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SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre

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                                       his first visit to The Source.    colleagues.
    ‘Permacrisis’ was one of the       Additionally, we’re happy
    watchwords of last year; a         to present the best in            Meet the Artists
    one-word description of a          contemporary Irish theatre        The Source endeavours to
    never -ending roll of issues       including Brokentalkers’ The      create opportunities for
    and problems that seemed           Examination’, Peter Gowen’s       you to meet the people
    to be insurmountable. In that      one-person show based on          who create work. Each
    vein, perhaps 2023 can begin       author Pat McCabe’s novel
    the years of permasolutions,
                                                                         Source exhibition includes
                                       ‘Country and Irish’ and Thurles
    where we tackle each issue as                                        an artist talk.
                                       Drama Group return with
    it comes, contain it and create
    workable long-term outcomes
                                       Conor McPherson’s brooding        Arrive in Good Time
                                       ‘The Seafarer’.
    that are compassionate to                                            Please arrive at least 25 minutes before the
    human and nature’s needs.          We’ve also got a number           start time of your show. Please have your
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                                       drama, writing and choir with
    Art is often an area for the                                         venue. Your tickets have your seat numbers
                                       the aim to develop specific
    working out of these issues,                                         on them.
                                       areas of the arts in Thurles
    a sandbox where creation           and Tipperary in general.         We cannot guarantee latecomers will be
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    Daydream’ is director Brett        sourcearts.ie                     Source - your venue, your space, your Source
    Morgen’s kaleidoscopic look        We look
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SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre

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SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre

    JANUARY                                           MARCH
    Wednesday 11th      Film: Moonage Daydream        Wednesday 1st     Film: Triangle of Sadness
    Wednesday 18th      Film: Róise & Frank           Saturday 4th      Poetry: All Things Left
                                                                        Unsaid – An Evening with
    Friday 20th         Visual Arts: Palimpsest
                                                                        Michael Harding
                        Gallery Talk
                                                      Wednesday 8th     Film: Lyra
    Friday 20th         Music: Afternoon Concert
                        with Hugh Buckley Jazz        Friday 10th March Visual Arts:
                                                      to Saturday       Homeland
    Wednesday 25th      Film: The Worst Person
                                                      22nd April        Video Installation
                        in The World
                                                      Saturday 11th     Music: Strings and Things
    Thursday 26th       Film: The Path - ‘Der Pfad’
                                                                        10th Anniversary Concert
    Saturday 28th       Music: Let it Beatles
                                                      Wednesday 15th    Film: Wheel of Fortune
                                                                        and Fantasy
                                                      Wednesday 15th    Kids Theatre: The Teddy
    FEBRUARY                                                            Bear’s Picnic

    Wednesday 1st       Film: Hive                    Wednesday 22nd Film: Decision to Leave

    Thursday 2nd        Film: King                    Thursday 23rd     Music: Chamber Philharmonic
                                                                        Europe: Kammerphilharmonie
    Thursday 2nd        Theatre: People Wipe Me                         Europe
    Saturday 4th        Music: Patrick Feeney         Friday 24th       Comedy: A Celebration
                        in Concert                                      of Father Ted with Joe Rooney
    Sunday 5th          Music: Killinan               Wednesday 29th Film: Aftesun
                        Music Concert
                                                      Friday 31st       Theatre: The Matchmaker
    Wednesday 8th       Film: The Peculiar
                        Sensation of Being
                        Pat Ingoldsby                 APRIL
    Monday 13th to      Theatre: Thurles Drama        Wednesday 5th     Film: Easter Parade
    Saturday 18th       Group: The Seafarer
                                                      Wednesday 12th    Film: Return to Dust
    Sunday 19th         Music: The Fureys Live
                        in Concert                    Saturday 15th     Theatre: The Examination

    Wednesday 22nd Film: Men                          Wednesday 19th    Film: Hilma

    Friday 24th         Theatre: A Room of            Wednesday 26th Film:Where is Anne Frank
                        One’s Own                     Friday 29th       Theatre: Country and Irish

4   The Source Arts Centre
SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre

 Our Community Choir returns on every
 second Saturday mornings in Spring with
 mentor Eamon O’Malley. This is a choir for
 people interested in secular choir singing
 with modern or contemporary pieces being
 used as repertoire. Places are limited, so if
 you’re interested in attending, contact us
 by email only: admin@sourcearts.ie

 Image by Quim Muns from Pixabay

 Our new Writers Course coming this January
 is presented in association with Tipperary
 Education and Training Board. With mentor
 Gillian Grattan, the group will be limited with a
 focus on writing for stage - with a One-Act play
 structure - and looking to achieve a first draft
 after the 10 week course. Starts Saturday 21st
 January and if you’re interested in committing
 – then contact: admin@sourcearts.ie

                                                                           Image by Quim Muns from Pixabay

    Tangle Around is back and you’re invited! Tangle Around returns to Thurles Town Park
    for its’ second annual two-day music and arts festival, taking place over the June bank
    holiday weekend. If you’re a musician or artist and would like to get involved, contact
    tanglearound.festival@gmail.com or follow them on social media @tanglearound.
    Mark your calendars for June 3rd - June 4th because it will be fun, family-friendly and free!

