Quartz - UW Health Network - 2021 Provider Directory

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Quartz - UW Health Network - 2021 Provider Directory
2021 Provider Directory
  Quartz – UW Health Network
        State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program
Quartz - UW Health Network - 2021 Provider Directory
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             CUSTOMER SERVICE             i.    Welcome to Quartz
             (844) 644-3455                     Important Information
             TTY: 711 or (800) 877-8973         About Us

                                          ii.   Network Service Area Map
             MYCHART                            Getting to Know Your Network
                                          iii. Establishing Primary Care
                                               Go MyChart

                                          iv. Prior Authorization
                                              Pharmacy Benefits
                                              Take Notice

                                          v.    When You Need Care
             FOLLOW US                          Resources
             QuartzBenefits.com/blog      vi. Non-Discrimination & Language Access
Quartz - UW Health Network - 2021 Provider Directory
Welcome to Quartz


Our goal is to help you live your best life through access to affordable,
high-quality care. To do this, we partner with an extensive network of providers
who are committed to your health and well-being.

Our provider directory makes it easy to find a primary care provider, nearby clinics
and top-rated specialists to meet your unique health care needs. Plus, we have extra
resources to help you take full advantage of your health plan network.

          CONTACT US
As always, if you have any questions or need more information, call Customer Service at
(844) 644-3455; TTY: 711 or (800) 877-8973; or send us a message through MyChart at

⊲   At times we update our list of doctors and clinics. We cannot guarantee that any one doctor,
    hospital or other provider is still part of our network.
⊲   For the most up-to-date list of care providers in your Quartz network, visit QuartzBenefits.com/
⊲   Providers are independent contractors and are not employees of Quartz.
⊲   Contact us for printed information about a provider’s:
    •   Hospital or medical group affiliations
    •   Board certifications
    •   Hospital accreditation
    •   Gender
    •   Languages spoken

          ABOUT US
Quartz is provider owned by the integrated health care delivery systems of Gundersen Health System,
UW Health and UnityPoint Health.

We are committed to helping our customers live life to the fullest, by supporting them when
they’re sick while aspiring to keep them healthy.

Quartz - UW Health Network - 2021 Provider Directory
Windsor    DeForest
                                                                                          Sun Prairie

                                               Cross Plains         Dane                      Cottage Grove

                                                                      Madison             Monona
                                         Mount Horeb

                                                       Verona            Fitchburg


    In-network clinic locations

    Both clinic and hospital locations

Quartz – UW Health Network Service Area
                     Your health insurance includes access to in-network providers. A “network” is a group of
                     doctors and other medical providers who have agreed with Quartz to provide services
                     to Quartz members and bill us for your care. If we do not have a contract with a doctor or
                   provider, they are considered out-of-network.

⊲   Quartz has several different networks. Yours                ⊲     If a provider is not on the list, they are out-of-
    is listed on your ID card. You can search for                     network and likely are not covered under your
    providers in your network at QuartzBenefits.com/                  plan. Some Quartz plans, however, do cover
    findadoctor. Simply enter the network name that                   services with doctors not in your network. If you
    is on your ID card and a list of providers in your                are not sure if a provider is in-network or out-of-
    network will show in the search results.                          network, simply call their office to check or call
                                                                      Quartz Customer Service for help.

Establishing Primary Care
                 A good relationship with a primary care                                  Go to QuartzBenefits.com/
                 provider (PCP) can make a big impact on                                  findadoctor. Have your member
                your health and well-being. That’s why                                    ID card handy to make sure you
                                                                                          are searching in the right network.
             finding a PCP who understands your needs is
important. Look for a PCP who:                                                      Once you have picked a
                                                           PCP who best meets your needs, let us know. Go to
⊲   Is recommended by your friends, family or co-workers
                                                           QuartzMyChart.com and log in to your MyChart account.
⊲   Has training and experience that meets your needs
                                                           Under Quick Links, choose Change your Quartz PCP and
⊲   Listens, encourages you to ask questions and offers
    clear explanations                                     follow the prompts.

⊲   Treats you with respect                                If you don’t choose a PCP, we will assign you to a primary
                                                           care clinic near your home. You can make a new selection
                                                           at any time. Family members do not need to have the same
                                                           provider or clinic.

                   Every Quartz member needs MyChart,                     Get the free app for on-the-go access.
                   your one-stop access to benefits                       Available for iOS and Android — search
                   and claims details, important plan                     Quartz MyChart.
documents and more. Setup your account now so it’s ready
when you need it. Go to QuartzMyChart.com, click Sign Up
Now and follow the prompts for instant activation.
                                                             Message and data rates may apply.

Prior Authorization                                           Pharmacy Benefits
                  Most of the time, you can see a doctor,                       Quartz does not provide pharmacy
                  get prescriptions filled or take care of your                 benefits for the State of Wisconsin Group
                 other medical needs without checking with                     Health Insurance Program.
              Quartz. However, sometimes you might need
                                                                        ⊲      Visit Navitus at navitus.com for information
our okay ahead of time before we cover the costs.                 about your prescription drug benefits.

This process is called prior authorization. You, your doctor
                                                                              Take Notice
or nurse will fill out either a General Prior Authorization
                                                                                For questions about your rights or for
Request Form or a Medication Prior Authorization Form
and send it to Quartz for our review. We will let you and                       assistance, contact:
your provider know if the service is covered by your plan
                                                                                Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner
(approved) or not covered (denied). If the request is denied,                   of Insurance
we will tell you how you can appeal the decision.                               P.O. Box 7873
                                                                                Madison, WI 53707-7873
⊲   Learn more about prior authorization and download
    forms at QuartzBenefits.com/priorauth and                                   (608) 266-3585

                  Quartz does not need you to get a referral
                  from your PCP to see other providers in
                 your network. Keep in mind:

⊲   Some specialists may only accept you as a patient if you
    have been referred by your PCP.
⊲   You may need Quartz’s approval ahead of time to make
    sure specialist care is covered by your plan.

When You Need Care
                 No matter what type of care you need, check to see what your plan covers, especially before being
                 treated by someone other than your PCP. Remember:

                 ⊲   Your benefits may differ from other Quartz members
                 ⊲   You may need a referral or prior authorization before some services will be covered
                 ⊲   You can see all your benefits by logging in to MyChart

                                 MILD PAIN or                                      SEVERE PAIN or
                                 SYMPTOMS                                            SYMPTOMS                        UNBEARABLE
    NO PAIN or                                        MODERATE PAIN or                                               PAIN or
    SYMPTOMS                                            SYMPTOMS                                                     SYMPTOMS

 Primary Care is regular,                       Urgent Care is for health                           Emergency Care is for serious
 nonemergency care. Seek                        issues or minor injuries that                       medical problems such as
 primary care for routine                       need prompt attention, but are                      heart attacks, strokes, and
 checkups or problems like                      not serious enough for                              major injuries.
 the flu, aches, and pains.                     emergency care.

 Call your primary care clinic                  Call your doctor’s office first,                    Call 911 or go to the nearest
 or doctor’s office to make an                  day or night, to check the best                     hospital emergency room for
 appointment.                                   course of action.                                   help right away.

                 We know health insurance is complicated. Check out our resources to help you be a smart health
                 care consumer.

               Glossary of Insurance and Medical Terms — go to QuartzBenefits.com/glossary
            Look up the meanings of common insurance and medical words.

Health Plans 101 — go to QuartzBenefits.com/healthplan101
Review the basics of how health insurance works in easy-to-understand language.

Member Rights and Responsibilities — go to QuartzBenefits.com/memberrights
As a Quartz member, you have the right to be treated with respect. In return, we expect you to be involved in your care and
communicate with us.

Notice of Privacy Practices — go to QuartzBenefits.com/privacypractices
Learn how Quartz uses and protects your personal information.

Quartz’s YouTube Channel — go to YouTube.com, search for Quartz Health Solutions, Inc.
View videos on getting care, understanding health care bills and how health insurance works. Plus, meet some of our staff
in the Faces of Quartz series.

