Renewing Action for a Healthier Barnsley - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 Produced by Barnsley ...

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Renewing Action for a Healthier Barnsley - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 Produced by Barnsley ...
Renewing Action for a Healthier Barnsley
Public Health Strategy                                             •       2018 to 2021

Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021
Produced by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Public Health Directorate
Design by Beth Heath
Renewing Action for a Healthier Barnsley - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 Produced by Barnsley ...
         Renewing our Public Health Strategy is an opportunity for us to refect on what we have
         achieved with our partners to improve the health and wellbeing of Barnsley residents. We
         want to renew our actions for a healthier Barnsley by working collaboratively to improve our
         residents’ health and wellbeing at an accelerated pace. This approach strengthens our eforts
         on prioritising policy level action to support individual behaviour change in order to improve
         healthy life expectancy and reduce health inequalities.
         The priority areas set out in this strategy have been selected for the impact they have in Barnsley
         on avoidable illness and early death, and the consequences of both in terms of lost quality of
         life, lost economically productive years and pressure on health and social care services. The
         priorities also respond to key fndings from recent Director of Public Health Annual Reports.
         In the 2016 report1, we heard about the impact of alcohol, depression, smoking, food and
         exercise and how residents of Barnsley want to be “the best of the best”. The 2017 ‘A day in the
         life of…’ report2 based on diaries of local residents describes people’s daily challenges that
         afect their physical and mental health, and describes how to help individuals, their family,                      Cllr Jim Andrews
         and their friends live healthier lives.
         We have designed our approach to complement the existing strategic plans of the council
         and the health and care system. Our Public Health Strategy will contribute specifcally to the
         Health & Wellbeing Strategy, and the Barnsley Plan.                                                          Deputy Leader of the Council
         We are grateful to our partners and colleagues across the council for their input in developing                Cabinet Spokesperson
         our renewed Strategy.                                                                                             for Public Health

         TO READ FORMAT PLEASE REQUEST YOUR                                            01226 787416                          BarnsleyCouncil
         Write to Public Health Directorate, Barnsley                                  @barnsleycouncil
         Council, P O Box 634, Barnsley, S70 9GG

Renewing Action for a Healthier Barnsley - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 Produced by Barnsley ...
Improving the oral
    OUTCOMES AND PRIORITIES                                                           ACHIEVEMENTS                            health of children

    As illustrated in Figure 1, (on page 4) our Public Health Strategy 2018-
    2021 vision and long term outcomes remain as they were in our 2016-2018
                                                                                         4.3% reduction in adults        11% increase in the proportion
    Strategy. The responsibility of delivering these long term outcomes lies            smoking in Barnsley from         of Barnsley children free from
    with not only the public health distributed model but with collective action      22.5% in 2014 to 18.2% in 2017              dental decay
    across the health and care system in Barnsley. Organisations with statutory
    responsibilities work in partnership with all agencies, the voluntary sector
    and local residents to make a contribution to public health. The successes                 Creating a                     4.5% increase in the
    of this partnership are evident in our local achievements. However, there                  smokefree                    number of child courses
    is still more work to do to achieve our vision; that all Barnsley children are             generation                      of f luoride varnish
    given the best start in life and all our residents enjoy a happy, healthy life.

    We have reviewed our 2016-18 priorities and these work areas all have                                                 61% of adults are physically
                                                                                            Increasing levels
                                                                                                                          active and 28% of adults are
    successfully established programmes in place and have achieved a                       of physical activity
                                                                                                                               physically inactive
    number of signifcant results in the last 3 years. These existing priorities are
    now business as usual and the programmes of work are well established
    and show progress.

    NEW PRIORITY AREAS                                                                  2016-2018       •
                                                                                                            Oral Health of Children
                                                                                                            Smokefree Generation
                                                                                        & BEYOND
                                                                                         TO 2021        •   Physical Activity
    To complement our 3 existing priorities, we have selected 3 new priority
    areas; food, alcohol and emotional resilience. All the priority areas will
    have robust action plans developed and shared with partners. Targets
    for our public health priorities will be aligned to the developing work on        PUBLIC
                                                                                                             2018- •    Food
    the outcomes framework for the emerging Integrated Care Partnership.              HEALTH                       •    Alcohol
    Figure 4 (on page 13) previews the work planned in these six areas.                                      2021 •
                                                                                      PRIORITIES                        Emotional Resilience

3   Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
Renewing Action for a Healthier Barnsley - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 - Public Health Strategy 2018 to 2021 Produced by Barnsley ...