                                                             Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                          Box Office: 0504 90204       5
SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre


                Moonage Daydream                                 Wednesday 11th January
                   David Bowie was one of the most prolific and influential artists of our time. Working
                     most notably in music and film, Bowie also explored various other art forms:
                         dance, painting, sculpture, video collage, screenwriting, acting and live

                                              Moonage Daydream is the first film sanctioned by the
                                               Bowie estate. In 2017, the estate presented filmmaker
                                                Brett Morgen unfiltered access to Bowie’s archives,
                                                 including all master recordings, to create an artful
                                                 and life-affirming journey through David Bowie’s
                                                 creative life. Over five years, Morgen constructed a
                                                genre-defying cinematic experience that grapples with
                                              spirituality, and time to reveal the celebrated icon in his
                                             own voice.
                                                ‘Moonage Daydream’ Isn’t Just a Bowie Doc — It’s a
                                                  Trip Through the Thin White Duke’s Mind’ – Rolling
                                                   Stone Magazine
                                                      DIR: BRETT MORGEN, 1,
                                                      40 MINS, USA, 2022,
                                                      TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/€5


    Róise and Frank
    Wednesday 18th January
    Róise, a woman still in mourning following
    the death of her husband Frank, is initially
    annoyed when a mysterious dog shows up at
    her door. But a series of eerie coincidences
    soon has Róise convinced that the dog is
    Frank, reincarnated.

    As this new canine companion helps Róise             whole family: a comedy-drama that will elicit
    overcome her grief, ‘Frank the dog’ also proves      smiles, tears…
    an unlikely new friend for shy, hurling-loving
                                                         ‘Róise & Frank: A shaggy dog story with real
    local boy Maidhchi. But as Frank wins over the
                                                         heart’ – The Irish Times
    town, Róise’s neighbour Donncha has some
    sinister plans for the doggo… Set in the scenic      DIRS. RACHAEL MORIARTY, PETER MURPHY
    Ring Gaeltacht area in Co Waterford, Róise &         IRELAND, DURATION: 85 MINS I 2022
    Frank is a charming Irish-language film for the      TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/€5

6   The Source Arts Centre
SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre

 MUSIC                                            FILM

Hugh Buckley:                                    The Worst Person
Afternoon Jazz                                   in the World
Friday 20th January                              Wednesday 25th January
Guitarist, composer, arranger Hugh Buckley       A modern dramedy about the quest for
is known for his performances from duos to       love and meaning in contemporary Oslo. It
big band and orchestra. For this event he is     chronicles four years in the life of Julie, a young
performing in a solo guitar setting.             woman who navigates the troubled waters of
                                                 her love life and struggles to find her career
In 2021 Hugh completed a ten-day residency at
                                                 path, leading her to take a realistic look at who
The Source Arts Centre. He conducted a couple
                                                 she really is.
of improvisation workshops in this time and
primarily worked on some solo guitar material.   As much a formally playful character study
He subsequently recorded a solo album ‘Only      as it is a poignant and perceptive observation
Hugh’.                                           of pre-middle-aged anxiety, Joachim Trier’s
                                                 irresistible film boasts a dazzling, star-making
For this performance he will perform some
                                                 performance from Renate Reinsve, who was a
originals, jazz standards, Brazilian and Irish
                                                 deserving winner of the Best Actress award at
tunes, pop arrangements and some improvised
                                                 ‘Nordic romcom is an instant classic’
TIME: 2 PM TICKETS €7/5                          – The Guardian
                                                 DIR: JOACHIM TRIER, 127 MINS, NORWAY-
                                                 FRANCE-SWEDEN-DENMARK, 2021
                                                 TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                  Box Office: 0504 90204     7
SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre


                                                                  The Path -
                                                                  ‘Der Pfad’
                                                                  Thursday 26th January
                                                                  On the run from the Nazis, Rolf and
                                                                  his father find themselves stranded in
                                                                  southern France. The young shepherd girl
                                                                  Nuria has offered to guide them along
                                                                  a secret path through the Pyrenees, but
                                                                  Rolf’s father is then arrested halfway.
                                                                  Will the two children manage to escape
                                                                  on their own?
                                                                  DIR: TOBIAS WIEMANN
                                                                  GERMANY 2022 100 MINS
                                                                  TIME: 11 AM
                                                                  PRICE: €7


    Let it Beatles
    Saturday 28th January
    On a cold January afternoon in 1969,
    perched atop the roof of their London
    studios, The Beatles performed live
    together for the very last time.

    In the weeks preceding the now
    infamous impromptu show John,
    Paul, George, and Ringo alongside
    keyboardist Billy Preston had been
    relentlessly writing and recording their
    final studio album, ‘Let It Be’. Fifty-four years later their music lives on.

    Now join the Let It Beatles band as they celebrate the anniversary of this historic event with a
    performance of The Beatles biggest hits including their final album, ‘Let It Be’, played in its entirety.
    *This performance includes flashing/strobe lights, images, and projections*

    This is standing concert I Duration 2 hours

    TIME: 8PM PRICE: €21.50

8   The Source Arts Centre
SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre


Wednesday 1st February
Fahrije’s (Yllka Gashi) husband has been missing
since the war in Kosovo, and along with their
grief, her family is struggling financially. In the
absence of her husband, whose fate is uncertain,
Fahrije has become everything to her father-
in-law Haxhi (Cun Lajci) and her two children,
from homemaker to comforter.

