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                    The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the world’s largest aerospace technical
                    society. With nearly 30,000 individual members from 88 countries, and 95 corporate members, AIAA
                    brings together industry, academia, and government to advance engineering and science in aviation,
                    space, and defense. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter @AIAA. 		                                                                                                                                3 #aiaaSpace - 17-19 SEPTEMBER 2018 ORLANDO, FLORIDA - AIAA SPACE Forum
    FORUM GENERAL CHAIR                               REINVENTING SPACE
                                                      Anthony Shao, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Ray Lugo, Florida Space Institute
                                                      Claude Joyner, Aerojet Rocketdyne
                                                      SPACE EXPLORATION
    Melissa Sampson, Ball Aerospace                   Chris Moore, NASA Headquarters
                                                      Surendra Sharma, NASA Ames Research Center
    Brian Pomeroy, Sierra Nevada Corporation          SPACE HISTORY, SOCIETY AND POLICY
                                                      Amir Gohardani, International Rectifier
    TECHNICAL DISCIPLINE CHAIRS                       Scott West, NASA Engineering and Safety Center
    Craig Willis, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation    SPACE LOGISTICS AND SUPPORTABILITY
                                                      Kandyce Goodliff, NASA Langley Research Center
    GREEN ENGINEERING                                 Lauren Paunescu, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
    Jeremy Straub, North Dakota State University      SPACE OPERATIONS
                                                      Scott Burleigh, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Matthew Simon, NASA Langley Research Center       SPACE RESOURCES UTILIZATION
    Anita Gale, Boeing Defense, Space & Security      Koorosh Araghi, NASA Johnson Space Center
    Ondreju Doule, Florida Institute of Technology
    Samuel Wald, NanoRacks                            SPACE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION
                                                      Steven Fredrickson, NASA Johnson Space Center
    HYPERSONICS                                       Ou Ma, University of Cincinnati
    Peter Montgomery, Jacobs Technology
                                                      SPACE SYSTEMS
    INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE                  John Bloomer, Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems
    Akira Oyama, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency   Erica Rodgers, NASA Langley Research Center (Deputy
    Miroslav Veley, Aries Design Automation, LLC      Technical Program Chair)

    Kevin Bowcutt, The Boeing Company                 Sherry Stukes, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
                                                      Michele Baley, Defense Acquisition University
    NATIONAL SECURITY SPACE                           Daniel Nigg, The Aerospace Corporation
    Joseph Betser, The Aerospace Corporation
    Roberta Ewart, U.S. Air Force                     SPACE TRANSPORTATION
                                                      Leon McKinney, McKinney Associates, Inc.

4                                                                                             #aiaaSpace - 17-19 SEPTEMBER 2018 ORLANDO, FLORIDA - AIAA SPACE Forum
        2018 AIAA SPACE Forum

    Jim Armor            Jürgen Drescher      WELCOME
Northrop Grumman        German Aerospace      Welcome to the AIAA Space and Astronautics Forum (AIAA SPACE Forum)!
   Corporation            Center (DLR)
                                              When the decision was made to relocate this event from California, Orlando,
                                              with the nearby Space Coast, was the obvious choice. Central Florida is home
                                              to a wealth of aerospace history and innovation and is the nation’s busiest
                                              gateway to space. The companies, government facilities, and academic institutions
                                              that call this region home represent the cutting-edge organizations shaping the
                                              future of space exploration and commercialization. We’re excited to be here
                                              and hope you are too!
                                              This year’s AIAA SPACE Forum will expose you to perspectives and topics
                                              you won’t find anywhere else. Our many sessions will bring together leaders in
  Stephen Frick         Stephen G. Jurczyk    our community, both past and present, to discuss challenges associated with
 Lockheed Martin        NASA Headquarters
                                              aerospace system development and space commercialization. We encourage
                                              you to review this program to find the sessions that spark your interest the
                                              most, but here are just a few of the highlights.
                                              On Monday NASA Administrator James Bridenstine will share his ideas on
                                              space exploration and how the agency is shaping the future. The conversation
                                              continues when Administrator Bridenstine is joined on stage by many of his
                                              predecessors—it’s the first time we can find that this many former and current
                                              NASA administrators have shared a stage! It’s sure to be an insightful look at an
                                              agency that has transformed and expanded the world we live in.
     Ray Lugo             Brian Pomeroy       GPS pioneer and Trimble Navigation founder Charles Trimble will give the first
   Florida Space          Sierra Nevada       David W. Thompson Lecture in Space Commerce at the awards luncheon on
      Institute            Corporation
                          (Forum Technical
                                              Tuesday. A sure-to-be lively “fireside chat” follows during the Forum 360 as
(Forum General Chair)
                           Program Chair)     Trimble, Thompson, and other experts discuss how GPS came to be the game
                                              changer it is today.
                                              You won’t want to miss the new directions in space exploration theme on
                                              Wednesday. The Forum 360 sessions will be opportunities for engaging
                                              dialogue on critical space and astronautics programs as well as insights into
                                              what is next for the industry.
                                              As always, the presentations during the technical sessions form the foundation
                                              of everything we do at AIAA. The fundamental research and development
                                              results discussed in these sessions will drive discovery, collaboration, and
 Melissa Sampson         Brent Sherwood
                                              growth as we collectively reach ever outward.
  Ball Aerospace        NASA Jet Propulsion
 (Forum 360 Chair)         Laboratory         Thank you for making the choice to be here in Orlando this week. We hope you
                                              find the energy and activity around the development of space and astronautics
                                              invigorating and inspiring. As we look toward a bright future, we celebrate the
                                              past, as we all stand on the shoulders of giants. Ad astra.

                                                2018 AIAA SPACE Forum is proud to also feature:

                                                › Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange

            Clayton Turner                      › AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonics
      NASA Langley Research Center                Systems and Technologies Conference 		                                                                                                                 5 #aiaaSpace - 17-19 SEPTEMBER 2018 ORLANDO, FLORIDA - AIAA SPACE Forum
       AIAA would like to thank the following organizations for their
                support of the 2018 AIAA SPACE Forum

          KEY CARD SPONSOR                                    LANYARD SPONSOR

       SMALL BUSINESS SPONSOR                                  MEDIA SPONSOR

                             DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP SPONSORS

                                                              Pennsylvania Space Grant

6                                                                               #aiaaSpace - 17-19 SEPTEMBER 2018 ORLANDO, FLORIDA - AIAA SPACE Forum
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                                     SUNDAY 16                                              MONDAY 17

    0730 hrs                                                                 Speaker Briefing in Technical Session Rooms

    0800 hrs

    0830 hrs                                                                                    Plenary

    0900 hrs

    0930 hrs                                                                          Networking Coffee Break

    1000 hrs

    1030 hrs

    1100 hrs                                                                             Technical Sessions

    1130 hrs

    1200 hrs

    1230 hrs

    1300 hrs                                                                           Networking Box Lunch

    1330 hrs

    1400 hrs

    1430 hrs                      Ignite the “Meet”ing                                      Forum 360s

    1500 hrs

    1530 hrs                                                          Networking Coffee Break

    1600 hrs

    1630 hrs                                                                                                Technical Sessions
                                  Meet the Employers
    1700 hrs

    1730 hrs

    1800 hrs
                                                                                          Pickering Lecture
    1830 hrs                       Student Welcome
    1900 hrs

    1930 hrs                                                          Forum Welcome Reception

    2000 hrs

    2030 hrs                                                                                            Hypersonics Systems and
                                                                                                      Technology Awards Reception
    2100 hrs

                  GROW                                   CONNECT                                          DISCOVER
               Technical Career                          Networking                                       High Level

                                   TUESDAY 18                                                 WEDNESDAY 19

0730 hrs            Speaker Briefing in Technical Session Rooms                   Speaker Briefing in Technical Session Rooms

0800 hrs

0830 hrs                               Plenary                                                        Plenary

0900 hrs

0930 hrs                      Networking Coffee Break                                      Networking Coffee Break