                                               PUBLIC HEALTH STRATEGY

                                         HAVE THE BEST START IN LIFE AND EVERYONE ENJOYS A HAPPY
                                         HEALTHY LIFE WHEREVER THEY LIVE AND WHOEVER THEY ARE.


                                                                             WE WILL CONTRIBUTE TO THE THREE PRIORITIES THROUGH
                                                                                   OUR FOUR LONG TERM PUBLIC HEALTH OUTCOMES:

                                                                                 START LIFE HEALTHY        WILL LIVE LONGER
                                                                                  AND STAY HEALTHY         HEALTHIER LIVES
           FOOD                 ALCOHOL

                                                                                 WE NARROW THE GAP          WE PROTECT OUR
                                                                                  IN LIFE EXPECTANCY    COMMUNITIES FROM HARM,
        ORAL HEALTH            SMOKEFREE              PHYSICAL                   AND HEALTH BETWEEN      HEALTH INCIDENTS AND
        OF CHILDREN            GENERATION             ACTIVITY                   THE MOST AND LEAST       OTHER PREVENTABLE
                                                                                        HEALTHY             HEALTH THREATS

4    Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021

                                                                  As little as 10% of the population’s
     Health improvement and inequality continue to be a
     challenge for the borough and this is infuenced by a         health and wellbeing is linked to
     number of determinants. These determinants include
     political, social, economic, environmental and cultural
                                                                  access to health care.
     factors which shape the conditions in which we are born,
     grow, live, work and age. Achieving a healthy population     We need to look at the bigger picture:
     requires greater action on these factors to keep all our
     residents well, not simply action on treating ill health
                                                                                                        The food
                                                                                                         we eat
     Figure 2 shows that our health is shaped by factors
     outside the direct infuence of health care. Published data
     shows that there is a gap of almost 18 years in healthy                                Education
     life expectancy between people living in the most and         Good work                 & skills
     least deprived areas of the UK. This gap that is explained
     not by our ability to access health care but by diferences
     in our experience of the things that make us healthy
     including good work, education, resources, our physical
     environment and social connections.                               Our

                                                                               Money & resources               Family, friends
    The healthy life expectancy gap                                                                            & communities
        between the most and least
        deprived areas in the UK is:
                                                YEARS             But the picture isn’t the same for everyone.

5   Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
Healthy Life Expectancy                                                      WHAT IS HEALTHY
                                                      WHAT IS LIFE
     at birth in Barnsley                            EXPECTANCY?                  LIFE EXPECTANCY?
                                               The average number of years
                                               a person would expect to live      We all have a role in improving healthy
                                              based on current mortality rates.   life expectancy and reducing health
                                                                                  inequalities. We need to promote active,
                                                   WHAT IS HEALTHY                healthy lifestyles to address some of the
                                                  LIFE EXPECTANCY?
    81.9 years 78.2 years
                                                                                  important public health and employment
                                               The average number of years        challenges facing our residents. By providing
                                               a person would expect to live
     Life expectancy        Life expectancy   in good health based on curent      equal opportunities for our local residents
        for females             for males     mortality rates and self-reported   to work and lead healthy lives, both the
        2014-2016              2014-2016                 good health.             physical and mental health of the borough
        in Barnsley            in Barnsley                                        as a whole is likely to improve and contribute
                                                                                  to narrowing the gap in life expectancy and

                                                                                  health between the most and least healthy.
                                                                                  In return, individuals and local health and
                                                                                  social care services will beneft from a
                                                                                  reduced burden of chronic disease and
         59.8                 58.6
                                                                                  disability, as well as equipping people to live

                                                                                  fuller longer working lives; benefting our

         years                years                                               local economy.

