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Administrator: Amy Boutet                                                       Kathleen Baker Hoppel
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Community Education Phone Number: 773-8864                                      Marion Fabiano
                                                                                Dr. Brian Graham

Registration is now available online by mail, or over the phone. See below for complete registration instructions. For questions,
please contact or by phone at 773-8864.

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1. Online Registration: To register online, go to the Grand Island School District Website at, click on
   Community tab, click on Community Education and follow the instructions for online registration. Mail in registration: Mail in your
   registration by using the form in the back of this brochure and enclosing required fee(s). Registration forms can also be downloaded from the
   district Web Site,
2. NOTIFICATION WILL NOT BE SENT IF ACCEPTED INTO CLASS. You will be contacted only if we are unable to register you for a
   course. Please write the course number on the registration form.
3. Age Requirement: Students must be 18 years or older to enroll in an adult class. A parent or guardian must register any child under the
   age of 18.
4. Deadline: One week prior to the start of the course online registration will be shut down. If you would still like to register for a course please
   contact our office to register at 716-773-8864.
The fee for each class is listed with each course description. Make check payable to “Grand Island Schools.”
If a class is filled or cancelled, the full fee will be refunded. Personal requests for cancellation must be made at least two business days prior to the
start of the class to receive a refund.
Inquiries will be accepted between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm at 773-8864. If you would like to teach a Community Education course or suggest a
new course offering, contact the Director, Amy Boutet at 773-8864 (days).
The summer session begins the week of June 27. Community Education activities will follow all school and state regulations. See the district web-
site for more information. We need your email address to set up communication with you and the instructors.

                   Community Education Classes will not meet on the following date: July 4

Sports Camp (Entering Grades 2-7)
    Come join our Sports Camp and enjoy fun-filled days playing all different sports! Camp is taught by
 NYS Certified teachers with experience in Physical Education and coaching. Play soccer, volleyball, baseball,
   archery, lacrosse, rock climbing and SWIMMING! Come join the fun using facilities at GI High School.
         Bring your lunch and play all day! Full weeks are required to register for the sports camp.
                                        No single days are available.
                                     There will not be class on July 5th.

  Day: Monday - Friday (choice of 5 weeks)
  Fee: $120 per child per week for full days from 8:00-5:00
       $60 per child for half days from 8:00-12:00 or 1:00–5:00
  Location: HS Back Gym – Enter through back door of back parking lot

          Dates               Course Code             Day Type                Hours                  Fee
June 27-July 1                 #SUM 22-01              Full Day              8:00-5:00               $120
                               #SUM 22-02              AM Only               8:00-12:00               $60
                               #SUM 22-03              PM Only               1:00-5:00                $60
July 5 – July 8                #SUM 22-04              Full Day              8:00-5:00               $100
**NO CLASS ON JULY 4           #SUM 22-05              AM Only               8:00-12:00               $50
                               #SUM 22-06              PM Only               1:00-5:00                $50
July 11 - July 15              #SUM 22-07              Full Day              8:00-5:00               $120
                               #SUM 22-08              AM Only               8:00-12:00               $60
                               #SUM 22-09              PM Only               1:00-5:00                $60
July 18 – July 22              #SUM 22-10              Full Day              8:00-5:00               $120
                               #SUM 22-11              AM Only               8:00-12:00               $60
                               #SUM 22-12              PM Only               1:00-5:00                $60
July 25 – July 29              #SUM 22-13              Full Day              8:00-5:00               $120
                               #SUM 22-14              AM Only               8:00-12:00               $60
                               #SUM 22-15              PM Only               1:00-5:00                $60

