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Data Producer Codes                                        i

      A list of ENC producer agency codes was originally published in November 1996 as
Annex A to S-57 Appendix A, under the title "IHO Codes for Producing Agencies". Because
the list of producer codes is liable to revision more frequently than the S-57 standard, it was
subsequently decided to publish the list of ENC producer codes in a stand-alone IHO
publication S-62 - ENC Producer Codes.

      After the publication of IHO S-100 and the associated S-100 Geospatial Information
Registry, it was decided to manage and maintain all producer codes in data producer code
registers within the registry. The data producer code register is divided into a main register
for producer codes allocated to States or groups of States for the production of officially
authorised nautical products meeting the requirements of marine navigation as laid down in
the Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Chapter V, and a supplementary
register for producer codes allocated to other organisations and entities. Most of the
producer codes in the supplementary register were previously maintained on the Open
ECDIS Forum.

S-62                                                           This version created on 05 May 2019
ii                                                      Data Producer Codes

                                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

I.     IHO Member States..............................................................................................1

II.    Other States...........................................................................................................5

III.   Other Organizations/Entities..............................................................................9

S-62                                                         05 May 2019                  This version created on 05 May 2019
1                                      Data Producer Codes                                 IHO MS

I.     IHO Member States

Country          Country
                                         Agency Name                        Agency Codes
Name              Code
Argentina          AR                                                         1           AR
Australia          AU      Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS)             10           AU
                           Australian Hydrographic Service - Navy and
Australia          AU                                                        11           AN
Bahrain            BH      Hydrographic Survey Office                        20           BH
Bangladesh         BD      Hydrographic Department                          660           BD
Belgium            BE      MDK – Afdeling Kust – Division Coast              30           BE
                           Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation
Brazil             BR                                                        40           BR
                   BN      Department of Marine                             710           BN
                   BN      Survey Department                                715           B2
                           Hidrografska Sluzhba Pri Ministerstvo Na
Bulgaria           BG                                                       720           BG
Cameroon           CM      Port Autonome de Douala (PAD)                    740           CM
Canada             CA      Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS)               50           CA
Canada             CA      Canadian Forces                                   51           C4
                           Servicio Hidrográfico y Oceanográfico de
Chile              CL                                                        60           CL
                           la Armada (SHOA)
China              CN      Maritime Safety Administration (MSA)              70           CN
                           The Navigation Guarantee Department of The
China              CN                                                        71           C1
                           Chinese Navy Headquarters
China              CN      Hong Kong Special Administrative Region           72           C2
China              CN      Macau Special Administrative Region               73           C3
Colombia           CO      Ministerio de Defensa Nacional                   760           CO
Congo (Dem.
                   CD      Ministère des Transports et Communications       590           CD
Rep. of)
Croatia            HR      Hrvatski Hidrografski Institut                    80           HR
Cuba               CU      Oficina Nacional de Hidrografia y Geodesia        90           CU
                           Hydrographic Unit of the Department of
Cyprus             CY                                                       100           CY
                           Lands and Surveys
Denmark            DK      Geodatastyrelsen (GST)                           110           DK
Dominican Rep.     DO      Instituto Cartografico Militar                   120           DO
                           Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada
Ecuador            EC                                                       130           EC
Egypt              EG      Shobat al Misaha al Baharia                      140           EG
Estonia            EE      Estonian Maritime Administration (EMA)           870           EE
                           Fiji Islands Maritime Safety
Fiji               FJ                                                       150           FJ
                           Administration (FIMSA)
Finland            FI      Finnish Transport Agency (FTA)                   160           FI
                           Service Hydrographique et Océanographique
France             FR                                                       170           FR
                           de la Marine (SHOM)
Georgia            GE      State Hydrographic Service of Georgia            905           GE

S-62                                       05 May 2019           This version created on 05 May 2019
IHO MS                                 Data Producer Codes                                          2