Non-Discrimination & Language Access
Quartz is the brand name for a group of companies committed             national origin, age, disability, or sex, you can file a
to your health: Quartz Health Benefit Plans Corporation,                grievance with –
Quartz Health Insurance Corporation, Quartz Health Plan                    Kristie Meier, Compliance Officer
Corporation, and Quartz Health Plan MN Corporation. These                  840 Carolina Street
companies are separate legal entities. In this notice, “we”                Sauk City, WI 53583
refers to all Quartz companies.                                            Phone: (800) 362-3310
For assistance understanding these materials in a language                 TTY: 711 or toll-free (800) 877-8973
other than English, call (800) 362-3310, and a Customer                    Fax: (608) 644-3500
Service representative will assist you. TTY users should call              Email: AppealsSpecialists@quartzbenefits.com
711 or (800) 877-8973.                                                  You can file a grievance in person or by mail, fax or email. If
We comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws and do              you need help filing a grievance, Kristie Meier, Compliance
not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin,          Officer, is available to help you. You can also file a civil
age, disability, or sex.                                                rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and
                                                                        Human Services, Office for Civil Rights, electronically
We provide free aids and services to people with disabilities
                                                                        through the Office for Civil Rights Complaint Portal,
to communicate effectively with us, such as –
                                                                        available at ocrportal.hhs.gov/ocr/portal/lobby.jsf or by
■ Qualified sign language interpreters                                  mail or phone at:
■ Written information in other formats (large print, audio,
    accessible electronic formats, other formats)                              U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
                                                                               200 Independence Avenue, SW
We provide free language services to people whose primary                      Room 509F, HHH Building
language is not English, such as –                                             Washington, D.C. 20201
■ Qualified interpreter                                                        (800) 368-1019; (800) 537-7697 (TDD)
■ Information written in other languages
                                                                        Complaint forms are available at hhs.gov/ocr/office/file/
If you need these services, contact Customer Service at                 index.html
(800) 362-3310.
                                                                        Quartz is a Qualified Health Plan issuer in the Health
If you believe we failed to provide these services or                   Insurance Marketplace in certain states. To learn more, visit
discriminated in another way on the basis of race, color,               the Health Insurance Marketplace at HealthCare.gov.

                                 For help to translate or understand this, please call
                                     (800) 362-3310, TTY: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
Spanish – Este Aviso contiene información importante. Este aviso        Chinese – 本通知含有重要的訊息 本通知對於您透過 Quartz 所
contiene información importante acerca de su solicitud o cobertura
a través de Quartz. Preste atención a las fechas clave que contiene     提 出的申請或保險有重要的訊息 請在本通知中查看重要的日
este aviso. Es posible que deba tomar alguna medida antes de            期 您可能要在特定的截止日期之 前採取行動,以保留您的健
determinadas fechas para mantener su cobertura médica o ayuda           康保險或有助於省錢 您有權利免費以您的母語得到幫助和訊
con los costos. Usted tiene derecho a recibir esta información
y ayuda en su idioma sin costo alguno. Llame al (800) 362-3310.
                                                                        息 請致電 (800) 362-3310:711 / (800) 877-8973.
TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.                                        Russian – Настоящее уведомление содержит важную информацию.
                                                                        Это уведомление содержит важную информацию о вашем
Hmong – Tsab ntawv tshaj xo no muaj cov ntshiab lus tseem ceeb.
                                                                        заявлении или страховом покрытии через Quartz. Посмотрите
Tsab ntawv tshaj xo no muaj cov ntsiab lus tseem ceeb txog koj daim
                                                                        на ключевые даты в настоящем уведомлении. Вам, возможно,
ntawv thov kev pab los yog koj qhov kev pab cuam los ntawm Quartz.
                                                                        потребуется принять меры к определенным предельным срокам
Saib cov caij nyoog los yog tej hnub tseem ceeb uas sau rau hauv daim
                                                                        для сохранения страхового покрытия или помощи с расходами.
ntawv no kom zoo. Tej zaum koj kuj yuav tau ua qee yam uas peb kom
                                                                        Вы имеете право на бесплатное получение этой информации и
koj ua tsis pub dhau cov caij nyoog uas teev tseg rau hauv daim ntawv
                                                                        помощь на вашем языке. Звоните по телефону (800) 362-3310.
no mas koj thiaj yuav tau txais kev pab cuam kho mob los yog kev pab
                                                                        TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
them tej nqi kho mob ntawd. Koj muaj cai kom lawv muab cov ntshiab
lus no uas tau muab sau ua koj hom lus pub dawb rau koj. Hu rau         Laotian               – ແຈ້ງການສະບັບນ                              ີ້ ມ      ້ ມ
                                                                                                                                                  ີ ໍຂ  ູ ນທ  ີ່ີ ໍສາຄັນ.
(800) 362-3310. TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
                                                                            ແຈ  ້ ງການສະບັບນ               ີ້ ມ
                                                                                                              ີ ໍຂ  ້ ມ
                                                                                                                      ູ ນທ         ີີ່ ໍ ສາຄັນກ          ີ່ ຽວກັບໃບສະຫມັກ ຫ               ຼື
Vietnamese – Thông báo này cung cấp thông tin quan trọng. Thông             ການຄ     ້ ມຄອງຂອງທ                  ີ່ ານຜ       ີ່ ານ Quartz. ຊອກຫາວັນທ                              ີ ໍ ສາຄັນ
báo này có thông tin quan trọng bàn về đơn nộp hoặc hợp đồng
bảo hiểm qua chương trình Quartz. Xin xem ngày then chốt trong
                                                                              ໃນຫນັງສ    ຼື ແຈ      ້ ງການສະບັບນ                      ີ ້ .ທ ີ່ ານອາດຈ           ໍ າເປ   ັ ນຕ ້ ອງປະຕ   ິ ບັດຕາມເວລາ
                                                                        ີ່ີ ທກ ໍ ານ   ົ ດໄວ      ີ່
                                                                                              ້ ີ ທແນ    ີ່ ນອນເພ        ີ່ ຼື ອຮັກສາໄວ                    ້ ການຄ      ້ ມຄອງສຂະພາບຂອງທ              ີ່ ານ
thông báo này. Quý vị có thể phải thực hiện theo thông báo đúng
trong thời hạn để duy trì bảo hiểm sức khỏe hoặc được trợ trúp              ຫ
                                                                            ຼື ຊ  ີ່ ວຍເຫ   ຼື ອດ     ້ ານຄ    ີ່ າໃຊ  ້ ຈ      ີ່ າຍ.ທ        ີ່ ານມ  ີ ິ ສດທ     ີ່ີ ຈະໄດ      ໍ້ ມ
                                                                                                                                                                            ້ ຮັບຂ   ູ ນນ    ີ ້ ແລະ
thêm về chi phí. Quý vị có quyền được biết thông tin này và được trợ    ຄວາມຊ ີ່ ວຍເຫ
                                                                                    ຼື ອໃນພາສາຂອງທ         ໍີ່ ເສຍຄ
                                                                                                   ີ່ ານໂດຍບ      ີ່ າ. ໂທຫາເບ
                                                                                                                             ີ (800)
giúp bằng ngôn ngữ của mình miễn phí. Xin gọi số (800) 362-3310.
TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.                                        362 3310. TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877 8973.
German – Diese Benachrichtigung enthält wichtige Informationen.                 Pennsylvanian Dutch – Die Bekanntmaching gebt wichdichi
Diese Benachrichtigung enthält wichtige Informationen bezüglich                 Auskunft. Die Bekanntmaching gebt wichdichi Auskunft baut dei
Ihres Antrags auf Krankenversicherungsschutz durch Quartz. Suchen               Application oder Coverage mit Quartz. Geb Acht fer wichdiche
Sie nach wichtigen Terminen in dieser Benachrichtigung. Sie                     Daadem in die Bekanntmachung. Es iss meeglich, ass du ebbes
könnten bis zu bestimmten Stichtagen handeln müssen, um Ihren                   duh muscht, an beschtimmde Deadlines, so ass du dei Health
Krankenversicherungsschutz oder Hilfe mit den Kosten zu behalten.               Coverage bhalde kannscht, odder bezaahle helfe kannscht. Du
Sie haben das Recht, kostenlose Hilfe und Informationen in Ihrer                hoscht es Recht fer die Information un Hilf in deinre eegne Schprooch
Sprache zu erhalten. Rufen Sie an unter (800) 362-3310. TTY / TDD:              griege, un die Hilf koschtet nix. Kannscht du (800) 362-3310 uffrufe.
711 / (800) 877-8973.                                                           TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
             Arabic – ‫ يتضمن هذا‬.‫يحتوي هذا اإلشعار على معلومات مهمة‬             Polish – To ogłoszenie zawiera ważne informacje. To ogłoszenie zawiera
                                                                                ważne informacje odnośnie Państwa wniosku lub zakresu świadczeń
             ‫ ابحث‬.Quartz ‫اإلشعار معلومات هامة حول طلبك أو تغطيتك عبر‬           poprzez Quartz.Prosimy zwrócic uwagę na kluczowe daty zawarte w tym
              ‫ قد تحتاج إلى إجراء تدابير‬.‫عن التواريخ الرئيسية في هذا اإلشعار‬    ogłoszeniu aby nie przekroczyć terminów w przypadku utrzymania polisy
              ‫معيّنة وفقا ً لمواعيد معيّنة من أجل الحفاظ على تغطيتك الصحية أو‬   ubezpieczeniowej lub pomocy związanej z kosztami. Macie Państwo
             ‫ ليدك الحق في الحصول على هذه المعلومات‬.‫المساعدة في التكاليف‬        prawo do bezpłatnej informacji we własnym języku. Zadzwońcie pod
                                                                                (800) 362-3310. TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
              ‫ اتصل على‬.‫وعلى المساعدة في لغتك دون أي تكلفة‬TTY / TDD:
                           711 / (800) 877-8973 / (800) 362-3310.                                          ू ण जानकारी शाममल है। इस सूचना में
                                                                                Hindi – इस सूचना में महत्वपर्
                                                                                Quartz से जड़
                                                                                           ु े आपके आवेदन या कवरे ज के बारे में महत्वपर्
                                                                                                                                      ू ण जानकारी
French – Cet avis a d’importantes informations. Cet avis a d’importantes
informations sur votre demande ou la couverture par l’intermédiaire de          शाममल है। इस सूचना में महत्वपर्
                                                                                                             ू ण तारीखों को दे खना न भूलें। स्वास््य
Quartz. Rechercher les dates clés dans le présent avis. Vous devrez             कवरे ज जारी रखने या खचे में मदद के मलए आपको कुछ तय तारीखों तक
peut-être prendre des mesures par certains délais pour maintenir
votre couverture de santé ou d’aide avec les coûts. Vous avez le droit          कारणवाई करनी ज़रूरी है। आपके पास अपनी भाषा में , बबना ककसी शल्
                                                                                                                                           ु क के
d’obtenir cette information et de l’aide dans votre langue à aucun coût.        इस जानकारी और सहायता को पाने का अधिकार है। (800) 362‑3310.
Appelez (800) 362-3310. TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
                                                                                TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877‑8973 पर कॉल करें ।
Korean – 본 통지서에는 중요한 정보가 들어 있습니다. 즉 이 통지서는 귀하의
                                                                                Albanian – Ky njoftim përmban informacion të rëndësishëm. Ky njoftim
신청에 관하여 그리고 Quartz을 통한 커버리지 에 관한 정보를 포함하고                                       përmban informacion të rëndësishëm për aplikimin ose mbulimin tuaj
있습니다.본 통지서에서 핵심이 되는 날짜들을 찾으십시오. 귀하는 귀하의                                         nëpërmjet Quartz. Kontrolloni për data të rëndësishme në këtë njoftim.
건강 커버리지를 계속유지하거나 비용을 절감하기 위해서 일정한 마감일까지                                         Mund t’ju duhet të ndërmerrni veprim brenda afatave të caktuara për të
조치를 취해야 할 필요가 있을 수있습니다. 귀하는 이러한 정보와 도움을                                         mbajtur mbulimin tuaj shëndetësor ose për ndihmën me koston. Keni
                                                                                të drejtë ta merrni këtë informacion dhe ndihmë falas në gjuhën tuaj.
귀하의 언어로 비용 부담없이 얻을 수 있는 권리가있습니다. (800) 362-3310
                                                                                Telefononi numrin (800) 362-3310. TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
로 전화하십시오. TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
                                                                                Somali – FIIRO GAAR AH: Haddii aad ku hadashid af Soomaali,
Tagalog – Ang Paunawa na ito ay naglalaman ng mahalagang
                                                                                adeegyada caawimada luuqada, ayaa waxaa laguugu siinayaa
impormasyon. Ang paunawa na ito ay naglalaman ng mahalagang
impormasyon tungkol sa iyong aplikasyon o pagsakop sa pamamagitan               bilaash, waa laguu heli karaa. 1-800-362-3310
ng Quartz. Tingnan ang mga mahalagang petsa dito sa paunawa.                    (TTY: 1-800-877-8973) bilbilaa.
Maaring mangailangan ka na magsagawa ng hakbang sa ilang mga
itinakdang panahon upang mapanatili ang iyong pagsakop sa kalusugan
o tulong na walang gastos. May karapatan ka na makakuha ng ganitong
impormasyon at tulong sa iyong wika ng walang gastos. Tumawag sa
(800) 362-3310. TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.

