Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability

Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability
Subject to Availability

              Introducing New Perennials for 2019
‘Sassy Summer Sunset’ Achillea (Yarrow)
Achillea ‘Sassy Summer Sunset’

The Sassy series includes taller, more substantial plants than many other Achillea available
in the market today. ‘Sassy Summer Sunset’ blooms from early to mid summer. It’s sturdy
stems hold dark orange flowers that mature to yellow and make excellent cut flowers. 30-
36” tall. Deer and rabbit resistant. Plant in full sun. Zone 3-8.

Mighty Series Astilbe (Goatsbeard)
Astilbe chinensis ‘Mighty Chocolate Cherry’, Astilbe chinensis ‘Mighty Pip’

                   Part of the chinensis group of astilbe, the ‘Mighty’ series has some of the tallest astilbe
                   around. Like other astilbe they are excellent for cut flowers and are deer resistant. Astilbe
                   grow best in part shade to shade but with enough consistent moisture,
                   they can thrive in a sunny garden. Zone 3-8.

                    ‘Mighty Chocolate Cherry’ has cherry red flowers on chocolate red
Chocolate Cherry   stems. Its fern like dark red foliage takes on a greener hue after it
                   blooms. 36-48” tall.
                                                                                                   ‘Mighty Pip’
‘Mighty Pip’ is a vigorous grower with towering plumes of bright pink flowers and dark
green foliage. 50” tall.
Decadence and Decadence Deluxe Baptisia (False Indigo)
Baptisia Decadence ‘Blueberry Sundae’, Baptisia Decadence ‘Dark Chocolate’, Baptisia Decadence Deluxe ‘Pink

The classic blue baptisia has long been one of my favorite plants and now, because of plant breeders like
Hans Hanson, they come in so many colors! Introducing two additions to the Decadence series and one
addition to the Decadence Deluxe series from Proven Winners. All of our new additions
bring something unique to the Baptisia family. Both flowers and foliage make them an
excellent addition to a cutting garden. The decorative seed heads that form after flowering
add winter interest to your garden. Plant in full to part sun. Zones 4-9. Deer resistant.

              ‘Decadence Blueberry Sundae’ has vivid, indigo blue flowers. It forms a              Decadence
              compact upright mound of deep blue-green foliage. 3’ tall.                             ‘Dark
              ‘Decadence Dark Chocolate’ has incredibly long flower spikes of near black,
              charcoal-purple flowers from late spring to early summer. 3-3.5’ tall.
  Sundae’    ‘Decadence Deluxe Pink Lemonade’ has charcoal stems with beautiful yellow
             flowers that age to raspberry-purple. Both colors are on the plants at the same
time creating an ombre look. 3.5-4’tall.
                                                                                                  Deluxe ‘Pink
Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability
Subject to Availability
‘Marvelette Blue’ Calamentha (Calamint)
Calamentha nepeta ‘Marvelette Blue’

Calamentha has fragrant gray-green leaves that remind you that it belongs to the mint fami-
ly. ’Marvelette’ has blue-purple flowers from early summer until frost and a more compact
and uniform habit than the species. Great for sunny, dry areas as a slow spreading, informal
groundcover or spilling over a boulder wall. Grows 10-12” tall and is hardy in zones 4-8.
Deer resistant.
Clematis (Clematis)
Clematis ‘Kitty’, Clematis ‘Tekla’

Both of our new clematis are from Raymond Evison, a renowned clematis breeder.

                      Part of the Boulevard collection, ‘Kitty’ is bred to thrive in patio containers and fit into
                      small gardens. She is a compact and free-flowering rebloomer, blooming first in early
                      summer and again late summer into the fall. The flowers open white, with a light green
                      band running through the centers of the petals. As the blooms mature,
      ‘Kitty’         they turn pure white. 2 1/2-4’ tall. Plant in full to part sun. Zones 4-9.

‘Tekla’ is part of the Patio and Garden collection. At home on the patio, but will also fit
beautifully into the garden. Its gorgeous, 6” reddish-pink flowers bloom both in late spring
and early fall. Grows well in full sun to part shade. 5’ tall. Zones 4-9.                                 ‘Tekla’

‘Delphina’ Delphinium (Larkspur)
Delphinium ‘Delphina Dark Blue/White Bee’, Delphinium ‘Delphina Light Blue/White Bee’, Delphinium ‘Delphina Rose/
White Bee’

This compact series of delphiniums is perfect for a small garden. They bloom from late spring to summer and
come true from seed. So, while you will want to cut flowers for arrangements and to encourage reblooming,
be sure to let some blooms go to seed for next year. Grows 18-20” tall. Prefers full sun. Deer resistant. Zones

                             Delphina Dark Blue/White Bee has deep blue-purple flowers with a
                             white center.