YOUTH BASKETBALL CAMP:                                               CHEER 101 (ENTERING GRADES 2-5)
GROUP SKILLS & DRILLS                                                Learn fundamental cheerleading skills, including: jumps,
Want extra time in the gym? The Grand Island Girls’ Varsity          motions, sideline cheers and stunting. Great for kids who
Basketball Coach will be teaching each session and is excited        are planning to cheer for youth football, who are looking to
to help you improve your skills! See yourself improve over 7         further develop their coordination skills, or those who are just
sessions and feel more confident with the basketball. The            looking to have some fun and meet other people their age!
camp will focus on individual & group activities; ball handling,     Participants should wear athletic clothing and sneakers. Hair
defensive footwork, shooting form/range, game concepts               must be pulled off the face and shoulders. No jewelry or gum
& for the 7th-12th graders, a 3-on-3 tournament. Kids of all         allowed. Children should bring their own water bottle to each
ability levels are welcome, whether you have never touched a         class. No cheer experience necessary.
basketball before to playing for a travel or school sports team.
                                                                     Course #SUM 22-20
Coach Wegrzyn will modify skills and drills to your ability level.
                                                                     Day: Monday - Friday
It is highly recommended that kids bring their own basketball
                                                                     Class Begins: June 27
that is developmentally appropriate for their age. Direct
                                                                     Class Ends: July 1
Message @GIgirlsbball Twitter if you need help determining
                                                                     Time: 9:00-11:00 AM
which ball size is appropriate for your child. Let’s have some
                                                                     Location: HS Upper Gym
fun and get better together!
                                                                     Fee: $50
Course #SUM 22-16
Grade Level: 3rd & 4th Grades (coed)                                 KIDS’ KARATE WITH HYBRID DEFENSE
Day: Tuesday & Thursdays (7 sessions)                                Our confidence building program will enable your child to
Class Begins: July 7                                                 build a strong body and mind through various martial arts
Class Ends: July 28                                                  practices. In each of our classes we begin
Time: 10:00-11:00 AM                                                 with games to help children warm up and
Location: HS Front Gym                                               build up their fitness. Our lessons all include
Fee: $50                                                             basics in self-defense techniques, developing
                                                                     appropriate responses to negativity, and
Course #SUM 22-17                                                    a message each week centered around
Grade Level: 5th & 6th Grades (coed)                                 personal growth and achieving goals. Your
Day: Tuesday & Thursdays (7 sessions)                                teacher, Sensei Staubitz, is a Third Degree
Class Begins: July 7                                                 Blackbelt and is certified through America’s Best Defense.
Class Ends: July 28
Time: 11:15-12:15 PM                                                 Course #SUM 22-21
Location: HS Front Gym                                               Day: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Fee: $50                                                             Class Begins: June 27
                                                                     Class Ends: July 8
Course #SUM 22-18                                                    Time: 10:00-10:45 AM
Grade Level: 7th - 12th Grades (girls only)                          Location: MS Upper Gym
Day: Tuesday & Thursdays (7 sessions)                                Fee: $25
Class Begins: July 7
Class Ends: July 28                                                  FRIENDS AND FAMILY BAND
Time: 12:30-3:30 PM                                                  Dust off your instrument and join the band! This unique,
Location: HS Front Gym                                               community-inspired opportunity will have parents, children,
Fee: $50                                                             aunts, uncles, grandparents, alumni, and neighbors
                                                                     collaborating, laughing, learning, and making music together
SOCCER FITNESS AND SKILLS                                            for the first time in Grand Island history. All ability levels are
(ENTERING GRADES 6-12)                                               welcome, but some experience (no matter how long ago) is
This course will work on soccer skills and fitness. We will focus    recommended. For those who need them, rental instruments
on soccer-specific fitness drills to help players develop stamina    will be made available at a reduced price through Twin Village
throughout their development. We will also work on individual        Music.
dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. Players will also
                                                                     Course #SUM 22-22/23
participate in small-sided games. This course will be a great
opportunity to improve your overall soccer skill set. Players will   Day: Tuesday & Wednesday
need to bring a soccer ball, water bottle, and shin guards.          Class Begins: July 5
                                                                     Class Ends: August 4
Course #SUM 22-19
                                                                     Time: 7:00-8:00 PM
Day: Monday, Wednesday & Friday           Class Begins: July 11
                                                                     Location: MS/HS Complex – Band Room
Class Ends: August 5
                                                                     #SUM 22-22 - Individual Fee: $40
Time: 9:00-11:00 AM
                                                                     #SUM 22-23 - Family Fee: $75
Location: HS New Turf Soccer Field
Fee: $75
                                                                         The experience will culminate with a thrilling
                                                                      performance on the evening of Thursday, August 4.

