Summer schools directory - Information - Academic year 2020/2021 - GOV.WALES

Summer schools directory - Information - Academic year 2020/2021 - GOV.WALES
Summer schools directory
Academic year 2020/2021

Information document no: 209/2021
Date of issue: April 2021
Replaces information document no: 208/2021
Summer schools directory
               Primary, secondary and special schools in Wales.

               This document summarises summer school and university outreach opportunities
               available to learners in Wales. This includes activities that complement the
               curriculum, enrich studies, encourage participation and have a key role in raising
               aspirations and introducing learners to the opportunity of progressing to further
               and higher education. All the information included in this document is accurate
               at the time of publication, but due to the changing public health situation it is
               advisable to check for updates on university websites.

               Action required
               For use in planning interventions to raise the attainment of disadvantaged

               Further information
               Enquiries about this document should be directed to:
               Support for Learners Division
               Welsh Government
               Cathays Park
               CF10 3NQ

               Additional copies
               This document can be accessed from the Welsh Government’s website at

Mae’r ddogfen yma hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg.
This document is also available in Welsh.
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Theme       Summer          Focus area      Location       Target age         Further information              Cost    2020/21
             school title                                                                                               Applicatio

Get back    Aberystwyth     The Welsh        Aberystwyth   Designed to    Provision for assisting with the     Free     Refer to
on track:   University:     Baccalaureate    University    support        development of the Individual                 website
Revision    The Welsh       Experience                     students       Project. Students receive
                            (WBE).                         studying the
and study   Baccalaureat                                                  workshops from colleagues in
                            Available as a                 Advanced
support     e Experience    virtual event.                 Diploma        IGHPP. The National Library of
                                                                          Wales and Senedd Cymru.

                                                                          Contact Dewi Phillips:

            Study skills    Study skills.    Swansea       Years 10-13    Information sent out to qualifying   Free     Refer to
            days – South                     University                   schools.                                      website
            West Wales
            Reaching                                                      Tel: 01792 602 128
            Wider                                                         e-mail:

                                                                          Schools and Colleges website

Get        Aberystwyth       Advice and          In your       Year 9         Pre-application sessions (e.g. Free        Ongoing
prepared:  University        guidance.           school/colleg (Ceredigion)   Researching University; The
Transition                                       e             Years 11-13    UCAS Process; Writing a
programme                                                                     Personal Statement; Open Days)
s and                                                                         and post-application (e.g.
higher                                                                        Student Finance, Student Life,
education                                                                     Study Skills, Preparing for
taster                                                                        Interviews).
                                                                              Contact: Teleri Lewis

           Aberystwyth       Bespoke day         Aberystwyth   Years 11-12    Contact: Dafydd Morse               Free   Refer to
           University        and residential.    University                                      website
           Taste of          An opportunity
                             for learners to                                  website
           University Life
                             tour the
           visits            university, take
                             part in sample
                             lectures, make
                             use of academic
                             and sporting

           Aberystwyth       University taster   Aberystwyth   Year 10        Nomination by school/head of        Free   Ongoing
           OpEx                                  University                   year or other social worker/youth
           (Options                                                           worker
                                                                              Hannah Clarke.

                                                                              Tel: 01970 621890


Access to   Series of          University of   A-level and     Students attend a series of          Free   Scheme
Bristol     sessions on        Bristol         BTEC students   sessions, held at the University            application
            Wednesday                                          on Wednesday afternoons                     s closed
            afternoons at                                      during the autumn or spring
                                                                                                           this year.
            the university                                     term. You will choose to study
            where you study                                    one subject stream from a                   Apply
            a chosen                                           selection, representing many of             September
            subject stream                                     the degree subjects available at            -October
            for local                                          Bristol.                                    2021
            (including South                                   You will get an idea of what it is
            Wales)                                             like to study at the University of
                                                               Bristol, working with academics
                                                               and current students who can
                                                               offer advice and guidance about
                                                               higher education and their
                                                               subject area


                                                                      be in your first or second
                                                                       year of A-level study (or
                                                                       equivalent), with the
                                                                       exception of Pathways to
                                                                       Health Sciences, which is
                                                                       an extended programme
                                                                       and is therefore only open
                                                                       to students in Year 12 and

Access to higher
                                                                 education students
                                                                be resident in a BA, BS or
                                                                 other local postcode
                                                                 within an hour’s journey of
                                                                 the University of Bristol
                                                                 (including South Wales)
                                                                attend a state school or

                                                         Other eligibility criteria in Access
                                                         to Bristol brochure

                                                         Contact Katie at access-to-
Access       Two year          University of   Year 12   Access Leicester website               Free   Application
Leicester:   programme         Leicester                                                               s will open
Medicine     where students                              Contact:                     again in
             have the
             opportunity to                              Eligibility:
             attend medicine                                                                           2021 for
             related                                            You must be a Year 12 or              students
             conferences;                                        equivalent (lower sixth)              starting
             attend a                                            student at the point of               Year 12 in
             residential                                         application and must be               2021
             summer school;                                      studying at least three A-
             get support with                                    Levels studying either
             admissions                                          Biology or Chemistry and
             tests; attend a                                     one of the following;
             mock medical                                        Biology, Chemistry,
             school interview;                                   Physics or Psychology or
             learn about                                         studying a BTEC National
             different                                           Extended Diploma in
             disciplines in                                      Applied Science
medicine,                                           You must currently attend
                 experience other                                     a non-selective state
                 allied health                                        school/college/sixth-form
                 professions                                          (i.e. you do not pay for
                                                                      your education)
                                                                     You must be living
                                                                      permanently in the UK
                                                                     You must have achieved
                                                                      a minimum of 8 GCSEs
                                                                      (or equivalent) at grades 9
                                                                      – 4 (A* to C) including at
                                                                      least a 6 (B) in English
                                                                      Language, Maths and two
                                                                      Sciences (Biology and
                                                                      Chemistry or Double


                                                                     If you are eligible for our
                                                                      6-year Medicine with a
                                                                      Foundation Year Course
                                                                      (A199): achieved a 5 (C)
                                                                      in English Language,
                                                                      Maths and two Sciences
                                                                      (Biology and Chemistry or
                                                                      Double Science).