1000 hrs

1030 hrs

1100 hrs                         Technical Sessions                                           Technical Sessions

1130 hrs

1200 hrs

1230 hrs

1300 hrs             Excellence in Aerospace Awards Luncheon                 Networking Box Lunch                SGAC Workshop

1330 hrs

1400 hrs

1430 hrs                            Forum 360s                                                   Forum 360s

1500 hrs

1530 hrs     Networking Coffee Break                                        Networking Coffee Break

1600 hrs

1630 hrs    Rising Leaders in Aerospace
                                                 Technical Sessions                                              Technical Sessions
                  Speed Mentoring
1700 hrs

1730 hrs

1800 hrs
                                von Kármán Lecture
1830 hrs                                                                                       Astronaut Stories

1900 hrs

1930 hrs         Rising Leaders in Aerospace Networking Reception

2000 hrs

2030 hrs

2100 hrs

              GROW                                             CONNECT                                          DISCOVER
           Technical Career                                    Networking                                       High Level
            Development 		                                                                                                                     9
 CONTINUING EDUCATION OFFERINGS                                          STUDENT DAY OFFERINGS
 Stay at the top of your game with AIAA’s continuing                     Kick off your forum experience with fun and
 education offerings. You will leave with invaluable                     engaging activities designed to help foster
 knowledge and solutions that you can put to                             meaningful connections before the forum
 immediate use.                                                          even begins.

 SAT. 15 – SUN. 16 SEPTEMBER                                             SUNDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER
 0800–1700 HRS                                     CELEBRATION 8         1400–1530 HRS                                 CELEBRATION 1 & 2

 Integrating Program Management and Systems                              Ignite the “Meet”ing
 Engineering Course                                                      At this high-energy and fun workshop, attendees will gather tips
 As systems engineering and program management have                      and techniques on networking and relationship building that will
 evolved since World War II, missions have to be achieved within         make the event more enjoyable and productive. We’ll focus in
 the constraints of cost, schedule, and expected performance.            on creating an introduction, understanding how to engage with
 Systems engineering is attempting to describe and define the            others, playing off the unique networking styles of introverts and
 optimal solution while the program management is attempting             extroverts, and some of the absolute do nots of networking.
 to determine the necessary work components and develop
 the plan. Both are keys to the success of a program. Bringing
 these two disciplines together with a common success measure            1600–1800 HRS                            REGENCY BALLROOM T
 requires the integration of functions within programs. In
                                                                         Meet the Employers
 this course you will learn how to apply systems engineering
 processes, tools, methods, and techniques on program                    This event offers students and young professional attendees
 management’s organizing and staffing, planning, performance             the opportunity to interact with AIAA corporate members
 measurement, decision, and cost control on how to execute an            regarding employment opportunities. Participating companies/
 accurate Earned Value Management System (EVMS).                         organizations will present a brief organizational overview and
                                                                         opportunities available, and then have follow-on discussions
                                                                         with the attendees. Organizations will host a table and
 SUNDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER                                                    attendees will switch every 10 minutes.

 0800–1700 HRS                                     CELEBRATION 9         Immediately following the event, AIAA will hold its Student
                                                                         Welcome Reception in the same venue and company and
 Hypersonic Air-Breathing Propulsion:                                    organization representatives are encouraged to attend. There
 A Technical Primer                                                      is no charge to participate in either the recruiting event or the
                                                                         reception. No RSVP is required.
 This course will provide the essential foundation for anyone
 interested in the growing field of hypersonic air-breathing
 propulsion (HAP), and includes a strong focus on the practical
 research and development (R&D) of enabling technologies.                1800–1930 HRS                                      ORCHID ROOM
 Whether you are new to the field or are already familiar with           AIAA Student Welcome Reception
 aerospace propulsion, in this course you will get concentrated
 insights into HAP systems, including how ram/scramjet engines can       Network with your peers and hear from AIAA Executive
 combine with other propulsion cycles. It will give you a technical      Director Dan Dumbacher. This reception provides you with the
 overview of key concepts applicable to propulsion configurations        opportunity to meet your fellow students who you are sure
 proposed for both cruise and transatmospheric vehicles.                 to see again throughout the forum, and learn more about the
                                                                         opportunities available to you as an AIAA student member.

 0800–1700 HRS                                     CELEBRATION 7

 Space Standards and Architectures Course
 This course is intended for individuals and organizations that desire
 to increase their teams’ understanding of the benefits of and the
 usability of 1) space standards and 2) architecture framework.


The sky is no longer the limit. And when we look beyond today,
we see tomorrow. Boeing is honored to salute those who
look to the future and face it fiercely. 		                                                11
                                                                      1400–1530 HRS                  REGENCY BALLROOM V
 0800–0930 HRS                                 WINDERMERE W/X

 NASA at 60                                                           On-Orbit Servicing — Status and Progress of
 Opening Keynote:                                                     a Revolutionary Capability
 James Bridenstine, Administrator, NASA                               MODERATOR: Trudy Kortes, Program Executive,
 MODERATOR: Roger Launius, Principal, Launius Historical              Technology Demonstration Missions, Space Technology
 Services, Author and former NASA Chief Historian (1990–2002)         Mission Directorate, NASA

 PANELISTS:                                                           PANELISTS:
  Charles Bolden, Major General, U.S. Marine Corps (ret.), and         Carolyn Belle, Senior Analyst, Northern Sky Research
  former NASA Administrator (2009–2017)                                Ian Christensen, Director, Private Sector Programs,
     James Bridenstine, Administrator, NASA                            Secure World Foundation

     Michael Griffin, Under Secretary of Defense, Research &           Frank DeMauro, Vice President and General Manager,
     Engineering, U.S. Department of Defense, and former NASA          Advanced Programs Division, Northrop Grumman
     Administrator (2005–2009)                                         Innovation Systems

     Daniel Goldin, Founder & CEO, KnuEdge, and former NASA            Erica Rodgers, Science and Technology Partnerships
     Administrator (1992–2001)                                         Lead, Office of the Chief Technologist, NASA

     Sean O’Keefe, University Professor, Maxwell School, Syracuse      Alfred Tadros, Vice President, Space Infrastructure and
     University, and former NASA Administrator (2001–2005)             Civil Space, SSL

     Richard Truly, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (ret.), and former NASA
     Administrator (1989–1992)
                                                                      1400–1530 HRS                 REGENCY BALLROOM U

                                                                      Additive Manufacturing to Advance
           1400–1530 HRS                  REGENCY BALLROOM T          Hypersonics Capabilities
           Complex System Evolution — Balancing                       MODERATOR: Peter Montgomery, Director of
           Technical, Political, and Environmental                    Commercialization, Jacobs Test and Operations Support
                                                                      Contract, NASA Kennedy Space Center
           Factors for Success
           MODERATOR: David Dress, Associate Director for
                                                                       Jeffrey Haynes, Senior Manager, Advanced Space and
           Space Technology and Advanced Development
                                                                       Launch, Aerojet Rocketdyne
           Programs, Space Technology and Exploration
           Directorate, NASA Langley Research Center                   John W. Otto, Director, Raytheon Missile Systems
           PANELISTS:                                                  Christopher Schulz, Chief Engineer, Hypersonic
            John Fiore, Technical Director, Naval Surface Warfare      Programs and Technologies, Strategic and Missile
            Center, Dahlgren Division, Naval Sea Systems               Defense Systems, Lockheed Martin Space Company
            Malina Hills, Senior Vice President, Space Systems
            Group, The Aerospace Corporation
            Robert Lightfoot, President, LSINC Corporation
            Steven Lindsey, Vice President, Space Exploration
            Systems, Sierra Nevada Corporation
            Laura McGill, Vice President of Engineering, Raytheon
            Missile Systems
            Michael Ryschkewitsch, Head, Space Exploration
            Sector, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics

                                                                        1400–1530 HRS                 REGENCY BALLROOM V
0800–0930 HRS                                  WINDERMERE W/X

International Collaboration — Opportunities and                         Global Space Exploration — Enhanced
Challenges                                                              Benefits Through International and
                                                                        Commercial Partnerships
MODERATOR: Lt. Gen. Larry D. James, Deputy Director, NASA
                                                                        SESSION ORGANIZER: Kathy Laurini, Senior Advisor,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
                                                                        Exploration and Space Operations, NASA Headquarters
 Robert Axmann, Head of Program Strategy Space and Acting               PANEL 1:
 Director of Institute of Data Science, German Aerospace Center (DLR)   TO THE MOON: THE EMERGING LANDSCAPE FOR
                                                                        LUNAR LANDERS
 Shri P. Kunhikrishnan, Director, UR Rao Satellite Centre
 (URSC), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)                      MODERATOR: Naoki Sato, Director, Space Exploration
                                                                        System Technology Unit, JAXA Space Exploration
 Jean-Yves Le Gall, President, Centre National d’Etudes
                                                                        Center, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
 Spatiales (CNES)
 Masami Onoda, Director, Washington D.C. Office, Japan
                                                                         Steven W. Clarke, Deputy Associate Administrator for
 Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
                                                                         Exploration, Science Mission Directorate, NASA
                                                                         Jason Crusan, Director, Advanced Exploration
                                                                         Systems, Human Exploration and Operations Mission
        1400–1530 HRS                     REGENCY BALLROOM T             Directorate, NASA
        Pioneering Space — Charlie Trimble and the                       Takeshi Hakamada, Founder & CEO, ispace, Inc.
        Commercialization of GPS                                         Xavier Simon, Spacecraft Configuration Design Lead,
        MODERATOR: David W. Thompson, Retired President                  The Boeing Company
        and Chief Executive Officer, Orbital ATK Inc.
                                                                        PANEL 2:
                                                                        LUNAR VOLATILES AND OTHER LOCAL RESOURCES
         Bryn Fosburgh, Senior Vice President, Trimble, Inc.
                                                                        MODERATOR: Stephen Hoffman, Engineering Specialist,
         Scott Pace, Executive Secretary, National Space Council
                                                                        The Aerospace Corporation
         Bradford Parkinson, Professor Emeritus, Department
         of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University
                                                                         Stefaan De Mey, Senior Strategy Officer, Human and
         Charles Trimble, Founder and former President and               Robotic Exploration, European Space Agency
         CEO, Trimble Inc.
                                                                         Jerry Sanders, Deputy Project Manager, In Situ
                                                                         Resource Utilization (ISRU) Project, NASA
                                                                         George Sowers, Professor of Practice, Mechanical
                                                                         Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
                                                                         Paul van Susante, Senior Lecturer, Mechanical
                                                                         Engineering, Michigan Technological University

                                                                        1400–1530 HRS                 REGENCY BALLROOM U

                                                                        Commercial Crew — The Newest Ride to LEO
                                                                        MODERATOR: Kathy Lueders, Program Manager,
                                                                        Commercial Crew Program, NASA
                                                                         John Mulholland, Vice President and Program
                                                                         Manager, Commercial Crew Programs, Space
                                                                         Exploration, The Boeing Company
                                                                         Benjamin Reed, Director, Commercial Crew Mission
                                                                         Management, SpaceX 		                                                                                                               13
                                                                  1400–1530 HRS                 REGENCY BALLROOM V
 0800–0930 HRS                                 WINDERMERE W/X

 New Directions in Space Exploration                              Small Launch Vehicles
                                                                  MODERATOR: Warren Frick, Program Manager,
                                                                  Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems
 MODERATOR: Stephen Jurczyk, Associate Administrator, NASA
                                                                   John Fuller, Director, Advanced Concepts, Virgin Orbit
  William Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator, Human
  Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA             John Brunschwyler, Program Director, Taurus, and
                                                                   Minotaur-C Launch Vehicle, Northrop Grumman
     James Reuter, Acting Associate Administrator, Space
                                                                   Innovation Systems
     Technology Mission Directorate, NASA
                                                                   Leslie “Les” Kovacs, Vice President, Business
     Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator, Science Mission
                                                                   Development, Firefly Aerospace
     Directorate, NASA
                                                                   Gregory Orndorff, Director, Government Launch Sales,
 PANEL 2: INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES                                    Vector Launch Inc.
 MODERATOR: Dan Dumbacher, Executive Director, AIAA
                                                                   Bradley Schneider, Executive Vice President and
 PANELISTS:                                                        General Manager, USA Operations, Rocket Lab USA, Inc.
  Lisa Callahan, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial
  Civil Space, Lockheed Martin Space Company
     Steven Lindsey, Vice President, Space Exploration Systems,
     Sierra Nevada Corporation

           1400–1530 HRS                  REGENCY BALLROOM T

           What Does It Take to be a Top Employer in
           the New Space Age?
           MODERATOR: Carole Rickard Hedden, Executive
           Editor, Aviation Week Executive Intelligence
            Joe Anselmo, Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Week
            Matthew Cannella, Chair, AIAA Young Professionals
            Committee, and Systems Engineer, Ball Aerospace
            Miguel Smart, Partner, U.S. Aerospace and Defense
            Operations Strategy, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

           1400–1530 HRS                  REGENCY BALLROOM U

           Cis-Lunar Economy Development
           MODERATOR: Melissa Sampson, Senior Manager,
           Advanced Systems, Commercial Aerospace and
           Strategic Technology, Ball Aerospace
            Carissa Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, Bryce
            Space and Technology
            Andrew Rush, President and Chief Executive Officer,
            Made In Space, Inc.
            James Vedda, Senior Policy Analyst, The Aerospace

This multidimensional program, planned by the Young Professionals Committee,

features sessions with the 35-and-under crowd in mind. These exciting and
energetic activities will provide access to top aerospace leaders and their
perspectives, with subject matter relevant to your career. Participating in this
program will allow you the opportunity to build your network of fellow peers.                              in
MONDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER                                                  TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER
1030–1130 HRS                           REGENCY BALLROOM V            1600–1730 HRS                                        BAYHILL 19/20

A Conversation with Members of the National                           Speed Mentoring
Space Council Users’ Advisory Group                                   Accomplished members of corporations and AIAA will be taking
The National Space Council was reestablished in 2017 to advise        time to meet with the Rising Leaders participants and share
the president on America’s space policy and strategy and              their experiences. This event is a great way to get insight from
review the nation’s long-range goals for space activities. The        top-level officials and make some great new contacts. And,
council includes leaders in government from both civil and            maybe, they will end up being a mentor for more than just the 15
military space programs.                                              minutes at this event.

The Users’ Advisory Group (UAG) is a panel of outside experts
that provide advice to the National Space Council. It has a broad     1900–2030 HRS                                       ORCHID ROOM
mandate to study virtually all civil, commercial, and national
security space issues.                                                Networking Reception
This session will provide an open forum for AIAA SPACE Forum          Join your peers for a night of networking! Young professionals
attendees to interact with UAG members and provide input on           are encouraged to attend and will enjoy complimentary
the following topics:                                                 beverages and light hors d’oeuvres.