VOICE LESSONS (AGES 12-18)                                          FUN WITH PHONICS
Everyone can sing, so why take voice lessons? Lessons help          Mrs. Deanna Cannavo
you improve your singing                                            Did you know you could use shaving cream and sand to
through individualized training                                     learn to read? Well, sign up to learn with these and many
in techniques such as proper                                        more! This course is an engaging and fun way to practice and
breathing, posture, intonation,                                     reinforce phonics and spelling using a hands-on, multisensory
diction, and sight-reading.                                         approach. This will be a great opportunity to continue to
These techniques will help                                          practice foundational skills, in a really fun manner! Rising 2nd
you gain confidence and                                             and 3rd graders will love this course!
consistency in your singing as your voice continues to grow.
                                                                    Course #SUM 22-27
Students who sign up will be given 45 minutes of one-on-one         Day: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
lessons. Over 6 weeks, students will be able to confidently         Class Begins: June 28
sing NYSSMA level solos (level-appropriate based on grade           Class Ends: August 11
level and experience), become more comfortable sight-               Time: 9:00 – 10:30 AM
reading, and gain basic tools to help continue to develop           Location: Huth Road Room 50
different vocal techniques and healthy singing. If you sing in      Fee: $60
chorus, perform in musicals, or simply want to improve your
singing technique and musicianship, try summer lessons!             SALSA 101
Instructor will contact parent/guardian to schedule                 Take Taco Tuesday to the next level! We will learn how to make
time of lesson.                                                     two different types of authentic Mexican salsa, and enjoy
                                                                    them during a fiesta!
Course #SUM 22-24
Day: Wednesday                                                       Dates         Course Code                  Hours           Fee
Class Begins: July 6
                                                                       July 18        #SUM 22-28
Class Ends: August 10
Location: MS/HS Complex – Chorus Room                                  July 19        #SUM 22-29
                                                                                                           11:00-12:30 PM       $10
Fee: $60                                                               July 20        #SUM 22-30
MUSICAL THEATRE WORKSHOP                                               July 21        #SUM 22-31
Do you love to sing, dance and act?! We want you to be part
of our musical theatre workshop! Participants will spend two        CAFÉ CHURROS
weeks immersed in musical theatre. By taking part in hands-         Learn more about churros con chocolate, one of the most
on learning experiences, students will develop their confidence     delicious snacks from Spain and Mexico. During Café Churros,
and stage performing skills. Each day our young performers          you will have an opportunity to make and eat authentic
will have the opportunity to work with the instructors              churros con chocolate!
individually and in small groups. This “triple threat” program,      Dates         Course Code                  Hours           Fee
taught by highly qualified instructors, will give students a peek
into the performing arts at a deeper level. Whether you are            July 25        #SUM 22-32
a new or seasoned performer, this differentiated workshop              July 26        #SUM 22-33
                                                                                                           11:00-12:30 PM       $10
will be perfect for you! The 2 weeks will culminate with a             July 27        #SUM 22-34
student showcase which will be presented to families                   July 28        #SUM 22-35
at 4PM on Friday, July 29th.
Course #SUM 22-25 (ENTERING GRADES 2-6)                             AMERICAN RED CROSS BABYSITTER’S TRAINING
Day: Monday - Friday                                                This American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Course is
Class Begins: July 18                                               designed to provide 11–18-year-olds who are planning to
Class Ends: July 29		                                               babysit with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and
Time: 9:15 – 11:45 AM                                               responsibly give care for children and infants. This course will
Location: MS/HS Complex – Auditorium & Band Room                    help participants to develop leadership skills; learn how to
Fee: $100                                                           develop a babysitting business, keep themselves and others
                                                                    safe and help children behave; and learn about basic childcare
Course #SUM 22-26 (ENTERING GRADES 7-12)
                                                                    and basic first aid. Students who successfully complete this
Day: Monday - Friday
                                                                    course will receive a certificate for Babysitter Training and First
Class Begins: July 18
                                                                    Aid/CPR/AED valid for two years.
Class Ends: July 29
Time: 12:15 – 2:45 PM                                               Course # SUM 22-36
Location: MS/HS Complex – Auditorium & Band Room                    Date: Wednesday, July 5
Fee: $100                                                           Time: 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM
                                                                    Location: HS Library Classroom
                                                                    Fee: $50