Access to        Events designed Cardiff       Years 12-13   Access to Professions website          Free   Events
Professions at   to give students University                                                               take place
Cardiff          necessary skills                            Following subject areas:                      throughout
                 and advice to
University                                                                                                 the year
                 make a                                              Medicine and Dentistry
                                                                                                           and will be
successful                                               Healthcare                         listed on
               application to                                           Science, Technology,               schools
               traditionally                                             Engineering and Maths              outreach
               competitive                                              Journalism
               courses.                                                 Law
                                                                  Open to students attending sixth          nt events
                                                                  form colleges in Wales                    webpage

                                                                  Contact: Ffiona Mills at

Access to      Access              Delivered        Year 12,      Summer school E-mentoring          Free   Refer to
Southampton    programme for       virtually from   meeting WP    UCAS and personal statement               website for
(A2S)          the University of   the              eligibility   support                                   further
               Southampton         University of    criteria      Study/transition skills
                                   Southampto                     Contextual offer
                                                                  Access to Southampton website

Aston          Online subject      Virtually        Post-16       Aston University Schools           Free   Ongoing
University     taster days and                                    Outreach and activities website
Student        talks in the        Aston
               College of          University                     Various talks running throughout
               Business and        Campus                         2020.
and Outreach   Social Sciences;
               the College of                                     Register on website
               Engineering and
               Physical                                           Contact:
               Sciences and
               the College of
               Health and Life

Campus visits

Aston        Virtual and     Aston         KS5       Aston University Schools             Free   Tuesday
University   in-person       University              Outreach and activities website             9th
Campus       campus visits   campus/virtua                                                       February
                             lly                     Join us on campus to experience             2021,
                                                     what Aston University has to                10:00-
Days                                                                                             14:00
                                                     offer. During the day you can
                                                     tailor your programme to suit the
                                                     needs of your students, so                  Tuesday
                                                     whether you want to focus on                18th May
                                                     finance, personal statements,               2021,
                                                     degree apprenticeships or                   10:00-
                                                     careers and placements, we can              14:00
                                                     deliver a bespoke experience.
                                                     Your students will also get to              Thursday
                                                     meet our current student                    10th June
                                                     ambassadors who will take them              2021,
                                                     on a campus tour to showcase                10:00-
                                                     the university from their point of          14:00
                                                     view. We look forward to
                                                     welcoming you to Aston.                     Thursday
                                                                                                 8th July
                                                     Register on website                         2021,

Bangor          Pre-application     Bangor        Years 12-13      Schools to contact university:   Free   Ongoing
University      advice              University                     Education Liaison Team
Services to     Guidance            campus/sch                     (
                Student-led         ool
                activities                                         Contact:
                Visits to the                            
                                                                   Bangor Services to School

Bath Spa        Subject-specific    Bath Spa      Sixth-form and   View subject workshop on the     Free   Ongoing
                virtual             University/   college          Bath Spa website
                presentations       schools       students
                Workshops for                            
                schools                                            bath-spa/schools-and-colleges/




The Brilliant   Programme           Multiple      Year 12          Schools enquiry form online      Free   Refer to
Club:           providing           locations                                                              website for
Scholars        learners with                                                                              more
Programme       experience of
                top universities
                through taster
                sessions and
                university visits

Cardiff        Cardiff             Cardiff      Year 12   The aim of the Summer School         Free (100   26th-30th
University     University          University             will be to give students an          spaces)     July 2021
Sutton Trust   Online Provision                           opportunity to explore what a
               2021                                       degree in Medicine offers.
                                                          Participants will also be provided
Festival                                                  with information, advice and
                                                          guidance on the Medicine
                                                          selection process.
                                                          They will also experience the
                                                          other aspects of student life,
                                                          including discovering what life in
                                                          halls of residence is like, taking
                                                          part in virtual sports and social
                                                          activities and finding out more
                                                          about the support available once
                                                          at University.


                                                          For more details refer to schools
                                                          outreach and engagement
                                                          events webpage
Cardiff        Delivered           Cardiff      Year 12   Part of wider 2-year step-up      Free           Refer to
University     digitally in 2021   University             scheme.                                          website for
Step-up                                                   Raising aspirations.                             updates
                                                          Research project and study skills
                                                          Explore university life

eCampws                                                   Contact
Festival                                                  Website

Coventry        Various          Coventry     Various       The Widening Participation          Free          Ongoing
University                       University                 Team run series of events and
Widening                                                    activities throughout the year.
participation                                               These are some of the
team                                                        programmes on offer:

                                                                  HE Bespoke Taster
                                                                   sessions for Care leavers,
                                                                   young carers and
                                                                   Students with disabilities
                                                                  WP Winter activities


Engineering     Taster courses   Multiple     Years 10-11   Application form on website         Course      Refer to
Development     for various      locations                                                      costs range website
Trust (EDT) -   subjects at                                 from £150 -
                different UK
Headstart and                                                                                   £245.
Inspire                                                     Allowances/priority places
                                                            available for disadvantaged         See
                                                            learners. Bursary places are        website for
                                                            allocated on the following          details
                                                            qualification criteria:
                                                                  Young person been in         available
                                                                   local government care        for both
                                                                   during the last 6 years      Inspire and
                                                                   (not necessarily still in

   Young person is a family
                                                             In receipt of Pupil
                                                              Premium/Free School
                                                             Family in receipt of
                                                              working tax
                                                              credit/universal credit

                                                      Priority places to young people
                                                      located in POLAR 1 and 2

                                                      EDT prides itself on
                                                      diversity/wider participation of
                                                      young people across all its

