Program - Redcliffe KiteFest

Program - Redcliffe KiteFest

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Program - Redcliffe KiteFest

                              Welcome to the                        thousands of kites fill                volunteers, and all of                Sunshine Coast just
                              stunning Moreton Bay                  the sky in Pelican Park.               those who are involved                north and the thriving
                              Region for this year’s                                                       in delivering the event.              dining and nightlife
                              Redcliffe KiteFest                    The Queensland                                                               scenes of Brisbane just
                              - a family favourite                  Government is proud                    If you are visiting for               south.
                              attracting a huge                     to support the                         the event, I encourage
                                                                                                                                                 The Hon Kate
                              contingent of kite                    Redcliffe KiteFest                     you to make some time                 Jones MP
                              flyers from around the                through Tourism and                    to explore the diverse                Minister for Tourism
                              world.                                Events Queensland’s                    tourism experiences                   Industry Development
                                                                    Destination Events                     on offer – from the

           F I N D YO U R     Celebrating its 24th
                              staging this year, this
                              unique Queensland
                                                                    Program which brings
                                                                    visitors to the region
                                                                    and creates jobs in the
                                                                                                           relaxed seaside
                                                                                                           dining experiences
                                                                                                           of Redcliffe, the
                              festival is a crowd                   local tourism sector.                  beauty of the islands

            PERFECT           favourite renowned
                              for its fun, colour
                              and excitement as
                                                                    Congratulations to
                                                                    the event organisers,
                                                                                                           just off shore, to the
                                                                                                           sandy beaches and
                                                                                                           lush hinterland of the

          NEXT EVENT          A highlight of the
                              Moreton Bay Region
                              event calendar, the
                                                                    Baby Shark by Pink
                                                                    Fong, choosing KiteFest
                                                                    as one of the first
                                                                                                           Moreton Bay Regional
                                                                                                           Council is proud to
                                                                                                           support major events
                                                                                                                                                 the Whales, celebrates
                                                                                                                                                 our environment and
                                                                                                                                                 the annual migration
                              annual Redcliffe                      Australian destinations                like Redcliffe KiteFest.              of 25,000 humpback
                              KiteFest returns to                   to perform their world-                Not only do these                     whales which pass
                              the peninsula in 2019                 wide hit.                              events strengthen                     through the Moreton
                              offering the ultimate                                                        our region’s enviable                 Bay Region each year.
                                                                    Tens of thousands of
                              family weekend for                                                           lifestyle, they’re also a
                                                                    visitors are expected                                                        Mike Charlton
                              residents and visitors                                                       valuable contributor to               Acting Mayor - Moreton
                                                                    to attend this popular
                              alike.                                                                       our growing economy,                  Bay Regional Council
                                                                    festival, with a
                                                                                                           supporting our local
                              Redcliffe’s growing                   kaleidoscope of kites
                                                                                                           businesses and tourism
                              reputation as a leading               decorating the skies
                              tourism destination                   above a bustling hub of
                              is underscored by                     markets, live music and                A new festival activity

Abbey Medieval Festival
                              YouTube sensation,                    roving performers.                     this year, Welcome to

13 – 14 July 2019             let’s get social
                                                                             
QUEENSLAND.COM/EVENTS         This Redcliffe KiteFest don’t forget to hashtag #RedcliffeKiteFest and #VisitMoretonBayRegion
                              Facebook @RedcliifeKiteFestival and @VisitMoretonBayRegion
                              By using hashtags or tagging the above Facebook pages, you are granting permission for your imagery to be digitally shared.’
Program - Redcliffe KiteFest
redcliffe                                                                                                                               meet the kite
 kite club                                             Make sure you say ‘Hi’ to our
                                                       flyers over the festival weekend!                                                                            flyers
Redcliffe KiteFest wouldn’t be possible without        Club members participate in demonstrations                                 Be swept away by the USC Kite Flying Arena!
the help of the Redcliffe Kite Club, and we would      across the state (and occasionally interstate) and
like to thank the club for their hard work and         also conduct workshops in basic kite-making.                               Renowned for world-class kite     together for one very special
dedication to the annual Festival.                                                                                                displays, this year’s Redcliffe   weekend.
                                                       It’s the annual Redcliffe KiteFest where the club                          KiteFest certainly won’t
The Redcliffe Kite Club is dedicated to fostering      really shines, with a brilliant display showcasing                         disappoint!                       This year we welcome four
the age-old art of kite flying and kite making – and   colour and skill on the kite oval. The club members                                                          international and a number
are the hosts of the main USC Kite Flying Arena at     work tirelessly throughout the year to organise                            The best domestic and             of domestic kite flyers, plus
Redcliffe KiteFest!                                    the amazing displays in the sky that you’ll see at                         international kite flyers from    brilliant kite flyers from the
                                                       KiteFest today.                                                            across the world will come        local Redcliffe Kite Club.