Country          Country
                                         Agency Name                          Agency Codes
Name              Code
                           Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt und
Germany            DE                                                         180           DE
                           Hydrographie (BSH)
Greece             GR      Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service (HNHS)          190           GR
Guatemala          GT      Ministerio de la Defensa Nacional                  200           GT
Guatemala          GT      Comisión Portuaria Nacional                        201           G1
Iceland            IS      Icelandic Coast Guard                              210           IS
India              IN      National Hydrographic Office                       220           IN
India              IN      Indian Navy Specific                               221           I7
Indonesia          ID      Jawatan Hidro-Oseanografi (JANHIDROS)              230           ID
Ireland            IE      Maritime Safety Directorate                        990           IE
Islamic Rep.
                   IR      Ports and Shipping Organization (PSO)              240           IR
of Iran
Italy              IT      Istituto Idrografico della Marina (IIM)             250          IT
Jamaica            JM      Surveys and Mapping Division                       1010          JM
                           Japan Hydrographic and Oceanographic
Japan              JP                                                         260           JP
                           Department (JHOD)
Korea (DPR of)     KP      Hydrographic Department                            270           KP
Korea (Rep.                Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic
                   KR                                                         280           KR
of)                        Agency (KHOA)
Kuwait             KW      Ministry of Communications                         1050          KW
Latvia             LV      Maritime Administration of Latvia                  1060          LV
Malaysia           MY      National Hydrographic Centre                        290          MY
                           Malta Maritime Authority Ports
Malta              MT                                                         1140          MT
                           Directorate, Hydrographic Unit
                           Ministry of Housing and Land, Hydrographic
Mauritius          MU                                                         1170          MU
                           Secretaria de Marina – Armada de Mexico,
Mexico             MX      Direccion General Adjunta de Oceanografia,         1180          MX
                            Hidrografia y Meteorologia
Monaco             MC      Direction des Affaires Maritimes                   300           MC
                           Institute of Hydrometeorology and
Montenegro         ME                                                         1226          M1
Montenegro         ME      Ministry of Defence, Navy Headquarters             1225          ME
                           Division Hydrographie et Cartographie
Morocco            MA                                                         1200          MA
                           (DHC) de la Marine Royale
                           Instituto Nacional de Hidrografia e
Mozambique         MZ                                                         1210          MZ
                           Navegação (INAHINA)
Myanmar            MM      Central Naval Hydrographic Depot (CNHD)            1220         MM
                           Koninklijke Marine Dienst der Hydrografie
Netherlands        NL                                                         310           NL
                           / CZSK
New Zealand        NZ      Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)                320           NZ
New Zealand        NZ      Geospatial Intelligence New Zealand                321           N3
Nigeria            NG      Nigerian Navy Hydrographic Office                  330           NG
Norway             NO      Norwegian Hydrographic Service                     340           NO

S-62                                       05 May 2019             This version created on 05 May 2019
3                                     Data Producer Codes                              IHO MS

Country        Country
                                        Agency Name                     Agency Codes
Name            Code
Norway           NO      Electronic Chart Centre                        341           N1
Norway           NO      Norwegian Defence                              342           N2
Oman             OM      National Hydrographic Office                   350           OM
Pakistan         PK      Pakistan Hydrographic Department               360           PK
Papua New                Hydrographic Division, National Maritime
                 PG                                                     370           PG
Guinea                   Safety Division (NMSA)
                         Dirección de Hidrografía y Navegación
Peru             PE                                                     380           PE
                         National Mapping and Resource Information
Philippines      PH      Authority, Coast & Geodetic Survey             390           PH
Poland           PL      Biuro Hydrograficzne                           400           PL
                         Inland Navigation Office in Szczecin
Poland                                                                  401           P1
                         (Urzad Zeglugi
Portugal         PT      Srodladowej
                         Instituto Hidrografico,
                                       w Szczecinie)
                                                 Portugal (IHP)         410           PT
                         Urban Planning & Development Authority,
Qatar            QA                                                     1290          QA
                         Hydrographic Section
Romania          RO      Directia Hidrografica Maritima                 1300          RO
Russian                  Head Department of Navigation &
                 RU                                                     420           RU
Federation               Oceanography (DNO)
Russian                  Federal State Unitary Hydrographc
                 RU                                                     425           R1
Federation               Department
                         General Directorate of Military Survey
Saudi Arabia     SA                                                     1360          SA
Saudi Arabia     SA      General Commission for Survey (GCS)            1365          S1
Serbia           RS      Direkcija Za Unutrašnje Plovne Puteve           580          RS
                         Hydrographic and Topographic Brigade of
Seychelles       SC                                                     1380          SC
                         the Seychelles
                         Hydrographic Department, Maritime and Port
Singapore        SG                                                     430           SG
                         Authority (MPA)
Slovenia         SI      Ministry of Transport Maritime Office          1400          SI
South Africa             South African Navy Hydrographic Office
                 ZA                                                     440           ZA
(Rep. of)                (SANHO)
Spain            ES      Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina (IHM)      450           ES
                         National Hydrographic Office, National
Sri Lanka        LK      Aquatic Resources Research and Development     460           LK
                          Agency (NARA)
Suriname         SR      Maritieme Autoriteit Suriname (MAS)            470           SR
                         Sjöfartsverket, Swedish Maritime
Sweden           SE                                                     480           SE
Syrian Arab
                 SY      General Directorate of Ports                   490           SY
Thailand         TH      Hydrographic Department, Royal Thai Navy       500           TH
Tonga            TO      Tonga Defence Services                         505           TO

