Prospectus 2021 - Esher College

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Prospectus 2021 - Esher College
Prospectus 2021
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College | Contents              03

04 Welcome                   Your Course                            History (Dictators and Imperialists)   35

                                                                    History (Oppression and Equality)      35
                             Information                            History (Power and Belief)             35
06 Ethos                                                            Mathematics                            38
08 Your College                                                     Mathematics (with
                                                                    Further Mathematics)                   38
10 Student Union                                                    Media Studies                          39
                                                                    Music                                  39
12 Your Study Programme                                             Philosophy                             41
                                                                    Photography                            41
14 Course Subjects                                                  Physical Education                     41
                             A Levels                               Physics                                42
16 Extension Studies                                                Politics                               42
                             Art (Fine Art)                    21
                             Biology                           23   Psychology                             42
18 Wider Skills Week
                             Business                          23   Sociology                              43
48 Our Facilities            Chemistry                         24   Spanish                                44
                             Classical Civilisation            25
50 Supporting your Needs     Computer Science                  25   BTECs
                             Dance                             27
52 Supporting your Success   3D Design                         27
                                                                    Applied Science                     20
                                                                    Art and Design                 21 + 23
                             Drama and Theatre                 28
54 Esher and Beyond                                                 Business                            24
                             Economics                         28
                                                                    Creative Media Production           27
56 Student Destinations      English Language                  28
                                                                    Film and Television Production      30
                             English Literature                29
                                                                    Health and Social Care              34
58 Aiming High               English Language and Literature   29
                                                                    Information Technology              38
                             Fashion and Textiles              29
                                                                    Music Technology                    39
62 Learning to Learn         Film Studies                      30
                                                                    Performing Arts                     41
                             French                            30
64 Measuring Success                                                Sport                          44 + 45
                             Geography                         30
                             German                            34
65 Keeping it Green          Graphic Communication             34   1 Year Courses
67 How to Apply                                                     English GCSE                           45
                                                                    Mathematics GCSE                       45
68 Dates for your Diary                                             Biology GCSE                           45
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus   4

Thank you for your
interest in the College.
This prospectus aims
to provide you with
an insight into what
life is like as a student
at Esher Sixth Form
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College | Welcome                  05

                                                                  a strong track record in providing the appropriate support
                                                                  to allow our students to successfully progress to the next
                                                                  stage in their careers, whether that be higher education,
                                                                  an apprenticeship or employment. Up to 90% of our
                                                                  students progress to degree-level or art foundation courses,
                                                                  many gaining places at the most prestigious universities
                                                                  in the country.

                                                                  When you join us you will become part of a community of
                                                                  over 1900 full-time students from more than 100 different
                                                                  schools, each following an individual study programme
                                                                  relevant to their needs and ambitions. You will find a friendly
                                                                  and vibrant atmosphere where positive relationships are
                                                                  promoted at all times. We enjoy excellent accommodation
                                                                  and facilities, including a highly sophisticated IT system and
                                                                  an attractive campus environment. Our teaching staff are
                                                                  specialists in post-16 education, both in their subject areas
                                                                  and in the support they provide through our tutorial system.
                                                                  We pride ourselves on a successful record in enabling
                                                                  students from all types of backgrounds to reach their full
Inside you will find information on all aspects of                potential. Please see the section on ‘Supporting Your Needs’
the student experience, including a summary                       if you have particular educational needs.
of the wide range of courses on offer and the
acclaimed support services, which underpin the                    I look forward to meeting you over the next year at the
high levels of success achieved by our students.                  numerous events designed to deepen your understanding
                                                                  of the College. Full details of these opportunities can be
                                                                  found towards the back of this prospectus. I hope you will
As such, it should play an important role in helping you          be able to join us on these occasions and I look forward to
make an informed choice about your post-16 education and          welcoming you to the College.
I would therefore urge you to read the contents carefully.
Virtually any combination of courses is possible and you will
have a number of opportunities to discuss your proposed
study programme, starting with your admissions interview.

We firmly believe that Esher Sixth Form College offers you
the ideal environment in which to embark on the next stage
of your educational career and one in which you will be able
to thrive academically and grow as an individual. We are
committed not just to your academic success, but to ensuring
that you have the opportunity to develop the skills and
qualities that will help you to prepare for the future. We have
                                                                                                                    Dan Dean
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus                                                             6

Creating a culture of high expectations
and outstanding achievements

At Esher Sixth Form College our students’ success
and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do.
As a non-selective, open-access sixth form college for post-16
education for North East Surrey and South West London, our
mission is to inspire and encourage all students to be the best
version of themselves, both academically and personally.            “Esher has given me a broader
This includes:
                                                                    perspective in terms of
• C
   reating a supportive and caring College community.
  We actively promote friendship, tolerance and inclusivity so
                                                                    studying, friendships and
  students can become responsible, informed citizens who have       shaping my personality to
  respect for themselves and others.                                become a determined and
• D
   elivering high quality, specialist teaching and learning.       passionate young adult.”
  Our expert staff facilitate the best post-16 provision and
  academic achievement. 87.8% of Esher students who went            Mya
  on to degree level, gained a first or upper second, well above
  the national average for both state and independent schools.
  (HESA 2018/19).
• B
   roadening your life skills and experiences.
  Ofsted rated our extension and enrichment provision as
  outstanding and we have continued to develop a wide-ranging
  programme of events, clubs, trips and activities that ensure
  our students develop far beyond the classroom.
• M
   aking a positive contribution to the wider community.
  Students are encouraged to be involved in the local
  community through work experience, volunteering, mentoring
  and sport leadership programmes as well as with charitable
  events including our Esher College Africa Trust (ECAT). We also
  have a diverse Adult Education Programme.
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College | Our Ethos   07

Celebrating Diversity
As an inclusive sixth form college, we welcome a diverse range
of students from more than 100 different schools. Everyone is
treated and respected as an individual and we are very proud of
our positive and friendly community.