  › Strengthening public engagement
    Increasing commercialization activities in low Earth orbit
    Accelerating a return to the moon
                                                                      WEDNESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER
  › Identifying opportunities for international cooperation           1200–1400 HRS                                       CORAL SPRING
    versus competition                                                SGAC Presents: Shaping the Future of Space,
  › Strengthening the relationship between science and
                                                                      an interactive event for students and young
MODERATOR: Adm. James O. Ellis Jr., U.S. Navy (ret.),
Chairman, Users’ Advisory Group, National Space Council               The Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is a global
                                                                      organization whose mission is to bring the views of the next
PANELISTS:                                                            generation of space leaders to the highest levels of the space
  Mary Lynne Dittmar, President and CEO, The Coalition for            sector, including the United Nations. Learn about how you can
  Deep Space Exploration                                              get involved in this international professional organization and
  Fred Klipsch, Chairman and CEO, Klipsch Audio Technologies (ret.)   hear from three young professionals about how this significantly
                                                                      impacted their careers in aerospace!
  Fatih Ozmen, CEO, Sierra Nevada Corporation
                                                                      This presentation will be followed by an interactive workshop
  Eric Stallmer, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
                                                                      where you will engage with fellow young professionals in
  David Thompson, Retired President and CEO, Orbital ATK Inc.         discussions about the future of the space sector in light of the
                                                                      upcoming 50th anniversary of the moon landing and formulate
                                                                      ideas regarding what the next 50 years of space exploration
                                                                      should look like. This forum will enable both excellent networking and
                                                                      a unique opportunity to hear the perspectives of your global
                                                                      space colleagues. No specific prior knowledge or experience is
                                                                      required. Lunch will be provided so bring an open mind and be
                                                                      ready to engage with your peers in the space sector! 		                                                                                                                              15
 MONDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER                                                    This briefing will summarize the report by discussing the accident
                                                                         timeline and presenting several key findings and recommendations.
 0930–1230 HRS			                          REGENCY BALLROOM V
                                                                         PRESENTER: David Pogue, Operations Safety Engineer, NASA
 0930–1030 HRS AIAA Corporate Members (by invitation only)               Johnson Space Center
 1030–1130 HRS Rising Leaders in Aerospace
 1130–1230 HRS AIAA SPACE Forum attendees
                                                                         1800–1900 HRS                            REGENCY BALLROOM T

 A Conversation with Members of the National                             Pickering Lecture
 Space Council Users’ Advisory Group                                     The Search for Exoplanets
 The National Space Council was reestablished in 2017 to advise the      For thousands of years people have wondered, “Are there planets
 president on America’s space policy and strategy and review the         like Earth?” “Are such planets common?” “Do any have signs
 nation’s long-range goals for space activities. The council includes    of life?” Today astronomers are poised to answer these ancient
 leaders in government from both civil and military space programs.      questions, having recently found thousands of planets that orbit
 The Users’ Advisory Group (UAG) is a panel of outside experts           nearby stars called “exoplanets”. Professors Andrew Howard and
 that provide advice to the National Space Council. It has a broad       Sara Seager, two of the world’s leading experts on exoplanets, will
 mandate to study virtually all civil, commercial, and national          share the latest advances in this revolutionary field.
 security space issues.                                                  SPEAKERS:
 This session will provide an open forum for AIAA SPACE Forum             Andrew Howard, Professor of Astronomy, California Institute of
 attendees to interact with UAG members and provide input on              Technology
 the following topics:                                                    Sara Seager, Professor of Planetary Science, Physics, and
     › Strengthening public engagement                                    Aerospace Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
     › Increasing commercialization activities in low Earth orbit         JPL Distinguished Visiting Scientist, TESS Deputy Science
     › Accelerating a return to the moon                                  Director
     › Identifying opportunities for international cooperation
       versus competition
     › Strengthening the relationship between science and exploration
                                                                         MON. 17 – TUE. 18 SEPTEMBER
                                                                         1000–1500 HRS			                               WINDERMERE Y/Z
 MODERATOR: Adm. James O. Ellis Jr., U.S. Navy (ret.),
 Chairman, Users’ Advisory Group, National Space Council                 Generation STEM
 PANELISTS:                                                              Hosted by the Lockheed Martin Corporation and the AIAA
   Mary Lynne Dittmar, President and CEO, The Coalition for              Foundation, Generation STEM will be two fun-filled days of
   Deep Space Exploration                                                interactive educational STEM experiences for middle school students.
     Fred Klipsch, Chairman and CEO, Klipsch Audio Technologies (ret.)   Generation STEM is designed to engage and stimulate students
     Fatih Ozmen, CEO, Sierra Nevada Corporation                         by providing challenging and engaging demonstrations from
                                                                         various aerospace organizations, an inside look at a variety of
     Eric Stallmer, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation         aerospace careers, and a chance to discover how aerospace is
     David Thompson, Retired President and CEO, Orbital ATK Inc.         impacting everyday life.
                                                                         Forum attendees are encouraged to stop by during the afternoon
 1000-1130 HRS		                           REGENCY BALLROOM T            program to inspire, encourage, or guide the students. Or just
                                                                         come to observe the activities and take ideas back to your section.
 Columbia Crew Survival Investigation Report                             Stop in for a few minutes or hang out for the afternoon!
 What happened to the STS-107 Columbia crew and what can be
 learned from it?
 Shortly after the STS-107 Columbia accident, the Columbia               WEDNESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER
 Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) was formed to discover the          1800–1930 HRS                                 WINDERMERE W/X
 cause of the STS-107 accident.
                                                                         An Evening of Astronaut Stories
 In October 2004, the Spacecraft Crew Survival Integrated
 Investigation Team (SCSIIT) was chartered with the purpose to           Join us as astronauts tell us about their experiences in space.
 investigate the results of the accident—mainly, what happened           There will be opportunities to ask questions and interact with all
 to the vehicle prior to the vehicle breakup and what happened to        astronauts.
 the crew in the final moments of the mission. That investigation        Confirmed astronauts include:
 resulted in the Columbia Crew Survival Investigation Report (NASA/
                                                                           Tony Antonelli, served as pilot on STS-119 and STS-132
 SP-2008-565), an extensive report which provides conclusions,
 recommendations, and lessons learned related to astronaut survival.       Chris Ferguson, served as pilot on STS-115, commander of STS-
                                                                           126 and STS-135

CASE, or Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange, is not a normal AIAA
conference. As the name implies it is an exchange of ideas on some of the
most pertinent issues facing aerospace chief engineers, program managers,
and system engineering professionals in the aerospace industry today, with
a focus on systems complexity. Through interactive panel discussions and
workshops, CASE provides a forum for practically addressing these cross-
discipline complex aerospace systems topics.

MONDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER                                                TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER
1000–1115 HRS (PART 1)                           CELEBRATION 5      1000–1230 HRS                                   CELEBRATION 5
1115–1230 HRS (PART 2)
                                                                    Scientist and Systems Engineer, Using Modeling to
The Future of Systems Engineering                                   Address the Early Life-Cycle Questions
Help Me, Systems Engineering. You’re My Only Hope                   Thermal Exhaust Shaft Design Deficiencies — Should We Have
Part listening session focused on identifying the key               Seen that Coming?
characteristics of the Systems Engineering discipline of the        Panelists will present a challenge from real projects, followed by
future, and part feedback session to gather participant input       a guided discussion of the issues, potential solutions, and long-
on the subject, this session is intended to kick off a discussion   term paths to implement them.
that will thread through multiple forums and even multiple
professional organizations as we define what the future of          MODERATORS:
Systems Engineering looks like.                                      Samantha Infeld, Analytical Mechanics Associates

MODERATOR: Bill Miller, Stevens Institute of Technology              Christina McQuirk, Northrop Grumman Corporation

PANELISTS:                                                          PANELISTS:
 Paul Collopy, University of Alabama in Huntsville                   Thomas Hancock III, SAIC

 Laura McGill, Raytheon Missile Systems                              Beshoy Morkos, Florida Institute of Technology

 Michael Watson, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center                   Nipa Phojanamongkolkij, NASA Langley Research Center

