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                                    PBL ‘STAR’ LAUNCHES AT THE
                                    HILLS SPORTS HIGH SCHOOL!
                                       SAFETY, TOLERANCE, ACHIEVEMENT &

                                teachers were briefed on      started The Hills Sports      tra STAR tokens by reciting
                                the part they would play      High School on its journey    the key concepts that com-
                                in the introduction of the    to PBL.                       prised the STAR acronym.
                                concept of STAR to the
                                students of the school.
On 10th February, 2014,         STAR is the acronym that
staff at The Hills Sports       outlines the four key con-
High school were intro-         cepts of Positive Behav-
duced to ‘Positive Behav-       iour for Learning- Safety,                                  Despite the signs and col-
iour for Learning’, an initi-   Tolerance, Achievement                                      ourful t-shirts, many stu-
ative developed over two        and Respect. The symbol       After a short talk, stu-      dents were surprised by the
years by a dedicated com-       of the STAR would be pro-     dents were given ‘STAR’       fair and the concept behind
mittee of teachers at the       gressively      introduced    tokens, to be used at a       the activities. Everyone
school.                         throughout the school,        huge variety of activities    agreed that the afternoon
                                with a competition and        spread thorough out the       was fun, and most students
                                signage to generate inter-    whole school. In A block,     asked were more aware of
                                est before the launch to      staff provided food, while    the new direction The Hills
                                the student population.       in the Main Quad, teach-      Sports High School would
                                Members for the SRC           ers played handball with      be taking by focusing on
This initiative, which fo-      wore colourful shirts in      students, while in other      SAFETY,TOLERANCE,
cuses on expectations ra-       the week leading up to        areas, others were given      ACHIEVEMENT & RESPECT.
ther than rules, requires a     the big day, and a ‘PBL       the opportunity to partici-
consistent approach to          fair’ was planned for         pate in a horizontal
student behaviour. It is        Thursday 27 February.         bungee run, play basket-
hoped that through the                                        ball, table tennis, chess,
reinforcement of a school                                     bocce, ring toss or Wii
wide ethos, teachers can                                      Sports. Teachers opened a     We hope that parents and
reward positive behaviour                                     photo booth in D block,       the community are as
and encourage greater                                         while others played high      pleased as the staff and stu-
pride and respect for their                                   catch, or tried to earn ex-   dents with The Hills Sports
teachers, themselves and        STUDENT LAUNCH, 27th                                        High School’s move to a
the school environment.         FEBRUARY.                                                   more positive learning envi-
Through a variety of activ-     An assembly was called on                                   ronment.
ities at the staff launch,      STAR launch day, and stu-                                   Mitchell Struyve
                                dents were brought to the                                   Principal
                                main quad of the school.
                                Many students were un-
                                sure of the reason for this
                                assembly, and once seat-
                                ed, the beating of drums
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                                         Year 7 & 8 PATHE
 Last week a group of Year      I was honoured to be able     cific island students and it   I challenge those students
 7 and 8 Pacific Islander       to sit in on this talk and    was amazing to see their       involved in this talk to keep
 students received a visit      was amazed to see how         willingness to participate     aiming high, to have a back
 from a special guest Sam       well both our year 7 and 8    in this program.               up plan and know who it is
 Pilisi. Sam works for the      students responded to         I know the students took       they are setting these goals
 University of Western          this workshop. This work-     a lot away from this ses-      for.
 Sydney and coordinates a       shop was about goal           sion and I look forward to     Taryn Smith
 program known as PATHE         setting and achieving your    inviting Sam back to work      TAS
 – Pasifika Achievement to      goals. Sam had an excel-      with our young people
 Higher Education.              lent rapport with our pa-     again.

                                                Water Polo
                                                              against Winmalee High          good sportsmanship on the
                                                              during their grand final.      day wishing the other team
                                                              The second half saw a nail     well at the next level.
                                                              biting finish to have Win-     Thank you to all those who
                                                              malee High fight back to       came and supported us on
                                                              win by 1 goal in the last      the day.
                                                              few seconds of the game.
                                                              The boys held their heads
                                                              high and demonstrated

On the 10th and 14th            team were tied with
March, The Hills Sports         Blaxland High at half time.
High School competed in         Although their determina-
the Open Sydney West            tion and enthusiasm re-
water polo gala day. Both       mained high throughout
male and female teams           the game, the girls were
were undefeated in their        defeated by a more expe-
pool games.                     rienced team.
In the grand final the girls’   The boys’ team lead
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                        THSHS Swimming Carnival
The Hills Sports High       to making the carnival a    outstanding efforts of      Sydney West Swimming
swimming carnival was       success. Congratulations    those swimmers who          carnival on the 17th March
held at Blacktown Aquatic   to the Howard house for     broke numerous records      at Sydney Aquatic Centre,
centre on the 25th Febru-   winning the house points.   throughout the day. Over    Homebush.
ary. The house spirit and   Congratulations to all      40 swimmers were select-    Julie Celeban
enthusiasm from all par-    competitors throughout      ed to represent The Hills   PDHPE
ticipants went a long way   the day, especially the     Sports High School at the

