-hearted Australian
colour with a medium head.                                      beers and cider .With a
The smell is crackin’ with                                      trio of Australian hops,
aromas of citrus and                                            the Young Henrys
passionfruit. There’s a decent                                  Newtowner is a
bitterness to this brew, providing a                            refreshing, well-balanced, golden beer
sharpness that is perfectly balanced by the                     with a dry finish. This one-off brew
subtle sweetness from the malts and                             seemed to hit the sweet spot with out
tropical fruit flavours.                                        locals, meaning it has become a more
                                                                permanent member of the Young
                                                                Henrys range.

six strings dark red ipa                      7.70   8.20
india pale ale - central coast - abv 6.0%
Loosely based on the West
                                                                murray's whale ale                        7.00   7.50
                                                                wheat beer - australia - abv 4.5%
Coast American style Red
Ale, this IPA is dangerously                                    Murray's Whale Ale is a
flavourful holding it's 6% ABV                                  refreshing wheat beer with
well. The red colour here                                       a twist. Its high percentage
comes from rich caramel and                                     of malted and unmalted
chocolate malts, which also give                                wheat and aromatic late
off a contrasting creamy white head.                            hop profile gives a unique
A medium to high bodied beer, the low                           take on a session strength
carbonation gives it a fuller mouth feel.                       ale. A classic light body,
A fantastic blend of hop bitterness & almost                    creamy mouthfeel and refreshing
the perfect malt balance, leaves you the                        citrus flavour. This is balanced with
taste for wanting more! This is a must for                      assertive late hopping, giving a fresh,
the discerning craft beer drinker.                              light tropical fruit aroma and
                                                                cleansing dry finish. Murray’s Whale
                                                                Ale is light gold in colour and lightly
                                                                filtered to give it a sparkling
                                                                appearance. Summer in a glass!

m v
panhead quickchange
xpa pale ale
                                                                      cant decide on
extra pale ale - new zealand - abv 4.6%
                                            7.40   7.90
                                                                      a craft beer?
XPA means Extra Pale, a
product of Quickchange's
lighter malt base. That
delicate colour though is
undercut by a glorious hit
of alpha oils from Mosaic,
Galaxy and Citra hops.
Sometimes you don't want
your mouth flayed raw and your liver
worked to a standstill. Sometimes a few
luscious notes of mango, guava, lychee                        beer tasting
and pineapple can be just the thing.
byron bay brewery
the hazy one                                7.00   7.50       Receive all six of the new
lager - byron bay - abv 4.4%                                   Brew Bar craft beers
This one is hazy, strat                                          available on tap to
colour lager, loosely based                                           sample.
around the Australian
Lager. Loving a lager is
almost part of being                                                  m: 12 v: 15
Australian and this one
brings some extra flavour
to the style. Take in the
light fruity and floral aromas.
Enjoy a little bitterness balanced by the
biscuit-like malty notes that gives this
beer a rounded fullness.

m v                                                          m v
xxxx gold                                  5.30   5.80       coopers pale ale                           6.80   7.30
lager - queensland - abv 3.5%                                pale ale - australia - abv 4.5%
XXXX Gold is a refreshing                                    Using the finest raw
mid-strength beer that                                       materials and traditional
continues the great                                          brewing techniques,
tradition of XXXX                                            Coopers Pale Ale is a
brewing heritage, by being                                   well-balanced and
brewed with the finest                                       compelling flavoured brew
Australian malt, barley                                      with fruity and floral
and unique golden cluster                                    aromas, a malt character
hops. This beer has a balanced, smooth                       and a crisp bitterness. It pours with a
flavour and body, complimented by                            slight cloudiness due to the presence of
mild bitterness and a trace of                               yeast carried through production to
sweetness from the extra malt.                               natural carbonation.