         Healthy life         Healthy life                                        Although the latest data available from the
         expectancy           expectancy                    Years                 Ofce for National Statistics identifes that
        for females in         for males                                          life expectancy and healthy life expectancy
           Barnsley           in Barnsley            Are spent not                has improved for both women and men
          2014-2016            2014-2016            in ‘good’ health              born in Barnsley there is still more to do.

*Source, ONS, 2014 – 2016

6   Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
Review of progress                                                          4.3% REDUCTION IN ADULT SMOKING
    with public health                                                          The latest smoking prevalence
                                                                                data     demonstrates      local
                                                                                                                   Alongside this, there has
                                                                                                                   been a 5.1% reduction in
                                                                                impact, as there has been          Barnsley adults in routine
    strategy priorities                                                         a 4.3% reduction in adults
                                                                                smoking in Barnsley from
                                                                                                                   and manual occupations
                                                                                                                   smoking from 32.6% in 2014
    2016 – 2018                                                                 22.5% in 2014 to 18.2% in 2017.
                                                                                This is better than the national
                                                                                                                   to 27.5% in 2017. This again
                                                                                                                   is better than the national
                                                                                reduction in the same time         reduction in the same period
                                                                                period from 17.8% in 2014 to       from 29.6% in 2014 to 25.7%
                                                                                14.9% in 2017.                     in 2017.

    Our ambition to continue to drive
    forward ‘make smoking invisible’
                                                 A CLeaR assessment was
    impacts every part of the Council and      undertaken in June 2017. We
    our partners. From supporting the         achieved 70% of the available
    development of smokefree markets,          points, a 30% increase from
                                                our 2013 peer assessment.
    smokefree play parks and smokefree
    schools. We will continue to work with
    Public Health England to develop
                                                   All 24 key play parks
    licensing policies for tobacco sales.      are now smokefree to ensure
    Every part of the system has a crucial    our children can play in a safe
    role to play if we are to achieve          environment where smoking
                                                        is invisible.
    our ambition to reduce smoking
    prevalence to less than 10% by 2022 as                                           We are the frst           We continue           We are the
                                                                                northern town to issue a         to raise          frst northern
    outlined in the Tobacco Alliance Action    The Breathe 2025 campaign
                                                                                Fixed Penalty Notice for       awareness              town to
    Plan, the Barnsley Plan and South           rolled out across Barnsley,
                                                                                smoking in cars and are          of illicit         introduce a
                                              working towards seeing the next
    Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Integrated Care      generation of children being     the only Local Authority        tobacco              smokefree
                                              smokefree growing up in a town    to be actively enforcing       and how to           town centre
    System outcomes.
                                                     free from tobacco.         this national legislation.      report it.             zone.

7   Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
Please do not
                                                                                                       smoke in or                                         Smokefree
    FUTURE PRIORITIES                                         “If I see my
                                                           parents smoking
                                                                                                       around our                                           Barnsley

    FOR ACTION                                              it might make                                school!                                          programme
                                                                                        9 out of 10                                                      was awarded
                                                               me start”               local people                                                          ‘Highly
    •     Continue to drive forward ‘make smoking                  Leon – Age 7          support
                                                             Laithes Primary School,    smokefree
          invisible’, working towards a reduction in                 Barnsley             zones                                                           in the Public
          adult smoking prevalence of 10% by 2020.                                                                                                            Health
                                                                                                                                                         category, LGC
    •     Evaluate the smokefree schools pilot and                                                                                                       Awards 2018.
          roll out to all other primary schools across
          the borough.                                    Make Smoking Invisible
    •     Support Barnsley Hospital in delivery of
          the Risky Behaviours CQUIN3.
                                                             We are the frst northern town to
    •     Support Barnsley Hospital in audit against         implement a ‘smokefree market’.
          NICE 484 and lead development of
          improvement plan.
    •     Support development of              smokefree
                                                             Smoking has been embedded in
                                                          other areas of work and included in key
          markets across the borough.                      policies and action plans such as the             •   SUSTAINING AND GROWING MOMENTUM
                                                              Anti-Poverty Plan for Barnsley.                •   CONTINUING TO REDUCE SMOKING PREVALENCE
    •     Continue     to   lead    Barnsley Tobacco
          Alliance.                                                                                          •   REDUCING THE WIDE INEQUALITIES IN SMOKING
                                                                                                                 PREVALENCE ACROSS THE BOROUGH AND
    •     Review progress against the revised Local                                                              ACROSS DEMOGRAPHICS
                                                                We are ensuring retailers
          Action Plan on a quarterly basis.                   aren’t selling to under 18’s by
    •     Complete another CLeaR peer assessment            carrying out underage test sales.
                                                                                                                                     Help us make smoking
          aiming to improve even further.                                                                                            invisible to children.
    •     Investigate the possibilities ofdisinvestment                                                                              PLEASE DON’T
                                                          A new BMBC Smoking at Work Policy
          in shares in the tobacco industry from
                                                          has been introduced that encourages                                        SMOKE IN THIS
          pension fund investments working with            and supports staf to quit smoking.                                        MARKET SQUARE.
          collegues across South Yorkshire.                                                                                          Children who see adults smoking are more likely to
                                                                                                                                     take up the habit. 97% of Barnsley residents don’t
                                                                                                                                     want their children to smoke.

