SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export

SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
SUMMER   2019
SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
‘In-depth’ inspiration
     Innovation is an important keyword
     within Verver Export. That is why
     we have taken another step in the
     content and layout of our
     catalogues: inspiring in-depth

     Professional advice and ideas
     from people inside and outside
     Verver Export. More background
     on our products: a nice idea or a
     handy tip. Pick out what is of your

     In this catalogue also attention for
     insects, bees and butterflies. With
     many products from this
     catalogue you can make an
     important contribution to nature
     by planting starch and nectar
     plants. We ourselves are fully
     engaged in the development of an
     insect-friendly garden at our new
     business premises. Do you also
                                               34                                                   36
     choose consciously?

     We wish you a lot of reading and
     ordering pleasure. This catalogue
     is valid for two years - so keep it

     Team Verver Export

     Tijmen Verver +31 6 22 48 00 29

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                                            The interior is made from paper that has been awarded
                                            the eco label by the European Union, reg. no FI/11/1,
                                            furnished by UPM.

SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
Introduction            2

     Content                 3
     Organical Dahlias       4
     Dahlias                 8
     Other flower bulbs     26

08     Begonia
       Amaryllis sonatini
       Dutch Iris
       Iris germanica
       Iris sibirica
16     Other bulbs
     Summer-Trams           38
     The Pictographs        68



SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
Organically grown -

                    collection of
                    Dahlias only available
                    at Verver Export.
                    Stimulates pollen and
                    nectar availability in
                    public green.

SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
22313                                                            22314                                                                      22336

                                                                                                                                                                          ORGANICAL DAHLIAS

                                                                                                                                               Bees are welcomed
                                                                                                                                               with open arms!

        Verver Export Specials - Alfa-Zulu Series - organically grown
        Organically bred Dahlias with single flowers. Very attractive for bees and butterflies.                                                                Qk:PË~
        Verver Export Specials

                                                                Dahlia single flowering, light pink swinging gaily in the wind. Especially selected for you
                                                                because of its excellent usability for public green spaces!                                   LΩ€

        Verver Export Specials

                                                                Dahlia single flowering, extremely floriferous. Very attractive for the eye because of its
                                                                dark and sturdy stem.                                                                         MΩ€

        Verver Export Specials

                                                                Lemon yellow as basic color but every pointed petal is beautifully decorated by a red
                                                                spot. Petals bend slightly backwards.                                                         LΩ€

        Verver Export Specials

                                                                Smooth pink flower with a nice yellow circle in the centre of the flower.

SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
22338                            22339                                                                    22340


                                                                                                                                  A hotel for insects!


                            Verver Export Specials

                                                     Round red petals that are broken by yellow lines from the yellow centre of the flower.
                                                     Petals bend slightly backwards.                                                             LΩ€

                            Verver Export Specials

                                                     Brightly cerise red flower with slightly rounded petals.

                            Verver Export Specials

                                                     The yellow centre of the flower glows in the light pink petals. Shows like a drawn flower
                                                     in a large flower.                                                                          LΩ€

                            Verver Export Specials

                                                     This flower has many petals that are positioned around the centre like a Gerbera. Red
                                                     with white dots.                                                                            LΩ€

                            Verver Export Specials

                                                     An unusual color! Apricot with a fine pink flame. We do not often see this color in the
                                                     Dahlia range.                                                                               LΩ€

SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
22343                            22344                                                                     22345

                                                                                                                                         ORGANICAL DAHLIAS

                                                                                                               A huge landing


        Verver Export Specials

                                 Muscular white flower with pointed flower petals. The yellow heart draws sharply on
                                 the white.                                                                                  LΩ€

        Verver Export Specials

                                 Bright pink flower petals with a light cerise-red blush.

        Verver Export Specials

        ‘Bella Estrella’
                                 A big flower, but in subtle cream-yellow color. The flower petal tips are going to white.

        Verver Export Specials

                                 This flower has the same color as ‘November’, but the shape of the flower is clearly
                                 rounder.                                                                                    LΩ€

        Verver Export Specials

                                 Dark stem with pink flowers. The flowers are accentuated with a white centre.

SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
Today’s Dahlia is no

          longer related to the
          Dahlia from Mexico,
          where it all started. Be
          surprised by the large
          collection we offer you
          in this catalogue.

SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export
Conversation with the breeder

Frank van der Vlugt
about Dahlia
Frank van der Vlugt is one of the professional Dahlia
breeders in the Netherlands. For example, the new
exclusive Verver Export varieties ‘Yankee’ and ‘Zulu’
come from his nursery.

Crossing and sowing Dahlias is relatively easy.                      The targeted breeding must be done by hand.
The niceness and also difficulty of Dahlias,                         For the spontaneous variation, nature does its
however, is that they are multi-variable. This                       work, especially through the help of bees and
means that if you sow fifty seeds from one                           bumblebees and butterflies. The search for new
plant, the fifty offspring will all have other                       forms and varieties is therefore almost entirely
characteristics. Both the plants and the flowers                     naturally done. The multiplication of a new
will sometimes look completely different.                            selection will of course go through cuttings! Only
                                                                     this way a stable variety can be multiplied.

Verver Export Specials                                                                                                                22351 ‘Étoile d’Amour’
                                                                                                                                      A particularly beautiful drawing of a red border around the open
Our personal introductions: in our opinion so special that we gave them a special place in our                                        centre. Each pink-red petal is rimmed by a fine red edge.
catalogue. Try it yourself!

                                                       Qk:PË~                                                                         IΩ€                                                           NEW

                               22348 ‘Bouton Bordure’                                                                                 22352 ‘Pink Starfish’
                               A single wreath with pointed petals. Around the open centre a deep                                     A single wreath of ribbon flowers with slightly twisted pointy petals
                               red border that gives a strong accent to the look.                                                     in pink. A tight lilac edge marks the petals.


                               KΩ€                                                                                                    Kƒ€
                                                                                                                                                                                                               M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                     GH Y

                                                                                              NEW                                                                                      NEW


                               22349 ‘Bouton Lilas’                                                                                   22353 ‘Ragged Robin’
                               Pink petals with a huge filled centre in lilac. Very special                                           A single wreath of ribbon flowers with slightly twisted pointed
                               combination.                                                                                           petals around the open heart of tube flowers. A loose flower with
                                                                                                                                      fresh green leaves.


                               KΩ€                                                                                                    J·€
                                                                                                                                                                                                               M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                     GH Y

                                                                                              NEW                                                                                      NEW


                               22350 ‘Bouton Pêche’                                                 Dahlinova
                               A beautiful peach-red colored flower with a filled centre of tube
                               flowers.                                                             A range of very compact Dahlias. Highly floriferous all through the summer until the first signs of
                                                                                                    frosts. Ideally suited to be put in pots or planted and given pride of place in a flowerbed. Especially

                                                                                                    varieties such as ‘Arizona’ and ‘Maroen’ have

                                                                                                    their uses and serve to produce a gorgeous

                                                                                              NEW   contrast with your annuals.

SUMMER 2019 2020 - Verver Export

                                         22001 ‘Alabama’                                                                                               22012 ‘Siemen Doorenbos’
                                         Excellent variety in yellow. Highly compact dwarf variety. To be given                                        Introduced in 2005. Gorgeous colour.
                                         pride of place in your yellow summery flowerbed.

                                         y©                                                                                                            B·
                                         22000 ‘Arizona’                                                                                               22013 ‘Toto’
                                         Very compact orange-coloured cultivar that perfectly represents this                                          White flower with a yellow heart.
                                         range of Dahlianova.

                                         y·                                                                                                            C·
                                         22003 ‘Colorado’                                                                Dahlia Anemone-Flowered, dwarf
                                         Discover the many uses of this small white Dahlia.
                                                                                                                         These flowers perfectly demonstrated their uses in the summer of 2007. Why not plant a
                                                                                                                         ‘Mambo’ for instance alongside pink and white Cleomes. And put in a ‘Paso Doble’ alongside.

                                         y©                                                                                                                            Q©k+:P~
                                         22006 ‘Maroen’                                                                                                22175 ‘Boogie Woogie’
                                         ‘Maroen’ shows off the real size of these small Dahlianovas.                                                  New variety introduction with a handsome contrast: yellow and
                                         Beautifully dark-red colour, highly floriferous throughout the entire                                         violet in the same flower. Imagine your summer flowerbed with
                                         summer.                                                                                                       marigolds and yellow Coreopsis and then ‘Boogie Woogie’ planted
                                                                                                                                                       in the middle.