Cushite – Oroomiffa XIYYEEFFANNAA: Afaan dubbattu Oroomiffa, tajaajila gargaarsa afaanii, kanfaltiidhaan ala, ni argama. Bilbilaa
(800) 362-3310. TTY / TDD: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
Amharic –

Karen –
Mon-Khmer, Cambodian –

Serbocroatian – OBAVJEŠTENJE: Ako govorite srpskohrvatski, usluge jezičke pomoći dostupne su vam besplatno. Nazovite
(800) 362-3310 TTY- Telefon za osobe sa oštećenim govorom ili sluhom: 711 / (800) 877-8973.
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Health insurance can be complicated. Refer to this handy guide to better understand common types
of care facilities and the services they offer.

  Ambulatory Surgery                    Outpatient surgery, also known as ambulatory surgery, day surgery, day case surgery, or same-
  Center                                day surgery, is surgery that does not require an overnight hospital stay.
  Anesthetists                          Anesthesiology is the medical specialty concerned with the total perioperative care of patients
                                        before, during and after surgery. It encompasses anesthesia, intensive care medicine, critical
                                        emergency medicine, and pain medicine.
  Anti-Hemophiliac                      Factor VIII is an essential blood-clotting protein, also known as anti-hemophilic factor.
  Audiology                             Audiology is a branch of science that studies hearing, balance, and related disorders.
                                        Audiologists treat those with hearing loss and proactively prevent related damage. By
                                        employing various testing strategies, audiologists aim to determine whether someone has
                                        normal sensitivity to sounds
  Autism Treatment                      Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized
                                        by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication.
  Behavioral Health                     Behavioral health is a term that is used to include many aspects of a person’s wellbeing, such
                                        as mental health, substance use, harmful behaviors, or overall emotional wellness.
  Behavioral Health                     A residential treatment center refers to a licensed residential facility that is non-hospital based
  AODA Residential/                     and provides voluntary, non-acute 24-hour individualized clinical treatment from a multi-
  Transitional                          disciplinary team in a contained, safe, and structured environment. A transitional residential
                                        treatment service is a clinically supervised, peer-supported therapeutic environment with
                                        clinical involvement.
  Behavioral Health                     “Day treatment” or “day hospital” means a nonresidential intensive program that provides a
  Day Treatment                         mix of psychosocial treatment, education, and recreational activities and follow-up services to
                                        alleviate problems related to mental health or substance abuse issues.
  Behavioral Health                     Psychiatric hospitals, also known as mental health units or behavioral health units, are acute
  Inpatient                             care hospitals or hospital units specializing in the treatment of severe mental disorders, such
                                        as major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Care is provided 24 hours a
                                        day, 7 days a week by or under the direction of a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner.
  Birth to Three                        The Birth to 3 Program is a federally-mandated Early Intervention program (Part C of the
                                        Individuals with Disabilities Education Act—IDEA ) to support families of children with
                                        developmental delays or disabilities under the age of three.

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Chiropractic          Chiropractic is an alternative medicine that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of
                      mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.
Clinics               A clinic is a health facility where people go for medical care or advice.
Clinics - Specialty   Specialty care means advanced medically necessary care and treatment of specific physical,
Care                  mental or behavioral health conditions or those health conditions which may manifest in
                      particular ages or subpopulations, that are provided by a specialist, preferably in coordination
                      with a primary care professional or other health care professional.
Durable Medical       Durable medical equipment is medical equipment ordered by a health care provider for
Equipment             everyday or extended use. Some examples are CPAP devices, crutches, hospital beds,
                      orthotics and wheelchairs.
Durable Medical       Bone growth stimulation is utilized to promote bone healing in difficult to heal fractures or
Equipment - Bone      fusions by applying electrical or ultrasonic current to the fracture/fusion site. An electrical
Growth Stimulator     osteogenesis stimulator is a device that provides electrical stimulation to augment bone repair.
Durable Medical       Insulin pumps are small, computerized devices that mimic the way the human pancreas works
Equipment - Insulin   by delivering small doses of short acting insulin continuously (basal rate).
Durable Medical       Durable medical equipment (DME) includes the different types of oxygen equipment necessary
Equipment -           in the care of patients with respiratory ailments.
Durable Medical       Negative-pressure wound therapy, also known as a vacuum assisted closure, is a therapeutic
Equipment - Wound     technique using a suction pump, tubing and a dressing to remove excess exudate and promote
Vac                   healing in acute or chronic wounds and second- and third-degree burns.
Eye Clinic            A clinic where specialist care for a patient’s eyes.
Family Planning       Family planning may involve consideration of the number of children a woman wishes to have,
Center                including the choice to have no children and the age at which she wishes to have them. These
                      matters are influenced by external factors such as marital situation, career considerations,
                      financial position, and any disabilities that may affect their ability to have children and raise
                      them. If sexually active, family planning may involve the use of contraception and other
                      techniques to control the timing of reproduction.
Home Health           Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for
                      an illness or injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as
                      effective as care you get in a hospital or nursing home (skilled nursing facility).
Home Infusion         Home infusion therapy involves the intravenous or subcutaneous administration of drugs
                      or biologicals to an individual at home. The components needed to perform home infusion
                      include the drug (for example, antivirals, immune globulin), equipment (for example, a pump),
                      and supplies (for example, tubing and catheters).
Hospice               Hospice care focuses on a person’s last six months of life of less. When curative treatment is
                      no longer an option, hospice professionals work to make the patient’s life as comfortable as
                      possible. This means that hospice care includes palliative care because the goal is to make the
                      patient as comfortable as possible for the time that’s left.
Hospital              Hospital, an institution that is built, staffed, and equipped for the diagnosis of disease; for
                      the treatment, both medical and surgical, of the sick and the injured; and for their housing
                      during this process.