Imperial       Non-residential   Imperial   Year 12   Eligibility criteria                Fully funded Check
College Work   work-experience   College                                                  but as is    website
Experience     programme         London               Can apply to one of the following   non-
                                                      departments:                        residential
                                                                                          may be
                                                             electrical and electronic   costs
                                                              engineering                 incurred for
                                                             life sciences               accommoda
                                                             materials                   tion/travel.
                                                             mathematics                 Please
                                                             national heart and lung     email for
                                                              institute                   more
                                                             physics                     information


Lancaster    Various Subject     Lancaster       Year 12          Website                             Free   Students
University   Areas available     University                                                                  can
Summer                           (likely to be                    Project coordinator: Jake Brown            express
Schools                                                                                                      interest via
                                 July 2021)                       General enquiries:                         the website
                                                                                                             s open

Next Step    Programme for       University of   Year 13          Information on Next Step Bristol    Free   Sign up to
Bristol      Year 13             Bristol         students from    website                                    newsletter
             students from                       Black or Asian                                              on website
             Black or Asian                      backgrounds      Examples of virtual events
                                                                                                             to receive
             backgrounds to                                       during Year 13 may include:
             experience the                                                                                  alerts for
             university                                                 a programme launch, with            when
             through a series                                            a student panel for your            application
             of virtual events                                           questions                           s open
                                                                        transparent conversations
                                                                         about the lived experience
                                                                         of Black and Asian
                                                                         students at Bristol.
                                                                         Conversations take place
                                                                         during virtual events and
                                                                         with Student Advisors
   academic taster sessions
           opportunity to attend an
            on-campus Visit Day
            (government COVID-19
            guidelines permitting).
            You will receive a travel
            bursary to support your
           student-led society events
           support with your UCAS
            and student finance
            applications. Where
            applicable, support with
            interviews (for Medicine
            and Dentistry applicants)
           information on the support
            you can receive when you
            are a student at the
            University of Bristol.

     All virtual events will run during
     after-school hours, and in less
     busy periods of your school year.
     Throughout the year there will be
     approximately 11 hours of
     contact time. Exact dates and
     times will be confirmed upon
     joining the programme.

     Contact: next-step-

Oxford for      Sustained          Oxford         Various years   Oxford Cymru website                      Free      Ongoing
Wales/Oxford    outreach           University
Cymru (Welsh    support from 3     and other
Language        Oxford colleges    locations
website         across all the
available)      Welsh regions

Oxford and      Oxbridge
Seren           student
Oxford          Provide           University of   Various         Oxford Pathways website                   Free to   Refer to
Pathways        information,      Oxford                                                                    attend    website
                advice and                                        Contact:
                guidance on                             
                higher education
                and Oxford to
                able students in
                state schools
                with a history of
                low progression
                to Oxford

Realising       Partnerships       Various        Various         Realising Opportunities website           Free      Refer to
Opportunities   between                                                                                               website
                universities and                                  ‘If you work at a state-funded
                schools for                                       school/college and have
                widening                                          students who would meet the
                participation.                                    eligibility criteria for participation,
                                                                  you should contact the Partner
                                                                  university geographically closest
                                                                  to you to discuss if it possible for
                                                                  your school/college to take part.

RO has a limited capacity for the
                                                              number of students we are able
                                                              to work with each year.’


South West      Taster days for    Swansea      Care          Tel: 01792 60218                     Free        Ongoing
Wales           care               University   experienced
Reaching        experienced                     learners in   e-mail:
                young people.                   Years 5-13
                                                              Reaching wider website

South West      Taster days for    Swansea      Years 5-13    Tel: 01792 60218                     Free        Ongoing
Wales           young people.      University                 e-mail:
                                                              Reaching wider website

Sutton Trust    Three-day          Multiple      Year 12      Sutton trust website                 All          March 2nd
Apprenticeshi   degree-level       locations in                                                    programmes 2021
p Summer        apprenticeship     England.                   Contact:                             completely
                programme with     May be held               free,
School                                                        Eligibility: Our programmes are
                information and    virtually for                                                   including
                skills sessions,   summer                     only open to Year 12 students        travel,
                application        2021, please               who have never attended a fee-       accommodati
                guidance and       check the                  paying school (including             on, food and
                networking         website for                primary), please check the           activities.
                opportunities      more details.              website for additional eligibility

Swansea         May offer          Swansea         Years 11-12      For more information, follow the       Free   Ongoing
University      bespoke taster     University                       links provided on the website.
taster days     days in certain
                departments –
                subject to
University of   Taster             University of   Year 10 and up Contact campus-events-                   Free   Refer to
Bath campus                        Bath                  or 01225                        website
visits                                                            384281for more information.

Pathway to      Pathway to Bath    University of   Year 12          Pathway to Bath website                Free   Application
Bath            is a flexible,     Bath                                                                           s open,
                online                                              ‘Pathway to Bath gives students               close 29th
                                                                    the chance to develop important               January
                                                                    key skills for university study by            2021
                enrichment                                          completing their own research
                programme.                                          project (or similar) while working
                                                                    alongside experienced university
                                                                    staff and current students. The
                                                                    programme includes a summer
                                                                    residential visit to our beautiful
                                                                    campus, to experience all that
                                                                    university life has to offer (Covid-
                                                                    19 restrictions permitting).’

On Track to     A free one-year    University of   Year 12          On Track Website                       Free   Application
Bath            programme for      Bath            students who                                                   s open,
                A level students                   meet one or      Contact:                  close 29th
                                                   more of Bath’s                                                 January
                                                   widening         On Track to Bath is a one-year,               2021
                                                   participation    blended learning programme,
                                                   criteria         which will support students living
                                                                    within an hour of Bath to develop

Students who       their independent learning,
                                                   live less than 1   academic research and
                                                   hour from Bath     employability skills, and will help
                                                   (parts of South    them to make an informed
                                                   Wales)             choice about future university
                                                                      courses. Students spend time on
                                                                      campus and undertake their own
                                                                      research project with the support
                                                                      of some of our academic staff
                                                                      and current students.
                                                                      Restrictions may apply.