                             ‘Delphina Light Blue/White Bee’ has sky blue flowers with a white
Dark Blue                    center.                                                                       ‘Delphina
  White         ‘Delphina                                                                                 Rose White
  Bee’          Light Blue   ‘Delphina Rose/White Bee has rose colored flowers with a white center.          Bee’
                White Bee’

‘EveryDaylily’ Hemerocallis (Daylily)
Hemerocallis ‘EveryDaylily Cream’, Hemerocallis ‘EveryDaylily Pink Wing’, Hemerocallis ‘EveryDaylily Punch Yellow’

          The EveryDaylily series is bred from the genetics of the original reblooming daylily, ‘Stella d’Oro’.
                  These dwarf daylilies reach 12-15” tall with flowers that extend above the foli-
                  age. Rebloomers like their parent, they start blooming early in the season and
                  continue until early fall.
‘Every-               ‘Cream’ has creamy yellow flowers with ruffled edges.
Cream’      ‘Every-
            daylily   ‘Pink Wing’ has bicolor flowers of pink and cream with a dark pink halo and a ‘Everyday-
             Pink     yellow throat.                                                                 lily Punch
             Wing’                                                                                          Yellow’
                      ‘Punch Yellow’ has striking bicolor blooms of coral rose and creamy yellow.
Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability
Subject to Availability
‘Mighty Chestnut’ Hemerocallis (Daylily)
Hemerocallis ‘Mighty Chestnut’

This tetraploid daylily blooms mid-late season with fragrant, 5 1/2” russet red-orange flowers
with burgundy eye and a gold throat. 30” tall.

Happy Ever Appster Hemerocallis (Daylily)
Hemerocallis ‘Passionate Returns’, Hemerocallis ‘Red Hot Returns’, Hemerocallis ‘Romantic Returns’

             Part of the Happy Ever Appster family, these new additions to our daylily line prom-
             ise to open up options to the reblooming color palette.

            ‘Passionate Returns’ is considered by its breeder , Darrel Apps, to be his best re-
            bloomer to date. 4” rosy-red flower with ruffled edges bloom all summer
            and into the fall. 17” tall.                                                                           ‘Red Hot
‘Red Hot Returns’ has ruffled, cherry-red flower with a yellow halo and an apple
green throat. 24-28” tall.
‘Romantic Returns’ has deep rose-pink flower with ruffled petals. At 5” the blooms                    Returns’
are quite large for a repeat bloomer. 25” tall.

‘Dolce’ Heuchera PW (Coral Bells)
Heuchera ‘Dolce Apple Twist’, Heuchera ‘Dolce Cherry Truffles’, Heuchera ‘Dolce Spearmint’, Heuchera ‘Dolce Wildber-

Versatile and easy to grow, Dolce Heuchera perform great in the landscape and in containers.
They thrive in a range of exposure from sun to shade. Great cut flower. Deer resistant.

                ‘Apple Twist’ has color changing foliage. New foliage emerges with strong red
                veins that lighten as they mature. Leaves mature from chartreuse yellow to apple-
                green. 10-12” tall 18-20” tall mid summer bloom. Rippled, wavy leaves.
             ‘Cherry Truffles’ has leave that emerge bright red and mature to mahogany red.                      Spearmint’
Apple Twist’ Dark burgundy stems hold light pink flowers with dark rose calyxes giving the
             blooms a two tone effect. 8-10” tall, 18-22” tall. Mid summer bloom.

                ‘Spearmint’ silver-green leaves with dark green veins. Blooms in mid-summer
                with bicolor flowers with tips of dark pink and light pink bases. Excellent flower
                performance. 8-10” tall 26-28” tall. Mid summer bloom.

‘Dolce Cherry   ‘Wildberry’ is similar to, but with a richer color than, ’Blackberry Ice’. Bold pur-              ‘Dolce
  Truffles’     ple leaves with charcoal veins. Dark stems hold white flowers and rosy pink ca-                  Wildberry’
                lyxes in mid-summer. 10-14” tall 26-28” tall.

‘Lemon Love’ Heuchera (Coral bells)
Heuchera ‘Lemon Love’

Finally a chartreuse heuchera that won’t burn in the sun! ‘Lemon Love’ has burn resistant,
ruffled leaves that are chartreuse in the sun and lime-green in the shade. 20” stalks with
cream colored flowers rise above the 12” mound of foliage in mid summer. A vigorous
plant, in time, it will spread up to 3’ across.
Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability
Subject to Availability
‘Timeless Treasure’ Heuchera (Coral Bells)
Heuchera ‘Timeless Treasure’

Selected for flower power that rivals ‘Berry Timeless’, ‘Timeless Treasure’ forms an 8-10”
mound of small pewter colored leaves with dark veins. Beginning in early summer and
lasting until mid fall, 16-20” mahogany stems hold large rosy-pink flowers that bloom and
bloom and bloom. Excellent cut flower. Deer resistant.