                                         y·                                                                                                            J§
                                         22174 ‘Red Arizona’                                                                                           22212 ‘Florinoor’
                                         Are you familiar with the red ornamental ‘Charlotte’ chard? Plant                                             A combination of extremely engaging colours in a single flower:
                                         ‘Red Arizona’ alongside.                                                                                      pink petals and an orange/violet heart.

                                         y·                                                                                                            L§
          Dahlia Anemone-Flowered, small                                                                                                               22014 ‘Mambo’
                                                                                                                                                       Beautiful flower shape in lilac colours. Create a summer tram by
          Compacts plants that are highly rated for beds and borders. An original flower with a crown of                                               alternating this variety with a pink Cleome and a white Gaura.
          petals that make up a honeycomb. Like all Dahlias, they flower all summer long.

                                                         Qk=):P~                                                                                       J§d
                                         22280 ‘Blue Bayou’                                                                                            22016 ‘Paso Doble’
                                         A magnificent combination of colours in a single flower. The outer                                            Beautiful colour. Delightful plant for your yellow and white
                                         petals are pink - the heart is purple. The flower, which is large for a                                       flowerbeds.
                                         honeycombed Dahlia, perfectly blends into flowerbeds with annuals
                                         and with perennial plants.

                                         I©                                                                                                            L§d
                                                                                                                M E ND
                                                                                                      GH Y


                                         22010 ‘Honey’                                                                                                 22317 ‘Platinum Blonde’
                                         Delightful small bi-coloured Dahlia.                                                                          Pretty flower in white with a well-filled, golden heart! Originates
                                                                                                                                                       from the selection of an American Dahlia lover.

                                         E·                                                                                                            L§
                                         22011 ‘Purpinka’                                                                                              22318 ‘Totally Tangerine’
                                         A great seller throughout the year, this small Dahlia creates a                                               The absolute favorite of the creative team of Verver Export. Flower,
                                         fascinating contrast in your summer flowerbed. Try planting pink                                              which is distinguished by its special coloring in orange and pink.
                                         Liatris spicata roses all around.                                                                             Very floriferous.


                                         B·                                                                                                            L§
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      GH Y


Dahlia Deco Coat                                                                                                                       22260 ‘Park Record’
                                                                                                                                       A very robust Dahlia that always gives good results in summer
The breeder Koot [ Pronounce - Coat ] is responsible for these Dahlia Series that has been                                             flowerbeds. Superb cactus shape.
specially selected for the customers of Verver Export.

                                                       Qk€:P~                                                                          GΩ
                                22320 ‘Pink Coat’                                                                                      22023 ‘Playa Blanca’
                                Very decorative flower that combines wonderfully with, for example,                                    A firm favourite for your flowerbed. Very pure white.
                                Verbena bonariensis.

                                K©                                                                                                     GΩd
                                22321 ‘Red Coat’                                                                                       22024 ‘Red Pigmy’
                                This red variety has a bright pink glow in the sun. Very floriferous                                   Compact plant. Vibrant red colour.
                                and fits perfectly with, for example, Ricinus.

                                K©                                                                                                     EΩ
Dahlia Cactus, dwarf                                                                                                                   22195 ‘Yellow Happiness’
                                                                                                                                       This dwarf Cactus Dahlia is literally a riot of colours. You won’t find
A very useful range. With its average height, it remains compact enough to hold itself up                                              any more yellow than this!
without requiring to be staked. Great for creating roadside Dahlia hedges.

                                                       Qk€:P~                                                                          EΩ
                                22176 ‘Blue Record’                                                    Dahlia Decorative, dwarf
                                You have seen for yourself that very dark hues have their uses in
                                your summer flowerbeds. We are delight to present ‘Blue Record’.       The Decorative Dwarf Dahlias: medium-height plants that do not require staking. By planting up
                                This variety can be used in practically any summer flowerbed.          to 4 plants per m², you will be creating flowerbeds that consist only of Dahlias that simply go on


                                22018 ‘Bon Esprit’                                                                                     22213 ‘Arnhem’
                                Large dusky pink flowers.                                                                              Small red Dahlia.

                                GΩ                                                                                                     EΩ
                                22281 ‘Karma Amanda’                                                                                   22026 ‘Berliner Kleene’
                                The flower only has a partial resemblance with that typical Cactus                                     Old pink that borders on salmon pink.
                                shape. The petals are less pointed (semi-Cactus) but come in a
                                delightful shading that moves from white at the heart and becomes
                                pink at the tips.

                                HΩ                                                                                                     CΩ)
                                22021 ‘New Dimension’                                                                                  22027 ‘Bluesette’
                                Very large flowers.                                                                                    Perfect for instilling your flowerbed with contrast by bringing in
                                                                                                                                       light shades.

                                Gƒ                                                                                                     DΩ
                                22022 ‘Park Princess’                                                                                  22291 ‘Edge of Joy’
                                An old variety that is highly rated nonetheless. Discover how it                                       Plentiful flowering with flowers that are not too heavy, making it
                                bears flowers throughout the summer. Highly recommended!                                               ideal for green spaces.

                                GΩ                                                                                                     EΩË

                                            22029 ‘Extase’
                                            Dahlias in very cheerful shades.

                                            22292 ‘Fire and Ice’
                                            Its flowers are white and red in a variety of shades. Some flowers
                                            are red with a white flame while others are almost white.



                                                                                                                       M E ND
                                                                                                             GH Y

                                            22257 ‘Nashville’
                                            ‘Nashville’ produces a double dark pink flower and is very
                                            floriferous. Perfect to make up magnificent combinations with
                                            white and violet flowers.

                                            22322 ‘Orange Kleene’
                                            Due to its compact growth and its profusion of flowers this variety
                                            is extremely suitable for planting in pots.

                                            DΩ)                                                                                 BeeWise
                                                                                                                                Honka Dahlias all have an open
                                            22032 ‘Orange Nugget’                                                               centre (heart). This means that it is
                                            Created in 1979, the ‘Orange Nugget’ continues to be a firm
                                            favourite.                                                                          easy for insects to collect pollen. You
                                                                                                                                can recognize all these flowers in the
                                                                                                                                catalogue by this icon.
                                            22035 ‘Sisa’
                                            If you are looking for masses of very vibrant yellow flowers.

                                            22038 ‘Wittem’                                                                      22198 Yellow
                                            When the ‘Wittem’ flowers come into bloom, you will notice                          The yellow variety pairs well with mature perennial plants with a
                                            glistening glints of pink. Planted together with pink Verbena, pink                 dark foliage. The simple shape of the flowers, which resembles a
                                            or white Cosmos and/or Petunias in the same shades, the ‘Wittem’                    star drawn by a child, simply thrives in autumnal beds.
                                            makes for a splendorous effect.

                                            FΩ                                                                                  Gd
          Dahlia Honka                                                                                                          22323 ‘Marni’s Honka’
                                                                                                                                Dahlia Honka in dark red, which harmonizes well with, for example,
          A group of Dahlias that stands out by its star-shaped flowers. This shape is closely related to the                   Cosmos bipinnatus in white or dark pink.
          original Dahlia shape. All the more remarkable is the fact that this variety is lightly scented which is

          most exceptional for a Dahlia!

                                                                                                                                                                                                     M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                           GH Y


                                            22283 ‘Fragile’                                                                     22264 Pink
                                            A white flower with a narrow red border. This gives the flower a red                To round out the colour palette of this popular group of Dahlias we
                                            glow.                                                                               have added a pink variety. Magnificent, ethereal and delicate.

                                            K                                                               NEW                 I
                                 22199 Red                                                                         22219 ‘Gold Crown’
                                 The red Dahlia Honka is slightly higher than the other colour                     The flower of the ‘Gold Crown’ reaches a diameter of almost 20 cm!
                                 varieties. Given that the flowers are less heavy, this variety is well            A huge orange yellow crown.
                                 equipped to resist the wind and rain.