 Want to join the
 Redcliffe Kite Club?
 The Redcliffe Kite Club have social fly days at Pelican Park on the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s
 of each month – visit to find out more!
                                                                                                                         Danny Lau Peng Siew
 Make sure you check them out at their next fly day, Sunday 7 July.

                                                                                                                                               Leong Chee Wan

 Want to fly your own kite?                                                                                   DIY Kite
                                                                                                              Making                                                          Simon and Lyndall
                                                                                                                                                                              New Zealand
 The Public Kite Flying Zone will be welcoming kite flyers of all ages to come and bejewel the sky above     Workshops
 Pelican Park. Bring your own kite from home, buy or make your own at Redcliffe KiteFest.
 What are you waiting for - let’s go fly a kite!
Program - Redcliffe KiteFest
  k i n d r e d m a i n s ta g e
 9:15am     Ben Barker
                                                                live entertainment
                                                                               Don’t miss the following acts
 10:00am    H u m p h r e y ’ s N at u r e A d v e n t u r e
                                                                             LIVE on the Kindred Main Stage
 10:40am    Hope D
                                                                      Baby Shark LIVE
 11:30am    Baby Shark live                                           Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo

            K i t e F ly i n g T i p s & T r i c k s w i t h         The worldwide YouTube phenomenon, Pinkfong’s Baby Shark is
            Humphrey B. Bear                                          taking to the Kindred Main Stage not once, but twice daily! A live,
                                                                      boppy and interactive stage show starring Pinkfong & Baby Shark
 1:10pm     A r e y o u g o i n g i n t o t h e w o o d s            is sure to get you dancing!
 2:00pm     Baby Shark live
                                                                      Warning – The catchy Baby Shark tune WILL get stuck in your head
 2:40pm     A l e x Ko s e n ko
                                                                      for days.

 3:20pm     Ruby Gilbert                                              KINDRED MAIN STAGE
                                                                      AT 11:30AM & 2:00PM DAILY

     y                                                                Humphrey B. Bear LIVE
                                                                      Every kid loves exploring, creating, learning and playing with
   k i n d r e d m a i n s ta g e                                     Humphrey B. Bear. Catch him LIVE twice daily with two educational
                                                                      and fun shows on the Kindred Main Stage.
 9:15am     Peppermint Ollie

                                                                      Humphrey’s Nature Adventures
 10:00am    H u m p h r e y ’ s N at u r e A d v e n t u r e
                                                                      10:00am daily on the Kindred Main Stage
 10:40am    Ballantyne
                                                                      Join Humphrey B. Bear as he takes you on a fun-filled nature
 11:30am    Baby Shark live                                           adventure. You’ll meet some wonderful new animal friends, learn
                                                                      about their habitats, and how you can help keep them and the
            K i t e F ly i n g T i p s & T r i c k s w i t h         environment safe.
            Humphrey B. Bear
                                                                      Kite Flying Tips & Tricks with Humphrey B. Bear
 1:10pm     L e o A lta r e l l i
                                                                      12:30pm daily on the Kindred Main Stage
 2:00pm     Baby Shark live
                                                                      Making a kite can be fun and easy, but getting it to fly can
 2:40pm     A r e yo u g oi n g i n to t h e wo o d s
                                                                      sometimes be tricky! Don’t worry, Humphrey is here to share some
                                                                      of his helpful tips and tricks that will help get your kite
 3:20pm     K ay s o G r a n d e D u o
                                                                      flying high in the sky.