                  THSHS Swimming
12 & under Age Champion
                               Age Champions 2014
12 & under Age Champion
Jasmine Burns                                       Lachlan Foley
13 year Age Champion
Emily Hopcroft                                      Byron Grandemange
14 year Age Champion
Imogen Yeung                                        Maison Cuevas
15 year Age Champion
Imogen Foley                                        Joshua Butler
16 year Age Champion
Judy McBain                                         Cooper McLoynes
17 & over year Age Champion
Emily Flaxman                                       Joshua Neish
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                                         Year 7 Camp
                                                         After what seemed like          rainforest walk. We learnt
                                                         forever on the coach and        the importance of remain-
                                                         2 movies later we arrived       ing quiet as much of the
                                                         at camp. The Great Aus-         wildlife were scared off by
                                                         sie Bush Camp at the Tea        our giggles! After learning
                                                         Gardens would become            all about the hermits that
                                                         our home for the next 3         use to occupy the forest
                                                         days. The students eager-       we moved again by bus to
                                                         ly awaited their names to       the sand dunes. The stu-
                                                         be called as they were          dents were able to race up
                                                         allocated their rooms for       and down the sand dunes,
                                                         the camp. Teachers famil-       many of them taking some
                                                         iarized themselves with         souvenirs in the form of
                                                         their digs too! For many        sand with them. Dinner
On Wednesday 5th March       mum, dad, brothers and      of the staff it was the first   was served by the water
2014 the laughter filled A   sisters and all the other   time away on camp as            before showers and a
block quad as parents        wonderful people who        well.                           game of commando played
and students took Miss       dropped year 7 to school.   Before we knew it we            back at camp. The students
Smith’s “be at school by     I pleaded with parents to   were off to the rock for        enjoyed searching for hos-
6:30am” very seriously!      make sure they were         lunch.     The     students     tages while trying not to be
Wondering where the          back on Friday for pick     helped themselves to            busted via torch by the
students gathered their      up! As many of you          lunch before getting            teachers.
energy from we soon          seemed more excited         ready for our afternoon         Day 2 began with an early
settled, marked the roll     then the students for       of activities. We headed        wake up, breakfast at the
and said our goodbye’s to    some time away!             by bus to embark on a           rock and then the begin-
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                                                            very appreciative, many
                                                            taking the time to per-      their way to ensure camp
                                                            sonally thank us for tak-    was what it should be FUN.
                                                            ing them away! Great         Massive thank you to Mrs
                                                            values that have obvious-    Hand, Miss Celeban, Miss
                                                            ly been instilled at home!   Gaul, Mr Gadow, Mr
                                                            I would also like to take    Haynes, Mr Maharaj and
                                                            the time to thank the        Mrs Smith.
                                                            wonderful team of staff      It’s one camp I certainly
                                                            that volunteered their       wont forget and am so glad
                                                            time to come away.           we all had a wonderful
                                                            Many leaving children of     time!
                                                            their own or sacrificing
                                                            events to make this camp
ning of our activities. The   slide show to remember.       It was a great team and a
students participated in      Day 3 started with an ear-    team who went out of
many harness activities       ly wake up once again
and were able to chal-        and we rotated through
lenge themselves. Our         the last of our activities
activities for the day in-    including canoeing and
cluded the giant swing,       gully crossing. It was hard
high ropes, rock climbing     to get the students on the
and my personal favour-       bus to head back to
ite lost island. It was so    school, many of them
wonderful to watch the        said they would have
students enjoying them-       been happy to stay a little
selves in the mud! Giggles    while longer.
could be heard all            I would like to take this
throughout camp.              time to thank you as par-
That night we had show-       ents who enabled this
ers and prepared for          opportunity to happen! I
some games. We partici-       know that the students
pated in some team            took a lot away from this
building activities and       camp and having worked
then huddled around the       at this school for a num-
camp fire. We had a quick     ber of years I have never
viewing of some of the        been away with such an
photos from camp thanks       amazing group. This
to the teachers for taking    group made all the hard
lots of photos and to Miss    work worth while as they
Celeban for creating a        laughed, sung and were
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                                          Peer Support
Another successful Peer       al trained Year 11 stu-
Support program is com-       dents. Year 7 have partici-
ing to an end here at The     pated in trust exercises,
Hills Sports High School.     completed tasks designed
Peer Support runs on a        to familiarise them with
weekly basis through term     the school, and played
1, and its aim is to build    games that have allowed
resilience in our Year 7      them to get to know each
students, in addition to      other better. Other activi-
implementing          anti-   ties have also helped Year
bullying strategies and       7 with their organisational
building rapport among        skills, managing time and
our junior and senior stu-    learning to respond ap-       our Year 7 Class of 2014      al trained Year 11 students.
dents. Peer Support is also   propriately in different      gained some benefit from      Year 7 have participated in
a wonderful opportunity       situations.                   the program.                  trust exercises, completed
for our Year 11 students      Ms Andrews and Mr               Another successful Peer     tasks designed to familiar-
to develop their leader-      Montgomery, our Peer          Support program is com-       ise them with the school,
ship skills.                  Support organisers, would     ing to an end here at The     and played games that have
Students have been sepa-      like to thank the senior      Hills Sports High School.     allowed them to get to
rated into small groups on    students who volunteered      Peer Support runs on a        know each other better.
a weekly basis with sever-    their time and hope that      weekly basis through term     Other activities have also
                                                            1, and its aim is to build    helped Year 7 with their
                                                            resilience in our Year 7      organisational skills, man-
                                                            students, in addition to      aging time and learning to
                                                            implementing          anti-   respond appropriately in
                                                            bullying strategies and       different situations.
                                                            building rapport among        Ms Andrews and Mr Mont-
                                                            our junior and senior stu-    gomery, our Peer Support
                                                            dents. Peer Support is also   organisers, would like to
                                                            a wonderful opportunity       thank the senior students
                                                            for our Year 11 students      who volunteered their time
                                                            to develop their leader-      and hope that our Year 7
                                                            ship skills.                  Class of 2014 gained some
                                                            Students have been sepa-      benefit from the program.
                                                            rated into small groups on
                                                            a weekly basis with sever-

