Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference

Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
March 31, 2021
            A Virtual Conference

Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
Welcome to
                     WIRED Health
                     Last year, we were forced to postpone the 2020 edition of WIRED
                     Health a week before our event. The World Health Organisation had
                     just declared Covid-19 a global pandemic and the UK government had
                     imposed a lockdown that, sadly, made it impossible for us to proceed
                     with a live, in-person event.

                     Throughout 2020, Covid devastated families and shuttered entire
                     economies, with a death toll of nearly 3 million people worldwide.
                     Frontline health workers, nurses and doctors fought this invisible
                     enemy in hospitals, while, in an unprecedented and concerted
                     global effort, governments, pharmaceutical companies and biotech
                     companies worked together to invent and manufacture vaccines
                     against this new disease in a record time.

                     At this ninth edition of WIRED Health, I’ve invited some of the people
                     to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude for the important role
                     they’ve played in the fight against the virus: Ugur Sahin, CEO of
                     BioNTech, who developed the first approved vaccine against Covid;
                     infectious disease expert Céline Gounder, who advises President
                     Biden on Covid strategy; Rachel Clarke, a palliative care doctor who

Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
spent a year on the Covid wards; Jemimah Kariuki, who, during
                                       the pandemic, launched Wheels for Life, a free ambulance service
                                       to help expecting mothers in Kenya.

                                       Of course, Covid is still with us, and we will continue to rely on the
                                       ingenuity of innovators and technologists to eradicate this disease.
                                       We will hear from TransferWise co-founder Taavet Hinrikus, on his new
                                       startup that aims to provide rapid Covid testing; while Joanna Shields,
                                       CEO of BenevolentAI, and Mei Mei Hu, CEO of COVAXX, will tell
                                       us how they are developing new vaccine technologies for the future.
                                       However, even in a year such as this, many of the breakthroughs in
                                       healthcare aren’t Covid-related at all.

                                       The geneticist George Church will give us an overview of new advances
                                       in genomics; Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull, along with neuroscientists
                                       Joel Pearson and Adam Zeman, will introduce us to the fascinating new
                                       science of visual imagery; and psychologist Adam Grant will explain the
                                       importance of our personal mindset and beliefs. Even in its new virtual
                                       format, this edition of WIRED Health will bring you its annual dose of
                                       bold new ideas and inspiration.

                                       We are delighted to welcome you to WIRED Health. Thank you
                                       to our wonderful speaker guests, event partners ISG and EY,
                                       and to you for joining.

                                                                                       Joao Medeiros
                                                                                       WIRED Health Curator

Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
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Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
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Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference

         March 24, 2021
                                      Agenda                                              March 31, 2021

         WIRED Health EY                 Episode One                 Episode Two                    Episode Three
         Startup Showcase                We start the day with       Join us for the world          We close the day with
         Join us one week                a talk from economist       premiere of the WIRED          a top-level talk from
         before WIRED Health             Mariana Mazzucato on        short film: Aphantasia,        human DNA sequencing
         to meet the six startups        what a moonshot guide       which examines the             pioneer and geneticist
         across femtech,                 to changing healthcare      differences in our ability     George Church. We’ll also
         neural engineering,             looks like, and continue    to visualise. We will talk     investigate the impact
         sustainability and digital      the session exploring       about maternal health,         of emerging Covid-19
         health. Each startup            innovation in curing        sustainability and frontline   variants, hear about
         will present a 5-minute         diseases, prevention        experiences on the             President Biden’s plan to
         lightning presentation          for the next pandemic       Covid-19 wards. Featuring      fight Covid-19 and meet
         to a panel of judges and        and readapting to “normal   Jemimah Kariuki,               this year’s WIRED Health
         a live audience. Featuring      life”. Featuring Joanna     Taavet Hinrikus, Rachel        Startup Winner. Featuring
         Ancora, Bios, C the             Shields, Angela Saini,      Clarke, Debbie Hobbs,          Céline Gounder, Mei
         Signs, Humanity, Mojo           Ugur Sahin, Beth Healey     Ed Catmull, Joel Pearson       Mei Hu, Pamela Spence
         and Wild.AI.                    and Simon Baron-Cohen.      and Adam Zeman.                and Adam Grant.
Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
> March 31, 2021 <