        CQUIN – Commissioning for Quality & Innovation        We have provided training/
    4                      information to retailers to ensure
                                                           they are aware of the legislations.               Barnsley’s #Smokefree Generation

8   Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
A new Strategic
       PHYSICAL ACTIVITY                                                                                                                                   Physical Activity
                                                                                                                                                           Partnership has
                                                                                                                                                           been established
       Physical activity, active travel and air quality are key elements                                                                                     to progress a
       of the Public Health Strategy working across the Public Health                                                                                        whole system
                                                                                                                                                              approach to
       distributed model with external partners. Developing a new                                                                                           tackle physical
                                                                                                                                                             inactivity and
       Strategic Physical Activity Partnership and 3 year Physical Activity
                                                                                                                                                               to develop
       Plan (2018-2021), along with new investment, will enable us to                                                                                         a refreshed
                                                                                                                                                           Physical Activity
       build community assets to increase levels of daily physical activity.                                                                                Plan 2018-2021
                                                                                                                                                           to align with the
       We are unable to compare the data in fgure 3 with previous years                                                                                      Public Health
       as the way this information is gathered has changed. Our efort                                                                                           Strategy.

       and resources have focused on inactive children, young people
       and adults who have the most health beneft to gain.
                                                                                     Sport England funding            Active Travel Strategy
                                                                                  secured to deliver a project          2018-2021 will be                        A Town
                                                                                      over the next 3 years          progressed to build the                  Centre Bike
                                                                                   that supports families to        commitment to improving                      Race &
                                                                                    be more active together            cycling and walking                    Community
        In the last 12                                       12 active walks                                                                                     Ride -
                                     Funding                                          throughout the week.             across the borough.
         months over                                        developed across                                                                                  ofering an
       1,444 Barnsley              obtained to           the borough. Over the                                                                                opportunity
        leisure cards              improve the            last 12 months over                                                                                for people to
      have been issued             standard of             1,827 participants                                                                                ride on a 1km
                                    17 playing                                              Secured funding to pilot a project that uses                      closed Town
          to eligible                                      have attended and            community activity champions and builds capacity                     Centre circuit
     residents to access              pitches                19 people have               across the Dearne to increase activity amongst                         route.
     cheaper sport and              across the             become volunteer                       adults in low level employment.
      leisure facilities.            borough.                 walk leaders.

                                                                                                                                                                         FIGURE 3

       Together with our
    partners, Inclusive Ping
    Pong, we have delivered
                                                            ‘Barnsley Walking
                                                            for Health’ a guide
                                                                                  PUBLISHED DATA FOR BARNSLEY DEMONSTRATES THAT...
                                                               led volunteer
     a number of tailored
                                                            scheme funded for                                      of adults are                   of adults are
     bat and chat sessions
      for older people at
                                                             a further 3 years                                     physically active             physically inactive
                                                                up to 2020.                                        (achieving 150 minutes        (achieving less than 30 minutes
       Barnsley Age UK.
                                                                                                                   physical activity per week)     physical activity per week).