          On July 29th, ALL AGES come from                                                                              SIT T
       9:15 AM - 4:30 PM FOR DRESS REHEARSAL

    Our NYS certified teachers will provide a safe and nurturing environment for your K-5 child during our week-long camp
    (Students will be grouped developmentally by age and ability level throughout the workshops). This camp will provide a
    fun and creative approach to interdisciplinary learning. Each day will include thematic lessons, learning games, building
    challenges, and model building. Children will have the unique opportunity to continue to work on their creations over a five-
    day period. Additionally, your child will have opportunity to participate in many other activities related to the United States,
    which include arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, and outdoor play. If you love Legos, join us this summer for a week of Party in
    the U.S.A fun!
    Course #SUM 22-37
    Day: Monday-Friday
    Class Begins: August 1     Time: 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
    Class Ends: August 5       Location: Huth Road – Community Room
                               Fee: $200

(GRADES 9-12)                                                          (GRADES 9-12)
Are you ready for the SAT test? This 9-hour course offers an           Do you want to submit a college application essay that will
in-depth study of the SAT test. Course includes: classroom             really hit home with the Admission Office at the college of
instruction, test-taking strategies, testing information,              your choice? Learn all the fundamentals of a winning essay
workbook/study materials and a free simulated SAT test. For            as well as proven strategies. You will begin to write the
the simulated test schedule and registration information visit:        college application essay during the class and leave with the Remaining 2022 SAT test dates:                 confidence and knowledge to complete the process on your
August 27, October 1, November 5 and December 3. Only                  own. Only $65! Students are welcome to bring a snack or
$125! Students are welcome to bring a snack or lunch to class.         lunch to class.
Course #SUM 22-38                                                      Course #SUM 22-40
Day: Monday & Wednesday                                                Date: Wednesday, July 6
Class Begins: July 20                                                  Time: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Class Ends: July 27                                                    Location: HS Room 159
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM                                               Fee: $65
Location: HS Room 159
                                                                       DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE
Fee: $125
                                                                       This point and insurance reduction program reviews safe
9-HOUR ACT TEST PREPARATION COURSE                                     driving and accident avoidance techniques. Upon completion
(GRADES 9-12)                                                          of the class drivers are eligible for a 10% reduction in their
Did you know that the ACT test is held in equal esteem                 auto insurance and/or up to 4 points removed from their DMV
as the SAT test by most colleges and universities? This                driving record. Drivers may take the course every 3 years for
9-hour review course offers an in depth study of the ACT               insurance reduction and every 18 months for point reduction.
test. Includes: classroom instruction, test-taking strategies,         All drivers listed on a policy are eligible to complete the course.
testing information, study materials including the new                 This is a great way to reduce the cost of your auto insurance!
writing format and a free simulated ACT test. . For the                Course #SUM 22-41
simulated test schedule and registration information visit:            Day: Tuesday & Thursday Remaining 2022 ACT test dates:                 Class Begins: August 9
September 10, October 22, and December 10. Only $125!                  Class Ends: August 11
Students are welcome to bring a snack or lunch to class.               Time: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Course #SUM 22-39                                                      Location: HS Room 159
Day: Tuesday & Thursday                                                Fee: $45
Class Begins: July 12
Class Ends: July 19
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: HS Room 159
Fee: $125