                                       Episode one
                                      Shifting for the Future

                                            08.35 BST                                              09.40 BST
                                    Welcome remarks                        Fireside chat: Preventing the next pandemic
                            Greg Williams, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED                   Ugur Sahin, Co-founder and CEO, BioNTech
                                                                                Moderated by Joao Medeiros, WIRED Health Curator
                                            08.40 BST
                                  A moonshot guide to                                              10.00 BST
                                  changing healthcare                            Readapting to life after isolation
                      Mariana Mazzucato, UCL Professor in the Economics                Beth Healey, Intensive Care Doctor,
                       of Innovation and Public Value; Author of Mission                  National Health Service (NHS)
                     Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism
                                                                                                   10.15 BST
                                            09.00 BST                                  The Pattern Seekers:
                      Human and artificial intelligence                             How autism drives invention
                           united to forge new                                     Simon Baron-Cohen, Director of the Autism
                        frontiers in drug discovery                                   Research Centre, Cambridge University
                                 Joanna Shields, CEO, BenevolentAI
                                                                                                   10.35 BST
                                            09.20 BST                                       Closing remarks
                                    Pathologising race                                Joao Medeiros, WIRED Health Curator
                         Angela Saini, Science Journalist and Author of
                             Superior: The Return of Race Science
Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
> March 31, 2021 <

                                     Episode two
                                    A Different Perspective

                                           11.10 BST                                                                 12.05 BST
                                   Welcome remarks                                               Partner session: The future of
                          Victoria Turk, Features Director, WIRED UK                         healthcare estate – A roadmap to net
                                                                                                zero, from innovation to reality
                                           11.15 BST
                                                                                             Debbie Hobbs, Group Director of Sustainable Business, ISG
                        Wheels for life: Saving pregnant
                             women’s lives during                                                                    12.20 BST
                           the Covid-19 pandemic                                               WIRED video premiere: Aphantasia
                        Jemimah Kariuki, Obstetrician-Gynaecologist,                     Introduced by Adam Zeman, Professor of Cognitive and Behavioural
                        Kenyatta National Hospital, University of Nairobi                  Neurology, University of Exeter College of Medicine and Health

                                           11.30 BST                                                                 12.40 BST
                        Making the world a safer place                                  Panel: The Aphantasia test – The correlation
                          for events, sports, travel                                       between visualisation and creativity
                       Taavet Hinrikus, Co-founder, Certific; Co-founder              Ed Catmull, Co-Founder, Pixar Animation Studios and Former President,
                        and Chairman, Wise; Angel Investor and Advisor                                Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios
                                                                                       Joel Pearson, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, The University of New
                                           11.50 BST
                                                                                   South Wales; Founder, Future Minds Lab and Chief Scientist, Imagination Spectrum
                                 Breathtaking: My year
                                                                                                Moderated by Joao Medeiros, WIRED Health Curator
                                 on the Covid-19 wards
                   Rachel Clarke, Palliative medicine for the National Health                                        13.00 BST
                 Service, former journalist, activist and author of Breathtaking                              Closing remarks
                                                                                                       Joao Medeiros, WIRED Health Curator
Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
> March 31, 2021 <

                                     Episode three
                                       The Future of Health

                                            14.25 BST                                            15.20 BST
                                    Welcome remarks                           Partner session: Reframing the
                             Greg Williams, Editor-in-chief, WIRED            beyond – The trends redefining
                                                                              the healthcare operating model
                                            14.30 BST
                                                                                   Pamela Spence, Global Health Sciences
                                  Exploring genomics
                                                                                        & Wellness Industry Leader, EY
                        George Church, Founding Core Faculty & Lead,
                      Synthetic Biology, Wyss Institute, Harvard University                      15.30 BST
                                                                                WIRED Health Startup Winner
                                            14.50 BST
                                 President Biden’s plan                        Introduction by Helen Baxter, Associate Partner,
                                  to defeat Covid-19                                  Health Sciences and Wellness, EY
                          Céline Gounder, Clinical Assistant Professor
                                                                                                  15.45 BST
                                 of Medicine & Infectious Diseases,
                                                                              How our beliefs affect our health
                          NYU School of Medicine & Bellevue Hospital
                                                                              Adam Grant, Psychologist and author of Think Again
                                            15.05 BST
                                                                                                  16.10 BST
                            The side effects of a
                                                                                           Closing remarks
                       Covid-19 vaccine: The emerging
                                                                                    Joao Medeiros, WIRED Health Curator
                        disparities, quality and access
                          Mei Mei Hu, Co-founder and CEO, COVAXX
Programme March 31, 2021 A Virtual Conference
Meet the 2021
                  The WIRED editorial team have curated a
               speaker faculty comprising innovative scientists,
                medical practitioners and disruptors who are
               paving the way for change and making strides to
              improve the way we offer and access healthcare.