Infusion Therapy      In medicine, infusion therapy deals with all aspects of fluid and medication infusion, via
                      intravenous or subcutaneous application. A special infusion pump can be used for this
                      purpose. A fenestrated catheter is most frequently inserted into the localized area to be
Inpatient             An inpatient rehabilitation facility is a free-standing rehabilitation hospital or a rehabilitation unit
Rehabilitation        in an acute care hospital. They provide an intensive rehabilitation program and patients who
                      are admitted must be able to tolerate three hours of intense rehabilitation services per day.
Massage Therapy       The manipulation of the muscles and other soft tissues of the body (as by stroking, kneading,
                      or rubbing with one or both hands or an instrument) by a massage therapist for therapeutic
                      purposes (as to relieve pain, promote healing, or improve physical functioning)
Narcotic Treatment    NRT is comprehensive treatment with synthetic opiates approved by the United States Food
Services              and Drug Administration (FDA) for opiate-addicted patients. Authorized narcotic replacement
                      medications are methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone, and levo-alpha-acetylmethadol
                      (LAAM). They are available to patients receiving treatment in a licensed Narcotic Treatment
                      Program (NTP).
Nursing Home/         Nursing homes, also called skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), provide a wide range of health and
Skilled Nursing       personal care services. Their services focus on medical care more than most assisted living
Facility (SNF)        facilities. These services typically include nursing care, 24-hour supervision, three meals a day,
                      and assistance with everyday activities.
Open MRI              Open MRIs are configured to provide improved patient comfort while taking images inside the
                      body. They have magnets above and below the patient and wide open sides.
Orthopedics           A branch of medicine concerned with the correction or prevention of deformities, disorders, or
                      injuries of the skeleton and associated structures (such as tendons and ligaments)
Pharmacies            A store where medicinal drugs are dispensed and sold.
Physical Therapy      The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat
                      treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery.
Podiatry              The treatment of the feet and their ailments.
Portable X-ray        Portable x-ray suppliers provide diagnostic imaging services at patients’ locations - most often
Supplier              residences including private homes and group living facilities, such as nursing homes - rather
                      than in a traditional clinical setting, such as a doctor’s office or hospital.
Practice Location     Practice Location means the health care facility at which a physician spends the largest number
w/o eVIPS Facility    of hours per week engaged in patient encounters among all such locations where such
Type                  physician practices.
Radiology             The science dealing with X-rays and other high-energy radiation, especially the use of such
                      radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
Renal Dialysis Unit   A ward or part thereof for dialyzing patients with advanced renal disease. Usually outpatients
                      who may stay overnight; less commonly, inpatients who may be awaiting a kidney transplant.
Sports Medicine       Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and
Clinic                prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise.
Urgent Care           Urgent Care Medicine is the provision of immediate medical service offering outpatient care for
                      the treatment of acute and chronic illness and injury.

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contains general information that would apply to most Quartz members. However, health benefit plans vary -
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      Information in this directory may change as providers join or leave the network, move or retire.
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                                                                                                                                                                         PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS - WI
 Nurse Practitioners (ANPs, APNs, APNPs, ARNPs, CNPs, CPNPs, DNPs, FNPs, NPs, and WHNPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) are licensed, highly qualified
 professional health care providers who work in partnership with medical doctors. While you may not select a PA as your primary care provider (PCP), they are
 available for annual exams, urgent/problem visits and follow-up for ongoing health care.

 (*) PCPs noted with this symbol are only accepting Quartz members who are existing patients.

 (§) ANPs, APNs, APNPs, ARNPs, CNPs, CPNPs, DNPs, FNPs, NPs, and WHNPs and NPs noted with this symbol may not be selected as a PCP.

 (¥) This provider offers Telehealth Visits, which are remote scheduled appointments during clinic hours via telephone or video chat when clinically appropriate.

       Dane County               Schmitt, Andrew B. MD ¥          General Internal Medicine         Fehr, Kevin E. MD                 Obstetrics & Gynecology
                                 Siewert, Lynda A. MD* ¥          Nurse Practitioner                Fricke, Jonathan J. MD
       BELLEVILLE                                                                                                                     Masana, Jill M. MD ¥
                                 Siewert, Steven P. MD ¥          Lothe, Angela S. APNP ¥           Loving, Kenneth R. MD*            Schmehil Micklos, Amanda L.
           Clinics               Webster, Bryan J. MD ¥           Rosenberg, Alaine K. APNP ¥       Marchant, Angela M. DO            MD ¥
                                                                                                    Nolander, Evan T. DO              Schwartz, Amanda E. MD ¥
UW Health - Belleville           Family Medicine Physician        UnityPoint Health - Meriter-      Regner, Caitlin J. MD
                                 Assistant                                                                                            Sharma, Shefaali MD ¥
Family Medicine                                                   Fitchburg Clinic
1121 Bellwest Blvd                                                2690 Research Park Dr, Ste F      Family Medicine Nurse             Pediatrics
                                 Kees Johnson, Susan PA ¥                                           Practitioner
Belleville, WI 53508             Knipfer, Kathleen A. PA ¥        Fitchburg, WI 53711-4921
                                                                  (608) 417-8585                                                      Buencamino, Amy C. MD ¥
(608) 424-3384                                                                                      Coleman, Mary K. APNP             Cahill, Kathryn A. MD ¥
Hours                                  CROSS PLAINS               Hours                             Romero Rivera, Misty M.
                                                                  Monday thru Friday, 8 am -                                          Ertl, Nicole L. MD ¥
Monday thru Friday, 8 am -                                                                          APNP                              Marchant, John W. MD ¥
                                             Clinics              4:30 pm
4:30 pm                                                                                             Rowe, Sarah M. APNP               McGee, Jessica P. MD ¥
Family Medicine                  UW Health - Cross Plains         Family Medicine                                                     Riopel, Leslie M. MD ¥
                                                                                                    General Internal Medicine
                                 Clinic                                                                                               Wilcots, Margaret C. MD ¥
Carlson, Jensena M. MD*          2418 Brewery Rd                  Martin-Foster, Cheryl A. MD       Doherty, Elizabeth R. MD
Gilchrist, Valerie J. MD*        Cross Plains, WI 53528           Shropshire, James H. MD*                                            UnityPoint Health - Meriter
Howlett, Bethany M. MD           (608) 798-3344                                                     Pediatrics                        - McKee Clinic
                                                                  Family Medicine Physician                                           3102 Meriter Way
Landeck, Jillian K. MD*          Hours                            Assistant                         Kane, Mollie L. MD
Lochner, Jennifer E. MD*         Monday thru Friday, 8 am -                                                                           Madison, WI 53719-5833
Lubsen, Julia R. MD*             4:30 pm                          Koenen, Janelle R. PA             Access Community Health           (608) 417-8800
Michael, William E. MD                                                                              Centers - William T. Evjue        Hours
                                 Family Medicine                  General Internal Medicine         Clinic                            Monday thru Friday, 8 am -
Family Medicine Physician                                         Felz, Kenneth MD                  3434 E Washington Ave             4:30 pm
Assistant                        Brogunier, Michele E. MD*
                                 Grelle, Amy R. MD*                                                 Madison, WI 53704                 Family Medicine
                                                                  UW Health - Fitchburg             (608) 443-5480
Alioto, Brittany L. PA           Olson, Pamela A. MD*             Clinic                            Hours                             Golden, Robert A. MD
    COTTAGE GROVE                Family Medicine Nurse            5543 E Cheryl Pkwy                Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5      Reed, Karen A. MD
                                 Practitioner                     Fitchburg, WI 53711               pm                                Reed, Shannon C. DO
           Clinics                                                (608) 274-5300
                                 Erickson, Katelyn APNP§          Hours                             Family Medicine                   Family Medicine Nurse
UW Health - Cottage Grove                                         Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5                                        Practitioner
Clinic                                   DEFOREST                                                   Epstein, Jody C. MD
                                                                  pm                                Loving, Kenneth R. MD*            Curran, Kimberly K. APNP
4590 County Rd N
                                             Clinics                                                Marchant, Angela M. DO
Cottage Grove, WI 53527                                           Family Medicine                                                     General Internal Medicine
(608) 839-3104                   UnityPoint Health - Meriter                                        Nolander, Evan T. DO
Hours                                                             McCabe, Mark R. MD                Poi, Elizabeth A. MD*             Casper, N. Thomas MD
                                 - DeForest-Windsor Clinic        McCreary, Katherine A. MD*
Monday thru Friday, 8 am -       4200 Savannah Dr                                                   Regner, Caitlin J. MD             Mortimore, Wendy R. MD
4:30 pm                                                           Perry, Carole E. MD*              Shapiro, Walker B. MD
                                 DeForest, WI 53532               Weathers, Nicole N. MD*                                             Pediatrics
                                 (608) 417-3300                                                     Weiser, Julia M. MD
Family Medicine
                                 Hours                            Geriatrics                        Family Medicine Nurse             Jin, Wendy Y. MD
DeGiovanni, Gina M. MD*          Monday thru Thursday, 7 am -                                       Practitioner                      Johnson, Dana M. MD
Mehta, Ronak MD*                                                  Braus, Ann B. MD*                                                   Mortimore, Wendy R. MD
                                 7 pm, Friday, 7 am - 5 pm
Niebler, Anne R. MD*                                              Eastman, Alexis M. MD             Anderson, Shannon C. APNP
Pittner-Smith, Christa A. MD*    Family Medicine                  Przybelski, Robert J. MD*                                           UnityPoint Health - Meriter
                                                                                                    Family Medicine Physician         - Monona Clinic
Family Medicine Physician        Khan, Farah MD                   Geriatrics Nurse Practitioner     Assistant                         6408 Copps Ave
Assistant                        Yee, Mon L. MD                                                                                       Madison, WI 53716-3702
                                                                  Vandenberg, Krista M.             Dachik, Carey G. PA
                                 Family Medicine Nurse            APNP§                                                               (608) 417-3000
Falligant, Louis A. PA                                                                              Associated Physicians, LLP        Hours
Greuel, Leann E. PA              Practitioner
                                                                            MADISON                 4410 Regent St                    Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
Wildwood Family Clinic, SC       Shookman, Catrina K. APNP                                          Madison, WI 53705-4901            pm
- Cottage Grove                          FITCHBURG                                                  (608) 233-9746
                                                                                                    Hours                             Family Medicine
251 E Cottage Grove Rd                                            Access Community Health
Cottage Grove, WI 53527                      Clinics              Centers - Joyce and               Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am -     Clevidence, Derek E. MD
(608) 839-3515                                                    Marshall Erdman Clinic            5 pm & Saturday, 8 am - 12        Pribbenow, Bridget A. MD
Hours                            Physicians for Women             2202 S Park St                    pm                                Wendland, Diane L. MD*
Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am -    (Affiliated with Melius,         Madison, WI 53713
                                 Schurr and Cardwell, LLP)                                          General Internal Medicine         Family Medicine Nurse
5 pm                                                              (608) 443-5480
                                 2955 Triverton Pike Dr                                             Everton, Jennifer L. DO ¥         Practitioner
Family Medicine                  Fitchburg, WI 53711-5807         Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5      Ewalt, John E. MD ¥               Marshall, Sara K. APNP
                                 (608) 227-7007                   pm                                Fothergill, Amy L. MD ¥
Hampton, Jason A. MD ¥                                                                                                                Treiber, Abbie E. APNP
                                 Hours                                                              Goldrosen, Michael I. MD ¥
Lowery, Sarah E. MD ¥                                             Family Medicine
                                 Monday thru Thursday, 8 am -                                       Olson, Robert W. MD ¥             General Internal Medicine
Mallory, Dorothy J. MD* ¥
                                 5 pm, Friday, 8 am - 12:30 pm                                      Rammelkamp, Zoe L. MD ¥
Midelfort, Leila R. MD ¥                                          Epstein, Jody C. MD                                                 Carimi, Sanford A. MD