        1400–1530 HRS                    REGENCY BALLROOM T
                                                                    1530–1800 HRS                                   CELEBRATION 5
        Complex System Evolution — Balancing
                                                                    Systems Complexity Roundtable: Is that What the
        Technical, Political, and Environmental
                                                                    Alliance Really Needs?
        Factors for Success
                                                                    Noted systems researchers will present breakthroughs in
        (See page 12 for full details)
                                                                    systems complexity in a variety of areas a rapid-fire format
                                                                    and encourage audience participation and feedback. Audience
1530–1800 HRS                                    CELEBRATION 5      members will gain an interdisciplinary perspective on practically
                                                                    addressing systems complexity using new approaches.
Human Representations in Systems Engineering
                                                                    MODERATOR: Shannon Flumerfelt, Oakland University
So…I Heard You Were Organizing a Resistance
This panel discussion, with encouraged audience interaction,         Michael Grieves, Florida Institute of Technology
will explore the many impacts of humans in systems engineering
and how to represent them throughout the life-cycle processes.       Jimmie McEver, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics
 Shannon Flumerfelt, Oakland University                              Bryan Mesmer, University of Alabama in Huntsville
 Bryan Mesmer, University of Alabama in Huntsville                   Bill Schindel, ICTT System Sciences
 Robert Allen, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
 Laura Kempf, IBM
 Cynthia Null, NASA Engineering and Safety Center 		                                                                                                                        17
 The 22nd AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies Conference will provide a forum for
 discussion and exchange of information about leading-edge research and development activities associated with space
 planes and hypersonic atmospheric flight vehicles and the technologies underpinning these capabilities, including national
 programs from North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Topics include planned and ongoing space plane
 and hypersonic vehicle programs, advanced launch vehicle and hypersonic atmospheric flight vehicle concepts, commercial
 space tourism concepts, flight testing techniques, results, and lessons learned, reentry vehicle systems and technologies,
 aerodynamics and aerothermodynamics of space planes and hypersonic vehicles, MHD and plasma aerodynamic flow control
 techniques, rocket, ramjet, scramjet, and other advanced propulsion systems, including component technologies (e.g., inlets,
 combustion systems, fuel injection concepts, ignition and flameholding concepts, nozzles), high-temperature materials, hot
 structures and thermal protection systems, health monitoring and management technologies, and more.

                                                                             1400–1530 HRS                   REGENCY BALLROOM U
 1000-1100 HRS                                           BAYHILL 21
 Keynote: Michael D. Griffin, Under Secretary of Defense,                   Additive Manufacturing to Advance
 Research & Engineering, U.S. Department of Defense                         Hypersonics Capabilities
                                                                      MODERATOR: Peter Montgomery, Director of Commercialization,
                                                                      Jacobs Test and Operations Support Contract, NASA Kennedy
 1100-1230 HRS                                           BAYHILL 21
                                                                      Space Center
 Hypersonics Activities: Country Reports 1                            PANELISTS:
 MODERATOR: Peter Montgomery, Director of Commercialization,            Jeffrey Haynes, Senior Manager, Advanced Space and Launch,
 Jacobs Test and Operations Support Contract, NASA Kennedy              Aerojet Rocketdyne
 Space Center                                                           John W. Otto, Director, Raytheon Missile Systems
 PANELISTS:                                                             Christopher Schulz, Chief Engineer, Hypersonic Programs and
   Christopher Clay, Program Manager, Tactical Technology               Technologies, Strategic and Missile Defense Systems, Lockheed
   Office, DARPA (United States of America)                             Martin Space Company
     Anand Veeraragavan, Resident Fellow and Senior Lecturer,
     School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering, University of       1530-1800 HRS                                         BAYHILL 21
     Queensland (Australia)
                                                                      Hypersonics Activities: Country Reports 2
     Masataka Maita, JAXA (Japan)
                                                                      MODERATOR: Peter Montgomery, Director of Commercialization,
     Gopalan Jagadeesh, Chair, Centre of Excellence in
                                                                      Jacobs Test and Operations Support Contract, NASA Kennedy
     Hypersonics, Indian Institute of Science (India)
                                                                      Space Center
                                                                        Konstantinos Kontis, Mechan Chair of Engineering, University
                                                                        of Glasgow (United Kingdom)
                                                                        Raffaele Savino, Professor, Department of Industrial
                                                                        Engineering, University of Naples (Italy)
                                                                        Dan Michaels, Head of Aerothermal Lab, Technion — Israel
                                                                        Institute of Technology (Israel)
                                                                        Romie Oktovianus Bura, Assistant Professor in Aeronautics and
                                                                        Senior Aerodynamicist, Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace
                                                                        Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) (Indonesia)

                                                                  WEDNESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER
2000-2130 HRS                               WINDERMERE W/X
                                                                  1000-1230 HRS                                        BAYHILL 21
Hypersonics Systems and Technology Awards
                                                                  No Way! More than 75 Years of Hypersonics
Reception (ticket required)
SPEAKER: Christopher Clay, Program Manager, Tactical
Technology Office, DARPA
                                                                  Larry Knauer, President, HSSE, Inc.
                                                                  Michael Heil, President, M.L. Heil Consulting

TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER                                             PANELISTS:
                                                                    Anthony Castrogiovanni, President and CEO, ACEnT
1000-1230 HRS                                       BAYHILL 21      Laboratories
Hypersonics Research and Development and                            Richard Hallion, Aerospace Consultant and Trustee, Florida
Funding Opportunities                                               Polytechnic University

MODERATOR: Luca Maddalena, Director, Aerodynamics Research          Charles “Chuck” McClinton, Hypersonic Technology Manager,
Center (ARC), and Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering,     X-43A Program, NASA Langley Research Center (ret.)
University of Texas at Arlington                                    Ronald Sega, Vice President for Energy and the Environment,
PANELISTS:                                                          and Woodward Professor of Systems Engineering, Colorado
  Chuck Leonard, Project Manager, Hypersonic Technology             State University
  Project, Advanced Air Vehicles Program, Aeronautics Research      Jess Sponable, Consultant, Icefox Technologies, LLC
  Mission Directorate, NASA
                                                                    David Van Wie, Mission Area Executive for Precision Strike,
  Chiping Li, Program Officer, Energy Conversion and                Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  Combustion Sciences, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
  Ivett Leyva, Program Officer, High-Speed Aerodynamics, Air
  Force Office of Scientific Research
  Eric Marineau, Program Officer, Hypersonic Aerodynamics,
  Office of Naval Research 		                                                                                                                   19
 AIAA offers authors the opportunity to present information that is covered by the
 U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), in U.S.-Only sessions during
 the forum. These sessions provide an opportunity for discussion of topics and
 presentations that is not possible in an open forum.

 If you want to attend any of these special sessions, you will need
 to complete an additional registration and verification process. In      Featured ITAR Technical Sessions are
 addition to a forum registration that includes access to sessions, a     Located in Room Celebration 16
 separate registration process is required to attend these restricted
 sessions. To register, please bring the required documentation with      TUESDAY,
                                                                          					    18 SEPTEMBER
 you to the on-site ITAR registration desk: most important is proof
                                                                          1000–1200 hrs    ITAR-01 Instrumentation, Modeling and Control
 of U.S. citizenship. (Please note that a CAC card IS NOT official
                                                                                           for Hypersonic Applications
 proof of U.S. citizenship.) See the specific requirements below to
 determine individual requirements.                                       1530–1800 hrs    ITAR-02 Hypersonic Flight Test, Space Access
                                                                                           and Space Operations

 Access to ITAR Sessions                                                  WEDNESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER
 All attendees, presenters, and session chairs participating in ITAR
                                                                          1000–1230 hrs    ITAR-03 Hypersonic Fluid Mechanics and
 sessions will need to register for the forum (using one of the options
 that includes access to sessions), and then complete the ITAR
 registration process, including validating U.S. citizenship as well      1530–1700 hrs    ITAR-04 Hypersonic Systems, Design and
 as government employment or contractor status. The following                              Technology
 are the documents required to register for the ITAR sessions:
                                                                          ITAR Session General Information
 U.S. Government Attendees*                                               ITAR Registration Hours:
 AIAA forum badge                                                         Sunday, 16 September        1500–1900 hrs     Regency Rotunda
 Proof of U.S. citizenship                                                Monday, 17 September        0800–1730 hrs     Regency Rotunda
 CAC card or other proof of government employment                         Tuesday, 18 September       0700–1800 hrs     Celebration 16 Foyer
                                                                          Wednesday, 19 September     0700–1730 hrs     Celebration 16 Foyer
 Non-U.S. Government Attendees
 AIAA forum badge
                                                                          ITAR badges must be worn during the sessions.
 Proof of U.S. citizenship
 Corporate badge, or business card and photo ID                           Photo IDs and ITAR badges will be checked upon entrance to the
 Copy of approved and active DD2345 contractor certificate** ^            ITAR session room(s).