To provide for them, Fahije hopes to start a small
business selling the roasted red pepper relish
ajvar to city supermarkets, but in the traditional
patriarchal village where she lives, her ambition
and efforts to empower herself and other
women are met with resentment and suspicion.          ‘Kosovan war widow dealing with sting of grief
                                                      in richly intelligent film’ – The Guardian
She struggles not only to keep her family afloat
but also against a hostile community who are          DIR: BLERTA BSSHOLLI, 85 MINS,
undermining her efforts and hoping for her            KOSOVO-SWITZERLAND-ALBANIA, 2021
failure.                                              TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5


                                                      Thursday 2nd February
                                                      King, a trafficked lion cub, escapes from the
                                                      airport in mid-transit and finds shelter in the
                                                      home of Inès and Alex, 12 and 15-years-old
                                                      respectively. The siblings come up with a
                                                      crazy scheme: to bring King back to Africa.
                                                      Unfortunately, the customs agents on their
                                                      tail don’t make their mission easier. But
                                                      soon, Max, the kooky grandfather they’ve
                                                      only met twice before, joins their adventure -
                                                      and from then on, the sky’s the limit.

                                                      DIR: DAVID MOREAU
                                                      FRANCE 2022 105 MINS
                                                      TIME: 11AM PRICE: €7

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                      Box Office: 0504 90204   9
SPRING 2023 www.thesourceartscentre.ie - The Source Arts Centre


       People Wipe Me
       Thursday 2nd February
       ‘People Wipe Me’ is a one-woman show about a contrary
       woman with wonky eyes. Derbhile Graham is partially
       sighted. In plain English, that means she doesn’t see very
       well. And this has given her freedom to be a contrarian, a
       woman who is not afraid to swim against the tide, even if
       it makes her arms sore.

       Over 60 minutes, she takes us on a tour of her world, a
       world full of lumps and bumps for her feet to trip on. Her
       style could be described as confessional comedy. She
       makes people laugh, but she also encourages them to ask
       themselves an important question:

       Am I willing to pay the price for being myself?

       TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €12 DURATION: 60 MINS


                          Patrick Feeney in Concert
                              Saturday 4th February                    recorded countless songs since,
                              Patrick Feeney was born to sing and      he still lives by the motto that
                              from the tender age of four he wanted    it’s thanks to you, the fans, that
                              to be on-stage with his father who       he is a success today.
                                 played in a local band.               Patrick has legions of fans
                                   His phenomenal success,             across Ireland and is a regular
                                    especially over the past few       guest on TV and Radio. Patrick
                                      years, is summed up in three     is known nationally for his
                                        words from the title of        remarkable tenor voice.
                                         Patrick’s first album, back   Why not join one of our finest
                                           in 2003, ‘Thanks to You’.   for an unmissable night of
                                            It’s sixteen years since   Country and Gospel.
                                            the then teenager          TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €25
                                            released that debut
                                                                       DURATION: 120 MINS APPROX
                                       album and while he has

10   The Source Arts Centre


                                                            Killinan Music
                                                            Sunday 5th February
                                                            Students from Thurles’ Killinan
                                                            Music perform works by Schubert
                                                            Dvorak, Massenet, Bach and Mozart
                                                            amongst others in a special Sunday
                                                            afternoon concert of solos, duets
                                                            and group performances before
                                                            family and friends.

                                                            TIME: 3 PM
                                                            PRICE: €12/€30 FOR A GROUP OF 3
                                                            DURATION: 120 MINUTES


The Peculiar Sensation
of Being Pat Ingoldsby
Wednesday 8th February
This creative documentary investigates the
idiosyncratic world of Irish writer Pat Ingoldsby.
Ingoldsby’s poems and candid anecdotes bear
witness to a visceral relationship with his beloved
Dublin and its many social, institutional, and
architectural changes over 80 years. He is fondly
remembered as an eccentric 1980s TV presenter
(Pat’s Hat, Pat’s Chat) and more recently as a
stalwart of the Dublin streets where he recites and
sells his many books of poetry.

Seamus Murphy has crafted a moving and entertaining portrait of a maverick who has faced
personal challenges with apparent equanimity finding balm in his writing which infuses the banality
of the everyday with surreal humour.
‘A charming and illuminating portrait of the people’s poet uncovers his fascinating background.’

TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                   Box Office: 0504 90204   11

      THEATRE                                           MUSIC

     The Seafarer                                      The Fureys
     Monday 13th to                                    Sunday 19th February
     Saturday 18th February                            When The Fureys make their return appearance
     Thurles Drama Group presents Conor                to The Source, they will treat their audience to
     MacPherson’s contemporary classic.                one of popular music’s richest legacies.