               *Program subject to change
Program - Redcliffe KiteFest
Included in your
                                                               Redcliffe KiteFest
                      WELCOME TO THE
                                                                                    FREE ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:

                                                                                           T O U C H TA N K S
                                                                                           Learn about marine life with an interactive hands-on
                                                                                           experience brought to you by Ocean Life Education.
                                                                                           The little ones will be able to touch blue linckia sea
                                                                                           stars, thorny sea stars, sea urchins and black sea

                 HAVE A WHALE
                  OF A TIME!                                                                          SAND SCULPTURES
                                                                                                      Watch in amazement as our professional
                                                                                                      Sand Sculptor creates incredible
                                                                                                      sculptures right in front of your eyes!
  Welcome to the Whales is a new addition to Redcliffe KiteFest this
year and is a celebration of the whale migration season in Moreton Bay.
 Families can join in the welcoming of the gentle giants to our region
 via the Whale Wishing ceremony, or learn more about marine wildlife                       INTERACTIVE SCIENCE ACTIVITIES
  through touch tanks and get the kids involved in science activities.                     AND WORKSHOPS
                                                                                           Join Coastal Protection Core for a variety of
                                                                                           interactive science activities and workshops as part
                                                                                           of the Welcome to the Whales activation.

                                                                                                      WELCOME TO COUNTRY AND
                                                                                                      WHALE SONG STORIES
                                                                                                      See a traditional song and dance
                                                                                                      performance with storytelling by a
                                                                                                      Traditional Custodian and representative
                                                                                                      of the local Gubbi Gubbi / Kabi Kabi

                                                                                           WHALE WISHES CEREMONY
                                                                                           Take part in the beautiful ‘Whale Wishes’ ceremony,
                                                                                           where patrons can place a pebble on the gorgeous
                                                                                           sand sculpture to wish safe passage to all whales
                                                                                           entering Moreton Bay waters this whale season.

       Saturday and Sunday 10am – 2pm
                                                                                                                                              book today!
            L O C AT I O N : O N T H E B E A C H                                                                              100% whale sighting guaranteed!

                                                                                                                                        07 3880 0477
Program - Redcliffe KiteFest
 map                                                                                                                                                                        ESP
                                                                                                                                                                                L                      ANA
                                                                                                                                                                      O O K                                                                EXIT
                                                                                                                                                                 NIBR                                                                      ONLY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Welcome to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             the Whales

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ride Ticket Booth
                                                                                               ONE                                                                                                                                                KiteFest Karnival
                                                                                          AXI Z
                                                                                O     FF&T
                                                                           DROP                           Unimoni

                                                Channel 9                      Aerial Silks

                          NE                                AFL                 Cricket                                                   USC                        Kite Flying Arena
                BU   S ZO                                                                                                                 Recharge station

    SHUT                                                           KiteFest Stadium
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Aerobatic Display
                                                                                                                                                                     RESTRICTED KITE
                                                       E XITTimer
                                                       Sprint                                                                                                          FLYING AREA
                                                   Y &
                                          EN                                                      DIY Kite Making Workshop                                                                                                                                    Ocean Zone
                                                                  KI TE FE ST
                                                                                                                  Public Fly Zone
                                                                                                                                                                                               Best view point
                                                                                                                                                                                                 for Aerobatic
                                  Sand Art                                                                                                                                                    display and Water
                                                                                                                    Kindred                                                                          Shows
                                                                                                                    Home away from home                      Public Fly Zone                                                                               Jet Ski & Fly Board Stunt Show
Flutters Fairyland             Jumping Castle
                                        Sesame Lane                                                              Kindred
                                                                                                                                                                               Premium Kite Making Workshop
       Sesame Lane
                                    KiteFest Kidz                                                            Main Stage
                                                                  Hydration Station                        Program pg 6
         Tumble Town
                                      Animal Farm             BrisBricks
                                                             Lego Expo
                                        Pony Rides

                                                            Parents Room

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Disabled Parking            Food/Beverage Stall

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Toilets/Disabled            Market Stall
                                                                                      BOAT RAMP                                                                                                                                                        No Entry
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ATM                         Restricted Area

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           First Aid                   Best View Point

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Food                        Designated Smoking Area

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bar                          Emergency Evacuation point

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             *Subject to change
Program - Redcliffe KiteFest
sesame lane
 fun for kids
under 5 years   kitefest kidz
                  Redcliffe KiteFest is the Ultimate Kids Weekend!
                         Families with young children will love the
                    free or low cost activities, entertainment and
                           workshops on offer in the Sesame Lane
                               KiteFest Kidz area all weekend long!