S-62                                      05 May 2019        This version created on 05 May 2019
IHO MS                              Data Producer Codes                                        4

Country       Country
                                      Agency Name                        Agency Codes
Name           Code
Trinidad &
                TT      Trinidad & Tobago Hydrographic Unit              510           TT
                        Service Hydrographique et Océanographique
Tunisia         TN                                                       1470          TN
                        (SHO), Armée de Mer
                        Seyir, Hidrografi ve Osinografi Dairesi
Turkey          TR      Baskanligi, Office of Navigation,                520           TR
                         Hydrography and Oceanography
UK              GB      United Kingdom Hydrographic Office                540          GB
Ukraine         UA      State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine            1490          UA
United Arab
                AE      Ministry of Communications                       530           AE
Uruguay         UY                                                       560           UY
                        Office of Coast Survey, National Ocean
USA             US      Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric        550           US
                        Administration (NOS)
                        National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
USA             US                                                       551           U1
                        Department of Defense (NGA)
                        Commander, Naval Meteorology and
USA             US                                                       552           U2
                        Oceanography Command (CNMOC)
USA             US      U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)              553          U3
Vanuatu         VU      Vanuatu Hydrographic Unit                        1500          VU
                        Commandancia General de la Armada,
Venezuela       VE      Dirección de Hidrografía y Navegación            570           VE
Viet Nam        VN      Viet Nam Maritime People's Navy                  1510          VN
Viet Nam        VN      Viet Nam Maritime Safety-North (VMS-N)           1511          V1
Viet Nam        VN      Viet Nam Maritime Safety-South (VMS-S)           1512          V2

S-62                                    05 May 2019           This version created on 05 May 2019
5                                        Data Producer Codes                               Other States

II.     Other States

Country           Country
                                          Agency Name                          Agency Codes
Name               Code
                            International Hydrographic Organization
                                                                               1810          AA
                            Co-operating Hydrographic Offices in the
                            Malacca and Singapore Straits (Indonesia,          2010          MS
                             Japan, Malaysia and Singapore)
                            East Asia Hydrographic Commission (EAHC)           2040          EA
Albania                AL   Albanian Hydrographic Service                       600          AL
Angola                 AO   Not known                                           620          AO
                            Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications
Anguilla               AI                                                      625           AI
                            & Utilities
Antigua and
                       AG   Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority                 630           AG
Aruba                  AW   Netherlands ENC charting responsibility            640           AW
Azerbaijan             AZ   Azerbaijan Navy                                    645           AZ
                            Port Department, Ministry of Transport and
Bahamas                BS                                                      650           BS
Barbados               BB   Barbados Port Inc                                  670           BB
Belize                 BZ   Belize Port Authority                              680           BZ
                            Direction Générale du Port Autonome de
Benin                  BJ                                                      690           BJ
Bermuda                BM   Ministry of Works, Engineering and Housing         695           BM
                            Servicio Nacional de Hidrografia Naval
Bolivia                BO                                                      700           BO
                            de Bolivia
British Virgin
                       VG   Chief Minister’s Office                            705           VG
                            Service de l’Hydrologie et des grands
Cambodia               KH                                                      730           KH
Cape Verde             CV   Instituto Marityimo e Portuário (IMP)              750           CV
Comoros                KM   Not Known                                          770           KM
Congo (Rep.
                       CG   Port Autonome de Pointe Noire                      780           CG
                            Maritime Division, Ministry of Tourism and
Cook Islands           CK                                                      790           CK
Costa-Rica             CR   Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN)                800           CR
                            Direction Générale du Port Autonome
Côte d’Ivoire          CI                                                      810           CI
                            Ministère de l’Equipement et des
Djibouti               DJ   Transports, Direction des Affaires                 820           DJ
Dominica               DM   Not known                                          830           DM
                            Gerente de Geodesia, Centro Nacional de
El Salvador            SV   Registros, Instituto Geografico y del              840           SV
                             Catastro Nacional
Equatorial                  Ministry of Transportation and Civil
                       GQ                                                      850           GQ
Guinea                      Aviation