Printed on: 9/14/2021, Providers as of: 9/14/2021, Refer to important information at the beginning of this document                                                  3
                               Grimm, Melissa S. MD            Ruedinger, Emily D. MD          Edgoose, Jennifer Y. MD*       Jelenc, Briana L. MD*           Frohna, John G. MD*

                                                                                               Hampton, Adrienne R. MD*       Kleinschmidt, Peter MD*         Hillery, Karen M. MD*
                               Pediatrics                      UW Health - Arboretum           Hayon, Ronni L. MD*            Lavin, Kelly A. MD*             Holt, Laura E. MD*
                                                               Internal Medicine               Lemmon, Russell L. DO*         Mozena, Marty G. DO*            Jain, Sanjeev R. MD*
                               Hanson, Carleen L. MD           1102 S Park St                  Sanner, Louis A. MD*           Streyle, Johanna C. MD*         Lindell, Allison L. MD
                               Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner   Madison, WI 53715               Schrager, Sarina B. MD*                                        Marten, Kristen A. DO
                                                               (608) 263-7500                  Schwab, William E. MD*         General Internal Medicine       Naidu, Jennifer E. MD
                               Green, Kathleen R. APNP         Hours                                                          Nurse Practitioner              Rongstad, Meriel S. MD
                               UnityPoint Health - Meriter     Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5    Family Medicine Nurse                                          Schultz, Alexandra M. MD
                                                               pm                              Practitioner                   Arevalo, Meredith G. APNP§
                               - West Washington Clinic                                                                       Knudtson-Manske, Robyn D.       Wright, Robin M. MD*
                               345 W Washington Ave, Ste       General Internal Medicine       Schmitz, Anne NP§              APNP§                           Zimmerman, Christine L.
                               100                                                                                            O'Donnell, Sara E. APNP§        MD*
                               Madison, WI 53703-2996          Abraham, Vidthya MD*            Family Medicine Physician
                               (608) 417-8300                  Galusha, Brittany M. MD         Assistant                      Pediatrics                      Wildwood Family Clinic,
                               Hours                           Kaufman, Lisa M. MD*                                                                           S.C.
                                                               Schnell, Andrea K. MD*          Enzler, Kathryn A. PA          Burns, Deirdre A. MD*           4901 Cottage Grove Rd
                               Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5                                    McNiel, Sarah K. PA            Deffner-Valley, Patricia MD
                               pm                              Shiffler, Thomas D. MD*                                                                        Madison, WI 53716
                                                               Smith, Jeremy P. MD*            Uminski, Joan E. PA            Jones, Andrea N. MD*            (608) 221-1501
                               Family Medicine                 Sosman, James M. MD*                                           Lemon, Katherine A. MD          Hours
                                                                                               UW Health - Odana Atrium       Neuman, Megan F. MD*
                               Miran, Sean L. DO               Wilson, Rachel K. DO            Clinic                                                         Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am -
                                                                                                                              Sleeth, Jeffrey S. MD*          5 pm
                                                               General Internal Medicine       5618 Odana Rd                  Vaughan, Jessica L. MD
                               Family Medicine Nurse                                           Madison, WI 53719
                               Practitioner                    Nurse Practitioner                                             Yanny, Megan E. MD              Family Medicine
                                                                                               (608) 828-7611
                               Foss, Megan R. APNP             Holum, Sarah E. APNP§           Hours                          UW Health - University          Hook, Christina D. MD ¥
                                                                                               Monday thru Friday, 8 am -     Station                         Lentfer, Karen R. MD ¥
                               Family Medicine Physician       UW Health - East Clinic         4:30 pm                        2880 University Ave             Midelfort, Leila R. MD* ¥
                               Assistant                       5249 E Terrace Dr                                              Madison, WI 53705               Schmitt, Andrew B. MD ¥
                                                               Madison, WI 53718               Family Medicine                (608) 263-9339                  Sturm, Anthony J. MD ¥
                               Kelly, Rachel H. PA             (608) 265-1295
                                                                                               Bigham, James B. MD*           Hours                           Family Medicine Physician
                               Pediatrics                      Hours                                                          Monday thru Friday, 8 am -
                                                               Monday thru Friday, 8 am -      Gervais, Claire M. MD*                                         Assistant
                                                                                               Hubbard, Derek R. MD*          4:30 pm
                               Jin, Wendy Y. MD                4:30 pm
                                                                                               Huebner, Jeffrey A. MD*                                        Schroeder, Therese E. PA ¥
                               UW Health - 20 South Park       General Internal Medicine       Kolan, Anne M. MD*                                             Wingra Family Medical
                               Clinic                                                          Kunstman, David T. MD*         Przybelski, Robert J. MD*
                                                               Cheung, Victoria M. MD*                                                                        Center (Affiliated with
                               20 S Park St                                                    Leasure, Michael P. MD*
                                                               Famouri, Maryam L. MD*                                         Pediatrics                      Access Community Health
                               Madison, WI 53715                                               Malloy, Michele L. MD*
                                                               Micek, Mark A. MD*                                                                             Centers)
                               (888) 703-2778                                                  Stephens, Preston M. MD        Cody, Paula J. MD*
                                                               Mirkes, Megan K. MD*                                                                           1102 S Park St
                               Hours                                                           Takahashi, Jonathan B. MD*
                                                               Seibert, Christine S. MD*                                      Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner   Madison, WI 53715-1708
                               Monday thru Friday, 8 am -                                      Thompson, Mary G. MD*
                                                               Wilson, Siobhan D. MD*                                                                         (608) 263-3111
                               4:30 pm                                                         Wilke, Ashley R. MD            Standiford, Maria C. APNP
                                                               Zakowski, Laura J. MD*                                                                         Hours
                               General Internal Medicine                                       Family Medicine Nurse          UW Health - West Clinic         Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
                                                               General Internal Medicine       Practitioner                                                   pm
                               Boushea, Deborah K. MD*         Nurse Practitioner                                             451 Junction Rd
                               Chang, Tony S. MD*                                              Halbersma, Bridget A. APNP§    Madison, WI 53717               Family Medicine
                               Dambach, Jason A. MD*           Majcen, Christina M. APNP§                                     (608) 265-7550
                                                               Marten, Susan APNP§             Family Medicine Physician      Hours                           Bruehlman, Alyssa MD
                               Davis-Maxwell, Anthony J.
                                                               Panther, Kristen L. APNP§       Assistant                      Monday thru Friday, 8 am -      Chongsuwat, Tana MD
                                                                                                                              4:30 pm                         Dalby, Jessica W. MD
                               George, Elizabeth MD*           General Internal Medicine       McGuire, Abigail M. PA                                         Dresang, Lee T. MD
                               Heidel, Randy S. MD             Physician Assistant                                            General Internal Medicine
                                                                                               General Internal Medicine                                      Duffy, Sean M. MD
                               Miller, Kathryn A. MD*
                                                               Kilroy-Sikkema, Craig A. PA                                    Bartholomew, Erik C. MD*        Hoerz, Parker D. MD
                               Reich, Richard M. MD*                                           Boyle, Robert W. MD*
                                                                                                                              Belsky, Lorna E. MD*            Kinsey, William J. MD
                               Ruchala, Joanna B. MD*          Geriatrics                      Grant, Lisa M. DO*
                                                                                                                              Chheda, Shobhina G. MD*         Lee, Jonas J. MD*
                               Smith, Shannon O. MD*                                           Haine, James E. MD*
                                                               Pankratz, Gerald T. MD*                                        Constantinescu, Daniela C.      Martonffy, Andrea I. MD
                               Trowbridge, Elizabeth R.                                        Hayner, Paul John MD*
                                                                                                                              MD*                             Regner, Caitlin J. MD
                               MD*                             Geriatrics Nurse Practitioner   Kinda, Hajnal K. MD*
                                                                                                                              Davis, Erin M. MD*              Rindfleisch, Kirsten S. MD*
                               Zimmermann, Philip N. MD*                                       Lee, Ernest J. MD*
                                                                                                                              Fouch, Erin M. MD*              Tellez-Giron, Patricia A. MD
                                                               Bodden Hoenisch, Jillian M.     Rees, Kerry S. MD*
                               General Internal Medicine                                                                      Herold, Kelly A. MD*            Temte, Jonathan L. MD*
                                                               APNP§                           Schmidt, Ann M. MD*
                               Nurse Practitioner                                                                             Lewicki, Kristin A. MD*         Leaving Network as of
                                                               Pediatrics                      General Internal Medicine      Loomans, Karen M. MD*
                               Benedict, Sarah J. APNP§                                                                                                       9/30/2021
                                                               Houser, Laura M. MD*            Nurse Practitioner             Nestleroad, Christopher A.
                               General Internal Medicine       Kleist, Troy J. MD                                             MD*                             Tilhou, Alyssa M. MD
                               Physician Assistant                                             Bachhuber, Anne R. APNP§       Newcomer, Peter D. MD*
                                                               McIntosh, Gwenevere C. MD*      Lewellin, Katie M. APNP§                                       Family Medicine Nurse
                               Doughty, Leah B. PA             Plumb, Amy J. MD*                                              Quinn, Mariah A. MD*
                                                                                               Simpson, Brittany M. APNP§     Romer, Laurel L. MD*            Practitioner
                               Knoche, Lauren C. PA            Stockhausen, Amy L. MD*
                               Morgan, Angela B. PA                                            UW Health - Union Corners      Ryan, Pamela M. MD*             Leidel, Stacy A. APNP§
                                                               UW Health - Northeast           Clinic                         Terras, Mara E. MD*
                               Pediatrics                      Family Medical Center           2402 Winnebago St              Valmadrid, Cassandra J. MD*     Family Medicine Physician
                                                               3209 Dryden Dr                  Madison, WI 53704              Voss, Lindsay H. MD*            Assistant
                               Allen, Brittany J. MD*          Madison, WI 53704
                               Babal, Jessica C. MD*                                           (608) 242-6865                 General Internal Medicine       Terasa, Jennifer A. PA
                                                               (608) 241-9020                  Hours
                               Bernhardt, David T. MD*                                                                        Nurse Practitioner              Vitcenda, Angela K. PA
                                                               Hours                           Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
                               Chybowski, Timothy J. MD*       Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5                                                                      Clinics - Specialty Care
                               Delgadillo, Cristina M. MD*                                     pm                             Bartelt, Kristina J. APNP§
                                                               pm                                                             Gilbertson, Lauren K. APNP§
                               Iyer, Lalitha V. MD                                             General Internal Medicine                                      Madison Women's Health -
                               Kelley, Catherine MD*           Family Medicine                                                Moe, Amanda J. APNP§
                                                                                                                                                              Primary Care
                               Mathur, Madhulika MD*                                           Anderson, Jonathan S. MD*      Pediatrics
                                                              Dubey, Jared L. DO*
                               Printed on: 9/14/2021, Providers as of: 9/14/2021, Refer to important information at the beginning of this document                                            4
5801 Research Park Blvd, Ste   Cramer-McDonald, Teresa R.      Hours                          Couture, Allison D. DO*