               Junior Debating Workshop - English
On Friday 21st March, a       different targeted semi-      courage interest in De-       luck for their first inter-
group of seven Year 7 & 8     nars to help build their      bating, as well as to pre-    school debate at the begin-
students    were     lucky    confidence and skills in      pare students for the         ning of next term.
enough to participate in a    debating. They were           Western Sydney Year 7 &
full day debating work-       among 100 students from       8 Debating Competition
shop at Glenwood High         all over Western Sydney       that will begin in Term 2.
School. These students,       that took part in the day     Congratulations to these
Ebony      Gaal,    Emily     which was led by experi-      students for representing
Hopcroft, Lachlan Foley,      enced adjudicators and        their school.
Dylan Clarke, Zachary         members of the Arts Unit      The English faculty, in ad-
Willard, Gipsy Maul and       Flying Squad.                 dition to organisers Ms
Katie-Lee King spent their    The aim of the workshops      Diaz and Ms Andrews,
day going to a variety of     was to maintain and en-       wish these students good
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                            Around the Grounds

                                      SYDNEY WEST
The following students have been selected in the Sydney West Team for their respective sports. We
congratulate on them on their achievements and wish them all the best in the up and coming CHS
Cayne Doyle-Gordon, Shamous McDonagh, Connor O’Brien, Andre Sultana and Derrick Visser
Aaron Stephens
Kristeen Chattree, Liam Lofts, Cody McCartin, Callan Mckiernan, Jonathon Sammut, Harmon Sandhu
and Tayla Sweeney
Football (Soccer)
Jacqueline Anyon-Smith, Jamie Anyon-Smith, Jasmine Baily, Shaun Borthwick, Ashlie Crofts, Adrian
Epifanino, Mitchell Gibbs, Ashlee Harrison, Chloe Hinde, Damian Jakimovski, Emily Kos, Shanaye
Kuntze, Dan Machara, Abraham Majok, William Mutch, Nadia Nisbet, Taniesha Niumata, Tara
Pender, Matthew Pombart, John Roberts, Joel Tinker and Caelah Stanley
Emily Dunn, Amber Newson, Emily Simpson and Taylah Peters
Touch Football
Haze Dunster, Troy Hannaford, Junior Moaga, Tyrell Neifui, Denzel Taiaroa, Vea Tapa’atoutai, Zac
Tuala and Hyrum Wichmann

                         NSW COMBINED HIGH SCHOOLS
Congratulations to Harmon Sandhu (Cricket), and Taylah Peter (Softball) on their selec-
tion into the NSW CHS team to compete at the NSW All Schools Championships in
their respective sports. Good luck!
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                                     Peer Mediation Training
On Friday 7 March 2014 a number of Year 9 students were trained by Ms Frost and Mr
Chong as Peer Mediators. Peer Mediators are students who mediate disputes between
fellow students. Mediation is a process of non-violent conflict resolution where the
disputants sit down and talk about the dispute and develop solutions that will help re-
solve the issue.
This year Britney Wilson, Owen Astley, Tayla Chapman, Adrienne Baxter, Rhiannon
Bennet-Purea, Paige Collison, Claudia De Pedro, Kyle Faber, Tatiana Gonzales, Emilee
Hutchings, Enez Karatas, Connor O’Brien, Jordan Ozdemir and Natalie Nasser join the
Peer Mediation team.
Congratulations to all Peer Mediators!
Ms Frost and Mr Chong
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