                                 Hd                                                                                Lø§
Dahlia Cactus                                                                                                      22043 ‘Hayley Jane’
                                                                                                                   One might almost say that these flowers are just too perfect. Very
One could say that Cactus Dahlias are the most spectacular of them alls. With their lively hues                    beautiful plant.
and starlike shapes, they seem to ‘explode’ in the flowerbed. If planted as a truly solitary plant,

they need to be staked!

                                 22299 ‘American Dream’                                                            22301 ‘Jessica’
                                 Large pink flowers with red-purple stripes. A strong growing Dahlia.              Bright yellow flowers with petals with a red tip. A real phenomenon
                                                                                                                   from the United States.

                                 Kø                                                                                Lƒ§;
                                 22300 ‘Black Jack’                                                                22045 ‘Kennemerland’
                                 One of our darkest Dahlias! Its draws plenty of attention with its                We were told last year’s catalogue failed to include a yellow Cactus
                                 enormous flowers.                                                                 Dahlia. But... here it is. It may well date back to 1973, but it does a
                                                                                                                   perfectly good job.

                                 Kø                                                                                Kƒ§;d
                                 22216 ‘Bora Bora’                                                                 22046 ‘Ludwig Helfert’
                                 Pointed lilac red petals that arranged in a whorl around a yellow                 Are you familiar with the ‘Autumn Time’ Sunflower? Try planting
                                 heart. Highly decorative and frivolous flower.                                    ‘Ludwig Helfert’ alongside the ‘Autumn Time’, then surround them
                                                                                                                   with Rudbeckia and Crocosmia bulbs. Stunning!

                                 Jƒ                                                                                Jƒ§;d
                                 22218 ‘Chat Noir’                                                                 22221 ‘Mevr. Clement Andries’
                                 A very robust dark red Cactus Dahlia, that is equally at home in a                Lots of flowers. Ideally suited to be used in your flowerbed in pastel
                                 flowerbed as it is inside a vase.                                                 shades or to make up bouquets with.

                                 JĤ;d                                                                             LĤ;
                                 22217 ‘Clair Obscur’                                                              22293 ‘Mick’s Peppermint’
                                 A Dahlia that is very widely used in exhibition plantings with dusky              A very pale pink flecked flower with violet stripes. A thriving variety
                                 violet petals and white flower tips. Introduced in France in 2001.                from the United States.

                                 Lƒ;                                                                               Lƒ§;
                                 22324 ‘Dutch Explosion’                                                           22047 ‘My Love’
                                 The replacement of ‘Sorbet’ that has been removed from our                        This white Dahlia keeps exceptionally well, even under very rainy
                                 catalogue. When the flower starts to flower it is almost white, but               conditions.
                                 the petals gradually become increasingly dark pink when they ripen.


                                 Jƒ                                                                                Lƒ§;d
                                                                                                          M E ND
                                                                                                GH Y


                                 22284 ‘Ferncliff Illusion’                                                        22222 ‘Omega’
                                 This cultivar is very similar to a decorative Dahlia but is part of the           This Dahlia not only stands out by virtue of it large salmon orange
                                 Cactus group. Magnificent white flower with pink pointed petals.                  flowers but also by its distinctly veined foliage. Very decorative.

                                 Mƒ§                                                                               Lø§;

          22258 ‘Orfeo’                                                                                                    22226 ‘Winter Springs’
          With its fuchsia pink flowers, ‘Orfeo’ infuses your flowerbeds with                                              White with pink edges. Moreover, the veins on the leaves are clearly
          an exotic touch.                                                                                                 noticeable too. This Dahlia goes very well with Cleome, amongst
                                                                                                                           many others.

          LĤ;                                                                                                             KĤd
          22051 ‘Purple Gem’                                                                                               22285 ‘Witteman’s Best’
          This variety remains highly in demand. The reason is quite simple.                                               Superb dark red colour. ‘Witteman’s Best’ is the replacement for
          If you are looking for a contrasting colour at a certain height in your                                          ‘Berger’s Record’ which has been delisted from the collection.
          summer flowerbed, ‘Purple Gem’ is the perfect choice.

          Kƒ§;d                                                                                                            Kød
          22052 ‘Saint-Saëns’                                                                                              22354 ‘Worton Blue Streak’
          Very graceful Cactus Dahlia variety. Delightful flower shape but                                                 In the sun this Dahlia is lavender pink, but in cloudy weather there
          more than anything else it is the colour that catches the beholder’s                                             is a blue cast over the flower. The petals are partially rolled up.
          eye. Make it jump out against a grey and purple background!

          Kƒ§                                                                                                              Kƒ                                                           NEW

          22053 ‘Sangria’                                                                   Dahlia Impression
          This variety was selected not only for its looks, but also for its
          conduct. A very solid plant.                                                      Range of Dahlias chosen for the original shape of their flowers, colours and the compact shape
                                                                                            of the plant. For pots or flowerbeds.

          Kƒ§;                                                                                                               QΩk€):P~Ë
          22273 ‘Spaßmacher’                                                                                               22259 ‘Bright Eyes’
          A vibrant yellow Cactus Dahlia that stands out above the flowerbed                                               This flower that looks a vibrant pink at first glance has a very
          like a little sun. Delightfully adorned with a small orange heart.                                               distinct orangey yellow heart, as if it is winking at you!

          KΩ                                                                                                               G
          22225 ‘Striped Vulcan’                                                                                           22203 ‘Dakota’
          Very large flowers decorated with red stripes on a vibrant yellow                                                This yellow ochre Dahlia is hemmed in by a red fringe that makes
          background. Extremely decorative.                                                                                up a delightful contrast.

          Lߧ                                                                                                              Gd
          22201 ‘Tahiti Sunrise’                                                                                           22060 ‘Fabula’
          An extremely early flowering cultivar with a very distinctive colour                                             Dusky pink petals with a bicoloured ruffle with a dash of white.


          LĤ;                                                                                                             G
                                                                                   M E ND
                                                                         GH Y


          22057 ‘Veritable’                                                                                                22059 ‘Famosa’
          Old variety, but one that is worthy of being included in the                                                     Beautiful pink variety touching on lilac. Delightful white ruffle.
          collection. Create a summer tram with Gypsophila and Cleome and
          you are looking at a very felicitous result!

          LĤ;                                                                                                             G
          22058 ‘Vuurvogel’                                                                                                22227 ‘Fantastico’
          A rather distinctive Dahlia! Yellow with red on the borders.                                                     Dark red flower accompanied by small white stripes on the smallest

          JĤ                                                                                                              G
                                                                                                     22067 ‘Arabian Night’
                                                                                                     The dark red colour of this plant verges on black. It does not fade
                                                                                                     during the summer.

                                                                                                     22068 ‘Babylon’
                                                                                                     Beautiful vibrant red Dahlia.

                                                                                                     22286 ‘Babylon Brons’
                                                                                                     A salmon orange Babylon. A true phenomenon in the flowerbed
                                                                                                     with its huge flowers.

                                                                                                     22325 ‘Babylon Geel Gevlamd’
                                                                                                     A red flame on a yellow flower with the fantastic features of the
                                                                                                     Babylon series. Sturdy plants and large flowers.

The darkest Dahlia?


                                                                                                                                                                               M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                     GH Y

Many people claim that the Dahlia variety ‘Choc’ is the
darkest available. Of course, black does not exist in this                                           22229 ‘Babylon Rose’
                                                                                                     A huge pink flower (25 cm). Set out in your flowerbed, it is certain
flower type either. But because of its dark leaves the dark                                          to be the star attraction.
red of the flower is almost black!

                                                                                                     22290 ‘Blithe Spirit’
                                                                                                     A time-honoured and well-known variety that was registered as far
                                                                                                     back as 1962. In Paris (FR), this Dahlia recently even won the
                                                                                                     Visitors’ Award at the Parc Floral exhibition.

  Decorative Dahlia                                                                                  22356 ‘Bluetiful’
                                                                                                     A huge lilac flower that gets a little blue color cast in cold light. So it
  The perfect summer flowers. Very often seen to produce double flowers that serve as the perfect    did not just get its name!
  foundation for your summer flowerbed. Given the number of plants per square metre, the

  Dahlia is an economical choice!!