We actively encourage equal opportunities for all and have a
wide range of support structures and groups in place including;     Meet Natalie, Teacher of English and
the Student Union, The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Christian   Equality and Diversity Officer
Union and the E&D committee - all of which are committed to
creating an environment in which all students can fulfil their
                                                                    “Hi, at Esher we celebrate the diverse
potential. In other years, we’ve had groups such as the Islamic
                                                                    backgrounds of all students and staff. There
Society and the Feminist Society set up - it depends on what each
                                                                    are societies for students to attend to make
cohort wants to do. We are currently in the process of setting
                                                                    new friends, such as our well-established
up an Anti-Racism Group, in response to the Black Lives Matter
                                                                    weekly GSA lunchtime meetings and Christian
movement. All students are supported in their fundraising and
                                                                    Society. Students are also encouraged to start
awareness-raising events as well as celebrations. Students at
                                                                    new societies and to hold awareness-raising
Esher are given the tools to become leaders in creating the world
                                                                    events. Last year we held a Great Get Together
they want to see.
                                                                    picnic in honour of the Jo Cox Foundation.
                                                                    We promote and celebrate racial and ethnic
                                                                    diversity through the curriculum, events and
                                                                    tutor sessions so we can help students become
                                                                    responsible, informed citizens who have
                                                                    respect for themselves and others. I think it’s
                                                                    crucial to listen to young people and be led by
                                                                    them - we all have so much to learn if we want
                                                                    to create a fairer world.”
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus

Why should you apply to
Esher Sixth Form College?


    for all Students
    •   Personal Tutor                    Specialist
    •   Subject Clinics                 Teaching and
    •   One-to-One Tutorials
                                        Support Staff
        Learning Support
        College Nurse Service
    •   Counselling Service


                                      16 -18
                                        Specialist in
                                                        Extension Studies
   A great stepping                                          Programme
    stone between                                            Music, Sports, Drama, Art,
                                                             Young Enterprise, Duke of
        School and                                      Edinburgh + much, much more
         University                       Education
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College | Your College    09
  Fantastic Facilities
Gym, Sports Hall, College Theatre,
                                       Up to 90% of students go on to
                                       Higher Education. Established
 Drama Studio, specialist facilities
                                       support for progression to
for all curriculum areas, including
    a state of the art music block,    employment
       Learning Resource Centres,
                                                                              Outstanding Results
     College café and coffee shop,
         1,100 computers, football,
          rugby and netball pitches                                                           99.3% pass rate
                                                                                           57.2% A*-B grades

           A Reputation                                                                      Equality

          for Excellence
          Considered ‘Outstanding’
                        by Ofsted

                                                                                  at the forefront of
                                              A Level + BTEC                             what we do
                                             courses available

            Very Good
                                               A more mature
                                                  and diverse
                                                                                   Top    15%
                                                                                   Nationally For
        Transport Links                              learning                  Student Progress*
      Close to the A3, 5 minute walk
        from Thames Ditton railway                community                             *Alps (external
       station, 15 minute walk from                                                   assessor of value
    Esher railway station, 25 minute
          walk from Hampton Court
                                                                                   added performance)
Prospectus 2021 - Esher College
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus | Your College              11
                                             “The SU social events such as Freshers’ helped me make lifelong
                                             friends, who I now look forward to seeing every day at College.”

                                                                  Our events:
                                                                  The social life at Esher Sixth Form College is an important part
                                                                  of the student experience. First date in the calendar is our

                                                                  Freshers’ party. There is always a theme and not only is it a
                                                                  great ice-breaker for first years to get to know each other, but
                                                                  it also helps to raise money for local charities and the College’s
                                                                  own charity, the Esher College Africa Trust (ECAT), which

                                                                  supports the education of AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe.
                                                                  Other activities include lunchtime ‘open mic’ gigs held in the
                                                                  College Café and our Summer Festival in July. This is held on
                                                                  the College grounds in celebration of a great first year for the
                                                                  6.1s and the end of exams for 6.2s.
Who are we?
                                                                  How do I join the SU?
Each year the Student Union is run by elected student
representatives, who make sure your voice is heard. The roles,    Elections are in March when election fever takes over the
held by our upcoming second years, include; President and         college with some lively hustings.
Vice-President, Eco and Sustainability Executive, Marketing and
Communications Executive, Events and Charities Executive and      Meet Flo, SU President 2019/20
an Equality and Welfare Executive.                                “Hi, joining the Student Union was one of
                                                                  the best things about coming to Esher.
What we do?                                                       It’s run by students for the students and
The SU is central to creating a welcoming and harmonious          our job is to make a positive impact to
environment within the college for all students. We are           your time here. What I love about the
responsible for liaising with staff and senior management to      College is the diverse, welcoming and
discuss student feedback, ideas or raise any issues ranging       harmonious atmosphere here that
from College facilities to the quality of the café food. The SU   makes it the perfect environment to
President and Vice-President are also student governors and       meet new people and make friends.
attend meetings alongside other governors.
                                                                  “This year’s Freshers’, held at Pryzm in Kingston, exceeded
The SU also supports and collects feedback from other             our expectations. There was a Halloween dress theme and
societies within the College, including The Christian Union       everybody entered the spirit! It raised £6000, which we
and the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) as well as holding        donated to the Esher College Africa Trust. I am so proud to
Student Voice meetings, with SU representatives from all the      be a part of the SU – and the new team will look forward to
tutor groups.                                                     welcoming you in September.“

                                                                  Follow us on Instagram @EsherStudentUnion
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus   12

We have more than 40
A Level and BTEC courses,
that you can take in any
combination to create
a study programme
that is in tune with
your individual abilities,
interests and ambitions.
Your unique study
programme will typically
include three courses
plus one Extension
Study activity and a
weekly tutor
group session. | Your Study Programme                 13