                         Speaker Faculty                               
Mariana Mazzucato            Simon Baron-Cohen           Ed Catmull                   George Church
                                          UCL Professor in             Director of the Autism      Co-Founder,                  Founding Core Faculty
                                          the Economics of             Research Centre,            Pixar Animation              & Lead, Synthetic
                                          Innovation and Public        Cambridge University        Studios and Former           Biology Wyss Institute,
                                          Value; Author of             Simon Baron-Cohen           President, Pixar and         Harvard University
                                          Mission Economy:             is Professor in the fields of Walt Disney                George Church is a
                                          A Moonshot Guide to          psychology and psychiatry Animation Studios              renowned geneticist
                                          Changing Capitalism          Cambridge University.       Ed Catmull is a co-founder   widely recognised for his
                                          Mariana Mazzucato is         A newly knighted            of Pixar Animation           innovative contributions
                                          Professor Founding           professor and cognitive     Studios, and served as       to genomic science.
                                          Director of the Institute    neuroscientist, Baron-      President of Pixar for 33    At the Wyss Institute,
                                          for Innovation & Public      Cohen’s last book,          years, while also serving    Church oversees the
                                          Purpose (IIPP). She is the   The Pattern Seekers,        as President of Walt         directed evolution of
                                          author of three highly-      explores the connection     Disney Animation             molecules, polymers,
                                          acclaimed books, including   between autism,             Studios for 13 of those      and whole genomes to
                                          The Entrepreneurial          creativity and invention.   33 years. He was also        create new tools to enable
                                          State: Debunking Public vs                               Vice President of            regenerative medicine.
                                          Private Sector Myths and                                 the Computer Division
Speaker Faculty

                                          The Value of Everything.                                 of Lucasfilm Ltd.

Rachel Clarke            Céline Gounder             Beth Healey                Mei Mei Hu
                  Palliative medicine      Clinical Assistant         Intensive care doctor,     Co-founder and
                  for the National         Professor of Medicine      National Health            CEO, COVAXX
                  Health Service,          & Infectious Diseases,     Service (NHS)              Hu is the co-founder
                  former journalist,       NYU School of Medicine     Beth Healey researches     and CEO of COVAXX,
                  activist and author      & Bellevue Hospital        the effects of             a division of United
                  of Breathtaking          Céline Gounder is          isolation and extreme      Biomedical. Hu was
                  Rachel Clarke is a       the CEO/President/         environments and its       formerly a consultant
                  palliative care doctor   Founder of Just Human      impact on physiology and   at McKinsey & Company
                  sharing the realities    Productions,               psychology in humans.      where she advised
                  of life on the NHS       a non-profit multimedia    Healey’s work across a     pharmaceutical
                  frontline in order to    organization. Recently     number of extreme and      companies on strategic,
                  inspire change. Clarke   appointed to the Biden-    remote places has helped   operational and
                  is the author of         Harris Covid-19 Advisory   inform space agencies      organisational issues.
                  Breathtaking, which      Board, Gounder is also     of the challenges that     In 2019, she was honoured
                  shares a perspective     the host and producer      future astronauts face     by TIME magazine in
                  from frontline workers   of American Diagnosis.     on long-duration           their “100 Next List”.
                  during the UK’s first                               spaceflight missions.
Speaker Faculty

                  coronavirus lockdown.