     Sharky has returned home to Dublin to look        They are one of Ireland’s all-time most
     after his ageing brother Richard who’s recently   acclaimed and influential middle of the road,
     gone blind. Long simmering tensions remain        folk and traditional bands. Fureys classics like ‘I
     high between both siblings with the added         Will Love You’, ‘When You Were Sweet Sixteen’,
     inconvenience for alcoholic Sharky of trying to   ‘Red Rose Café’, ‘Leaving Nancy’, ‘The Old Man’,
     stay off the bottle.                              ‘From Clare to Here’ and ‘The Green Fields of
                                                       France’ have become the soundtrack to the lives
     On Christmas Eve, Richard invites old friends     of fans all over the world.
     Ivan and Nicky up the house, to play some
     cards. But with the arrival of a stranger from    The Fureys indelible musical footprint is rivalled
     the distant past, the stakes are raised ever      only by their vast collection of personal stories
     higher. In fact, Sharky may be playing for his    of their musical experiences and friendships,
     very soul.                                        gathered by Eddie and George Furey along an
                                                       amazing 45-year journey which shows no signs
     TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €16/€12 CONCESSION              of reaching a final destination.
                                                       Fans can rest assured they will also be treated to
                                                       one or two entertaining tales on the night!

                                                       TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €30

12   The Source Arts Centre


  Men Wednesday 22nd February
  In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, Harper (Jessie Buckley)
  retreats alone to the beautiful English countryside, hoping
  to have found a place to heal. But someone or something
  from the surrounding woods appears to be stalking her.

  What begins as simmering dread becomes a fully
  formed nightmare, inhabited by her darkest memories
  and fears in visionary filmmaker Alex Garland’s (Ex
  Machina, Annihilation) feverish, shape-shifting new
  horror film.
  ‘Putting the ‘Male’ in Malevolent’ – The New York Times

  TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5


  A Room of One’s Own
  Friday 24th February
  The award-winning Dyad Productions (Female Gothic, Jane
  Eyre: An Autobiography, I, Elizabeth, Christmas Gothic, and
  Austen’s Women) return to The Source Arts Centre with
  a twenty-first century take on Virginia Woolf’s celebrated
  pre-TED talk.

  Take a wry, amusing, and incisive trip through the history
  of literature, feminism, and gender. Meet Charlotte
  Brontë, Jane Austen, Aphra Behn, and Shakespeare’s
  sister – Judith! Travel to the far-flung future of… 2028.
  But whatever you do, Keep Off the Grass.

  Rebecca Vaughan performs Woolf’s 1928 exploration
  of the impact of poverty and sexual inequality on
  intellectual freedom and creativity.

  TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €15

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                             Box Office: 0504 90204   13
                                                          ‘The Peculiar Sensation Of
                                                          Being Pat Ingoldsby’, directed
                                                         by Dublin-born film-maker and
                                                         photographer Seamus Murphy
                                                           is a creative documentary that
                                                               investigates the idiosyncratic
                                                                  world of Irish writer
                                                                   Pat Ingoldsby.

     Those of us of a certain vintage will            creative life were the years he worked as a
     remember Ingoldsby fondly. Our childhoods        DJ on national radio in the late 1960s. By
     were made all the richer by this talented        this time, his love for words had already led
     man who appeared on a number of TV               him to writing plays for radio, which were
     programmes for children in the 1980’s.           soon followed by plays staged in national
     During that period most families had only
     two TV channels to choose from and as
     such, choices were limited. Ingoldsby’s highly
                                                      Irish photographer and filmmaker Seamus
                                                      Murphy returned to Dublin to make this film.
     original TV shows for children – ‘Pat's Pals’,
                                                      The recipient of seven World Press photo
     ‘Pat's Hat’, and ‘Pat's Chat’ - became hugely
                                                      awards for his work, Murphy has travelled
     popular in the 1980s.
                                                      the globe capturing incredible images and
     Ever before his stint on T.V., Pat was a         footage of people in the States, Afghanistan,
     multifaceted artist – a poet, playwright,        Kosovo and beyond – but this project was
     writer, and performer - from Dublin, with        closer to home.
     a unique imagination, frequently flirting
                                                      “In 2013 I was making short film for ‘The
     with the surreal. Perhaps his first move
                                                      New Yorker’ about Dublin,” explains Murphy.
     towards what would become a varied and

EU                                                    “It came to me that Pat Ingoldsby would be

14   The Source Arts Centre
a fantastic voice to have in this film, because
I felt it needed something far more Dublin
than I was getting.”

“Before I worked with him, I'd sort of heard
about him,” says Murphy. “I'd seen him on
the television when I was a teenager. I'd be
passing through the room and I'd see this
character. I could see he was a cool guy.

Murphy was warned – “I was told to be
careful because he’s very prickly, he hates
photographers and people approaching him
with any type of camera.” And indeed, when
Murphy went looking for Pat, he wasn’t
there. “He was completely elusive; he was a
ghost!” says the director.

When Murphy finally tracked down
Ingoldsby, the two quickly developed a
rapport and the filmmaker became even
more aware of what an important and
singular Dublin voice the writer had, both
in his poetry and in his philosophical and
empathetic way of viewing the world.

Stories turned into conversation which            were often left feeling isolated, alone and
turned into interviews and Murphy started         forgotten. It speaks not only to the isolation,
filming. The result is a film that is intimate,   disconnection, and grief that many of us are
honest, and beautifully observed, complete        experiencing since Covid, but also highlights
with Ingoldsby reading his own work and           Ingoldsby’s ability to always empathise with
wandering around Dublin, meeting the
characters he has known and loved for years.
                                                  the vulnerable and overlooked.