Thinking about A Levels?                                    What will my timetable look like?
A Levels are two-year exam-based courses and the            The College day starts at 8:55am and finishes at
traditional route to university and beyond. A Levels are    4:15pm. Your timetable includes four lessons per
graded A* to E. If you’re not sure what career you want     subject per week plus allocated periods for private
to do, studying a selection of A Levels is a great way of   study, one hour with your personal tutor and one
keeping your options open.                                  lesson of Extension Studies. Some students will have
                                                            additional timetabled periods – if you have learning
Thinking about BTECs?                                       support, for example, or if you take an extension
                                                            course which covers two periods, such as the sports
BTECs offer more practical, skills-based learning           teams or College Production.
through coursework or themed units and are excellent
preparation for specialist degrees. They are nationally
recognised qualifications and a credible alternative to
                                                            Entry requirements
A Levels. You get a grade for each unit – Pass, Merit,      There is a minimum entry requirement of five
Distinction, Distinction* - so you can see how you are      GCSEs at Grade 4 and above (Grade A* - C in iGCSE
progressing through the course.                             qualifications). However, we encourage you to aim
                                                            high because, the stronger your GCSE results – the
                                                            better your chances of A Level success. Access to some
                                                            courses may require certain grades in certain GCSE
                                                            subjects, please see individual course information
                                                            sheets, available on our website, for more details.
     Did you know?
       t Esher you can study BTEC
      and A Level courses together.
       3% of our students entered
      university with one or more
      BTECs in 2019.
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus   14

SUBJECTS | Your Study Programme                15

With more than 40 A Level and BTEC courses on offer,
in every combination, choosing what to study for the
                                                            How is Esher Sixth Form College
next two years can be tricky. Don’t choose a subject        different from school?
just because you think it is what employers will want
                                                            We think the biggest difference about coming to
or because it is a subject to fall back on. Instead think
                                                            Esher Sixth Form College is the wide and varied
carefully before you decide and ask yourself five things:
                                                            range of specialist support services that we offer
                                                            to 16-18 year olds.
• What subjects do you enjoy?
• What subjects are you good at?                            From Learning Support and 1-2-1 tutorials to mental
• Is there a new subject, which excites and interests      health provision and a specialist Progression Guidance
  you, that your school doesn’t offer?                      team for advice on careers and higher education
• What type of learning do you enjoy? Exams or             pathways, post-16 education is our speciality. Our
  coursework? Practical or theory?                          teachers only work with 16-18 year olds, so they
• Do you have a specific degree, job or industry in        understand the needs, concerns and interests of your
  mind? Find out what the entry requirements are.           age group. Plus you will find yourself in a more mature
                                                            learning environment. There is a mutual respect for
                                                            learning and communication with your teachers is of a
Helping you decide                                          more personal nature, even down to using first name
Once you have successfully applied through our online       terms. No more ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’.
applications system at, you will be         However, our new students always tell us the best
invited to the College for an interview with a specialist   bit about life at Esher is the relaxed and friendly
subject teacher from one of your course choices.            atmosphere, having a Costa Coffee concession in the
Interviews take place between November and April            College Café and not having to wear a uniform.
and they are an excellent opportunity to talk through
course combinations, ask questions and make any
changes to your chosen study programme.
In June, after your GCSE examinations, you will be
invited to Introduction Day where you can come and
get a feel for what studying at Esher is really like. You
will have taster lessons in all your chosen subjects,
plus one ‘free choice’ lesson to allow you to compare
different options. Our admissions team and senior
staff will also be available if you need to talk through
any course changes.
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus                                                                        16

                                      Our Extension Studies programme is an excellent way for students to
                                      extend their learning way beyond the classroom.

                                      Universities and employers are increasingly interested in students’
                                      wider skills and abilities such as team work, problem solving, creativity,
                                      critical thinking and the capacity to conduct independent research. Rated
                                      outstanding by Ofsted, our broad programme of extension and enrichment
                                      activities means students can get involved in everything from Scuba Diving
                                      and Volunteering Abroad, to Sports Leadership Awards and Extended
                                      Project Qualifications (EPQ).

                                                                Here’s a taste of
                                                                what we offer:
                                                                First Year (6.1 students): Choose from
                                                                more than 40 Complementary Study
                                                                options on offer.
                                                                Second Year (6.2 students): Choose a
                                                                specific Progression Pathway to develop
                                                                your skills even further. | Your Study Programme              17
                                    “Being part of College Production has been one of the
                                    most memorable experiences of my life; not only was
                                     I able to challenge and develop my acting skills, but I
                                      came out with a cast of new friends and memories.”

6:1 Examples of Complementary Studies               6:2 Examples of Progression Pathways

Duke of Edinburgh     Environmental Chemistry              EPQ                 Theatre Workshop

 Young Enterprise          Sports’ Teams          Creative Arts Portfolio         Core Maths

   Scuba Diving          Debating Society        Sports Leadership Award      Career Development

College Production         Euro Culture            L2 Counselling Skills     Study Skills for Success

                           Film, Politics &     Specialist Music Pathways     Academic Mentoring
Criminal Psychology
                           Human Rights

 Saving the planet       Exploring Drawing       L2 Listening Skills Award     Thinking Critically
   with Science
e s h e r Sixth
Esher      c o l l eForm
                    g e p rCollege
                           o s p e c t uProspectus
                                         s           18 | Your Study Programme          19

SKILLS WEEK                                                                               Meet Helen
A big part of student life at Esher                                                       Teacher of
is the range of trips, visits and                                                         and WSW
extra-curricular activities we offer.                                                     Co-ordinator
Our enrichment programme culminates at the end of the
                                                                “Hi, as Wider Skills Week Co-ordinator, I get
summer term with Wider Skills Week (WSW), when first year
                                                                to see all the amazing events that we put
students take part in a wide range of activities, trips and
                                                                together for our students in the last week of
unforgettable experiences.
                                                                the Summer Term. Typically there are more
                                                                than 40 events, courses and trips students
From kayaking and indoor climbing to more exotic highlights,
                                                                can choose to go on as well as our Work
including the curriculum-linked trips to Iceland (Geography),
                                                                Experience programme, where students can
Berlin (Politics) and Lanzarote (PE and Sport). Closer to
                                                                explore potential careers in more depth.
home, students have the opportunity to gain new skills and
qualifications with week-long courses in everything from        “Devoting a whole week to learning new
Lifeguarding and St John’s Ambulance First Aid to CAD           skills outside of the classroom will help you
design and Counselling.                                         broaden your perspective of the world and
                                                                develop your communication, organisation
                                                                and teamwork skills - while also being a lot
                                                                of fun!”