9      Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
In partnership with Barnsley Premier Leisure            Research - We are
                                                                                and the Football Foundation we secured funding         currently commissioning
                                                                                to install full size match artifcial grass pitch at    an Active Travel study to
                                                                                Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre. The pitch will be         inform our future Active
                                                                                utilised by a variety of sessions including junior       Travel Strategy and
                                                                                       training and adult fexible football.           commissioning processes.

                                                                                                                                         Active Travel Hub -
                                                                                                                                        the current cycle hire
                                                                                                                                        provision in Barnsley
                                                                                                                                           Town centre will
                                                                                                                                          be expanded as a
                                                                                                                                       community cycling and
     FUTURE PRIORITIES FOR ACTION                                                                                                           walking ofer.
     •     Develop senior level commitment through the development of
           a borough wide Physical Activity Strategy.
     •     Continue to progress a Council wide Active Travel Strategy to
                                                                                Tour de Yorkshire saw an estimated audience of           Successful PING!
           improve levels of cycling and walking to work and/or school.
                                                                                 26,650 line the Barnsley route. We used this as       Table Tennis Festival
     •     Bring in investment to support the development of physical          an opportunity to raise the profle of active travel    saw a record number of
           activity programmes.                                                and the various opportunities that exist across the    people picking up a bat
                                                                               borough to gain training and support for people to     with 9,073 participants
     •     Continue to drive forward Daily Mile or equivalent schemes in        cycle for leisure, education and work purposes.              recorded.
     •     Further develop a borough wide ofer for table tennis through
     •     Continue to support key sport and physical activity initiatives –
           Creating Connections etc.                                           OPPORTUNITIES
     •     Review progress against the new Strategy and Local Action           •    SUPPORTING INACTIVE PEOPLE TO BECOME MORE ACTIVE
           Plan on a quarterly basis.                                          •    ENABLING ALL KEY STAKEHOLDERS TO REMAIN COMMITTED TO
     •     To ensure our residents understand that exercise isn’t just              IMPROVING LEVELS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY ACROSS THE BOROUGH
           about sport but about fnding a physical activity that they can      •    IMPROVING ACCESS TO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY OPPORTUNITIES
           enjoy and that suits their level of mobility and ftness, such as
           dancing, walking, stretching, DIY, housework or gardening etc.      •    EXPLORE OPPORTUNITIES TO DEVELOP THE ACTIVE TRAVEL AND HEALTHY
                                                                                    STREETS APPROACH WORKING ACROSS THE SHEFFIELD CITY REGION.

10       Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
     HEALTH OF CHILDREN                                                          WHAT
                                                                               HAVE W
     We recognise the importance of good oral health to
                                                                              ACHIE E
     ensure every child has the best start in life. To achieve                     VED?
     improvements in tooth decay levels in children we have

     worked to provide more intensive exposure to fuoride
     as children grow up; both at home, at school and in the
     dental practice.
                                                                      increase in the
     Improving the oral health of children continues to be a
     public health priority. We know that fuoride remains
                                                                      proportion of Barnsley
     the most efective means of preventing tooth decay.               children free from
                                                                      dental decay
     The latest data demonstrates our impact, as there has
     been an 11% increase in the proportion of children free
     from dental decay from 58.8% in the 2011/12 dental
     survey to 69.8% in 2015/16. Alongside this there has
                                                                      increase in the number
     been a 4.5% increase in the application of fuoride
                                                                      of child courses of
     varnish in Barnsley children from 59.2% in 2014/15 to
                                                                      fuoride varnish
     63.7% in 2015/16.

                                                                   Working with NHS         Communication links
                                       Dental practices                                  have been set up between        A programme of
                                                                 England and the Local
      Tooth brushing                   in Barnsley have                                    Barnsley Hospital and        training for early
                                                                   Dental Committee
         clubs are                    been encouraged                                     local dentists to ensure    years, nurseries and
                                                                  we have increased
     established in all               to undertake brief                                   children attending for       reception staf to
                                                                   the use of fuoride       extractions have the
      Family Centres                intervention training                                                              support delivery of
                                                                  varnish in Barnsley      required follow up and
     across Barnsley.                   on smoking and                                                                daily tooth brushing
                                                                  dental practices by     any DNA’s are not lost in
                                            alcohol.                                                                  has been introduced.
                                                                     targeted work.             the system.