                                        Highlights include:
                                                   Animal Farm*
                                                     Pony Rides*
                                              Joyology Activities
                                                 Bris Bricks Lego
                                                    Tumble Town
                                        Puppertrix Show (1:15pm)
                                                  Quest Sand Art

                                       Flutter’s Fairy Land
                                        Magical Gems Stage Show
                                          10:40am & 2:30pm daily
                                                Free Face Painting
                                                 9:30am -10:30am
                                         & 12:10pm – 1:50pm daily
                                      Storytime with Flutter Fairy
                                            1:55pm & 3:30pm daily

                                                     *Cost applies
Program - Redcliffe KiteFest
 stadium                                                                                       fun for kids
                                                                                               6+ years

Run, jump, kick, throw
and play!

An area dedicated to the kids over 6 years of age that have some
energy to burn and some fun to be had. KiteFest Stadium will get
kids active and engaged with a variety of free sporting workshops.
Free activities include:

                     Queensland Cricket
    9a m - 3 p m     Line up at the bowling nets, pick up the Cricket bat and see if you can hit the

                     Surf Connect – Virtual Kite Surfing
    9a m - 4 p m     Get a feel for Kite S u r fi ng w it ho ut l eav i ng t he g ro u nd or gett i ng yo u r feet wet !

                     Redcliffe tigers AFL
    9a m - 4 p m     Prac t ice yo u r ha nd - ba l l i ng a nd kic ki ng s ki l l s w it h t he crew from Red c l iffe
                     Tigers AFL.

   9a m - 1 2 p m    Moreton Bay Regional Council Health & Active Moreton Sprint Timer
    1pm - 3pm        Te s t y o u r s p e e d o n t h e f r e e 4 0 m d i g i t a l l y t i m e d s p r i n t c h a l l e n g e .

  S at u r d ay
  1pm - 4pm
                     B i l ly ’ s B u d d i e s B a s i c B a l l S k i l l s P r o g r a m
  s u n d ay         Joi n t wo N R L coac he s for a ra nge o f ba l l s ki l l ac t iv it ie s a nd ob s t ac l e co u rs e s !
  9a m - 1 2 p m

                     S k y fa l l S i l ks
  d a i ly
  10am - 12pm        Tr y y o u r h a n d a t t h e c i r c u s l i f e ! T h e S k y f a l l S i l k s i n s t r u c t o r s w i l l s h o w y o u t h e
    1pm - 3pm        basics of silks, hula hoops, juggling and more.

                     channel 9 news desk
  s u n d ay
  10am - 3pm
                     9 News a re br i ng i ng t hei r m i n i news d e s k to Red c l ife fe Kitfe s t . S na p a photo
                     beh i nd t he d e s k a nd remem ber to ha s ht ag # red c l iffekite fe s t
Program subject to change
Program - Redcliffe KiteFest
                                       LOCAL NEWS                                                                                                                         ocean
                                       STRAIGHT TO YOUR
                                       INBOX EACH WEEK                                                                                                                           zone
                                       Enjoy direct access to news about your
                                       community in a faster, more convenient               Are you an adrenaline junkie?
                                       way, taking you straight online to the               If so, you won’t want to miss all the action on the water and in the sky when the Ocean Zone comes to life!
                                       stories that matter.

                                                                                             Jet Ski Stunt Shows
                                       Don’t miss a beat.
                                       Sign up today!                                        Everybody’s favourite Jet Ski Stunt Show is back for a jaw-dropping, heart-pumping 15-minute show that
                                                                                             will entertain everyone in the family! Featuring jetpack superheros, the action packed ‘Bond’ styled show,
                                                                                             and concludes with the entire freestyle team who will select a few lucky audience members to choose the

                                                                                             Don’t miss the action on thezone
                                                                                             moves, so be sure to get in early and grab a front row seat.
                                                                                                                         water 10:30am daily.
                                       ALL THE NEWS FROM HOME

                                                                                             Aerobatic Displays
                                                                                             Look up to the sky as a YAK 52 aircraft defies gravity with its twists and turns in the air
                                                                                             at 12:10pm daily.

                                             Kids get ready for a land of fun,
                               excitement and adventure!

                   BAY   SESAME LANE
                                             BRISBANE KIDS
                                                                                          *Program subject to change
Program - Redcliffe KiteFest
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