 Proof of U.S. Citizenship ~
                                                                          ITAR Electronics Policy
 (One of the following is required for all
                                                                          Cell phones, computers, tablets, cameras, personal fitness
 those registering for ITAR sessions)
                                                                          devices, or other electronic devices with cameras, recording, or
 Valid U.S. passport
                                                                          two-way transmission capabilities will not be permitted into the
 Birth certificate
                                                                          ITAR session room(s). There will be a check-in desk in front of the
 Certificate of citizenship
                                                                          room where you can check these devices. Large briefcases and
 ~CAC Cards are not Proof of U.S. citizenship~
                                                                          bags will also need to be checked at the desk.

 *Please note that if your paycheck comes from someone other
                                                                          Availability of Manuscripts from ITAR Sessions
 than the U.S. government, for example, a university, you will need
                                                                          For those who are registered to attend the ITAR sessions, a DVD
 to follow the process of the non-U.S. Government Attendees.
                                                                          containing the papers from the ITAR sessions will be available for
 ** If you are not familiar with the DD2345, please check with your       purchase on site at the forum for $25. Those purchasing the DVD
 Corporate Security Officer.                                              must be available to pick it up on Wednesday, 19 September, between
 ^DD2345 certificates are office location specific.                       1530–1730 hrs at the ITAR Registration Desk. All DVDs must be
                                                                          picked up in person. There will be no sale or distribution of these
 ~CAC Cards are not proof of U.S. citizenship.                            papers after the event. Note this forum has a “no paper, no podium”
                                                                          and “no podium, no paper” policy and it is therefore not possible
                                                                          to get all papers until after the last presentation has occurred.

 Please be advised that all policies and procedures MUST be followed or admittance to the restricted sessions will not be permitted.
 Anyone wishing to enter the restricted session room MUST abide by the policies, procedures, and submission of verified documents
 mandated by the DoD. No Exceptions!

Join us a the 2018 AIAA SPACE Forum as we recognize the very best of our industry – those individuals and
teams who have taken aerospace technology to the next level; who have advanced the quality and depth of
the aerospace profession to benefit society. Their achievements inspire us to dream and explore new frontiers.

MONDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER                                                        2017 Space Operations and Support Award
                                                                            ISS Loop A Response Team
2000–2130 HRS                                   WINDERMERE W/X              Anthony Vereha, Todd Quasny, ISS Flight Controller,
                                                                            NASA Johnson Space Center
Hypersonics Systems and Technology Awards Reception*                        For leadership and innovation in working the External Thermal
*A ticket for the reception is included in the registration fee where       Control System Loop A Flow Control Valve failure on the
indicated. Additional tickets for guests may be purchased upon              International Space Station.
registration or on site, on a space available basis.                        2018 Space Sciences Award
                                                                            Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Science Team,
  2017 Best Hypersonics Systems and Technology Paper
                                                                            Lockheed Martin Space Systems
  “A Comparative Study of Elliptic and Round Scramjet Combustors
                                                                            For successfully operating the IRIS observatory and delivering high
  by Improved Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation” (AIAA 2017-2190)
                                                                            resolution images and UV spectra of the sun’s interface region.
  2018 Hypersonic Systems and Technology Award                              2017 Space Systems Award
  Robert A. Mercier, Deputy for Technology,                                 Juno Mission Team, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  High Speed Division, Air Force Research Laboratory                        For exceptional achievement in the development and
  In recognition of over 20 years of dedicated, sustained effort            implementation of the Juno mission, resulting in groundbreaking
  to advance air-breathing propulsion to a level of maturity that           data that is revolutionizing our understanding of Jupiter.
  makes practical hypersonic vehicles a reality.
                                                                            2018 Space Systems Award
                                                                            Dawn Flight Team, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER                                                       For accomplishing a unique interplanetary mission to orbit
                                                                            and explore two alien worlds, Ceres and Vesta, displaying
1200–1330 HRS                                   WINDERMERE W/X              exceptional space engineering with a rich scientific return.

Excellence in Aerospace Awards Luncheon and                                 2017 von Braun Award for Excellence in Space Program
Thompson Lecture*                                                           Maj. Gen. (ret.) Roger Teague, Director, Space Programs,
Each year, the dedicated members of our technical committees                Office of the Assistant Secretary (Acquisition), U.S. Air Force
come together to identify and elevate the best and brightest                For exceptional achievement in space missions through
practitioners in their field. Join us as we celebrate the excellence        innovative strategic thinking, revolutionary program
of the aspiring, innovating and inspiring members of our                    management, and inspirational leadership on program execution.
aerospace community.                                                        2018 von Braun Award for Excellence in Space Program
*A ticket for the luncheon is required and included in the registration     Management
fee where indicated. Additional tickets for guests may be purchased         Maj. Gen. (ret.) Thomas Taverney, Senior Vice President, Space
upon registration or on site, on a space available basis.                   Systems, Leidos
                                                                            For significant contributions to the Space Mission as both a
We will recognize the following awards, including those from last           senior military leader and Aerospace Industry Executive.
year’s cancelled forum:                                                     2018 AIAA Sustained Service Award
                                                                            Bob Greene, Vice President, Aeronaut Corporation
  2018 Space Architecture Best Student Paper
                                                                            For dedication and tireless efforts over 20 years of continuous
  “Exploration Systems Requirements to Establish a Sustainable
                                                                            service to the AIAA Atlanta Section as Programs Chair,
  Human Presence on Mars” (AIAA 2017-5367)
                                                                            Congressional Visits Day state team captain, Section Chair and
  2018 Space Architecture Best Paper                                        officer, and STEM programs promoter.
  “Advanced Solar Sintering for Building a Base on the Moon”
                                                                            David W. Thompson Lecture in Space Commerce
  (IAC 2017-0914)
                                                                            Charles R. Trimble, Founder and former President and CEO,
  2018 George M. Low Space Transportation Award                             Trimble Inc.
  Garry Lyles, Chief Engineer, Space Launch System,
  NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  For visionary leadership in the development of NASA’s Space             1800–1900 HRS                             REGENCY BALLROOM T
  Launch System Vehicle.
  2018 Haley Space Flight Award                                           2018 von Kármán Lecture in Astronautics
  Daniel W. Bursch, Astronaut (ret.), Naval Postgraduate School           Strategies for Technology Infusion and Risk Mitigation at NASA
  In recognition of Dan Bursch’s advancement in the art, science,
                                                                          Christopher J. Scolese, Director, NASA Goddard Space Flight
  and technology of robotics and unexpected challenges during
  the early stages of the International Space Station.
  2017 Space Automation & Robotics Award
  Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) Team, NASA Goddard Space
  Flight Center
  In recognition of the Robotic Refueling Mission Team for their
  work in advancing the state of robotic servicing technology
  enabling the routine serving of satellites. 		                                                                                                                                 21
 Understanding the importance of networking with colleagues new and old, a series of activities have been
 planned that will help you connect with current colleagues and new acquaintances.

 SUNDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER                                               MONDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER
 1800–1930 HRS                                    ORCHID ROOM       1230–1400 HRS                            REGENCY BALLROOM S

 AIAA Student Welcome Reception                                     Networking Box Lunch
 Network with your peers and hear from AIAA Executive               A ticket is required and included in the registration fee where
 Director Dan Dumbacher. This reception provides you with the       indicated.
 opportunity to meet your fellow students who you are sure
 to see again throughout the week, and learn more about the
 opportunities available to you as an AIAA student member.          1900–2030 HRS                                 GARDEN TERRACE

                                                                    Welcome Reception
 Networking Coffee Breaks
                                                                    Come take a break, network, enjoy the Island Beats of “The
 Networking coffee breaks allow even more time for making new       Tropicals” at the Garden Terrace during our Welcome Reception.
 contacts, continuing discussions from sessions, or checking        Tropical/Island Attire is encouraged! A ticket for the reception
 emails and voicemails to keep in touch with the office while you   is required and included in the registration fee where indicated.
 are at the forum. Networking coffee breaks will be held at the     Additional tickets for guests may be purchased upon registration
 following times in the Windermere and Regency Foyers:              or on site.