University of   Online Summer      The           Year 12              Contact:          Free         Online
Gloucestershi   School             University                                                                            application
re Summer                          of                                 Tel: 01242 714943                     Transport    link due to
School: Year                       Gloucestershi                                                            costs can
                                                                                                                         go live
12 live and                        re                                 Website                               be
learn                                                                                                       subsidised   soon
residential                                                                                                 on a case
                                                                                                                         Dates are
                                                                                                            by case
                                                                                                            basis.       26th July –
                                                                                                                         28th July

University of   Tailored support   University of   Care leavers       Care experienced students             Free         Check
Liverpool       for care leavers   Liverpool                          section in the university’s                        website
Care Leavers    applying to the                                       widening participation work
Support         University of
Programme       Liverpool                                             Widening Participation and
                campus visit

T: 0151 794 5127 or 0774 123
                Support with                                 7106
                Reduced offer

University of   Subject specific   University of   Year 12   contact:              Refer to
London:         taster days and    London:                                                             website
Goldsmiths      inspire            Goldsmiths                Website
Summer          residential
School          throughout July.                             Due to COVID-19, we have yet
                                                             to confirm our summer schools
                                                             offering for 2021. If you would
                                                             like to receive a notification
                                                             about summer schools when
                                                             information becomes available,
                                                             please fill in the form on the

University of   ‘The Reading       University of   Year 12   As part of our commitment to       Free   Refer to
Reading,        Scholars           Reading                   widening participation, the               Website
Reading         Programme                                    programme is for students who
                gives Year 12                                meet our widening participation
                students a real                              criteria.
Programme       taste of life as a
                university                                   Brochure
                providing                                    Presentation for schools
                practical support
                as participants                              Contact:
                begin their                        
                higher education
                application                                  The programme is currently
                process.                                     offered in the following subject
Featuring input                                    areas: Art and Design, Biology,
                             from leading                                       Business, Chemistry, Food
                             academics and                                      Science and Pharmacy, English
                             current                                            Literature, History, Classics and
                             undergraduate                                      Archaeology, Languages and
                             e-mentors, the                                     culture, Mathematics,
                             programme                                          Psychology, and Physical
                             aims to                                            Geography and Environmental
                             challenge                                          Science.
                             and enhance
                             their current

             University of   Electronics and   Delivered        16+ studying    For students interested in          Fees –       Refer to
             Southampton     Computer          virtually from   Maths and one   computer science and electronic     refer to     website
                             Science           the              of Physics,     engineering, investigating and      website
                                               University of    Computing,      designing solutions to real world
                                               Southampto       Electronics,    problems.
                                               n                Biology,
                                                                Chemistry or    Website
                                                                Further Maths
                                                                at A-Level or

Residentia   Aberystwyth     Nuffield          Aberystwyth      Welsh           Dr Debra Croft/Hannah Clarke        Your          Refer to
l Events     Summer          Research          University       Year 12                                             placement     website
             University      placements,                                        e-mail:             will not cost
                             enhanced                                                                               you or your
                             residential                                        website                             parents/car
                             provision and                                                                          ers
                             support.                                                                               anything.
                                                                     20    We
                                                        ational-english/courses/summer/     reimburse
                                                                                            travel costs
                                                                                            for all
                                                        Tel: 01970 621890

                                                        See also Nuffield Research
                                                        Website and your school/college
                                                        for information.

Aston         18-month           Aston        Year 12   Our Aston Progression              Free            Application
Progression   programme that     University             Pathways programmes are open                       s opened
Pathways      ‘empowers                                 to Year 12 students who are                        December
              eligible Year 12                          studying at a non-selective                        2020
              students to                               school or college. Applicants
              achieve their                             must have the potential to study
              goal of studying                          at Aston University* and meet
              STEM, business                            one or more of the criteria below.
              or law courses
              at Aston                                        Live in a POLAR4,
              university’:                                     Quintile 1 or 2 area
                                                               (check whether you live in
               Residential                                    an eligible postcode area
                summer                                         here)
                school                                        Attend a school or college
               E- mentoring                                   in a POLAR 4, Quintile 1
               UCAS and                                       area (check whether your
                personal                                       school has an eligible
                statement                                      postcode here)
                                                              Come from a home where
               Study skills
                                                               neither parent has
                                                               attended a university in
                                                               the UK or abroad
 Contextual                                         Have a disability or are in
              offer                                               receipt of a personal
                                                                  independence payment
                                                                 Are in care or have been
                                                                  in care in the past
                                                           * Students with the potential to
                                                           study at Aston University would
                                                           have attained at least 5 GCSEs
                                                           at a pass grade or higher,
                                                           including Maths, English and
                                                           Science. Their predicted grades
                                                           at A Level/BTEC/IB would also
                                                           match the entry requirements of
                                                           their chosen course at Aston

                                                           Please note that spaces on the
                                                           programme are limited. In the
                                                           event that the programme is
                                                           oversubscribed, priority will be
                                                           given to applicants who meet the
                                                           greatest number of criteria.

Confident   A two-day, one-     Cardiff      Care-         For more information:                Free   Refer to
Futures     night summer        University   experienced              website
Summer      school. The                      learners
            programme is                                   website
            designed to
            provide an                           
            insight into both                              ect/confident-futures-project/
            the academic
            and social
            aspects of
            university life,
and help
               students with
               experience of
               being in care to
               make an
               decision about
               their future.

Coventry       Access Scheme      Coventry     Various   Contact:                            Free           Ongoing
University’s                      University                                 Support
Fair Access
                                                         Coventry University’s Fair
                                                         Access Scheme. This is a brand
                                                         new scheme to help identify and
                                                         support students from a range of
                                                         backgrounds, of all ages, to gain
                                                         fair and equal access to higher
                                                         education For further details
                                                         please follow this link .

                                                         Should you have any questions
                                                         related to our Fair Access
                                                         Scheme please email:
                                                         call us on 02477 654321.