    Did you know?
    In WSW 2019 ...
    •2  4 PE and Sports students went to
       Club La Santa in Lanzarote.
    • 36 students achieved their Activity
       First Aid certificate.
    •1  9 students went to Nepal to help
       with rebuilding work after the
       2015 earthquake.
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus

Applied Science                                                 Applied Science
BTEC National                                                   BTEC National Diploma
Extended Certificate                                            This course provides a practical approach to Science. It has
                                                                a vocational content and is assessed through a mixture of
This course provides a practical approach to Science. It has    coursework, externally assessed assignments and exams.
a vocational content and is assessed through a mixture of       All the tasks are linked to a work-related scenario. This
coursework, externally assessed assignments and exams.          course is equivalent to 2 A Levels.
All the tasks are linked to a work-related scenario. This       The work focuses on practical scientific investigation
course is equivalent to 1 A Level.                              and work-related assignments. In the first year you will
                                                                take units on Principles and Applications of Science,
The work focuses on practical scientific investigation and
                                                                Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques, Science
work-related assignments. You will take units on Principles
                                                                Investigation Skills, and one additional unit.
and Applications of Science, Practical Scientific Procedures
and Techniques, and Science Investigation Skills, as well as    You will cover the stages involved and the skills needed
one additional unit.                                            in planning and carrying out a scientific investigation,
                                                                including how to record, interpret, draw scientific
You will cover the stages involved and the skills needed
                                                                conclusions and evaluate the work. You will also be
in planning and carrying out a scientific investigation,
                                                                introduced to quantitative laboratory techniques,
including how to record, interpret, draw scientific
                                                                calibration, chromatography, calorimetry and laboratory
conclusions and evaluate the work. You will also be
                                                                safety relevant to the chemical and life sciences industries.
introduced to quantitative laboratory techniques,
calibration, chromatography, calorimetry and laboratory         In the second year you will take units in Laboratory
safety relevant to the chemical and life sciences industries.   Techniques and their Applications, Principles and
                                                                Applications of Science 2, and one additional unit. You
You need to have good communication and numeracy
                                                                will also undertake an investigative project. As part of
skills. In order to meet the deadlines for the assignments,
                                                                the course, we will support you in undertaking a science
you will need to have (or develop) strong organisation and
                                                                related work experience placement in year 1.
time management. You will develop good research and
team work skills.                                               You need to have good communication and numeracy
                                                                skills. In order to meet the deadlines for the assignments,
The Extended Certificate course consists of four units
                                                                you will need to have (or develop) strong organisation and
studied over two years. The course is assessed through a
                                                                time management. You will develop good research and
combination of coursework and exams. Two of these four
                                                                team work skills.
units are assessed by internal coursework (42%) and two
units are assessed externally (58%).                            The Diploma course consists of eight units of which three
                                                                are externally assessed by exam. As with the Extended
                                                                Certificate, the course is assessed through a combination
                                                                of coursework and exams, with the three externally
                                                                examined units making up 46% of the diploma course. | Your Course Information                   21

Art (Fine Art) A Level                                             Art and Design
This course is all about giving you the opportunity to             BTEC National Extended
respond to the visual world in a personal, critical and
creative way. In the first year, you will work on practical
tasks which are designed to develop your recording skills.         This fast-moving and exciting course introduces a wide
You will explore the use of the formal elements, including         range of practical experience across art and design. In the
line, tone, colour, shape, form, pattern, and texture.             first year you will complete assignments that combine
Emphasis will be placed on experimenting with a wide               research, experimentation and exploration of disciplines
range of media and learning how to transform materials in          such as fine art, graphic design, 3D design, printmaking,
order to reflect their different qualities. Alongside practical    sculpture, surface design and computer-based working.
work, you will be encouraged to carefully document your            Creative thinking is developed through research, museum
artistic processes and show evidence of an on-going critical       and gallery visits, presentations, contextual study and
review of your work and that of other artists.                     extensive practical studio and workshop work. Written
                                                                   work forms an essential part of assessment. The first year
In the second year, you will concentrate on developing a
                                                                   is assessed through an externally set and marked unit
more specialist portfolio of work, which fully demonstrates
                                                                   (Unit 1 - Visual Recording) and a portfolio of coursework.
your command of visual language. A 2500-word study is
completed alongside your practical work, where you will            The second year provides a continuing core of visual
research, evaluate and analyse work of selected artists            studies with assignments focusing you on working
or movements appropriate to your practical work. We                towards an art and design specialism whilst building a
offer the opportunity to work directly from a life model           strong portfolio for progression applications. It is assessed
for portfolio building. This course will build a portfolio         externally through one unit (Unit 2 Critical & Contextual
of art and design work to support your application to              Studies) and a portfolio of coursework.
higher education degree courses, or to an Art and Design
Foundation Diploma course.                                         Inspiring visits and trips form the basis for assignment
                                                                   briefs designed to challenge and strengthen creative
Assessment is through a personal investigation (60%),              thinking. At the end of this year we celebrate our student’s
which consists of a practical portfolio and a related written      achievements in a public exhibition.
study, and an externally set task (40%).
                                                                   This course has an excellent track record in student
This course compliments a range of academic subjects               progression to a wide range of art and design foundation
and equips students to study a wide range of disciplines           and degree courses and full support is offered for
including BA Degrees in graphic design and illustration;           preparation of portfolios and interview technique.
theatre; costume and make-up design; fashion design
and art history. Students progress to a wide range                 This course is equivalent to 1 A Level and combines well
of prestigious institutions such as Bartlett; Kingston             with other creative and academic subjects.
University, CSM, The Royal Drawing School and the
Slade School of Fine Art - UCL.
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus               22