                                                                                                     Lø                                                             NEW

                                 22065 ‘Akita’                                                       22230 ‘Café au Lait’
                                 Interesting variety in orange and red shades to include in your     Creamy white flower that takes on a light lilac hue in the centre.
                                 summer flowerbeds.                                                  Stands out due to the considerable diameter of its flowers.

                                 Kƒ                                                                  L™
                                 22355 ‘Apricot Desire’                                              22069 ‘Caribbean Fantasy’
                                 A salmon-orange large flower from the breeder Cor Geerlings (NL).   In a delightfully mauve-striped white.
                                 A subtle color that combines nicely with dark foliage plants.

                                 Lƒ                                                        NEW       Kƒ

          22357 ‘Checkers’                                                                    22078 ‘Glorie van Heemstede’
          A dark red Dahlia with white flower petal tips. A sturdy Dahlia that                Entirely yellow decorative Dahlia. Certain to give you lots of flowers,
          is also grown as a cut flower.                                                      perfect for making bouquets with.

          Jƒ;                                                           NEW                   Kƒ;
          22183 ‘Choc’                                                                        22079 ‘Glorie van Noordwijk’
          No need to explain why we chose this plant. With its dark hues, the                 Named after the famous seaside resort of Noordwijk in the
          ‘Choc’ will give your summer bed that knowing nod. Why not                          Netherlands. Its reasonably sized flowers are salmon pink. A variety
          combine the ‘Choc’ with a dark-leafed Cotinus?                                      that has been around for a long time but is always rewarding to use.

          KΩ                                                                                  Lƒ;d
          22071 ‘David Howard’                                                                22205 ‘Hawaii’
          Beautiful orange variety with its dark foliage offering a delightful                One would almost believe that this flower was paint with a
          contrast.                                                                           paintbrush in acrylic paint, going by the way the colours simply
                                                                                              seem to meld. A veritable tropical paradise!

          IΩs                                                                                 Lƒ;
          22231 ‘Deutschland’                                                                 22232 ‘Holland Festival’
          Very classic Dahlia that is truly red! Combines well with a lime                    Dahlia enthusiasts are besotted with this variety. Very large orange
          green Nicotiana.                                                                    flowers with white tips.

          Lƒ                                                                                  L™
          22073 ‘Duet’                                                                        22080 ‘Imagion’
          This very decorative Dahlia stands out by its robust qualities. The                 Imagine this Dahlia in a summer tram with a Verbena bonariensis,
          wine-coloured flowers are accentuated by white tips.                                a white Cleome white and then the grey foliage of an Artemisia
                                                                                              ‘Powis Castle’. Happiness is an abundance of flowers...

          Kß                                                                                  Kƒ
          22358 ‘English Breakfast’                                                           22081 ‘Jean Marie’
          A soft yellow, flat flower with irregular red lines on the petals.                  ‘Jean Marie’ is a little shorter than the other varieties. Very beautiful

          K©                                                            NEW                   Iß
          22326 ‘Evening Breeze’                                                              22328 ‘Karma Lagoon’
          Flowers in magenta that will undoubtedly draw attention in your                     Sturdy Dahlia that blends perfectly with Cosmos, Verbena or
          summer planting. The almost black stem completes the appearance.                    Nicotiana in various colors. Included in the catalogue as a
                                                                                              substitute for ‘Requiem’.


          Kƒs                                                                                 IΩ
                                                                                     M E ND
                                                                         GH Y


          22074 ‘Explosion’                                                                   22298 ‘Karma Serena’
          Magnificent introduction back in 2004. Very beautiful plant.                        A pretty creamy white Dahlia with a yellow centre. Its flowers go
                                                                                              well with other shades of yellow and/or lilac. Hardy stems and
                                                                                              flowers that remain beautiful over time.

          Kƒ                                                                                  JΩ;
          22075 ‘Fleurel’                                                                     22082 ‘Kelvin Floodlight’
          The size of the flowers is barely measurable, they are that huge. The               Make an impression with the ‘Kelvin Floodlight’s huge flowers.
          plant does not quite scale the same heights as the other decorative

          H™                                                                                  K™
                                                                                           22089 ‘Peaches and Cream’
                                                                                           Combine your Tagetes erecta with the orange and yellow hues of
                                                                                           the ‘Peaches and Cream’. Finger-lickin’ gorgeous!

                                                                                           22237 ‘Prince Carnaval’
                                                                                           Delightfully violet-striped petals against a light pink background.
                                                                                           Magnificent Dahlia planted as a solitary plant, but also perfectly
                                                                                           suited in a beautiful mix of violet, pink and white.

                                                                                           22236 ‘Princess Elisabeth’
                                                                                           A salmon pink flower that holds on firmly to the stalk. Very
                                                                                           decorative, even as a mere bud!

                                                                                           22090 ‘Procyon’
                                                                                           Yellow with a bright orange heart. For flowerbeds in fiery tones.

Made in Holland                                                                            Kƒ;
The crossing of Dahlias is done all over the world. In
almost all cases, however, as a hobby. New varieties from                                  22295 ‘Purple Flame’
                                                                                           Reddish-purple flowers with dark stems. The leaves are tinged in
this catalogue are personally selected by Tijmen Verver                                    purplish green. A very unusual plant.
from Dutch professional breeders.

                                                                                           22296 ‘Purple Pearl’
                                                                                           A beautiful violet flower with petals edged in a delicate white strip.

                    22084 ‘Lucky Number’                                                   22359 ‘Razzle Dazzle’
                    For your summer flowerbeds in the lilac shades. Plant them             A filled but more open decorative flower - very special. The petals
                    alongside Petunias, Impatiens, Verbenas in the same shades.            are lilac with white points. Breeder: A.C. Koot.


                    Kƒ                                                                     JΩ
                                                                                                                                                                    M E ND
                                                                                                                                                          GH Y



                    22087 ‘Motto’                                                          22297 ‘Rebecca’s World’
                    Delightful salmon orange Dahlia.                                       A very special flower with a dark pink centre that fades completely
                                                                                           to white at the tips of the petals.

                    Kø                                                                     KΩ
                    22282 ‘Mystery Day’                                                    22095 ‘Seduction’
                    Superb wine-coloured flowers with delightful white tips. A beautiful   Allow yourself to be swept off your feet by the colour of this plant.
                    and robust Dahlia which, in spite of its fairly short stem, can also   Combine it with Agastache and Ageratum.
                    be used as a cut flower.

                    Iƒ;                                                                    Kƒ

                                         22239 ‘Snowstorm’                                                                                                 22233 ‘Cambridge’
                                         Very robust cultivar that is also perfectly suited to be used as a cut                                            Another decorative Dahlia with large flowers whose yellow petals
                                         flower. Abundant flowering on solid stalks.                                                                       have red stripes.

                                         Kƒ;                                                                                                               H™
                                         22330 ‘Summer Flame’                                                                                              22262 ‘Kiev’
                                         In the sun the tiny orange petals of the flower appear almost                                                     A white flower whose inflorescence almost resembles that of a huge
                                         golden! This offers an opulent vision.                                                                            Chrysanthemum!


                                         Lƒ;                                                                                                               K™

                                                                                                                 M E ND
                                                                                                       GH Y

                                         22360 ‘Sunset Tropical’                                                                                           22263 ‘Manhattan Island’
                                         A copper-orange flower with a peach glow. The centre of the flower                                                A beautiful deep red double Dahlia. The flower’s centre is a light
                                         is lemon yellow. A flower color that combines with many flowers                                                   yellow hue.
                                         and plants.

                                         Kƒ;                                                         NEW                                                   Jø
                                         22303 ‘Tartan’                                                                                                    22096 ‘Vancouver’
                                         This tall Dahlia has magnificent purple decorative flowers with                                                   This Dahlia was introduced in 1999 and has been extremely popular
                                         white tips.                                                                                                       ever since, by dint of its delightful colour scheme in a fondue of
                                                                                                                                                           dusky pink and white.

                                                                                                               COM                                                                                                                COM

                                         Lƒ                                                                                                                L™r
                                                                                                          RE                                                                                                                 RE
                                                                                                                 M E ND

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    M E ND
                                                                                                       GH Y

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          GH Y

                                                                                                                ED                                                                                                                 ED
                                                                                                          HI                                                                                                                 HI

                                         22361 ‘Terrone’                                                                  Dahlia Fimbriata
                                         A purple-violet flower with a bit of pink glow. Beautiful classic
                                         decorative flower shape. The centre of the flower has some yellow.               The curly Dahlias are especially rated for the shape of their flowers. They have numerous
                                                                                                                          pointed petals that set out in every direction. I particularly love them for the abundance of

                                                                                                                          flowers they bring.