CUSU           Shadowing          Cambridge    Year 12   Contact:                            Free, travel   Various
Shadowing      scheme where       University             shadowingschemes@cambridge          can be         dates
scheme         students from                                               reimbursed
               state schools
               shadow a                                  Website

undergraduate                                The CUSU Shadowing Scheme
            for three days                               brings UK students from state
                                                         schools without a tradition of top
                                                         university entry to Cambridge for
                                                         three days.

                                                         Prospective students come to
                                                         Cambridge and spend time with
                                                         a current undergraduate,
                                                         studying a subject that they are
                                                         interested in, who they 'shadow'.

                                                         Accommodation and meals
                                                         within the Cambridge colleges
                                                         are provided free of charge as
                                                         part of the Shadowing Scheme.
                                                         Travel can be reimbursed on a
                                                         needs basis.

                                                         The idea is to give those who
                                                         have little or no experience of
                                                         university a taste of student life
                                                         at Cambridge, in real time, with
                                                         real people. We especially
                                                         welcome applications from those
                                                         who would be the first in their
                                                         immediate family to attend

Discovery   Delivered          Cardiff      Years 9-11   The programme is designed to         Free   Refer to
Summer      Digitally for 2021 University                provide an insight into both the            website
School,                                                  academic and social aspects of
                                                         university life, and help students
                                                         with autism spectrum conditions
eCampws                                                       to make an informed decision
Summer                                                        about their future.
Festival                                                      Some of the project is created
                                                              through the use of Minecraft.


Insight into   Week-long            University of   Year 12   Planning to deliver in person,         Free   Refer to
Bristol        residential at the   Bristol                   however we will be regularly                  Website
Summer         university for                                 checking the government
School         students from
               backgrounds to                                 Details on Insight into Bristol
               university life.
                                                              Contact: insight-into-
               sessions, social
               activities,                                    Eligibility: Insight into Bristol is
               exploring the                                  open to students who meet all of
               city and more.                                 the following criteria. You must:

                                                                    be in your first year of A
                                                                     level study (or equivalent)
                                                                    attend a state school or
                                                                    identify as Black/Asian or
                                                                     of mixed backgrounds
                                                                     featuring one or more of
                                                                     these groups
                                                                    be eligible for home UK
                                                                     fee status.

These priority criteria will be
     taken into account when
     allocating places:

           you have the academic
            ability to study at the
            University of Bristol
            (including meeting any
            GCSE entry requirements
            for their chosen subject
            stream) and the potential
            to meet the contextual
            entry requirements where
           you are from an ethnic
            group that is under-
            represented* at the
            University of Bristol
            (*Asian Pakistani; Asian
            Bangladeshi; Black
            Caribbean; Black African;
            mixed backgrounds
            featuring one or more of
            these groups)
           are part of the first
            generation in your family
            to go to university
           live in an area of low
            participation in higher
            education as defined by
            POLAR4, which is a score
            of 1 or 2 for the category
            'POLAR4 young
            participation quintile'

   are or have been eligible
                                                                          for free school meals or
                                                                          the post-16 bursary
                                                                         attend an aspiring state
                                                                          school or college
                                                                         have spent three or more
                                                                          months in Local Authority
                                                                          Care; are an Estranged
                                                                          Student (considering
                                                                          university without the
                                                                          support of a family
                                                                         are a Young Carer

Insights       Delivered            Cardiff        Years 12-13     Support and guidance on the         Free           Refer to
Summer         digitally for 2021   University                     move to University.                 (Cardiff       website
School,                                                            Signposting to support within the   University
eCampws        Transition event                                    university                          Applicants
Summer         for applicants to                                   For more information:               only)
Festival       Cardiff                                   

Jesus College The residential       Jesus          Year 12 Seren   There are two Summer Schools        Free.          Application
Oxford Seren programme is           College,       Network         in 2021. Applicants may apply       Accommoda      s open
Summer        interdisciplinary     Oxford         Students        for one of the following:           tion and       mid-
Schools                             (Covid                                                             meals for      December
              and skills-
                                    restrictions                                                       the            2020 and
              focused.              permitting)                    1) A one-week residential                          close 5pm
                                    or online                      programme of inter-disciplinary     programme      29th
               The online                                          and skills-focused lectures,        are provided   January
               programme is                                        workshops and seminars.             free of        2021.
               subject-focused                                     Students stay in Jesus College      charge plus
               and includes                                                                            reasonable
                                                                   and experience life as an Oxford
scenario-based                                                                        travel costs
                 projects                                            2) A two-week online programme reimbursed.
                                                                     of subject-focused learning. This
                                                                     will include scenario-based
                                                                     projects that can be presented to
                                                                     experts in the Welsh

                                                                     Visit the webpage for full details.
Oxford’s         STEM subject-       University of   Year 12 state   The Oxford colleges of Jesus,         Free         Application
Jesus, Trinity   focused part-       Oxford          school          Trinity and Wadham host 100                        s usually
and Wadham       day, part-          (Covid19        students        young women scientists from           Lunch is     open early
Colleges’                            restrictions                                                          provided for February
                 residential event                                   state schools in Wales, London,
‘Women in                            permitting).                                                          day          but this will
Sciences                                                             the North East and Oxford. This       delegates. be
2021’                                                                part-residential part-day event       Accommoda confirmed
                                                                     offers exploration of a variety of    tion and     as soon as
                                                                     science topics. Residential           meals for    possible.
                                                                     attendees may also attend skills      residential
                                                                     and admissions workshops such         delegates    Please
                                                                                                           are provided note:
                                                                     as personal statement writing,
                                                                                                           free of      arrangeme
                                                                     how to read an academic journal       charge.      nts for
                                                                     and admissions tests                  Reasonable 2021 are
                                                                     preparation. The event usually        travel costs not yet
                                                                     runs in mid–late March and            reimbursed confirmed
                                                                     students may apply                    for those    so the
                                                                     independently from February.          travelling   dates may
                                                                                                           from outside change.
                                                                                                           of Oxford.   Please visit
                                                                                                                        Year 12
                                                                                                                        Women in
website for
                                                                                                                the most

Kings College    Taster sessions     Kings           Years 12-13       Contact:     Refer to   Refer to
London                               College                                                         website    website
pre-university                       London                            Website

National         Residential that    University of   Year 12           Details on National Access    Free       Application
Access           introduces          Birmingham                        Summer School Website                    s will open
Summer           students to                                                                                    in early
School           university life                                              2021. Able
                                                                                                                to register
                                                                       Eligibility criteria                     interest
South West       University taster   Swansea         Years 9, 10, 11   Free       Refer to
Wales            residential for     University                                                                 website
Reaching         care
Wider            experienced                                           Website
Partnership,     young people.