     Monday, 17 September
     0930–1000 hrs
     1530–1600 hrs
                                                                    TUESDAY, 18 SEPTEMBER
                                                                    1230–1400 HRS                                 WINDERMERE W/X
     Tuesday, 18 September		                                        Excellence in Aerospace Awards Luncheon
     0930–1000 hrs
                                                                    A ticket for the luncheon is required and included in the
     1530–1600 hrs
                                                                    registration fee where indicated. Additional tickets for guests may
                                                                    be purchased upon registration or on site, as space is available.
     Wednesday, 19 September
     0930–1000 hrs
     1530–1600 hrs

                                                                                 STAY FIT AT SPACE FORUM
                                                                                 Stay fit with your fellow attendees! Join AIAA
                                                                                 staff on Tuesday, 18 September, at 0600 hrs, at
                                                                                 the bell desk at the front lobby for a run/walk.
                                                                                 All levels are welcome for a 1-3 mile route.

Speakers’ Briefing in Session Rooms                                “No Paper, No Podium” and “No Podium, No
Authors who are presenting papers will meet with session chairs    Paper” Policies
and co-chairs in their session rooms for a short 30-minute         If a written paper is not submitted by the final manuscript
briefing on the day of their sessions to exchange bios and         deadline, authors will not be permitted to present the paper
review final details prior to the session. Please attend on the    at the conference. It is also the responsibility of those authors
day of your session(s). Laptops preloaded with the Speakers’       whose papers or presentations are accepted to ensure that
Briefing preparation slides will be provided in each session       a representative attends the conference to present the
room. Speakers’ Briefings will be held: Monday, 17 September–      paper. If a paper is not presented at the conference, it will be
Wednesday, 19 September, at 0730 hrs.                              withdrawn from the conference proceedings. These policies are
                                                                   intended to eliminate no-shows, to improve the quality of the
                                                                   conference for all participants, and to ensure that the published
Speakers’ Practice Room
                                                                   proceedings accurately represent the presentations made at a
Speakers who wish to practice their presentations may do so        conference.
in the Bayhill 27 room. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the
door. In consideration of others, please limit practice time to
30-minute increments.                                              Journal Publication
                                                                   Authors of appropriate papers are encouraged to submit them
                                                                   for possible publication in one of the Institute’s archival journals:
Session Chair Reports
                                                                   AIAA Journal; Journal of Aerospace Information Systems;
All session chairs are asked to complete a session chair           Journal of Air Transportation; Journal of Aircraft; Journal
report to evaluate their session for future planning. AIAA has     of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics; Journal of Propulsion
partnered with Canvas Solutions to provide an electronic           and Power; Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets; or Journal of
Session Chair Report form. You can download the FREE mobile        Thermophysics and Heat Transfer. You may now submit your
app at The mobile app is free, so please be        paper online at
sure to download it. Detailed instructions will be provided in
the session rooms. If you do not have a tablet or a smartphone,
simply use the report form as a guide and enter your session
chair report information at the session chair reporting computer
station located on site near the AIAA registration area. Report
data will be collected and used for future planning purposes,
including session topics and room allocations. Please submit
your session chair report electronically by 20 September 2018.