                                         JΩ                                                          NEW

                                         22240 ‘Vanilla’                                                                                                   22099 ‘Alfred Grille’
                                         Creamy white Dahlia with a yellow heart. Blends in very well in a                                                 One of the best performers. Easy to grow, very healthy plant. Plant
                                         pastel-coloured plantation with annuals such as Nicotiana,                                                        them in the middle or towards the rear of your summer flowerbed
                                         Cleomes and lilies.                                                                                               in good time.

                                         Jƒ                                                                                                                Kß
          Dahlia Deco Jumbo                                                                                                                                22274 ‘Ambition’
                                                                                                                                                           A dark violet laciniated Dahlia that rounds out this group’s
          These Dahlias have huge flowers but are especially typified by their robust habit which makes                                                    collection. Certain to make its presence felt in your creations.
          them perfectly suited for flowerbeds. In the United States, they are known as ‘Dinner Plate’


                                         22251 ‘Avignon’                                                                                                   22265 ‘Apache’
                                         Remarkably large flower whose white petals are adorned with violet                                                A Dahlia in a delightfully vibrant red that combines very well with
                                         stripes.                                                                                                          the fresh green of a plant such as Nicotiana for instance.

                                         H™                                                                                                                Jƒ
                                         22261 ‘Bilbao’                                                                                                    22100 ‘Fringed Star’
                                         A decorative Dahlia with slightly more pointed petals. Decked out                                                 Beautiful yellow and salmon colours. Create un summer flowerbed
                                         in a delightful yellow that is not unduly bright, it draws admiring                                               with Cosmos and Cleome in pink shades and put in ‘Fringed Star’.
                                         glances in any flowerbed.                                                                                         Do not forget to plant a few ‘Mon Amour’ and ‘Rose Suprème’
                                                                                                                                                           gladioli in between.

                                         Jø                                                                                                                Lß
Tips from our Creative Team!

Josie Laferte
about Dahlias
Josie Laferte is responsible for Verver Export’s experimental
garden in the Netherlands. New concepts from the Creative
Team are being planted and cared for by her.

The Dahlia is one of her favourite flowers. So                       with lots of flowers. The same thing happens
many colours and shapes!                                             when later flowers are cut from the plants. Cutting
                                                                     away stimulates the growth of new shoots. For
A recommendation for the customers who                               the same reason, faded flowers must be removed.
plant Dahlias in gardens and parks is easily                         Remove the faded flower up to the growing side
given by Josie. If broad, branched plants are                        part underneath. Especially with single-flowered
desired, shoots can be tipped to 2 or 3 pairs of                     Dahlias, the removal of old flowers is important.
leaves when grown. This will cause the axillary                      They quickly form seed buds and the energy and
buds to develop and the plant will branch out.                       nutrition of the plant then goes to the seed pods.
The result is a nicely branched, bushy plant                         The plant will not make new shoots and flowers.

                                22304 ‘Gryson’s Yellow Spider’                                                             22106 ‘Alstergruss’
                                This Dahlia Cactus has refreshingly yellow-coloured delicate                               A small range of appealing Dahlias that are perfectly represented by
                                flowers. Beautiful fine and slender petals.                                                ‘Alstergruss’. To be planted up front in your flowerbed.

                                Kß                                                                                         B
                                22104 ‘Star’s Favourite’                                                                   22108 ‘Esther’
                                The dominant colour is pink. Why not plant mauve Agastache and                             I am very fond of this small ‘Esther’. To be planted in an orange and
                                white or blue Ageratum all around?                                                         yellow Tram.

                                Kß                                                                                         Fd
                                22242 ‘Tsuki-Yori-No-Shisha’                                                               22186 ‘Fashion Monger’
                                A cultivar that has been around for a while but which is a collection                      Original shape and colour. With ‘Pooh’ and ‘Esther’, definitely the
                                staple all the same. Simply plant a few tubers in a flowerbed for a                        most beautiful among the Collarette Dahlias!
                                spectacular result.


                                Kß                                                                                         F
                                                                                                                                                                                                M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                      GH Y


Dahlia Collarette                                                                                                          22109 ‘Hartenaas’
                                                                                                                           Small pink Dahlia with a white ruffle. Very nice!
Around the heart of the flower, Collarette Dahlias have small petals that act to make up a kind of
double flower.

                                  Q·k=):P~Ë                                                                                F

                                          22266 ‘Mary Eveline’                                                                                            22114 ‘Sneezy’
                                          Dark red flower with a pure white ruffle. Hails all the way from New                                            Just a small white summer idea: ‘Sneezy’, derived from Cosmos
                                          Zealand.                                                                                                        white, Canna ‘Vanilla Cream’, a little pure white Immortelle... Let
                                                                                                                                                          the good times roll.

                                          J                                                                                                               D)
                                          22111 ‘Pooh’                                                                                                    22331 ‘Sunshine’
                                          One to fall in love with on the spot! Very playful colours that stand                                           Yellow flower that sometimes colors more orange. The heart of the
                                          out from afar.                                                                                                  flower is red. Replaces ‘Moonfire’ which we have removed from the

                                          Jd                                                                                                              Hs
                                          22244 ‘Teesbrook Audrey’                                                                                        22117 ‘Yellow Sneezy’
                                          A very romantic Collarette Dahlia courtesy of its white and lilac                                               A pot of ‘Yellow Sneezy’ is like a small chunk of the sun. Eliminate
                                          shades. Worth planting a few more of, so they are properly noticed.                                             spent blooms and the plant will continue to flower profusely into
                                                                                                                                                          the autumn.


                                          L©§                                                                     M E ND
                                                                                                       GH Y


          Dahlia Butterfly                                                                                                 Dahlia Pompon
          Magnificent compact Dahlias for flowerbeds, offering abundant blossoms. The simple flower                        Small flowers with a diameter that does not exceed 5 cm. Given the number of flowers it yields,
          shape is less symmetrical than that we are used to see in Dahlias. As such, these Dahlias are                    very useful for rounding out your summer flowerbeds.

                                                                 Qk+:P~                                                                                            Q,kۤ:P~
          very attractive and natural-looking.

                                          22364 ‘Dark Butterfly’                                                                                          22118 ‘Bantling’
                                          The first Butterfly Dahlia discovered by plant breeder Verwer,                                                  Pompon Dahlia with small flowers, often used for decoration at
                                          dominated by shades of red.                                                                                     Floralies.

                                          D,                                             NEW                                                              J;d
                                          22275 ‘Happy Butterfly’                                                                                         22121 ‘Golden Scepter’
                                          All pastel colours in a single flower, courtesy of the way the colour                                           Magnificent golden yellow flower. This cultivar is almost a century
                                          changes in the petals brightened up by a small light red flame.                                                 old yet continues to brandish its sceptre with good reason!

                                          D,                                                                                                              J
          Dahlia Mignon                                                                                                                                   22245 ‘Jan van Schaffelaar’
                                                                                                                                                          A beautiful pink Pompon Dahlia with a very refreshing aspect. Do
          Range of dwarf Dahlias with simple flowers. They have been known since the late 19th century                                                    not combine the Pompons with other rounded flowers as this
          and have often been reclassified. They are highly rated, especially in borders for the way they                                                 would prejudice the flower’s personality.


                                          22115 ‘Roodkapje’                                                                                               22246 ‘Natal’
                                          The best known of all Dahlias Mignon. ‘Roodkapje’, or Little Red                                                Very dark red (almost black) flower that combines very well with
                                          Riding Hood.                                                                                                    white and even pink Cleomes.

                                          D)d                                                                                                             K/
                                          22116 ‘Roxy’                                                                                                    22332 ‘Pink Isa’
                                          Interesting variety with dark foliage and violet flowers. Why not use                                           White flower with pink heart, becomes pink at the edges of the
                                          this variety as a basis for your summer flowerbed? Surround it with                                             petals. Sturdy Dahlia that one can easily combine in perennial
                                          white or pink Gaura. And how about a couple of Cosmos thrown in                                                 flower borders.
                                          for good measure?