‘Summerific’ Hibiscus (Rose Mallow)
Hibiscus Summerific ‘Cherry Choco Latte’, Hibiscus Summerific ‘Holy Grail’

The Summerific series from Proven Winners has two new Hibiscus. Like all Hibiscus, they are slow to emerge
in the spring but make up for it with a great show in the summer. Unlike the traditional varieties which only
form flowers at the tips of the stems, flowers are produced from the top of the plant to the bottom. Zone 4-9.

                ‘Cherry Choco Latte’ blooms from midsummer to early fall with huge 8-9” white
                blooms with dark pink veins and a large red eye. The beautiful olive green foliage
                glints with bronze highlights. 4’ tall.

                ‘Holy Grail’ has almost black foliage that set off the deep red, 8-9” blooms. The
  ‘Cherry       show continues even after the blooms drop with bright green calyxes. 31/2-4’ tall.            ‘Holy Grail’
Choco Latte’

Iris germanica (Bearded Iris)
Iris germanica ‘Bernice’s Legacy’, Iris germanica ‘Blatant’, Iris germanica ‘Halloween Halo’, Iris germanica ‘October

Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, iris come in a large range of colors from white to almost black.
Bearded Iris are identified by the fuzzy beards on the falls of the blossoms. Drought tolerant, bearded iris pre-
fer well-drained soil. To prevent rot, plant so that the rhizomes are barely below the surface. Some Iris termi-
nology: Falls are the petals that drape downward. Standards are the upright petals. Self means that the bloom
has falls and the standards that are the same color. A plicata bloom has a stippled, stitched or dotted margin on
a lighter colored background. Bicolor means that the standards and falls are different colors. Rebloomers gen-
erally bloom about 8 weeks after the first bloom. Irises are a great addition to a cut flower garden. Divide eve-
ry 3-5 years in late summer. Zones 3-9.

                   ‘Bernice’s Legacy’ has large garnet-red blooms appearing mid-season on vig-
                   orous plants. Rebloomer. 32” tall.

                   ‘Blatant’ has fragrant bicolor flowers with bright yellow standards and magen-
                   ta falls. Blooms early to mid-season. 36” tall.
   ‘Bernice’s      Halloween Halo’ is an early to mid-season bloomer. The fragrant                           ‘Halloween
    Legacy’                                                                                                    Halo’
                   white flowers are etched with yellow edges on the falls and have
                   orange beards. Rebloomer. 35” tall.

                   ‘October Splendor’ has ruffled pink flowers with darker pink
                   beards. Rebloomer. 28” tall.
Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability
Subject to Availability
‘Sky Mirror’ Iris (Siberian Iris)
Iris sibirica ‘Sky Mirror’

Graceful plants with tall grassy looking foliage, Siberian Iris are wonderful in borders,
wild gardens and along ponds. Plant deeper than other Irises, covering the rhizomes with
1-2” of soil. In colder climates, divide in the spring when the clumps become less vigor-
ous and blooms get smaller. ‘Sky Mirror’ has rare sky blue flowers with navy blue centers
on the falls and light yellow signals. Blooms in early summer. Plant in full to part sun. 32-
35” tall. Zone 3-9. Deer and rabbit resistant.
‘King’s Crown’ Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy)
Leucanthemum superbum ‘King’s Crown’

‘King’s Crown’ is a beautiful Shasta daisy with color changing double flowers. Bloom-
ing from late spring into summer, its ruffled blooms start out with a yellow tinge and
mature to white with a rich gold center. 18” tall. Plant in full sun. Zones 4-9.

‘Cat’s Pajamas’ Nepeta PW (Cat Mint)
Nepeta ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ PW

Another Proven Winner nepeta, ‘Cat’s Pajamas’ has a ball shaped habit that becomes
covered in indigo-blue flowers from late spring to early fall. Full sun. 12-14” tall.
Rosy-purple calyxes add another dimension of color as the season progresses.

‘Ruby Slippers’ Polygonatum (Solomon’s Seal)
Polygonatum odoratum ‘Ruby Slippers’

‘Ruby Slippers’ takes inspiration for its name from the arching stems that are bright
red from base to tip. Along those stems are green leaves with silvery undersides. Tear-
drop shaped white flowers bloom in early spring dripping from the underside of the
stems, and turn into blue berries that hold on until fall. Perfect for the woodland gar-
den, Solomon seal thrives in part to full shade. Slow spreading colonizer. Cut flower.
21” tall. Zone 3-9.