                                                                                                                                  PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS - WI
400                            APNP§                           Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5   Evensen, Ann E. MD*
Madison, WI 53719                                              pm                             Hahn, Thomas W. MD*
(608) 729-6300                 Family Medicine Physician                                      Hammer, Erin M. MD*
Hours                          Assistant                       Family Medicine                James, Sarah J. DO*
Monday thru Friday, 8 am -     Hand, Kelsey A. PA              Quick, Ryan T. MD              Larson, Magnolia J. DO*
4:45 pm                        Lenz, Linda A. PA                                              Wirtz, Mark W. MD*
                               Pankratz, Paul PA               Family Medicine Nurse
Obstetrics & Gynecology                                        Practitioner                   Family Medicine Physician
                               Rasmussen, Jessica L. PA                                       Assistant
Dickmeyer, Karla MD ¥                                          Moreland, Kimberly A. APNP
Durward, Ashley D. MD ¥        UW Health Yahara                                               Stokes, Heidi PA
Stoffel, Mary MD ¥             Integrative Family Medicine     UW Health - Stoughton          Wendler, Karen M. PA
Wiedel, Beth MD ¥              1050 E Broadway                 Clinic
Yanke, Sarah MD ¥              Monona, WI 53716                1001 Nygaard St                         WINDSOR
                               (608) 287-5899                  Stoughton, WI 53589
UnityPoint Health - Meriter    Hours                           (608) 877-2660                             Clinics
202 S Park St                  Monday thru Friday, 8 am -      Hours                          UW Health - DeForest-
Madison, WI 53715              4:30 pm                         Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5   Windsor Clinic
(608) 417-6000                                                 pm                             4131 Meridian Dr
Hours                          Family Medicine
                                                               General Internal Medicine      Windsor, WI 53598
By Appointment                 Kuphal, Greta J. MD*                                           (608) 846-3741
Pediatrics                     Minichiello, Vincent MD*        Berg, Kristin M. MD*           Hours
                               Rakel, David P. MD              Khalid, Ahsan MD*              Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
Houser, Laura M. MD*           Weber, Michael J. MD*                                          pm
                                                               General Internal Medicine
       MIDDLETON               Family Medicine Physician       Physician Assistant            Family Medicine
             Clinics                                           Kluck, Heather L. PA           Atluru, Sreevalli MD*
                               Brady, Sara M. PA                                              Hounshell, Jennie B. MD*
UnityPoint Health - Meriter                                    Pediatrics
                                     MOUNT HOREB                                              Jonuzi, Zinije MD*
- Middleton Clinic                                             Pletta, Karen H. MD*           Milsap, Alexander D. MD*
7780 Elmwood Ave, Ste 201                 Clinics              Strand, Barbara J. MD          Paretsky, Eve G. MD*
Middleton, WI 53562-5407                                                                      Pickhardt, Peter A. MD*
(608) 417-3434                 UW Health - Mount Horeb                SUN PRAIRIE
                                                                                              Ringdahl, David J. MD*
Hours                          Clinic                                                         Titel, Robyn MD*
Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5                                                Clinics
                               600 N 8th St                                                   Traun, Benjamin D. MD*
pm                             Mount Horeb, WI 53572           UW Health - Sun Prairie
                               (608) 437-3064                  Clinic                         Family Medicine Physician
Family Medicine                                                                               Assistant
                               Hours                           2651 Windsor St
Gomez-Goldman, Suzanne E.      Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5    Sun Prairie, WI 53590          Coenen, Katie S. PA
MD                             pm                              (608) 837-2206                 Kempfer, Benjamin R. PA
Family Medicine Nurse          Family Medicine                 Hours                          Simpson, Lisa PA
Practitioner                                                   Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
                               Miner, Kyle D. MD*              pm
Huibregtse, Ioana A. APNP      Shafer, Jennifer R. MD*
                                                               Family Medicine                Primary Care Physicians = 350
General Internal Medicine                OREGON
                                                               Bryan, Jacob J. MD*
Felz, Kenneth MD                          Clinics              Coert, Lesley A. MD*
Kraske, Gerhard K. MD                                          Greenfield, Katharine M. MD*
Olajos, Arpad S. MD            UW Health - Oregon Clinic       Hawkins, John G. MD*
                               137 S Main St                   Kuhn, Laurie S. MD*
         MONONA                Oregon, WI 53575                McCormick, Trisha L. DO*
             Clinics           (608) 835-5588                  Mixtacki, Lauren M. MD*
                               Hours                           Queoff, David W. MD*
UW Health - Yahara Clinic      Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
1050 E Broadway                pm                              Family Medicine Physician
Monona, WI 53716                                               Assistant
                               Family Medicine
(608) 222-8779                                                 Albi, Paige PA
Hours                          Aurangzeb, Amnah MD*            Westby, Sarah N. PA
Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5   Brooks, Lauren F. DO*
pm                             Catani, Kristin L. MD                    VERONA
                               Heifner, William R. MD*
Family Medicine                                                             Clinics
                               Family Medicine Physician
Anderson, Mark C. MD*          Assistant                       UW Health - Verona Clinic
Bauman, Amy L. DO*                                             100 N Nine Mound Rd
Counts, Helen E. MD*           Folcik, Beatriz M. PA           Verona, WI 53593
Ircink, James C. MD                                            (608) 845-9531
Kamnetz, Sandra A. MD*                STOUGHTON
Miller, Alison R. DO*                     Clinics              Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
Sharp, Samantha N. MD*                                         pm
Swedlund, Matthew P. MD*       UnityPoint Health - Meriter
Terbrack, Robert E. DO*        - Stoughton Clinic              Family Medicine
Vassalli, Jeffrey T. MD        100 Silverado Dr                Arndt, Brian G. MD*
                               Stoughton, WI 53589-5406        Atwell, Karina A. MD*
Family Medicine Nurse
                               (608) 417-8700                  Barrett, Bruce P. MD*
                                                               Beamsley, Mark B. MD*
                                                               Carr, Kathleen E. MD*
Printed on: 9/14/2021, Providers as of: 9/14/2021, Refer to important information at the beginning of this document           5