                                          D)s                                                                                                             H
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       GH Y


                                 22247 ‘Salsa’
                                 Orangey red Pompon with robust stalks and consequently perfectly
                                 suitable to be used as a cut flower.

                                 22248 ‘Snowflake’
                                 Small pretty white ball that hovers above the flowerbed. Goes well
                                 with blue and violet flowers such as Sage, Agapanthus and Nepeta.

                                 22124 ‘Stolze von Berlin’
                                 A Dahlia with a very soft colour. There are a lot of lavender pink
                                 trailing Petunias. Bring the two together and add in a little sage
                                 blue to round things out.

                                                                                                                                                                          Since 1884
Dahlia Perception
Officially not a botanical subspecies, but these flowers carry on their petals all a white pattern
and are thus clearly different series.

                                                         Qk€:P~ Old and yet so hip
                                 22333 ‘Orange Perception’
                                 The name can suspect an orange blossom, but the nuance is
                                 lacking a little. The heart of ‘Orange Perception’ shows very bright
                                                                                                                  Between the offer of so many different Dahlias in this
                                 orange and the tips of the petals are colored white!                             catalogue you would hardly forget to notice. But Dahlia
                                                                                                                  ‘Stolze von Berlin’ is the second oldest variety from

                                 K©                                                                               Germany (breeder Schwiglewski). In 1884 the variety was
                                                                                                                  described for the first time.

                                 22334 ‘Pink Perception’
                                 The pink flowers are beautifully swaying over the plant on stems
                                 that seem fragile but are not. The flower heart is almost pink, while
                                 the petals turn into white.

                                 22335 ‘Yellow Perception’                                                                            22128 ‘Daniella’
                                 Bright yellow flowers, petals have white tips. Pretty, sturdy stems.                                 Ideal to be mixed with blue sage.


                                 K©;                                                                                                  )
                                                                                                         M E ND
                                                                                               GH Y


Dahlia Topmix                                                                                                                         22129 ‘Facet’
                                                                                                                                      This variety drew many a flattering comment at various flower
A range of very compact plants with small flowers. Abundant flowering. To be used in borders,                                         exhibitions. Comes in a vibrant and bright yellow colour.
flowerbeds and tubs.

                                   QD·k+:P~Ë                                                                                          )
                                 22127 ‘Bonne Esperance’                                                                              22278 Purple
                                 Variety lavender pink with nicely shaped petals. Flowers all summer                                  Dark violet Topmix. A superb variety to be underplanted with other
                                 long.                                                                                                Dahlias or annuals.

                                 )d                                                                                                   )

                                         22130 ‘Reddy’                                                                                              22249 ‘New Baby’
                                         Good Topmix variety, useful for flowering in borders or in                                                 Small flower whose heart is a darker orange than that of the petals.
                                         containers.                                                                                                A delightful orange colour in an orangey red plantation.

                                         )                                                                                                          K
          Dahlia Ball                                                                                                                               22250 ‘Souvenir d’Été’
                                                                                                                                                    A very apt name for an orangey yellow Dahlia that sparkles like a
          Beautiful range of Dahlias. With much larger flowers than the Pompon Dahlias, the plant itself                                            little sun throughout the summer.
          is also bigger. This category contains a number of delightful species.

                                                  Q©k€§:P~                                                                                          J;
                                         22362 ‘Arbatax’                                                             Dahlia Melody
                                         White Dahlia with lilac-pink borders. Remarkably special.
                                                                                                                     Range of compact Dahlias. Very floriferous. To be used in flowerbeds, borders and tubs. Great

                                         J                                                            NEW                                                           Qk+):P~
                                         22363 ‘Bayamo’                                                                                             22209 ‘Allegro’
                                         Purple-lilac flower with a little flames in the petals. Beautiful intense                                  Flowers with an intricate range of colours change with the light,
                                         color.                                                                                                     alternating hues of salmon and pink. The back of the petals shows
                                                                                                                                                    up glistening glints of lilac.

                                         J                                                            NEW                                           GΩ
                                         22268 ‘Boy Scout’                                                                                          22140 ‘Bolero’
                                         A lilac pink flower that is a very gentle shade. Perfectly combines                                        Beautiful deep orange variety. Combine with a vibrant yellow
                                         with blue violet sage.                                                                                     Rudbeckia.

                                         K;                                                                                                         E©
                                         22133 ‘Eveline’                                                                                            22189 ‘Dixie’
                                         Beautiful white flower withy glistening glints of pink.                                                    A new introduction in very playful shades. With its large flowers, it
                                                                                                                                                    will never let you down. Great performer!

                                         H;                                                                                                         C©
                                         22136 ‘Jowey Linda’                                                                                        22141 ‘Dora’
                                         Softer variety than ‘Jowey Mirella’.                                                                       Beautiful orangey yellow colour.

                                         L;                                                                                                         GΩ
                                         22137 ‘Jowey Martine’                                                                                      22190 ‘Fanfare’
                                         Beautiful plant de colour lemon yellow. To be combined with a                                              You can tell the uses of ‘Fanfare’ in the blink of an eye. Create your
                                         Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’ or a Nicotiana ‘Lemon Lime’.                                                          summer tram in purple shades and be sure to include ‘Fanfare’ .


                                         L;d                                                                                                        Gƒs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GH Y


                                         22138 ‘Jowey Mirella’                                                                                      22191 ‘Harmony’
                                         To create deep ‘holes’ in the flowerbeds.                                                                  I know a good few flowers. But every now and then I’m still
                                                                                                                                                    astounded by some variety. Astounded is exactly what you’ll feel when
                                                                                                                                                    you see ‘Harmony’. A beautiful colour and very beautiful leafage.

                                         L;                                                                                                         Gƒs
                               22143 ‘Latin’                                                                                                   22146 ‘Art Nouveau’
                               Pretty yellow compact Dahlia.                                                                                   Beautiful deep pink variety.

                               F©                                                                                                              D©
                               22144 ‘Swing’                                                                                                   22147 ‘Cézanne’
                               Great performer, the ‘Swing’ variety. Highly floriferous throughout                                             Very compact yellow plant.
                               the summer. Plant orange Immortelles all around, with a red Canna
                               with dark foliage alongside, such as the ‘Australia’. A sure recipe for
                               success! Especially if you still plant Crocosmia bulbs all around.

                               E©d                                                                                                             z©
Dahlia Dark Angels                                                                                                                             22149 ‘Monet’
                                                                                                                                               Very beautiful gentle colour. To be surrounded with Verbena
A very compact Dahlia suited for both flower beds and containers. Very dark, delicate and deeply                                               ‘Serenity’, in a mix of blue and white shades.
grooved petals. Single flowering with a beautiful dark heart. Flowers early.

                                        Qk+):P~Ë                                                                                               B©
                               22306 ‘American Pie’                                                                                            22210 ‘Pablo’
                               Stunning soft pink flowers.                                                                                     Bicoloured variety with beautiful warm yellow heart verging on
                                                                                                                                               orangey salmon in the petal tips. Large flower compared to the
                                                                                                                                               plant itself.


                               y,                                                                                                              zƒ

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                             GH Y

                               22307 ‘Braveheart’                                                                                              22153 ‘Salvador’
                               A very special dark violet-purple colour. The centre of the flower is                                           A different gentle pink variety.
                               also violet.


                               w,                                                                                                              z©
                                                                                                      M E ND
                                                                                            GH Y


                               22308 ‘Pulp Fiction’                                                                                            22192 ‘Serenade’
                               The classic combination, reminiscent of the famous ‘Bishop of                                                   Dahlia that is particularly useful courtesy of its gentle yellow colour.
                               Llandaff’ but in a more compact form.                                                                           Try planting them alongside Nicotiana longsdorfii and dill.

                               y,d                                                                                                             z©d
                               22309 ‘Star Wars’                                                                                               22150 ‘Singer’
                               The foliage is slightly coppery, making the brightly coloured flowers                                           For your red borders.
                               stand out.

                               z,                                                                                                              C·
Dahlia Gallery                                                                                                 Dahlia Bishop
The Gallerys are even more compact than the Mélodys. You can plant them in the borders of                      A whole range of Bishop Dahlias rated for their contribution to flowerbeds. They are hugely liked
flowerbeds or in containers. Warmly recommended.                                                               for their very dark foliage and easily reach heights of 1 metre or higher.