11   Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
An Oral Health Needs        The Public Health               Tooth brushing
   Assessment has             Nursing Service               packs have been
   been undertaken          includes oral health        distributed to the most
    in partnership            promotion to be             vulnerable families
  with Public Health          delivered at key             in the borough via
       England.                contact points.                 food banks.

       More Barnsley        OPPORTUNITIES
        families are
        attending a         •   TO USE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR PUBLIC
      dentist than the          HEALTH NURSING SERVICE TO PROMOTE
     national average.          ORAL HEALTH.                                         BMBC has led the way in encouraging healthy eating
                                                                                  though removal of vending machines and full sugar drinks,
                                                                                    and there may be opportunities to promote this in other
                                                                                              public settings e.g. leisure centres.

         Working with
      Barnsley Hospital
       we now provide
        tooth brushing
       packs and oral
       health advice to
     families attending     FUTURE PRIORITIES
       the hospital for
     dental extractions.    FOR ACTION
                            •   Encourage and support more Early Years
                                settings to start a tooth brushing club.
 campaign has been          •   Continue to roll out ‘Sugar Free Barnsley’ by
   launched across              encouraging organisations to stop selling
  the borough with              full sugar drinks.
   leafets, posters
                            •   Evaluation of the tooth brushing packs
 and brushing charts
 given out to families          distribution and brushing clubs.
    via schools and         •   Explore the feasibility for interventions that
   dental practices.            increase fluoridation at a population level.

12    Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021

                                             OUR PUBLIC HEALTH PRIORITIES

                    FOOD                                            ALCOHOL                                                RESILIENCE
      Food is extremely important to our local               Although alcohol has been part of                      Resilience is the ability to cope with and rise
     population, the health and wellbeing of our             our culture for centuries and many                to the inevitable challenges, problems and set-backs
 residents, the local economy and the environment.       people use it sensibly, its misuse has become            you meet in the course of your life, and to come
   Food gives us pleasure, allows us to share and           a serious and worsening public health                back stronger from them. It is having the ability to
         celebrate and connect with others.                            problem in the UK.                               bounce back in the event of adversity.
      The vast majority of people know that                     The misuse of alcohol – whether as                The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health
 eating a healthy diet, as well as being physically        chronically heavy drinking, binge-drinking           included an important recommendation for Public
  active is good for them and will help to prevent        or even moderate drinking in inappropriate          Health England to establish a Prevention Concordat for
   weight gain, but for many people it can be a           circumstances not only poses a threat to the         Better Mental Health ensuring a prevention-focused
  real struggle to put this into practice. We know        health and wellbeing of the drinker, but also        approach to improving mental health for everyone.
    that more than 7 out of 10 (73.1%) adults in            to family, friends, communities and wider           This covers prevention in the widest sense from the
  Barnsley are classifed as overweight or obese;             society through such problems as crime,            promotion of good mental health through to living
    this is signifcantly worse than the England          anti-social behaviour and loss of productivity.         well with mental health problems and everything
                  average of 61.3%.                       It is also directly linked to a range of health      in between. The recommendations of the Five Year
                                                           issues such as high blood pressure, mental             Forward View for Mental Health were accepted
        By working together and in partnership
       with the local community we can go further           ill-health, accidental injury, violence, liver            in full by government on 9 January 2017.
      to positively infuence the food environment;        disease and sexually transmitted infections.
                                                                                                              We will work across the local system to ensure we are
     to promote and make healthier food choices,           A programme of work is being developed              able to deliver against the concordat whilst meeting
           enabling us all to live healthier lives.          to tackle the availability, afordability and        local need, increasing equity and reducing health
      We are therefore developing a Food Plan              acceptability of alcohol use in Barnsley. This      inequalities. Specifc work programmes will include:
  Strategy that will address issues around healthy         will include a revised Alcohol Strategy for the         • Improving our needs and asset assessment
 weight, but is not limited to that alone. The Plan is     borough and the development of an Alcohol                   with efective use of data and intelligence
 about changing the food environment and culture         Alliance to deliver the actions from the Strategy.
                                                                                                                          • Improving our partnerships,
 within Barnsley as well improving access to quality      We will also work with key partners to address
                                                                                                                             collaborations and alignments
    food. Our approach will focus on the policies         the rise in alcohol related hospital admissions.
                                                             To support this we are working to explore          • Translating need into deliverable commitments
  and structures which we all live, work, shop, eat
                  and learn within.                        diferent approaches to alcohol harm data.                      • Defning success outcomes