“I’m treated as an individual
and the teachers all care about
my progress.”
Previous school: Grey Court School
Studied: Sport BTEC National Diploma;
Applied Science BTEC National
Extended Certificate
Extension study: Football

Esher Sixth Form College has been a really good
place for me to become more independent, not
just in my learning but also personally.
My courses: The BTEC courses I’ve chosen
have been really enjoyable. I’ve learnt so
much within the classroom, as well as having
the opportunity to play to a high standard of
football. I’ve developed a better understanding
of the science behind sport, learnt how the
body works and studied various fitness training
methods. I like the amount of support you get
in and out of the lessons; if you are feeling
stressed about the work, my teachers are
always available to give advice and help. Even
though the College has many students, I still
feel treated as an individual and the teachers
all care about my progress.
Best Bits: The facilities at Esher - especially
the Learning Resource Centre, the Quiet Study
zones and the gym.
After Esher, my aim is to go to University to
study Sports Science and Business. | Your Course Information                   23

Art and Design                                                              The specification will be assessed through three exam papers at
                                                                            the end of the course. Throughout the course you will carry out 18
BTEC National Diploma                                                       ‘core’ practicals. There will be questions on these in the exams. In
                                                                            all three exam papers, questions involving the use of mathematical
This dynamic vocational and diagnostic course is for those                  skills within Biology will contribute to 10% of the assessment.
committed to progression in art and design. It develops the
creative skills needed to progress directly to a wide range of highly
regarded degree and foundation courses.
The first year of the course builds core skills in drawing, painting,
                                                                            Business A Level
graphic design, 3D design, printmaking, sculpture, surface design           This course aims to help students develop a critical understanding
and Adobe CC programmes. Extensive written work, visits and                 of a range of businesses from the perspective of shareholders,
presentations develop wider understanding. Diverse studio                   employees and customers. In the first year you will study theories
experience enables varied and individual creative outcomes in               related to the internal areas of a business, such as finance, human
response to set briefs. This course is fast-moving and requires a           resources, operations management and marketing, and learn how
high level of personal organisation.                                        these determine a business’s performance and competitiveness.
                                                                            You will examine how external influences, such as the business
The first year is assessed through an externally set and                    cycle, interest rates, exchange rates, and inflation have an impact
marked unit (Unit 1 - Visual Recording) and through a portfolio             on the success of a business. You will also investigate leadership,
of coursework. As part of the course, we will support you in                entrepreneurs and business start-ups.
undertaking an art and design related work experience placement
in year one.
                                                                            In the second year, a strategic view of business opportunities and
In the second year, learners build a portfolio for application in a         issues is undertaken. The emphasis is on business strategy and
chosen creative discipline and you will work on a live brief with           decision-making. You will investigate organisations that trade
an external ‘client’. Professional practice research, live briefs for       on a global scale and explore their reasons for doing so. You will
external clients and visiting practitioners broaden vocational              develop an understanding of the globally competitive environment
understanding while visits and trips form the basis of creative             in which companies operate and consider the ethical and moral
assignments.                                                                dimensions of global business activities. Expect to learn a range
                                                                            of numerical techniques, including investment appraisal, critical
The second year is assessed through two externally set units (Unit          path analysis, and decision trees as well as financial accounting
7 - Developing and Realising Creative Intentions and Unit 2 - Critical      and ratio analysis. The course is designed to encourage you to
& Contextual Studies), and a portfolio of coursework, leading to an         use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of
award in BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design.                             business, to understand that business behaviour can be studied
This course is equivalent to 2 A Levels.                                    from a range of perspectives, and to challenge assumptions.
                                                                            Expect also to analyse and interpret a variety of numerical data
                                                                            and graphs to support complex arguments within the essays you
Biology A Level                                                             write. Assessment is by written examination only.
                                                                            Business is a fascinating subject. It is relevant and diverse, with
The specification is based on a topic-centred approach to the study         real-world application that enhances career and university choices.
of living organisms. In the first year you study the effects of lifestyle   It fits well in combination with humanities, arts and science
on health, particularly the cardiovascular system. Genetic diseases         subjects and can open up new areas of interest.
such as Cystic Fibrosis are considered and there is the opportunity
to discuss social and ethical issues surrounding genetic screening.         Assessment is by written examination only.
Other topics include an examination of biodiversity, evolution, the
role of zoos, and our uses of plants.
In the second year you consider climate change and forensic
science, how organisms fight infection, exercise-related biology
and the way the nervous system works.
Esher Sixth
                    Form Prospectus

Business                                                          Chemistry A Level
BTEC National Extended                                            A Level Chemistry follows a content-led and flexible
Certificate                                                       approach where the specification is divided into topics,
                                                                  each covering different key concepts of chemistry. The
This course is equivalent to 1 A Level and will equip you         course is designed to enhance students’ understanding of
with both practical skills and a theoretical understanding        chemical theory and practical skills.
of the business world. It is made up of four units of             In the first year, you will learn key chemical concepts and
study. 1. Exploring Business: you will study the purposes         theories alongside an awareness of some of the ways in
of different businesses, their structure, the effect of the       which they are used in the real world. Experimental work
external environment, and how they need to be dynamic             is important and is embedded within the course, both to
and innovative to survive; 2. Developing a Marketing              illustrate the ideas and to develop skills in practical work
Campaign: you will gain an understanding of how a                 and problem solving.
marketing campaign is developed and develop your
own campaign for a given product/service; 3. Personal             In the second year you do further work in all branches
and Business Finance: you will study the purpose and              of the subject – physical, inorganic and organic. There is
importance of personal and business finance and develop           a particular emphasis on organic chemistry and by the
the skills and knowledge needed to understand, analyse            end of the second year you will have learned a ‘tool kit’ of
and prepare financial information; 4. Recruitment and             organic reactions which would enable you to synthesise a
Selection: you will learn about the importance of effective       range of molecules.
recruitment and selection and participate in a mock
                                                                  Across the course as a whole you will learn chemical ideas
recruitment and selection process. It is assessed through
                                                                  and principles that underpin a wide variety of essential
a mixture of exams (Units 2 and 3) and coursework (Units
                                                                  fields of human activity, including medicine, materials
1 and 4).
                                                                  science, forensics, agriculture, industry, nanotechnology
To be successful, students need to be organised, hard-            and next generation computer hardware.
working, independent and meet deadlines on a regular
basis for both internally assessed coursework assignments         Assessment of the specification will be carried out by three
and externally assessed exams, from the outset. One of            written exams at the end of the course. The exams will
these exams takes place in the first year of the course and       include questions from all parts of the course including 12
one in the second year. Strong written communication              core practicals.
skills and numerical ability are critical to achieving success. | Your Course Information                  25