                                               Qk+):P~                                                                                          Q·k+§:P~Ë
                               22145 ‘Art Fair’                                                                                                22155 ‘Bishop of Auckland’
                               Why not put in place a white tapestry in your flowerbed with ‘Art                                               A Bishop variety with a dark red flower.
                               Fair’? You will not be disappointed by this variety. Never forget to
                               plant white Galtonia bulbs around Dahlias.

                               C©                                                                                                              Ksd

                                         22156 ‘Bishop of Canterbury’                                                                                    22279 ‘Dark Fubuki’
                                         Beautiful dark violet Dahlia.                                                                                   A magnificent dark Fubuki that perfectly rounds out the colour
                                                                                                                                                         range of these very distinctive Dahlias.


                                         Ks                                                                                                              K;

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      GH Y

                                         22211 ‘Bishop of Dover’                                                                                         22162 Fubuki Orange
                                         A practically white flower in the Bishop range.                                                                 Magnificent double flower in orange livery.

                                         Ks                                                                                                              K;
                                         22157 ‘Bishop of Lancaster’                                                                                     22163 Fubuki Red
                                         Resembles ‘Bishop of Llandaff’. Intensely red colour variety.                                                   Beautiful vibrant red.

                                         Ks                                                                                                              K;
                                         22158 ‘Bishop of Leicester’                                                                                     22165 ‘Kogane Fubuki’
                                         Very delightful pink colour. The contrast with its dark foliage makes                                           Pink and yellow bicoloured variety.
                                         it a very interesting addition to your flowerbed with a pink and/or
                                         violet dominance. Ideal as an accompaniment to blue Ageratum or
                                         a pink veined Petunia.

                                         Ks                                                                                                              K;
                                         22159 ‘Bishop of Llandaff’                                                                                      22166 ‘Myama Fubuki’
                                         The most widely used Dahlia variety in red summer colour schemes.                                               Beautiful plant in pure white.
                                         It can be planted alongside a wide range of red plants during the
                                         summer. Betas, Crocosmias, tabac... Highly recommended!

                                         Ks                                                                                                              K;
                                         22252 ‘Bishop of Oxford’                                                                                        22167 Red White Fubuki
                                         Here too, the contrast between the colour of the flower and the                                                 To be included in your red and white summer floral arrangement.
                                         leafage is magnificent. An asset to the highly popular Bishop range.

                                         Ks                                                                                                              K;
                                         22160 ‘Bishop of York’                                                                                          22168 ‘Sakura Fubuki’
                                         Plant identical plants all around this one: Cannas, Cotinus, Ricinus...                                         Ideal as an accompaniment to the pink and blue Ageratum, with a
                                         I simply love playing around with all of these dark foliage plants.                                             nice white Canna and white tabac.


                                         Ks                                                                                                              K;
                                                                                                                M E ND
                                                                                                      GH Y


          Dahlia Fubuki                                                                                                  Dahlia Happy Single
          Dahlias Fubukis are Dahlias with very double flowers and small pointed petals. For flowerbeds                  Range of Dahlias with simple flowers and dark foliage in all cases. Not very high, but lots of
          or cut flowers.                                                                                                flowers.

                                                  Qƒk€§:P~                                                                                                        Q·k+:P~Ë
                                         22161 ‘Canary Fubuki’                                                                                           22169 ‘Date’
                                         This gentle yellow is great when used in a summery colour scheme                                                The entire range is simply gorgeous. You’ll be spoilt for choice!
                                         in lilac, soft green and yellow tones.


                                         K;                                                                                                              Hs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      GH Y


                          22170 ‘First Love’                                                                                22171 ‘Romeo’
                          Aiming for that perfect combination? Place First Love alongside                                   Very simple: ally a pink Agastache with ‘Romeo’, and round out
                          Canna ‘Durban’. The perfect bedfellows!                                                           with a red sage.

                          Hs                                                                                                Hs
                          22173 ‘Party’                                                                                     22172 ‘Wink’
                          Vibrant yellow variety of the Happy Single group of Dahlias with a                                It is true to say the colour is strong. But is easily softened by
                          brown heart.                                                                                      planting grey Armoise alongside ‘Wink’.

                          Hs                                                                                                Hs
                          22270 ‘Princess’
                          A white flower with a wide range of pink hues. Each individual petal
                          has its own design.


The ancient Dahlia                                                                                                                            An interesting detail

It has been almost 2 centuries since the                                                         the name was Dahlia and not Georgina. In the initial period, there was no
                                                                                                 chance to keep the plant for more than 2 to 3 years. It was assumed that the
Dahlia is introduced and described as                                                            plant, originating in Mexico, could only be grown under tropical conditions
such in Western Europe for the first time.                                                       and the plant was pampered in a warm greenhouse. What they did not take
                                                                                                 into account was the fact that the location of the dahlias is 1500 to 2000
But much earlier in history we hear about                                                        meters high, a height where cold winds from the ocean could influence
plants, which were almost certainly the                                                          the climate considerably. So it took until after 1800 before the Dahlia was
                                                                                                 introduced in Europe.
ancestors of our current Dahlias.

It was Francisco Hernandez, a doctor in the service of the Spanish King                          A second voyage of discovery with regard to the Dahlia took place in 1799
Filip II who published four books in 1615 describing the plants and animals                      by Humboldt and Bonpland. They found many Dahlias on the slopes of the
of “New Spain”. Under “New Spain” we understood the countries of the                             central plateau in Mexico at an altitude of 1500 meters. Once again, this
American continent that had been under Spanish rule since Columbus.                              made it clear that no one succeeds in keeping the Dahlias healthy. When in
He mentions the Dahlia flower in these books, which we now accept with                           1804, as a result of this trip, the new cultural methods were applied, it soon
certainty, under the then known Mexican name “ACOCTLI”. He distinguished                         became clear that the Dahlias were multiplying much better.
only two varieties, all two with some flowers.

In 1789, Mr. Cervantes, director of the botanical garden in Mexico, sent                         The original wild Dahlias are bare, ascending, perennial herbs with elongated,
seeds to the royal gardens of Madrid. The director of these gardens, Abbé                        tuberous roots. The leaves are very different from species to species.
Cavanilles, also gave the plant its current name in honour of the Swedish                        Originally, the tubers were grown to eat them, until they failed to harvest
botanist Andreas Dahl, one of his close associates and a pupil of the well-                      the tubers and they started to flower. The edible tubers became ornamental
known Linnaeus. Incidentally, there has been quite a bit of confusion over                       plants. More than 40 species of wild Dahlias are known, but the number of
the name Dahlia for more than forty years. In Germany and England this                           cultivated species or cultivars is more than 57,000. For growers it is an easy
name was not used, but the dahlia was called “Georgina” for a long time after                    plant to make new varieties in all kinds of colours and often filled flowers.
the English king George III, who then reigned. It was not until 1834 that an
official announcement was made via the London Gardeners Magazine that

The assortment of

                     summer flowering
                     bulbs is very diverse.
                     Yet not well known to
                     many people.
                     Combine with annuals
                     and perennials for a
                     fantastic result.

                                                                                                               23003 ‘Fidelio’
                                                                                                               Mauve with a small white fringe at the centre. Plant ‘Fidelio’
                                                                                                               alongside decorative Dahlias or Cactii in the pink shades.

                                                                                                               23025 ‘Green Star’
                                                                                                               Superb chartreuse green colour. To be planted in your white
                                                                                                               summer bed. Ideal as an accompaniment to the Zinnia ‘Rainette’,
                                                                                                               a plant that has the same colour.

                                                                                                               23005 ‘Hunting Song’
                                                                                                               Classic Gladiolus with orange flowers.

                                                             Heroic Gladiolus
                                                                                                               23033 ‘Mediterranee’
                                                                                                               Beautiful old pink flowers with a light centre, each petal has a fine
                                                                                                               white stripe.

“Death or gladioli”
                                                                                                               /                                                         NEW

The name Gladiolus comes from the Latin gladius, which                                                         23006 ‘Mon Amour’
                                                                                                               Beautiful pink and yellow bicoloured variety. Why not offer the
means sword. The flower stands for strength, victory and                                                       mayoress a nice bouquet?
pride. That meaning goes all the way back to Roman
times, because then gladiators in the arena literally
fought for death or gladioli.
                                                                                                               23008 ‘Nova Lux’
                                                                                                               Classic all-yellow variety.