S-62                                         05 May 2019            This version created on 05 May 2019
Other States                           Data Producer Codes                                         6

Country         Country
                                        Agency Name                          Agency Codes
Name             Code
Eritrea           ER      Department of Marine Transport                     860           ER
                          Ministry of Transport and Communications
Ethiopia          ET                                                         880           ET
                          Marine Transport Authority
Gabon             GA      Direction Générale de la Marine Marchande          890           GA
Gambia            GM      Gambia Ports Authority                             900           GM
Ghana             GH      Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority                 910           GH
Grenada           GD      Grenada Ports Authority                            920           GD
Guinea            GN      Port Autonome de Conakry                           930           GN
Guinea-Bissau     GW      Administração dos Portos da Guiné-Bissau           940           GW
                          Maritime Administration Department
Guyana            GY                                                         950           GY
                          Hydrographic Office
Haiti             HT      Service Maritime et de Navigation d’Haïti          960           HT
Honduras          HN      Empresa Nacional Portuaria                         970           HN
                          Marine Department, General Company for
Iraq              IQ                                                         980           IQ
                          Iraki Ports
Israel            IL      Administration of Shipping and Ports               1000          IL
Israel            IL      Survey of Israel                                   1001          I1
Israel            IL      Israel Navy                                        1002          I2
Jordan            JO      The Ports Corporation, Jordan                      1020          JO
Kenya             KE      Survey of Kenya, Kenya Ports Authority             1030          KE
Kiribati          KI      Ministry of Transport and Communications           1040          KI
Lebanon           LB      Ministry of Public Works & Transport               1070          LB
Liberia           LR      Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy                1080          LR
Libyan Arab
                  LY      Not known                                          1090          LY
Lithuania         LT      Lithuanian Maritime Safety Administration          1100          LT
                          Institut Géographique et Hydrographique
Madagascar        MG                                                         1110          MG
Malawi            MW      Hydrographic Survey Unit                           1120         MW
Malawi            MW      Marine Department                                  1121         M2
Maldives          MV      Department of Information and Broadcasting         1130         MV
                  MH      Ministry of Resources and Development              1150          MH
Mauritania        MR      Ministère de la Défense Nationale                  1160          MR
(Federated        FM      Not known                                          1190          FM
 States of)
Montserrat        MS      Montserrat Port Authority                          1197          M3
                          Ministry of Works, Transports and
Namibia           NA                                                         1230          NA
Nauru             NR      Nauru Phosphate Corporation                        1240          NR
                          Ministero de la Presidencia, Instituto
Nicaragua         NI      Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales,            1250          NI
                          Dirección de Recursos Hídricos,

S-62                                       05 May 2019            This version created on 05 May 2019
7                                       Data Producer Codes                                  Other States