tooheys new                                5.60   6.10       kirin                                      8.60   9.10
lager - new south wales - abv 4.6%                           lager - australia - abv 4.5%
Born in 1931, Tooheys                                        Influenced by Japanese
New was a 'new' style of                                     craftsmanship and the
beer - a draught Lager                                       philosophy and techniques
brewed to exhibit full                                       of the finest Japanese
flavour when served icy                                      cuisine, Kirin’s special
cold - a refreshing                                          ‘First Press’ method
alternative to the warm                                      produces pure, smooth
English ales that were                                       flavours with a pale amber
common at the time. Toohey's New is                          shine and a rich creamy head.
now an iconic Australian beer with no
artificial additives or preservatives.
                                                             canadian club and dry                      7.20   7.90
tooheys old                                5.60   6.10       blended whisky - canada - abv 4.8%
dark - new south wales - abv 4.4%                            Combining the unique
                                                             smooth whiskey flavour of
Tooheys Old is a robustly                                    Canadian Club with a
flavoured Ale made with                                      special Canada dry ginger
top fermentation Ale yeast.                                  blend, this ready to drink
The beer is lightly hopped,                                  is the ultimate summery
and gets its darker colour                                   beer alternative. Add a
from black malt. Fruity                                      fresh lime to make it just
Ale-like esters blend well                                   that little bit more delicious and
with subtle hoppiness,                                       refreshing.
hints of coffee and chocolate to deliver
a unique beer.                                               *schmiddy pricing

bottled beers
                                                      Australian craft beers

                                               m v                                                                  m v
matso's angry ranga                            8.50      9.00        murray's angry man pale ale                 7.20   7.70
ginger and chilli - broome - abv 3.5%                                 pale ale - australia - abv 5.0%
For years now the locals at Matso's                                  Murray's Angry Man Pale Ale is a lively
popular Broome Brewery have been                                     ale featuring a brilliant light golden
spicing up their Ginger Beer with a big                              colour, with a full bodied finish and
hit of Chilli Beer. This heated concoction                           complex character. Well balanced with
has grown to be known as 'Angry Ranga'.                              biscuit/toffee flavours, the Angry Man
                                                                     will subdue any aggressive thirst!
matso's mango beer                             7.00      7.50
blonde - broome - abv 4.5%                                           balmain bock                                6.30   6.80
Matsos famous Mango Beer is based on a
                                                                     dark - balmain - abv 5.5%
classic Belgium Blonde recipe with a fruit                           Balmain Bock is a classical dark beer
variation. Using a 100% natural mango                                brewed to be full and rich. There is a
essence, the brewers have developed an easy                          perfect mix of malt flavours with three
drinking beer style with amazing fruit                               different caramel malts producing a beer
aromas balanced out with sweet dryness.                              with a slightly sweet, complex malt
                                                                     character and prominent alcohol flavours.
murray's fred ipa                              8.50      9.00
india pale ale - new south wales - abv 5.6%                          balmain pale ale                            6.50   7.00
Murray’s Fred IPA has the classic US                                 pale ale - balmain - abv 4.9%
IPA hop aroma and flavour of big citrus,                             The Balmain Brewery craft a distinctive
tropical fruit and pine notes throughout.                            Pale Ale, made in a full flavoured English
An assertive bitterness is balanced by the                           Ale style, displaying a robust malt
sweetness of the pale, crystal and wheat                             character upfront. The use of two speciality
malt additions.                                                      malts results in a wonderful golden copper
                                                                     colour which is then followed up by a subtle
murray's rudeboy pilsner                       7.80      8.30        caramel tone on the palate.
pilsner - new south wales - abv 4.8%
Murray’s Rudeboy Pilsner pays homage to                              o'brien premium lager (gf)                  7.50   8.00
European brewing tradition using the old                             lager - ballarat - abv 4.5%
school process of cold fermentation and
extended conditioning periods, but the                               O'Brien Premium Lager is a full-bodied,
extensive late hopping takes this Pilsner in                         gluten-free lager with a distinct floral
its own direction. The beer offers a                                 aroma and a firm bitterness leading to a
distinctive crisp, fresh hoppy flavour that                          clean crisp finish. The long patient
makes it perfect to match with food.                                 fermentation and maturation periods
                                                                     deliver a smooth, clean and rich beer.

classic tap beers
                     Tap beers are subject to frequent change - see bar for current beers on tap*
                                         *Prices are to the value of a standard schooner