Classical Civilisation A Level                                     Computer Science A Level
A Level Classical Civilisation gives you the opportunity to        Understanding how computers function and writing
explore the literature, history, politics, philosophy, art and     programs are abilities on which our world utterly depends.
architecture of the ancient Greek and Roman world.                 First came Alan Turing planning the first computer; later,
This two-year course consists of three examined units.             Tim Berners-Lee devising the world wide web; and
The first unit focuses on literature. Via the epic poetry of       next, you?
Homer and Virgil, you will analyse the different forms of          A Level Computer Science combines learning (or further
heroism projected by the key figures of Greek and Roman            developing your ability) to write increasingly sophisticated
myth. Should heroism be understood as the dominance of             programs with learning the theory that underpins
a magnificent individual? Or should a hero be defined by           computers and the uses we put them to. You will study
their selfless duty towards a greater collective good? Is it       how computers store and manipulate data, a variety of
possible (or desirable) to combine both types of heroism,          properties of common algorithms, computer hardware
or are they mutually exclusive?                                    and much more.
The second unit examines the visual and material culture           The course is assessed mainly through exams (worth 80%
of the ancient world. Through close analysis of material           of the A Level). These test your practical programming,
evidence, you will investigate how Greek Art developed             your problem solving under exam conditions, and your
over the course of three and a half centuries, progressing         understanding of theory. You also carry out an individual
from the production of abstract, otherworldly figures,             project (worth 20% of the A Level), employing practical
to the realisation of fully naturalistic depictions of the         programming to solve a practical problem and writing a
human form, capable of depicting mythological narratives           report on the process. This requires good documentation,
conveying advanced political symbolism.                            testing more than just your programming skills.
The final unit deals with classical thought, focusing on the       Much of the reasoning and notation is mathematical in
value systems of ancient Greece and Rome as well as the            nature, so a strong aptitude in Maths is required in order
philosophical ideas that underpin them. Analysing a wide           to undertake this course.
range of philosophical, literary, and historical sources,
you will evaluate the ancients’ conceptions of personal
relationships, particularly those relating to the nature of
love, sex, and the institution of marriage.
You do not need any prior knowledge of the subject or
to have studied Latin or Greek (as all texts are studied in
Assessment is by written examination only.
esher college prospectus                                                                 26

                           “The LRC is an invaluable resource
                           for study during free periods.”
                           Previous school: Thamesmead School
                           Studied: Politics, History, Economics
                           Extension study: Football

                           My teachers have been extremely supportive in all my
                           subjects. My advice to students thinking about coming to
                           Esher is be prepared to work independently and make
                           the most of the expertise on offer, including the Learning
                           Resource Centre (LRC) which is an invaluable resource for
                           study during free periods.
                           My courses: The standards for learning are really high, but
                           my tutor has supported and encouraged me in both my
                           studies and my potential university applications.
                           Best Bits: The Politics Trips. We went to Parliament in the
                           first year and will be going to Berlin in the summer.
                           After Esher, I want to do a degree in Politics and History. | Your Course Information                    27
Creative Media Production                                              3D Design A Level
BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma                                       The three-dimensional design course is primarily concerned with
                                                                       designing to meet the needs of a client by investigating how a
In the first year of the Subsidiary Diploma you will develop           product works and looks. You will assess and design innovative
skills in pre-production, communication skills and production;         products, considering not only aesthetic and technical issues
by researching, planning and producing a screenplay and a              but also the environment and the role of the designer in the
film trailer or short film. With a strong emphasis on working          community.
with professionalism and independence, you will have the
opportunity to work in a range of crew roles as part of a group        On the course, you will follow a design process from conception
as well as on your own. You will develop a wide range of               to production. Learning through designing and making, you will
practical skills underpinned by theoretical perspectives that          experiment creatively with traditional design production processes
will inform your practice.                                             as well as industry relevant 3D digital technologies, including CAD/
                                                                       CAM. You will engage with media and processes, and develop and
In the second year, you will refine your practical skills through      refine your ideas before presenting your outcomes.
practical projects in music video and documentary or animation,
as well as take an independent research project that will be           Assessment is through a Personal Investigation (60%), which
based on your own film interests.                                      consists of both a practical portfolio and a related written personal
                                                                       study, and an externally set task (40%).
The course is assessed entirely by coursework portfolio and is
equivalent to 1 A Level.

Dance A Level
The course enables you to complete units in performance,
choreography and critical engagement. There will be
the opportunity to devise, perform and interpret dance,
demonstrating technical and expressive skills. You will also be
required to evaluate and critique professional works across a
range of genres.
In the first year, you will create duets and quartets for
performance. You will study the Rambert Dance Company 1966
– 2002, and its choreographers, such as Christopher Bruce, Glen
Tetley and Richard Alston, and their works. You will study American
jazz dance 1940 to 1975, and in particular the set study Singin’ in
the Rain, 1952, starring Gene Kelly. You will look at other works
choreographed by Gene Kelly, for example, An American in Paris.
You will also study the choreographer Jerome Robbins (West Side
Story 1961).
In the second year, you will perform a quartet and solos linked to a
specified practitioner. You will choreograph a group piece. You will
study the set work Rooster by Christopher Bruce. In American jazz
dance, you will study Bob Fosse (Cabaret, Chicago, Sweet Charity),
Jack Cole, George Balanchine, Katherine Dunham and Agnes de
Mille (Oklahoma!).
Assessment is 50% practical examination and 50%
written examination.
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus

Drama and Theatre                                                 Economics A Level
A Level                                                           This course develops understanding of economic
                                                                  concepts and theories through a critical consideration
This course gives you the opportunity to explore different        of current UK and global economic issues, problems
aspects of theatre, both academically and practically.            and institutions, affecting everyday life. In the first year,
It is a theory-based approach to theatre as opposed               the course introduces key economic concepts such as
to a practical acting course. It will involve studying            supply and demand, the price mechanism, how
texts (including the historical context of plays), theatre        markets work and why they fail. It also explores
practitioner theories, and technical design. You are              measures of economic performance, the role of
required to watch live performances and write theatre             government policy in the economy and how it
reviews, alongside developing your acting skills.                 attempts to achieve economic objectives.
Across the two years you will develop knowledge and               The second year examines business economics, the
understanding of drama and theatre, studying three                labour market and competition. It also develops
published plays, which require you to learn lines. You will       understanding of international economics, including
focus in depth on specific extracts. You will produce, for        financial markets and the role of the state in the
assessment, a reflective report analysing and evaluating          macroeconomy, and considers wider global issues
theatrical interpretation of all three extracts. For your final   such as poverty, inequality, and emerging and
assessment piece, you will apply the methods of a given           developing markets.
practitioner to the third extract, which will be performed,
                                                                  Assessment is by written examination only.
for external examination. In terms of course breakdown,
there is also a devising unit in which students are required
to write, direct and perform in a play, which is assessed.
The play will be inspired by the methodology of a chosen          English Language A Level
practitioner. Alongside this practical element, the students
                                                                  This is an ideal course for anyone wishing to learn more
need to complete a 3000-word notebook detailing their
                                                                  about the English language in terms of both its structures
progress to performance.
                                                                  and its many uses and varieties. You will explore topics
In the second year, students study further practitioners          such as: the difference between speech and writing;
and are assessed on their performance of an existing play         how people represent their personal and social identity
extract. To support this performance, they are required to        through their use of language; how language is influenced
produce a written report, contributing towards the final          by contexts such as audience and genre; how children
marks. There is a final three-hour written examination in         learn to speak and read and write; and the history and
the second year, based on two set texts. Theatre trips take       development of the English Language since 1550.
place in the evenings, and rehearsals after College and at
                                                                  In the second year, you will produce a coursework folder
lunchtime; attendance at these is a key expectation of
                                                                  containing two pieces of original writing. You will also
the course.
                                                                  complete an in-depth study of a specialised area such as
The overall assessment is 30% devised piece written               Power in Language, Gender in Language or Language and
coursework, 30% practical exam and 40% written exam.              Journalism.
                                                                  This course is quite different from English Language GCSE
                                                                  and could be considered as a study of the science of
                                                                  English language in terms of where it has come from, how
                                                                  it has been changed over time, and how different groups
                                                                  use it.
                                                                  Assessment is 80% by examination and 20% by
                                                                  coursework. | Your Course Information                       29

English Literature A Level                                           In the second year, you will also produce a coursework
                                                                     folder containing one piece of original creative writing and an
This course enriches your appreciation of literary texts by          analytical essay comparing two modern texts, for example
giving you the opportunity to read a variety of genres in close      Stasiland by Anna Funder and Jeanette Winterson’s Why Be
detail, to discuss different ways of interpreting texts, and to      Happy When You Could Be Normal?
investigate the ways poems, plays, novels and short stories          This course provides a broad overview of the different types
are illuminated by their cultural and historical contexts.           of English Studies and is quite different from English GCSE,
English Literature develops your skills of analysis, debate,         featuring both linguistic and literary analysis and a significant
and imaginative thinking as well as the quality of your              element of creative work.
written expression.
                                                                     Assessment is 80% by examination and 20% by coursework.
You will study a wide range of texts from different periods
of literature, such as modern poetry, Shakespeare’s Twelfth
Night, Shelley’s Frankenstein, Atwood’s The Handmaid’s
Tale, Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale, and            Fashion and Textiles A Level
Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire. During            This course introduces you to a broad field of study within
the second year, you will write an extended essay for your           the context of fashion, and textiles for fashion. The emphasis
coursework in which you will compare two texts. There                is placed on the design process, leading to the construction
are some similarities with GCSE English Literature where             and presentation of original and creative ideas in both two
you focus on the writers’ work; at A Level you also study            and three dimensions. In the first year you will develop a wide
the contextual factors that influenced the writers as well as        range of skills, which include drawing, textile design, surface
critical views of literary texts.                                    decoration, garment design, fashion illustration, pattern-
Assessment is 80% by examination and 20% by coursework.              drafting and garment construction whilst studying the historical
                                                                     background of fashion. This will enable you to produce
                                                                     individual outcomes in response to design briefs.