13   Public Health Strategy | 2018 to 2021
ORAL                                                                                                                   PHYSICAL
            HEALTH                                                        SMOKING                                                   ACTIVITY
      Tooth decay is the main                            Smoking prevalence in Barnsley is reducing but we still                  Leading a physically active
          oral health problem                             have one of the highest smoking rates in the country.                  lifestyle has been proven to
       afecting children with                                                                                                    improve both the length and
         signifcant impacts on                             The latest data illustrates that 18.2% of the adult                 quality of life for individuals and
      their daily lives including                       population in Barnsley are smokers - signifcantly higher                reduces the burden of disease
      pain, sleepless nights and                                  than the England average of 14.9%.                           and disability. Being active can
      time missed from school.                     There is a wide variation between wards where the proportion of              boost workplace productivity;
     There are wide inequalities                    adult smokers ranges from 12% to 29%. The prevalence amongst               reduce sickness absence, crime
          in the distribution of                      routine and manual workers within Barnsley is higher than                    and anti-social behaviour.
       tooth decay. In Barnsley                            the overall prevalence at 27.5% compared to 18.2%.
        the average number of                                                                                                     Physical inactivity is the
        decayed teeth in some                           The smoking prevalence at age 15 of 10.7% is signifcantly              fourth largest cause of disease
      wards is fve times higher                                worse than the England average of 8.2%.                             and disability in the UK.
     than in other less deprived
                                                             Although recently smoking in pregnancy has                       Children and young people who
         wards of the borough.
                                                      seen a large reduction at 15.4%, this is still signifcantly higher       are physically active are more
     Over 600 Barnsley children
                                                                   than the England average of 10.7%.                          likely to continue the habit into
       are admitted to hospital
                                                                                                                             adult life and can bring benefts for
     every year for the removal
                                                    Smoking attributable mortality and admissions are signifcantly           academic attainment and attention.
            of decayed teeth.
                                                     higher in Barnsley when compared with the regional average.
                                                                                                                             Barnsley falls below the national
        The main risk factors                      Roughly £62million per year is spent on tobacco by the smokers of         and regional average for physical
      for tooth decay are diets                     Barnsley. This is on average around £1,323 per smoker per year.              activity participation with the
       high in sugars and lack                                                                                               latest fgures from the Active Lives
       of exposure to fuoride,                        Each year in Barnsley smoking costs society around £63.5                  Survey indicating that 60.9% of
       therefore tooth decay is                      million; this includes factors such as lost productivity, the cost of   adults achieve the recommended
         largely preventable.                           social care and smoking-related house fres (ASH Ready                 levels of 150 minutes of moderate
                                                              Reckoner, The local cost of tobacco, May 2018).                  intensity physical activity a week.
        The Global Burden of                                                                                                      27.7% of Barnsley adults are
                                                        When net income and smoking expenditure is taken into
        Disease study (2010)5                                                                                                classifed as inactive. Both fgures
                                                      account, 8,326 (32%) households with a smoker fall below the
        provides evidence of                                                                                                       are signifcantly worse than
                                                       poverty line. If these smokers were to quit, 2,140 households
       the impact of poor oral                                                                                                   the Yorkshire and the Humber,
                                                       would be elevated out of poverty, these households include
         health on children.                                                                                                         and England averages.
                                                                     around 1,707 dependent children6.

          Global Burden of Disease study (2010)

       ASH Estimates of poverty in England adjusted for expenditure on tobacco, October 2015
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