Country          Country
                                         Agency Name                             Agency Codes
Name              Code
Niue               NU      Lands and Survey Division                             1255          NU
Palau              PW      Bureau of Domestic Affairs                            1260          PW
Panama             PA      Autoridad Maritima de Panama                          1270          PA
                           Fuerzas Armadas de la Nacion, Armada
Paraguay           PY                                                            1280          PY
                           Paraguaya, Comando de apoyo de combate
Saint Kitts                St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports
                   KN                                                            1310          KN
and Nevis                  Authority, Maritime Division
                           Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority,
Saint Lucia        LC                                                            1320          LC
                           Division of Maritime Affairs
Saint Vincent
and the            VC      Ministry of Communications and Works                  1330          VC
                           Ministry of Transport, Marine and Shipping
Samoa              WS                                                            1340          WS
Sao Tome and
                   ST      Not known                                             1350          ST
                           Service de sécurité maritime du Sénégal,
Senegal            SN                                                            1370          SN
                           Port autonome de Dakar
                           Sierra Leone Maritime Administration,
Sierra Leone       SL                                                            1390          SL
                           Sierra Leone Ports Authority
                   SB      Solomon Islands Hydrographic Office (SIHO)            1410          SB
Somalia            SO      Somali Hydrographic Office                            1420          SO
Sudan              SD      Survey Department                                     1430          SD
                           Hydrographic Surveys Section, Surveys and
Tanzania           TZ      Mapping Division, Ministry of Lands,                  1440          TZ
                           Housing and Human Settlements Development
Tanzania           TZ      Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA)                        1441          T1
The Cayman
                   KY      Governor’s Office                                     755           KY
Togo               TG      University of Lome, Research Department               1450          TG
Tokelau            TK      Not known                                             1460          TK
Turks & Caicos
                   TC      Governor’s Office                                     1475          TC
                           Ministry of Labour, Works and
Tuvalu             TV                                                            1480          TV
Uganda             UG      Commissioner for Transport Regulation                 1485          UG
                           Ministry of Transport, Yemen Ports
Yemen              YE                                                            1520          YE
                           Authority, Maritime Affairs Authority

S-62                                        05 May 2019               This version created on 05 May 2019
Other Organizations/Entities                 Data Producer Codes                                         8

III.   Other Organizations/Entities

                               Agency Name                                         Agency Codes
A.F.D.J. R.A. Galati                                                              16203          3R
Abris, Llc                                                                        36363          8T
ADVETO Advanced Technology AB                                                     20316          4S
AEMDR, Rousse, Bulgaria                                                           15163          3B
Aero Karta Complex Ltd                                                            16038          3Z
AMEC                                                                              27242          6A
American Commercial Lines (ACL), Inc.                                             23130          5A
Amt fuer Geoinformationswesen der Bundeswehr                                       7453          1D
Antarctic Treaty Consultative Committee                                            1600          QM
ARAMCO                                                                             6682          1A
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) of the Russian Federal Service
                                                                                  19018          4A
for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet)
Associated British Ports Southampton                                              44444          5S
ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH                                                             36376          8E
Australian Hydrographic Service - Provisional and sample datasets                 32328          7U
Austrian Supreme Shipping Authority                                                7980          1S
Azerbaijan Navy, Service of Navigation and Oceanography                           31354          7A
Azienda Regionale Navigazione Interna (ARNI)                                      10794          2A
Azovo-Donskoe State Basin Waterway and Shipping Authority                         14906          3A
BaikalChart, Russia                                                               19275          4B
BMT ARGOSS Ltd                                                                     3817          0M
Bremer Schiffsmeldedienst                                                         24181          5B
Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, Karlsruhe                                            11051          2B
C-Map                                                                             12083           2J
C-Map Russia                                                                      20323          4Z
C-Tech SRL, Romania                                                               27499          6B
Canadian Coast Guard                                                               7968          1G
Canadian Ice Service                                                              20306           4I
CARIS                                                                              7196          1C
Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center, University of
                                                                                  20318          4U
New Hampshire
Centre Sevzapgeoinform (SZGI)                                                     32652          7S
Channel of Moscow                                                                  7974          1M
Chart Pilot Ltd.                                                                  11973          2G
ChartCo Limited                                                                   32298           7J
Chartworld Gmbh                                                                   40092          9C
CherSoft Ltd                                                                      39578          9A
Comite International Radio-Maritime                                                1620          QO
Command & Control Technologies GmbH                                               15420          3C
ConcENC OOO                                                                       44445          6E
CRUP d.o.o., Croatia                                                              23644          5C
CTC JSC                                                                           44446          2L
David Evans and Associates, Inc. | Marine Services Division                       42003          4D
Department of Transport Western Australia                                         42007          8W

S-62                                             05 May 2019            This version created on 05 May 2019
9                                             Data Producer Codes                Other Organizations/Entities