South West       University taster   Swansea         Years 10-13       Tel: 01792 602128             Free       Refer to
Wales            residential for     University                        e-mail:                                  website
Reaching         young carers.                               
Partnership,                                                           Website

Young Carers        Places are limited and
Residential         applications are welcome from
                    students in the county boroughs
                    of Neath Port Talbot, Swansea,
                    Pembrokeshire and
                    Carmarthenshire. Priority will be
                    given to those that meet at least
                    one or more of the access
                    criteria below:

                          Students who live in a
                           Welsh Index Multiple
                           Deprivation 40 (WIMD40)
                           postcode (we will
                           determine this)
                          Students who are in care
                           or are care leavers
                          Students who receive
                           WGLG, EMA or Free
                           Scho/ol Meals
                          Students who have a
                           learning or physical
                           disability, including a long-
                           term illness
                          Students with no family
                           experience of Higher

                    Students who are the main carer
                    of a family member or

Sutton Trust   3-5 day subject-   Multiple        Year 12         Sutton trust website               All            March 2nd
UK Summer      specific           locations,                                                         programmes 2021
Schools        residentials at    some                            Contact:                           completely
               one of 13          programmes                   free – all
               universities       will be held                                                       expenses
               across the UK      virtually for                   Eligibility:                       including
                                  summer                                                             travel,
                                  2021,                           Our programmes are only open       accommodati
                                  website has                     to Year 12 students who have       on, food and
                                  more details                    never attended a fee-paying        activities are
                                                                  school (including primary),        covered by
                                                                  please check the website for       the Trust and
                                                                  additional eligibility criteria.   partners.

Target         Programme that     University of   Black African   Contact:                           Free          Refer to
Oxbridge       helps black        Oxford          and Caribbean   Alexander.Olive@rarerecruitmen                   Target
               African and                        students and                                          Oxbridge
               Caribbean          University of   students of                                                      Website
               students and       Cambridge       mixed race      The various strands of the
               students of                        with black      programme focus on intellectual,
               mixed race with                    African and     cultural and social development
               black African                      Caribbean       irrespective of personal or
               and Caribbean                      heritage        economic barriers. These
               heritage to                                        strands include:
               increase their
               chances of
               getting into the                                          Regular contact with a
               Universities of                                            black or minority ethnic
               Oxford and                                                 Oxbridge graduate to
               Cambridge                                                  pinpoint your strengths,
                                                                          discuss your aspirations
                                                                          and identify areas for

   A tailored series of critical
                                                       theory discussions,
                                                       seminars, Oxbridge-style
                                                       tutorials, visits to both
                                                       universities and guest
                                                       speaker events.
                                                      Advice on making the
                                                       right degree subject,
                                                       university and college
                                                      Personalised advice on
                                                       your personal statement,
                                                       UCAS form, SAQ
                                                       statement and other
                                                       submitted materials
                                                       including essays,
                                                       statements of purpose
                                                       and portfolios.
                                                      Structured Oxbridge
                                                       interview practice, test
                                                       preparation sessions with
                                                       markers/assessors and
                                                       revision workshops.
                                                      One-on-one mentoring.

UNIQ      Courses that run Oxford     Year 12   30 UNIQ courses in different           Free   Refer to
summer    in spring and    Colleges             subjects                                      website
schools   summer,
          including a
                                                UNIQ website
          residential in
          Oxford colleges
          for a week

University of   Discover Bath    Residential     Year 12s who    Discover Bath                        Free   Application
Bath                             programme       meet Bath’s                                                 deadline
                                 for Year 12     widening        Alternative offers                          31st
                                 students        participation                                               January
                                                 criteria        Contact: campus-events-                     2021

                                                                 A summer programme which
                                                                 aims to give students a taste of
                                                                 first-year life and study at Bath.
                                                                 The focus is on a 4-day summer
                                                                 school, where students will work
                                                                 on university-level work and
                                                                 students will have some work to
                                                                 do before and afterwards to
                                                                 make the most of the

University of   Taster           University of   Year 12         Contact: Linda Rogers                Free   Refer to
Birmingham:     residential.     Birmingham                                   website
Maths and
Physics                                                          Website

University of   Taster           University of   Year 12         UEA summer School website            Free   Refer to
East Anglia     residential.     East Anglia                                                                 website
University      UCL's Access     UCL/schools     Years 5-13 and Website                               Free   Refer to
College         and Widening                     adult learners                                              website
London          Participation                    who are under- Contact:
                team offers an                   represented in

exciting range of                   higher
                visits, events                      education. We
                and                                 also run
                programmes.                         activities for
                                                    parents and
                                                    carers, and
                                                    teachers and

University of   Summer Taster       University of   Various          The outreach team run a number Free   Refer to
Reading         Days                Reading                          of summer taster events relating      website
                                                                     to Science, Technology,
                Open Days                                            Engineering & Maths (STEM).
                                                                     These include:

                                                                           Pharmacy
                                                                           Psychology
                                                                           Chemistry
                                                                           Archaeology
                                                                           Geography and
                                                                            Environmental Science.

                                                                     We try to accommodate as many
                                                                     students as possible in our
                                                                     outreach provision and in most
                                                                     cases are able to offer places to
                                                                     all. However, in the case of
                                                                     oversubscription on events,
                                                                     priority will be given to students
                                                                     from groups currently under-
                                                                     represented in Higher Education,
                                                                     and to young people with little or

no experience of Higher
                                                           Education in their family.