                                              m v                                                                 m v
victoria bitter                              5.60     6.10            hahn superdry                               6.50   7.00
lager - victoria - abv 4.9%                                           lager - australia - abv 4.6%
Victoria Bitter has long                                              Hahn SuperDry is not
been Australia's                                                      only brewed with the finest
favourite beer, and is                                                quality ingredients, but
specially brewed to                                                   also brewed longer to
deliver full flavour when                                             deliver a genuine Super
ice cold.                                                             Dry taste. It is incredibly
A gentle fruitiness in the                                            refreshing and easy to
aroma complements the                                                 drink, and on average
sweet malt on the mid-palate                                          99.9% sugar free, 0.7% carbs, 99
balancing perfectly with crisp, clean                                 calories per serve and preservative free.
hop bitterness delivering satisfying                                  An enhanced brewing process breaks
refreshment like no other. It is the                                  down more of the natural sugars to
lager style beer with a very                                          deliver a Super Dry taste with only a
distinguishable taste that is very                                    third of the cards of standard full
well known to all aussie beer                                         strength beer

carlton draught                              5.60     6.10            hahn premium light                          4.90 5.40
                                                                      lager - new south wales - abv 2.4%
lager - victoria - abv 4.6%
                                                                      Hahn Premium Light is a
Synonymous with the                                                   superior tasting liquid that
origins of the brewery                                                has been passionately
itself, Carlton Draught is                                            brewed using the best of
renowned for tasting as                                               modern technology and
fresh as it did the day it                                            the finest natural
was brewed. And it's that                                             ingredients. A full
kind of consistency in                                                flavoured, crisp and
taste that's been important                                           refreshing taste, with less alcohol than
to Australians for generations. Full                                  regular beers at just 2.4%. So whatever
bodied and full flavoured this draught                                else is going on in your life, you can
beer offers mild bitterness and great                                 still treat yourself to a full flavoured
value for money.                                                      refreshment whether you’re out with
                                                                      your mates or enjoying a quiet one at

bottled beers
                   Domestic classics                                             International

                                         m v                                                     m v
james boag's premium                     7.30   7.80       corona                                8.00   8.50
lager - tasmania - abv 5.0%                                lager - mexico - abv 4.5%

crown lager                              7.50   8.10       heineken                              7.20   7.70
lager - victoria - abv 4.9%                                lager - amsterdam - abv 5.0%

xxxx summer bright lager                 5.60   6.20       peroni                                7.80   8.30
lager - queensland - abv 4.2%                              lager - italy - abv 5.1%

xxxx summer bright lager                 5.60   6.20       blue moon belgian white               6.30   6.80
with natural lime                                          wheat beer - usa - abv 5.4%
radler - queensland - abv 4.0%
                                                           stella artois                         7.00   7.50
tooheys extra dry                        6.30   6.80       pilsner - belgium - abv 4.8%
lager - new south wales - abv 4.4%
                                                           guinness                              7.80   8.30
coopers sparkling ale                    6.90   7.50       stout - ireland - abv 4.1%
ale - south australia - abv 5.8%
                                                           asahi super dry                       7.70   8.20
pure blonde                              6.70   7.30       lager - china - abv 5%
lager (low carb) - victoria - abv 4.2%

cascade premium light                    5.30   5.80
lager - tasmania - abv 2.6%

reschs pilsener                          5.60   6.10
pilsner - new south wales - abv 4.6%

                                                   Tap and bottled ciders*
                                        *Tap price is to the value of a standard schooner

                                             m v                                                                m v
james squire orchard crush                  7.80      8.30            strongbow crisp apple                     6.70   7.30
apple cider - australia - abv 5.2%                                    apple cider - australia - abv 5%
Using freshly pressed                                                 A perfect balance of fruit and acidity.
Australian apples this truly                                          Sharp, clean, full flavoured and
refreshing and delicious                                              completely refreshing.
cloudy apple cider was
developed for quite some time
by James Squire. Orchard
Crush has a fresh and crisp
                                                                      strongbow sweet apple                     6.70   7.30
palate with a satisfying
                                                                      apple cider - australia - abv 5%
medium dry after taste.                                               The full flavour of real fruit with a
                                                                      satisfying, lingering sweetness and a
                                                                      crisp, clean edge.
5 seeds cloudy apple                        6.40      7.00
apple cider - australia - abv 5%
A sharp, tart taste with balanced
                                                                      strongbow classic apple                   6.70   7.30
sourness, finishing with a refreshing
                                                                      apple cider - australia - abv 5%
zing. Its cloudy appearance is                                        Classic apple cider taste. Fresh and
derived directly from Cloudy Apple                                    delicious with a hint of acidity for
juice with enhances the rich green                                    crisp, clean refreshment.
apple flavour.

5 seeds crisp apple                         6.40      7.00
apple cider - australia - abv 5%
A medium sweet cider with apple and
champagne like characteristics
coming through in both the aroma
and flavour.

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