                                    Name                                                   Codes
Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems, Germany              15934           3E
Digital Geographic Information Working Group                                        1640           QQ
DMER, Zagreb                                                                       12055           2H
e-MLX, Korea                                                                       12097           2X
ENC Center, National Taiwan Ocean University                                        7982           1U
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)                                    20046           4E
Euronav Ltd UK                                                                     11822           2E
European Communities Commission                                                     1650           QR
European Harbour Masters Association                                                1660           QS
European Inland ECDIS Expert Group                                                 24418            5I
Fachstelle fuer Geoinformationen Sued beim WSA Regensburg                          20320           4W
Federation Internationale des Geometres                                             1680           QU
Finnish Navy                                                                       16191           3F
Food and Agriculture Organization                                                   1670           QT
Force Technology, Danish Maritime Institute                                         7967           1F
FPAEMDR DRIIREST                                                                   16035           3D
GEOMOD                                                                             20122           4G
Grand Port Maritime du Havre                                                       42013           4H
Guoy Consultancy Sdn Bhd                                                           27756           6C
Hamburg Port Authority                                                             40865           9H
Hochschule Bremen (Nautik)                                                         12061           2N
Hochschule Wismar Bereich Seefahrt (MSCW)                                          28266           6W
Hydrographic Office of the Sarawak Marine Department                               24422           5M
HYPACK, Inc.                                                                       16193           3H
ICAN                                                                               16194            3I
IHO Data Centre for Digital Bathymetry                                              1630           QP
IIC Technologies                                                                   11308           2C
India National Hydrographic Office - Miscellaneous                                 42014           7N
Innovative Navigation GmbH                                                         12056            2I
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission                                          1850           XK
International Association of Geodesy                                                1700           QW
International Association of Institutes of Navigation                               1710           QX
International Association of Lighthouse Authorities                                 1720           QY
International Association of Ports and Harbours                                     1730           QZ
International Atomic Energy Agency                                                  1690           QV
International Cable Protection Committee                                            1750           XB
International Cartographic Association                                              1740           XA
International Centre for ENC (IC-ENC)                                               2030           IC
International Chamber of Shipping                                                   1760           XC
International Commission for the Scientific Exploration of the Mediterranean        1770           XD
International Council of Scientific Unions                                          1780           XE
International Electrotechnical Commission                                           1790           XF
International Geographical Union                                                    1800           XG
International Maritime Academy                                                      1820           XH

S-62                                              05 May 2019            This version created on 05 May 2019
Other Organizations/Entities                Data Producer Codes                                   10

                                  Name                                              Codes
International Maritime Organization                                          1830           XI
International Maritime Satellite Organization                                1840           XJ
International Organization for Standardization                               1860           XL
International Radio Consultative Committee                                   1610           QN
International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing                  1870           XM
International Telecommunication Union                                        1880           XN
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics                                1890           XO
International Union of Surveying and Mapping                                 1900           XP
JS Co Geocentre-Consulting, Moscow                                           7987           1Z
Kamvodput                                                                   12084           2K
Kingway Technology Co                                                        7972           1K
L-3 Communications Oceania Limited                                          35466           8A
Land Information New Zealand Hydrographic Services                          12099           2Z
Laser-Scan Ltd                                                               7973           1L
Latincomp                                                                   32264           7L
Maju Geohydro Sdn Bhd                                                       42008           M8
MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands)                             12060           2M
Marine Geodesy LLC                                                          42000           6D
Marine Technology sp. o.o.                                                  32320           7M
MD Atlantic Technologies                                                    20315           4R
MeteoConsult                                                                20311           4N
National Navigation Authority of the Czech Republic                         39624           9D
Nautical Data International, Inc.                                            7975           1N
Nautical Publications Gmbh                                                  42010           5V
Navionics S.p.A.                                                             7970            1I
Navionics test and sample datasets                                           7971            1J
Navtor AS                                                                   28233           6N
NAVTRON SRL                                                                 24423           5N
Nobeltec, Inc                                                               40883           9Z
Noorderzon Software                                                          7985           1X
nv De Scheepvaart                                                           32655           7V
Ocean Surveys Inc.                                                          16200           3O
OceanWise                                                                   42011           4O
Offshore Systems Ltd.                                                        7976           1O
Oil Companies International Marine Forum                                     1910           XQ
OOO Tekhpromcomplect                                                        20317           4T
OpenSeaMap.Org                                                               3878           0S
OVF (General Directorate of Water Management)                                7969           1H
Pan American Institute of Geography and History                              1920           XR
Panama Canal Authority                                                      28243           6P
PD Ports                                                                    42001           6G
Pechora Waterways and Navigation Board                                      16201           3P
PETROBRAS                                                                   32323           7P
Petroslav Hydroservice, Russia                                              32641           7H