Taavet Hinrikus                Debbie Hobbs                 Jemimah Kariuki
                  Co-founder, Certific;          Knowledge Partner            Obstetrician-
                  Co-founder and                 Group Director of            Gynecologist, Kenyatta
                  Chairman, Wise; Angel          Sustainable Business, ISG    National Hospital,
                  Investor and Advisor           Debbie Hobbs is ISG’s        University of Nairobi
                  Serial tech entrepreneur       Group Director of            An innovative medical
                  Taavet Hinrikus is the         Sustainable Business and     doctor deeply passionate
                  Co-founder and Chairman        is a building physicist at   about preventive medicine,
                  of Wise (formerly              heart. She is passionate     Jemimah Kariuki is an
                  TransferWise), a global        about making buildings       obstetrician-gynaecologist
                  fintech company that           work for both people and     at the Kenyatta National
                  disrupted the banking          the planet. Her work as      Hospital, University of
                  sector. His new company        a client, consultant and     Nairobi. She founded
                  Certific uses science and      contractor has seen her      Wheels for Life, an
                  technology to make the         witness all aspects of       organisation working to
                  world a safer place for live   how great sustainability     reduce pregnancy-related
                  events, sports, travel and     ambitions never come         complications and improve
                  social gatherings.             to fruition.                 access to healthcare.
Speaker Faculty

Joel Pearson               Ugur Sahin                    Pamela Spence                Angela Saini
                  Professor of Cognitive     Co-founder and                Knowledge Partner            Science Journalist
                  Neuroscience,              CEO, BioNTech                 Global Health                & Author of
                  The University of New      Ugur Sahin is a physician,    Sciences & Wellness          Superior: The Return
                  South Wales; Founder,      immunologist and leader in    Industry Leader              of Race Science
                  Future Minds Lab           the development of novel      Spence leads the             Saini is an award-winning
                  and Chief Scientist,       approaches to fight cancer Global Health                   British science journalist
                  Imagination Spectrum       and infectious diseases.      Sciences and Wellness        and broadcaster.
                  Joel Pearson created       Sahin is one of the world’s   Industry practice            She regularly presents
                  UNSW Future Minds Lab      foremost experts on           of 34,000 colleagues,        radio and television
                  as a human–centred         messenger ribonucleic         focused on helping clients   programmes on
                  research lab to explore    acid (mRNA) medicines.        and their teams deliver      the BBC, and her writing
                  the psychology and         He has pioneered several      their business strategy.     has appeared in New
                  neuroscience of design,    breakthroughs enabling        She concentrates on          Scientist, the Guardian,
                  innovation and             the development of mRNA exploring ways in which            The Sunday Times, and
                  entrepreneurship,          vaccines and other types      the power of data can        WIRED. She is also the
                  cognitive optimisation     of immunotherapies.           be unlocked to fuel          author of Inferior.
                  and the future of work,                                  innovation across the
Speaker Faculty

                  wellbeing and education.                                 healthcare ecosystem.

Joanna Shields              Adam Zeman                   Adam Grant
                  CEO, BenevolentAI           Professor of Cognitive       Organisational
                  Joanna Shields (Baroness    and Behavioural              psychologist, Wharton
                  Shields OBE) is a tech      Neurology, University        and bestselling author
                  industry veteran with a     of Exeter College of         of Think Again
                  successful track record     Medicine and Health          Organisational
                  building some of the        Adam Zeman specialises in    psychologist Adam Grant
                  world’s best-known          cognitive and behavioural    is a New York Times
                  companies. Her career       neurology, which includes    bestselling author.
                  spans over 30 years. She    neurological disorders of    His pioneering research
                  is CEO of BenevolentAI,     sleep. His main research     has inspired people
                  which focuses on the        interests are disorders of   to rethink fundamental
                  development and             visual imagery and forms     assumptions about
                  application of artificial   of amnesia occurring in      motivation, generosity,
                  intelligence and machine    epilepsy. Zeman coined       and creativity. He has
                  learning to understand      the term “aphantasia” to     been recognized as one
                  the underlying causes of    describe the variation in    of the world’s 10 most
                  disease, accelerate drug    abilities to visualise.      influential management
Speaker Faculty

                  discovery and develop new                                thinkers and one of
                  and effective medicines.                                 Fortune’s 40 under 40.