English Language and Literature                                      In the second year you will have the opportunity to focus your
                                                                     portfolio development on an area of Personal Investigation. A
A Level                                                              2500-word study is completed alongside coursework, giving
Providing a refreshing perspective on English, the combined          you the opportunity to research, evaluate and analyse work
English Language and Literature A Level gives you the                of selected artists, designers or movements, whilst studying
opportunity to develop your skills in analysing both fiction and     techniques and processes appropriate to the development of
non-fiction texts as well as providing the opportunity to write      your practical work.
creatively in a style of your choice.                                The subject is delivered through workshops and presentations,
This is an ideal course for anyone wishing to learn more             with students visiting museums, art galleries and exhibitions to
about the English Language and how it is used in a variety           make observational studies.
of contexts. You will study the language of an anthology of
nonfiction texts featuring such variety as Jonathan Swift’s          A Level assessment is through the Personal Investigation (60%),
satirical text A Modest Proposal published in 1729, to Jeremy        consisting of a practical portfolio and a related written personal
Paxman and Russel Brand’s broadcast television interviews            study, and an externally set task (40%).
via live music reviews from the national press and the
abdication speeches of kings. You will also study literary texts:
an anthology of poetry such as Carol Ann Duffy’s Rapture, or
Seamus Heaney’s Opened Ground; Tennessee William’s play
A Streetcar Named Desire and a novel, for example Jane Eyre,
by Charlotte Bronte, or Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.
Esher Sixth Form College Prospectus                                                                                                                   30
Film Studies A Level                                                          French A Level
A Level Film Studies is designed to deepen your understanding,                This course aims to give you a thorough understanding of the
appreciation and enjoyment of film. The course builds upon your prior         French language, developing skills in reading and listening
knowledge of film through studying a variety of different topics over         comprehension, translation, essay-writing, oral skills and grammar.
two years. You will engage with a wide range of films, developing skills      It also aims to foster an appreciation of Francophone culture. In the
of observation, critical analysis and written communication.                  first year you will study the changing nature of families, education,
                                                                              the workplace, music and media, festivals and traditions. We will
Through the examination components, you will study mainstream                 also be studying a French-language film, ‘Intouchables’. The course
American films from past and present, as well as a range of films             will be taught via a range of media, including online materials,
from contemporary British filmmakers and independent and world                current affairs reports, and TV/film clips. Learning of grammar and
cinemas. The historical development of film is delivered through the          vocabulary will be integral to the course.
study of silent film and significant film movements, so that you gain a
sense of the evolution of the medium from its early years to present          The second year covers integration and multi-culturalism, and
day. You will also study narrative, filmmakers’ theories and critical         the Resistance movement in occupied France. We will also be
debates through the analysis of documentary and experimental film.            studying a literary text, ‘L’Étranger’ by Albert Camus. You will be
                                                                              further developing your translation and comprehension skills and
The coursework component enables you to apply your knowledge                  keeping up to date with French current affairs. In both years, weekly
of film theory through the production of an individual short film or          conversation sessions with our native speaker language assistant
screenplay and an evaluation. The process will involve extensive pre-         are mandatory to prepare you for the oral examination.
production, such as the construction of digital storyboards, and the
close study of significant short films. The course has dedicated facilities   Assessment is by written examination (70%), covering listening,
and a technician to support you throughout the production and post-           reading and writing, and an oral examination (30%).
production process, with our resources being available to all students.
Assessment is through a combination of two written exams (70%) and            Geography A Level
a coursework portfolio (30%).
                                                                              Geography is one of the most exciting, cutting edge and relevant
                                                                              subjects to study in today’s ever-changing world. The syllabus offers
Film and Television Production                                                an issues-based approach to studying Geography, enabling you to
BTEC National Diploma                                                         explore and evaluate contemporary geographical issues, such as
                                                                              water security and climate change. Studying Geography will develop
This course is designed for students who want to progress into                your sense of curiosity about the world and encourage you to ask
a wide range of careers in Film and Television Production. It is              geographical questions. You will be given the opportunity to develop
a highly technical, specialist course on which you will have the              an in-depth understanding of human and physical Geography as well
opportunity to work on a number of different filmmaking projects,             as the interrelationship between people and the environment. Topics
both independently and as part of a production crew. Across the               covered will include tectonics, coasts, regeneration, globalisation and
two years, you will study cinematography, lighting, sound design              superpowers, water, and energy.
and editing in the context of practical projects in short film, music
video and documentary production. In addition to this you will study          Fieldwork is a compulsory requirement of the course and would
and develop industry standard skills in pre-production, including             usually include three separate day trips to areas such as Canary
screenwriting and storyboarding.                                              Wharf, Bushy Park and investigating characteristics of the local area.
                                                                              As part of fieldwork and throughout the course, you will develop a
As this is a vocational course, you will need a mix of creative thinking      range of geographical skills, including approaches to geographical
and organisation. The ability to work independently to professional           investigation as well as cartographic, graphical, ICT and statistical skills.
expectations, to be self-motivated and to meet deadlines is                   The department also runs an overseas trip. In the past this has been to
essential. As part of the course, we will support you in undertaking a        Iceland and in 2021 will be to the Azores. Geography is a demanding
related work experience placement in Year 1.                                  subject that links humanities and science, and combines academic,
This course is equivalent to 2 A Levels, so it is recommended for             creative and analytical skills. A Geography GCSE is not a requirement
those who are very keen to work in film and television production.            as long as you have a strong interest in current affairs and learning
You will be assessed mainly through internally set assignments with           about the world.
two externally assessed units.
                                                                              Assessment will be by written exams (80%) and an individual 3,000-
                                                                              4,000 word independent investigation based on fieldwork (20%). | Your Course Information             31

       “I couldn’t imagine myself
       anywhere else.”
       Previous school: Waldegrave School
       Studied: English Language, Photography and
       BTEC Media Production
       Extension study: Debating and EPQ

       Esher Sixth Form College is a hub for creativity
       and everyone I’ve met has been friendly and
       supportive! The College is by nature a very social
       place and actively brings students together from
       a vast range of backgrounds. The opportunities
       here extend beyond the classroom both socially
       and academically. For students thinking of
       coming to Esher - although it seems daunting to
       go somewhere so new - everyone is in the same
       boat and extremely friendly. All the teachers and
       support staff want you to succeed. I’m so glad I
       chose Esher for my studies, because I couldn’t
       imagine myself anywhere else!
       My courses: Being able to study a mixture of A
       Levels and BTEC subjects helped me keep my
       options open when I was unsure of my next
       steps. Each department has been outstanding
       with their teaching and support both in and out
       of the classroom. The English department hold
       weekly clinics for both language and literature,
       where we review topics we’ve been working on.
       The Media department have a range of resources
       on the portal, which have assisted my learning
       and improved my practical skills while the
       Photography department make it a priority to
       keep engaged with the students, providing one-
       to-one feedback and ensuring each student feels
       acknowledged and valued in the lessons.
       Best bits: The two Learning Resource Centres.
       They have helpful and well-informed staff, who are
       always there to assist me with my studies.
       After Esher, I want to study journalism at
       City, University of London. Esher has been
       imperative in my decision-making process, with
       my tutor providing realistic and informative
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