University of   Widening           Virtual       Year 12   Website                              Free   Refer to
Southampton     Access to          delivery from                                                       Website
                Medicine Virtual   the                     Contact:
                Easter School      University of 
                                   n                       This opportunity is for Year 12
                                                           students who want to study
                                                           Medicine at university and intend
                                                           to apply through a widening
                                                           access programme. In order to
                                                           qualify for the BM6 residential
                                                           you will need to be studying
                                                           both A Level Biology and
                                                           Chemistry and meet at least
                                                           three of the following eligibility

                                                                 First generation applicant
                                                                  to higher education
                                                                 Parents, guardian or self
                                                                  in receipt of a means-
                                                                  tested benefit
                                                                 Young person looked
                                                                  after by a Local Authority
                                                                 In receipt of a 16-19
                                                                  bursary or similar grant*
                                                                 In receipt of free school
                                                                  meals at any point in
                                                                  Years 10-12
   Living in an area with a
            postcode which falls
            within the lowest 20 per
            cent of the Index of
            Multiple Deprivation
            (Check postcode), or
            living in an area with a
            postcode within POLAR 4
            quintiles 1 and 2 (Check
            postcode), or a member
            of a travelling family.

     *Where an applicant chooses the
     Free School Meals criteria and
     the 16-19 bursary criteria, the
     16-19 bursary must be awarded
     for something other than Free
     School Meals. Eg. Transport
     costs between home and
     college, text

     The application must be
     supported by a member of staff
     at your school/college. This
     could be your personal tutor,
     subject teacher or another
     member of staff. Guidance
     information for teachers will be
     provided once applications open.

Informatio   University of   Information,   Online         KS4, 16+,        Weekly information, advice and   Free     Ongoing.
n, advice    South Wales:    advice and                    Years 12/13,     guidance sessions covering all            Please visit
and          Thursday        guidance                      parents/carers   aspects of the higher education           www.southw
guidance     Information,                                                   application process. From how to
             Advice and                                                     choose the right course, through          pen-
             Guidance                                                       to how to apply to university,            days/usw-
             series                                                         write a great personal statement
                                                                                                                      for further
                                                                            and apply for student finance.
                                                                            These sessions are available in
                                                                                                                      and to
                                                                            both Welsh and English.
                                                                                                                      book a

Informatio   University of   Information,   Online/at      KS4, 16+,        Interactive information, advice    Free   Ongoing.
n, advice    South Wales:    advice and     your school    Years 12/13      and guidance sessions covering            Please
and          Information,    guidance       or college                      all aspects of the higher                 contact
guidance     advice and                     (when                           education application process.            schoolsandc
             guidance                       COVID                           From how to choose the right              olleges@so
             sessions (on-                  restrictions                    course, through to how to apply 
             demand)                        allow)                          to university, write a great              uk for
                                                                            personal statement and apply for          further
                                                                            student finance. These sessions           information
                                                                            are available in both Welsh and           .
                                                                            English. Email
                                                                   to find out more.

Informatio   University of   Information,       Online         Parents/carers   Weekly information, advice and           Free   Ongoing.
n, advice    South Wales:    advice and                                         guidance sessions for parents                   Please see
and          Parent advice   guidance                                           and carers who are supporting                   www.south
guidance     sessions                                                           young people through the              
                                                                                university application process.                 k/open-
                                                                                                                                for further

Subject-     University of   Subject-specific   Online         KS4, 16+,        Academic staff host subject-             Free   Ongoing.
specific     South Wales:                                      Years 12/13,     specific masterclasses every                    Please see
             Monday                                            parents/carers   Monday evening at 6pm. With                     www.south
             Motivational                                                       sessions ranging from Fashion         
             Masterclasse                                                       to Computing, Law to Medicine.                  k/open-
             s                                                                  Visit our website for the full list of          days/usw-
                                                                                sessions and how to book.                       live-events/
                                                                                                                                for further

Subject-     University of   Subject-specific   Online/at      KS4, 16+,        Subject-specific taster days,        Free       Ongoing.
specific     South Wales:                       your school    Years 12/13      masterclasses, mock lectures,                   Please
             subject-                           or college                      workshops and curriculum                        contact
             specific                                                           support, delivered by academic                  schoolsand
             outreach                           restrictions                    staff. All sessions offer a real                colleges@s
             sessions                           allow)                          insight into studying at university.            outhwales.
                                                                                Email                                  for
schoolsandcolleges@southwales.a              further
                                                             to find out more.                       information

Informatio   University of   Information,   Online   KS4, 16+,        University... some of you may         Free   Ongoing.
n, advice    South Wales:    advice and              Years 12/13,     have an older sibling at                     Please
and          Escape room     guidance                parents/carers   university, or parent/carer who              contact
guidance                                                              attended, but for many of you it             schoolsand
                                                                      may be an entirely new idea.                 colleges@s
                                                                      University is a place you can                outhwales.
                                                                      learn new skills, meet new          for
                                                                      people and get higher level                  further
                                                                      qualifications. At the University            information
                                                                      of South Wales we have                       .
                                                                      developed our own virtual
                                                                      escape room to help you find out
                                                                      a bit more about university life,
                                                                      courses and accommodation.

Open         University of   Open days;     Online   Prospective      You have to stay at home, but         Free   www.south
days;        South Wales:    information,            undergraduate    that doesn’t mean you have to      
informatio   Undergraduat    advice and              students         put your future on hold too. Our             k/open-
                             guidance                                                                              days/
n, advice    e open days                                              online open days are the ideal
and                                                                   way to discover the opportunities
guidance                                                              waiting for you at the University
                                                                      of South Wales. At our online
                                                                      open days, you can access
                                                                      course presentations by
                                                                      academic staff as well as chat
                                                                      live with staff and current
                                                                      students to find out what it's like
to live and study here. You can
                                                                    also find out about
                                                                    accommodation, student
                                                                    support, student finance,
                                                                    careers, foundation year degrees
                                                                    or Network 75 in the information
                                                                    fair live chat.