                                                  Murphy has crafted a moving and
He retired from public attention in the           entertaining portrait of a maverick who has
early 1990s to devote all his time to writing     faced personal challenges with apparent
poems and selling his books on the streets        equanimity, finding balm in his writing which
of Dublin. Personal challenges, a sensitive       infuses the banality of the everyday with
humanity and a lifetime of being a maverick       surreal humour. For Murphy, the film is about
have taught him to reach beyond reality and       Ingoldsby, but it’s also poetry, connection,
avenge the banal with absurd magic.               community, and Ireland right now.

Shot during the pandemic, the film features       ‘The Peculiar Sensation Of Being
poetry about “the invisible people” – older       Pat Ingoldsby’ screens at The Source
people, people with chronic illnesses and         on Wednesday, February 8th
those who had to cocoon during Covid, who

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                 Box Office: 0504 90204   15

      FILM                                              LITERATURE

                                                        All The Things Left
                                                        Unsaid: An Evening
                                                        with Michael Harding
                                                        Saturday 4th March

                                                        For almost fifty years, Michael Harding has
                                                        been crafting words in a bid to express himself
                                                        and to explore truths about the human

                                                        Then, while in recovery from surgery, he
                                                        travelled to a cottage on the Atlantic coast and
                                                        thought again about life and the people who
     Triangle of Sadness                                had profoundly affected him over the years:
                                                        mentors, loves and old friends.
     Wednesday 1st March
                                                        There at the ocean he wrote
     In Ruben Östlund’s wickedly funny Palme d’Or
                                                        letters, with an intimacy not
     winner, social hierarchy is turned upside down,
                                                        previously risked. Letters that
     revealing the tawdry relationship between
                                                        would never be posted but
     power and beauty.
                                                        that feature in his latest book
     Celebrity model couple, Carl (Harris Dickinson)    All the Things Left Unsaid
     and Yaya (Charlbi Dean), are invited on a          – a vulnerable and
     luxury cruise for the uber-rich, helmed by an      beautifully wrought
     unhinged boat captain (Woody Harrelson).           collection of insights
     What first appeared instagrammable ends            into life, death,
     catastrophically, leaving the survivors stranded   friendship, and love.
     on a desert island and fighting for survival.
                                                        Join Ireland’s master-
                                                        storyteller for a return
     Triangle of Sadness makes for delicious            to the stage that that
     schadenfreude – The Irish Examiner                 is greatly anticipated by
                                                        his legion of fans across
     DIR: RUBEN ÖSTLUND, 147 MINS, SWEDEN-              the country, telling his
                                                        stories with great humour,
     TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5
                                                        warmth and honesty.

                                                        TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €20

16   The Source Arts Centre

 FILM                                                 MUSIC

Lyra                                                 Strings & Things 10th
Wednesday 8th March                                  Anniversary Concert
Lyra is an emotive, intimate portrait of the life
                                                     Saturday 11th March
and death of Belfast journalist Lyra Mckee, who
                                                     Strings & Things take to the stage, bringing us a
was murdered by the New IRA the day before
                                                     special show in celebration of 10 years on the
Good Friday, April 2019. Directed by her friend,
documentarian Alison Millar, the film seeks
answers to her senseless killing through Lyra’s      Mixing both their original work as well as a
own work and words.                                  collection of off the wall covers that span
                                                     the band’s history, Strings & Things promise a
In just 29 years, she rose from working-class
                                                     very diverse set. To make the night even more
roots in the epicentre of war-torn Belfast
                                                     memorable, the group will bring back some
to become an internationally renowned
                                                     past faces that helped make the band what it
investigative journalist, who sought justice
                                                     is today.
for forgotten crimes amid the euphoria
surrounding the 1998 Good Friday Peace               So come join the celebration and enjoy a trip
agreement.                                           down memory lane with Thurles’s own Strings
                                                     & Things!
Her killing casts a dark shadow over a land trying
to shake off the shackles of its violent past.       STANDING CONCERT,
‘The brilliant life and tragic death of Northern     DURATION: 2.5 HOURS APPROX.
Ireland’s fearless young reporter’                   TIME: 8PM PRICE €15, €12 EARLY BIRD (STRICTLY
– The Guardian                                       LIMITED)
TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                     Box Office: 0504 90204    17

     Theatre Lovett presents

     The Teddy Bears’ Picnic
     By Louis Lovett

     Wednesday 15th March
     If you go down to the woods today, you’re in
     for a big surprise…

     The teddy bears’ picnic! Where can we find it?   Now Theo’s hot on the trail of the famous
                                                      teddy bears’ picnic… a tricky puzzle to pick.
     Theodor is a detective who found Timbuktu        Come join us and together, we’ll try our best to
     and a two headed llama that lives in Peru.       help Theo on this cuddly quest.

                                                      The Teddy Bears’ Picnic is a theatrical treat for
                                                      children aged 5+ and everyone else is welcome
                                                      too. (Teddy bears are especially welcome!)