Startup Showcase speakers

                  Danielle Ralic                Oliver Armitage           Bhavagaya                     Michael Geer                Pete Ward
                  Co-founder                    Co-founder and            (Bea) Bakshi                  Co-founder and              Co-founder
                                                                                                           LOGO DEVELOPMENT                            FINAL LOGO / ICON

                  and CEO/                      Chief Scientific          Co-founder,                   Chief Strategy              and CEO,
                  CTO, Ancora                   Officer, BIOS Health      C the Signs                   Officer, Humanity           Humanity

                  Danielle Ralic has            Biomechanical engineer    Former NHS general            Serial entrepreneurs Peter Ward and
                  spent her career at the       Oliver Armitage           practitioner Bhavagaya        Michael Geer co-founded Humanity
                  intersection of healthcare    and computational         Bakshi launched C the         with a mission to extend the lifespan
                  and IT. She co-founded        neuroscientist Emil       Signs, an award-winning       and healthspan of humanity by enabling
        , a Zurich-based     Hewage launched BIOS,     clinical tool founded         users to find out what actions they
                  technology startup. It is a   which uses AI-powered     by doctors, which can         can take to slow their ageing process.
                  free, AI-powered platform neural interfaces to          identify which cancer(s)
                  that seamlessly connects      automatically read and    a patient is at risk of and
                  patients and physicians       write neural signals to   what tests are needed, in
                  to clinical research.         treat chronic diseases.   less than 30 seconds.
Speaker Faculty

Judging Panel

                  Hélène Guillaume             Mohamed Taha                   Irina Haivas                   Helen Baxter                Matt Reynolds
                  CEO and Founder,             Co-founder                     Partner, Atomico               Associate Partner,          Science Editor,
                  WILD.AI                      & CEO, Mojo Fertility          Irina Haivas leads on          Health Sciences and         WIRED UK
                                                                              investments in Enterprise      Wellness, EY                Matt Reynolds is
                                                                              businesses, with an interest   Helen Baxter has spent the the Science Editor
                                                                              in Enterprise SaaS, Data       last 15 years in the        at WIRED UK, covering
                  Athlete Hélène               Mohamed Taha                   stack infrastructure and       Life Sciences and Health    the environment,
                  Guillaume was a quant        co-founded fertility           tools, applied AI/ML and       sector, working with        health, space and
                  in a hedge fund and          company mojo, which            Productivity/Collaboration. clients across Pharma,         everything else about
                  management consultant        uses artificial intelligence   She also focuses on            Bio-tech and Health.        how scientific innovations
                  to Fortune500 companies      and robotics to drive          healthtech and the             She is currently focused    are changing the world.
                  in AI. She founded WILD.AI the future of fertility          intersection of biology        on developing new digital   Reynolds extensively
                  to help women train, fuel,   care. With male fertility      and engineering. Haivas        and tech products,          covered Covid-19 since
                  and recover, based on        dropping up to 60 per          has also led Atomico’s         and solutions for the       its outbreak. Before he
                  their menstrual cycle –      cent and more people           investments in Healx,          industry to help optimise   joined WIRED he was a
                  or symptoms if they          delaying their first child,    accuRx, Kheiron Medical,       and enhance the             technology reporter at
                  do not menstruate.           mojo tackles the decline       LabGenius and Qatalog.         way EY’s clients serve      New Scientist magazine.
                                               in reproductive health.                                       their customers.
Speaker Faculty

Knowledge Partners

                                             Healthcare provision           tomorrow. ISG works with      The rise of the              brings together a
                                             is evolving rapidly. In        clients across the delivery   empowered consumer,          worldwide network
                                             a digital world with           spectrum innovatively         coupled with technology      of more than 34,000
                                             increasing pressures           and collaboratively at        advancements and             professionals to build
                                             surrounding cost,              every stage of the building   the emergence of digitally   data-centric approaches
                                             efficiency and providing       lifecycle, from feasibility   focused entrants, is         to customer engagement
                                             the best possible patient      and design, through to        changing every aspect of     and improved outcomes.
                                             experience while ensuring      construction and long         health and care delivery.    We help our clients
                                             quality care, today’s          post-occupancy, using         To retain relevancy in       deliver on their strategic
                                             healthcare environments        their in-house tech           today’s digitally focused,   goals, design optimised
                                             must deliver more,             capability to revolutionise   data-infused ecosystem,      operating models,
                                             deliver quickly, and deliver   how healthcare spaces         all participants in health   and form the right
                                             for years to come.             are put together and          care today must              partnerships so they may
                                                                            operated.                     rethink their business       thrive today and
                                             Everything the team at
                                                                                                          practices, including         succeed in the health
                                             ISG do, from work with         As a leading healthcare
                                                                                                          capital strategy,            systems of tomorrow.
                                             their customers to their       solutions provider, ISG
                                                                                                          partnering and the
                                             relationships with their       delivers the healthcare
                                                                                                          creation of patient-
Knowledge Partners