Open         University of   Open Days;     Online   Prospective    Ready to further your career?        Free    https://www.
days;        South Wales:    information,            postgraduate   Join our online open days and                southwales.
                             advice and              students                                          
informatio   Postgraduate                                           discover the opportunities at the            days/
n, advice    open days                                              University of South Wales. You'll
and                                                                 be able to chat live with
guidance                                                            members of academic staff and
                                                                    current students to find out more
                                                                    about studying for a
                                                                    postgraduate degree or post-
                                                                    registration qualification here at
                                                                    the University of South Wales. If
                                                                    you have questions about
                                                                    careers, student finance, student
                                                                    support or accommodation visit
                                                                    our information fair live chat
                                                                    where staff from these teams will
                                                                    be able to answer all your

Informatio   University of   Information,   Online   Prospective    Want to know more about               Free   www.south
n, advice    South Wales:    advice and              students       student life, what it’s like to study
                             guidance                               a course, living in south Wales or           k/chat-to-
                                                                    what it's like to study at the
and          chat to our                                           University of South Wales? Chat            our-
guidance     students                                              to our Uni-buddies, a group of             students/
                                                                   student ambassadors who have
                                                                   been there, done that and got
                                                                   the University of South Wales t-

Informatio   University of   Information,   Online   Prospective   Got questions about your            Free   www.south
 n, advice   South Wales:    advice and              students      course? Do you want to find out  
    and      chat to our     guidance                              more about a specific module or            k/chat-to-
 guidance    staff                                                 what facilities are like? Chat one-
                                                                   on-one with our academic staff
                                                                   and find out everything you want
                                                                   to know about the courses and
                                                                   studying here at the University of
                                                                   South Wales.

                                                                   If you've got a question about
                                                                   your application or specific
                                                                   qualifications, the best thing to
                                                                   do is contact our Enquiries and
                                                                   Admissions Team. You can also
                                                                   connect with our staff on the
                                                                   Student Room, University of
                                                                   South Wales – The Student

University    University of   University of     Online   University of   Once you've applied and              Free   Applicants
of South      South Wales:    South Wales                South Wales     received an offer from the                  with an
Wales         Offer holder    offer holders              offer holders   University of South Wales, we               offer will be
offer         events                                                     will be in touch to invite you to an        contacted
holders                                                                  offer holder event, where you'll            directly.
                                                                         have an opportunity to ask any
                                                                         unanswered questions you may
                                                                         have and ease any concerns you
                                                                         may have prior to accepting.

Teacher/a     University of   Teacher/adviser   Online   Teachers and    Events for teachers and            Free     Ongoing.
dviser        South Wales:    CPD                        advisers        advisers, including online                  Please
continuing    Teachers and                                               conferences, sector updates and             contact
professiona   advisers CPD                                               subject-specific CPD                        schoolsand
l             activity                                                   opportunities, supporting delivery          colleges@s
developme                                                                of Gatsby Benchmarks and                    outhwales.
nt (CPD)                                                                 Curriculum for Wales 2022.         for
                                                                         Email                                       further
                                                                         schoolsandcolleges@southwales.a             information
                                                                to find out more.                      .

STEM          University of   STEM              Online   Various         To celebrate British Science        Free    Please
              South Wales:                                               Week, the University of South               contact
              British                                                    Wales is hosting a range of                 schoolsand
              Science                                                    interactive events and activities           colleges@s
                                                                         in science, technology,                     outhwales.
                                                                         engineering and maths. Come        for

Week                                                  and join us to explore the                further
            Programme                                             programme and learn more                  information
                                                                  about how you can develop a               .
                                                                  career in STEM.

Mathemati   University of   Mathematics   Online   Years 11/12    Our mathematics lecturing staff   Free    Please
cs          South Wales:                                          are delivering quizzes to Year 12         contact
            Maths Pop                                             and Year 11 students over two             schoolsand
            Quizzes                                               separate events to challenge              colleges@s
                                                                  students with their mathematics           outhwales.
                                                                  and give them insight into       for
                                                                  studying mathematics at a higher          further
                                                                  level at the University of South          information
                                                                  Wales. Register your students             .
                                                                  for this exciting competition.

Nursing     University of   Nursing and   Online   Teachers and   Event to ensure teachers and       Free   Ongoing.
and         South Wales:    Midwifery              advisers       advisers are giving the most up-          Please
midwifery   Nursing and                                           to-date information to students           contact
            midwifery                                             who are submitting applications           schoolsand
            teacher and                                           for the competitive fields of             colleges@s
            adviser CPD                                           Nursing and Midwifery.                    outhwales.

Subject/in    University of   Subject-/           Online         KS4, 16+,         Interested in studying a            Free   Ongoing.
dustry-       South Wales:    industry-specific                  Years 12/13       particular subject, but unsure of          Please
specific      'Careers in…'                                                        what comes next? The                       contact
              talks                                                                University of South Wales's                schoolsand
                                                                                   inspiring series of 'Careers in...'        colleges@s
                                                                                   talks offer students an insight            outhwales.
                                                                                   into the opportunities available at for
                                                                                   higher education level and in the          further
                                                                                   industry/sector they want to work          information
                                                                                   in. Students will learn how to             .
                                                                                   make the most of connections
                                                                                   and experience gained and how
                                                                                   they can apply this in the
                                                                                   graduate jobs market. Available
                                                                                   sessions include: Creative
                                                                                   Industries, STEM, Health, Sport,
                                                                                   Education and Business.

Get back on   First Campus:   The First           Universities   Years 5–11        Website:       Free    Refer to
track:        South East      Campus              across the     and adult                                                    website
Revision      Wales           Partnership:        region, in     learners who      Email:
and study     Reaching        offers an           schools and    are under-
support       Wider           exciting range of   in the         represented in
Get           Partnership     visits, events      community      higher
prepared:                     and                                education. We
Transition                    programmes                         also run
programme                                                        activities for
s and                                                            parents and
higher                                                           carers, as well
education                                                        as teachers
taster                                                           and


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