                                                      The Teddy Bears’ Picnic is funded by The Arts
                                                      Council and supported by Riverbank Arts

                                                      SCHOOLS: SUITABLE FOR
                                                      5 YEARS. & UPWARDS
                                                      DURATION: 60 MINUTES
                                                      TIME: 10AM & 11.30AM
                                                      PRICE: €10

18   The Source Arts Centre

 FILM                                              FILM

Wheel of Fortune                                  Decision to Leave
and Fantasy                                       Wednesday 22nd March
                                                  From a mountain peak in South Korea, a man
Wednesday 15th March
                                                  plummets to his death. Did he jump, or was he
An unexpected love triangle, a failed
                                                  pushed? When detective Hae-joon arrives on
seduction and an encounter that results from
                                                  the scene, he begins to suspect the dead man’s
a misunderstanding. The characters at the
                                                  wife Seo-rae. But as he digs deeper into the
heart of these three stories combine into
                                                  investigation, he finds himself trapped in a web
a telling exploration of the complexities of
                                                  of deception and desire.
relationships, told through coincidences that
happen to women in love.                          Director Park Chan-wook, famed for his
                                                  Vengeance trilogy – refined his style with
An erotically charged anthology film that
                                                  2016’s The Handmaiden. In Decision to Leave,
took the Silver Bear in Berlin, these three
                                                  he again displays his peerless visual panache,
tales of fate and desire unfold with singularly
                                                  weaving a deliciously knotty, Hitchcockian
compelling delicacy and emotional openness.
                                                  romantic thriller. Mercurial, engrossing, and
‘The geometry of desire is elegantly plotted      playful, it’s a film that’s destined to repay with
in “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy,” a wistful,     repeated viewings.
moving, outwardly unassuming movie’ – The
                                                  A wonderful Korean neo-noir romantic mystery
New York Times
                                                  – The Review Geek
JAPAN, 2021                                       DIR: PARK CHAN-WOOK, 138 MINS, 2022

TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5                            TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                   Box Office: 0504 90204    19


      Chamber Philharmonic Europe:
      Kammerphilharmonie Europe

     Thursday 23rd March
     The Kammerphilharmonie Europa come to            Enjoy an evening full of versatile sounds and
     The Source for this very special concert. The    complex emotions with the following selected
     ensemble is made up of some of the most          works:
     talented young musicians from across Europe
                                                      A. Vivaldi - Concerto di Parigi’ for strings and
     who tour and perform around the world with
                                                      basso continuo in G minor RV 157
     award-winning soloists Pawel Zuzanski (violin)
     and Cyrill Gussaroff (trumpet).                  T. Albinoni - Concerto Saint Marc in B flat
                                                      major, for trumpet and orchestra
     In the 2021-2022 season, the European            C. Nielsen - Little Suite for Strings, Op.1
     Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra gave over
                                                      - Interval
     40 concerts worldwide. The musicians have
     performed in many prestigious concert halls      J. S. Bach - Violin Concerto in E major BWV
     and opera houses, including Civic Theatre,
     Dublin, Musikhuset Aarhus, Neumünster,           G. Faure - Pavane op. 50
     Zürich, Conway Hall, London, Kulturkvarteret     W.A. Mozart - Divertimento in D major KV.136
     Kristianstad, The Hawth, Crawley, the
                                                      DURATION: 2 HOURS APPROX.
     Palladium, Malmö and opening concert at the
                                                      TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €18/14 CONCS/10
     Vendsyssel Festival.
                                                      EARLY BIRD (LIMITED NUMBERS)

20   The Source Arts Centre

 COMEDY                                             FILM

A Celebration
of Father Ted
with Joe
Friday 24th
Join us in
celebrating one of
the greatest sitcoms
ever made, as we
welcome renowned stand-up Joe Rooney for
a night of all things Father Ted! Joe featured
as the rebellious Father Damo in the classic       Aftersun
Father Ted episode The Old Grey Whistle Theft.
Joe will host a screening of the episode, take
                                                   Wednesday 29th March
you behind the scenes and set you a Craggy         At a fading vacation resort, 11-year-old Sophie
Island quiz ­– then prepare yourself for an        treasures rare time together with her loving
all-inclusive ‘Lovely Girls Competition’: have     and idealistic father, Calum (Paul Mescal). As a
you got the loveliest laugh, the loveliest walk,   world of adolescence creeps into view, beyond
and can you make the loveliest sandwich?           her eye Calum struggles under the weight of
                                                   life outside of fatherhood.
There will also be a dancing priests’
competition, plus appearances from a nursery-      Twenty years later, Sophie’s tender
rhyme singing Ziggy Stardust, Nirvana, Johnny      recollections of their last holiday become a
Cash and many more – and the evening               powerful and heartrending portrait of their
wouldn’t be complete without a sing-along to       relationship, as she tries to reconcile the father,
‘My Lovely Horse’!                                 she knew with the man she didn’t, in Charlotte
                                                   Wells’ superb and searingly emotional debut
Come and meet Joe and immerse yourself in          film. With aching poignancy, the films asks if
the very silly delights of Father Ted.             we can ever truly know our parents.
Ah, go on… you will!                               ‘Aftersun plays out as a deftly orchestrated,
                                                   empathetic and honest character study’ –
‘A purveyor of choice gags, a natural
                                                   Empire Magazine
storyteller, guitar in hand, Joe Rooney delights
the room with his infectious delivery’             DIR: CHARLOTTE WELLS, 96 MINS, UK, 2022
- Ardal O’Hanlon
                                                   TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                     Box Office: 0504 90204    21