                                             people, is focused on          environments of
                                                                                                          centric operating models.
                                             delivering smarter and         tomorrow – today.
                                                                                                          The EY Health Sciences
                                             more resilient places of
                                                                                                          and Wellness architecture

Media Partners          
WIRED Guide to the
                Future of Medicine
                By the end of this           life-threatening diseases     On sale March 25
                century, living beyond 100   such as cancer; explores      from Random House
                will be the rule rather      the science – and ethics
                than the exception. What     – of genetic engineering
                                                                           Follow us on
                medical breakthroughs        and its potential to create   @WIREDUK
                and new technologies will    “designer babies”;            @WIREDInsiderUK
                make this possible?          considers the role that
                                             cutting-edge medical
                In this brilliantly          research could play in the
                wide-ranging, one-stop       treatment of mental and
                guide, WIRED journalist      neurological disorders
                James Temperton              ranging from depression
                outlines the medical         to autism; and addresses
                revolutions that are         the fundamental
                transforming healthcare.     question: could medical
                Temperton looks at the       technology become so
                burgeoning immune            sophisticated and
                therapies that could         effective that we witness
                one day cure such            the end of ageing?
Featured Book

A.T. Kearney         Astellas          ClearlySo        Huron              Macmillan             Peter Casebow
                                              Ada                  Asthma UK and     Cognitant        Consulting         Cancer Support        Consultancy
                                              akt health           British Lung      Group Ltd        Group              Marrero & Co          Pfizer
                                              communications       Foundation        COGVIO           Illumina           McCann                Healthcare Hub
                                              Albion Capital       Partnership       Conjure          Imperial           Healthcare UK         Philips Design
                                              Among Doctors        AstraZeneca       Consumer         College London     MD Healthcare         Primedic GmbH
                                              Aspen Advisory                         Health                                                    Psious
                                                                   Baillie Gifford                    Instinctif         Medbo
                                              Services LTd         Billericay        Consulting Ltd   Partners           Mehiläinen Oy         Publicis Sapient
                                                                   Medical                            interbrand                               R2
                                              Aspire Systems                         Cornell                             National Institute
                                              Poland Sp. z o. o.   Practice          University       Ipsos MORI         for Health            Communications
                                                                   BIOS Health       Doctorpreneurs   Janssen            Research              Reddie & Grose
                                                                   Bird & Bird LLP   Draper Esprit    Pharmaceutica      NHS                   LLP
                                                                    East Kent        NV                 Octopus               Roche
                                                                   Boots UK &        University       JP Morgan          Ventures              RoX Health
                                                                   Ireland           Hospitals NHS    Lewisham and       Olympus               GmbH
                                                                   Broad Institute   Trust            Greenwich NHS      OPEN Health           Ruckenwind
                                                                   of MIT and        Edelman          Trust              Optum Ventures        Rude Health
                                                                   Harvard           EDT Partners     Liverpool          Oxford                Consulting Ltd
                                                                   Cardiolyse        Eli Lilly        University         Biodynamics plc       Sangamo
                                                                   CDM               EY               Hospitals          Oxford                Therapeutics
                                                                   Cello Health      freuds           Foundation Trust   University            Selman and
                                                                   Charlyinc Ltd     Google           LiveSmart          Innovation Ltd        Company Ltd
                                                                   CIOR              GSK              London Borough     Panakeia              Spatial
Attending companies

                                                                   Consulting        Havas Just       of Newham          Technologies          Quotient
                                                                   Clarivate         Havas Lynx       London School      Paxman Coolers        Spire Healthcare
                                                                   Analytics         Group            of Economics       Ltd                   TAG Heuer

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                                                                             Institute for                                                     for Natwest
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                       Shopify         FEB 24
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