(Ages vary by Session)
                                    STEM BASED CLASSES FOR CREATIVE KIDS!
                                          Register online at
                                              Full day is $275 & half day is $195

                WEEK #1: JULY 18-22                                                WEEK #2: AUGUST 15-19

JUNIOR CAMP KELVIN                                                 JUNIOR EXPLORING ENGINEERING
Ages 5-7                                           9AM-12PM        Ages 6-9                                           9AM-12PM
Pack your bags and lace up your hiking boots engineers,            The best way to learn engineering is to explore different
because we are engineering designs to help us explore the          fields. In this camp, students will create projects that explore
great outdoors. Students will build a tent, create a solar oven,   various types of engineering: Mechanical Engineering, Optical
engineer your own survival pack and more!                          Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Students will discover,
                                                                   experiment, and explore the world of engineering while
JUNIOR MINECRAFT: AMUSEMENT PARK MAKER                             building projects such as Leverpults, Squishy Circuits, and
Ages 5-7                                            1PM-4PM        Tabletop Kaleidoscopes that focus on simple machines, circuits,
This camp will have students build their very own Minecraft        and optical illusions, and more! Giving exposure to different
amusement parks! Students will have to navigate a number           branches of engineering this is the perfect camp for students
of engineering and teamwork challenges to do so. Students          who have only had little exposure to engineering as well as
will draft blueprints and plans for their parks on paper before    those who are looking for something new to try.
beginning to create it in Minecraft to make it as much like the
process of designing a real amusement park as possible.            JUNIOR LEGO WEDO ADVENTURE STORIES
                                                                   Ages 5-7                                             1PM-4PM
APPRENTICE MINECRAFT: GALACTIC CRAFTING                            In this program, we will be exploring a variety of coding and
Ages 8-12                                          9AM-12PM        technology skills as well as working on group collaboration,
Designed to introduce students to the concepts of electrical       critical thinking, and hands-on skills! Children will have the
engineering, aerospace engineering, and the Engineering            opportunity to build an airplane, sailboat, flying bird, and more!
Design Process this Camp is a dynamic look at Minecraft.           They also learn how to program and code the projects to move
Students will walk away from this class with a basic               and make noises.
understanding of how potential moon bases could be
designed and some of the difficulties presented in space travel.   APPRENTICE MINECRAFT: INDUSTRIAL
APPRENTICE MISSION TO MARS CAMP                                    Ages 8-12                                          9AM-12PM
Ages 8-12                                           1PM-4PM        This program will immerse students in the expansive world of
Explore and understand the science, technology, and                Minecraft, and will challenge student’s ingenuity and problem-
engineering that will make human habitation on Mars                solving skills as they navigate through several engineering
possible. Students will learn about the Artemis                    challenges. Students will learn how to use teamwork and
Mission and how it is paving the way toward                        manage resources like an engineer in the real world. Building
the ultimate goal of sending human beings to                       in Minecraft allows students to experiment with designs
the surface of Mars. Students will learn about                     and materials, all without the risks associated with building
the technology and innovation that is required                     structures in reality. The children will work building machines,
for aerospace engineers to be able to, one day,                    they will build bridges in order to travel across dangerous
safely transport human beings to the surface of                    terrain and much more!
Mars. Students will explore the topics that address a              APPRENTICE AMAZING RACE
human being’s basic needs For survival on the Red Planet,          Ages 8-12                                            1PM-4PM
such as water, oxygen, solar energy, and protection From UV        Pack your bags, engineers, and get ready for an adventure!
radiation. Students will engage in Fun and exciting, hands-on      Students will carefully engineer vehicles that can traverse the
investigations, experiments, and building challenges.              most treacherous terrains, brave the highest seas, and soar
                                                                   above the clouds! Over the next five days teams will have to
                                                                   work together to see who is able to travel the farthest around
                                                                   the world. This trek around the world will require students to
                                                                   design their very own boat, plane, and even a rocket!
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