                  Non-emergency hospitalizations – Quartz must give okay ahead of time. Your provider needs to submit a prior authorization request to Quartz Medical

                  Please contact Quartz Customer Service at (844) 644-3455 or through MyChart at QuartzMyChart.com if you have questions about prior authorization or your
                  Quartz health plan coverage.

                  Non-emergency Behavioral Health Hospitalizations – Quartz must give okay ahead of time. Your behavioral health provider should contact Quartz Behavioral
                  Health Care Management at (800) 683-2300 for assistance with this prior authorization process.

                  Services from inpatient or residential alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) and behavioral health facilities and clinics also require Quartz’s okay ahead of time.
                  Contact Behavioral Health Care Management at (800) 683-2300 for prior authorization.

                        Dane County
                 UnityPoint Health - Meriter
                 202 S Park St
                 Madison, WI 53715-1507
                 (608) 417-5695
                 UW Health American
                 Family Children's Hospital
                 1675 Highland Ave
                 Madison, WI 53792
                 (608) 890-5437

                 UW Health at The American
                 4602 Eastpark Blvd
                 Madison, WI 53718
                 (608) 440-6400
                 UW Health-University
                 600 Highland Ave
                 Madison, WI 53792
                 (608) 263-6400
                 Stoughton Hospital
                 900 Ridge St
                 Stoughton, WI 53589
                 (608) 873-6611

                 Hospitals = 5

                 Printed on: 9/14/2021, Providers as of: 9/14/2021, Refer to important information at the beginning of this document                                                  6

 Quartz must give okay ahead of time. Your provider needs to submit a prior authorization request to Quartz Medical Management.

 Please contact Quartz Customer Service at (844) 644-3455 or through MyChart at QuartzMyChart.com if you have questions about prior authorization or your
 Quartz health plan coverage.

       Dane County
 Ambulatory Surgery Center
Madison Surgery Center
1 S Park St
Madison, WI 53715
(608) 287-2200
Monday thru Friday, 6 am -
5:30 pm
Novamed Surgery Center of
Madison, LP
1200 John Q Hammons Dr,
Ste 102
Madison, WI 53717
(608) 827-5504
By Appointment
 Ambulatory Surgery Center
UW Health Transformations
Surgery Center
2349 Deming Way
Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 836-9990
Monday & Wednesday, 8 am -
7 pm, Tuesday, Thursday,
Friday, 8 am - 5 pm

Surgery Center = 3

                                                                                                                                                                SURGERY CENTER - WI

Printed on: 9/14/2021, Providers as of: 9/14/2021, Refer to important information at the beginning of this document                                         7

                    Urgent care is care you need sooner than a routine doctor’s visit, but it is not emergency care.

                    If you go to an out of network Urgent Care or Emergency facility, call Quartz at (844) 644-3455 as soon as you can to tell us what happened.

                    Please contact Quartz Customer Service at (844) 644-3455 or through MyChart at QuartzMyChart.com if you have questions about your Quartz health plan

                          Dane County               900 Ridge St
                                                    Stoughton, WI 53589
                            MADISON                 (608) 873-6611
                           Urgent Care              Sunday thru Saturday, 6 am -
                   UnityPoint Health - Meriter      11 pm including holidays
                   - After Hours Clinic
                   202 S Park St 2 Atrium
                   Madison, WI 53715                Urgent Care = 6
                   (608) 417-5695
                   Saturday & Sunday, 8:30 am -
                   4:30 pm
                   UW Health - Union Corners
                   Urgent Care
                   2402 Winnebago St
                   Madison, WI 53704
                   (608) 242-6855
                   Monday thru Friday, 9 am - 9
                   pm, Saturday & Sunday, 9 am
                   - 5 pm
                   UW Health - West Towne
                   Clinic Urgent Care
                   7102 Mineral Point Rd
                   Madison, WI 53717
                   (608) 828-7603
                   Monday thru Friday, 9 am - 9
                   pm, Saturday & Sunday, 9 am
                   - 5 pm
                           Urgent Care
                   Stoughton Health -
                   McFarland Urgent Care
                   5614 US HWY 51
                   McFarland, WI 53558
                   (608) 873-6611
                   Monday thru Friday, 8 AM - 8
                   PM; Saturday & Sunday, 9
                   AM - 5 PM
                           Urgent Care
                   Stoughton Health - Oregon
                   Urgent Care Clinic
                   990 Janesville St
                   Oregon, WI 53575
                   (608) 835-5373
                   Monday thru Friday, 5 pm - 10
                   pm, Saturday & Sunday, 10
                   am - 8 pm, (Closed on
                   holidays, Christmas Eve and
                   New Years Eve)
                           Urgent Care
                   Stoughton Health - Urgent
                   Care Clinic

                   Printed on: 9/14/2021, Providers as of: 9/14/2021, Refer to important information at the beginning of this document                                     8

 Quartz must give okay ahead of time. Your provider needs to submit a prior authorization request to Quartz.

 Please contact Quartz Customer Service at (844) 644-3455 or through MyChart at QuartzMyChart.com if you have questions about prior authorization or your
 Quartz health plan coverage.

                                Senior Housing, Inc.)
       Dane County              407 N 8th St
                                Mount Horeb, WI 53572
      BLACK EARTH               (608) 437-5511
       Nursing Home             Hours
Heartland Country Village
634 Center St
Black Earth, WI 53515-9544              Nursing Home
(608) 767-2572
Hours                           Nazareth Health and
24/7                            Rehabilitation Center
                                814 Jackson St
         MADISON                Stoughton, WI 53589
       Nursing Home             (608) 873-6448
Belmont Nursing and             24/7
Rehabilitation Center
                                Skaalen Nursing &
110 Belmont Rd
                                Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
Madison, WI 53714
                                400 N Morris St
(608) 249-7391
                                Stoughton, WI 53589
                                (608) 873-5651
Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
Capitol Lakes Health Center

                                                                                                                                                                NURSING HOMES - WI
333 W Main St
Madison, WI 53703                       Nursing Home
(608) 283-2000
Hours                           Four Winds Manor, Inc.
24/7                            303 S Jefferson St
                                Verona, WI 53593
Oak Park Nursing and            (608) 845-6465
Rehabilitation                  Hours
718 Jupiter Dr                  24/7
Madison, WI 53718
(608) 663-8600                          WAUNAKEE
Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5            Nursing Home
pm                              Waunakee Manor Health
Oak Park Place of Nakoma,       Care Center
LLC                             801 S Klein Dr
4327 Nakoma Rd                  Waunakee, WI 53597-1575
Madison, WI 53711               (608) 849-5016
(608) 640-4100                  Hours
Hours                           24/7
Oakwood Lutheran Homes
Association - Hebron Oaks       Nursing Homes = 12
6201 Mineral Point Rd
Madison, WI 53705
(608) 230-4699
Monday thru Friday, 8 am -
4:30 pm
Oakwood Village East
Health and Rehabilitation
5833 American Pkwy
Madison, WI 53718
(608) 230-4000
8 am - 4:30 pm
       Nursing Home
Ingleside Manor (Affiliated
with Wisconsin Illinois
Printed on: 9/14/2021, Providers as of: 9/14/2021, Refer to important information at the beginning of this document                                         9

                             If you have questions about your Quartz health plan coverage or want to know if a service, item or supply requires prior authorization, please contact Quartz
                             Customer Service at (844) 644-3455 or through MyChart at QuartzMyChart.com.