Each session room will be preset with the following: one LCD
projector, one screen, one microphone and sound system
(if necessitated by room size), and one laser pointer. Laptop
computers will also be provided. You may also use your own
computer. Any additional audiovisual equipment requested
onsite will be at cost to the presenter. Please note that
AIAA does not provide security in the session rooms and
recommends that items of value not be left unattended.
Spec for the laptops provided in each session room:
Operating System: Windows 10
Software: Office 2016
USB Ports (2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0)
Card Reader
Mini Display Port
Processor: 3rd Generation Intel Core i7-3520M (3.50 Ghz, 4MB
L3, 1333MHz FSB)
Storage 500 GB (5400rpm) 		                                                                                                                      23
 Aaseng, G., 24-EXPL-4                       Bird, R., 72-ITAR-2                       Chang Díaz, F., 6-EXPL-1                Demin, S., 58-SYS-4, 82-SYS-5, 99-SYS-7
 Abrams, J., 98-ST-5                         Bivolaru, D., 93-ITAR-3                   Chang-Diaz, F., 104-COL-7               Demina, N., 58-SYS-4, 82-SYS-5, 99-
 Adamczak, D., 50-ITAR-1                     Bladt, J., 116-SATS-7                     Chase, R., 113-ITAR-4                    SYS-7
 Adams, C., 8-HSP-1                          Bland, S., 93-ITAR-3                      Chen, H., 78-SL-1, 118-SSEE-6           Dempsey, J., 17-SYS-1, 83-SYS-6
 Adams, M., 5-COL-1                          Blandino, J., 116-SATS-7                  Chen, M., 7-EXPL-2                      Denman, Z., 47-HYTASP-9
 Affaitati, F., 95-OPS-1                     Bliamis, C., 108-HYTASP-23                Chiga, T., 90-HYTASP-19                 Dennison, M., 92-IS-4/SSEE-7
 Agasid, E., 54-SATS-3                       Bloomer, J., 100-SYS-8                    Chin, Y., 106-GRE-1                     Dentis, M., 116-SATS-7
 Agrawal, V., 31-SATS-2                      B N, A., 31-SATS-2                        Ching, M., 65-COL-5                     Depew, K., 80-SRU-3
 Ahmed, K., 66-HYTASP-12, 109-HY-            Bobet, A., 42-COL-3                       Chintalapati, S., 25-EXPL-5             Dervan, J., 6-EXPL-1
     TASP-24                                 Bond, T., 12-RSA-1                        Chocron, S., 110-HYTASP-25              De Simone, V., 48-HYTASP-11
 Akin, D., 96-RSA-4, 104-COL-7               Bondoky, K., 53-RSA-2                     Choi, S., 104-COL-7                     De Stefano Fumo, M., 48-HYTASP-11,
 Alanazi, A., 13-SATS-1                      Booth, S., 26-HSP-2                       Choi, Y., 74-RSA-3                       89-HYTASP-18
 Allen, J., 80-SRU-3                         Borg, M., 50-ITAR-1                       Choudhuri, A., 54-SATS-3                Devaraj, M., 90-HYTASP-19, 109-HY-
 Almeida, E., 120-SYS-9                      Borovskih, V., 58-SYS-4                   Choudhury, R., 66-HYTASP-12, 69-HY-      TASP-24
 Aman, S., 5-COL-1                           Bowcutt, K., 50-ITAR-1, 67-HYTASP-13,      TASP-15                                Diaz, M., 16-ST-1, 100-SYS-8, 119-ST-6
 Anderson, R., 106-GRE-1                      72-ITAR-2, 93-ITAR-3, 108-HY-            Choukroun, P., 99-SYS-7                 Diaz Artiles, A., 42-COL-3, 105-EXPL-10
 Andreev, A., 58-SYS-4, 82-SYS-5, 99-SYS-7    TASP-23, 113-ITAR-4                      Christensen, C., 81-SSEE-4              Di Caprio, F., 35-ST-3
 Andrenussi, T., 43-EXPL-6                   Bowersox, R., 108-HYTASP-23               Chudoba, B., 15-SSEE-1, 56-SSEE-3,      Dillman, R., 44-EXPL-7
 Andrews, A., 5-COL-1, 80-SRU-3              Bowman, L., 83-SYS-6                       67-HYTASP-13, 81-SSEE-4, 89-HY-        Disotell, K., 35-ST-3
 Anzalone, E., 5-COL-1, 100-SYS-8            Bowyer, J., 106-GRE-1                      TASP-18, 111-HYTASP-26                 Di Stefano, M., 68-HYTASP-14
 Aoki, R., 105-EXPL-10                       Boyce, R., 90-HYTASP-19                   Cianciola, C., 57-ST-4                  Doggett, W., 83-SYS-6
 Aradhya C S, S., 31-SATS-2                  Bozak, K., 83-SYS-6                       Cichan, T., 23-COL-2, 64-COL-4          Dolgopolov, A., 81-SSEE-4
 Araghi, K., 14-SRU-1, 33-SRU-2              Bradley, J., 49-IS-2                      Cirillo, W., 17-SYS-1, 117-SL-2         Domack, M., 72-ITAR-2
 Arlithaya, K., 31-SATS-2                    Brandt, S., 15-SSEE-1                     Clark, T., 104-COL-7                    Donahue, B., 57-ST-4
 Arney, D., 83-SYS-6, 100-SYS-8              Bricalli, M., 68-HYTASP-14                Coffey, A., 58-SYS-4                    Donegan, B., 91-HYTASP-20
 Asbury, S., 99-SYS-7                        Brown, M., 90-HYTASP-19                   Cohen, K., 12-RSA-1                     Dorsey, J., 83-SYS-6
 Ashry, M., 74-RSA-3                         Brownlow, L., 92-IS-4/SSEE-7              Cohen, M., 5-COL-1                      Doulamis, A., 49-IS-2
 Asundi, S., 31-SATS-2                       Broyan, J., 117-SL-2                      Cohen, N., 51-NSS-1, 114-NSS-3          Doulamis, N., 49-IS-2
 Axdahl, E., 68-HYTASP-14                    Bruce, P., 46-HYTASP-8                    Coley, M., 15-SSEE-1, 56-SSEE-3, 81-    Dowd, M., 34-SSEE-2
 Ayres, B., 92-IS-4/SSEE-7                   Brune, A., 44-EXPL-7                       SSEE-4                                 Draper, D., 99-SYS-7
 Bacon, C., 78-SL-1                          Buco, K., 7-EXPL-2                        Collins, J., 35-ST-3                    Drozda, T., 68-HYTASP-14, 109-HYTASP-24
 Badger, J., 12-RSA-1                        Bura, R., 66-HYTASP-12                    Corda, S., 67-HYTASP-13                 Duan, G., 89-HYTASP-18
 Bailey, M., 34-SSEE-2, 81-SSEE-4, 118-      Burckel, B., 7-EXPL-2                     Correy, J., 58-SYS-4                    Dufrene, A., 28-HYTASP-3, 50-ITAR-1
     SSEE-6                                  Burke, L., 23-COL-2                       Crane, J., 92-IS-4/SSEE-7               Duggan, M., 98-ST-5
 Baker, C., 54-SATS-3                        Burley, C., 83-SYS-6                      Cressman, T., 78-SL-1                   Dunn, I., 66-HYTASP-12
 Bakos, R., 47-HYTASP-9, 89-HY-              Burr, J., 47-HYTASP-9                     Cristillo, D., 35-ST-3                  Dwivedi, A., 70-HYTASP-16
     TASP-18, 93-ITAR-3                      Buscher, M., 75-SATS-4                    Croney, C., 92-IS-4/SSEE-7              Dwyer-Cianciolo, A., 44-EXPL-7
 Balas, M., 71-IS-3                          Bushnell, D., 104-COL-7                   Crouch, T., 8-HSP-1                     Dyke, S., 42-COL-3
 Balke, A., 75-SATS-4                        Bussler, L., 67-HYTASP-13                 Cuffie, B., 25-EXPL-5                   Eades, M., 98-ST-5
 Barkin, M., 82-SYS-5                        Butler-Craig, N., 77-SATS-6               Cummings, R., 48-HYTASP-11              Earle, K., 17-SYS-1
 Barnard, H., 67-HYTASP-13                   Buttsworth, D., 66-HYTASP-12, 69-HY-      Cummins, C., 65-COL-5                   Edmunson, J., 14-SRU-1
 Barnell, J., 113-ITAR-4                      TASP-15                                  Cunningham, D., 72-ITAR-2               Edwards, S., 16-ST-1, 119-ST-6
 Barnhard, G., 106-GRE-1                     Bygott, K., 116-SATS-7                    Curran, D., 109-HYTASP-24               Eisele, T., 80-SRU-3
 Barrett, M., 43-EXPL-6                      Cabell, K., 68-HYTASP-14, 109-HYTASP-24   Currao, G., 69-HYTASP-15                Elia, G., 25-EXPL-5
 Baruzzi, G., 70-HYTASP-16                   Cahan, B., 24-EXPL-4                      Curreri, P., 80-SRU-3                   Elkaim, G., 13-SATS-1
 Barzgaran, B., 116-SATS-7                   Cahill, P., 92-IS-4/SSEE-7                Cushing, N., 95-OPS-1                   Eller, M., 72-ITAR-2
 Bathel, B., 109-HYTASP-24                   Calef, F., 120-SYS-9                      da Costa, G., 66-HYTASP-12, 111-HY-     Elnashar, G., 74-RSA-3
 Baurle, R., 68-HYTASP-14                    Call, D., 87-EXPL-9                        TASP-26                                Engle, J., 98-ST-5, 104-COL-7
 Bayliss, J., 33-SRU-2                       Calle, C., 14-SRU-1                       Dahal, N., 91-HYTASP-20                 Erb, A., 46-HYTASP-8
 Bearden, D., 32-SPSC-1                      Campbell, T., 58-SYS-4                    Dahlgren, J., 56-SSEE-3                 Ernst, Z., 119-ST-6
 Becker, C., 100-SYS-8                       Candler, G., 70-HYTASP-16                 Daligault, P., 58-SYS-4                 Escobar, F., 117-SL-2
 Bender, T., 100-SYS-8                       Capello, E., 96-RSA-4, 116-SATS-7         Daniels, C., 34-SSEE-2                  Eshelman, E., 80-SRU-3
 Berek, S., 26-HSP-2                         Cardoso, R., 66-HYTASP-12, 111-HY-        da Silva, D., 111-HYTASP-26             Everett, L., 105-EXPL-10
 Berg, J., 33-SRU-2                           TASP-26                                  Davidson, R., 7-EXPL-2                  Everett, M., 54-SATS-3
 Bering, E., 6-EXPL-1, 17-SYS-1              Carr, Z., 28-HYTASP-3, 46-HYTASP-8,       Davis, B., 7-EXPL-2, 8-HSP-1            Ewart, R., 51-NSS-1, 94-NSS-2, 114-NSS-3
 Bernard, T., 25-EXPL-5                       50-ITAR-1                                Davis, J., 113-ITAR-4                   Ewert, M., 117-SL-2
 Berthe, P., 24-EXPL-4                       Carrier, M., 17-SYS-1                     Deal, A., 12-RSA-1                      Falco, G., 71-IS-3
 Besser, R., 118-SSEE-6                      Carter, M., 6-EXPL-1                      Deardorff, A., 58-SYS-4                 Farmer, S., 33-SRU-2
 Betser, J., 51-NSS-1, 94-NSS-2, 114-NSS-3   Case, E., 113-ITAR-4                      DeHart, R., 118-SSEE-6                  Farokhi, S., 109-HYTASP-24
 Bhagatji, J., 31-SATS-2                     Cassady, R., 43-EXPL-6                    Deininger, W., 116-SATS-7               Farr, D., 92-IS-4/SSEE-7
 Bhartia, R., 80-SRU-3                       Chai, J., 116-SATS-7                      de Koning, H., 92-IS-4/SSEE-7           Favaloro, N., 25-EXPL-5
 Bhattrai, S., 69-HYTASP-15                  Chai, P., 82-SYS-5, 98-ST-5, 120-SYS-9    DeLaurentis, D., 34-SSEE-2, 112-IS-5/   Fetterhoff, T., 48-HYTASP-11, 91-HY-
 Bierly, D., 5-COL-1                         Chamitoff, G., 87-EXPL-9                   SSEE-8                                  TASP-20
 Billingsley, C., 34-SSEE-2                  Chang, C., 48-HYTASP-11                   DeLuccia, C., 96-RSA-4                  Few, A., 6-EXPL-1
 Birch, B., 69-HYTASP-15                     Chang, J., 104-COL-7                      Demetriou, M., 116-SATS-7               Fidi, C., 64-COL-4

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