‘Trevi Fountain’ Pulmonaria (Lungwort)
Pulmonaria ‘Trevi Fountain’

This family of flowering groundcovers are some of the few plants that thrive in full shade.
Plus they are deer resistant and juglone tolerant making them perfect for the woodland gar-
den. ‘Trevi Fountain’ forms a beautiful clump of hairy green foliage dotted with silvery
spots. In spring, the cobalt blue flowers bring with them the joy of anticipation for the up-
coming garden season. Plant in full to part shade. Zones 4-9.
Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability
Subject to Availability
‘American Gold Rush’ Rudbeckia (Black Eyed Susan)
Rudbeckia ‘American Gold Rush’

A new option for classic fall color, ‘American Gold Rush’ has a dome like habit covered
with golden-yellow flowers with black centers. Disease resistant, the thin hairy leaves
don’t succumb to the black spot that so often detract from the beauty black eyed susans
bring to the late season garden. At 22-26” tall it is slightly shorter than ‘Goldstrum’. A
great addition to a cut flower garden. Plant in full-part sun. Deer resistant. Blooms from
mid-summer to early– fall.

Sensation Series Salvia (Meadow Sage)
Salvia ‘Sensation Dep Rose’, Salvia ‘Sensation White’

              Hardy, easy to grow, and long blooming, over the years perennial salvia has
              proven its value to the landscape. Hardy in zones 3-8. The Sensation series
              features compact varieties with amazing free flowering and reblooming
              flower power. 12” tall.
              ‘Sensation Deep Rose’ has vibrant rose pink flowers.
              ‘Sensation White’ has pure white flowers.

Sunsparkler Sedum (Stonecrop)
Sedum Sunsparkler x ‘Sedoro Blue Elf’

The Sunsparkler series was breed by Chris Hansen for multi crown habit, intensely col-
ored foliage and exceptional drought tolerance. Flowers attract butterflies and bees.
Great for rock gardens and hot dry areas. ‘Sedoro Blue Elf’ is a hybrid between sedum
and orostachys. It has a very compact habit, only 4” tall. Its beautiful steel blue foliage
become covered with dark pink flowers in late summer. Rock garden.

‘Lavender Lightsaber’ Veronica (Speedwell)
Veronica ‘Lavender Lightsaber’

Similar to ‘Blue Skywalker’ with a upright, tight columnar habit, ‘Lavender Lightsaber’ is a
great addition to the smaller garden. It has great flower power. The entire top half of the
plant is covered in lavender flowers from early to mid summer. Prefers full to part sun. Deer
resistant. Wonderful cut flower. 28-30” tall. Zones 4-9.

‘Very Van Gogh’ Veronica (Speedwell)
Veronica ‘Very Van Gogh’

‘Very Van Gogh’ has a nice upright habit, reaching 18-20” in height. From mid-to late
summer, it is covered in rosy-purple flowers that are set off nicely by the bright green foli-
age. Zones 4-8.

Berried Treasure Strawberry PW ()
Strawberry Berried Treasure ‘Red’

Bred to perform beautifully in containers but equally at home in the landscape, the
Berried Treasure series features everbearing strawberries with compact runners. ‘Red’
has semi-double red flowers that continue throughout the season and because they are
day length neutral, you will be able to enjoy lovely flowers and tasty fruit at the same
Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability
Subject to Availability

                                Hosta (Plantain Lily)
‘Christmas Candy’ (Medium)
Hosta ‘Christmas Candy’

This medium sized hosta brings light into the shade garden with lance shaped green leaves
with white centers. Blooms in mid summer with lavender flowers on 22” scapes. 14” tall.

‘Eola Sapphire’ (Giant)
Hosta ‘Eola Sapphire’

‘Eola Sapphire’ has seer-suckered leaves that emerge powder blue in the spring
and mature to a metallic blue-green. The thick leaves are slug resistant. Plant in
full-part shade. Lavender flowers bloom in mid-summer. 2-3’ tall and 4’ wide.
Zones 3-9.

‘Olive Bailey Langdon’ (Large)
Hosta ‘Olive Bailey Langdon’

Similar to ‘France Williams’ but with edges that don’t burn in the sun, ‘Olive Bailey
Langdon’ has large lightly cupped, blue-green leaves with wide gold margins. White
flowers bloom in early summer. Plant in full-part shade. Large but slow growing hosta.
28” tall and 4’ wide. Zones 4-8.

‘Paradigm’ (Large)
Hosta ‘Paradigm’

‘Paradigm’ has thick, gold, seer-suckered leaves with blue-green margin that add sub-
stance and color to the woodland garden. Light lavender flowers bloom in mid summer on
24” tall scapes. 20” tall. Zones 4-8.

‘Waterslide’ Shadowland PW (Medium)
Hosta ‘Shadowland Waterslide’

A unique addition to Proven Winners Shadowland series, ‘Waterslide’ has wavy edged,
thick leaves in a beautiful blue color. Blooms in late summer with lavender flowers. 14” tall.
Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability Introducing New Perennials for 2019 - Subject to Availability
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