                             Non-emergency Behavioral Health Hospitalizations – Quartz must give okay ahead of time. Your behavioral health provider should contact Quartz Behavioral
                             Health Care Management at (800) 683-2300 for assistance with this prior authorization process.

                             Services from inpatient or residential alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) and behavioral health facilities and clinics also require Quartz’s okay ahead of time.
                             Contact Behavioral Health Care Management at (800) 683-2300 for prior authorization.

                             Outpatient Behavioral Health
                             Behavioral health services (except for standard outpatient sessions with an in-network provider), for alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) and behavioral health
                             facilities and clinics require Quartz’s okay ahead of time. Contact Behavioral Health Care Management at (800) 683-2300 for prior authorization.

                                                             Hours                             1210 Fourier Dr                  Hours
                                   Dane County               Monday thru Saturday, 7 am -      Madison, WI 53717                By Appointment
                                                                                                                                                                      Behavioral Health Day
                                                             5 pm                              (608) 819-6183                                                              Treatment
                                  BLACK EARTH                                                                                   Anesis Therapy - Schroeder
                                                                                               Hours                                                              Tellurian Day Treatment
                                                                      MADISON                  By Appointment                   Rd
                               Clinics - Specialty Care                                                                                                           2914 Industrial Dr
                                                                                                                                6506 Schroeder Rd Ste
                                                                       Audiology               FamilyPath Autism Services,      201-202                           Madison, WI 53713
                            Village Family Dental
                            Associates, SC - Black Earth                                       LLC                              Madison, WI 53711                 (608) 222-3307
                                                             Audible Difference, LLC                                                                              Hours
                            1209 Mills St PO Box 383         5727 Pembroke Dr                  575 D'Onofrio Dr Ste 200         (608) 709-7487
                            Black Earth, WI 53515-0383                                         Madison, WI 53719                                                  By Appointment
                                                             Madison, WI 53711                                                  Bayside Care Center
                            (608) 767-3604                   (608) 273-3036                    (608) 512-0780                                                      Behavioral Health Inpatient
                                                                                               Hours                            (Affiliated with Journey
                            Hours                            Hours                                                              Mental Health Center)
                            By Appointment                   By Appointment                    Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5                                       UnityPoint Health - Meriter
                                                                                               pm                               702 W Main St
                                                                                                                                Madison, WI 53703                 - Adult Psychiatry
                                   FITCHBURG                       Autism Treatment                                                                               202 S Park St 1 E
                                                                                               FamilyPath Autism Services,      (608) 280-2587
                                  Autism Treatment                                             LLC - Madison East               Hours                             Madison, WI 53715-1507
                                                             Caravel Autism Health, LLC                                                                           (608) 417-5330
                                                             - Felland Road                    5315 Wall St Ste 175             By Appointment
                            CI Pediatric Therapy                                               Madison, WI 53718                                                  Hours
                                                             4005 Felland Rd Ste 101-102                                        Community Treatment               24/7
                            Centers - Fitchburg                                                (608) 512-0780
                                                             Madison, WI 53718                                                  Alternatives (Affiliated with
                            2927 S Fish Hatchery Rd                                            Hours                                                              UnityPoint Health - Meriter
                                                             (920) 857-9041                                                     Journey Mental Health
                            Fitchburg, WI 53711                                                Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5                                      - Child & Adolescent
                                                             Hours                                                              Center)
                            (608) 819-6394                                                     pm                                                                 Psychiatry
                                                             Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5                                       2000 Fordem Ave
                            Hours                                                                                                                                 8102 Wellness Way
                                                             pm                                KGH Autism Services              Madison, WI 53704-4600
                            By Appointment                                                                                                                        Madison, WI 53719
                                                             Caravel Autism Health, LLC        3113 W Beltline Hwy, Ste 300     (608) 280-2740
                            CI Pediatric Therapy                                                                                Hours                             (608) 417-8777
                                                             - Junction Road                                                                                      Hours
                            Centers - Madison                                                  Madison, WI 53713                By Appointment
                                                             342 Junction Rd                                                                                      24/7
                            2990 Cahill Main, Ste 204                                          (608) 819-6810
                                                             Madison, WI 53717                                                  Tellurian Detoxification
                            Fitchburg, WI 53711                                                Hours                                                              University Hospital -
                                                             (608) 440-8070                                                     Center
                            (608) 819-6394                                                     Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am -                                      Behavioral Health Inpatient
                                                             Hours                                                              2914 Industrial Dr
                            Hours                                                              8 pm, Saturday, 9 am - 4 pm                                        600 Highland Ave
                                                             Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5                                       Madison, WI 53713
                            By Appointment                                                                                                                        Madison, WI 53792
                                                             pm                                Mindcolor Autism, LLC -          (608) 223-3311
                               Clinics - Specialty Care                                        Madison                          Hours                             (608) 263-6400
                                                             Caravel Autism Health, LLC                                                                           Hours
                            Dental Health Associates -       - Madison                         502 Atlas Ave                    24/7
                                                                                               Madison, WI 53714                                                  24/7
                            South Clinic                     2418 Crossroads, Ste 1600                                          TMS Madison
                            2971 Chapel Valley Rd            Madison, WI 53718-1177            (833) 646-3222                                                                 Clinics
                                                                                               Hours                            5005 University Ave
                            Fitchburg, WI 53711              (608) 318-2495                                                     Madison, WI 53705
                                                             Hours                             Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 6                                       Oriel Medicine, SC
                            (608) 661-6400                                                                                      (608) 233-2100                    5231 University Ave
                            Hours                            Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5      pm
                                                                                                                                Hours                             Madison, WI 53705
                            Monday thru Thursday, 7:30       pm                                Waisman Early Childhood          By Appointment                    (608) 238-0100
                            am - 4:30 pm, Friday, 7:30 am    Caravel Autism Health, LLC        Program                                                            Hours
                            - 4 pm                                                             1500 Highland Ave S101              Behavioral Health AODA
                                                             - Zor Shrine Place                                                                                   Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 5
                                                             559 Zor Shrine Pl                 Madison, WI 53705                   Residential/Transitional
                            Dental Health Associates                                                                                                              pm
                            Orthodontics South, LLC          Madison, WI 53719                 (608) 263-5760                   Rogers Memorial Hospital -
                                                             (608) 833-0123                    Hours                                                              UW Health - West Towne
                            2971 Chapel Valley Rd Ste                                                                           Madison (BH

                                                             Hours                             By Appointment                                                     Clinic
                            201                                                                                                 AODA/Residential                  7102 Mineral Point Rd
                            Fitchburg, WI 53711-7420         Monday thru Friday, 8 am - 8      Wisconsin Early Autism           Treatment)
                                                             pm, Saturday, 9 am - 3 pm                                                                            Madison, WI 53717
                            (608) 661-6420                                                     Project - Madison                406 Science Dr #110               (608) 828-7676
                            Hours                            CI Pediatric Therapy              1210 Fourier Dr, Ste 100         Madison, WI 53711                 Hours
                            Monday thru Thursday, 8 am       Centers - Middleton               Madison, WI 53717                (608) 238-4411                    Monday thru Friday, 8 am -
                            to 4:30 pm, Friday 7:45 am to    701 Deming Way, Ste 110           (608) 662-9327                   Hours                             4:30 pm
                            3:30 pm                          Madison, WI 53717                 Hours                            Monday thru Friday, 8am -
                                                             (608) 819-6394                    By Appointment                   5:30pm                                Clinics - Specialty Care
                                 Renal Dialysis Unit
                                                             Hours                                   Behavioral Health     Tellurian UCAN, Inc.                   Dental Health Associates -
                            Fresenius Medical Care -         By Appointment                                                2914 Industrial Dr                     East Clinic
                            Madison Capitol                                                 Anesis Therapy -               Madison, WI 53713                      49 N Walbridge Ave
                            2840 Index Rd                  CI  Pediatric  Therapy
                                                           Centers - Wisconsin Early        International Lane             (608) 222-7311                         Madison, WI 53714
                            Fitchburg, WI 53713                                             2801 International Ln Ste 207  Hours                                  (608) 246-2555
                            (608) 229-7222                 Autism   Project
                                                                                            Madison, WI 53704              Sunday thru Saturday, 7 am -
                                                                                            (608) 268-6530                 10 pm
                            Printed on: 9/14/2021, Providers as of: 9/14/2021, Refer to important information at the beginning of this document                                                  10
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