      THEATRE                                            FILM

     The Matchmaker                                     Easter Parade
     Friday 31st March                                  Wednesday 5th April
     Now in its 21st year, Michael Scott presents his   In this lavish musical, Broadway star Don
     iconic production of John B Keane’s hilarious      Hewes’ (Fred Astaire) dancing partner (Ann
     dramatic comedy.                                   Miller) goes solo, and Don declares that he can
                                                        make a hit performer out of the next dancer
     One of Ireland’s leading dramatic actresses
                                                        he sees.
     Norma Sheahan, loved by audiences from her
     roles in ‘The Clinic’, ‘Bridget and Eamon’ and     This turns out to be the inexperienced Hannah
     ‘Moone Boy’ joins Jon Kenny (who was part of       (Judy Garland), who bristles as Don tries to
     the Irish comic duo d’Unbelievables with Pat       make her into his old partner. But as he realizes
     Shortt) in this iconic production at The Source    that he is falling in love with Hannah, Don
     for one night only.                                knows that he must let her grow into her own
                                                        kind of dancer if he wants her to reach her full
     The play follows the efforts of Dicky Mick Dicky
     O’Connor to make matches for the lonely and
     lovelorn. Using his inimitable way with words      ‘A fantastic movie, featuring two of the finest
     and his own sense of “devilment” and wit,          motion picture performers ever, Astaire and
     Keane delves into the longings, hungers, fears     Judy Garland, in their only cinematic pairing’
     and foibles of this collection of lonely country    – Rotten Tomatoes
     people and creates a marvellously colourful
                                                        DIR: CHARLES WALTERS, 103 MINS, US, 1948
     world, taking us back to a simpler time, when
                                                        TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5
     phones were few and far between and the only
     web was one left behind by spiders.

     TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €22

22   The Source Arts Centre


Return to Dust
Wednesday 12th April
A tender tale about the transformative nature of love,
Return to Dust — the sixth film by acclaimed Chinese
director Li Ruijun — expands into a poignant story of
resilience against the conventions of society and the
exploitation of farm workers.

Shot entirely in Li Ruijun’s home province of Gansu,
against the backdrop of majestic sand dunes, Return
to Dust draws from the extreme beauty of the region’s
barren landscape for the stark poetry and the intense
simplicity of its absorbing storytelling.
‘A compassionate but cautious Chinese drama of rural
lives ennobled by Sacrifice’ – Variety Magazine

TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5


The Examination
Saturday 15th April
‘I’d like the people to know I’m not an
animal. Did I cause harm? Yes. Should I be
punished? Of course. But do I deserve my
human rights? Absolutely I do.’

The Examination is the award-winning
production by Brokentalkers exploring
mental health and human rights in
the prison system, performed by
Brokentalkers’ Gary Keegan and stand-up            Best Production – Irish Times Theatre Awards
comedian and former prisoner Willie White.         2020

Featuring Brokentalkers’ distinctive blend of      Best Production – Dublin Fringe Festival 2019
biography, socio-political discourse and breath-
                                                   ‘No easy escapes in Brokentalkers’ sly,
taking theatricality, The Examination draws on
                                                   provocative play’ - The Irish Times
historical research and testimony from current
and former prisoners.                              DURATION: 65 MINS I AGE GUIDELINE: 16+
                                                   DOORS 8PM, TICKETS: €18/15 CONCS

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                    Box Office: 0504 90204   23

      FILM                                              FILM

                                                       Where is Anne Frank?
                                                       Wednesday 26th April
     Hilma                                             Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl, written
                                                       between 1942 and 1944 when she was in hiding
     Wednesday 19th April                              with her family during the Nazi occupation of
     Asked to name an abstract artist, it’s unlikely   the Netherlands, is one of the most celebrated
     Hilma af Klint would be most people’s first       and widely read books of the 20th century.
     response. Lasse Hallström’s elegantly made if     Rather than being a straightforward cinematic
     melodramatic biopic aims to change that.          adaption, Ari Folman’s (Waltz With Bashir)
                                                       imaginative animated film uses Anne’s story
     The film explores Hilma’s passions,               as a point of departure to draw parallels to
     including the unrequited desire for artistic      contemporary issues such as the ongoing
     acknowledgement from her hero, philosopher        immigration crisis.
     Rudolf Steiner (Tom Wlaschiha). Hallström’s
     retelling is largely straightforward, although    The setting is one year from now: a violent
     shot with a painterly eye, with some enjoyable    storm lashes the streets of Amsterdam, and the
     animated flourishes as we see Hilma’s             hordes of tourists queuing outside the Anne
     imagination take shape.                           Frank Museum. Inside, Kitty, the imaginary
                                                       friend to whom Anne addressed her diary, has
     ‘handsome biopic about mystic Swedish artist’     materialised. We follow Kitty on her quest to find
     – The Guardian                                    Anne in modern day Amsterdam, as episodes
                                                       from her famous diary are vividly recreated.
     SWEDISH, 2022                                     ‘An exquisite, eye-catching animation’
     TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5                            – The Irish Times
                                                       DIR: ARI FOLMAN, 99 MINS, BELGIUM, 2021
                                                       TIME: 8 PM PRICE: €9/5