  Gladioli                                                                                                     23010 ‘Peter Pears’
                                                                                                               Beautiful salmon orange colour.
  Gladioli are often used as cut flowers, proffering thick stalks and an interesting variety of choice.
  But do not hesitate to plant them in the background or right in the middle of your flowerbed.

  They blossom abundantly

  towards late summer.

                                   23024 ‘Bangladesh’                                                          23020 ‘Pink Lady’
                                   Gladiolus with pure white flowers. Good performer.                          Majestic flowers. ‘Pink Lady’ will not disappoint, neither in a vase,
                                                                                                               nor in a flowerbed. Beautiful plant.

                                   /                                                                           /
                                   23030 ‘Cardinal’                                                            23032 ‘Platini’
                                   A luxury Gladiolus with its red velvety petals and discrete white fringe.   Yellow flower with a special flower heart in red. On a sheltered
                                   Why not offer the mayoress’ daughters a nice bouquet in turn?               location it keeps all summer proudly standing up!

                                   /                                                                           /

                                                      23022 ‘Rose Suprême’                                                      24026 ‘Brunello’
                                                      Delightful pale pink colour.                                              Classic variety in orange.

                                                      /                                                                         I/
                                                      23034 ‘Sacramento Frizzle’                                                24088 ‘Courier’
                                                      Soft pink flower with a striking purple pattern on one of the petals.     Huge cream white flowers with a light moss green centre.
                                                      Tainted like an Iris.

                                                      /                                                         NEW             I/r                                                        NEW

                                                      23023 ‘Velvet Eyes’                                                       24044 ‘Dimension’
                                                      I was immediately struck by the originality of its colours. For your      Each variety performs better than the previous one. In all cases, 6
                                                      summer flowerbeds in red, violet and/or pink tones. Or to be used         weeks after planting, Dimension produces ‘black’ flowers that nicely
                                                      in a nice vase bouquet.                                                   stand out. You can plant a second range later on in the season.

                                                      /                                                                         I/
                                                      23016 Mixed                                                               24074 ‘Forever Susan’
                                                      Mix of all varieties.                                                     A highly decorative flower thanks to its dark red heart with orange
                                                                                                                                accents on the tip of its petals. Richly coloured!


                                                      /                                                                         I/

                                                                                                                                                                                                        M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                              GH Y

                                                      23028 Butterfly mixed                                                     24090 ‘Lion Heart’
                                                      Mix of Butterfly Gladioli. Small flowers of a more flexible shape, like   It is as if the heart of this lily was painted with an airbrush and
                                                      parrot tulips amongst other tulip varieties.                              covered in graffiti. Which explains why its name fits this variety like
                                                                                                                                a glove! One of the new introductions in the Tango lily range.

                                                      XGk7P/                                                                    I/                                                         NEW

                                                      23017 nanus mixed                                                         24004 ‘Lollypop’
                                                      Mix of Gladioli with small flowers.                                       Very nice Asian lily, white with a pink tip.

                                                      XGk7P/                                                                    I/
                     Lilies                                                                                                     24079 ‘London Heart’
                                                                                                                                Glamorous dark red lily with an almost black heart. Belongs to the
                     Lilies are great, not just as cut flowers, but also to be planted amongst your annuals. They are           series Tango, replacing ‘Pup Art’ from the previous catalog.
                     the cherries on the cake.

                                                               $Ωk}paP≠                                                         J/
                                                      24073 ‘Algarve’                                                           24060 ‘Netty’s Pride’
                                                      Salmon pink colour with large flowers, not surprising given that it is    A very special variety by dint of its dark red, almost black heart and
                                                      a cross between an Asian lily and a longiflorum.                          the tips of its petals that have a hint of white. This lily features as
                                                                                                                                the undisputed star attraction and does not tolerate any other
                                                                                                                                protagonists alongside.

                                                      I/                                                                        I/
                                                      24087 ‘Apricot Fudge’                                                     24051 ‘Orange Electric’
                                                      The special apricot-colored double flower looks a bit like a rose, but    An Asian lily that gets noticed straight away. The petals have an
                                                      with the characteristic pistils of a lily!                                orange stripe in the middle that changes into a white shading
                                                                                                                                gradation on the edges. A truly standalone variety with 12 flowers
                                                                                                                                per bulb!

                                                      G                                                         NEW             I/
                                24082 ‘Pavia’                                                                                              24045 ‘Helvetia’
                                A robust lily in pale yellow which forms pretty accents in a border                                        Magnificent white flower.
                                with colorful perennials. A cross between Lilium Longiflorum x
                                Asiatique with a slightly larger flower. Replaces ‘Madras’.

                                K/                                                                                                         /-
                                24080 ‘Prunotto’                                                                                           24011 ‘Stargazer’
                                Bright red lily with pretty green leaves. The petals are tapered.                                          Classic variety.
                                Replaces ‘Red County’ from the previous season.

                                J/                                                                                                         /-
                                24081 ‘Red Life’                                                                                           24072 ‘Sweet Rosy’
                                Has a slight appearance of a tiger lily, but its flowers are larger and                                    The bright double rose flower of ‘Sweet Rosy’ is mottled red and its
                                they hang a bit more than a normal Asiatic lilies. Replaces ‘Red                                           petals have a red stripe. Its huge flowers will stand out in your
                                Electric’.                                                                                                 garden and have a pleasant fragrance. Pollen free.


                                K                                                                                                          /-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                        GH Y

                                24084 ‘Royal Sunset’                                                                                       24043 ‘Tiger Woods’
                                The flowers are pale to bright pink and have a dotted heart in a                                           This Oriental lily has petals with magnificent pinkish red strips. A
                                warm yellow. Subtly scented. Replaces ‘Giraffe’.                                                           very special colour scheme with specks that resemble those of the
                                                                                                                                           lily triginum on all petals. A lily with finesse, like golf champion
                                                                                                                                           Tiger Woods.

                                L/r                                                                                                        /-
                                24085 ‘Stainless Steel’                                                                                    24036 ‘Yelloween’
                                Lily without pollen. The orange flowers stand out well from the dark                                       You will notice I am putting a lot of emphasis on the new lilies this
                                green leaves. Replaces ‘Orange Cocotte’.                                                                   year. ‘Yelloween’ is just so beautiful that it has made me change my
                                                                                                                                           mind about bulbous summer plants. Out with the hold species. We
                                                                                                                                           are looking to innovate!!

                                I/                                                                                                         /-
                                24089 ‘Sweet Desire’                                                      Botanical lilies
                                The flower seems to be colored with an airbrush. Dark yellow
                                colored with pink specks.                                                 Lilies that are specifically intended to be planted in your flowerbeds. Either amongst your
                                                                                                          annuals, or amongst your perennials. They perfectly run to seed.

                                K/r                                                        NEW                                                                    k}paP≠
                                24076 ‘White Pixels’                                                                                       24012 ‘African Queen’
                                White flowers dotted with dark violet radiating out from the centre.                                       Very beautiful orangey yellow Trumpet lily.
                                A lovely surprise!

                                I/                                                                                                         *Kƒ
                                24049 ‘Yellow Pixels’                                                                                      24013 ‘Golden Splendor’
                                As I was looking to change around the lily range, here is another                                          Discover the huge yellow trumpet trumpet flowers yellows.
                                beautiful introduction. I would strongly insist that you plant lilies
                                amongst your annuals. In doing so, you can look forward to
                                delightful surprises over the course of the summer.

                                I/                                                                                                         *Kƒ
Oriental lilies                                                                                                                            24077 lankongense
                                                                                                                                           A very unusual lily from China. These Chinese lilies flower in the
Oriental lilies have huge flowers. Eminently suited to make up bouquets. Or as exotic flowers in                                           wild up to an altitude of 3,200 metres! Every bulb produces between
your summer flowerbeds.                                                                                                                    6 and 12 cute graceful flowers on an upright stem.

                                 $Iƒk}paP≠                                                                                                 VIΩ
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  M E ND
                                                                                                                                                                                                        GH Y


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