S-62                                           05 May 2019        This version created on 05 May 2019
11                                         Data Producer Codes                 Other Organizations/Entities

                                 Name                                                    Codes
PLOVPUT Beograd                                                                  12063           2P
Port of Antwerp(Havenbedrijf Antwerpen NV van publiek recht)                     42012           8V
Port Of London Authority                                                          7977           1P
Port of Rotterdam                                                                12065           2R
PRIMAR - European ENC Coordinating Centre                                         2020           PM
Public Works and Government Services Canada - Pacific Region                     16012           4P
QUADRANT-ENC                                                                     12004           2Q
Quality Positioning Services                                                      7978           1Q
Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services                                  1930           XS
Rheinschifffahrtsdirektion (RSD) Basel                                           19532           4C
Rijkswaterstaat                                                                   7979           1R
River Transport Authority (RTA), Egypt                                           24158           5E
Safe Trip SA, Argentina                                                          24425           5P
Science Applications International Corp                                          16204           3S
Scientific Commission on Antarctic Research                                       1940           XT
SeaZone Solutions                                                                24168           5Z
Seebyte Ltd.                                                                     35980           8C
Service Public de Wallonie                                                       42009           9W
SevenCs AG & Co KG                                                               31868           7C
SHOM test data                                                                   20127           4L
Solutions from Silicon, Sydney                                                   40876           9S
Ssangyong Information & Communications Corp.                                     12079           2S
State Federal Unitary Enterprise NW Regional Production Centre of
                                                                                 24427           5R
Geoinformation and Mine Surveying Centre, "Sevzapgeoinform" (Russia)
SVP, s.p., OZ Bratislava                                                         11565           2D
TCarta Marine                                                                    42005           6T
TEC Asociados                                                                    24455           5T
Tér-Team Ltd., Budapest                                                           7986           1Y
Terra Corp                                                                       32653           7T
Terra OOO                                                                        42006           2O
TerraNautical Data                                                                7710           1E
The Enisei State Territorial Department for Waterways                            42002           9E
The Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography of Russia                         32651           7R
The Hydrographic Society                                                          1950           XU
The Severnaya Dvina State Territorial Department for Waterways                   42004           6S
The Volga State Territorial Department for Waterways                             12095           2V
The Volga-Baltic State Territorial Department for Waterways                       7983           1V
The Volga-Don Waterways And Navigation Board                                     16207           3V
Transas Marine                                                                   12093           2T
Tresco Engineering bvba                                                          40877           9T
Tresco Navigation Systems                                                        16205           3T
Tridentnav Systems                                                               16199           3N
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) - Coastal and Marine Geology                       28542           6U
UKHO - private production                                                         7981           1T

S-62                                          05 May 2019              This version created on 05 May 2019
Other Organizations/Entities              Data Producer Codes                                     12

                                 Name                                               Codes
UKHO test and sample datasets                                                  0            1B
ULTRANS TM srl                                                              12094           2U
United Kingdom Royal Navy                                                   24430           5U
United Nations, Office for Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea                  1970           XW
US Army Corps of Engineers - Channel Condition Data                         16206           3U
via donau - ?sterreichische Wasserstrassen-Gesellschaft mbH                 12096           2W
VietNav Ltd, VIETNAM                                                        43456           6V
Voies Navigables de France (VNF)                                            20319           4V
Wasser- und Schiffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes - Direktion SW                  7984           1W
Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes - WSA Bremerhaven             24203           5X
Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes - WSA Cuxhaven                24432           5W
Wasserschutzpolizei-Schule                                                  16208           3W
Waterwegen en Zeekanaal                                                     32656           7W
World Meteorological Organization                                            1960           XV

S-62                                         05 May 2019          This version created on 05 May 2019
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