24   The Source Arts Centre


                                         Country & Irish
                                         Saturday 29th April
                                         A man, a banana, and a tape recorder.…and a bomb.
                                         Donie Burris has a whole heap of troubles facing him: with
                                         his girlfriend, her son, Albanian gangsters, the Midford mafia
                                         and a very overbearing mammy. How can he get them all
                                         off his back? He imagines himself as the star of his own
                                         gangster movie, and he won’t go down without a fight…
                                         Fight 2Flight Theatre presents Patrick McCabe’s play
                                         Country and Irish, a hilarious but savage portrait of a man at
                                         the end of his rope, starring Peter Gowen. It is a wild joyride
                                         that pays homage to film noir, Samuel Beckett and even the
                                         Teletubbies – a startling, provocative fever dream.
                                         Duration: 65 MINS - No interval
                                         “McCabe’s absurd tragic-comedy brought to life in a
                                         crowning performance by Peter Gowen, making for an
                                         unforgettable encounter” - The Arts Review

                                         DOORS 8PM, TICKETS: €18/15 CONCS

The Source Community Space The Source Arts Centre and Library share a
community studio space. For class listings and times go to www.thesourceartscentre.ie
Please contact Kieran at 0504 90340 or email: admin@sourcearts.ie to book or share ideas
about workshops/classes you would like to see here.

  Parent and Toddler                   Yoga Class                          Fracture Youth Theatre
  Group                              Beginners Welcome                 Drama/performance for teenagers
TUESDAYS. 10.30am until 1 pm         Tutor: Laura McKelvey             SATURDAYS. 3.00 am to 5.00 pm
(not school holidays) Contact:       Email: laurannmck@gmail.com       Contact: Tipperaryyt@gmail.com
Silver Arch Family Resource Centre   Phone: 087 4199434
067 31800 info@silverfrc.ie
                                       Bunny Hop
   Yoga Class                        Music and movement group for
Relaxation and suppleness            babies and young children.
through Yoga                         FRIDAYS. 10.30 am to 11.30 am
WEDNESDAYS 10 am to 11 am            Contact: Nicola Everard
Contact: Maureen O’Dwyer             087 6742401. www.bunnyhop.ie
086 8185905.

www.thesourceartscentre.ie                                                       Box Office: 0504 90204    25

                                   VISUAL ARTS

                                                                                    Palimpsest: Charles
                                                                                    Harper & Maurice
                                                                                    Quillinan: Gallery Talk
                                                                                    1 p.m. Friday, 20th January
Acrylic On Linen 80x 80 cm 2022

                                                                                    Gallery Talk in relation to the ‘Palimpsest’
‘Allyship’r – Charles Harper

                                                                                    Exhibition currently running at The Source Arts
                                                                                    Artists Charles Harper and Maurice Quillinan will
                                                                                    discuss their work.
                                                                                    Admission is Free

                                  Homeland: ‘Through                                bales out a boat in a field. Conversely, we have
                                                                                    a mind, even a life unravelling from Therry
                                  Light and Shade’                                  Rudin and Patricia Hurl, in a room with a table
                                                                                    filled with blue glass and Thais Muniz evocative
                                  Friday 10 March —                                 performer-led exploration of what it means to
                                  Saturday 22 April                                 be an immigrant in Ireland.
                                  For the past nine years, Homelands has lived
                                                                                    We have the sumptuous underwater fable
                                  up to its name and its remit, welcoming
                                                                                    from Rayleen Clancy, the bone-bare shadow
                                  original film and video artworks from all over
                                                                                    play from Mark Kent and the layered interplay
                                  the world, each of them exploring the nature
                                                                                    of images suggesting both community and
                                  of home and community, what it means to
                                                                                    isolation from Eduard Fulop. We had puppets
                                  have or not have a home ‘land’ but also what it
                                                                                    and ponds, snails and psychedelic, speed and
                                  means to be human.
                                                                                    stillness – every piece seeking to stimulate and
                                  This year artists also had the theme of           awaken the senses.
                                  ‘Through Light and Shade’ to respond to. The
                                                                                    ‘Homeland’ was developed through Damer
                                  isolation wrought by the pandemic is visible in
                                                                                    House Gallery.
                                  many of the entries, achieved through highly
                                  original computer-realized imagery, distorted,    Established in 2012 by artists Patricia Hurl &
                                  layered, glaring and interwoven as well as live   Therry Rudin, the gallery is an artist-led centre
                                  performance and sometimes a stylized mix of       for contemporary art in Damer House, Roscrea
                                  the two.                                          Co. Tipperary.

                                  From Ellen Rose, in live action we have           GALLERY OPENING HOURS:
                                  absurdism meeting metaphor in the emotional       TUESDAY-FRIDAY: 10AM- 5PM
                                  slow release from hope and courage to despair,    SATURDAY: 2PM – 5PM
                                  resignation, acceptance perhaps, as a woman

26                                The Source Arts Centre
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